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ADDISON, Thomas (1875-1869)  sailor - B155

December 1801 to December 1829, very large gaps.

Short extracts of diaries of sea voyages in the service of the East India Company; written up with some retrospective summary; useful and interesting.

Naval Miscellany  I, edited by John Knox Laughton. Navy Records Society XX, 1902, pp 335-374.

ANDERSON, Christopher [The Rev.] (1782-1852)  of Edinburgh - B155

August 1801 to September 1810

Matthews: Religious diaries (extracts); religious life and preaching tours in Scotland and England.

The Life and Letters of Rev. Christopher Anderson  by Hugh Anderson. Edinburgh, 1854, pp 19-114.


ASSHETON, Susannah (b.1767)  of Philadelphia - A199,M1709

April 1801 to August 1832

Matthews: Diary ("Susan Assheton's Book"); brief occasional memoranda of national, international, and family affairs; comments on dead friends.

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  LV, 1931, pp 174-186.


BADGER, Joseph [The Rev.] (1757-1849)  of Austinburg, Ohio - A199,M1710

August 1801 to September 1807

Matthews: Presbyterian religious journal; missionary work, mainly in Western Reserve settlement at Austinburg; missionary tours in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania; meetings, preaching; among Wyandots and in Sandusky Mission.

In  A Memoir of Rev. Joseph Badger  Hudson, Ohio, 1851, pp 27-167.


BEYLE, Marie Henri (STENDHAL) (1783-1842) - H367,E

a) - April 18th. 1801 to July 4th. 1814

Personal diary of a young man, perhaps a source book for the novels. Travels; with the army of Napoleon; introspection; literature; social life; women: love affairs and sexual adventures; lively.

1. - The Private Diaries of Stendhal  edited by Robert Sage. New York, Doubleday, 1954; London, Gollancz, 1955.

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 35-41.

3. - (Not seen)  Private Journals of Stendhal  translated by Francis Carmody. Kentfield, California, L-D Allen Press, 1954, 175 copies.

4. - (Not seen)  Memoirs of Egotism: From the Intimate Journals  New York, Lear, 1949.

b) - 1817?


Rome, Naples and Florence  London, Calder, 1959.

c) - 1829?

Travel guide.

A Roman Journal  London, Orion, 1957.

d) - 1838

Travel guide.

Travels in the South of France  New York, Orion, 1970.


BUCKNER, Philip (1747-1820)  of Bracken County, Kentucky - A199,M1712

February to June 1801

Matthews: Private diary (extract); journey from Bracken to Natchez by water; return by land; bare details of places and incidents.

In  William and Mary College Quarterly  Second Series, VI, 1926, pp 173-207.

Note: This voyage was repeated by the author's grandson, Philip Johnson Buckner (qv), in 1837.  

03  COAN, Ttus (1801-1881)  American missionary - e

Dates unknown

Adventures in Patagonia: A Missionary’s Exploring Trip  Dodd, 1880, is reported to contain diary material.


CHURCH, D.W. - *M1713,E

In  Vermont Quarterly  XXI.


De SMET, Pierre Jean [Father] (1801-1873)  Jesuit missionary - A199,M1723  ,E

 a) - 1801-1873

Matthews: Narrative journal of missionary work; labours and adventures among the North American Indians; minute descriptions of manners, customs, games, warfare, legends, traditions; collected during missionary journeys; sketches of country from St. Louis to Puget Sound and Altrabasca; mostly narrative.

Life Letters, and Travels of Father Pierre-Jean de Smet, S.J.  edited by H.M.Chittenden and A.T.Richardson. New York, four volumes, 1905. Reprinted New York, Arno, 1969.  

b) - 1845 to 1846

Oregon Missions and travels Over the Rocky Mountains in 1845-1846  New York, 1847, reprinted Ye Gaklleon Press, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.


Du PONT de NEMOURS, Victor Marie (1767-1827) - *M1714,E


Journey to France and Spain, 1801  edited by Charles W. David. Ithaca, New York, Cornell University Press, 1961. Reprinted, Port Washington, New York, Kennikat Press, 1972.  

03  DURAND, James - E

1801 to 1816 (?)

“Durand served on Old Ironsides, was impressed in the British navy, put to sea at age eleven, was shipwrecked, and generally led miserable seaman's life of the eighteenth century. His journal …”

James Durand: An Able Seaman of 1812  edited by George S.Brooks, New Haven, Yale U  niversity Press, 1926.


ELLICOTT, Joseph (1760-1826)  born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, agent of the Holland Land Company - A200,M1715

January 1801 to January 1802

Matthews: Business journal (extracts); early real estate operations at Buffalo Creek (New Amsterdam).

In  An Authentic and Comprehensive History of Buffalo  by William Ketchum. Buffalo, 1865, Volume II, pp 146-150.  

03  GANNETT, Ezra Stiles (1801-1871) unitarian minister in Boston - E

Dates unknown

Ezra Stiles Gannett, Unitarian Minister in Boston  Boston, Roberts brothers, 1875, is reported to contain diary material.

03  GARRISON, James Holley (1801-1842) - E

Dates unknown

Behold Me Once More: Ther Confessions of James Holley Garrison, Brother of William Lloyd Garrison  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.

03  GOOD, Peter - E

1801 to 1803

The Journal of Peter Good: Gardener on Matthew Flinders’ Voyage to Terra Australis, 1801-03  this is the  Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Historical Series  IX, London, 1981.


GRENFELL, Lydia (1775-1829)  of Marazion, Cornwall - B155

a) - 1801 to 1821

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); spiritual life; Sunday School work; mostly the religious perturbations of a spinster.

Extracts from the Religious Diary of Lydia Grenfell  edited by H.M. Jeffery. Falmouth, 1820.

b) - 1805 to 1826

Diary extracts with religious reflections and concerning her love for Henry Martyn (qv); mourning his death.

In  Henry Martyn: Saint and Scholar; First Modern Missionary to the Mohammedans 1781-1812  by George Smith. London, The Religious Tract Society, 1892. Passim.


HASWELL, William  - First Officer of 'Lydia', barque, of Boston - A200,M1716

October 1801 to January 1802

Matthews: Sea journal; voyage from Manila to Guam; full and good descriptions of Zamboagna and Guam; resources, government, religion, customs, etc.

1. - In  Essex Institute Historical Collections  LIII, 1917, pp 103-214.

2. - Extracts in  Ships and Sailors of Old Salem  by Ralph D.Paine. New York, 1909, Chapter xix, pp 380-393.


HOAG, Joseph (1762-1846)  of Charlotte, Vermont, Quaker

1801 to 1833

Quaker journal, preceded by autobiography; tours and meetings in New England, Southern States, etc.; his efforts against slavery; the Hicksite separation; travel details; religious thoughts and concerns; much of interest to the general reader; a good journal by a strong and interesting character. An account of his vision in 1803, foretelling the Civil War.

Journal of the Life of Joseph Hoag, containing his Remarkable Vision  London, A.W.Bennett, 1862. "Reprinted from the authorised American edition."  

03  HODGES, Almon Danforth (1801-1878) - E

Dates unknown

In  Almon Danforth Hodges and His Neighbours  by Almon D.Hodges Jr. (qv), privately printed, 1909, 100 copies.


HOLYOKE, Margaret (1763-1825)  of Salem, Massachusetts - A200,M1717

January 1801 to October 1823

Matthews: Private diary; brief notes of social, personal, and local affairs; quite interesting.

The Holyoke Diaries  edited by G.F.Dow. Salem, 1911, pp 139-174.  

JACKSON, George [Sir] (1785-1861)  diplomat - B155

November 1801 to July 1815

Rather impersonal diplomatic diaries; Paris, Berlin, the Prussian Court, Spain and Berlin again; social, public and foreign affairs; useful but often dull.

1. - To 1809  The Diaries and Letters of Sir George Jackson  edited by Lady Jackson. London, Richard Bentley and Son, two volumes, 1872.

2. - From 1809  The Bath Archives  edited by Lady Jackson. London, two volumes, 1873.

3. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 331-332.  

03  JANNEY, Samuel McPherson (1801-1880)  Quaker - E

Dates unknown

Memoirs of Samuel M.Janney, Late of Lincoln, Loudoun County, Virginia: A Minister in the Religious Society of Friends  Philadelphia, 1890, is reported to contain diary material.


LAMARTINE, Francoise-Alix de (1770-1829) - H366,E

June 16th. 1801 to October 21st. 1829, gaps of a year and three years.

Personal diary of the poet's mother. Religious and family matters; her children; Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.

The Heart's Memory; Pages from the Diary of Madame de Lamartine  edited and translated by Eustace Hargrave. London, Dent, 1951. The book is a selection from Le Manuscrit de ma Mere, first published in 1871, and contains a Prologue taken from Alphonse de Lamartine's Introduction to that work. The first English translation appears to be  My Mother's Manuscript  Lippincott, 1877.


Le RAYE, Charles - *M1718,E

a) - In  A topographical description of the state of Ohio, Indiana territory, and Louisiana: comprehending the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and their principal tributary streams; the face of the country, soils, waters, natural productions, animal, vegetable, and mineral; towns, villages, settlements and improvements; and a concise account of the Indian tribes west of the Mississippi; to which is added, an interesting journal of Mr. Chas. Le Raye, while a captive with the Sioux nation, on the waters of the Missouri River  by Jervis Cutler. Boston, Charles Williams, 1812. Reprinted, New York, Arno Press, 1971, and New York, Garland, 1975.

b) - Journal  in  South Dakota Historical Collections  1908.  

03  LINDLEY, Daniel (1801-1880)  American missionary in South Africa, pastor to the first Dutch reformed Church in Orange Free State - E

Dates unknown

The Life and Times of Daniel Lindley  by Edwin W.Smith, London, Epworth Press, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.

03  LIPPINCOTT, Mary S. (1801-1888)  Quaker - E

Dates unknown

In  Life and Letters of Mary S.Lippincott: Late of Camden, New Jersey, a Minister in the Society of Friends  Philadelphia, 1893.


MACDONELL, Miles (1769-1828) - E


Captain Miles Macdonell's "Journal of a Jaunt to Amherstburg" in 1801  University of Toronto Press, 1944. (James Cummings (7879) has  Canadian Historical Review  June, 1944).

MALMESBURY, James Edward Harris, second Earl of (d.1841) - B155

1801 to 1840

Matthews: Sporting diary (extracts); a detailed record of his sporting life in Hampshire; hunting, shooting, walking, weather; a monotonous record.

Half a Century of Sport in Hampshire  edited by F.G.Aflalo. London, 1895.


NUGENT, Maria, Lady (1771-1834) - D226

April 1801 to May 29th. 1811 and 1811 to 1815

In Jamaica 1801 to 1805, as wife of the Governor, daily life, social, political and family affairs, detailed and interesting. In England 1805 to 1811 and India 1811 to 1815.

a) - A Journal of a voyage to, and residence in, the Island of Jamaica, from 1801 to 1805, and of subsequent events in England from 1805 to 1811  printed for private circulation, 1839.

b) - 1. - A Journal from the Year 1811 till the Year 1815, Including a Voyage to and Residence in India, with a Tour to the North-Western Parts of the British Possessions of that Country, under the Bengal Government  London, two volumes, 1839.

2. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 205-206.

c) - Lady Nugent's Journal  edited by Frank Cundall. London, 1907; subsequent editions appeared in 1934 and 1939. This is the Jamaica Journal with some extracts from the India Journal.

d) - Lady Nugent's Journal of her Residence in Jamaica from 1801 to 1805  by Philip Wright. A new and revised edition. Kingston, Institute of Jamaica, 1966. The Jamaica Journal is printed almost in full, the English section is much abridged, but contains some material omitted by Cundall. The Indian Journal is excluded.

e) - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 328-331.


OTA NAMPO (1749-1823)  Japanese writer


Journey, as a government official, to the copper exchange at Osaka; notes of sights seen; events and common occurrences on the journey; meals eaten.

Account, and brief quotations in  Travelers of a Hundred Ages: The Japanese as Revealed Through 1,000 Years of Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1989, pp 359-369.


PICKERING, John (1777-1846)  of Boston - A200,M1719

April to May 1801

Matthews: Travel diary; visit to Holland; Leyden, Amsterdam; notes on theatres, buildings, museums; return to England.

In  Life of John Pickering  by Mary O.Pickering. Boston, printed for private circulation, 1887, pp 189-196.

PORTER, John Paul [The Rev.] (1759-1832) of Bath - B155

February 1801 to June 1832

Matthews: Baptist diary (extracts); his religious life and work as Baptist minister in Bath; meetings; parish work; travels in Somerset.

Memoirs of John Paul Porter  by Philip Cater. Bath, 1834.


QUINCY, Josiah (1772-1864)  of Boston - A200,M1720

June 1801

Matthews: Travel diary; tour from Boston through southeastern New England; descriptions of Providence, Tiverton, Martha's Vineyard, and notes on persons; a pleasant diary.

In  Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings  Second Series, IV, (1887-1889), pp 123-135.

ROFFE, Robert Cabell (d.1839)  engraver, of Rochester - B155

April to October 1801

Matthews: Engraver's diary; notes of trips through Kent; mostly notes on engraving work in progress.

My Diary of Sixty-Three Days  London, privately printed, 1859.


SHELDON, Lucy (1788-1889)  of Litchfield, Connecticut - A200,M1721

December 1801 to February 1802 and January to March 1803

Matthews: School diary (extracts); studies and social life at Litchfield School.

In  Chronicles of a Pioneer School  by Emily Vanderpoel. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1903, pp 45-53.

SIEBENTHAL, François  - of Switzerland(?) - A200,M1722

March to April 1801

Matthews: Travel journal; Atlantic voyage of Swiss colonists from Vevey; France to Norfolk, Virginia.

In  Indiana Magazine of History  XXXV, 1939, pp 189-194.

STONE, Alfred Hawes (1801-1873)  of Western Australia Police - E

Dates Unknown

The Diary of Alfred Hawes Stone  in  Early Days  (The Journal of the Royal Western Australia Historical Society) I, No.6, 1929, p 29.


SPARROW, William [Rev.] (1801-1874) - E

Dates Unknown

Extracts in  The Life and Correspondence of Rev. William Sparrow  by Cornelius walker. Philadelphia, Hammond, 1876.


Van METER, Isaac  - of Hampshire County, Virginia (now Hardy County, West Virginia)


April to May 1801

Matthews: Travel diary; tour through western Virginia; notes on scenery, towns, settlements, farming; sale and purchase of lands.

In  Trans-Allegheny Historical Magazine  I, (1901-1902), pp 96-105.

WARREN, Dawson [The Rev.] (1770-1838) Vicar of Edmonton

November 1801 to February 1802

Journal of the chaplain unofficially attached to the diplomatic mission of F.J.Jackson to Paris. French and English political and social life in Paris. Dinners and entertainments, an eye for the ladies. Detailed and interesting.

The Journal of a British Chaplain in Paris during the Peace Negotiations of 1801-2  edited by A.M.Broadley. London, Chapman and Hall, 1913.



Although the diaries are known in manuscript for 1795 to 1802, they are printed in brief extract only for their mentions of John Constable and for a visit to Golding Constable at Bergholt. Slight.

In  John Constable: Further Documents and Correspondence  edited by Leslie Parris and Conal Shields. London, The Tate Gallery and Suffolk Records Society, 1975, pp 67-72. This is Suffolk Records Society Volume XVIII and the eighth volume of Constable Papers.



1801 to 1808

Matthews: Congregational journals (with gap); record of life and work of the Little Indian Congregation on White River; interesting details of Moravian missionary work and life, Indian life, weather, social affairs, etc. Translated from the German.

The Moravian Indian Mission on the White River, Indiana Historical Collections  XXIII, edited by Lawrence H.Gipson. 1938, pp 102-465.


WILMOT, Katherine (1773?-1824) - B156

a) - November 29th. 1801 to September 19th. 1803

The journals of a Continental tour, France and Italy, of a young Irish woman, with Lord and Lady Mount Cashell. Lively and interesting.

An Irish Peer on the Continent  edited by Thomas Sadleir. London, Williams and Norgate, 1920.

b) - August 4th. 1805 to September 17th. 1807

Letters, often in journal form, recording a journey to Russia to bring back her younger sister who was staying with Princess Dashkov, but she returns without her. Excellent and lively descriptions of life and travel in Russia, detailed observations of customs and way of life. Interesting letters from Eleanor Cavanagh, Catherine's maid.

1. - In  The Russian Journals of Martha and Catherine Wilmot  edited by Lady Londonderry and H.M.Hyde. London, Macmillan, 1934, Part II, pp 163-260.

2. - See also  Memoirs of Princess Daschkow  by Mrs. M.Bradford (Martha Wilmot). London, two volumes, 1840.

c) - A reduction of the two journals  The Grand Tours of Katherine Wilmot  compiled and edited by Elizabeth Mavor is an accessible introduction and also contains material not previously published, also very interesting extracts from the letter journals of Katherine's maid, Eleanor Cavanagh on the Russian trip. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1992.




1802 and 1817 to 1867 (?)

Records of the Russian-American Company, 1802, 1817-1867  Washington, National Archives, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


1802 to 1813

Fort Wayne, Gateway to the West  (From the Fort Wayne Orderly Books)  Indiana Historical Society, 1927, is reported to contain diary material..


BACON, Mary Ann (1787-1815)  of Roxbury, Connecticut - A201,M1726

June to September 1802

Matthews: School diary (extracts); a charming record of school life at Litchfield, Connecticut.

In  Chronicles of a Pioneer School  by Emily Vanderpoel. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1903, pp 66-71.


BARRALLIER, Francis (1773-1853) - E


Journal of the Expedition into the Interior of New South Wales, 1802, by order of ... Governor Philip Gidley King  Melbourne, Marsh Walsh, 1975. Reprinted from  Historical Records of of New South Wales   Volume V, Appendix A.  

03  BARRS, George [Rev.] (1771-1840)  of Rowley Regis, Staffordshire - E

Dates unknown

Barrs took into his own hands   ‘the whole direction and control  ’ of Parish affairs, stamping out all abuses, and reputedly gave Rowley an administration, which was the envy of neighbouring parishes.   George Barrs was energetic, purposeful, narrow-minded, humourless, blinkered and very brave. He was frequently insulted on the highway and even pelted with stones, cinders and dirt. On one occasion he dispersed a hostile mob, armed with bludgeons and bayonets on sticks, who had attacked a bakehouse. His physical courage on this occasion is commendable, but he seems not to have considered, even remotely, that there was anything wrong with a society which drove men to such desperate extremes of hunger. Indeed, in his journals, he complacently described England as a ‘free and enlightened’ country. Those who in the early 1830s were clamouring for elementary civil rights, were seen by him as ‘the vulture group which long to prey on the property of others, and thirst for riot, rapine and blood’."

Four Sermons by the Late Reverend George Barrs… Together with Copious extracts from His Private MS Journals  Hall and English, 1879.


BARTON, Benjamin Smith (1766-1816) - *M1727,E



Journal of Benjamin Smith Barton on a visit to Virginia, 1802   edited by W.L.Mcatee in   Castanea: Journal of Southern Appalachian Botany Club  III, 1938, pp 85-117.  

03  BRIGHT, Richard  - member of a Sierra Leone Company mission in pursuit of fugitives - E


“.. a full journal of his month’s travels .. customs … political organisation and history …”

In  Guinea Journals: Journeys into Guinea-Conakry during the Sierra Leone Phase, 1800-1821  edited by Bruce L.Mouser. Washington, D.C., University Press of America, 1979.

Note: see also Alexander Smith and Brian O’Beirne.

03  BROWNLOW, Emma Sophia, Countess ((1792-1872) - E

1802 to 1834

The Eve of Victorianism: Reminiscences of 1802 to 1834  London, John Murray, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.

03  BUSHNELL, Horace (1802-1876)  American Congregational minister and theologian - E

Dates unknown

a) - Life and Letters of Horace Bushnell  Harper, 1880, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - “… places great emphasis on Bushnell"s European travels as well as his writings (published as well as unpublished) from 1846 to early 1849, where he finds him working through his concerns for the lost unity of the Puritans. These ideas fed into Bushnell"s sense that the fractiousness of American political life was an outgrowth of the New Light piety, an evangelical piety that stressed individualism over community.”

The Puritan as Yankee: A Life of Horace Bushnell  by Robert Bruce Mullin, Eerdmans, 2002, may also contain diary material.

CHILDREN, John George (1777-1852)  of Tonbridge - B156

July to November 1802 and December 1808 to May 1809

Matthews: Scientific diary (extracts); visit to Pennsylvania; travel in Spain and Portugal; geological and mining interests; scientific and natural history observations; details of Peninsular War.

Memoir of John George Children  London, 1853.  

03  COVELL, William King (1802-1890) or (1833-1919) - E

Dates unknown

Two Williams: William King Covell, 1802-1890, William King Covell, 1833-1919: A Story of Ninteenth-Century Newport, Rhode island and Wilmington, North Carolina  by Elizabeth Bentley Green Covell, Cambridge, Massachusetts, University Press, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.


CRAFTS, Samuel (1768-1853)  American lawyer and politician - *M1728,E

Samuel Crafts and His Dugout Canoe  edited by T.D. Seymour Bassett in  Vermont History  XLI, Autumn, 1973, pp 198-204.  

03  CUSHING, Caroline Elizabeth Wilde (1802-1832) - E

Dates unknown

Letters Descriptive of Public Monuments, Scenery and manners in France and Spain  Newburyport, two volumes, 1832.


DAVYDOV, Gavriil Ivanovich (1784-1809)  Russian naval officer - *M1729,E

Two Voyages to Russian America, 1802-1807  translated by Colin Bearne, edited by Richard A. Pierce. Limestone Press, Kingston, Ontario, 1977.


DIEFENBACH, Heinrich - *M1730,E

In  The Pennsylvania Dutchman  III.


EATON, William [Gen.] (1764-1811)  of U.S. Army, born at Woodstock, Connecticut - A201,M1731

December 1802 to December 1804 and March to May 1805

Matthews: Military diary; notes on Tunisian pickpockets, cruise to Malta, social notes at Cairo, march from Alexandria to Barca Desert, with notes on difficulty of journey.

In  The Life of the Late Gen. William Eaton  by Charles Prentiss. Brookfield, 1813, pp 237-238, 268-277 and 301-335.  

03  FLINDERS, Matthew [Captain] (1774-1814)  English navigator, leader of the first circumnavigation of Australia - E


Flinders’ Discovery of Southern Australia  in  Australian Discovery by Sea  Dent, 1929, is reported to contain diary material.

03  GARDNER, Sunderland P. (1802-1893)  Quaker - E

Dates unknown

In  Memoirs of the Life and Religious labours of Sunderland P.Gardner  Philadelphia, 1895.


GILPIN, Joshua (1765-1841)  of Philadelphia - *H398,A201,*M1732,E

a) - October 1802

Matthews: Travel diary; from Wakefield to Bethlehem via Germanstown, Easton, Stroudsburg; full descriptions of everything he saw; expenses; farming conditions; a long account of the Moravian settlement at Bethlehem.

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  XLVI, 1922, pp 15-28 and 122-153.

b) - September to October 1809

Matthews: Travel diary; tour from Philadelphia through western Pennsylvania, visiting Lancaster, York, Bedford, Washington, Pittsburgh, etc.; comments on towns and trade of Ohio; very full descriptions and comments.

1. - In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  L, 1926, pp 64-78, 163-178 and 380-382; LI, 1927, pp 172-190 and 351-375; and LII, 1928, pp 29-58.

2. - Pleasure and Business in Western Pennsylvania: The Journal of Joshua Gilpin 1809  edited by Joseph E.Walker. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1975, 156 pp.


GREATHEED, Bertie (1759-1826) - H368

December 24th. 1802 to October 12th. 1803

Warwickshire gentleman with his wife and son in Paris; privileged prisoners in Paris on resumption of hostilities; meetings with Napoleon and other notabilities; young Greatheed (also named Bertie) was a painter and there is much on art and artists; eventually paroled to Germany. Detailed and interesting, possibly unique.

An Englishman in Paris: 1803; The Journal of Bertie Greatheed  edited by J.P.T.Bury and J.C.Barry. London, Geoffrey Bles, 1953.


HAWKER, Peter [Col.] (1786-1853)  shooting man - B156

a) - June 27th. 1802 to July 14th. 1853

Sportsman's diary; shooting and fishing, but primarily a record of his game shooting exploits (this very strong emphasis may be partly due to selection by his editor, himself an enthusiastic game shot). The life record of a strong, opinionated and vain, but also inventive, musical and in many ways attractive personality. Strong, plain and unadorned writing with some travel, domestic and social life; much to interest and entertain.

1. - The Diary of Colonel Peter Hawker  edited by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey. London, two volumes, 1893. Reprinted, Bath, Kingsmead, 1970 and London, Greenhill Books, 1988.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (2), pp 162-166.

3. - Shooting Diaries  edited by E.Parker. London 1931.

b) - November 1808 to August 1809

Matthews: Military diary; campaign in Peninsula; raid into Spain; battles of Douro and Talavera; detailed plan of latter battle; behaviour of Spanish army and Portuguese citizens; interesting account.

Journal of a Regimental Officer  London, 1811. Facsimile reprint, London, Leventhal, 1981, 250 copies.


KIRK, Edward Norris (1802-1874)  clergyman, pastor of Presbyterian and Congregational churches - E

Dates unknown

Life of Edward Norris Kirk, D. D.  by David Mears, Boston: Lockwood Brooks, 1877, is reported to contain diary material.


LITTLE, Nathaniel W.  - of Blandford, Massachusetts - A201,M1733

July to October 1802

Matthews: Travel diary; from Blandford to northwestern Ohio, via  New York, Princeton, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Chillicothe, Muskingum, Greensburg, etc.; ordinary travel observations of moderate interest.

In  Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly  X, 1907, pp 237-245.


LUCAS, William (1804-1861)  of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, brewer - B156

January 1802 to March 1846 (gap 1802-1805)

Selections from a private diary, preceded by reminiscences and autobiography; social, family, and personal life in Hertfordshire; notes on farming, weather, politics, and literature; health; anecdote; his business, investments and part in public affairs; Quaker life and worship; a detailed and valuable general diary. Includes some letters.

A Quaker Journal  edited by G.E.Bryant and G.Baker, London, Hutchinson and Co., two volumes, 1934.  

03  LYNCH, Patrick  (b.1857?-1829)  Irish schoolmaster - E


Diary and letters relating to song collecting in Connaught.

In  Annals of the Irish Harpers  by Charlotte Milligan Fox, London, Smith Elder, 1911, pp 226 to 258.

03  MARTINEAU, Harriet (1802-1976)  English social theorist - E

Dates unknown

1. - Harriet Martineau’s Autobiography  two volumes, Smith Elder, 1877, is reported to contain diary material.

2. - Retrospect of Western Travel  New York, Harper, two volumes, 1940. There have been many other editions.

01/02/03 - MARTYN, Henry (1781-1812) - D203,E

1802 to 1812

Religious and missionary journal in India and Persia; the voyage out; his sense of sin and spiritual inadequacy; religious dialogues; language study and Bible translations; descriptions of life in India and Indian customs; his love for Lydia Grenfell (qv) and disappointed hopes of marriage; his distaste for his fellow countrymen in India; the journey to Persia; hardships and suffering welcomed; disputation with Muslims; makes an Arab convert. Martyn died on the journey from Persia to Istanbul.

1. - Journals and Letters  edited by Samuel Wilberforce. London, 1839.

2. - Substantial extracts in  Henry Martyn: Saint and Scholar; First Modern Missionary to the Mohammedans 1781-1812  by George Smith. London, The Religious Tract Society, 1892. Passim.

3. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 91-92; Dyson, pp 162-169 and 329-335; and Ponsonby (1), 332-335.

4. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 162-169.

Note: See also  Henry Martyn, Confessor of the Faith  by Constance Padwick, London, 1923.


MICHAUX, François André - *M1734,E

In  Samuel Crafts and His Dugout Canoe  edited by T. D. Seymour Bassett in  Vermont History  Autumn, 1973.

Note: James Cummings (8555) has:  Travels to the Westward of the Allegheny Mountains  London, 1805.   

03  NELSON, George (1786-1859)  fur trade clerk - E

 a) - 1802 to 1803

A Winter in the St. Croix Valley  in  Minnesota History  March, June and September, 1947.

 b) - 1802 to 1804

My First Years in the Fur Trade: The Journals of 1802-1804  edited by Laura Peers and Theresa Schenk. St. Paul, Minnesota, Minnesota historical Society Press, 2002.   

c) - 1823

“The Orders of the Dreamed”: George Nelson on Cree and Northern Ojibwa Religion and Myth, 1823  edited by Jennifer S.H.Brown and Robert Brightman, St. Paul, Minnesota, Minnesota historical society Press, 1988, is reported to contain diary material.


OLIVER, William Wait - *M1735,E

1802 to 1803

Journal of William Wait Oliver, 1802-1803  in  Essex Institute Historical Collections  LXXXI, 1945.

PAUL, John Dean [Sir] (1775-1852) - B157


Matthews: Travel diary; notes of a wealthy young man's visit to Paris; intelligent and pleasant account of sights.

Journal of a Party of Pleasure  London, 1802.

PESTER, John [Lieut.] (1778-1856)  soldier in India - D240

August 28th. 1802 to August 30th. 1806

An officer of the first battalion of the Bengal Native Infantry in the second Mahratta War; the very full and detailed diary of military activities, sieges, battles; his fellow officers, the men and army life in often terrible conditions of heat; recreations; hunting and shooting; marches, discipline, health, hopes of prize money; social life, camp and domestic arrangements; one of the best diaries of military life.

1. - War and Sport in India 1802-1806; An Officer's Diary  edited by J.A.Devenish. London, Heath Cranton and Ouseley, 1914.

2. - Extracts: Brander (2), pp 1-20.

Note: According to Matthews the manuscript is in the India Office Library together with another diary for 1812-1823, again in India where he returned with his wife shortly after their marriage; if the second diary is of the same quality it must deserve to be published.


PRATT, Louisa Barnes (1802-1880)  Mormon - E

Dates unknown

1. - In  Heart Throbs of the West  VIII, 1947, pp 189-398.

2. - In  The History of Louisa Barnes Pratt: The Autobiography of a Mormon Missionary Widow and Pioneer  Volume III of the Series  Life Writings of Frontier Women  Utah State University Press, 1998.

ROMILLY, Samuel [Sir ](1757-1818)  law reformer - B157,D263

August to October 1802 and February 1806 to October 1818

Matthews: Travel diary; a visit to Paris; notes on public affairs. Public diary; his work as member of parliament; public affairs and business; parliamentary proceedings and debates.

Memoirs of the Life of Sir Samuel Romilly  written by himself. London, 1840, see Volumes I and II.


SIBLEY, John [Dr.] (1757-1837)  of Natchitoches, Virginia - A201,M1736

July to October 1802

Matthews: Travel diary; voyage from Charleston, South Carolina, to New Orleans, up Mississippi to Washington (Mississippi Territory); descriptions of New Orleans and surrounding country.

In  Louisiana Historical Quarterly  X, 1927, pp 474-497.

SKENE, James (1775-1864)  of Rubislaw, Scotland - B157

September 1802 to March 1803

Matthews: Travel diary; travel in Italy; the state of Italy under the French; notes on economics, morals, Italian society, scenery, antiquities; kept by the collector friend of Sir Walter Scott.

Italian Journey  London, 1937.

SMART, George [Sir] (1776-1867)  musician - B157

June 1802 to August 1845

Matthews: Musician's diary (selections); his career as organist and pianist; church music at the Chapel Royal, festivals, concert tours and concerts; oratorio and opera; musical life; society and social life in England, France, Germany, Austria; friendships with eminent musicians (Weber, Beethoven, etc.); travel notes; a good and interesting diary, though somewhat written-up.

Leaves from the Journal of Sir George Smart  edited by H.B. and C.L.E. Cox. London, 1907.  

03  SMITH, Alexander - E


In  Guinea Journals: Journeys into Guinea-Conakry during the Sierra Leone Phase, 1800-1821  edited by Bruce L.Mouser. Washington, D.C., University Press of America, 1979.

Note: see also Richard Bright and Brian O’Beirne.


SMITH, Sarah Lanman [Mrs.] (1802-1836)  American missionary in Syria - E

Dates Unknown

In  Memoir of Mrs. Sarah Lanman Smith  by Edward W,Hooker. London, The Religious Tract Society, 1839.


STEES, Charles J. [Capt.]  of the Minnesota Volunteer Infantry - E


Lieut. Col. Marshall's Raid into Dakota, 1802, from the Journal of Charles J.Stees  in  History of  Company E, of the Sixth Minnesota Regiment of Volunteer Infantry  St. Paul, Minnesota, Pioneer Press, 1899.

SYMES, Michael - *H370,E

From 1802

Michael Symes: Journal of His Second Embassy to the Court of Ava  George Allen, 1955.


TAYLOR, John [The Rev.] (1762-1840)  of Westfield and Deerfield, Massachusetts - A202,M1737

July to October 1802

Matthews: Travel diary from Deerfield to the Mohawk and Black River country of New York; missionary journey; lengthy descriptive notes.

1. - In  Documentary History of the State of New York  by E.B.O'Callaghan. Volume III, 1850, pp 673-696.

2. - Extract in  Annals of Albany  by Joel Munsell. Volume VI, 1855, pp 219-222.


THORNTON, Thomas (1757-1823) - W

a) - 1802?

A Sporting Tour through the Northern Parts of England, and a Great Part of the Highlands of Scotland  London, 1804, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1802

A Sporting Tour through Various Parts of France, in the Year 1802: including a concise description of the sporting establishments, mode of hunting, and other field-amusements, as practised in that country. With general observations on the arts, sciences, agriculture, husbandry, and commerce: strictures on the customs and manners of the French people; with a view of the comparative advantages of sporting in France and England. In a series of letters to the Right Hon. the Earl of Darlington. To which is prefixed, an account of French wolf-hunting  London, two volumes, 1806, may also contain diary material.


TUCKER, Mary Orne [Mrs.] (1775-1806)  of Haverhill, Massachusetts - A202,M1738

April to May 1802

Matthews: Private diary; domestic and social life in Essex County; notes on reading; full and well-written entries of considerable interest.

In  Essex Institute Historical Collections  LXXVII, 1941, pp 306-338.


TURNER, Charles (1760-1839)  of Scituate, Massachusetts - A202,M1739

August to October 1802

Matthews: Surveying journal (extract); surveying grants and sales of land in Nova Scotia; Campobello, Grand Mana, etc.; some general and social notes.

In  Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings  First Series, XVII, (1879-1880), pp 206-216.


VALENTIA, George Annesley, Viscount

1802 to 1806

1. - Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, in the years 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805, and 1806  London, three volumes, 1809.

2. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 159-162.


WILLIAMS, William (1763-1824)  born in Chatham County, North Carolina, of Whitewater, Indiana


March 1802 to December 1822

Matthews: Quaker journal; journeys and visits to Friends' meetings in southern states; tours in Atlantic and trans-Allegheny states; removal to Indiana and work there, with various tours in the east; usual Quaker entries.

Journal of the Life, Travels, and Gospel Labours of William Williams  Cincinnati, 1828, 272 pp.


WINCH, Joel [The Rev.] - *M1741,E

The Reverend Joel Winch - Pioneer Minister: Selections from His Diaries  edited by Arthur Wallace Peach in  Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society  IX and X.


YEAGER, Joshua [Rev.] (1802-1888)  Lutheran minister - E

Dates unkbnown

Memoirs of Rev. Joshua Yeager  by A. R. Horne. Allentown, Pennsylvania: Office of the National Educator, 1889, is reported to contain diary material.


ANONYMOUS,  soldier - D163


Matthews: Service in army; Peninsular War, England, Ireland, Denmark.

Journal of an Officer in the King's German Legion  London, 1827.

BOURNE, Hugh [The Rev.] (1772-1854)  of Bemersley, Staffordshire - B158

February 1803 to January 1852

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts); his work as a Methodist preacher; evangelism; his founding of English camp meetings; travel and work therein; founding and editing of Primitive Methodist magazines; the busy life of a Methodist dignitary; the origin, expansion, and organisation of Primitive Methodism to 1850.

Memoirs of the Life and Labours of Ven. Hugh Bourne  by John Walford. London, two volumes, 1856. Passim.


BUCKMINSTER, Joseph Stevens [The Rev.] (1784-1812)  of Boston, Massachusetts


December 1803 to August 1806

Matthews: Private diary; first part a record of his studies modelled on Gibbon's journal; his reading, religious and philosophical; journey to Europe; travel in England; notes on literary acquaintances in London; and at Strasbourg.

Memoirs of Rev. Joseph Buckminster  by Eliza B.Lee. Boston, 1849, pp 237-278.

Note: James Cummings (1896) has  Diary  Boston, 1814.

BUNTING, Jabez (1772-1858)  London, Methodist - B158

From August 1803

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts mixed with letters); training and work in Methodist ministry; London, Manchester, Liverpool, etc.

The Life of Jabez Bunting  by Thomas P.Bunting. London, two volumes, 1859. Passim.


CALVERT, George Henry (1803-1889) - E

Dates Unknown

George Henry Calvert, American literary Pioneer  by Ida Gertrude Everson, New York, Columbia University Press, 1944, is reported to contain diary material.

CHALMERS, Thomas [The Rev.] (1780-1854)  of Edinburgh, theologian - B158

October 1803 to July 1838

Widely scattered extracts from journals of the minister, chemist and professor of moral philosophy and divinity who was a leader of the movement which resulted in the formation of the Free Church; his work, travel, studies; religious thoughts. Interspersed with many letters also having the character of journals.

Memoirs of Thomas Chalmers  by his son-in-law, the Rev. William Hanna. Edinburgh, Thomas Constable, two volumes, 1854. Passim.  

03  CHOYCE, James  - English master mariner and whaler - E

 From 1803?

“…. contains two dramatic accounts of British sailors captured during the Napoleonic Wars. The first concerns James Choyce, an English Master Mariner and whaler, captured by the Spanish in South American waters ; he made a number of remarkable escapes and was eventually sent on board the English frigate Melampus but deserted her and after further amazing adventures reached England. Back at sea ... ” 

In  The Log of a Jack Tar: Or the Life of James Choyce, Master Mariner. Now First Published with O’Brien’s Captivity in France  edited by V.Lovett Cameron. London, 1891.

Note: See also O’BRIEN, Donat Henchy.


COVELL, Lemuel [The Rev.] - A202,M1743

September to November 1803

Matthews: Baptist travel journal; tour in western New York and Canada; attendance at meetings; comments on Indians.

In  Buffalo Historical Society Publications  VI, 1903, pp 207-216.


COWDERY, Jonathan [Dr. ](1767-1852)  born at Sandisfield, Massachusetts, surgeon's mate on the 'Philadelphia' - A202,M1744

December 1803 to June 1805

Matthews: Captive's diary; capture and captivity in Tripoli; medical work in Bashaw's family; daily life of American prisoners, etc.

American Captives in Tripoli  Boston, 1806, 34 pp.


CUROT, Michel  - fur trader in Wisconsin - A202,M1745

July 1803 to June 1804

Matthews: Fur-trading journal; in charge of Yellow River Post in northern Wisconsin; travels, trade, daily life, notes on Indians; quite interesting. Translated from the French.

In  Wisconsin Historical Society Collections  XX, 1911, pp 396-471.  

03  DUFAUT, J. - E

1803 to 1804

The Journal of J.Dufaut  in  The Beaver: magazine of the North  autumn, 1974.

De QUINCEY, Thomas (1785-1859)  author - B158

April to June 1803

Matthews: Literary diary; his reading and critical opinions; social life at Everton, Lancs.

A Diary of Thomas De Quincey  edited by H.A.Eaton. London, 1927, facsimile and printed copies.  

03  DIMOCK, Davis (1776-1858) - E

1803 to 1852 (?)

Elder Davis Dimock: Record of baptisms, Marriages and Vital Staistics, Compiled and edited from His Diaries  by Eleanor Bamford in  Proceedings and Collections of the Wyoming Historical and Genealogical Society  1918.

03  FLEMING, James  - gardener - E


“Late in 1802 Governor King of New South Wales sent the schooner Cumberland to survey King Island and Port Phillip to the north of it. The purpose of the survey was to establish whether or not either location might prove a suitable site for a new settlement. The Cumberland's party included her commander Charles Robbins, the surveyor Charles Grimes, and James Fleming, a gardener. In January and February 1803 Grimes carried out the first complete survey of Port Phillip, during which his party discovered the Yarra River. Fleming, who kept a detailed journal of the survey, later reported that the land around the river offered ‘the most eligible place for a settlement’, but Grimes' assessment of Port Phillip was not encouraging, and more than 30 years were to pass before Melbourne was established. Fleming's journal of the survey is accompanied by Grimes' field notes and his chart of Port Phillip.”

A Journal of Grimes’ Survey: The Cumberland in Port Phillip, January-February 1803  edited by John Currey, Malvern, Victoria, Banks Society Publications, 2002, 43pp.


FORBES, John - A203,M1746

May 1803

Matthews: Journal; Indian affairs in Florida; seizure of leader of Indians, William Augustus Bowles.

In  Florida Historical Society Quarterly  IX, 1931, pp 279-289.  

03  GRANT John - E

1803 to 1811

“Grant was a poet and a lover of equity; he found himself sixteen years after the first shipload had landed at Botany Bay, in a community where the elementary principles of justice were unknown. John Grant'`s Journey records some remarkable first-hand impressions of early Australian life.”

John Grant’s Journey: A Convict’s Story  Londeon, Heinemann, 1957, is reported to contain diary material.

03  GRIMES, Charles (1772-1858)  surveyopr in Australia: See FLEMING, James - E

Note: James Cummings (5111) has Journal of Exploration of Port Phillip  by Charles Grimes, Melbourne, 1972. The publication has not been traced.

HALE, James [Sgt.] - D128

1803 to 1814

Matthews: Gloucestershire man's service in 9th. Foot Regiment during the Peninsular War; a general account of movements and campaigns; Portugal, Spain, France.

Journal  Cirencester, 1826.  

03  HANCOCK, Levi Ward (1803-1882)  Mormon, father of Mosiah Lyman Hancock (qv) - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (5339) has  The Levi Hancock Journal .


HARRIS, Thaddeus Mason [The Rev. Dr.] (1768-1842)  born at Charlestown, Massachusetts, of Boston, minister and antiquarian - A203,M1747

March to June 1803

Matthews: Travel journal; from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Ohio, via Strasbourg, Shippensburg, Marietta, and return via Wheeling, Somerset, Bedford, Yorktown; notes on geography, topography, and historical account of Ohio.

1. - The Journal of a Tour  Boston, 1805, pp 11-85.

2. - In  Early Western Travels  by R.G.Thwaites. Cleveland, 1904, Volume III, pp 309-382.


HEPBURN, John Stuart (1803-1860) - E

Here My Home: The Life and Times of Captain John Stuart Hepburn 1803-1860  by Lucille M. Quinlan. Oxford, 1967, is reported to contain diary material.

01/02/03 - IRVING, Washington (1783-1859)  writer and traveller - *H371,A203,B190,*M1748

Matthews: Travel diaries; detailed descriptions, notes on persons, places, tales, etc.; of special interest as noted below.

a) - July to August 1803

Journey to Ogdensburg (Oswegatchie) with Josiah Hoffman, Thomas Ogden, and others, and into the Black River country; juvenile, romantic observations on the frontier.

Journal, 1803  edited by Stanley Williams. New York, 1934, 48 pp.

b) - July 1804 to 1805

Young Irving on his European travels; France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Belgium.

Mr. Irving's Notes and Journal of Travel in Europe 1804-1805  edited by W.P.Trent. New York, three volumes, 1920.

c) - July to August 1815

Travels in Wales

In  The Journals of Washington Irving  edited by W.P.Trent and G.S.Hellman. Boston, 1919, Volume I, pp 3-18.

d) - June 1817

Journey from Liverpool to Runcorn, with William C.Preston.

In  Tour in Scotland 1817  edited by Stanley Williams. New Haven, 1927, pp 75-79.

e) - August to September 1817

London to Edinburgh and tour through Scotland; interesting notes on people, places, and tales.

In  Tour in Scotland 1817  edited by Stanley Williams. New Haven, 1927, pp 21-72.

f) - August to November 1820

Undated notes in France.

In  The Journals of Washington Irving  edited by W.P.Trent and G.S.Hellman. Boston, 1919, Volume I, pp 19-48.

g) - August 1822 to July 1823

Germany, Austria, Bohemia.

In  The Journals of Washington Irving  edited by W.P.Trent and G.S.Hellman. Boston, 1919, Volume I, pp 49-225.

h) - July 1823 to August 1824

Kaleidoscopic notes in England, France, Germany, Holland.

Journal of Washington Irving (1823-1824)  edited by Stanley Williams. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1931, 244 pp. Reprinted Archon Books, 1968.

i) - August 1824 to February 1826


In  The Journals of Washington Irving  edited by W.P.Trent and G.S.Hellman. Boston, 1919, Volume II, 199 pp.

j) - February to April 1826


In  The Journals of Washington Irving  edited by W.P.Trent and G.S.Hellman. Boston, 1919, Volume III, pp 1-63.

k) - March to April 1828

Spain; Irving's first stay in Granada; part of journey from Madrid into southern Spain; completes records of other diaries in Spain.

In  Journal of Washington Irving 1828 and Miscellaneous Notes on Moorish Legend and History  edited by Stanley Williams. New York, 1937, pp 1-65.

l) - April 1828 to February 1829

Journey from Madrid into southern Spain; generally brief notes.

Washington Irving Diary, Spain 1828-1829  edited by Clara Louise Penny. New York, 1926, 142 pp.

m) - July to August 1829

Spain, Granada to Gerona.

In  The Journals of Washington Irving  edited by W.P.Trent and G.S.Hellman. Boston, 1919, Volume III, pp 65-100.

n) - August to September 1832

Dissertation: See Havlice.

o) - September to November 1832

Journey in western America, making notes for  A Tour on the Prairies  .

1. - In  The Journals of Washington Irving  edited by W.P.Trent and G.S.Hellman. Boston, 1919, Volume III, pp 187-196.

2. - The Western Journals of Washington Irving  edited by John Francis McDermott. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1944.

p) - September 1833

New York State, Esopus, and Dutch tour.

In  The Journals of Washington Irving  edited by W.P.Trent and G.S.Hellman. Boston, 1919, Volume III, pp 187-196.

q) - April to July 1842

New York to Spain.

In  The Journals of Washington Irving  edited by W.P.Trent and G.S.Hellman. Boston, 1919, Volume III, pp 196-220.  

r) - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 51-57.

 s) - James Cummings has also:

1. - (6410) Madrid Journal  in  Bulletin of the New York Public Library  May, June, August and September, 1958.

2. - (6411) Diary of Washington Irving in Spain  Hispanic Society of America, 1930.

3. - (6417) Notebook of 1810  in  Yale University Library Gazette  July, 1949.

Note: It is understood that all the journals and notes books are to be found in    The Complete Works of Washington Irving  University of Wisconsin   and Twayne, thirty volumes, 1969-1986.


JEWITT, John Rodgers (1783-1821)  of Boston - A204,M1749

March 1803 to July 1805

Matthews: Captive's diary; survivor of ship Boston, capture by Nootka Indians; brief notes of daily life in Indian fashion; written in Defoe-like style; apparently written by Richard Alsop, "who drew from Jewitt his story, during repeated interviews".

A Journal Kept at Nootka Sound  edited by Norman L.Dodge. Boston, 1931, 84 pp. Originally published with this title at Boston, 1807, and frequently reprinted with varying titles.


KNOPWOOD, Robert [Rev.] (1761-1838)  first chaplain of Van Diemen’s Land - E

1803 to 1838

a) - The Diary of the Reverend Robert Knopwood, 1803-1838: First Chaplain of Van Diemen’s Land  edited by Mary Nicholls. Hobart: Tasmanian Historical Research Association, 1977.

b) - 1. - Journal of the Voyage to Port Phillip  Queensberry Hill Press, 1984.

2. - Knopwood’s Port Phillip Diary, 9 October 1803-31 January 1804  edited by John Currey. Malvern, Victoria: Banks Society Publications, 2002.

3. - Knopwood's Hobart Town Diary, 15 February 1804 - 28 February 1805  edited by John Currey. Melbourne, Banks Society, 2007.  


KRUSENSTERN, Ivan Fedorovich (Adam Johann Ritter von Krusenstern) (1770-1846) Baltic German admiral and explorer in Russian service   - E

1803 to 1806

Voyage around the World in the Years 1803, 1804, 1805, & 1806, by order of His Imperial Majesty Alexander the First, on board the Ships Nadeshda and Neva, under the Command of Captain A. J. Von Krusenstern, of the Imperial Navy  translated from the German by Richard Belgrave Hoppner. London, John Murray, two volumes, 1813. Facsimile edition, Tenri, Japan, Tenri University Press, 1973. Reprinted, Da Capo, 1968.


LAUSSAT, Pierre-Clément de (1756-1835) - E

From 1803?

Memoirs of My Life: To my son during the years 1803 and after, which I spent in public service in Louisiana as Commissioner of the French Government for the retrocession to france of that colony and for its transfer to the Unitaed States  edited by Robert D.Bush, Baton Rouge, Louisiana state university press, 2003, is reported to contain diary material.  

03  MATHEWS, Charles James (1803-1878)  British actor - E

Dates unknown

The Life of Charles James Mathews  London, Macmillan, two volumes, 1879 is reported to contain diary material.


MILLS, Robert (1781-1855)  of Baltimore, architect - *H372,A230,*M1751

a) - See Havlice and Arksey.

b) - January to December 1816

Matthews: Personal and business diary; brief notes.

In  Maryland Historical Magazine  XXX, 1935, pp 257-271.

c) - From 1828

Journal  in South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine  1951 and 1952.  

03  MOBERLY, George (1803-1885)  Bishop of Salisbury - E

-  Dates unknown

Dulce Domum: George Moberly (DCL; Headmaster of Winchester College, 1835-1866; Bishop of Salisbury, 1869-1885); His family and Friends By C.A.E.Moberley, London, John Murray, 1911, is reported to contain diary material.

03  O’BRIEN, Donat Henchy [Captain] (1785-1857)  of the Royal Navy - E

 From 1803?

"The narrative of Captain O'Brien, R.N., containing an account of his shipwreck, captivity, and escape from France."

1. - The Narrative of Captain O’Brien  London, Joyce Gold, 1814, reprinted from The Naval Chronicle.

2.  In The Log of a Jack Tar: Or the Life of James Choyce, Master Mariner. Now First Published with O’Brien’s Captivity in France  edited by V.Lovett Cameron. London, 1891.

Note: See also CHOYCE, James.

RICHMOND, Legh [The Rev.] (1772-1827)  of Turvey, Bedfordshire - B159

January 1803 to September 1822

Matthews: Clerical diary (extracts); church work; social work; Owen's schemes and work; travel and scenery; Church Missionary Society; introspection.

A Memoir of the Rev. Legh Richmond  by T.S.Grimshawe. London, 1853, pp 38-342. Passim.


SALTONSTALL, Leverett - *M1752,E

a) - In  The Saltonstall Papers  Massachusetts historical Society, 1974.

b) - A Diary Beginning Jany. A.D. 1806  in  Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings  LXXXIX, 1977.


SCORESBY, William, Jr. (1789-1857)  of Whitby, whaler, scientist and clergyman

a) - 1803 to 1823

Extracts from logs and journals of whaling voyages; vivid accounts of storms, wrecks, pursuit and harpooning of whales, cold and hardships; extracts are grouped in themes to illustrate "The Ship, The Crew, Conditions on Board, Work, Social and Religious Life, Shetland, Other Lands, Navigation, Cold and Weather, Whaling, and Wrecks and Besetments".

Greenland Voyager  by Tom and Cordelia Stamp. Whitby, Caedmon of Whitby, 1983.

b) - Seven Log-Books Concerning the Arctic Voyages of Captain William Scoresby, Senior of Whitby, England  New York, Explorers Club, 1916-1917.

c) - 1811, 1812 and 1813

The Arctic Whaling Journals of William Scoresby the Younger: Volume 1  edited by Ian C.Jackson. London, The Hakluyt Society, Third Series, Volume XII, 2003.  

d) - 1822

1. - Journal of a Voyage to the Northern Whale-Fishery; including Researchesand Discoveries on the eastern Coast of West Greenland, made in the summerof 1822, in the ship Baffin of Liverpool  Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable and Co, 1823.

2. - Journal of a Voyage to the Northern Whale Fishery  reprinted from the 1823 edition, Caedmon of Whitby, 1980.

e) - 1823

The 1823 Log Book - Ship Baffin from Liverpool  Whitby, Caedmon of Whitby, facsimile edition, 1984.

f) - 1856

Journal of a Voyage to Australia and Round the World, for Magnetical Research  London, Longman, 1859.


SCHOPENHAUER, Arthur (1788-1860)

May 23rd. to June 30th. and September 20th. to November 8th. 1803

Schoolboy diary of a trip to England, mainly in London, and unfortunately silent during his stay at Mr. Lancaster's school; sights, visits, a hanging, theatres and shows.

In  Arthur Schopenhauer's English Schooling  by Patrick Bridgewater. London and New York, Routledge, 1988.

SCHOPENHAUER, Johanna (1766-1838)


Travel diaries of the philosopher's mother in England and Scotland. The diaries have been reduced to undated narrative form.

A Lady Travels; Journeys in England and Scotland from the Diaries of Johanna Schopenhauer  Translated and edited by Ruth Michaelis-Jena and Willy Merson. London, Routledge, 1988. Based on the account of her travels published in 1816.


SELKIRK, Thomas Douglas, fifth Earl of (1771-1820) - H373,A204,*C1051,M1753

August 5th. 1803 to December 15th. 1804

Travel diary in Canada and North Eastern United States collecting information to assist in establishing colonies in Prince Edward Island and at Baldoon in Upper Canada. Very detailed observation of social and economic affairs; prices; agriculture; industry and commerce; transport; climate.

1. - Lord Selkirk's Diary, 1803-1804; A Journal of his Travels in British North America and the Northeastern United States  edited by Patrick C.T.White. Toronto, The Champlain Society, Publication XXXV, 1958. Reprinted New York, Greenwood Press, 1969.

2. - Brief extracts in  Royal Society of Canada Proceedingss and Transactions  Third Series, VI, 1912, Section II, pp 3-9.


SETON, Elizabeth Ann Bayley (1774-1821)  American Catholic Saint - *M1754,*G24,E

a) - In  Elizabeth Bayley Seton : Collected Writings, Volume 1 : Correspondences and Journals, 1793-1808  edited by Regina Bechtle and Judith Metz. New York, New City Press, 2000.

b) - Elizabeth Seton  by Madame De Barberey, Macmillan, 1927, and Emmitsburg, Maryland, Mother Seton Guild Press, 1957, is reported to contain diary material.

c) - Dates Unknown

In  Memoir, Letters and Journal  edited by Robert Seton. New York, O'Shea, 1869.


SHARPLES, Ellen Wallace (1769-1849) - *M1755,E

In  The Sharples, Their Portraits of George Washington and His Contemporaries: A Diary and an Account of the Life and Work of James Sharples and His Family in England and America  by Katherine McCook Knox. New Haven, Yale University Press, and London, Oxford University Press, 1930.


SHERWOOD, Mary Martha [Mrs.] (1775-1851)  author

(Not seen)

From 1803?

Material from her diaries and journals was used in two biographies.

1. - The Life of Mrs. Sherwood, (chiefly autobiographical) with Extracts from Mr. Sherwood's Journal during his imprisonment in France and residence in India  edited by Sophia Kelly. London, 1854.

2. - The Life and Times of Mrs. Sherwood (1775-1851) from the Diaries of Captain and Mrs. Sherwood  edited by F.J.Harvey Darton. London, 1910.

3. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 169-179.


SKINNER, John [The Rev.] (1772-1839)  of Camerton, Somerset - B130

July 1803 to June 13th. 1834

The personal diary of a conscientious, courageous, sad and tortured man who finally shot himself five years after the diary ends; parish work and parishioners, his unpopularity, sermons and denunciations; troubles with the squire; his joy in private studies and antiquarian pursuits; the early deaths of brother and wife; the struggle to bring up children without a mother; his hopes and disappointments; the Methodists. An excellent and interesting diary.

1. - Journal of a Somerset Rector  edited by Howard Coombs and Rev. Arthur N.Bax. London, John Murray, 1930. This edition deals only with the years 1822 to 1832.

2. - Journal of a Somerset Rector 1803-1834  edited by Howard and Peter Coombs. Bath, Kingsmead Press, revised and enlarged edition, 1971. Reprinted (described as a 'further impression'), 1987.

3. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 10-14; and Brander (1), pp 171-185.

4. - Discussion: Hart, p 60.


SMITH, William - *H374,E

1803 to 1804

The London Diary of William Smith, 1803-1804  in  The Canadian Historical Review  June, 1966.


SOLLY, Hannah - *H375,E


A Diary of 1803  in  History Today  July, 1966.


SWEARINGEN, James Strode [Lieut.] - A204,M1756

July to August 1803

Matthews: Travel journal; from Detroit to Chicago; brief notes on topography, weather, etc.

In  Chicago and the Old Northwest  by M.M.Quaife. University of Chicago, 1913, pp 373-377.


TABEAU, Pierre Antoine (1775-1820) - E

1803 to 1804

Tabeau's Narrative of Loisel's Expedition to the Upper Missouri  Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1939. Reprinted, 1968.

TOASE, Margaret de Jersey (1791?-1852)  of Guernsey, Methodist - B159

March 1803 to June 1842

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts); religious outpourings of a Methodist minister's wife.

Memoirs of Margaret Toase  edited by R.L.R.Toase. London, 1859, pp 15-142.


WEIR, James (1777-1845)  of Greenville, Kentucky - A204,M1757

March to July 1803

Matthews: Travel diary; voyage and travel; Natchez, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh; imprisonment by Spaniards at Baton Rouge; notes on towns, waterspout, etc.; fairly good.

In  A History of Muhlenberg County  by O.A.Rothert. Louisville, 1913, pp 443-448.


WERTMÜLLER (WERTMULLER), Adolf Ulric (1751-1811)  Swedish artist and American immigrant

-  - *H376,*M1758,E

1803 to 1811

"Wertmuller's diary of Naamoan's Creek, 1803-1811, translated from the French…."

Wertmüller, Artist and Immogrant Farmer  by Franklin D.Scott. Chicago, Swedish Pioneer Historical Society, 1963.

Note: The section for April to July 1803 was first published in the  Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly  VI, 1955.


WHITE, Mary Wilder (1780-1811)  of Concord, Massachusetts - A204,M1759

December 1803 to January 1805

Matthews: Private diaries; scattered extracts (indexed under "Journals"); religious and social life at Concord.

Memorials of Mary Wilder White  by Mary W.Tileston. Boston, 1903, 409 pp. Passim.


WILMOT, Martha (1775-1825) - B159

a) - April 12th. 1803 to October 17th. 1808

Travel diary and letters; an Irish lady's life and adventures in Russia; the journey from Cork to St. Petersburg via Dublin and London; five years as the guest of Princess Dashkow, where she was visited by her sister Katherine; excellent, lively notes on Russian court, society and family life; full and vivid descriptions of national character, people, customs, incidents; a good and interesting diary.

The Russian Journals and Letters of Martha and Catherine Wilmot  edited by Lady Londonderry and H.M.Hyde. London, Macmillan, 1934. The diary, interspersed with letters, in Part I, pp 1-159, and Part II, pp 261-415.

Note: See also Katherine Wilmot, 1801.

b) - July 29th. 1819 to September 26th. 1828

Extracts from her journals as Mrs. Bradford when her husband was Chaplain to the British Embassy at Vienna; good and lively accounts of social, family and diplomatic life in Vienna; travels in Austria and Italy; scattered extracts interspersed with letters.

