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“… the unnamed author … of this book travelled to Texas to take possession of some 20,000 acres he had purc hased in New York from the Galveston Bay Land Company. On arriving, however, instead of enjoying the wealth and prosperity he'd been promised, he learned that he'd been swindled by fast-talking speculators. But because he was immediately taken by the beauty and prospects of Texas, he stayed, and wrote this most valuable and informative record of pre-Republic times.”

A Visit to Texas, Being the Journal of a Traveller through those parts Most interesting to American Settlers  facsimile edition, Austin, Texas, Steck, 1952.


BARR, Amelia Edith Huddleston (1831-1919)  British novelist and teacher, America immigrant - E

Dates unknown

All The Days of My Life: An Autobiography  New York, Appleton, 1913, is reported to contain diary material.


BEALE, Dorothea (1831-1906)  headmistress of Cheltenham Ladies’ College - E

Dates unknown

Dorothea Beale of Cheltenham  by Elizabeth raikes, London, Constable, 1908, is reported to contain diary material.


BOURKE, Anne Maria

December 6th. to 27th. 1831

Letter diary, written to her sister, of the daughter of the Governor of New South Wales; domestic and social life at Government House, Sydney; ceremonies; good descriptions; lively.

In  Life Lines: Australian women’s letters and diaries, 1788-1840  by Patricia Clarke and Dale Spender. St. Leonards, New South Wales, 1992, pp 74-77.

BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett (1806-1861)  poet - H554

June 4th. 1831 to April 23rd. 1832

Personal diary of Elizabeth Barrett at Hope End. Intellectual, family and social life; her father; her health; anxiety about the financial problems which led to the sale of Hope End.

1. - Diary by E.B.B.; The Unpublished Diary of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1831-1832  edited by Philip Kelley and Ronald Hudson. Athens, Ohio University Press, 1969. This is the scholarly edition of the entire diary.

2. - The Barretts at Hope End; The Early Diary of Elizabeth Barrett Browning  edited by Elizabeth Berridge. London, John Murray, 1974. A shortened version, something more than half, of the 1969 edition.

3. - Extracts: Blythe, pp 52-57; and Simons, pp 83-105.


BURGESS, George [The Rt. Rev.] (1809-1866)  first Bishop of Maine - A262,M2336

April 1831 to April 1834

Matthews: European travel diary (extracts); university life in Gottingen, Bonn, and Berlin, and travel in other parts of Germany; notes on universities, lectures, literary figures, scenery; religious inclination.

In  A Memoir of the Life of the Right Reverend George Burgess, D.D.  by Alexander Burgess. Philadelphia, 1869, pp 33-47.

Note: James Cummings (1946) has  Last Journal of the Rt. Rev. George Burgess  Boston, 1866.


BURNES, Alexander, Sir (1805-1841)  British diplomat - E

a) - 1831 to 1833

“… a spying mission under the orders of the Supreme Government of India. From Lahore he went to Peshawar and then across the mountains to Kabul journeying further over the Hindu Kush mountains he went to Kunduz and Balkh. From there he went to Bokhara. Crossing the Turkman desert he reached Khorasan and them along the Caspian Sea to Persia.”

Travels into Bokhara: Being the Account of a Journey from India to Cabool, Tartary and Persia; also: Narrative of a Voyage ono the Indus, from the Sea to Lahore with presents from the King of Great Britain  London, John Murray, three volumes, 1834.

b) - 1836 to 1838

Cabool: Being a Personal Narrative of a Journey to, and Residence in that City  London, john Murray, 1842.


BURTON, Isabel, Lady (1831-1896)  wife of Sir Richard Burton (qv) - E

Dates unknown

The Romance of Isabel, Lady Burton, the Story of Her Life  London, Hutchinson, 1897, is reported to contain diary material.


BUSBY, James (1807-1871) - *H555,E


1. - Journal of a Recent Visit to the Principal Vineyards of Spain and France, Giving a Minute Account of the Different Methods Pursued in the Cultivation of the Vine and the Manufacture of Wine, with a Catalogue of the Different Varieties of Grape, an Attempt to Calculate the Profits of Cultivating the Vine, etc. etc.  New South Wales, 1833; London, 1834; New York, 1835.

2. - Journal of a Tour Through Some of the Vineyards of Spain and France  Sydney, David Ell, 1979, 142 pp, 1000 copies. This is a facsimile of the 1833 edition.


CARNARVON, Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, Fourth Earl of (1831-1890) - E

In  The Life of Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, Fourth Earl Carnarvon 1831-1890  by Arthur Hardinge. Oxford University Press, three volumes, 1925.

CHAMBERLAIN, Benjamin Goodman (b.1811)  of Leicester - B222

October 1831 to April 1839

Matthews: Private diary; brief notes of his domestic and family life, social affairs, and sport in Leicester.

Records of Nineteenth Century Leicester  by Isabel C.Ellis. Privately printed, 1935, pp 183-192.


CLARKSON, Clara (1811-1889) - *H556,E

From 1831

Merrie Wakefield: Based on Some of the Diaries of Clara Clarkson, 1811-89, of Alverthorpe Hall, Wakefield  by Ann K.Jaques. Wakefield, West Yorkshire Printing Co., 1971.


CLEVELAND, Moses C. - *M2337,E

Journal of a Tour from Riverhead to Niagara Falls  in  New York History  July, 1946.

COCKBURN, Henry Thomas, Lord (1779-1854)  Scottish judge - B222

a) - January 1831 to January 1854

A record of public, political and legal affairs in Scotland, with reminiscences and social comment; the Scottish Reform Bill; Church affairs; mainly impersonal but attractively written and valuable.

1. - Memorials of His Time  Edinburgh, 1856, is his autobiography to 1830 and is continued as  Journal of Henry Cockburn  Edinburgh, two volumes, 1874.

2. - Extracts: Fyfe (2), pp 326-424; and Ponsonby (3), pp 94-96.

b) - March 1838 to April 1854

Matthews: Legal diaries; kept while on circuit throughout Scotland; legal life and procedure and anecdotes; with an interesting over-all view of Scottish life, scenery, and customs.

Circuit Journeys  Edinburgh, 1888.


COOLIDGE, Thomas Jefferson (1831-1920) - E

To 1900

1. - Autobiography of T. Jefferson Coolidge: Drawn in great part from his diary and brought down to the year MDCCCC  privately printed, Boston, Merrymount Press, 1902, 48 copies.

2. - The Autobiography of T. Jefferson Coolidge, 1831-1920  Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1923.

Note: Neither volume has been examined and it is not certain that the contents correspond.


CROOK, John (b.1831)  born at Trenton, Lancashire, of Provo, Utah - A262

October 1831 to September 1863

Matthews: Autobiography and journal; emigration; joins Mormons at Salt Lake in 1856; notes on farming, hardships, development of Provo Valley, etc.

In  Utah Historical Quarterly  VI, 1933, pp 51-62 and 110-112.


DARWIN, Charles Robert (1809-1882) - *H396,B222,E

1831 to 1836

a) - Diary of his voyage, as unpaid naturalist, on HMS Beagle; South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa; the detailed notes of an enquiring mind; people, places, topography, agriculture, mining, weather; his scientific work and observations in natural history. Much of general interest.

1. - Journal of Researches in Geology and Natural History  London, 1839; many later editions.

2. - Charles Darwin's Diary of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle  edited by Nora Barlow. Cambridge University Press, 1933.

3. - Charles Darwin's "Beagle" Diary  edited by Richard Darwin Keynes. Cambridge University Press, 1988.

4. - Extracts: Blythe, pp 119-125; and Waite, pp 205-218.

b) - Darwin's Journal  edited by Gavin de Beer. London, British Museum, 1959 (Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Historical Series).

Note: See also:

1. - Diary of  the Voyage of M.M.S. Beagle  edited by Nora Barlow. New York University, 1987.

2. - Darwin's Notebooks on Transmutation of Species  edited by Gavin de Beer in  Bulletin of the British Museum  Five Issues, 1960-1961.

3. - Darwin on Man  Dutton, 1974.

4. - The Red Notebook of Charles Darwin  Cornell, 1980.

5. - Charles Darwin's Notebooks, 1836-1844  Cornell, 1987.


DORMAN, James Hervey (b.1831) - E

Dates unknown

In Everything Give Thanks: A Journal of the Life and Times of James Hervey Dorman  in  The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society  LX, No.2, April, 1962, pp85-105.


EMERSON, Edward Bliss (1805-1834)  tubercular younger brother of Ralph Waldo Emerson - *H557,E

Puerto Rico in the 1830's: The Journal of Edward Bliss Emerson  edited by Frank Otto Gatell in  The Americas  XVI, No. 1, July, 1959, pp 63-75.


EMERSON, John Smith - *M2338,E

In  Pioneer Days in Hawaii  by Oliver Pomeroy Emerson. Garden City, New York, Doubleday Doran, 1928.


EMERSON, Ursula Sophia Newell - *M2339,E

In  Pioneer Days in Hawaii  by Oliver Pomeroy Emerson. Garden City, New York, Doubleday Doran, 1928.


FARKAS, Sandor Boloni - E


Journey in North America, 1831  Santa Barbara, 1978.




Practical Notes Made during a Tour of Canada and a Portion of the United States  Blackwood, 1833.


FLOYD, John (1751-1837)  of Montgomery, Virginia, Governor of Virginia - A262,*M2340

March 1831 to February 1834

Matthews: Social and political diary; public, political, and social life in Virginia; national and international news; his activities in Washington in the Jacksonian period, while he was Governor of Virginia; mainly political interest, with notes on many eminent national figures.

1. - The Life and Diary of John Floyd  by Charles H.Ambler. Richmond, 1918, pp 123-237.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 169-179.

FORSTER, Josiah  of Tottenham, Middlesex - B223

June 1831 to 1866

Matthews: Quaker diary; Quaker religious life, introspection, and reflection; some comments on social life and politics.

Extracts from My Note-Book  Tottenham, two volumes, 1865 and 1867.

FOWLER, Thomas - A262,C43,M2341


Matthews: Travel journal; Englishman's tour through Canada to Niagara; topography, towns, customs.

The Journal of a Tour through British America  Aberdeen, 1832.


GODKIN, Edwin Lawrence (1831-1902)  Irish-American journalist and newspaper editor - E

Dates unknown

Life and Letters of Edwin Lawrence Godkin  by Rollo Ogden, Macmillan, two volumes, 1907, is reported to contain diary material.


GOULD, Denison  - farmer, of New Hampshire - *M2342,E

Farming diary.

Rains Finely Today: The Diary and Account Book of Denison Gould during the Year 1817 to 1865 edited by Baldwin C.Harrison. The Cabinet Press, Milford, New Hampshire, 1974.


GRAHAME, William Richard - E

1831 to 1832

a) - The Diary of William Richard Grahame in the United States and Canada: 1831-1833  Dundad, Ontario, 1988.

b) - The Lost Chapters, 1831-1832, from the Diary of William Richard Grahame  Dundad, Ontario, 1990.


GURNEY, Eliza Paul Kirkbride (1801-1881) - *G52,E

In  Memoir and Correspondence of Eliza P. Gurney  edited by Richard F. Mott. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1884.


GÜTZLAFF (GUTZLAFF), Carl Friedrich August (1803-1851) - E

1831, 1832 and 1833

Journal of Three Voyages along the Coast of China, in 1831, 1832 and 1833, with Notices of Siam, Corea and the Loo-Choo Islands  Taipei, Ch'eng-wen Publishing, 1968.


HALL, Sherman [The Rev.] (1800-1879)  born at Weathersfield, Vermont, missionary of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions - A262,M2343

August 1831 to January 1833

Matthews: Missionary travel journal; among the Ojibways; journey from Mackinaw to St. Mary's River, to south shore of Lake Superior; visit to Lac du Flambeau.

In  Missionary Herald  XXIX, 1833, pp 410-414 and 472-473; and XXX, 1834, pp 24-27.


HARLAN, Richard (1796-1843)  American naturalist - *M2344,E

Richard Harlan's "Tour to the Caves in Virginia" in 1831, Including Observations about Charlottesville and Albemarle County, reprinted with annotations by William Rachal  in  Albemarle County Historical Society Papers  VII, 1946-1947, pp 37-46.


HARRISON, Frederic (1831-1923)  English jurist and historian - E

Dates unknown

Autobiographic Memoirs  Macmillan, two volumes, 1911, is reported to contain diary material.

HILL, H.B223

August to September 1831

Matthews: Travel diary; brief notes of a tour in Ireland, visiting Cork.

Journal of Cork Historical and Archaeological Society  XXXVIII, 1933, pp 30-37.

HOLLAND, Henry Richard Vassall Fox, third Baron (1773-1840) - H558

July 15th. 1831 to October 21st. 1840

Personal and (mainly) political diary; domestic and international affairs; important for the evolution of modern cabinet government.

The Holland House Diaries, 1831-1840; The Diary of Henry Richard Vassall Fox, third Lord Holland, with extracts from the diary of Dr. John Allen  (qv)  edited by Abraham D.Kriegel. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977.

Note: James Cummings has the following containing diary material from the Holland family, but it has not been ascertained which generation:

1. - Chronicles of Holland House, 1820-1900  London, John Murray 1937.

2. - Diary  in an unidentified volume, Dutton, 1921.


HÜGEL (HUGEL) Charles von (1795-1870)  Austrian army officer and diplomat - E

a) - 1831 to 1836 (?)

Travels in Kashmir and the Panjab, containing a Particular Account of the Government and Character of the Sikhs  London, 1845; reprinted Oxford University Press, 2003.

b) - 1833 to 1834

“… he travelled widely andspent most of 1834 in the Swan River Colony (Perth, WesternAustralia), Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Norfolk Island and NewSouth Wales, observing the flora and collecting seeds. He was celebrated for introducing plants from New Holland to European gardens.”

New Holland Journal  Melbourne University Press, 1994.


HUNTINGTON, Charles P.  - of Northampton and Boston, judge - A263,M2345

January 1831 to November 1834

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); political, literary, and social opinions; domestic affairs, gossip, political manoeuverings in state legislature; shrewd comments of a man with a "latent streak of radicalism".

In  Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings  LVII, (1923-1924), pp 244-269.


KAVANAGH, Arthur MacMurrough (1831-1889)  Irish politician - E

Dates unknown

The Right Honourable Arthur MacMurrough Kavanagh: A Biography  by Sarah L.Steele, London, 1891, is reported to contain diary material.


KEYES, Erasmus D. (1810-1895)  of U.S.Army - E

From 1831?

"Reminiscences of General [Winfield] Scott and other distinguished persons and events" in much detail, clearly based to a large extent on contemporaneous notes, with occasional quotation from his journal.

Fifty Years' Observation of Men and Events, Civil and Military  New York, Scribner, 1884. Reprinted as  Fighting Indians in Washington Territory  Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon, 1988.  


KEMBLE, Frances Anne (Fanny) (1809-1893)  actress - H674,A265,B223,M2383

a) - April 21st. 1831 to August 20th. 1832

Theatrical diary; her work and social life; plays, acting, and actors; her father and mother; comment and opinion; self criticism; audiences; reading; pleasures of the country; acute social observation, an attractive diary.

In  Record of a Girlhood  London, three volumes, 1878. Second edition in one volume, New York, Henry Holt, 1883, pp 390-454.

b) - August 1832 to July 1833

Journal of a theatrical tour in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Boston and Montreal. Detailed descriptions; opinions; accounts of performances. Lively.

1. - Journal of a Residence in America  London and Philadelphia, two volumes, 1835. Journal of a Young Actress edited by Monica Gough. New York, Columbia University Press, 1990 is the journal reprinted, apparently in full, with the names restored of people who were not identified in the first edition.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 179-185; and Ponsonby (1), pp 371-374.

c) - January to April 1839

Letter journal written while living with her husband, Pierce Butler on his family's slave plantation in Georgia. Interesting and detailed account of the life of slaves; social life; depression; disillusion; excellent and sensitive.

1. - Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation 1838-39  London, 1863; edited by J.A.Scott, London, 1961.

2. - Extracts: Moffat & Painter, pp 255-269.

d) - 1832 to 1839 (The whole American period)

1. - Fanny the American Kemble. Her Journals and Unpublished Letters  edited by Fanny Kemble Wister. Tallahassee, 1972.

2. - In shortened form with biographical notes:  The American Journals  edited by Elizabeth Mavor. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1990.

e) - 1840’s

“Following her separation from Butler in the 1840s, Kemble traveled in Italy. She wrote a book based on this time, …”

A Year of Consolation  New York, Wiley and Putnam, two volumes in one, 1847, (not seen), probably contains diary mareial.


KUHN, George Horatio [Hon.] (1759-1879)  of Boston, manufacturer - A263,M2346

January to November 1831

Matthews: Business journal; extracts relating to early manufacturing in Dedham, Massachusetts, and vicinity; projects for factories, etc.

In  Dedham Historical Register  VIII, pp 91-94.


LINANT de BELLEFONDS, louis Maurice Adolphe (Linant Pasha) (1799-1883)  chief engineer of the Suez Canal - E


Journal of a Voyage on the Bar-Abiad, or White Nile  in  Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society  II, 1832, pp 171-191.


M'CHEYNE (McCHEYNE) , Robert Murray (1813-1843)  of Dundee - B223,E

a)  - September 1831 to June 1840

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); his religious studies and ministry; preachers and sermons in Edinburgh; religious reflections and thoughts on Presbyterian theology; the life of the poor in Edinburgh and Dundee; his sins; religious revivals.

Memoirs and Remains of R.M.M'Cheyne  by A.A.Bonar. Edinburgh, 1892, pp 12-129.

b) - 1839

Narrative of a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews from the Church of Scotland in 1839  Edinburgh, William Whyte, 1845.


McILWRAITH, Andrew (1831-1891)  patternmaker - E

Dates unknown

“As a patternmaker, McIlwraith sat atop the skilled metal trades and never experienced the same loss of control over the work process as other craftsworkers. As a result, McIlwraith exhibited a more “hopeful outlook” on capitalism, immersing himself in the cult of self-improvement; according to the diaries, he spent many hours reading, taking singing lessons, attending church services, participating in debating societies, and attending Mechanics Institute meetings.”

More of a Man: Diaries of a Scottish Craftsman in Mid-Nineteenth Century North America  edited by Andrew C.Holman and Robert B.Kristofferson, Toronto, University of Toronto press, 2013.

McCLELLAN, Henry Blake  - American traveller - B223,M2347

September 1831 to April 1833

Matthews: Travel diary; tour through England and Europe and residence in Scotland; the crossing; monuments; interest in churches and sermons.

Journal of a Residence in Scotland  Boston, 1834.


McLELLIN, William E. (1806-1883)  Mormon, one of the original quorum of the Twelve Apostles before his excommunication in 1838 - E

a) - 1831 to 1836

The Journals of William McLellin, 1831-1836  Provo and Urbana, Brigham Young University and University of Illinois Press, 1994.

b) - 1854 to 1880

The William E.McLellin papers, 1854-1880  edited by Stan Larson and Samuel J.Passey, Signature Books, 2008, may also contain diary material.


MADDEN, Frederic [Sir]  (1801-1873)  Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Museum  - E

1831, 1838, 1841 to 1842, 1846, 1859 and 1863

Sir Frederic Madden at Cambridge: Extracts from Madden's Diaries  edited by T.D.Rogers. Cambridge, Cambridge bibliographical Society, 1980.


MITCHELL, Thomas Livingstone, Sir (1792-1855)  Surveyor General of New South Wales - E

a) - 1831, 1835 and 1845 to 1846

1. - In  Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia: with descriptions of the recentlt Eplored Region of Australia Felix, and of the Present colony of New South Wales  T, and W. Boone, 1839.

2. - James Cummings (8696) has  T.L.Mitchell’s Exploration of Australia Felix  Dent, 1929.

b) - Dates uncertain

1. - Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia   Longman Brown Green and Longmans  1848.

2. - (Possibly an alternative title to the above)  Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia, in Search of a Route from Sydney to the Gulf of Carpentaria  London, Longman and Co. 1848.

3. - James Cummings (8697) has  Journal  Friends of the State Library of South Australia, 1999, 100 copies.



MOTTE, Jacob Rhett (1811-1868)  of Charleston, South Carolina, student - A263,M2348,E

a) - May to September 1831

Matthews: College diary; kept while author was junior at Harvard; full and highly entertaining notes on college life and work; sprightly and intimate; interesting for Harvard personalities and curriculum; some notes on Town as well as Gown.

Charleston Goes to Harvard  edited by Arthur H.Cole. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1940, 108 pp.

b) - 1836 to 1838

Journey Into Wilderness: an Army Surgeon's Account of Life in Camp and Field During the Creek and Seminole Wars, 1836-1838  edited by James F.Sunderman. University of Florida Press, 1953.


O'BRYAN, William (1778-1868)  of Shebear, Devon, England - A263,M2349

August 1831 to June 1834

Matthews: Travel diary; voyage from Liverpool to New York and extensive travels in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.; personal adventures and general description; less literary than is usual for this type of journal, more varied, and truer to diary style; manners, institutions, advice to settlers.

A Narrative of Travels in the United States of America  London, 1836, 419 pp.


PHILBRICK, John - *M2350,E

In  The new-England Galaxy  VIII.


PIKE, Albert - E

a) - 1931 to 1932

Journeys in the Prairie 1831-1932  in  Panhandle Plains Historical Review  XLI, 1968.

b) - Dates unknown

Narrative of a Journey in the Prairie  in  Arkansas Hisrtorical Association  IV, 1917.


PORTER, Eliza Chappell (1807-1888) - E

From 1831

In  Eliza Chappell Porter: A Memoir  New York, Revell, 1892.


PORTER, Jeremiah - *M2351,E

Journal  in  Michigan History  December, 1954.


QUICK, Robert Hebert (1831-1891) - E

Life and Remains of the Rev. R. H. Quick  edited by F. Storr, New York and London, Macmillan, 1899, is reported to contain diary material.


REYNOLDS, J.N. (1799-1858) - E

1831 to 1834

“This account was written as a defense for an attack on the Malays by the Potomac on the island of Sumatra (now Indonesia) in February 1832. Reynolds described the journey aboard the Potomac from Valparaiso, to Rio de Janeiro, the Falkland Islands, Canton, Macao, Hawaii, Tahiti, the Galapagos, Lima and Capetown among others.”

Voyage of the United States Frigate Potomac under the Command of Commodore John Downes, during the Circumnavigation of the Globe in the Years 1831, 1832, 1833, and 1834  New York, Harper and Brothers, 1835.


ROEBLING, Johann August (1806-1869)  born in Thuringia, engineer, of Pittsburgh - A263,M2352

May to August 1831

Matthews: Travel diary; Thuringia to Bremen, life at sea, Philadelphia; detailed descriptions and accounts; rather formalised but interesting. Translated.

Diary of My Journey to America in the Year 1831  translated and edited by Edward Underhill. Trenton, New Jersey, privately printed, 1931, 124 pp.


RUTHERFORD, Mark (William Hale White) (1831-1913) - E

a) - Pages from a Journal, with Other Papers London, Oxford University Press, 1910

Note: Includes visit to Carlyle in 1868 and diary of Eleanor Charteris, 1837.

b) - More Pages from a Journal, with Other Papers  London, Oxford University Press, 1910.

c) - Last Pages from a Journal, with Other Papers  London, Oxford university Press, 1915.


SCHWEINITZ, Lewis David von - E

The Journey of Lewis David von Schweinitz to Goshen, Bartholomew County [Indiana] in 1831  translated by Adolf Gerber in  Indiana Historical Society Publications  VIII, No 5, 1927, pp 205-285.

SEYMOUR, George [Adml. Sir] (1787-1870) - B224

a) - January 1831 to August 1833

Matthews: Social diary (extracts), while staying with Mrs. Fitzherbert; high society life.

In  Mrs. Fitzherbert  by Shane Leslie. London, 1939, pp 296-306.

b) - Dates Unknown

James Cummings (11136) has  Rear Admiral Sir George Seymour in California  in  San Diego Corral of the Westerners  1983.


SHANE, Charles G. - *M2353,E

In  Presbyterian Historical Society Journal  XXII.


SHELBY, Thomas Hart [Maj.] - *H559/560,*M2354,E

1. - A journal and Other Papers concerning the Travels of Major Thomas H. Shelby   privately printed, New York, 1962.

2. - In  Kentucky Historical Society Register  LXV.


SHORE, Margaret Emily (1819-1839)  of Potton, Bedfordshire - B224

July 5th. 1831 to June 24th. 1839

The private diary of a serious and studious young girl; her studies and reading and writing; natural history; family and pets; minute descriptions and observations; travel; health; ends with her death from consumption in Madeira.

1. - Journal of Emily Shore  London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1891; the second edition appeared in 1898 and is preferred for the additional illustrations. A modern reprint is edited by Barbara Timm Gates, University Press of Virginia, 1991.

2. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 139-147; Berger (2), pp 288-298; Blodgett (2), pp 56-64; and Ponsonby (2), pp 204-209.

3. - The seventh and twelfth (and last) volumes of the manuscript diary were sold at auction by Phillips of London in 1991 and the sale catalogue prints some material omitted from the published version, including her final entries. These volumes are now at the University of Delaware but the remaining ten are lost.


SILL, Joseph (1801-1868) - E

1831 to 1845

Joseph Sill and His Diary  by Elizabeth M. Geffen in  Pennsylvania magazine of History and Biography  XCIV, July 1970, pp.275-330.


SILSBEE, Francis Henry - *H561,*M2355,E

August Odyssey, 1831  in  Essex Institute Historical Collections  1964.


SIMPSON, Matthew - *M2356,E

In  The Life of Bishop Matthew Simpson of the Methodist Episcopal Church  by George Richard Crooks. New York, Harper, 1891.


STRANG, James Jesse (1813-1856)  born at Scipio, New York, of Voree - *H562,A263,*M2357,E

May 1831 to May 1836

Matthews: Mormon diary; early days at Hanover, New York, reading, debating, religious life, school work, and personal affairs, escape from drowning.

1. - In  The Kingdom of St. James  by M.M.Quaife. New Haven, 1930, pp 195-234.

2. - The Diary of James Strang  edited by Mark A.Strang. East Lansing, Michigan State University Press, 1961.


SUPPIGER, Joseph (1804-1861) - *M2358,E

1. - In  Journey to New Switzerland: travel account of the Koepfli and Suppiger Family to St. Louis on the Mississippi and the founding of New Switzerland in the State of Illinois  translated by Raymond J. Spahn, edited by John C. Abbott. Crbondale, Southern Illinois University Press, 1987.

2. - In  Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio Bulletin  XIV.


THOMAS, Ebenezer (1802-1865)  Welsh poet (bardic name: Eben Fardd)

March 7th. 1831 to 1855

Personal diary, preceded by annual summaries to 1830; his wife and children and their health; his work as a schoolmaster and shop-keeper; poetry; friends, social life and local affairs; drinking; his own health, depressions and religious impulses; financial affairs; a varied and interesting diary which is most full from 1831 to 1845, the last ten years contain only a few entries, or are summarised.

Detholion o Ddyddiadur, Eben Fardd  edited by E.G.Millward. Cardiff, Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 1968. The introduction and notes are printed in Welsh but the diary is written in English.


TOCQUEVILLE, Alexis de (1805-1859)  French historian - *M2359,E

a) - Journey to America  edited by J. P.Mayer, translated by George Lawrence. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1960; reprinted Garden City, New York, Doubleday, 1971.

b) - Journeys to England and Ireland  edited by J.P.Mayer. New Haven: Yale University Press, and London, Faber and Faber, 1958.


TOWNE, Ezra - E

1831 to 1832

Journal of a Journey through the Middle and soputhern states in 1831-32  in  Historical Collections of Topsfield Historical Society  1918.


VIVEASH, Samuel - E

Probably after 1931

James Cummings (12811) has  Return to Swan River  probably in  The Tanner Letters: A Pioneer of Swan River and Tasmania 1831-1845  University of Western Australia, 1981.


WASHBURN, Amasa Cornwall - *M2360,E


Diary of a canoe trip.

In  Indiana Pioneers Year Book  1944.


YATES, Edmund Hodgson (1831-1894)  English journalist and novelist - E

Edmund Yates, His Recollections and Experiences  London: Richard Bentley, two volumes, 1884, is reported to contain diary material.  



ANONYMOUS - A264,M2362

April to May 1832

Indian diary; details of Black Hawk War; brief notes of Indian activities.

In  Iowa Journal of History and Politics  VIII, 1910, pp 265-269.



Fort Tecumseh and Fort Pierre Journal and Letter Books  edited by Charles E.DeLand in  South Dakota Historical Collections  IX, 1918, pp 69-167.


ALLEN, James [Lieut.] - *M2363,E

Journal and Letters of Lieutenant James Allen  in  Narrative of an Expedition through the Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake  by Henry Schoolcraft. New York, Harper and Brothers, 1834. As  Expedition to Lake Itasca  edited by Philip Mason. Michigan State, 1958.


ARMSTRONG, Moses K. (b.1832)  surveyor, author and politician - E

Dates unknown

Vacation Tales and Travels  Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1903, is reported to contain diary material.

BADCOCK, Lovell [Lieut. Col.]  - of Andover, Hampshire - B224

July 1832 to April 1834

Matthews: Military diary; service in Portugal and Spain; travel; military life and war; social and general conditions; climate; campaigns, attacks, bombardments of Peninsular War.

Rough Leaves from a Journal  London, 1835.


BAGEHOT, Elizabeth (Eliza) Wilson (1832-1921)  wife of Walter Bagehot - E

Dates unknown

In  Life of Walter Bagehot  by Mrs. Russell Barrington, London, Longmans Green, 1914.


BALL, John (1794-1884 )  of Lansingburgh, New York - A264,M2364

a)  - March 1832 to November 1833

Matthews: Travel journal (extracts); with Wyeth's expedition; Baltimore to Oregon and life in Oregon; adventures and incidents of journey; notes on Indians, scenery, natural history, climate; moderate interest.

Across the Continent Seventy Years Ago  in  Oregon Historical Society Quarterly  III, 1902, pp 82-106.

b) - Dates unknown

1. - In  John Ball: Member of the Wyeth Expedition to the Pacific Northwest, 1832, and Pioneer in the Old Northwest: Autobiography  Arthur Clark, 1925.

2. - Probably in  Born to Wander: Autobiography of John Ball, 1794-1884  Detroit, Wayne University Press, 1994. This may be a reissue of the book first published  Grand rapids, Dean-Hicks, 1925, which is described thus: “Born in 1794, John Ball was a graduate of Darmouth College. He was a member of the Wyeth Expedition to the Pacific Northwest in 1832, joined Milton Sublette trapping beaver, he journeyed westward to the Pacific, wintered at Fort Vancouver with Dr. John McLoughlin, went on to California, and then went to the Sandwich Islands, returning home on the U.S. Schooner Boxer after shipping around the horn on the whaling vessel, Nautillus. A fascinating narrative of Ball's experiences.”


BETTLE, Jane [Mrs.] (1773-1840)  of Pennsbury, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia - A264,M2365

August 1832 to March 1840

Matthews: Quaker journal; wholly concerned with her bodily and spiritual conditions, and implorings and thanks to the Lord.

Extracts from the Memorandums of Jane Bettle  London, 1845, pp 13-66.


BIGGS, Asa (1811-1878)  of Williamston, North Carolina, judge - A264,M2366

April to May 1832

Matthews: Travel diary; trip from Williamston, North Carolina, to New York; some lively descriptions of places and of the proceedings of the Senate; fair interest.

In  Autobiography of Asa Biggs  edited by R.D.W.Connor. Raleigh, 1915, pp 41-51.

BLAKEY, Robert (1795-1878)  of Queen's College, Belfast - B225

September 1832 to July 1853

Matthews: Scholar's diary (extracts); philosophical studies and reading; teaching and writing in Belfast; visits to Cobbett, Godwin, Allan Cunningham, etc.

Memoirs of Robert Blakey  edited by Henry Miller. London, 1879, pp 68-223. Passim.


BONNEVILLE, Benjamin Lois Eulalie de (1796-1878)  French born American army officer, fur trapper and explorer - E

a) - 1832 to 1834 (?)

“… Bonneville left the east for California in May of 1832. No one heard from him, and many people assumed he was dead …. Three years later he returned. Washington Irving … met Bonneville, bought the rights to his journal, and after editing it and recasting it in the third person, published it.”

The Adventures of Captain Bonneville: Digested from His Journals by Washington Irving  1837. Often reprinted.

b) - 1859

“… He also served in the Mexican-American War, taking part in the Veracruz campaign of Winfield Scott. He was part of the occupation of Mexico City. He was promoted to Colonel of the 3rd Infantry Regiment in 1855, and twice commanded the Department of New Mexico.”

Colonel Bonneville’s Report: The Department of New Mexico in 1859  edited by Henry P.Walker in  Arizona and the West  XXII, Winter 1980, pp 343-362, is reported to contain diary material.


BOOMER, George Boardman (1832-1863)  Union Army general - E

Dates unknown

Memoir of George Boardman Boomer  by his sister, Mary amelia Boomer Stone, Boston, 1864, is reported to contain diary material.

01/02/03 - BOUTWELL, William T. [The Rev.]  - missionary at Leech Lake, Minnesota - A264,*M2367,E

June to August 1832

Matthews: Travel journal; in company with H.R.Schoolcraft, from Mackinaw through Lake Superior region and Ojibway country to headwaters of Mississippi River; good descriptions of country and notes on forts, etc.

1. - In  Missionary Herald  XXX, 1834, pp 132-136, 177-180, 222-223 and 259-262.

2. - In  Minnesota Historical Society Collections  I, 1902 (reprint of 1850-1856 volume) pp 121-140.

3. - Journal and Letters of the Reverend William Boutwell  in  Schoolcraft's Expedition to Lake Itasca  Michigan State University Press, 1958 and 1993.


BRADFORD, Phoebe George - *H563,*M2368,E

1832 to 1839

1. - Phoebe Bradford Diaries  in  Delaware History  April and October 1974 and Fall-Winter, 1975.

2. - Diaries of Phoebe George Bradford, 1832-1839  edited by W.Emerson Wilson. Wilmington, Historical Society of Delaware, 1976.

BROWN, Pamela: see BROWN, Sally


BROWN, Sally - *H564,*M2369,E

1832 to 1838

Diaries of two sisters at Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

In  The Diaries of Sally and Pamela Brown, 1832-1838  edited by Blanche Brown Bryant and Gertrude Elaine Baker. Vermont, William Bryant Foundation, 1970.


BROWNING, Orville Hickman (1806-1881)  Senator - A264,M2370

a) - April to May 1832

Matthews: Military diary; march to Yellow Banks during Black Hawk War; brief notes of movements.

In  The Black Hawk War  by Frank E.Stevens. Chicago, 1903, pp 117-118.

b) - June 1850 to July 1881

Matthews: Private diary; a huge and regularly kept record; work as lawyer; gallantries, social life, marriage; work and politics in the Senate; life in Quincy; opinions on slavery; a very important diary.

The Diary of O.H.Browning, Illinois Historical Society Collections  XX, 1925, and XXII, 1933.

CAMBRIDGE, George [H.R.H.], Duke of (1819-1904) - B225

January 1832 to October 1903

Matthews: Public diary (extracts); an enormous and consistent record of his whole life, beginning with childish notes on his games, Victorian moral education at Brighton, with confessions of childish sins; passing on to the realised morality and regularity of his public life, with notes on his state duties, social engagements, public affairs, and on the royal family, his own family, aristocracy, and public figures.

A Memoir of the Duke of Cambridge  by Edgar Sheppard. London, two volumes, 1906. Passim.


CAMPBELL, Robert (1808-1894)  of Perthshire, and Red River Colony - A264,*C210,M2372

a) - November 1832 to September 1853

Matthews: Travel journal; a trip to Kentucky to buy sheep for the Red River Colony.

North Dakota Historical Quarterly  I, October, 1926, pp 35-45.

b) - Matthews: An exploration of the Upper Stikine and the sources of the Yukon River.

Canadian Magazine  XLV, 1915  See also  Scottish Geographical Magazine  L, 1934, pp 147-155.


CARGILL, David (1809?-1843)  missionary and linguist in Fiji - E

1832 to 1843 (?)

The Diaries and Correspondence of David Cargill, 1832-1843  edited by Albert J.Schutz. Canberra, Australian national University Press, 1977.

Note: Theere are also extracts from his journal in  Memoirs of Mrs Margaret Cargill  London, Mason, 1841.


CARR, George Kirwan [Lieut.]  - of the Rifle Brigade, Halifax, Nova Scotia - A265,C218,M2373

October to December 1832

Matthews:  Travel diary; from Halifax to New York, Washington, and return; social life, manners, of U.S.A.; Fanny Kemble; full, pleasant daily entries, apparently written up after return.

In  Bulletin of New York Public Library  XLI, 1937, pp 743-774.


CHAMBERLAIN, Ebenezer Mattoon (b.1805)  of Orrington, Maine - A265,M2374

June 1832 to December 1835

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Maine to Indiana; description of natural history, manners, customs; two poems; flowery style.

In  Indiana Magazine of History  XV, September, 1919, pp 233-259.

CHARLTON, Edward [Dr.]  - of Newcastle-upon-Tyne - B225

a) - Summer 1832

Matthews: Travel diary; a visit to the Shetland Islands; notes on natural history and geology.

Orkney and Shetland Miscellany  III and VII, 1910 and 1914. Passim.

b) - June to August 1834

Matthews: Travel diary; notes on a tour to Shetland Islands; mainly notes on natural history.

Old Lore Miscellany  IX, 1921-1933.


CHASE, Ethan Allen (1832?-1891?)

Dates Unknown

A Maine Boy: The Journal of Ethan Allen Chase, 1832-1891  privately printed, Newhaven, Connecticut, 1959, 175 pp.


CHOATE, Joseph Hodges (1832-1917)  American lawyer and diplomat, son of Rufus Choate (qv) - E

Dates unknown

The Life of Joseph Hodges Choate  by Edward Sandford Martin, New York, Scrobners, two volumes, 1920, is reported to contain diary material.


CLAYBROOKE, Thomas W. (b.1800?)  of Brookeville, Virginia - A265,M2375

October to November 1832

Matthews: Travel diary; Virginia to Tennessee; mostly brief details of the trip; some personal notes, descriptions, expenses.

In  William and Mary College Quarterly  Second Series, XIII, 1933, pp 163-169.


COLEMAN, Ann Raney Thomas (1810-1897) - M2376,F

Arksey lists Ann Coleman's journal as being rewritten from the original but although clearly a factual account there is little evidence that there was ever any contemporaneous record and the book is noted here under the heading of Fictional Diaries and Misleading Titles.


COLLIER, John Payne (1789-1883)  scholar - B225

January 1832 to December 1833

Matthews: Literary diary; his literary and scholarly interests and work; literary patrons, scholars, librarians; the British Museum; the London stage; interesting and useful.

An Old Man's Diary  London, privately printed, four parts, 1871-1872.

Note: The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Collier’s Records of Coleridge’s Conversation  in  Coleridge’s Shakespearian Criticism  by Thomas Middleton Raysor, Harvard, two volumes, 1930.

2. - Coleridge on Shakespeare  edited by R.A.Foakes, University of Virginia, 1971.


CROOKES, William [Sir] (1832-1919)  English scientist - E

Dates Unknown

The Life of Sir William Crookes, O.M., F.R.S.  by Edmund Edward Fournier d'Albe, New York, Appleton, 1924, is reported to contain diary material.

CROSS, William - D73

1832 to 1839

Matthews: Diary; Wesleyan Methodist's missionary work; Friendly Islands and Fijis; conversion and backslidings of natives.

Memoir of William Cross  by Rev. John Hunt. London, 1846.

DELMÉ-RADCLIFFE (DELME-RADCLIFFE), Frederick Peter  - of Hitchin, Hertfordshire - B225

1832 to 1839

Matthews: Hunting diary; Hertfordshire interest.

Used for his book on  The Noble Science

DUNCAN, Mary Lundie [Mrs.] (1814-1839)  of Cleish - B226

September 1832 to December 1838

Matthews: Religious diary; religious life, evangelism, and introspection in Scotland; a desperately model religious life.

Memoir of Mrs. Mary Duncan  by her mother. New York, 1842, pp 76-300. Passim.


ELLSWORTH, Henry Leavitt (1791-1858) - *M2377,E

1.  - Washington Irving on the Prairie; or, A narrative of a tour of the Southwest in the year 1832, by Henry Leavitt Ellsworth  edited by Stanley T. Williams and Barbara D. Simison. New York, American Book Company, 1937.

2. - A Journey Through Oklahoma in 1832  Mississippi Historical Review, December, 1942.


FOLTZ, Jonathan Messersmith [Surgeon General] (1810-1877)  of U.S. Navy - A265,M2378

January 1832 to June 1867

Matthews: Diaries (extensive quotations in biography); lively and entertaining notes on his adventures in naval cruises and expeditions; his personal affairs, reading, jottings on history and scenery, Civil War, Indies, South America, etc.

Surgeon of the Seas  by Charles S.Foltz. Indianapolis, 1931, pp 35-300. Passim.


FOSTER, Lemuel [Rev.] (1799-1872) - E

From 1832?

Jornal of a Pioneer Missionary  edited by Matthew Spinka in  Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society  XXI, No.2, July, 1928.

FOX, Barclay (1817-1855) - H565

January 1st. 1832 to December 31st. 1844

Member of wealthy Quaker family in Falmouth, brother of Caroline Fox (qv) who was two years his junior. Social, family and business affairs; interested in thought, science and literature; acquaintance of Carlyle, Mill, Sterling; his love for Richenda Buxton; travel; shipping and fishing; iron works and tin mining. A lively record, one of the best diaries.

Barclay Fox's Journal  edited by R.L.Brett. London, Bell & Hyman, 1979.


GRATIOT, Henry  - 'sub-Indian agent' - A265,M2379

January to June 1832

Matthews: Indian journal; events and proceedings with the Winnebago Indians at Rock River; Black Hawk War; vaccination of Indians; speeches.

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review XII, (1925-1926), pp 396-407.


GRAY, Mildred Richards Stone - *H566,*M2380,E

1832 to 1840

The Diary of Millie Gray, 1832-1840, Recording Her Family Life Before, During and After Col. W.M.F.Gray's Journey to Texas in 1835, and the Small Journal Giving Particulars of All That Occurred During the Family's Voyage to Texas in 1838  Houston, The Fletcher Young Publishing Company, 1967.

GREVILLE, Henry William (1801-1872)  courtier (brother to Charles Greville (qv)) - B226

1832 to 1872

Matthews: Society diary; the social record of a courtier and man about town; social gossip and news of court life, and London society; political affairs, entertainments, fashions; public and social events; his career and friendships as gentleman usher to Queen Victoria, and while attached to the Paris embassy; an interesting record.

1. - Leaves from the Diary of Henry Greville  edited by the Countess of Strafford. London, six volumes, 1883-1884 and 1904-1905.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 374-376.


GRIFFITH, Barton - *M2381,E

Diary of Barton Griffith  R.E.Banta, 1934, 100 copies.


GUERIN, Maurice de (1810-1839)  French poet - *H567,E

Journal of Maurice De Guerin  edited by G.S.Trebutien, translated by Edward Thornton Fisher. New York, Leypoldt and Holt, 1867; and translated by Jessie P. Frothingham, New York, Dodd Mead, and London, Chatto and Windus, 1891.


HARKORT, Eduard (1796-1836)  German mining engineer and traveller - E

1832 to 1834

Prison and military journal; joined Santa Ana's rebellion; captured by the government side; later imprisoned by Santa Ana's government for fighting in the Texas rebellion.

In Mexican Prisons: The Journal of Eduard Harkort, 1832-1834  edited by Louis E.Brister. Texas A. & M. University Press, 1986. The journal was first published in German in 1858.

HODGSON, John [The Rev.] (1779-1844)  of Hartbury, antiquary - B226

July 1832 to February 1844

Matthews: Antiquary's diary; antiquarian studies and relations with Northumbrian antiquaries; his social life; religious work.

A Memoir of Rev. John Hodgson  by James Raine. London, two volumes, 1857. Passim.


HOUGHTON, Douglass - *M2382,E

In  Journal and Letters of Lieutenant James Allen  in  Narrative of an Expedition through the Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake  by Henry Schoolcraft. New York, Harper and Brothers, 1834. As  Expedition to Lake Itasca  edited by Philip Mason. Michigan State, 1958.

HULTON, Jessop G. de B.  - surgeon - B226

August 1832 to May 1836

Matthews: Private diary; diary of a naval surgeon on HMS Palinarus, sent on survey of islands of Indian Ocean and south coast of Arabia; eye for curiosities of all kinds: vegetation, local customs and, in particular, antiquities and ancient inscriptions; lively and interesting.

Journal of the Late Jessop G. de B. Hulton, Esq., M.D.  Preston, 1844.


JESSUP, Henry Harris (1832-1910)  American Presbyterian missionary and founder of the University of BeirutE

Dates unknown

Fifty-Three Years in Syria  Revell, two volumes, 1910, is reported to contain diary material.


KING, William C.  - of Detroit, carpenter - A265,M2384

January to September 1832

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); brief notes of work during a cholera epidemic; social and public affairs; fairly interesting.

In  Michigan History Magazine  XIX, 1935, pp 65-70.


KNIGHTS, John B. - E

1832 to 1834

A Journal of a Voyage in the Brig "Spy," of Salem (1832-1834), John B. Knights, Master   in  The Sea, the Ship and the Sailor; Tales of Adventure from Log Books and Original Narratives  Salem, Massachusetts: Marine Research Society, 1925.

LACAITA, James [Sir] (1813-1895)  Italian and English statesman - B227

November 1832 to September 1892

Matthews: Public diary (extracts); notes on political affairs and social life and society in England and Italy; the Risorgimento.

An Italian Englishman  by Charles Lacaita. London, 1933.


LAMARTINE, Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de (1790-1869)  French poet - E

May 1832 to 1833

A very full and discursive diary of a visit to the Holy Land.

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Comprising Recollections Sketches Reflections … 1832-1833  London, Richard Bentley, three volumes, 1835.


LYMAN, Arthur Theodore (1832-1915)  husband of Ellen Bancroft Lowell Lyman (qv) - E

Dates unknown

In  Arthur Theodore Lyman and Ella Lyman: Letter and journals with an account of those they loved and were descended from, prepared by their daughter, Ella Lyman Cabot  privately printed, three volumes, George Banta, 1932.


LOGAN, Deborah Norris (1761-1839)  of Germanstown, Pennsylvania, Quaker - H428

March 1st. 1832 to January 8th. 1839

Personal diary of a widow in old age; domestic and family affairs; financial problems; health; a sad chronicle of her own decline.

In  Private Pages; Diaries of American Women 1830's -1970's  edited by Penelope Franklin. New York, Ballantine Books, 1986, pp 451-491.

Note: The Havlice reference is to the Doctoral Dissertation of Marleen S.Barr from whose transcription the text here referred to is taken.


LYONS, Lorenzo (1807-1886) - *M2386,E

1832 to 1886

Makua Laiana: the story of Lorenzo Lyons, lovingly known to Hawaiians as Ka Makua Laiana, haku mele o ka aina Mauna (Father Lyons, lyric poet of the mountain country)  compiled by Emma Lyons Doyle. Privately printed, Honolulu, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1945. Revised and enlarged edition, Honolulu, 1953.


MAGREGOR, James [Rev.] (1832-1910)  Scottish Episcopal minister - E

Dates Unknown

Life and Letters of the Reverend James Macgregor, D.D., Minister of St Cuthberts Parish, Edinburgh, One of his Majesty's Chaplains  by Frances Balfour, London, Hodder, 1912, is reported to contain diary material.

01/02/03 - MACREADY, William Charles (1793-1873)  actor - H568,B229,D198,M2738

April 12th. 1832 to December 31st. 1851

Detailed diary much concerned with his work in the theatre; his quarrels; a constant critic of himself and others; Dickens, Browning and many other literary and theatrical notabilities; social life; tour of America; a compulsive diarist.

1. - Macready's Reminiscences and Selections from his Diaries and Letters  edited by Sir W.F.Pollock. London, Macmillan, 1875.

2. - The Diaries of William Charles Macready, 1833-1851  edited by William Toynbee. London, Chapman and Hall, two volumes, 1912. Reprinted New York, Blom, 1969.

3. - The Journal of William Charles Macready, 1831-1851  abridged and edited by J.C.Trewin. London, Longmans, Green, 1967.

4. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 148-156; Berger (1), pp 392-395; Ponsonby (2), pp 210-218; and Waite, pp 195-204.

Note: Unfortunately only sixty four pages of the original manuscript are now in existence, the rest having been destroyed by Macready's son in 1914, and although the 1912 edition prints by far the largest selection it does omit some of the material printed in 1875. The 1967 abridgement draws on both sources but necessarily omits the greater part; it does, however, include a few passages not previously printed. James Cummings (7963) has also  Bulwer and Macready: A Chronicle of the Early Victorian Theatre  edited by Charles H.Shattuck, Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1958.

MALMESBURY, James Howard Harris, third Earl of (1807-1889)  statesman - B227,D200

February 1832 to October 1869

Matthews: Political diary; notes on public and political affairs; the Reform movement; his work as foreign minister in the Derby cabinet; some society notes and social life; an important record.

Memoirs of an Ex-Minister  London, two volumes, 1884.


MANGLES, James Henry (1832-1884)  lawyer and horticulturalist, Tennyson’s neighbour - E

Dates unknown

Tennyson at Aldworth: The Diary of James Henry Mangles  Athens, Ohio University Press, 1984.


MARSH, Cutting [The Rev.] (1800-1873)  born at Danville, Vermont, Congregational missionary to Stockbridge Indians - A265,M2387

June to July 1832

Matthews: Missionary journal (extracts); incidents in the Black Hawk War in Wisconsin; his emotions; descriptions of Indians.

In  Wisconsin Historical Society Collections  XV, 1900, pp 60-65.


MEEKER, Jotham [The Rev.] (1804-1855)  born in Hamilton County, Ohio, printer and missionary in Kansas Territory - A265,M2388

November 1832 to January 1855

Matthews: Missionary journal; brief notes of his work as missionary and printer for Baptist mission in Kansas; notes on farming, printing, binding, translations into Ottawa, etc.

In  Jotham Meeker, Pioneer Printer of Kansas  by Douglas C.McMurtrie and Albert H.Allen. Chicago, 1930, pp 45-126.


MERRILL, Harriet Elizabeth (1832-1861) - E

Dates unknown

Hattie  edited by Elizabeth Wirtz, Honolulu, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


MILLER, Aaron - A266,M2389

April to June 1832

Matthews: Travel diary; in Ohio looking for a farm; through Williamsport, Brownsville, Zanesville, Columbus, Urbana, Cincinnati, Chillicothe, Wheeling, Winchester; general comments on soil and developments.

In  Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society Publications  XXXIII, 1924, pp 69-79.


MUNK, Christoph Jacob (Arksey has MUNCK) - *H569,*M2390,E


Down the Rhine to the Ohio: The Travel Diary of Christoph Jacob Munk  in  Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly  July 1948.


NEED, Thomas (b.1808?) - C881

May 1832 to September 1837

Matthews: Settler's diary; notes of an English farmer in Upper Canada, particularly in Peterborough district.

Six Years in the Bush  London, 1838. Reprinted, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, 1975?

NEILSON, John, Jr.

1832 to 1847, long gaps.

Personal diary of a New York businessman. Social and business affairs. Brief entries run together. A promising diary but the editor does not make clear the length and form of the manuscript from which the short printed version is taken.

Quoted in  Five Generations; The Life and Letters of an American Family 1750-1900  By Margaret Armstrong. New York, Harper Brothers, 1930, pp 203- 275, passim.


NINDE, William Xavier (1832-1901)  Methodist Ecumenical Bishop - E

Dates unknown

William Xavier Ninde: A Memorial  by Mary Louise Ninde, New York, Eaton and Mains, 1902, is reported to contain diary material.


PICKETT, Joseph Worthy (1832-1879) - E

Dates unknown

In  Memoirs of Joseph W.Pickett, Missionary Superintendent in Southern Iowa and in the Rocky Mountains for the American Home Missionary Society  by William Salter, Boston, 1880.


POURTALES (POURTALÈS) Albert, Graf von (1812-1861) - *M2391,E

On the Western Tour with Washington Irving: The Journal and Letters of Count de Pourtalès  edited by George F. Spaulding, translated by Seymour Feiler. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1968.


PRATT, Orson (1811-1881)  born at Hartford, New York, of Salt Lake City, Mormon apostle


a) - February 1832 to June 1844

Matthews: Private diary and autobiography; notes on religious, business, social, domestic activities; dull as a journal but valuable as a collection of dates, facts, etc.

