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The fourth edition of An Annotated bibliography of Diaries Printed in English, which will probably be the last, is in course of preparation for expected publication in 2011 or 2012. It will be the first edition to benefit in full from access to the catalogue of James Cummings' unrivalled collection of diaries and will list perhaps 20,000 diaries by 15,000 authors.

For the first time, publication details will appear for every diary, although the very large increase in numbers will mean that a much larger proportion lack detailed comment.

It is probable that the new edition will be published only in electronic form unless a publisher with greater resources than Hanover Press can be persuaded to take it on.

In the mean-time, requests to purchase access to the working draft of the new edition, in the form of a MS Word document will be considered if emailed to the compiler.


Copyright C.S.Handley 2008