In  More Letters from Martha Wilmot, Impressions of Vienna 1819-1829  edited by the Marchioness of Londonderry and H.M.Hyde. London, Macmillan, 1935.

Note: See also Catherine Bradford (1829) for an account of the journey home.

WYNNE, Harriet (b.1784) - B160

June 21st. 1803 to June 23rd. 1806

Private diary; lively account of a love affair; social life, her sisters. Interspersed with the diaries of her sisters, Elizabeth and Eugenia (qv 1790)

The Wynne Diaries  edited by Anne Fremantle. London, 1940, Volume III. Passim.


YARNALL, Hannah Haines [Mrs.] (1765-1822)  of Byberry, Pennsylvania - A205,M1760

September to November 1803

Matthews: Quaker travel journal; visit to Friends in Canada; meetings, work, weather, religious reflections; notes on Indians and Methodist rivalries.

In  Thomas Richardson of South Shields  by Mary T.Seaman. New York, 1929, pp 197-222.



August 1804

Matthews: Travel diary; notes of a tour in Ireland; the squalors and vices of Irish life; sights of Dublin.

A Collection of Modern and Contemporary Voyages and Travels  London, 1806, Volume III, pp 1-36.


BACKHOUSE, Hannah Chapman (1787-1850)  of Norwich - A259,B160,M2309,K29

March 1804 to May 1849

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); Quaker religious and domestic life; her ministry and travels through England and (from August 1830 to February 1835) America.

Extracts from the Journal and Letters of Hannah Chapman Backhouse  London, 1858.


BIDDLE, Nicholas   (1786-1844)  American financier - *H377,E  

1804 to 1807

European diaries.

 1. - In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  Volume CIII, January, 1979, pp 3-33.  

2. - Nicholas Biddle in Greece: The Journals and Letters of 1806  Pennsylvania State University Press, 1993.

03  BONAPARTE, Napoleon (1769-1821)  Emperor of France - E

1804 to 1814 (?)

Official Narratives of the Campaigns of Buionaparte, Since the Peace of Amiens, Being a complete collection of the Whole of the bulletins Published by Buonaparte to his Abdication  london, J.Davis, 1817.


BOUCHERVILLE, (René) Thomas Verchères de - E

a) - 1804 to 1811

A Merchant's Clerk in Upper Canada: The Journal of Thomas Vercheres De Boucherville 1804-1811  translated by Stewart Wallace, Toronto, Rous and Mann, 1935.

b) - 1812?

In  War on Detroit: The Chronicles of Thomas Verchères de Boucherville and The Capitulation, by an Ohio Volunteer  Chicago, Lakeside Press, 1940  

03  BURTON, Richard Evans (1804-1860)  English actor, playwright and manager in America - E

Dates unknown

William E,Burton: A Sketch of His Career Other than that of Actor, with Glimpses of His Home Life and Extracts from His Theatrical Journal  by William L.Keese, New York, Burt Franklin, 1970. First published in 1885; James Cummings (2016) has  New York, Dunlap Society, 1891, 190 copies.

03  CALEY, George (1770-1829)  English botanist and explorer in Australia - E


“The journal of George Caley, botanical collector to Sir Joseph Banks, detailing the most important pre-Blaxland exploration of the Blue Mountains area.”

The Devil’s Widerness: George Caley’s Journal to Mount Banks, 1804  edited by Alan E.J.Andrews, Hobart, Blubberhead Press, 1984, 375 copies.


CALVERT, Frances [The Hon. Mrs.] (Pery) (1767-1859) - B160,E

a) - 1804 to 1859

Matthews: Society diary (extracts); notes on political events, public affairs, gossip and rumours; social life and society in London during the Regency.

An Irish Beauty of the Regency  by Mrs. Warenne Blake. London, 1911.

b) - 1822 to 1846(?)

Matthews: Society diary; extracts in a stupid melange of narrative notes on social and society life in London; politics and public affairs; rumours and gossip.

Next Door Neighbours  edited by Ethel M.Richardson. London, 1927. Passim.

c) - James Cummings (2122) has  The Calvert Diaries  in  Princeton University Library Chronicle  Spring, 1986. The library at Princeton holds forty three manuscript diaries from 1804 to 1847.


CAMERON, Duncan  - born at Schenectady - A205,C202,M1761

August to December 1804

Matthews: Fur-trader's journal (extracts); with North West Company between Lake Superior and Hudson's Bay; travels and trade; rivalry with Hudson's Bay Company, very interesting.

Les Bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest  by L.R.Masson. Quebec, 1899, Volume II, pp 267-300.

CLARK, William: see LEWIS, Meriwether


CLARK, William Joseph - *M1762,E

Diary of William Joseph Clark  in  Kentucky   Historical Society Register  1927.


CONNOR, Thomas (John Sayer)  - employee of Northwest Company - A205,C273,M1774

September 1804 to April 1805

Matthews: Fur-trading journal; winter in region of Cross Lake and Snake River; building of trading post; trading activities and varied work around post; notes on Indian customs and habits; a most interesting narrative, with some linguistic interest.

1. - (As Connor) in  Five Fur-Traders of the Northwest  by Charles M. Gates. Minneapolis, 1933, pp 245-278. Reprinted Minnesota Historical Society, 1965.

2. - John Sayer's Snake River Journal, 1804-1805: A Fur Trade Diary from East Central Minnesota  edited by Douglas Birk. Minnesota Institute for Archaeology, 1989.


CORRIE, Daniel [The Rt. Rev.] (1777-1837)  Bishop of Madras - D67

1804 to 1836

Matthews: Religious diary; missionary work in India; Cawnpore, Calcutta, Madras; diocesan work and administration as Bishop of Madras.

Memoirs  London, 1847.  

03  CRAPO, Henry Howland (1804-1869)  Governor of Michigan - E

Dates unknown

The Story of Henry Howland Crapo, 1804-1869  Boston, Thomas Todd, 1933, is reported to contain diary material.

03  CROSWELL, William [Rev.] (1804-1851)  rector of the Church of the Advent, Boston - E

Dates unknown

A memoir of the Late Rev. William Croswell, D.D.  by his father, Harry Croswell (qv), New York, Appleton, 1853.

03  DODGE, Allen Washington (1804-1878) - E

Dates unknown

In  Divine Guidance: Memorial of Allen W.Hodge  New York, Appleton, 1881.


DUNBAR, William (1749-1810)  of Natchez, Mississippi - A205,M1763

October 1804 to January 1805

Matthews: Travel journal; surveying and exploration journey from St. Catherine's Landing to Hot Springs; Red, Black, and Washita rivers.

1. - In  Documents Relating to the Purchase and Exploration of Louisiana  Boston, 1904, pp 7-189.

2. - In  Life, Letters and Papers of William Dunbar  by D.Rowland. Jackson, Mississippi, 1930, pp 216-320.

ELLIS, Samuel Burdon [Gen. Sir] (1787-1865) - D94

From 1804

Matthews: His career in Marines; Trafalgar and the Peninsular War; War of 1812; Cape Town, China; includes diaries.

Memoirs and Services  London, 1866.


ETTRICK, William [The Rev.] - E

1804 to 1805

Diary extracts.

Witchcraft at Toner's Puddle, 19th. c., from the diary of the Rev. William Ettrick  edited by Christina Hole. Dorset Record Society, Volume II, 1964.

EVERETT, James [The Rev.] (1784-1872)  of Alnwick - *B160

1804 to 1866

Matthews: Methodist diary; Methodist work, travel and introspection, largely in Yorkshire; throws much light on history of Methodism in the period, the diarist having been a leader in the reform movement which split the Wesleyan Methodist Connection circa 1849-1850; also matters of more general interest, topographical, industrial, literary, theological; copiously illustrated with letters, drawings, engravings, pamphlets, etc.; a valuable record.

Only extracts published in  James Everett  by Richard Chew. London,1875.


FARIES, Hugh (1779-1852)  employee of Northwest Company - A205,C405,M1764

July 1804 to May 1805

Matthews: Fur-Trading journal; author in charge of fur trading around Rainy Lake Post during absence of supervisor; work and life around the post; valuable and highly interesting notes on social life of the voyageurs.

Five Fur-Traders of the North-West  by Charles M. Gates. Minneapolis, 1933, pp 189-241. Reprinted Minnesota Historical Society, 1965.

FENTON, Richard (1746-1821)  Welsh topographer and poet - *B152

May 1804 to August 1810

Matthews: Travel diaries; notes kept of his various tours in North and South Wales; scenery, antiquities, etc.

Tours in Wales  edited by John Fowler. London, 1917, 371 pp.  

03  FREER, Richard Lane (1804-1863)  Archdeacon of Hereford - E

Dates unknown

Memoir; Extracts of Speeches; Diary of Journey to America etc. In Memoriam  compiled by his widow, Hereford and London, 1866.

01/02/03 - FLOYD, Charles [Sgt.] (1781?-1804)  of Kentucky - A205,M1765,E

March to August 1804

Matthews: Exploration journal; entertaining record of a sergeant on the Lewis and Clark expedition; bare details of the expedition; interesting spellings.

1. - In  American Antiquarian Society Proceedings  New Series, IX, (1893-1894), pp 238-252.

2. - In  Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition  edited by R.G.Thwaites. Volume VII, New York, 1905, pp 3-26. Reprinted New York, Antiquarian Press, 1959.

3. - In The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Volume 9: The Journals of John Ordway, May 14, 1804-September 23, 1806, and Charles Floyd May 14-August 18, 1804  edited by Gary Moulton. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1995.  

4. - James Cummings (4258) has  Sergeant Flod’s Journal  in  Palimpsest  March, 1964.


FOORD, James (1761-1821)  of Milton and Dedham, Massachusetts - A206,M1766

January to May, 1804

Matthews: Travel diary; business trip from Massachusetts to Kentucky to investigate titles; Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Frankfort, Ohio Valley, by stage and horseback; notes on stages, inns; brief entries, with some social interest.

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  LXIV, 1940, pp 1-21.


GASS, Patrick [Sgt.] (1771-1870)  Falling Springs, Pennsylvania - A206,M1767,E

May 1804 to September 1806

Matthews: Exploration journal; kept while author was a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition; the first published account of the expedition; very good reading, although the journal was polished for publication.

1. - A Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a Corps of Discovery, under the Command of Captain Lewis and Captain Clarke  Pittsburgh, 1807, 262 pp. Frequently reprinted.

2. - Gass's Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition  edited by J.K.Hosmer. Chicago, 1904, 298 pp.

3. - The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Volume 10: The Journal of Patrick Gass, May 14, 1804-September 23, 1806  edited by Gary E.Moulton. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1996.  

03  GIBBONS, Joseph - E

The Travel Notes of Joseph Gibbons  in  Ohio History Society Annual  1983.

03  GILDER, Richard Watson (1844-1909)  American poet - E

Dates unknown

Letters of Richard Watson Gilder  Houghton, 1916, is reported to contain diary material.

HEUGH, Hugh [The Rev.] (1782-1846)  of Glasgow - B161

March 1804 to May 1846

Matthews: Religious diary; a religious and spiritual record kept for his own discipline; his parish work; sermons; social and political comments; his parish and parishioners; travel in England and abroad.

The Life of Rev. Hugh Heugh  by Hamilton M. MacGill. Edinburgh, 1852, pp 25-466. Passim.  

03  HOMES, James [Dr.] (1804-1883) - E

Dates unknown

“A notable Georgian’s journal of antebellum life ranging from the War of 1812 to the Civil War. Dr. James “Bullie” Holmes (1804-83), received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania, practiced medicine on the Georgia coast, served in the state legislature and wrote of his encounters with a variety of worthies ranging from Napoleon’s brother Joseph to Fannie Kemble and Pierce Butler.”

Dr. Bullie’s Notes: Reminiscences of Early Georgia and of Philadelphia and New Haven in the 1800’s  edited by Delma E.presley, Atlanta, Cherokee publishing, 1976.

01/02/03 - HOPKINS, Gerard T.   (1769-1834)  wholesale grocer -   *H378,A206,*M1768

a) - See Havlice and Arksey.

b) - May 1804

Matthews: Quaker travel journal; visit to Buffalo; account of the country and notes on farming.

In  Buffalo Historical Society Publications  VI, 1903, pp 217-222.  

Note: See also:

1. - A Quaker Pilgrimage  Public library of Fort Wayne, 1959.

2. - Plowshares and Pruning Hooks for the Miami and Potawatomi  in  Ohio History  Autumn, 1979.


JOHNSTON, John (1781-1851)  born in Scotland, of New York, merchant - A206,M1769

May 1804 to 1847

Matthews: Business journals; scattered extracts; business life in New York, travel abroad; moderate interest.

John Johnston of New York, Merchant  by Emily J.de Forest. New York, 1909, 196 pp. Passim.

KERR, Edward  - of Kilstay, Wigtownshire - B161

May to July 1804

Matthews: Travel diary; visit to Edinburgh; Edinburgh sights and activities; sham fight of volunteers.

Extracts in  Weekly Scotsman  June-July, 1931.


KIESS, George - E

June 9th. to September 18th. 1804

Diary Written By George Kiess, Father of Catherine Kiess, Who Was the Wife of John George Walz during the Voyage from Germany to Philadelphia June 9 to September 18, 1804  Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1897?


LEWIS, Meriwether (1774-1809) (and CLARK, William (1770-1838)) - H379,A206,*M1750

a) - August to December 1803

Matthews: Exploration journal; down Ohio River and up the Mississippi; mainly topographical notes.

In  Wisconsin Historical Society Publications  XXII, 1916, pp 31-76.

b) - January 1804 to September 1806

Exploration journal, with a party of little more than thirty men and an Indian woman, Sacajawea; epic account of the expedition up the Missouri and on to the Pacific coast in hope of dicovering a transcontinental route by water; Indians, topography, natural history; weather, food supplies, distances; a very full and detailed account.

1. - Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition  edited by R.G.Thwaites. 7 volumes text, 1 volume maps, the journals in I-V, New York, 1904-1905.

2. - The Journals of Lewis and Clark  edited by Bernard DeVoto, New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1953. This is a one volume abridgement, for the general reader, of the Thwaites edition.

3. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 260-268.

4. - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 25-31.

c) - The definitive edition of the expedition journals is  The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition  edited by Gary E.Moulton. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, twelve volumes, 1986 to 1999:

Volume 1: Maps.

Volume 2: August 30, 1803-August 24, 1804

Volume 3: August 25, 1804-April 6, 1805

Volume 4: April 7-July 27, 1805

Volume 5: July 28-November 1, 1805

Volume 6: November 2, 1805-March 22, 1806

Volume 7: March 23, -June 9, 1806

Volume 8: June 10-September 26, 1806

Volume 9: The Journals of John Ordway, May 14, 1804-September 23, 1806 and Charles Floyd, May 14-August 18, 1804

Volume 10: The Journal of Patrick Gass, May 14, 1804-April 2, 1806

Volume 11: The Journals of Joseph Whitehouse, May 14, 1804-April 2, 1806

Volume 12: Herbarium of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Note:  A History of the Lewis and Clark Journals  by Paul Russell Cutright, Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1976, gives the publishing history of the journals to that time.


LOOMIS, Hezekiah (1779-1862)  of Tolland County, Connecticut, and Dayton, Ohio - A206,M1770

November 1804 to November 1805

Matthews: Sea journal; aboard U.S. brig Vixen; cruise in Mediterranean; ship movements and work as steward; some social details.

In  Essex Institute Historical Collections  LXIII, 1927, pp 285-308; and LXIV, pp 33-48, 129-144 and 225-230.


MALHIOT, François Victor (1776-1840)  clerk of Northwest Company - A206,C796,M1771

July 1804 to June 1805

Matthews: Fur trader's journal; in charge of Fond du Lac Department, south of Lake Superior; repairing and rebuilding post; interesting notes on life of fur trader; good source for economics of the fur-trade. Translated from the French-Canadian patois.

Wisconsin Historical Collections  XIX, 1910, pp 163-215.


MASON, Jonathan [Hon.] (1756-1831)  of Boston, Senator - A207,M1772

November 1804 to April 1805

Matthews: Travel diary; horseback journey from Boston to Savannah; comments and descriptions, people, places, social life, theatres; expense list; pleasant journal.

In  Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings  Second Series, II, (1885-1886), pp 5-34.

NICHOLAS, Ann Susannah - B161

September 1804

Matthews: Travel diary; notes of a girl's journey from Canonbury to Aldborough.

Journal of a Very Young Lady's Tour  London, 1804.


ORDWAY, John [Sgt.] (1775?-1817?)  born at Bow, New Hampshire, of the Lewis and Clark expedition - A207,M1773,E

May 1804 to September 1806

Matthews: Exploration journal; kept on the Lewis and Clark expedition; River Dubois, Floyd's Creek, Teton River, Fort Mandan, Marias River, Great Falls, Great Divide, down Columbia River to Pacific; at Fort Clatsop, Walla Walla River, headwaters of Missouri River.

1. - In  Wisconsin Historical Society Publications  XXII, 1916, pp 79-402. Reprinted 1965.

2. - In  The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Volume 9: The Journals of John Ordway, May 14, 1804-September 23, 1806, and Charles Floyd May 14-August 18, 1804  edited by Gary Moulton. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1995.


RAY, William - E

1804? and 1805?

The American tars in Tripolitan slavery

Ray, William

The American tars in Tripolitan slavery

The American Tars in Tripolitan Slavery: Containing an account of the loss and capture of the United States frigate Philadelphia; treatment and sufferings of the prisoners; description of the place; manners, customs, &c., of the Tripolitans; public transactions of the United States with that regency, including Gen. Eaton's expedition, interspersed with interesting remarks, anecdotes, and poetry, on various subjects. Written during upwards of nineteen months' imprisonment and vassalage among the Turks  New York, Magazine of History, Extra No XIV, 1911.


RICHARDS, Willard (1804-1854)  Mormon - E

Dates unknown

In  Intimate Disciple: portrait of Willard Richards  by Claire Augusta Wilcox Noall. University of utah Press, 1957.

Note: Davis Bitton, in his Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies refers to extracts published in  Deseret News  8, 1858 and  Millennial Star  27, 1855.


RUSSELL, John Willard (1770?-1814)  sailor of Bristol, Rhode Island - E

1796 to 1813

Letters and journals of voyages including a voyage in the slave trade, journal letters to his wife when captain of the Brig Minerva on a voyage to Europe and Scandinavia, in 1804 and the west India Trade in 1805-1806.

In  The Romance of an Old Time Shipmaster  edited by Ralph D.Paine. New York, Outing, 1907.


SAYER, John:  See CONNOR, Thomas - *M1774


SCOTT, George - A207


Matthews: Missionary journal; mission with John Bruce to Sandusky, Brownstown, and vicinity.

In  Western Missionary Magazine  1803, pp 1-13.


SHALER, William (1778?-1833) - A207,M1775

February 1804 to November 1805

Matthews: Travel journal; voyage from Canton to California; Gulf of California, Fonseca Bay, Santa Catalina Island, Cape San Lucas, Hawaian Islands, Canton; personal observations and material derived from travel books.

1. - Journal of a Voyage between China and the North Western Coast of America  edited by Lindley Bynum. Claremont, California, 1935, 109 pp. First published in  American Register  III, Part I, 1808.

2. - Extracts in  A History of California  by R.G.Cleland. New York, 1922, pp 470-482.


SUTCLIFF, Robert  - of Sheffield, England - A207,M1776

May 1804 to October 1806

Matthews: Travel diary; from England to New York, and extensive travels in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virginia; touristic and travel notes, scenery, occupations, people, customs; pleasant, journalistic style.

Travels in Some Parts of North America  Philadelphia, 1812, 289 pp.


TILLINGHAST, William E. [Capt.]  - of Providence, Rhode Island - A207,M1777

August to October 1804

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Providence through New York State to Saratoga and Lake George; notes on towns, scenery, taverns, farming; fair interest; interesting spellings.

In  Rhode Island Historical Society Collections   XXXII, 1939, pp 8-16 and 80-84.


UPHAM, Phebe Lord (Mrs. Thomas Cogswell Upham) (1804-1882) - E

Dates unknown

In  The Crystal Fountain, or, Faith and Life Records from the Note-book of   Mrs. P.L.Upham  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1877.


WHITE, Ebenezer [Hon.] (1727-1817)  of Portland, Connecticut - A207,M1778

September to July 1804

Matthews: Private diary; brief, scattered notes, personal, local, farming, sermons, weather.

In  History of Middlesex County, Connecticut  New York, 1884, pp 501-502.


WHITEHOUSE, Joseph [Pte.]  - of Kentucky - A207,*M1779,E

May 1804 to November 1805

Matthews: Exploration journal; with Lewis and Clark expedition; "a minute relation of the various transactions and occurrences which took place dureing a Voiage of [blank in MS] years from the United States to the Pacific Ocean through the interior of the conti[nent] of North America"; a useful supplement to the better-known journals of the expedition; some linguistic interest.

1. - In  Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition  edited by R.G.Thwaites. New York, 1905, Volume VII, pp 29-190.

2. - The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Volume 11: The Journals of Joseph Whitehouse, May 14, 1804-April 2, 1806  edited by Gary E.Moulton. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1997.



ANONYMOUS - A208,M1780

April 1805

Matthews: Travel diary; trip from Bardstown, Tennessee, to Washington, D.C.; notes on scenery and towns, taverns; general comments; full entries of fair interest.

In  American Historical Magazine  (Nashville) VIII, 1903, pp 91-100.


1805 to 1816

Matthews: Military diary; service with the 71st. Regiment in South America, and in the Peninsular War.

Journal of a Soldier of the 71st. Regiment  Edinburgh, 1822.


AINSWORTH, William Harrison (1805-1882)  English historical novelist - E

In  William Harrison Ainsworth and His Friends  by S.M.Ellis. London, John Lane, two volumes, 1911.

ALSOP, Christine Majolier Alsop (1805-1879)   French born Quaker, married to an Englishman - E

Dates unknown

In  Memorials of Christine Majolier Alsop  compiled by Martha Braithwaite. Philadelphia, Henry Longstreth, 1882.


ANDERSEN, Hans Christian (1805-1875) - E

a) - Dates unknown

1. - The Diaries of Hans Christian Andersen  selected and translated by Patricia L.Conroy and Sven H.Rossel. Seattle, university of Washington Press, 1989.

2. - In  Hans Andersen the Man  by Elith Reumert, translated by Jessie Brochner. London, methuen, 1927.

b) - 1840

A Poet’s Bazaar: A Journey to Greece, Turkey and up the Danube   Michael Kesend, 1988

c) - 1840 to 1841

1. - A Poet’s Bazaar: Pictures of travel in Germany, italy, Greece and the Orient  New york, Hurd and Houghton, 1871.

2. - A Visit to Germany, Italy and Malta 1840, 1841: A Poet’s Bazaar  London, Peter Owen, 1985.

d) - 1857

Diary of a visit to Charles Dickens.

In  Hans Andersen and Charles Dickens  by Elias Bresdorff. Heffer, 1956.

e) - 1866

A Visit to portugal, 1866  edited by Grace Thornton. Bobbs, 1973. -



October 1805 to July 1811

Matthews: Journal of the society conducting the "Monthly Anthology and Boston Review"; impersonal, but a valuable literary record.

Journal of the Proceedings of the Society  Boston Athenaeum, 1910, pp 35-258.  

03  ARMSTRONG, Richard (1805-1860) - E

Dates unknown

“… a missionary from Pennsylvania who arrived in Hawaii in 1832. Along with his wife Clarissa, he served in mission fields of the Marquesas Islands and in the Kingdom of Hawaii. He established several churches and schools, and was Kahu (shepherd) of Kawaiahaʻo Church after the departure of Hiram Bingham I. Kamehameha III appointed him Minister of Public Instruction, and his accomplishments established an educational system that earned him the nickname ‘The father of American education in Hawaii’”.

America: Richard Armstrong: Hawaii  by Mary Frances Armstrong, Hampton, Virginia, 1887, is reported to contain diary material.


AYER, Sarah Connell [Mrs.] (1791-1835)  of Portland, Maine - A208,M1781

November 1805 to March 1835

Matthews: Private diary; extensive notes on religious and social life in Andover and Newburyport, Massachusetts, Concord and Bow, New Hampshire, Portland and Eastport, Maine; an attractive diary beginning with the trivial visits, reading, and chitchat of a child, and developing into a dominantly religious record in later years.

Diary of Sarah Connell Ayer  Portland, 1910, 404 pp.


BARTLETT, Henry  - of Frederick County, Virginia - A208,M1782

April to June 1805

Matthews: Travel journal; journey to Ohio and Kentucky from Virginia; expenses and brief descriptive notes; good narrative of a backwoods preacher appended.

In  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography  XIX, 1911, pp 68-86.


BIGELOW, Timothy (1767-1821)  of Worcester, Massachusetts, lawyer - A208,M1783

a) - July to August 1805

Matthews: Travel diary; trip to Niagara, via Massachusetts and New York; return via Montreal, Lake Champlain, Vermont, and New Hampshire; good, full notes on topography, towns, taverns, agriculture, etc.

1. - Journal of a Tour to Niagara Falls  Boston, 1876, 121 pp.

2. - Extract in  Historic Highways of America  XII. by A.B.Hulbert. Cleveland, 1904, pp 116-142.

b) - July 1815

Matthews: Travel diary; trip to Newport, New York, Philadelphia; general travel details and descriptions.

Diary of a Visit to Newport, New York and Philadelphia  Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1880, 29 pp.


BLAKE, Noah (b.1790)  farm boy - *H380,*M1784,E


Diary of an Early American Boy: Noah Blake, 1805  edited by Eric Sloane. New York, Wilfrid Funk, 1962, 108 pp.

BOOTHBY, Charles [Capt.] (1786-1846)  soldier - B161

April 1805 to April 1809

Matthews: War diary (extracts); adventures with the Royal Engineers in Peninsular War; Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark; military movements and battles; social and personal affairs.

Under England's Flag  London, 1900. Passim.


BREATHITT, John - *H381,*M1785,E


Journal  in  Register of the Kentucky Historical Society  January, 1954.


BURR, Isaac  - of Delaware County, North Carolina - A208,M1786

September to November 1805

Matthews: Travel diary; journey through New York and Atlantic States to Virginia; notes on travel difficulties, taverns, expenses.

Journal of American History  III, 1909, pp 447-452.


CATLIN, Guy - *M1787,E

Floating a Lumber Raft to Quebec City: The Journal of Guy Catlin of Burlington  edited by H.N. Muller in  Vermont History  XXXIX, No. 2, Spring, 1971, pp 116-24.

CAVANAGH, Eleanor  - Irish maidservant: see entry for Katherine Wilmot under 1801

COLQUOUN, Janet [Lady] (1780-1846)  of Edinburgh - B161

October 1805 to July 1844

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); her family and social life; religious sentiments and prayers.

A Memoir of Lady Janet Colquoun  by James Hamilton. New York, 1850, pp 43-268.


ESPY, Josiah (1771-1847)  of Columbus, Ohio - A209,M1788

June to November 1805

Matthews: Travel diary; tour from Bedford, Pennsylvania, into Ohio and Kentucky; visits to relations; description of springs, scenery, Cincinnati, Louisville, New Lancaster.

Ohio Valley Historical Society Miscellany  Cincinnati, 1871, No.1, 28 pp.

FIELD, James  - of Dublin - B162

December 1805 to September 1849

Matthews: Methodist diary; service as a soldier with Moore during the Peninsular War; personal adventures in Portugal, Spain, and France; military life; return to England; his work as a Methodist preacher; travels; life and religion in Cork and Dublin.

A Devout Soldier  Dublin, 1869.  

03  FOSTER, Augustus John [Sir] (1780-1848)  British diplomat and politician - E

1805 to 1806 and 1811 to 1812

Jeffersonian America: Notes on the United States of America, Collected in the Years 1805-6-7 and 11-12  edited by Richard B.Davis, San Marino, Huntington Library, 1954.




An itinerary to York, Flamborough and the north-western dales of Yorkshire.

The Diary of Charles fothergill, 1805  edited by Paul Romney. Yorkshire archaeological Society, Volume 142, 1984.

FOWKE, Richard  - of Elmesthorpe, Leicestershire - B162

June to July 1805

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); journey into Lincolnshire; travel and personal notes.

Transactions of Leicestershire Archaeological Society  III, 1871-1874, pp 364-370.  

03  GROSS, Samuel David (1805-1884)  American academic trauma surgeon - E

Dates unknown

Autobiography of Samuel Gross  Philadelphia, two volumes, 1893, is reported to contain diary material.


HALL, James (1784-1869)  naval surgeon - B162

November 1805 to January 1st. 1836

Sea diary (widely spaced extracts); service in Russian navy, conditions of sick and injured; in the British navy; bombardment of Algiers in 1816; long entries with some good detail of naval life and medical work.

In  Sea Saga  edited by L.King Hall. London, Victor Gollancz, 1935, pp 15-76.

HAYNES, Robert [Gen.] - D137

1805 to 1835

Matthews: Diary; plantation work and social life; Newcastle, Barbados; family and domestic affairs; slaves and slavery.

Barbadian Diary  Medstead, 1934. -


HEBER, Reginald [The Rt. Rev.] (1783-1826)  Bishop of Calcutta - *H491,B162,E

a) - August 1805, April 1806 and June to July 1806

Matthews: Travel diaries in Norway, Turkey, and Hungary and Russia; lively travel notes and memoranda with full details of the countries he passed through; somewhat impersonal, but informative.

The Life of Reginald Heber  by Amelia Heber. London, two volumes, 1830. Passim.

b) - 1824 to 1826

1. - Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India from Calcutta to Bombay 1824-1825 (With Notes Upon Ceylon), An Account of a Journey to Madras and the Southern Provinces, 1826 and Letters Written in India  edited by Amelia Heber. London, John Murray, three volumes, 1828.

2. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 225-232.

c) - 1823 to 1825

Bishop Heber in Northern India: Selections from Heber's Journal  edited by M.A.Laird. Cambridge University Press, 1971.  

03  HEMENWAY, Edward Augustus Holyoke (1805-1876)  American merchant from Boston - E

Dates unknown

Augustus Hemenway, 1805-1876: Builder of the United States Trade with the West Coast of South America  by Frederic A,Eustis, Peabody museum, 1955, 106pp., is reported to contain diary material.


HOOKER, Edward (1785-1846)  of Farmington, Connecticut - A209,M1789

November 1805 to December 1808

Matthews: Political diary (extracts); graduation at Yale, journey to Charleston, South Carolina, tutorship at Caroline College, Columbia; experiences in South; extracts relate mainly to political history of South, with a few social and general items.

In  American Historical Association Annual Report  1896, I, Washington, 1897, pp 842-929.


ISELIN, Isaac - *H382,*M1790,E

From 1805

Journal of a Trading Voyage Around the World  in  New York Historical Society Quarterly  1978.


KENNY, Patrick [The Rev.] (1763-1840)  born at Dublin, pastor of St. Peter's, Wilmington, Delaware


March 1805 to March 1833

Matthews: Clergyman's diaries (with some gaps); details of Catholic missions at Coffee Run, West Chester, Wilmington, churches of St. Mary and Holy Trinity, Philadelphia; many private notes of expenses, opinions of people social affairs, parish and farm work, his daily life and infirmities, and the weather; touched with sarcastic and whimsical humour; a most interesting diary.

In  American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia Records  VII, 1896, pp 94-137; and IX, 1898, pp 64-128, 223-256, 305-337 and 422-458.


LAROCQUE, François Antoine  - of Montreal, clerk of Northwest Company - A209,C669,M1792

June to October 1805

Matthews: Fur-trader's diary; from Fort de la Bosse to Yellowstone; trade and trapping for Hudson's Bay Company; Crow Indians, topography, adventures.

1. - In  Frontier and Midland  (Montana) XIV, (1933-1934), pp 241-247 and 332-339; and XV, (1934-1935), pp 67-75 and 88. Reprinted as  Sources of Northwest History  No. 20, 27 pp.

2. - In  Early Fur trade on the Northern Plains: Canadian Traders among the Mandan and Hidatsa Indians, 1738-1818  University of Oklahoma, 1985.


LEVY, Aaron  - of New York - A209,M1793

September 1805 to May 1834

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); entries relating to Jews in New York; business, service as paymaster in army, necrology.

In  American-Jewish Historical Society Publications  XXVII, 1920, pp 336-344.

MACKINTOSH, James [Sir] (1765-1832)  Scottish publicist - B162

1805 to 1830

Matthews: Private diary (copious extracts); his residence in India and Europe; notes on public affairs, diplomacy, politics; philosophy, medicine, science, books; social life.

Memoirs of the Life of Sir James Mackintosh  by R.J.Mackintosh. London, two volumes, 1835. Passim.  

03  MACLURE, William (1763-1840)  Scottish geologist, “the father of American geology” - E

1805 to 1811

The European journals of William Maclure  Philadelphia, The American Philosophical Society, 1988.

03  MAVOR, William Fordyce (1758-1837)  Scottish teacher - E


A Tour in Wales and Several Counties in England Including Both Universities  London, Richard Phillips, 1806.

03  MINTURN, Robert Browne (1805-1866)  American merchant and ship owner - E

 Dates unknown

James Cummings (8674) has  Memoir  privately printed, Anson Randolph, 1871.

NELSON, Horatio (1758-1805) - H383,*B153

September 14th. to October 21st. 1805

Sea diary from Portsmouth to Trafalgar. Entries brief and factual. The prayer before Trafalgar and his last, unfinished, letter to Emma Hamilton are also printed.

Nelson's Last Diary; A Facsimile  edited by Oliver Warner. London, Seeley, Service, 1971; Ohio, Kent State University Press, 1971. The text is printed both in facsimile and in transcript. An earlier edition was printed by Gilbert Hudson in 1917.  

Note: See also  Nelson’s Letters to His Wife, and Other Documents  Routledge, 1958;  Nelson at Naples, a Journal for June 10-30 1799 Refuting the Recent Misstatements of Captain Mahan and Professor J.K.Laughton  by Francis Badham Pritchett, David Nutt, 1900, and  Nelson and the Neapolitan Jacobins: Documents Relating to the Suppression of the Jacobin Revolution at Naples, June 1799  by Harold Cooke Gutteridge, Navy Records Society  XXV, 1903.   


NEWSOM, David (1805-1882) - E

David Newsome: The Western Observer  by E.Earl Newsom, Oregon Historical Society, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


NUTT, Rush - *M1794,E

Nutt's Trip to the Chickasaw Country  in  Journal of Mississippi History  January, 1947.


PAYSON, Edward [The Rev.] (1783-1827)  of Portland, Maine - A209,M1795

July 1805 to February 1825

Matthews: Clergyman's journal (extracts); religious reflections, self analysis and exercises, resolves, prayers, religious reading, health, hopes, and despairs.

A Memoir of the Rev. Edward Payson  by Asa Cummings. New York, 1830, pp 35-436. Passim.

01/02/03 - PIKE, Zebulon Montgomery (1779-1813)  born at Lamberton, New Jersey - *H384,A210,*M1796,E


Matthews: Exploring journal; expeditions to sources of the Mississippi, through Louisiana to sources of Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and Pierre Jaun rivers; tour through New Spain; official exploring expedition.

1. - An Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi  Philadelphia, 1810; often reprinted.

2. - The standard edition is  The Expeditions of Zebulon Montgomery Pike, to Headwaters of the Mississippi River, through Louisiana Territory, and in New Spain, during the Years 1805-6-7  edited by Elliott Coues. New York, three volumes, 1895.

3. - Part relating to southern Louisiana Purchase boundary line (July 1806 to February 1807) in  Overland to the Pacific  by S.H.Hart and A.B.Hulbert, Denver, 1932, Volume I, 200 pp.

4. - Part relating to the tour of New Spain (February to July 1807) in  Overland to the Pacific  by S.H.Hart and A.B.Hulbert, Denver, 1932, Volume II, pp 203-280.

5. - Part relating to the voyage up the Mississippi (August 1805-1806) abstracted as  An Account of a Voyage up the Mississippi River  Washington, 1807, 68 pp and published in part in  Minnesota Historical Society Collections  I, 1902 reprint, pp 302-342.

6. - Part also published (omitting Mississippi journey) as  The Southwestern Expedition of Zebulon M.Pike  edited by Milo M.Quaife. Chicago, Lakeside Classics, 1925, 239 pp.

7. - The Journals of Zebulon Montgomery Pike, With Letters and Related Documents  edited by Donald Jackson. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, two volumes, 1966. The definitive edition of the field journals of both the Mississippi River  and Western Expeditions.

8. - Discussion (of Louisiana Purchase journey): Kagle (2), pp 31-34.

 9. - Southwestern Journals of Zebulon Pike, 1806-1807  edited by Stephen H.Hart and Archer B.Hulbert, new introduction by Mark L.Gardner, University Press of New Mexico, 2006.


PUTNAM, Archelaus (1787-1818)  of New Mills (Danversport), Massachusetts - A210,M1797

January 1805 to June 1817

Matthews: Private diary; interesting and varied details of local affairs, personal matters, work as apothecary, religious introspection, literary ambitions; a poem.

In  Danvers Historical Society Collections  IV, 1916, pp 51-72; V, 1917, pp 49-69; and VI, 1918, pp 11-29.


RATCLIFFE, Mildred [Mrs.] (1773-1847)  of Brownsville, Pennsylvania - A210,M1798

November 1805 to August 1833

Matthews: Quaker journal (extracts); travels and work in Virginia, Carolinas, Ohio; visits to Baltimore, Philadelphia; meetings west of Alleghenies and in South; religious exercises, travel notes, introspection, etc.

In  Memoranda and Correspondence of Mildred Ratcliff  Philadelphia, 1890, pp 38-172. Passim.

REEVE, Henry [Dr.] (1780-1814)  physician - B163

1805 to 1806

Matthews: Travel diary; good description of events in Vienna and Berlin; eminent acquaintances, Haydn, Beethoven, Napoleon, Fichte, Humboldt; social life, courts, etc.; interesting.

Journal of a Residence at Vienna and Berlin  London, 1877.

RIDOUT, Thomas (1754-1829)  of Toronto - C996

1805 to 1815

Matthews: Journal letters covering 1805-1815; the war of 1812; skirmishes on the Ontario border; society and social life in Upper Canada; travel in England.

Ten Years of Upper Canada  edited by Matilda Edgar. Toronto, 1890.

RUMNEY, Thomas (1764-1835)  of Mellfell, yeoman - B163

January 1805 to December 1806

Matthews: Country diary; details of farming and country work in Westmorland; country social life, hunting, and sports; his courtship and marriage; a frank, intimate, and very interesting record.

1. - From the Old South Sea House  edited by A.W.Rumney. London, 1914.

2. - Tom Rumney of Mellfell  Kendall, 1936.

3. - Extracts: Ponsonby (2), pp 167-169.


SAVAGE, James  - American antiquary - E

November 1805 to to June 1806

Journal of a voyage to the west Indies.

The Journal of James Savage and the Beginning of Frederic Tudor's Career in the Ice Trade  edited by Theodore Chase and Celeste Walker in  Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society  Third Series, XCVII, 1985, pp. 103-134.


SAWTELL, Isaac - E


In  The Ship Ann Alexander of New Bedford, 1805-1851  by Clement Cleveland Sawtell. Mystic, Connecticut, Marine Historical Association, 1962.

SCOTT, Alexander [The Rev.] John (1768-1840)  naval chaplain - B163

January to June 1805

Matthews: Naval diary; brief entries recording cruises, daily events, his reading, travels in Malta, Jamaica, and West Indies; occasional mention of Nelson, whose chaplain he was; slight historical value.

Recollections of the Life of Rev. A.J.Scott  by Mr. and Mrs. A.Gatty. London, 1842. Passim.

SIMPSON, M. [Mrs.] (1787-1829)  of Glasgow - B163

September 1805 to June 1821

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); conversions and religious life; spiritual self-examination and prayers.

Extracts from the Diary of Mrs. Simpson  Glasgow, 1832, pp 38-173. Passim.   

SMITH, Lydia  - of Boston - A210,B163,M1799

December 1805 to January 1806

Matthews: Travel diary (fragment); sent to America in letters; a well-bred young American's account of her social life in London; very literary and stylish.

Massachusetts Historical Society Proceeding  XLVIII, 1914-1915, pp 504-534.


STEPHENS, John Lloyd (1805-1852)  American explorer, writer and diplomat - E

The following are reported to contain diary material:

a) - 1834 to 1836

1. - Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy Land  New York, Harper, two volumes, 1838. New edition, Norman, University of Oklahoma Press,1970.  

2. - Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia and Poland  New York, Harper, 1838.

b) - 1839

Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatán  New York, Harper, two volumes, 1841.

c) - 1842

Incidents of Travel in Yucatán  New York, Harper, two volumes, 1843.


STEVENSON, William [Capt.] - *H385,E


A Voyage to the East Indies  in  Maryland Historical Magazine  1964.


STURGIS, Russell (1805-1887)  Boston and far East merchant, partner of Baring Brothers in LondonE

Dates Unknown

From Books and Papers of Russell Sturgis  by Julian Sturgis, Oxford University Press, 1890, is reported to contain diary material.

WHITE, James (1775-1820)  of London, author - B164

August 1805

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); tour into South Wales; notes on the picturesque by Lamb's friend.

Transactions of the Honorable Society of Cymmrodorion  1937, pp 331-337.


WHITE, Tryphena Ely (b.1784)  of Genesee St., New York - A210,M1800

June to September 1805

Matthews: Private diary; kept during first months of family's settlement at Genesee St.; housework, gardening, meals, layout of farms, roads, etc., religious services, housebuilding, neighbours; very interesting diary of woman's side of pioneer life.

Tryphena Ely White's Journal  New York, 1904, 46 pp.


WHITTINGHAM, William Rollinson (1805-1879)  fourth Bishop of Maryland - E

Dates unknown

In  Life of William Rollinson Whittingham  by William Francis Brand, New York, Young, two volumes, 1883, passim.


WILSON, Robert  - able seaman - E

1805 to 1809

"Robert Wilson was a pressed man, an able seaman promoted to be signalman on the smart frigate Unité from 1805 to 1809. His journal is packed with details of the many varied duties she undertook in the Mediterranean in the post-Trafalgar period and how these affected her officers and crew."

In  Five Naval Journals, 1789-1817  The Navy Records Society, XCI, 1951.



ANONYMOUS (SINCLAIR, Joseph and TODD, James)  soldier of Edinburgh - B164

1806 to 1815

Matthews has: Military diary; notes on military life and campaigns during the Peninsular War by a soldier of the Highland Light Infantry. It is made clear in the 2010 edition that the account was written by John Howell as a composite of the separate accounts of Joseph Sinclair and James Todd.

1. Memorials of the Late War  London, two volumes, 1831; new edition in  Constable's Miscellany  volumes 27-28.

2. A Soldier of the Seventy-First: From De La Plata to the Battle of Waterloo, 1806-1815  by Joseph Sinclair, edited by Stuart Reid. London, Frontline Books, 2010.  


1806 to 1808 (?)

Journal  in  The British in Capri, 1806-1808  By Sir lees Knowles, London, John Lane, The bodley Head, 1918.


AIKINS, Charles  - of Sandwich, Ontario - A211,C6

June to July 1806

Matthews: Travel journal; his notes on settlements and mills from Sandwich to York.

Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records  VI, 1905, pp 15-20.

ALLWYN, John  - merchant - B164


Matthews: Sea diary; from Falmouth to Gibraltar; attack by Spanish pirate; religion, business gossip, graphic details of dangers at sea; interesting spellings.

Eclectic Magazine  CIX, 1887, pp 87-93.


ASHE, Thomas (1770-1835)  English traveller - A211,M1801

October to November 1806

Matthews: Travel diary; travel book and general gazetteer arranged as a diary; impersonal descriptions; from Pittsburgh to New Orleans; sociological and economic observations.

Travels in America  London, three volumes, 1808.


ATKINS, Quintius F. (1782-1859)  of Ohio - A211,M1802

April 1806 to August 1807

Matthews: Missionary journal; missionary to Wyandot Indians on Sandusky River; mostly summary; useful as historical record.

In  Western Reserve and Northern Ohio Historical Society Tracts  L, 1879, pp 110-113.  

03  AUGUSTA, Duchess of Saxe Coburg Saalfeld (1757-1831)  maternal grandmother of Queen Victoria - E

1806 to 1821

In Napoleonic Days: Extracts from the Diary of Augusta, Duchess of Saxe Coburg Saalfeld  London, John Murray, 1941.

03  BARRELL, George - E


The Journal of Voyages of the Brig Venus and the Schooner Louisiana in 1806  in  The American Neptune  III, No. 3, July, 1943.


BRIGHT, Jacob - *H386,*M1803,E


Jacob Bright's Journal of a Trip to the Osage Indians  in  Journal of Southern History  November, 1949.

BROUGHTON, Elizabeth - D38

1806 to 1812

Matthews: Reminiscences and diary of her life in Algiers; consul's wife; domestic life, social life, politics and Algerian life and manners.

Six Years Residence in Algiers  London, 1839.

BUDGETT, Sarah [Mrs.] (1783-1839)  of Bristol - B164

May 1806 to August 1818

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts); Methodist life and worship; the Lord's dealings with her soul; her health; social work.

A Memoir of the Late Mrs. Sarah Budgett  by John Gaskin. London, 1840, pp 32-181.

BUSSELL, Peter (1774?-1850)  sailor - B164

February 22nd. 1806 to April 22nd. 1814

The diary of a sailor captured by a French Privateer on a voyage from Weymouth to London; captivity in France; marches and prisons; his fellow prisoners and their accounts; in prison at Arras; ill-treatment by gaolers; kindness of civilians; escape, recapture, and release.

The Diary of Peter Bussell (1806-1814)  edited by G.A.Turner. London, Peter Davies, 1931.


DUROVA, Nadezhda (1783-1866)  Russian woman soldier

From 1806

Private journal, preceded by an autobiography, much revised and rewritten, of a Russian woman who disguised herself as a man and became a cavalry officer in the Napoleonic Wars. Detailed notes of her military and social experiences; the difficulties of mainting her disguise while living among men; relations with fellow officers; military operations; retreat to Moscow; wounded.

The Cavalry Maiden; Journals of a female Russian officer in the Napoleonic Wars  translated and edited by Mary Fleming Zirin. London, Angel Books,1988.  

03  FISCHER, Christian Augustus - E


“… a continuation of Fischer's journey to Montpellier, and gives his observations of Lyons, Marseilles, Toulon and Hyeres. An appendix at end reports on the methods and regulations for quarantine at the port of Marseilles.”

Travels to Hyeres, in the South of France  London, 1806, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: See also  Letters Written During a Journey to Montpellier, Performed in the Autumn of 1804  London, 1806.

03  FOOTE, Andrew Hull (1806-1863)  American naval officer - E

Dates unknown

Life of Andrew Hull Foote: Rear Admiral United States Navy  by James Mason Hoppin, Harper, 1874, is reported to contain diary material.


FOX, Charles James [Mrs.]

June 19th. to September 1806

Diary extract recording the last illness and death of her husband.

In  The Life and Letters of Lady Sarah Lennox  edited by the Countess of Ilchester and Lord Stavordale. London, John Murray, one volume edition, 1904, Appendix G.


FRASER, Simon (1776-1862)  born at Bennington, New York, of Northwest Company


a) - April to July 1806

Matthews: Travel diary; a first exploration of the Fraser River; fur-trading.

Report Public Archives  Ottawa, 1930, pp 109-145.

b) - May to August 1808

Matthews: Exploration journal; journey mainly by canoe from Fraser's River in the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coast; well written narrative with interesting details of Atmah and Chilkotin Indians and adventures; fur-trade.

Published with various changes in  Les Bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest  by L.R.Masson. Quebec, 1889-1890, Volume I, pp 157-221.  

c) - 1806 to 1808

The Letters and Journals of Simon Fraser  Macmillan of Canada, 1960.

03  FREEMAN, Thomas - E


In  Jefferson and South-Western Exploration: Freeman and Custis Accounts of the Red River Expedition of 1806  University of Oklahoma Press, 1984.


HENKEL, Paul [The Rev.] (1754-1825)  of New Market, Virginia - A211,M1804

July to September 1806

Matthews: Lutheran missionary journal; journey from New Market to Point Pleasant, Ohio; visits to German community; preaching and accounts of country and co-religionists; good details of German settlers; a solid and pleasant diary.

In  Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society Quarterly  XXIII, 1914, pp 162-218.


HILL, Leonard - E

1806 to 1869

Weather notes, one line a day.

Meteorological and Chronological Register; Comprising a record of the weather, with especial reference to the position of the wind, and the moon on the occasion of sudden changes, untimely frosts, &c. From the personal diary of the author from 1806 to 1869. A resident of East Bridgewater, Mass.  Plymouth, Massachusetts, Moses Bates, 1869.


HODGE, George (b.1777?)  seaman of Tynemouth, Northumberland

1806, 1807 and 1812

Six brief quotations from a manuscript diary kept from 1790 to 1803; shipboard routine, prize money, a girl aboard; drownings.

From a report of the impending sale of the manuscript in  The Daily Telegraph  August 15th. 2008.

HUNTER, Joseph (1783-1861)  antiquarian and editor

January 2nd. to September 20th. 1806

Account and very brief quotation in English Diaries  by Arthur Ponsonby. London, Methuen, 1923, p 421.


INGERSOLL, Henry  - of Massachusetts - A211,M1805

March 1806 to May 1808

Matthews: Travel diary; scattered entries with post facto narrative; Miranda's expedition to South America; travel; imprisonment at Cartagena.

In  American Historical Review  III, (1897-1898), pp 681-684.


JACKSON, Halliday (1755-1833) - *M1806,E

a) - Halliday Jackson's Journal to the Seneca Indians, 1789-1800  edited by Anthony Wallace in  Pennsylvania History  XIX, 1952, pp 117-147 and 325-419.

b) - Halliday Jackson's Journal of a Visit Paid to the Indians of New York (1806) by George S. Snyderman in  Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society  CI, No. 6, December, 1957. pp 565-588.


KHVOSTOV, Nikolai Aleksandrovich - *M1807,E

In  Rezanov Reconnoiters California, 1806: A new translation of Razanov's letter, parts of Lieutenant Khvostov's log of the ship Juno, and Dr. Georg von Langsdorff's observations  Book Club of California, 1972.


LENOIR, Thomas - *M1808,E

Journey to Tennessee in 1806  in  Tennessee Historical Quarterly  1958.  

03  MARINER, William (1791-1853)  Englishman living on Tonga - E

1806 to 1810

An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean  Edinburgh, two volumes, 1827, is reported to contain diary material but is perhaps entirely retrospective.

03  MAULE, Joshua (1806-1887) American Quaker - E

Dates unknown

In  Transactions and Changes in the Society of Friends, and Incidents in the Life and Experience of Joshua Maule: With a Sketch of the Original Doctrine and Discipline of Friends; Also a Very Brief Account of the Travels and Work in the Ministry of Hannah Hall, of Ohio  Lippincott, 1886.

03  MELISH, John (1771-1822)  Scottish mapmaker; creator of the first map of the United states extending to the Pacific - E

 1806, 1807 and 1809 to 1811

Travels through the United States of America in the Years 1806 & 1807, and 1809, 1810 & 1811, Including an Account of Passages betwixt America and Britain, and Travels through Various Parts of Britain, Ireland and Canada  London, 1818.


MUNOZ, Pedro - E


James Cummings (8975) has  Gabriel Moraga Expedition Of 1806: The Diary Of Fray Pedro Munoz  in  |Huntington Library Quarterly  May, 1946.


PHILIPS, John (b.1753) - *M1809,E

A Nineteenth-Century Journal of a Visit to the Indians of New York  edited by Merle H. Deardorff and George S. Snyderman in  Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society  C, No. 6, Dec. 17, 1956, pp 582-612.

POCOCKE, [Capt.] - D244

1806 to 1815

Matthews: Military service; campaigns and battles of the Peninsular War and a vivid account of Waterloo.

Journal of a Soldier of the 71st. or Glasgow Regiment  Edinburgh, 1819.


ROE, Daniel [Capt.] (1740-1820)  of Brookhaven, Long Island - A211,M1810

February 1806 to January 1808

Matthews: Farming diary; mainly notes on weather, farming, crops, household, and family affairs; interesting spellings.

The Diary of Captain Daniel Roe  edited by Alfred S.Roe. Worcester, 1904, 64 pp.


SALTONSTALL, Leverett - *H387,

From 1806

A Diary Beginning Jany. A.D. 1806  in  Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society  1978.


SOUVESTRE, Émile (1806-1854)  French novelist - E

Dates Unknown

In  An Attic Philosopher (Un Philosophe sous les Toits)  New York, Current Literature, 1910.

Note: James Cummings (11680) has  An Attick Philosopher  Chicago, Caxton Club, 1917, by Emile Souvrestre.


STUART, John C. - *M1811,E

A Journal  in  Register of the Kentucky Historical Society  January, 1952.


TAYLOR, Moses (1806-1882)  merchant and banker, of New York - E

Dates Unknown

James Cummings (12261) has  Diary  privately printed, 1927. It is not certain that the author is correctly identified here.


WORDSWORTH, Charles (1806-1892)  Bishop of St. Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane - E

Dates uncertain

Annals of My Early Life  Longmans, 1891, and  Annals of My Life, 1847-1856  edited by Earl. W.Hodgson, 1893, are reported to contain diary material.



ANONYMOUS - *H388,*M1812,E  

October 1807 to January 1808

Trade and Travel in Post-Revolutionary Virginia  : A Diary of an Itinerant Peddler, 1897-1808  in  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography  1976.

ALEXANDER, Henry - *H389


BALDWIN, Benjamin [The Rev.] - A211,M1813

October to December 1807

Matthews: Baptist journal; missionary tour on Susquehannah River and vicinity.

In  Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine  II, 1808, pp 37-43.


BARNARD, William  - farmer - E

1807 to 1823

Seedtime and Harvest: The Diary of an Essex farmer, William Barnard of Harlowbury 1807-23  edited by Joyce Jones. Essex Record Office, 1992.


BEDFORD, John R. [Dr.] (1782-1827)  of Florence, Alabama - A211,M1814

January to March 1807

Matthews: Travel diary; tour from Nashville to New Orleans, down Cumberland, Ohio, and Mississippi, rivers; scenery and character sketches; personal and social items; fairly interesting.

In  Tennessee Historical Magazine  V, 1919, pp 40-63 and 107-122.


BLENNERHASSETT, Harman (1765-1831)  born in England, associate of Aaron Burr - A212,M1815  ,E

August to November 1807

Matthews: Private diary; minute narrative of the incidents which occurred from the time of his arrest in Kentucky until his discharge in Richmond, Virginia.

 1. - In  The Blennerhassett Papers  edited by William H.Safford. Cincinnati, 1864, pp 303-507.  

2. - Breaking with Burr: Harman Blennerhassett’s Journal, 1807  edied by Raymond E Fitch, Ohio University Press, 1988, is a new and complete transcription.


BROWNE, Thomas Henry [Capt.] - E

1807 to 1816

The Napoleonic War Journal of Captain Thomas Henry Browne, 1807-1816  edited by Roger Norman Buckley. Army records Society, Volume 3, 1987.


BURCKARD, Johann Christian - *M1816,E

In  Partners in the Lord’s Work: the diary of two Moravian missionaries in the Creek Indian country, 1807-1913  translated and edited by Carl Mauelshagen and Gerald H. Davis. Atlanta, Georgia State College, 1969.


CASE, Isaac [The Rev.] (1762-1852)  of Readfield, Maine - A212,M1817

May to November 1807 and May 1808 to January 1809

Matthews: Baptist journals; preaching tours in Monmouth, Canaan, Fairfield, Harmony, etc.; meetings, visits, etc.

1. - In  Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine  II, (1808-1809), pp 14-18, and 161-166.

2. - Scattered extracts in  History of the Baptists in Maine  by Henry S.Burrage. Portland, 1904.

CHAMBERS, Charles (d.1861) - B165

July to December 1807

Matthews: Naval diary; details of naval service and engagements; bombardment of Copenhagen.

Naval Miscellany  III. Navy Records Society, LXIII, 1927, pp 367-466.


CLUBB, Stephen [Capt.] (b.1762)  of Saco, second mate of the 'Hyades' - A212,M1818

December 1807 to June 1809

Matthews: Prison diary; capture by French while sailing from Charleston; imprisonment with his wife at Arras; long notes on travels and prison experiences, comments on French people and customs, teaching English, etc.; quite interesting.

A Journal; Containing an Account of the Wrongs, Sufferings, and Neglect Experienced by Americans in France  Boston, 1809, 60 pp. Reprinted in  Magazine of History  Extra No. 51, Tarrytown, 1916, 59 pp.


COLETTE, Elizabeth van Horne (1776-1846) - *G33,*M1819,E

Journey to the Promised Land: Journal of Elizabeth Van Horne 1807  Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, 1939.


EARLY, John (1786-1873)  born in Bedford County, Virginia, bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church


May 1807 to February 1812

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); experiences and travels mainly in Virginia; preaching on various circuits; notes on religion and politics; moderate general interest.

1. - In  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography  XXXIII, 1925, pp 166-174 and 283-287; XXXIV, 1926, pp 130-137, 237-251 and 299-312; XXXV, 1927, pp 7-12 and 280-286; XXXVI, 1928, pp 175-179, 239-248 and 328-332; XXXVII, 1929, pp 130-138 and 256-260; XXXVIII, 1930, pp 251-258; XXXIX, 1931, pp 41-45 and 146-151; and XL, 1932, pp 70-74 and 147-154 (incomplete).

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 165-169.  

03  ERWIN, Joseph (1761-1829) - E

From 1807?

The Plantation Experience of Joseph Erwin  in  Louisian Historical Quarterly, April, 1944, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Plantation Life on the Mississippi  by W.E.Clement, Firebird Press, 2000, devotes Chapter II to Joseph and Lavinia Erwin and  The Plantation Experiences of Lavinia and Joseph Erwin 1807-1836  appears in  Louisiana Historical Quarterly  October, 1944.


GAINES, Edmund Pendleton - *M1821,E

a) - Surveying the Gaines Trace, 1807-1808  by James H. Stone in  The Alabama Historical Quarterly  XXXIII, No. 2, Summer, 1971, pp 135-152.

b) - Edmund Pendleton Gaines' Description of the Upper Tombigbee River, January, 1808  by James H. Stone in  The Alabama Historical Quarterly  XXXIII, Nos. 3 & 4, Fall and Winter, 1971, pp 227-239.  

03  GARDINER, William - E

From 1807

A Journal of the External Evidences of the Lord’s Gracious Dealings with Doct. William Gardiner for His Redemption and Salvation, Written by Himself  Philadelphia, 1819.

03  GRAHAM, William - E

From 1807?

Travels through Portugal and Spain during the Peninsular War  London, 1820, is reported to contain diary material.

03  GUIBOURD, Omer François 1807-1874) - E

Dates unknown

Omer Guibord’s Diary  in  Bulletin of Missouri Historical Society  VIII, October, 1951.

HARDY, [Lady] - B165


Matthews: Private diaries; detailed, sharp, and malicious notes and gossip; intrigues; a day with Byron.

Nelson's Hardy and His Wife  by John Gore. London, 1935, pp 40-235. Passim.  

03  HOPKINS, Albert [Professor] (1807-1872)  American mathematician and astronomer - E

Dates unknown

Life of Prof. Albert Hopkins  by Albert C.Sewall, New York, Anson Randolph, 1872, is reported to contain diary material.


IRVING, Peter (1771-1838)  of New York, elder brother of Washington Irving - A212,B165,M1822

April to September 1807

Travel diaries (incomplete and with gap: five surviving notebooks of a probable twelve); travel in France, Italy, England, and Scotland; extensive notes of a Grand Tour; travel details; descriptions of topography, buildings, paintings, scenery, people, customs; occasional personal items.