In  Utah Genealogical Historical Magazine  XXVII, 1936, pp 117-124 and 163-169; XXVIII, 1937, pp 42-48, 92-86 and 118-125; and XXIX, 1938, pp 34-36. First printed in  Desert News Weekly  VIII, 1838, June 2nd. and 9th.

b) - March to July 1846

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); journey of Mormons from Nauvoo to Great Salt Lake, founding of the city; long detailed entries; an excellent record of the migration.

In  Utah Genealogical Historical Magazine  XV, 1924, pp 55-59, 104-109 and 166-171; XVI, 1925, pp 19-24, 71-76, 118-123 and 160-167; and XVII, 1927, pp 118-126 and 209-214.

c) - 1847

James Cummings (10014) has  Travelling West in ’47  Daughters of Utah Pioneers, October, 1952.

d) - Dates unknown

The Orson Pratt Journals  compiled and arranged by Elden J.Watson. Salt Lake City, 1975.


PROUDFOOT, William [The Rev.] (1787-1851)  born in Scotland, of London, Ontario


a) - June 1832 to September 1834

Matthews: Religious journal; the daily labours and parish life of a Presbyterian minister at London, Ontario; social life, family, personal affairs.

London and Middlesex Historical Society Transactions  VI, 1915, pp 6-70, VIII, 1917, pp 20-30 and XI, 1922, pp 5-93.

b) - March 1833 to December 1835

Matthews: Religious journal; his work, visits, travels, general affairs, social life; parochial life and labours among Scotch-Canadians at London.

1. - Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records  XXVI, 1930, pp 498-572; XXVII, 1931, pp 435-496; XXVIII, 1932, pp 71-113; and XXIX, 1933, pp 141-159.

2. - Extract relating to journey to New York in  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XVIII, (1931-1932), pp 378-396.


RAIKES, Thomas (1777-1848)  clubman - B227

January 1832 to April 1847

Matthews: Social diary; notes on his social and political life; the affairs and personalities of high society, with gossip and rumours; the affairs of a clubman; fashions; travel notes; reasonably interesting.

1. - A Portion of the Journal of Thomas Raikes  London, four volumes, 1856-1857.

2. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 18-23; and Ponsonby (1), pp 369-371.

Note:  A Visit to St.Petersburg in the Winter, 1829-1830  London, Bentley, 1838, contains diary material.


RANKIN, Charles (1797-1886)  of Ontario, surveyor - A281,C979

b) - 1832-1837

Matthews: Survey diaries; brief records of five surveys in Upper Canada.

Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records  XXVII, 1931, pp 497-510.


RICH, Virtulon (b.1809) - E


Western Life in the Stirrups: A Sketch of a Journey to the West in the Spring & Summer of 1832
edited with by Dwight L. Smith. Chicago, Caxton Club, 1965.


ROBERTS, Edmund (d.1836)  captain's clerk

(Annotation based on introduction to the journal of Benajah Ticknor (qv))

1832 to 1834

Journal of a diplomatic voyage in USS Peacock, compiled from many sources, including his own journals and those of Benajah Ticknor.

Embassy to the Eastern Courts of Cochin-China, Siam, and Muscat During the Years 1832-3-4  Harper and Brothers, 1837.


ROMILLY, Joseph [The Rev.] (1791-1864)  fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge - H570,*B199,E

a) - February 7th. 1832 to March 18th. 1842

Personal diary at Cambridge; college and university affairs and his duties as Registrary; setting up house with his unmarried sisters, their charitable work; social life; indiscipline of undergraduates; lively anecdotes and criticisms of sermons, etc.; health, reading, weather; a good picture of life in Cambridge; a sharp eye and pen.

Romilly's Cambridge Diary, 1832-42; Selected Passages from the Diary of the Rev. Joseph Romilly, Fellow of Trinity College and Registrary of the University of Cambridge  edited by J.P.T.Bury. London, Cambridge University Press, 1967.

b) - 1842 to 1847

Romilly's Cambridge Diary, 1842-47  edited by M.E.Bury and J.D.Pickles. Cambridgeshire Record Society, 1994.

c) - 1848 to 1864

Romilly's Cambridge Diary, 1842-47  edited by M.E.Bury and J.D.Pickles. Cambridgeshire Record Society, 2000.

Note: The latter volumes are fuller and more heavily annotated than the first publication.

SCOTT, David (1806-1849)  painter - B227

September 1832 to April 1834

Matthews: Artist's diary; travel in Switzerland and Italy, and art studies in Rome; opinions on painting; social life and work; friendship with Severn, Williams, etc.

Memoir of David Scott  by William Bell Scott. Edinburgh, 1850, pp 57-176.


SCOTT, Jacob Richardson - *H571,*M2393,E

To Thee This Temple  Chester, Pennsylvania, 1955.

SEYMOUR, Richard [The Rev.] (1805?-1880)  Rector of Kinwarton, Warwickshire

January 1st. 1832 to November 26th. 1873

Scattered extracts from a very long diary; spiritual life; courtship and marriage; parish life and work; his parishioners; dissenters; personal, domestic and family notes; his wider work for the church; his health.

In  The Nineteenth Century Country Parson  by A. Tindal Hart and Edward Carpenter. Shrewsbury, Wilding and Son, 1954, pp 76-128.


SMITH, Abigail Tenney [Mrs.] (1809-1885)  born at Hardwick, Massachusetts - A266,M2394

December 1832 to 1885

Matthews: Missionary journal (extracts); educational work in connection with her husband's mission at Kaumakapili, Sandwich Islands.

Lowell and Abigail  by Mary D.Fear. New Haven, 1934, pp 39-279. Passim.


SMITH, Lowell (1802-1891)  born at Heath, Massachusetts - A266,M2395

December 1832 to 1885?

Matthews: Missionary journal; missionary work as pastor of Kaumakapili Church, Sandwich Islands.

Lowell and Abigail  by Mary D.Fear. New Haven, 1934, pp 39-283. Passim.

SMYTHE, Charlotte Georgina Harriet (1814-1868) - H572

May 17th. 1832 to July 4th. 1833

Personal diary of a young girl from her entry into society to her marriage; delightful. Extracts from the journal of her sister Louisa (qv) form an introduction.

The Prettiest Girl in England; The Love Story of Mrs. Fitzherbert's Niece  edited by Richard Buckle. London, John Murray, 1958.


STOCK, Joseph Whiting (1815-1855) - *M2396,E

The Paintings and the Journal of Joseph Whiting Stock  edited by Juliette Tomlinson. Middletown, Connecticut, Wesleyan University Press, 1976.


SWEET, John Edson (1832-1916)  American engineer - E

Dates Unknown

John Edson Sweet: A Story of Achievment in Engineering and of Influence ipon Men  By Albert W.Smith, New York, The American Society of mechanical Engineers, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


THACKERAY, Francis St.John - E

Dates Unknown

Fragments from the Past  privately printed, Chiswick Press, 1907, is reported to contain diary material.


TICKNOR, Benajah [Dr.] (1788-1858)  of Ann Arbor, naval surgeon

March 8th. 1832 to November 12th. 1833, gaps

Personal diary of the naval surgeon on the voyage of the USS Peacock on a diplomatic mission to Cochin China, Siam and Muscat. The progress of the voyage, life aboard ship, navigation, weather; Port Praya, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Ayres, Bencoolen and Anjer, Manilla, Lintin, Canton, Vunglam, Bankok, Mocha, Muscat, Mozambique; good descriptions of places, people and customs; some mentions of his work; his friend, Edmund Roberts (qv), the captain's clerk.

The Voyage of the Peacock; A Journal by Benajah Ticknor, Naval Surgeon  edited by Nan Powell Hodges. Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Press, 1991.


VAUGHAN, Herbert (1832-1903) - E

Dates Unknown

The Life of Cardinal Vaughan  by J.G.Snead-Cox, London, Burns and Oates, two volumes, 1912, is reported to contain diary material.


VINCENT, John Heyl (1832-1920)  American Methodist Episcopal bishop - E

Dates Unknown

John Heyl Vincent: A Biographical Sketch  New York, Macmillan, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


WILSON, Daniel (1778-1858)  Bishop of Calcutta and first Metropolitan of India and Ceylon - E

November 1832 to May 1841

Diary letters of his travels and visitations; sights and scenes; people; duties; religious refelections.

Bishop Wilson's Journal Letters, addressed to his Family, during the first Nine Years of his Indian Episcopate  edited by Daniel Wilson. London: James Nisbet, 1863.


WYETH, John B. - E


Loosely dated narrative of a pioneer journey, perhaps based in part on a contemporaneous record.

1. - Oregon; or, A Short History of a Long Journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Region of the Pacific by Land; Drawn up from the Notes and Oral Information of John B Wyeth, One of the Party Who Left Mr Nathaniel J Wyeth, July 28th, 1832, Four Days March beyond the Ridge of The Rocky Mountains, and the Only One Who Has Returned to New England  Cambridge, printed for John B.Wyeth, 1833.

2. - Wyeth's Oregon: Or, a Short History of a Long Journey  in  Early Western Travels, 1748-1846  edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites, Cleveland, Clark, 1904-7.


VICTORIA, Queen of England (1819-1901) - H718,B227

a) - 1832 to 1840

Substantial extracts from her private diaries from childhood to marriage; a most interesting, lively and attractive record of her daily life, court affairs; social life and ceremonies; relations with ministers; growing confidence; her love for Albert.

1. - The Girlhood of Queen Victoria; A Selection from Her Majesty's Diaries between the Years 1832 and 1840  edited by Viscount Esher. London, John Murray, two volumes, 1912.

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 104-114; and Ponsonby (1), pp 288-299.

b) - 1837 to 1901

Extracts from the Queen's private diaries appear throughout the nine volumes detailed below.

1. - The Letters of Queen Victoria: A Selection from Her Majesty's Correspondence between the Years 1837 and 1861  edited by A.C.Benson and Viscount Esher. London, John Murray, three volumes, 1907.

2. - The Letters of Queen Victoria, Second Series: A Selection from Her Majesty's Correspondence and Journal between the Years 1862 and 1878 (1862 and 1885)  edited by George Earle Buckle. London, John Murray, three volumes, 1926 and 1928.

3. - The Letters of Queen Victoria, Second Series: A Selection from Her Majesty's Correspondence and Journal between the Years 1886 and 1901  edited by George Earle Buckle. London, John Murray, three volumes, 1930, 1931 and 1932.

c) - The diary is also quoted in  The Life of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort  by Theodore Martin. London, five volumes, 1875 to 1880.

d) - 1832 to 1901

Extracts from the Queen's private diaries, combined with letters, taken from various sources and including some entries not published elsewhere. A good selection.

In  Queen Victoria in Her Letters and Journals  by Christopher Hibbert. London, John Murray, 1984; Thrupp, Alan Sutton, 2000.

e) - 1842 to 1882

Royal life in the Highlands of Scotland; Balmoral; social and domestic life; scenery, sport, picnics and excursions.

1. - Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands from 1848 to 1861  London, Smith Elder, 1868.

2. - More Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands from 1862 to 1882  London, Smith Elder, 1883.

Both of these have been often reprinted.

3. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 116-121; Blythe pp 281-285; Waite, pp 219-230.

f) - April and August 1855

Private diaries of the state visit of Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie and the return visit with Prince Albert. Organisation and ceremonies; domestic details; interesting and often lively, but lacks the spontaneity of the early diaries.

Queen Victoria: Leaves from a Journal  introduced by Raymond Mortimer. London, Andre Deutsch, 1961.

g) - September 9th. and November 27th. and 28th. 1865

Notes of meetings with Queen Emma of Hawaii (qv)

In  The Victorian Visitors  edited by Alfons L.Korn. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press, 1958, pp 241 and 243.

h) - August 5th. to September 10th. 1868, a very few earlier and later entries

Diary of a private holiday in Switzerland as 'the Countess of Kent'; notes of scenery etc.; complaints about the weather. Taken from a partial transcript by Princess Beatrice and expanded by a narrative and quotations from letters and public sources.

Queen Victoria in Switzerland  by Peter Arengo-Jones. London, Robert Hale, 1995.

Note: After the Queen's death her youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice, on her mother's instructions, burned the diaries after transcribing them; many entries were altered or suppressed in this process. For the years 1832 to 1861, however, Lord Esher had earlier made a complete copy and this survives in typescript.

i) - August 7th. 1883 -

Extract from her journal recording her last meeting with Tennyson.

In  Alfred Lord Tennyson: A Memoir by His Son  London, Macmillan, two volumes, 1897.

Note: See also:

1. - Victoria travels  Muller, 1970.

2. - Queen Victoria's Sketchbook  Macmillan, 1979.

3. - Secret Life of Queen Victoria  Doubleday, 1980.  

WILSON, Daniel [The Rt. Rev.] (1778-1858)  fifth Bishop of Calcutta - D330

1832 to 1841

Matthews: Journal; missionary and diocesan work as Bishop of Calcutta; education; and religious thought; the Indian scene.

Journal and Letters  London, 1863.


WYETH, Nathaniel Jarvis (1802-1856)  explorer - A267,*M2397

June 1832 to September 1833 and May 1834 to April 1835

Matthews: Exploration journals (lacking first portion, May to June 1832); two exploring expeditions in Oregon Territory; the first across Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon to the mouth of the Columbia; the second around the Columbia; detailed notes of movements, topography, etc.; and very fine descriptions of Indians.

1. - In  Sources of the History of Oregon  I, edited  by F.G.Young, Nos. 3-6, 1899, pp 155-219 and 221-256.

2. - The first journal in  The Call of the Columbia  by A.B.Hulbert. Denver, 1934, pp 112-153.


YOUNG, Catherine (later Maclear)  - of Bedford - E

1832 to 1835 and 1846

In  Some Bedfordshire Diaries  Bedfordshire Historical Record Society, Volume XL, 1960.



ANONYMOUS,  of Fort Nisqually - A267,M2398

May 1833 to April 1835, March 1849 to December 1852 and May to June 1870

Matthews: Fur-trading journals (last kept by Edward Huggins); occurrences at Fort Nisqually; trading, Indians, farming; work at the Fort; rather poor text.

1. - In  Washington Historical Quarterly  VI, 1915, pp 179-197 and 264-278; VII, 1916, pp 59-75 and 144-167; X, 1919, pp 205-230; XI, 1920, pp 59-65, 136-149, 218-229 and 294-302; XII, 1921, pp 68-70, 137-148, 219-228 and 300-303; XIII, 1922, pp 57-66, 131-141, 225-232 and 293-299; XIV, 1923, pp 145-148, 223-234 and 299-306; and XXV, 1934, pp 60-64.

2. - Extract of the above text in  Told by Pioneers  edited by F.I.Trotter and J.R.Loutzenhiser, 1937, Volume I, pp 7-67.


ABDY, Edward Strutt (1791-1846)  Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge - A267,M2399

April 1833 to October 1834

Matthews: Travel diary; tour in Canada and the United States, New England, Canada, Washington D.C., the southern and western states; caustic antislavery and anti-American comments.

Journal of a Residence and Tour in the United States of North America  London, John Murray, three volumes, 1835.


ALLIBONE, Susan - *M2400,E

A Life Hid with Christ in God: being a memoir of Susan Allibone, chiefly compiled from her diary and letters by Alfred Lee, Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Delaware  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1856.


BACK, George [Sir] (1796-1878)  explorer - A267,C90,E

a) - February 1833 to September 1835

Matthews: Exploration journal; expedition to the mouth of Great Fish River and to shores of Arctic; topography; Eskimo; Indians.

Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition  London, 1836.

b) - 1836 to 1837

Narrative of an Expedition in H.M.S. Terror  London, John Murray, 1838, is also reported to contain diary material.


BALLOU, Adin - E

Between 1833 and 1852 (?)

“Contains Adin A, Ballou’s biography, his writings, his death, the elegies and testimonials at his funeral, and his gravestone inscription, published the year after A. A. Ballou’s death by the Commmunity Press that he had run. A. A. Ballou (1833-1852), son of Hopedale Community founder and Unitarian minister Adin Ballou, was Adin’s intended successor at Hopedale.” It has not been established which Adin Ballou is the author of the diary material.

In  Memoir of Adin Augustus Ballou  Hopedale Community Press, 1853.


BARNARD, Henry - *M2401,E

The South Atlantic States in 1833  in  Maryland Historical Magazine  September and December, 1918.


BASCOM, Flavel - E

1833 to 1840 (?)

The Autobiography of Flavel Bascom, 1833-1840  in  Religion on the American frontier: The Congregationalists  by William Sweet, University of Chicago, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.


BEHENNA, Richard (1833?-1898?) - E

Dates unknown

A Victorian Sailor’s Diary: Richard Behenna of Veryan, 1833-1898  Redruth, Cornwall, Institute of Cornish Studies, 1981.


BENTON, Colbee Chamberlain - *H573,*M2402,E

A Visitor to Chicago in Indian days: "Journal of the Far Off West"  Chicago, Caxton Club, 1957.


BONDI, August Mendel? (1833-1907) - E

Dates unknown

The Journey: A Biography of August M.Bondi, the American Jewish Freedom Fighter Who Rode with John Brown in Kansas  by Martin Litvin, Galesburg, Illinois, Galesburg historical Society, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


BOTSFORD, Jabez Kent  - of Newton - A267,M2403

April to August 1833

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); social life in Newton; visit to New York, theatres; journey to Chicago by Erie Canal, lake steamers; travel notes; pleasant diary.

In  Adventures in Ancestors  by Eli H.Botsford, 1936? pp 61-65.


BROWETT, Elizabeth (1788-1826)  London Quaker - E

1833 to 1834

“In 1833 a Quaker seamstress in London began a journal in which she recorded aspects ofher life as a worker in the East End. Though the journal spans only seven months, it provides much useful material to social historians, since it illuminates well the life ofa working class woman.”

Needles and Penury in 19th Century London: The Diary of a Poor Quaker Seamstress  in  Quaker History  LXXV, No.2, fall 1986, pp 102-114.


BUSSELL, Frances Louisa and Elizabeth Capel  - Australian settlers

1833 to 1836

Extracts from the letter journals of two sisters; the voyage from England to join their brothers; arrival at Swan River; accidents, news, entertainment; descriptions of the country; ‘troublesome’ Aborigines; requests for goods from home; farming.

In  Life Lines: Australian women’s letters and diaries, 1788-1840  by Patricia Clarke and Dale Spender. St. Leonards, New South Wales, 1992, pp 209-236.


CAMPBELL, Robert - *H574,*M2404,E

The Private Journal of Robert Campbell  in  Bulletin of the Missouri Historical Society  October, 1963 and January, 1964.


CLARK, John Willis (1833-1910)  English academic and antiquarian - E

Dates unknown

A Memoir of John Willis Clark  by A.E.Shipley, London, Smith Elder, 1913, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: CLARK, J.W. listed as the author of a travel diary in 1860, may be John Willis Clark.


CLIVE (probably a mistake for MEYSEY-WIGLEY), Edward  - elder brother of Mrs Archer Clive (qv)

February 22nd. to March 27th. 1833

Melancholy notes; self denigration and hints of sexual adventures.

In  Caroline Clive; From the Diary and Family Papers of Mrs. Archer Clive  edited by Mary Clive. London, The Bodley Head, 1939, pp 101-104.


DARKE, John Charles - E


Journals of Expeditions in Van Diemen’s Land, 1833  Adelaide, Sullivan’s Cove, 1985, 44pp, 175 copies.


DAVID, George  - Englishman? - A267,M2405

September to October 1833

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); trip from Sandusky through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, to Chicago; comments on farms, forests, taverns, American institutions; lively, varied, critical, and entertaining.

In  Michigan Historical Magazine  XVIII, 1934, pp 53-66.


DAVIDSON, Margaret Miller - *H575,*M2406,E

In  Rutgers University Library Journal  XIII.


DODGE, Mary Abigail: see HAMILTON, Gail

02/DOMETT, Alfred (1811-1887) - H1712,*M2407

a) - 1833 to 1835

Canadian Journal: Being an extract from a journal of a tour in Canada, the United States and Jamaica, 1833-1835  University of Western Ontario, 1955.

b) - February 29th. 1872 to June 3rd. 1885

Colonial administrator from New Zealand returns to England on retirement, commences the diary and resumes his old friendship with Browning. Well observed, literary, and much of interest but rather impersonal.

The Diary of Alfred Domett, 1872-1885  edited by E.A.Horsman. London, Oxford University Press, 1953.


ELDRIDGE, Charles William (1811-1883)  of Hartford, Connecticut - A268,M2408

June to August 1833

Matthews: Travel diary; tour through Connecticut, Vermont, Montreal, Quebec; amateur painter's observations of country and people; heavily literary, with many literary allusions, and inclined to narrative.

In  Vermont Historical Society Proceedings  II, 1931, pp 53-82.


ELY, Edmund Franklin (1809-1882)  missionary teacher - E

1833 to 1849

1. - The Ojibwe Journals of Edmund F.Ely  edited by Theresa M.Schenck, University of Nebraska, 2012.

2. - James Cummings (3900) has also  The Edmund Ely Papers  in  Minnesota History  December, 1925.


EVANS, Hugh [Sgt.] (1811-1836)  of Clark County, Indiana, and U.S. Dragoons - A268,M2409

a) - October 1833 to September 1834

Matthews: Military journal; mainly notes on first summer campaign of U.S. Dragoons to Rocky Mountains; an ordinary soldier's account of what is covered in Dodge's diary.

In  Chronicles of Oklahoma  III, 1925, pp 175-215.

b) - May to August 1835

Matthews: Military journal; Dodge's expedition to the Rocky Mountains; long notes on march, military life, Indians; good solid entries; some interesting spellings.

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XIV, (1927-1928), pp 192-214.


FLOY, Michael - *H576,*M2410,E

1833 to 1837

The Diary of Michael Floy, Jr., Bowery Village, 1833-1837  edited by Richard Albert Edward Brooks. Yale University Press, 1941.

FRY, Joseph (1777-1861)  husband of Elizabeth Fry - B228

August 1833 to 1857

Matthews: Quaker diary (account and extracts); notes on Quaker religious life and travel.

Friends' Historical Society Journal  XXVIII, 1931.


GLAZUNOV, Andrei - E

1833 to 1834

Extract from the Journal of Andrei Glazunov, First-Mate of the Imperial Russian Navy, During His Voyage in the Northwest of America  in  Pacific Norhwest Quarterly  April, 1959.


GOULD, John - E


“Gould sailed abroad the Commerce for Canton via Cape Horn and Valparaiso. He departed the ship in Chile and returned to New York via Rio de Janeiro on the Falmouth. He later returned to Rio on board the Iwanowna.”

John Gould's Private Journal of a Voyage from New York to Rio de Janeiro  privately printed, New York, 1839.

GUEST, Charlotte Elizabeth [Lady], later SCHREIBER (1812-1895)  Welsh scholar and collector


a) - July 29th. 1833 to January 18th. 1853

Her diary during the period of her marriage to Sir J.J.Guest, the ironmaster; life at Dowlais and Canford; ten children; translation of the 'Mabinogion'; domestic, social, family and business affairs; politics; illness and death of her husband; an excellent diary.

Lady Charlotte Guest; Extracts from Her Journal 1833-1852  edited by the Earl of Bessborough. London, John Murray, 1950.

b) - January 18th. 1853 to February 24th. 1891

Management of the Dowlais ironworks; marriage to her son's tutor; her children, social life, art and collections her "china-mania"; death of her second husband; blindness and old age.

Lady Charlotte Schreiber; Extracts from Her Journal 1853-1891  edited by the Earl of Bessborough. London, John Murray, 1952.

c) - May 1869 to November 1885

Her European travels in pursuit of china for her collection.

Lady Charlotte Schreiber's Journals  edited by M.J.Guest. London, John Lane, two volumes, 1911.

d) - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 468-476.


HAMILTON, Gail (pseud) (Mary Abigail Dodge) (1833-1896)  American writer and essayist

Dates unknown

Gail Hamilton’s Life in Letters  by H.Augusta Dodge, Boston, Lee and Shepard, two volumes, 1901, is reported to contain diary material.


HARRIS, Dilue [Mrs.] (b.1825)  of Houston, Texas - A268,M2411

April 1833 to April 1837

Matthews: Diary; monthly entries, largely reminiscence; begun by Dr. Pleasant W.Rose and continued by his daughter Mrs. Harris; life in Harrisburg, Texas; interesting.

In  Texas Historical Association Quarterly  IV, (1900-1901), pp 85-127 and 155-189.

HENDERSON, Millicent Pollock [Mrs.] (Steele) and MURRAY, Ellen Frances (Steele) - C560

April to August 1833

Matthews: Travel journal; from England to Simcoe County, Upper Canada, through New York; social life on shipboard; clearing site for farm, homemaking, social affairs, amusements; a lively record.

Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records  XXIII, 1926, pp 483-510.

HERSCHEL, John [Sir] (1792-1871)  astronomer - H578

January 9th. 1833 to December 23rd. 1838

Diary of one of the founders of southern hemisphere astronomy, son of Sir William, at the Cape of Good Hope, interspersed with correspondence with his wife. Scientific work and observations; social and personal life.

Herschel at the Cape; Diaries and Correspondence of Sir John Herschel, 1834-1838  edited by David S. Evans and others. Austin and London, University of Texas Press, 1969.




The Diary of Joseph Jenkinson of Dronfield, 1833-43  Derbyshire Record Society, 1987, 95pp.


JOHNSON, George - E


Journey Across New York State in 1833  in  New York History  January, 1965.

JONES, Henry John - C628

1833 to 1839

Matthews: Settler's diary (extracts); the experiences and work of an early settler and farmer, in Ontario and Upper Canada.

Willison's Monthly  IV, April-September. Passim.

LANE, Edward William (1801-1876)  orientalist - B228,D173

October 1833 to June 1835

Matthews: Travel diary; a visit to Egypt and residence there; Oriental studies; full and lively descriptions of places and people, customs, and events.

Life of Edward William Lane  by Stanley L.Poole. London, 1877, pp 41-84.


LARPENTEUR, Charles (1807-1872)  fur trader - E

1833 to 1872

Forty Years a Fur trader on the Upper Missouri: The Personal Narrative of Charles Larpenteur  New York, Harper, 1898, is reported to contain diary material.


LEE, Jason [The Rev.] (1803-1845)  born at Quebec, missionary in Oregon - A268,M2412,E

August 1833 to July 1838

Matthews: Personal and travel diary; from Canada to Liberty, Missouri, thence overland to Fort Vancouver; unusual point of view, life on the trail as seen by a troubled missionary.

1. - In  Oregon Historical Society Quarterly  XVII, 1916, pp 116-146, 240-266 and 397-430.

2. - Partly in  Christian Advocate  (New York) October 3rd. and 30th. 1834; and  The Oregon Crusade  by A.R.Hulbert. Denver, 1935, pp 147-160 and 167-184.

3. - Drawn on by Gustavus Hines (qv) for the first chapter of Wild Life in Oregon  New York, Hurst, 1881.

LONGFELLOW, Frances Elizabeth Appleton (1817-1861)  the poet's second wife - H579,M2385

February 7th. 1833 to January 1853

Personal diaries (extracts, mainly up to 1839 and then, concerning her children, in 1848). The death of her mother; a trip to Europe; courtship and marriage. More letters than journals.

Mrs. Longfellow; Selected Letters and Journals of Fanny Appleton Longfellow  edited by Edward Wagenknecht. London, Peter Owen, 1959.


LOWRIE, John Cameron [The rev.] (1808-1900)  American Presbyterian missionary - E

1833 to 1836

“A memoir of early American missionary work in northern India from 1833 to 1836. The author was a secretary to the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church.”

Two Years in India  New York, Robert Carter and Brothers, 1850, is reported to contain diary material.


LYONS, Joseph - *M2413,E

In Volume I of  Memoirs of American Jews, 1775-1865  edited by Jacob Rader Marcus. New York, Ktav, three volumes, 1975.

MacLEOD, Norman [The Rev.] (1812-1873)  of Glasgow - B229

November 1833 to April 1872

Matthews: Religious diary; his early studies and Scottish college life; his ministry and religious life; affairs of Church of Scotland; his appointment as moderator.

Memoir of Norman MacLeod  by Donald MacLeod. New York, two volumes, 1877. Passim.


MARTENS, Conrad - E

1833 to 1835

Travel diary; "voyage to Australia via South America on HMS Hyacinth, Indus, MMS Beagle, to Tahiti via the Gambier Group on the Peruvian and on to Sydney on the Black Warrior. (He joined HMS Beagle in November 1833, as the artist of Charles Darwin)".

Conrad Martens: Journal of a Voyage from England to Australia 1833-35  edited by Michael Organ. Sydney, State Library of New South Wales, 1994, limited to 100 copies.


MERRILL, Eliza  - wife of Moses Merrill (qv) - E


In  Nebraska Historical Society Transactions  V, 1893.


MERRILL, Moses [The Rev.] (1803-1840)  born at Sedgwick, Maine, missionary to Oto Indians


July 1833 to August 1839

Matthews: Missionary journal (extracts); work among the Oto Indians in the Platte River country; interesting details of Oto life and customs, religious work and education, personal affairs and adventures.

In  Nebraska Historical Society Transactions  IV, 1892, pp 160-191.

MICHELL, Henry (1809-1874)  brewer and businessman

Approximately 1833 to 1874

Described as a diary but takes the form of annual summaries compiled in later life, certainly from contemporaneous business records and possibly from personal notes as well. Of interest for the local history of Horsham and more widely as a personal business record. Edited in themes.

Victorian Horsham; The Diary of Henry Michell 1809-1874  edited by Kenneth Neale. Chichester, Phillimore, 1975.


NICHOLS, Sarah Peirce (b.1804) - M2415

April to December 1833

Private diary which regularly records her daily twelve mile walk in all weathers; social notes; health of herself and others; mentions of local events and a presidential visit; some conventional religious observations.

1. - In  Essex Institute Historical Collections  LXXXII, 1946, pp 213-217.

2. - Extracts: Culley, pp 89-93.


OTEY, James Hervey [The Rt. Rev.] (1800-1863)  first Episcopal bishop of Tennessee - A268,M2416

a)  - March 1833 to January 1863

Matthews: Clergyman's diary (extracts); diocesan work, visitations, journeys in the South, religious reflections, affairs of his family, illnesses, weather, gossip; quite interesting.

In  Memoir of the Rt. Rev. James Hervey Otey  by William M.Green. New York 1885, pp 151-169.

b) - 1834?

Report of a Visitation of the Diocese of Mississippi  in  Journal of Mississippi History  October 1944.

c) - 1851

Otey’s Journal: Being the Account by James Hervey Otey … First Bishop of the Tennessee Diocese of the Protestant Episcopal Church of His Travels in the Summer of 1851 in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales  edited by Edwin Thomas Greninger. Johnson City, Tennessee, Overmountain Press, 1994.

PALGRAVE, Francis Turner (1824-1897)  anthologist - *B229

July 1833 to February 1890

Matthews: Literary diary; his literary friendships, his reading, and criticism; visits to Italy; public life in London; social and domestic life, especially in Lyme Regis.

Journals and Memories of His Life  edited by G.F.Palgrave. London, 1899, pp 14-219. Passim.


PORTER, Charles Henry (1811-1841)  of Norwich, Connecticut - A268,M2417

May 1833 to August 1841

Matthews: Religious journal (extracts); preparation for college; study at Westfield Academy, Massachusetts; religious reflections and resolves; visits to the sick; meetings; preaching.

In  Memoir of Charles Henry Porter  by E.Goodrich Smith. New York, American Tract Society, 1849, pp 13-151. Passim.


POWER, Tyrone (1797-1841)  Irish actor - E

1833 to 1835

Impressions of America During the Years 1833, 1834, and 1835  London, two volumes, 1836.


PURCELL, John Baptist (1800-1883)  Catholic bishop of Ohio - A269,M2418

November 1833 to April 1836

Matthews: Private diary; journey to his diocese; lively commentary on local conditions; comments and gossip on nuns, bigotry, drunkenness, his work; intimate, personal, and highly amusing.

In  Catholic Historical Review  V, 1919, pp 239-255.


QUINCY, Anna Cabot Lowell - *M2419,E

In  The Articulate Sisters  Harvard, 1946.


RAMSEY, William [The Rev.]  American missionary - E

December 1833 to July 1834?

Journal of a Missionary Tour in India, performed by the Rev. Messrs. Read and Ramsey, missionaries of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions  Philadelphia, 1836. -

RIDDELL, Walter [The Rev.] (1814-1904) - C995

April to August 1833

Matthews: Religious journal; journey from Scotland to Cobourg, Ontario; Presbyterian church there; later his ministry in Canada, up to 1900.

Diary of a Voyage from Scotland  Toronto, 1932.


SAWLE, Rose, Lady Graves (b.1818)

1833 to 1896

Epsodic memoirs apparently abstracted from her diaries, but retaining only occasional traces of their original form; Italy, London, Paris and Versailles; up the Nile in 1876; life at home and abroad; some good anecdote.

Sketches from the Diaries of Rose Lady Graves Sawle, 1833-1896  printed for private circulation, 1908.


SHAFTER, Oscar Lovell (1812-1873)  born at Athens, Vermont - A269,M2420

1833 to April 1863

Matthews: Diary; extracts from the diary of a justice of the supreme court of California; migration and early life in California; quotations in a tiresome melange of quotation and comment.

Life, Diary, and Letters of Oscar Lovell Shafter  edited by Flora H.Loughead. San Francisco, 1915, 323 pp. Passim.


STEDMAN, Edmund Clarence (1833-1908)  American poet - W

Dates Unknown

In  life and Letters of Edmund Clarence Stedman  by Laura Stedman and George M.Gould. New York, Moffat, Yard, two volumes, 1910.


STEELE, Millicent Pollock  - of Toronto - A269,M2421

April to August 1833

Matthews: Travel diary (letter diaries)(with Ellen Frances Steele); description of a journey from London to Simcoe County, Upper Canada, via New York; lively details of social life aboard ship; details of American and overland journey, clearing site, home-making, and social affairs; lively and amusing.

In  Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records  XXIII, 1926, pp 483-510.


STEINES, Hermann  - born in Germany, of Franklin County, Missouri - A269,M2422

July 1833 to December 1837

Matthews: Travel and personal diary (with large gaps); journey from Baltimore to Pittsburgh; searching in Missouri for land on which to settle; life in Missouri with other German political refugees, followers of Gottfried Duden.

The Followers of Duden  in  Missouri Historical Review  XIV, (1919-1920), pp 56-59, 236-443 and 443-446.

STEWART, Charles James [The Rt. Rev.] (1775-1837)  Bishop of Quebec and other missionaries - C1119

1833  to 1837

Matthews: Missionary diaries; travels and work in Ontario among settlers and Indians; preaching and S.P.G. work; extracts from diaries of various missionaries included.

The Stewart Missions  edited by W.J.D.Waddilove. London, 1838.


SWAN, William  - non-conformist Londoner - *H580,E

1833 to 1880

In  The Journals of Two Poor Dissenters, 1786-1880  London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1970.


TECK, Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of (1833-1897) - E

A Memoir of Her Royal Highness Princess Mary Adelaide Duchess of Teck; Based on her private diaries and letters  edited by C. Kinloch Cooke. London, Murray, 1900.  

THORBURN, Grant  - American traveller - B229

October 1833 to April 1834

Matthews: Travel diary; Liverpool, London, Scottish towns; accounts of institutions; humorous account a la Washington Irving.

Men and Manners in Britain; or a Bone to Gnaw for the Trollopes  New York, 1834.


1833 to 1878

Matthews: Extracts from family papers, including grandfather's letters and father's diary; family and local affairs and history at Wreyland and Lustleigh.

Small Talk at Wreyland  by Cecil Torr. Cambridge, 1926.


TRAVIS, William Barret - *H581,*M2423,E

From 1833

Diary  Waco, Texas, 1966.


TREVELYAN, Walter Calverley [Sir] (1797-1879)  of Wallington, Northumberland

From 1833

A few entries from his private diary recording his first meeting with Pauline Jermyn Jermyn (see Pauline Trevelyan), their honeymoon and some travel.

In  Lady Trevelyan and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood  by John Batchelor, London, Chatto and Windus, 2006    


VAILL, William F. [The Rev.]  - missionary of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions


May 1833

Matthews: Missionary journal; travel and preaching in the principal Osage villages; interesting details of Osage customs.

In  Missionary Herald  XXIX, 1833, pp 366-371.


WAID, Francis C. (1833-1890?)  American farmer - E

From 1851?

"At the age of seventeen … I bought quite a large book, 8x10, containing about 400 pages.  In this book, in the year 1851, I began writing, keeping a kind of journal, personal and otherwise.  I thought it a hard task at first, and it was only with reluctance that I could persuade myself to continue,  but here is the old saying, 'No real excellence without labor.' It is from this work of journaling that the three volumes of Souvenir appeared from 1886 to 1891."

1. - Historical Sketch of Francis C.Waid  Chicago, Warner Beers, 1886.

2. - Second Souvenir of Francis C.Waid  Chicago, J.H.Beers, 1890.

3. - Third Souvenir of Francis C.Waid  Chicago, J.H.Beers, 1891.

Twin Souvenir of Francis C.Waid: Comprising His First, Second, and Third Souvenirs  Chicago, J.H.Beers, 1892. -

01/02/03 - WALKER, Mary Richardson (1814-1897)  of Walla Walla, Washington - H581a,A269,*M2425

January 1833 to July 1850

Missionary diary (extracts); marriage to Elkanah Walker after much heart searching; travel to Oregon Territory on horseback while pregnant with her first child; crowded and difficult conditions; missionary work among the Spokanes; love for her husband, and fear that she has failed his expectations; child birth, nursing and rearing; domestic details and drudgery.

1. - Elkanah and Mary Walker  by Clifford M.Drury. Caldwell, Idaho, 1940, 250 pp. Passim.

2. - Extracts in  Mary Richardson Walker: Her Book  by Ruth Karr McKee. Calswell, Idaho, Caxton, 1945.

3. - Part published in  The Frontier  (Montana) XI, 1931; reprinted as No. 15 of  Sources of Northwest History  19pp.

4. - In  First White Women Over the Rockies  edited by Clifford M.Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1963.

5. - Extracts: Luchetti, pp 61-75.


WHITE, James Clarke [Dr.] (1833-1916)  dermatologist, of Boston - E

Dates unknown

Sketches from My Life, 1833-1913  Cambridge, Riverside Press, 1914, is reported to contain diary material.

WHITE, Walter (1811-1893)  assistant secretary of the Royal Society - B229

March 1st. 1833 to October 14th. 1884

Private diary chronicles the rise of a self educated cabinet maker. Work, reading, private study; emigration to America and work there; return; appointment as sub-librarian of the Royal Society; his work; social life; notes and anecdotes on eminent scientists and literary personages; Tennyson. White was married at nineteen and it appears that he parted from his wife in 1845: either he made little reference to his domestic life in the diary or the editor, his brother, has excised the relevant material. Interesting although often rather pedestrian.

The Journals of Walter White  edited by William White. London, Chapman and Hall, 1898.


WILKINSON, George Howard (1833-1907)  Bishop of St.Andrews - E

Dates unknown

Journal letters.

In  Memoir of george Howard Wilkinson, Bishop of St. Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane and Primus of the Scottish Church, formerly Bishop of Truro  by Arthur James Mason. London, Longmans Green, 1909, passim.



ANONYMOUS,  of Willamette Valley, Oregon - A270,M2426

April 1834 to December 1838

Matthews: Missionary journal; hardships of Methodist missionaries; work and worship; notes on Indians; intimate portrait of the mission; marriage records, etc., appended.

The Missio9n Record Book of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Willamette Station, Oregon territory, North America, Commenced 1834  edited by Charles Henry Carey in   Oregon Historical Society Quarterly  XXIII, 1922, No.3, September, 1922,  pp 230-266.


ANONYMOUS,  officer of 1st. U.S. Dragoons - A270,M2428

May to September 1834 and May to August 1835

Matthews: Military journals; marches of the Dragoons in the Mississippi Valley; to Pawnee, Pict, and Comanche villages on Red River; from Fort Gibson to Des Moines; from Des Moines to near mouth of Boone River and to Minnesota; second journey is a good narrative, the first only brief notes.

In  Iowa Journal of History and Politics  VII, 1909, pp 331-378.


ANONYMOUS,  'Citizen of Edinburgh' - A270,M2427

March to June 1834

Matthews: Travel diary; travel mainly in New York State; conventional descriptions and hints for emigrants.

Journal of an Excursion to the United States and Canada  Edinburgh, 1835, 168 pp.


June to July 1834?

Matthews: Travel diary; a pedestrian tour in Switzerland; tourist's notes and log of distances, scenery, etc.

Diary of a Solitaire  London, 1835.


ALLIS, Samuel [The Rev.]  - missionary of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions


October 1834

Matthews: Missionary journal; travel to the Pawnee Indians; details of his work and comments on the Pawnees.

In  Missionary Herald  XXXII, 1836, pp 68-70.


ANDERSON, William Marshall (1807-1881)  of Louisville, Kentucky - *H582,A270,*M2430,E

a) - May to June 1834

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Chimney Rock, Nebraska, to the Green River rendezvous, Wyoming; brief but racy diary.

In  Frontier and Midland  (Montana)  XIX, edited by A.J.Partoll, 1938, pp 54-63. Reprinted as No. 27 of  Sources of Northwest History  University of Montana, 12 pp. Originally printed in  Circleville Democrat and Watchman  September 29 and October 13th. 1871.

b) - 1834

Fur trader's diary; "the only record of William L.Sublette's historic race to the fur traders' rendezvous at Ham's Fork in 1834; also a unique description of the founding of Fort Laramie".

The Rocky Mountain Journals of William Marshall Anderson: The West in 1834  edited by Dale L.Morgan and Eleanor T.Harris. San Marino, The Huntington Library, 1967.

c) - 1865 to 1866

An American in Maximilian's Mexico 1865-1866: The Diaries of William Marshall Anderson  edited by Ramon Eduardo Ruiz. San Marino, Huntington Library, 1959.


ASHBEE, Henry Spencer (1834-1900)  book collector and bibliographer - E

Dates unknown

“… the memoir of a gentleman describing the author's sexual development and experiences in Victorian England. It was first published in a private edition of eleven volumes, which appeared over seven years beginning around 1888. The work itself is enormous, amounting to over one million words, the eleven original volumes amounting to over 4,000 pages. The text is noted for its frank discussion of sexual matters and other hidden aspects of Victorian life.” The work contains no dates and authorship is not beyond dispute.

My Secret Life  Grove Press, two volumes, 1966.


BARROW, John (1808-1898) - E

a) - 1834

A Visit to Iceland by Way of Tronyem, in the Flower of Yarrow Yacht, in the Summer of 1834  London, John Murray, 1835.

b) - 1835

A Tour Round Ireland Through the Sea-Coast Counties, in the Autumn of 1835  London, John Murray, 1836.


BOSWORTH, Joanna Shipman (b.1815) - *G55,*M2431,E

Papers of Joanna Shipman Bosworth, being the diary of a carriage trip made in 1834 by Charles Shipman and his daughters, Joanna and Betsey, from Athens, Ohio, to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, and a family history  privately printed, Chicago? 1914.


BOWEN, George (1816-1888)  American missionary in India  - *M2432,E

From 1834?

George Bowen of Bombay: Missionary, Scholar, Mystic, Saint: A Memoir  privately printed, Uppsala, 1938. -


BROKE, Frederica Sophia - *M2433,E

Diary of an American Tour  in  Rochester Library Bulletin  Winter, 1949.

BRYDONE, James Marr - C182


Matthews: A naval surgeon's account of journey with emigrants from Sussex, in diary form; via Ottawa River to Toronto and Hamilton; settlement at Blandford; topography.

Narrative of a Voyage  London, 1834.

BUNBURY, Charles James Fox [Sir] (1809-1886)  botanist - B230

October 1834 to June 1885

Matthews: Botanical diaries; botanical and other natural history studies; travels in Britain, Europe, Africa; social and literary life and public affairs.

The Life, Letters, and Journals of Sir Charles Bunbury  edited by Mrs. Henry Lyell. London, three volumes, 1894.


CARTWRIGHT, Elisabeth [Lady] (née von Sandizell) (1805-1902)  of Aynhoe Park

1834 to 1847

Brief and widely spaced extracts from her private diary given, with an extended editorial narrative, and illustrated by the author's good and interesting interior watercolours at Aynhoe. Family and domestic affairs; visits; acerbic comment; some good fragments.

In  Lili at Aynhoe; Victorian Life in an English Country House  by Elizabeth Cartwright-Hignett. London, Barrie and Jenkins, 1989.

Note: See also Edward Meyrick Goulburn, whose wife's step-brother was Elizabeth Cartwright's husband.


CHARDON, Francis Auguste (d.1848)  fur trader in Upper Missouri - A270,M2434

June 1834 to May 1839

Matthews: Fur trader's journal; fur trade at and around Fort Clark in the Upper Missouri country among the Mandans, Gros Ventres, and their neighbours; very detailed account of work and private life and Indian affairs; vivid picture of the smallpox epidemic of 1837; an excellent journal.

1. - Chardon's Diary at Fort Clark  edited by A.H.Abel. Pierre, South Dakota, 1932, 458 pp.

2. - Extract which includes the description of the smallpox epidemic in  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XVII, (1930-1931), pp 278-299.

3. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 278-288.


CLARK, C.H. - H583,M2435

April 14th. to August 23rd. 1834

Travel diary of a young Englishman's trip to America; part of the voyage out by sail on the Caroline, and up the St. Lawrence to Quebec; by steam boat to Montreal; travel by water stage coach and railway; Niagara Falls; Erie Canal; Washington, Boston, New York; the voyage home in the Orpheus to Liverpool. Descriptions and comment on American life.

In  Diaries from the Days of Sail  edited by R.C.Bell. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1974, pp 11-69.


CLARKE, James Freeman [The Rev.] (1810-1888)  of Newton, Massachusetts, and Louisville, Kentucky - A270,M2436

a)  - November 1834 to November 1861

Matthews: Clergyman's journal; scattered notes on church affairs and theology; Civil War news.

In  James Freeman Clarke: Autobiography, Diary and Correspondence  edited by Edward H.Hale, Boston, 1891, pp 107-275.

b) - 1849?

“The Ocean. England. Paris. Paris and the Peace Convention. lack Forest. Switzerland. Bernese Oberland. Mont Blanc. Chamounix to Frankfort. The Rhine. Belgium. England again.”

Eleven Weeks in Europe  Boston, 1852.


CLELAND, John - *M2437,E

In  Delaware History  XVI.


DANA, Richard Henry, Jr. (1815-1882) (Not to be confused with his son(?) also Richard Henry Dana (1851-1891) (qv)) - *H584,*M2438,E

a) - August 14th. 1834 to September 18th. 1836

American Classic, journal of life at sea, greatly expanded and augmented in retrospect.

1. - Two Years before the Mast  1840, often reprinted.

2. - The fragmentary journal upon which the book is based appears as  Journal of a Voyage from Boston to the Coast of California  edited by Robert F.Lucid in  American Neptune  XXII, July, 1952, pp 177-185.

b) - 1841 to 1860

The Journal of Richard Henry Dana, Jr.  edited by Robert F.Lucid. Cambridge, Belknap Press, three volumes, 1968.

c) - A Lawyer at Home and Abroad, 1856, A Trip to England  is quoted in  The Diary of Selina, Lady Heathcote  (qv).

d) - 1859

Account of a voyage to Havana.

To Cuba and Back  Boston, Ticknor and Fields, 1859. Carbondale, Southern Illinois university Press, 1966.

e) - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 395-402 (source:  Richard Henry Dana, a Biography  by Charles Francis Adams. Boston 1891).

f) - Discussion: Kagle (3), pp 66-68.


DODGE, Henry [Col.] (1782-1867)  born at Vincennes, Indiana, of U.S. Dragoons - A271,M2439

a) - June to August 1834

Matthews: Military exploration journal; exploration on the south-western plains; mainly councils with Indians at the Toyash village.

1. - In  Annals of Iowa  Third Series, XVII, 1930, pp 173-197.

2. - In  American State Papers, Military Affairs  V, pp 373-382.

3. - In  House Executive Document  No. 2, 23rd. Congress, second session, pp 70-91.

b) - May to August 1835

Matthews: Military journal; with detachment of Dragoons in the Rockies; journey from Fort Leavenworth; among Pawnees.

House Executive Document  No. 181, 24th. Congress, first session, 1836, 38 pp.


DUNBAR, John [The Rev.]  - missionary of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions


June 1834 to April 1835

a)  - Matthews: Missionary journal; journey from Fort Leavenworth to Indian villages between the Platte and Missouri rivers; at Grand Pawnee village; interesting details of Pawnee customs and habits.

In  Missionary Herald  XXXI, 1835, pp 343-349, 376-381 and 417-421.

b) - John Dunbar’s Journal of the 1834-5 Chawi Winter Hunt and Its Implications for Pawnee Archaeology  by Donna C.Roper in  Plains Archaeologist  XXXVI, No. 136, August, 1991, pp 193-214.

c) - James Cummings (3650) has also  Journal of John Dunbar  Kansas State Historical Society, 1918.


FISHER, Sidney George (1809-1871)  Philadelphia lawyer, farmer and poet - H585,M2441,E

a) - August 6th. 1834 to July 22nd. 1871

Personal diary; social, personal, financial and legal affairs; reading; friends; Fanny Kemble; political opinions; gossip and comment; money worries due to unsuccessful farming; his health. Full and wide-ranging entries; an excellent diary. The personal and farming diaries in Maryland are omitted.

1. - A Philadelphia Perspective; The Diary of Sidney George Fisher Covering the Years 1834-1871  edited by Nicholas B.Wainwright. Philadelphia, The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1967, limited to 1,000 copies. Approximately four fifths of the material given in this edition had previously appeared in The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  in twenty four issues between 1952 and 1965.

2. - Discussion: Kagle (3), pp 119-125.

b) - 1837 to 1850

Personal and farming diaries omitted from the earlier volume.

Mount Harmon Diaries of Sidney George Fisher, 1837-1850  edited by W.Emerson Wilson. Wilimington, Historical Society of Delaware, 1976.

FRASER, William [The Rev.] (b.1808) - A271,C438

August 1834 to July 1835

Matthews: Clergyman's journal; ordination in Pictou County, Nova Scotia; settlement in Bond Head, Simcoe County, Upper Canada; early Presbyterian life and work; travel, visits, parish affairs and religious reflections, etc.; entertaining and useful.

London and Middlesex Historical Society Transactions  XIV, 1930, pp 80-156.


GILRUTH, James - *M2442,E

In  Religion of the American Frontier, 1783-1840, Volume IV: The Methodists, a collection of source materials  by William Sweet. University of Chicago Press, 1946.


GUÉRIN (GUERIN), Eugénie de (1805-1848)  French poet - H586

November 15th. 1834 to December 31st. 1840

Journal addressed from La Cayla in Languedoc to her brother, Maurice, in Paris; retrospective entries after his death. Life at home; family and local news; religious thoughts; anxieties for her brother's physical and spiritual welfare; conversational tone.

1. - Journal of Eugénie de Guérin  edited by G.S.Trebutien. London, Simpkin Marshall, 1865.

2. - The Journal of Eugénie de Guérin  translated by William M.Lightbody. George Routledge. London, George Routledge, New York Dodd, Mead, 1893(?).

3. - The Idol and the Shrine: Being the Story of Maurice De Guérin Together with Translated Extracts from the Journal of Eugénie de Guérin  by Naomi Royde Smith. London, Hollis and Carter, 1949.


HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert (1834-1894)  Ebglish artist and criric - E

Dates unknown

Philip Gilbert Hamerton: An Autobiography, 1834-1858 and a Memoir by His Wife, 1858-1894  Boston, 1897, is reported to contain diary material.


HANCOCK, Mosiah Lyman (1834-1907)  Mormon, son of Levi Ward Hancock (qv) - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (5340) has  The Mosiah Hancock Journal .


HAY, John C. Dalrymple [Admiral] (1821-1912) - E

1834 to 1868 (?)

“The naval career of John Dalrymple Hay (1821-1912) spanned a period of 34 years between 1834 and 1868. During that time he was involved in the Sixth Xhosa War in South Africa, the Oriental Crisis in Syria, suppression of piracy in the China Sea and the war in the Crimea.”

Lines from My Log Books  Edinburgh, David Douglas, 1898.


HAYDON, Mary Cawrse [Mrs.] (d.1854)  wife of B.R.Haydon

August 1834

An anguished diary note of her misery at her husband's infatuation with Caroline Norton.

In a footnote to page 219 of Volume IV of  The Diary of Benjamin Robert Haydon  edited by Willard Bissell Pope. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, five volumes, 1960-1963.


