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It is intended from time to time to publish here the texts of selected diaries, which are considered to be valuable and which, although previously printed and now out of copyright, are not readily accessible in printed form. The texts are presented in  pdf format to facilitate the production of printed copies.


1.    Walter Gale  download size approximately 210 Kb

The diary of Walter Gale, schoolmaster, of Mayfield in Sussex, from 1750 and 1758 to 1759, was edited by R.W.Blencowe and published in the Sussex Archaeological Collections, Volume IX, in 1857. The diary is also available in facsimile on the Sussex Weald website.


2.   The Hon. John Lindsay   download size approximately 280 Kb

This is his Journal of An Imprisonment in Seringapatam from 1780 to 1784, taken from Volume IV of Lives of the Lindsays, published at Wigan, 1840.





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