Bulletin of New York Public Library  XLIV, 1940, pp 591-608, 649-670, 745-772, 814-842 and 888-914. Reprinted as  Peter Irving's Journals  edited by Leonard B.Beach, Theodore Hornberger and Wyllis E.Wright. New York, The New York Public Library, 1943, 128 pp.

JACKSON, John Richard (1787 -1847)  of Montreal - A212,C609,M1823

July 1807 to September 1808

Matthews: Religious diary; details of his conversion to Catholicism; mysticism; travel notes.

U.S. Catholic History Magazine  I, 1887, pp 92-100.

LEE, William [The Rev.] (1780-1823)  of Newmarket - B166,D178

January 1807 to 1821

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); religious life and missionary work of an Independent; work for London Missionary Society in Bengal and Orissa; later ministry at Newmarket.

Memoirs of Rev. William Lee  by the Rev. H.Lacey. London, 1825.

LESLIE, T. [Col.]  - of Balquhain (appears to be identified with Col. Stephen Leslie)


February 1807 to 1832

Matthews: Military diary; service with 29th. Regiment in Peninsular War in Portugal and Spain, with notes on army movements and campaigns; later with the 60th. Rifles in Canada, with garrison and topographical notes; social life in Canada.

Military Journal  Aberdeen, 1887.  

03  LITTLE, George  - American sailor - E

From 1807?

“Little was born in Massachusetts and first went to sea in 1807. He served on a privateer in the War of 1812 and was captured spending time in Dartmoor. Later visited California, the Northwest Coast, Hawaii and China.”

Life on the Ocean, or Twenty Years at Sea: Being the Personal Adventures of the Author  Boston, 1846 (first published in 1842) is reported to contain diary material.

03  MALMSBURY, James howard Harris, Earl of (1807-1889)  English politician - E

Dates unknown

Memoirs of an Ex-Minister: An Autobiography  London, Longmans Green, two volumws, 1884, is reported to contain diary material.

03  MILNE, John [The Rev.] (1807-1868)  of Perth - E

 Dates unknown

“Milne’s ministry in Perth was in two parts, separated by four years as a missionary in India, after the death of his wife. His ministry was marked by great evangelistic zeal and success. His godliness was beyond (human) reproach, as befitted a friend of M’Cheyne. The account is full of fascinating (and profitable) anecdotes and extracts from Milne’s journals and letters to his friends.”

The Life of the Rev. John Milne of Perth  Robert carter and Brothers, 1870.


MORSE, Asahel [The Rev.] - A213,M1824

August to October 1807

Matthews: Baptist journal; preaching tour in northwestern New York and Upper Canada

In  Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine  II, 1809, pp 149-155.


NEWELL, Robert (1807-1869) - E

Dates Unknown

Memoranda: travels in the territory of Missourie; travel to the Kayuse War;together with a report on the Indians south of the Columbia River  edited by Dorothy O.Johansen, Portland Oregon, Champoeg Press, 1959, is reported to contain diary material.


NICHOL, Elizabeth Pease (1807-1897)  English abolitionist - E

Dates Unknown

In  Elizabeth Pease Nichol  by  Anna M.Stoddart. London, Dent, 1899.


PURSH, Frederick (1774-1820)  born in Siberia, of Philadelphia - A213

May to October 1807

Matthews: Botanical journal; expedition in northeastern Pennsylvania and New York; travel and scientific notes; followed by report.

Journal of a Botanical Excursion  edited by William M.Beauchamp. Syracuse, 1923, 113 pp. Reprinted Port Washington, New York, I.J.Friedman, 1969.

RAFFLES, Thomas [The Rev.] (1788-1863)  of Liverpool - B166

October 1807 to August 1862

Matthews: Clerical diary (copious extracts); notes on fifty years of parish work in Liverpool; travels in England and abroad; his social and scholarly life; but mostly a record of Liverpool life and his work there.

Memoirs of the Life and Ministry of Rev. Thomas Raffles  by Thomas S.Raffles. London, 1864, pp 17-509. Passim.


SHARP, Isaac (1807-1897)  English Quaker missionary - E

Dates Unknown

In  Isaac Sharp: An Apostle of the Nineteenth Century  by Frances Ann Budge. London, 1898, passim.

Note: There are also brief quotations from the diaries of Sharp's aunt, his wife and his brother.

SMITH, William [Maj.] (d.1810)  of 45th. Regiment - B166

August 1807 to March 1809

Matthews: Military diary; service in South America; Montevideo; later reconnoitring and military service in Spain during the Peninsular War.

Sherwood Foresters' Regimental Annual  London, 1929, pp 169-186.

STEVENSON, Robert (1772-1850)  engineer - B166

a) - August 1807 to February 1811

Matthews: Engineering diary; account of building of Bell Rock lighthouse; daily description of operations; narrative apparently based on diary.

Records of a Family of Engineers  by R.L.Stevenson. London 1912, pp 100-229.

b) - (1801), 1813 and 1818

Three tours of the English coasts to examine lighthouses, technical and historical interest. The first tour is recorded in narrative form after the event, the other two are contemporary accounts.

English Lighthouse Tours 1801,1813,1818 from the Diaries of Robert Stevenson  edited by D.Alan Stevenson. London, Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1946.


STONE, John (1781-1849)  of Salem, Massachusetts - A213,M1826

April 1807 to September 1847

Matthews: "Diary or Memorandum Book"; kept while author was deacon of First Church, Salem; religious and some social affairs of the church.

In  Essex Institute Historical Collections  LXI, 1925, pp 97-112 and 259-264.


SWIFT, Joseph Gardner [Gen.] (1783-1865)  of U.S.Army, born at Nantucket, Massachusetts


July 1807 to January 1865

Matthews: Diaries; partly written up as memoirs; military life, engineering, politics, agriculture, history, antisecessionist politics; private and family affairs; extensive and varied observations and reflections.

The Memoirs of Gen. Joseph Gardner Swift  Worcester, 1890, pp 9-289.


WALLER, John Augustine  - British naval surgeon - E

April 1807 and  April 16th. to July 1808 and later

Arrival of a naval surgeon at Barbadoes; a year in Barbadoes most interestingly described but in most part not obviously taken from a diary; appointed surgeon to HMS Nimrod  and records the subsequent cruise in a regular and fascinating journal; encounters with privateers; a Spanish prize; only occasional references to his medical work; Surinam; the rest of the book, including the taking of the island of Marie Galante from the French, and his return to England as medical officer aboard a ship carrying French prisoners of war is not in diary form but is clearly partly based on a contemporaneous record.

A Voyage in the West Indies; containing various observations made during a residence in Barbadoes, and several of the Leeward Islands; with some notices and illustrations relative to the city of Paramarabo, in Surinam  London, Phillips, 1820.

WEETON, Ellen (1776-1850?)  governess - H390,B166

October 25th. 1807 to June 25th. 1825

Personal diary, partly composed of letters. London and Lancashire; cruel husband; selfish brother; her sacrifices; poverty; love for her daughter; unique.

1. - Miss Weeton: the Journal of a Governess  edited by Edward Hall. London, Oxford University Press, two volumes, 1936 & 1939. Reprinted by the original publisher in 1945 with a new introduction and epilogue as  Miss Weeton's Journal of a Governess  and also New York, Augustus M.Kelley, 1969.

2. - Extracts: Bagley, pp 146-163; and Blodgett (2), pp 266-281.


WOODBURY, Fanny (1791-1814)  of Massachusetts - E

September 6th. 1807 to October 9th. 1814

Diary of religious impulse and sentiment.

In  Writings of Miss Woodbury, Who Died at Beverly, November 15, 1814 Aged 25 Years  Boston, 1816.


WOOLLEY, Edwin Dilworth (1807-1881) Mormon pioneer and bishop - E

Dates unknown

From Quaker to Latter-Day Saint: Bishop Edwin D. Woolley  by Leonard J. Arrington, Salt Lake City, Deseret, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.




A Lost Diary of the Western Virginia Frontier  edited by Dennis O'Brien in  West Virginia History  XL, No. 1, pp 55-68.


AMANGUAL, Francisco - *M1829,E

In  Pedro Vial and the Roads to Santa Fe  by Noel M. Loomis and Abraham P. Nasatir. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1967.

BARING, Francis Thornhill [Sir], Baron Northbrook (1796-1866) - D15

1808 to 1852

Matthews: Winchester; Oxford; Liberal politics; parliamentary and governmental career; literature; Reform Bill; penny postage.

Journals and Correspondence  Winchester, 1905.  


BRISTOW, Mary Beckley (1808-1890) - E

Dates unknown

Aunt Mary’s Diary: The Writings of Mary Beckley Bristow  selected and edited by Neil Allen Bristow. San Diego, 1996.


BURR, Aaron (1756-1836)  Vice President of the U.S.A. - A213,B167,M1830

June 1808 to June 1812

Matthews: Travel diary; kept during his exile and residence abroad in England and on Continent, especially in London and Paris; travel in England and Scotland; a daily narrative of social affairs; eminent society, literary and political; visits, love affairs, and debts; gambling and speculation; comments on people and places; Bentham; poverty; importance mainly American.

1. - The best text is  The Private Journal of Aaron Burr  Rochester, New York, two volumes, 1903.

2. - The Private Journal of Aaron Burr  edited by M.L.Davis, New York, two volumes, 1838, is poor; mostly correspondence. Reprinted Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, Literature House, 1970.

3. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 151-165.  

03  CAMPBELL, Robert  - Chief Factor of the hudson’s Bay Company - E

1808 to 1853 (?)

“Mimeographed typescript printed on one page only. This is the only edition to date of this very important early fur trade journal detailing Campbell's travels in the Fort Yukon area.”

Two Journals of Robert Campbell, Chief factor, Hudson’s Bay Company 1808 to 1853  Seatlle, The Storey Book Store, 1958


CHORLEY, Henry Fothergill (1808-1872)  English writer and critic - E

Dates Unknown

Recent Arts and Society: As Described in the Autobiography and Memoirs of Henry Fothergill Chorley  Holt, 1874, is reported to contain diary material.


CLAUS, William [Col.] - A213,M1831

May to August 1808

Matthews: Treaty journal; at and about Amherstburg; negotiations and other dealings with Ottawas, Hurons, etc.

In  Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society Collections  XXIII, 1893, pp 47-60.


CONNEAU (CANOT), Theophilus [Capt.] (b.1808)  slave trader - M1832

1808 to 1847

Although there are some dated passages, this detailed and interesting, but self dramatising account of the life, adventures and business of a French American sea captain and slave trader has no clear basis in contemporaneous material and seems to have been written in 1853 and 1854.

A Slaver's Log Book or 20 Year's Residence in Africa; The original manuscript of Captain Theophilus Conneau  Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Prentice Hall, 1976. London, Robert Hale 1977.


CRAM, Jacob [The Rev.] (1762-1833)  of Exeter, New Hampshire - A213,M1833

June 1808 to February 1809

Matthews: Missionary journal; Congregational minister's tour through settlements of northern New Hampshire and Vermont; horseback rides, meetings, notes on religious provision of towns.

Journal of a Missionary Tour  Rochester, 1909, 37 pp.  

03  CRAVEN, Augusta [Mrs.] (born Pauline Marie Armande Aglae Ferron de la Ferronays) (b.1833) - E

Dates unknown

A Memoir of Mrs. Augusta Craven (Pauline de Ferronays); With Extracts from Her Diaries and Correspondence  by Maria Catherine Bishop, London, Richard Bentley, 1896.


CURTIS, Holbrook (1787-1858)  of Watertown, Massachusetts, judge - A214,M1834

September 1808 to March 1813 and August 1821 to June 1822

First part short extracts from a private diary; law studies, reading and teaching at Newtown; visits; social activities. Second part longer, more reflective entries; a long account of the character defects and consequent marital difficulties of an aquaintance; his own longings for marriage and domesticity; some mention of legal and financial affairs.

In  Letters and Journals  by Elizabeth Curtis. Hartford, Connecticut, 1926, pp 49-53 and 64-77.


DAVIS, Samuel Cole (1764-1809)  American Quaker

1808 to 1809

Spiritual diary while facing death by cancer.

Account and extracts in  Early Nineteenth-Century Diary Literature  by Steven E.Kagle. Boston, Twayne Publishers, 1986, pp 9-18.


DARWIN, Francis Sacheverell [Sir] (1786-1859) physician and traveller - E

1808 to 1810

Travel diary.

Travels in Spain and the East: 1808-1810  Cambridge University Press, 1927.

D'URBAN, Benjamin [Sir] (1777-1849)  soldier - B167

September 21st. 1808 to March 4th. 1817

Detailed and important diary of the assistant quarter-master-general with Wellington in the Peninsular War. Movements, resources, dispositions, sieges and actions.

The Peninsular Journal of Major-General Sir Benjamin D'Urban  edited by I.J.Rousseau. London, Longmans Green, 1930. Reprinted by Greenhill Books, 1988.  

03  EASTMAN, Seth (1808-1875)  American soldier and artist - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - A Seth Eastman Sketchbook  University of Texas, 1961.

2. - Seth Eastman: Pictorial History of the Indian  a biography by John McDermott, University of okl;ahoma, 1961.


FEW, Frances - *G33,*M1835,E

1808 to 1809

The Diary of Frances Few, 1808-1809  in  Journal of Southern History  August, 1963.  

03  GODSHALK, Samuel (1808-1886)  Mennonite - E

Dates unknown

Travel Notes of Samuel Godshalk  in  Mennonite Bulletin  December, 1942 and March and June, 1943 are probably by this Samuel Godshalk.


GORDON, Alexander [Capt.]  cavalry officer

November 1808 to February 1809

Military diary of the Corunna campaign; a good account of his military duties and actions; fellow officers; billets and conditions; local customs; Sir John Moore, Lord Paget etc.; French atrocities. A lively and interesting diary of more than purely military interest.

A Cavalry Officer in the Corunna Campaign, 1808-1809: The Journal of Captain Gordon of the 15th. Hussars  edited by Colonel H.C.Wylly. London, John Murray, 1913. Reprinted, Felling, Worley Publications, 1990.

GURNEY, Joseph John (1788-1847)  of Norwich - B167

1808 to December 1846

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); extensive travels through the British Isles, Europe, U.S.A.; Quaker ministry and meetings; social work and philanthropy; an important record of Quaker part in reform.

1. - Memoirs of Joseph Gurney  edited by Joseph B.Braithwaite. Philadelphia, two volumes, 1854. Passim.

2. - Extracts: Hare, passim.  

HARRIS, Isabella [Mrs.] (1791-1868)  of Stoke Newington - B167

April 1808 to June 1868

Matthews: Quaker diary; Quaker religious life and meetings; health and introspection; family life; Yorkshire and London.

Family Memorials  edited by M.A.Harris. Leighton Buzzard, privately printed, 1869, pp 29-282.  

HARTMANN, Franz von (1773-1844)  Austrian lawyer - E

Dates unknown

In  The Schubert Reader: A Life of Franz Schubert in Letters and Documents  New York, Norton, 1947.


HARTWELL, Jesse  - of New Marlborough, Massachusetts - A214,M1837

September to November 1808

Matthews: Baptist journal; preaching tour in Connecticut, New York, Delaware.

In  Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine  II, 1810, pp 302-307.


HAYDON, Benjamin Robert (1786-1846)  painter - H392,B198

July 23rd. 1808 to June 22nd. 1846

A very full diary of his personal and working life; many extended and sometimes repetitious passages about his ambitions for the art of historical painting and reproach of the aristocracy and public bodies for their neglect; his lifelong feud with the Royal Academy and his anger and resentment at his treatment by them; sexual desires and his ambiguous attitude to the unnamed women who assuaged them before his marriage; his friends, Keats, Wilkie etc.; his adoration of his wife and love of his children and step-children; an infatuation with Caroline Norton; painting, his sitters, many of them eminent, and conversations with them; pupils; Eastlake, the Landseers, etc.; his artistic theories, lectures and writing; constant financial troubles and applications for money; hopes and despairs, prayers and thanks to God for mercies (usually temporary relief from debt); deaths of children; imprisonment for debt and constant fears of arrest; increasing desperation ends with his suicide following the failure of an exhibition and of his hopes for commissions for frescoes in the rebuilt House of Lords; a fine diary which is also interesting for its omissions and self-deceptions.

1. - Life of Benjamin R.Haydon  by Tom Taylor. London, three volumes, 1853.

2. - The Diary of Benjamin Robert Haydon  edited by Willard Bissell Pope. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, five volumes, 1960-1963. This is the definitive edition and prints for the first time the diary from 1808 to 1820, for which Taylor substitutes the autobiography. There is a discussion of Taylor's treatment of the journals in  The Life and Death of Benjamin Robert Haydon  by Eric George, Second Edition with Additions by Dorothy George. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1967.

3. - A shorter edition is  Neglected Genius: The Diaries of Benjamin Robert Haydon  edited by John Jolliffe. London, Hutchinson, 1990.

4. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 64-67; Blythe, pp 355-363; Fothergill; Ponsonby (1), pp 254-263; and Waite, pp 165-181. See also The Autobiography and Memoirs of Benjamin Robert Haydon 1786-1846; compiled from his 'Autobiography and Journals'  edited by Alexander P.D.Penrose. New York, Minton Balch, 1929.


IRISH, David [The Rev.]  - of Aurelius, New York - A214,M1838

November to December 1808

Matthews: Baptist journal; preaching tour in Massachusetts.

In  Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine  II, 1809, pp 238-243.  

03  LOCKERBY, William (1782-1853)  merchant - E

1808 to 1809

The Journal of William Lockerby, Sandalwood Trader in the Fifian Islands During the Years 1808-1809  W.Lewis for the Hakluyt Society, 1925.


LONDONDERRY, Charles William Vane, third Marquess of (1778-1854)   - E

a) - 1808 to 1813

Narrative taken from diary letters.

Narrative of the Peninular War from 1808 to 1813  London, H.Colburn, 1828.

b) - 1813 to 1814

Narrative taken from diary letters.

Narrative of the War in Germany and France in 1813 and 1814  London, Colburn and Bentley, 1830.


MARTHA FURNACE (Caleb Earle and others) - M1839

1808 to 1815

A daily record of work and workers at a blast furnace and iron foundry in Pennsylvania; short but regular daily entries; weather; fuelling and maintenance; carting and woodcutting; drunkenness; theft by absconding workers; fires and accidents; a widow 'knocked up' (the first known use of the phrase in this sense). A fascinating picture of the community.

1. - In  Iron in the Pines: The Story of New Jersey's Ghost Towns and Bog Iron  by A.D.Pierce. New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1957, passim.

2. - Martha, 1808-1815: The Complete Martha Furnace Diary and Journal  edited by Henry Harold Bisbee and Rebecca Colesar. Burlington, 1976.


MASSIE, Henry [Capt.] (b.1784)  of Falling Springs Valley, Virginia - A214,M1840

April to June 1808

Matthews: Travel diary; journey with friend from Fredericksburg, Virginia, to Boston; rather dull touristic notes.

In  Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine  IV, 1922, pp 77-86.


MORAGA, Gabriel - *H393,*M1841,E


The Diary of Ensign Gabriel Moraga's Expedition of Discovery in the Sacramento Valley 1808  translated and edited by Donald C.Cutter. Los Angeles, Glen Dawson, 1957, 36 pp, 300 copies. (No. 41 in the Early Californian Travel Series).

MORIER, James Justinian (1780?-1849)  diplomatist, traveller and novelist - D215

1808 to 1815

Matthews: Diary; writer's travels  in Persia and Asia Minor, India and Persian Gulf as secretary to British Embassy and minister to Persia; author of Hajji Baba (see, incidentally, Mirza Abul Hassan Khan, 1809).

1. - A Journey through Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor to Constantinople in the Year 1808 and 1809  London, Longman, 1812.

2. - A Second Journey.... 1810 and 1816  London, Longman, 1818.  

03  MORISON, John Hopkins (1808-1896) - E

 From 1826

In  John Hopkins Morison: A Memoir  Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1897.


NICOL, Daniel - E

Peninsular war diary.

In  With Napoleon at Waterloo, and Other Unpublished Documents from the Peninsular War and Waterloo Campaign  by MacKenzie MacBride. London, Francis Griffiths, 1911.


OSBORN, Charles (1775-1850)  American Quaker - *M1842

January 12th. 1809 to November 24th. 1850

(Annotation based on extracts)

Private diary; travels in the ministry in the eastern and mid-western states and in Great Britain, Ireland and Europe; religious concerns; strongly against slavery.

1. - Journal of that Faithful Servant of Christ, Charles Osborn Containing an Account of Many of His Travels and Labors in the Work of the Ministry, and His Trials and Exercises in the Service of the Lord and in Defense of the Truth as It Is in Jesus  Cincinnati, Achilles Pugh, 1854.

2. - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 18-22.


PALMERSTON, Henry John Temple, third Viscount (1784-1865)  statesman - B168

a) - February 1808 to September 1844

Matthews: Political diaries (extracts); his legal career and trials; public events at home and abroad; current political issues and parliamentary affairs while he was secretary of war; Napoleonic Wars; quarrel of Whigs with George III; visits to Paris and Germany.

1. - Life and Correspondence of Lord Palmerston  by Evelyn Ashley. London, two volumes, 1879.

2. - Life of Lord Palmerston  by Sir H. Lytton Bulwer. London, three volumes, 1870-1874. Passim.

b) - January 1855

Diary extracts relating to the formation of his ministry.

In  W.E.Gladstone  edited by John Brooke and Mary Sorenson, Volume III. Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Prime Ministers Papers Series, 1978.

PECHELL, Katherine Annabella Bisshop, Lady (1791-1871)  of Castle Goring, Sussex - B168

1808 to 1834

Private journal before and after her marriage in 1826; her mother and sister and her husband; social life and parties; states of mind.

An account and brief extracts are to be found in  More English Diaries by Arthur Ponsonby. London, Methuen, 1927, pp 170-178.


PILLSBURY, Phinehas (b.1767)  of Nobleboro, Maine - A214,M1843

From July 1808

Diary; mainly genealogical interest; deaths, births, etc.

In  New England Historical and Genealogical Register  LXIII, 1909, pp 373-379; LXIV, 1910, pp 75-76, 154-157 and 374-375; and LXVI, 1912, pp 274-281 and 359-366.


POND, Samuel (1808-1891) and Gideon (1810-1878)  American missionaries to the Indians - E

Dates unknown

a) - Two Volunteer Missionaries among the Dakotas  Boston and Chicago, Congregational Publishing, 1893.

b) - Two Missionaries in the Sioux Country  in  Minnesota History   March, June and September 1940.


POTOCKA, Anna, Countess (1776-1867)


Journal fragment.

In  Memoirs of the Countess Potocka  New York, Doubleday, 1900.

RICHARDSON, George (1773-1862) of North Shields - B168

June 1808 to April 1842

Matthews: Quaker diaries; various Quaker missionary and visiting journeys mostly through the north of England; visits to Friends' meetings; work in ministry; prayers, etc.

A Journal of the Labours of George Richardson  London, 1864.


ROGERSON, Joseph - E

1808 to 1814

Diary of Joseph Rogerson, Scribbling Miller of Bramley, 1808-1814  by Emily Hargrave and W.B.Crump, in  The Leeds Woollen Industry, 1780-1820  Thoresby Society, Volume XXXII, 1931.

Note: On  page one of the 1950 edition of Ward Lock's  The Northumberland Coast  an advertisement by the Eagle Star Insurance Company quotes entries referring to the insurance of his mill and the claim and payment upon the burning of his dryhouse


ROWLEY, Samuel [The Rev.] - of Granville, New York - A214,M1844

August to October 1808

Matthews: Baptist journal; preaching on west side of Lake Champlain, in Essex, Franklin, and St. Lawrence counties.

In  Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine  II, 1809, pp 169-172.

SCHAUMANN, August Ludolf Friedrich (1778-1840)  soldier in the King's German Legion - B168

August 28th. 1808 to July 1813

Military diary, edited for his family in 1827; war commissary with Wellington during the Peninsular War; detailed notes of living conditions, his duties; foraging; baggage trains; comments on his superiors; financial affairs.

1. - On the Road with Wellington  translated by Anthony M.Ludovici. London, 1924.

2. - Extracts: Brander (2), pp 21-43.


SMITH, Martha Hazeltine (1808-1840?) - E

Dates Unknown

In  Memoir of the Late Martha Hazeltine Smith  Boston, 1843.


SUMMERS, Lewis (1778-1843)  of Kanawha County, Virginia, judge - A214,M1845

June to August 1808

Matthews: Travel diary; from Alexandria, Virginia, though Valley of Virginia, down New and Kanawha rivers, to Gallipolis, Ohio; seeking location for his father; notes on character of the land, descriptions of towns; some political notes, visits, farming notes; a useful journal, with some interesting Southern locutions.

In  Southern Historical Magazine  I, 1892, pp 49-81.


SWAINSON, William John (1789-1855)  English ornithologist, cochologist, entomologist and artist - E

1808 to 1818

William Swainson, F.R.S., F.L.S.: Naturalist and Artist: Diaries, 1808-1818, Sicily, malta, Greece, italy and Brazil  Palmerston North, Swainson, 1989.


TAYLOR, John (1808-18887)  Mormon, third president of the church - E

1836? to 1887?

The John Taylor Papers  edited by Samuel W.Taylor and Raymond W.Taylor, Redwood City, California, two volumes, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


TULLY, William - *H394,*M1846,E

1808 to 1809

The Journal of William Tully: Medical Student at Dartmouth, 1808-1809  edited by Oliver S.Hayward and Elizabeth H.Thompson. New York, Science History Publications, 1977, 88 pp.


WILKIE, David [Sir] (1785-1841)  Scottish painter - B168

May 1808 to May 1840

Matthews: Painter's diary (extracts); art studies in Paris, Italy, etc.; travels in Germany and Palestine; his work and commissions; sitters and visitors; conversations with the more noteworthy; artistic social life and friendships (Haydon, etc.).

1. - The Life of Sir David Wilkie  by Allan Cuningham. London, three volumes, 1843. Passim.

2. - A few brief extracts are given in footnotes to  The Diary of Benjamin Robert Haydon  edited by Willard Bissell Pope. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, five volumes, 1960-1963.


WILLISTON, Josiah  - of Boston - A214,M1847

December 1808 to August 1814

Matthews: Private diary; selections of genealogical interest, deaths, births, etc.

In  New England Historical and Genealogical Register  LXV, 1911, pp 366-371.

WYNYARD, John Montague - *H395


ABUL HASSAN, Mirza (1776-1846)  Persian diplomat

November 1809 to July 1810

Personal and diplomatic diary of the Persian Ambassador in London. Court and society life; his reactions to England and the English; his mission; his admiration for the ladies; wide-eyed but intelligent observer. Interesting and entertaining. He was accompanied by James Morier (qv) and was made fun of by him in his two Hajji books.

A Persian at the Court of King George, 1809-10; The Journal of Mirza Abul Hassan Khan  translated and edited by Margaret Morris Cloake. London, Barrie and Jenkins, 1988.


ARNOLD, Seth Shaler (1788-1871)  of Westminster, Vermont - A215,M1848

September 1809 to March 1850

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); a varied journal, selected for facts and views of social, economic, industrial, and religious life of Vermont; account of silkworm industry; great local interest.

In  Vermont Historical Society Proceedings  New Series, VIII, 1940, pp 107-186.

BEDINGFIELD, Charlotte [Lady] (1775?-1854) - B169

July 1809 to September 1833, long gaps.

The widely spaced extracts begin with the diary of her father's illness, at the end of volume one; later extracts concern social and religious affairs; court duties while living in a convent at Hammersmith after her husband's death.

In  The Jerningham Letters (1780-1843)  edited by Egerton Castle. London, Richard Bentley, two volumes, 1896. (Lady Jerningham was Charlotte's mother)  

03  BILLON, Frederic - E


Reminiscence of Our Removal to St. Louis  in Missouri Historical Society Bulletin  April, 1956, is reported to contain diary material.

BOUTFLOWER, Charles (1782-1844)  surgeon of 40th. Regiment - B169

August 1809 to May 1813

Matthews: Military diary; campaigns and military movements during the Peninsular War; army life; medical work; Spain, Portugal, France.

The Journal of an Army Surgeon during the Peninsular War  Manchester, 1912.


BRADBURY, John  - born in Scotland, botanist, of London - A215,M1849

December 1809 to January 1811

Matthews: Travel journal; narrative with day-to-day entries; travel in Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, and Western territories; notes on places, Indians, botany; Osage word list.

1. - Travels in the Interior of America  Liverpool, 1818, 364 pp.; reprinted with additions, London, 1819, 346 pp.

2. - In  Early Western Travels  edited by R.G.Thwaites. Cleveland, 1904, Volume V, 320 pp. This is the 1819 edition.

BROADBELT, Ann [Mrs.] (1786-1838)  of Killinghall, Yorkshire - B169

March 1809 to April 1837

Matthews: Methodist diary; her conversion; Methodist life and practice; sermons; the Rev. R.Newton and his services; works of God; mostly Yorkshire.

Memoirs of Ann Broadbelt  London, 1838.

BROUGHTON, John Cam Hobhouse, first Baron (1786-1869)  statesman - B169

June 1809 to April 1852

Matthews: Public diaries (with autobiographical introduction); career of a radical Whig statesman; politics and public affairs; travels abroad; social life; friendly notes on his heroes Byron and Napoleon; theatre and plays, with notes on Sheridan, Siddons, Kean; life of a country gentleman; good and valuable.

Recollections of a Long Life  London, six volumes, 1909-1911.


BROUGHTON, Thomas Duer [Col.] (1778-1835)

(Annotation based on extracts)


A record of his experiences in the camp of Daulat Rao Sindhia as the commander of the British Resident's escort through Rajputana.

1. - Letters Written in a Mahratta Camp during the Year 1809, Descriptive of the Character, Manners, Domestic Habits and Religious Ceremonies of the Mahrattas  edited by Sir M.E.Grant Duff. London 1892. The first edition was published in 1813.

2. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 179-180.


CALLCOTT, Maria Dundas [Lady] (Maria GRAHAM) (1785-1842) - *H470,D120

1809 to 1811 in India, 1819 in Italy, and July 31st. 1821 to December 18th. 1823 in South America.

Personal and travel diaries prepared for publication by the author, wife of a sea captain and diplomat. Good and detailed descriptions of life and customs. Excellent and valuable.

a) - 1. - Journal of a Residence in India  Edinburgh, Constable, 1812. Second edition, 1813.

2. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 199-205.

b) - Three Months Passed in the Mountains East of Rome during the Year 1819  London, Longman, 1820. This book has not been examined and may not be in diary form.

c) - Journal of a Voyage to Brazil and Residence there during 1821-1823  London, Longman and John Murray, 1824. Reprinted as  Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, and Residence There During Part of the Years 1821,1822, 1823  edited by A.C.Wilgus. New York, Praeger, 1969

d) - Journal of a Residence in Chile during 1822  London, Longman and John Murray, 1824. Reprinted in  Journal of a Residence in Chile, During the Year 1822 and a Voyage from Chile to Brazil in 1823  New York, Praeger, 1969.

e) - The Captain's Wife; The South American Journals of Maria Graham 1821-23  compiled and edited by Elizabeth Mavor. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1993. Contains about one third of the original text.


COLBY, John [The Rev.] (1787-1817)  born at Sandwich, New Hampshire, died in Norfolk, Virginia


November 1809 to October 1817

Matthews: Baptist journal; travel and preaching in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Ohio; partly narrative and autobiography; left unfinished.

The Life, Experience and Travels of John Colby  third edition, two volumes in one, Cornish, Maine, 1829. Reprinted, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1838.

COOPER, Mary [Mrs.] (1786-1812)  of London - B169

July 1809 to April 1812

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts); Wesleyan Methodist life and worship and introspection; congregation of Dr. Adam Clarke; visits to Margate and Bath.

Memoirs of the late Mrs. Mary Cooper  by Adam Clarke. London, 1818.

COWELL-STEPNEY, John Stepney [Sir], Bt.  - of Coldstream Guards - B169

May 1809 to April 1812

Matthews: Military diary; account of Peninsular campaign written up from diary kept by officer of Wellington's army; defence of Torres Vedras; 1811, retreat of French from Portugal; siege of Ciudad Rodrigo; storming of Badajos; description of Duke of Wellington; good narrative style.

Leaves from the Diary of an Officer of the Guards  London, 1854.

CREEVEY, Thomas (1768-1838)  M.P. and gossip

1809 to 1818

Fragmentary journals; political and social gossip, rumour and conversations; of value only as adjuncts to the correspondence.

1. - In  A Selection from the Correspondence & Diaries of the late Thomas Creevey, M.P.  edited by Sir Herbert Maxwell. London, John Murray, two volumes, 1903, Volume I. Passim.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 335-337.


CUTLER, Ephraim [Hon.] (1767-1853)  of Marietta, Ohio - A215,M1851

a) - July to September 1809

Matthews: Travel journal; driving cattle from Ohio River to Baltimore; some pleasant notes on visits, taverns, towns, and farms; a good picture of country life.

b) - May to December 1837

Matthews: Travel journal; travel notes in Connecticut, while author was delegate to Presbyterian Assembly at Philadelphia.

In  Life and Times of Ephraim Cutler  by Julia P.Cutler. Cincinnati, 1890, pp 90-103 and 229-238.


DICKSON, Alexander [Maj. Gen. Sir] (1777-1840)  of Royal Artillery - *H416,B184

a) - Military diaries from 1809 not seen.

b) - March 1st to April 10th. and July 21st. to December 12th. 1811

Military diaries in Portugal; good military details.

Contained in Chapter III, Series C of The Dickson Manuscripts  edited by Major John H.Leslie. Woolwich, Royal Artillery Institution Printing House, 1908, pp 348-378 and 420-517. Reprinted, Cambridge, Ken Trotman, 1988.

c) - November 1814 to February 1815

Matthews: Military diary; service in North America; campaign in the South, battle of New Orleans; drawings.

 1. - Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research  VIII, pp 79-113, 147-178 and 213-227.  

2. - Journal of Operations in Louisiana  in  Louisiana Historical Quarterly  July-October, 1961.

DOUGLAS, Neil - *H397

DURNFORD, Richard [The Rev.] (1766-1835)  of Chimbolton, Hampshire - B170

March 1809 to June 1819

Matthews: Fishing diary; scientific details of Hampshire angling; wind, weather, temperature, catches, weights: impersonal.

The Fishing Diary of Rev. Richard Durnford  edited by H.Nicoll. Winchester, 1911.


FLEMING, Marjorie (Marjory) (1803-1811)  of Edinburgh - H400,B170

1809 to 1811

Personal diary of a little Scots girl, distantly related to Sir Walter Scott; the diary was kept with encouragement from her cousin, who corrected spelling and grammar; quaint, amusing, and some interesting detail.

1. - The Story of Pet Marjorie  by Lachlan Macbean. London, 1914.

2. - The Complete Marjory Fleming  edited by Frank Sidgwick. London, Sidgwick and Jackson, 1934.

3. - Extracts: Berger (2), pp 90-98; Dunaway & Evans, pp 181-185; Moffat & Painter, pp 21-27; Ponsonby (3), pp 67-73; and Willard, pp 97-101.


FOSS, Daniel  - of Elkton, Maryland - A215,M1852

September 1809 to 1814

Matthews: Castaway's diary; sole survivor of the wreck of the brig Negociator; five years' life alone on Pacific island; occasional notes of a Robinson Crusoe-like life.

1. - A Journal of the Shipwreck and Sufferings of Daniel Foss  Boston, 1812, 24 pp.

2. - Another edition, Boston, 1816, is reprinted in  Magazine of History  Extra No. 28, New York, 1914, pp 29-51.

FYERS, William [Col.]  - of Royal Engineers - B170

July to August 1809

Matthews: Military diary; siege of Flushing; bare military details of Walcheren expedition.

Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research  XIII, 1934, pp 145-158.


GALE, William A.  - captain's assistant on the 'Albatross' - A215,M1853

June 1809

Matthews: Sea journal; day-by-day account of efforts to find a trading post on the Columbia River.

In  History of the Northwest Coast  by H.H.Bancroft, Volume II, pp 133-134, in  Works  Volume XXVIII, San Francisco, 1886.

GORDON, Peter  - of Limerick, sailor - B170

August 1809 to May 1810

Matthews: Adventure diary; the mate of the Joseph, captured by the French; imprisonment, sufferings, escape; exciting adventures in France and Holland.

Narrative of the Imprisonment and Escape of Peter Gordon  London, 1816.  

03  GRAY, Robert (1809-1872)  first Anglican bishop of Cape Town - E

Dates unknown

In  Life of Robert Gray: Bishop of Cape town and Metropolitan of Africa  by Charles Gray, Rivingtons, two volumes, 1876.


GROVE, Harriet - see HELYER (or HELYAR), Harriet

HARVEY, Margaret Boyle (1786-1832)  of Philadelphia - B171,M1854


Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Philadelphia to Cork; Dublin and Clonmel; Irish life and meetings of Friends.

Journal of Friends' Historical Society  XXIV, 1927, pp 3-20. First published as  Journal of a Voyage from Philadelphia to Cork  Philadelphia, privately printed, 1915.

HAWTREY, John [Capt.] (1780-1833)  of Cork - B171

October 1809 to December 1810

Matthews:  Religious diary; farming in Wexford; Methodism; mainly religious; Irish life.

The History of the Hawtrey Family  by Florence M.Hawtrey. London, 1903, Volume I, pp 351-366.


HELYER or HELYAR (GROVE), Harriet (1791-1867)  Shelley's lover - B171

January 1st. 1809 to December 31st. 1810

Private diary; brief entries entries, some of which were cancelled, probably after Shelley's elopement with Harriet Westbrook; the record of a teenage love affair and dominated by thoughts and news of Shelley, although coyly expressed; notes of family and social matters, visits and friends. Although the diary is disappointing as an account of the Shelley connection, it has some intrinsic value as a social document.

1. - The Journal of Harriet Grove for the Years 1809-1810  edited by Roger Ingpen. London, privately printed, 1932, twelve copies.

2. - In  Shelley and his Circle 1773-1822  annotated by F.L.Jones, general editor K.N.Cameron. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1961.

3. - In  The Grove Diaries: The Rise and Fall of an English Family 1809-1925  edited by Desmond Hawkins. Wimborne, The Dovecote Press, 1995, pp 33-95.

HOOKER, William Jackson [Sir] (1785-1865)  director of Kew Gardens - B171

June to August 1809

Matthews: Scientific diary; tour in Iceland; regular, very full journal; description of country, volcanic mountains, boiling springs, plants.

Journal of a Tour in Iceland  London, two volumes, 1813.  

03  JOHNSTONE, John - E

1809 to 1815

Letter Book of the Indian Agency at Fort Wayne, 1809-1815  edited by Gayle Thornbrough, Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, 1961.


JONES, Peter  - secretary to commissioners - A216,M1855

September 1809

Matthews: Treaty journal; proceedings for Indian treaty of Fort Wayne.

Journal of the Proceedings  edited by John L.Heinemann. Connersville, Indiana, 1910, 24 pp.


KINCAID, John [Sir] (1787-1862)

1809 to 1815

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade in the Peninsula, France and the Netherlands, from 1809 to 1815  London, Boone, 1830; London, Peter Davies, 1929; and Staplehurst, Spellmount, 1998, is reported to contain diary material.

MacKINNON, Henry [Maj. Gen.] - B171,D196


Matthews: War diary; battles and campaigns during Peninsular War; Portugal and Spain; notes on topography and customs.

A Journal of the Campaign in Portugal and Spain  Bath, 1812, 103 pp.


MARIN, Francisco de Paula (1774?-1837) - *M1856,E

In  Don Francisco de Paula Marin; a biography  by Ross H. Gast  The Letters and Journal of Francisco de Paula Marin  edited by Agnes C. Conrad. Honolulu, University Press of Hawaii for the Hawaiian Historical Society, 1973.


MARTIN, William Dickinson - *H399,*M1857,E


Travel diary; by horseback and stage coach from Edgefield to Litchfield to attend law school; lengthy descriptions.

The Journal of William D.Martin: A Journey from South Carolina to Connecticut in the Year 1809  edited by Anna D.Elmore. Charlotte, North Carolina, Heritage House, 1959.  

03  MATTEWS, Azel Dennis (1809-1900) - E

Dates unknown

A.D.Matthews Autobiography and Memoirs  edited by Elizabeth Clark Matthews, privately printed, Brooklyn, New York, 1902, is reported to contain diary material.

03  MORLEY, Samuel (1809-1886)  English woollen manufacturer, dissenter, philanthropist, abolitionist and political radical - E

 Dates unknown

The life of Samuel Morley  by E.Hodder, Hodder and Stoughton, 1888, is reported to contain diary material.

03  NORTON, John [Major] (1760/-1826?)  of the British army in Canada - E

 From 1809?

“… adopted as a Mohawk and became a military leader of Iroquois warriors in the War of 1812 on behalf of British North America (Canada) against the United States; the book includes a voyage down the Ohio River, a visit to Cherokee country in Kentucky and Tenessee and a section on the War of 1812-1814.”

The Journal of Major John Norton, 1816  (the title appears to refer to the date of the journal’s original publication) edited by Carl F.Klinck and James T.Talman. Toronto, The Champlain Society,1970.

NUNN, William [The Rev.] (1786-1840)  of Manchester - B171

April 1809 to May 1812

Matthews: Religious diary (copious extracts); his preparation for the ministry; his ministry in Cambridge and Shrewsbury; religious introspection.

Memoirs of Rev. William Nunn  edited by Robert Pym. London, 1842. Passim.


ROBBINS, Caira (1794-1881)  of Lexington, Massachusetts - A216,M1858

July 1809 to May 1823

Matthews: Private diary (account and extracts); brief notes on schooling, domestic, and social affairs; literature, theatres, journeys; fairly interesting.

In  Lexington Historical Society Proceedings  IV, (1905-1910), pp 61-81. Including letters. (James Cummings (10416) has 1912).

ROCHE, Joseph [Capt.]  - R.N. - B171

October 1809?

Matthews: Travel diary; journey by carriage from Liverpool to Worcester with detachment of cavalry; notes on places, route; full details.

Notes and Queries  12th. Series, III, 1917. Passim.


SHORT, Peyton [Maj.] (1791-1825)  born at Spring Garden, Virginia, of Kentucky - A216,M1859

November to December 1809

Matthews: Travel diary; tour through part of Mississippi Territory; Mobile, Pensacola, etc.; notes on soil, climate, scenery, social and commercial conditions; some estimates of persons; fairly interesting.

In  Ohio Historical and Philosophical Society Quarterly Publications  V, 1910, pp3-15.

SIMMONS, George [Maj.] (1785-1858)  of the Rifle Brigade - B171

May 1809 to June 1815

Military diary in Portugal and Spain during the Peninsular War; descriptions of marches and actions; wounded, recovers and resumes duties; dislike of General Crauford; uses his medical knowledge; wounded again; and yet again at Waterloo.

1. - A British Rifle Man: Journals and Correspondence during the Peninsular War and Campaign of Wellington  edited by W. Verner. London, 1899.

2. - Extracts: Brander (2), pp 44-67.


SIMOND, Louis (1767-1831)  French-born American with an English wife - B174,E

a) - December 24th. 1809 to September 25th. 1811

Travel diary; tour of England, Scotland and Wales after landing at Falmouth; excellent detailed notes by an interested observer; towns and countryside; industry and agriculture; a hospital; sees a balloon ascent; prices; passport formalities; climate; social conditions; theatre; a good diary.

1. - First published anonymously as  Journal of a Tour and Residence in Great Britain during the Years 1810 and 1811 by a Native of France with Remarks on the Country, its Arts, Literature, and Politics, and on the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants  London, 1815; Edinburgh, 1817.

2. - A slightly abridged version is An American in Regency England  edited by Christopher Hibbert. London, Robert Maxwell, 1968.

b) - Not seen.

1817 to 1819

Switzerland, or a Journal of a Tour and Residence in that Country in the Years 1817, 1818 and 1819 London, John Murray, two volumes, 1822.

STANLEY, Catherine (1792-1862)  of Norwich - B172

January 1809 to January 1862

Matthews: Private diary; her interest in country life and nature; various reflections on religion and human character; fondness for sketching; her husband, the Bishop of Norwich.

Memoirs of Edward and Catherine Stanley  by A.P.Stanley. London, 1879, pp 129-325.


TATE, James - E

1809 to 1812

James Tate's Journal  in  Hudson's Bay Miscellany, 1670-1870  edited by Glyndwr Williams, Winnipeg, 1975; this is Hudson's Bay Record Society Volume XXX.


TENNYSON, Alfred, first Baron (1809-1892)  poet - E

Dates Unknown

Extracts from journals and letter journals.

In  Alfred Lord Tennyson: A Memoir by His Son  London, Macmillan, two volumes, 1897.

Note: There are also many brief references, extracts and quotations from the journals of others, including Hallam Tennyson and Queen Victoria.

TIMEWELL, John [Pte.] (b.1782)  of Milverton, Somerset - B172

June 1809 to June 1815

Matthews: Diary and narrative; service with 43rd. Light Infantry during the Peninsular War in Spain and Portugal; American War; New Orleans; accounts of campaign; interesting spellings; a private's view.

Macmillan's Magazine  LXXVII, 1877-1878.


TOMKINSON, William [Lieut. Col.] (1790-1872)  cavalry officer - D306

(Annotation based on extracts)

April 1st. to July 28th. 1809

To the Peninsula from Falmouth with the horses; action on the road to Oporto; wounded; return to England; very full and detailed entries.

1. - Diary of a Cavalry Officer  London, 1894. Reissued as  The Diary of a Cavalry Officer 1809-1815  Muller, 1957 and 1971.

2. - Extracts: Waite, pp 182-193.


TUCKER, Sarah (1779)  American Quaker - E

From 1809?

Religious diary, extracts and summaries.

In  Memoirs of the Life and Religious Experience of Sarah Tucker: A Minister of the Society of Friends  Providence, 1848.

WARD, Robert Plumer (1765-1846)  politician and author - B172

June 1809 to November 1820

Matthews: Political diary (extracts); mainly notes of political affairs and related social activities; cabinet matters; Waterloo; travel in Ireland; popular feelings; a useful record.

Memoirs of Political and Literary Life of Robert Plumer Ward  by the Hon. Edmund Phipps. London, two volumes, 1850.


WHEELER, William [Pte.]  - soldier - B172

1809 to 1816

Matthews: Military diary; service in the Peninsular War with the 51st. Foot Regiment.

1. - Journal from the Year 1809 to 1816  Corfu, 1824.

Note: This 'journal' was  written while Wheeler was on garrison duty in Corfu, very few copies have survived but one was available to Col. H.C.Wylly when writing his history of the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (not seen). In his foreword to  The Letters of Private Wheeler  London, Michael Joseph, 1951, the editor, B.H.Liddell Hart compares the journal unfavourably with the letters, which in themselves have many characteristics of a letter journal, even though they were also revised by the author, in 1837, when he apparently removed references to many incidents which had figured in the earlier publication. The letters themselves are vivid, unselfconscious and unique.

2. - Extracts: Lewis, pp 42-46 (From  The Letters…  ).


WILLIAMSON, William [Rev.] - *M1860,E

A Missionary Journey in Ohio in 1809  edited by Guy S.Klett in  Presbyterian Historical Society Journal  XXVII, 1949, pp 229-234.



ANONYMOUS - A216,M1861

September 1810 to June 1812

Matthews: Sea journals; from New York to mouth of Columbia River; an account based on diaries now lost.

In  The Discovery of the Oregon Trail  edited by P.A.Rollins. New York, 1935, Appendix A, pp 267-280. Translated from a French translation.


1810 to 1814

Matthews: Religious diary; missionary journeys in destitute parts of Scotland.

Journal of Itinerating Exertions  Edinburgh, 1814.


November 1810 to August 1815

Matthews: Military diary; service with commissariat department in Wellington's army; campaigns in Portugal, Spain, France, and Netherlands; marches; battles; his own military activities, followed by account of occupation of France, 1816-1818.

Journal of an Officer  London, 1820.  

03  AROOLAPPEN, John Christian (1810-1867) - E

Dates unknown

In  The History and Diaries of an Indian Christian  by G.H.Lang, London, Thynne, 1939.

AUSTIN, Herbert Henry [Gen.] (1794-1881) - B172

1810 to 1815

Matthews: War diary; woven into biography; military life in Channel Islands; defence against Napoleon; fighting in Low Countries; siege of Antwerp; wounded; good account of activities of Sussex Foot Regiment.

Old Stick-Leg  London, 1926, 206 pp.


BISHOP, Richard - *M1863,E

July to November 1810

Journal of a Passage, London To New York, July 28 to November 5, 1810  in  Nautical Research Journal  XIX, No. 3, September, 1972.  

03  BLAYNEY, Andrew Thomas, eleventh Baron Blayney (1770-1834)  Anglo-Irish peer - E

1810 to 1814

“As commanding officer of the 89th Regiment of Foot, ‘Blayney's Bloodhounds’ as they were called, he fought with distinction in the Napoleonic Wars. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Fuengirola, when making a raid from Gibraltar into Spain against a small group of Polish soldiers a tenth his number, and was kept prisoner for four years by the French government.

Narrative of a Forced Journey through Spain and France as a Prisoner of War in the Years 1810 to 1814  London, two volumes, 1814, is reported to contain diary material.

03  BROWN, Abel [The Rev.] (1810-1844)  abolitionist - E

Dates unknown

In  Abel Brown, Abolitionist  by Catherine S.Brown, edited by Tom Colarco, Jefferson, North Carolina, McFarland, 2006. First published in 1849.


BUCHANAN, Francis Hamilton [Dr.] also known as HAMILTON, Francis [Dr.] (1762-1829)


October 1810 to February 1813

The journals of his tours on survey in India; geology; topography; ethnography; architecture and history. Generally rather impersonal but very detailed observation, interesting and important.

1. - Journal of Francis Buchanan kept during the survey of the district of Bhagalpur in 1810-1811  edited by C.E.A.W.Oldham. Patna 1930.

2. - Journal of Francis Buchanan (afterwards Hamilton) kept during the survey of the districts of Patna and Gaya in 1811-1812  edited by V.H.Jackson. Patna 1925. Reprinted Delhi, Asian Educational Services, 1988.

3. - Journal of Francis Buchanan kept during the survey of the district of Shahabad in 1812-1813  edited by C.E.A.W. Oldham. Patna, 1926. -


BUDD, John - *M1864,E

In  Vineland Historical Magazine  XXXVIII.  

03  BURCHELL, William John (1781-1863)  English explorer, artist and naturalist - E

1810 to 1815 (?)

Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa  London, two volumes, 1822 and 1824. Often reprinted.

BURY, Charlotte Susan Maria [Lady] (1775-1861)  novelist, lady in waiting to Princess Charlotte - B173

December 1810 to 1820

Social diary, edited and probably altered by her husband; the court of George IV; much concerned with Princess Charlotte, her character and conversation; gossip, scandal, anecdotes; the sayings and doings of Princess Charlotte; gushing accounts of travels in France, Switzerland, Italy; very full and sometimes tedious.

1. - First published anonymously as  A Diary Illustrative of the Times of George the Fourth  London, four volumes, 1839.

2. - The Diary of a Lady-in-Waiting  edited by A.Frances Steuart. London, John Lane, 1908.

3. - Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 52-55; and Ponsonby (1),pp 337-342.

CLOWES, William (1780-1851)  Staffordshire potter, champion dancer and Primitive Methodist - D59

1810 to 1838

Matthews: A Primitive Methodist's life; conversion; call to ministry; progress of Primitive Methodism.

Journals  London, 1844.

COCKERELL, Charles Robert (1788-1863)  architect - B173

April 1810 to June 1817

Matthews: Travel diaries; travel in Greece and Asia Minor; often dramatic and exciting; hazards of travel; meeting with Byron.

Travels in Southern Europe and the Levant  edited by S.P.Cockerell. London, 1903.


COLBERT, William - *M1865,E

In  The Pennsylvania Dutchman  III.


CROKER, John Wilson (1780-1857)  statesman and author - B173

1810 to 1850

Matthews: Public diaries; memoranda of meetings and talks, mostly political; ceremonies at court of George IV and of William IV; his political ambitions; some gossip, and details of social life; travels in France, Ireland, southern England; a valuable record.

1. - Selections in  Memoirs, Diaries, and Correspondence of John Wilson Croker  edited by L.J.Jennings. London, three volumes, 1884.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (3), pp 170-173

3. - The Croker Papers  edited by Bernard Pool. London, Batsford, 1967. This is a one volume abridgement.


CUMMINS, Nicholas Marshall (1783-1838)  merchant, of Cork

1810 to 1820 and 1834 and 1837

Extracts from a private diary; health of his wife and family, death of a daughter and birth of a son; some business affairs, usually involving serious loss; his brother's search for a wife; building works; trouble with servants and resultant differences with his wife; religious sentiment; anxiety about the behaviour of his eldest son. The 1834 entry is a record of disaster, that for 1837 resigned.

Taken from a manuscript in private hands in  Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology, 1590-1987  edited by Melosina Lenox-Conyngham. Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 1998, pp 141-152.  

D'OYLEY, John [Sir] (1774-1824)  Resident of Kandy - D87

1810 to 1815

Matthews: Diary; activities as British Commissioner in Ceylon; trade; government life; social affairs; court of Kandy.

The Diary of Sir John D'Oyley  edited by H.W.Coddrington. Columbo, 1917.


DWIGHT, Margaret Van Horn (later BELL) (1790-1834)  of New Haven, Connecticut, and Warren, OhioA217,M1862

October to November 1810

Travel diary, in letter form; by wagon with Deacon and Mrs. Wolcott and their daughter, from Milford, Connecticut, to Warren, Ohio; addressed to her cousin Elizabeth; long and lively entries describing the horrors of the journey, mishaps, filthy inns and drunken wagoners; the hazards of beds and bedrooms; pen portraits of her companions, other travellers and inn keepers; a good and entertaining diary.

1. - A Journey to Ohio in 1810  edited by Max Farrand. New Haven, 1912, 64 pp.

2. - Extract in  Early Narratives of Berks County  by James B.Nolan. Reading, 1927, pp 57-67.

3. - Extract and discussion in Bunkers & Huff, pp 38-55: and Kagle (2), pp 44-47.

4. - Extracts: Culley, pp 79-88.  

03  FOWLER, Daniel (1810-1894)  English-Canadian artist and farmer - E


“The lively diary of Fowler's 1843 journey across Upper Canada in search of a place to settle ...”

An Artist Inspects Upper Canada  in  Ohio History  L, 1958, pp 211-218.


FRANCHÈRE (FRANCHERE), Gabriel (1786-1863)*C431,*M1866,E

1810 to 1814

Matthews: Travel journal; a voyage to the Northwest coast of Canada.

1. - Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America in the Years 1811, 1812, 1813, and 1814; or the First American Settlement on the Pacific  translated and edited by J.V.Huntington. New York, Redfield, New York, 1854. The basis for Washington Irving's  Astoria.

2. - Adventure at Astoria, 1810-1814  translated and edited by Hoyt C. Franchère. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1967.

3. - A Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America  edited by Milo Milton Quaife. New York, Citadel Press, 1968.

4. - Journal of a Voyage on the North West Coast of North America During the Years 1811, 1812, 1813 and 1814  transcribed and translated by Wessie Tipping Lamb, edited by W. Kaye Lamb. Toronto, Champlain Society, 1969.

GILLMOR, Clotworthy [Lieut.] (1773-1855)  R.N. - B173

October to December 1810

Matthews: Naval diary (part); Peninsular War; naval service in support of Wellington; lively adventures.

Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research  III, July, 1924, pp 148-160.  

03  GRAY, Asa (1810-1888)  American botanist - E

Dates unknown

Letters of Asa Gray  Houghton, two volumes, 1893, is reported to contain diary material.

03  HALE, Jonathan - E

From 1810?

In  The Jonathan Hale Farm: A Chronicle of the Cuyahoga Valley  by John Horton, Cleveland, Western Reserve Historical Society, 1961.


HALL, John Vine (1774-1860)  bookseller - B173

1810 to 1860

Personal and religious diary, with retrospective passages, of an alcoholic; his reform and backsliding; writing and sale of his tract  The Sinner's Friend;  a few entries in each month.

1. - Account and extracts in  More English Diaries  by Arthur Ponsonby, London, Methuen, 1927, pp 179-182. Ponsonby states that the diary was edited by Newman Hall and published in 1865, but gives no place or publisher.

2. - James Cummings (5268) has  Hope for the Hopeless  American Tract Society, 1865.  

03  HART, Joel Tanner (1810-1877)  American sculptor - E

Dates unknown

Diary of Joel Tanner Hart  in  Filson Club History Quarterly  LXIV, No. 1, January, 1990.


HOLLAND, Henry [Sir] (1788-1873)  physician and traveller

April 18th. to August 7th. 1810

Travel diary of a trip to Iceland; a very full and detailed account of the country, people and customs.

The Iceland Journal of Henry Holland, 1810  edited by Andrew Wawn. London, Hakluyt Society, Second Series No. 168, 1987.


HUNNEWELL, Horatio Hollis (1810-1902) - E

Dates Unknown

Life, Letters and Diary  New York, De Vinne Press, three volumes, 1906.  

03  JACKSON, James [Dr.] (1810?-1832?) - E

Dates unknown

“A paternal homage to the author's son, who had studied and made an important study on the cholera epidemic raging through Paris during his time there.”

A Memoir of james Jackso, Jr. M>D>, With Extracts from His Letters to His Father, and Medical Cases Collected by Him  Boston, 1835, is reported to contain diary material.

KENNEDY, James Shaw [Gen. Sir] (1788-1865) - B173

January to July 1810

Matthews: War diary; kept as aide-de-camp to General Crauford; outpost operations in Peninsular War between Coa and Agueda; his movements; military dispositions; battle of Alameda.

A Manual of Outpost Duties  London, 1851, pp 156-232.


McBRIDE, James (1788-1859)  of Hamilton, Ohio - A217,M1867

June to July 1810

Matthews: Letter-journal; brief notes on journey to Lexington, Kentucky.

In  Ohio Historical and Philosophical Society Quarterly Publications  V, 1910, pp 21-27.  

03  MARIE-LOUISE, Empress (Maria Ludovica Leopoldina Franziska Therese Josepha Lucia) (1791-1847)  Empress of France (wife of Napoleon) - E


The Private Diaries of Empress Marie-Louise, Wife of Napoleon I  New York, Appleton, 1922.

03  MITCHEL, Ormsby MacKnight (1810?-1862)  American astronomer and major general in the Civil WarE

 Dates unknown

Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel  a biography bt F.A.Mitchel, Houghton, 1887, is reported to contain diary material.

03  MURRAY, Terence Aubrey [Sir] (1810-1873)  Irish born Australianpastoralist and parliamentarian - E

 Dates unknown

Murray of Yarralumla  a biography by G.Wilson, Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1968, is reported to contain diary material.

03  MOORE, George Henry (1810-1870)  Irish politician and huntsman - E

 Dates unknown

An Irish Gentleman: George Henry Moore;His Travel, His Racing, His Politics  London, T.Werner Laurie, 1900, is reported to contain diary materialys

NAPIER, Charles James [Gen. Sir] (1782-1853) - B174

April 1810 to 1851

Matthews: Military diary (very copious extracts); a full and detailed record of his army life and career; interspersed with letters; much about his personal and social life.

The Life and Opinions of General Napier  by Sir W.Napier. London, two volumes, 1857.


NUTTALL, Thomas (1786-1859) English botanist and zoologist inAmerica - *M1868,E

a) - Nuttall's Travels into the Old Northwest  in  Chronica Botanica  1950/1951

b) - Journal of Travels into the Arkansas Territory  Arthur Clark, 1905 and University of OIklahoma, 1980.

Note: See also  Thomas Nuttall, Naturalist: Explorations in America, 1808-1841  by Jeanette E.Graustein. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, 1967.  