HECTOR, James [Sir] (1834-1907)  Scottish geologist and surgeon - E

Dates unknown

James Hector: Explorer  Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, 1983, is eported to contain diary material.


HENTY Edward (1810-1878)  pioneer, first permanent settler in Victoria, Australia - E

From 1834?

In  The Hentys: An Australian Colonial Tapestry  by Marnie Bassett. London, Oxford University Press, 1954.


HEYWOOD, Robert  - of The Pike, Bolton, Lancashire - A271,M2444

May to October 1834

Matthews: Travel diary; voyage from Liverpool to New York; tour by stage and steamer; New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Maysville, Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Erie, Buffalo, Niagara, Montreal, Quebec, Albany, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Liverpool; sightseeing, descriptions of eminent persons, scenery, taverns, costs, customs, etc.; full entries; an interesting diary.

A Journey to America in 1834  Cambridge, England, 1919, 112pp.


HURST, John Fletcher (1834-1903)  American Methodist Episcopal bishop - e

Dates unknown

John Fletcher hurst: A Biography  by Albert Osborn, New York, Eaton and mains, 1905, is reported to contain diary material.


INCHES, James - A271


Travel diary. Not seen.

Journal of an Excursion in the Year 1834  1835.


INGALLS, Charles Francis  - of Abington, Connecticut, and Lee County, Illinois - A271,M2445

April to May 1834

Matthews: Travel diary; Abington, Connecticut, to Buffalo, Erie, Detroit, Chicago; statistical.

In  Illinois Historical Society Journal  XVIII, Part I, 1925, pp 417-420.


JARRETT, David  - of Upper Providence, Pennsylvania - A271,M2446

May to June 1834

Matthews: Travel diary; overland trip to the West, with a party from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; Ohio and Virginia; notes on distances, towns, character of roads, country, inns; at Richmond, Somerset, Wheeling, Shippensburg, Carlisle, etc.

In  Montgomery County Historical Society Sketches  VI, 1929, pp 121-136.

JENKINS, [Miss] (1814?-1862)  maiden lady - B230

1834 to 1851

The diary is quoted extensively in linking the correspondence from, and occasionally to, the Duke of Wellington entailed by her failed attempts to bring about his religious conversion; a record of religious obsession. A strange and interesting episode in which the Duke wrote no less than three hundred and ninety letters to Miss Jenkins.

1. - The Letters of the Duke of Wellington to Miss J.  edited by Christine Terhune Herrick. London, T.Fisher Unwin, 1890. There was another edition in 1924.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (2), pp 219-225.


KEMPER, Jackson (1789-1870)  born at Pleasant Valley, New York, Protestant Episcopal bishop of Wisconsin - A272,M2447

a) - 1834

Matthews: Travel journal; trip of inspection to Green Bay mission, Wisconsin; very detailed and extensive entries; religious, personal, society, education, scenery, Indians; very interesting.

In  Wisconsin Historical Collections  XIV, 1898, pp 394-449.

b) - July to August 1838

Matthews: Travel journal; trip in Wisconsin, from Dubuque to Fond du Lac; first visitation of Wisconsin.

In  Wisconsin Magazine of History   VIII, (1924-1925), pp 423-445.

c) - January 1841 to June 1859

Matthews: Diocesan journal (with gaps); notes on his diocesan work.

Nashotah Scoliast  I, (1883-1884), Nos. 1-8.

d) - 1843

Matthews: Travel journal; visit to Minnesota; with extracts from his letters.

In  Minnesota History  VII, 1926, pp 264-273.

e) - 1856

Matthews: Diocesan journal; visitation of Nebraska and Kansas; notes of visits, and brief comments.

In  Protestant Episcopal Church Historical Magazine  IV, pp 231-234.


KENDRICKEN, Paul Henry (b.1834) - E

Dates unknown  

Memoirs of Paul Henry Kendricken  privately printed, Boston, 1910, is reported to contain diary material.


KENNEDY, Alexander - A272,M2448

May to June 1834

Matthews: Fur trader's journal (fragment); journal kept at Fort Clark, Missouri, among Mandan Indians; little except weather notes.

In  Chardon's Journal at Fort Clark  edited by A.H.Abel. Pierre, South Dakota, 1932, Appendix A, pp 323-330.


KERR, J. [The Rev.] - A272,M2449

May to August 1834

Matthews: Missionary journal; brief notes of work among the Shawnee Indians.

In  Christian Advocate  (Philadelphia) XII, 1834, pp 517-519.


LAING, Samuel (1780-1868)  traveller - B230

a) - July 1834 to April 1836

Matthews: Travel diary; travel and residence in Norway; notes on social and economic life of the country; informative.

Journal of a Residence in Norway  London, 1837.

b) - 1838

A Tour in Sweden in 1838  London, Longman, 1839, is reported to contain diary material.


LATROBE, John H.B. (1803-1891) - E


Southern Travels: Journal of John H.B.Latrobe, 1834  edited by Samuel Wilson Jr. Historic New orleans Collection, 1986.


LHOTSKY, John [Dr.] (1795-1866)  Austrian naturalist and artist - E

February and March, 1834

“Lhotsky was commissioned, by Ludwig I of Bavaria, to explore and describe the 'new world', spending eighteen months in Brazil before travelling to Australia.”

A Journey from Sydney to the Australian Alps  edited by Alan E.J.Andrews, Hobart, Blubber Head Press, 1979, 500 copies.


LUBBOCK, John, Sir (First Baron Avebury) (1834-1913)  politician and polymath - E

Dates unknown

Ants, Bees and Wasps: A Record of Observations on the Habits of the Social Hymenoptera  London, Kegan Paul, 1882, is reported to contain diary material.


MAGEE, James Francis (1834-1903) - E

Dates unknown

An American Student Abroad; from the letters of James F.Magee  Philadelphia, Magee Press, 1932, is reported to contain diary material.


MAVERICK, Mary Ann Adams (1818-1898)  wife of Samuel Augustus Maverick (qv) - E

From 1830’s?

“Mary Adams Maverick came to Texas less than two years after the fall of the Alamo. In her diary she recorded her eyewitness views of the tumultuous decades that followed. She also described the joys and heartbreaks of raising a growing family in the uncertain shadow of Indian raids, military invasions and deadly diseases…”

Memoirs of Mary A.Maverick: A Journal of Early Texas  San Antonio, 1921; re-edited, University of Nebraska Press, 1989.


MAVERICK, Samuel Augustus (1803-1870)  - *M2450,H611, E

Samuel Maverick, Texan: 1803-1870; a collection of letters, journals, and memoirs  edited by Mary Rowena Green. Privately printed, San Antonio, 1952.

Note:  Notes on the storming of Bexar in the close of 1835, written by Samuel Augustus Maverick, who spent part of that time in the town of Bexar, being detained by the Mexicans; and part in action against the Mexicans.  edited and privately published by Frederick C. Chabot, San Antonio, 1942, has not been seen but may contain diary material.


MELVILLE, Gansevoort - *H587,*M2451,E

a) - 1834

An Albany Journal  in  Boston Public Library Quarterly  October, 1950.

b) - 1846

Gansevoort Melville's London Journal  edited by Herschel Parker. New York Public Library, 1966.

MORGAN, James [The Rev.] (1799-1873)  of Belfast - B230

January 1834 to July 1873

Matthews: Religious diary; weekly entries; his religious life and work in the Established Church; notes on public affairs and politics in the north of Ireland; his reading and some private matters.

Recollections of My Life and Times  Belfast, 1874. Passim.


MORRIS, Albert Ferdinand - E

From 1834

The Journal of a “Crazy Man”: Travel and Scenes in California from the Year 1834 to the American Conquest: The Narrative of Albert Ferdinand Morris  in California Historical Quarterly  June and September, 1936.

MURRAY, Charles Augustus [Sir] (1806-1895)  diplomat - B237

a) - 1834 to 1836

Travels in North America, during the years 1834, 1835 & 1836. Including a summer residence with the Pawnee Tribe of Indians, in the remote prairies of Missouri, and a visit to Cuba and the Azore Islands  London, Bentley, two volumes, 1839, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - September 1837 and January 1855 to December 1859

Matthews: Diplomatic diaries; first describes Victoria as girl-queen at Windsor; second describes his mission to Persia, with social, travel, and topographical notes.

Selections from the Writings of Sir Charles Augustus Murray  edited by Edith Murray. Edinburgh, 1900, Volume I.

OWEN, Caroline [Mrs.] (d.1873) - B230

January 1834 to 1873

Matthews: Social diary (extracts); her social and domestic life with her scientist husband; her husband's work and activities; visits from Darwin, Carlyle, Dickens, Tennyson; interesting for place of the scientist in the social life of the period and for its details of eminent Victorians.

Life of Sir Richard Owen  by Richard Owen. London, two volumes, 1894. Passim.

OWEN, Richard [Sir] (1804-1892)  professor of anatomy - B231

1834 to 1873

Matthews: Scientific diary (scattered quotations mixed with quotations from his wife's diary); much about geology and palaeontology.

Life of Sir Richard Owen  by Richard Owen. New York, two volumes, 1894.


POPE, William (1811-1902)  English Canadian sportsman and painter - *H588,*C97,E

From 1834

The 19th. Century Journals and Paintings of William Pope  edited by Harry B.Barrett. Toronto, M.Feheley, 1976, 175 pp.

Note: James Cummings (9924) has  Diary  1906, which may possibly be by this James Pope.


POTTINGER, Henry [Sir, third baronet] (1834-1909) - E

Dates unknown

“Hunting, fishing and rambling principally in Scandinavia.”

Flood, Fell and Forest  London, Edward Arnold, two volumes, 1905, is reported to contain diary material.


PRESTON, William [Mrs.]  - of Virginia - A272,M2452

May 1834 to March 1838

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); notes on eminent men, Calhoun, Webster, et al.

In  The Land We Love  (Charlotte, North Carolina) III, 1867, pp 334-336, 419-422 and 512-514; IV, 1868, pp 402-404; and V, 1869, pp 119-122.


QUARTER, William [Bishop] (1806-1848)  first Catholic Bishop of Chicago - E

From 1834?

In   The History of the Parishes of the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois  by Cornelius J.Kirkfleet. Chicago, John Anderson, 1924.



1834 to 1846

“Much of the diary concerns Ransford's years of residence in Western Ontario (1834-46) and with trips here before and after that. He discusses many of the difficulties faced by settlers in the Huron Tract at this time, especially farming and travel.”

In  Dates and Events Connected with My Family  by Henry Ransford. London, Ontario, University of Western Ontario, Lawson memorial library, 1959.


RENDEL, Stuart, first Baron Rendel (1834-1819) British industrialist, philanthropist and Liberal politicianE

Dates unknown

The Personal Papers of Lord Rendel: containing his unpublished conversations with Mr. Gladstone (1888 to 1898) and other famous statesmen; selections from letters and papers reflecting the thought and manners of the period; and intimate pictures of Parliament, politics, and society  edited by F.E.Harmer, London, Benn, 1931, is reported to contain diary material.


RUSSELL, Osborne (1814-1865?)  of Maine, employee of Northwest Company - A272,M2453,E

April 1834 to June 1843

Matthews: Fur trapper's journal; in the Rocky Mountains; mainly in Yellowstone country, Snake Valley, Great Salt Lake, Green River; among Crow and Blackfeet Indians; meeting with Oregon missionaries; good narrative of his experiences and details of a trapper's life and Indians.

1. - Journal of a Trapper   edited by L.A.York. Boise, Idaho, 1914, 105 pp.; edited by Aubrey Haines, Oregon Historical Society, 1955.

2. - Extracts in  Where Rolls the Oregon  edited by A.B.Hulbert, Denver, 1933, pp 177-219.


SAND, George (Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, Baronne Dudevant) (1804-1876) - H589

November 1834 to January 1840, final comment September 1868, there are irregular notes on other dates.

From the dust wrapper of the 1929 edition: 'Three documents of the deepest interest to students of abnormal psychology and of literature have remained in the family of George Sand since her death in 1876. On the authority of her grand-daughter they are now for the first time published to the world. The documents are the tragic journal in the form of letters addressed to her lover, Alfred de Musset; her imaginary conversations with Dr.Piffoel who represented the masculine side of her character, and with whom she was frequently at odds; and the scrapbook in which she recorded intimate incidents, correspondence, confessions of her shortcomings, fears and desires. The final entry made shortly before her death is singularly moving.'

1. - The Intimate Journal of George Sand  translated by Mary Jenny Howe. London, Williams and Norgate, 1929.

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 143-146; and Moffat & Painter, pp 79-85.


SHEPARD, Cyrus (1798-1840) - E

March 4th. 1834 to December 20th. 1835

Diary of Cyrus Shepard, March 4, 1834 - December 20, 1835  compiled by Gerry Gilman, Vancouver, Washington, Clark county Genealogical society, 1986.

Note (1): James Cummings (11207) has SHEPHERD, Cyrus  Journal  Auburn, New York, 1851, which has not been traced but may be an early publication of this diarist.

Note(2): The first chapter of  Wild Life in Oregon  by Gustavus Hines (qv), New York, Hurst, 1881,  "has been drawn… principally from the short notes of the Rev. Jason Lee (qv), and the Journal of the late Cyrus Shepherd", who is probably this diarist.


SHIPLEY, John - *M2454,E

1. - In  The Nation's Business  XI.

2. - James Cummings (11245) has  Diary  in  Delaware History  October, 1974.


SIMS, Edward Dromgoole (1805-1845) - *H590,E

June 17- August 2, 1834

The Diary of Edward Dromgoole Sims  in  The John Branch Historical Papers of Randolph-Macon College Volume III, December, 1954.


SISE, Charles Fleetwood (1834-1918) - E

Dates Unknown

Log of a Voyage round the World  in  Charles Fleetwood Sise, 1834-1918; A Biography  by R.C.Fetherstonhaugh. Montreal, 1944.


SMITH, Andrew [Sir] (1797-1872) - E

1834 to 1836

1. - The Diary of Dr. Andrew Smith, Director of the "Expedition for Exploring Central Africa", 1834-1836  edited by Percival R.Kirby. Cape Town, The Van Riebeeck Society, 1939.

2. - Andrew Smith's Journal of His Expedition into the Interior of South Africa, 1834-6  edited by William F.Lye. Cape Town, Balkema for the South African museum, 1975.


SMITH, Joseph (1805-1844)  founder of Mormonism - *M2455,E

a) - 1832 to 1834

1. - In  History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints  Salt Lake City, six volumes, 1902-1912.

Note: Davis Bitton, in his Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies (qv) states that: "Under the direction of  Joseph Smith and other Church leaders, the history was compiled by clerks and historians between 1839 and 1856. While the content of the diaries has, in most cases, been carefully incorporated into the history, it is essential to check the diaries in critical matters. Practically all of Joseph Smith's communications were dictated to scribes. Of some five thousand extant pages authored by him fewer than seventy-five are in his own hand."

2. - In  The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith  by Dean C. Jessee. Deseret Books, revised edition, 2002.

3. - The Journal of Joseph (Smith): The Personal Diary of a Modern Prophet  compiled by Nelson, Leland. Mapleton, Utah Council Press 1980.

4. - An American Prophet's Record: The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith  edited by Scott H.Faulring. Salt Lake City, Signature Books, 1989.    

5. - The Papers of Joseph Smith-Volume 1: Autobiographical and Historical Writings  and  Volume 2: Journal, 1832-1842  edited by Dean C. Jessee. Deseret Books, 1989 and 1992.

b) - 1838

Extract From the Private Journal of Joseph Smith Jr.  in  Times and Seasons  I, November, 1839, pp 2-9. -


SPURGEON, Charles Haddon (1834-1892)  British Baptist preacher - E

Dates Unknown

In  The Autobiography of Charles H.Spurgeon  compiled from his diary, letters and records by his wife and his private secretary. London, Passmore and Alabaster, four volumes, 1897.


STEPHENS, Alexander Hamilton (1812-1883)  Vice President of the Confederacy

-  - *H591,*M2456,*M4829,E

a) - 1834 to 1837

Alexander H. Stephens’s Diary, 1834-1837  edited by James Z. Rabun in  Georgia Historical Quarterly  Volume 36, 1952, pp 71-96 and 163-189.

b) - May 11th. to October 26th. 1865

Prison diary; full and discursive entries; retrospective account of his arrest in Georgia and the journey north; a not uncomfortable life in prison; food, health, accommodation; fellow prisoners and Union officers; reading, reminiscences and reflections; release and return home.  

1. - Recollections of Alexander H. Stephens: His Diary Kept When Prisoners at Fort Warren, Boston Harbour, 1865; Giving Incidents and Reflections of His Prison Life and Some Letters and Reminiscences  Edited by Myrta Lockett Avary. New York, Doubleday, Page, 1910 and New York, Da Capo, 1971.

2. - Prison Life of Vice President Stephens  in  Confederate Veteran  XIV, 1906, pp 169-173.


TOWNSEND, John Kirk (1809-1851)  of Philadelphia, physician and naturalist - A272,M2457

July to September 1834

Matthews: Travel journal; with party led by Nuttall across the Rockies to the headwaters of the Columbia River.

Extracts in  Waldie's Select Circulating Library  Part II, 1835, pp 427-432; reprinted in  The Call of the Columbia  edited by A.B.Hulbert, Denver, 1934.

Note: This journal was the basis for the first part of Townsend's  Narrative of a Journey across the Rocky Mountains  Philadelphia, 1839, the rest being an account of a journey to the Sandwich Islands and South America. The  Narrative  was reprinted with a few changes as  Sporting Excursions to the Rocky Mountains  London, 1840. The Western American portion of the Philadelphia edition is reprinted in  Early Western Travels  edited by R.G.Thwaites, Cleveland, 1905, XXI, pp 107-369.


UNDERWOOD, Ammon (1810-1887)  of Columbia, Texas, merchant and legislator - A273,M2458

January 1834 to February 1838

Matthews: Private diary; voyage from Boston to Texas; social, political, and business life in Texas; Texas-Mexican War; Texas Republic; interesting spellings, especially of Spanish names.

In  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  XXXII, (1928-1929), pp 124-151.


WARD, Henry Augustus (1834-  scientist and explorer of Rochester, New York - E

a) - Dates unknown

Henry A.Ward: Museum Builder to America  in  The Rochester Historical Society Publications  XXIV, 1948.

b) - 1955

Trip to Syria, 1855  in  University of Rochester Library Bulletin  Spring, 1958.


WELCHMAN, Arthur Pendry (b.1834)  Mormon

Dates unknown

James Cummings (13092) has  Journal  Salt Lake City, 1969.

01/02/03 - WHEELOCK, Thompson B. [Lieut.]  - of U.S. Dragoons - *H592,A273,*M2460,E

June to August 1834

Matthews: Exploration journal; Dodge's expedition from Fort Gibson to the Pawnee Pict village, Toyash village; council with Indians.

1. - In  Senate Executive Document  No 1, 23rd. Congress, second session, 1834, pp 73-93.

2. - In  American State Papers, Military Affairs  V, pp 373-382.

3. - Journal of Colonel Dodge's Expedition from Fort Gibson to the Pawnee Pict Village  in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  1950.

WICKSTEED, Charles [The Rev.] (1810-1885)  of Leeds - B231

December 1834 to February 1852

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); details of his work and parish affairs as Unitarian minister in Leeds; liberal politics and Reform movement.

Memorials of Rev. Charles Wicksteed  by Philip Henry Wicksteed. London, 1886, pp 112-135.



ANONYMOUS, Officer of the Viewforth of Kirkcaldy - E


“1835 was one of the most disastrous of all whaling seasons, describes events of Jane of Hull & wreck of Middleton of Aberdeen.”

Sufferings of the Ice-Bound Whalers: Containing Extracts from a Journal taken on the Spot by an Officer of the Viewforth of Kirkcaldy  1836, reprinted 1977.


ABBOTT, Lyman (1835-1922)  American clergyman - E

Dates unknown.

European travel.

Impressions of a Careless Traveller  New York, Outlook, 1909.

ALLEN, Hannah S. (1813-1880)  of Clapton - B231

April 1835 to September 1849

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); Quaker religious life and sentiment at Ipswich; introspection; marriage and domestic life in London.

A Beloved Mother  by her daughter. London, 1884, pp 34-109. Passim.

ALLEN, John [Dr.] (1771-1843)  writer

February 6th. 1835 to October 21st. 1840

Exclusively political, used to provide continuity to the diaries of the third Lord Holland (qv).

The Holland House Diaries 1831-1840; The Diary of Henry Richard Vassall Fox, third Lord Holland, with extracts from the Diary of Dr John Allen  edited by Abraham D.Kriegel. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977, pp 279-284, 373, 375-376, 383-387 and 422.


ALLING, Prudden (1809-1879)  of Norwark, Ohio - A273,M2461

May to June 1835

Matthews: Travel diary (incomplete); trip from Norwark to Chicago; adventures with a coach from Detroit, Ypsilanti, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Ottawa, Illinois; comments on trade, prospects, unusual events, land values in Chicago; fair interest.

In  The Firelands Pioneer  (Norwalk, Ohio) New Series, XX, 1918, pp 2016-2024.


BARNARD, Joseph Henry - *H593,*M2462,E

1835 to 1836

Dr. J.H.Barnard’s Journal Giving and Account of fannin Masacre from December 1835 to March 27th. 1836   edited by Hobart Hu(d)son. Privately printed by the editor, 1950(?), 333 copies. Reissued, Goliad, Texas, J.A.White, 1965.


BASSETT, Hannah - *M2463,E

In  Memoir of Hannah Bassett, with Extracts from Her Diary  Lynn, Massachusetts, W. W. Kellogg, 1860.


BECKETT, Alfred - E

1835 to 1836

Log of the Brig Gleaner, 1835-1836  in  New England merchants in Africa: A History through Documents, 1802-1865  by Norman R.Bennett and George E.Brooks, Boston University Press, 1965.


BEDFORD, George [Lieutenant] - E

1835 to 1836

The Journal of Lieutenant George Bedford 1835-36; Surveying on the West Coast of Africa  edited by Matthew Sheldon in  The Naval Miscellany  Volume VII, The Navy Records Society, CLIII, 2008.


BOYNTON, Lucien C. (1811-1886)  of Boston, teacher and lawyer - A273,M2464

November 1835 to June 1853

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); lively notes on his education, reading, love affairs, American life; honest and observant appraisal of American life from Boston to Richmond.

In  American Antiquarian Society Proceedings  New Series, XLIII, 1933, pp 329-380.


BRADLEY, Cyrus Parker (1818-1838)  of Concord, New Hampshire - A273,M2465

June 1835

Matthews: Travel diary; college student's holiday tour in Ohio and Michigan; long entries at Ohio, Marietta, Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Chillicothe, Circleville, Columbus, Sandusky City, Lake Erie, Pontiac, Cleveland; a lively picture of social and political conditions and descriptions of scenery, people, towns, inns; humorous style.

In  Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society Quarterly  XV, 1906, pp 207-270.


BRIGHT, John (1811-1889)  orator and statesman - B236,E

August 22nd. 1835 to September 19th. 1887

Selected political diaries with some personal material; politics, religion, temperance; Parliament, colleagues, friends; Ireland, foreign affairs, Home Rule. An honest and important record by one of the first M.P.'s from the manufacturing classes.

1. - The Diaries of John Bright  edited by Philip Bright. London, 1930, New York, William Morrow, 1931.

2. - In  John Bright and the Quakers  by John Travis Mills. London, Methuen, two volumes, 1935.


BROOKS, Phillips (1835-1893)  American Episcopalian clergyman - E

Dates unknown

In  Life and Letters of Phillips Brooks  by Alexander Allen. Dutton, five volumes, 1901.


BROWN, George (1835-1917)  English Methodist missionary and ethnographer - E

Dates unknown

George Brown D.D., Pioneer Missionary and Explorer: An Autobiography: A Narrative of forty Eight Years Residence and Travel in Samoa, New Britain, New Ireland, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands  London, Charles H.Kelly, 1908, is reported to contain diary material.


BROWN, George S. (b.1801)  American missionary - E

From 1835?

Brown’s Abridged Journal, Containing a Brief Account of the Life, Trials and Travels of geo. S.Brown, Six Years a Missionary in Liberia, West Africa  Troy, New York, Prescott and Wilson, 1849.


BRUNSON, Alfred (1793-1886)  born at Danbury, Connecticut, of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin


September to December 1835

Matthews: Methodist travel journal; horseback tour from Meadville, Pennsylvania, to Wisconsin; religious comments, and general descriptions of country, etc.; fairly interesting.

In  Wisconsin Historical Collections  XV, 1900, pp 264-291.


BURTON, Sarah Fenn (1783-1838) - E


“… Nathan Burton, his wife Sarah Fenn Burton, and their children emigrated from Connecticut to Illinois along a well-traveled 2,200 mile route which featured the most modern transportation facilities at the time - steamboats and railroads to Philadelphia, the canals and railroads of the Pennsylvania Main Line system to Pittsburgh, and finally steamboats to St. Louis and Quincy.”

Sarah Fenn Burton’s Diary of a Journey to Illinois  in  Western Illinois Regional Studies  1981.


BUTLER, Samuel (1835-1902)  English novelist - E

a) - Dates unknown

1. - The Note-Books of Samuel Butler  London, Fifield, 1912.

2. - Further extracts fom the Note-Books of Samuel Butler  London, Jonathan Cape, 1934.

b) - 1859 to 1860 (?)

“… his arrival and his life as a sheep farmer on Mesopotamia Station …”

A First Year in Canterbury Settlement and Other Early Essays  London, Jonathan Cape,New York, Dutton, 1923. Another edition, Auckland, new Zealand, 1964.


CHAMPION, George - *H594,*M2467,E

1835 to 1839

Journal of the Rev. George Champion, American Missionary in Zululand 1835-9  edited by Alan R.Booth. Cape Town, C.Struik, 1967.

CLIVE, Caroline (Mrs. Archer Clive) (née Meysey-Wigley) (1801-1873)  author

Christmas 1835 to September 7th. 1847, a very few later entries

Private diary quoted with letters and her husband's diaries and letters. Courtship, a trip to France, marriage; her husband; parish and financial affairs; friends, social life, children; lively.

Caroline Clive; From the Diary and Family Papers of Mrs. Archer Clive  edited by Mary Clive. London, The Bodley Head, 1949. Passim.


CODMAN, John (1782-1847) - E

a) - 1835

“The object of his trip to England was to attend and describe a conference in London held in 1835 to explore the possibility of a union of the independent churches in England with the Congregational and Presbyterian churches of the United States. The first four chapters here are devoted to Codman's visit to Paris, and various parts of Italy.”

A Narrative of a Visit to England  Boston, 1836.

b) - Dates unknown

In  Memoir of John Codman D.D.  by William Allen, Boston, 1853.


COBDEN, Richard (1804-1865)  British statesman - *H595,*M2468,E

1835 and 1859

Travel diaries.

The American Diaries of Richard Cobden  edited by Elizabeth H.Cawley. Princeton University Press, 1952.

Note: See also  Life of Richard Cobden  by John Morley. Roberts Brothers, 1881.


COLTHURST, John Bowen - E

July 1835 to September 1838

The Colthurst Journal: Journal of a Special Magistrate in the Islands of Barbados and St. Vincent  edited by Woodville K.Marshall. Millwood, New York, KTO Press, 1977.

CONNAL, Michael [Sir] (1817-1893)  Glasgow merchant - B232

May 1835 to December 1892

Matthews: Public diary (extracts); his public life and public work in Glasgow; public events; social life; notes on his eminent visitors; travel in Scotland and England, with visits to London; his reading and acquaintance with Scottish scholars; religious life; the very readable record of a solid Scottish worthy.

Diary of Sir Michael Connal  edited by J.C.Gibson. Glasgow 1895.


CROWNINSHIELD, Clara - *H596,*M2469,E

1835 to 1836

The Diary of Clara Crowninshield: A European Tour with Longfellow, 1835-1836  edited by Andrew Hilen. Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1956.


CURTIN, Jeremiah (1835-1906)  American ethnographer - E

Dates unknown

Memoirs of Jeremiah Curtin  edited by Joseph Schafer, Historical society of Wisconsin, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: It has been suggested that Curtin’s memoirs were in fact written by his wife, Alma Cardell Curtin (qv).


DEAS, Edward [Lieut.] (b.1812?)  of South Carolina - A274,M2470

December 1835 to February 1836

Matthews: Official journal; account of occurrences during emigration of Creek Indians from Alabama to Arkansas; hardships, mishaps; fair reading, official style.

In  Journal of Southern History  VII, 1941, pp 225-242.


De la SAGRA, Ramon  - of Havana, botanist - A274,M2471

July to August 1835

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); in New York, West Point, Schenectady, Utica, Erie Canal, Rochester, Albany, Genesee; careful travel-book descriptions. Translated from the Spanish.

1. - In  New York History  XIX, 1938, pp 407-418.

2. - Further extracts, partially overlapping, in  Rochester Historical Society Publications  XVIII, 1940, pp 106-117.

De ROS, William Lennox Lascelles, twenty third Baron (1793-1874)  diplomat - B232

July 1835 to January 1836

Matthews: Diplomatic travel diary; with the Earl of Durham to the Black Sea and Crimea; official tour in light of Russian menace; descriptions of scenes; official and social life.

Journal of a Tour in the Principalities  London, 1855.


DEWDNEY, Edgar (1835-1916)  Canadian surveyor, road builder and politician - E

Dates unknown

Edgar Dewdney Diary  in  Alberta History  winter and spring, 1983.


ELDER, George  - officer of the Kirkcaldy whaler Viewforth - E

1835 to 1836

“In the autumn of 1835, eleven ships from British ports were beset in Davis Strait. A journal kept by William Elder, an officer of one of the unfortunate ships, the Kirkcaldy whaler Viewforth, was recently given to the Scott Polar Research Institute by Elder's great-niece, Mrs Ann M. E. Jackson. It was this journal that provided the inspiration and the quarry for a small book, now rare, edited by the Reverend J. Bain of Kirkcaldy (Bain, 1836). Elder's original journal (Elder, 1835–36) is here summarized to provide further detail of that harrowing winter, which, as Bain remarked, ‘will be long remembered as one of the most eventful and disastrous in the history of the Whale Fishery’.”

1. - The Drift of the Whaler Viewforth in Davis Strait, 1835-36, from William Elder’s Journal  in Polar Record  XIV, No.92, May, 1969, pp 581-591.

2. - Sufferings of the Ice-Bound Whalers; containing copious extracts from a journal taken on the spot by an officer of the Viewforth of Kirkaldy: and embracing full details of the Jane of Hull and the wreck of the Middleton of Aberdeen  edited by J.Bain, Edinburgh, 1836.

3. - The Grim Tyrant  in  Arctic Whalers; Icy Seas  by W.Ross, Toronto, 1985.


ELLIS, Charles - E


The Student Diary of Charles Ellis, Jr., March 10 – June 25 1835  in  The Magazine of Albemarle County History  XXXV and XXVI, 1977 and 1978.


ELY, Catherine (b.1818?)  wife of Edmund F.Ely (qv)

1835 to 1839

1. - Appendix B in  The Ojibwe Journals of Edmund F.Ely, 1833-1849  edited by Theresa M.Schenk, University of Nebraska, 2012.

2. - James Cummings (3899) has also  Diary  in  Minnesota History  September, 1927.

EWING, Alexander [The Rt. Rev.] (1814-1873)  Bishop of Argyll - B232

June 1835 to February 1856

Matthews: Clerical diary (extracts); his clerical work and religious life; church administration; theological problems; friendship with Jowett; domestic life; travel and ministry in Scotland.

Memoir of Rt. Rev. Alexander Ewing  by Alexander J.Ross. London, 1877, pp 27-279. Passim.


FAWKNER, John Pascoe - E

1835 to 1836

“[Fawkner] ...was one of the earliest settlers in Port Phillip Bay, he claimed many, many times that he founded Melbourne, and the clain merits serious consideration. The book contains his private journal of the days in 1835-6.”

Melbourne's Missing Chronicle. Being the Journal of Preparations for Departure to and Proceedings at Port Philip  edited by C.P. Billit, Melbourne, Quartet, 1982.

FLINT, Timothy [The Rev.] - E


Journal of The Rev. Timothy Flint, From the Red River to the Ouachitta or Washita in Louisiana in 1835  in  Waldie's Select Circulating Library  Part I, 1836, pp 284-288, triple columns. Philadelphia, 1836.


FOLGER, William C. - *H597,E

In  Historic Nantucket  VIII.


FORBES, James (1773-1861)  horticulturist - B232

August to October 1835

Matthews: Travel diary; visits to gardens and botanical collections in Germany, Belgium, and France; sponsored by Duke of Bedford.

Journal of a Horticultural Tour  London, 1837.

Note: James Cummings (4285) has  Journal  Macmillan, 1873, which may refer to this journal.


FORD, Lemuel [Capt.] (1788-1850)  of 1st. U.S. Dragoons - A274,*M2472,E

May to September 1835 and February 1836 to September 1837

Matthews: Military journals; first section includes Dodge's expedition to the Rocky Mountains, a 1,600 mile march through Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, with notes on Indians and traders; second section includes visits to his home in Indiana; Fort Leavenworth; recruiting service in Indiana; resignation from the army.

1. - In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XII, (1925-1926), pp 550-579.

2. - March of the First Dragoons to the Rocky Mountains in 1835: The Diaries and Maps of Lemuel Ford  edited by Nolie Mumey. Denver, Eames Brothers Press, 1957.

Note: Ford used this journal as the basis for his narrative  A Summer upon the Prairie, Army and Navy Chronicle  II and III, 1836, which is reprinted in  The Call of the Columbia  edited by A.B.Hulbert, Denver, 1934, pp 228-305.


FOUNTAIN, Sarah Jane Lide - *H598,E

In  The Lides Go South ... and West: The Record of a Planter Migration in 1835  edited by Fletcher Melvin Green. Columbia, University of South Carolina Press, 1952.


FOX, Caroline (1819-1871)  of Penjerrick, Cornwall - B232

March 19th. 1835 to March 5th. 1867

A pleasant, perceptive and interesting diary of her acquaintance with the Carlyles, Sterling, Mill, Tennyson, Wordsworth, etc.; occasional personal and religious affairs and her family; most personal matter was excised by the editor and the manuscript was later destroyed. Interspersed with letters.

1. - Memories of Old Friends  edited by Horace N.Pym. London, Smith Elder, 1882. The first edition is a single quarto volume, the second and subsequent editions appeared in two volumes, with the addition of letters from J.S.Mill to Barclay Fox.

2. - An accessible one volume selection is The Journals of Caroline Fox 1835-1871  edited by Wendy Monk. London, Elek, 1972.

3. - Extracts: Aitken (2), pp 156-160; and Ponsonby (1), pp 300-305.


FRAME, Nathan T. (1835-1914) and Esther, G. (1840-1920)  Quakers - E

Dates unknown

Reminiscences of Nathan T.Frame and Esther G.Frame  privately printed, 1907, is reported to contain diary material.




The Narrative of an Expedition to the Head of the Derwent and to the Countries Bordering on the Huon in 1835  Adelaide, Sullivan’s Cove, 1983, 48pp, 155 copies.


GAGE, John (1802-1890)  of Litchfield and Watertown, New York - A274,M2473

April 1835 to May 1836

Matthews: Travel diary; tour in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Michigan; visits to principal towns, smelting works, the new industrial scene; social descriptions in Washington, Baltimore, and Chicago; building flour mill at Chicago; an interesting diary.

In  Vineland Historical Magazine  IX, 1924, pp 177-183, 188-191 and 216-220; and X, 1925, pp 29-31, 47-51, 66-68 and 229-232.


GANTT, Daniel - *H600,E

From 1835

Chief Justice Daniel Gantt  in  Nebraska History  1980.


GARDINER, Allen Francis (1794-1851)  British naval officer and missionary to Patagonia - E

a) - 1835

Narrative of a Journey to the Zoolu Country in South Africa, by Captain Allen F.Gardiner, R.N., Undertaken in 1835  New York, 1836, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - Dates unknown

The Story of Commander Allen Gardiner R.N.: With Sketches of His Missionary Work in South America  James Nisbet, 1867.


GASKELL, Elizabeth Cleghorn (1810-1865)  novelist - B232

March 1835 to October 1838

Long entries, at intervals, recording the infancy of her daughter Marianne, her first child; the child's physical and mental development; the mother's love, hopes and fears; domestic affairs; also some notes about her second daughter, Margaret Emily.

1. - "My Diary": The Early Years of My Daughter Marianne  privately printed, 1923.

2. - A new edition in  Private Voices: The Private Diaries of Elizabeth Gaskell and Sophia Holland  edited by J.A.V.Chapple, Keele University Press, 1996. See also  HOLLAND, Sophia Isaac, Gaskell’s first cousin and future mother-in-law of Marianne.

3. -  Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 315-325.


GILES, Chauncey - *H601,E

From 1835

The Life of Chauncey Giles as Told in His Diary and Correspondence  edited by Carrie Giles Carter. Boston, New Church Union, 1920.


GORDON, John Montgomery - *H602,*M2474,E

a)  - 1835

A Virginian and His Baltimore Diary  in  Maryland Historical Magazine  September, 1954.

b) - 1836

In  The Michigan Land Rush in 1836  in  Michigan History  LXIII, 1959.


GRAHAM, Reginald [Sir] (1835-1920) - E

Dates unknown

In  Fox-Hunting Recollections  London, Eveleigh Nash, 1908.


GRAHAM, Robert - E

1835 to 1838

“Three visits to Ireland by this Scot provide informed commentary on agricultural practices, physical phenomena, architecture, scenery, local administration, and popular customs of the country.”

A Scottish Whig in Ireland, 1835-1838: The Irish journals of Robert Graham of Redgorton  Dublin, National Library of Ireland, 1999.


GRANT, Asahel (1807-1844)  American missionary in Iran - e

From 1835?

“In 1835 he went as a missionary with the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to Iran. He settled at Urmia and worked among the Nestorians there and elsewhere in western Asia. He died in Mosul in the Ottoman Empire. He was a daring adventurer throughout the Middle East, but had little success in converting the fierce Nestorians, whom he considered among the ten lost tribes of Israel.”

The Nestorians: or The Lost Tribes; containing evidence of their identity; an account of their manners, customs and ceremonies; together with sketches of travel in ancient Assyria, Armenia, Media and Mesopotamia and illustrations of scripture prophecy  London, John Murray, 1841.


GRAY, William Fairfax (1787-1841) - *H603,*M2475,E

1835 to 1838

1. - Diary of Col. William Fairfax Gray: Giving Details of His Journey to Texas and Return in 1835-36 and Second Journey to Texas in 1837  Houston, Fletcher Young, 1965. (First published Houston, Gray, Dillaye and Co., 1909).

2. - The Diary of William Fairfax Gray: From Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837  edited by Paul Lack. Dallas, Southern Methodist University, 1997, limited to 500 copies.


GRIFFITH, William (1810-1845)  botanist - D124

1835 to 1840

Matthews: Diary; observations of a scientist in Assam, Burma, Afghanistan; natural history; tea planting.

1. -  Posthumous Papers  edited by Dr. MacClelland. Calcutta, 1847-8, Volume I.

2. - Travels in Assam, Burma, Butan, Afghanistan and the Neighbouring Countries  Delhi, 1982, the 1847 edition reprinted.


GUSTORF, Frederick Julius (1800-1845)  German in United States - H604,M2476

May 9th. 1835 to September 9th. 1836

Diary of a trip from Philadelphia to the Western States and a stay in the German Colonies in Illinois and Missouri with a view to settlement. Interesting details and descriptions of the lives and characters of the colonists; scathing comment.

1. - The Uncorrupted Heart; Journal and Letters of Frederick Julius Gustorf  edited by Fred Gustorf. Columbia, University of Missouri Press, 1969.

2. - Extracts in  Illinois Historical Society Journal  LV, 1962.

01/02/03 - HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel (1804-1864)  American novelist - *H1069,A280,B261,*M2477,E

a) - 1835 to 1841

Hawthorne’s Lost Notebook, 1835-1841  The Pennsylvania State university Press, 1978, 86pp.

b ) - July 1837 to June 1853

Matthews: Travel journals and notebooks; primarily observations of New England life; "a repository not only of seminal ideas for stories, but also of descriptions of actual places, persons, and incidents" (Stewart); indispensable to an understanding of Hawthorne's literary method.

The American Notebooks  edited by Randall Stewart. New Haven, 1932, 350 pp.

c ) - August 1853 to May 1860

Matthews: Travel journals and notebooks; England, France, Italy; careful descriptive notes and observations; "sketches of places and men and manners, many of which would doubtless be very delightful to the public" (Hawthorne).

Matthews (on the English Section):  Literary diary; his consular work in Liverpool; trips into Scotland, Lake District, etc.; careful descriptive notes and observations; sketches of places and men and manners; literary life.

1. - English Note-Books  (with  Our Old Home)  and  French and Italian Notebooks  forming Volumes VII, VIII, and X of the Riverside Edition of Hawthorne's works (Boston 1883); Mrs. Hawthorne's bowdlerised version of the English journal (1853-1857), however, is replaced by  The English Note-Books  edited by Randall Stewart. New York, 1941; reprinted New York, Russell and Russell, 1962.

2. - Extracts: Grigson, passim.

d ) - 1858

Hawthorne’s Italian Diary  in  American Literature  XXIV, no. 4, January, 1963, pp 562-567.

e ) - Matthews: An early undated diary referring to boyhood in Maine, adventures, games, reading, etc., was published as  Hawthorne's First Diary  edited by S.T.Pickard, Boston 1897, pp 49-99; the authenticity of this is accepted by Austin Warren  (Nathaniel Hawthorne  New York, 1934, p 76). Reprinted New York, Haskell House, 1972. Extracts: Berger (2), pp 154-184.

f ) - Matthews: A selection from the journals is  The Heart of Hawthorne's Journals  edited by Newton Arvin, Boston, 1929, of which the text is not reliable.

g ) - Discussion: Kagle (3), pp 68-82.

h ) - The diaries are in  The Centenary Edition of the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne  Volume VIII, edited by Claude M.Simpson and Volume XIV edited by Thomas Woodson. Columbus, Ohio State University Press, 1972 and 1980.

Note: James Cummings has also:

1. - (5576)  Passages from the French and Italian Note-Books  Houghton, 1884.

2. - (5578)  Passages from the American Note-Books  Ticknor, two volumes, 1868.

3. - (5580)  Passages from the English Note-Books  Boston, two volumes, 1870.

HOLGATE, William C. - *H605,E


Maumee River 1835: With the William C.Holgate Journal  edited by Lois A.Simonis. Defiance, Defiance County Historical Society, 1988. First published 1979.


HOLLEY, Mary Austin - *H606,*M2478,E

From 1835

Mary Austin Holley  University of Texas, 1965.


HOPKINS, Louisa [Mrs.] (1812-1862)  of Portland, Maine, teacher (sister to Elizabeth Prentiss (qv))


November 18th. 1835 to January 7th. 1840

A few widely spaced extracts from her private diary; literary notes, reading and religion; Dana and Emerson.

In  The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss  by George L.Prentiss. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1884 (New York, 1882) pp 203-206.

HOPKIRK, James - C580


Matthews: Travel diary; experiences crossing the Atlantic, from Glasgow to New York; then to Hamilton, Ontario; his service with the government.

Account and quotations in  Queen's Quarterly  XLII, 1935, pp 55-67.


JACKSON, Thomas Graham [Sir] (1835-1924)  English architect - E

Dates unknown

Recollections of Sir Thomas Graham Jackso: The Life and Travels of a Victorian Architect  Oxford, 1950, is reported to contain diary material.


JAMES, Joshua - *M2480,E

A Journal of a Tour in Texas; with observations, &c., by the agents of the Wilmington emigrating society  Wilmington?, North Carolina, T. Loring, 1835.


JOHNSON, William (1809-1851)  free Negro - H607,M2481

1835 to 1851

Personal and business diary of a free Negro slave owner, the prosperous proprietor of a barber shop in Natchez; local affairs; business transactions; fights and violence; generally short but graphic entries; an excellent and interesting diary. Johnson was murdered in 1851 as the result of a quarrel over a land boundary.

1. - William Johnson's Natchez: The Ante-Bellum Diary of a Free Negro  edited by Ransom Hogan and Edwin Adams Davis. Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press, 1951. Reprinted Port Washington, Kennikat, 1968.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 185-190.


JOY, Samuel (1784-1843)  whaling captain - E

1835 to 1838

Journal of the captain of a Nantucket whaler. “… a remarkable picture of the duties and responsibilities of a whaling captain, and, as well, Samuel Joy's worries and distress as events unfolded on a voyage that he hoped would be successful enough to free him from the necessity of ever making another whaling cruise.”

James Cummings (6741) has  Journal of the American Whaler Mary Mitchell  Auckland, 1975.

01/02/03 - KIERKEGAARD, Søren (1813-1855)  Danish philosopher and religious thinker - H608,E

1835 to 1855

Personal journal; his thoughts and musings; philosophy, science and Christianity; some personal matters.

1. - Diary of a Seducer  Ithaca, New York, 1932. As  The Seducer's Diary  Princeton university Press, 1997. This is a chapter from Kierkegaard's  Either/Or,  dealing with his failed relationship with Regine Olsen and is not strictly a diary.

2. - The Journals of Søren Kierkegaard: A Selection  edited and translated by Alexander Dru. London, Oxford University Press, 1938, reprinted 1951.

3. - The Journals of Kierkegaard  an abridgement of the 1938 edition, New York, Harper and Row, 1959.

4. - The Diary of Søren Kierkegaard  translated by Gerda M.Andersen, edited by Peter P.Rhode. London, Peter Owen, 1961. Extracts given by year and arranged in themes.

5. - The Last Years: Journals 1853-1855  edited and translated by Ronald Gregor Smith. London, Collins, 1965.

6. - Søren Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers  edited by H.V. and E.H.Hong. Indiana Universiy Press, seven volumes, 1967-1978. this is the nearest approach to the complete journals in English.


KING, Edward - E

1835 to 1844

The Journal and Letters of Edward King, 1835-1844  selected and edited by Ethel King Russell. Privately printed, New York, 1934.


KINGSBURY, Gaines Pease [Lieut.] - of U.S. Dragoons - A274,M2482

May to September 1835

Matthews: Military exploration journal; from Fort Leavenworth up the South Platte, Fountain Creek, Manitou, Bent's Fort, down Arkansas River, Santa Fe Trail, Fort Leavenworth; topographical details, etc.

Senate Executive Document  No. 209, 24th. Congress, first session, 1836.


KITE, James - *M2483,E

In  Friends' Historical Association Bulletin  XXXII.


KLINE, John - *M2484,E

In  Life and Labors of Elder John Kline: The Martyr Missionary  Brethren Publishing House, 1964, reprint of the 1900 edition.


KNIGHT, Hernry Gally (1786-1846)  architectural writer, of Yorkshire - E

a) - 1835?

An Architectural Tour in Normandy; With Some Remarks on Norman Architecture  London, John Murray, 1836, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1836?

The Normans in Sicily: Being A Sequel to "An Architectural Tour in Normandy"  London, john Murray, 1838, may also contain diary material.


LAMAR, Mirabeau Buonaparte - *H609,E

Texas Journal  in  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  October, 1980 and January, 1981.

LAYARD, Austen Henry [Sir] (1817-1894)  archaeologist - B232

1835 to 1850

Matthews (summary): Miscellaneous travel diaries in connection with the archaeology of Biblical sites. Used in his books:

1. - Early Adventures  London, 1887.

2. - Autobiography  London, 1903


LINCECUM, Gideon - *H610,*M2485,E


Journal of Lincecum's Travels  in  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  1949.


LINCOLN, William (1802-1843)  of Worcester, Massachusetts, lawyer - A274,M2486

November 1835 and January 1841

Matthews: Private diary; introspective observations, notes on politics; extracts to illustrate character.

In  American Antiquarian Society Proceedings  New Series, VII, (1890-1891), pp 434-435.


LYTTON, Rosina Bulwer, Baroness (1802-1882) - E

December13th. 1835 to March 1st. 1836

Journal kept while living apart from her abusive husband.

In  Life of Rosina, Lady Lytton, with numerous extracts from her ms. autobiography and other original documents, published in vindication of her memory  by Louisa Devey. London, Sonnenschein, 1887.


McPHAIL, Leonard [Dr.] (d.1867)  of Maryland, surgeon - A275,M2487

June to August 1835

Matthews: Surgeon's military journal; journey from Fort Gibson into the Indian country with the Dragoons; completion of treaty with Comanches and return.

In  Chronicles of Oklahoma  XVIII, 1940, pp 281-292

MARRYAT, Frederick [Capt.] (1792-1848)  novelist - B233

a) - April to July 1835

Matthews: Travel diary; travel notes in France, Germany, Switzerland; places and people.

Olla Podrida  London, 1840.

b) - April 1837 to November 1838

Travel diary in America, during which he became very unpopular for his critical comments and erratic behaviour; entries are almost devoid of dates but it is an excellent and detailed account of the life and country; social conditions; cities and scenery; people met and conversations.

Diary in America  edited by Jules Zanger. London, Nicholas Vane, 1960. The diary was first published in the first two volumes of  A Diary in America, with Remarks on its Institutions  London, six volumes, 1839.

MENDS, William Robert [Adml. Sir] (1812-1897) - B233

February 1835 to October 1855

Matthews: Naval diary; his career and personal life at sea; social life in Canada and Ireland; full treatment of naval affairs during Crimean War and siege of Sebastopol; long and full extracts; very useful.

Life of Admiral Sir William Robert Mends  by Bowen S.Mends. London, 1899. Passim.


MUGFORD, Sarah Smith (1807-1860) - E

March 1835 to January 1837

Journal entries recording her sufferings from a disease of the spine; cauterisation; fresh pains in her limbs; her faith.

In  Triumph in Trial: A Memorial of Sarah S.Mugford of Salem Mass.  By S.M.Worcester. Boston, 1862.


OFFLEY, Catharine van Renssalaer Heaton - E

May 1835

Travel journal; a trip from Trieste to Leghorn.

In  Diary of John Holmes Offley: An Account of His Voyage from New York to Trieste on the Ship "Prudence" from August 20th. to October 17th.1826; To Which Is Appended Additional Memoirs and Correspondence  edited by John Brokenbaugh Offley. Williamsburg, Virginia, privately printed, 1993, plastic spiral bound in stiff black wraps, limited to 20 copies.


OLIVER, Samuel R. - E

November 22nd. 1835 to April 21st. 1836

The Journal of Samuel R.Oliver during 1835 and 1836  Dartmouth College Library, 1972.


PAINE, Albert Ware (1812-1907)  of Bangor, Maine, lawyer - A275,M2488

August 1835 to June 1836

Matthews: Private diary; long, well-written notes; comments on slavery, French war, political news, Mexican War, Indian warfare in Southwest, Deposit Bill; public, personal, social life in Bangor; militia, theatres, clubs, Daniel Webster, temperance and church work; an interesting and useful diary.

In  The Discovery of a Grandmother  by Lydia A.Carter. Newtonville, Massachusetts, 1920, pp 202-244.


PARKER, Samuel [The Rev.] (1779-1866)  born at Ashfield, Massachusetts, Congregational missionary


March 1835 to May 1837

Matthews: Missionary journal; overland journey via St. Louis, Independence, Colorado, Columbia River, Fort Vancouver; notes on scenery, Nez Perce Indians, Indian vocabularies and notes on Indian life; return via Sandwich Islands. Parker was first American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions missionary to go to this area.

1. - Journal of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains  Ithaca, 1838, 371 pp.

2. - His report of this tour, which is more diaristic in style and content, is published in  Marcus Whitman, Crusader  edited by A.B. and D.P.Hulbert, Denver, 1936, Part I, pp 89-135.


PATTERSON, Robert [Gen.] (1792-1881)  of Philadelphia - A275,M2490

May to June 1835

Matthews: Travel diary; Philadelphia to the upper Mississippi; visit with Jackson to Washington's birthplace; to Monticello; travel on Mississippi; dignified observations.

In  Journal of American History  I, 1907, pp 653-668.


PHILPOTT, Henry Charles - E

July 20th. to August 4th. 1835

Travel journal; from Madresfield, near Malvern to Barmouth in a two wheeled gig; return to Pedmore, Worcestershire by a different route; a journey of 260 miles.

From Worcestershire to North Wales in a Gig: A Parson's Journal, 1835  edited by M. and J. Heighes. Malvern, Images, 1995, 95pp.


POOLE, Caroline B. (1802-1844)  of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Monroe, Louisiana - A275,M2491

August 1835 to May 1837

Matthews: Private diary; a Yankee schoolteacher in Louisiana; voyage from Boston to New Orleans; up the Mississippi, Red, and Black rivers; school work at Monroe; trip to Louisville in summer of 1836; school again; an effective picture of Yankee loneliness in the midst of Southern hospitality.