03  OUSELEY, William [Sir] (1767-1842)  British orientalist - E

 1810 to 1812

Travels in Various Countries of the East  London, three volumes, 1819, is reported to contain diary material.

PAUL, Robert (1788-1866)  Scottish banker - B174


Matthews: Business diary; his business affairs as bank manager; political events and affairs of the Free Church of Scotland; his own religious life and self-correction.

Memoir of Robert Paul  by Benjamin Bell. Edinburgh, 1872.


PELET, Jean Jaques Germain, Baron (1777-1858) - E

1810 to 1811

The French Campaign in Portugal, 1810-1811: An Account  Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


POTTINGER, Henry [Sir] (1789-1856)  soldier and diplomatist


1. - Travels in Beloochistan and Sinde; accompanied by a Graphical and Historical Account of those Countries  London, 1816.

2. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 206-208.

PRICE, William (1780-1830)  orientalist - D249

1810 to 1812

Matthews: Travel diary; embassy to Persia; descriptions of Persian life, culture, architecture.

Journal of the British Embassy to Persia  London, 1832.

RAWLE, William  - of Philadelphia - C981


Matthews:  Travel diary; an American lawyer's journey through Lower Canada; notes on law, lawyers, constitution, etc.

Canadian Historical Review  IX, 1928, pp 38-45.


REYNOLDS, Stephen W. (1782-1857)  American merchant in Hawaii - *M3326,E

a) - 1810 to 1813 -

The Voyage of the New Hazard to the Northwest Coast, Hawaii and China, 1810-1813, by Stephen Reynolds, a member of the crew  edited by F.W. Howay. Salem, Peabody Museum, 1938. Reprinted, Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon Press, 1970.

b) - 1823 to 1829

Journal of Stephen Reynolds, Vol. 1: 1823-1829  edited by Pauline N. King. Honoloulou, 1989.

c) - From 1851

The Old Complaint of Stephen Reynolds  by David A.Ward in  Hawaiian Journal of History  VII, 1973.

Note: It is probable, but has not been confirmed, that these diaries are all by the same Stephen Reynolds.

STANHOPE, John Spencer (1781-1873) - B174

1810 to 1813

Travels in Spain; capture by French and imprisonment in Spain and France. The travel portion was written day to day; the imprisonment at Barcelona, in the depot at Verdun in 1811 and 1812; then to the time of his escape, at Hohenloe palace in 1813; and the remainder on his return to England. The whole was rewritten ten years later.

In  Memoirs of Anna Marie Wilhelmina Pickering  edited by Spencer Pickering. New York, Dodd Mead, London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1904, pp 347-553.


STEBBINS, William - *M1869,E

The Journals of William Stebbins, Stratford to Washington in 1810  with an introduction by Leonard W. Labaree and notes by Pierce W. Gaines. Connecticut, Acorn Club, 1968, 750 copies.


SULIVAN, Bartholomew James [Sir] (1810-1890)  Admiral - E

Dates Unknown

In  Life and Letters of the Late Admiral Sir Bartholomew James Sulivan, K.C.B, 1810-1890  by Henry Norton Sulivan. London, John Murray, 1896.


TROLLOPE, Thomas Adolphus (1810-1892)  daughter of Frances Trollope (qv) and elder brother to Anthony Trollope   - E

Dates unknown

In  What I Remember  London, two volumes, 1887.

Note:  There are also a few references to and quotations from the diaries in   Frances Trollope: Her Life and Literary Work from George III to Victoria  London, two volumes, 1895.

TUKE, Samuel (1784-1857)  of York - B174

October 1810 to January 1849

Matthews: Quaker diary (copious extracts); reading and philological and Biblical studies; friendship with Lindley Murray; family life; Quaker religious life and meetings; his writing; education and social work in Yorkshire.

Memoirs of Samuel Tuke  London, two volumes, 1860.


TYLER, William Seymour (1810-1897) - E

Autobiography of William Seymour Tyler and related papers  privately printed, 1912, is reported to contain diary material.


WINSTANLEY, David  - Manchester schoolmaster - E

A Schoolmaster's Notebook  edited by Edith and Thomas Kelly. Chetham Society, Third Series, VIII, 1957.


WOOD, William Burke (1779-1861)  American actor - E

1810? to 1833?

Theatre manager's diary at the Old Drury of Philadelphia.

In  Old Drury of Philadelphia: A History of the Philadelphia Stage, 1800-1835, Including the Diary Or Daily Account Book of William Burke Wood, Co-Manager  compiled by James D.Reese. University of Pennsylvania, 1932. Reprinted, Greenwood Press, 1968.



01/02/03 - BACON, Lydia B.Stetson - *G36,*M1870,E

1811 to 1812

Mrs Lydia B Bacon's Journal, 1811-1812  in  Indiana Magazine of Hisory  December, 1944 and March, 1945.


BAKER, Daniel [The Rev.] (1791-1857)  born at Midway, Georgia, of Austin, Texas - A217,M1871

August 1811 to September 1848

Matthews: Religious journals (extracts); notes while author was student at Hampden Sidney College, work at Winchester, Virginia, work for formation of religious college at Austin, Texas, work at Holly Springs; mission to Texas.

The Life and Labours of the Rev. Daniel Baker  by William M.Baker. Third Edition, Philadelphia, 1859, pp 35-343. Passim.


BRACKENRIDGE, Henry Marie (1786-1871)  born at Pittsburgh - A217,M1872

April to August 1811

Matthews: Travel journal; up the Missouri River, travels in Louisiana from St. Charles to Manuel Lisa's fort near Mandan village; residence and return; accompanied Lisa in pursuit of the Astorians.

1. - First published in his  Views of Louisiana  Pittsburgh, 1814, pp 198-268.

2. - Expanded version, called second edition, published separately as  Journal of a Voyage up the River Missouri in 1811  Baltimore, 1815, 247 pp. Reprinted in  Early Western Travels  edited by R.G.Thwaites. Cleveland, 1904, Volume VI, pp 21-166.  

03  COX, Ross - E

From 1811?

“… a fur trader for the Pacific Fur Company. In 1811 he sailed from New York around the Horn to Hawaii and up the Columbia River. He resided on the Columbia River and surrounding areas for six years. He was not a hero but he was a survivor, and a sharp observer who wrote one of the best first-hand accounts of the fur trapper’s life.”

Adventures on the Columbia River  New York, 1832, is reported to contain diary material.

DOWNHAM, Thomas [Maj.] - of Royal Horse Artillery - B175

April 1811 to 1812

Matthews: Military diary; movements of army; campaigns during Peninsular War.

Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research  V, 1926, pp 178-186.  


ELY, Ezra Stiles [The Rev.] (1786-1861) - *M1873,E

1811 to 1813

Visits of Mercy; or the Journals of The Rev. Ezra Stiles Ely, D.D. written while he was stated preacher to the Hospital and Alms-House, in the City of New York  Philadelphia, Samuel F. Bradford, two volumes, 1829. Originally published as  The Journal of the Stated Preacher to the Hospital and Almshouse in the City of New York  New York, 1812, and  The Second Journal of the Stated Preacher to the Hospital and Almshouse in the City of New York  Philadelphia, 1815.  

03  EWART, James  - Scottish soldier - E

1811 to 1815

“This is the personal narrative of a young Scottish officer who was on garrison duties with the 93rd Highland Regiment of Foot. He also accompanied his regiment to Florida where he took part in the British attempt to capture New Orleans. A keen observer his narrative of travels in the Cape is of particular interest as social commentary.”

James Ewart’s Journal. Covering His Stay At The Cape Of Good Hope (1811-1814) & His Part In The Expedition To Florida And New Orleans (1814-1815)  Cape Town, Struik, 1970.

FISHER, William (1775-1861)  Lancashire farmer

1811 to 1859, irregular

Farming diary; births, deaths, marriages; accidents.

Discussion and brief extracts in  Lancashire Diarists; Three Centuries of Lancashire Lives  by J.J. Bagley. Chichester, Phillimore, 1975, pp 198-205.  

03  FORBES, Margaret - E


In  Voyage of the Midas, 1811  by R.B.Forbes, Boston.

03  GADDIS, Maxwell Pierson (1811-1888)  Methodist itinerant preacher - E

Dates unknown

Footprints of an Itinerant  Cincinnati, 1880, is reported to contain diary material.

03  GRIFFIN, Jane - E


Jane Griffin’s journal of a Visit to Cambridge, June-July, 1811  in  Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society  XCI, 2002.


GROVE, Charlotte (1783-1860)

1811 to 1860

Private diary; social and family affairs at Ferne House, near Shaftesbury; her sister, Harriet's romance with Shelley; marriage to the Rev. Richard Downes in 1827; parish affairs. Entries are generally brief and become excessively discreet in later years but the long time span and consistent nature of the diary makes it a valuable social record.

In  The Grove Diaries: The Rise and Fall of an English Family, 1809-1925  edited by Desmond Hawkins. Stanbridge, The Dovecote Press, 1995, pp 97-204.


GUBBINS, Joseph [Colonel]  - British soldier - *M1874,E

New Brunswick Journals of 1811 & 1813  edited by Howard Temperley. Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1980.  

03  GUNNISON, Nathaniel [Rev.] (1811-1871) - `E

Dates unknown

An Autobiography of the Rev. Nathaniel Gunnison: With Extracts from His Diaries, Scrap Books and Public Prints  privately printed, Brooklyn, 1910.


GUTIERREZ de LARA, José Bernardo - *M1875,E

Diary  in  American Historical Review  October, 1928 and January, 1929.


HEMPSTEAD, Stephen, Sr. - *H401,*M1876,E

From 1811

"I at Home"  in  Missouri Historical Society Bulletin  in many issues from 1956 to 1966.  

03  HUNT, Eugenia Dorothea Vaughan Hunt (1811-1873)  wife of a Texas plantation owner - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (6025) has  Diary  Waco Texas, 1975. The publication has not been identified.

01/02/03 - HUNT, Wilson Price (1783-1842)  of Trenton, New Jersey - A217,*M1877

July 1811 to February 1812

Matthews: Travel and exploration journal; overland trip with companions from St. Louis to mouth of Columbia River by a new route across the Rockies; notes on adventures, topography, natural history; good reading.

  - 1. - In  The Discovery of the Oregon Trail  edited by P.A.Rollins. New York, 1935, Appendix A, pp 281-308.  

2. - The Overland Diary of Wilson Price Hunt  The Oregon Book Society, 1973, 67pp.


HYDE, Nancy Maria [Miss] (1792-1816)  of Norwich Connecticut - A217,M1878

February 1811 to September 1812

Matthews: Private diary; work as teacher in a girl's school; full entries in literary style; Christian reading, literary reading (Scott, Rogers, Burns, etc.), sermons, gardening, social life, reflections; many original verses; a rather interesting, genteel diary.

The Writings of Nancy Maria Hyde  Norwich, Connecticut, 1816, pp 27-210.  

03  JONES, Jehu Glancy (1811-1878)  Pennsylvania Democrat - E

Dates unknown

The Life and Public Services of J.Glancy Jones  by Charles Henry Jones, Lippincott, two volumes, 1910, is reported to contain diary material.

JONES, John Thomas [Maj. Gen. Sir] (1783-1843)   of Royal Engineers - B175

March 1811 to August 1814

Matthews: Military diary; sieges by Wellington's army in Spain; bombardments and engineering work; written up with notes and comments; professional account of sieges, Badajos to Flushing.

Journal of Sieges  London, two volumes, 1846.


KENDALL, Amos - *M1879,E

In  Autobiography of Amos Kendall  edited By William Stickney. Boston, Lee and Shepard, 1872. Reprinted, New York, Peter Smith, 1949.  

KOHLMEISTER, Benjamin Gottlieb (1785?-1874) and KNOCH, George (1770?-1857) - C656

June to October 1811

Matthews: Religious journal; journey of Moravian (Unitas Fratrum) missionaries to Ungava Bay to explore the coast and convert the Eskimos.

Journal of a Voyage from Okkak on the Coast of Labrador to Ungava Bay  London, 1814.


LAWRENCE, John Laird Mair, first baron (1811-1879) - E

Dates unknown

Life of Lord Lawrence  by R.Bosworth Smith, two volumes, London, Smith Elder, 1883, is reported to contain diary material.  

03  LONGSTRETH, Mary Anna (1811-1884)  American school teacher - E

Dates unknown

In  Memoir of Mary Anna Longstreth, by an Old Pupil  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1886.


LOSH, James (1763-1833)  of Newcastle on Tyne, barrister, businessman and bibliophile - H402,B128

1811 to 1833

Selections from a very regular and extensive private diary; legal practice; business affairs and railway promotion; property transactions; family and children; religion; social events, dinners and entertainments; reading, politics, Lord Grey et al.; news; reading. A very good picture of the life of a prosperous professional man.

The Diaries and Correspondence of James Losh  edited by Edward Hughes. Volume I (Diary 1811-1823) Surtees Society Vol. CLXXI, 1962; Volume II (Diary 1824-1833) Surtees Society Vol. CLXXIV, 1963.

Note: Matthews refers only to the diary in manuscript.


MACLEAN, William (1756-1825)  of Lincoln County, North Carolina, physician - A218,M1880

May to June 1811

Matthews: Travel diary; from Lincoln, North Carolina, to Nashville, Tennessee; notes of inns, people, towns, expenses; lively record.

In  North Carolina Historical Review  XV, 1938, pp 378-388.


MACLEOD, John - *M1881,E

Diary  in  Collections of North Dakota Historical Society  1908.


MILLER, Robert Johnstone - *H403,*M1882,E

1811 and 1813

Journals  in  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography  1953.


MILLS, John [Ensign]  of 1st. Battalion, Coldstream Guards

(Annotation based on extracts)

1811 to 1812

Military diary in the Peninsula; a very good, detailed account of the siege of Burgos; some criticism of Wellington.

1. - In  For King and Country: The Letters and Diaries of John Mills, Coldstream Guards, 1811-1814  edited by Ian Fletcher. Spellmount, 1995.

2. - Extracts: Lewis, pp 29-42.


MORSE, Samuel Finley Breese (1791-1872) - *M1883,E

Samuel F. B. Morse: His Letters and Journals  edited by Edward Lind Morse. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, two volumes, 1914. Reprinted, New York, Da Capo Press, 1973.

NAPLES, Joshua  - resurrectionist - B176

November 1811 to December 1812

Matthews: Professional diary; account of the activities of a "body-snatcher" supplying bodies to anatomy teachers, based on a manuscript diary in Library of Royal College of Surgeons; operations in London graveyards; colleagues, police; drunkenness; interesting cockney language.

1. - The Antiquary  XLIV, 1908, pp 420-423.

2. - The Diary of a Resurrectionist  edited by J.B.Bailey. London,Swan and Sonnenschein, 1896.

POCOCK, Robert (1760-1830) - D244

1811 to 1823

Matthews: Gravesend antiquarian, historian, naturalist, printer; work; extracts from diary.

Life  by George M.Arnold. London, 1883.


ROBINSON, Henry Crabb (1755-1867)  lawyer and critic - H404,B176,E

1811 to 1867

As printed this is a literary diary much concerned with reading, criticism, conversations and friendships, including Wordsworth, Coleridge and Lamb; also social life and travels.

1. - Diary, Reminiscences, and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson  edited by Dr. Thomas Sadler. London, Macmillan, three volumes, 1869. The third edition in two volumes appeared in 1872.

2. - Henry Crabb Robinson on Books and Their Writers  edited by Professor Edith Morley. London, Dent, three volumes 1938 (Diary extracts are confined to the first two volumes).

3. - The Diary of Henry Crabb Robinson, an Abridgement  edited by Derek Hudson. London, Oxford University Press, 1967. This is an abridgement of Professor Morley's book.

4. - The London Theatre 1811-1866: Selections from the Diary of Henry Crabb Robinson  edited by Eluned Brown. London, Society for Theatre Research, 1966.

5. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 84-90; and Ponsonby (1), pp 344-349.

SEARLES, Robert (1764-1820) - B176

June 1811 to March 1820

Matthews: Quaker introspection and religious experience.

Extracts from the Diary of Robert Searles  York, 1823.


SETON, Alfred - E


Alfred Seton's Journal: A Source for Irving's Tonquin Disaster Account  by Wayne R.Kime in  Oregon Historical Quarterly  LXXI, No.4, December, 1970.


SMART, William [Rev.] - E


Journal of the Reverend William Smart, 1811  Queen's University at Kingston, 1970.


SWABEY, [Lieut.] (1789?-1872)  soldier - B177,E

1811 to 1813

Matthews: Military diary; military details of campaigns and battles of the Peninsular War; descriptions of Portuguese, Spanish, French scenery and towns; notes on army life; his reading; a rather amusing record of a soldier with an unusually curious mind.

1. - Lieut. Swabey's Diary  edited by F.A.Whinyates. London, 1895. Reissued as  Diary of Campaigns in the Peninsula for the Years 1811, 12 and 13  London, trotman, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 342-344.


TAIT, Archibald Campbell (1811-1882)  Archbishop of Canterbury - E

Dates Unknown

In  Life of Archibald Campbell Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury  by Randall Thomas Davidson and William Benham. London and New York, macmillan, 1891. Passim.


TAYLER, Rowse  - of Newport, Rhode Island - A218,M1884

July to December 1811

Matthews: Travel journal-letter; Quaker family's journey by carriage from Newport to Ohio; notes on scenery, towns, local customs, horrors of taverns; settlement and farming at Smithfield, Ohio.

In  Bulletin of the Friends' Historical Society Philadelphia  VIII, 1918, pp 90-100; and IX, 1919, pp 18-26.

TAYLOR, Herbert [Gen. Sir] (1775-1839) - B177

January 1811 to June 1838

Matthews: Public diary; interspersed with letters; notes on Peninsular and other wars; the chief public and political affairs and diplomatic matters of the time; Reform Bill; court affairs; useful.

The Taylor Papers  edited by Ernest Taylor. London, 1913. Passim.

TAYLOR, Rowse - E


A Journey by Carriage from Newport, Rhode Island, to Smithfield, Ohio, 1811  in  Bulletin of the Friends Historical Society  VIII, 1919, pp 90-100 and IX, 1919, pp 18-26.


THACKERAY, William Makepeace ( 1811-1863)  English novelist - E

Dates Unknown

The Letters and Private Papers of William Makepeace Thackeray   collected and edited by Gordon N.Ray, Harvard, 1945, is reported to contain diary material.


TIPTON, John (1786-1839)  of Harrison County, Indiana, Senator - A218,*M1885

a) - September to November 1811

Matthews: Military journal; Tippecanoe campaign; interesting spellings.

In  Indiana Magazine of History  II, 1906, pp 170-184; reprinted from  Indianapolis News  May 5th. 1879.

b) - May to June 1820

Matthews: Surveying journal; journey to locate site for state capital.

In  Indiana Magazine of History  I, 1905, pp 9-15 and 74-79; reprinted from  Indianapolis News  April 17th. 1879.


TILDEN, William Phillips (1811-1890) - E

Dates Unknown

Journal extracts.

In  William Phillips Tilden: Autobiography and personal Tributes  Boston, 1901, passim.


Van OSDEL, John M. (1811-1892) - E

Dates Unknown

In  Sixty Years a Builder: The Autobiography of Henry Ericsson  Chicago, Kroch, 1942. "Part II, 'From Iron Fronts to Steel Frame' pp 121-242, is based on the records of John M.Van Osdel".


WALKER, Adam  - of 4th. U.S. Infantry Regiment - A218,M1886

April 1811 to May 1812

Matthews: Military journal; two campaigns of the Fourth Infantry Regiment in Michigan and Indiana; fairly good narrative but written up from notes.

1. - A Journal of Two Campaigns  Keene, New Hampshire, 1816, 143 pp.

2. - In  Indiana Historical Collections  1922, pp 693-710.

3. - In  American State Papers, Military Affairs  I, pp 268-295.


WARDEN, David Bailie (1774-1845)  born in Ireland, professor and statesman - A218,M1887

August to September 1811

Matthews: Sea journal; aboard frigate Constitution, cruise from Annapolis to Cherbourg.

In  Maryland Historical Magazine  XI, 1916, pp 127-141 and 204-217.


WARREN, Jonathan Mason [Dr.] (1811-1867)  American physcician - E

Dates unknown

A few extracts from his journal.

In  Memoir of Jonathan Mason Warren, M.D.  by Howard Payson Arnold. privately printed, Boston, 1886.


WATSON, John - *H405,*M1888,E


Journey of a Pennsylvania Quaker to Pioneer Ohio  Cincinnati Historical Society, 1968.


WOOLVERTON, Jonathan  - Canadian physician - E

Diary of a Canadian Country Physician (1811-1883)  in  Medical History  April, 1971.


YEARDLEY, John (1786-1858)  of London, Quaker - B177

October 1811 to July 1858

Many extracts from a Quaker diary; travels in the ministry in England and Wales and to Germany, Greece, Norway, Russia, Turkey and other countries; some good travel details, especially in Greece; family life; meetings, social and religious affairs and his work. One of the more attractive Quaker diaries.

Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley  edited by Charles Taylor. London, A.W.Bennett, 1859, pp 12-447. Passim.



ANONYMOUS,  scout of 17th. U.S. Infantry Regiment - A218,M1890

August to September 1812

Matthews: Military journal; notes on border warfare; relief of Detroit and Fort Wayne.

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  I, (1914-1915), pp 272-278.


ANONYMOUS - *M1889,*H410,E

1812 to 1814

Diary of an unknown officer aboard HMS Racoon sent by Great Britain to take possession of the fur trading post of Astoria, Oregon, during the war of 1812.

The Voyage of the Racoon: A Secret Journal of a Visit to Oregon, California and Hawaii, 1813-1814  edited by John A.Hussey. San Francisco, Book Club of California, 1958, 400 copies.


ABBOT, Ephraim (1779-1870)  missionary and agent of the Massachusetts Bible Society - E

(Not seen)

January to December 1812

Diary in Maine; daily activities; preaching; visits; letter writing.

In   Eastport and Passamaquoddy: A Collection of Historical and Biographical Sketches  by William Henry Kilby. Eastport, Maine, Edward E.Shead, 1888. Reprinted Eastport, Maine Border Historical Society, 2003.


ANDERSON, William (1812-1895) - E

Dates unknown

In  William and Louisa Anderson: A Record of Their Life and Work in Jamaica and Old Calabar  compiled by William Marwick. Edinburgh, Andrew Elliott, 1897.

ASKIN, Charles [Capt.] (b.1780)  soldier - A218,*C82,M1891

July to September 1812

Matthews: Military journal; services with Canadian militia; surrender of Detroit; Fort Dearborn massacre.

1. - Canadian Archives Publications  No. 7, 1912, pp 235-248.

2. - Mississippi Valley Historical Review  I, 1914-1915, pp 561-565.


ASKIN, John - A218,M1892

June 1812 to March 1815

Matthews: Diary; scattered, brief, and miscellaneous entries, mainly news and events of the war.

In  Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society Collections  XXXII, 1902, pp 468-474.


AUSTIN, Stephen Fuller (1793-1836)  founder of Texas - A219,M1893

a) - May 1812 to February 1813

Matthews: Travel diary; observations on Mississippi River navigation, effects of an earthquake at New Madrid, travel in Mississippi.

In  American Historical Association Annual Report, The Austin Papers  II, 1919, Part I, pp 205-209.

b) - June to September 1821

Matthews: Travel diary; first trip to Texas; exploration for site of the colony; from New Orleans to "Nachitoches" by boat and then inland; mainly impersonal description.

In  Texas Historical Association Quarterly  VII, (1903-1904), pp 286-307.

c) - August to September 1824

Matthews: Military diary; campaign against the Karankaways.

In  American Historical Association Annual Report, The Austin Papers  II, 1919, Part I, pp 885-887.

d) - December 1833 to April 1834

Matthews: Prison diary; Mexico; observations on the Catholic church; descriptions of Salamanca, Leon, San Luis Potosi, etc.; arrest and imprisonment; philosophising.

In  Texas Historical Association Quarterly  II, (1898-1899), pp 184-210.


AXTELL, Samuel Loree  - early settler in Macomb County, Michigan - E

From 1812

Long Ago, Not far Away: from the Diary of Samuel Loree Axtell  edited by Bernie Munneke. Troy, Michigan Historical Museum, 1981.  

03  BARNARD, Charles H. - E

1812 to 1816

Marooned: Being a Narrative of the Sufferings and Adventures of Captain Charles H.Barnard, Embracing an Account of the Seizure of His Vessel at the Falkland Islands &c. 1812-1816  edited by Bertha S.Dodge, Wesleyan University Press, 1979 and Syracuse University Press, 1986.


BEALL, William K.  - of Kentucky, assistant quartermaster general, United States Army - A219,M1894

July to August 1812

Matthews: Military diary; in the Ohio country under Hull; capture by the British; comic opera plot.

In  American Historical Review  XVII, (1911-1912), pp 783-808.


BLACKMAN, Learner - *H406,*M1895,E

From 1812

Diary of a Chaplain in Andrew Jackson's Army  in  Tennessee Historical Quarterly  1953  .

03  BLAKESLEE, Samuel - E


Journal of Samuel Blakeslee  in  Buffalo Historical Society  VIII, 1905, pp 419-438.


1812 to 1814

Matthews: War journal; a Frenchman's account of travels into Upper Canada; notes of war with the Americans.

Canadian Antiquarian Journal  III, 1900, pp 1-168.


BOURGOGNE, Jean Baptiste François (1785-1867)  French soldier

March 1812 to January 1813

Military memoirs in the character of a diary but written from notes made in 1813 after the event; a vivid account of Napoleon's capture of Moscow and the subsequent retreat.

Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne (1812-1913)  edited by Paul Cottin and Maurice Henault. London, Heinemann, 1899; reissued Constable, 1996.  

03  BRUNTON, John (1812-1899)  railway engineer in India - E

Dates unknown

Johyn Brunton’s Book: Being the Memories of John Brunton (1812-1899), Engineer, froma a manuscript in his own hand written of his grandchildren  Cambridge University Press, 1939. Reissued as  The Diary of John Brunton, Engineer, East India railway Company  Karachi, City Press, 1997.

03  CALLOW, William (1812-1908)  English artist - E

Dates unknown

William Callow: An Autobiography  edited by H.M.Cundall, London, Black, 1908, is reported to contain diary material.

03  CAMPBELL, James (1812-1893)  of Philadelphia, American Postmast General - E

Dates unknown

In  American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia  V, 1894, pp 265-303 (?).


CARR, Francis  - of Bangor, Maine, Congressman - A219,M1896

May to July 1812

Matthews: Political diary; kept during author's service as Congressman; brief notes, mainly political.

In  Bangor Historical Magazine  II, (1886-1887), pp 214-216.

COLLINS, William (1788-1847)  painter - B178

January 1812 to May 1846

Matthews: Painter's diary (extracts); largely devoted to his work, commissions, and career as a painter; travels in Italy with art interests; notes on his health.

Memoirs of the Life of William Collins  by William Wilkie Collins. London, two volumes, 1848.


CUSHING, Daniel Lewis - *M1897,E

Captain Cushing in the War of 1812  Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, 1944.


DARNELL, Elias  - of Kentucky - A219,M1898,E

August 1812 to February 1813

Matthews: Military journal; Winchester's expedition against Canada with Kentucky volunteers and regulars; hardships, battles, suffering, captivity.

1. - A Journal, Containing an Accurate and Interesting Account  etc., Philadelphia, 1854, 98 pp.   Another edition, Berea, Kentucky, 1970.

2. - Magazine of History  Extra No. 31, New York, 1914, pp 1-53.  

03  De VEAUX, James (1812-1844)  American portrait painter - E

Dates unknown

“Gibbes used De Veaux's letters and journal entries, along with his own writing, to show the antebellum Southern world of art and its patrons, as well as a young Southern artist's sense of the European art world and its connections with the American South.”

In  Memoir of James De Veaux of Charleston, S.C., Member of the National Academy of Design, New York  by Robert W.Gibbes, Columbia, 1846. Revised edition with an introduction by Alexander Moore, University of South Carolina Press, 2012.

DUDLEY, Elizabeth (1779-1849)  of London - B178

October 1812 to November 1837

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); her religious life, travels, and ministry throughout England; meetings, social work, and visits; prisons.

Memoirs of Elizabeth Dudley  edited by Charles Tylor. London, 1861.


EVANS, Amos Alexander (1785-1848)  of U.S. Navy, surgeon - A219,M1899

June 1812 to February 1813

Matthews: Sea journal; cruise on the Constitution.

1. - In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  XIX, 1895, pp 152-169, 374-386 and 464-480.

2. - Extracts in  Patriotic Marylander  III, pp 177-186.  

3. - Journal Kept on Board the United Sates Frigate Constitution, 1812  Paul Clayton, 1928; Reprinted, Lincoln Massuchusetts, 1967.


From 1812 (?)

Matthews: The military career of four Staffordshire men in the Peninsular War, and war of 1812; Waterloo; U.S.A.; largely extracts from diaries.

Military Memoirs of Four Brothers  by Capt. Thomas Fernyhough. London, 1829.  

03  FEZENSAC, Raymond Aymery Philippe Joseph de Montesquiou  - French general - E


“… a fine English translation of a short, graphic, and accurate mid-level young professional officer's view of Napoleon's Russian campaign. Fezensac was a staff officer from the Niemen to Borodino who participated in the Russian campaign from beginning to end, and was admirably placed to see both the glittering constellation around the emperor and the humble fraternity of the field. The long and incredibly trying retreat from Moscow is the main subject of his journal, and his great courage and candor make the account all the more moving.”

The Russian Campaign of 1812  University of Georgia Press, 1970.


FLAGET, Benedict Joseph (1763-1850)  first Catholic bishop of Bardstown, Kentucky - A219,M1900

January to November 1812

Matthews: Catholic churchman's journal; diocesan work of bishop of Kentucky; journey to Baltimore; mostly brief, formal notes of his work, but more expansive at Baltimore. Translated from the French.

American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia Records  XXIX, edited by W.J.Howlett. 1918, pp 37-59, 153-169 and 231-249.

FOX, William Johnson [The Rev.] (1786-1864)  M.P. for Oldham - B178

August 1812 to October 1815

Matthews: Clerical diary (extracts); work at Chichester; reading (varied) and comments; sermons, family, travel, and theatres.

Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Fox  edited by Franklin Fox. London, 1869, pp 25-65.  

03  FULLERTON, Georgiana [Lady] (1812-1885)  English novelist - E

Dates unknown

“A memoir of Lady Georgiana Fullerton with notes of retreat and diary.”

The Inner Life of Lady Georgiana Fullerton  by Nicholas Furlong, London, 1899.

03  GAYLORD, Reuben [Rev.] (1812-1880)  missionary pioneer in Nebraska - E

Dates unknown

Life and labours of Rev. Reuben Gaylord, Home Missionary for Iowa and Nebraska  by Mary Welles Gaylord, Omaha, Rees Printing, 1889, is reported to contain diary material.


GODDARD, Benjamin - *M1901,E

In  Brookline Historical Society Proceedings  XVIII.


HEALD, Nathan [Maj.] (b.1775)  of New Ipswich, New Hampshire - A220,M1902

August 1812 to January 1822

Matthews: Military journal; march from Chicago to Detroit; attack by Indians; miscellaneous biographical notes; brief scattered notes.

In  Chicago and the Old Northwest  by M.M.Quaife. University of Chicago Press, 1913, pp 402-405.


HORRY, Peter [Gen.] (1747-1815)  of Winyah Bay, South Carolina - A220,M1903

June to October 1812

Matthews: Personal diary; plantation and domestic details; work, relaxation, musings; good picture of an elderly, well-to-do, active, Southerner.

In  South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine XXXVII, 1937, pp 81-86 and 116-119; XXXIX, 1938, pp 46-49, 96-99, 125-128 and 157-189; XL, 1939, pp 11-14, 48-51, 91-96 and 142-144; XLI, 1940, pp 15-18; XLII, 1941, pp 8-11, 72-75, 118-121 and 189-193; XLIII, 1942, pp 57-60, 125-128, 181-184 and 251-255; XLIV, 1943, pp 55-58, 124-129, 196-199 and 255-257; XLV, 1944, pp 51-55, 116-119, 177-181 and 222-225; and XLVI, pp 54-56 (In progress, 1946, but no continuation noted by Havlice)

HOUGH, Henry [Lieut.] (1791-1833)  of Royal Artillery - B178

March 1812 to May 1813

Matthews: Military diary; brief daily diary of artillery officer in Peninsular War; details of battle of Salamanca; siege of Burgos; liberation of Madrid.

Journal of Second Lieut. Henry Hough  edited by Meyer J.H.Leslie. London, 1916.


HUNTINGTON, Susan [Mrs.] (1791-1823)  of Boston - A220,M1904

March 1812 to December 1822

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); a record of the Lord's dealings with her, reflections on religion and her own life, family notes in this light, self-analysis.

Memoirs of the Late Mrs. Susan Huntington  Boston, 1826, pp 62-353. Passim.


J., W.E


Extracts from a Journal Kept During a Voyage from Philadelphia to Calcutta, by way of the Isle of France on Board the Ship Harmony, Capt. Michael Brown, in the Year 1812


JONES, Noah - *H407,*M1905,E

July 15th to August 31st. 1812 and October 1812 to January 1813

The first journal is a log of the ship's maiden voyage; the second is a dramatic personal account of her second voyage.

Journals of Two Cruises Aboard the American Privateer 'Yankee' in the War of 1812 by A Wanderer  New York, Macmillan, 1967.

Note:  See also  Journal of the Yankee  in  Tales of an Old Sea Port  by Wilfred Munro. Princeton, 1917.  

03  JUDSON, Jane Cornelia (1812-1833) - e

Dates unknown

Memoir of Jane Cornelia Judson  Philadelphia, 1836, is reported to contain diary material.


LABAUME, , Eugène (1783-1849)


1. - A Circumstantial Narrative of the Campaign in Russia, embellished with plans of the battles of the Moskwa and Malo-Jaroslavits. Containing a faithful description of the affecting and interesting scenes of which the author was an eye-witness  Hartford, S. Andrus, 1816.

2. - The Crime of 1812 and Its Retribution; a new rendering into English of Labaume’s "Rélation circonstanciée de la campagne de Russie en 1812  by T. Dundas Pillans. London, A. Melrose, 1912.

LARPENT, Francis Seymour (1776-1845)  judge advocate - B179

September 1812 to July 1814

Matthews: Military diary; legal work, courts martial, military movements during the Peninsular War; mostly his work and personal experiences.

Private Journal of Francis Seymour Larpent  London, two volumes, 1853.  

03  LEECH, Samuel - E


“… written from the diary of an English lad (a protege of the duchess of the fifth Duke of Marlborough) who served in the British frigate Macedonian during her memorable action with the American frigate United States; who afterward deserted and entered the American Navy, was recaptured by the British and confined in a South African prison and on being released, again enlisted in the United States Navy.”

A Youthful Man-O’-Warsman  Greenlawn, New York, 1910.

01/02/03 - LUCAS, Robert [Capt.] (1781-1853)  of Scioto County, Ohio, Governor - A220,*M1906,E

a) - April to September 1812

Matthews: Military journal; disastrous Hull campaign of the volunteers in Ohio up to surrender of Detroit; return across Lake Erie and down Ohio to Portsmouth; valuable account of military affairs; interesting spellings.

In  Iowa Journal of History and Politics  IV, 1906, pp 343-437; also issued separately in 400 copies.

b) - In  Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly  LVIII.


LUTTIG, John C. (d.1815)  clerk of Missouri Fur Company, of St. Louis - A220,*M1907

May 1812 to March 1813

Matthews: Fur-trading journal; fur-trading expedition on the upper Missouri; extremely interesting in parts for social life of traders and Indians; some German-English features in spellings and syntax.

Journal of a Fur Trading Expedition  edited by Stella M.Drumm. St. Louis, Missouri Historical Society, 1920, 192 pp.


McFEELY, George [Lieut. Col.]  of 22nd. Infantry - E

Chronicle of Valor: The Journal of a Pennsylvania Officer in the War of 1812  edited by John C.Fredriksen in  Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine  LOXVII, July, 1984, pp 243-284.

M'KEEVOR, Thomas [Dr.]  - of Dublin - A220,C756

June to August 1812

Matthews: Travel journal; with Selkirk's expedition to Hudson's Bay; natural history, Indians, Eskimos, adventures.

A Voyage to Hudson's Bay  London, 1819, 76 pp.


MACHEBEUF, Joseph Projectus (1812-1889)  French Roman Catholic missionary, first Bishop of DenverE

Dates Unknown

In  Life of the Right Reverend Joseph P.Machebeuf, Pioneer Priest of Ohio, Pioneer Priest of New Mexico, Pioneer Priest of Colorado, Vicar apostolic of Colorado and Utah and First Bishop of Denver  by J.Howlett. Pueblo, Colorado, 1908.

MEINHARD [Maj.]  - German soldier - B179

January 1812 to February 1814

Matthews: Prisoner's diary; officer of Rhine Confederation; prisoner in Sanquahar, Scotland; usual notes on prison life and emotion; Scottish customs and character.

Transactions of Hawick Archaeological Society  1916.


MONTEFIORE, Moses Haim [Sir] (1784-1885) and MONTEFIORE, Judith [Lady] (1784-1862)  Jewish philanthropists - B179

1812 to 1883

Public diaries; the diaries of Sir Moses and his wife, summarised, occasionally expanded, and usually put into the third person; a full and important record, the more so because the original diaries were destroyed, of his financial business, his endless travels for humanitarian societies and Jewish emancipation, in Palestine, Russia, Africa, etc.; his municipal work in the City of London; notes on contemporary politics, court life and figures; society and social.

 1. Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore  edited by L.Loewe. London, two volumes, 1890. Facsimile reprint in one volume with a new index, London, The Jewish Historical Society of England and the Jewish Museum, 1983.  

2.  Extracts in  Sir Moses Montefirore, 1784-1885  a biography by Myrtle Franklin. Frederick Muller, 1984.

03  MOORCROFT, William (1767-1825)  English explorer, employee of the East India Company - E

 a) - 1812

Moorcroft and William Hearsey made an expedition into Tibet with the object of promoting trade.

A Journey to Lake Mansarovara  New Delhi, Gyan Books, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1819 to 1825

Travels in the Himalayan Provinces of Hindustan and the Panjab; in Ladakh and Kashmir, in Peshawar, Kabul, Kunduz and Bokhara; by William Moorcroft and George Trebeck, from 1819-1825  edited by Horace Hayman Wilson, London, John Murray, two volumes, 1841, may also contain diary material.

NEILSON, J.L.H. [Col.] - C882

1812 to 1814

Matthews: War journal; experiences of an officer in the war of 1812; along the border.

Queen's Quarterly  II, 1894 and III, 1895.  

03  NORTHCUTT, William B. - E


War of 1812 Diary of William B.Northcutt  edited by G.Glen Clift in  Register of the Kentucky Historical Society  April, 1958, pp 165-180; July, 1958, pp 253-269; October, 1958, pp 325-343.  


PICKARD, Hannah maynard [Mrs] (1812-1844) - E

Dates unknown

In  Memoir and Writings of Mrs. Hannah Maynard Pickard, Late Wife of Rev. Humphrey Pickard, A.M., Principal of the Wesleyan Academy at Mount Allison, Sackvillke, N.B.  by Edward Otheman. Boston, 1845.


PORTER, David [Capt.] (1780-1843)  of U.S.Navy - A220,M1908

October 1812 to August 1814

Matthews: Sea journal; cruise aboard the Essex in Pacific Ocean, Galapagos Islands, Marquesas Islands; description and travel notes.

1. - Journal of a Cruise Made to the Pacific Ocean  Philadelphia, 1815, two volumes in one. Reprinted New York, two volumes, 1822. Again reprinted Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, Gregg, 1970.

2. - Bound for Battle: The Cruise of the United States Frigate Essex in the war of 1812  New York, Harcourt, 1967, is an abridged version of the journal.


PUGIN, Augustus Welby Northmore (1812-1852)  English architetct - E

Dates unknown

Pugin: A Mediaeval Victorian  by Michael Trappes-Lomax, London, Sheed and Ward, 1932, is reported to contain diary material.


REYNOLDS, James [Dr.]  - surgeon's mate - A220,M1909

July to October 1812

Matthews: Prison journal; with Hull's expedition against Canada; capture with his patients near Fort Malden; journey to Quebec; on prison ship at Quebec; patriotic and antimonarchistic notes of moderate interest; some interesting spellings.

Journal of an American Prisoner  edited by G.M.Fairchild. Quebec, privately printed, 1909, 32 pp.


RIGGS, Stephen Return (1812-1883)  missionary and linguist amonmg the Sioux in Dakota - E

Dates unknown

Journal of a Tour from Lac-qui-Parle to the Missouri River  in  South Dakota Historical Collections  XIII, 1926, pp 330-344; reprinted from Miss. Her. (Missouri Herald?) XXXVII, 1841, pp 179-186.


ROACH, Isaac [Maj.] (d.1848)  of Philadelphia, soldier and politician - A221,M1910

July 1812 to April 1824

Matthews: Military journal; war services around Buffalo and the Lakes; Battle of Lake Erie; notes on later army life; moderate interest and apparently inaccurate.

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  XVII, 1893, pp 129-158 and 281-315.

ROEDER, Franz [Capt.] (1774-1840)  of the Hessian Lifeguards

1812 to 1813

Diary of an officer during Napoleon's invasion of Russia, edited with a narrative commentary. Vivid account of the invasion and horrors of the retreat, by an independent minded, sensitive and observant soldier who longed for home.

The Ordeal of Captain Roeder; From the Diary of an Officer in the First Battalion of Hessian Lifeguards during the Moscow Campaign of 1812-13  translated and edited by Helen Roeder. London, Methuen, 1960.


SCARBOROUGH, William Harrison (1812-1871)  American artist - e

Dates Unknown

William Harrison Scarborough, Portraitist and Miniaturist  by Helen Kohn Hennig, Columbia, South Carolina, 1937, is reported to contain diary material.

SCOTT, John Barber (1792-1862)  of Bungay, Suffolk - B179

January 14th. 1812 to December 31st. 1828

Generally rather impersonal diary (extracts) with much attention to public events. Prefaced by autobiographical notes from birth, which from May 1797 appear to have been abstracted from a diary; many of the later entries also have a retrospective element and appearance but it is not clear how far this is true to the manuscript rather than a product of the editorial method. English country and social life; local affairs in Bungay; politics, friends, interests; travels in France and Italy; meeting with Napoleon; some domestic and family notes.

An Englishman at Home and Abroad 1792-1828  edited by Ethel Mann. London, Heath Cranton, 1930.


SHARP, Robert  - Yorkshireman - E

1812 to 1837

Personal diary; Sharp was schoolmaster, constable, shopkeeper and tax collector in the Yorkshire village of South Cave; village life; local, national and international affairs; villagers and their conversations.

The Diary of Robert Sharp of South Cave: Life in a Yorkshire Village, 1812-1837  edited by Janice E.Crowther and Peter A.Crowther. Oxford University Press for the British Academy, Records of Social and Economic History, New Series, Volume 26, 1998.

Note: James Cummings (11161)  has  Diary  1938, which may be an untraced publication of this diary.


SMITH, Russell (1812-1896)  Scottish-American theatrical painter - E

Dates Unknown

Russell Smith, Romantic Realist  by Virginia Elnora Lewis, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1957, is reported to contain diary material.


SPEED, James (1812-1887)  American lawyer and politician and professor of law - E

Dates Unknown

In  James Speed  privately printed, Louisville, 1914.

01/02/03 - STUART, Robert (1785-1848)  born at Callander, Scotland, later of Michilimakinac County, Michigan, employee of Northwest Company - A221,M1911,E

June 1812 to May 1813

Matthews: Journal of fur trading and exploring; journey, mainly by canoe, up Columbia River from Astoria, via Tongue-Point, Klickitat River, Walla Walla River, Vinson Wash, American Falls, McCoy Creek, Moody Creek, Sweetwater River, North Platte, Nebraska, Wyoming, Nebraska, St. Louis; horseback journey from St. Louis to Green River, Kentucky; accounts of his adventures, with notes on scenery, natural history, Indians, etc.; extensive entries; a good example of a journal of exploration.

1. - The Discovery of the Oregon Trail  edited by P.A.Rollins. New York, 1935, 391 pp.

2. - On the Oregon Trail: Robert Stuart's Journey of Discovery  edited by Kenneth A.Spaulding. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1953.

UXKULL, Boris (1739-1870)  Estonian nobleman - H408

March 17th. 1812 to September 30th. 1819

Personal diary; military and amorous affairs of a supply officer in the Russian Army during the Napoleonic Wars; uninhibited and entertaining.

Arms and the Woman; The Diaries of Boris Uxkull 1812-1819  edited by Detlev von Uexkull, translated by Joel Carmichael. London, Secker and Warburg, 1966; New York, Macmillan, 1966.


Van HORNE, James - E


"Narrative of the captivity and sufferings of   James Van Horne, who was nine months a prisoner by the Indians on the plains of Michigan".

Narrative of James Van Horne on the Plains of Michigan  Middleboro, Massachusetts, Romaine, 1957, is reported to contain diary material.  

03  VIGER, Jaques (1787-1858)  antiquarian, archaeologist and first mayor of Montreal - E

1812? to 1814?

Reminiscences of the War of 1812-14, Being portions of the Diary of a Captain of the “Voltigeurs Canadien” While in Garrison at Kingston, etc.  translated from the French by J.L.Hubert Neilson. Privately printed, Kingston, 1895.


VOSSLER, Heinrich August [Lieut.] (1791-1848)  of Württemberg

February 17th. 1812 to January 24th. 1813 and February 3rd. 1813 to March 21st. 1814

Military diary, a firmly dated narrative based on contemporaneous notes; advance through Poland and Russia with the Württemberg contingent of the Grand Army; Borodino; turned back within six miles of Moscow; adventures and horrors of the retreat. After a very brief respite the Württembergers again join Napoleon against the new alliance of Russia and Prussia. The events which lead to his being taken prisoner by Cossacks; the journey to Czernigov and internment there; release upon Württemberg changing sides; the journey home. Very good accounts in both diaries of conditions, marches, and accommodation both of himself and native populations.

With Napoleon in Russia, 1812: The Diary of Lt. H.A.Vossler, a Soldier of the Grand Army 1812-1813  translated by Walter Wallich. London, Folio Society, 1969.


WALL, Garrett  - of Pittsburgh - A221,M1912

October 1812 to April 1813

Matthews: Military journal; brief notes of marches and encampment at Sandusky; little interest.

In  W.H.Egle's Notes and Queries  (Pennsylvania) 1900, pp 165-166.


WALTER, Jakob (1788-1864)  German soldier in the French army - E


Account of his service in the Napoleonic wars, principally in the Russian campaign. The book has not been examined but is understood to be a retrospective account with little, if any, contemporaneous material.

The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier  New York, Doubleday, 1991.


WATERHOUSE, Benjamin [Dr.] (1754-1846)  of Harvard University - A221,B180,M1913

a) - December 1812 to April 1815

Matthews: Prison diary; capture at sea by the British; imprisonment at Melville Island, near Halifax, Nova Scotia, and later at Chatham and Dartmouth in England; an extensive, carefully written diary recounting his daily life and news, together with a great deal of commentary and reflection on prison life and public affairs.

A Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts  Boston, 1816; reprinted  Magazine of History  Extra No. 18, New York, 1911, 272 pp.

b) - 1828 and 1835 to April 1844

Matthews: Diary (extracts); reminiscences, reflections, and memoranda; extracts relating to Harvard and the diarist's character.

In  Cambridge Historical Society Publications  IV, 1909, pp 25-37.


WEBBER, William [Capt.] (1787-1847)  of the Royal Artillery

August 28th. 1812 to June 16th. 1813

Military diary of an artillery officer in the Peninsular War; regular and immediate entries record the advance into Spain and retreat into winter quarters in Portugal; the 1813 campaign; good military details of marches and actions; sightseeing; notes on countryside, people and customs.

With the Guns in the Peninsula  edited by R.H.Wollocombe. London, Greenhill Books; Novato, Presidio Press, 1991.


WILSON, Robert Thomas [Gen. Sir] (1777-1849)  engineer - *H409,*B154,E

April 1812 to June 1814

Matthews: Military diary; public events, military campaigns and battles; his travels and personal services during his employment with European armies from Napoleon's invasion of Russia to the capture of Paris; strategy and diplomacy of the period illustrated by a rich abundance of notes drawn from the experience of a prominent actor.

1. - Private Diary of Sir Robert Wilson  edited by H.Randolph. London, two volumes, 1861.

2. - Life of Sir Robert Wilson  edited by H.Randolph. London, two volumes, 1862.

3. - General Wilson's Journal 1812-1814  edited by Antony Brett-James. London, William Kimber, 1964.


WOOD, Eleazar Derby (1783-1814) - E

1812 to 1813


Journal of the Northwestern Campaign of 1812-1813 under Major-General William H. Harrison  edited by Robert Boehm and Randall Buchman. The Defiance College Press, 1975.

WOOD, J.H. [Col.] - C1243


Matthews: War journal; extracts dealing with military affairs during the war of 1812.

Women's Canadian Historical Society Toronto Transactions  No. 5, 1905.


WYMAN, Morill [Dr.] (1812-1903)

Dates unknown

In  A Brief Record of the Lives and Writings of Dr. Rufus Wyman (1778-1842) and His Son Dr. Morrill Wyman (1812-1903)  by Morrill Wyman, Jr. Privately printed, Cambridge, Massachusetts, The Riverside Press, 1913. This is reported to contain a diary of 'Camping on the Peabody' by Morill Wyman and the author could possibly be Morill Wyman Jr.




Leaves From the War Log of The Nancy  Toronto, Rous and Mann, 1936. Reprinted, Ontario, Huronia Historical Development Council, 1960.


ANONYMOUS (James Cummings has Francis Phillips (pseud.)) - E

1813 and 1814

"This work contains portions of the account of the H.M.S. Racoon during a voyage to the Pacific Ocean in the years 1812 to 1813. This vessel was sent by Great Britain to take possession of the American fur- trading post at Astoria during the War of 1812, and the volume contains accounts of the visit to the Columbia River, northern California, and the Hawaiin Islands."

The Voyage of the Racoon: a ‘Secret Journal of a Visit to Oregon, california and Hawaii, 1813-1814  edited by W.Hussey. The book Club of California, 1958.


BAYARD, James Asheton (1767-1815)  born in Bohemia Manor, Senator from Delaware - A221,M1915

May 1813 to September 1814

Matthews: European travel diary; commissioner in negotiations with Great Britain; at Gothenburg, St. Petersburg, Riga, Berlin, Holland, London, Brussels, etc.; greater part in Russia at time when Alexander I was attempting mediation; very interesting details and impressions of diplomatic and aristocratic life and characters.

In  Papers of James A.Bayard, American Historical Association Annual Report  II, edited by Elizabeth Donnan, 1913, pp 385-516.


BEAUMONT, William (1785-1853)  army doctor and physiologist - A222,M1916,E

a) - 1811 to 1821

William Beaumont’s Formative Years: Two Early Notebooks, 1811-1821  New York, Schuman, 1946.

b) - March to May 1813

Matthews: Military-medical diary; medical notes of a surgeon's mate in the War of 1812; battle of Little York; storming of Fort George.

In  Life and Letters of Dr. William Beaumont  by Jesse S.Myer. St. Louis, 1912, pp 38-47. Reprinted 1939.

c) - May to September 1820

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); Pittsburgh to Mackinac; descriptions; long quotations from Benjamin Franklin.

In  Life and Letters of Dr. William Beaumont  by Jesse S.Myer. St. Louis, 1912, pp 74-85. Reprinted 1939.

d) - Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice and the Physiology of Digestion. Facsimile of the original edition of 1833 together with a biographical essay  New York, Dover Publications, 1959 and 1996, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: See also  Frontier Doctor: William Beaumont, America's First Great Medical Scientist by Reginald Horsman. University of Missouri Press, 1996.  

03  BLAXLAND, Gregory - E


“The 1813 crossing of the Blue Mountains was the expedition led by Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth, which became the first successful crossing of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales by European settlers.The crossing enabled the settlers to access and use the land west of the mountains for farming, and made possible the establishment of Australia"s first inland settlement at Bathurst.”

A Journal of a Tour of Discovery Across the Blue Mountains, New south Wales, in the Year 1813  Sydney, 1870, many times reprinted.


BONNER, James [Capt.] - A222,M1917

October 1813 to April 1814

Matthews: Military journal (extracts); events in the war; Upper Sandusky and Fort Meigs, Ohio; Indian notes.

In  Western Reserve and Northern Ohio Historical Society Tracts  No. 49, 1879, pp 103-104.


BYRON, George Gordon Noel, sixth Baron (1788-1824)  poet - B180

a) - November 14th. 1813 to April 19th. 1814

Private diary; notes on his life, work and thoughts; lively and spontaneous; fragmented; excellent. Given to Thomas Moore and published with omissions, but no other text has survived.

b) - September 17th. to 29th. 1816

Alpine journal of a tour with Hobhouse, written for his sister. Extracts published by Moore, in full by Prothero.

c) - January 4th. to February 27th. 1821

Journal at Ravenna; reading; thoughts; feelings; less lively than the first journal. Published by Moore, with omissions, and subsequently lost.

d) - May 1st. 1821 to May 18th. 1822

Notes and jottings of miscellaneous thoughts and recollections. Published, with one omission, by Prothero.

e) - September 28th to 30th. and December 17th. 1823

Journal in Cephalonia. Published by Prothero.

The main editions are:

1. - Letters and Journals of Lord Byron: with Notices of His Life  by Thomas Moore. London, two volumes, 1830.

2. - The Works of Lord Byron. A New, Revised and Enlarged Edition. Letters and Journals  edited by Rowland E.Prothero. London, six volumes, 1898-1901.

3. - All the known journals are contained in  Byron's Letters and Journals  edited by Leslie A. Marchand. London, John Murray, thirteen volumes, 1973-1994, in Volumes III, V, VIII, IX and XI.

4. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 121-127; Blythe, pp 312-317; Dunaway & Evans, pp 157-164; Fothergill; and Ponsonby (1) pp 264-271.  

03  CAMPBELL, John (1766-1840)  Scottish missionary and traveller - E

a) - 1812 to 1814

Travels in South Africa, Undertaken at the Request of the Missionary Society  London, 1815. Reprinted: Cape town, Struik, 1974.

b) - 1819 to 1821

Travels in South Africa, Undertaken at the Request of the Missionary Society; Being a Narrative of a Second Journey in the Interior of that Country  two volumes, may also contain diary material.


CHASE, Warren (1813-1891)  American spiritualist - E

Dates Unknown

Life of the Lone One: Or, Autobiography of the World's Child  Boston, 1853, is reported to contain diary material.


CHEVER, James, Jr. [Capt.] (1791-1857)  of Salem, privateersman - A222,M1918

 a) - December 1813 to April 1814

Matthews: Sea journal (extracts); cruise of the America.

 1. - In  Ships and Sailors of Old Salem  by Ralph D.Paine. New York, 1909, chapter xxiv, pp 489-495.  

2 - In  An Account of the Private Armed Ship America of Salem  in  Historical Collections of the Essex Institute  XXXVII. Extracts from the logs of fourth and fifth ships of this name, owned by the Crowninshield family.

b) - October 1814 to April 1815

In  An Account of the Private Armed Ship America of Salem  in  Historical Collections of the Essex Institute  XXXVII. Extracts from the logs of fourth and fifth ships of this name, owned by the Crowninshield family.


CRAWFORD, William Harris (1772-1834)  of Americus, Georgia, diplomat - A222,M1919

June to November 1813

Matthews: Private diary; journey from Washington to Pennsylvania; minister at French Court; meetings with famous politicians and statesmen, notes on places, social affairs, reading, plays, etc.; interesting diary.

1. - In  Smith College Studies in History  XI, No. 1, 1925, pp 9-52.

2. - Extracts in  Giant Days  by J.E.D.Shipp. Americus, Georgia, 1909, pp 101-115.  

03  DANIELL, William (1769-1837)  English landscape and marine painter - E

1813 to 1823

James Cummings (3198) has  Voyage round Great Britain  Tate Gallery and Scolar Press, two volumes, 1978.


DOW, Peggy (1780-1820)  wife of Lorenzo Dow - A222,M1920

January 1813 to July 1816

Matthews: Journal of vicissitudes; notes on camp meeting religion, as "supplementary reflections to the journey of her life".

Forms second part of  The Dealings of God, Man, and the Devil  and  History of Cosmopolite  by Lorenzo Dow, 1854 and Cincinnati, 1859, pp 663-708.


EGERTON, Charles Calvert - A222

Matthews, but not seen by him:

The Journal of an Unfortunate Prisoner on Board the British Prison Ship "Loyalist"  Baltimore, 1813.


FARADAY, Michael (1791-1867)  physicist - B181  ,E

a) - October 1813 to July 1814  and June to September 1841

Matthews: Scientific diary (extracts) kept while travelling in France and Italy with Sir Humphrey Davy; meteorological and chemical experiments. The 1841 diary is the record of a holiday in Switzerland.

Life and Letters of Michael Faraday  by Bence Jones. London, two volumes, 1870. Passim.

b) - Diary  edited by T.Martin. London, eight volumes, 1932-1936. This is exclusively a record of experiments.

c) - July 10th. to August 3rd. 1819

Journal of a walking tour through Wales; minute observation of topography; manufactures and mining processes; inns, people, weather; a most interesting, important and well observed record.

Contained in  Michael Faraday in Wales  by Dafydd Tomos. Gwasg Gee, 1972.  

d) - James Cummings (4063) has also  Chemical Notes  edited by Ryan Tweeney, Peter Peregrinus.

03  FAWKES [Mrs.] (probably Maria Fawkes (d.1813) first wife of Walter Fawkes, of Farnley Hall, friend and patron of J.M.W.Turner) - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings has  Diary  in  Turner’s Water Colours at Farnley Hall  The Studio, 1912.


FOGG, William [The Rev.] (1790-1859)  of Kittery, Maine - A222,M1921

April 1813 to August 1821

Matthews: Clergyman's journal; brief notes on weather, local affairs at Kittery, marriages, deaths, war news, church affairs, farming, parish meetings, fashions, journeys; description of President Monroe; verses.

In  Old Eliot  III, 1899, pp 7-9, 15-19, 33-36, 41-43, 76-80, 108-112, 124-127, 138-139, 164-168, 178-184 and 195-198.


FRANKLOW, John Philip - *M1922,E

In  South Carolina Historical Magazine  LV.


GALLATIN, James (1796-1876)  secretary to Albert Gallatin - A222,M1923

March 12th. 1813 to October 9th. 1827

Private diary; secretary, from the age of sixteen, to his father, Albert Gallatin, during negotiations leading to the Treaty of Ghent and the Treaty of Commerce, and later as American Minister to France and on a special mission to England. A lively and interesting account of social diplomatic and political affairs in France and England; family matters; love affairs; his sister; gossip and anecdote; glimpses of Napoleon, Wellington, George IV, Alexander I, etc. An excellent and valuable diary.

1. - A Great Peacemaker; The Diary of James Gallatin, Secretary to Albert Gallatin, U.S. Envoy to France and England 1813-1827 and Negotiator of the Treaty of Ghent  edited by Count Gallatin. London, William Heinemann, 1914. Reprinted as  The Diary of James Gallatin  New York, 1916. Again reprinted Westport, Connecticut, Greenwood, 1979.

3. - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 65-68.  

03  GELETT, Charles Wetherby (b.1813) - E

Dates unknown

In  A Life on the Ocean: Autobiography of Captain Charles Wetherby Gelett  Honolulu, 1917.


GERRY, Elbridge, Jr. (1791-1883) - A223,M1924

May to July 1813

Matthews: Travel diary; horseback journey, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, Pennsylvania; notes on social life of Washington; descriptions of Moravians; detailed and interesting notes.

1. - The Diary of Elbridge Gerry, Jr.  edited by Claude G.Bowers. New York, 1927, 222 pp.

2. - Extract in  Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings  XLVII, 1914, pp 523-528.


HAMTON, Aaron  - of New Jersey, Quaker - A223,M1925

May to June 1813

Matthews: Travel journal; New Jersey to Holland Purchase in New York State; notes on taverns, town, people, Indians; original verses.

In  New York History  XXI, 1940, pp 324-334 and 431-442.


HARTSELL, Jacob [Capt.] (1786-1843)  of Cherokee Creek, Washington County, Tennessee, farmer


October 1813 to January 1814

Matthews: Military diary; military movements, camp life, comments on Indians; many personal notes and comments; farmer's interests; many interesting incidents and good picture of diarist; some poems.

The J.Hartsell Memora edited by Mary H.McCown in  East Tennessee Historical Society Publications  XI, 1939, pp 93-115; and XII, 1940, pp 118-146.  

03  HENDERSON, William (1813-1891) - E

Dates unknown

My Life as an Angler  London, 1879, is reported to contain diary material.


HICKS, Elias [The Rev.] (1748-1830)  born at Hempstead, Long Island, of Jericho, New York


March 1813 to January 1820

Matthews: Quaker journal; introduced and followed by autobiography and memoirs; private life and religious work at Jericho; journeys and preaching in middle and southern states, New York, New England, and Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.; more general interest than the usual Quaker journal, with many notes of social life, reading, domestic work, etc.

Journal of the Life and Religious Labours of Elias Hicks  New York, 1832, pp 132-387.


HOWE, Joseph P. [The Rev.] (d.1830)  of West Lexington, Kentucky - A223,*M1928

October to December 1813

Matthews: Missionary journals; horseback journeys, preaching at various Presbyterian meetings in Kentucky.

In  Journal Presbyterian Historical Society  XVI, (1934-1935), pp 373-388.


INDERWICK, James (d.1815)  naval surgeon - A223,M1929

July to August 1813

Matthews: Sea diary (extracts); naval warfare; raiding English shipping off English and Irish coasts; defeat and capture of H.M.S. Pelican.

In  Bulletin of New York Public Library  XXI, 1917, pp 395-405.

JAMES, John Thomas (1786-1828)  student of Christ Church, Oxford - B181

1813 to 1814

Matthews: Travel diary; tour on Continent; customs, politics, society, topography of northern Europe; valuable account; illustrated.

Journal of a Tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, and Poland  London, two volumes, 1819.

KNOX, Jane Sophia Hope (VERE) (b.1790) - B181

January 1813 to June 1819

Matthews: Social diary (extracts); personal and social life in London society; musical interests; love affairs and marriage; later tour in Italy and France, with notes on towns, buildings, etc.

Memoirs of a Vanished Generation  edited by Mrs. Warenne Blake. London, 1909, pp 5-56.


LEE, Mary [Mrs.] (1783-1860)  of Boston and Brookline, Massachusetts - A223,M1930

January 1813 to April 1816

Matthews: Private diary; kept for her husband during his absence in India; family news, public affairs, religious reading, views on war and Napoleon.

In  Henry and Mary Lee, Letters and Journals  edited by Frances R. Morse. Boston, 1926, pp 167-226.

LETTSOM, John Coakley [Dr.] (1744-1815)  London physician - B181

January 1813 to December 1814

Matthews: Medical diary (extracts); social life and customs; London life; Coleridge's lectures and his own lectures at Surrey Institution; social and humane work; Royal Humane Society; medical work, president of Medical Society; Napoleon and public affairs; a good diary.

Lettsom: His Life  by James J.Abraham. London, 1933, pp 408-431.


LYTTELTON, Sarah (Spencer), Lady (1787-1870)

August 29th. 1813 to September 23rd. 1814

Travel diary, extracts interspersed with letters; a wedding tour in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany; dress, travel details, inns, customs; very good, lively account.

In  Correspondence of Sarah Spencer, Lady Lyttelton, 1787-1870  edited by The Hon. Mrs. Hugh Wyndham. London, John Murray, 1912, pp 156-197. Passim.  

02  McDONALD [Mr.] -

March25th.  to November 30th. 1813

Diary extracts; brief third person notes of the voyage from Portsmouth to Rio de Janeiro in the Isaac Todd in company with the Phoebe; joins with the Raccoon and Ceverel; transfers to the Phoebe; a mysterious explosion on board; anchorage at Cape Disappointment.

In The Oregon Country under the Union Jack  by B.C.Payette, Payetter Radio Ltd., Montreale, privately printed, 1961.

Note: The extracts are said to be taken from a journal in the Public Archives of Canada but there is nothing to indicate who McDonald was although the content suggests that he may have been a ship’s purser.

03  MACKINTOSH, Alexander - E


Leaves from the War Log of the Nancy, Eighteen Hundred and Thirteen  Toronto, Rous and Mann, 1936.

03  MACMILLAN, Daniel (1813-1857)  Scottish publisher - E

Dates unknown

Memoir of Daniel MacMillan  by Thomas Hughes, London, Macmillan, 1883, is reported to contain diary material.

03  MANIGAULT, Harriet  - of Philadelphia - E

1813 to 1816

“… glimpses of Philadelphia society and life…”

The Diary of Harriet Manigault 1813-1816  Rockland, Maine, 1976, 149pp.

MERRITT, William Hamilton [Hon.] (1793-1862) - A226,C824,M1955

a) - 1813 to 1852

Matthews: Private journal (extracts); his services in the war of 1812; travels in Canada and England; promotion of the Welland Canal and Canadian railroads; legal work; social and family life.

Biography of the Hon. W.H.Merritt  by J.P.Merritt. St. Catherines, 1875, pp 21-398. Passim.

b) - 1812

Matthews: His journal of his service in the Provincial Light Dragoons, along the Detroit-Niagara border during the war of 1812.

A Journal of Events  Historical Society of British North America, St. Catherine's, 1863.

c) - July to December 1814

Matthews: Prison journal; his captivity in New York State, and news of the war.

Select British Documents of the Canadian War of 1812  Toronto, Champlain Society, 1928, III, pp 623-648.


MORRELL, James - A224,M1931

August 1813

Matthews: Travel diary; Philadelphia to Ballston and Saratoga Springs; detailed and dull.

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  XXXIX, pp 425-433.

PALMER, Benjamin Franklin (1793-1824) of Stonington, Connecticut - A224,B181,M1932

December 1813 to April 1815

Matthews: Prison diary; kept while he was aboard British warships; in prison at Melville Island and at Dartmoor; detailed accounts of prison life, often in a Sterne-like manner; descriptions, philosophisings; an excellent prison diary.

The Diary of Benjamin Franklin Palmer  Acorn Club Publications, No. 11, New Haven, 1914, 274 pp., 102 copies.


PECK, John Mason (1789-1857)  born at Litchfield, Connecticut - A224,*M1933

June 1813 to February 1857

Matthews: Baptist missionary journals; extensive missionary journeys in trans-Allegheny region, mostly Illinois and Missouri; wide interests and good observations; much of it is a general diary of everyday affairs, weather, adventures, social conditions; one of the very best missionary journals.

Forty Years of Pioneer Life  by Rufus Babcock. Philadelphia, 1864, 360 pp. Reprinted Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press, 1965.


RODNEY, Daniel [Capt.] (1764-1846)  of Lewes, Delaware, judge - A224,M1934

March 1813 to April 1829

Matthews: Military and private diary; ship movements mostly; earlier part kept while author was destroying British cruisers in the Delaware; business notes.

In  Rodney's Diary and Other Delaware Records  edited by C.H.B.Turner. Philadelphia, 1911, pp 3-14.


SCHILLINGER, William [Ens.]  - of Ohio militia - A224,M1935

February to August 1813

Matthews: Military journal; with Hosbrook's company of Ohio militia, mainly at Fort Amanda building boats; garrisoning and provisioning of stockade and general work; news of siege of Fort Meigs; dislike of Kentucky troops; some interesting spellings.

In  Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly  XLI, 1932, pp 51-85.


SEARCY, Robert - *M1936,E

In Volume I of  Correspondence of Andrew Jackson  edited by John Spencer Bassett. Washington, D.C., Carnegie Institution of Washington, seven volumes, 1926-35.

SHELLEY, Frances [Lady] (1787-1873) - B185

December 20th. 1813 to March 15th. 1859, very long gaps after 1819

Society diary, notes and recollections of people and events; social life and politics; celebrities and royalty; travel; descriptions and anecdote; latterly bulked out with letters. There is a paucity of dated entries which may result from the editorial method.

1. - The Diary of Frances Lady Shelley  edited by Richard Edgcumbe. London, John Murray, two volumes, 1912 and 1913.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 318-320

STRUTT, John James (1796-1873)  of Terling, Essex - B182

1813 to 1837

Matthews: Farming diary and autobiography; military life with Essex Militia; quarrels with parents; social life; religion; public affairs and vestry work in Essex; farming; parish life of the poor.

The Strutt Family  by Charles R. Strutt  London, privately printed, 1939, pp 71-83.

TAIT, James A. (1791-1855)  of Dry Fork, Alabama, judge - A224,M1937

August 1813 to March 1814

Matthews: Military diary; with Capt. Smith on military expedition against Creek Indians; portraits of officers; battle of Auttose; Indian notes.

In  Georgia Historical Quarterly  VIII, 1924, pp 229-239.

THACKWELL, Joseph [Gen. Sir] (1781-1859) - B182

April 1813 to September 1848

Matthews: Military diaries (extracts); military life and service during the Peninsular War in Spain, Portugal, and France; Waterloo; campaigns, army movements and battles; later service at home and in India.

Military Memoirs of Sir Joseph Thackwell  edited by H.C.Wylly. London, 1908.


TORREY, Charles T. [The Rev.] (1813-1846) - E

Dates Unknown

Diary extracts in Memoir of Rev. Charles T. Torrey Who Died in the Penitentiary of Maryland, Where He Was Confined for Showing Mercy to the Poor  by Joseph C. Lovejoy. Boston, Jewett, 1847.

TUCKER, Thomas Edward(es) [Capt.]  - of 23rd. Regiment - B182

April 1813 to April 1816

Matthews: Military diary; brief details of movements of troops under Picton in Portugal during Peninsular War.

Transactions of the Historical Society of West Wales  X, 1924, pp 86-114.

TURNER, William (1792-1867)  diplomatist - B182

August 1813 to June 1814 and February 1815 to March 1816

Matthews: Travel diary; travels in Egypt, Syria, and Levant; very full descriptions of towns, scenery, buildings, architecture, customs, and ceremonies, especially at courts; much interesting detail about traditions; anecdotes and general information.

Journal of a Tour in the Levant  London, three volumes, 1820.

UPCHER, Abbot (1784-1819)

December 9th. 1813 to November 6th. 1816

Brief diary record of the purchase and improvement of his estate at Sherringham in Norfolk, and of the building of his house, Sherringham Bower.

Sherringhamia; The Journal of Abbot Upcher 1813-16  edited by Susan Yaxley. Dereham, The Larks Press, 1986. The first edition was limited to 400 copies but the diary was reprinted in 1987 and 1992.

VALPEY, Joseph, Jr. (1792-1816)  of Salem, Massachusetts, seaman - A224,B182,M1938

November 1813 to April 1815

Matthews: Prison diary; capture by British, imprisonment at Halifax and later at Dartmoor; notes on prison conditions; daily activities; poems by himself and other American prisoners; moderate interest.

Journal of Joseph Valpey  Michigan Society of Colonial Wars, 1922, 71 pp.

WHEATLEY, Edmund (1793?-1841)  soldier - H411

August 9th. 1813 to May 9th. 1814 and June 21st. 1814 to May 2nd. 1817

Military diary, addressed to the girl he eventually married, of an English ensign in the King's German Legion; France; England; Ostend; Waterloo; graphic descriptions of battles and camp life; wounds; taken prisoner but escapes. One of the best records of military life, enhanced by his sketches and watercolours.

1. - The Wheatley Diary; A Journal and Sketch-book Kept during the Peninsular War and the Waterloo Campaign  edited by Christopher Hibbert. London, Longmans, Green, 1964.

2. - Extracts: Blythe, pp 164-170.


WHITMAN, John B. - E

1813 to 1815

An Account of the Sandwich Islands: The Hawaiian Journal of John B.Whitman, 1812-1813  edited by John Dominis Holt. Salem, Peabody museum, Topgallant, 1979.


WINSLOW, Harriet Lathrop [Mrs.] (1796-1833)  born at Norwich, Connecticut - A225,M1939

November 1813 to December 1832

Matthews: Missionary journal (extracts); religious self-analysis, some social items, reflections on heathens; teaching in school for the poor; journey to New England; marriage; voyage to Calcutta and Jaffna; thirteen years as missionary in Ceylon.

Memoir of Mrs. Harriett L.Winslow  by Miron Winslow. New York, 1840, pp 24-441. Passim.

WOODBERRY, G. [Lieut.] (b.1792)  of 18th. Hussars - B182

January 1813 to July 1815

Matthews: Military diary; account of military duties, social activities, local scenery and customs, like the Carnival, etc., during the Peninsular Campaign, and in France, as well as battles in which he took part; interesting and with considerable detail.

Journal du Lieutenant Woodberry  Traduit par George Helie. Paris 1896. It is not certain that this diary has been printed in English.


YOST, Robert - A225,M1940

December 1813 to January 1814

Matthews: Military journal; march from St. Clearsville, Ohio, to Fort Detroit; general comments on proceedings, places, and people; some interesting spellings.

In  Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly  XXII, 1914, pp 150-161.



ANDERSON, Richard Clough - *H412,*M1941,E

1814 to 1826

The Diary and Journal of Richard Clough Anderson, Jr., 1814-1826  edited by Alfred Tischendorf and E.Taylor Parks. Durham, North Carolina, Duke University Press, 1964.


ANDERSON, Thomas Gummersall [Capt.] (1779-1875)  born at Sorel, Lower Canada, Indian agent


August to November 1814

Matthews: Military journal; at Fort McKay, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin; military affairs, and dealings with Fox, Sauk, Puan, Sioux Indians; interesting and valuable journal.

In  Wisconsin State Historical Society Collections  IX, 1909 reprint of 1882 volume, pp 207-251, with letters.

ANDERSON, William (b.1756?)  Edinburgh lawyer - B183

May to July 1814

Matthews: Travel diary; a tour from Edinburgh to Dresden; a lively account of the state of Europe during Napoleon's exile in Elba.

A shortened version in  Scottish Historical Review  V, 1913-1914.


BAKER, Isaac L. - *H413,*M1943,E


Journal  in  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  1927.

BARCLAY, John (1797-1838)  of Winchmore Hill, Middlesex - B183

May 1814 to May 1832

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); his ministry, travels, and spiritual reflections and introspection.

The Friends' Library  VI, Philadelphia, 1842, pp 385-457.

BARKER, Edmund Henry (1788-1839)  Thetford antiquary - B183

February 1814 to July 1837

Matthews: Literary diary; anecdotes as collected; amusing stories of writers, clergymen, bankers; also social life.

Literary Anecdotes  London, 1852, volume I.


BAXLEY, John [The Rev.] (d.1849)  of Baltimore, Maryland - A225,M1944

September 1814

Matthews: Private diary; account of British fleet off Baltimore, and bombardment of Fort McHenry.

In  Life of John H.W.Hawkins  by William G.Hawkins. Boston, 1863, pp 11-14.


BIRKBECK, Morris (1764-1825)  farmer, of England and Edwards County, Illinois


a) - July to September 1814

Matthews: Travel diary; a fairly regular diary of a tour in France; observations on the country, agriculture, industries, people; some adventures; informative and interesting.

Notes of a Journey through France  London, 1815.

b) - April to August 1817

Matthews: Travel diary; land-hunting journey with George Flower from Richmond, Virginia, through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois; day-by-day narrative of adventures; notes on taverns, characters, towns and critical commentary by keen observer; valuable for its picture of frontier life.

1. - Notes on a Journey in America  second edition, Philadelphia, 1818, 163 pp.

2. - Extracts relating to Indiana in  Indiana as Seen by Early Travelers  by Harlow Lindley. Indianapolis, 1916, pp 171-190.


BRACE, John Pierce - *M1945,E

Extracts from the Private Journals of Mr. John Brace  in  More Chronicles of a Pioneer School  compiled by Emily Vanderpoel. New York, The Cadmus Bookshop, 1927.


BRECK, Samuel   (1771-1862)  member of the U.S. House of representatives - *H414,*M1946,E

 a) - 1814   to 1835, and 1838

The Diary of Samuel Breck  in  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography    CII, October, 1978   pp 469-508 and   CIII, 1979  , pp 85-113, 222-251 and 356-382.  

b) - Dates unknown

Recollections of Samuel Breck, With passages from His Note-Books  Sampson Low, 1877.


CALLAWAY, James (1783-1815)  of Missouri - A225,M1947

August to September 1814

Matthews: Military diary; Taylor's expedition against Sac and Fox Indians; from Cap au Gris; battle of Credit Rock; fairly good diary with some interesting spellings.

In  Missouri Historical Society Collections  V, (1927-1928)  pp 74-77.


CAMPBELL, Neil [Sir] (1776-1827)  soldier - B183

March 1814 to April 1815

Matthews: Public diary; accompanying Napoleon from France to Elba; audiences, reports of conversations, Napoleon's reminiscences and queries on matters affecting his career.

Napoleon at Fontainebleau and Elba: Being a Journal of Occurrences in 1814-1815 With Notes of Conversations by the Late Major General Sir Neil Campbell C.B., British Commissioner  London, John Murray, 1869.


CAROW, Isaac  - of New York City - A225,B183,M1948

December 1814 to June 1815 and April 1827 to October 1828

Matthews: Travel diary; voyage from New York to England and touring there; lively details with some literary interests; notes of places, customs, inns, meals, etc. The second section relates to travel in England, France, Switzerland, and Germany; interesting picture of a "Grand Tour".

In  American Backlogs  by Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt and Kermit Roosevelt. New York, 1928, pp 202-230.

CHAPPELL, Edward (1792-1861) - C238

May to November 1814

Matthews: Exploration journal; Indian and Eskimo life.

Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Bay  London, 1817 and Toronto, 1970.

CLAIRMONT, Clara Mary Jane (Claire) (1798-1879) - H415

1814, 1818 to 1822, and 1825 to 1827. Gaps.

Personal diary; with Shelley and Mary Godwin during their elopement; Italy; London. A governess in Russia.

The Journals of Claire Clairmont, 1814-1827  edited by Marion Kingston Stocking with D.M.Stocking. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, 1968. The complete text of the extant diaries with a linking narrative.  

03  COX, William (1764-1837)

From 1814?

“… includes printed extracts from Cox's journal, written while he was supervising the building of the first road across the Blue Mountains in late 1814. … Cox was given a small working party of thirty convicts, each of whom had been promised their freedom as a reward. Together, the gang made 163 kilometres of road (including over a dozen bridges) over rugged and mountainous terrain in a staggeringly short six months.”

Memoirs of William Cox, J.P.  Sydney and Brisbane, William Brooks, 1901. Facsimile reprint, Sydney, 1979.


CUNINGHAME, John (1759-1822)  of Craigends

January 1st. 1814 to December 26th. 1815

Brief daily notes at Craigends in Scotland; wife and children; trouble finding a wet nurse; farming; weather; the progress of his gout and other matters of health; there is no mention of politics or national affairs; pleasant.

The Diary of John Cuninghame of Craigends, Esq.  edited by James Durham. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell, 1919, pp 46, card covers.


DARLINGTON, William [Maj.] (1782-1863)  of Philadelphia, botanist - A225,M1949

September to December 1814

Matthews: Military diary; with Pennsylvania Volunteer Light Infantry; marches; Darlington's court-martial for objecting to regular army discipline; peaceful life of amateur soldiers.

In  Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine  XX, 1937, pp 197-214.

DAVIES, William - D77

1814 to 1818

Matthews: Diary; missionary work in Sierra Leone; tribulations of missionary life; and native life and culture.

Extracts from the Journals  Llanidloes, 1835.


DICKSON, Alexander [Sir] - *M1950,E

Journal of Operations in Louisiana  Louisiana Historical Society, 1961.


DULLES, Joseph Heatly (1795-1876)  of Philadelphia, and Charleston, South Carolina - A226,M1951

August 1814

Matthews: Travel diary; a young Yale man's jaunt to Plattsburg and Burlington.

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  XXXV, 1911, pp 276-289.


DUNCAN, Ennis, Jr. - *H417,E

The Journal of Ennis Duncan  Columbus, Ohio State Museum, 1958.


ELLIS, William  - of Mobile, Alabama - A226,M1952

August to September 1814

Matthews: Captive's diary; capture by British and Creek Indians; removal to Pensacola.

In  Aurora  (Philadelphia) January 4th. 1815.

ESCHER, Johann (Hans) Caspar (1775-1859)  Swiss architect and engineer

July 31st to November 18th. 1814

Letter diary of a trip to England to examine manufacturing processes and assess the competition for his own manufactures of cotton yarn and spinning machinery; London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sunderland, etc.; sights and customs; mining and manufactures; factories; travel and scenery; comparisons with Switzerland. A useful and interesting account.

In  Industrial Britain Under The Regency, The Diaries of Escher, Bodmer, May and de Gallois 1814-18  by W.O. Henderson. London, Frank Cass, 1968. New York, Augustus M. Kelley, 1968, pp 27-71.

Note: Neither the May nor de Gallois can be described as diaries but see Bodmer 1816.


EVANS, William [The Rev.] (1787-1867)  of Philadelphia - A226,M1953

May 1814 to May 1862

Matthews: Quaker journal; set in autobiography; very detailed and extensive journal of Quaker travels and religious work.

Journal of the Life and Religious Services of William Evans  Philadelphia, 1870, 710 pp.  

02  FABER, Frederick William (1814-1863)  English hymn writer and theologian, Catholic convert and priestE

Dates unknown

Journal  in  The life and Letters of Frederick William Faber D.D., Priest of the Order of St. Philip Neri  by John Edward Bowden, London, 1869.

FISCHER, Johann Conrad (1773-1854)  Swiss industrialist and engineer

1814 to 1851 (intermittent)

Account with brief quotation from diaries of visits to England to observe manufacturing processes, with an appendix of longer extracts; steel making; gunsmiths; a pencil factory; the Soho Works of Boulton and Watt (Birmingham); Wedgewood; a Manchester spinning mill; Woolwich Arsenal; the Great Exhibition; meetings with Brunel; some details of travel his hosts, and employment of leisure time; entertainment and accommodation. An interesting and valuable account but more extended passages from the diaries would have been welcome.

J.C. Fischer and his Diary of Industrial England 1814-1851  edited by W.O. Henderson. London, Frank Cass, and New York, Augustus M.Kelley, 1966, passim. Longer extracts from 1814, 1825, 1827, 1846 and 1851, are given on pp 125-165.


FORMAN, Martha Browne Ogle - *H418,E

1814 to 1845

Plantation Life at Rose Hill: The Diaries of Martha Ogle Forman 1814-1845  edited by W.Emerson Wilson. Wilmington, Delaware, Historical Society of Delaware, 1976.


FORREST, Charles Ramus - *H419,E

From 1814

The Battle of New Orleans, a British View: The Journal of Major C.R.Forrest, Asst. QM General, 34th. Regiment of Foot  edited by Hugh Rankin. New Orleans, Hauser Press, 1961.


GRAY, Francis Calley - *M1954,E

Thomas Jefferson in 1814  Boston, Club of Odd Volumes, 1924, 149 copies.


GREVILLE, Charles Cavendish Fulke (1794-1865)  Clerk of the Privy Council - H473,B184

1814 to November 13th. 1860

A very full and detailed political diary by a well placed observer; lively descriptions and anecdotes; pen-portraits and set-pieces; gossip, scandal, racing, amusements; some personal references. Important.

1. - The Greville Memoirs  edited by Henry Reeve. London, Longmans, eight volumes, 1875 to 1887. At least five impressions of the early volumes were printed.

2. - The Greville Diary; Including Passages Hitherto Withheld from Publication  edited by Philip Whitwell Wilson. London, Heinemann, two volumes, 1927. This edition is arranged by topic.

3. - Leaves from the Greville Diary  edited by Philip Morrell. London, Eveleigh Nash and Grayson, 1929, second impression 1930. This is an abridgement of the Reeve edition.

4. - Edited by L.Strachey and R.Fulford, London, eight volumes, 1938.

5. - Abridged edition, edited by Edward Pearce, London, Pimlico, 2005.

6. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 131-139; Dunaway & Evans, pp 364-373; and Ponsonby (1), pp 272-279.

HAGGER, Mary (1758?-1840)  of Ashford, Kent - B184

September 1814 to April 1839

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); Quaker worship and consolations; meetings in Kent and London; health and introspection.

1. - Friends' Library  VII, Philadelphia, 1843, pp 435-461.

2. - Extracts from the Memoranda of Mary Hagger  London, 1841.  

03  HANSARD, Luke Graves (1783-1841)  son of the founder of Hansard, the record of British parliamentary debate

1814 to 1841

“Discusses the Hansards, printers to the House, and Hansard’s diary and its historical significance, the struggle for reform of patronage in the British government departments and offices of the House, the attack on traditional procedures of the House, the Parliamentary printers and their critics, and the attack on the Hansards.”

Luke Graves Hansard’s Diary 1814-1841  edited by P. and G.Ford, Oxford, blackwell1962.

03  HENDERSON, Ebenezer - E

1814 to 1815

Iceland: Or, the Journal of a Residence in That Island During the Years 1814 and 1815  Edinburgh, two volumes, 1818.

JAMES, Henry (1799-1898)  of Brighton, Commander, R.N. - B184

November 1814 to March 1838

Matthews: Sea diary; his naval career, cruises, and adventures; promotion difficulties; social life; prices; good details.

Life of Commander Henry James  by E.G.Festing. London, 1892.

KERSHAW, William  - purser - B184

August 1814 to April 1816

Sea diary; voyage of the East India Company's ship Cuffnells to India and China, and return to St. Helena. Brief entries at sea, more full for India and China; conversation with Napoleon.

Account and extracts, including the conversation with Napoleon in full, in  More English Diaries  by Arthur Ponsonby. London, Methuen, 1927, pp 183-189.


KINGSTON, William Henry Giles (1814-1880)  wrtiter of stories for boys - E

Dates unknown

The Life, Work and Influence of William henry Giles Kingston  by Maurice Rooke Kingston, Toronto, Ryerson, 1947, is reported to contain diary material.


LAUB, George (1814-1880)  Mormon - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (7332)  has Journal  Salt Lake City, 1949.

Note: Davis Bitton in his Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies refers to journal excerpts for 1844-1847 in  Pioneer Journals  undated, and to further extracts in  Memories of the Past and Family History  by Carrie E. Laub Hunt, 1968.

MAXWELL, Col. Montgomery  - of 36th. Regiment - B184

February 1814 to June 1816

Matthews: Military diary; military life and service in Italy after Napoleonic wars; a gay military round of travels, dinners, pleasures, with notes on sights.

My Adventures  London, two volumes, 1845.


MAYNE, John (1791?-1829)  law student - B185

August 1814 to March 1815

Grand Tour diary after the fall of Napoleon; Paris, Geneva, Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples and return; notes on people, customs, sights, entertainments and expenses; pleasant and not uninteresting. A few years later the author made another tour and used the occasion to add notes to the earlier diary, some of which are given.

The Journal of John Mayne  edited by John M.Colles. London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1909.


MICHELL, John - *H420,*M1956,E

In  Louisiana Historical Quarterly  XLIV.  

03  MILLS, Nelson [Lt.]  -  See entry for Thomas USSHER.


MURPHY, Pleasants (1786-1863)  of Tazewell County, Virginia - A226,M1957

December 1814 to January 1815

Matthews: Private and miltary diary; mostly notes of parades and marches.

In  William and Mary College Quarterly  Second Series, III, 1923, pp 231-238.


NAPIER, Henry Edward [Lieut.] (1789-1853)  of London, England - A226,M1958

March to September 1814

Matthews: Naval journal; blockade of New England; lieutenant on H.M.S. Nymphe; spirited journal; begins at Halifax; off Massachusetts coast; notes attitude of New Englanders and relations of Quakers with British; weather, ship movements, amusements and horseplay; good, full entries.

In  New England Blockaded in 1814  edited by Walter M.Whitehill. Salem, Peabody Museum, 1939, pp 3-58.


NICHOLAS, John Liddiard - E

1814 to 1815

Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand, performed in the years 1814 and 1815 with the Rev. Samuel Marsden  London, two volumes, 1817.

PIERCE, Nathaniel [Capt.] (1795-1823)  of Newburyport, Massachusetts - A226,B185,M1959

November 1814 to July 1815

Matthews: Prison diary; capture at sea by British and imprisonment in Dartmoor; notes on daily activities of the American prisoners; weather, food, treatment, escapes, his release; pretty good of its kind.

Essex Institute Historical Collections  LXXIII, 1937, pp 24-59.


PLEASANTS, Thomas Franklin (1790-1817)  of Philadelphia and New Orleans, lawyer - A226,M1960

April to December 1814

Matthews: Military diary (extracts); activities as member of Philadelphia militia; camp life, detailed account of an affair of honour; unintentionally comic.

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  XXXIX, 1915, pp 322-336 and 410-424.

01/02/03 - QUINCY, Eliza Susan - A250,*M1961,E

a) - In  The Articulate Sisters  Harvard, 1946.

b) - June 1825 and 1828-1829

Matthews: Diary; brief extracts relating to Harvard.

In  Cambridge Historical Society Publications  IV, 1909, pp 90-92.


RAMSAY, Andrew Crombie [Sir] (1814-1891)  Scottish geologist - E

Dates unknown

Memoir of Sir Andrew Crombie Ramsay  by Sir Archibald Geikie, Macxmillan, 1895, is reported to contain diary material.


ROGERS, Samuel (1763-1855)  poet - H421

August 20th. 1814 to May 6th. 1815

Tourist notes in France, Germany, Holland, but mainly in Italy; but with a poet's eye for significant detail; scenery, architecture, pictures, people, food; excellent impressionistic descriptions.

The Italian Journal of Samuel Rogers  edited by J.R.Hale. London, Faber and Faber, 1956.

Note:  The Early Life of Samuel Rogers  by P.W. Clayden, London, Smith, Elder, 1887, is reported to ontain diary material.


SHELLEY, Mary Wollstonecraft (1787-1851)  author of 'Frankenstein' - H422,B185

1814 to 1844, gaps

Begins as a joint record with Shelley but quickly becomes hers alone; a bare record of facts; travels; visits; Shelley's activities, reading; poignant record of the death and mourning for her first child; Claire (Jane) Clairmont; after Shelley's death becomes more emotional and expansive; returns from Italy to England; memories; her son; financial problems; depression; acceptance.

1. - Journal of a Six Weeks' Tour  London, 1817.

2. - Life and Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley  by Mrs. Julian Marshall. London, 1889. Passim.

3. - Mary Shelley's Journal  edited by F.L.Jones. Norman, Oklahoma, 1947. This edition, which is claimed as complete, is abstracted from the four volumes of  Shelley and Mary  of which twelve copies were privately printed by Sir Percy and Lady Shelley in 1882, and contains approximately four fifths of the manuscript journals.

4. - The Journals of Mary Shelley 1814-1844  edited by Paula Feldman and Diana Scott Kilvert. Oxford, Clarendon Press, two volumes, 1987.

5. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 31-33; Ponsonby (1), pp 349-352; and Simons, pp 61-82.


STEVENS, Joseph Lowe (1790-1879)  of Castine, Maine - A227,M1962

March to July 1814

Matthews: Naval surgeon's journal; aboard privateer Yankee, off Madeira, etc.; mainly general memoranda.

Rhode Island Historical Society Collections  XII, 1919, pp 76-83.


STONE, Orrin (1789-1876)  Oswego pioneer - E

January 1814 to January 1815

Very brief notes of his work as a carpenter; wood cutting; fence making; tapping for maple syrup and making sugar; marriage; gardening and farm work; British attack on Oswego; collects cannon balls; military training. A terse but attractive record.

James Cummings (11994) has  Diary  Oswego County Record Society, 1964-65. This publication has not been traced and the annotation is based on a transcription posted on a website; the diary is said to continue and it is not known how much of it was printed by the Society.


TATUM, Howell [Maj.] (d.1823)  of Nashville, Tennessee, 'principal topographical engineer of Tennessee volunteers under Maj.-Gen. Jackson' - A227,M1963

August 1814 to January 1815

Matthews: Military exploration journal; first part describes survey of Alabama River, with good topographical details; remainder gives details of New Orleans campaign until just before capture of Fort Bowyer by the British; latter part has full descriptions of narrative type and contains some matters of general interest and historical importance.

1. - Smith College Studies in History  VII, No. 1, (1921-1922), 138 pp.

2. - Extract in  Alabama Historical Society Publications  II, 1898, pp 130-177.


THACKARA, William Wood - *M1964,E

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  July, 1967.

TISDALL, James Thomas Townley (1792-1850) - B185

Autumn 1814

Matthews: Travel diary; tour in France, Switzerland, Rhineland, Belgium, and Holland; topography and social notes.

The Marlay Letters  edited by R.W.Bond. London, 1937, pp 261-292.

TODD, Matthew (1791-1853)  manservant - H423,B185

April 2nd. 1814 to December 8th. 1815, a few later entries

Private journal of two continental tours and a short time in England with his master, Captain Barlow. An unusual and interesting account of travel, customs, inns, meals and fellow servants; Holland, France, Switzerland, Italy; disputes, practical jokes, 'young ladies'. Entertaining.

Matthew Todd's Journal; A Gentleman's Gentleman in Europe 1814-1820  edited by Geoffrey Trease. London, Heinemann, 1968. This edition is edited from a family manuscript which differs in some details from that noted by Matthews.


USSHER, Thomas (1779-1848)  British naval officer - E


 1. - In  Napoleon's Last Voyages: Being the Diaries of Admiral Sir Thomas Ussher, R.N., K.C.B (On Board The Undaunted), and John R.Glover, Secretary to Rear Admiral Cockburn (On Board The Northumberland)  New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1906.  

2. - In  Napoleon Banished: The Journeys to Elba and to St. Helena Recorded in the Letters and Journals of Two British Naval Officers  London, Miniature Books, Rodale Press, 1955. [The second officer is Lt. Nelson Mills.  

WATKIN, Absolom (1787-1861)  Manchester merchant - B185

a) - April 1814 to February 1856

Matthews: Business diary; business life in Manchester and Lancashire; the mills; political and economic ideas and events; Cobden and Bright; notes on religious, social, and literary life in Manchester; an interesting record.

Extracts from the Journal of Absalom Watkin  edited by A.E.Watkin. London, Fisher Unwin, 1920.

b) - September 17th. 1811 to March 4th. 1856

Personal diary; family social and business affairs; marital discord; his wife's drinking; his children; a good diary.

The Diaries of Absalom Watkin, A Manchester Man, 1787-1861  edited by Magdalen Goffin. Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1993.

Note: The original manuscript was destroyed after publication of the A.E.Watkin edition which contained about 80,000 words and was designed to present the public face of the author. The Goffin edition is abridged from a transcript of the unpublished parts of the diary, amounting to approximately 206,000 words, which summarised some entries and omitted the shorthand notes which are consequently lost; the editor does not make clear what, if any, material from the earlier book is incorporated into her edition which contains substantial extracts from the diary with linking narrative summaries of intervening events, and presents a much more personal picture of the author.


WITHEROW, John - *M1965,E

A Soldier's Diary for 1814  in  Pennsylvania Hiostory  October, 1945.




a) - 1815 to 1825

In  The steam-boat comes to Norfolk Harbor, and the log of the first ten years: 1815-1825; together with some account of early steam boats in North Carolina waters; and of some stage lines that joined with the steam boats to form through routes of inland communication ... of some of the hotels and taverns that catered to travelers in the steam boats, and of some notable passengers who rode them. As reported by the Norfolk Gazette & Publick Ledger, the American Beacon, and the Norfolk & Portsmouth Herald  compiled by John Cloyd Emmerson. Portsmouth? Virginia, 1949.

b) - Dates Unknown

James Cummings (11820) has  Steam Navigation in Virginia  by John Cloyd Emmerson, Portsmouth, Virginia, 1949.


ABBOTT, John Emery  (1793-1819)  pastor of North Church Salem, 1815-1819 - E

1815? to 1819?

Journal  in  Sermons by the Late Rev. John Abbot, of Salem Massachusetts  by Henry Ware. Boston, Waite Green, 1829.


AINÉ (AINE), Jardin  - Napoleon's equerry at Waterloo - E

In  With Napoleon at Waterloo, and Other Unpublished Documents from the Peninsular War and Waterloo Campaign  by MacKenzie MacBride. London, Francis Griffiths, 1911.

BALLARD, Joseph (1789-1877)  of Boston, Massachusetts, merchant - B186,M1966

March to November 1815

Matthews: Travel diary; a journey from Boston to England and return; travel mostly in London and north of England; a tourist's notes on towns, scenery, antiquities; pleasant but not important.

England in 1815 as Seen by a Young Boston Merchant  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1913, 180 pp.  

03  BIDELL, Arthur (d.1860)  Suffolk farmer - E

1815? To 1860

In  The Horse in the Furrow  by George Ewart Evans, London, Faber, 1960.


BINGHAM, Hiram - *H424,*M1967,E

From 1815

Teach Me O My God  in  Vermont History  1980.


BOARDMAN, Jennet Catlin (1765-1849)  Hartford midwife - E

1815 to 1849

Midwife's very brief records of 1,113 births.

Midwife Records, 1815-1849, Kept by Mrs. Jennet Boardman of Hartford  edited by Phyllis Kihn in  Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin  XXXIII, April, 1968, and further issues in 1968 and 1969.  

03  BONER, Charles (1815-1870)  English travel writer, poet and translator - E

Dates unknown

Memoirs and Letters of Charles Boner  London, Richard Bentley, two volumes, 1871, is reported to contain diary material.

03  BOOTH, Chjarles O’Hara (1800-1851)  commandant-in-chief of Port Arthur penal colony - E

1815 to 1838

“Booth began his journal in 1815 at the age of 14 and continued it until 1838. It includes periods spent in India and the West Indies as a British Officer as well as his years in Tasmania.”

The journal of Charles O’Hara Booth  edited by Dora Heard, Hobart, Tasmanian Historical Research Association, 1981.

BULLOCK, Robert Henry  - of 11th. Light  Dragoons - B186

March 1815 to January 1816

Matthews: Military diary; military movements, marches, etc., relating to Waterloo.

English Historical Review  III, 1888, pp 545-552.  

03  BURNET, Moses Dewitt - E

1815 to 1816

A Tour to the South: Travel Diary of Moses Dewitt Burnet, 1815-1816  Syracuse University, 1965.

03  BURNS, William Chalmers (1815-1868)  Scottish Evangelist, missionary to China - E

Dates unknown

In  Memoir of the Rev. Wm C.Burns, Missionary to China  by Islay Burns, New York, 1870.

CAREY, Eustace (1791-1855)  Baptist missionary - D50

1815 to 1835

Matthews: Diary; a missionary's life in India; teaching Hindus and soldiers; his disputes with Brahmins.

Eustace Carey  by Mrs. Eustace Carey. London, 1857.


CHARLTON, Barbara (née Tasburgh) (1815-1939)

1815 to 1865

Memoir from birth, later compiled from diaries. A lively and entertaining account of her life, rather loosely dated, which appears to have undergone a second editorial process; there is little, if any direct quotation and the quality of the underlying diaries is not assessable.

The Recollections of a Northumbrian Lady, 1815-1866: The Memoirs of Barbara Charlton of Hesleyside, Northumberland  edited by L.E.O.Charlton. London, Jonathan Cape, 1949; reprinted, Stocksfield, The Spredden Press, 1989.


CHESTER, Caroline (1801-1870) - A227,M1968,E

November 1815 to January 1816

Matthews: School diary (extract); detailed account of a fourteen-year-old's struggles at Litchfield School.

1. - In  Chronicles of a Pioneer School  by Emily Vanderpoel. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1903, pp 150-154.

2. - In  More Chronicles of a Pioneer School  by Emily Vanderpoel. New York, Cadmus Book Shop, 1927. -

Special diary kept for the sole purpose of recording the details of Napoleon's life, behaviour and conversation on board the Northumberland while he was being conveyed to St. Helena; detailed and interesting.

1. - Buonaparte's Voyage to St. Helena  Boston, 1833.

2. - Napoleon's Last Voyage  London, 1888.

3. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 352-353.


COCKBURN, George [Adml. Sir] (1772-1853) - B186

August to October 1815

 Special diary kept for the sole purpose of recording the details of Napoleon’s life, behaviour and conversation on board the Northumberland while he was being conveyed to St, Helena: detailed and interesting.

1. - Buonaparte’s Voyage to St. Helena  Boston, 1833.

2. - Napoleon’s Last Voyage  London, 1888.

3. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 352-353.

03  COLLINS, Louisa - E


Louisa’s Diary: The journal of a Farmer’s Daughter  Nova Scotia museum, 1989.


COTTON, John [Dr.] (b.1792)  born at Plymouth, Massachusetts - A227,M1969

September to November 1815

Matthews: Travel diary; from Rhode Island to Ohio; to New York by boat, then through New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio; general, social, and touring notes; fairly interesting.

1. - In  Journal of American History  XVI, 1922, pp 36-49 and 249-260.

2. - Extracts in  Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly  XIII, pp 59-67.


CRABBE (or CRABB) - *M1970,E

In  Mariner's Mirror  LXI.


CREWE, George [Sir]  - of Calke Abbey - E

1815 to 1834

Squire of Calke Abbey: The Journals of Sir George Crewe, 1815-1834  edited by Colin Kitching. Cromford, Scarthin, 1995.  

03  DeCOST, Nash [Captain] - E

1815 to 1840 (?)

“… Nash DeCost’s Story embraces the days when the Western Ocean sailing packets were enjoying the popular full tide of successful voyaging. During this period (roughly including the years 1815 to 1840) the packets carried the majority of passengers, mail and quality freight which passed from Europe to America and from the Old World to the New.”

Captain Nash and the Liverpool Pckets  Mystic, Connecticut, 1955, is reported to contain diary material.


De MUN, Jules - A227,M1971

September to November 1815, February to April 1816 and June to August 1816

Matthews: Travel journals; from St. Louis to upper Arkansas River, from Huerfano Creek to Gasconade River, from St. Louis to lower Kansas River; trading expeditions. Translated from the French.

In  Missouri Historical Society Collections  V, (1927-1928), pp 167-208 and 311-326.

DUNGETT, John (1780-1830)  of Newcastle - B186

June 1815 to December 1823

Matthews: Methodist diary; his conversion to Wesleyan Methodism; his spiritual and religious life and work in north of England; class leader and local preacher.

Memoir of John Dungett  by J.Heaton. London, 1833, pp 25-114.


ENOS, Salome Paddock - *G38,E

Diary  in  Journal of Illinois State Historical Society  October, 1920.


FRASER, James Baillie (1783-1856)  merchant - D108

a) - 1815

Matthews: Diary; travels of a political agent; military affairs and descriptions of Himalayan areas; sources of Jumna and the Ganges.

1. - Journal of a tour through part of the snowy range of the Himalan Mountains and to the sources of the Rivers Jumna and Ganges  London, Rodewell and Martin, 1820.

2. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 216-219.

b) - 1815 with a few earlier and later entries

Scattered quotations from James' diary and a brief note from that of his brother, William Fraser (1784-1835) used with correspondence to recount the brothers' adventures in India. The book is primarily concerned with the watercolours of Indian scenes commissioned by the Frasers, which are illustrated.

India Revealed; The Art and Adventures of James and William Fraser  by Mildred Archer and Toby Falk. London, Cassell, 1989.

FRYE, William Edward [Maj.] (1784-1853) - B186

May 1815 to April 1819

Matthews: Travel diary; a record of travel in western Europe: France, Italy, Austria, Germany; notes on scenery, towns, antiquities, and also notes on political situation after Napoleon; anti-Tory and pro-Liberal inclinations; also notes on social life and art.

After Waterloo  edited by Salomon Reinach. London, 1908.


GILES, John Allen (1804-1884)  editor and translator - E

1815? To 1884

Journals, with transcribed letters, written retrospectively, mostly in 1878, from contemporary notes.

The Diary and Memoirs of John Allen Giles  edited by David Bromwich. Taunton, Somerset Record Society, Volume 86, 2000.


GLOVER, Richard  - British naval secretary to Admiral Sir George Cockburn (qv) - E

July 26th. 1815 to August 3rd. 1816

Diary closely parallel with that of Sir George Cockburn, but with some differences.

In  Napoleon's Last Voyages: Being the Diaries of Admiral Sir Thomas Ussher, R.N., K.C.B (On Board The Undaunted), and John R.Glover, Secretary to Rear Admiral Cockburn (On Board The Northumberland)  New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1906.

GOURGAUD, Gaspar, Gen. Baron

October 15th. 1815 to March 14th. 1818

A full and regular diary on St. Helena with Napoleon; life at Longwood; conversations with Napoleon; the people about him; occupations and boredom; Hudson Lowe; quarrel with Montholon; an interesting and important account.

The St. Helena Journal of General Baron Gourgaud  edited by Norman Edwards, translated by Sydney Gillard. London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1932.


GREEN, Nathan [Capt.] (1787?-1825)  of Salem, privateersman - A227,M1972

March to April 1815

Matthews: Sea journal (extracts); cruise aboard the Grand Turk, privateer.

In  Ships and Sailors of Old Salem  by Ralph D.Paine. New York, 1909, Chapter xxiv, pp 500-503.


HILL, Samuel [Capt.] (b.1777)  of Boston - A227,M1973,E

March 1815 to February 1817

Matthews: Sea journal; voyage of Ophelia from Boston to Canton; fitting out ship; sailing details; life and work aboard ship; Valparaiso, Sandwich Islands, South Seas, Batavia, etc.; detailed descriptions.

In  New England Quarterly  X, 1937, pp 355-380.

Note: James Cummings (5824) has  Voyage of the Ship Packet to South America and China, 1817  in  Americana Illustrated  July, 1939. This is probably the same Samuel Hill.


IZARD, George - *H425,*M1974,E

From 1815

Diary of a Journey  in  South Carolina Historical Magazine  LIII, 1952.


JAMES, Haddy [Dr.] (1788-1869)  assistant surgeon to the 1st. Life Guards


Journal and letters arranged as narrative and, in the second part of the book, selected to illustrate aspects of life in France. An account of the battle of Waterloo and the occupation of Paris.

Surgeon James's Journal  edited by Jane Vansittart. London, Cassell, 1964.


KEMPER, James - *M1975,E

Journey through the Wilderness  in  Virginia Magazine of History  June, 1925.  


KENNEDY, Albert (1792-1864)  of Madison County, Virginia, teacher - A228,M1976

January 1815 to January 1829

Matthews: Private diary (summary and extracts); various trips to Kentucky, visits; brief notes of genealogical interest.

In  History of the Hume, Kennedy, and Brockman Families  by William E.Brockman. Washington, 1916, pp 128-130.


KOTZEBUE, Otto von (1787-1846)  German navigator in Russian service - *M1977,E

a) - 1815 to 1818

A Voyage of Discovery into the South Sea and Bering’s Straits for the Purpose of exploring a North-East Passage, undertaken in the Years 1815-1818  London, Richard Phillips, three volumes, 1821.

b) - 1823 to 1826

A New Voyage Round the World in the Years 1823-1826  London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, two volumes, 1830.


LAS CASES, Emmanuel Auguste Dieudonné, Comte de (1766-1842) - E

1815 to 1821

Memorial de Saint Helene: Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena  London, 1823.


LATROBE, Christian Ignatius  - Moravian minister - *H426,E

1815 to 1816

"South Africa, its people and their way of life, as well as the character of the country and its flora and fauna."

Journal of a Visit to South Africa in 1815 and 1816, with Some Account of the Missionary Settlements of the United Brethren Near the Cape of Good Hope  London, Seeley, and New York, James Eastburn, 1818. Facsimile reprint Cape Town, C.Struik, 1969.


LEWIS, Matthew Gregory (Monk Lewis) (1775-1818)  author and plantation owner - H427,D181

November 8th. 1815 to June 1st. 1816 and November 5th. 1817 to May 2nd. 1818

Diary; detailed accounts of two visits to his sugar plantations in Jamaica; outward voyages and the first return (the author died of yellow fever on the second return voyage); a very good accounts of the life and responsibilities of a planter and particularly the lives and customs of his slaves, their family relationships, welfare and punishment; directions for the management of his estates in his absence.

1. - Journal of a West India Proprietor, Kept during a Residence in the Island of Jamaica  London, John Murray, 1834.

2. - Journal of a West India Proprietor 1815-1817  edited by Mona Wilson. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, and London, George Routledge, 1929.

Note: In a reprinted edition  Journal of a Residence Among the Negroes in the West Indies  Brimscombe, Nonsuch, 2005, which seems to be taken from the 1845 edition, the text appears to date the second visit to 1816-1817 and ends with his farewell to his slaves: this is incompatible with his death in 1818 on the return voyage. The mistake is perpetuated in the title of the 1929 edition.


LOGAN, Deborah Norris: see 1832 - H428


McKENZIE, M. [Lieut.]  - of the British Navy - A228,M1978

January 1815

Matthews: Sea journal; notes kept while author was reconnoitering in Mobile Bay.

In  Tennessee Historical Magazine  I, 1915, pp 66-69.  

03  MAXIMILIAN zu WIED-NEUWIED, Alexander Philipp, Prince (1782-1867)  German explorer and naturalist - E

a) - 1815 to 1817

Travels in Brazil  London, 1820.

b) - 1832 to 1834

Maximilian Prince of Wied’s Travels in the Interior of North America during the Years 1832-1834  London, 1843.

c) - 1833 to 1834

People of the First Man: Life Amongst the Plains Indians in Their Final Days of Glory: The Firsthand Account of Prince Maximilian’s Expedition up the Missouri River, 1833-34  New York, Dutton, 1976.

d) - 1833 to 1834

 The excerpts edited here  relating to Maximilian's journey along the Missouri River in the area contiguous to modern day Nebraska, first upstream in 1833 and then downstream in 1834 are the first substantial publication of Maximilian's original journals.”

A Journey through the Nebraska Region in 1833 and 1834 from the Diaries of Prince Maximilian of Wied  in  Nebraska History  LXIV, 1983, pp. 425-453.

e) - May 1832 to September 1833

The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied  University of Oklahoma Press, three volumes, 2008 to 2012.

03  MEADE, George Gordon (1815-1872)  American army officer and civil engineer - E

Dates unknown

Th Life and Letters of George Gordon Meade  New York, Scribners, two volumes, 1913, is reported to contain diary material.


MERCER,   Alexander Cavalie [Gen.]   (1783-1868)  - of Horse Artillery - B187,D209

April 1815 to January 1816

Matthews: Military diary; a very full record of experiences in Belgium and France during the Waterloo Campaign; interviews with peasants and aristocracy; much interest in customs, food, lodgings; a lively picture.

Journal of the Waterloo Campaign  London,   1870, 1894 and 1927.   Often reprinted.

03  MILBERT, Jaques-Gérard (1766-1840)  French artist and naturalist - E

 1815 or later

A very full and discursive, but undated, journal entry describing the view of Boston.

Boston from the State House Belvedere a Century Ago  in  The New England Quarterly  XXXII, No. 4, December, 1959, pp 521-530.


MILLS, Samuel J. [The Rev.] (1783-1818)  born at Torringford, Connecticut - A228,M1979

February 1815 to May 1818

Matthews: Religious journal; missionary work in New Orleans, distributing Bibles among American soldiers and British prisoners; voyage to Africa and missionary work and travel in West Africa around Sierra Leone; notes on scenery, sites, dealings with natives, schools in Freetown.

In  Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel J.Mills  by Gardiner Spring. New York, 1820, pp 74-217. Passim.  

03  MICHELET, Jules (1798-1874)  French historian - E

 1815 to 1850

Mother Death: The Journal of Jules Michelet, 1815-1850  University of Massachusetts Press, 1984.


MONTLEZUN, Bartelemi Sernin du Moulin de la Barthelle, Baron de - *M1980

1. - A Frenchman Visits Albemarle  Albemarle County Historical Society, 1943-1944.

2. - A Frenchman Visits Norfolk  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. April and July, 1945.


NIXON, Thomas - *M1981,E

In  A Complete History of Methodism As Connected With The Mississippi Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Written at the Unanimous Request of the Conference, Volume 1 From 1799 to 1817  by the Rev. John G. Jones. Nashville,  Publishing House of the M.E. Church, South,  1908.  

03  O’MEARA, Barry Edward (1786-1836)  Napoleon’s doctor on St. Helena - E

 1815 to 1818 (?)

Napoleon in Exile: A Voice from St. Helena  London, Simpkin Marshall, two volumes, 1822, is reported to contain diary material.


PLESSIS, Joseph Octave [Mgr.] (1762-1825)  Bishop of Quebec - A228,*C948,M1982

August to September 1815

Matthews: Catholic journal; pastoral visitation along St. Lawrence: visit to Indian mission at Point Pleasant, Maine, and return via Portland, Boston, Worcester, Hartford, New Haven, Albany, Lake Champlain; extracts relating to Catholicism in New England. Translated from the French.

In  American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia Records  XV, 1904, pp 377-402.


RICHARDSON, William - *M1984,E

1815 and 1816

1. - Travel Diary  New York, privately printed, 1935.

2. - Journal from Boston to the Western Country  New York, privately printed, 1940.


REICHEL, Gotthold Benjamin [The Rev.] (1785-1833)  born at Nazareth, Pennsylvania - A228,M1983

September to October 1815

Matthews: Moravian journal; journey from Friedenstadt, North Carolina, to Bethlehem and Nazareth, Pennsylvania; pleasant, full descriptions of places and co-religionists; translated from the German.

In  Moravian Historical Society Transactions  IV, 1895, pp 125-161.


ROBBINS, Archibald (1792-1865) - E

1815 to 1817

A Journal Comprising an Account of the Loss of the Big Commerce, of Hartford, Conn., James Riley, Master, upon the Western Coast of Africa, August 28th, 1815 : also of the slavery and sufferings of the author and the rest of the crew, upon the desert of Zahara, in the years 1815, 1816, 1817  Hartford, 1818. Reprinted, with illustrations by Earle Winslow, Greenwich, Condé Nast, 1931. Again reprinted, Negro History Press, 1971.


ROBERTSON, Thomas Bolling (1779?-1828)  Congressman - A228,M1985

June to July 1815

Matthews: Travel diary; an American in Paris during the accession and abdication of Napoleon.

1. - Journal of Events in Paris  Philadelphia, 1815, 80 pp.

2. - Enlarged edition  Letters from Paris  Washington, 1816, 101 pp.


SCHAFFER, Georg Anton - *M1986,E

In  Russia's Hawaiian adventure, 1815-1817  by Richard Pierce.  California University Press and Cambridge University Press, 1965.  

SHREWSBURY, William James - D277

1815 to 1835

Matthews: Journal; life and work of a Methodist missionary in West Indies and Africa; Negroes and slavery.

Memorials  by John Shrewsbury. London, 1867.

SPENCER, Frederick Charles [The Rev.]  - of Blenheim - B187

July to September 1815(?)

Matthews: Travel diary; an Oxford student's tour through Scotland and the Hebrides; notes on topography, scenery, beauties.

Journal of a Tour to Scotland  Oxford, 1816, 131 pp.


TASBURGH, Michael (formerly Michael Anne) (1777-1853) father of Barbara Charlton (qv)

February 14th. 1815

Part of a diary entry regretting that he had subjected his pregnant wife to the trials of a visit to the paris catacombs.

The Recollections of a Northumbrian Lady, 1815-1866: The Memoirs of Barbara Charlton of Hesleyside, Northumberland  edited by L.E.O.Charlton. London, Jonathan Cape, 1949; reprinted, Stocksfield, The Spredden Press, 1989, p 20.


TICKNOR, George (1791-1871)  of Harvard, Massachusetts, scholar - A228,B187,M1987,E

a) - May 1815 to July 1857

Matthews: Personal and travel diaries; travel to England and France, study in Gottingen, Italy, Spain, England; residence in England, with travels and visits; professorship at Harvard; efforts for reform there; studies in English and Italian; further extensive travels in Europe; notes on literary and scholarly affairs and persons and on public figures and literary men; extensive and important diary.

Matthews: Travel diary (English Section); many visits, travel and residence in England; eminent scholarly and literary friendships and visits; literary studies and criticism; visits to Coleridge, Scott, Edgeworth, Macaulay, etc.; valuable.

Life, Letters, and Journals of George Ticknor  by George S.Hilliard. Boston, two volumes, 1876 and Boston, two volumes, 1909. Passim.

b) - April 19th. to November 21st. 1818

"… inedited excerpts from George Ticknor's manuscript journal describing his tour in Spain …"

George Ticknor's Travels in Spain  Toronto, University Library, 1913. This is No.2 in the University of Toronto Studies; Philological Series .


YOUNGS, Isaac N. (b.1793)  Shaker clockmaker of New Lebanon

March 24th. 1815 to March 26th. 1835

Craftsman's diary recording the completion of his clocks and experiments in clock-making; very infrequent entries, preceded by an autobiographical note. Specialist interest.

In  Shaker Furniture  by Edward Deming Andrews and Faith Andrews. Yale University Press, 1937; reissued New York, Dover Publications, 1950, pp 112-114.



ANONYMOUS - A229,M1988

May 1816

Matthews: Travel diary; journey afoot through Vermont and New England.

In  North American Review  IV, 1817, pp 175-186.


ABEL, Clarke - E

1816 to 1817

Narrative of a Journey in the interior of China, and of a Voyage to and from that Country in the years 1816 and 1817; containing an account of the most interesting transactions of Lord Amherst's Embassy to the Court of Pekin, and observations on the countries which it visited  New York, Arno Press reprint of the London edition of 1818.


ALLEN, George Wigram Dundas (1800-1877) - *H429,E

From 1816

Lawyer's diary in Sydney.

Early Georgian: Extracts from the Journal of George Allen (1800-1877)  edited by Dundas Allen. Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1958.

BODMER, Johann Georg (1786-1864)  Swiss engineer and inventor

October 22nd. 1816 to February 14th. 1817

Personal diary of a visit to England to examine factories and industrial processes and to attempt to sell a patented cannon to the government; London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Scotland, Newcastle, and a slow return to London; people met, including Marc Isambard Brunel, and things seen.

Industrial Britain Under the Regency; The Diaries of Escher, Bodmer, May and de Gallois 1814-18  by W.O. Henderson. London, Frank Cass, 1968. New York Augustus M. Kelley, 1968, pp 73-127.

Note: May and de Gallois are reports, not diaries, but see Escher 1814.  -  


BRECKENRIDGE, Richard (1781-1840)  of Marengo County, Alabama - A229,M1989

August to September 1816

Matthews: Travel diary (fragment); account of hardships of journey in Tennessee River country; good narrative.

In  Alabama Historical Society Transactions  (1898-1899)  pp 142-153.


BROWN, Uria (b.1769)  of Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Baltimore - A229,M1990

June 1816 to March 1817

Matthews: Travel and business diary; journey from Baltimore to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland; settling land claims; amusing adventures along the Cumberland Road.

In  Maryland Historical Magazine  X, 1915, pp 262-283 and 344-369; XI, 1916, pp 42-49, 142-157, 218-237 and 348-375.

CAMPBELL, Alexander (1764-1824)  of Edinburgh - B188


Matthews: Travel diary; tour to Ettrick and Yarrow, in company of James Hogg, the poet; visit to Abbotsford and meeting with Sir Walter Scott; musical interests in ballads and folk tunes.

Journal of a Tour in the Scottish Border in 1816  Hawick, 1904, reprinted from  Transactions of Hawick Archaeological Society  1904.