In  Louisiana Historical Quarterly  XX, 1937, pp 651-679.


PROCTER, Joseph  - of Willington Mill, Northumberland - E

1835 to 1847?

Diary of supernatural occurrences at Willington Mill.

1. - In  The Haunting of Willington Mill in  Poltergeists  by Sacheverell Sitwell, London, Faber, 1940.

2. - In  The haunting of Willington Mill: The Truth Behind England’s Most Enigmatic Ghost Story  by Michael J.Hallowell and Darren W.Ritson. History Publishing Group, 2011.


ROTHERY, George Alexander  - Supernumerary Lieutenant aboard the Challenger - E

May 4th. to July 1835

A full and interesting account of shipwreck and the aftermath.

A Diary of the Wreck of His Majesty's Ship Challenger, on the western coast of South America in May, 1835, with an account of the subsequent encampment of the officers and crew during a period of seven weeks on the south coast of Chili  London, Longman, 1836.

Note: The attribution of authorship to George Rothery is not undoubted.


SCHOMBURGK, Robert Hermann [Sir] (1804-1865) - E

The Guiana Travels of Robert Schomburgk 1835-1844  London: The Hakluyt Society, two volumes, 2006.

Note: James Cummings has:

1. - (10946)  Report of an Expedition into the Interior of British Guayana  in  Journal of the Royal Geographical Society  1836.

2. - (10947)  Diaries  in  Journal of the Royal Geographical Society  1837.


SHUCK, Henrietta (née Hall) [Mrs.] (1817-1844)  first American female missionary to China - E

From December 1835

Journal extracts, not exclusively religious.

In  Memoir of Mrs. Henrietta Shock, the First American Female Missionary to China  by J.B.Jeter. Boston, 1846.

SMITH, Charles Lesingham [The Rev.] (1806-1878)  of Christ's College, Cambridge - B233

August to September 1835 and July to September 1836

Matthews: Travel diaries; travels in the Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides; touristic descriptions and impressions of scenery and places.

Excursions through the Highlands  London, 1837.


SPENCER, Caroline - A275,M2493

July 1835

Matthews: Travel diary; trip to Niagara; a lively and interesting record.

In  Magazine of American History  XXII, pp 331-342.


STRONG, George Templeton (1820-1875)  New York lawyer - *H613,*M2494,*M3805,E

1835 to 1875

(Annotation based on a short extract from this immense diary)

Social and political affairs, gossipy and opinionated.

1. - Diary of George Templeton Strong  edited by Allan Nevins and Milton Halsey. New York, Macmillan, four volumes, 1952. Reprinted New York, Octagon, 1974.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 499-509.

3. - Discussion: Kagle (3), pp 125-129.

4. - The Diary of George Templeton Strong: The Civil War, 1860-1865  edited by Allan Nevins and Halsey Thomas Milton. This is a reprint of the civil war diary from Volume III of the four volume set. New York, Macmillan, 1962.

Note: See also   The Hone & Strong Diaries of Old Manhattan  edited by Louis Auchincloss. New York, Abbeville, 1989.

TANNER, William (1815-1866)  of Sidcot, Somerset - B233

February 1835 to December 1862

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); Quaker life and observance in Somerset; travel to Madeira, Norway; with travel notes and descriptions of Quaker life and work abroad; his work in the temperance and anti-slavery movements.

Memoir of William Tanner  edited by John Ford. London, 1868, pp 18-152.


THAXTER, Celia (1835-1894) - E

Dates Unknown

Appledore island, Maine.

An Island Garden  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1904, popular edition, and often reprinted, is reported to contain diary material.


TODD, Andrew - E


Discovery and exploration; Victoria, Australia.

Andrew alias William Todd (John Batman's recorder) and his Indented Head Journal, 1835  edited by Philip L.Brown. Geelong Historical Society, 1869.


TREVELYAN, Pauline Jermyn (née JERMYN) [Lady] (1816 -1866)  of Wallington, Northumberland, wife of Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan (qv).

From 1834

Some extracts from her private diaries, occasionally incorporated into the text; life at Wallington; marriage; travel and local events; her artistic interests; Ruskin and other members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

In  Lady Trevelyan and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood  by John Batchelor, London, Chatto and Windus, 2006. Passim.


WALLER, Henry - E


Narrative of a Journey through Kentucky and Tennessee  Louisville, Contre Coup Press, 1997, 100 copies.


WHITMAN, Marcus [The Rev.] (1802-1847)  born at Rushville, New York, missionary and doctor


May to October 1835

Matthews: Missionary travel journal; exploration with the Rev. Samuel Parker beyond the Rocky mountains; Liberty, Missouri, Bellevue, Nebraska, Fort Laramie, the old Oregon Trail; mostly religious and Indian notes.

1. - In  Oregon Historical Quarterly  XXVIII, 1927, pp 239-257.

2. - A slightly different text in  Marcus Whitman, Crusader  edited by A.B. and D.P.Hulbert, Denver, 1936, Part I, pp 146-165.


WILLIAMSON, John Gustavus Adolphus - *H614,E

1835 to 1840

Caracas Diary 1835-1840: The Journal of John G.Williamson, First Diplomatic Representative of the United States to Venezuela  edited by Jane Lucas De Grummond. Baton Rouge, Camellia Publishing, 1954, 750 copies.

WIX, Edward [The Rev.]  - of St. Johns - C1240

February to August 1835

Matthews: Missionary journal; work and travels in Newfoundland; life of the Indians; social life; a pleasant record.

Six Months of a Newfoundland Missionary's Journal  London, 1836.


WOODWORTH, Elihu [Deacon] - E

1835 to 1836

Personal diary of the Presbyterian minister at Grand Pre, Nova Scotia.

The Diary of Deacon Elihu Woodworth 1835-1836  edited by Watson Kirkconnell. Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Wolfville Historical Society, 1972, 44 pp.



ADAMSON, Sarah Browne Armstrong - E

1836 to 1845

The 1836-1845 Diary of Sarah Browne Armstrong Adamson of Fayette County, Ohio  in  The Old Northwest  Fall, 1984.


ALMONTE, Juan Nepomuceno - *H616,*M2496,E


Journal  in  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  July, 1944.


ATHERTON, Faxon Dean - *H617,*M2497,E

1836 to 1839

The California Diary of Faxon Dean Atherton, 1836-1839  edited by Doyce B.Nunis, Jr. San Francisco, California Historical Society, 1964, 1,550 copies.


BARNEY, Matthew - E


Nantucket to Niagara – 1836  in  Proceedings of the Nantucket historical; Association  1947.


BARROW, Bennet Hilliard - *H546,*M2498,E

a) - Dissertation: See Havlice.

b) - 1836 to 1846

Plantation Life in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana, 1836-1846, as Reflected in the Diary of Bennett H.Barrow  by Edwin Adams Davis. New York, Columbia University Press, 1943.


BRADLEY, Caleb [The Rev.] (1772-1854)  of Westbrook, Maine - A276,M2499

January 1836 to March 1861

Matthews: Diary (extracts); a few interesting extracts relating to Fourth of July celebrations from 1836 to 1860; local, social, and personal notes.

In  Atlantic Monthly  XCIV, 1904, pp 108-113; and XCV, 1905, pp 83-90.


BROCKWAY, George W. - *H618,*M2500,E

In  Missouri Historical Society Bulletin  XXIX.


BURCHARD, George (1810-1880)  of Greenbush, Wisconsin - A276,M2501

From September 1836

Matthews: Whaling journal (extracts); aboard the Columbia of Newark, New Jersey, around Cape Horn and in the Pacific; return to New York; some interesting hunting and social details.

In  Wisconsin Magazine of History  XVIII, (1934-1935), pp 422-441; and XIX, (1935-1936), pp 103-107, 227-241 and 342-355.


CATHER, Thomas - *H619,*M2502,E

1836 to 1837

Voyage to America: The Journals of Thomas Cather  edited by Thomas Yoseloff. New York and London, Thomas Yoseloff, 1961, 176 pp.


COHEN, Myer M. - *M2503,E

In   Notices of Florida and the Campaigns  Gainesville, University of Florida Press, 1964, facsimile reproduction of the 1836 edition.


CONANT, Augustus Hammond (1811-1863)  born at Brandon, Vermont, of Desplaines River, Illinois


January 1836 to June 1857

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); notes of farming, reading, Methodist preaching, studies and writing sermons, household work; missionary work and study.

1. - A Man in Earnest  by Robert Collier. Boston, 1868, pp 43-110. Passim.

2. - An abridged version is  Augustus Conant  Boston, 1905, pp 31-55. Passim.

CORRIE, George Elwes [The Rev.] (1793-1853)  of Cambridge - B234

From 1836

Matthews: University diary; his parish work as rector of Newton; university life and work as Norrisian Professor and Master of Jesus College.

Memorials of the Life of George Elwes Corrie  edited by M.Holroyd. Cambridge, 1890. Passim.


CROCKETT, Davy (1786-1836) - H620,M2505

February 19th. to March 5th. 1836

Purported diary of the last days of the defence of the Alamo against the Mexican army; probably spurious, said to have been written by Richard Penn Smith and Charles T. Beale.

1. - Included in  The Life of Davy Crockett by Himself  The New American Library, 1955.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 190-194; and Dunaway & Evans, pp 60-64.


CUMMING, William Fullarton (1804-1892) - E

From 1836

Notes of a Wanderer in Search of Health, Through Italy, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, up the Danube and down the Rhine  London, two volumes, 1839. Revised and corrected edition, 1940.


DAVIDSON, James D. (1810?-1882)  of Lexington, Virginia, lawyer - A276,M2506

October to December 1836

Matthews: Travel diary; tour in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina; down Ohio and Mississippi and up Atlantic coast; frank, lively views on slavery, morals, northern and southern cities; an excellent diary.

1. - In  Journal Of Southern History  I, 1935, pp 345-377.

2. - Extracts for October 1836, in Indiana, in  Indiana Magazine of History  XXIV, 1928, pp 131-134.


DAVIS, Mary Elizabeth Moragne - *H621,*M2507,E

From 1836

The Neglected Thread  University of South Carolina, 1951.


DAWSON, James William (1808-1880)  of Wilmington, Delaware - A276,M2508

January 1836 to May 1839

Matthews: Sea journal (extracts); notes kept during whaling voyages from Wilmington to the Pacific.

In  Genealogy of the Lamborn Family  by Samuel Lamborn. Philadelphia 1894, pp 118-119.


DELASSUS, Carlos Dehault - *M2509,E

Diary of Charles Delassus  in  Louisiana Historical Quarterly  April, 1947.


DEWEY, Orville [Rev.] (1794-1882) - E


The Old World and the New: Or, Ajournal of Reflections and Observations Made on a Tour in Europe  New York, Harper, two volumes, 1836.


EARLE, C.W. [Mrs.] (born Maria Theresa Villiers) (1836-1925)  gardening writer - E

Dates unknown

“… her . country diary charts the gardeners tasks for each month of the year, from spring flowers through autumn annuals to winter vegetables. Her friendly, no-nonsense advice is interspersed with seasonal recipes.”

1. - Pot-Pourri from a Surrey Garden  1897.

2. - More Pot-Pourri from a Surrey Garden  1899.

3. - A Third Pot-Pourri  1903.


FANE, Henry Edward [Col.] (1802-1885) - D98

1836 to 1841

Matthews: Diary of an aide-de-camp, in Bengal, Afghanistan and on the frontier; descriptions and military details; overland journey to England.

Five Years in India  London, 1842.


FANE, Isabella (1804-1886)  sister of Henry Edward Fane

January 2nd. 1836 to April 24th. 1837, a few later notes

Letter diary from India where she was acting as hostess for her father, General Sir Henry Fane, Commander in Chief, addressed to her aunt. Regular and frequent entries; social life and domestic affairs; life in Calcutta; travel in the Punjab; keen and unsparing observation and comment on her fellow English; growing awareness of the native population; hardships and the effects of climate and illness; a lively and interesting account. The are some notes extracted from her journal after the letter sequence ends.

Miss Fane in India  edited by John Pemble. Gloucester, Alan Sutton, 1985. London, Headline, paperback, 1988.


FONTAINE, Edward - *M2510,E

A Stranger Indeed in a Strange Land  edited by Willie D. Halsell in  The Alabama Historical Quarterly  XXX, No. 2, Summer, 1968 from p 61.


FURLEY, John [Sir] (1836-1919)  English humanitarian with the red Cross and St. John’s Ambulance - E

Dates unknown

Struggles and Experiences of a Neutral Volunteer  London, Chapman, two volumes, 1872, is reported to contain diary material.


GELLIBRAND, Joseph Tice (1786-1837)  Australian pioneer, from London

January 17th. to February 15th. and March 24th. 1836

Journal of a trip to Port Philip; problems with a boatload of sheep; the overland journey and its hardships in the heat; native troubles; interesting in itself and for the early history of the Melbourne area.

In  Letters from Victorian Pioneers  by Thomas Francis Bride, re-edited by C.E.Sayers, Melbourne and London, William Heinemann, 1969 (first published 1898) pp 3-35.


GIBBS, George Henry (1785-1842)  banker and railway entrepreneur

March 1836 to May 1840

Private diary (extracts); a good account of his work as a director and shareholder in the Great Western Railway during its construction; board meetings; much interesting construction and engineering detail; support for Brunel; the line opens from Paddington to Maidenhead; the gauge problem; frequent mentions of finance and share price; difficulties with the Liverpool group of investors; lack of confidence in the chairman of the board before his suicide; the line opens to Reading. A most interesting diary but, apart from a few mentions of his ill health, very little personal matter.

In  The Birth of the Great Western Railway: Extracts from the Diary and Correspondence of George Henry Gibbs  edited  by Jack Simmons. Bath, Adams and Dart, 1971. The diary extracts were first published in the  Great Western Railway Magazine  in 1909-1910, the manuscript is lost.  


GOMEZ, Rafael - *M2511,E

Notes and Documents: The Diary of Rafael Gomez: Monterey in 1836  in  Southern California Quarterly  1963.


GRAY, David (1836-1888)  Scottish American jopurnalist - E

Dates unknown

Letters, Poems and Selected prose Writings of David Gray  Buffalo, two volumes, 1888, is reported to contain diary material.


GRAY, William Henry (1809-1889)  born at Fairfield, New York, of Portland, Oregon


a) - July to September 1836

Matthews: Travel journal (extract); in a letter, based on memoranda set down during the journey; from Rendezvous to Fort Walla Walla; some interesting spellings.

In  Oregon Historical Quarterly  XXXVIII, pp 355-369.

b) - December 1836 to October 1837

Matthews: Travel journal.

In  Whitman College Quarterly  XVI, 1923.

c) - April to May 1838

Matthews: Travel journal; in letter to a friend; from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon; brief and statistical.

In  Pacific Northwest Quarterly  XXIX, 1938, pp 277-282.

d) - In  First White Women Over the Rockies  edited by Clifford M.Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1963.


HARRIS, Lewis Birdsal (1816-1893)  of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Houston, Texas - A277,M2513

March to May 1836

Matthews: Travel diary (followed by undated recollections); Pennsylvania to Texas, via Pittsburgh, St. Louis, New Orleans, Galveston; arrival in Galveston at period of Alamo, etc.; Sam Houston after defeat of Santa Anna; interesting descriptions.

In  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  XXV, (1921-1922), pp 63-71 and 131-140.


HARTE, Francis Bret (1836-1902)  American short story writer and poet - E

1866 to 1867 (?)

Bret Harte’s California: Letters to the Springfield Republican and Christian Register, 1866-67  University of New Mexico Press, 1990, is reported to contain diary material.


HAVERGAL, Frances Ridley (1836-1879)  Eglish poet and hymn writer - E

Dates unknown

Memorials of Frances Ridley Havergal  A.D.F.Randolph, 1880, is reported to contain diary material.


HENTZ, Caroline Lee (1800-1856)  American popular novelist - *H622,*M2514,E


Caroline Hentz’s Alabama Diary, 1836  edited by Rhoda Coleman Ellison in  Alabama Review  IV, No. 4, 1951, pp 254-269.



Tennessee Volunteers in the Seminole Campaign of 1836  in  Tennessee Historical Quarterly  in five issues,  1942 and 1943 .


HOLLAND, Sophia Isaac  - first cousin of Elizabeth Gaskell (qv) - E

1836 to 1839

“… Elizabeth and Sophia reveal themselves here as anxious to be seen as conscientious and well-informed mothers, but as confused as contemporary parents by the conflicting advice to be found within the pages of the so-called ‘experts’. As a piece of social history, these diaries documen the challenges, dilemmas and rewards of Victorian parenthood.”

In  Private Voices: The Private Diaries of Elizabeth Gaskell and Sophia Holland  edited by J.A.V.Chapple, Keele University Press, 1996.


HOLMAN, Richard Henry - *H623,*M2516,E

From 1836

An Indian College Boy in 1836  in  Indiana Magazine of History  XLIX, 1953.


JAMESON, Anna Brownell (née Murphy) (1794-1860)  British art historian, born in Ireland - E

a) - 1822?

“… An engagement ensued, which was broken off for some unknown reason, and Anna Murphy, deeply depressed, accepted another situation as governess, and went with her pupil to France and Italy, where she continued for about a year. The journal she kept, with some alterations, the most important of which was a fictitious account of the authoress's death at Autun, was published anonymously.”

The Diary of an Ennuyee  London, 1826, and many later printings.

b) - 1836 to 1838

“In 1836, Jameson was summoned to Canada by her husband, … Jameson and her husband had already lived apart for over four years, during which Anna made a good living for herself as a writer. She made no secret of the fact that she was unhappy in her marriage. Upon her arrival, her husband failed to meet her at New York and she was left to make her way alone in winter to Toronto. Here she began the travelogue of her journey, … After eight months of travelling and writing in Canada, she felt it useless to prolong a life far from all ties of family happiness and opportunities for a woman of her class and education. Before leaving, she undertook a journey to the depths of the Indian settlements in Canada; she explored Lake Huron, and saw much of emigrant and aboriginal life unknown to colonial travellers. She returned to Great Britain in 1838.”

Winter Sudies and Summer Rambles in Canada  London, 1838; McClelland, 1913.


LAING, Caroline Hyde Butler (1804-1892) - *M2517,E

In  A Family Heritage: letters and journals of Caroline Hyde Butler Laing, 1804-1892  edited by Edith Nevill Smythe Ward. East Orange, New Jersey,  Abbey Printers, 1957.



1836 to 1838

Travels and Adventures in South Australia 1836-1838  Sydney, Currawong Press, 1982, facsimile of the 1839 edition.


LIGHT, William [Col.] (1784-1838)  surveyor-general of South Australia and founder of Adelaide - E

a)  - 1836?

William Light's Brief Journal and Australian Diaries  introduced by David Elder. Adelaide, Wakefield Press, 1984, 184 pp.

b) - Dates unknown

In  The Life and Letters of Col. William Light  Adelaide, F.W.Preece and Sons, 1937.


LONDONDERRY, Frances Anne Emily Vane-Tempest, Marchioness of (1800-1865)  second wife of the third Marquess of Llondonderry - H624,E

a) - August 3rd. 1836 to April 15th. 1837

Journey to St. Petersburg via France and Sweden; life in St Petersburg and Moscow; return through Poland and Germany; lively, detailed and interesting travel diary.

Russian Journal of Lady Londonderry, 1836-7  edited by W.A.L.Seaman and J.R.Sewell. London, John Murray, 1973.

b) - Dates unknown

In  Frances Anne: The Life and Times of Frances Anne, Marchiness of Londonderry, and Her Husband ....  London, Macmillan, 1958.

LUARD, Thomas W. [Capt.] - A277,C710

1836 to 1838

Matthews: Military diary; his militia service in the Upper Canada Rebellion; the Navy Island Campaign.

In the Days of the Canada Company  by R. and K.M.Lizar. Toronto, 1936.


McLEOD, Martin [Maj.] (1813-1860)  born at L'Original, near Montreal, of Minnesota - A277,M2518

July 1836 to May 1841

Matthews: Private diary; mainly relates to a filibustering trip across Minnesota in fall of 1836; adventures told with considerable verve; original poems, and quotations from Shakespeare and the romantic poets; a very interesting diary.

1. - In  Minnesota History Bulletin  IV, (1921-1922), pp 351-439.

2. - Extracts in  Personal Recollections of Minnesota and Its People  by John H.Stevens, Minneapolis, 1890, pp 345-357.


MALCOLM, Howard (1799-1879) - E

From 1836

Travels in South Eastern Asia: Embracing Hindustan, Malaya, Siam and China: With Notices of Numerous stations and a Full Account of the Burman Empire  London, two volumes, 1839.


MATHEWS, Edward [The Rev.] (b.1810?)  English born Baptist, agent for the Illinois Anti-slavery Commission - E

From 1836?

An Abolitionist in Territorial Wisconsin: The journal of the Rverend Edward Mathews  in  The Wisconsin Magazine of History  autumn and winter, 1968 and spring and summer, 1969.


MEEK, Alexander Beaufort - *H625,*M2519,E


Journal  in  Florida Historical Society Quarterly  1960.


MIFFLIN, John Houston (1807-1888)  American artist - E

1836 to 1837

The European Journals of John Houston Mifflin, 1837-1837  in  Journal of Lancaster County Historical Society  January 1958.


MORAGNE, Mary Elizabeth Davis (1815?-1903) - *G60,E

The Neglected Thread: A Journal from the Calhoun Community, 1836-1842  Columbia, University of South Carolina Press, 1951. Reprinted McCormick, South Carolina, 2006.

NAJAF, Koolee Meerza  - grandson of the Emperor of Persia - B234


Matthews: Travel diary; full and naive account of European and English customs and institutions; royalty, nobility, ceremonies; from astronomical apparatus to lunatic asylums and performing fleas; an enthusiastic childlike observation of a world of wonder; translated from Persian.

Journal of a Residence in England  London, two volumes, no date.


NICOLLET, Joseph Nicholas - *H626,*M2520,E

a) - 1836 and 1837

The Journals of Joseph N.Nicollet: A Scientist on the Mississippi Headwaters with Notes on Indian Life, 1836-37  translated by André Fertey, edited by Martha Coleman Bray. St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society, 1970.

b) - 1838 to 1839

Joseph Nicollet on the Plains and Prairies: The Expeditions of 1838-39 with Journals, Letters, and Notes on the Dakota Indians  translated and edited by Edmund C. and Martha Coleman Bray. St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1976.


PEÑA (PENA), José Enrique de la (1807-1841?) - *M2521,E

With Santa Anna in Texas: A Personal Narrative of the Revolution  translated and edited by Carmen Perry.  College Station, Texas A and M University Press, expanded edition, 1997. First edition published in 1975.


PERRY, Oliver Hazard (1817-1864) - *M2522,E

1836 to 1855

1. - Hunting Expeditions of Oliver Hazard Perry, of Cleveland, Verbatim from His Diaries  privately printed, Cleveland, 1899.

2. - Hunting Expeditions of Oliver Hazard Perry: As Recorded in the Diaries Kept from 1836 through 1855  edited by John E. Howard. DeForest, Wisconsin, St. Hubert’s Press, 1994.


PICKELL, John - *H627,*M2523,E

1836 and 1837

1. - Journals  in  Florida Historical Quarterly  1959.

2. - Lt. Pickells Daily Notes  Miami, 1977.


PRENTISS, Elizabeth [Mrs.] (1818-1878)  American author - A277,M2524

1836 to 1861

Begins as a literary diary, from 1840 a personal diary. The surviving diaries have been severely edited but there are glimpses of a more interesting woman behind much religious moralising. Massachusetts and New York. Marriage; domestic affairs; children and the deaths of two of them. Mrs. Prentiss later became famous as the author of 'Stepping Heavenward', 1869, a book highly regarded by Francis Kilvert.

The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss  by the Rev. G.L.Prentiss. New York, 1882. Pages 50-154. Passim. Further extracts are printed in the appendices. Revised edition, New York, two volumes, 1898.


PRINCE, Henry [Lieut.]

1836 to 1842

A soldier's account of the second Seminole War.

Amidst a Storm of Bullets: The Diary of Lt. Henry Prince in Florida, 1836-1842  edited by Frank Laumer. Tampa, Florida, University of Tampa Press, 1998.


PUSHKIN, Aleksandr Sergeyevich (1799-1837)  Russian author - E

1836 to 1837

“Alexander Pushkin, presents in an encapsulated form his various sexual relations,
his complex thoughts on life, the nature of sin, love, and creativity, as well as the complicated path that
led him to his tragic end.”

A.S.Pushkin: Secret Journal, 1836-1837  Minneapolis, 1990


RAWLINSON, Henry Creswicke [Major General, Sir] (1810-1895)  British soldier and archaeologist


a) - 1836

Notes on a March from Zohab, at the Foot of the Zagros Mountains. Along the Mountains to Khusistan (Susiana), and from Thence through the Province of  Luristan to Kirmanshah, in the Year 1836  in the  Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London  IX, 1939, pp 26-116.

b) - 1838

Notes on a Journey from Tabriz, Through Persian Kurdistan, to the Ruins of Takhti-Soleiman, and from Thence by Zenjan and Tarom, to Gilam, in Octoberand November, 1838  in the  Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London  X, 1940, pp 1-64.


RIEGER, Joseph [The Rev.] (1811-1867)  born in Bavaria, of St. Louis, Missouri - A277,M2525

November 1836 to August 1837

Matthews: Private diary (extract); life of a Christian missionary in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

The Followers of Duden  in  Missouri Historical Review  XVIII, (1923-1924), pp 216-225.


RUSSELL, George - E

From 1836?

"A story of beginnings in Port Philip…"

The Narrative of George Russell of Golf Hill  edited by P.L.Brown, London, Oxford University Press, 1935, is reported to contain diary material.


SCOTT-MONCRIEFF, Colin Campbell (1836-1916) [Colonel Sir] engineer and irrigation expert in India and Egypt - E

Dates unknown

The life of Sir Colin C. Scott-Moncrieff  edited by Mary Albright Hollings, London, John Murray, 1917, is reported to contain diary material.


SHIEL, J. [Lieut. Col.] - E


Notes on a journey from Tabriz, through Kurdistan via VAn, Bitlis, Se'ert and Erbfl, to Suldmaniyeh, in July and August 1836  in  Journal of the Royal Geographic Society  VIII, 1838.

SIMPSON, Thomas (1808-1840) - C1075

December 1836 to February 1839

Matthews: Travel journal; the survey of the northern shores of America for the Hudson's Bay Company; geography, topography, natural history, Indians, Eskimos, adventures; lively.

Narrative of Discoveries  edited by A.Simpson. London, 1843.


SMIT, Erasmus - *H628,E

From 1836

The Diary of Erasmus Smith  Cape Town, C.Struik, 1972.


SMITH, Emily - E

1836, 1841 and 1852

Rural Dorset

From Victorian Wessex: The Diaries of Emily Smith, 1836, 1841, 1852  edited by Margaret Smith. Norwich, Solen Press, 2003.


SMITH, George Loy -  British soldier

1836 to 1856

Military diary of a Regimental Sergeant Major; service in India, Ireland and the Crimea. The diary is quoted but generally summarised in narrative form until the Crimean Campaign diary 1853 to 1855 which has long entries and good and interesting detail, including the Charge of the Light Brigade.

A Victorian RSM: From India to the Crimea  Tunbridge Wells, Costello, 1987.


SNOW, Lorenzo (1814-1901)  Mormon - E

a) - 1836 to 1884

Journal extracts.

In  Biography and family Record of Lorenzo Snow, One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints  compiled by Eliza R.Snow. Salt Lake City, Deseret News, 1884.

b) - February 9th. 1846 to July 1847

"Describes travelling from Sugar Creek and settling at Mount Pisgah."

The Iowa Journal of Lorenzo Snow  edited by Maureen Ursenbach Beecher in  Brigham Young University Studies  XXIV, No.3, 1984, pp 261-273.   


SPALDING, Eliza Hart - *H629

In  First White Women Over the Rockies  edited by Clifford M.Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1963.


STAPYLTON, Granville William Chetwynd, (1800-1840) - E  


Stapylton: With Major Mitchell’s Australia Felix Expedition, 1836, largely from the journal of Granville William Chetwynd Stapylton  edited by Alan E.J. Andrews. Hobart, Tasmania: Blubber Head Press, 1986.


THOMAS, Mary Harris (1787-1875)  Australian settler - H630

July 1st. to December 31st. 1836

Travel diary of the voyage from England in the Africaine; her children’s illness on the ship; arrival near Adelaide; first days living in tents; continued in her letters.

1. - The Diary and Letters of Mary Thomas (1836-1866); Being a record of the early days in South Australia  edited by Evan Kyffin Thomas. Adelaide, W.K.Thomas, 1915. Reprinted from the third edition (1925) Adelaide, Gillingham Printers, 1983. (Three hundred sets of sheets for the third edition were found, made up and issued in numbered copies in 1996).

2. - Extracts in  Life Lines: Australian women’s letters and diaries, 1788-1840  by Patricia Clarke and Dale Spender. St. Leonards, New South Wales, 1992, pp 156-162.


THOMPSON, Philo E. - *H631,*M2526,E


Diary of a Journey on the Main Line Canal  in  Pennsylvania History  1965.


THURSTON, John Gates - E


A Journal of a Trip to Illinois in 1836  Mount pleasant, Michigan, john Cumming, 1971, 487 copies.

02/03 TOUMEY, William S.  - *M2527,E

A Young Lawyer of Natchitoches of 1836, The Diary of William S. Toumey, I  edited by J. Fair Hardin and Phanor Breazeale in  The Louisiana Historical Quarterly  XVII, 1934.


TYLER, Moses Coit (1835-1900) - E

a) - Dates Unknown

In  Moses Coit Tyler, 1835-1900: Selections from His Letters and Diaries  edited by Jessica Tyler Austen. New York, Doubleday, 1911.

b) - Dates Unknown

In  The Life of Moses Coit Tyler  by Howard Mumford Jones. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 1933.


URREA, José de (1797-1849)  Mexican general - E


James Cummings (12689 and 12992) has  Diary of the Military Operations of the Division Which, Under His Command, Campaigned in Texas  Dallas, 1928 and 1956.

Note: See also  General Vicente Filisola's Analysis of José Urrea's Military Diary: A forgotten 1838 Publication by an Eyewitness to the Texas Revolution  edited by Gregg J.Dimmick, Texas State Historical Association, 2007.


VIGNE, Godfrey Thomas (1801-1863)  English traveller

From 1835?

1. - Travels in Kashmir, Ladak, Iskardo, the Countries adjoining the Mountain-Course of the Indus, and the Himalaya, North of Punjab  London, two volumes, 1842, second edition, 1844.

2. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 272-280.

Note: Vigne also wrote narratives of his travels in the United States, Mexico and Central America.


WHITE, Elijah (1806-1879)  physician - E

From 1836

There are some diary-like passages in this narrative which is constructed, in part, as if it were a novel. The compiler is reticent about her sources but there appears to be at least a core of contemporaneous record.

In  Ten Years in Oregon: travels and adventures of Doctor E. White and lady, west of the Rocky Mountains: with incidents of two sea voyages via Sandwich Islands around Cape Horn  compiled by Miss A.J. Allen. Ithaca, New York, Mack, Andrus, 1848.


WHITMAN, Narcissa Prentiss (1808-1847)  missionary - *H632,A277,*M2529,E

a) - June to September 1836

Matthews: Travel journal; in a letter; from Liberty, Missouri, to Fort Hall; descriptions and notes on domestic life of the missionaries.

1. - In  Oregon Pioneer Association Transactions  19th. Annual Reunion, 1891, pp 40-68.

2. - In  First White Women Over the Rockies  edited by Clifford M.Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1963.

3. - My Journal 1836  Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon Press, 1982. Second, revised edition, 1984.

b) - March 1842

Matthews: Domestic journal; in a letter; the happy but difficult life of the missionaries at Wailaptu.

1. - In  Oregon Pioneer Association Transactions  21st. Annual Reunion, 1893, pp 143-153.

2. - Extracts in  The Souvenir of Western Women  by Mary Douthit, Portland, Oregon, 1905; and  The Coming of the White Women, 1836  by T.C.Elliott, Portland, Oregon, 1937.


WILEY, Oren - *H633,*M2530,E

Journal of a Vermont Man in Ohio  in  Ohio Stae Archaeological and Historical Quarterly  April, 1951.

WILLIAMS, John Bickerton [Sir] (1792-1855)  nonconformist writer - B235

February 1836 to April 22nd.1843

Diary extracts; descriptions of court occasions; amusing account of his own knighthood, he being the first knight dubbed by Queen Victoria; social life and dinners; deaths of Lady de Lisle and King William; full description of the coronation of Victoria from a good seat.

Extracts from the Diary of Sir John Bickerton Williams  edited by R.P.Williams. London, Simpkin Marshall, Hamilton, Kent; and Worcester, Deighton and Co. 1896, 28 pp. Issued in celebration of Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee.

01/02/03 - WILLSON, Elizabeth Lundy (d.1838) - *G58,*M2531,E


A Journey in 1836 from New Jersey to Ohio, Being the Diary of Elizabeth Lundy Willson  edited by William C. Armstrong. Morrison, Illinois, Shawver Publishing, 1929.


WOODCOCK, Thomas Swann (1805-1863)  of Manchester, England, and New York, engraver


May 1836

Matthews: Travel diary; trip from New York to Niagara Falls and return; description of Falls, but mainly notes on trade, manufactures, and land values.

In  Bulletin of New York Public Library  XLII, 1938, pp 675-694.


WOODRUFF, Wilford (1807-1898)  Mormon - *M2533,E

a) - 1833 to 1898

Mormon journals; very full and detailed account, with some shorthand passages; missions, including two to Britain; ordination; studies; Nauvoo; pioneer company to Salt L - ake City; Utah War;

journeys; conferences; President of the Church; troubles with the federal government; statehood.

1. - Wilford Woodruff, Fourth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; History of His Life and Labors, as Recorded in His Daily Journals  Salt Lake City, The Deseret News, 1909. Re-issued, Salt Lake City, Bookcraft, 1964.

2. - Wilford Woodruff's Journal, 1833-1898  edited by Scott Kenney. Salt Lake City, Signature Books, nine volumes printed typescript, 1983-1985. An index volume was published separately.

3. - A shortened edition, emphasising his millennialist beliefs, is  Waiting for the World's End: The Diaries of Wilford Woodruff  edited by Susan Staker. Signature Books, 1993.

b) - November 25th 1836 to May 31st. 1837

The Kirtland Diary of Wilford Woodruff  edited by Dean C.Jessee. Brigham Young University Studies, 1972.

Note:  James Cummings (13630) has  Leaves from My Journal  by Willard Woodruff, second edition, Salt Lake City, 1882. No other trace of this title has been found but a journal of Wilford Woodruff is contained in  Three Mormon Classics: Leaves from My Journal  edited by Preston Nibley, Stevens and Wallis, Salt Lake City, 1944.


WYATT, William N. - E

Wyatt's Travel Diary 1836  Chicago, The Lakeside Press, 1930.  



ANONYMOUS,  young girl of the Hopkins family of Swanton, Vermont - A278,M2534

June to July 1837

Matthews: Travel diary; in a letter describing a wagon trip from Keene, Ohio, across Illinois, via Paris, Springfield, and Beardstown; interesting feminine and domestic details.

In  Journal of American History  III, 1909, pp 511-516.


ANONYMOUS,  'committee' of cadets of Norwich University - A278,M2535

July 1837

Matthews: School travel journal; excursion to the Franconia Mountains, under Capt. Alden Partridge.

Journal of an Excursion to the Franconia Mountains  Northfied, Vermont, 1837, 14 pp.


ANDREWS, Silas M. (1805-1881) - E

1837 to 1842

Mister Andrews’ School, 1837-1842   Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Bucks County Historical Society, 1958.


ARESE, Francesco - E

1837 to 1838

Trip to the Prairies and in the Interior of North America, 1837-1838  New York, The Harbour Press, 1934.

BACKHOUSE, Anna (1820-1848)  of Earlham, Norfolk - B235

December 1837 to November 1847

Matthews: Quaker diary; Quaker religious life; education and reading; domestic and social life at Earlham; work of a visiting Quaker; eminent Quaker families (e.g. Elizabeth Fry's); Norfolk; travel in France; marriage; and sickness.

A Brief Sketch of the Life of Anna Backhouse  Burlington, New Jersey, 1852, pp 9-136. Passim.


BACKUS, Electus [Capt.] (1804-1862)  born at New York City - A278,M2536

November 1837 to April 1838

Matthews: Military journal; bare notes of a campaign against Indians in Florida.

In  Historical Magazine  X, 1866, pp 279-285.

BELL, James Stanislaus - B236

April 1837 to February 1840

Matthews: Travel diary; a businessman's trip and residence in Circassia, negotiating trade; extensive travels and descriptions of people, places, and customs.

Journal of a Residence in Circassia  London, two volumes, 1840.


BELCHER, Edward: see  SIMPKINSON, Francis Guillemard.


BEST, Abel Dottin William [Ens.] (1816-1845)

June 26th. 1837 to February 7th. 1843, some gaps

Diary of a young army officer; the voyage from England to Australia in a convict ship; life and duties in New South Wales and the penal settlement on Norfolk Island; transfer to New Zealand; travels, expeditions and dealings with the Maoris, their characters and customs; although reticent about his personal life the diary is attractively written and full of detailed description and comment about places, people and ways of life which is of great interest and importance, particularly for the early history of New Zealand.

The Journal of Ensign Best, 1837-1843  a Turnbull Library Monograph, edited by Nancy M.Taylor. Wellington, New Zealand, R.E.Owen, Government Printer.


BIGGS, Joseph - *M2537,E

To America in Thirty-Nine Days  The Village Press, 1926.  


BONNEY, Henry M. - *M2538,E

In  Delaware History  XV.  

BROUGHTON, Sarah (d.1848)  Australian emigrant

Brief extracts from the diary of the wife of the Bishop of Australia; church, weather, visits; news of her mother’s death.

In  Life Lines: Australian women’s letters and diaries, 1788-1840  by Patricia Clarke and Dale Spender. St. Leonards, New South Wales, 1992, pp 46-48.


BROWN, Ann Frances (b.1825)  American schoolgirl - E

1837 to 1838

Schoolgirl’s diary at Greene Street School, Providence. Entries mainly concerned with her teacher, Margaret Fuller (qv) but much of wider interest.

Margaret Fuller as a Teacher in Providence: The School Journal of Ann Brown  by Laraine R.Fergenson in  Studies in the American Renaissance  1991, pp 59-118.


BROWN, Peter - *M2539,E

The Diary of Peter Brown  in  Ontario History  1950.


BUCHANAN, Robert Christie - *H634,*M2540,E

From 1837

Journal  in  Florida Historical Quarterly  1950.


BUCKNER, Philip Johnson (b.1800) - *M2541,E


Diary of a flatboat voyage from Kentucky, on the Ohio River to Natchez on the Mississippi. The same itinerary was followed by the diarist's grandfather, also Philip Buckner (qv) in 1801.

Diary of Philip Johnson Buckner, M. D.  edited by William Buckner McGroarty in  The William and Mary Quarterly  Second Series XXIII, No. 1, January, 1943, pp 69-84.


CARRINGTON, Nathaniel T.W.  – of Barbados, planter - E

a) - 1837

A Barbados Planter's Visit to Philadelphia in 1837  in  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  July 1982.

b) - 1837

A Visit to New York and Long Island in 1837  in  New York History  January 1986.

c) - Date unknown

The Journal of Nathaniel T.W.Carrington  in  New England Quarterly  March 1983.


CASTELNAU, François Louis Nompar de Caumont La Force, Comte de (1810-1880)  French naturalist

November 7th. 1837 to 1838

Dated narrative, no doubt founded on diary notes, but reworked later; topography; people; natural history etc.

Comte de Castelnau in Middle Florida, 1837–1838. Notes concerning two itineraries from Charleston to Tallahassee  translated by A. R. Seymour in  Florida Historical Quarterly  XXVI, no. 4, April, 1948, pp 300–324.

CAVENDISH, Francis William Henry (1820-1893)  diplomat - B236

February 1837 to July 1864

Matthews: Public diary; work with Lord Russell and Lord Clarendon in Foreign Office; French and British politics; society gossip; European travel; notes on Crimean War and public affairs; moderate interest.

Society, Politics, and Diplomacy  London, 1913


CHAMBERS, Thomas Jefferson - *H635,*M2542,E


Major General Thomas Jefferson Chambers  in  Texas Military History  IV, 1964.

CHATTERTON, Henrietta Georgiana Marcia Lascelles, Lady (1806-1876)  author - B236

May 1837 to April 1859

Matthews: Literary diary; social and literary life and society in England and France; eminent literary friends (De Vigny, etc.).

Memoirs of Georgiana, Lady Chatterton  by Edward H.Dering. London, 1878, pp 37-147.


CLARK, John Alonzo [Rev.] (1801-1843)  Episcopal clergyman - *M2543,E

From June 14th. 1837

Very full travel diary; Pennsylvania, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, Great Lakes and New York; scenery, people and religion.

In  Gleanings by the Way  Philadelphia, W.J and J.K.Simon, 1842. (Part published in the Episcopal Recorder  1840).


COBB, Eunice Parsons - *M2544,E

In  Mother Cobb or Sixty Years Walk with God  by Mary W.Chapman. Standard Church Book Room, 1926 and  Salem, H.E. Schmul, Convention Bookstore, 1965. First published in 1896.

CONSTABLE, John Charles (1817-1841)  eldest son of John Constable

1837 to 1839(?)

Summary and extracts from a diary kept after his father's death. Specialist interest.

In  John Constable: Further Documents and Correspondence  edited by Leslie Parris and Conal Shields. London, The Tate Gallery and the Suffolk Records Society, 1975, pp 99-104. This is the Suffolk Records Society Volume XVIII and the eighth volume of the Constable Papers.

CREE, Edward Hodges (1814-1901)  naval surgeon - H636

June 8th. 1837 to February 19th. 1856

Personal diary of a Naval Surgeon, mainly in the Far East. The cutting of this very long diary to a publishable length has given rise to many gaps which are covered by editorial narrative. Well observed, lively and interesting, a splendid diary, beautifully illustrated with the diarist's sketches and water colours.

The Cree Journals; The Voyages of Edward H.Cree, Surgeon R.N., as Related in His Private Journals, 1837-1856  edited by Michael Levien. Exeter, Webb & Bower, 1981; and as Naval Surgeon; The Voyages......  New York, Dutton, 1981.

CUMMING, James Slator [Lieut.] - D74

1837 to 1842

Matthews: Journal; military activities in Punjab; Afghan campaign; morality and culture in India; social life.

Six Years Diary  London, 1847.


DALLAS, George Mifflin  (1792-1864)  U.S. Minister to Russia and England - A278,B265,*M2545

a) - July 1837 to July 1839

Matthews: Diplomat's diary... kept while author was minister in Russia....

b) - December 1856 to May 1861

Matthews: Diplomatic diary (English section); kept while he was Minister at the Court of St. James; discreet, modest, general entries in a political setting; court and national news and comments; his social life and society; some gossip and comments on celebrities; many items of literary interest.

Diary of George Mifflin Dallas  edited by Susan Dallas. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1892.

c) - Discussion: Kagle (3), pp 83-88.

d) - 1856

The Missing Diaries of George Mifflin Dallas  in  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  1951.


DAUBNEY, Charles Bridle [Dr.] (1795-1867) - A278,C309,M2546

July 1837 to July 1838

Matthews: Travel diary; travels of a professor of chemistry and botany; through United States, and in Canada in 1837; along east side of Mississippi River to St. Louis; later up Mississippi and Ohio; visits to American scientists and scholars; notes inclined to scientific matters; literary style; quite interesting.

Journal of a Tour through the United States and Canada  Oxford, 1843.


DAYTON, Maria Annis Tomlinson [Mrs.] (b.1815)  born at Rhinebeck, New York - A279,M2547

November 1837 to September 1882

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); very pleasant notes on social and domestic life, family, children, etc.; verses.

Genealogical Story (Dayton and Tomlinson)  by Laura D.Fessenden. Cooperstown, New York, 1902, pp 90-103.


DRESEL, Gustav (1818-1848)  German writer, merchant and first German Consul General in Texas - E

1837 to 1841

Gustav Dresel’s Houston Journal: Adventures in North America and Texas, 1837-1841  Austin, University of Texas Press, 1954.


DWINNELL, Joseph Porter (1820-1839)  of Danvers, Massachusetts - A279,M2548

January 1837 to August 1838

Matthews: Private diary; brief notes of local affairs, work, carpentry, reading, and education; an interesting record of country life.

In  Danvers Historical Society Collections  XXVI, 1938, pp 23-41.


EDEN, Emily (1797-1869)  sister of Lord Auckland

1837 to 1840

1. - 'Up the Country', Letters Written to her Sister from the Upper Provinces of India  London, two volumes, 1866.

2. - Up the Country  edited by Edward Thompson. London, 1930.

3. - Letters from India  London, two volumes, 1872.

4. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 260-261.


EDEN, Frances (1801-1849)  sister of Lord Auckland

January to April 1837, October 1837 to March 1838 and November and December 1838

Letter journals, addressed to Eleanor Grosvenor, describing a hunting trip to the Rajmahal Hills, a progress through the Upper Provinces and a visit to the Court of Ranjit Singh. Excellent and detailed account of the country and its people; a tiger shoot; camps, dinners and entertainments; full and often amusing descriptions of the minutiae of travel in India on the hunting trip and in state with her brother the Governor-General.

1. - Tigers, Durbars and Kings: Fanny Eden's Indian Journals 1837-1838  edited by Janet Dunbar. London, John Murray, 1988.

2. - Some extracts from the diary had previously been printed in  The Golden Interlude  by Janet Dunbar. 1955.


EDWARDS, Philip Leget (1812-1869)  born in Kentucky, of Sacramento, California, lawyer


January to September 1837

Matthews: Travel diary; account of a cattle drive along the Pacific coast; with Willamette Cattle Company from Des Sables, Willamette, Fort George, Port Bodega, voyage to San Francisco; early account of San Francisco; Monterey; an interesting diary of California before the Gold Rush days; vigorous and personal.

California in 1837  Sacramento, 1890, 47 pp. Republished as  The Diary of Philip Leget Edwards: The Great Cattle Drive from California to Oregon in 1837  San Francisco, Grabhorn Press, 1932, 47 pp, 550 copies; and Ye Galleon Press, 1989, 308 copies.


FARNHAM, Jerusha Loomis [Mrs.] (b.1804)  born at Andover, Connecticut, schoolteacher


May to July 1837

Matthews: Travel diary; from Tully, New York, to the Gale colony at Log City, Illinois; significant happenings during journey, and pious reflections; weather, activities of her children, farming, domestic activities; a pleasant diary of a woman pioneer.

In  Log City Days  edited by E.E.Calkins. Galesburg, Illinois, 1937, pp 11-57.


FEATHERSTONHAUGH, George William (1780-1866)  British geologist - A279,M2551


Matthews: Travel diary; by canoe in Wisconsin Territory; very full entries in literary vein; topography and scenery, mineralogy, customs, adventures, Indians and Indian life.

1. - A Canoe Voyage up the Minnay Sotor  London, two volumes, 1847. Reprinted St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society, 1970.

2. - Extracts describing trip through the Tennessee Valley in  Tennessee Historical Magazine  Second Series, III, 1932, pp 45-58.


FOULKE, Joseph (1786-1863)  of Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, schoolmaster - A279,M2552

May to June 1837

Matthews: Travel diary; visit with family to Friends on Long Island; visits, meetings, notes on scenery and social life; semi-narrative.

In  Bulletin of the Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia  XX, 1931, pp 27-31.


FOWLER, Littleton (1802-1846)  of Sabine County, Texas - A279,M2553

August 1837 to April 1838

Matthews: Missionary journal (extracts in narrative); Methodist missionary in Texas; religion and politics, with some personal religious items.

In  Texas Historical Association Quarterly  II, (1898-1899), pp 73-84.


FRANCIS, James-Hanmer - *M2554,E

Diary of the Rev. James Hanmer Francis  in  Ohio Dtae Archaeological and Historical Quarterly  January-March, 1942.

GALE, Hanna Anna - *H637

On Microfilm: see Havlice.


GARRIOCH, Peter (b.1811)  of St. Peters, Minnesota - A280,M2555

July to November 1837

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); from Red River Colony to St. Peter's by cart and canoe; negotiations with Chippewas; account of Kaposia mission and Falls of St. Anthony.

Peter Garrioch at St. Peters  in  Minnesota History  XX, 1939, pp 119-128.



Superintendents' journals in The Lonaconing Journals: The Founding of a Coal and Iron Community, 1837-1840  edited by Katherine A. Harvey in  Transactions of the American Philosophical Society  New Series, LXVII, No. 2, 1977, pp 1-78.

GIROD, Amury (d.1837)  of Varennes - A280,C474

November to December 1837

Matthews: Political journal; political activities among the French in Quebec; translated.

Canadian Public Archives Report 1923  Ottawa, 1924, pp 370-380.


GOOD, Allen and others - E


“A study of 130 years of a family at their farm near Brantford, Ontario. The book examines the threat to the farm of encroaching urbanization.”

James Cummings (4863) has  Myrtleville: A Canadian Farm and Family  Southern Illinois University Press, 1976.


GREY, George [Sir] (1812-1898) - *H638,E

1837 to 1839

Journals of Two Expeditions in North-West and Western Australia During the Years 1837, 1838 and 1839, under the Authority of Her Majesty's Government. Describing many newly discovered, important, and fertile districts, with observations on the moral and physical condition of the aboriginal inhabitants, etc. etc.  London, T. and W.Boone, two volumes, 1841. Facsimile reprint Adelaide, Libraries Board of South Australia, 1964, 608 copies.


GORDON-CUMMING, Constance Frederica (1837-1924)  Scottish painter and travel writer - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings has:

1. - (3082)  At Home in Fiji  New York, 1883.

2. - (3083)  Granite Crags  Blackwood, 1884.

Note: Gordon-Cumming was the author of many travel books which may contain diary material.


HACKER, Jeremiah (1801-1895)  of Portland, Maine - A280,M2557

July 1837 to November 1844

Matthews: Religious journal; lively account of religious life, meetings, and revivals in Portland; temperance work; editorship of "The Portland Pleasure Boat".

In  Vineland Historical Magazine  XVII, 1932, pp 204-211; XVIII, 1933, pp 232-237, 268-275, 305-312 and 340-343; and XIX, 1934, pp 22-27.


HAMILTON, Rose Elizabeth (1828-1845)  English girl

November 4th. 1837 to May 4th. 1840 and June 17th. 1842 to September 1843

Extracts from the personal diary of a schoolgirl and young woman; family and social life; fairly lively entries combined with narrative and letters.

In  Too Late for Tears: The Intimate History of a Norfolk Family in the early years of Queen Victoria  by Lilias Rider Haggard. Bungay, Waveney Publications, 1980(?), pp 25-77, passim.


HARRISON, Benjamin (1837-1921)  English grocer and archaeologist - E

Dates unknown

Harrison of Ightham  by Edward Harrison, Oxford University Press, 1928.


HELPMAN, Benjamin Francis - E

1837 to 1840

The Helpman Journals: Being extracts and Comments on the Manuscript Journals of Benjamin Francis Helpman of H.M. Sloop Beagle 1837-38-39-40  Royal Geographical society of Australasia, South Australian branch, 1944, 66pp.


HENRY, Joseph (1797-1878)  American scientist and first Director of the Smithsonian Institution

-  - *M2558,E


Travel diary in England, Scotland and France; Gay-Lussac, Wheatsone, Babbage, Faraday; science in industry and commerce; comment on manners and morals.

In The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 3, The Princeton Years: January 1836-December 1837  Washington, Smithsonian Institute, 1979.

Note: There is further diary material in other volumes of this series.


HEMPLEMAN, George (1799?-1880)  German whaling captain and New Zealand settler - E

From 1837?

The Piraki Log, or Diary, of Captain Hempleman  London, Oxford University Press, 1910.


HERBERT, Henry (d.1837) - E


A Fortnight's Journal: By the Late Henry Herbert; With a Short Account of the Manner of His Death on One of the Jura Mountains, August 2, 1837  London, R. and W. Swale, 1838.  


HIGBEE, Lucy Ann [Miss]  - of Trenton, New Jersey - A280,M2559

May to July 1837

Matthews: Private diary; diary of a spinster of about forty, taking her niece from Richmond, Virginia, to Ohio by stage and steamer; notes on scenery, Niagara, social affairs; pleasant touristic diary.

The Diary of Lucy Ann Higbee  Cleveland, Ohio, privately printed, 1924, 57 pp.