CAREY, Frances - E

1816 to 1817

Journal of a Tour in France in the Years 1816 and 1817  London, 1823.


CHAMBERLAIN, Eli (1795-1817)  of Lebanon, Maine - A229,M1991

January 1816 to January 1817

Matthews: Sea journal (with gap); voyage of the Gentoo from Salem to Calcutta via Cape of Good Hope and return; nothing remarkable.

In  Essex Institute Historical Collections  LXVI, 1930, pp 479-493, with letters.


CHAMISSO, Adelbert von - *M1992,E


Account of a visit to San Francisco by the Rurik commanded by Otto von Kotzebue (qv).

In  The Visit of the Rurik to San Francisco in 1816  by August Mahr. Stanford university Press, 1932.


CLERC, Laurent - *H430,*M1993,E


Diary  West Hartford, Connecticut, American School for the Deaf, 1952.


COFFIN, Ebenezer - *M1994,E


Shipbuilding on St. Helena Island in 1816: A Diary of Ebenezer Coffin  edited by J.H.Easterby in South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine  XLVII, Aprilo, 1946, from p 117.  

03  CROWNINSHIELD, George (1766-1817)  American shipping magnate - E

1816 to 1817

A voyage of pleasure to the Western Islands and the Mediterranean “Compiled from Journals, Letters and Log-Book …”

George Crowninshield’s Yacht Cleopatra’s Barge on a Voyage of Pleasure 1816-1817  privately printed, 1913.

Note:  Cleopatra’s Barge: The Crowninshield Story  “…recounting of the very libertine and eccentric Crowninshield family who arrived on American soil in the 1640's, continuing on in their ways until a son-in-law of letters saw fit to write their not so pristine history” by David L.Ferguson may also contain diary material. See also Francis B.Crowninshield.


DALHOUSIE, George Ramsay, 9th. Earl of (1770-1838)  governor general of Canada - H431,E

1816 to 1828

Personal diary as lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia and governor general of Canada; climate; people and way of life.

The Dalhousie Journals  edited by Marjory Whitelaw. Toronto, Oberon Press, three volumes, 1978, 1980 and 1982.

DANIELL, John Edgecombe - D76

1816 to 1818 (?)

Matthews: In commissariat dept. in Peninsular War in Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands; with army of occupation.

Journal of an Officer  London, 1820.

ELLIS, Henry [Sir] (1777-1855)  third commissioner in Earl Amherst's embassy to China - D93

1816 to 1817

Matthews: Journal; a commissioner's account of diplomacy and ceremonies during an embassy to China; interview with Napoleon on St. Helena.

Journal of Proceedings  London, 1817.


FLOWER, George (1780?-1862)  born in Hertfordshire, England, of Albion, Illinois, colonist


August to November 1816

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); a young Englishman's journey through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia; observations of Negroes, frontier life, taverns, etc., and notes on towns; interesting extracts.

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XIV, (1927-1928), pp 137-155.


GILLIAM, James Skelton (Arksey has GILLAM)  - of Petersburg, Virginia - A229,M1996

July to September 1816

Matthews: Travel diary; trip to Saratoga via Philadelphia and New York; mainly at Saratoga and New York; travel and social notes. Account with running extracts.

In  Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine II, 1920, pp 294-309.  

03  GRANT, Jedediah Morgan (1816-1856)  mayor of Salt lake City - E

Dates unknown

“…chronicles the life of Jedediah Morgan Grant (1816-1856), mayor of Salt Lake City and second counselor to Brigham Young. Like his puritan counterpart Jonathan Edwards, Grant was a passionate believer and eloquent preacher whose powerful sermons rocked his congregations and penetrated even the most indifferent of hearts. Effectively combining narration and analysis with substantial selections from previously unpublished documents, Sessions presents Grant's first full biography and reveals the vital role he played during Mormonism's tempestuous early history.”

Mormon Thunder  by Gene A.Sessions, Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.

03  HASWELL, Charles Haynes - E

1816 to 1860 (?)

Reminiscences of New York by an Octogenarian  New York, Harper, 1896, is reported to contain diary material.


HIGBEE, William F.  - of Cumberland County, New Jersey - A229,M1997

December 1816 to August 1817

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Cumberland County to Kitanning, western Pennsylvania, to survey his father's property; return to Somerset via Indiana; brief notes of no great interest, apart from expense list and some spellings.

In  Pennsylvamia Magazine of History and Biography  XLVII, 1923, pp 80-84.


HONEYWELL, Enoch - *M1998,E

Travel Accounts of Indiana, 1679-1961: A Collection of Observations by Wayfaring Foreigners, Itinerants and Peripatetic Hoosiers  edited by Shirley S. McCord. Indiana University Press, 1970.  


HOWARD, Luke (1772-1864)  'Father of British Meteorology'

June 26th. to August 25th. 1816

Quaker journal of a visit to Friends in Germany; travel notes; meetings. The journal is written up from contemporary notes and letters home but a transcript of his original rough notes for the period July 8th. to August 14th. is given, and there are brief quotations from a diary of 1814.

In  Luke Howard (1772-1864); His Correspondence with Goethe and his Continental Journey of 1816  edited by D.F.S.Scott. York, William Sessions, 1976, pp 29-79 and passim.  

03  JEWITT, Llewellyn(n) Frederick William (1816-1886)  illustrator and natural scientist - E

Dates unknown

The Life and Death of Llewellynn Jewitt  by William Henry Goss, London, 1889, is reported to contain diary material.


KERFOOT, John Barrett [Rt. Rev.] (1816-1881) - E

Dates unknown

In  Life of the Right Reverend John Barrett Kerfoot, First Bishop of Pittsburgh, with Selections from His Diaries and Correspondence  by Hall Harrison. New York, J.Pott, 1886.


LARCOM, Jonathan - *H432,*M1999,E

From 1816

Diary  in  Essex Institute Historical Collections  1951.  

03  McINTYRE, Abigail - E


Abigail McIntyre Diary, 1816  in  New York Genealogical and Biographical Record  1953.

03  M’LEOD, John  - naval surgeon on HMS Alceste - E

 1816 to 1817 (?)

“The Alceste was returning home with Lord Amherst, Ambassador Extraordinaire to the Emperor of China, when it struck an uncharted reef. All aboard, however, were saved.”

Voyage of His Majesty’s Ship Alceste, along the Coast of Corea, to the Island of Lewchew: With an Account of Her Subsequent Shipwreck  London, John Murray, 1817.

MALCOLM, Clementina [Lady] (d.1830) - B188

June 1816 to July 1817

Public diary, written in the third person; conversations of Napoleon with her husband, Sir Pulteney Malcolm, presumably at his dictation as the diarist was often not present; full notes of disputes between Napoleon and the Governor, Sir Hudson Lowe.

1. - A Diary of St. Helena  edited by Sir A.Wilson. London, 1899.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 354.


MERCER, William Newton (1792-1869)  of Natchez and New Orleans, surgeon and planter


a) - July to September 1816

Matthews: Travel diary; Baltimore to Louisville by stage, flatboat, and horseback; notes on strange sights and characters, scenery, medicinal springs, and Indian mounds; rather interesting.

In  Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly  XLV, October, 1936, pp 351-364.

b) - September to October 1816

Matthews: Travel diary (continuation of above); from Louisville to New Orleans by steamboat.

In  Journal Southern History  II, 1936, pp 390-402.


MILLER, John E. - *H433,*M2001,E

From 1816

Missionary Journal  in  Journal of Presbyterian History  1969.  

03  de MONTULE, Edouard (Édouard René Pierre Charles Dubois de Montulé) (1792-1828)  French travellerE

1816 to 1817

"Montule's ambitious itinerary covered more than three thousand miles. After a brief visit in November, 1816, to New York and Philadelphia, he embarked for the West Indies, landing at Saint Thomas, Santo Domingo, and Jamaica. Reaching New Orleans, he proceeded on one of the early steamboats to Louisville, thence by stagecoach and horseback to Frankfort, Lexington, Chillicothe, Wheeling, and Pittsburgh. Turning northward to Niagara Falls and Buffalo, he continued across the Finger Lake country to Albany and New York, sailing for Italy on October 6, 1817."

Travels in America 1816-1817  Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1951.


NEWTON, Benjamin [The Rev.] (1762-1830)  Rector of Wath, Yorkshire - B189

July 12th. 1816 to December 27th. 1818

The social, sporting, family and intellectual life of a country clergyman; relations with his son; parish, farming and financial affairs; visits; lively and entertaining.

1. - The Diary of Benjamin Newton  edited by C.P.Fendall and E.A.Crutchley. Cambridge, at the University Press, 1933.

2. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 127-131; and Brander (1), pp 139-153.


NORTH, Asahel (1782-1846)  of Windsor, Vermont, and Greene County, Illinois - A230,M2002

June to July 1816

Matthews: Travel diary; from Windsor to the Illinois Territory; names of towns, and distances.

In  Illinois Historical Society Journal  XV, (1922-1923), pp 679-687.  


OGDEN, Eliza - A230,M2003

July 1816 to January 1818

Matthews: School diary (extracts); lengthy accounts of classes and sermons at Litchfield School.

In  Chronicles of a Pioneer School  by Emily Vanderpoel. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1903, pp 160-176.  

03  PARISH, George - E


New York State in 1816: The Journal of George Parish  edited by Herbert Lasky in  New York History  LVI, No.3, 1975.


PODUSHKIN, Iakov Anikievich - *M2004,E

In  Russia's Hawaiian adventure, 1815-1817  by Richard Pierce.  California University Press and Cambridge University Press, 1965.  

POLIDORI, John William [Dr.] (1795-1821)  physician and author - B189

April to December 1816

Matthews: Medical diary; travelling physician with Byron; journey in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy; Byron, Shelley, and various Continental writers appear frequently.

The Diary of Dr. Polidori  edited by W.M.Rossetti. London, 1909.


RILEY, James (177-1840)  Captain of the US merchant ship Commerce - E

From 1816?

Sequel to Riley’s Narrative: Being a Sketch of Interesting Incidents in the Life, Voyages and Travels of Capt. James Riley, From the Period of His Return to His Native Land, After His Shipwreck, Captivity, and Sufferings Among the Arabs of the Desert, as Related in His Narrative, Until His Death  Columbus, George Brewster, 1851. The book is based upon Riley’s journals and manuscripts.


ROBERTSON, Powhaten - A230,M2005

May to July 1816 and one entry for September 1818

Matthews: Private diary; student at William and Mary; social life, cutting classes, studies.

In  William and Mary College Quarterly  Second Series, XI, 1931, pp 61-68.


SALTER, Joseph

The Diary of a Maritimer, 1816-1901: The Life and Times of Joseph Salter  by Nancy Redmayne Ross. St. John's, Newfoundland, International Maritime Economic History Association, 1996. Research in Maritime History Series, IXX.


SEELY, Catharine [Miss] (1799-1838)  of Darien, Connecticut - A230,M2006

January 1816 to June 1838

Matthews: Religious diary; religious self analysis, prayers, self-abasement, illnesses, occasional family notes.

Memoirs of Catharine Seely and Deborah S.Roberts  New York, 1843, pp 16-208. Passim.


SHEPHEARD, Samuel (1816-1866)  builder of Shepheard's Hotel, Cairo - E

Dates Unknown

In  Samuel Shepheard of Cairo: A Portrait  by Michael bird. London, Michael joseph, 1957.

SMITH, Chretien [Prof.] - D281


Matthews: Diary; botanist on Tuckey's (qv) expedition up the Congo; scientific notes.

Narratives of an Expedition  by James Kingston Tuckey. London, 1818.

STONER, David [The Rev.] (1794-1826)  of Barwick, Yorkshire - B189

January 1816 to September 1824

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts); his work as a Methodist minister at Huddersfield; circuit work and travels in Yorkshire and Lancashire; Bradford, Liverpool; his spiritual life and God's providences.

Memoirs of Rev. David Stoner  London, 1828, pp 69-198.


TAYLOR, Oliver Alden [The Rev.] (1801-1851)  of Manchester, Massachusetts - A230,M2007

February 1816 to December 1851

Matthews: Religious journals (extracts); at Union College, theological studies at Andover, pastoral life at Manchester; reflections on backslidings, notes on public and local affairs, gold rush, parish trials; better than usual clerical journal.

Memoir of the Rev. Oliver Alden Taylor  by Timothy A.Taylor. Boston, 1854, pp 26-519. Passim.


THOMAS, David (1776-1859)  of New York State - A230,M2008

May to July 1816

Matthews: Travel diary; journey through western New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, southern Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Wabash region; pleasant touristic notes, social life, taverns, customs, topography, Indians of Ohio Valley; followed by notes on western country.

1. - Travels through the Western Country in the Summer of 1816  New York, 1817, 1819, 320 pp.

2. - Extracts relating to Indiana in  Indiana as Seen by Early Travelers  by Harlow Lindley. Indianapolis, 1916, pp 42-235.


THOMAS, George Henry (1916-1870)  US army officer and Union General - E

Dates Unknown

Memoir of Maj.-Gen. George H.Thomas  by Richard W.Johnson, Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1881, is reported to contain diary material.

TUCKEY, James Kingston (1776-1816)  naval officer and explorer - D309


Matthews: Explorations of the Congo; scientific notes.

Narrative of an Expedition to Explore the River Zaire  London, 1818.

TURNER, Thomas [Dr.] (1793-1873)  Manchester surgeon - B189

August 1816 to December 1873

Matthews: Medical diary; notes of travel in England and abroad; science and natural history interests at Manchester; marriage and domestic life; medical practice and writings; religious life.

Memoirs of Dr. Thomas Turner  by a relative. London, 1875.


VANDERSLUYS, Jasper  - Dutch bookkeeper of the Northwest Company - E

12th. to 28th. June 1816

"Journal … throwing odium upon the proceedings of the Earl of Selkirk at Fort William"; incidents arising from the NorthWest Company's opposition to the settlement of the Red River Colony by the Earl of Selkirk and the Earl's actions against the Company at Fort William.

1. - In  A Narrative of Occurences in the Indian Countries of North America  New York, Johnson Reprint Corporation, 1968.

2. - A counter-attack, with some quotation, in  The Earl of Selkirk's Settlement  Bedford, Massachusetts, Applewood, pp 166-174; first published, London, John Murray, 1817.


WALKER, James  - of Buckingham County, Virginia - A230,M2009

March to June 1816

Matthews: Private diary; work as manager of Wilderness Road; travel in Kentucky; inns, prices, camping, riding.

In  Kentucky State Historical Society Register  XXXIX, 1941, pp 224-229.


WATSON, Joshua Rowley (1772-1718)  British naval officer - E

1816 to 1817

"From 1816 to 1817, British naval captain Joshua Rowley Watson visited friends in Philadelphia and toured the northeastern United States. During that time he filled two sketchbooks and a diary with impressions of travels that took him to Washington, Boston, and the wilds of the Hudson River valley."

Captain Watson's Travels in America: The Sketchbook and Diary of Joshua Rowley Watson  edited by Kathleen A.Foster. Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997.

WILLIAMS, J. (b.1793)  of London, draper - B189

April 1816 to January 1817

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); his personal and social life and amusements; plays, races, book-buying; his versifyings; public events, sights, prices; an amusing record of life of a young Londoner.

Notes and Queries  Ninth Series, XII, 1903. Passim.


WILSON, James - E

1816 to 1818

A Journal of Two Successive Tours: Upon the Continent in the Years 1816, 1817 and 1818  London, three volumes, 1820.



ANONYMOUS,  of Salem, Massachusetts - A231,M2010

September 1817 to February 1818

Matthews: Travel diary; a mechanic's notes of a journey to Ohio, via Bedford and Pittsburgh, and return to New England; an excellent, lively account of the journey and criticism of what he saw.

In  Essex Institute Historical Collections  VIII, 1866, pp 226-249.

ARBUTHNOT, Alexander [The Rev.]  - Dean of Cloyne - B189

May to June 1817

Matthews: Travel diary; London and Paris; social and touristic notes.

Memories of Rugby and India  by Sir Alexander J.Arbuthnot. London, 1910, pp 321-327.


BAINES, Peter Augustine [Fr.] - E

1817 to 1819

Catholic journal.

In  Post-Reformation Catholicism in Bath  edited by J.Anthony Williams, Volume I. Catholic record society, Volume LXV, 1975.


BANGS, Hemen - *M2011,E

The Autobiography and Journal of Rev. Hemen Bangs  New York, 1874.

BELL, William (1780-1857)  clergyman of Perth - C131

1817 and 1823 to 1853

Matthews: Diary, and autobiography from 1780; Scotland into Upper Canada; life and work as Presbyterian minister at Perth.

A life of Bell, based on these journals and with long extracts is  A Man Austere  by Isabel Skelton. Toronto, 1947.

BOWDICH, Thomas Edward (1791-1824)  African traveller - D32

Matthews: His embassy to Ashanti; court life; native customs on Gold Coast; diary.

Mission from Cape Coast Castle  London, 1819.


BROADDUS, Andrew - *M2013,E

A Baptist Minister Visits Kentucky  in  Register of the Kentucky Historical Society  October, 1973.

CAMPBELL, Harriet Charlotte Beaujolois (1803-1848)

July 27th. 1817 to April 12th. 1818

Personal diary of a visit to Florence by the fourteen year old third daughter of Lady Charlotte Campbell, author of the Diary of a Lady in Waiting. The journey; the governess; art and literature; scenery, inns and servants; her sister's marriage, and her mother's to Harriet's brother's tutor. Excellent, lively frank and well observed.

A Journey to Florence in 1817  edited by G.R. de Beer. London, Geoffrey Bles, 1951.

CARVOSSO, William (1750-1834)  Methodist - B190

January 1817 to June 1833

Matthews: Methodist diary; Methodist religious life and work; travels through England; introspection and love-feasts.

A Memoir of William Carvosso  London, 1837.


CHESEBROUGH, Silas (1796-1845)  of Stonington, Connecticut, and Syracuse, New York


September to November 1817

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); from Stonington to Ohio Territory, via New Jersey and Pennsylvania; descriptions of route.

In  American Historical Review  XXXVII, (1931-1932), pp 65-88.


CHORIS, Louis (1795-1828)  German-Ukrainian painter and explorer.  - *H434,E

An Early Nineteenth-Century Artist in Alaska: Louis Choris and the First Kotzebue Expedition  edited by James W.Vanstone in  Pacific Northwest Quarterly  LI, No. 4.  

03  COATES, Benjamin - E


Journal of a Trip to Niagara  in  University of Rochester Library Bulletin  1954.

01/02/03 - COBBETT, William (1762-1835)  essayist, politician and farmer - A231,B200,M2015

a) - May 5th. 1817 to April 24th. 1818

Farming diary in Queen's County, Long Island; weather, crops, customs, prices; comparisons with life in England.

1. - In  A Year's Residence in the United States of America  New York, three parts, 1818, London, 1819, Chapter one of Part one. Reprinted, edited by John Freeman, London, Chapman and Dodd, 1923 and Fontwell, Centaur, 1964. Centaur edition reprinted Gloucester, Alan Sutton, 1983.

Note: See also Thomas Hulme, 1818.

2. - Extracts relating to the Birkbeck settlement in  Indiana as Seen by Early Travelers  by Harlow Lindley. Indianapolis, 1916, pp 508-521.

b) - 1821 to 1832

Travel diary in England; full daily descriptions of travel on horseback; farming and economic conditions; political digressions.

1. - Rural Rides  first published in book form, collected from articles in the  Register, 1830. Edited by J.P. Cobbett, London, 1853. Edited by P. Cobbett, London, two volumes, 1885. Edited by J.H. Lobban, Cambridge, 1908; London J.M. Dent, Everyman Library edition (the most accessible edition), two volumes, 1914. Edited by G.D.H. Cole, London, three volumes (including the Scottish Tour), limited edition, Peter Davies, 1930.

2. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 106-116; Grigson, passim; Ponsonby (1), pp 280-287; and Willard, pp 69-77.

c) - October to November 1832

Travel diary in Scotland.

Tour in Scotland  edited by Daniel Green. Aberdeen University Press, 1984. Earlier publication in book form, 1833 and 1930.


CUNNINGHAM, Allan (1791-1839)  botanist

March 1st. 1817 to November 19th. 1818

Exploration diary; New South Wales; botanising and topography in the Australian interior in the Parramatta region; Oxley’s land journey; King’s west coast voyage; the Five Islands and Illawarra. the editor claims to have printed “all essential portions” either verbatim or in slightly abbreviated form: it is not clear what has been regarded as inessential.

In  Early Explorers in Australia  by Ida Lee. London, Methuen, 1925, pp 170-426.

Note: The book also contains quotations and summaries from later Cunninham’s later voyages and expeditions, again concentating upon botany and topography.


DEAN, Thomas (1783-1844)  of Deansboro, New York - A231,M2016

May to October 1817

Matthews: Travel diary; journey to Indiana to get lands for Brothertown Indians; accompanied by representative Indians; by boat to Lake Ontario and through Lakes, portage to mouth of Wabash; by canoe and afoot in southern Indiana; return from Fort Wayne to Detroit; good practical details of country and matter-of-fact description of difficulties.

In  Indiana Historical Society Publications  VI, 1918, pp 273-345.  

Note: James Cummings (3314) has  Journal of Thomas Dean  Indianapolis, 1913.

De FREYCINET, Rose Marie (1795?-1830)  French sea captain's wife

September 1817 to 1820

Journal of a voyage in the corvette Uranie to South America, South Africa, Mauritius and Australia; smuggled aboard, the only woman on the ship; adventures; natives and customs; life aboard ship; shipwreck on the Falklands; rescue and return to France. The journal was addressed to a friend and is here interspersed with letters and much editorial narrative.

Realms and Islands; The World Voyage of Rose de Freycinet 1817-1820  by Marnie Bassett. London, Oxford University Press, 1962.


DELAFIELD, Joseph (1790-1875) - *M2017,E

The Unfortified Boundary: a diary of the first survey of the Canadian boundary line from St. Regis to the Lake of the Woods by Major Joseph Delafield, American agent under articles VI and VII of the Treaty of Ghent, from the original manuscript recently discovered  privately printed, New York, 1943.


DILLWYN, Lewis Weston (d.1855)  high sheriff of Glamorgan and member of parliament - E

October 1817 to July 1852

Diary extracts.

Diary of Lewis Weston Dillwyn  edited by Henry John Randall and William Rees. South Wales and Monmouth Record Society, Volume 5, 1963.


DOUGLASS, David Bates - *H435,*M2018,E

a) - See Havlice.

b) - 1820

American Voyageur: Journal of David Bates Douglass  Northern Michigan University Press, 1969.


DURAN, Narciso (1776-1846) - *M2019,E

Expedition on the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers in 1817: diary of Fray Narciso Duran  edited by Charles Edward Chapman. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1911.  

03  FELLOWES, William Dorset - E


A Visit to the Monastery of La Trappe in 1817: With Notes Taken During a Tour Through Le Perche, Normandy, Bretagne, Poitou, Anjou, Le Bocage, Touraine, Orleanois, and the Environs of Paris  London, 1818.

FITZCLARENCE, George [Lieut. Col.] - D102

1817 to 1818

Matthews: Diary; journey from England to India and military operations against Pindarries and Mahrattas.

Journal of a Route Across India  London, 1819.


FLETCHER, Calvin (1798-1866) - *H462*M2020,*M3882,E

From 1817

Personal diary; settler, lawyer, Senator, banker and farmer in Indiana.

The Diary of Calvin Fletcher  edited by Gayle Thornbrough. Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, nine volumes, 1972 to 1983.


FLÜGEL (FLUEGEL), J.G. (d.1855)  born in Germany, trader - A231,M2021

January to June 1817

Matthews: Travel journal (section kept in English); down the Mississippi to New Orleans; account of New Orleans after the battle.

In  Louisiana Historical Quarterly  VII, 1924, pp 414-440.


FORDHAM, Elias Pym (b.1763)  English farmer - A231,M2022

December 1817 to February 1818

Matthews: English immigrant diary; daily happenings at English Prairie, Illinois; trip down the Patoka; winter work; journey to Kentucky; trip across the Wabash in search of lands; interesting account of Birkbeck settlement.

In  Personal Narrative of Travels in Virginia, Maryland… by Elias Pym Fordham  edited by F.A.Ogg. Cleveland, 1906, pp 136-169.

FREEMAN, Ann (1797-1826)  of Northcott, Devon - B190

June 1817 to February 1826

Matthews: Quaker diary; her travels and ministry in south-west England and Ireland; religious life; her health.

A Memoir of the Life and Ministry of Ann Freeman  London, 1826.


GATES, Guerdon - *M2023,E

a) - A Visit by that Confidential Character - President Monroe  edited by Blaine A.Guthrie in  Filson Club History Quarterly  LI, January, 1977.

b) - In  Kentucky Historical Society Register  LXVI.  

03  GOLOVNIN, Vasily Mihailovich (1776-1831) Russian navigator - E

1817 to 1819

“Not only a voyage, but an insight to the societies and peoples encountered during this world cruise.”

Around the World on the Kamchatka, 1817-1819  University of Hawaii Press, Hawaiian Historical Society, XXXIX, 1979.


GORREQUER, Gideon [Maj.] (1781-1841)  Aide-de-Camp to Sir Hudson Lowe on St. Helena - H436

June 3rd. 1817 to December 21st. 1823

Private diary kept on St. Helena during Napoleon's captivity; his work and administrative matters; gossip, factions and feuds among the British; notes about Napoleon and his staff; criticism of Sir Hudson Lowe.

St. Helena During Napoleon's Exile: Gorrequer's Diary  edited by James Kemble. London, Heinemann, 1969.


GREENE, Welcome Arnold - *H437,*M2024,E

a) - 1817 to 1820

Sea journal; young man aboard a merchant ship trading in the Caribbean, South America, Cadiz and Scandinavia.

The Journals of Welcome Arnold Greene: The Voyages of the Brigantine Perseverence 1817-1820  edited by Howard Greene and Alice E.Smith. Madison, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1956.

b) - 1822 to 1824

The Journals of Welcome Arnold Greene: Journeys in the South 1822-1824  edited by Howard Greene and Alice E.Smith. Madison, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1957.  

03  HALL, Basil (1788-1844)  British naval officer from Scotland - E

a) - 1812 to 1814?

Travels in India, Ceylon and Borneo  New delhi, Asian educational Services, 1995.

b) - 1816?

Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea and the Great Loo-Choo Island in the Japan Sea  1818.

c) - 1820 to 1822

Extracts from a Journal Written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and mexico in the Years 1820, 1821, 1822  1824.

d) - 1827 to 1828

Travels in North America  three volumes, 1829.

e) - 1834?

Schloss Hainfeld: Or, A Winter in Lower Styria  1836.

f) - Dates unknown

The Fragments of Voyages and Travels  nine volumes, 1831-1840.

03  HARBAUGH, Henry (1817-1867)  American minister of the German Reformed Church - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (5384) has  Diary  in  Henry Harbaugh, Pennsylvania Dutchman, 1817-1867  by Elizabeth Clarke Kieffer, Norristown, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania German Society, 1945.

03  HARNEY, George Julian (1817-1897)  British Chartist, journalist and political activist - E

Dates unknown

The Harney Papers  volume V of the Publications on Social History  issued by the Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Gescheidenis, Amsterdam, Van Gorcum, Assen, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.

03  HARRIMAN, Walter (1817-1884)  Governor of New Hmpshire - E

Dates unknown

Life of Walter Harriman, with Selections from His Speeches and Writings  bny Amos Hadley, Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1888, is reported to contain diary material.

HAY, John - B190

August to October 1817

Matthews: Horticultural diary; full daily account of tour in Flanders, Holland, and northern France; entries of specialised interest; details of plants grown, methods of cultivation, types of greenhouses, etc.; also interesting information on local customs, curiosities.

Journal of a Horticultural Tour  Edinburgh, 1823.


HUNNEWELL, James - *M2082,E

a) - 1817 to 1818

Honolulu in 1817 and 1818  Honolulu, Papers of the Hawaiian Historical Society, No. 8, 1909, 21 pp.

b) - Journal of the Voyage of the "Missionary Packet," Boston to Honoulu, 1826  Cambridge, Massachusetts, University Press, 1880.  

03  IRBY, Charles Leonard (1789-1845)  officer of the Royal Navy - E

1817 to 1818 (?)

Travels in Egypt and Nubia, Syria and the Holy Land: Including a Journey Round the Dead Sea and through the Country East of the Jordan  privately printed, 1823; London, John Murray, 1844.

JOHNSTON, James (d.1840)  of Salford, Lancashire - B190

January 1817 to July 1826

Matthews: Religious diary; Swedenborgian worship; angelic manifestations.

Diary, Spiritual and Earthly  London, 1910.


KEEN, James - *H438,*M2025,E

From 1817

Journal of a Passage from Philadelphia to Blackbeard Island, Georgia for Live Oak Timber  in  American Neptune  XXV, 1975.


KELLOGG, Ebenezer (1789-1846)  American professor of ancientlanguages - *M2026,E

a) - 1817

Ebenezer Kellogg's Visit to Charleston, 1817  edited by Sidney Walter Martin in  South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine  XLIX.

b) - 1817 to 1818

A New Englander's Impressions of Georgia in 1817-1818: Extracts from the Diary of Ebenezer Kellogg  edited by Sidney Walter Martin in  The Journal of Southern History  XII, No. 2, May, 1946, pp 247-262.  


KEYES, Willard (Arksey has KEYS)  - of Newfane, Vermont - A232,M2027

June 1817 to July 1819

Matthews: Travel diary; canoe journey to Wisconsin with Peters colony and two years at Prairie du Chien; schoolteaching, milling, logging; valuable diary of early Wisconsin life; mainly brief notes of his own doings.

In  Wisconsin Magazine of History  III, (1919-1920), pp 338-363 and 443-464.


KRÜSI (KRUSI), Hermann (1817-1903) - E

Dates unknown  

In  Recollections of My Life... An autobiographical sketch supplemented by extracts from his personal records and a review of his literary productions together with selected essays  arranged and edited by Elizabeth Sheldon Alling. New York: The Grafton Press, 1907.


LAFITTE, Jean  - of Louisiana, pirate - A232,M2028

March to May 1817

Matthews: Travel diary; voyage from New Orleans to Galveston; privateers at Galveston; Lafitte in service of Spain. Translated from the Spanish.

In  Louisiana Historical Quarterly  XXI, 1938, pp 1102-1107.


LANGSLOW, Richard [Capt.] - of the East India Company - A232,*C665,M2029

September to October 1817

Matthews: Travel diary; from New London to New York by steamboat, by coach to Albany, Utica, Buffalo, Niagara, Batavia, Utica, and return; tourist's notes on inns, food, places, falls, scenery, etc.; expense list; fairly interesting.

In  Buffalo Historical Society Publications  V, 1902, pp 111-133.  

03  LEWES, George Henry (1817-1878)  English philosopher and critic, partner of Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot (qv)) - E

Dates unknown

In  George Lewes and George Eliot a Review of Records  by Anna Theresa Kitchel, New York, John Day, 1933.

03  LINCOLN, John Larkin (1817-1891) - E

Dates unknown

In Memoriam John Larkin Lincoln 1817-1891  by William Lincoln, Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1894, is reported to contain diary material.


LIPPINCOTT, Thomas (1791-1869)  of Sullivan County, New York, and Milton, Illinois - A232,M2030

November 1817 to February 1818

Matthews: Travel diary; journey with wife and baby, via Easton, Steubenville, Marietta, Maysville, Augusta, St. Louis; notes on companions, conditions of travel, places, etc.; good narrative.

1. - First printed in  Presbytery Reporter  Alton, Illinois, January 1870.

2. - In  Illinois Historical Society Journal  X, (1917-1918), pp 237-255.

3. - In  A Family History in Letters and Documents  edited by Mrs. Charles P.Noyes. St. Paul, privately printed, 1919, pp 331-342.

LISTER, Anne (1791-1840)  of Shibden Hall, Halifax - B188

a) - March 21st. 1817 to August 23rd. 1824

Private and personal diary, partly written in code, of a well-to-do Yorkshire woman; friends, society and social life in Halifax; her uncle and aunt at Shibden Hall; domestic affairs and daily life; travel; her lesbian relationships and venereal disease with its attendant difficulties; a uniquely frank and interesting account but possibly edited with undue emphasis on the sexual aspects; excellent. The diary exists for another sixteen years in manuscript.

I Know my own Heart; The Diaries of Anne Lister  edited by Helena Whitbread. London, Virago Press, 1988.

b) - August 26th. 1824 to October 13th. 1826

Further selections from the diary again concentrating on her sexual life and entanglements; with explicit accounts of lesbian activity; Halifax, Buxton, London and Paris; some references to estate management at Shibden.

No Priest but Love; Excerpts from the Diaries of Anne Lister, 1824-1826  edited by Helena Whitbread. Otley, Smith Settle, 1992.


LONG, Stephen H  arriman [Col.] (1784-1864)  of Corps of Topographical Engineers - *H439,A232,*M2031,E

a) - July to August 1817

Matthews: Travel journal; by skiff from Prairie du Chien to Falls of St. Anthony; long descriptions of places and antiquities.

In  Minnesota Historical Society Collections  II, 1889 reprint of 1860-1867, pp 9-83.

b) - 1817 and 1823

Exploration journals; the 1817 trip up the Mississippi River to the Falls of St. Anthony then down to Fort Belle Fontaine on the Missouri; in 1823 from Philadelphia to Minnesota, returning east through Manitoba and Ontario, through the Great Lakes to Niagara and the Erie Canal, New York and return to Philadelphia.

The Northern Expeditions of Stephen H.Long: The Journals of 1817 and 1823 and Related Documents  edited by Lucile M.Kane, June D.Holmquist and Carolyn Gilman. St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1978.  

c) - 1819 and 1820

Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains Performed I the years 1819 and 1820  Philadelphia, H.C.Cary and I.Lea, two volumes, 1823; also (possibly abridged) Golden, Colorado, Fulcrum, 1988.


LYE, Joseph (1792-1834)  of Lynn, Massachusetts, shoemaker - A232,M2032,E

November 1817 to September 1832

Matthews: Private diary; work as shoemaker and notes on weather, church and local affairs, reading, fishing, camp meetings; fairly interesting. Original diary in twelve volumes.

In  Lynn Historical Society Register  XIX, 1915, pp 41-53. Excerpts from first four volumes.

Note: James Cummings (7824) has  The Ways of a Worker a Century Ago  Salem, Massachusetts, 1918.

01/02/03 - LYELL, Charles [Sir] (1797-1875)  geologist - A290,B190,C713,M2688,E

a) - August 1817 to September 1818

Matthews: Scientific diary; travel in Scotland, France, Italy; notes on natural history and geology.

b) - January 1832 to July 1834

Matthews: Scientific diary; his social and scientific life and friendships; travel in Scandinavia, with geological interests.

c) - July 1841 to August 1842

Matthews: Travel diary; through New England, Nova Scotia, and Upper Canada; geology, topography, society, celebrities.

Travels in North America  London, two volumes, 1845. Abridged edition  Lyell's Travels in North America in the Years 1841-2  edited by J.P.Cushing, New York, 1909.

d) - September 1845 to June 1846

Matthews: Travel diary; Liverpool to Halifax; New England; down Atlantic coast to Louisiana; up the Mississippi; geological and social observations; rather impersonal.

A Second Visit to North America  London, two volumes, 1849. Often reprinted.

e) - August to October 1858

Matthews: Scientific diary; travel in Switzerland, with geological interests.

This diary, together with a and b, in  Life, Letters, and Journals of Sir Charles Lyell  edited by Mrs. Lyell. London, two volumes, 1881. Passim.

f) - Sir Charles Lyell’s Scientific Journals on the Species Question  edited by Leonard G. Wilson. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1970.


MATTHEWS, Henry (1790-1828)  Cambridge lawyer - B191

September 1817 to June 1819

Travel diary; descriptions of landscapes, buildings, art and customs in two years in Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, and France for the sake of his health.

1. - The Diary of an Invalid  London, John Murray, 1819. Reissued, Nonsuch, 2005.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 355-357.  

03  MAUGHAN, Mary Ann Weston (1817-1901)  English Mormon convert - E

Dates unknown

Autobiography compiled in journal form from from contemporaneous notes and daybooks.

Journal  Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1959.


MIX, Ebenezer Hooker - *H440,E

From 1817

Sea Journal  Connecticut Historical Society,   January, 1975.


O'BRIEN, Susannah Sarah Louisa (Susan) [Lady] (Fox Strangways) (1743-1827)

October 22nd. 1817

A single diary entry reporting a conversation at Melbury between the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and Lady Susan concerning the attraction of George III (when prince of Wales) to Lady Sarah Lennox.

In  The Life and Letters of Lady Sarah Lennox  edited by the Countess of Ilchester and Lord Stavordale. London, John Murray, one volume edition 1904, Appendix J.  

03  O’REILLY, Bernard - E


Greenland, the Adjacent Seas and the North-West Passage to the Pacific Ocean, Illustrated in a Voyage to Davis’s Strait during the Summer of 1817  London, 1818.


OXLEY, John Joseph (1781-1828)  Australian explorer - *H441,E

1817 and 1818

Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales, Undertaken by Order of the British Government in the Years 1817-18  London, John Murray, 1820. Facsimile reprint Adelaide, Libraries Board of South Australia, 1964.


PALMER, John  - of Lynn, England - A232,M2033

March to October 1817

Matthews: Travel diary; voyage to New York; by stage to Pittsburgh, via Bedford, Stoyestown, and Greensburg, and by boat down the Ohio; followed by a description of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, "and a variety of other useful information" on land prices, economics, towns, etc.

Journal of Travels in the United States of North America  London, 1818, 456 pp.  

03  PALMER, John McAuley (1817-1900)  of Illinois, Civil War general and state governor - E

 Dates unknown

Personal Recollections of John M.Palmer: The story of an Earnest Life  Robert Clarke, 1901, is reported to contain diary material.

03  PARVIN, Theodore Sutton (1817-1901)  of Iowa, lawyer - E

 Dates unknown

The Life and Labors of Theodore Sutton Parvin  by Joseph E.Morcombe, Clinton, Iowa, Allen printing Co., 1906, is reported to contain diary material.


PERKINS, Samuel Huntington - *H442,*M2034,E

In  North Carolina Historical Review  XLVII.

REEVE, Henry (1813-1895)  man of letters and editor of the Greville memoirs - B191

1817 to May 30th. 1889

Brief notes, the early ones retrospective autobiographical summaries, year by year. Mainly notes of engagements and social and public affairs and events.

Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of Henry Reeve  by John Knox Laughton. London, Longmans, Green, two volumes, 1898. Passim.

ROBSON, William (1797-1881)  of Darlington, mercer - B191

January 1817 to May 1818

Matthews: Quaker diary; his work as shopkeeper; Quaker religious life and observances and customs; family and social life; his reading (general) and criticisms; a pleasant diary.

Extracts in  Journal of Friends' Historical Society  XIX, 1922.


ROQUEFEUIL, Camille de - E

1817 to 1818

Camille de Roquefeuil in San Francisco, 1817-1818  Los Angeles, Dawson, 1954, 200 copies, is reported to contain diary material. This is the California portion of  Voyage around the World, 1816-1819, and Trading for Sea Otter Fur on the Northwest Coast of America  London, 1823; reprinted Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon, 1981, may contain further diary material.


SANSOM, Joseph  - member of the American Philosophical Society - E


In  Travels in Lower Canada, with the Author's Recollections of the Soil, and Aspect; the Morals, Habits, and Religious Institutions, of that Country  London, 1820.


SCHULZ, Thomas - *M2035,E

In  Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, Volume VII, 1809-1822  edited by Adelaide L.Fries. Raleigh, North Carolina, State Department of Archives and History, 1947.


SEWALL, William (1797-1846)  of Augusta, Maine - A233,M2036

January 1817 to March 1846

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); extensive daily record; travels in Augusta, Maine, Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois; schooling, farming, weather, visits, church and local matters, courtship; the diary has no sparkle, but its extent and detail make it an interesting record of country life.

Diary of William Sewall  edited by John Goodell. Beardstown Illinois, 1930, 283 pp.

SMITH, Richard (1784-1824)  of Manchester - A233,B191,M2037

January 1817 to July 1824

Matthews: Seven Quaker journals; daily occupations and work as a cotton spinner; journeys to Philadelphia; residence in Leek (Staffs.) and Quaker religious life there; voyage to Gambia and trading, residence Bathurst and Berkou; travels and Quaker ministry; interesting general notes on American life; visits to Indians and to Negro settlements.

Journal of Friends' Historical Society  XIII, 1916 and XIV, 1917. Passim.


SOULT, [Marshal] - A233

Matthews (but not seen by him): Extracts from the Journal of Marshal Soult, Addressed to a Friend and by Whom Translated Is Not a Subject of Enquiry  Newburyport, 1817. Ascribed to Samuel Lorenzo Knapp by Mrs. E.Vale Smith  History of Newburyport  p 327.


WHEELER, Daniel (1771-1840)  Quaker missionary - A285,D324,M2459

a) - 1817 to 1839

Matthews: Journal; Quaker's travels and ministry; Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and the Sandwich Islands; native life; sociological observations; personal religion.

1. - Extracts from the Letters and Journal  London, 1839.

2. - Memoirs of the Life  London, 1842.

b) - July 1838 to January 1839

Matthews: Quaker journal (American section); visits to Quaker meetings at Philadelphia, Baltimore, in New York, New England, Nova Scotia, and Ohio; impersonal.

In  Friends' Library  VII, Philadelphia, 1843, pp 290-305.

WILSON, James (1777-1851?) - C1237

May to July 1817

Matthews: Religious diary; a Methodist's journey from Dublin to Quebec.

Narrative of a Voyage  Dublin, 1822.


WOODBRIDGE, John (1784-1869) - E

From 1817?

In  The New England Ministry Sixty Years Ago  by Sereno Dickenson Clark. Boston, Lee and Shepard; New York, C. T. Dillingham 1877.



ANONYMOUS,  missionary of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions - A233,M2038

January 1818 to April 1823

Matthews: Official missionary journal; kept at Brainerd mission in Cherokee Nation; at Hoyk, Butrick, and Chamberlain; interesting details of Indians and missionary work, social life and visits.

In  Missionary Herald  XIV, 1818, pp 200-204, 213-216 and 242-245; XV, 1819, pp 17-22, 154-159 and 176-182; XVI, 1820, pp 34-39, 49-53, 87-92 and 145-149; XVII, 1821, pp 21-23, 43-49, 71-74, 284-287, 305-307 and 337-342; XVIII, 1822, pp 13-16, 105-107, 284-287 and 305-309; and XIX, 1823, pp 44-46, 169-172 and 341-343.



Matthews: Society diary; notes of a dandy and man about town; clothes, food, drinks; copied from a newspaper.

Notes and Queries  Tenth Series, VII, 1907, p 243.


ABBOT, Abiel - *H443,*M2039,E

The Abiel Abbot Journals  in  South Carolina Historical Magazine  three issues, 1967.


BACON, Samuel [The Rev.] (1781-1820)  of Worcester, Massachusetts - A233,M2040

November 1818 to April 1820

Matthews: Clergyman's journal (extracts); work in Sunday school movement in New York, and later as minister; work for African agency of Bible Society; journey to Africa on behalf of African slaves; work and death in Sierra Leone.

In  Memoir of the Rev. Samuel Bacon  by J.Ashmun. Washington City, 1822, pp 138-274. Passim.


BINGHAM, Henry Vest - *H444,*M2041,E


The Road West in 1818  in  Missouri Historical Review  1945 and 1946.


BRAITHWAITE, J.Bevan (1818-1905)  Quaker - E

Dates Unknown

J.Bevan Braithwaite: A Friend of the Nineteenth Century  by his children, London, Hodder, 1909, is reported to contain diary material.


BRAND, John (1775-1849)  of Lexington, Scottish American businessman - E

April 2nd to December 7th. 1818

Travel diary, an attractive account of his return to Scotland to pay debts outstanding from his youthful bankruptcy; the journey from Lexington to New Orleans, by boat from Louisville; good details of the journey, sometimes hour by hour; the voyage to Liverpool is omitted; stage coach from Liverpool to Aberdeen to stay with his brother; disapproval of the company; agricultural observations; visits his parents in Montrose; travels in Scotland and the North of England; London; taken ill at Coventry; the diary of the return voyage is also omitted; New York to Lexington.

The Journal of John Brand of Lexington  edited by Philip D.Supina in  The Filson Club History Quarterly  LVIII, No.1, January 1984, pp 54-70.


BRIDGHAM, Eliza Williams (1799-1882)  born at Providence, Rhode Island, of Newport - A233,M2042

July to August 1818

Matthews: Travel diary; in New England and New York; descriptions of places and social details; written for her sister.

In  Magazine of History  II, 1905, pp 14-27 and 90-95.


BUNTING, Hannah Syng (1801-1832)  - *M2371,*G42,E

Memoir, Diary, and Letters, of Miss Hannah Syng Bunting, of Philadelphia Who Departed This Life May 25, 1832 in the Thirty-First Year of Her Age  compiled by Rev. T. Merritt, New York, T. Mason and G. Lane, two volumes, 1837.


BUTLER, Robert S.  - secretary to Indian treaty commission - A233,M2043

September to October 1818

Matthews: Treaty journal; treaty with Chickasaw Indians at Old Town (near Tuscumbia, Alabama); conferences, etc.

In  Beginnings of West Tennessee  by S.C.Williams. Johnson City, 1930, Appendix A, pp 283-300.


CAMPBELL, George Washington - *H445,*M2044,E

a) - From 1818

Diary  in  Tennessee Historical Quarterly  June, 1948.


CAMPBELL, Hugh - *M2045,E

The Journal of Hugh Campbell  in  Missouri Historical Society Bulletin  April, 1967.

CAMPBELL, John [The Rev.] (d.1852)  of Oban - B192

October to November 1818

Matthews: Travel diary; a Congregational minister's preaching tour through Argyllshire; missionary work and meetings.

Missionary and Ministerial Life in the Highlands  Edinburgh, 1853, pp 87-105.


CARY, Anne M.  - of Chelsea, Massachusetts - A234,M2046

July 1818

Matthews: Letter-diary; touristic notes of a journey to Canada; Albany, Schenectady, Lake Ontario.

In  Cary Letters  edited by Caroline Curtis. Cambridge, 1891, pp 247-267.


CLARK, Laura [Mrs.] (1798-1863)  of Wakeman, Ohio - A234,M2047

June to October 1818

Matthews: Personal diary; valuable and intimate record of pioneer life in Firelands, Ohio, area; domestic details; loneliness and nostalgia of a doctor's wife; excellent and detailed diary.

In  The Firelands Pioneer  Norwalk, Ohio, New Series, XXI, 1920, pp 2308-2326.


COX, Caleb - *M2048,E

New Orleans to St. Louis and Return  in  Bulletin of the Missouri Historical Society  January, 1952.


CUTLER, Benjamin Clarke (1798-1863)  of Brooklyn, New York - A234,M2049

October 1818 to August 1860

Matthews: Private and religious diary (extracts); college life, religion, work and reflections; rector of St. Ann's, Brooklyn; typical clerical journal notes.

Memoirs of Rev. Benjamin C.Cutler  by Horatio Gray. New York, 1865, pp 16-334. Passim.  

03  DAWSON, Simon James (1818-1902)  Canadian civil engineer and politician - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (3300) has  Report of the Exploration of the Country Between Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement  Toronto, 1858.

Note: There are several similarly titled reports by Dawson which may contain diary material.

DOUGLAS, James (1800-1886)  of Quebec - C362

March to July 1818

Matthews: Medical diary; notes of a surgeon on a whaling ship; also his reminiscences of his medical studies and practice in Canada.

Journals and Reminiscences  edited by J.Douglas. New York, 1910.  

03  DYSON, Julia A.Parker (181-1852) - E

Dates unknown

Life and Thought: or Cherished Memorials of the late Julia A.Parker Dyson  edited by Miss E.Latimer, Boston, 1856, is reported to contain diary material.


ENDICOTT, Mary (1800-1871?)  of Danvers, Massachusetts - A234,M2050

April 1818 to January 1866

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); selected mainly for genealogical interest; births, deaths, marriages, some local affairs and general notes.

In  Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Rec.  II, 1892, pp 112-122 and 171-176; continued in  Putnam's Monthly Historical Magazine  I, (1892-1893), pp 28-31, 61-63, 125-127 and 250-252.


ENGELBRECHT, Jacob - *M2051,E

From 1818

The Diary of Jacob Engelbrecht  Frederick, Maryland, Historical Society of Frederick County, three volumes, 1976.


FAUX, William  - English farmer - A234,M2052

November 1818 to July 1820

Matthews: Travel diary; journey to America to ascertain prospects for British emigrants, especially in Birkbeck settlement; Boston, Charleston, Washington, Philadelphia, New York; Illinois, English Prairie; return to England; satirical, abusive picture of American life and domestic manners; amusing or annoying according to taste and tolerance.

1. - Memorable Days in America  London, 1823, 488 pp.

2. - Reprinted in  Early Western Travels  edited by R.G.Thwaites. Cleveland, 1905, Volume XI, pp 16-305 and Volume XII, pp 11-138.

3. - Extracts relating to Indiana in  Indiana as Seen by Early Travellers  by Harlow Lindley. Indianapolis, 1916, pp 290-326.


FISHER, Alexander (d.1838) - C418

a) - April to November 1818

Matthews: Exploration journal; to Davis Strait and Baffin's Bay; Eskimo customs.

Journal of a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions  London, 1820.

b) - May 1819 to October 1820

Matthews: Exploration journal; travel in the Canadian Arctic.  

“Fisher was the assistant surgeon aboard the Hecla during this first of Parry's [qv] Arctic expeditions. ‘This voyage was for the discovery of the North West Passage, and penetrated through Barrow's Strait as far as Melville Island’”

A Journal of a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions  London, 1821.  

03  FORSTER, William Edward (1818-1886)  English industrialist and politician - E

Dates unknown

Life of the Right Honourable William Edward Forster  by Thomas Wemyss Reid, London, Chapman and Hall, two volumes, 188, is reported to contain diary material.


GALE, John - *M2053,E

1818 to 1820

The Missouri Expedition, 1818-1820: The journal of Surgeon John Gale, with related documents  edited by Roger L.Nichols. University of Oklahoma Press, 1969, in the American exploration and travel series.


GILMAN, Rebecca [Mrs.] (1746-1823)  of Marietta, Ohio, and Philadelphia - A234,M2054

October 1818 to November 1819

Matthews: Private diary (fragments); visit to Providence, reading, domestic affairs; moderate interest.

In  A Family History in Letters and Documents  edited by Mrs. Charles P.Noyes. St. Paul, 1919, Volume I, pp 351-352.  

03  GRISCOM, John - E

1818 to 1819

A Year in Europe Comprising a Journal of observations in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, the North of Italy, and Holland in 1818 and 1819  New York, two volumes, 1824.

GROTE, George (1794-1871)  historian - B193

September 1818 to December 1822

Matthews: Scholar's diary (extracts); notes on his philosophical and historical studies and reading.

The Personal Life of George Grote  by Mrs. H.Grote. London, 1873. Passim.


GUILD, James (1797-1841)  of Tunbridge, Vermont, pedlar - A234,M2055

October 1818 to 1824

Matthews: Travel diary; travels as a pedlar and jack-of-all-trades in various states, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, etc.; journey to England; occasional work as tinker, schoolmaster, portrait painter; experiences and impressions from time to time; occasional verses; a most unusual and entertaining diary with some linguistic interest.

In  Vermont Historical Society Proceedings  New Series V, 1937, pp 249-314.  

03  HARRIS, Daniel Lester (1818-1879) - E

Dates unknown

Memorial tributes to Daniel L.Harris, with Biography and Extracts from His Journal and Letters  Springfield, Massachusetts, 1880.


HITCHCOCK, Ethan Allen [Maj. Gen.] (1798-1870) of Vergennes, Vermont - A235,M2056

a) - January 1818 to April 1868

Matthews: Military diary; life at West Point; Florida wars, Mexican War, Civil War; abundant nonmilitary notes, travel abroad, comments on literature, philosophy, etc. Extracts with running editorial narrative.

1. - Fifty Years in Camp and Field  edited by W.A.Croffut. New York, London, 1909, 514 pp. Reprinted Freeport, New York, Books for Libraries, 1971.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 414-421.

b) - November 1841 to April 1842

Matthews: Sociological diary; kept during investigation on Indian Territory of the charges of fraud and profiteering against contractors who removed Indians to west of the Mississippi River; private notes of what he saw and heard and his impressions; a valuable account of the seamier side of frontier life and the misfortunes of the Indians.

A Traveller in Indian Territory  edited by Grant Foreman. Cedar Rapids, 1930, 262 pp.


HOBSON, Samuel - *M2057,E

In  Travel in the Two Last Centuries of Three Generations  edited by S. R. Roget. London, T.F. Unwin, 1921.

HOLLAND, Henry Edward Fox, fourth Baron (1802-1859) - B193

December 16th. 1818 to June 21st. 1830

Personal and social diary of an impressionable and unambitious but interested and observant young man; a good diarist; social life, gossip and anecdote; love for his sister; his family; eminent people; often entertaining; from 1824 in Italy.

1. - The Journal of the Hon. Henry Edward Fox  edited by the Earl of Ilchester. London, Thornton Butterworth, 1923.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (2), pp 190-194.  

Note: James Cummings has the following containing diary material from the Holland family, but it has not been ascertained which generation:

1. - Chronicles of Holland House, 1820-1900  London, John Murray 1937.

2. - Diary  in an unidentified volume, Dutton, 1921.

03  HOPPNER, Henry Parkyns (1795-1833)  officer of the Royal Navy - E

1819 to 1820 (?)

James Cummings (6118) has  Journal of a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions  Seattle, 1964. Hoppner was an officer with Parry (qv) on his four Arctic expeditions; it is uncertain to which expedition the journal refers.

01/02/03 - HULME, Thomas  - English farmer - A235,M2059

June 3rd. to August 7th. 1818

Journal of a tour in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois looking for a place to settle; people, places, occupations; wages, prices, housing and manufactures.

1. - In part three of  A Year's Residence in the United States of America  by William Cobbett (qv). New York, three parts, 1818, London, 1919. Edited by John Freeman, London, Chapman and Dodd, 1923. Reprinted Fontwell, Sussex, Centaur, 1964. Centaur edition reprinted Gloucester, Alan Sutton, 1983.

2. - In  Early Western Travels  by R.G.Thwaites. Cleveland, 1904, Volume X, pp 17-84.


KING, Phillip Parker [Admiral] (1793-1856)  explorer son of Philip Gidley King (qv) and Anna Josepha King (qv)  - E

a) - 1818 to 1822

Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia: Performed Between the Years 1818 and 1822  London, John Murray, two volumes, 1827. Facsimile edition, Adelaide, libraries board of South Australia, 1969.

b) - 1826 to 1830

In Volume I of  Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's Ships Adventure and Beagle, Between the Years 1826 and 1836 describing their examination of the southern shores of South America, and the Beagle's circumnavigation of the globe  London, Coburn, three volumes, 1839. Reprinted New York, AMS Press, 1966.




In  Russian Exploration in Southwest Alaska: The Travel Journals of Petr Korsakovskiy (1818) and Ivan Ya. Vasilev (1829)  edited by James W. VanStone, translated by David H. Kraus. Fairbanks: University of Alaska Press, 1988.


LEIGHTON, Samuel - *M2060,E

In  Old-Time New England  XXIII.


LYON, George Francis [Capt.] (1795-1832)  naval officer and traveller - A251,B201,D190,E

a) - 1818 to 1820

A Narrative of Travels  in Northern Africa  London, 1821.

b) - May 1821 to October 1823

Matthews: Exploring journal; chiefly valuable for full and intimate account of Eskimos and their customs observed during voyage of discovery for Northwest Passage with Sir William Parry.

Private Journal  London, 1824, reprinted, Imprint Society, 1970.

c) - January to December 1826

Matthews: Travel journal; tour and residence in Mexico; notes of unusual places, people and customs, with emphasis on mines and mining.

Journal of a Residence and a Tour in the Republic of Mexico  London, two volumes, 1828.


MAGGS, James (1797-1890)  schoolmaster and auctioneer of Southwold, Suffolk

1818 to 1876

(First volume only seen)

Diary notebook, begins with notes of past events, becoming regular only in 1823; local, maritime and business affairs at Southwold; births, marriages and deaths; accidents, wrecks and drownings; property sales and valuations; financial affairs of himself and others; bankruptcies, crimes; valuable for local and social history.

1. - The Southwold Diary of James Maggs 1818-1876  edited by Alan Farquar Bottomley. Volume I, 1818-1848. Bury St. Edmunds, The Boydell Press for the Suffolk Records Society, Volume XXV, 1983.

2. - The Southwold Diary of James Maggs 1818-1876  edited by Alan Farquar Bottomley. Volume II, 1849-1876. Bury St. Edmunds, The Boydell Press for the Suffolk Records Society, Volume XXVI, 1984.  

03  MARSH, Catherine (1818-1912)  described by the Archbishop of Canterbury as “The pioneer of women’s Evangelistic forces in the England of today” - E

Dates unknown

In  The Life and Friendships of Catherine Marsh  by Lucy Elizabeth O’Rorke, London, Longmans, 1917.

01/02/03 - MOORE, Thomas (1779-1852)  poet, author of Lallah Rookh - *H447,*B193,E

August 1818 to 1847

Full and detailed diary of his work and social life; friendships: Byron, etc.; gossip, anecdote, financial affairs and anxieties; constant reference to his wife at home whilst he dines and visits at Bowood, Holland House, etc.; an excellent, interesting and important diary.

1. - Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence  edited by Lord John Russell. London, eight volumes, 1853-1856.

2. - Tom Moore's Diary; A Selection  edited by J.B.Priesley. Cambridge, at the University Press, 1925.

3. - The Journal of Thomas Moore 1814-1841  edited by Peter Quennell. Batsford, 1964.

4. - The Journals of Thomas Moore  edited by William S.Dowden et al. Newark, University of Delaware Press, six volumes, 1983 to 1991.  

5. - Thomas Moore Anecdotes; Being Anecdotes, Bon-Mots and epigrams from the Journal of Thomas Moore  Jarrold and Sons, 1899.

 6. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 23-30; Ponsonby (3), pp 174-183.  

03  NEALE, John Mason [Rev.] (1818-1866)  Anglican clergyman, scholar and hymn writer - E

 Dates unknown

John Mason Neale: A Memoir  by Eleanor A.Towle, London, Longmans Green, 1906, is reported to contain diary material.  


NEWTON, Ebenezer - *H448.*M2061,E


1818 Diary  in  Georgia Historical Quarterly  1969.  

03  NOVELLO, Clara Anastasia (1818-1908)  soprano, fourth daughter of Vincent and mary Novello (qv) - E

 Dates unknown

Clara Novello, 1818-1908  a biography by A Mackenzie-Grieve, London, Geoffrey Bless, 1955, is reported to contain diary material.


NUTTALL, Thomas (1786-1859)  born in Yorkshire, of Philadelphia, botanist - A235

October 1818 to February 1820

Matthews: Travel diary; a naturalist's travels down the Ohio and in the Arkansas country; Fort Smith to the Red River, Cave-in-Rock, Shawneetown, etc.; valuable botanical and ethnological notes.

1. - A Journal of Travels in the Arkansas Territory  Philadelphia, 1821, 296 pp.

2. - Early Western Travels  edited by R.G.Thwaites. Cleveland, 1905, Volume XIII, 364 pp.  

03  OSWELL, William Cotton (1818-1893)  English explorer - E

 Dates unknown

William Cotton Oswell, Hunter and Explorer: The Story of His Life, with Certain Correspondence and Extracts from the Private Journal of David Livingstone, Hitherto Unpublished  London, Heinemann, two volumes, 1900.