HINDS, Richard Brinsley - *M2560,E

The Sandwich Islands, from Richard Brinsley Hinds' Journal of the Voyage of the Sulphur (1836-1842)  edited by, E. Alison Kay in  Hawaiian Journal of History  Volume II, 1968.


JARVIS, Nathan S. - *M2561,E

An Army Surgeon's Notes on Frontier Service, 1833-48  in  Journal of the Military Service Institute XXVIII, 1906.


HOLSTEIN, Friedrich August Karl Ferdinand Julius von (1837-1909)  head of the German Foreign OfficeE

Dates unknown

In  Volume III of  The Holstein Papers  Cambridge, four volumes, 1955 to 1963.


JOHNSON, Joseph A. - *M2562,E

Echoes from the 'Trail of Tears,' 1837  edited by W. Stanley Hoole in  Alabama Review  VI.


JOHNSTON, Adelia A Field (1837-1921)  of Oberlin College - E

Dates unknown

The Life of Adelia A.Field Johnston Who Served Oberlin College for Thirty-Seven Years  by Harriet L.Keeler, Cleveland, 1912.


JUDD, Sylvester [The Rev.] (1813-1853)  of Augusta, Maine - A281,M2563

August 1837 to January 1841

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); life in divinity school at Harvard, appointment to pastorate at Augusta, Maine, and notes of work there.

In  Life and Character of the Rev. Sylvester Judd  by Arethusa Hall. Boston, 1854, pp 113-185. Passim.


LANGTON, Anne (1804?-1893)  English settler in Canada - C67

1837 to 1846

Journals and letter journals of the unmarried sister of a settler in Ontario. Family, neighbours, farming, domestic occupations, the weather. A clear and detailed account. Excellent.

A Gentlewoman In Upper Canada; The Journals of Anne Langton  edited by H.H.Langton. Toronto, Clarke, Irwin, 1950. Also relevant are:  The Story of Our Family  Manchester, 1881 which is Anne Langton's autobiography; and  Early Days in Upper Canada  edited by W.A.Langton. Canada, Macmillan, 1926 which prints letters of Anne's brother John. James Cummings (7279) has also  Langton Records  Edinburgh, 1904.


LAWRENCE, Honoria (1808-1854) - H639

April 3rd. 1837 to November 19th. 1853

Letter journals of the wife of Henry Lawrence; the outward voyage to India; marriage; children; life in India; Nepal and Kashmir; detailed descriptions, well observed, sometimes amusing.

1. - The Journals of Honoria Lawrence; India Observed 1837-1854  edited by John Lawrence and Audrey Woodiwiss. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1980.

2. - There is extensive quotation from the diaries, not all of which appears in the more recent book, in  Honoria Lawrence: A Fragment of Indian History  by Maud Diver. London, John Murray, 1936.


LEIGH, John Studdy - *H640,E

a) - 1837, 1838 and 1839

Zanzibar Diary of John Studdy Leigh  in  Journal of African Historical Studies  XIII, 1980.

b) - 1838 and 1839

John Studdy Leigh In Somalia  in  Journal of African Historical Studies  VIII, 1975.


LILLYBRIDGE, C. [Dr.]  - of New York, physician - A281,M2564

March 1837

Matthews: Travel journal; accompanying emigrating Cherokees; Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, and Arkansas rivers; data on health of Indians; official and impersonal but unusual and interesting.

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XVIII, (1931-1932), pp 232-245.

01/02/03 - LINDSAY, Elizabeth Dick - *G60,*M2565,E

February 1st. 1837 to May 3rd. 1861

Diary of Elizabeth Dick Lindsay: February 1, 1837 - May 3, 1861  Salisbury, North Carolina, 1975. Printed in facsimile.


LYMAN, Ellen Bancroft Lowell (1837-1894)  wife of Arthur Theodore Lyman (qv) - E

Dates unknown

In  Arthur Theodore Lyman and Ella Lyman: Letter and journals with an account of those they loved and were descended from, prepared by their daughter, Ella Lyman Cabot  privately printed, three volumes, George Banta, 1932.


McFARLAND, Thomas S. (Stuart?) (1810?-1880?)  of Texas

From 1837

A Journal of the Coincidences and Acts of Thomas S.McFarland, beginning with the first day of January A.D. 1837  Burnet, Texas, Nortex, 1981, 500 copies.


MANN, Horace (1796-1859) - *M2566,E

In  Life and Works of Horace Mann  by Mary Tyler Peabody Mann. Boston, Walker Fuller, three volumes, 1865-68; and Boston, Lee and Shepard; New York, C. T. Dillingham, five volumes, 1891; and Washington, D.C: National Education Association of the United States, 1937.


MARSHALL, John [Dr.] - E


Dr. Marshall’s Ohio Journey  in  Old Northwest  fall, 1979.


MICKLE, Isaac - *H641,*M2567,E

From 1837

Diary of a Philadelphia lawyer, book collector, politician and traveller throughout the Eastern United States.

A Gentleman of Much Promise: The Diary of Isaac Mickle 1837-1845  edited by Phillip English Mackey. Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, two volumes, 1977.


MORRIS, William [Hon.] (1786-1858) - C861

a)  - 1837 to 1838

Matthews: Religious travel journal; mission to England, to present petition from the Presbyterian clergy of Canada concerning church's finances.

Ontario Historical Society Papers  XXX, 1934, pp 212-262.

b) - 1849 to 1850

The West Indian Diary of Hon. William Morris 1849-1850  in  Douglas Library Notes  1965.


NIGHTINGALE, Florence (1820-1910)  nurse - E

a) - From  1837, possibly earlier

Quoted in  The Life of Florence Nightingale  by Edward Cook. London, Macmillan, two volumes, 1913. The diary is probably also quoted in others of the many biographies but it has not been printed in extenso.

b) - 1849 to 1850

Diary while travelling in Egypt and Greece.

1. - In  Florence Nightingale in Egypt and Greece  edited by Michael D.Calabria. Albany, State University of New York, 1996.

2. - Letters from Egypt  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1987.


NYE, Thomas (1801-1877)  of Montreal, lawyer - A281,C897,M2568

October to December 1837

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Montreal to Chicago, by stage to Ontario, by steamer through the Lakes; return with his bride, overland to Detroit, steamer to Cleveland and thence overland to Montreal; brief notes of things done, seen, and heard; good picture of prairie fire; notes on inns; moderate interest.

Journal of Thomas Nye  Champlain, New York, 1932, 30 pp., 68 copies.


O’BRIEN, Andrew Leary (b.1815)  Irish Catholic immigrant who founded the Methodist Andrew College in Cuthbert, Georgia - E

From 1837?

The Journal of Andrew Leary O’Brien, Including an Account of the Origin Of Andrew College, Cuthbert, Georgia  Athens, The university of Georgia Press, 1946.


PEAKE, John (1756-1841)  of Fairfax County, Virginia and Sangamon County, Illinois - A281,M2569

January to December 1837

Matthews: Private diary; brief notes of daily occupations, devotions, etc.

In  Illinois Historical Society Journal  VIII, (1915-1916), pp 114-131.


PETIT, Benjamin Marie - *M2570,E

a) - In  The Trail of Death: Letters of Benjamin Marie Petit  by Irving McKee in Indiana Magazine of History  XXXVI, 1941, 398-400.

b) - James Cummings (9751) has:  Journal  Indiana Historical Society, 1944. -


PONSONBY, Frances (b.1812?) and Emily (1820-1856)  daughters of Bishop Richard Ponsonby

September 19th. to October 2nd. 1837

The surviving portion of a joint diary while accompanying their mother and father the visitation of his parishes in county Donegal; often superior and sarcastic in tone but an amusing account of their various hosts, meals, conversations and accommodation.

1. - In  Donegal Annual  1973.

2. - In  Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology, 1590-1987  edited by Melosina Lenox-Conyngham. Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 1998, pp 163-171.  


PORTER, Deborah H. [Mrs.] (1809-1847)  of Bangor, Maine - A281,M2571

June 1837 to June 1845

Matthews: Religious journal (extracts); parson's wife's notes, self-analysis, lamentations, trials, meetings, contemplations of God, prayers, omens, consolations and despairs, relations with preachers.

Memoir of Mrs. Deborah H.Porter  by Anne T.Drinkwater. Portland, 1848, pp 34-226. Passim.


REDESDALE, Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford, Baron (of second creation) (1837-1916)  grandfather of the M itford sisters - E

Dates unknown

Memories  Dutton, two volumes, 1916, is reported to contain diary material.


ROGERS, Robert D. [Lieut. Col.] (1809-1885)  born at Haldimand, Ontario, of Cobourg Rifles


December 1837 to January 1838

Matthews: Canadian military journal (fragment); the operations and movements of the militia during the rebellion.

Canadian Historical Review  XIII, 1932, pp 429-430.


ROTHSCHILD, Louisa, Lady de (1821-1910) - B236,E

a) - July 29th. 1837 to October 10th. 1905

Personal diary, family and social affairs. Short extracts and long and frequent gaps. Not of great interest or value.

Lady de Rothschild and her Daughters, 1821-1931  by Lucy Cohen. London, John Murray, 1935. Passim. The book also contains extracts from the diaries of Constance and Annie de Rothschild (qv).

b) - 1860 to 1907

Dated notes of her reading, taken from notebooks and diaries.

Lady de Rothschild: Extracys from her notebooks: with a preface by her daughter Constance Battersea  London, Humphreys, 1912.


SAUNDERSON, Edward James [Colonel] (1837-1906)  Member of Parliament - E

Dates Unknown

Fragmentary diary and diary-letters in  In  Colonel Saunderson, M.P.: A Memoir  by Reginald Lucas (qv). London, John Murray, 1908.


SCADDING, Henry [The Rev.] (1813-1901)  of Toronto - C1043,E

a) - 1837 to 1838

Matthews: Private diary; the extracts mostly relating to the rebellion in Lower Canada.

Women's Canadian Historical Society Toronto Transactions  No. 6, 1906.

b) - Dates unknown

Further Extracts from Dr. Scadding's Diary  in  Women's Canadian Historical Society Toronto Transactions  1912.


SIMPKINSON, Francis Guillemard - *M2572,E

In   H.M.S. Sulphur at California, 1837 and 1839: Being the Accounts of Midshipman Francis Guillermard Simpkinson and Captain Edward Belcher  edited by Richard A.Pierce and John H.Winslow. The Book Club of California, 1969.


SMITH, Amanda (1837-1915)  evangelist - E

Dates Unknown

In  An Autobiography: The story of the Lord's dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith, the coloured evangelist; containing an account of her life work of faith, and her travels in America, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, and Africa, as an independent missionary  Chicago, Meyer, 1893.


SMITH, Joshua Toulmin (1816-1869)  of Birmingham, England, lawyer - A281,M2573

August 1837 to July 1838

Matthews: Travel diary (first part written by his wife); England to New York, Albany, Utica, Buffalo, Detroit; account of Detroit and Michigan; disappointment at not finding Utopia; return to Utica. Notes on American "barbarisms", prisons, elections, American women, cookery, linguistics; a carefully written analysis in lively and provocative vein.

Journal in America, 1837-1838  edited by Floyd B.Streeter. Metuchen, New Jersey, 1925, 54 pp. No. 41 of Heartman's Historical Series.


SMITH, William Rudolph (1787-1868)  of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin


July to October 1837

Matthews: Travel diary; by canal and river from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, via Pittsburgh, Steubenville, Wheeling, Marietta, Cincinnati, Louisville, Evansville, St. Louis, Alton, Dubuque, Prairie du Chien; and part of return journey; notes on towns and incidents of journey, social and general observations; quite interesting.

1. - In  Wisconsin Magazine of History  XII, (1928-1929), pp 192-220 and 300-321.

2. - In  Incidents of a Journey from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin Territory, in 1837  Chicago, 1927, pp 27-72.

SOUTHALL, Eliza (1823-1851)  of Birmingham - B237

June 1837 to August 1851

Matthews: Quaker diary; religious introspection, exercises and reflections; her daily affairs.

1. - A Brief Memoir of Eliza Southall  Philadelphia, 1861, pp 21-170.

2. - Portions of the Diary  Birmingham, 1855.


STEBBINS, Salmon (1795-1882)  born at Plainfield, New Hampshire, Methodist preacher


May 1837 to August 1838

Matthews: Methodist journal; journey to Wisconsin; travel and preaching there; simple, direct notes of work, etc.

In  Wisconsin Magazine of History  IX, (1925-1926), pp 188-212.


STOKES, John Lort (1812-1885)  British naval officer - E

1837 to 1843

Third voyage of the Beagle.

Discoveries in Australia  London, Boone, two volumes, 1846. Facsimile edition: Adelaide, Libraries Board of South Australia, 1969.


SUMMER, Henry - E


A South Carolina Lawyer Visits St. Augustine - 1837  in  Florida Historical Quarterly  April, 1965.


SUMNER, Charles (1811-1874)  of Boston, lawyer and politician - A282,M2576

December 1837 to April 1838

Matthews: Foreign travel diary; voyage across Atlantic; in France, Rouen, Paris, and study at Ecole de Droit; theatres, museums, English and American colony, trials; detailed and interesting notes of life of Americans in Paris

In  Memoirs and Letters of Charles Sumner  by Edward L.Pierce. Boston, 1877, Volume I, pp 213-286.


SWAIN, Robert (1823-1844) - E

1837 to 1844

Diary extracts; a voyage; fishing trips; a school holiday is announced; college; health; another voyage; Fayal in the Azores for his health; the last entry is made shortly before his death.

In  Memoir of Robert Swain  privately printed, Boston, 1846.

TAYLER, William (1807-1892) - H642

January 1st. to December 31st. 1837

Personal diary of a farmer's son in service in London. Unique and interesting account of a servant's life with much practical detail. Full and lively. Amusing gossip and spellings.

Diary of William Tayler, Footman, 1837  edited by Dorothy Wise with notes by Ann Cox-Johnson. London, 1962. Reprinted by The St. Marylebone Society, 1987.

THOMPSON, Joseph R. - C1151


Matthews: Private diary; notes on the effects of the 1837 rebellion in a back township in Upper Canada.

Canadian Historical Review  XI, 1930, pp 223-232.

01/02/03 - THOREAU, Henry David (1817-1862) - *H643,A282,*M2577,E

October 1837 to November 1861

Personal journal; literary and descriptive; notes and jottings; the seasons, countryside, rivers and natural history; writer's notebook; life in his hut in the woods overlooking Walden Pond.

1. - The Journals of Thoreau  edited by Bradford Torrey. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, fourteen volumes, 1906 (Volumes VII-XX of  The Writings of Henry David Thoreau). Reprinted fourteen volumes in two, New York, Dover Publications, 1964. See also Havlice.

2. - Portions published separately:

- Early Spring in Massachusetts  Boston, 1881.

- Summer  Boston, 1884.

- Winter  Boston, 1888.

- Autumn  Boston, 1892.

3. - Selections are  The Heart of Thoreau's Journals  edited by Odell Shepard. Boston, 1927, 348 pp. and  A Writer's Journal  edited by Laurence Stapleton. London, Heinemann, 1961.

4. - A new edition by various editors in  Writings of Henry D.Thoreau  Princeton University Press, from 1981. (Eight volumes issued to 2002, the journal from 1837 to 1854).

5. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 224-230; and Dunaway & Evans, pp 293-299.

6. - Discussion: Kagle (3), pp 131-142.

Van VLIET, Traver - C1183


Matthews: Diary, early 19th. Century; records of early settlement in Quebec; pioneer life, family affairs, travel between Lacolle and Montreal; the 1837 rebellion, etc.

Canadian Historical Review  XI, 1930, pp 38-48.


VYSE, Richard William Howard (1784-1853)  British soldier and Egyptologist - E


Very detailed notes of a 'gunpowder archaeologist'.

In  Operations Carried on at the Pyramids of Gizeh in 1837: With an Account of a Voyage into Upper Egypt, and an Appendix  London, Fraser, three volumes, 1840.


WALKER, Thomas - E

13th. April to June 10th. 1837

Although very detailed, a rather pedestrian account of the journey with occasional arresting vignettes; full notes of topography, landowners and settlers; contacts with aborigines; a shooting accident.

A Month in the Bush of Australia: The Journal of One of a Party of Gentlemen Who recently Travelled from Sydney to Port Philip  London, 1938.


WARREN, John Collins [Dr.] (1778-1856)  of Boston, surgeon - A282,M2578

June 1837 to April 1856

Matthews: Diaries; voyage to Europe, England, Ireland, France, Italy; touristic travel and notes, visits to medical schools and doctors; journal of professional life and work in Boston; some domestic and social items; further travel in Europe.

The Life of John Collins Warren  by Edward Warren. Boston, two volumes, 1860. Passim.


WILLS, William Henry [The Rev.] (1809-1889)  of Tarboro, North Carolina - A283,M2579

a) - April to May 1837

Matthews: Travel diary; drive by sulky from Tarboro, through Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, looking for site for home; comments on taverns, food, sectarians, farming, towns; detailed list of expenses; long entries, personal and amusing.

In  Southern Historical Association Publications  VI, 1902, pp 471-483; and  VII, 1903, pp 7-16, 79-84 and 187-192.

b) - April to May 1840

Matthews: Travel diary; by hack from Tarboro to Washington, train to Baltimore; over mountains to Cumberland, Wheeling, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama. and return; vigorous and amusing comments on social habits, institutions, and places.

In  Southern Historical Association Publications  VII, 1903, pp 349-352 and 427-432; and VIII, 1904, pp 23-39 and 129-138.


WINTER, George (1809-1876)  English American artist - E


The Journals and Indian Paintings of George Winter 1837-1839  Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, 1948.


WOODMAN, Elijah Crocker (1797-1847)  Canadian businessman - E

From 1837?

In  Exile from Canada to Van Diemen's Land: Being the Story of Elijah Woodman, Transported Overseas for Participation in Upper Canada Troubles of 1837-38  edited by Fred Landon, Toronto, Longmans, Green, 1960.



ANONYMOUS,  English farmer - A283,M2580

April to November 1838

Matthews: Travel diary; from England to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania; farming in Murray Valley, Pennsylvania, beginning of voyage home; moderate interest.

1. - Lycoming Historical Society Occasional Paper  No. 6, 1928.

2. - In  Now and Then  V, 1936, pp 151-169.



A Continuation of the Journal of an Emigrating Party of Potawatomi Indians, 1838, and Ten William Polke Manuscripts  in  Indiana Magazine of History  XLIV, 1948, pp 393-408.


ANONYMOUS  - English emigrant farmer - E

“A Record of the Journey of an Unknown Englishman to America in the Year 1838 and His Sojourn for a Summer Among the Early Pioneer Settlers of Muncy Valley.”

Journal of an English Emigrant Farmer  Lycoming Historical Society Proceedings and Papers  VI, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1928, 38pp.

ABBOTT, Augustus [Maj. Gen.] (1804-1867) - D1

1838 to 1842

Matthews: Military journal; service with Bengal Artillery in the Afghan War; marches; military details.

The Afghan War  edited by Charles R.Low. London, 1879.


AINSWORTH, William Francis (1807-1896)  geologist - E

1838 to 1840

Travel diary of an expedition to the Christians of Chaldea sponsored by The Royal Geographical Society and The Society for Promoting of Christian Knowledge.

1. - In  Travels and Researches in Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, Chaldea and Armenia  London, John W.Parker, two volumes, 1842.

2. - Notes on a Journey from Constantinople  in  Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London  1839.

3. - An Account of a visit to the Chaldeans  in  Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London  1841.


ALLEN, William Y. [The Rev.] (1805-1885)  of Texas, and Rockville, Indiana, chaplain of the Congress of the Texas Republic - H644,A283,M2582

March 1838 to October 1839

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); notes of his experiences in Texas, religious affairs, Indians.

In  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  XVII, (1913-1914), pp 43-60; reprinted from  Texas Presbyterian  March 1880 to December 1883.


BAKER, Charles Minton (d.1872)  born at New York, of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - A283,M2583,E

a) - September to October 1838

Matthews: Travel diary; from Hortonville, Vermont, to Wisconsin; notes on towns, inns, canals; moderate interest.

In  Wisconsin Magazine of History  V, (1921-1922), pp 389-401.

b) - James Cummings has  Charles Minton Baker and the Pioneer Trail  privately printed, Chicago, 1928.


BAKER, John W. - *H645,*M2584,E


Western Travels: A Journal  in  Bulletin of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio  1948.


BARLOW, Debbie, Helen and Anna - *K30


BARNITZ, Samuel Bacon (1838-1902) - e

Dates unknown

Samuel Bacon Barnitz, Missionary and Western Secretary: An Appreciation  by William Edwin parson, Burlington, Iowa, German Literary Board, 1905, is reported to contain diary material.


BARRETT, Selah Hibbard (b.1822)  of Rutland, Ohio - A283,M2585

February 1838 to February 1872

Matthews: Religious journal; self-educated Methodist; ministerial labours and travels in Ohio and occasional missions in other parts of the United States and Canada; revival meetings; work for religious press.

Autobiography of Selah Hibbard Barrett  Rutland, Ohio, 1872, 396 pp.

BETTS, John Thomas (1809-1894)  of Pembury, translator - B238

July 1838 to August 1841

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); travel in Germany and Italy; notes on places and people; especially on his reading, his literary and musical interests, and acquaintances.

A Memoir of John T.Betts  edited by Letitia Jenkins. London, 1895, pp 15-43.


BILLINGS, John Shaw (1838-1913)  American librarian, architect and surgeon - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (1234) has  Notebooks  in  John Shaw Billings: A Memoir  by Garrison H.Fielding, Putnam, 1915.


BLACKFORD, John - *H646,*M2586,E

January 4th. 1838 to January 15th. 1839

Ferry Hill Plantation Journal: Life on the Potomac River and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal  edited by Fletcher M.Green and Thomas F. and Nathalie W.Hahn. Chapel Hill, North Carolina University Press, 1961, 139 pp. Second edition Shepherdstown, West Virginia, 1975.


BRANT, James - E


Notes of a Journey through a Part of Kurdistan in the Summer of 1838  in  Journal of the Royal Geographic Society of London  XI, 1841, pp 341-432.

CLIVE, Archer [The Rev.] (1800-1878)  Rector of Solihull

February 9th. 1838 to May 2nd. 1878

Personal diary extracts used to illuminate the life of his wife, Caroline Clive (qv). Parish affairs; neighbours and social life; his wife; close observation; attractive.

In  Caroline Clive; From the Diary and Family Papers of Mrs. Archer Clive  edited by Mary Clive. London, The Bodley Head, 1949. Passim.


COLVOCORESSES, George Musalas (1816-1872) - *M2587,E

Four Years in a Government Exploring Expedition ; to the Island of Madeira, Cape Verd Islands Brazil ... &c., &c. ...  New York, Cornish Lamport, 1852.


COMBE (both Matthews and Arksey have COOMBE), George (1788-1858)  Scottish phrenologist

-  - A283,M2588

September 1838 to February 1840

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); Albany, New York, and environs; description of Shakers, Albany politics, and manners, etc.

Notes in the United States of North America  Edinburgh, three volumes, 1841. Extracts in  Munsell's Collections on the History of Albany  (Albany, 1867) II, pp 343-353.


CRAWFORD, James Coutts (1817-1889) - E

From 1838

Recollections of Travel in New Zealand and Australia  London, Trubner, 1880, is nreported to contain diary material.


DALL, Caroline Wells Healey (1822-1912)  American abolitionist and women's rights campaigner


1838 to 1855

1. - Selected Journals of Caroline Healey Dall, 1838-1855  edited by Helen R.Deese. Boston, Massachusetts Historical Society, 2006.

2. - In  Daughter of Boston: The Extraordinary Diary of  a Nineteenth-century Woman, Caroline Healey Dall  by Helen R.Deese. Boston, Beacon Press, 2006.

3. - My First Holiday; Or, Letters Home From Colorado, Utah and California  Boston, Roberts Brothers, 1881.

4. - Reminiscences of Margaret Fuller  in  Harvard Library Bulletin  October, 1974.


DAVIDSON, Thomas (1838-1870)  Scottish poet - E

Dates unknown

The Life of a Scottish Probationer, Being a Memoir of Thomas Davidson with Poems and Extracts from His Letters  by James Brown, James Maclehose, 1908, first published in 1889, is reported to contain diary material.


DEARBORN, Henry Alexander (1783-1851)  of Roxbury, Massachusetts - A284,M2589

a) - August to October 1838

Matthews: Travel diary; journey to Niagara frontier to negotiate treaties with Seneca and Tuscarora Indians; Roxbury, Albany, Buffalo, Genesee, Nunda Falls, Niagara, Buffalo Creek, Lewiston, Rochester, Oswego, Kingston, Ogdensburg, Rossie lead mines, Montreal, Burlington; very extensive entries with descriptions of scenery, Indians and their customs, myths and sports, and notes on farming, fortifications, etc.; illustrated.

b) - November to December 1838

Matthews: Travel diary; mission to Buffalo to negotiate treaty of emigration with Seneca Indians; mainly personal, weather, reading, and general comments on politics, Red Jacket, etc.

c) - August 1839

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Boston to Cattaraugus by railroad, to attend council of Six Nations.

In  Buffalo Historical Society Publications  VII, 1904, pp 39-183, 185-217 and 219-225.


DOUGHERTY, Peter [Rev.](1805-1894) - *M2590,E

In  Presbyterian Historical Society Journal  XXX.


DUCHARME, Leandre (b.1816?)  Canadian rebel - H647,C368,E

1838 to 1845

Transported to Australia for taking part in the rebellion against British rule in Canada; the voyage, imprisonment and exile; settlements and settlers in Australia; return home.

Journal of a Political Exile in Australia  translated by George Mackaness. Sydney, 1944. Reprinted, Dubbo, Review Publications, 1976. First published in French, Montreal, 1845.

DURHAM, Louisa Lambton, Countess of (1797-1841)  eldest daughter of the second Earl Grey


April 23rd. to December 1st. 1838

Diary, interspersed with letters to her mother, of the wife of Lord Durham during his short time as Governor General of British North America attempting to settle the problems that had caused the rebellion of 1837. A straight forward and interesting account.

Letters and Diaries of Lady Durham  edited by Patricia Godsell. Canada, Oberon Press, 1979. The manuscript of the diary is lost and this edition is taken from the limited edition typescript of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, Series 9, pp 3-61, published in 1915.


DUYCKINCK, George Long - *H649,*M2591,E


A Boy's Journal of a Trip into New England in 1838  in  Essex Institute Historical Collections  April, 1950.


EELLS, Myra Fairbanks (1838-1878)  of the Oregon Mission - *H650,A284,*M2592

March to September 1838

Matthews: Travel diary-letter; New England, Ohio, St. Louis, in the Rockies; Englishwoman's observation of Americans - Negro, Indian, and white - and their customs; religion in the Rockies.

1. - In  Oregon Pioneer Association Transactions  17th. Annual Reunion, 1889, pp 54-88a.

2. - In  First White Women Over the Rockies  edited by Clifford M.Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1963.

ELLICE, Katherine Jane (Janie) (d.1864) - H651,C388,M2593

April 24th. to December 26th. 1838

Personal diary of the wife of Edward Ellice, Private Secretary to Lord Durham on the Canadian Mission; with her husband and sister from England to Quebec, Montreal, Niagara, and return; stage coach, river boat and trains; her social life; observations of American life and character; an interesting account of being held prisoner, with her sister, and her husband taken away by French Canadian rebels; their rescue; lively, attractive and often entertaining.

The Diary of Jane Ellice  edited by Patricia Godsell. Canada, Oberon Press, 1975.


EVANS, Mary Peacock (1821-1912) - *H652, *G62,*M2594,E

The Journal of Mary Peacock: Life, a Century Ago, as Seen in Buffalo and Chautauqua County by a Seventeen Year Old Girl in Boarding School and Elsewhere  privately printed, Buffalo, New York, 1938.

FELLOWS, Charles [Sir] (1799-1860)  archaeologist - B238

a) - February to May 1838

Matthews: Archaeological diary; tour through western Asia describing people, buildings, travelling conditions; archaeological interests; lively descriptions.

A Journal Written during an Excursion in Asia Minor  London, 1839.

b) - February to May 1840

Matthews: Archaeological diary; a similar diary in Lycia, especially relating to archaeology.

An Account of Discoveries in Lycia  London, 1841.


FISHER, Daniel Webster (1838-1913)  American academic - E

Dates unknown

In  A Human Life: An Autobiography with Excursuses  Revell, 1909.


FRÉMONT (FREMONT), John Charles (1813-1890)  explorer - *H653,A292,*M2705

a) - 1838

In  The Expeditions of John Charles Frémont  edited by Donald Jackson and Mary Lee Spence. Volume I, University of Illinois Press, 1970.

b) - May 1842 to August 1844

Matthews: Travel journal; report of the exploring expedition in the Rocky Mountains in 1842 and to Oregon and California in 1843-1844.

1. - Senate Document  No. 174, 28th. Congress, second session, Washington, 1845, 294 pp. Often reprinted, usually as  Narrative of the Exploring Expedition.

2. - In  Memoirs of My Life Including the Narrative Five Journeys of Western Exploration During the Years 1842, 1843-4, 1845-6-7, 1853-4  Chicago, Bedford, Clarke, 1887.

3. - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 39-43.


GALE, Anna D. - *M2595,E

Glimpses of Margaret Fuller: The Green Street School and Florence  edited by Edward A. Hoyt and Loriman S. Brigham in  The New England Quarterly  XXIX, No. 1, March, 1956, pp 87-98.


GEYER, Charles A. - *M2596,E

In  Joseph N. Nicollet on the Plains and Prairies: The Expeditions of 1838-39, with Journals, Letters, and Notes on the Dakota Indians  translated from the French and edited by Edmund C. Bray and Martha Coleman Bray. St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1976 and 1993.


GREY, Charles (1804-1870) - *M2597,E

1838 to 1839

Crisis in the Canadas: 1838-1839: the Grey Journals and Letters   edited by William Ormsby. Toronto, Macmillan of Canada, 1964.


HALL, Emily Mary (1819-1901) and Ellen Augusta (1822-1911)

a) - 1838 to 1848 with further extracts for 1860 to 1863

A narrative account of the lives and loves of two young women substantially constructed from extracts from their very full diaries; domestic and family affairs; Jersey and England; visits, social life, friends; their sister's courtship and marriage; the Shores. The editorial treatment in this case is more successful than in the sequels which are noticed below.

In  Two Victorian Girls  by O.A.Sherrard, edited by A.R.Mills. London, Frederick Muller, 1966.

b) - 1847 to 1858

Personal diaries of the two sisters woven into a narrative account of their lives; social life; friendships, particularly with the Shore family (see Emily Shore); travel; suitors. To judge from the two pages given in facsimile the diaries have been robbed of much of their immediacy and would have been more satisfactorily presented as abridged and edited transcripts.

In  The Halls of Ravenswood; More Pages from the Journals of Emily and Ellen Hall  by A.R.Mills. London, Frederick Muller, 1967.

c) - 1859 to 1869

Continuing narrative based on the diaries but with direct quotation restricted to brief sentences and phrases.

In  Two Victorian Ladies; More Pages from the Journals of Emily and Ellen Hall  by A.R.Mills. London, Frederick Muller, 1969.


HAPPOLDT, Christopher - *H655,*M2598,E

June to December 1838

The Christopher Happoldt Journal of His European Tour with the Rev. John Bachman (June-December, 1838)  edited by Claude Henry Neuffer. Charleston Museum, 1960.

HARRIS, George (1809-1866)  judge - B238

July 1838 to May 1885

Matthews: Legal diary; an extensive record of his legal studies and career as a lawyer and judge; scholarship, writing, lecturing; his literary friendships; a useful and varied journal.

The Autobiography of George Harris  London, 1888.


HAWDON, Joseph - E

a)  - 1838

A record of the first overland cattle drive to Adelaide.

The Journal of a Journey from New South Wales to Adelaide (The Capital of South Australia) Performed in 1838  Melbourne, Georgian House, 1952.

b) - 1839

Joseph Hawdon’s Journal of His Overland Journey by Tandem from Port Adelaide with Alfred Mundy in 1839  Adelaide, Sullivan’s Cove, 1984, 46pp, 155 copies.


HERNDON, John Hunter - *H656,*M2599,E


Diary of a Young Man in Houston, 1838  in  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  January, 1950.


HINCKLEY, Frank (1838-1890)  of California - E

In  Frank Hinckley, California Engineer and Rancher, 1838-1890: Including Hitherto Unpublished Excerpts From Diaries and Letters, Together With Genealogical Tables of the Hinckley and Meek Families, Illustrated With Authentic Photographs  Claremont, California, Saunders Press, 1946.


HULL, Jacob - *M2600,E

Jacob Hull's Detachment of the Potawatomi Emigration of 1838  edited by Dwight L. Smith in  Indiana Magazine of History  XLV, 1949, pp 285-88.


JENKS, M.H. - *M2601,E

1. - In  Travel Accounts of Indiana, 1679-1961: A Collection of Observations by Wayfaring Foreigners, Itinerants and Peripatetic Hoosiers  edited by Shirley S.McCord. Bloomington, Indiana, Indiana University Press, 1970.

2. - Westward to York Town  in  Year Book of Society of Indiana Pioneers  1969.


KASHEVAROV, Aleksandr Filippovich - *H657,*M2602,E


A.F.Kashevarov’s Coastal Explorations  Explorations in Northwest Alaska, 1838   Fieldiana: Anthropology  LXIX, Field  Museum of Natural History, 1977.


KRAUSS, Ferdinand - *H658,E

1838 to 1840

Travel Journal: Cape to Zululand: Observations by a Collector and Naturalist, 1838-1840  edited by Dr. O.H.Spohr. Cape Town, A.A.Balkema, 1973.

MACAULAY, Thomas Babington Macaulay, first Baron (1800-1859)  historian - B238

a)  - October 1838 to December 23rd. 1859

Personal and literary diary; travel in Italy; reading and criticism; friends and conversation; politics. Extracts only have been printed.

1. - Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay  by George Otto Trevelyan. London, two volumes, 1876. Passim. Often reprinted.

2. - Quoted in  Lord Macaulay  by Richmond C. Beatty. Norman, Oklahoma, 1938.

3. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 389-393.

b) - 1834 to 1838

“… Lord Macaulay's Minutes, written when he was Law Member of the India Council…”

Lord Macaulay’s Legislative Minutes  Madras, Oxford University Press, 1946, is reported to have the character of a diary.


McCRAE, Georgiana Huntly Gordon (1804-1891) - H659,E

a) - September 5th. 1838 to November 1st. 1848

Personal diary; from England to join her husband, a lawyer, in New South Wales; financial problems; family and social life; lively and interesting picture of the new settlement.

Georgiana's Journal; Melbourne 1841 to 1865  edited by Hugh McCrae. Australia, Angus and Robertson, second edition, 1967.

b) - Georgiana: A Biography of Georgiana McCrae, painter, diarist, pioneer  by Brenda Niall. Carlton, Victoria, Melbourne University Press, is reported to contain diary material not previously published.

c) - 1828 to 1837

In  A Commonplace Book Compiled At Gordon Castle, Scotland and in Edinburgh and London During the Years 1828 - 1837  edited by Huntly and Barbara Higgins. Melbourne: Spectrum Publications,  1996.   


MERCER, George  - Australian pioneer

March 22nd. to April 14th. 1838

Journal of a tour into the interior of the Port Philip district. Very brief notes of bearings, distances travelled and availability of water.

In  Letters from Victorian Pioneers  by Thomas Francis Bride, re-edited by C.E.Sayers, Melbourne and London, William Heinemann, 1969 (first published 1898) pp 43-45.


MILLER, Henry B. (1814-1847)  of York County, Pennsylvania - A284,M2603

January 1838 to January 1839

Matthews: Private diary; St. Louis; descriptions of political and social life; trip to Iowa and Illinois; Natchez; a fairly interesting diary, but "trivial or merely personal" matter has been omitted by the editor.

In  Missouri Historical Society Collections  VI, (1928-1931), pp 213-287.


NICHOLS, William Henry - *M2604,E

May 24th. 1838 to February 28th. 1840

Sea diary of a whaling voyage by the cooper and ship's clerk of the Emerald.

Eastward Around the World on the Barque Emerald  or  A Journal of a Whaling Voyage to the South Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, on Board Barque 'Emerald' of Salem, Joseph Dexter Master and Kept By William Henry Nichols  Salem, Naumkeag Publications, 1973.

Note: The book has not been examined but is listed in many places under one or other of these titles, which are thought to be the same publication, it is possible, however, that one title is in facsimile and the other is the transcribed text. James Cummings also lists  Some Excerpts from the Nichols Journal  Salem, 1950, which has not been found elsewhere.

NOWROJEE, Jehangeer and MERWANJEE, Hirjeebhoy  - of Bombay, naval architects - B238

March 1838 to April 1841

Matthews: Social diary; the amusement side of their stay in England; social life, visits to sights, plays, exhibitions, factories.

Journal of a Residence  London, 1841.


OLIN, Stephen [Dr.] (1797-1851)  born at Leicester, Vermont, president of Wesleyan University


November 1838 to August 1840

Matthews: Foreign travel diary; travel in France, Italy, Ireland, Germany; inspecting antiquities, scenery, crops, business; down the Danube to Turkey; general social and touring observations.

In  The Life and Letters of Stephen Olin  New York, 1853, Volume I, pp 223-345, and Volume II, pp 10-28.

Note: James Cummings (9343) has also  Travels in Egypt, Arabia Petrae, and The Holy Land  Harper, two volumes, 1843.


OUTRAM, James [Lieut. Gen. Sir] (1803-1863)  Indian Army - D232

a) -  1838 to 1839

Matthews: Journal; military activities; campaign in Sind and Afghanistan; staff details.

Rough Notes of the Campaign  London, 1840.

b) - Dates unknown

James Outram, A Biography  by Frederic J.Goldsmid, London, Smith elder, two volumes, 1880, reissued Cambridge University Press, 2012, is reported to contain diary material.


PEABODY, Henry Wayland (1838-1908)  businessman of Massachusetts - E

Dates unknown

Henry Wayland Peabody, Merchant  by Lucy McGill Waterbury Peabody, M.H.Leavis, West Medford, Massachusetts, 1909, is reported to contain diary material.

PEASE, Edward (1767-1858)  railway projector - B238

1838 to 1857

Matthews: Social diary; the business and social affairs of an important and prominent industrialist, associated with Stephenson in development of railways; his domestic affairs, entertainments; social life and fashions; Quaker religious life and self-examination; industrialism as modified by Quaker ideals.

1. - The Diaries of Edward Pease  edited by Sir Alfred Pease. London, 1907.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 376-379.


PETERS, John (1812-1871)  of Brooklyn, New York, and Vicksburg, Mississippi, merchant


November 1838 to March 1841

Matthews: Private and business diary; business life in Vicksburg and his attempt to recover his fortunes after the panic of 1837; a few personal details.

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XXI, (1934-1935), pp 529-542.


POLKE, William  - of Plymouth, Indiana - A285,M2607

August to November 1838

Matthews: Travel journal; journey in charge of a party of Pottawattomie Indians who "emigrated" from Twin Lakes, Marshall County, Indiana, to the Osage River in Western Territory; events during the march, deaths and sickness; details of Indian life and travel; an interesting journal.

In  Indiana Magazine of History  XXI, 1925, pp 316-336.


PRIEUR, Xavier Francois (1814-1891)  French Canadian rebel - E

From 1838

Journal of a French Canadian sentenced to transportation to New South Wales for his part in the Canadian rebellion.

Australian Historical Monographs  XVIII, 1949, 142 pp.

ROBERTS, David (1796-1864)  Scottish painter - B239

August 1838 to June 1864

Matthews: Painter's diary; his studies and travels in Italy form the greatest part of the selection; his career and work as a painter; studies and criticism of paintings and antiquities; meetings of Royal Academy.

The Life of David Roberts  by James Ballantine. Edinburgh, 1866, pp 80-225.


ROBINSON, Edward (1794-1863) - E

a) - 1838

Biblical researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai and Arabia Petraea. A journal of travels in the year 1838, by E. Robinson and E. Smith. Undertaken in reference to Biblical geography. Drawn up from the original diaries with historical illus. by Edward Robinson  Boston, Crocker and brewster, three volumes, 1841.

b) - 1852

Later Biblical Researches in Palestine and the Adjacent Regions: A Journal of Travels in the Year 1852  Boston, 1856.

ROBINSON, John Beverley [Sir] (1791-1863)  of Toronto - C1005

1838 to 1840 and 1855

Matthews: Private diary; kept in England; notes on political and legislative matters relating to Canada; a society life with the ruling group in England; Wellington, Russell, Dickens.

Life of Sir John Beverley Robinson  by C.W.Robinson. Toronto, 1904, pp 274-389. Passim.


SANDERS, Cyrus (1817-1887)  of Johnson County, Iowa - A285,M2608

December 1838 to January 1845

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Ohio to Johnson County, Iowa; interesting details, taverns, cooking, gambling, dentists, etc.; work as surveyor; interesting general diary, with some literary allusions.

In  Iowa Journal of History and Politics  XXXVII, 1939, pp 52-88.

SARGENT, John Grant (1813-1883)  of London - B239,M2609

February 1838 to November 1882

Matthews: Quaker diary; travels in the Quaker ministry in England, France, Norway, Ireland, U.S.A.; Quaker meetings, religious life and observances; his own spiritual life.

Selections from the Diary of John Grant Sargent  Newport, 1885, pp 4-305.


SMITH, Sarah Gilbert White - *H661*M2610,E


In  First White Women Over the Rockies  Volume III, edited by Clifford M.Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1963.


SPALDING, Henry Harmon - *H662,*M2611

1838 to 1843

In  The Diaries and Letters of Henry H.Spalding and Asa Bowen Smith Relating to the Nez Perce Mission, 1838-1842  edited by Clifford Merrill Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1958.


STEELE, John Hardy - *H663,*M2612,E


Journal Kept on a Journey from Peterborough, New Hampshire, to Salisbury, North Carolina  in  Historical New Hampshire  1963.


STERNE, Adolphus (1801-1852)  born at Cologne, Germany, of Nacogdoches, Texas


November 1838 to November 1851

Matthews: Private and business diary; records of deaths, taxes, politics, early life in Texas; an interesting, extensive, and valuable record of early Texas.

1. - In  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  XXX, (1926-1927), to XXXVIII, (1934-1935). Passim.

2. - Hurrah for Texas! The Diary of Adolphus Sterne  edited by A.R.McDonald. Waco Texas, 1969.


STEVENS, Henry (1791-1867)  of Burlington, Vermont, founder of Vermont Historical Society


January 1838 to August 1842

Matthews: Private diary; farming, everyday life, politics; brief entries.

In  Vermont Historical Society Proceedings  II, 1931, pp 115-128.


SUTTER, Johann August (1803-1880)  of California - A285

April 1838 to 1856

Matthews: Private diary; only partly diary and mostly relating to 1849; account of his career; some interesting spellings reflecting German-English pronunciation.

The Argonaut  (San Francisco) January 26th. and February 2nd., 9th. and 16th. 1878. Reprinted as  The Diary of Johann August Sutter  edited by Douglas S.Watson. San Francisco, 1932, 56 pp.


SWARTZELL, William - A285,M2615

May to August 1838

Matthews: Diary; journal of a residence in Missouri, written by a former Mormon deacon; 'chronique scandaleuse'.

Mormonism Exposed  Pekin, Ohio, 1840, 48 pp.


WAIT, Benjamin - E

From 1838

Narrative letters; little indication of any underlying contemporaneous record.

Letters from Van Dieman's Land, written during four years imprisonment for political offences committed in Upper Canada  Buffalo, Wilgus, 1843 and often reprinted.


WALKER, Elkanah - *H664,*M2616,E

a) - 1838

In  First White Women Over the Rockies  edited by Clifford M.Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1963.

b) - 1838-1848

Nine Years With the Spokane Indians: The Diary, 1838-1848, of Elkanah Walker  edited by Clifford M.Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1976.


WARNER, Abraham Joseph (b.1821) - *M2617,E

1838 to 1864

The Private Journal of Abraham Joseph Warner: Extracts from Volumes I, III, and IV (4 November 1838 to 25 December 1864)  Extracted by Herbert B. Enderton. San Diego, California, 1973.


WEBSTER, Daniel (1782-1852)  statesman - A285,M2618

July 1838 to January 1839

Matthews: Diary (fragments never before published); personal and autobiographical; visits to Eliot, Maine.

In  Old Eliot  VIII, 1908, pp 29-32.


YOUNG, John A. [Dr.] (1812-1873)  of Monmouth, Illinois, physician - A286,M2619

December 1838 to April 1839

Matthews: Private diary: to Cincinnati on Ohio steamer; flirtations, Booth's performance of 'Julius Caesar' and 'Richard III'; journey to Monmouth to begin practice, trip to St. Louis, general social entries; a frank and fairly amusing diary.

In  Annals of Iowa  Third Series, XIX, 1933, pp 139-145.



ANONYMOUS (William L.ROBINSON)  - of The Howard Association of New Orleans - E

From 1839?

“Although philanthropist William Rathbone is generally recognized as the founder of district nursing (in Liverpool, England, in 1859), the Howard Association of New Orleans actually began to use a pattern of district nursing 26 years earlier as a response to yellow fever epidemics. Concepts brought forth by the association included dividing the city into districts; teaching preventive measures; using community members to locate those needing assistance; and caring for the sick in their homes, utilizing nurses when the need arose.”

The Diary of a Samaritan  Harper, 1860.




A Leaf from an Old Journal Containing Notes on a Northeast Gale of December 1839  South Portland, Maine, 1964.


ADAMS, Ephraim - E

(Not seen but reputed a diary)

October 4th. 1839 to August 6th. 1840

Ephraim Adams' Sketch Book: Entries from October 4, 1839 to August 6, 1840  edited by James Douglas Adams. San Francisco, Sorg Publishing Co., 1968.  

ANDREW, William Wayte [The Rev.] (1805?-1889)  Vicar of Ketteringham, Norfolk

Most full from 1839 to 1847

Personal and religious diary; extracts used to illustrate his relationship with Sir John Boileau (qv). As far as it is possible to judge from the extracts printed it is a good diary.

In  Victorian Miniature  by Owen Chadwick. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1960. Passim.


BACHE, Søren - *H665,*M2620,E

1839 to 1847

A Chronicle of Old Muskego: The Diary of Søren Bache, 1839-1847  edited by Clarence A.Clausen and Andreas Elviken. Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1951.

BARR, William [Lieut.] - D16


Matthews: Artilleryman with Wade on his march to Peshawur and Kabul; military affairs; Himalayan scenery.

Journal of a March from Delhi  London, 1844.


BELKNAP, Kitturah (Keturah) Penton (1820-1913) - H666,M2621

October 17th. 1839 to July 1848

Private journal; a melange of current events with reminiscence and later commentary; newly wed from Allen County, Ohio, with her husband's parents to the Des Moines River; farm and domestic work; building a house, and her pleasure at having a home of her own; religious meetings; birth and death of children; emigration to Oregon, preparations and description of the journey; ends just before the birth of another child on August 10th. 1848. A straightforward but vivid and very interesting account.

1. - In  Covered Wagon Women: Diaries and Letters from the Western Trails  Volume I, edited by Kenneth L.Holmes. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clarke, 1983, pp 189-229. Reprinted, Lincoln and London, University of Nebraska Press, paperback, 1995.

2. - Partly in  Family Life on the Frontier  edited by Glenda Riley in  Annals of Iowa  XLIV, Summer 1977, pp 31-51.

3. - In  Women of the West  by Cathy Luchetti and Carol Olwell. St. George, Utah, Antelope Island Press, 1982, pp 127-146. This edition prints, additionally, the author's earlier reminiscences and notes of her family history.


BENEDICT, J.W. - A286,M2622

September to November 1839

Matthews: Military journal; campaign against the Comanches in Texas; little contact with Indians; description of country.

In  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  XXXII, (1928-1929), pp 300-310.


BLACKFORD, Launcelot Minor (1839-1914 (?))  son of William M.Blackford? (qv) and Mary Berkeley Minor Blackford? - E

Dates unknown

In  Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: The Story of a Virginia Lady, Mary Berkeley Minor Blackford, 1802-1896, Who Taught Her S ons to Hate Slavery and to Love the Union  by L.M.Blackford, Harvard University Press, 1954.

BOILEAU, John Peter [Sir] (d.1869)  Squire of Ketteringham, Norfolk

1839 to 1869

Brief extracts from the diary are used to illustrate his life in the parish and relations with the Vicar, the Rev. William Wayte Andrew (qv).

Victorian Miniature  by Owen Chadwick. London, Hodder and Stoughton,1960. Also given are brief extracts from the fragmentary diary of Anna Maria Boileau from 1845-1846.


BREWER, Henry Bridgeman (1813-1886)  of Wilbraham, Massachusetts - A286,M2623

September 1839 to April 1840

Matthews: Sea journal; voyage of the Lausanne; with his family from New York round Cape Horn to Fort Vancouver; reinforcing Oregon Mission at the Dalles; notes on weather, cruise, religious life on board, reading; fair interest.

In  Oregon Historical Quarterly  XXIX, 1928, pp 189-208 and 288-310.


BROOKE, James [Sir] (1803-1868)  Rajah of Sarawak - D38

1839 to 1846

Matthews: Diaries, at Singapore and Sarawak; occupation and rule of Sarawak and expeditions against pirates; natives; local customs; explorations; journals of Rodney Mundy included.

1. -  Narrative of Events in Borneo and Celebes  London, 1848.

2. - James Cummings (1750) has  The Expedition to Borneo  Harper, 1846.

BROWNELL, George (1793-1872)  of Thompson, Connecticut - A286,B240,M2624

February to May 1839

Matthews: Business diary; an American businessman's journey in England studying industrial methods and conditions; the out and home trip; interesting details of travel conditions and of industry, the towns, and social life in England; unusual and useful.

Lowell History Society Publications  II, 1926, pp 325-371.


CADDY, John Herbert (1801-1883)  soldier, engineer and artist - E

1839 to 1840

“… he and Patrick Walker, secretary to the settlement’s superintendent, led a hastily organized official expedition to the ruins of the Mayan city of Palenque, not far inland from Belize. On his return Caddy prepared from his diary and sketches a text and illustrations for their official report to Westminster which he intended to publish as a book, but John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, leaders of a rival American expedition to Palenque, managed to get out a popular account first. Caddy’s Palenque diary, text, and illustrations, along with fragments of earlier diaries, were finally collected and published in 1967…”

Palenque: The Walker Caddy Expedition to the Ancient Maya City, 1839-1840  edited by David M.Prendergast, University of Oklahoma Press, 1967.


From 1839

Personal diary of the Scots wife of the Spanish Amabassador to Mexico.

Life in Mexico: The Letters of Fanny Calderón de la Barca, with New Material from the Author's Private Journals  edited by Howard T.Fisher and Marion Hall Fisher. New York, Doubleday, 1966.


COOKE, Amos Starr (1810-1871) and COOKE, Juliette Montague (1812 - 1896 )  missionary teachers in Hawaii - *M2625,E

From 1839

1. - In  The Hawaiian Chief's Children's School: A Record Compiled from the Diary and Letters of Amos Starr Cooke and Juliette Montague Cooke  edited by Mary A.Richards. Honolulu Star Bulletin, 1937. Revised edition, Rutland, Vermont, Charles E.Tuttle, 1970.

2. - Juliette Cooke's diary is quoted in  The Memoirs of Hon. Bernice Pauahi Bishop  by Mary H. Krout. New York, The Knickerbocker Press, 1908.


CRANCH, Christopher Pearse (1813-1892)  American writer and artist - E

a) - 1839

Christopher cranch’s Journal, 1839  University of Virginia, 1983.

b) - Dates unknown

In  The life and Letters of Christopher Pearse Cranch  by his daughter, Lenora Cranch Scott, Houghton, 1917.


CROSBY, Jesse W. (1820-1893)  born at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, of Salt Lake and St. George, Utah


April 1839 to April 1858

Matthews: Mormon diary (with many gaps and added biographical matter); his life as a Mormon; joining Mormons in Missouri during "Mormon War"; missionary journeys in British provinces, and later in England; the Mormon migration to Utah and building of Salt Lake; governmental troubles; an excellent picture of western America and some interesting details of Victoria's England.

In  Annals of Wyoming  XI, 1939, pp 145-218.

CUSTINE, Astolphe Louis, Marquis de (1790-1857) - H668

June 5th. to September 26th. 1839

Custine visited Russia to examine the political system and hoping to find arguments against representative government. The diary records the process of his disillusionment and is written in letter form. St. Petersburg; Moscow; detailed and interesting social comment.

1. - The Empire of the Czar; or Observations on the Social, Political, and Religious State and Prospects of Russia, made during a Journey through that Empire  first English translation from the French, three volumes 1843.

2. - Journey for Our Time; The Journals of the Marquis de Custine  edited and translated by Phyllis Kohler. London, Arthur Baker 1953. A facsimile of this edition was published in London and Portland Oregon by George Prior in 1980. This selection, upon which the annotation is based, is taken from the third French edition of 1846 and has an overtly propagandist purpose.

DAMER, Mary Georgiana [The Hon Mrs.] (Dawson) (d.1848) - B240

October 1839 to February 1840

Matthews: Travel diary; a very full journal of travel in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and the Holy Land; lively and interesting descriptions of people, sights, and, places, as well as personal and family matters.

Diary of a Tour in Greece  London, two volumes, 1841.


DILLINGHAM, John H. (1839-1910)  Quaker - E

Dates unknown

John H.Dillingham, Teacher, Minister of the Society of Friends  privately printed, New York, 1911, is reported to contain diary material.


EMERSON, Ellen Tucker (1839-1909)  daughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson - E

Dates unknown

The Letters of Ellen Tucker Emerson  Kent Stae university Press, two volumes, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


FARNHAM, Thomas J. - E


An 1839 Wagon Train Journal  New York, 1843; Monroe, Oregon, McCallum, 1977; Northwest Interpretive Association, 1983.


FIELD, Matthew C. (1812-1844)  English-American actor turned journalist - *M2627,E

a) - The Diary of Mat Field  in  Missouri historical Society Bulletin  January, 1949.

b) - Prairie and Mountain Sketches  edited by Kate L. Gregg and John Francis McDermott. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1957.

c)  - Matt Field on the Santa Fe Trail  edited by John E. Sunder. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1960.


FOX, Catherine [Mrs.] (1839-1892)  spiritualist - E

Dates unknown

Katie Fox, Epochmaking Medium and the Making of the Fox-Taylor Record  by W.G.Langworthy Taylor, Putnam, 1933, is reported to contain diary material.


FREEMAN, Thomas Birch - *H669,E

1839 to 1843

Journal of Various Visits to the Kingdoms of the Ashanti …  London, Frank Cass, 1968.


FREY, William (Wilhelm FREI, Vladimir GEINS) (1839-1888)  Russian-American populist socialist - E

Dates unknown

Fery’s diaries and notes form the basis of  A Russian’s American Dream  by Avrahm Yarmolinsky, Universityof Kansas, 1965.

01/02/03 - FULLER, (Sarah)  Margaret, Marchioness Ossoli (1810-1850)  author - *H670,A316,*M2628,E

a) - 1839

Margaret Fuller's 1839 Journal  in  Harvard Library Bulletin  1979.

b) - 1842

Margaret Fuller's 1842 Journal  in  Harvard Library Bulletin  1973.

c) - 1843

“A fascinating account of Fuller"s travels on and around the Great Lakes in 1843.”

Summer on the Lakes in 1843  Viking, 1941.

d ) - January to April 1849

Matthews: Travel diary; kept in Rome while it was a republic; notes on Mazzini, clericalism, political disturbances.

Journal of Modern History  XII, 1940, pp 209-220.

Note: See also Ann BROWN, a pupil of Margaret Fuller at Greene Street School in Providence.


GERSTNER, Clara von - E


Alabama Through a German’s Eyes: The Travels of Clara von Gerstner, 1839  in  The Alabama Review  1983.


GRANT, Hugh Fraser - *H671,*M2443,E

From 1839

Planter Management and Capitalism in Ante-Bellum Georgia: The Journal of Hugh Fraser Grant, Ricegrower  edited by Albert Virgil House. New York, Columbia University Press, 1954 (Studies in the History of American Agriculture No. 13).


GREEN, Ezra - *H672,E

In  American Neptune  XII.

HALL, John [Sir] (1795-1866)  physician - B240

May 1839 to October 1847

Matthews: Medical diary (extracts); travel in Spain; military life and medical work in West Indies and South Africa.

The Life and Letters of Sir John Hall  by S.M.Mitra. London, 1911.


HAMILTON, John (b.1800?)  of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania - A286,M2629

November to December 1839

Matthews: Travel diary; Pine Creek, Clinton County, to Philadelphia by Union Canal and return; fair descriptions.

In  Historical Journal  (Northwestern Pennsylvania) I, 1887, pp 110-118.


HARGRAVE, James  - officer in charge of York Factory - E

1839 to 1840

Memorandum Regarding the Affairs of York Factory, Winter Season, 1839-40  in  Canadian Historical Review  XXIX, No. 1, March, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.


HASKEW, Peter [The Rev.] (b.1803)  of Alabama, Methodist Episcopalian - A286,M2630

April to December 1839

Matthews: Missionary journal; while author was serving with St. Joseph Mission, Florida, and Apalachicola Mission; religious and mission work; personal and domestic details, and comments on Negroes; fairly interesting.

In  Florida Historical Society Quarterly  XVII, (1938-1939), pp 132-151.


HINES, Gustavus [Rev.] (1809-1873)  Methodist Episcopal Missionary - E

From 1839

In  Wild life in Oregon  New York, Hurst, 1881. Also published in several editions as  Oregon, Its History, Condition and Prospects , Life on the Plains of the Pacific  and  A Voyage round the World .

HINMAN, Samuel Dutton [Rev.] (1839-1890) - E

Dates Unknown

Journal of the Rev. S.D.Hinman, Missionary to the Santee Sioux Indians, and Taopi  Philadelphia, 1869.


ISENBERG, Karl Wilhelm (1806-1864) - *H673,E

From 1839

The Journals of the Rev. Messrs. Isenberg and Krapf, Missionaries of the Church Missionary Society, Detailing Their Proceedings in the Kingdom of Shoa and Journeys in Other Parts of Abyssinia in the Years 1839, 1840, 1841 and 1842  London, Frank Cass, 1968. First published in 1843.


JUKES, Joseph Beete (1811-1869)  English geologist and naturalist - E

a) - 1839 to 1840

Excursions in and About Newfoundland during the Years 1839 and 1840  London, John Murray, two volumes, 1842.

b) - 1842 to 1846

Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H.M.S. Fly  London, two volumes, 1847.

c) - Dates unknown

In  Letters and Extracts from the Addresses and Occasional Writings of J.Beete Jukes  by C.A.Browne, Chapman, 1871.


KNOWLES, David E. (1801-1848)  born at Orange, Massachusetts, of East Farnham, Quebec


November 1839 to September 1840

Matthews: Quaker travel journal; journey to the Cherokees, mainly by horse and coach from East Farnham to Cincinnati, Arkansas, Indiana; stages, visits to Friends and meetings, and Cherokee missions.

In  Bulletin of the Friends' Historical Society  VI, 1915, pp 70-78; and VII, 1916, pp 15-21 and 42-50.


KRAPF, J.Lewis (Johann Ludwig) (1810-1881):  see ISENBERG, Karl W.


LAMSON, Mary Swift - *G63,*M2632,E

a) - 1. - In  The First State Normal School in America: The Journals of Cyrus Peirce and Mary Swift  Cambridge, Harvard University Press; London, H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1926. New York, Arno Press, 1969.

2. - In  Woman’s "True" Profession: Voices from the History of Teaching  compiled by Nancy Hoffman. Old Westbury, New York, Feminist Press and New York, McGraw-Hill, 1981. Cambridge, Harvard Education Press, 2003.

b) - In  Life and Education of Laura Dewey Bridgman, the Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Girl  Boston, New England Publishing, 1879. New York, Arno Press, 1975.


McMILLAN, Angus (1810-1865)  Australian pioneer, from the Isle of Skye

May 20th. 1839 to December 22nd. 1840

A few scattered notes of an exploration trip from Maneroo district towards the sea, probably extracted from a journal.

In  Letters from Victorian Pioneers  by Thomas Francis Bride, re-edited by C.E.Sayers, Melbourne and London, William Heinemann, 1969 (first published 1898) pp 201-209.


MANN, William  - astronomer - E

1839 to 1843

The Cape Diary and Letters of William Mann, Astronomer and Mountaineer  Cape town, Friends of the South African library, 1989, 104 pp.


MAURY, Ann - E

From 1830’s?

In  Intimate Virginia: A Century of Maury Travels by Land and Sea  by Anne Fontaine Maury, Richmond Virginia, Dietz Press, 1941.

Note: “Intimate Virginiana is a collection of Maury family letters and diaries revealing the impressions of five generations through 1790 to 1890 from their world travels by stage coach, packet boats, automobile, and trans-oceanic airliner.” The book has not been seen and may contain diarists not listed here.


MAYNARD, George Colton (1839-1918) - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (8262) has  Letters and Journals  Lord Baltimore Press, 1914.

Note: The identity of the author with this Colton Maynard has not been confirmed.


MENZIES, Margaret (1817?-1861)  Australian settler

February 29th. to September 4th. 1839

Private diary (extracts); the journey to their land at Minamurra, New South Wales; housebuilding; employees; preparations for farming; good picture of pioneer life in New South Wales.

In  Life Lines: Australian women’s letters and diaries, 1788-1840  by Patricia Clarke and Dale Spender. St. Leonards, New South Wales, 1992, pp 169-175.

METHUEN, Mary M.C. (1823-1853)  author of 'The Morning of Life'

(Not fully examined)

May 1839 to December 25th. 1852

Extracts from a private diary; friends; outings; things seen; religion; approaching death.

In  The Fountain Sealed; A Memoir  by her mother. London. E.Marlborough; Bath, Binns and Goodwin, 1856?


MORGAN, William - *H674a,E

Autobiography and Diary  in  Delaware History  1980.


MORTON, John (1839-1912)  Canadian missionary - E

Dates unknown

John Morton of Trinidad: Pioneer Missionary of the Presbyterian Church in Canada to the East Indians in the British West Indies: Journals Letters and Papers  Toronto, 1916.

MUNDY, Rodney:  see BROOKE, Sir James


MUNGER, Asahel and Eliza - A287,M2633

May to September 1839

Matthews: Travel diary-letter; Ohio to Oregon; notes on travel and religion and criticism of fur companies.

Oregon Historical Society Quarterly  VIII, 1907, pp 387-405.


NICHOLS, Thomas Low - *H675,*M2634,E


Journal in Jail  Buffalo, 1840. Reprinted New York, Arno Press, 1970.


OAKLEY, Obadiah - *H676,*M2635,E


In  To the Rockies and Oregon 1839-1842  edited by LeRoy R. and Ann W.Hafen. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1955.


OLMSTED, Francis Allyn (1819-1844) - *M2636,E

Incidents of a Whaling Voyage: to which are added observations on the scenery manners and customs, and missionary stations of the Sandwich and Society Islands  New York, D.Appleton, 1841. Reprinted with a new preface, Rutland, Tuttle, 1969.

OSLER. Featherstone Lake [The Rev.] (1805-1895) - C909

To 1839

Matthews: Contains autobiography and journals of his education and theological training; ordination and missionary travels and labours in Canada, and social life.

Records of the Lives of Ellen Free Pickton and Featherstone Lake Osler  Oxford, 1915.


PAIGE, Harriette Story (1809-1863)  of Boston, Massachusetts - B240,M2637

May 18th. to September 20th. 1839

Travel diary, kept for her friends at home; with Daniel Webster and his wife, Caroline (qv) and daughter, Julia on a private trip to England; constant entertainment by political and society figures, Queen Victoria, London, hectic journeys to Oxford, Windsor, Wales, and Scotland; detailed descriptions of places and people; always cheerful though often homesick and exhausted; rather impersonal and wooden but always interesting and sometimes delightful.

Daniel Webster in England  edited by Edward Gray. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1917, limited to 570 copies.


PARKE, Cecilia Anne (1819-1845)  later Lady Ridley, wife of Sir Matthew Ridley (qv) of Blagdon Hall, Northumberland

1939 to 1940

A few journal extracts; social life and affairs of the heart.

In  The life and Letters of Cecilia Ridley 1819-1845   edited by ursula Ridley  London, Hart-Davis, 1958. Reissued, Stocksfield, The Spredden Press, 1990.


PEIRCE, Cyrus - *M2638,E

In  The First State Normal School in America: The Journals of Cyrus Peirce and Mary Swift  Cambridge, Harvard University Press; London, H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1926. New York, Arno Press, 1969.

PLOYEN, Christian  - of the Faroes - B241

Summer 1839

Matthews: Travel diary; in Shetlands, Orkneys, and Scotland; largely concerned with farming, fishing, economic possibilities, and actualities; translated from Danish.

Reminiscences of a Voyage to Shetland  Lerwick, 1896.


RAMÉ, Maria Louise (Ouida) (1839-1908)  English novelist - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (10163) has  Journal  Constable, 1911. The book has not been identified.


RIDDELL, John Leonard  - doctor, geologist and botanist - E


Diary of travel in Texas hill country.

A Long Ride in Texas: The Explorations of John Leonard Riddell  edited by James O.Breeden. Texas A & M Press, 1994.




1. - Notes of an Overland Journey through France and Egypt to Bombay  London, 1841.

2. - Extract and discussion in  A Various Universe  by Ketaki Kushari Dyson. Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978, pp 255-260.


SANDWICH, Edward George Henry Montague, eight Earl (1839-1916) - E

a) - Dates unknown

Memoirs of Edward, Earl of Sandwich  London, John Murray, 1919, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1878 to 1879

Diary in Ceylon and India, 1878-9  (as Viscount Hinchingbrooke) privately printed, 1879.


SEGHERS, Charles John (1839–1886)  Archbishop of Victoria, British Columbia - E

Dates unknown

In   The Apostle of Alaska: Life of the Most Reverend Charles John Seghers  a translation of Maurice De Baets'  Vie De Monseigneur Seghers  by Sister Mary Mildred, S.S. St. Anthony Guild, 1943.


SEWALL, Edmund Quincy (b.1828) - E


The Diary of of Thoreau's "Gentle Boy"  in  New England Quarterly  December, 1955.


SHERIDAN, Francis Cynric - *H677,*M2639,E

1839 to 1840

Galveston Island: Or a Few Months Off the Coast of Texas: The Journal of Francis C.Sheridan, 1839-1840  edited by Willis W.Pratt. Austin, University of Texas Press, 1954.


SMITH, Asa Bowen [The Rev.] - *H678,*M2640,E

1839 and 1840

In  The Diaries and Letters of Henry H.Spalding and Asa Bowen Smith Relating to the Nez Perce Mission, 1838-1842  edited by Clifford Merrill Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1958.


SMITH, Elias Willard (b.1814)  born Albany, of Washington, D.C., architect and civil engineer


August 1839 to July 1840

Matthews: Travel diary; journey into Rocky mountains with the fur traders Vasquez and Sublette; descriptions of the Indians and renegade whites.

1. - In  Oregon Historical Society Quarterly  XIV, 1913, pp 250-279.

2. - Extracts in  Annals of Wyoming  XI, 1939, pp 33-41.

3. - An Extract from the Journal of E.Willard Smith  in  Annals of Wyoming  1943.

4. - With Fur Traders in Colorado 1839-40: The Journal of E.Willard Smith  in  Colorado Magazine  XXVII, No. 3, July, 1950.

5. - In  To the Rockies and Oregon 1839-1842  edited by LeRoy R. and Ann W.Hafen. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1955.

6. - Reprinted from the Colorado Magazine as  With Fur Traders in Colorado 1839-40: The Journal of E.Willard Smith  Franklin, Territorial Press, 1988, 28 pp.


SMITH, Larratt William Violett (1820-1905)  Toronto lawyer - *H680,*C1097,E

1839 to 1858

Diary and letters of an English immigrant; "[A] lively account of twenty years in the life of a dashing young man about town … in early Victorian Toronto".

Young Mr. Smith in Upper Canada  edited by Mary Larratt Smith. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1980.


SMITH, Sidney - *H681,*M2642,E


In  To the Rockies and Oregon  by LeRoy R. and Ann W.Hafen. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1955.


SPRAGUE, John T. - *M2643,E

Macomb's Mission to the Seminoles  in  Florida Historical Quarterly  October, 1956.


STEVENS, Edwin and others - E

From 1839

Substantial extracts from a hunting diary.

In  Annals of the Warwickshire Hunt, 1795-1895, from Authentic Documents  London, Sampson Low, 1896.

Note: The volume includes fragments of several other hunting diaries, including those of Mr. North, H.Spencer Lucy, R.J.Barnard, Lord Mountgarret, Darwin Galton, Mrs. Field, Rev. William Miller, Sir Charles Mordaunt, Lord North, Robert Worrall, Jack Wood (?) and George Smith, noe of whom is noted eldewhere..


SWIFT, Mary: see LAMSON, Mary Swift


TATA, Jamsetji Nusserwanji (1839-1904)  Indian industrialist - E

Dates Unknown

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata: A Chronicle of His Life  by Frank Reginald Harris, London, Oxford University Press, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.

TAYLOR, Henry - C1141

August to November 1839

Matthews: Travel journal; notes of a trip from Montreal to the eastern townships of Lower Canada.

Journal of a Tour from Montreal  Quebec, 1840.


TINDALL, Joseph ( - e

1839 to 1855

The journal of Joseph Tindall, Missionary in South west Africa, 1839-1855  edited by B.A.Tindall. Cape Town, Van Riebeeck Society, 1959.



1839 to 1841

Journal of the Cruise of the United States Ship Ohio, Commodore Isaac Hull, Commander, in the Mediterranean, in the Years 1839, 40, 41  Boston, Dickinson, 1841.


TUCKER, John Ireland [Rev.] (1819-1895) of the Church of the Holy Cross, New York - E

1839 and 1850 to 1851

Substantial extracts from a travel journal in the Orient and along the Danube; crowded with incident and good detail; much more interesting than the usual travel diary. The second diary, of a trip to Europe, spent mainly in France and Italy is a more pedestrian account, with the usual descriptions of churches and antiquities, but has occasional felicities.

In  Doctor Tucker, Priest-Musician  by Christopher W.Knauff. New York, Randolph, 1897.

Note: The book also prints many entries from the Church of the Holy Cross' Journal of Services.


VASSAR, John Guy (1811-1888)  nephew and business partner of the founder of Vassar College - E

1839 to 1860

Diary letters of world travel.

Twenty Years Around the World  New York, Rudd and Carleton, 1861.


WAKEFIELD, Edward Jerningham (1820-1879) - E

a) - 1839 to 1844


Adventure in New Zealand, 1839-1844, with some account of the beginning of the British colonization of the islands  London, John Murray, 1845, often reprinted, is a clear based in part on his journals.

b) - 1845 to 1846

The London Journal of Edward Jerningham Wakefield, 1845-46  edited by Joan stevens. Wellington, New Zealand, Victoria University. This is Alexander Turnbull Library Monograph  IV.

WALKER, Robert [Lieut.] - D316

1839 to 1842

Matthews: Day-to-day events in Afghan War; personal and military affairs.

Private Diary  Scinde, 1885.

WEBSTER, Caroline Le Roy (1797-1882)  of Washington, D.C. - B241,M2644

May to December 1839

Travel diary; in England and on the Continent with her husband; political and social life and figures; dining with Queen Victoria; interesting and often entertaining feminine viewpoint.

Mr. W. & I; Being the Authentic Diary of Caroline Le Roy Webster during a Famous Journey with the Honble. Daniel Webster to Great Britain and the Continent in the Year 1839  Binghampton, New York, Ives Washburn, 1942.


WERE, Jonathan Binns - E


A Voyage from Plymouth to Melbourne in 1839  issued to clients by J.B.Were, 1964.


WOOLSON, Hanna Cooper Pomeroy - *M2645,E

In Volume I of  Five Generations (1785-1923): Being Scattered Chapters from the History of the Coopers, Pomeroy, Woolson and Benedict Families  by Clare Benedict. London, Ellis, 1930?


YOUNG, Brigham (1801-1877)  Mormon leader - *H682,*M2646,E

a) - 1839 to 1847

The journal of Brigham: Brigham Young's own story in his own words  compiled by Leland R.Nelson. Provo, Utah, Council Press, 1980.

b) - 1857

Diary of Brigham Young, 1857  edited by Everett L. Cooley. Salt Lake City, Utah, Tanner Trust Fund, University of Utah Library, 1980, 1250 copies.

c) - 1858 to 1863

The Office Journal of President Brigham Young: 1858 -1863  edited by Hanna, Utah, Collier"s Publishing, 2006.  



ANONYMOUS,  Shaker - *M2647,E

In  Gleanings from Old Shaker Journals  by Clara Endicott Sears. Harvard, Fruitlands Museum, 1916 and 1944.



Texas in 1840  New York, W. W. Allen, 1840.


ADAMS, Gibbins - *M2649,E

Extracts from the Journal of Gibbins Adams  in  Essex Institute Historical Collections  LXXXII, 1946.


ALCOTT, Abigail May (1840-1879)  youngest sister of Louisa May Alcott - E

Dates unknown

In  May Alcott: A Memoir  by Caroline Ticknor. Little Brown, 1928


BAIRD, Robert - E


Visit to Northern Europe  New York, two volumes, 1841, is reported to contain diary material.


BALLARD, Addison Montague - *H683,*M2650,E

1840 to 1841

Diary  in  Register of Kentucky Historical Society  April, 1954.


BAYLEY, George (1840-1894)  American mountaineer - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (939) has  Journal  in  Mountain Climber, George Bayley, 1840-1894  by Evelyn Chase, Palo Alto, 1981.


BEKE, Charles Tilstone (1800-1874)  Abyssinian explorer - E

August 31st. 1840 to February 5th. 1841

A Diary Written in Abessinia…from August 31, 1840, to February 5, 1841  printed for the writer's private use, London, 1846.

Note: The only known copy is in the library of Karlo Conti Rossini in the Biblioteca dell'Academia Nazionale dei Lincei at Rome.


BREWSTER, Edward (1793-1886)  - *H684,*M2651,E

a)  - 1840

Diary of My Trip West  in  Michigan History  September,  1948.

b) - 1852

Diary of My trip to Lake Superior  in  Michigan History  December, 1949.


BROMBY, Henry Bodley [The Very Rev.] (1840-1911)   clergyman in Hobart and Bristol - E

Dates unknown

“A memoir of the Hon. Canon of Bristol Cathedral and Vicar of All Saints, Clifton; Sometime Dean of Hobart, Tasmania.”

Henry Bodley Bromby: A Memoir  by J.H.B.Mace, London, Longmans Green, 1913, is reported to contain diary material.


BULLARD, Joseph - E


A Winter in the Azores; and a Summer at the Baths of Furnas  London, John van Horst, two volumes, 1841.


CAMPBELL, Jessie - *H685,E

In  Women under Sail: Letters and Journals of eight women travelling and working under sail between 1829 and 1949  edited by Basil, Greenhill and Ann Giffard. Newton Abbott, David & Charles, 1972.


CHACE, Elizabeth Buffum: see Lovell, Lucy Buffum


CLAYTON, William (1814-1879)  Mormon, English convert - *M2652,E

a) - January 1840 to February 13th. 1842

Mormon journal; missionary work in England; voyage to America; work and quarrels there.

Manchester Mormons: The Journal of William Clayton, 1840-1842  edited by James B.Allen and Thomas G.Alexander. Santa Barbara and Salt Lake City, Peregrine Smith, 1974.

b) - 1842? To 1846?

The Nauvoo Diaries  Collier Publishing, 1989.

c) - February 8th. to November 1st. 1846 and January 1st. to October 21st. 1847

William Clayton's Journal: A Daily Record of the Journey of the Original Company of Mormon Pioneers from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake  edited by Lawrence Clayton. Salt Lake City, Deseret News, the Clayton Family Association, 1921.

d) - April 14th. to July 25th. 1847

Excerpt from the previous book in  Heart Throbs of the West  Volume 6. Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1945.

e) - 1840 to 1853

Six journals: England and Emigration, 1840-1842; Nauvoo, Illinois, 1842-1846; Nauvoo Temple, 1845-1846; Pioneer Trek West, 1846-1847; Visit to utah Settlements, 1852; Polygamy Mission to England, 1852-1853.

An Intimate Chronicle: The Journals of William Clayton  edited by George Smith. Salt Lake City, Signature Books, 1991.


COMFORT, Elwood - *M2653,E

In  Michigan History  XXXVIII.

CRICK, Throne - B241

January 1840 to March 1845, others undated

Matthews: Travel diary; written up; brief sketches of hotels, inns, landlords, country characters; country journeys, curiosities, shopkeepers, dinners, and amusements; interesting.

Sketches from the Diary of a Commercial Traveller  London, 1847.


CURTIS, William Edmund (1823-1880)  of New York; student, lawyer, judge - A287,M2654

January 3rd. 1840 to January 1st. 1880

Private diary continued for the whole of his adult life; college life at Hartford; his growing legal practice; marriage and children; his judicial career; some travel notes. An interesting diary, interspersed with letters.

In  Letters and Journals  (of five members of the family living from 1755 to 1923)  edited by Elizabeth Curtis. New York, 1926, pp 93-347.

DAVIS, Thomas Osborne (1814-1845)  poet and Irish patriot - B241

1840 to 1845

Matthews: Public diaries, two small coverless notebooks and some loose sheets, containing altogether about 97 pages of pencilled jottings and memoranda. These consist of political and historical reflections, comments on scenery and travels in the south of Ireland, ideas for essays, rough maps, and drawings.

Extracts in Thomas Davis, The Memoirs of an Irish Patriot 1840-1846  by Sir Charles Gavan Duffy. London, 1890.


DENT, John Horry (1815-  Alabama plantation owner and farmer in Georgia - E

a) - 1840 to 1892

Introduction and Index to the John Horry Dent Farm Journals and Account Books, 1840-1892  University of Alabama, 1977.

b) - 1882 to 1884

Discussion and some quotation in  The Farm Journal of John Horry Dent, 1882-1884  by Warren Smith, in  The Georgia Historical Quarterly  XLII, No.1, March, 1958, pp 44-53.

c) - 1838 to 1877

A summary of the diaries from 1838 to 1877 in  Alabama Plantation to Georgia Farm: John Horry Dent and Reconstruction  by Thomas Belser in  Alabama Historical Quarterly  XXV, spring and summer, 1963, pp 136-148.


DITSON, George Leighton - E

Late 1840’s?

Circassia: or, A Tour to the Caucasus  New York, 1850, is reported to contain diary material.


DOLMAN, Alfred (d.1850?) - E


“Remarkable travel journals of a young man, who started exploring the subcontinent at the tender age of sixteen, and would continue to take on daunting journeys which ended in his untimely death in the Kalahari.”

In the Footsteps of Livingstone: Being the Diaries and Travel Notes Made by Alfred Dolman  John Lane, 1924.


DOUGLAS, James [Sir] (1803-1877)  of the Hudson's Bay Company, Pacific Department, later Governor of British Columbia - A287,*M2655

December 1840 to January 1841

Matthews: Travel journal; voyage from Fort Vancouver to California; Monterey; account of political organization of whole of California; inland journey to Santa Clara Valley.

In  California Historical Society Quarterly  VIII, 1929, pp 98-115.

James Cummings has also:

1. - (3561)  Douglas Expeditions, 1840-41  in  Oregon Historical Quarterly  March, June, September and December, 1931.

2. - (3562)  James Douglas in California  Vancouver, 1965, 500 copies.

DOYLE, Richard (1824-1883) - H686

January 1st. to December 2nd. 1840

Facsimile edition of the diary of the fifteen year old who later became one of the leading illustrators of his time; his everyday life in London; many sketches.

Richard Doyle's Journal, 1840  Edinburgh, John Bartholomew in association with British Museum Publications, 1980. The manuscript in the British Museum has deteriorated and this is a facsimile of a facsimile: that published by Smith Elder in 1885.

ELLESMERE, Harriet Catherine Egerton, Countess of - B242

April to June 1840

Matthews: Travel diary; tour in Palestine and Near East; notes on topography, places; social life and activities.

Journal of a Tour in the Holy Land  London, privately printed, 1841.


ELSSLER, Fanny (1810-1884)  Austrian ballerina - E

1840 to 1842 (?)

Journal  in  Fanny Elssler in America  Dance Horizons, 1976.


EMIN, Mehmed (Emin Pasha) (Isaak Eduard Schnitzer) (Eduard Carl Oscar Theodor Schnitzer (1840-1892)  Ottoman-German physician, naturalist and governor of the Egyptian  province of Equatoria on the upper Nile - E

Dates unknown

Emin Pasha: His life and work, compiled from his journals, letters, scientific notes, and from official documents  by Georg Schweitzer. London, constable, two volumes, 1898.

EVANS, James [The Rev.] (1801-1846)  of Hull - C397

1840 to 1842

Matthews: Religious journals (extracts); missionary work among Indians in Saskatchewan; work on his Indian alphabet; fur-traders.

The Apostle of the North  by Egerton R. Young. Toronto, 1900, pp 197-224.


EYRE, Edward John (1815-1901) - E

1840 and 1841

Journals of Expeditions of Discovery into Central Australia, and from Adelaide to King George's Sound, in the Years 1840-1; Sent by the Colonists of South Australia with the Sanction and Support of the Government, Including an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Aborigines and the State of Their Relations with Europeans  facsimile edition, Adelaide, The Friends of the State Library of South Australia, two volumes, 1997, 600 copies.


FAIRHOLME, William  - British army officer - E


“… journal of a young British army officer, Lieutenant William Fairholme, stationed in Lower Canada, who was offered the opportunity to go on a grand adventure: a buffalo hunt to the Grand Prairies of the Missouri.”

Journal of an Expedition to the Grand Prairies of the Mississippi, 1840  Spokane, Arthur H.Clark, 1996.


FAWCETT, Joseph W. - *M2656,E


Journal of Jos. W. Fawcett. (Diary of his trip in 1840 down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to Gulf of Mexico and up the Atlantic coast to Boston)  privately printed, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1944.


FLAUBERT, Gustave (1821-1880)  French novelist - E

a) - 1840 to 1841

Intimate Notebook 1840-1841  translated and edited by Francis Steegmuller. New York, Doubleday, 1967.

b) - (Annotation based on partial examination)

December 1849

Travel notes in Cairo.

In  Flaubert in Egypt  translated and edited by Francis Steegmuller. Little, Brown, 1972; London, Michael Haag, 1983.


FLETCHER, Mary (b.1802)  daughter of Mrs. Eliza Fletcher

June 1st. to July 31st. 1840

Diary extracts mentioning Wordsworth at Rydal Mount; walks; conversation; report of the visit of the Princes of Ashantee to Rydal Mount.

In  Autobiography of Mrs. Fletcher  Third  Edition, Edinburgh, 1876, pp 247-249. The book also contains an extract, for December 19th. 1829, from the diary of Mrs. John PENROSE, giving a description of Mrs. Eliza Fletcher.

Note: James Cummings has (4239) and (4240)  The Autobiography of Mrs Fletcher  Boston, 1876 and Carlisle, 1874 but gives Eliza Fletcher (qv) as the diarist not mention Mary.


FROST, John H. [The Rev.] (d.1863?)  Methodist missionary in Oregon - A287,M2657

May 1840 to November 1843

Matthews: Missionary journal (extracts); Fort Vancouver; life in a mission on the Clatsop Plains; note of return to Boston via San Francisco and Oahu; partly narrative.

In  Oregon Historical Quarterly  XXXV, 1934, pp 50-73, 139-167, 235-262 and 348-375.


GARDINER, Margaret - *H687,*M2658,E

Leaves from a Young Girl's Diary  New Haven, 1925. Expanded edition, 1927.


GARDNER, Isabella Stewart (1840-1924)  American art collector and philanthropist - E

Dates unknown

Isabella Stewart Gardner and Fenway Court  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.

GEORGE, Elizabeth  - farmer's daughter, at Stowe, Buckinghamshire

1840 to 1847

As published the diary consists mainly of descriptions of two social occasions involving her uncle's landlord, the Duke of Buckingham. Charming.

1. - The Journal of Elizabeth George, 1840-47. Kept at the Farmhouse of the Duke of Buckingham's 'Good Old Tenant' at Stowe  Cornhill Number 180, Summer 1974, pp 283-311.

2. - Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 65-73.


GIBBS, Kingsley Beatty - E

1840 to 1843

Kingsley Beatty Gibbs and His Journal of 1840-1843  St. Augustine Florida, St. Augustine Historical Society, 1984.


GRANT, Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry Smith) (1780-1886)  - of Rothiemurchus and County Wicklow -

a) - (Annotation based on the 1991 edition)

January 1st. 1840 to August 23rd. 1843 and July 28th. 1845 to December 31st. 1850

Diary of family life in Ireland; the Baltiboys estate; much about servants and tenants and her exasperated sympathy for both; financial and family affairs; health of her husband and herself; neighbours and friends; profligate aristocrats; the potato famine and its effects; her efforts to maintain the local school; feeding the hungry; land drainage and improvement; the social life of her daughters; the engagement and marriage of one and the local doctor's jealousy; troubles with priests and clergymen; a financial scandal involving her father and brother; political affairs; visits to Scotland. A varied and very regular and interesting diary. The gap in the record covers the family's removal to France as an economy measure.

1. - The Irish Journals of Elizabeth Smith, 1840-1850  edited by David Thompson. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1980.

2. - The Highland Lady in Ireland  edited by Patricia Pelly and Andrew Tod. Edinburgh, Canongate, 1991.

b) - August 26th. 1843 to July 27th. 1845

Diary of family life in France, at Pau and Avranches; the journey; accommodation; servants, tradesmen and expenses; the expatriot community; health of herself and her husband, doctors and medical affairs; much about the health of her sister until her death after the removal to Avranches; news from home; reading, politics; the education of her children; problems with a governess; anxiety about the upbringing of her niece; religion and local customs.

A Highland Lady in France, 1843-1845  edited by Patricia Pelly and Andrew Tod. East Linton, Tuckwell Press, 1996.

Note: Memoirs of a Highland Lady  Longmans, 1898, was written many years after the events described but may be partly based on diary records.


GRAY, Mary Augusta Dix - *H688,E

In  First White Women Over the Rockies  edited by Clifford M.Drury. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1963.


GREGG, Josiah (1806-1850)  born in Overton County, Tennessee, of Independence, Missouri


February 1840 to January 1847

Matthews: Private diary; end of life as trader on Santa Fe Trail; trips into Texas, medical studies; service with Arkansas Volunteers and with Wool's column in Mexico; visits to Monterrey and Saltillo; a fine diary. Letters are inserted at appropriate dates in the diary and the second volume extends to 1850.

Diary and Letters of Josiah Gregg  edited by Maurice G.Fulton. Norman, Oklahoma, two volumes, 1941 and 1944.


GUERIN, Theodore [Mother] [Saint] (Anne-Therese) (1798-1856) - *G66,E

Journals and Letters of Mother Theodore Guerin  Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, Providence Press, 1937.


GURLEY, Ralph Randolph (1797-1872)  American advocate of racial separation - E


Mission to England in Behalf of the American Colonization Society  Washington, 1841, is reported to contain diary material.

GURNEY, Elizabeth (1817-1903)  of West Ham, Essex - B242

February 1840 to September 1841

Quaker journal and letters; two 'missionary' tours with Elizabeth Fry and others in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark; courts and prisons; lively descriptions of travel conditions, religious affairs and social life. Useful on Elizabeth Fry.

Elizabeth Fry's Journeys on the Continent, 1840-1841  edited by R.Brimley Johnson. London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1931.


HALE, Mary A. - *M2660,E

In  Essex Institute historical Collections  LXXXIII.


HILL, Frederic Stanhope (b.1829) - E

Twenty Years at Sea, or Leaves from My Old Log-Book  New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1893.  


HOBBS, Thomas Hubbard (1836-1862)  of Alabama - *H689,*M2661,E

1840 to 1862

The Journals of Thomas Hubbard Hobbs: A Contemporary Record of an Aristocrat from Athens, Alabama Written Between 1840, When the Diarist was 14 years Old, and 1862, When He Died Serving the Confederate States of America  edited by Faye Acton Axford. University of Alabama Press, 1976.


HOPE-SCOTT, James Robert (1812-1873)  of Abbotsford, lawyer - B242

September to November 1840

Matthews: Travel diary (extracts); notes kept during a tour in Germany and Italy; towns, buildings, antiquities, social life.

Memoirs of James Robert Hope-Scott  London, John Murray,  1884, Volume I, pp 218-251.


HUBBARD, Bela (1814-1896) - E

a) - 1840

Lake Superior Journal: Bela Hubbard’s Account of the 1840 Houghton Expedition  edited by Bernard C. Peters. Marquette, Northern Michigan University Press, 1983.

b) - Memorials of a Half-Century in Michigan and the Lake Region  New York and London, Putnam, 1887, reprinted, Detroit, Gale Research, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


HUNTER, William Wilson [Sir]  of the Indian Civil Service, historian, statistician - E

Dates unknown

Life of Sir William Hunter, K.C.S.I.  by Francis H.B.Skrine, London, Longmans, 1901, is reported to contain diary material.


ISEKI TAKAKO (1785-1845)  Japanese noble-woman

1840 to 1845

Diary written "… to let the young people of my family and their children know a little of our family lives today and what our world is like." Factual entries tend to dilate and become essays on various subjects; social, political and religious comment.

Account, and brief quotations in  Travelers of a Hundred Ages: The Japanese as Revealed Through 1,000 Years of Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1989, pp 376-382.


JAMES, Mary Elizabeth - E

July to August 1840

Travel journal; a trip to France.

Journal and Narrative of My First Visit to France in the Months of July and August, 1840  Folkestone, privately printed, 1890.


JOHNSTON, Charles (1810-1872) - E


Travels in Southern Abyssinia, through the country of Adal to the Kingdom of Shoa  London, two volumes, 1844.

LAMB, William (1813-1895)  of Dundee - B242

August 1840 to March 1843

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); notes relating to the Rev. Robert M'Cheyne and his religious work in Dundee; services, prayers, sermons; Presbyterian observances.

M'Cheyne from the Pew  edited by K.Hewat. Stirling, 1896.


LAUGHLIN, Samuel H. (b.1796)  editor of the 'Nashville Union' - A288,M2662

a) - April to May 1840

Matthews: Political diary, journey from McMinnville, Tennessee, to Washington and Baltimore as delegate to Democratic National Convention; interesting for travel details and politics of Andrew Jackson and J.K.Polk.

b) - September to November 1843

Matthews: political diary; while author was a member of Tennessee Senate and of "the immortal thirteen"; valuable, detailed account of procedure of legislators.

In  Tennessee Historical Magazine  II, 1916, pp 45-55 and 55-85.


LEPAILLEUR, François-Maurice  - exiled Canadian - *H690,E

1840 to 1842

Prison diary; the author was exiled to Australia for his part in the Canadian rebellion of 1838.

Land of a Thousand Sorrows: The Australian Prison Journal, 1840-1842, of the Exiled Canadien Patriote François-Maurice Lepailleur  translated and edited by F.Murray Greenwood. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press and Melbourne, Melbourne Univerity Press, 1980.

LOEWE, Louis [Dr.] (1809-1888)  of London - B242

July to November 1840

Matthews: Public diary; written on his travels with Sir Moses Montefiore (qv) for the relief of the Jews of Damascus; public affairs in this connection at Alexandria and Constantinople.

The Damascus Affair  edited by Paul Goodman. Ramsgate, 1940.


LORD, Louisa - *M2663,E


Miss Louisa Lord's Diary of a Voyage on the St.Petersburg 1840  New York, Ivy Press, 1975, pp 49.  


LOVELL, Lucy Buffum [Mrs.]  - of Bellingham, Massachusetts - A288,M2664,E

October 1840 to June 1843

Matthews: Private diary; domestic notes of the Quaker wife of a Baptist minister; birth of children and their upbringing; pleasant reading.

In  Two Quaker Sisters: from the original diaries of Elizabeth Buffum Chace and Lucy Buffum Lovell  edited by M.R.Lovell. New York, 1937, pp 49-109.

Note: The dates of diary entries by Elizabeth Buffum Lovell are unknown.


LOWE, Charles [The Rev.] (1828-1874)  born at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, of Boston - A288,M2665

September 1840 to June 1872

Matthews: Private diaries (copious extracts); early studies at Harvard, general and religious reading in the divinity school; parish work in New Bedford; Sunday-school work; journey to Europe, Egypt, and Near East; parish work in Boston; further travels in England and Europe; travel, reading, church; a journal of wide interests.

Memoir of Charles Lowe  by Martha P.Lowe. Boston, 1884, pp 5-514. Passim.

LUNDIE, George Archibald - D188

1840 to 1841

Matthews: His work with the London Missionary Society; native life and ways; evangelism and revivals; his health; extracts from diary.

Missionary Life in Samoa  Edinburgh, 1846.


LYMAN, Francis Marion (1840-1916)  Mormon - E

Dates unknown

In  Biography of Francis marion Lyman, 1840-1916; Apostle 1880-1916  by Albert R.Lyman,  Delta, Utah, 1958.


M'COLLUM, William S. - E


California As I Saw It… Pencillings by the Way of its Gold and Gold Diggers; and Incidents of Travel by Land and Water  Buffalo, 1850; reprinted, edited by Dale Morgan, Los Gatos California, Talisman, 1960; is reported to contain diary material .


MARSTON, David [Maj.]  - of Hampton, New Hampshire - A288,M2666

May 1840 to 1879

Matthews: Journal of events; outstanding events, providences, weather, etc.

In  History of the Town of Hampton  by Joseph Dow. Salem, Massachusetts, 1893, pp 579-580.


MORRISON, Anna R. [Mrs.] (b.1820)  of Jacksonville, Illinois - A288,M2667

November 1840 to March 1841

Matthews: Private and travel diary; New York to Jacksonville, Illinois, rather dull notes.

In  Illinois Historical Society Journal  VII, 1914, pp 34-50.


MOTT, Lucretia Coffin (1793-1880)  of Philadelphia - *H691,A288,B243,*M2668,E

May to September 1840

Matthews: Quaker diary; an American Friend's journey from New York to Liverpool and attendance at the World's Convention in London; travel through England, Ireland, Scotland; visits to Quaker meetings and schools.

1. - James and Lucretia Mott  edited by Anna D.Hallowell. Boston, 1884, pp 146-175.

2. - Slavery and "The Woman Question": Lucretia Mott's Diary of Her Visit to Great Britain to Attend the World's Anti-Slavery Convention of 1840  Friends Historical Society, 1952.

MOUNTAIN, George Jehoshaphat [The Rt. Rev.] (1789-1863)  Bishop of Montreal - *C869,E

a) - 1840?

Journal of the Visitation of the Diocese of Montreal … Communicated to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts  London, Clay, 1841.

b) - 1843

A Journal of visitation to a Part of the Diocese of Quebec by the Lord Bishop of Montreal in the Spring of 1843  London, 1846.

c)  - May to August 1844

Matthews: Religious diary; the bishop's visitations of North West American missions; wilderness life, Indians, religion, morals, at Red River.

The Journal of the Bishop of Montreal  London, 1845.

d) - 1846

A Journal of Visitation in a Portion of the Diocese of Quebec by the lord bishop of Montreal  London, 1847.

Note: James Cummings (8920) has also  Journal  Quebec, 1943, which has not been traced but may have been published in an unidentified periodical.


O’HALLORAN, Thomas Shuldam [Major] (1797?-1870)  first commissioner of the South Australian Police E


“… when the ship Maria was wrecked at Lacepede Bay (Kingston S.E.) and the crew were murdered by the aboriginals, Major O'Halloran went down to investigate the matter. He was joined on the road by Mr. C. Bonney and another gentleman, who accompanied him unofficially.   The result of the investigation was, that the Major hanged two or three of the natives.”

James Cummings (9329) has Journal  Adelaide, 1972, which is probably an account of this episode  


OSGOOD, Mary P. - E

From 1840’s?

Rose Leaves: A Book of Remembrance  by Julia Osgood(?), Boston, 1898, is reported to contain diary material.  


PALMER, Edward Henry (1840-1882)  English orientalist and explorer - E

Dates unknown

The Life and Achievements of Edward Henry Palmer  a biography by Walter Besant, London, 1883, is reported to contain diary material.


PANCOAST, Charles Edward (b.1818) - E

From 1840?

A Quaker Forty-Niner: The Adventures of Charles Edward Pancoast on the American Frontier  Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.


PARKER, Theodore (1810-1860)  of Massachusetts, Unitarian Minister  - *H692

a) - Dates unknown

Life and Correspondence of Theodore Parker: Minister of the Twenty-eighth Congregational Society, Boston  Appleton, two volumes, 1864, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1840

Havlice: The Journals of Theodore Parker: July to December, 1840  Carol E.Johnston, PhD Dissertation, University of South Carolina, 1980.


PARSONS, John (b.1817?)  of Petersburg, Virginia - E - 1840

Travel diary; stage coach, canal and steam boats, horseback and rail to visit a cousin and possibly settle in Indiana.

A Tour Through Indiana in 1840: The Diary of John Parsons of Petersburg, Virginia  edited by Kate Milner Rabb. New York, McBride, 1920.


PATY, John (1807-1868)  pioneer sailing master - E - 1840’s?1. - Journal of Captain John Paty, 1807-1868, Pioneer Sailing Master of California and the Hawaiian Islands  in  California Historical Society Quarterly  L, 1935, 56 pp.2. - Extract describing the British seizure of Homolulu in 1842 as appendix to  The Journal of a Sea Captain’s Wife, 1841-1845  edited by Doyce Blackman Nunis. Arthur H.Clark, 2004.


PHILLIPS, James Liddell [Dr.] (1840-1895) - E

Dates unknown

In  Dr. J.L.Phillips: Missionary to the Children of I ndia: A Biographical Sketch by His Widow  completed and edited by W.J.Wintle. London, The Sunday School Union, 1898.


PETTEGREW, David  - Mormon - E

After 1840? Before 1857

James Cummings (9754) has  Journal  Salt Lake City, 1980. The book has not been identified.


PENNY, Charles W. - *H693,*M2669,E


North to Lake Superior: The Journal of Charles W.Penny, 1840  edited by James Carter and Ernest Rankin. Marquette, Michigan, Longyear Research Library, 1970.


PHELPS, William Dane (1802-1875) - E

a) - 1840 to 1842

Alta California, 1840-1842: The Journal and Observations of William Dane Phelps, Master of the Ship “Alert”  edited by Briton Cooper Busch. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1983.

b) - 1846

Frémont’s Private Navy: The 1846 Journal of William Dane Phelps  edited by Briton Cooper Busch. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clark, 1987.


PHILIPS, Martin W. [Dr.] (1806-1889)  of Hinds County, Mississippi, physician and planter


January 1840 to January 1863

Matthews: Plantation diary; largely records of Log Hall cotton plantation, Mississippi; crops, planting, etc., with a few personal entries; interesting as a clear, factual record of a "progressive" southern planter; little about the Civil War.

In  Mississippi Historical Society Publications  X, 1909, pp 305-481.


POETT, John Luke (1840-1895)  first veterinary surgeon of the North West Mounted Police - E

Dates unknown

Vet in the Saddle: John L.Poett, First Veterinary Surgeon of the North West Mounted Police  Saskatoon, 1978.

01/02/03 - POINT, Nicolas (1799-1868)  of Rocroy, France, Jesuit - A309,*M2960,E

a) - From 1840?

Wilderness Kingdom, Indian Life in the Rocky Mountains, 1840-1847: The Journals and Paintings of Nicolas Point   translated by Joseph P.Donnelly. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1967.

b) - May to June 1847

Matthews: Travel journal; with Father De Smet from Fort Lewis, via Missouri River, as far as Fort Union at mouth of Yellowstone; data about American Fur Company and scientific notes. Translated from the French.

In  Mid-America  New Series, II, 1931, pp 238-254.


RASBECK, Bill (1840-1917)  “popular Cranberry Lake guide”, Adirondack - E

Dates unknown

In  Cranberry Lake from Wilderness to Adirondack Park  Syracuse university press, for Adirondack Museum, 1968.


REATH, B.B.  - of Philadelphia - A288,M2671

August 1840

Matthews: Travel diary; visit to Wilkes-Barre; conventional literary descriptions; notes on gallantries; good picture of the diarist.

In  Wyoming Historical Geological Society Proceedings and Collections  XV, 1917, pp 157-172.


REDON, (Bertrand-Jean) Odilon (1840-1916)  French symbolist - E

Dates unknown

To Myself: Notes on Life, Art, and Artists  translated from the french by Mira Jacob and Jeanne L.Wasserman. New York, Braziller, 1986.


RUNDLE, Robert Terrill (1811-1886) Wesleyan missionary - E

1840 to 1848

Indians; fur trade.

The Rundle Journals, 1840-1848  edited by Gerald M.Dempsey. Historical Society of Alberta, 1977.


SELWYN, Sarah (d.1907)  wife of the first Anglican bishop of New Zealand - E

From 1840's?

Sarah Selwyn of Auckland  Hamilton, New Zealand, 1961, is reported to contain diary material.


SKOLLA, Otto [Fr.]  - Slovenian missionary - E


Father Skolla's Report on His Indian Missions  in  Acta et Dicta  VII, 1936.


SMITH, Elizabeth Grant (1797-1885) - H694

1840 to 1850

A selection from the diaries of the Scots wife of an Irish landowner; the potato famine and resulting emigration; an unsentimental view of the Irish people, with whom she was often exasperated, but not unpitying; historically useful.

1. - The Irish Journals of Elizabeth Smith, 1840-1850  selected and edited by David Thomson and Moyra McGusty. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1980.

2. - The Highland Lady in Ireland  edited by Patricia Pelly and Andrew Todd. Edinburgh, Canongate, 1991.

3. - Extracts: Blythe, pp 26-30; Lenox-Conyngham, pp 199-209.

Note: This is Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus whose early life is the subject of  Memoirs of a Highland Lady  .


SORENSEN, Isaac (b.1840) - E

Dates Unknown

The History of Isaac Sorensen: Selections from a Personal Journal  in  Utah Historical Quarterly  XXIV, 1956, pp 49-70. Davis Bitton, in his Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies cites the introduction as staing that the 'diary' was in fact written in 1903.

SPENCER, George John Trevor [The Rt. Rev.] (1799-1866) - D286

1840 to 1841 and 1843 to 1844

Matthews: Journals; visitations of Bishop of Madras; travels in Travancore and Tinnevelly; administration, religious life, congregations, workers.

1. - Journal of a Visitation  London, 1842.

2. - Journal of a Visitation  London, 1845.


STARIN, Frederick J.  - of Fultonville, New York - A289,M2672

May 1840 to October 1841

Matthews: Travel diary (with a few entries in 1847); journey from Montgomery County, New York, to Milwaukee, thence to East Troy, Whitewater, Madison, Fort Madison, etc.; valuable picture of early settlements in south and southeast Wisconsin; fair reading.

In  Wisconsin Magazine of History  VI, (1922-1923), pp 73-94, 207-232 and 334-345.


STEELE, Eliza R. Stansbury - *M2673,E

Summer Journey in West  New York, John D. Taylor, 1841.


STICKNEY, Elizabeth [Mrs.] (1781-1868)  of Newburyport, Massachusetts - A289,M2674

November 1840 to January 1842

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); social life, reading, anti-slavery interests; kept at Philadelphia.

Records of a Californian Family; Journals and Letters of Lewis C.Gunn and Elizabeth Le Breton Gunn  edited by A.L.Marston. San Diego, 1928, pp 10-11.




In  Polar Record  X, No,69, September, 1961, pp 597-604.


SUTHERLAND, John (1819-1886)  of La Porte, Indiana - A289,M2675

May 1840

Matthews: Private diary (extract); Whig gathering at Tippecanoe; detailed; interesting spellings and word formations.

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  IV, (1917-1918), pp 362-370.


TIXIER, Victor (1815-1885)  Frenchman - E


Tixier's Travels on the Osage Prairies  edited by John Francis McDermott, translated from the French by Albert J.Salvan, Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.


TRISTAN, Flora (Flore Celestine Therèse Henriette Tristan Y Moscozo) (1803-1844)  socialist writer, activist and early feminist - E


Flora Tristan's London Journal  London, 1980.


TROVATTEN, Ole Knudsen  -  Norwegian emigrant - E


Diary of an emigrant with his wife and children from Norway to America; the tribulations of the voyage; theft and dissension; New York to Buffalo, Milwaukee, Muskego; shortage of money; an unsatisfactory job. The latter part of the account is clearly retrospective.

The Trials of an Immigrant: The Journal of Ole K.Trovatten  in  Norwegian-American Studies  IXX, 1956.

WILLIAMS, Thomas - D329

1840 to 1842

Matthews: Diary; his work as missionary in Fijis; passion for service; paganism and Christianity; natural history; native culture and history; excellent.

The Journal  edited by G.C.Henderson. Sydney, 1931.