OWEN, John (1786-1848)  of Tuscaloosa, Alabama - A235,M2062

October to December 1818

Matthews: Travel diary; removal of house and family from Norfolk County, Virginia, to Tuscaloosa; brief notes of stages and minor hardships.

In  Southern Historical Association Publications  I, 1897, pp 89-97.  

03  PARENT, Amand (François-Amant) (1818-1907)  day labourer and Methodist minister in Canada - E

Dates unknown

The Life of Rev. Amand parent, the First French-Canadian Ordained by the Methodist Church: Forty-seven Years Experience in the Evangelical Work in Canada, Thirty-one Years in Connection with the Conference and Eight Years among the Oka Indians  Toronto, William Briggs, 1887, is reported to contain diary material.


PINCKNEY, Charles Cotesworth (1746-1825)  of South Carolina, soldier, statesman, planter


April to December 1818

Matthews: Plantation diary; kept at Pinckney Island; work on the plantation; farming records.

In  South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine  XLI, 1940, pp 135-149.


ROSS, John [Admiral, Sir] (1777-1856)  Scottish Arctic explorer - E

a) - 1818 to 1833

In  Voyages  John Murray, three volumes, 1819 - 1835.

b) - James Cummings has also:

1. - (10621)  Journal  Royal Geographical Society, 1939.

2. - (10618)  Journal  Royal Geographical Society, 1941


RUSSELL, Jonathan (1771-1832)  born at Providence, Rhode Island, diplomat - A235,M2064

October 1818 to May 1819

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Stockholm to Berlin, Vienna, and through Italy; meetings with important Europeans (Metternich, etc.); opinions of objets d'art, ruins, towns, customs, religion, etc. intelligent American appraisal; lengthy notes.

In  Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings  LI, (1917-1918), pp 369-498.


SCHOOLCRAFT, Henry Rowe (1793-1864)  explorer - A236,*M2065

a) - 1818

Matthews: Travel journal; daily notes of journey up Mississippi, from mouth of Ohio to St. Louis, with notes on mineralogy, geography, sociology, etc.

1. - A View of the Lead Mines of Missouri  New York, 1819, 299 pp.

2. - A variant journal of the same trip is printed in  his  Scenes and Adventures in the Semi-Alpine Region of the Ozark Mountains  Philadelphia, 1853, 256 pp.

b) - November 1818 to February 1819

Matthews: Travel journal; from Potosi in Missouri Territory through Missouri and Arkansas toward the Rockies; long descriptions of geography, topography, and people, and personal adventures; interesting.

Journal of a Tour into the Interior of Missouri and Arkansaw  London, 1821, 102 pp.

c) - March to September 1820

Matthews: Exploration journal; description and travel in the old Northwest from Detroit through the Lakes to the sources of the Mississippi; with Governor Cass's expedition.

1. - Narrative Journal of Travels through the Northwest Regions of the United States  Albany, 1821, 419 pp.

2. - Slightly different version in  Summary Narrative of an Exploratory Expedition to the Sources of the Mississippi River  Philadelphia, 1855, 596 pp.

3. - Chapter xxv abridged in  Iowa Historical Record  XVI, 1900, pp 100-106.

4. - Narrative Journal of Travels through the Northwestern Regions of the United States, extending from Detroit through the great chain of American lakes to the sources of the Mississippi River, in the year 1820  edited by Mentor L. Williams. East Lansing, Michigan State College Press, 1953.

d) - 1821

Matthews: Exploration journal; with General Cass on expedition down Wabash and Ohio rivers to Shawneetown, by wagon across southern Illinois to St. Louis, up Mississippi and Illinois rivers to Peoria, and by horseback to Chicago; Indian treaty; notes on geography and natives.

Travels in the Central Portions of the Mississippi Valley  New York, 1825, 459 pp.

e) - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 34-39.

f) - 1812 to 1842

Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian tribes on the American Frontiers: with brief notices of passing events, facts, and opinions, A.D. 1812 to A.D. 1842  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1851, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Schoolcraft's travels have been edited, reedited and reprinted in many editions not listed here.

SPROTT, John [The Rev.] (1790-1869) - C1108


Matthews: Includes extracts from diaries; life of a Scottish preacher in Nova Scotia; travels, sermons, parish work, personal affairs.

Memorials  edited by G.W.Sprott. Edinburgh, 1906.


STREET, John - E

Account of a Voyage from St. John to Liverpool in 1817  in  Journal of the New Brunswick Museum  1978.

TILANUS, C.B. (1796 -1883)  surgeon

1818 to 1819

Diary of a study tour in France and Germany with two companions. Detailed descriptions of surgical operations and their outcomes (invariably fatal). The diary has been edited to emphasise the surgical episodes, entries are generally undated and there is much editorial narrative and commentary.

Surgery: One Hundred Years Ago  edited by Dr. C.C.Delprat. London, Geoffrey Bles, 1925. Reprinted as  Surgery: A Hundred and Fifty Years Ago  East Ardsley, EP Publishing, 1974.

TIMMS, Mary [Mrs.] (1808-1834)  of Wilton, Somerset - B194

September 1818 to December 1834

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts); Methodist life and work in Somerset and Devon; her devotion and introspection.

Memoirs of the late Mrs. M.Timms  edited by R.Morgan. Watchet, 1835.

TOWNSEND, John [The Rev.] (1757-1826)  of Whitechapel - B194

January 1818 to January 1826

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); his puritanical religious life and work in Whitechapel; congregational school; founder of deaf and dumb asylum; educational and charity work in the London slums.

Memoirs of Rev. John Townsend  London, 1828.


WILSON, George (1818-1859)  Scottish chemist and theologian - E

Dates unknown

Memoir of George Wilson, by His Sister  Edinburgh, Macmillan, 1860, is reported to contain diary material.

WOODFORDE, Juliana (Julia) (1789-1873) - B195


Very brief entries concerning domestic and social matters and her love for James Power; also brief extracts from the diaries of her sister Anne and of James Power himself, this of some interest for the description of a voyage home from Sierra Leone; otherwise of little value.

In  Woodforde Papers and Diaries  edited by Dorothy Heighes Woodforde. London, Peter Davies, 1932, pp 105-241. Passim. Reprinted for the Parson Woodforde Society, 1990.



ANONYMOUS,  missionary of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions - A236,M2066

March 1819 to December 1822

Matthews: Official missionary journal; kept at Elliott among the Choctaw nation; farming and mission work, journey to found a new mission; very interesting.

In  Missionary Herald  XV, 1819, pp 220-225; XVI, 1820, pp 1-5, 149-155 and 342-344; XVIII, 1822, pp 76-80, 179-182 and 378-379; and XIX, 1823, pp 114-116.  

03  ANONYMOUS (J.R.) - E

1819 to 1820

Diary of a Journey Overland, Through the Provinces of China from Manchao, on the South Coast of Hainan, to Canton in the Years 1819 and 1820  London, Richard Phillips, 1822.


ALBERT, Prince, of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Francis Albert Charles Augustus Emanuel, later HRH The Prince Consort) (1819-1861) - E

In  The Early Years of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort  by Lieut.-General The Hon. C.Grey, under the direction of Her Majesty, The Queen. New York, Harper, 1867. Reprinted, London, Kimber, 1967.


AMHERST, Francis Kerril (1819-1883)  Bishop of Northampton - E

Dates unknown

In  Memoirs of Francis Kerril Amherst, DD., Lord bishop of Northampton  by Mary Francis Roskell. London, Art and book Company, 1903?


BAGLEY, Lowell (1784-1863)  of Amesbury, Massachusetts - A236,M2067

February 1819 to October 1850

Widely spaced extracts from a private diary, which fills six volumes in manuscript; local and national affairs; family, death of a child; weather; visits to Boston; shop-keeping, agriculture and property repairs; prices and financial affairs; a pleasant diary, probably deserving of fuller publication.

The History of a House  by Mary B.Longyear. Brookline, 1925, pp 12-32. The third edition, revised, Brookline, Longyear Foundation, 1959, pp 11-33, contains an entry for January 1819.

BARHAM, Richard Harris [The Rev.] (1788-1845)  author of 'Ingoldsby Legends'

May 13th. 1819 to May 29th. 1845, gaps

Personal diary, extracts; personal and social life; literary figures; anecdote; lively.

Quoted in The Life and Letters of the Rev. Richard Harris Barham  by the Rev. R.H.Dalton Barham. London, Richard Bentley, new edition, 1880; first published, two volumes, 1870.  

03  BELLINGSHAUSEN, Fabian Gottlieb Thaddeus, von  (1778-1852)  officer in the Imperial Russian Navy


a) - 1819 to 1821

In  The Voyage of Captain Bellinghausen to the Antarctic Seas, 1819-1821  Hakluyt Society, two volumes, 1945.

b) - 1820

In  Bellingshausen: A visit to New Zealand: 1820  Dunmore, 1979.


BROWN, Jacob [Gen.] (1775-1828)  of U.S.Army - A236,M2068

May to July 1819

Matthews: Military journal; inspection tour (with his wife) around garrisons of Great Lakes via Brownsville, Oswego, Genesee, Niagara, Fort George, Buffalo, Detroit, Mackinac, Green Bay, etc.; mostly descriptions of scenery and social notes; fairly interesting.

In  Buffalo Historical Society Publications  XXIV, 1920, pp 296-323.  

03  BROWN, William  - of Dundee - E

1819 to 1823

Early Days in a Dundee Mill, 1819-23: Extracts from the Diary of William Brown, an early Dundee Spinner  edited by J.Hume. Dundee, Abertay Historical Society, 1980.

03  CAMPBELL, James Brown - E

From 1819

“In the summer of 1819, Alexander Campbell and his family and their servants, along with other travelers, departed from the comparative comfort of their home in Highland County, Virginia, to set forth on a pioneering trek to the wilderness country of the Missouri Territory. James Brown Campbell, the familys eldest son, then only twenty years of age, began keeping a diary of their journey, recounting their terrible hardships, both on the way and after arriving in the Promised Land, plus a detailed account of his work surveying parts of Missouri Territory, and their final, excruciating trip back home in 1821, a trek that was forced to an abrupt halt by the sudden illness and poignant death of Campbells mother near Paoli, Indiana.”

Across the Wide Missouri: The Diary of a Journey from Virginia to Missouri in 1819 and back Again in 1822  Borgo Press, 1990.


CHAMBERLAIN, Daniel - *M2069,E

In  Three Chamberlain Journals, 1819-1823  United States, 1965.


CHASE, Owen  - first mate of the whaleship Essex - E


1. - The Wreck of the Whaleship Essex: A Narrative Account  edited by Iola Haverstick and Betty Shepard. New York, Harcourt, 1965. First published in 1821 as  Narrative of the Most extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-Ship Essex, of Nantucket.

2. - In  Stove by a Whale: Owen Chase and the Essex  by Thomas Heffernan. Wesleyan University Press, 1981.


CHAWNER, Chalkley Albertson (1819-1865)  Indiana Quaker - E

Dates Unknown

The Diary Of Chalkley Chawner  in  The Southern Friend   Spring, 1985.  

03  CHLODWIG, Carl Viktor, Prince of Hohenlohe-Schillingfürst, Prince of Ratibor and Corvey, German statesman - E

Dates unknown

Memoirs of Prince Chlodwig of Hohenlohe-Schillingfuerst  edited by Friedrich Curtius, Macmillan, two volumes, 1906, is reported to contain diary material.

CLINTON, Henry Fynes [The Rev.] (1781-1852)  scholar and M.P. - B195

January 1819 to October 1852

Personal and literary diary often written in Latin or Greek; unsatisfactory parliamentary career; devotion to classical literature; his reading and writing; analysis of books read; a few more personal entries about his wife and children but most personal matter has been, alas, excised by the editor.

1. - Literary Remains of Henry Fynes Clinton  edited by C.J.F.Clinton. London 1854, part II.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 357-361.  

03  CLOUGH, Arthur Hugh (1819-1856)  English poet, educationalist and assistant to Florence Nightingale

-   - E

Dates unknown

The Oxford Diaries of Arthur Hugh Clough  edited by Anthony Kenny, Clarendon Press, 1990.

03  CLOUSTON, James - E

From 1819?

First and Second Journal of James Clouston  in  Northern Quebec and Labrador Journals and Correspondence  Hudson Bay Record Society, 1963.


CRISPI, Francesco (1819-1901)  Italian politician - E

Dates Unknown

In  The Memoirs of Francesco Crispi  London, Hodder and Stoughton, three volumes, 1912.


ELLIS, Ira I.  - of Pittsylvania County, Virginia - A237,M2070

May to June 1819

Matthews: Travel diary; Pittsylvania County to Kentucky, on horseback, and return; notes en route.

In  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography  XL, 1933, pp 33-40.  

03  ELLIS, Rufus [Rev.] (1819-1885) - E

Dates unknown

A Memoir of Rufus Ellis, Including Selections from His Journal and Letters  by Arthur B.Ellis, Boston, 1891.


EMERSON, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882)  essayist - A239,*M2071,E

 a) - 1820 to 1875

Journal notebook; irregular entries; miscellaneous notes and jottings; observations and aphorisms.

1. - Journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson  edited by E.W.Emerson and W.E.Forbes. Boston, ten volumes, 1914.

2. - A good one volume selection is  The Heart of Emerson's Journals  edited by Bliss Perry. Boston, 1926. Reprinted, Dover Publications, 1958.

3. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 218-226.

4. - The Journals and Miscellaneous Notebooks of Ralph Waldo Emerson  edited by William H.Gilman and others. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, sixteen volumes, 1960 to 1982.

5. - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 104-127.  

b) - James Cummings has also:

(3909)  Works  Houghton, twenty volumes, 1903 to 1914.

(3912)  Emerson in His journals  edited by Joel Porte, Harvard, 1982.

(3913)  The Poetry notebooks  University of Missouri, 1986.


ESTUDILLO, José María - *H489,*M2072,E

a) -   1819

- Estudillo Among the Yokuts  in  Essays in Anthropology Presented to A.L.Kroeber  University of California, 1936.

b) - From 1823

In  Diaries and Accounts of the Romero Expeditions in Arizona and California 1823-1826  edited by Lowell John Bean and William Marvin Mason. Los Angeles, Ward Ritchie Press, for Palm Springs Desert Museum, 1962.  

03  FIELD, Cyrus West (1819-1892)  American businessman and financier - E

Dates unknown

Cyrus W.Field: His Life and Work  New York, Harper, 1896, is reported to contain diary material.


FIELD, Gabriel - *M2073,E

The Camp Missouri-Chariton Road, 1819  in  Missouri Historical Society Bulletin  1968.  

03  FISK, Pliny (1792-1825)  American missionary - E

From 1819?

Memoir of the Rev. Pliny Fisk A.M., Late Missionary to Palestine  New York, Arno Press, 1977, reprint of the Boston, 1828 edition.


FORSYTH, Thomas [Maj.] (1771-1833)  born at Detroit, Michigan, fur trader at Peoria, Illinois


June to September 1819

Matthews: Travel diary; Leavenworth's expedition to establish Fort Snelling; by water from St. Louis to Falls of St. Anthony and return; interesting details, especially about the lead mines and the Indians of the upper Mississippi.

In  Wisconsin State Historical Society Collections  VI, 1872, reprinted 1908, pp 188-219. Reprinted in  Minnesota Historical Society Collections  III, (1870-1880), pp 139-167.

FOX, John  - London solicitor - B195

1819 to 1843

Very brief, but amusing, extracts from travel diaries in England.

Account and very short extracts in  More English Diaries  by Arthur Ponsonby. London, Methuen, 1927, pp 17-19.  


FRANCIS, Convers - *H599, *M2075,E

a)  - Journals  in  Studies in the American Renaissance  1981.

b) - From 1835

Diaries  in  American Literature  1978.


FRANKLIN, John [Sir] (1786-1847)  Arctic explorer - E

 a) - 1819 to 1822

Sir John Franklin's Journals and Correspondence: The First Arctic Land Expedition 1819-1822  edited by Richard C.Davis. Toronto, The Champlain Society, 1995.  

b) - 1825 to 1827

Sir John Franklin’s Journals and Correspondence: The Second Arctic Land Expedition, 1825-1827  edited by Richard C.Davis, Toronto, The Champlain Society, 1998.

c) - Dates uncertain

James Cummings has also:

1. - Narrative of a Journey to the shores of the Polar Sea  London, John Murray, two volumes, 1824.

2. - Thirty Years in the Arctic Regions  Philadelphia, 1859.

03  FRITH, William Powell (1819-1909)  English painter - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Autobiography and Reminiscences  Harper, 1888.

2. - A Victorian Canvas: The memoirs of W.P.Frith  London, Bles, 1957.


GALL, Ludwig - *H449

a) - See Havlice.

b) - New York Through German Eyes  in  New York History  October, 1981.  

03  GARDNER, Robert (1819-1906)  Mormon - E

Dates unknown

Journal and Diary of Robert Gardner  compiled by Kate B.Carter, Daughterd of Utah Pioneers, March, 1949.

GOLDIE, James or John(?) (1793?-1886) - A237,C481,M2076


Matthews: Travel diary; a Canadian botanist's journey from Montreal to York, Lake Simcoe, Niagara, New York State; botanical notes.

Diary of a Journey through Upper Canada and Some of the New England States  Toronto, 1897.


GREENLEAF, Mary Coombs [Miss] (1800-1857)  born at Newburyport, Massachusetts - A237,M2077

July 1819 to January 1857

Matthews: Religious journal (extracts); notes on religious life and reflections, health, family; missionary work among Chickasaw Indians.

Life and Letters of Miss Mary C.Greenleaf  Boston, 1858, pp 20-340. Passim.


HALLOCK, William Allen [The Rev.] (1794-1880)  born at Plainfield, Massachusetts - A237,M2078

November 1819 to May 1851

Matthews: Religious journal; life in seminary at Andover, preaching tours, foundation of American Tract Society and his work for it as secretary, family notes.

In  Memorial of Rev. William A.Hallock  by Helen C.Knight. New York, 1882, pp 13-75. Passim.


HAMBLETON, John Needles (1798-1890) - *M2079,E


The Orinoco River and Angostura, Venezuela, in the Summer of 1819: The Narrative of a Maryland Naval Chaplain  edited by James F. Vivian in  The Americas: A Quarterly Review of Inter-American Cultural History  XXIV,  No. 2, October, 1967, pp 160-183.  

03  HAMBLIN, Jacob (1819-1886)  Mormon missionary and diplomat - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (5302) has  Jacob Hamblin: Buckskin Apostle  by Paul Bailey, Salt Lake City, 1948.

Note: The following may also contain diary material:

1. - Jacob Hamblin: His Own Story  by Hartt Wixom, St. George Utah, Dixie Stae College, 1998.

2. - A Frontier Life: Jacob Hamblin, Explorer and indian Missionary  by Todd Compton, Salt Lake City, Utah University Press, 2013.

HATHERTON, Edward John Littleton, Lord (1791-1863) - *H450

a) - See Havlice

b) - June 28th. 1831 to August 29th. 1833

Political diaries which have been edited to illuminate the question of Parliamentary Reform; well written and interesting, with some personal touches.

Substantial extracts in  Three Early Nineteenth Century Diaries  edited by A. Aspinall. London, Williams and Norgate, 1952.


HAWKINS, John Henry Willis [The Rev.] (1797-1858)  born at Baltimore - A237,M2080

April 1819 to February 1842

Matthews: Clergyman's journal; tour from Baltimore through western states, Ohio, Pennsylvania; work in Massachusetts, Boston, etc.

In  Life of John H.W.Hawkins  by William G.Hawkins. Boston, 1863, pp 23-191. Passim.



1819 to 1820

Journal of a Tour Made in Italy in the Winter of the Years 1819 and 1820  edited by M.Merlini. Geneva, Slatkine, 1982.


HODGE, Charles - *H451,*M2058,E

From 1819

The Pursuit of Piety  in  Journal of Presbyterian History  LV, 1977.  

03  HOOD, Robert  midshipman with Franklin - E

1819 to 1821

To the Arctic by Canoe, 1819-1821: The Journal and Paintings of Robert Hood, Midshipman with Franklin  Arctic Institute of north America, 1974.


HOW, Moses [The Rev.] (1798-1882)  of New Bedford, Massachusetts - A237,M2081

August 1819 to November 1826

Matthews: Clergyman's journal; work as pastor at New Bedford, local and social affairs, political notes, poems.

In  Diary of Rev. Moses How  New Bedford, 1932, pp 3-22. Undated extracts from the journal of W.S.G.Howe of New Bedford are given on pp 25-29 of the same volume.  

03  HOWE, John (1774-1852)  Australian settler - E

1819 to 1820 (?)

“Howe left Windsor on 24 October 1819 with a party of five white men and two Aboriginals, hoping to discover a trafficable route from the Hawkesbury to the Hunter River.” “A second expedition, with thirteen white men and two natives under Howe's command, left Windsor late in February 1820 and, following the expert advice of the native guides, Howe mapped a route which is now the Bulga Road. On 15 March he reached the Hunter River …”

Hunter Journey: The Diary of John Howe, Free SDettler and Chief Constable, Windsor, New South Wales  St. Mark’s Press, 1989, 104 copies.

03  HOWE, Julia Ward (1819-1910)  American poet, author of The Battle Hymn of the Republic - E

Dates unknown

Julia Ward Howe, 1819-1810  by Laura Elizabeth Richards, Boston, Houghton Mifflin, two volumes, 1916, is reported to contain diary material.

03  HUTCHINSON, Mathias (b.1795)  Quaker - E

1819 to 1820

“… Mathias Hutchinson, a 23-year-old Bucks County Quaker farmer, journeyed westward by horseback in the fall of 1819, from Newtown through central Pennsylvania and upstate New York into Friends’ settlements of Upper Canada (Ontario), he kept a daily log of those travels.”

Mathias Hutchinson’s Notes of a Journey  in  Quaker History  LXVIII, No. 2, Autumn, 1979, pp 92-114.

JONES, Jenkin [Capt.]  - R.N. - B195

May to June 1819

Matthews: Travel diary; tour in England and Wales; notes relating to his social and literary interests there.

Transactions of the Historical Society of West Wales  I, 1911, pp 97-144  .

03  JONES, Roger [Capt.] - E


Journal of Gen. Jacob Brown’s Tour Up the Lakes, 1819  in  Publications of the Buffalo Historical Society  XXIV, 1920, pp 295-333.


JUDSON, Adoniram (1788-1850)  American Baptist missionary in Burma - *M2083,E

In  Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Reverend Adoniram Judson DD  by Francis Wayland.  Boston, Phillips, Sampson and Company, two volumes, 1853.  

03  LEVICK, Samuel Jones (b.1819)  Quaker - E

Dates unknown

Life of Samuel J.Levick, late of the City of Philadelphia  Philadelphia, 1896, is reported to contain diary material.

03  LOWELL, James Russell (1819-1891)  American Romantic poet and diplomat - E

Dates unknown

1. - Fireside Travels  Boston, Ticknor and Fields, 1864, is reported to contain diary material.

2. - Impressions of Spain  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1899, is also reported to contain diary material.

LUMSDEN, Thomas [Lieut.] - D188

1819 to 1820

Matthews: Diary; journey overland from Meerut to London, via Persia, Arabia, Armenia; sights and adventures.

A Journey from Meerut , London, 1822.

MALLABONE, Mary Ann (1802-1822)  of Nuneaton - B196

January 1819 to May 1822

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); the religious reflections and yearnings of a saintly young Independent.

Memoirs of Mr. James Mallabone  by R.M.Mallabone. London, 1823.  

03  MANN, William Julius (1819-1892)  German Am,erican Lutheran theologian and author - E

Dates unknown

Memoir of the Life and Work of William Julius Mann  privately printed, Philadelphia, 1893, is reported to contain diary material.


MANTELL, Gideon Algernon (1790-1852)  surgeon and geologist of Sussex and London - B196

January 1819 to June 1852

Personal diary (retrospective from March 1818 to January 1819) of an energetic life; his medical career and practice; his lifelong interest and passion for geology and the search for and description of fossils; archaeological vandalism; membership of the Royal Society, accounts of meetings and fellow members; social life, journeys, comments on events; his geological studies and writings; colleagues and quarrels; an unsatisfactory marriage, ending with the departure of his wife when their Brighton home was turned into a museum is largely passed over; his children; eleven years of suffering from spinal disease, and details of his self medication. An interesting diary.

1. - The Journal of Gideon Mantell  edited by E.C.Curwen. London, Oxford University Press, 1940.

2. - Extracts: Willard, pp 91-96.


MASON, Richard Lee [Dr.] (d.1824)  of St. Louis, Missouri, physician - A237,M2084

October to December 1819

Matthews: Travel diary from Pennsylvania to Illinois through Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, to locate bounty land near Alton, Illinois; acute observations on people and customs; somewhat impersonal but quite interesting.

1. - Narrative of Richard Lee Mason in the Pioneer West  New York, 1915, 74 pp.

2. - Extracts relating to Indiana in  Indiana as Seen by Early Travellers  by Harlow Lindley. Indianapolis, 1916, pp 235-238.


MURAV'YOV, Nikolai Nikolaevich (1794-1866) - E

1819 to 1820

Journey to Khiva: Through the Turkoman Country  London: Oguz Press, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.

NEUMANN, Phillip, Freiherr von (1781-1851)  Austrian statesman - B196

September 1819 to February 1850

Matthews: Diplomatic diary; a daily record of his work and social life in London; notes and anecdotes on the chief figures in politics, society, literature, and music in London, Paris, and Vienna; a valuable and acute picture of Regency and Victorian society from an aristocratic viewpoint; valuable criticism of arts; comparable to Greville's Memoirs.

Diary of Phillip von Neumann  translated and edited by E.B.Chancellor. London, two volumes, 1928.


OTIS, Harriet  - of Chelsea, Massachusetts (?) - A238,M2085

July to August 1819

Matthews: Letter-diary; touristic notes of a journey to Saratoga Springs; social and literary details.

In  Cary Letters  edited by Caroline G.Curtis. Cambridge, 1891, pp 269-281.  

03  PARRY, William Edward [Sir] (1790-1855)  English Rear-Admiral and Arctic explorer - E

 a) - 1819 to 1820

1. - Journal of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific; Performed in the years 1819-'20, in His Majecty's Ships Hecla and Griper ... with an Appendix Containing the Scientific and Other Observations...  London, 1821.

2. - Supplement to the Appendix of Captain Parry's First Voyage London, 1824.

b) - 1821 to 1823

1. - Journal of a Second Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific; Performed in the Years 1821-22-23, in His Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla, under the Orders of Captain William Edward Parry...  London, 1824.

2. - Appendix to Captain Parry's Journal of a Second Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Performed in His Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla in the Years 1821-22-23 ...  London, 1825.

c) - 1824 to 1825

Journal of a Third Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific; Performed in the Years 1824-25 in His Majesty's Ships Hecla and Fury, Under the Orders of Captain William Edward Parry...  London, 1826. -

PASLEY, Thomas Sabine [Adml. Sir] (1804-1884) - B196

March 1819 to February 1869

Matthews: Naval diary (extracts); naval life and cruises; country life at Rydal (Wordsworth's friends); service in Crimea transporting; at Devenport dock; his social and domestic life; an interesting diary.

Memoir of Sir Thomas Pasley  by Louise M.S.Pasley. London, 1900, pp 15-295. Passim.


PEALE, Titian Ramsay (1799-1885) - *H452,*M2086,E

a) - 1819

Journal  in  Missouri Historical Review  January and April, 1947

b) - 1838 to 1842

Titian Ramsay Peale 1799-1885 and His Journals of the Wilkes Expedition  edited by Jessie Poesch. Philadelphia, American Philosophical Society, 1961.

c) - 1841

Diary of Titian Ramsay Peale: Oregon to California Overland Journey September and October 1841  edited by Clifford Merrill Drury. Los Angeles, Glen Dawson, 1957, 300 copies.


PIGOT, Sophia - *H453,E

1819 to 1821

The Journals of Sophia Pigot  edited by M.Rainier. Cape Town, A.A.Balkema, 1974. Volume III of the Rhodes University, Grahamstown Series: Diaries, Letters and Reminiscences from the Eastern Cape.


RIDLEY, William (1819-1878)  Presbyterian minister in Australia - E

Dates unknown

The Journal of William Ridley  edited by J.J.Westwood, Melbourne, 1951.


RICHARDSON, Jacob, Jr.  - of New Hampshire - A238,M2087

August 1819 to June 1821

Matthews: Travel and frontier diary (account and extracts); journey from New Hampshire to Arkansas, via Cincinnati; life as a schoolmaster in Arkansas and Natchez; notes on Indians.

In  Hyde Park Historical Record  IV, 1904, pp 49-67.


RIDLEY, Cecilia  - E

Dates unknown

In  Cecilia: Life and Letters of Cecilia Ridley, 1819-1845  London, Hart-Davis, 1958. Reissued, Northern Classics, 1990.


ROYCE, Sarah (1819-1891) - E

Dates Unknown

A Frontier Lady: Recollections of the Gold Rush and early California  New Haven, Yale University Press, 1932, is reported to contain diary material.  


RUGGLES, Samuel (1795-1871)  American missionary - *M2088,E

From a Missionary Journal  in  The Atlantic Monthly  November, 1924, from p 648.


RUSH, Richard (1780-1859)  American minister in London - B196

a) - February 1819 to April 1825

Diplomatic diary; full and detailed entries record his diplomatic business and official social life in London; the Court of St. James; visits to the country; descriptions of house, gardens, etc., reports of conversations; personal life and opinions; Castlereagh and many other political figures and notabilities; valuable and interesting.

1. - Memoranda of a Residence at the Court of London  Philadelphia, three volumes, 1833; a second series, Philadelphia, 1845. Various editions.

2, - A Residence at the Court of London  London, Century, 1987. This is a one volume edition of the 1833 publication and has presumably been abridged, although this, and to what extent, are not made clear.

b) - Dates unknown

In  Occasional Productions, Political, Diplomatic and Miscellaneous: Including, among others, a glance at the Court and Government of Louis Philippe and the French Revolution of 1848, while the author resided as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary from the United States at Paris  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1860.  


SADLEIR, George Forster - *H454,E


Diary of a Journey Across Arabia 1819  1977.

SAGE, Donald [The Rev.] (1789-1869)  Highland minister

(Annotation based on extracts)

From 1819?

Biographical notes of his father and grandfather; autobiography and diary notes; the Highland clearances.

1. - Memorabilia Domestica; or Parish Life in the North of Scotland  edited by D.F.Sage. Wick, 1889.

2. - Extracts in Brander (1), pp 155-169: and (from the autobiographical section) Fyfe (2), pp 439-477.

SELWYN, Elizabeth - B197

1819 to 1829

Matthews: Travel diaries; summer holidays travelling through England, Wales, and Scotland; notes on scenery, towns, beauties, etc.

1. - Journal of Excursions  London, 1824.

2. - Continuation of Journal of Excursions  Kensington, 1830.


SLADE, Jeremiah [Gen.]  - of Martin County, North Carolina - A238,M2089

June 1819

Matthews: Travel diary; from Martin County, North Carolina, to Nashville, Tennessee; hospitality on way; flowery descriptions.

In  Trinity College Historical Papers  VI, 1906, pp 37-56.


SMITH, Thomas, Jr. - *H455,*M2090,E


An Englishman's Perception of Antebellum Kentucky  in  Register of Kentucky Historical Society  Winter, 1981.

01/02/03 - SPARKS, Jared (1789-1866)  of Baltimore, historian - *H456,A252,*M2091,E

a) - 1819

Jared Sparks Visits Harper's Ferry, 1819  edited by John Hammond Moore in  West Virginia History  XXV, No. 2, pp 81-91.

b) - Jared Sparks Visits South Carolina  edited by John Hammond Moore in South Carolina Historical Magazine  1971.

c) - March to October 1826

Matthews: Travel diary; notes of a tour from Boston to South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and return; visits to friends, notes of research in New York and New England.

In  The Life and Writings of Jared Sparks  by Herbert B.Adams. Boston, 1893, Volume I, pp 415-545.

d) - In  Georgia Historical Quarterly  XLVII.

e) - In  North Carolina Historical Review  XL.

c) - After Dinner Anecdotes of James Madison  in  Virginia magazine of History and Biography  April, 1952.


SQUIBB, Esward Robinson [Dr.] (19819-1900)  American inventor and manufacturere of pharmaceuticals - E

Dates Unknown

a) - The Journal of Edward Robinson Squibb, M.D.  privately printed, two volumes, Boston, 1930. James Cummings (11752) has another edition, Simon and Schuster, 1958.

b) - The Collected Papers of Edward Robinson Squibb, M.D., 1819-1900  edited by Klaus Florey, two volumes, Princeton, Squibb Corporation, 1988, probably also contains diary material.  


STORY, William Wetmore (1819-1895)  American sculptor and writer - E

Dates Unknown

William Wetmore Story and His Friends, from Letters, Diaries and Recollections  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, two volumes, 1903.


TALBOT, Edward Allen (1801-1839) - E

From June 1818

Five Years' Residence in the Canadas, Including a Tour through Part of the United States of America in the Year 1823  London, Longman, two volumes, 1824, is reported to contain diary material.


THURSTON, Lucy Goodale (1795-1876)  missionary - E

1819 to 1876

Extracts from letters and journals of a missionary wife on Hawaii.

In  Life and Times of Lucy G.Thurston, Wife of Rev. Asa Thurston, pioneer missionary to the Sandwich Islands, gathered from letters and journals extending over a period of more than fifty years  Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1882.


TROWBRIDGE, Charles Christopher - *H466,*M2092,E

a) - With Cass in the Northwest  in  Minnesota History  June, September and December, 1942.

b) - In   Schoolcraft's Narrative Journal of Travels  East Lansing, Michigan State University Press, 1992.


UNRUH, Tobias A. (1819-1875)  Mennonite - E

Dates unknown

Great Grandfather's Diary  Rosenort, Manitoba, 1970? and Montezuma, Kansas, 1970.


WARNER, Susan Bogert (pen name Elizabeth Wetherell) (1819-1885)  American evangelical write of religious fiction - E

In  Susan Warner  by Anna B. Warner.New York, Putnam, 1909.


WATSON, William (1773-1836)  of Hartford, Connecticut - A238,M2093

February 1819 to October 1836

Matthews: Private diary; extracts mainly of genealogical interest, births, deaths, etc.

In  New England Historical and Genealogical Register  LXXIX, 1925, pp 298-310 and 401-409; and LXXX, 1926, pp 54-72.


WELBY, Adlard  - Englishman - E

May 5th. 1819 to May 10th. 1820

A Visit to North America and the English Settlements in Illinois, with a Winter Residence at Philadelphia  London, Drury, 1821. Reprinted: Applewood, 2007.

WESTON, Stephen  - F.R.S. - B197

June to September 1819

Matthews: Travel diary; short notes extracted from journal of tour in France and Germany; anecdotes, comments on hotels, curiosities, etc.; disjointed fragments, but quite lively.

Extracts from a Journal  London, 1820.

WINSTON, James (b.1773) - H457

October 5th. 1819 to July 2nd. 1827

Personal diary, much concerned with theatre management but of more than purely theatrical interest.

Drury Lane Journal; Selections from James Winston's Diaries, 1819-1827  edited by Alfred L.Nelson and Gilbert B.Cross. London, Society for Theatre Research, 1974.


YARNALL, Elias (1757-1847)  of Philadelphia - A238,M2094

November to December 1819

Matthews: Quaker travel journal (fragment); journey from Philadelphia to Charleston, South Carolina, as member of a committee to investigate condition of Friends there; mainly details of voyage.

In  Bulletin Friends' Historical Society Philadelphia  IX, 1920, pp 118-127.



ADAMS, Charles Francis (1807-1886) - *H458,*M2095,E

a) - 1820 to 1840

Very full personal diary of the son of John Quincy Adams; Harvard and legal studies; business and politics in Massachusetts.

1. - In  The Adams Papers  edited by Aida Donald. Harvard University Press, eight volumes, 1964 to 1986.

2. - Discussion (also containing quotation from the diaries to 1880): Kagle (3), pp 99-119.

b) - 1860

Campaigning for Seward in the 1860 presidential election.

In  Minnesota History Quarterly  Volume 8, 1927, pp 156-165.

c) - 1835 and 1843

Extracts from the Diaries of John Quincy Adams and Charles Francis Adams Relating to Visits to Nantucket and New Bedford, 1835 and 1843  in  Old Dartmouth Historical Sketches  New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1919.

ARBUTHNOT, Harriet (1794?-1834) - B198

1820 to 1832 -

Personal diary of the Duke of Wellington's friend; social and political affairs; lively and interesting.

The Journal of Mrs. Arbuthnot, 1820-1832  edited by Francis Bamford and the Duke of Wellington. London, Macmillan, two volumes, 1950. The full text is printed.

01/02/03 - AUDUBON, John James (1785-1851)  naturalist - H518,A238,*M2096

a) - October 1820 to December 1821

Matthews: Botanical journal; journal of his trip to New Orleans; bird life, hunting.

Journal of John James Audubon, Made during His Trip to New Orleans  edited by Howard Corning. Boston, two volumes, 1921. Reprinted, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1929.

b) - July 1840 to October 1843

Matthews: Travel journal; journey while Audubon was gathering subscriptions for his "Birds of America"; travel and description in United States and Canada.

1. - Journal of John James Audubon Made While obtaining Subscriptions to His Birds of America 1840-1843  edited by Howard Corning. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1929, 179 pp.

2. - Extracts relating to visit to Iowa in 1843 in  Annals of Iowa  Third Series, XVI, 1928, pp 403-419.  

3. - Part of a trip up the Mississippi in May 1843 and the return in August to October of that year in  The Palimpsest  LII, No. 11, State Historical Society of Iowa, November, 1971.

c) - 1820 to 1843, long gaps.

Personal diaries; travels; work; America and England; lively.

1. - Extracts interwoven with narrative in The Life and Adventures of Audubon the Naturalist  by Robert Buchanan. London 1869; J.M. Dent, Everyman Library edition, 1915.

2. - General extracts in  Audubon and His Journals  edited by Maria R.Audubon. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, two volumes, 1897. Reprinted New York, Dover Publications, 1960. Unreliable, but the only printed text of some parts of the diaries.

3. - The 1826 Journal of John James Audubon  edited by Alice Ford. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1967.

4. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 300-307.

5. - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 57-60.  

Note: James Cummings (583, 584 and 585) has also  Audubon’s America  Houghton, 1940; Audubon’s Western Journal, 1849-1850  Arthur Clark, 1906; and  Overland by the Mexican Border Route  in  The Course of Empire  by Valeska Bari, Coward, 1931.

BAGOT, Mary [Miss] - of Blithfield, Staffordshire - B198

1820 to 1855

Matthews: Social diary (extracts); social life of a clergyman's daughter; country life and visits; religion; literary interests, with a Johnson anecdote.

Links with the Past  by Mrs. Charles Bagot. London, 1902, pp 157-284.

BAKER, William (1787-1853)  of Bridgewater, Somerset - B198

January 1820 to March 1853

Matthews: Scientific diary; natural history interests and work in Somerset; work with the literary and antiquarian societies; a pleasant diary.

A Brief Memoir of William Baker  by John Bowen. Taunton, 1854.


BELL, John R. - *H459,*M2097,E


The Journal of Captain John R.Bell Official Journalist for the Stephen H.Long Expedition to the Rocky Mountins, 1820  edited by Harlin M.Fuller and LeRoy R.Hafen. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1957; reprinted 1973. This is Volume VI in The Far West and Rockies Historical Series.


BENTHAM, George   (1800-1884)  English botanist - *H460,E

 a) - 1820 to 1821

In  John Mill's Boyhood Visit to France: Being a Journal and Notebook Written by John Stuart Mill in France, 1820-21  edited by Anna Jean Mill. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1960.  

b) - Dates unknown

“Biography of the Nephew of Jeremy Bentham which gives an insight into the early years of the 19th century & particularly of post Napoleonic France - Bentham lived in France for 12 years. On his return to England he worked as assistant to his Uncle Jeremy & thus met many leading philosophers of the day. In his own right he became on of the great Taxonomists of the Victorian Age.”

George Bentham: Autobiography, 1800-1834  edited by Marion Filipiuk, University of Toronto press, 1997, is reported to contain diary material.


BENTON, Henry P.  - Deputy Surveyor of Public Lands in Indiana - A239,M2098

February to April 1820

Matthews: Surveying journal; surveying boundaries of Big Miami Reserve, south of Wabash River; surveying details, notes on weather, camps, etc.

In  Indiana Magazine of History  XXXVII, 1941, pp 387-395.  

03  BROWN, Catherine (1800?-1823)  Cherokee Indian - E

1820 to 1822 (?)

In  Memoir of Catharine Brown, a Christian Indian of the Cherokee Nation  by Rufus Anderson. Philadelphia, American Sunday School Union, 1831, 138pp.

03  BROWN, John (1820-1896)  Mormon pioneer - E

Dates unknown

In  Autobiography of Pioneer John Brown, 1820-1896  arranged and published by his son, John Zimmerman Brown, Salt Lake City, 1941.

03  BURDICK, Christopher [Captain]  - captain of the Huntress - E

 1820 to 1821

Ship’s log of the second sealing season in the South Shetlands.

Quoted in  Voyage of the Huron and the Huntress: The American Sealers and the discovery of the Continent of Antarctica  by Edward Stackpole. Mystic, Connecticut, The marine historical Association, 1955.


CARRUTHERS, John (d.1866) - E

From 1820's?

Retrospect of Thirty-Six Years Residence in Canada West, Being a Christian Journal and Narrative  privately printed, Hamilton, 1861.


CHAMBERLAIN, Neville [Field-Marshal, Sir] (1820-1902)  English soldier - E

Dates Unknown

In  Life of Field-Marshal Sir Neville Chamberlain  by George Forrest. London, Blackwood, 1909.  

03  COCHRANE, John Dundas (1793-1825)  Scottish officer in the royal Navy, traveller and explorer - E


1. - Narrative of a Pedestrian Journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary to the Frontiers of china and to the Frozen Sea and Kamchatka  London, two volumes, 1824.

2. - Narrative of a Pedestrian Journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary  Philaderlphia, 1824.

3. - A Pedestrian Journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary  Folio Society, 1983.

03  COLERIDGE, John Duke, first Baron Coleridge (1820-1894)  English lawyer, judge and politician, son of John Taylor Coleridge (qv) - E

Dates unknown

Life and Correspondence of John Duke, Lord Coleridge: Lord Chief Justice of England  London, Heinemann, two volumes, 1904, is reported to contain diary material.

COLERIDGE, John Taylor [Sir] (1790-1876)  country gentleman - B198

June 1820 to January 1876

Matthews: Literary diary (extracts); notes on his domestic and social life at Ottery St. Mary; literary life and friendships, with Wordsworth and other writers; reading.

This for Remembrance  by Lord Bernard Coleridge  London, 1925, pp 29-96.


CRUISE, Richard Alexander - *H461,E


Travel diary of the officer in command of the military escort aboard the store ship Dromedary; crossed the Tasman Sea to collect spars after discharging convicts; impressions of the country and of Maori society during inter-tribal wars.

1. - Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand  London, Longman Hurst, 1823. Facsimile reprint Christchurch, Capper Press, 1974.

2. - As  New Zealand One Hundred Years Ago: Journal of a Ten Months' Visit by Major Richard A.Cruise, of the 84th. Regiment  Auckland, Brett Printing and Publishing, 1921.

3. - As  Cruise's Journal: Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand  Christchurch, Pegasus Press, 1957, 650 copies.


CUTLER, George Younglove  - law student at Litchfield, Connecticut - A239,M2099

May to December 1820

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); an amusing account of social life in Litchfield, especially in relation to the young ladies of Litchfield School

Chronicles of a Pioneer School  by Emily Vanderpoel. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1903.  

03  DAVIS, John [Captain]  - captain of the Huron - E

 1820 to 1821

Ship’s log of the second sealing season in the South Shetlands.

Quoted in  Voyage of the Huron and the Huntress: The American Sealers and the discovery of the Continent of Antarctica  by Edward Stackpole. Mystic, Connecticut, The marine historical Association, 1955.

03  DEWAR, Duncan (1801-1868)  student at the University of St Andrews - E


Duncan Dewar: A Student at St. Andrews 100 Years Ago: His Accounts  Glasgow, 1926.


DOTY, James Duane (1779-1865)  born at Salem, New York, Governor of Wisconsin Territory


a) - May to August 1820

Matthews: Official travel journal; expedition with Cass and Schoolcraft to Lake Superior and sources of the Mississippi; investigation of northern Indians, topography and resources; impersonal but has some general interest.

In  Wisconsin Historical Collections  XIII, 1895, pp 163-219.

b) - 1855

Journal of Operations of Governor Isaac Ingalls Stevens of Washington Territory in 1855   edited by Edward J.Kowrach  Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon, 1978.  

03  DWINELL, Israel Edson (1820-1890) - E

Dates unknown

Israel Edson Dwinell, D.D.: A Memoir  by Henry Jewett, Oakland, California, 1892, is reported to contain diary material.


ELLIS, John Willis (1820-1861)  lawyer, politician and 35th. Governor of North Carolina - E

Dates Unknown

In  The Papers of John Willis Ellis  edited by Noble J.Tolbert. Raleigh, north Carolina, State Department of Archives and History, two volumes, 1964.


ENGLAND, John [The Rt. Rev.] (1786-1842)  born in Cork, Ireland, first Catholic bishop of Charleston, South Carolina - A239,M2101

July 1820 to December 1823

Matthews: Diocesan journal; account of his church and diocesan work during his first three years as bishop in America.

1. - In  American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia Records  VI, 1895,  pp 29-55 and 184-224.

2. - Separately printed as  Diurnal of the Rt. Rev. John England  Philadelphia, 1895, 68 pp.  

03  ENGLISH, George Bethune (1787-1828)  American general - E


A Narrative of the Expedition to Dongola and Sennaar, under the Command of His Excellence Ismael Pasha  London, John Murray, 1822.

03  FARR, Lorin (1820-1909)  Mormon pioneer - E

Dates unknown

Lorin Farr, Pioneer  by Earl T.Pardoe, Provo, Brigham Young University Press, 1953, is reported to contain diary material.


FITCH, Jeremiah  - of Boston and Bedford - A239,M2102

July to August 1820

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Boston to Saratoga Springs, New York, and return; pleasure jaunt, with notes on inns and sights on way.

In  Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings  L, (1916-1917), pp 189-196.

FORD, John (1801-1875)  of York, teacher - B198

June 1820 to June 1875

Matthews: Teacher's diary (extensive extracts); full details of his long career of teaching in Bootham and York; notes on his religious life and reflections.

Memorials of John Ford  edited by S.Thompson. York, 1879.


GISBORNE, Maria (née James, formerly Reveley) (1770-1836)  friend of William Godwin and Mary and Percy Shelley - E


In  Maria Gisborne and Edward E.Williams, Shelley's friends: Their   Journals and letters  edited by F.L.Jones. University of Oklahoma, 1951.  

03  GROVE, George [Sir]  founding editor of Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians - E

Dates unknown

Life and Letters of Sir George Grove  by Charles Graves, London, Macmillan, 1903, is reported to contain diary material.

HAWLEY, Zerah  - of New Haven, Connecticut - A240,M2104

September 1820 to September 1821

Matthews: Travel diary; tour through Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, northern Pennsylvania, and Ohio; a year's residence in Western Reserve; interesting notes on many towns, scenery, crops, trade, etc.

A Journal of a Tour  New Haven, 1822, 158 pp.


HEAD, Francis Bond [Sir] (1793-1875)  british soldier, entrepreneur and Lieutenant Governor of Upper CanadaE

a) - Mid 1820's

Rough Notes Taken During Some rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the Andes  London, john Murray, 1826, reissued Cambridge University press, 2009.

b) - From 1835?

A Narrative  London, John Murray, 1839, is reported to contain diary material.

c) - 1851

A Faggot of French Sticks  London, John Murray, 1852.

d) - 1852

A Fortnight in Ireland  London, John Murray, 1852.

HOBHOUSE, Henry (1776-1854)  civil servant - H463

January 31st. 1820 to November 6th. 1827

Diary of the Under Secretary for Home Affairs under Liverpool and Canning, possibly written for publication. George IV; Queen Caroline; court, social and political affairs.

The Diary of Henry Hobhouse (1820-1827)  edited by Arthur Aspinall. London, Home and Van Thal, 1947. The entries for February to August 1827 also appear in the The Formation of Canning's Ministry  by the same editor, London, Royal Historical Society, Camden Third Series, Volume LIX, 1937.


HOLMAN, Lucia Ruggles  - American missionary - *M2105,E

Journal of Lucia Ruggles Holman  Honolulu, Bishop Museum Press, 1931, 40 pp.  

03  HOPKINS, John Henry (1820-1891)  American clergyman - E

Dates unknown

A Champion of the Cross, Being the life of John Henry Hopkins S.T.D.  by Charles Filkins Sweet, New York, 1894, is reported to contain diary material.

03  HOVEY, Alvah (1820-1903)  of Newton Theological Institution, Massachusetts - E

Dates unknown

Alvah Hovey, His Life and Letters  by George R.Hovey, The Judson Press, 1928, is reported to contain diary material.

03  JENKS, William - E


In  Memoir of Nathan W.Dickerman: Who Died at Boston Massachusetts, January 2, 1830, in the Eighth Year of His Age  American Tract Society, 1830.

JOHNSTON, Priscilla (1808-1852)  of Earlham, Norfolk - B199

May 1820 to November 1850

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); Quaker religious life; social and domestic affairs; friendship with the Frys and Gurneys; visits and journeys; her wedding; a pleasant diary.

Extracts from Priscilla Johnston's Journal  Carlisle, 1862, pp 1-189.


KEARNY, Stephen Watts [Capt.] (1794-1848)  born at Newark, frontier soldier - A240,M2106

July to August 1820

Matthews: Military exploration journal; Council Bluffs - St. Peters expedition, between upper Missouri and Mississippi River to open up route between Camp Missouri (near Omaha) and Camp Cold Water (near Minneapolis); describes forts, towns, Indian villages, geography; some personal items.

1. - In  Missouri Historical Society Collections  III, (1908-1911), pp 8-29 and 99-131.

2. - In  Annals of Iowa  Third Series, X, 1912, pp 343-371.


KING, Elizabeth Taber (1820-1856)  Quaker - E

1845 to 1856

Religious journal; blessings; backslidings; religious impulses; prison visiting; the last entry is on the day of her death following the birth of her son, who survived only a few days. There is one entry from her sister's diary recording her death.

In  Memoir of Elizabeth T. King, with Extracts from Her Letters and Journals  Baltimore, Armstrong and Berry, 1859.

KITTO, John  - printer - B199

1820 to 1833

Matthews: Personal diary (extracts); his wretched boyhood; deaf from childhood; workhouses; shoemaker's apprentice; self-improvement; printer to Church Mission Society; travels in Russia and Persia; very full notes on the miseries of the poor, with good observation and vivid incidents.

Memoirs of John Kitto  by J.E.Ryland. London, 1856. Passim.


LEWIS, Jane R. and Mary Ann - A240,M2107

Summer 1820

Matthews: School diary; brief notes on daily studies at Litchfield School.

In  Chronicles of a Pioneer School  by Emily Vanderpoel. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1903, pp 221-225.

LINDSAY, Charlotte [Lady] (d.1849)

June 5th. to November 10th. 1820

Letter journal addressed to Mary Berry giving an account of the trial of Queen Caroline and of her own experiences as a witness.

Included in  The Journals and Correspondence of Miss Berry  edited by Lady Theresa Lewis. London, Longmans, Green, 1865, Volume III, pp 235-260.

MAIKWORTH, [Maj.] - D199

1820 to 1822

Matthews: Diary; travels of a cavalry officer in India; Hindu religion; missionary work.

Diary of a Tour through Southern India  by a Field Officer of Cavalry. London, 1823.


MILL, John Stuart (1806-1873) - *H464,*B199,E

 a) - From 1820

John Mill's Boyhood Visit to France: Being a Journal and Notebook Written by John Stuart Mill in France, 1820-21  edited by Anna Jean Mill. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1960.  

b) - Dates unknown

Journals and debating Speeches  in  Collected Works of John Stuart Mill  XXVI and XXVII, University of Toronto press, 1988.

03  MOFFAT, Mary (1795-1870)  - see MOFFAT, Robert


MOFFAT, Robert   (1795-1883)  Scottish Congregationalist missionary in Africa, father-in-law of David Livingstone - *H544,E  

a) - 1820 to 1828 (?)

Apprenticeship at Karuman; Being the Journals and Letters of  Robert and Mary Moffat 1820-1828  London, Chatto and Windus, 1951.

 b) - From 1829

The Matabele Journals of Robert Moffat 1829-1860  edited by J.P.R.Wallis. Salisbury, Rhodesia, National Archives of Rhodesia, (London, Chatto and Windus) two volumes, 1945, Oppenheimer Series No. 1. Reprinted in facsimile, 1976.

NETTLETON, Asahel [The Rev.] (1783-1844)  born at North Killingworth, Connecticut - A240,M2108

April to June 1820

Matthews: Clergyman's journal; religious work in Nassau (near Albany); meetings in schools, taverns, etc.; revival meetings.

In  Memoir of the Life and Character of Rev. Asahel Nettleton  by Bennett Tyler. Hartford, 1844, pp 108-123.


NICHOLS, James Wilson - E

Dates Unknown

Now You Hear My Horn: The Journal of James Wilson Nichols, 1820-1887  edited by Catherine W.McDowell. Austin, University of   Texas Press, 1967.  

03  PALMER, Nathaniel B. [Captain]  - captain of the Hero - E

 1820 to 1821

Ship’s log of the second sealing season in the South Shetlands.

Quoted in  Voyage of the Huron and the Huntress: The American Sealers and the discovery of the Continent of Antarctica  by Edward Stackpole. Mystic, Connecticut, The marine historical Association, 1955.

03  PARSONS, Elizabeth - E


A Newburyport Wedding One Hundred and Thirty Years Ago  by James Duncan, Salem, Masachusetts, Essex Institute, 1953,  24pp., reprinted from Essex Institute historical Collections   October, 1951, is reported to contain diary material.

PEARSON, William (1780-1856)  of Crosthwaite, farmer and naturalist - B199

October 1820 to August 1855

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); occasional brief notes on natural history; includes various travel diaries, August-September, 1822; journey to Scotland, Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood House, Falkirk, Perth, Killiecrankie, Loch Lomond; interest in antiquities, methods of agriculture, peasants' way of life; October, 1820, visit to Vale of Dudden; August, 1855, tour in Cumberland; Wordsworth.

Papers, Letters, and Journals of William Pearson  edited by his widow. London, 1863.


PRATT, Addison (1802-1872)  Mormon - H817,M3156,E

a) - (Not seen)

1820? to 1852?

The Journals of Addison Pratt: Being a Narrative of Yankee Whaling in the Eighteen Twenties, a Mormon Mission to the Society Islands, and Early California edited by S.George Ellsworth. University of Utah, Publications in Mormon Studies Volume 6, 1990.

b) - October 2nd. to December 1849

Travel diary of a Mormon missionary from Salt Lake City to southern California on the first stage of a mission to Tahiti, with the Jefferson Hunt wagon train; full descriptions of the country and travel conditions; hardships, particularly for the cattle; disagreements about the route, separations and re-combinations.

1. - In  Journals of Forty-Niners  by LeRoy R. and Ann W.Hafen. Glendale, Arthur C.Clark, 1954, pp 66-111. Reprinted University of Nebraska Press, Bison Books, 1998.

2. - Partly in  The Shadow of the Arrow  by Margaret Long. Caldwell, Idaho, 1941.



Dates unknown

The Life and Times of Giles Richards (1820-1860)  by Ophia Smith, Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, 1937, is reported to contain diary material.


RICHARDSON, John [Sir] (1787-1865) - C992,E

a) - 1820 to 1822

Arctic Ordeal; the Journal of John Richardson Surgeon-Naturalist With Franklin 1820-1822  edited by C.Stuart Houston. Montreal, McGill-Queen's University Press, 1984.

b) - June to September 1848

Matthews: Exploration diary; through Prince Rupert's Land searching for the Franklin discovery ships; Eskimos, natural history, details of an unsuccessful search.

Arctic Searching Expedition  London, two volumes, 1851.

ROBINSON, Hercules [Adml.] (1789-1864) - C1003


Naval journal in the rank of Captain; kept on HMS Favourite on the Newfoundland station; weather; geography; ivebergs; fisheries; traces of early settlers; character and languauge of a native woman.

In  Royal Geographical Society Journal  IV, 1834, pp 207-220.



In   The Old Land the New: the Journals of Two Swiss Families in America in the 1820's  translated and edited by Robert H. Billigmeier and Fred Altschuler Picard. University of Minnesota Press, 1965.


SCHWEIZER, Johannes - *M2109,E

In   The Old Land the New: the Journals of Two Swiss Families in America in the 1820's  translated and edited by Robert H. Billigmeier and Fred Altschuler Picard. University of Minnesota Press, 1965.


SHAW, William - *H465,E

From 1822

The Journal of William Shaw  edited by W.D.Hammond Tooke. Cape Town, A.A.Balkema, 1972. Volume II of the Rhodes University, Gramstown Series: Diaries, Letters and Reminiscences from the Eastern Cape.

01/02/03 - SIMPSON, George [Sir] (1792-1860)  governor of Hudson's Bay Company


a) - July 1820 to June 1821

Matthews: Fur-trader's journal; his work and travels during his early service with the Hudson's Bay Company, chiefly in the Athabasca department; a personal and revealing record.

Journal of Occurrences in the Athabasca Department  edited by E.E.Rich. Toronto, 1938. Revised edition, Harvard, 1968.

b) - August 1824 to June 1825

Matthews: Fur-trading journal; a voyage from York Factory to Fort George and return.

Fur Trade and Empire, Harvard Hist. Stud.  XXXI, by Frederick Merk. Boston, 1931, pp 3-174.

c) - 1828

Simpson's 1828 Journey to Columbia  Hudson's Bay Record Society, 1947.

d) - 1838

Simpson's Russia  in  The Beaver  Autumn 1960 and 1980?

e) - 1841 to 1842

Matthews: Travel journal; a tour of inspection of the properties of the Hudson's Bay Company while he was governor; notes of a world tour.

Narrative of a Journey Round the World  London, two volumes, 1847.


VANENHOFF, George (1820-1885) - E

Dates Unknown

Leaves from an Actor's Note-Book, with reminiscences and chit-chat of the green-room and the stage, in England and America  New York, Appleton, 1860, is reported to contain diary material.


WEST, John [The Rev.] (1778-1845) - A240,C1222,M2111,E

a) - May 1820 to October 1823

Matthews: Religious and missionary journal; from England to Winnipeg; his labours as chaplain for the Hudson's Bay Company at Red River colony; missionaries, Indians, settlers, return.

1. - The Substance of a Journal During a Residence at the Red River Colony, British North America, in the Years 1820-1823  London, 1824, 326 pp; reprinted Montreal, 1866. Reissued, Vancouver, The Alcuin Society, 1967, 500 copies.

2. - Extracts in  North Dakota Historical Society Collections  III, 1910, pp 441-490.

b) - 1825 to 1826

Title and publication details unknown, but see below.

c) - 1820 to 1823 and 1825 to 1826

"An early account of the Red River settlement by its first Protestant missionary. West was appointed Chaplain to the Hudson's Bay Company in 1820. His journal relates his journey there via Hudson's Bay and York Factory, his visits to the company stations in the region: Brandon House, Fort Douglas, Qu'Apelle, Pembina, Salt Springs, Fort Daer, Norway House, Fort Churchill, etc. and much detailed and interesting information regarding the manners, customs and quality of life, of the Chippeway or Saulteaux, Muskeggowuck or Swamp, Stone and Sioux Indians. The second journal which was also separately issued, records West's missionary tour of the Maritimes and visit to Upper Canada in 1825-26, under the auspices of the New England Company."