WILLIAMS, William (1800-1878) and Jane Nelson (1801-1896)  New Zealand Missionaries - E

1840 to 1850

The Turanga Journals, 1840-1850: Letters and Journals of William and Jane Williams, Missionaries to Poverty Bay  edited by Frances Porter. Wellington, Victoria University Press, 1974.

WOOLSON, Constance Fenimore (1840-1894) - E

Dates unknown

Five Generations (1785-1923): Being Scattered Chapters from the History of the Coopers, Pomeroy, Woolson and Benedict Families  by Clare Benedict. London, Ellis, 1930?



ADAMS, David  - fur trader - E

From 1841?

Fur trader's journal.

The David Adams Journals  Chadron, Nebraska, Museum of the Fur Trade, 1994.

ALLAN, George T. - A289,C16,M2676

March to July and November 1841

Matthews: Records of a Hudson's Bay Company employee; at Vancouver-York Factory with Ermatinger, and in Oregon.

Oregon Pioneer Association Transactions  9th. Annual Reunion, 1881, pp 38-59.

ALLEN, Isaac Nicholson [The Rev.] - D4


Matthews: Diary; service as chaplain on expedition into Sind and Afghanistan; with Nott's troops; topography.

Diary of a March through Sinde  London, 1843.


AYER, Edward Everett (1841-1927)  American businessman - E

Dates unknown

“… Edward Everett Ayer belongs in the company of famous men - wise and glorious in his time - that we here record his deeds ... the incidents in the life of Mr. Ayer have more than private and local interest. His activities continually throw light upon crucial and dramatic events in our developing national life. He had part in the epic westward movement ... he played an honorable role in ... the Civil War ... the railroad expansion in the West ... and [was a] generous supporter of culture and the fine arts in America.”

The Life of Edward E.Ayer  by Frank C.Lockwood, Chicago, McClurg, 1929, is reported to contain diary material.


BALLARD, Henry (1832-1908)  Mormon pioneer - E

1841 to 1904

James Cummings (724) has: Journal  1994 but no other copy of the publication has been traced. If this Henry Ballard is the author of that journal there is a typed transcript in the Utah State University Library which is available to view in the library’s digital collection.


BIDWELL, John (1819-1900)  of New York, and Chico, California - A289,M2677

May to November 1841

Matthews: Travel diary; with Captain Bartleson's California party from Independence, Missouri, to California; first emigrant train to California; descriptions of country, natural history, crops, weather, social conditions, incidents; rather impersonal.

A Journey to California  1842, 32 pp. Reprinted, edited by H.I.Priestley, San Francisco, 1937, 48 pp including the marginalia made by George McKinstry on the copy he used as a guide book. Original also in  John Bidwell  by Charles C.Royce, Chico, California, 1906, pp 8-37.

Note: James Cummings (1216) has also  Diary  in  Utah Historical Quarterly  April, 1930.


BRACKENRIDGE, William Dunlop (Havlice has BRACKENBRIDGE) (1810-1893)  born in Scotland, horticulturalist on the Wilkes expedition - *H696,A289,*M2678,E

a) - April to October 1841

Matthews: Travel journal; in Oregon and California; descriptions and horticultural notes.

In  Washington Historical Quarterly  XXI, 1930, pp 218-229 and 298-305; and XXII, 1931, pp 42-58, 129-145 and 216-227.

b) - October 1841

In  California Historical Society Quarterly  1945

01/02/03 - BURRITT, Elihu (1810-1879)  of New Britain, Connecticut, blacksmith - A289,B260,*M2679

a)  - August 1841 to January 1858

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); his reading and languages, crusades for world peace and penny postage in America and Europe, work in antislavery movement. Travel diary (English section, April 1852 to April 1855); his travel and crusade in England on behalf of world peace, penny postage, and the anti-slavery movements.

The Learned Blacksmith  edited by Merle Curti. New York, 1937, pp 11-138.

b) - 1847?

“… his pamphlet… made residents of the United States more aware of the potato famine in Ireland.”

A Journal of a Visit of Three Days to Skibbereen  1847.

c) - 1864?

A Walk from London to John O’Groats  London, Sampson Low, 1864, is reported to contain diary material.


CHALMERS, James (1841-1904)  missionary in Papua New Guinea - E

Dates Unknown

In  James Chalmers: His Autobiography and Letters  New York, Revell, 1900.


CHEYNE, Andrew - E

1841 to 1844

The Trading Voyages of Andrew Cheyne 1841-1844  edited by Dorothy Shineberg. Canberra, Australian National University Press, 1971.


CLARK, J.S. (b.1841) - E

Dates unknown

In  Life in the Middle West: Reminiscences of J.S.Clark  Chicago, 1916.


COLENSO, William (1811-1899)  Cornish missionary in New Zealand -

1841 to 1842

Loosely dated narrative account of a journey in North Island; botanising; topography; the difficulties of the terrain; weather; encounters with the native population.

1. - Excursion in the Northern Island of New Zealand in the Summer of 1841-; together with part of ‘Early Crossings of Lake Waikaremoana’  in  Early Travellers in New Zealand  by Nancy M.Taylor. This account is edited from more than one printed source, with footnotes from Colenso’s manuscript diary.

2. - In  New Zealand Explorers: Great Journeys of Discovery  by Philip Temple, Christchurch, Whitcoulls, 1985.

Note: See also  William Colenso, Printer, Missionary, Botanist, Explorer, Politician: His Life and Journeys  Wellington, 1948.


CRANBROOK, Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, first Earl of (1814-1906)  statesman - *H1608,B243,E

a) - August 1841 to March 1904

Matthews: Public diary; his legal and parliamentary career; home secretary, secretary for Ireland; India Office; president of council; his own ambitions and fears, with some social and family notes; rather dull.

Gathorne-Hardy First Earl of Cranbrook: A Memoir, with Extracts from His Diary  by A.E.Gathorne-Hardy. London, Longmans Green, two volumes, 1910.

b) - 1866 to 1892

Not seen.

The Diary of Gathorne Hardy, Later Lord Cranbrook, 1866-1892: Political Selections  edited by Nancy E. Johnson. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1981.


DRYSDALE, Anne (1793?-1853)  Scots emigrant to Australia

August 9th. to December 2nd. 1841

Extracts from the Australian sheep-farming diary of an unmarried Scotswoman; farming and domestic details; sheep shearing; her companion, Caroline Newcomb.

In  Life Lines: Australian women’s letters and diaries, 1788-1840  by Patricia Clarke and Dale Spender. St. Leonards, New South Wales, 1992, pp 35-38.


ELLIS, John Edward (1841-1910)  English colliery owner and Liberal politician - E

Dates Unknown

In  The Life of the Rt. Hon. John Edward Ellis M.P.  London, macmillan, 1914.


EMMONS, Lieut. George Foster (1811-1884)  of U.S. Navy - A290,M2681

July to August 1841

Matthews: Naval exploration journal; scattered notes of government exploration; Fort Vancouver; descriptions and diagrams.

In  Oregon Historical Society Quarterly  XXVI, 1925, pp 263-273.


ESTCOURT, Marianne (b.1814?)

1841 to June 27th. 1855

Private diary of a single woman; travel with her sister-in-law to the Crimea; death of her brother from cholera; disparaging remarks about Florence Nightingale.

Account and extracts in  Inscribing the Daily; Critical Essays on Women's Diaries  edited by Suzanne L.Bunkers and Cynthia A.Huff. Amherst, University of Massachusetts Press, 1996, pp 123-138.


EWING, Thomas (1789-1871)  of Ohio, secretary of the treasury in Tyler's cabinet - A290,M2682

August to September 1841

Matthews: Political diary (extract); account of breach between Tyler and his cabinet.

In  American Historical Review  XVIII, (1912-1913), pp 97-112.

EYRE, Vincent [Sir] (1811-1881) - H697

November 2nd. 1841 to June 29th. 1842

A narrative, based on contemporaneous notes by a Lieutenant in the Bengal Artillery, of the Afghan rising and the events leading to the retreat from Cabul to Jellalabad, which ended in the destruction of the British Army. Eyre survived as a hostage in captivity with his wife and child and his prison notes are printed. An excellent, detailed, critical and important account.

The Military Operations at Cabul, which ended in the Retreat and Destruction of the British Army, January 1842. With a Journal of Imprisonment in Affghanistan  London, John Murray, 1843. Reprinted, London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1976.


FALCONER, Thomas (1805-1882)  born at Bath, England, judge - A290,M2683

August to October 1841

Matthews: Travel diary; account of what befell the main party of Texans left behind when Cooke set out in search of the settlements of New Mexico; long, interesting entries; the diary supplements his "narrative" of the expedition.

Thomas Falconer's "Letters and Notes on the Texan Santa Fe Expedition 1841-1842"  edited by F.W.Hodge, New York, 1930, Appendix, pp 105-118.

FIELD, John [Gen. Sir] (1821-1899) - D100


Matthews: Journal; military and social life in India; first Afghan War and Abyssinian expedition.

Jottings from a Journal  London, 1911.


FLIGHT, Josiah - see WEEKES, Henry

FORBES, Susan E. Parsons Brown - *H698

On Microfilm: see Havlice.

FOWLER, Robert Nicholas [Sir] (1828-891)  of Tottenham, Middlesex, M.P. - B243

February 1841 to May 1891

Matthews: Public diary (extracts); conservative political affairs; Quaker religious life; banking, philanthropy, and charity work; country life and sports; literary interests; a good Victorian picture.

Sir Robert N.Fowler: A Memoir  by John S.Flynn. London, 1893, pp 12-343. Passim.


GLEASON, James Henry - *H699,*M2684,E

1. -  In  Historical Society of Southern California Quarterly  XXXI.

2. - James Cummings (4792) has  Beloved Sister  Arthur Clark, 1978.




“Despite failing to get Congressional approval, President Mirabeau Lamar commissioned an expedition to Santa Fe, New Mexico to extend commerce by way of a western trade route. In June 1841, a volunteer military force accompanied the merchants on the expedition, but all were met with resistence in New Mexico. Forced to march to Mexico City and imprisoned there …”

Journal of Santa Fe Expedition  in The Texan Santa Fe Trail  by H.B.Carroll, Panhandle Plains Historical Society, XXIV, 1951.


HAMMOND, James Henry (1807-1864)  of South Carolina; lawyer, politician, planter, slave owner and rapistE

1841 to 1864

“… his sexual appetites were varied. He described, without embarrassment, his ‘familiarities and dalliances over two years with four teenage nieces …”

Secret and Sacred: The Diaries of James Henry Hammond, a Souther Slaveholder  Oxford University Press, 1988.


HAYES, Rutherford Birchard (1822-1893)  nineteenth President of the United States


a) - June 1841 to January 1893

Matthews: Private and political diary; begun at Kenyon College and continued until his death; study at Kenyon, Columbus, and Harvard Law School; law practice at Sandusky; work in Cincinnati; service in Civil War; governorship of Ohio; Presidency; an extensive and valuable record of public life with a good deal of private and general matter.

Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes  edited by Charles R.Williams. Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, five volumes, 1922-1926. Reprinted New York, Kraus, 1972.

b) - 1875 to 1881

Hayes: The Diary of a President, 1875-1881, Covering the Disputed Election, The End of Reconstruction, and the Beginning of Civil Service  edited by T.Harry Williams. New York, David McKay, 1964.

HEATHCOTE, Selina, Lady (1814-1900?)  of Hursley Park, Hampshire

January 2nd. 1841 to June 4th. 1849

Personal diary; family and social affairs; marriage and births of children; her husband's health; a pleasant diary with many small details of family and household; two European tours and one Scottish.

The Diary of Selina, Lady Heathcote  compiled by D.L.Peach. Hursley, IBM United Kingdom Laboratories Ltd., 1984. Also printed is an account, from the journal of R.H.Dana (qv) of a visit to the Heathcotes at Hursley from the 12th. to the 14th. of August 1856.


HOOD, John - E

1841 to 1842

Australia and the East: Being a Journal Narrative of a Voyage to New South Wales in an Emigrant Ship; With a Residence of Some Months in Sydney and the Bush, and the Route Home by Way of India and Egypt in the Years 1841 and 1842  London, John Murray, 1843.


HUNT, Sarah Morey - *H701,E

Journal of the Life and Religious Labors of Sarah Hunt, Late of West Grove, Chester County, Pennsylvania  Philadelphia, Friends' Book Association, 1892.


JEBB, Richard Claverhouse [Sir]  British classical scholar - E

Dates unknown

The Life and Letters of Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb  Cambridge, 1907, is reported to contain diary material.


JOHN, James - E


“A determined party of men and women, including a Methodist minister and a group of Jesuit missionaries and their mountaineer guide, set out for the West Coast in 1841...”

In  The Bidwell Bartleson Party  Santa Cruz, western Tanager Press, 1991.


JOHNSON, Daniel Noble (1822-1863)  purser's clerk - H702,M2686

May 5th. 1841 to June 19th. 1844

Sea diary; life and shipboard routine; storms; sailors and their work and behaviour; South American ports; full entries and good descriptions and pen portraits; an attractive and literate diary.

The Journals of Daniel Noble Johnson (1822-1863) United States Navy: Journal of a Cruise on the Brazils on Board of the U.S. Ship Delaware, 1841-1842 and Notes by the Way While on Board the U.S. Schooner Enterprise  edited by Mendel L.Peterson. City of Washington, The Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Volume 136, Number 2, 1959 .


KEENE, John Fithian - *M2687,E

In  Vineland Historical Magazine  XXXIV.


KELLY, John [Rev.] (d.1866)  American Catholic missionary in Liberia - E

From 1841?

My Mission to Liberia  in  United States Catholic Historical Society Record Series  1920.


KENDALL, George Wilkins - E


Narrative of the Texan Santa Fé Expedition, comprising a description of a tour through Texas, and across the great southwestern prairies, the Camanche and Caygüa hunting-grounds, with an account of the sufferings from want of food, losses from hostile Indians, and final capture of the Texans, and their march, as prisoners, to the city of Mexico ...  New York, Harper, two volumes, 1850, (first published in 1844) is reported to contain diary material.

KENNEDY, John [The Rev.] (1819-1884)  of Dingwall - B243

September 1841 to June 1842, with entries to 1849

Matthews: Religious diary; work of a Free Church minister in Scotland; his own spiritual life and religious experiences.

Life of Rev. John Kennedy  by Alexander Auld. London, 1887, chapters 2 and 5.


KING, Thomas Worthington (1820-1851) - E  

Journal of a Voyage Around the World: A Year on the Ship Helena (1841-1842)  transcribed by Carol Farrington Jopling and edited by Steven E. Kagle. Columbus, Ohio State University Press, 2003.


MARTIN, John F. - whaler - *M2689,E

a) - In  Chicago History  III.

b) - In  Pennsylvania History  XLI.


MEYERS, William H.  - U.S. naval gunner - *H703,*M2690,E

1841 to 1844

Journal of a Cruise to California and the Sandwich Islands in the U.S. Sloop-of-War "Cyane", 1841-1844  edited by John Haskell Kemble. San Francisco, The Book Club of California, 1955, 400 copies.


MILLARD, David (1794-1873) - E

1841 to 1842

Journal of travels in Egypt, Arabia Petrae and the Holy land during 1841-42  Rochester, 1843.


MONTBARD, George (LOYE, Charles Auguste) (1841-1905)  French artist, illustrator and caricaturist -  E

Dates unknown

“Engaging account of travels in Morocco.”

Among the Moors: Sketches of Oriental Life  London, Sampson Low Marston, 1894.


NEWLAND, John  - see WEEKES, Henry

NORTON, Caroline Elizabeth(?) - D226

1841 to 1846

Matthews: By a Lady; diary of her domestic life in Sierra Leone; domestic and social life; the slave trade.

A Residence at Sierra Leone  edited by C.E.Norton.


NYE, Lydia Rider  - wife of a sea captain trading in hides and tallow  - E

1841 to 1845

Voyage to Hawaii; life in Honolulu; Columbia River; details of trade; San Franciso, Napa Valley, Monterey and Santa Barbara.

The Journal of a Sea Captain’s Wife, 1841-1845  edited by Doyce Blackman Nunis. Arthur H.Clark, 2004.

PARKMAN, Francis (1823-1893)  historian - H704,M2691

July 19th. to August 13th. 1841, July 15th. to August 14th. 1842, November 16th. 1843 to August 18th. 1845, March 29th. to October 1st. 1846, and September 1st. to October 7th 1870. Also notebooks with scattered entries between 1871 and 1892.

Diaries of travel in North America and Europe mainly for the purpose of historical research; much interesting description; his famous journey across the Oregon Trail. The notebooks illuminate his working method.

1. - The Journals of Francis Parkman  edited by Mason Wade. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, two volumes, 1947. Reprinted New York, Kraus, 1969.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 288-296.

3. - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 47-51.


PETERKIN, George William (1841-1916)  Episcopal Bishop of West Virginia - e

Dates unknown

The Life and Work of George William Peterkin  by Robert Edward Lee Strider, Philadelphia, jacobs, 1929, is reported to contain diary material.


PRITCHARD, John Lamb [The Rev.] (1811-1862)  of Wilmington, North Carolina - A290,M2692

July 1841 to May 1861

Matthews: Baptist journal (extracts); meetings, preaching, visits, travels, sermons, weather, reading, some political notes; less formalized than usual religious journal.

In  Memoir of Rev. John L.Pritchard  by J.D.Hufham. Raleigh, 1867, pp 32-133. Passim.


SALE, Florentia [Lady] (Wynch) (1787-1853) - *H705,D268

1841 to 1842

Matthews: Diary; experiences at Kabul during rebellion; retreat and capture.

1. - A Journal of the Disasters  London, 1843.

2. - Reprinted as  The First Afghan War  edited by Patrick Macrory. London, Longmans, 1969.

SCHOEN, Jacob F [The Rev.] and CROWTHER, Samuel A. - D272


Matthews: Diaries; religion and trade in Central Africa; establishment of factories on the Niger; operations against the slave trade.

Journals  London, 1842.

SIMPSON, William - D278

1841 to 1842

Matthews: Diary; civilian on Niger expedition; trading and missionary work; native life and customs.

A Private Journal Kept during the Niger Expedition  London, 1843.


STURGE, Joseph - E


A Visit to the United States in 1841  London, Hamilton Adams, 1842.


SWAN, Lansing B. (1809-1861)  of Rochester, New York - A290,M2693,E

June 1841

Matthews: Travel diary; trip from Rochester to Michigan by stage, steamer, and railroad; lively, full descriptions of towns, countryside, hardships of travel, etc.

1. - Journal of a Trip to Michigan in 1841  Rochester, 1904, 53 pp.

2. - James Cummings (12143) has also  Seeing Michigan in 1841  in  Michigan History Magazine  Spring, 1934.


SWAN, William Thomas  - non-conformist Londoner - *H706,E

In  Journals of Two Poor Dissenters  London, Routledge, Kegan Paul, 1970.


TOMLINSON, Ruffin Wirt - *H707,*M2694,E

Journal  in  North Carolina Historical Review  January and April, 1953.


Van LENNEP, Mary Elizabeth [Mrs.] (1821-1844)  born at Hartford, Connecticut - A291,M2695

April 1841 to August 1844

Matthews: Religious journals (extracts); mainly religious reflections, emotions, and weather; some notes on domestic and local affairs, sickness, preparation for missionary career, marriage, voyage to Turkey, and missionary work there.

In  Memoir of Mrs. Mary E. Van Lennep  by Louisa Hawes. Hartford, 1847, pp 84-320. Passim.


WARE, Ella Kinney (1841-1931) - E

Dates unknown

In  Reminiscences  selected and compiled by Dorothy hall. New York, Comet, 1967.


WEEKES, Henry (1814-1894) - E

1841 to 1843

In  The Establishment of the New Plymouth Settlement in New Zealand 1841-1843: being the journals of Henry Weekes, surgeon on the William Bryan; John Newland, passenger on the Amelia Thompson; Josiah Flight, passenger on the Timandra; together with extracts from the log of the Blenheim, brief notes of voyages of the Oriental and the Essex, accounts of the settlement of New Plymouth, the official passenger lists of the pioneer ships of the Plymouth Company of New Zealand, and list of other arrivals between 1841-1860  by J.Rutherford. New Plymouth, new Zealand, 1969.


WHITE, Philo (1796-1883) - E

1841 to 1843

Narrative of a Cruize in the Pacific to South America and California on the U.S. Sloop-of-War "Dale", 1841-1843  edited by Charles L.Camp, Denver, Old West, 1965, is reported to contain diary material.


WILKES, Charles [Lieut.] (1798-1877)  of U.S. Navy, born in New York City - A291,M2696,E

May to August 1841

Matthews: Naval exploration journal; government exploring expedition in the Northwest; very good descriptions of places and Indians.

In  Washington Historical Quarterly  XVI, 1925, pp 49-61, 137-145, 206-223 and 290-301; and XVII, 1926, pp 43-65, 129-144 and 223-229. This diary was the basis for his  Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition  Philadelphia, five volumes, 1845.

Note: See also  Autobiography of Rear Admiral Charles Wilkes, U.S. Navy, 1798-1877  edited by William James Morgan. Washington, DC, Naval historical Center, 1978.


WILLIAMS, Joseph (b.1777)  of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania - A291,*M2697

April 1841 to October 1842

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Ripley County, Indiana, to Oregon Territory; with early wagon train to Oregon, and a later journey from thence to the Southwest; full of notes of accidents and incidents, especially of a sordid kind; notes on Indians (heathens), scenery, natural history, immorality of Indians and whites, estimates of farming possibilities; valuable historically, and very good journalistic reading.

Narrative of a Tour from the State of Indiana  Cincinnati, 1843, 48 pp. Reprinted, edited by J.C.Bell, New York, 1921, 95 pp.


WOLLASTON, John Ramsden [The Rev.] - *H708,E

1841 to 1844 and 1848 to 1856

Personal diary of an early Australian settler, Archdeacon of Western Australia, 1849-1856.

Wollaston's Picton Journal 1841-1844  and  Wollaston's Albany Journals 1848-1856  Perth, Paterson Brokensha, two volumes, 1954.


YOUNG, John (1820-1904)  chemist and Methodist preacher, of Sunderland

December 31st. 1841 to November 14th. 1843

Personal and religious diary, most full for 1843; preaching and moral reflections, introspections and abasements; reading and study; preoccupation with his health; some social notes; little about his business activities; ends with the threat of proceedings by the excise for food adulteration.

The Diary of John Young, Sunderland Chemist and Methodist Lay Preacher, Covering the Years 1841-1843  edited by G.E.Milburn. The Surtees Society, Volume CXCV, 1983.




1842 TO 1844

Journal of a Cruise to the Pacific Ocean, 1842-1844, in the Frigate United States with Notes on Herman Melville  edited by Charles Roberts Anderson. Durham, Duke University Press, 1937, 143 pp. Reprinted, New York, A.M.S., 1966.


ANONYMOUS,  'clerical supernumary' on the U.S. frigate 'United States' - A291,M2698

January 1842 to August 1844

Matthews: Sea journal; cruise in Pacific Ocean; routine descriptions of voyage; South America, Mexico, Hawaii, etc.; important because Herman Melville (qv) was also on this cruise.

In  Journal of a Cruise to the Pacific Ocean  edited by Charles R.Anderson. Durham, N.C., 1937, pp 21-67. Reprinted New York, AMS Press, 1966.


BALDWIN, Frank Dwight (1842-1923) and Alice Blackwood - E

Dates unknown

A Long March: The Lives of Frank and AliceBaldwin  by Robert H.Steinbach, University of Texas Press, 1989, is reported to contain diary material.


BAZELY, Henry Casson barnes (1842-1883) - E

Dates unknown

Henry Bazely, the Oxford Evangelist: A Memoir  by Edward Lee Hicks, London, Macmillan, 1886, is reported to contain diary material.


BOLDUC, Jean Baptiste Zacharie - *M2699,E

Mission of the Columbia  edited by Edward Kowrach. Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon, 1979.


BOLLAERT, William - *M2700,E

William Bollaert's Texas  Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1956.


BROWNE, John Ross (1817-1875)  Irish-American traveller and author - *H710,*M2701,*M3634,E

a) - From 1842

1. - In  John Ross Browne: His Letters, Journals and Writings  University of New Mexico, 1969.

2. - Etchings of a Whaling Cruise  edited by John Seelye. Harvard, 1968. This is based upon the diary printed in the previous book.

b) - 1857

Indian affairs in the Territories of Oregon and Washington  Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon Press, 1977.

Note: The Library of Congress catalogue, in some records, gives John Ross Browne's year of birth as 1821 and it is just possible that there were two persons of that name.


BRUFFEY, George A. (1842-1928) - E

Dates unknown

Eighty-one Years in the West  Butte, Montana, The Butte Miner Company Printers, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


BURN, David - E


Narrative of the Overland Journey of Sir john and Lady Franklin and Party from Hobart Town to Maquarie Harbour in 1842  Dubbo, New South Wales, 1977.


CANFIELD, Israel - *M2702,E

1. - Israel Canfield on the Mier Expedition  in  Texas Military History  III.

2. - In  Dare-Devils All: The Texan Mier Expedition, 1842-1844  Austin, Texas, Eakin Press, 1997.  


CAPELL, Eli J. - *H711,E

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XXIII.


CHASE, Samuel Worcester (b.1811)  of North Yarmouth, Maine - A291,M2703

September 1842 to 1845

Matthews: Whaling journal; first mate of the Arab; hunting, hardships, places visited, etc.; interesting account and extracts.

In  Shipbuilding Days in Casco Bay  by William H.Rowe. Yarmouth, 1929, pp 172-186.

CRAMP, Thomas (b.1810)  of East Grinstead, Surrey - B244

June 1842 to June 1891

Matthews: Country diary (brief extracts); social life and public affairs in a Surrey village.

History of East Grinstead  by Wallace H.Hills. East Grinstead, 1906, pp 183-186.


CRAWFORD, Medorem (d.1891)  born at New York, of Yamhill County, Oregon - A291,M2704

March to October 1842

Matthews: Travel diary; with Elijah White's party; New York to St. Louis and across the plains to Oregon; mainly statistical.

In  Sources of the History of Oregon  in  Oregon Historical Society Publications  I, Part I, 1897, pp 5-28. Reprinted Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon Press, 1967.


DAUNT, William  Joseph O'Neill (1807-1894)  Irish nationalist - B244

September 1842 to March 1888

Matthews: Political diary; writings on Irish history; support of Home Rule; political activities and personalities; miscellaneous anecdotes; lively and personal.

1. - A Life Spent in Ireland  London, T. Fisher Unwin, 1896. Passim. reprinted, Shannon, 1972.

2. - Extracts: Lenox-Conyngham, pp 182-185.

DENHAM, [Capt.] - D80


Matthews: Prison journal; experiences of a sailor imprisoned by the Chinese.

Journals Kept by Mr. Gully and Captain Denham  London, 1844.

EASTLAKE, Elizabeth [Lady] (Rigby) (1809-1893)  author - B244

November 1842 to October 1848

Matthews: Literary diary; notes on books, paintings, current periodicals; literary and other celebrities, especially in Scotland (Lockhart, Wilson, etc.); society life and social affairs, especially in Edinburgh; the religious and public scene; visit to Russia; useful background for the times.

Journals and Correspondence of Lady Eastlake  edited by C.E.Smith. London, 1895. Passim.


FOGAZZARO, Antonio (1842-1911)  Italian novelist - E

Dates unknown

The Life of Antonio Fogazzaro  by  Tommaso Gallerati-Scotti, Kennicat, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


FREMONT, John Charles (1813-1890)  American explorer, politician and soldier - E

1842 to 1854 (?)

James Cummings has:

1. - (4431)  Geographica memoir Upon Upper California  Washington, D.C., 1848.

2. - (4432)  Narratives of Exploration and Adventure  Longmans, 1957.

3. - (4433)  The Expeditions of John Fremont  University of Illinois, five volumes, 1970 to 1984.

FRY, Elizabeth (1827?-1854?)  granddaughter of the prison reformer


Extracts from the journal of a fifteen year old Quaker girl; family; daily occupations; religious concerns; a wedding; a new governess.

In  Essex People, 1750-1900 from their diaries, memoirs and letters  by A.F.J.Brown. Essex Record Office Publications No. 59, Chelmsford, 1972, pp 153-161.

GLADSTONE, Catherine (née Glynne) (1812-1900)  wife of W.E.Gladstone

January 6th. 1842 to January 1849

Private diary; political personal and social life. As far as it is possible to tell from the brief and scattered extracts printed, a lively and entertaining diary.

Catherine Gladstone  by her daughter, Mary Drew. London, Nisbet, 1919, pp 40-74.


GLASSCOCK, James Abner - *H712,*M2706,E

From 1842

Diary  in  Texana  I, 1963.


GODWARD, Charles [Pte.] (1819-1871)  of Middleton, Suffolk and 16th. Lancers in India

November 1842 to January 1844, long gaps.

Personal and military diary in India (extracts); march to Delhi and Agra; camp life; sights and duties; action; accidentally burns himself; patrols. A rare and articulate account from the ranks.

1. - In  The Sword and the Pen  compiled and edited by Michael Brander. London, Leo Cooper, 1989, pp 87-109.

2. - A few extracts, some additional and others differing slightly in transcription are to be found in  The British Diarist  August, 2003, pp 159-161.


GREENHALGE, (GREENHSLGH) Frederic Thomas (1842-1896)  British born America lawyer and politician - E

Dates unknown

The Life and Work of Frederic T.Greenhalge: Governor of Massachusetts  by James Nesmith, Boston, Roberts brothers, 1897, is reported to contain diary material.


GRIFFIN, Martin Ignatius Joseph (1842-1911)  catholic historian from Philadelphia - E

Dates unknown

The Diary of Martin Griffin  in  American Catholic Historical Research  July, 1912.


GRIMSHAW, Duckworth (1842-1924)  mormon - E

Dates unknown

In  Our Pioneer Heritage  XII, Salt Lake City, 1969, pp 239-270.


GULICK, John Thomas (1832-1923) - *M2707,E

Evolutionist and Missionary  by Addison Gulick. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1932.

GULLY, Robert: see DENHAM - D126

HARFORD-BATTERSBY, Thomas Dundas [The Rev.] (1822-1883)  clergyman - B252

1842 to 1883

Scattered extracts, almost exclusively religious in concern, from the journals of the vicar of St. John's, Keswick .

In  Memoir of T.D.Harford Battersby  by two of his sons. London, Seeley, 1890. Passim.


HART, John - E


Diary of a voyage of John Hart of Perth, Ontario: Who Left Glasgow, Scotland, with His family on 15th April, 1842, on the Sailing Vessel Carlton, Arriving in Quebec, 5th June, 1842, Fifty-One Days  privately printed, Perth, Ontario, 1940, 46pp.


HUTCHINSON, Adiniram Judson Joseph (1817-1859)  American musician - E

1842 to 1846

“The journals of the New Hampshire family that became the best-known musicians of the day chronicle not only their performances and adventures first hand but explore the social economic and cultural life of the time.”

In  Excelsior: Journals of the Hutchinson Family Singers, 1842-1846  edited by Dale Cockrell, Stuyvesant, 1989.


HUTCHINSON, Anderson (1798-1853)  of Texas, judge - A292,M2708

September 1842 to June 1843

Matthews: Prison diary; capture by Mexicans at Behar, travel to Mexico, and imprisonment at Perote castle; return by boat to the United States; brief factual entries, but rather interesting.

In  Texas Historical Association Quarterly  XIII, 1909-1910, pp 294-311.


JAMES, William (1842-1910)  American philosopher and psychologist - E

Dates unknown

1. - In  The Thought and Character of William James  Boston, Little Brown, two volumes, 1935.

2. - In  Volume IV (?) of  The Works of William James  Harvard University press, twenty volumes, 1975-1988.


JERNINGHAM, Hubert Edward Henry [Sir] (1842-1914)  British politician and colonial governor - E

Dates unknown

From West to East: Notes by the Way  London, John Murray, 1907.


JOHNSON, John Augustus (1842-1907) of North Dakota - E

Dates unknown

“… loving portrait of their father by the two daughters, being a particularly interesting account of a pioneer to the Fargo, North Dakota area.”

Hon. J.A.Johnson: A partial copy of his letters, travels and addresses  privately printed, Fargo, North Dakota, 1908.


JOHNSON, Samuel - E


Journal of a Tour to the White Hills  in  Essex Institute Historical Collections  CXX, January, 1984.


JONES, Henry Boswell - *M2709,E

1842 to 1871

The Diary of Henry Boswell Jones of Brownsburg (1842-1871)  edited by Charles W.Turner. McClure Press, 1979, 126 pp.


JORDAN, Mollie (1842-1917) - E

Dates unknown

Aunt Mollie’s diary: The Jordans of Carpenter’s Grove  compiled by Rose Klaus Nesius. Renselaar, 1995.

KNOX, Thomas Edmund [Lieut.] (b.1820)  of 85th. Infantry Regiment - B244

a) - December 1842 to November 1843

Matthews: Travel diary; notes kept during journey in Holland and Belgium; social life and sport in military circles; prior to joining his regiment in Barbados.

b) - February to September 1848

Matthews: Military diary; social life at military garrisons in Ireland.

Memoirs of a Vanished Generation  edited by Mrs. Warenne Black. London, 1909.


KOHN, Abraham  - Jewish peddler - *H713,*M2710,E

1842 to 1843

Immigration diary and experiences as a peddler in New England; lamentations.

1. - In  American Jewish Archives  June 1951.

2. - In  Memoirs of American Jews, 1775-1865  Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, three volumes? 1955.

Le FROY, John Henry [Sir] (1817-1890) - C685

1842 to 1844

Matthews: Mostly impersonal record of scientific observations in north-western Canada.

Diary of a Magnetic Survey  London, 1883.


M'COY, John - *H714,*M2711,E

From 1842

John M'Coy: His Life and His Diaries  edited by Elizabeth Hayward. American Historical Society, 1948.


McCUTCHEN, Joseph D. - *M2712,E

From 1842

Prison diary in Mexico.

Mier Expedition Diary: A Texan Prisoner's Account  edited by Joseph Milton Nance. Austin, University of Texas Press, 1978.


MAXWELL, Richard T. - E


Visit to Monterey in 1842  Glen Dawson, 1955, 200 copies.


MILLER, George - E

From 1842

De Tal Palo Tal Astilla  in Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California  X, No.3, 1917, pp 86-174, contains diary material.

Note: Much of the material (which has not been fully examined) apparently relates to the migration to California and may come from both George Miller Sr. and his son, George Miller Jr.


PFEIFFER, Ida Laura (née Reyer) (1797-1858)  Viennese traveller - H715,E


a) - Travel diary; down the Danube to the Black Sea; Constantinople, Jerusalem; Cairo and the pyramids; by sea from Suez to Italy and home.

Visit to the Holy Land, Egypt, and Italy  translated by H.W.Dulcken. London, Ingram Cooke, 1852.

b) - 1846?

Travel diary of six months in Scandinavia and Iceland; travel by pony cart; found Icelanders crude, their homes dirty and food boring.

Journey to Iceland: and Travels in Sweden and Norway  translated  by Charlotte Fenimore cooper, New york, Putnam, 1852; London, Bentley, 1852.

c) - 1846 to November 1848

Travel diary of a trip round the world; to Rio de Janeiro on a Danish ship; filth and poverty; the rain forest beautiful but Indians primitive and savage; scandalous sexual behaviour of Tahitian women; to china from Macao; by junk to Canton where she explores the city dressed as a man; some months in India living with local people; Baghdad; a caravan to Mosul; Tabriz; arrested in Russsia; Turkey, Greece, Italy and home.

1. - A Woman's Journey Round the World  an unabridged translation. London, N.Cooke, 1854.

2. - A Lady's Voyage Around the World: A Selected Translation from the German of Ida Pfeiffer  London, Century, 1988, from the original publication, London, Longman Brown and Green, 1851.

d) - 1851 to 1855?

Travel diary of a second trip around the world; London; Cape Town; Singapore; Borneo; affection for Dyak headhunters; escape from cannibals in Sumatra by claiming that at her age she would be too tough to eat; San Francisco; the Andes; home.

A Lady's Second Journey Round the World  London, Longman, Brown, Green and Longman, 1855; New York, harper, 1856.

e) - 1857?

Travel diary; Madagascar; imprisoned by Queen Ranavelona; realease.

The Last Travels of Ida Pfeiffer: Inclusive of a Visit to Madagascar, with a Biographical Memoir of the Author  translated by H.W.Dulcken. London, Routledge, Warne and Routledge, 1861.


POCOCK, Lewis Greville (1823-1888)  of London and Cape Town

April 11th. to July 1842

Travel diary; the voyage from London to Cape Town to join his older brother, John Pocock (qv); weather, storms and events of the voyage.

In  Travels of a London Schoolboy, 1826-1830  edited by Tom Pocock. London, Historical Publications, 1996, pp 184-201.


PREBLE, George Henry [Adml.] (1816-1885)  born at Portland, Maine - *H980,A292,M2713,*M3476,E

a) - February to April 1842

Matthews: Travel diary; Rodgers' canoe expedition across the Everglades of Florida, around Lake Okeechobee, and up and down the connecting rivers and lakes; stages, topography, natural history, some personal adventures and comments; supplements Rodgers' official report; quite interesting.

In  The United Service  (Philadelphia) VII, 1883, pp 358-376.

b) - 1853 to 1856

The Opening of Japan: A Diary of Discovery in the Far East, 1853-1856  edited by Boleslaw Szczesniak. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1962.


PREUSS, Charles - *H716,*M2714,E

From 1842

Exploring with Frémont: The Private Diary of Charles Preuss, Cartographer for John C. Frémont on His First, Second and Fourth Expeditions to the Far West  University of Oklahoma Press, 1958.


ROBERTS, David (1796-1864)  Scottish painter - E

a) - 1839? to 1840?

Private journal in  The Holy Land  Tel Aviv, Terra Sancta Arts, 1982.

Note: James Cummings (10423) has also  From and Antique Land  New York, Weidenfeld, 1989. Probably the American title of the earlier book.

b) - Dates unknown

The Life of David Roberts RA  by James Ballantyne, Edinburgh, 1866, is compiled from “his journals and other sources”.

Note: The Open Library refers to an untitled diary and record of major pictures painted, said to have been published in 1829 and including an account of his early life, of his scene painting at Drury Lane and Covent Garden and notes of buyers and prices of his easel paintings.

ROFFE, Edwin  - printer - B245

March 1842 to June 1862

Matthews: Social diary; imitation of Pepys; visits London scenes; theatres, shows, dinners, and London life in general.

Time's Tuneful Tabor  London, privately printed, 1858.


SCOTT, James Leander [The Rev.]  - Seventh-Day Baptist missionary - A292,M2715

January to July 1842

Matthews: Missionary journal; through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan; descriptions of scenery, climate, emigration prospects, religious conditions; poetical quotations; a useful journal.

Journal of a Missionary Tour  Providence, 1843, 203 pp.


SHORTLAND, Edward (b.1812)  New Zealand magistrate and subprotector of aborigines

April 4th. to 15th. 1842

Extracts from the journal of an expedition among the Maoris in New Zealand, quoted in amplification of the diary of Abel Dottin William Best (qv).

In  The Journal of Ensign Best, 1837-1843  a Turnbull Library monograph, edited by Nancy M.Taylor. Wellington, New Zealand, R.E.Owen, Goverment Printer. Appendix, 16, pp 426-427.


SMITH, Eliza Roxcy (Arksey has Roxey) Snow (1804-1887)  Mormon poetess, plural wife of Joseph Smith (qv) and Brigham Young - M2716,E

a) - June 29th. 1842 to April 14th. 1844

Private diary at Nauvoo; family and friends; persecution of Mormons, particularly John Smith. The entries are often guarded, only hinting at her plural marriage; some of her poetry is included.

Edited by Maureen Ursenbach in  Brigham Young University Studies  XV, No. 4, 1975.

b) - 1846 to 1849

Trail diary of migration from Nauvoo, after the death of Joseph Smith, to Salt Lake City and settlement there.

1. - Extracts from Eliza R.Snow's Private Journal  in  Improvement Era  XVI, 1943, and XVII, 1944.

2. - Extracts: Godfrey, pp 152-164.

3. - In  The Pioneer  V, 1953, and VI, 1954.

4. - Extracts in  Our Pioneer Heritage  XVII, 1974.

5. - Substantial extracts in  Eliza R.Snow: An Immortal  Salt Lake City, 1945.  

c) - The Personal Writings of Eliza Roxcy Snow  edited by Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, Salt Lake City, University of Utah Press, 1995, is the best edition and contains both the Nauvoo journal and notebooks and the trail diary.


SMITH, Jennie (1842-1924)  American evangelist - E

Dates Unknown

1. - Valley of Baca: A Record of Suffering and Triumph  Cincinnati, 1876, is reported to contain diary material.

2. - Ramblings in Beulah Land: A Continuation of Experiences in the Life of Jennie Smith  Philadelphia, 1886, may also contain diary material.


SPOFFORD, Paul Nelson - *M2717,E

In  Michigan History  XXIX.


STAPP, William Preston - E

1842 to 1844

The Prisoners of Perote: containing a journal kept by the author, who was captured by the Mexicans, at Mier, December 25, 1842, and released from Perote, May 16, 1844  Austin: University of Texas Press, 1977. First published: Philadelphia, G. B. Zieber, 1845.

TAYLOR, James Wickes - *H717,E

1842 to 1844

A Choice Nook of Memory: The Diary of a Cincinnatti Law Clerk, 1842-1844  Columbus, Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, 1950.


TAYLOR, John (1808-1897)(?)  Mormon - E

1842? to 1846?

Nauvoo Journal  in  Brigham Young University Studies  Summer, 1983. -  


TRUEHEART, James L. (1815-1882)  of San Antonio, Texas - A292,M27189

September 1842 to April 1844

Matthews: Prison diary; capture by Mexicans at Behar, journey to Mexico, and imprisonment at Perote Castle; much general description, besides notes of hardships, some lively characterizations and shrewd observations; highly interesting.

The Perote Prisoners; Being the Diary of James L.Trueheart  edited by F.C.Chabot. San Antonio, 1934, 344 pp.


WALKER, Samuel Hamilton - *H719,*M2719,E

From 1842

Account of the Mier Expedition  Texas State Historical Association, 1978.


WATERFIELD  - private soldier - E

1842 to 1857

Military diary; a day to day record by a private soldier from Leicestershire in the 32nd. Regiment of Foot; eleven years in India.

The Memoirs of Private Waterfield  edited by Arthur Swinson and Donald Scott. London, Cassell, 1968.


WILLIAMS, John Brown - E

1842 to 1844

The New Zealand Journal, 1842-1844, of john B.Wi;lliams of Salem, Massachusetts  edited by Robert W.Kenny. Salem, Peabody Museum, 1956.

WIRE, William (d.1857)  watchmaker, postman and antiquary of Colchester

May 23rd. 1842 to March 3rd. 1857

Diary; archaeological finds and dealings; the railway; street lighting; local events; some references to his work but little personal material.

In  Essex People, 1750-1900 from their diaries, memoirs and letters  by A.F.J.Brown. Essex Record Office Publications No. 59, Chelmsford, 1972, pp 162-185.


ZAGOSKIN, Lavrentii Alekseevich - *M2720,E

Travels in Russian America  University of Toronto, 1967.



ANONYMOUS  - Log of HMS Modeste - E

1843 TO 1847

Extracts from the ship’s log.

In  HMS Modeste on the Pacific Coast 1843: Log and Letters  in  Oregon Historical Quarterly  LXI, No, 4, December, 1960, pp 408-436.


ANONYMOUS,  young American woman - E


“A transcript of an autograph manuscript in the Clements Library, written by a young woman in 1843. She describes a journey across northern New Jersey, over the Poconos to the Finger Lakes region, and down the Hudson back to New York City.”

Wayside Sketches  edited by Howard H.Peckham. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, 1967.


ALCOTT, Anna Bronson - *M2721,E

In  Bronson Alcott's Fruitlands  by Clara Endicott Sears. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1915; often reprinted.

Note: James Cummings (110 and 112) has  Concord Days  Boston, 1872; and  The father of Little Women  Little, Brown, 1927.


ALCOTT, Louisa May (1832-1888)  author of 'Little Women' - H720,A292,E

August 4th. 1843 to March 2nd. 1888, gaps.

Personal diaries and journals; childhood; family, especially her mother; domestic work; writing; literary success; travels. An intimate, varied and interesting account.

1. - Selections in  Louisa May Alcott: Her Life, Letters, and Journals by Ednah Dow Cheney. Boston, Roberts Brothers, 1889; reissued Boston, Little Brown, 1919.

2. - Transcendental Wild Oats and Fragments from the Fruitlands Diaries  Harvard, 1975 and 1981.

3. - The Journals of Louisa May Alcott  edited by Joel Myerson and Daniel Shealy, associate editor Madeleine B.Stern. Boston, Little Brown, 1989. This edition contains all the diary material extant either in manuscript or in print.

4. - Extracts: (From quotations in Bronson Alcott's Fruitlands  compiled by Clara Endicott Sears) Dunaway & Evans, pp 416-418; (from the Myerson, Shealy, Stern edition) Lyons pp 11-34; and (from the E.D.Cheney edition) Berger (1), pp 230-240; Berger (2), pp 108-112; Moffat & Painter, pp 28-33; and Simons, pp 106-127.

5. - (Not examined)

- Louisa May Alcott: Her Girlhood Diary  edited by Ryan Cary. Bridgewater Books, 1993.


APPLEGATE, Lindsay (1808-1892)  American pioneer - E


“In 1843, Lindsay and Charles traveled along with their younger brother Jesse after they all sold their farms in Missouri, bought several hundred head of cattle and set out for Oregon. ..”

The South Road Expedition  in  The Quarterly of the Oregon historical Society  March, 1921, is reported to contain diary material.


ARTHUR, Edward - E


A Journal of events from Melbourne, Port Phillip, to Mount Schank in the District of Adelaide… with 4000, Sheep in 1843  Hobart, Sullivan’s Cove, 1975, 175 copies.


BOARDMAN, John (1824-1883)  born at Cazenovia, New York, of Makawao, Island of Maui, farmer


May to November 1843

Matthews: Travel diary; from Shawnee Mission (near Westport, Kansas) to Oregon, via Laramie, Fort Hall, Fort Boise, Vancouver; brief matter-of-fact notes on the route, Indians, missionaries, buffalos, scenery.

In  Utah Historical Quarterly  II, 1929, pp 99-121.


BOONE, Nathan [Capt.] (1782-1857)  born in Kentucky, of U.S. Dragoons, son of Daniel Boone


May to July 1843

Matthews: Military travel journal; expedition from Fort Gibson over the southwestern prairies; mainly historical and topographical notes; Indians, buffalo hunting, note on how to prepare buffalo meat; impersonal.

1. - In  Marches of the Dragoons in the Mississippi Valley  by Louis Pelzer. Iowa City, 1917, pp 189-237.

2. - In  Chronicles of Oklahoma  VII, 1929, pp 63-105.

BOSWELL, Annabella Innes (1826-1916) - H721

March 4th. 1843 to May 4th. 1848

Diary of a young woman in Australia, revised and expanded in later years. School in Sydney; Lake Innes House at Maquarie N.S.W.; family and social life.

Annabella Boswell's Journal  edited by Morton Herman. Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1965. Originally printed, at a date unknown, as  Early Recollections and Gleanings from an Old Journal  the text has been rearranged for the 1965 edition.

BRAITHWAITE, Martha (1823-1895)  of Banbury - B245

September 1843 to August 1894

Matthews: Quaker diary (extracts); Quaker religious life; family life; reading; meetings; health and introspection; home life and philanthropy; social work, mostly in England.

Loving Service  by Elizabeth B.Emmott. London, 1896, pp 32-281. Passim.


BRIDGE, Horatio (1806-1893)  U.S. Navy - A293,M2725

June 1843 to October 1844

Matthews: Travel journal; touristic notes on the Canaries, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the African west coast.

Journal of an African Cruiser  edited by Nathaniel Hawthorne. New York 1845, pp 1-179.


BROCK, Daniel George (1811-1867)  pioneer settler and explorer in South Australia - E

a) - 1843

“… experiences when travelling through the settled areas of South Australia with pony and dog, collecting statistics for the South Australian Almanac.”

Recollections of D.G.B., 1843  edited by Kenneth Peake-Jones. Adelaide, Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, 1981, 62pp.

b) - 1844

To the Desert with Sturt: A Diary of the 1844 Expedition  edited by Kenneth Peake-Jones. Adelaide, Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, 1975.


BROOKE, Victor Alexander, Sir (1843-1891)  Anglo-Irish naturalist - E

Dates unknown

Sir victor Brooke, Sportsman and Naturalist: A memoir of His Life and Extracts from His Letters and Journals  by Oscar Leslie Stephen. London, john Murray, 1894.


BULL, James H.  - lawyer from Pennsylvania - E

October 1843 to January 1844

Journey of James H.Bull: Baja California, October 1843 to January 1844  Los Angeles, dawsons Bookshop, 1965, 500 copies.


BURNETT, Peter H. - *M2726


CANNING, Charlotte, Viscountess (1817-1861) wife of Charles Canning, Governor-General of India

a) - 1843 to 1845

Personal diary kept while a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria. Life at Court; the Queen and Prince Albert; Royal travels abroad; interesting.

Extracts in Charlotte Canning; Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria and Wife of the First Viceroy of India 1817-1861  by Virginia Surtees. London, John Murray, 1975, pp 86-166. Passim.

b) - December 1855 to 1861

Extracts from her journal and journal letters in an extensive editorial narrative; Egypt on the outward voyage to India;  correspondence with Queen Victoria; the Indian Mutiny; travels in India; manners and customs.

In  A Glimpse of the Burning Plain: Leaves from the Indian Journals of Charlotte Canning  by Charles Allen. London, Michael Joseph, 1986. Passim. The book is illustrated with her watercolours.

Note: In his notes on sources the author states that the journals are 'mostly' quoted directly from  The Story of Two Noble Lives: Being memorials of Charlotte, Countess Canning, and Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford  by Augustus Hare. London, G.Allen, three volumes, 1893.

CARLISLE, George William Frederick Howard, seventh Earl of (1802-1864)  statesman - B246

a) - November 1843 to June 1864

Matthews: Public diary (extracts); his private and social life at Castle Howard and in London; his reading, the theatre, eminent literary friends (Dickens, Macaulay, etc.); dinners, receptions, official ceremonies, public and political life; a plain, but very detailed and valuable record of eminent contemporary society.

1. - Extracts from the Journals of the Earl of Carlisle  edited by Lady Caroline Lascelles. Privately printed, 1924, 420 pp. There are also short extracts printed in  The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay  by George Otto Trevelyan. London, two volumes, 1876.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 393-396.

b) - June 1853 to May 1854

Matthews: Travel diary; travels in Greece and Turkey during the Crimean War; military and naval matters; notes on towns and scenery.

Diary in Turkish and Greek Waters  London, 1854.


COOKE, George - *H722

Note: Either George Cooke and Col. Philip St. George Cooke (qv) were similarly named members of the same expedition and Matthews was confused into thinking they were the same man, or Havlice is in error. It has not yet been possible to examine the  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  Volume XII, which is cited by both, to resolve the problem. Arksey does not list this name.


COOKE, Philip St. George [Col.] (1809-1895)  born near Leesburg, Virginia, died at Detroit


a) - May to July, 1843

Matthews: Official military journal; "journal of an expedition of a detachment of U.S. Dragoons from Fort Leavenworth - to protect the annual caravan of traders, from Missouri to the Mexican boundary on the road to Santa Fe."

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XII, (1925-1926), pp 72-98 and 227-255.

b) - October 1846 to January 1847

Matthews: Official military journal; march from Santa Fe to San Diego, in command of the Mormon Battalion.

1. - Senate Executive Document  No. 2, 30th. Congress, special session, Washington, 1849, 85 pp. This is an inaccurate text.

2. - Re-edited from the manuscript in  Exploring Southwestern Trails  by R.P.Bieber. Glendale, California, 1938, pp 65-240.

3. - James Cummings (2862) has also  The First Military Escort on the Santa Fe Trail  Arthur Clark, 1952.


CROCKER, Alvah (1801-1874)  of Fitchburg, Massachsetts - A293,M2728

October 1843 to October 1845

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); brief reports of activities in connection with Fitchburg, and Vermont and Massachusetts railroads; travels and surveys, and religious notes.

In  Life and Times of Alvah Crocker  by William B.Wheelwright. Boston, 1923, pp 29-36.


DANNATT, William (1843-1914)  Essex farmer - E

Dates unknown

The Faith of a Farmer: Extracts from the Diary of William Dannatt of great Waltham  London, John Murray, 1918.