London, second, enlarged edition, date unknown.

WILSON, Elizabeth (b.1792)  married Sir John MacNeill - B200

1820, 1828, and 1847

Matthews: Travel diaries; tours abroad in Italy, Ardlussa (Scotland), Turkey; travel notes.

Memoir of the Right Hon. Sir John MacNeill.....  by their granddaughter. London, 1910.


WITTS, Francis Edward [The Rev.] (1783-1854) clergyman - H467,E

a) - January 3rd. 1820 to May 1st.1852

Personal diary of the Rector of Upper Slaughter and Vicar of Stanway; Gloucester Magistrate; Gloucestershire topography; family and social life; notabilities at Cheltenham; local interest. The diary has been severely cut: the editor was an architect and has included much that bears on his concerns at the expense of details of Witts' working life which might have been of wider interest.

The Diary of a Cotswold Parson  edited by David Verey. Gloucester, Alan Sutton, 1978, reprinted 1979, paperback with corrections, 1980.

b) - 1795 to 1854? some gaps

(Annotation based on the publisher's website) The diaries in full; fragments to 1798; the family in Edinburgh following his father's banbkruptcy; Weimar; secretary to the British Minister in Copenhagan; return to Britain with the royal Navy; Oxford; courtship; curacy in Wiltshire; marriage; Rector of Upper Slaughter; the gap from 1808 to 1820 is filled by his mother's (Agnes Witts (qv)) diaries; deaths of mother and brother; politics; book reviews; disappointed expectations of an inheritance; problems with his son; the murder of Mr. Rens; a gap of eighteen months; embarrassments and quarrels; stern charity; family and local affairs; holidays; gap from November 1848 to December 1849; last illness of his wife. Publication continues.

1. - The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson: Volume I; The Nomad  edited by Alan Sutton, the diary to 1805. Amberley Publishing, 2008.

2. - The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson: Volume II; The Curate and Rector  edited by Alan Sutton, the diary to 1825. Amberley Publishing, 2008.

3. - The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson: Volume III; The Magistrate  edited by Alan Sutton, the diary to 1828. Amberley Publishing, 2008.

4. - The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson: Volume IV; The Murder Hunt  edited by Alan Sutton, the diary to 1834. Amberley Publishing, 2008.

5. - The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson: Volume V; Imperium in Imperio  edited by Alan Sutton, the diary to 1838(?). Amberley Publishing, 2008.

6. - The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson: Volume VI; Chairman of the Workhouse  edited by Alan Sutton, the diary to (?)  Amberley Publishing, 2008.

7. - The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson: Volume VII; The Man of Business  edited by Alan Sutton, the diary to 1846. Amberley Publishing, 2009.

8. - The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson: Volume VIII; The Man of Property  edited by Alan Sutton, the diary to 1850(?). Amberley Publishing, 2010.

WOOD, J. [The Rev.] (1797-1869)  of Somerset - B200

1820 to 1860 (?)

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts); church services; sermons heard and preached, his religious experiences; mission work among the poor.

The Life of the Rev. J.Wood  by Henry W.Williams. London, 1871. Passim.


WOODS, John (d.1829)  'A well-to-do English farmer' - A241,*M2112

June 1820 to July 1821

Matthews: Travel and emigrant diary; very full account of his life and prospects and the progress of Birkbeck's settlement in Illinois; travel notes and comments on agriculture, towns and villages, American customs, etc.; a valuable and interesting diary.

1. - Two Years' Residence in the Settlement on the English Prairie  London, 1822, 310 pp.

2. - Reprinted in  Early Western Travels  X, Cleveland, 1904, pp 177-357.


WRANGELL (WRANGEL), Ferdinand von (1796-1870)  Baltic German explorer - E

1820 to 1823

Account of the abortive search for an island in the Arctic Ocean, reported to contain diary material.

Narrative of an Expedition to the Polar Sea  New York, Harper Brothers, 1841.



ANONYMOUS - A241,M2113

June to November 1821

Matthews: Travel diary; from Charleston, South Carolina, to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Canada, New York, Maine, and return to Charleston; usual travel notes.

Prominent Features of a Northern Tour  Charleston, 1822, 48 pp.  


1821 to 1822

Mementoes, Historical and Classical of a Tour Through Part of France, Switzerland and Italy in the years 1821 and 1822  London, two volumes, 1824.

03  ARGUELLO, Luis Antonio (1784-1830)  Commandant of California - E

October to November, 1821

The Diaryu of Captain Luis Antonio Arguello, October 17 – November 17, 1821: The Last Spanish Expedition in California  The Friends of Bancroft Library, 1992.


AYLIFF, John - *H468,E

1821 to 1830

The Journal of John Ayliff  edited by Peter Hinchcliffe. Cape Town, A.A.Balkema, 1971. Volume I of the Rhodes University, Grahamstown Series: Diaries, Letters and Reminiscences from the Eastern Cape.


BARRETT, Richard (b.1813)  of London


Interesting fragment of a child's diary; fighting; breaks the water closet and watches the plumber mend it.

In  Small Voices  by Josef and Dorothy Berger. New York, Paul S.Eriksson, 1966, pp 50-52.


BECKNELL, Thomas [Capt.] - A241,M2114

a) - September 1821 to September(?) 1822

Matthews: Travel journal; post facto and dated irregularly; Boone's Lick, Missouri, to Santa Fe; description of Santa Fe; return; account of second expedition over similar route.

b) - November to December 1824(?)

Matthews: Travel journal (undated and written up for newspaper article); Santa Cruz to the Green River "several hundred miles from Santa Fe"; descriptions of country and Indians.

In  Missouri Historical Review  IV, (1909-1910),  pp 65-81 and 81-84; reprinted from  Missouri Intelligencer  April 22nd. and June 25th. 1825. The first journal is reprinted in  Southwest on the Turquoise Trail  by A.B.Hulbert. Denver 1933, pp 56-68.  

Note: James Cummings (1002) has  Becknell’s Journal  Missouri Historical Society, July, 1906, which has not been traced and precedes the first issue of the Missouri Historical Review  which appeared in October, 1906.

BENNET, George:  see TYERMAN, Daniel


BERTRAND, Henri Gratien - *H469,E

January to May 1821

Napoleon at St. Helena: The Journals of General Bertrand from January to May of 1821  edited by Paul Fleuriot de Langle, translated by Frances Hume. New York, Doubleday, 1952.  

03  BROOKFIELD, Jane Octavia (1821-1896)  literary hostess, friend of Thackeray - E

Dates unknown

Mrs Brookfield and Her Circle  by Charles and Frances Brookfield, Pitman, two volumes, 1905, is reported to contain diary material.

BROWNE, Mary (1807-1833)  of Tallentire Hall, Cumberland - B200

April 25th. to August 29th. 1821

A fourteen year old girl's diary of a trip to France with her parents and five brothers and sisters; the journey; fascinated, and sometimes horrified, details of French people and customs, usually compared disparagingly with the English; accommodation; food; a French school; delight in the return to England; lively and entertaining; illustrated with her own drawings; one of the best childhood diaries.

1. - The Diary of a Girl in France in 1821  edited by the Hon. H.N.Shore. London, John Murray, 1905.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 362-363.  

03  BUCKLE, Henry Thomas  (1821-1862)  English historian - E

Dates unknown

The Life and Writings of Henry Thomas Buckle  by Alfred Henry Huth, London, Sampson Low, two volumes, 1880, is reported to contain diary material.


COGGESHALL, George (1784-1861) - *M2115,E

a) - Voyage in the Pilot-Boat Schooner Sea Serpent  edited by Walter Teller in  Five Sea Captains  New York, Atheneum, 1960.

b) - 1. - Voyages to Various Parts of the World, Made Between the Years 1799 and 1844 by George Coggeshall. Selected from His Ms. Journal of Eighty Voyages  New York, D. Appleton, 1851.

2. - Second Series of Voyages to Various Parts of the World, Made Between the Years 1802 and 1841, by George Coggeshall, Selected from His Ms. Journal of Eighty Voyages  New York, D. Appleton, 1852.

3. - Voyages to Various Parts of the World, Made Between the Years 1800 and 1831, by George Coggeshall, Selected from His Ms. Journal of Eighty Voyages  New York : D. Appleton, 1853.

4. - Thirty-six Voyages to Various Parts of the World, Made Between the Years 1799 and 1841  New York, G.P. Putnam, 1858.


COOKE, Bella [Mrs.] (1821-1908)

Rifted Clouds or the Life Story of Bella Cooke  edited by Rev. Joseph Pullman, New York, Palmer and Hughes, 1884, is reported to contain diary material.

COPLESTON, Edward [The Rt. Rev.] (1776-1849)  Bishop of Llandaff - B200

January 1821 to July 1849

Matthews: Clerical diary (extracts); church, parish, and diocesan work; social life; literary and scholarly interests; travels and sermons.

Memoir of Rev. Edward Copleston  by William J.Copleston. London, 1851, pp 96-213. Passim.  

03  COWELL, Christiana (1821-1862)  wife of the Rev. David B.Cowell, died Lebanon, Maine - E

Dates unknown

Life and Writings of Mrs. Christiana B.Cowell  is reported to contain diary material.


CRAWFURD, John - *H471,E

1821 to 1822

Journal of an Embassy to the Courts of Siam and Cochin China  Kuala Lumpur, Oxford University Press, 1967. The journal was first published in 1828.


CROSWELL, Harry [The Rev.] (1778-1858)  of New Haven, Connecticut - A241,M2116

October 1821 to May 1848

Matthews: Clergyman's diary; extracts arranged to illustrate his parish work, character, congregational thoughts, politics, interest in New Haven, etc.

In  New Haven Colony Historical Society Papers  IX, 1918, pp 46-69; reprinted in  A Selection from the Miscellaneous Historical Papers of Fifty Years  by F.B.Dexter. New Haven, 1918, pp 349-365.  

03  DOSTOEVSKY, Fyodor Mikhailovich (1821-1881)  Russian writer - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings has:

1. - (3546)  Pages from the Journal of an Author  John Luce, 1916.

2. - (3547)  The Diary of a Writer  Scribners, two volumes, 1949.

3. - (3548)  The Unpublished Dostoevsky  Ardis, three volumes, 1973-1976.

4. - (3549)  A Writer’s Diary  Northwestern University,

DOUGLAS, Henry [The Rev.] (1793-1859)  of Salwarpe, Durham - B200

May to August 1821

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); trip to London, and another to France and Switzerland; brief social and tourist notes on scenery etc.

A History of the Douglas Family  by Percy W.L.Adams. Bedford, 1921, pp 545-548.


DRAKE, Sylvia (1784-1868) - *M2117,E

Sylvia Drake: 1784-1868, The Self Portrait of a Seamstress of Weybridge  in  Vermont History April, 1966.

FINLAYSON, George (1790-1823)  traveller and naturalist - D101

1821 to 1822

Matthews: Journal of observations kept during Crawford's mission; Cochin-China.

Mission to Siam and Hue  edited by Sir Stamford Raffles. London, 1826.


FINNEY, Alfred - *M2118,E

In  Missionary Herald  XVII.


FLETCHER, Sarah Hill - *H472,*M2119,E

From 1821

In Volume I of  The Diary of Calvin Fletcher  edited by Gayle Thornbrough. Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, nine volumes, from 1972.

FOSTER, Emily (1804?-1885)  of Bedford - B201

March 1821 to August 1823

Matthews: Travel diary; a lively account of a visit to Germany, mostly at Dresden and Saxon court; German life and customs; romantic interests; meeting with Washington Irving.

The Journal of Emily Foster  edited by Stanley Williams and Leonard B.Beach. Oxford, 1928.


FOWLER, Jacob [Maj.] (1765-1850)  born in New York, of Covington, Kentucky - A241,M2120

September 1821 to July 1822

Matthews: Travel diary; from Arkansas through Indian Territory. Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico to the sources of the Rio Grande; valuable geographically; impersonal, but very interesting for spellings and language.

1. - The Journal of Jacob Fowler  edited by Elliott Coues. New York, 1898, 183 pp, 950 copies. Reprinted Minneapolis, Ross and Haines, 1965, 2000 copies; and Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1970.

2. - Section relating to Oklahoma (September to October, 1821) in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  VIII, 1930, pp 181-188.

GARRY, Nicholas (1782?-1856) - A241,C457,M2121

March to November 1821

Matthews: Travel journal; England to New York to Montreal, journeys to Hudson's Bay Company posts in the North-West, and back; his descriptions and notes on business, topography, and social life by the Deputy-Governor.

Royal Society of Canada Proceedings and Transactions  Second Series, VI, 1900, Section II, pp 73-204; see also  Beaver  CCLXI, 1931.  

03  GOODELL, William [Rev.] (1792-1867)  American missionary - E

From 1821?

Forty Years in the Turkish Empire  New York, 1876, is reported to contain diary material.

03  GREIG, Alexander - E


“Tells the harrowing tale of the 1821 wreck of the 450-ton East Indiaman Blenden Hall.”

James Cummings (5073) has  in  Blenden Hall: The True Storey of a Shipwreck, a Casting Away and Life on a Desert Island  by J.G.Lockhart, Appleton, 1930.


HALL, William - *M2122,E

From England to Illinois in 1821  in  Illinois State Historical Society Journal  June, 1946.


HARRIS, Thompson S. [The Rev.]  - missionary of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign MissionsA242,M2123

November 1821 to November 1828

Matthews: Missionary journals; work among the Senecas at Buffalo Creek and Cattaraugus reservations; rather impersonal account of religious and school work, with some religious reflections and moralizing.

1. - In  Missionary Herald  XXIII, 1827, pp 248-250.

2. - In  Buffalo Historical Society Publications  VI, 1903, pp 281-378.  

03  HAVEN, Gilbert (1821-1880)  Methodist Episcopal bishop - E

Dates unknown

The Pilgrim’s Wallet; or, Scraps of Travel Gathered in England, France and Germany  Hurd, 1866, is reported to contain diary material.

03  HODGSON, Thomas Laidman (1787-1850)  Wesleyan missionary in South Africa - E

a) - 1821 to 1831

The Jornals fo the Rev. T.L.Hodgson: Missioanry to the Seleka-Rolong and the Griquas, 1821-1831  Johannesburg, 1977.

b) - Dates unknown

Memoir of the Rev. Thomas laidman Hodgson, Wesleyan Missionary in South Africa, with Copious Extracts from His Journals  1875.

JEFFREYS, Keturah - D159

1821 to 1825

Matthews: Diary; pious account of her life in Mauritius and Madagascar; scenery; native life.

Widowed Missionary's Journal  Southampton, 1827.

LEE, Robert [Dr.] - B201,D178

1821 to 1827

Matthews: Private diary; kept while in attendance on the Hon. William Lamb (later Lord Melbourne); reports of conversations and dinner parties; Lamb's comments on Scott, Lady Caroline's on Lord Byron; otherwise disappointing.

Extracts from the Diary of Dr. Robert Lee  privately printed, London, 1897.

LLOYD, William [Maj. Sir] - D184

1821 to 1822

Matthews: Journal; exploration on the North-West Frontier of India; political and historical matters.

Narrative of a Journey from Cawnpore  London, 1840.

LONG, Henry Lawes (1795-1868)  of Hampton Lodge, Surrey - B201

September to November 1821

Matthews: Travel diary; a trip to Haddington; travel notes; estates and antiquities; social life and sport at Keith, visiting Col. Alexander MacLean, Sir Walter Scott.

Records and Letters of the Family of the Longs  edited by Robert M.Howard. London, 1922, Volume II, pp 429-467.  

03  McALL, Robert Whitaker (1821-1893)  congregationalist minister and founder of the Popular evangelical Mission of France

Dates unknown

Robert Whitaker McAll, Founder of the McAll Mission, Paris: A Fragment by Himself; A Souvenir by His Wife  London, The Religious tract Society, 1896, is reported to contain diary material.

03  MEDWIN, Thomas (1788-1869)  English poet and translator - E

 a) - 1821 and 1822

1. - Journal of the Conversations of Lord Byron, Noted during a Residence with His Lordship at Pisa in the Years 1821 and 1822  London, Henry Colburn, 1824.

2. - Conversations of Lord Byron  edited by Ernest James Lovell, Princeton University Press, 1966, is based on Medwin’s copy of the 1824 edition which is heavily annotated in anticipation of an unpublished revised edition.

b) - Possibly 1812 to 1818

“The text of this well known sporting biography contains many references to Medwin's friends Shelley and Byron, in addition to accounts of Medwin's sporting adventure's as a Lieutenant with the 24th Dragoon Guards.”

The Angler in Wales, or Days and Nights of Sportsmen  London, Richard Bently, two volumes, 1834, is reported to contain diary material from his service in India with the Dragoon Guards.

03  MEREDITH, John Bult (1821-1915)  railway engineer and sawmill owner - E

 Dates unknown

“In later years he travelled abroad extensively, recording his experiences in an autobiography published shortly before his death.”

Fragmentary Records of a Long Life: Including Narratives of Seven Voyages  S.W.Partridge, 1910.

03  O’BEIRNE, Brian  - army medical officer - E


“… overland, via Port Loko, to Timbo, and during his three month journey kept a full journal …”

In  Guinea Journals: Journeys into Guinea-Conakry during the Sierra Leone Phase, 1800-1821  edited by Bruce L.Mouser. Washington, D.C., University Press of America, 1979.

Note: see also Richard Bright and Alexander Smith.

03  OKEDEN, William Parry - E

 1821 to 1841

 Diary and Sporting Journal of William Parry Okeden, India 1821-1841  1906.


PARSONS, Anna Quincy Thaxter - *H474,*M2124,E


A Newburyport Wedding One Hundred and Thirty Years Ago  in  Essex Institute Historical Collections  LXXXVII, 1951.

01/02/03 - PEARSON, John  - of Ewell, Surrey, England - A242,M2125,E


Matthews: Travel diary; intention to settle on farm; after trip to western Pennsylvania he returned to England; vigorous and lively abuse of Americans, Scotsmen, innkeepers, dogs, towns, etc.; entertaining or annoying according to taste and tolerance.

1. - Notes Made during a Journey in 1821 in the United States of America  London, 1822, 72 pp.

2. - Extract in  Pen Pictures of Early Western Pennsylvania  Pittsburgh, 1938, pp 277-285.

3. - In  Six Who Returned: America Viewed by British Repatriates  by Wilbur S.Shepperson. University of Nevada Press, 1961.


ROBERTS, Phoebe McCarty - *M2126,E

Phoebe Roberts' Diary of a Quaker Missionary Journey to Upper Canada  in  Ontario History  1950.


RODMAN, Samuel (1792-1876)  of New Bedford, MassachusettsA242,M2127

December 1821 to April 1829

Matthews: Private diary; long and detailed record of life in New Bedford; regular notes of work, social affairs, and church life; reading and reflections; valuable and interesting.

1. - Samuel Rodman Diary  edited by Z.W.Pease. New Bedord, 1927, 349 pp. Reprinted from  The Morning Mercury .

2. - The section for 1827, missing from the 1927 edition, published as  New Bedford in 1827  edited by Bradford Swan. New Bedford, 1935, 32 pp.


RUSSELL, William [Lord] (1790-1846)  second son of the sixth Duke of Bedford

1821 to 1846

Private diary; brief notes on social and family affairs; life and travel in Europe and England; a diplomatic mission in Portugal; British Minister to Wurtemberg; his wife and children. Extracts from the diary, interspersed in a greater volume of letters, are used to illuminate the often stormy relations between Lord William and his wife, Elizabeth Rawdon.

In  Lord William Russell and His Wife, 1815-1846  by Georgiana Blakiston. London, John Murray, 1972. Passim.


STEELE, J.D. - *H475,*M2128,E


A New York 'Yankee' in Tennessee, 1821  in  Tennessee Historical Quarterly  Fall, 1978.


SUDERMANN, Leonhard (1821-1900)  Mennonite, Russian immigrant to the United States - E

Dates Unknown

In  From Russia to America: In Search of Freedom  Steinbach, Manitoba, Derksen, 1974.


TAKIZAWA BAKIN (1767-1848)  Japanese writer

From 1821?

Very full personal diary, much of which was destroyed in the Tokyo earthquake of 1923; daily entries record his work, relations with his family and trouble with his wife; friends, social life; his deteriorating eyesight; gossip and public affairs. The first modern Japanese diary.

Account, and brief quotations in  Travelers of a Hundred Ages: The Japanese as Revealed Through 1,000 Years of Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1989, pp 370-375.


TEAS, Thomas Scattergood (b.1796)  of Philadelphia - *H484,A242,*M2129,E

a) - July 1821

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); journey afoot from Philadelphia to Indiana by way of Pittsburgh; long descriptive entries, details of Indians, scenery, towns, etc.

In  Indiana as Seen by Early Travellers  by Harlow Lindley. Indianapolis, 1916, pp 246-255.

b) - 1822

A Trading Trip to Natchez and New Orleans: Diary of Thomas Teas  in  Southern History  August, 1941.

THOMSON, John [Capt.] (1787-1870) - C1155

1821 to 1838

Matthews: Private diary; voyage from Leith to Upper Canada; experiences of a settler at Orilla, Ontario; farming; the 1837 rebellion.

1. - Selections published in the Orilla Packet and Times  and in pamphlet form.

2. - Extracts from the Diary of Captain John Thomson  edited by James Talman. Orilla, 1932.


TODD, John M. (b.1821)  barber - E

Dates Unknown

A Sketch of the Life of John M.Todd (Sixty Two Years in a Barber Shop) and Reminiscences of His Customers  Portland, Maine, Roberts, 1906, is reported to contain diary material.

TYERMAN, Daniel and BENNET, George - D310,*M2156

1821 to 1838

Matthews: Diary; missionary work and extensive travels in South Sea islands, China, India, New Zealand and Leeward Islands; natives and whalers; Christian life and hell-raising; interesting and valuable record of impact of the West.

Journal of Travels  London,   two volumes, 1831.


Van LIEW, Elizabeth (1790-1873)  of Middlebush, New Jersey - A242,M2130

September 1821 to September 1856

Matthews: Private diary; arranged by editor as jottings on Six Mile Run, New Jersey, weather, necrology, family visits to west and lake country.

In  Somerset County Historical Quarterly  (Somerville, New Jersey) VII, 1918, pp 55-61 and 123-127.


WALLACE, William Hervey Lamme [General] (1821-1862) - E

Dates unknown

In  Life and Letters of General W.H.L.Wallace  by Isabel Wallace. Chicago, Donnelly, 1909.


WELLES, Henry Titus (1821-1898) - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (13099) has  A Miscellany  Minneapolis, 1896, of which no other copy has been traced.  The Library of Congress has  Autobiography and Reminiscences  Minneapolis, two volumes, 1899.


WHITALL, John M. (1800-1877)  of Philadelphia - A242,M2131

October 1821 to April 1867

Matthews: Private diary; scattered extracts on religion, reflections, life as sailor; becomes Quaker; captain of an East Indiaman; mainly notes on his shortcomings and on business life in Philadelphia and mission work there.

John M.Whitall: The Story of His Life  by Hannah W.Smith. Philadelphia, 1879, pp 112-287. Passim.

WILLIAMS, Edward Ellerker (1793-1822)  friend of Shelley - B202

October 1821 to July 1822

Matthews: Literary diary; travels in Italy; almost exclusively relating to Byron, Shelley, and Trelawney; very brief notes.

1. - Journal of Edward Ellerker Williams  edited by Richard Garnett. London, 1902.

2. - Extracts in Shelley's  Prose Works  edited by B.Forman, Volume IV, pp 310-326.


WILLIAMSON, William D. [Hon.] (1779-1846)  of Bangor, Maine, Congressman and Governor


November 1821 to May 1822

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Bangor to Washington to attend 17th. Congress; brief travel and political notes.

1. - In  New England Historical and Genealogical Register  XXX, 1876, pp 189-191 and 429-431.

2. - In  Bangor Historical Magazine  VIII,  1893, pp 50-54.


WINSLOW, Charles Lathrop (1821-1832)  child of missionary parents - E

January 21st. to May 1832

Diary, addressed to his parents, aboard the Star on the voyage to America while they remained in Ceylon; small incidents of the voyage; prayers; longing thoughts of his parents and sisters; rather touching.

In  Memoir of Charles L.Winslow: Born in Ceylon, January 12th., 1821, Died in New York, May 24th., 1832  Boston, William Peirce, 1834.


WOLFF, Joseph (1795-1862)  Jewish Christian missionary - E

From 1821

The following works are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Missionary Journal and Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Wolff  revised and edited by John Bayford. London, J. Duncan, 1824.

2. - Researches and Missionary Labours among the Jews, Mohammedans, and Other Sects  London, J. Nisbet, 1835 and Philadelphia, O. Rogers, 1837.

3. - Narrative of a Mission to Bokhara, in the Years 1843-1845, to ascertain the fate of Colonel Stoddart and Captain Conolly  London, J.W. Parker, 1845. New York, Arno Press, 1970.

4. - Travels and Adventures of the Rev. Joseph Wolff, D.D., LL. D: Vicar of Ile Brewers, near Taunton; and late missionary to the Jews and Muhammadans in Persia, Bokhara, Cashmeer, etc. London, Saunders, Otley and Co., 1861.

01/02/03 - ZAHM, Matthias (1789-1874)  of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - A278,*M2133

a) - 1821 to 1822 and 1836 to 1849

Diary  Lancaster County historical Society, 1943.

b) - January 1836 to August 1849

Matthews: Private diary; scattered notes of events in Lancaster; too brief to be of much interest.

In  Lancaster County Historical Society Papers  XII, 1908, pp 184-194.



ANONYMOUS, "Committee" of American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy of Middletown, Connecticut - A243,M2134

a) - June 1822

Matthews: School travel journal; excursion made by cadets of the American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy, under Capt. Alden Partridge; from Norwich, Vermont, to Concord, New Hampshire, via Enfield and Salisbury, and return through Hopkinton, Hillsborough, and Newport; notes on countryside, drills, etc.

A Journal of an Excursion  Concord, New Hampshire, 1822, 38 pp.

b) - November 1826

Matthews: School travel journal; from Middletown, Connecticut, to Poughkeepsie, West Point, and New York City.

Journal of an Excursion  Middletown, Connecticut, 1826, 22 pp.

c) - December 1826

Matthews: School travel journal; from Middletown to Washington, D.C.

Journal of a Tour of a Detachment of Cadets  Middletown, Connecticut, 1827, 100 pp.


ANONYMOUS - A243,M2135

October to December 1822

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Horsham, Pennsylvania, to New Lisbon, Ohio, mainly over the Erie Pike; return by southern route to Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania way; notes on taverns, food, towns, and minor adventures; fair interest, with some interesting spellings.

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  XLIX, 1925, pp 61-74.



In  Presbyterian Historical Society Journal  XXI.  



Notes on Mexico Made in the Autumn of 1822  Philadelphia, 1824.


ADDINGTON, Henry Unwin (1790-1870)  British charge d'affaires in Washington - E

1822 to 1825

Youthful America; selections from Henry Unwin Addington’s Residence in the United States of America, 1822, 23, 24, 25  edited by Bradford Perkins. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1960.  

03  APPERSON, Henry - E

1822 to 1825 (?)

James Cummings (468) has  Youthful America  edited by Bradford Perkins, University of California, 1960.

03  ARNOLD, Matthew (1822-1888)  English poet - E

Dates unknown

The Note-Books of Matthew Arnold  edited by Howard Lowry et al., Oxford, 1952.

BANVILLE, Lawrence (Larry) (1796-1869)  gamekeeper

1822 to 1844

Personal diary of an Irishman, gamekeeper to T.F.Buxton in Norfolk; marriage; family and country life; his work; his employer and the neighbours; Scotland; to Sweden for Capercailies for re-introduction to Scotland; a delightful, uninhibited and interesting diary. Substantial extracts with linking narrative.

The Banville Diaries; Journals of a Norfolk Gamekeeper 1822-44  edited by Norma Virgoe and Susan Yaxley. London, Collins, 1986. A few, not always accurate quotations from the diary appeared in  The Unbroken Thread  by Viscount Templewood. London, Collins, 1939, pp 107-116.

BEATTIE, William [Dr.] (1793-1875)  physician - B202

June 1822 to October 1826

Matthews: Travel diary; diaries of three visits, attending the Duke and Duchess of Clarence in Germany; notes on travel, antiquities, scenery, towns, beauties; with record of social life, society, and court in Germany; written-up.

Journal of a Residence in Germany  London, two volumes, 1831.


BIERCE, Lucius Verus - *H476,*M2137,E

1822 to 1823

Travels in the Southland 1822-1823: The Journal of Lucius Verus Bierce  edited by George W.Knepper. Columbus, Ohio State University Press, 1966.


BINGHAM, Abel - *H477,E

From 1822

A Missionary Among the Senecas  in  New York History  1979.  

03  BINGHAM, Abel - E

1822 to 1828

A Missionary Among the Senecas: The Journal of Abel Bingham, 1822-1828  in  New York History  April, 1979.

BINGHAM, John (1810-1827)  of Hague Lane, Derby - B202

November 1822 to February 1827

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts); his life as a Methodist preacher in Yorkshire and north of England; circuit travels; his spiritual life and prayers; family life.

A Memoir of John Bingham  by John Bustard. London, 1832, pp 31-101.

BINGHAM, Mary Helen (1808-1825)  of Hague Lane, Derby - B202

June 1822 to February 1825

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts); religious experiences; introspection of a young girl; her dejections and outpourings in prayer; her sicknesses.

A Memoir of Mary Helen Bingham  by John Bustard. London, 1832. Passim.  

03  BLOOMFIELD, Georgiana [Lady] (1822-1905) - E

Dates unknown

Reminiscences of Court and Diplomatic Life  Kegan Paul, two volumes, 1883.


BOMPART, Louis - *M2138,E

1. - In  Missouri Historical Society Bulletin  XVI.

2. - In  The West of William H. Ashley: The International Struggle for the Fur Trade of the Missouri, the Rocky Mountains, and the Columbia, with Explorations Beyond the Continental Divide, Recorded in the Diaries and Letters of William H. Ashley and his Contemporaries, 1822-1838  edited by Dale L.Morgan., Denver, The Old West Publishing Company, 1964.  


BRINCKLE, Samuel C. [The Rev.] (1796-1863)  of Radnor, Pennsylvania - A243,M2139,E

January 1822 to December 1832

Matthews: Clergyman's diary; kept while the author was rector of Radnor Church and St. Peter's Church, Chester Valley; extracts relating to churches, sermons, vestry meetings, parish work.

1. - In  The History of Old St. David's Church  Philadelphia, 1907, Appendix, pp 198-206.

2. - James Cummings (1710) has:  The Brinckle Diary  Philadelphia, two volumes, 1945, which has not been traced elsewhere.


CANBY, Edmund - *H478,*M2140,E

1822 to 1848

The Diaries of Edmund Canby, A Quaker Miller, 1822-1848  in  Delaware History  October, 1974   and Spring-Summer, 1975.


CLAPPERTON, Hugh (1788-1827)  African explorer - *H506,D57,E

1822 to 1825 and 1826 to 1827

Matthews: Records of two explorations into the interior of Central and North Africa; native life, travel conditions.

1. - Journal of an Expedition  London, 1826.

2. - Journal of a Second Expedition into the Interior of Africa from the Bight of Benin to Soccatoo, to Which is Added the Journal of Richard Lander from Kana to the Sea Coast, Partly by a More Eastern Route  London, John Murray, 1829. Reprinted London, Frank Cass, 1966.


CLINTON, Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham, fourth Duke of Newcastle under Lyme (1785–1851)  landowner and politician - E

1822 to 1850

Diary extracts arranged in themes; elections and political affairs; houses and estates; family and social life in Nottinghamshire.

Unhappy Reactionary: The Diaries of the Fourth Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, 1822-50  edited by Richard Gaunt. Nottingham, Thoroton Society Record Series, 2008.


COLLINS, Stephen (1797-1871)  of Philadelphia, physician - A243,M2141

July 1822 to April 1860

Matthews: Private diary; religious life after his conversion; unvaried notes on religion, reflection, prayer, self-abasement, etc.

The Autobiography of Stephen Collins  New York, 1872, 235 pp. Passim.  

03  CORMACK, William - E


James Cummings has:

1. Narrative of a Journey Across the Island of Newfoundland in 1822  in  The Beothuks or Red Indians  Cambridge, 1915.

2. edited by F.A.Bruton, Longmans, 1928.

03  CUMMINS, George David (1822-1876)  first bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church - E

Dates unknown

Memoir of George David Cummins  Dodd, 1878, is reported to contain diary material.


CUYLER, Theodore Ledyard (1822-1909)  American Presbyterian pastor - E

Dates unknown.

From The Nile to Norway and Homeward  New York, Robert Carter and Brothers, 1882, is reported to contain diary material.  

03  DARLEY, Felix Octavius Carr (1822-1888)  American illustrator - E

Dates unknown

Sketches Abroad with Pen and Pencil  Hurd and Hopughton, 1868, is reported to contain diary material.


DAVIS, William Heath (1822-1909)  early settler of San Diego, California.

Dates unknown.

Seventy-Five Years in California: Recollections and Remarks by One who Visited These Shores in 1831, and Again in 1833, and Except When Absent on Business was a Resident from 1838 Until the End of a Long Life in 1909  third edition, San Francisco, John Howell, 1967, is reported to contain diary material.


DELACROIX, Eugène (1798-1863)  painter - H479,E

September 3rd. 1822 to October 5th. 1824; January 26th. to June 25th. 1832; January 19th. to October 9th. 1847 and January 24th. 1849 to June 22nd. 1863.

Personal diary mainly concerned with the theory and practice of painting; some social life and friends; fellow painters.

1. - The Journal of Eugène Delacroix  translated from the French by Walter Pach. New York, Covici, Friede, 1937; London, Jonathan Cape, 1938. The text comprises about half of that printed in the second French edition of the journal.

2. - The Journal of Eugène Delacroix: A Selection  edited by Hubert Wellington, translated by Lucy Norton, New York and London, Phaidon, 1951; and Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 1980.

3. - Painter of Passion: The Journal of Eugène Delacroix  London, Folio Society, 1995. This is taken from the Hubert Wellington edition.

Note: See also  Painting and the Journal of Eugène Delacroix  by Michele Hannoosh. Princeton University Press, 1995.  

03  DENHAM, Dixon [Major] - E

1822 to 1824

Narrative of travels and discoveries in Northern and Central Africa in the years 1822 1823 and 1824 by Major Denham FRS. Captain Clapperton and the late Doctor Oudney extending across the Great Desert to the tenth degree of northern latitude and from Kouka in Bornou to Sackatoo the capital of the Felatah empire  London, John Murray, two volumes, 1828.

03  d’ESTÉ, Augustus Frederick (1794-1848) - E

1822 to 1846

“Augustus d'Este is the earliest recorded person for whom a definite diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can be made. The course of his MS, which was not diagnosed during his lifetime, is known from the diaries he kept. D'Este left a detailed diary describing his 22 years living with the disease. He began his diary in 1822 and it had its last entry in 1846; only to remain unknown until 1948.”

The Case of August d’Este  Cambridge university Press, 1948.


DUNN, Samuel (1798?-1882)  Methodist minister

September 3rd. 1822 to June 8th. 1825

Journal of his mission to Shetland and Orkney; his ministry; preaching; travel and living conditions; the weather; his health; an interesting account and a good picture of the life.

Samuel Dunn's Shetland and Orkney Journal 1822-1825  edited by Harold R.Bowes, privately printed, 1976. pp vi and 73, duplicated A4 typescript, card covers.  

03  ELLIOTT, Charles [Rev.] - E

From 1822?

In  Indian Missionary Reminiscences: Principally of the Wyandot Nation  1837.

03  GREGORY, John Milton (1822-1898)  first president of the University of Illinois - E

Dates unknown

“… contains a journey diary.”

In  John Milkton Gregory: A Biography  by Allene Gregory, Chicago, Covici, 1923.

03  GUDEHUS, Heinrich Jonas (1776-1831)  of Braunschweig, North Germany - E

From 1920

“… came to America early in the 1820's seeking fortune and returned, nearly penniless, a few years later. In the interim he sampled life in rural Berks County as a teacher in the school of Zion Moselem Lutheran Church and in the home of a well-to-do citizen nearby.”

Journey to America  Publications of the German Society, 1980.


HADLOCK, Samuel, Jr. [Capt.] (1792-1833) of Cranberry Isles, Maine - A243,B202,M2142

1822 to 1826

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts in biographical setting); an American showman's tour with his Indians and small circus; travel through England and Ireland: at fairs, inns, etc.; a delightful, garrulous, and naively deceptive record of the life and work of a predecessor of Barnum: later sections take Hadlock and the many times revamped Indians into the courts of Europe.

God's Pocket  by Rachel Field. New York, 1934, 163 pp. Passim.

HANBURY, Bertram  see WADDINGTON, George


HAYWOOD, Charles - E

1822 and 1825 to 1828

Diaries of Charles Haywood, 1822 & 1825-8  edited by Judith Knight. Hertfordshire Record Society, Volume 18, planned for publication 2002.


HAZLITT, Sarah Stoddart  - first wife of William Hazlitt - *H480,E

In  The Journals of Sarah and William Hazlitt 1822-1931  in  University of Buffalo Studies  XXIV, No. 3, University of Buffalo, 1959.

Note: James Cummings (5633) has also  Diary  privately printed, 1894.

HOWARD, Rachel (1804-1837)  of Tottenham, Middlesex - B202

November 1822 to November 1833

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); religious life and observances; introspection; visits; social and charity work; travels; Bible classes; religious reflections.

Memoranda of Rachel Howard  London, 1839, pp 97-235.

JELLETT, Morgan Woodward (1803-1867)  of Dublin - B203

December 1822 to August 1824

Matthews: Social diary; social life, society, and Irish customs in and around Dublin; his travels and work in the cloth business; a pleasant diary.

Great Trees from Little Saplings Grow  by Cora S.Gould. New York, privately printed, 1931, pp 123-141.

KEPPEL, Henry [Adml. Sir] (1809-1904) - B203

February 1822 to April 1876

Matthews: Naval diary; his naval career, cruises, ships; social life and sports at sea and ashore; a varied, unpretentious, and lively record.

A Sailor's Life under Four Sovereigns  London, three volumes, 1899.

KNILL, Richard [The Rev.] (1787-1857)  of Braunton and St. Petersburg - B203

May 1822 to October 1836

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts, together with earlier reminiscences); his religious life and studies; work under London Missionary Society in southern India, and Russian Bible Society in St. Petersburg and Baltic countries; his work there and his difficulties with government, plague, and other inconveniences.

The Life of Rev. Richard Knill  by Charles M.Birrell. London, 1860, pp 98-201.


KHROMCHENKO, Vasily Stepanovich - *M2143,E

V. S. Khromchenko's Coastal Explorations in South-Western Alaska, 1822  edited by J. W. Vanstone, translated by D. H. Kraus in  Fieldiana, Anthropology  LXIV, Publication Number 1172, Chicago, Field Museum, 1973.

LAY, John  - of Buffalo, merchant - A244,B203,M2144

August 1822 to January 1824

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); an American businessman's travels in Scotland and England; tourist's notes and meetings with famous writers.

Buffalo Historical Society Publications  IV, 1896, pp 125-145.


LIEBER, Francis [Dr.] (1800-1872)  born at Berlin, Germany, of New York City - A244,M2145

June 1822 to October 1857

Matthews: Scholar's diary; journal kept in Greece, early life in Germany and London, emigration to America; notes on study and reading and journeys; tours in Europe, where he had many eminent acquaintances in the literary world; teaching and scholarship at Columbia University; social and artistic life in New York.

In  The Life and Letters of Francis Lieber  edited by Thomas S.Perry. Boston, 1882, pp 44-296. Passim.  

03  LINDSLEY, John Berrien (1822-1897)  American Presbyterian minister and educator - E

Dates unknown

John Berrien Lindsley: Educator, Physician, Social Philosopher  by John Edwin Windrow, Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.


McCURE, John Bunyan (b.1822)  Strict and Particular Baptist minister - E

Dates Unknown

Life in England and Australia: Reminiscences of Travels and Voyages over One Hundred thousand Miles, or Forty Years in the Wilderness  London, 1876, is reported to contain diary material.


MORGAN, Youngs L. - *H481,M2146,E

From 1822

The Diary of an Early Fur Trader  in  Inland Seas  Winter, 1962 and Spring, 1963.

MUNDY, Louisa - D218

1822 to 1842

Matthews: Diary; her life and work as a missionary in Bengal; marriage and domestic life; her own religious life.

A Brief Memoir  by George Mundy. London, 1845.


NEWPORT, David (1822-1911) - E

Dates Unknown

Eudemon Spiritual and Rational: The Apology of a Preacher for Preaching  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1901, is reported to contain diary material.


PARKS (or PARKES), Fanny [Mrs.]

1822 to 1845

Diary of life and travels in India. Climate, buildings, scenery and wildlife; good details of domestic life and servants and of travel on land and river; good accounts of religious festivals and observances, both Hindu and Muslim; her pleasure in horses and riding; Anglo-Indians and their ways of life; visits to the Zenana and accounts of the lives and conditions of the native women; some brief mentions of her husband and his work. An unusual and interesting account of India and the Indians by an adventurous and sympathetic observer.

1. - Wanderings of a Pilgrim, in Search of the Picturesque, during Four-and-Twenty Years in the East; with Revelations of Life in the Zenana  London, Pelham Richardson, two volumes, 1850.

2. - A good and accessible one volume selection, ending with her visit home to England in 1839, is  Begums, Thugs and White Moguls  edited by William Dalrymple, London, Sickle Moon Books, 2002.  

3. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 290-295.

Note: There are some entertaining notes about Mrs. Parkes in the diaries of Frances Eden (qv).


POINSETT, Joel Roberts (1779-1851) - E

Notes on Mexico, made in the Autumn of 1822  London, J.Miller, 1825.

PRINCE, Hezekiah Jr. (1800-1843)  customs inspector - H482,M2147

June 1st. 1822 to October 5th. 1828

Personal diary, ending with his marriage, of a young man of standing in Thomastown, Maine; the weather; ships and cargoes; social life of the town.

Journals of Hezekiah Prince, Jr., 1822-1828  edited by Arthur Spear. New York, Crown Publishers for The Maine Historical Society, 1965.


RAVENEL, Henry [Dr.] (b.1790)  of Pooshee, South Carolina - A244,M2148

September 1822 to March 1853

Matthews: Private diary; brief notes of family affairs, work, journeys, weather; continues his father's diary.

In  Ravenel Records, a History and Genealogy of the Huguenot Family of Ravenel, of South Carolina  by Henry E.Ravenel. Atlanta, 1898, pp 251-253.


ROBERTS, Deborah S. (b.1802)  of Darien, Connecticut, and New York City - A244,M2149

June 1822 to May 1838

Matthews: Religious journal; reflections on God and herself, Negroes, morals, Christian consolation; self-abasement and afflictions, illness; recluse-like.

In  Memoirs of Catherine Seely and Deborah S.Roberts  New York, 1843, pp 216-250.


RICARDO, David (1772-1823)  British economist - E


In  the Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo  Volume X   Including Journal of a Tour of the Continent, 1822  Cambridge University Press for the Royal Economic Society, 1955.


RODNEY, George Brydges (1803-1883) - E

1822 to 1823

Diary kept while accompanying his father from Delaware to Washington.

The Diary of George Brydges Rodney  Delaware, 32pp.


ROSATI, Joseph (1789-1843)  born at Sora, Italy, of Baltimore, Catholic archbishop - A244,M2150,E

a) - August 1822 to December 1826

Matthews: Catholic diocesan journal; travel and daily work of archbishop, detailed but impersonal.

In  St. Louis Catholic Historical Review  III, 1921, pp 311-369; IV, 1922, pp 76-108, 165-184 and 245-271; and V, 1923, pp 60-88.

Note: James Cummings (10592) reports diary material also in Volumes I and II of  St. Louis Catholic Historical Review.

b) - Dates unknown

In  The Life of Rt. Rev. Joseph rosati, C.M., First Bishop of St. Louis, 1789-1843  by Frederick J.Easterly. Catholic University of America Press, 1942.


SANDWITH, Humphry (1822-1881)  British army physician - E

a) - Dates Unknown

Humphry Sandwith: A Memoir: Compiled from Autobiographical Notes  by Thomas Humphry Ward, London, Cassell, 1844, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1854

The siege of Kars.

In  A Narrative of the Siege of Kars, and of Six Months' Resistance by the Turkish Garrison  London, John Murray, 1856.


SHERMAN, Alpheus - *H483,*M2151,E


By Horse and Waggon  in  New York History  1956.

SOPWITH, Thomas (1803-1879)  of Newcastle, engineer - B203

January 1822 to January 1879

Matthews: Engineer's diary (copious extracts); his life in London; the many interests of a curious mind; antiquities, science, engineering, music, pictures, shows, politics, ideas; friendship with eminent writers (Ruskin, etc.); soirees and contemporary culture; the industrial revolution and its inventions; business, education, religion, factories, benefit societies; an excellently varied picture of the Victorian Age by one of its most typical and successful figures.

Thomas Sopwith  by Benjamin W.Richardson. London, 1891, pp 15-360. Passim.


SPARK, Alexander Brodie (1792-1856)  - Scottish merchant, Australian free settler - E

After 1822

In  The Respectable Sydney Merchant, A.B.Spark of Tempe edited by Graham Abbott and Geoffrey Little. Sydney University Press, 1976.


STEWART, Charles Samuel [The Rev.] (1795-1870)  American missionary - A244,M2152,E

a) - November 1822 to July 1825

Matthews: Missionary journal; voyage from Philadelphia to Sandwich Islands around Cape Horn; missionary work in the islands, with notes on manners and customs of the inhabitants, account of Lord Byron's visit and description of interment of king and queen on island of Oahu; linguistic, anthropological, and social notes; literary style.

1. - In  Christian Advocate  (Philadelphia)  II, 1824, pp 277-283 and 320-324; III, 1825, pp 216-222, 266-270, 314-319, 359-363, 407-408, 452-455 and 552.

2. - Long review and excerpts in  American Quarterly Review  III, 1828, pp 342-369.

3. - Journal of a Residence in the Sandwich Islands  London, 1828, 406 pp; and in the same year in New York, with different introductory material, as  Private Journal of a Voyage to the Pacific Ocean and Residence at the Sandwich Islands.

b) - 1850 to 1851?

Brazil and La Plata: The Personal Record of a Cruise  New York, Putnam, 1856.


STOCKTON, Betsey  - Negro missionary - A245,M2153

November 1822 to July 1823

Matthews: Missionary journal; voyage from Philadelphia around Cape Horn to Sandwich Islands; good descriptions of cruise, fishing, ceremonies, social life, arrival at Hawaii, description of island; an interesting journal.

In  Christian Advocate  Philadelphia, II, 1824, pp 232-235 and 564-566; and III, 1825, pp 36-41.


SUMNER, William H. [Gen.] (1780-1861)  U.S. Army, of Massachusetts - A245,M2154

November 21st. 1822

Matthews: Private diary (extract); incidents in the life of John Hancock as related by his widow to Gen. Sumner.

In  Magazine of American History  XIX, 1888, pp 504-510.


TOKETA - *H485,*M2155,E


Tahitians in the Early History of Hawaiian Christianity  in  Hawaian Journal of History  XIII, 1979.

TYLER, Mary Palmer - *H486

a) - 1822 to 1826

Mary Tyler's Journal  in  Vermont Quarterly  XX, 1952, pp 19-31.

b) - Dates Unknown

Grandmother Tyler's Book: The Recollections of Mary Palmer Tyler (Mrs. Royall Tyler) 1775-1866  by Mary Palmer Tyler, New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.

WADDINGTON, George (1793-1869) and HANBURY, Bertram - D315


Matthews: Travels of two Cambridge scholars in Ethiopia and observations on local life and scene; Ismael Pasha and Mahomed Ali.

Journal of a Visit  London, 1822.

WADDY, Samuel Dousland [The Rev.] (1801-1876)  of Burton-on-Trent - B204

November 1822 to March 1865

Matthews: Methodist diary (extracts);  his conversion, and work in the Methodist ministry in Bristol and London; circuit life and work at Bath, London, Clifton; his general reading; work as governor of Wesley College, with records of Methodist education, journalism, and administration.

The Life of Rev. Samuel Waddy  by Adeline Waddy. London, 1878, pp 18-302. Passim.


WEDDELL, James (1787-1834)  navigator and merchant seaman

September 17th. 1822 to May 4th.1824

Journal of a pioneer sealing voyage in the brig Jane; the Weddell Sea, South Georgia and the Falklands; attempted sealing in the South Shetlands; Tierra del Fuego; Patagonia; navigational details and observations; penguins; much good informal detail and incident; an account of the wreck of the Uranie commanded by L. de Freycinet (qv). Some letters.

A Voyage towards the South Pole, Performed in the Years 1822-24, Containing an Examination of the Antarctic Sea  London, Longman, Rees, Orme Brown and Green, 1825; second edition 1827. Reprinted Newton Abbott, David and Charles, 1970.


WILBOR, Mary L. (b.1806) - A245,M2157

May to August 1822

Matthews: School diary; studies and social life at Litchfield School.

In  Chronicles of a Pioneer School  by Emily Vanderpoel. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1903, pp 234-241.


WILHELM, Paul, Duke of Württemberg (1797-1860) - E

1822 to 1824

1. - Travels in North America, 1822-1824  edited by Savoie Lottinville. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1973.

2. - First Journey to north America in the Years 1822 to 1824  Pierre, South Dakota Historical society, 1938.

WILSON, Robert (1772-1837)  of Hawick - B204

From November 1822

Matthews: Diary or notebook (account and extracts); notes of his reading and on local excitements and events.

Transactions of Hawick Archaeological Society  September, 1910.



ALTIMERA (ALTIMIRA), José [Fr.]  first planter of vines in Napa Valley - *M2158,E


Missionary's account of the founding of the Sonoma Mission.

In  Hutchings Illustrated California Magazine  V, January 1860.


ANTHONY, Joseph (b.1797)  of New Bedford, Massachusetts    - A245,M2159

January 1823 to June 1824

Matthews: Private diary; full and varied diary, social and local affairs, reading, trips to New York, business, ship affairs; an intimate and very interesting record of a small New England town.

Life in New Bedford a Hundred Years Ago  edited by Zephaniah Pease. New Bedford, 1922, 91 pp.




Mission to the East coast of Sumatra: In M.DCCC.XXIII  Blackwood, 1826.  

03  BAEDEKER, Friedrich Wilhelm (1823-1906)  evangelist and missionary - E

Dates unknown

Dr. Baedeker and His Apostolic Work in Russia  by Robert Sloan Latimer, London, 1907, is reported to contain diary material.

03  BAIRD, Spencer Fullerton (1823-1887)  American naturalist and museum curator - E

Dates unknown

Spebcer Fullerton Baird  a biography by William Healey Dall, Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1915, is reported to contain diary material.

03  BELTRAMI, Giacomo Constantino (1779-1885)  Italian explorer - E

From 1823?

A Pilgrimage in Europe and America  London, two volumes, 1828, is reported to contain diary amterial.


BENN-WALSH, John [Sir] (1798-1881)  English landlord of Irish estate

(Annotation based on extracts)

1823 to 1864

Diary notes of his visits to Ireland to superintend the improvement of his farms; harsh but apparently just treatment of his tenants; the hardships of the tenantry during the famine.

1. - In  Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society  Volume LXXXI, 1975.

2. - Extracts: Lenox Conyngham, pp 172-181.  

BENSON, Robert (1797-1844)  lawyer - B205

October to December 1823

Matthews: Travel diary; a public mission to Corsica; observations of people, customs, religion; local sights and notes; impersonal, but a good account of everyday life in Corsica.

Sketches of Corsica  London, 1825.


BETZ, Johann Lorenz - *M2160,E

In  Finding the Grain: Pioneer Journals, Franconian Folktales, Ancestral Poems  by Norbert Krapf. Jasper, Indiana, Dubois Historical Society and Herald Printing, 1977.  

03  BITTINGER, Joseph Baugher [Rev.] (1823-1885) - E

Dates unknown

“… pastor of the Sewickley Presbyterian Church from 1864 until his death in 1885. The present volume is comprised, for the most part, of selections from Bittinger's letters and diaries.”

In  Memorials of the reverend Joseph Baugher Bittinger  by his daughter, Woodsville New Hampshire, 1891.


BLESSINGTON, Marguerite, Countess of (1789-1849) - E

July 17th. 1823 to February 1826

Diary at Naples; visitors, dinners, gossip and entertainments; sights and expeditions; long entries with good description of scenes and life.

Lady Blessington at Naples  edited by Edith Clay. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1979.

Note: This journal is abridged from pages 188 to 470 of Volume II of Lady Blessington’s book  An Idler in Italy  Paris, Baudry’s European Library, 1839 (not seen), which has not been reprinted and which also contains an 1823 journal in Genoa with a description of an encounter with Byron, probably that recorded in A Journal of the Correspondence and Conversations of Lord Byron with the Countess of Blessington  Cincinnati, Lorenzo Stratton, 1851; revised edition, Scribners, 1893.


BROOKS, William G.  - cadet of the American Literary, Scientific and Military Academy, Norwich, VermontA245,M2161

September and October 1823

Matthews: School travel journals; excursion to Manchester, Vermont, and Windsor, Vermont; formal style, but interesting picture of military school life.

In  Vermont Historical Society Proceedings  (1915-1916), pp 95-107.


BUTRICK, Daniel S. [The Rev.] (1789-1851)  of Windsor, Massachusetts - A245,M2162

February to August 1823

Matthews: Missionary journal; travel and missionary work among the Cherokees.

In  Missionary Herald  XX, 1824, pp 8-14.


CHAMBERLAIN, Nathan B. - *M2163,E

In  Three Chamberlain Journals, 1819-1823  United States, 1965.

CLOUGH, Margaret Morley - D59

1823 to 1826

Matthews: Missionary diary; Yorkshire woman's journey to Ceylon; missionary work there and her own religion and health.

Extracts from the Journal  London, 1829.  

03  COBB, Sylvanus (1823-1887)  American fiction writer - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Autobiography of the First Forty-One Years of the Life of Sylvanus Cobb  Boston, 1867.

2. - Memoir of Sylvanus Cobb Jr.  1891.

COCHRANE, Charles Stuart [Capt.] - D60

1823 to 1824

Matthews: Travel and residence in Colombia; a somewhat impersonal account of Spanish society, industry, politics.

Journal of a Residence  London, 1925.


COLHOUN, James Edward - *H487,*M2164,E


In  The Northern Expeditions of Stephen H.Long: The Journals of 1817 and 1823 and Related Documents  edited by Lucile M.Kane, June D.Holmquist and Carolyn Gilman. St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1978.


DARRELL, John Harvey - *H488,*M2165,E

In  Bermuda Historical Quarterly


DAVY, Elisha David (1769-1851)  Suffolk antiquary

March 14th. 1823 to June 24th. 1844

Diary of his excursions in Suffolk in search of materials for a history of the county; extensive records of his visits to churches and other monuments, with some travel details and a few more personal notes.

A Journal of Excursions through the County of Suffolk 1823-1844  edited by John Blatchly. Woodbridge, The Boydell Press, for the Suffolk Records Society, Volume XXIV, 1982.  

03  DYKES, John Bacchus [Rev.] (1823-1876)  English clergyman and hymn writer - E

Dates unknown

Life and Letters of john Bacchus Dykes MA,MUS.DOC. Vicar of St Oswald’s Durham  edited by J.T.Fowler, London, John Murray, 1897, is reported to contain diary material.

03  ECKERMANN (ECKERMAN), Johann Peter (1792-1854)  German poet and author - E

1823 to 1832 (?)

1. - Conversations with Goethe  New York, 1933; Da Capo, 1998.

2. - Conversations with Eckerman  San Francisco, North Point Press, 1984.

03  ELLIS, William - E


Journal of William Ellis; Narrative of a Tour through Hawaii in 1923  Honolulu, 1917.

03  EMERSON, John Edwards [Rev.] (1823-1851)  first pastor of the Whitefield Congregational church in Newburyport, Massachusetts - E

Dates unknown

In  A Memoir of the Rev. John Edwards Emerson  Boston, 1852.

EPPS, John (1806-1869)  physician - B205

February 1823 to October 1868

Matthews: Medical diary (copious extracts); his career as a physician, and his labours on behalf of homeopathic medicine.

Diary of the Late John Epps  edited by Mrs. Epps. Edinburgh, 1875. Passim.

FRY, Oliver [Maj.] (d.1868)  of Roscommon, Ireland - B205

February 1823 to 1860?

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); minute details of public and private life; Ireland; political and national affairs and comments; Dublin, Carrickfergus; military life; social visits to London; epidemics; travels in Ireland; good diary.

Annals of the Late Major Oliver Fry  Bradford, privately printed, 1909, pp 42-81.

GIBSON, John [Dr.]  - of Glasgow - B205

1823 to 1824

Matthews: Travel diary; tour in France and Italy; excellent descriptions of scenery and places, with comments; some minor adventures, but mostly impersonal.

See  Scottish and Irish Diaries  by Arthur Ponsonby. London, 1927, p 7.


GLENN, Joshua Nichols - *M2166,E

A Diary of Joshua Nichols Glenn  in  Florida Historical Quarterly  October, 1945.

GOSSIP, Leah - B206

October to December 1823

Matthews: Social diary; kept during a vacation at Papplewick Hall, Notts.; social notes.

Transactions of the Thoroton Society  XXXV, 1931, pp 117-148

GRAHAM, Helen (1806-1896)

October 1823 to late summer 1826

Personal and social diary of a young Scotswoman of good family; Stirling and Edinburgh; nice social observation by an attractive diarist.

Parties and Pleasures; The Diaries of Helen Graham 1823-1826  edited by James Irvine. Edinburgh, Richard Paterson, 1957.


HAZLITT, William (1778-1830) - *H490,E


William Hazlitt's Journal of 1823  in  The Journals of Sarah and William Hazlitt 1822-1931  in  University of Buffalo Studies  XXIV, No. 3, University of Buffalo, 1959.  

03  HOW, William Walsham (1823-1897)  English bishop - E

Dates unknown

1. - Bishop Walsham How: A Memoir  by Frederick Douglas How, London Isbister, 1898, is reported to contain diary material.

2. - Lighter Moments from the Notebook of Bishop Walsham How  by Frederick Douglas How, London, Isbister, 1900, may also contain diary material.

03  HUNT, Louise  - wife of William Henry Hunt (1823-1884) diplomat, jurist and Secretary of the U.S. NavyE

Dates unknown

In  The Life of William H.Hunt  by Thomas Hunt, privately printed, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1922.


JOHNS, James (1797-1874)  of Huntington, Vermont, writer - A245,M2167

1823 to 1826

Matthews: Private and business diaries; notes on happenings in a little Vermont town; births, deaths, marriages, accidents; a seizure by the Devil, rape, court battles, jail break, celebrations, later notes on beginning of Civil War; entertaining, sympathetic, and observant notes.

In  Vermont Historical Society Proceedings  New Series, IV, 1936, pp 69-88.


KEATING, William Hypolitus (1799-1840)   - E


Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St. Peter’s River, Lake Winnepeck, Lake of the Woods, &c. &c. performed in the year 1823, by order of the Hon. J.C. Calhoun, Secretary of War, under the command of Stephen H. Long, Major U.S.T.E. comp. from the notes of Major Long, Messrs. Say, Keating, and Calhoun  Philadelphia, H. C. Carey & I. Lea, two volumes, 1824, is reported to contain diary material.


KENNERLEY, James (1792-1840)  of St. Louis, sutler at Council Bluffs - A245,M2168

November 1823 to January 1826

Matthews: Business diary (early entries retrospective); business records, life at the post, weather; good picture of life and work.