DAVIS, John (1787-1854)  lawyer and Governor of Massachusetts - E

1843 to 1844

Diary of the Illinois-Michigan Canal Investigation 1843-1844 edited by Grey Lee in  Papers in Illinois History and Transactions for the year 1941  Springfield, Illinois State Historical Society, 1943.


DILKE, Charles [Sir] (1843-1911)  English politician - E

Dates unknown

In  The Life of the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Dilke  London, John Murray, two volumes, 1917.


EELLS, Myron (1843-1907) - E

Dates Unknown

The Indians of Puget Sound: The Notebooks of Myron Eells  University of Washington Press, 1985, is reported to contain diary material.

Note:  James Cummings (3802) has also  Notebooks  Superior, 1976.


ELDREDGE, Joseph C.  - General Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Republic of Texas


May to August 1843

Matthews: Travel journal; meeting with Comanches to form friendly relations for government of Texas; official report to Sam Houston.

In  West Texas Historical Association Year Book  IV, 1928, pp 114-139.


FIELDING, Joseph (1797-1863)  Mormon - *M2730,E

1843 to 1846

They Might Have Known He Was Not a Fallen Prophet: The Nauvoo Journal of Joseph Fielding  transcribed and edited by Andrew F. Ehat in  Brigham Young University Studies XIX, Winter, 1979.


FOSDICK, Washington  - steward of the sealer Emeline - E

1843 to 1844

In  A Voyage on the Sealer Emeline and the Journal  in  Zoologica  IX, No. 14, September, 1931, pp 475-549.


FRAZIER, William - E


Copy of a Journal by William Frazier, Esq. of Virginia of His Journey in the Year 1843  Dietz Press, 1930.

GOODALL, William  - huntsman - B246

1843 to 1859

Hunting diary; kept while head huntsman of Belvoir Hunt; fonder of hounds than horses; descriptions of hunts and hunters.

1. - The History of the Belvoir Hunt  by Thomas F.Dale. Westminster, 1899.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 379-380.


GORDON-CUMMING, Roualeyn (1820-1866)  Scottish traveller and sportsman - E

1843 to 1848

1. - Five Years of a Hunter’s Life in the Far Interior of South Africa  London, Two volumes (?). 1850 (?).

2. - Abridged as  The Lion Hunter of South Africa  London, 1856, often reprinted.

3. - The Lion Hunter: In the Days When All South Africa was Virgin Hunting Field  New York, macmillan, 1924.


GREEN, Thomas Jefferson - *M2731,E

From 1843

Journal of the Texian Expedition Against Mier, Subsequent Imprisonment of the Author; His Sufferings, and Final Escape from the Castle of Perote  Austin, Steck, 1935 (First published in 1845 and often reprinted).


HADLEY, James  - professor of Greek at Yale - *H723,*M2732,E

1843 to 1852

Diary (1843-1852) of James Hadley, Tutor and Professor of Greek in Yale College, 1845-1872  edited by Laura Hadley Moseley. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1951.


HARRIS, Edward - *H724,*M2733,E


Up the Mississippi with Audubon: The Journal of Edward Harris  edited by John Francis McDermott. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1951.


HECKER, Isaac Thomas [The Rev.] (1819-1888)  born in New York City, Catholic missionary


April 1843 to June 1845

Matthews: Private and religious diary; early part kept at Brook Farm; religious interests, spiritual disquiet, and struggles; life in Concord; notes on the various influences on his religious life.

The Life of Father Hecker  by Walter Elliott. New York, 1891, pp 61-193. Passim. Reprinted, New York, 1894.


INGLIS, John [Rt. Rev.] (1777-1850)  third Bishop of Nova Scotia - C603

a) - 1843

Matthews:  Religious journal, 1843; visitation journeys in nova Scotia, Cape Breton, and the eastern shore of New Brunswick.

Church in the Colonies  London, 1846, 72pp.

b) - Dates unknown

Diaries and correspondence in  Canadian Archives Report  1912 and 1913.

Note: See also Charles INGLIS, his father, 1775.


JACKSON, Rebecca Cox (1795-1871)  free black woman, visionary and Shaker eldress - M2735

1843 to 1864

Religious diary, preceded by autobiography from 1830; dreams, visions and religious experiences.

1. - Gifts of Power: The Writings of Rebecca Jackson, Black Visionary, Shaker Eldress  edited by Jean McMahon Humez. Amherst, University ofMassachusetts Press, 1981.

2. - Extracts: Culley, pp 94-104.

JEUNE, Mrs. Margaret Dyne (1818-1891)  of Oxford - B246

December 17th. 1843 to July 3rd. 1862

Personal diary; a picture of Victorian Oxford; personages met and entertained; the Prince of Wales as an undergraduate; much about her husband and his university affairs; journeys; visits; rather unbending.

Pages from the Diary of an Oxford Lady  edited by Margaret Jeune Gifford. Oxford, printed at the Shakespeare Head Press and sold by Basil Blackwell, 1932.


JOHNSON, Overton and WINTER, William H. (1819-1879) - A294,M2736

May 1843 to June 1845

Matthews: Travel journal; a travel narrative written up from notes; conventional travel book; people, places, customs, sights; across Rocky mountains; description of Oregon and California; only Winter was in California (although "we" is used).

Route Across the Rocky Mountains  Lafayette, Indiana, 152 pp.; reprinted Princeton, New Jersey, 1932, 199 pp. and in  Oregon Historical Society Quarterly  VII, 1906, pp 62-104, 163-210 and 291-327.


JOYCE, Alfred - E

1843-1864 (?)

“Alfred Joyce began a pastoral partnership with his brother on the Upper Loddon in 1844. These reminscences recall every stage of the venture and provide an insight into colonial Victoria.”

A Homestead history: reminiscences and Letters of Alfred Joyce of Plaistow and Norwood, Port Phillip, 1843-1864  Melbourne University Press, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.


KAWEPO, Renata Tama-ki-Hikurangi (d.1888)  New Zealand missionary of Maori descent - E


“A journey in late 1843 by Bishop Augustus Selwyn, William Cotton, William Nihill and a number of Maori porters etc including Renata.”

Renata’s Journey: Ko te Haerenga o Renata  edited by Helen Hogan, Christchurch, Canterbury University Press, 1994, is reported to contain diary material.


KINSMAN, Rebecca Chase - *H725,E

Journal of a voyage to China.

In  Essex Institute Historical Collections  XC.


LANE, A.J. - E


The Diary of A.J.Lane: With a Description of Those Fishes to be Found in British Fresh Waters  Ellesmere, The Medlar Press, two volumes (facsimile and transcript), 1995, 1489 copies.


LAWRENCE, Amos Adams (1814-1886)  of Boston - A294,M2737,E

May 1843 to December 1883

Matthews: Business diary (scattered extracts); business life in Boston, work as treasurer of Harvard, news of war, personal affairs.

In  Life of Amos A. Lawrence  by William Lawrence. Boston, 1888, pp 50-273. Passim.


LEFROY, John Henry - E

1843 to 1844

In Search of the Magnetic North: A Soldier-Surveyor’s Letters from the North-West 1843-1844  Macmillan of Canada, 1955, is reported to contain diary material.


LOWELL, Josephine Shaw (1843-1905)  American reformer, founder of the New York Consumers League


Dates unknown

1. - The Philanthropic Work of Josephine Shaw Lowell: Containing a Biographical Sketch of Her Life together with a Selection of her Public and Private Papers  by William Rhinelander Stewart, Macmillan, 1911, is reported to contain diary material.

2. - The Unsentimental Reformer: The Life of Josephine Shaw Lowell  by Joan Waugh, Harvard University Press, 1998, may also contain diary material.

McKNIGHT, William Henry Edward [The Rev.] (b.1819)  of Silk Willoughby, Lincolnshire - B246

November 1843 to November 1851

Matthews: Tutor's diary (extracts); kept while private tutor in the home of Duke of Sutherland; and to sons of Lord Carnarvon; his study for the ministry; parish work as curate at Westport and Purton; his religious life and reflections.

Recollections and Letters of Rev. William McKnight  edited by Edith I.Thomson. London, 1907, pp 26-158. Passim.


McLANE, Louis T. - *H726,E

1843? to 1848

Diary of a naval officer who commanded the artillery in Frémont's California Battalion in 1847.

The Private Journal of Louis McLane U.S.N. 1844-1848  edited by Jay Monaghan. Los Angeles, Dawson's Bookshop for Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1971, 120 pp, 1000 copies.


MALLORY, James (1807-1877) - *H727,*M2739,E

1843 to 1877

1. - The Journal of James Mallory  in  Alabama Review  XIV, 1961.

2. - Fear God and Walk Humbly: The Agricultural Journal of James Mallory, 1843-1877  edited by Grady McWhiney, Warner O.Moore, Jr. and Robert F.Pace. University of Alabama Press, 1997.


MAXWELL, James Darwin - *H728,*M2740,E


Journal  in  Indiana Magazine of History  1950.


MORTON, Henry [Rev.] (1807-1890)    - E

1843 to 1844

St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John: Henry Morton, Danish West Indian Sketchbook and Diary 1843-44  Copenhagan, 1975.

Note: The identity of this Henry Morton with the author of the diary is not beyond doubt.


NEESIMA, Joseph Hardy (1843-1890)  Japanese missionary and educator, founder of Doshisha UniversityE

Dates unknown

Life and Letters of Joseph Hardy Neesima  by Arthur Sherburne Hardy, Kyoto 1980 (first published in 1890), is reported to contain diary material.


NEILSON, Eliza Lucy Irion (1843-1913) - E

Dates unknown

Lucy’s Journal  Greenwood, Mississippi, Baff Print, 1967.


NESMITH, James W. (b.1820)  born in Maine - A294,M2741

May to October 1843

Matthews: Travel diary; from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon, in Marcus Whitman's party; notes on hunting.

In  Oregon Historical Society Quarterly  VII, 1906, pp 329-359.


NEWBY, William T. (1820-1884)  born in Warren County, Tennessee, of McMinville, Oregon


May to November 1843 and one entry for February 1845

Matthews: Travel diary; from Dadeville, Missouri, to Independence and thence to Oregon City; brief notes of travel, distances, and some descriptions; many interesting spellings.

In  Oregon Historical Quarterly  XL, 1939, pp 219-242.


PARKYNS, Mansfield (1823-1894)  English traveller - E

1843 to 1846

Life in Abyssinia: Being notes collected during three years’ residence and travels in that country  London, John Murray, two volumes, 1853, second edition with new introduction, 1868.


PARRISH, Edward Evans [The Rev.] (1791-1874)  born in West Virginia, of Linn County, Oregon


October 1843 to July 1845

Matthews: Travel diary; Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, overland to Oregon; usual travel notes, Indians, hunting, sights, etc.; fair interest.

1. - In  Oregon Pioneer Association Transactions  16th. Annual Reunion, 1888, pp 82-122.

2. - The Oregon Trail Diary of Rev. Edward Evans Parrish in 1844  Medford, Oregon. Webb Research Group, 1988.


PATTON, William - *H729,*M2744,E


Journal of a Visit to the Indian Missions  in  Missouri Historical Society Bulletin  1954.


PITEZEL, John H. [Rev.]  (1814-1896) - E

From 1843

In  Lights and Shades of Missionary Life: Containing Travels, Sketches, Incidents and Missionary Efforts during Nine years Spent in the Region of Lake Superior  Cincinnati, 1857.

POLLEN, John Hungerford (1820-1902)  painter - B247

November 1843 to November 1842

Matthews: Painter's diary (copious extracts); his art study and work as a painter; travels in Egypt, France, Belgium, and Italy; his religious life; domestic, social, and personal life.

John Hungerford Pollen  by Anne Pollen. London, 1912. Passim.


PREBLE, Harriet - *M2745,E

In  Memoir of the Life of Harriet Preble  by H.R.Lee. New York, Putnam, 1856.


PYNE, Percy Rivington - *M2746,E


The Grand Tour to Niagara in 1843  in  New York Historical Quarterly  October, 1962.


READING, Pierson Barton (1816-1869)  born in New Jersey - A294,M2747

May to December 1843

Matthews: Travel diary; Westport, Missouri, to Monterey, California; account of route, hardships, organization of party, Sutter's estates; down Sacramento River to San Francisco; brief account of voyage to Monterey.

1. - In Society of California Pioneers Quarterly  VII, 1930, pp 148-198.

2. - Diary on the 1843 Chiles Expedition  in  Journal of the Modoc County Historical Society  1995.


RICHTER, Hans (János) (1843-1916)  Austrian-hungarian orchestral and operatic conductor - E

Dates unknown

In  True Artist and True Friend  a biography by Christopher Fifield. Oxford, clarendon Press, 1993.

St. JOHN, Henry Beauchamp Trefusus [Lieut.] - D268

1843 to 1844

Matthews: Journal; army service in Madras Infantry; religious observance.

All is Well  London, 1847.


SALTER, William (1821-1910)  of Burlington, Iowa, Congregational minister - A294,M2748,*M4715,E

a) - November 1843 to January 1846

Matthews: Missionary journal; work in Jackson County, Iowa, and adjoining country; observations of the frontier and pioneers; personal and critical estimates, opposition to slavery and liquor, fostering education; good frontier material.

In  Annals Iowa  Third Series, XIX, 1933-1935, pp 539-553 and 592-613; and XX, 1935-1937, pp 26-49. A memoir based on this in  Annals Iowa  Third Series, VII, 1906-1907, pp 592-607 and reprinted in  Jackson County Annals (Iowa) No. 4, 1907, pp 42-54.

b) - January to December 1846

Matthews: Almanac diary; kept at Maquoketa, Iowa, and Burlington; brief notes of weather, clerical visits, etc.

In  Annals Iowa  Third Series, XVII, 1930, pp 466-469.

c) - 1864

Forty Days with the Christian Commission  in  Iowa Journal of History and Politics  XXXIII, 1935.

Note:  William Salter, Western Torchbearer  by Philip D. Jordan. Oxford, Ohio: Mississippi Valley Press, 1939, has not been examined but probably contains diary material.


SIRE, Joseph A. - *M2749,E

In Volume II of   The American Fur Trade of the Far West: A history of the pioneer trading posts and early fur companies of the Missouri valley and the Rocky mountains and the overland commerce with Santa Fe  by Hiram Martin Chittenden.  New York, Francis P. Harper, 1902.


SUBLETTE, William Lewis (1799?-1845)  of St. Louis, Missouri, fur trader - A295,M2750

May to June 1843

Matthews: Diary; account of a hunting trip in Missouri with Sir William Drummond Stewart.

In  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  VI, 1919-1920, pp 99-110.


SYLVESTER, Avery  - of Deer Island, Maine, ship's captain - A295,M2751

August 1843 to May 1846

Matthews: Sea journals (extracts); four voyages of the brigs Pallas and Chenamus between Oahu and Oregon; notes on Indians, settlers, trading, country, etc.

In  Oregon Historical Quarterly  XXXIV, 1933, pp 259-272 and 359-371.


TALBOT, Theodore (d.1862) of Kentucky - A295,M2752

a) - April to October 1843

Matthews: Travel journal; with the Frémont expedition to map the country from Missouri to the Oregon coast; exploration of Oregon Territory; full descriptions of scenery; written for his mother and fuller than the following.

b) - November 1848 to December 1852

Matthews: Travel journal; with the first military company in Oregon Territory; voyage to Oregon, service during Gold Rush period, notes on desertions.

The Journals of Theodore Talbot  edited by Charles H.Carey, Portland, 1931, 153 pp.

c) - 1849

1. - Lincoln County (Oregon) Lore from Talbot's Journal of 1849  Oregon, 1948. Excerpts from the files of the  Newport News  (Oregon), 1948, 14 pp.

2. - James Cummings (12839) has  Lincoln County Lore from the Journal of Lieut. Theodore Talbot, U.S.A. on his Journey through Lincoln County and along the Oregon Coast in 1849  edited by  Leslie Haskin. Oregon, no date.


TIBBETTS, John C. [Capt.] (1798-1862)  of Brooklin, Maine - A295,M2753

July to August 1843

Matthews: Sea journal; voyage of the brig Gulnare from Antwerp to New York; details of sailing, interesting observations on passengers; philosophizing and piety; poems; an excellent self-portrait of an actively religious Yankee seaman.

In  New England Quarterly  XI, 1938, pp 154-165.


TITUS, Charles H.  - E

a) - 1841 to 1846

Into the Old Northwest: Journeys with Charles H.Titus, 1841-1846  edited by George P.Clark. Michigan State University Press, 1994.

b) - 1843

Through Indiana by Stagecoach and Canal boat: The 1843 travel Journal of Charles H.Titus  edited by George P.Clark in  Indiana Magazine of History  LXXXV, 1989, pp 193-235.


TRENCH, Francis Chevenix [The Rev.] (1805-1886)  of Islip, author - B247

a) - September 1843 to September 1844

Matthews: Travel diary; tour in south of France and in Spain for his health; notes on state of religion; touristic notes on scenery, towns, antiquities.

Diary of Travels in France and Spain  London, 1845.

b) - July 1846?

Matthews: Travel diary; a walking tour in Switzerland; Mont Blanc.

A Walk Round Mont Blanc  London, 1847.


WEED, Thurlow (1797-1882)  New York politician and journalist - E

1843 to 1862

Diary letters, written for publication.

Letters from Europe and the West Indies  Albany, New York, 1866.


WHIPPLE, Henry Benjamin (1822-1901)  first Protestant Episcopal bishop of Minnesota


October 1843 to May 1844

Matthews: Travel journal; voyage from New York, overland through Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, up the Mississippi to St. Louis, up the Ohio, overland through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland; acute observations and comments on social and religious conditions and slavery; long and very interesting entries.

Bishop Whipple's Southern Diary 1843-1844  edited by Lester B.Shippee. Minneapolis, 1937, 208 pp. Reprinted, New York, Da Capo, 1968.

WIGHTMAN, Julia Bainbridge [Mrs.] (1815-1898)  of Shrewsbury - B247

March 1843 to May 1847

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); daily events; Biblical studies; religious life and her work in temperance movement; teetotal meetings.

Mrs. Wightman  by J.M.F.Fletcher. London, 1906, pp 23-50.


YOUNG, John Edward (1824-1904)  of Indian Point, Illinois - A295,M2755

September 1843 to January 1844

Matthews: Travel diary; Illinois to the Shenandoah Valley by horseback; principally descriptions of farming and crops in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia.

In  Illinois Historical Society, Journal  XXV, 1932-1933, pp 167-189.

YOUNG, Keith [Col.] - D338

1843 to 1845 and 1857

Matthews: Military diaries; military service and administration; with Napier in Scinde as advocate-general; the mutiny; siege of Delhi.

1. - Scinde in the Forties  London, 1912.

2. - Delhi, 1857  Edinburgh, 1902.





Not seen.

Journal of a Wanderer; Being a Residence in India and Six Weeks in North America  London, 1844, 250 pp.




A Journal of the First Dragoons in the Iowa Territory, 1844  edited by Robert Turland in  Iowa Journal of History  January, 1953.


ALLEN, James [Capt.] (1806-1846)  born in Ohio, of 1st. U.S. Dragoons - A296,M2757


Matthews: Military journal; march into the Indian country in northern Iowa Territory.

1. - House Executive Document  No. 168, 29th. Congress, first session, 1845

2. - Parts relating to Iowa (August to October) in  Iowa Journal of History and Politics  XI, January, 1913, pp 68-108.

3. - Parts relating to South Dakota in  South Dakota Historical Collections IX, 1918, pp 347-368.


ANDERSON, Edward Clifford - *H730,*M2758,E


Ten months on a coastal steamer surveying the waters and harbours of Florida Territory.

Florida Territory in 1844: The Diary of Master Edward Clifford Anderson, United States Navy  edited by W.Stanley Hoole. University of Alabama Press, 1977.


ARMES, George Augustus (1844-1919)  American army officer - E

Dates unknown, before 1900

“… officer on the staff of Winfield Scott Hancock who participated in the Battle of the Saline River. He was court-martialed three times.”

Ups and Downs of an Army Officer  Washington, D.C., 1900, is reported to contain diary material.


BAILEY, Emma E. [Reverend] (1844-1920) - E

Dates unknown

In  Happy Day; Or, The Confessions of a Woman Minister  New York, 1901.


BAXTER, Henry  - of Friendship, New York - A296,M2759

April to November 1844

Matthews: Private diary; rafting lumber on the Allegheny and Ohio rivers, and selling it; full daily narrative of his work and personal life, with accounts of towns, industries, and social life; comments on reading and religion; a very good diary.

In  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  LI, 1927, pp 27-78, 143-171 and 207-243.


BLACK, Joseph Smith (1836-1910)  Mormon pioneer born in Ireland - E

1844 to 1890 (?)

The Journal of Joseph Smith Black  Daughters of Utah Pioneers, January, 1967.

BLACK, William Henry (1808-1872)  of Mill Yard Chapel, Whitechapel, antiquary and pastor - B247

January 1844 to April 1846

Matthews: Antiquary's diary; one of a series of volumes; regular entries in form of brief notes; daily record of the work of the Exchequer Department of the Public Records Office; notes of Black's mediaeval studies; only slight reference to his Mill Yard ministry. Principally interesting for the details of the Record Office, where he was assistant keeper.

See article in  Notes and Queries  Volume 192, No. 4, February 15th. 1947.


BLANCHARD, Edward Leman (1820-1889)  of London, journalist - B247,E

June 1844 to July 1888

Matthews: Literary diary; brief notes largely arising from work as theatre and music critic of 'The Daily Telegraph'; useful for history of theatre and entertainment in London; Arundel Club; social life and friendships; brief and rather bald notes, but useful.

The Life and Reminiscences of Edward Leman Blanchard  London, two volumes, 1891.

Note: The full title in America appears to be  The Life and Reminiscences of E.L.Blanchard, With Notes from the Diary of Wm. Blanchard  (Brentano's 1891). The book has yet to be examined to determine the authorship of diaries quoted.

01/02/03 - BLANCHARD, Elizabeth Howell - *G70,*M2760,E

In  Long Island Historical Quarterly  III.


BROWN, Henry Armitt (1844-1878)  American author and orator - E

Dates unknown

Memoir of Henry Armitt Brown, together with Four Historical Orations  edited by J.M.Hoppin, Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1880, is reported to contain diary material.

BRYANT, Henry (1820-1867)  doctor - M2761

February 1st. to June 9th. 1844 and 1861 to 1863

A letter journal to his father from Paris as a medical student in 1844, and letters and documents, described as a journal but hardly meriting the description, as a doctor on service in the Civil War.

Henry Bryant, M.D. 1820-1867  by William Sohier Bryant. New York, privately printed, 1952.


BURDETTE, Robert Jones (1844-1914)  American clergyman and humourist - E

Dates unknown

In  Robert J.Burdette: His Message  edited from his writings by his wife, Clara B.Burdette, Pasadena, California, Clara Vista Press, 1922.


CARLETON, James Henry (1814-1873) - *M2762,E

a) - The Prairie Logbooks:Dragoon Campaigns to the Pawnee Villages in 1844, and to the Rocky Mountains in 1845  edited by Louis Pelzer. Chicago, The caxton Club, 1943; and Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1983.

b) - Diary of an Excursion to the Ruins of Abó, Quarra, and Gran Quivirra  Washington, 1855 and Santa Fe, Stagecoach Press, 1965.

Note:  The Battle of Buena Vista, with the operations of the "Army of occupation" for one month  New York, Harper and Brothers, 1848, and  The Mountain Meadows Massacre: A Special Report  Spokane, Washington, Arthur H. Clark, 1995, have not been examined but may contain diary material.

CARUS, Karl Gustav [Dr.]  - physician - B248

May to August 1844

Matthews: Travel diary; notes of a physician accompanying Friedrich Augustus, King of Saxony, in a journey in England and Scotland; extensive notes of places, scenery, ceremonies, industries, estates; London, Midlands, Lancashire, Scotland; a useful record; translated from German.

The King of Saxony's Journey through England and Scotland  London, 1846.


CASTELLANE, Antoine Marie Eugène Philippe Boniface, Marquis de (1844-1917) - E

Dates Unknown

Men and Things of My Time  translated by Teixera de Mattos, London, Chatto, 1911, is reported to contain diary material.

CHATER, Josiah (1828-1908)  draper and chartered accountant

1844 to 1883

Personal diary increasingly concerned with public affairs in Cambridge; family, social, political, legal and business affairs; gas and tramways.

Victorian Cambridge; Josiah Chater's Diaries, 1844-1884  by Enid Porter. London, Phillimore & Co. 1975. Passim. A biography based on the diaries and with substantial extracts.

The manuscript is the property of the Cambridge Folk Museum.


CLARKE, John Were - E


Diary of a Devonshire Squire, 1844: Journal of John Were Clarke, Esquire, of Bridwell, Uffculme  Tiverton, Devon, 1982, 48 pp.


CLYMAN, James (1792-1881)  born in Fauquier County, Virginia, of Napa, California


a) - May 1844 to July 1846

Matthews: Travel diary; journey from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon along Oregon Trail to Willamette Valley and thence to Napa Valley; travels in California; return to Missouri; a simple straightforward diary with some literary allusions; interesting for the lore of the plains and mountains, written with good humour and common sense; some interesting spellings and words.

1. - In  California Historical Society Quarterly  IV, 1925, pp 307-360; and V, 1926, pp 48-84, 110-138, 255-282 and 378-401.

2. - In  James Clyman, American Frontiersman  edited by Charles L.Camp. San Francisco, 1928, pp 59-235.

3. - For May and June 1846, see Havlice.

b) - January to December 1871

Matthews: Farming diary; brief notes concerning his daily occupations and farming.

1. - In  California Historical Society Quarterly  VI, 1927, p 64.

2. - In  James Clyman, American Frontiersman  edited by Charles L.Camp. San Francisco, 1928, pp 242-243.

Note: James Cummings (2637) has also  James Clyman Frontiersman  Portland, oregon, 1960, 1450 copies.


COOK, Harriet Bickersteth (1830-1918)

From 1844

Personal diary of the wife of a Hampstead doctor; notes of health of her family; births and deaths of her children; domestic and financial affairs. The diary, which is used in brief abstracts and fragmentary quotations to illuminate the early life of Sir Albert Cook (qv), would appear to deserve fuller publication.

In  The Church Missionary Society and Modern Medicine in Uganda: The Life of Sir Albert Cooke, K.C.M.G. 1870-1951  by W.D.Foster. Newhaven, privately printed, 1978. Passim.

COWELL, George (1822-1885) - B248

1844 to 1885

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); notes on his spiritual life, religious experiences, and reflections.

Memorials of a Gracious Life  by Ruth Cowell. London, 1895, pp 194-256.


DIETRICHSON, Johannes Wilhelm Christian - E

1844 to 1850 (?)

A Pioneer Churchman: J. W. C. Dietrichson in Wisconsin, 1844-1850  Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


DOLLAR, Robert (1844-1932)  Scottish-American industrialist, lumber baron and shipping magnate - E

Dates unknown

1. - Memoirs of Robert Dollar  San Francisco, Volumes I and II, 1921, Volumes III and IV, in one, 1928.

2. - Private Diary of Robert Dollar on His Recent Visits to China  San Francisco, 1912.


CRIDDLE, Percy (1844-1918) - E

Dates Unknown

In  Criddle-de-diddle-ensis: A Biographical History of the Criddles of Aweme, Manitoba, Pioneers of the 1880's  by Alma Criddle. Privately printed, Manitoba, 1973.

FRANCIS, J.G. - D107

1844 to 1846

Matthews: Travels in Italy and Sicily; antiquarian and literary interests.

Notes from a Journal  London, 1847.


GARSIDE, Joshua (1821-1902)  grocer - E

1844 to 1847

Diary of Passing Events  in  North Cheshire Family Historian  V, Nos 3 & 4 and VI, No.1.

Note: James Cummings (4607) has a ‘mimeograph production’ of this title.


GARY, George [The Rev.] (1793-1855)  born at Middlefield, New York, missionary - A296,M2764

April 1844 to January 1848

Matthews: Missionary travel journal; voyage from New York to Oregon via Honolulu; missionary work, notes on people, places, sermons, etc.; return to New York.

In  Oregon Historical Quarterly  XXIV, 1923, pp 68-105, 153-185, 269-333 and 386-433.

Note: James Cummings (4609) has  A Document of Mission History, 1833-43  in  Oregon Historical Quarterly  March, 1935. The dated material was extacted from the Journal of the Board of Missions for the use of George Cary. It is possible that some of the work was done by Cary himself but it is not a personal diary.


GIELGUD, Kate Terry (1844-1924)  English actress, elder sister of Ellen Terry - E

Dates unknown

Kate Terry Gielgud: A Victorian Playgoer  by Muriel St. Clare Byrne, London, Heinemann, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


GILBERT, John (1812?-1845)English naturalist and explorer - E

1844 to 1845

“Gilbert's … diary … was lost for nearly 100 years before its discovery by A. H. Chisholm. Almost everything known about Gilbert is owed to Chisholm's research, which shows Gilbert as a man of much ability and fine character who had a great respect for the aborigines.”

An Explorer and His Birds: John Gilbert’s Discoveries in 1844-45  by Alex. H.Chisholm, Melbourne, 1945?


HARNESS, William [Rev.] (1790-1869)  English clergyman and man of letters - E


In  Miss Mitford and Mr Harness: Records of a Friendship  by Caroline M.Duncan-Jones, London, S.P.C.K., 1955 and reprinted as Stratford-upon-Avon a Hundred Years Ago: Extracts from the Travel Diary of the Reverend William Harness  in  Shakespeare Survey  XIV, Cambridge University Press, 1961.


HARRIS, N. Sayre  - Secretary of Protestant Episcopal Church - A296,M2765

From March 1844

Matthews: Missionary travel journal, from New Orleans by steamer up Mississippi to Fort Towson; tour via Forts Smith, Gibson, and Scott, the Shawnee Mission, and Fort Leavenworth; inspection of missionary posts in Indian Territory, among Choctaws, Seminoles, Creeks, Cherokees, Osages, etc.; valuable comments and criticisms on work of missions and much general and social matter; quite interesting.

1. - Journal of a Tour in the "Indian Territory"  New York, 1844, 74 pp.

2. - Partly in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  X, 1932, pp 219-256.


HAYDON, George Henry - E


In  George Augustus Robinson’s Journey into South-eastern Australia, 1844; With Henry Haydon’s Narrative of part of the Same Journey  Dubbo, 1978.

HEWITSON, William Hepburn [The Rev.] (1812-1850)  of Dirleton, Scotland - B248

December 1844 to January 1845

Matthews: Religious diary; details of his religious life, work, and introspection; at Lisbon.

Memoir of the Rev. W.H.Hewitson  by John Baillie. London, 1851, pp 97-116.


HEWITT, S.C. - *H731,*M2766,E


Journal of an Early Labor Organizer  in  Labor History  X, 1969.


HILL, Cedric W.: See JONES, E.H. - E


HISLOP, Stephen [Rev.] (1817-1863)  missionary to India - E

1844 to 1863 (?)

In  Life of Stephen Hislop, Pioneer Missionary and Naturalist in Central India from 1844 to 1863  by George Smith, London, John Murray, 1889.


HUC, Évariste Régis [Abbé] (1813-1860)  French missionary - E

1844 to 1846

Huc and Gabet: Travels in Tartary, Thibet and China  New York, Harper, two volumes, 1928, is reported to contain diary material.

02/IVES, William - *M2767,*M2859,E

a) - In  Inland Seas  Winter, 1965.

b) - In  Michigan History  L.

b) - Isle Royal Survey  in Inland Seas  Fall and Winter, 1968, and Spring, 1969.

JOHNSTON, George [Dr.] (1797-1855)  of Berwick, naturalist - B248


Matthews: Travel diary; notes of a visit to Jardine Hall.

Proceedings of Berwick Naturalist's Club 1873-1875, pp 406-418.


JONES, Charles Jesse (Buffalo) (1844-1919)  American rancher and conservationist - E

Dates unknown

Buffalo Jones’ Forty years of Adventure  Topeka, 1899, is reported to contain diary material.


JONES, E.H. and, or Hill, Cedric W.  – Turkish prisoners of war - E

From 1917?

“… an autobiographical account of life in, and escape from, a Turkish prisoner-of-war camp, Yozgad, in 1917. It was written by EH Jones, and explains how his use of a Ouija board to entertain his friends became, with the assistance of Australian officer (and amateur magician) Cedric Hill, an escape attempt, using the cupidity of their captors. Jones and Hill convinced the Turks (and many of the British officers) that they were mediums in telepathic communication, and, under the direction of a spirit guide, would be able to find hidden gold. Their escape attempt ended in their imprisonment in a Turkish insane asylum, and in repatriation shortly before the end of the war.”

The Road to En-Dor  London, John Lane, 1920, is reported to contain diary material




In  John Knatchbull: From Quarterdeck To Gallows (Including the Narrative Written By Himself In Darlinghurst Gaol 23 January -13 February 1844, Now First Published from The Original Manuscript With Retrospect of His life)  Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1963.

Note: James Cummings (7076) has  Diary  Methuen, 1960, which may be a previous publication within another book hwhich has not been identified.


KOCH, Albrecht Karl - *M2769,E

Journey Through a Part of the United States  Southern Illinois University Press, 1972.


KOCH, Karl Heinrich Emanuel - E


Travel journal; German botanist's scientific tour of the Crimea and southern Russia; description of the grounds of the Alupka Palace.

` - The Crimea and Odessa: Journal of a Tour, with an Account of the Climate and Vegetation  translated by Joanna B.Horner. London, John Murray, 1855.


LEICHHARDT, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig - H733,E

a)  - 1844 to 1845

1.  - Exploration diary; classic account of an eighteen month interior journey in Australia; geography, geology, flora, fauna; adventure and hardship.

Journal of an Overland Expedition in Australia from Moreton Bay to Port Essington, a Distance of Upwards of 3000 Miles, During the years 1844-45  Adelaide, Library of South Australia, 1964, facsimile reprint of the London, 1847 edition. Reprinted Sydney, Doubleday, 1980(?).

2. - “Previously unpublished journal of Ludwig Leichhardt’s sojourn through [?] Port Essington in the Northern Territory 1844-45 and the return journey to Sydney onboard the schooner Heroine.”

An Explorer at Rest  Melbourne University Press, 1986.

b) - 1846 to 1847

Proud Intrepid Heart: Leichhardt’s First Attempt to the Swan River  Blubber Head Press, 1989, is reported to contain diary material.


LEWIS, George - *M2770,E

Impressions of America and the American Churches: From the Journal of The Rev. G. Lewis  New York,  Negro University Press. Originally published in 1848.


LINCOLN, Seth F. - *M2771

In  “There She Blows”: A Narrative of a Whaling Voyage in the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans  by Ben-Ezra Stiles Ely. Middletown, Connecticut, Wesleyan University Press for the Marine Historical Society, 1971.


LOW, Hugh, Sir (1824-1905)  British colonial administrator and naturalist - E

a) - 1844 to 1846

A Botanist in Borneo: Hugh low’s Sarawak Journals  Borneo, Natural History Publications, 2002.

b) - 1887

The Journal of Sir Hugh Low: Perak, 1887  Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal ASsiatic Society, 1955, 108 pp.


McCUTCHAN, Joseph D. - *H734,E

In  Mier Expedition Diary: A Texan Prisoner's Account  edited by Joseph Nance. Austin, University of Texas Press, 1978.


MCLANE, Louis - *M2772,E

The Private Journal of Louis Mclane  Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1971, 100 copies.

MANNING, Henry Edward [Cardinal] (1808-1892) - B248

1844 to 1890

Matthews: Religious diary (extracts); his church work; his conversion; Newman and the Oxford Movement; relations with Newman; interviews with Pope Pius IX; travels in Belgium and Italy; mostly introspection, self-examination, and self-disparagement.

1. - Life of Cardinal Manning  by E.S.Purcell. London, two volumes, 1896. Passim.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 380-385.


MARTIN, William [Col.] (1765-1846)  of Dixon Springs, Tennessee - A297,M2773

April 1844

Matthews: Political diary (extracts); kept during attendance at Whig Convention; nomination of Clay; brief notes.

In  Family History  by Lucy H.Horton. Franklin, Tennessee, 1922, p 137.

MONTEFIORE, Judith [Lady] (Cohen) (d.1862) - B249

November 1844 to August 1845

Matthews: Travel diary; tour to Mediterranean, Egypt, and Palestine; touring notes; social life; religious life; eminent society.

1. - Notes from a Private Journal  London, 1844.

2. - See also diary in  Lady Montefiore's Honeymoon  edited by Lucien Wolf. London, 1902.

MOORE, George  - English businessman - A297,C852,M2774

August 17th. to November 14th. 1844

Diary of a business trip to the United States and Canada; New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Quebec, Niagara, etc.; notes on customs, business practice and meetings, towns and buildings, scenery; travel, prices; acquaintances; some interesting detail, including notes on prisons, asylums and institutions.

Journal of a Voyage across the Atlantic  London, privately printed, 1845, 96 pp.


NICHOLSON, Asenath Hatch (1796?-1855)  New York boarding house keeper, in Ireland - M2775

1844 to 1845

Diary and narrative of an American woman's travels in Ireland just before the famine; journeying mainly on foot and lodging with poor people; temperance work and bible reading; good picture of Irish life.

1. - In  Ireland's Welcome to the Stranger; or An Excursion through Ireland, in 1944 and 1845, for the purpose of personally investigating the condition of the poor  New York, 1847.

2. - In  The Bible in Ireland  edited by Alfred Tresidder Sheppard. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1926.

3. - Extracts: Lenox-Conyngham, pp 186-190.


PARKS, William Justice - *M2776,E

A Diary-Letter Written from the Methodist General Conference of 1844  Atlanta, Emory University Reprint Series, 1944, 24 pp.

PEPYS, Emily (1833-1877)

July 4th. 1844 to January 26th. 1845

Personal diary of the ten year old daughter of the Bishop of Worcester. Full and unselfconscious daily entries. One of the best childhood diaries and an important source.

1. - The Journal of Emily Pepys  with an Introduction by Gillian Avery. Prospect Books, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 74-87.

POLLOCK, Frederick [Sir] (1815-1888)  lawyer - B249

July 1844 to December 1874

Matthews: Legal diary (copious extracts); largely details of his career and work as a lawyer and political affairs; his interest and work in the arts, literature, music, and the theatre, and literary friendships; social life, and notes on celebrities; interesting and useful.

Personal Remembrances  London, two volumes, 1887.

Note: Pollock was the first editor of the diaries of William Charles Macready (qv).


PREUS, Caroline Dorothea Margrethe Keyser (1829-1880)  Norwegian emigrant to Wisconsin


1. - Linka's Diary: On Land and Sea, 1845-1864  translated and edited by Johan Carl Keyser Preus and Diderikke Margrethe Brandt Preus. Minneapolis, Augsburg Publishing House, 1952.

2. - Extracts: Culley, pp 105-110.


RANNEY, Timothy E. - *M2777,E

Letters and Journal  in  Vermont Historical Society Quarterly  five issues, 1953 to 1954.

Note: See also Charlotte Taylor Ranney.


ROGERS, Clara Kathleen (1844-1931)  American composer, singer, writer and music educator - E

Dates unknown

Journal-letters from the Orient  edited by Henry Munroe Rogers. privately printed, Norwood Masschusetts, Plimpton Press, 1934.


SENN, Nicholas (1844-1908)  American surgeon - E

Dates Unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Medico-Surgical Aspects of the Spanish War  Chicago, 1900.

2. - Around the World via India: A Medical tour  Chicago, 1905.

3. - In the Heart of the Arctics  Chicago, 1907.


SEWELL, William [Rev.] (1804-1874)  teacher - B249

October 1844 to August 1845

School governor's diary; his residence as a fellow at St. Columba College; notes on the organisation and routine of the school; educational experiments and teaching; an accidental fire; religious and school discipline.

1. - Journal of a Residence at the College of St. Columba in Ireland  Oxford, 1847, pp 37-150.

2. - Extracts: Lenox-Conyngham, pp 191-198.

Note: Lenox-Conyngham points out that the memoirs of E.W.O'Brien, a pupil at the school at this time, suggest that Sewell was a somewhat naïve observer.


SMYTHIES, Charles Alan (1844-1894)  missionary - E

Dates unknown

In  The Life of charles Alan Smythies, Bishop of the Universities Mission to Central Africa  by Gertrude Ward. London, 1898.

SOMERSET, Edward Adolphus Seymour, twelfth Duke of (1804-1895) - B249

October 1844 to April 1845

Matthews: Sporting diary; yachting in the Mediterranean and elsewhere; pigeon shooting; descriptions of Corfu and other Mediterranean islands.

Letters, Remains, and Memoirs of the Duke of Somerset  edited by W.H.Mallock and Lady Ramsden. London, 1893, Chapter X.


SOMERVILLE, Philip Horatio Townsend (1808-1881)  officer of the British Navy

September 7th. 1844 to June 23rd. 1848

Private diary aboard HMS Collingwood on the Pacific Station; Valparaiso, Callao, Tahiti etc.; some notes at sea; social life in harbour; religious thoughts, accidents and deaths; passages copied from his reading; thoughts of home. Disappointing, except that it meshes with the journal of Captain Henry Byam Martin (qv).

H.M.S. Collingwood (Pacific Station) from the Journals of Philip Horatio Townsend Somerville, R.N.  edited by H.Alison Kay. Edinburgh, Pentland Press, 1986.


STEVENS, Benjamin F. - E

1844 to 1847

A Cruise on the Constitution: Around the World on Old Ironsides, 1844-1847  offprint from the  United Services Magazine  1904.


STEVENSON, Holland Newton (1844-1911)  US Naval Officer - E

Dates Unknown

In  Journals and Letters of Commodore Holland Newton Stevenson  Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 1917.


STOUT, Hosea (b.1810)  Mormon convert - H736,M2778

1844 to 1869, gap 1862 to 1868

Personal diary; life in Nauvoo; captain of police and officer in Nauvoo Legion; schism in police; troop movements; winter quarters; trek to Salt Lake; life and legal business there; two month visit to Hong Kong; rescue of a handcart company; marriages; deaths of wives; a divorce; a good picture of Mormon public life and in a polygamous family.

On The Mormon Frontier: The Diary of Hosea Stout  edited by Juanita Brooks. Salt Lake City, University of Utah Press, two volumes, 1964.

TAYLOR, John (b.1811)  of Bolton, lawyer - B249

From 1844

Matthews: Legal diary; notes of his legal work and duties as coroner in Bolton; the religious life and remorse of a man who had once been an actor; local events, social life; church activities; literature and theatre in Bolton; his meditations.

Autobiography of a Lancashire Lawyer  edited by J.Clegg. Bolton, 1883.


TUCKER, Charles F. - *M2779,E

Extracts in  “There She Blows”: A Narrative of a Whaling Voyage in the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans  by Ben-Ezra Stiles Ely. Middletown, Connecticut, Wesleyan University Press for the Marine Historical Society, 1971.


Van BIBBER, Isaac - E


A Maryland Tour in 1844  in  Maryland Historical Magazine  September 1944.


WALLIS, Mary Davis Cook - *M2780,E

Life in Feejee: or, Five years among the Cannibals Boston, W. Heath, 1851; Ridgewood, New Jersey, Gregg Press, 1967; and   Suva, Fiji Museum, 1983.


WARREN, Mrs. Mary - E

From 1844

Diary extracts, mostly referring to John Ireland Tucker (qv).

In  Doctor Tucker, Priest Musician  by Christopher W.Knauff. New York, Randolph, 1897.  

WATKINS, Ann (1813-1885)  Ipswich Quaker - B250

September 1844 to January 1885

Matthews: Quaker diary (with autobiography); Quaker life and work and travels; residence in Belgium; Northamptonshire, Birmingham, Ireland; meetings; her family and domestic life.

Extracts from the Memoranda and Letters of Ann Watkins  Ipswich, 1888.


WEBB, James Josiah - E

1844 to 1847

Adventures in the Santa Fé Trade, 1844-1847  edited by Ralph Bieber, Glendale California, Arthur H.Clark, 1931, is reported to contain diary material.


WHARTON, Clifton [Maj.] (d.1847)  born in Pennsylvania, of 1st. U.S. Dragoons - A297,M2781

August to September 1844

Matthews: Military journal; march from Fort Leavenworth to Pawnee villages on Platte River; thence to country of the Otos, Pottawatomies, Ioways and Sauks, on Missouri River, and return to Fort Leavenworth; purpose to reconcile Pawnees and Sioux and to impress the natives; notes on country and councils; literary style.

In  Kansas Historical Society Collections  XVI, (1923-1925), pp 272-305.


WOOTEN, Hardy Vickers - *M2782,E

A Great Day for the Whigs of Alabama  edited by Virginia K. Jones in The Alabama Historical Quarterly  XXV, Nos. 3 and 4, Fall and Winter, 1963.


YOUNG, Zina Diantha Huntingdon Jacobs Smith (1821-1901)  Mormon plural wife of Brigham Young


a) - June 5th. 1844 to September 21st. 1845

- Diary; vivid account of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith; continuing persecution of the Mormons; family and friends; domestic details; sermons; prayers.  

- All Things Move in Order in the City: The Nauvoo Diary of Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs  edited by Maureen Ursenbach, in  Brigham Young University Studies  XIX, 1979, pp 285-320.

b) - 1848 to 1850

- 'A Weary Traveller': The 1848-1850 Diary of Zina D. H. Young  edited by Marilyn Higbee in  Journal of Mormon History  XIX, Fall, 1993, pp 86-125.

Note: See also  Zina Diantha Huntington Young  in Elect Ladies Salt Lake City, Deseret, 1990.




The Dragoons in Iowa Territory  in  Iowa Journal of History  April,  1953.



Captain Edwin V. Sumner’s Expedition to Devil’s Lake in the Summer of 1845  in  North Dakota History  XXVIII, Nos. 2 and 3.



In  Sketches of Mission Life among the Indians of Oregon  by Zachariah Atwell Mudge. Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon Press, 1983. Orginally published in 1854.


ABERT, James William [Lieut.]  - of Corps of Togographical Engineers - *H747,A297,*M2785

a) - June 1845

Matthews: Military exploration journal; expedition from Bent's Fort to St. Louis; scientific details and notes on journey.

Guádal P'a  edited by H.Bailey Carroll. Canyon, Texas, 1941, 121 pp. Reprinted from  Senate Executive Document  No. 438, 29th. Congress, first session, 75 pp.

b) - June 1846 to March 1847

Matthews: Military exploration journal; exploration of New Mexico; mainly notes on topography, natural history, etc.; some personal items.

1. - In  Senate Executive Document  No. 41, 30th. Congress, first session, 1848, pp 417-546.

2. - Earlier part in  Notes on Travel in California  by William H.Emory. New York, 1849, Appendix, pp 72-83.

c) - First publication of the original field notes from Fort Leavenworth to Santa Fe and back; a more immediate and descriptive account than the official report.

Western America in 1846-1847: The Original Travel Diary of Lieutenant J.W.Abert Who Mapped New Mexico for the United States  edited by John Galvin. San Francisco, John Howell, 1966, 116 pp.

ADOLPHUS, John (1768-1845)  lawyer and historian - B250


Matthews: Social diary (extracts); legal work; social life, literature, theatres; London.

Recollections of the Public Career and Private Life of John Adolphus  by Emily Henderson. London, 1871.


ALLIES, Thomas William [The Rev.] (1813-1903)  theologian - B250

June to July 1845 and July to August 1848

Matthews: Travel diaries; church matters and education; high churchman; Paris and Amiens; visits to cathedrals and Catholic clerics; conversations on religious education and missionary work.

1. - Journal in France  London, 1849.

2. - The 1845 diary only in  Thomas William Allies  by Mary Allies. Burns, 1907 and 1924.


ANDREWS, Persis Sibley (1813-1891)  lawyer's wife in Maine - M2786

January 1st. to December 1845

Extracts from a private diary; her happiness in marriage and love for her husband; preparations for and birth of her second daughter; details of domestic occupations and household management.

In  Victorian Women: A Documentary Account of Women's Lives in Nineteenth Century England, France, and the United States  edited by Erna Olafson Hellerstein, Leslie Parker Hume and Karen M.Offin. Stanford, California, Stanford University Press, 1981, pp 167-168, 218-219 and 306-308.


ARGYLL, John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Duke of (1845-1914)  Marquess of Lorne, Governor General of Canada - E

Dates unknown

Passages from the Past  Hutchinson, two volumes, 1907, is reported to contasin diary material.


BAERNREITHER, Joseph Maria (1845-1925)  Austrian politician - E

Dates unknown

Fragments of a Political Diary  London, Macmillan, 1936.


BARCLAY, Alexander (1810-1855) - *H738,*M2787,E

1845 to 1850

The Adventures of Alexander Barclay, Mountain Man, from London Corsetier to Pioneer Farmer in Canada, Bookkeeper in St. Louis, Superintendent of Bent's Fort, Fur Trader and Mountain Man in Colorado and New Mexico, Builder of Barclay's Fort on the Santa Fe Trail, New Mexico in 1848: A Narrative of His Career, 1810 to 1855, His Memorandum and Diary, 1845 to 1850  edited by George P.Hammond. Denver, Old West Publishing, 1976.


BARTLETT, William henry (1809-1854) - E


Forty days in the Desert, on the track of the Israelites; or, A Journey from Cairo to Mount Sinai and Petra  London, Bell, 1854.


BOTTA, Anne Charlotte Lynch (1815-1891)  American poet and socialite - E

a) - 1845?

- Leaves from the Diary of a Recluse  in  Gift  annual, 1845, has not been examined but may be an authentic diary.

b) - Memoirs of Anne Botta  New York, 1894, is reported to contain diary material.


BREWSTER, Mary Louisa Burtch (1822-1878)  wife of a whaling captain - *M2983,E

a) - "She Was a Sister Sailor”: The Whaling Journals of Mary Brewster, 1845-1851  edited by Joan Druett.  Mystic, Connecticut,  Mystic Seaport Museum, 1992.

b) - In  Alaska Journal VII.


BROWN, William Reynolds (1816-1874)  born near Urbana, Ohio, of Kaposia, Tennessee


October 1845 to June 1846

Matthews: Farming diary; small details of farming, domestic, social work, and life in Minnesota; a valuable and highly interesting record of pioneer farming.

1. - In  Minnesota Farmers' Diaries  edited by R.C.Loehr. St. Paul, 1939, pp 37-82.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 194-197.


BULLOCK, Thomas (1816-1885)  Mormon pioneer - E

a) - August 1845 to July 1846

“This journal records the persecutions the Mormons endured in Nauvoo, Illinois. He writes of the life and trials of the Saints as well as his associations with Brigham Young, John Taylor, Parley P. Pratt, and many other prominent church figures of the day.”

Nauvoo Journal  Orem Utah, 1994, 500 copies.

b) - 1846 to 1847

Pioneer Camp of the Saints: The 1846 and 1847 Mormon Trail Journals of Thomas Bullock  Arthur H.Clark, 1997.



Extracts from a Diary Kept by the Rev. R. Burrows during Heke’s War in the North in 1845  facsimile edition, Christchurch, New Zealand, Kiwi, 1996.


CARPENTER, Edward Jenner (1825-1900)  apprentice cabinetmaker, of Greenfield, Massachusetts

March 1st. 1844 to June 29th. 1845

Personal diary; work; social life, entertainments, sports and pastimes; friends and relations; health and weather; politics.

Diary of an Apprentice Cabinetmaker: Edward Jenner Carpenter's 'Journal' 1844-45  by Christopher Clark. Worcester, American Antiquarian Society, 1988; reprinted from  The Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society  Volume 98, Part 2.


CHAMBERLAIN, John  - college teacher - E

1845 to 1846

Travel diaries; Mississippi to the east coast; Atlantic crossing; journeys in Europe.

The Diaries of John Chamberlain, 1845-1846  edited By Mary Jane Schott. Lawrence, Kansas, Mary Jane Schott, 1975.


CHAPLIN, Thomas B. (1822-1890)  owner of the Tombee Plantation on St.Helen's Island, South Carolina*M2789,E

1845 to 1866

1. - In  Tombee: Portrait of a Cotton Planter, with The Journal of Thomas B.Chaplin (1822-1890)  edited by Theodore Rosengarten. New York, Morrow, 1986.

2. - Extracts in A Documentary History of Slavery in North America  edited by Willie Lee Rose. New York, Oxford University Press, 1976. Reprinted, Athens, University of Georgia Press, 1999.

COLEY, James [The Rev.] - D61

1845 to 1847

Matthews: Journal; chaplain to Harding's forces; religious work; description of Sutlej campaign.

Journal of the Sutlej Campaign  London, 1856.

DENNIS, Robert Nathaniel [The Rev.] (1817-1892)  of East Blatchington, Sussex - B250

October 1845 to May 1869

Matthews: Country diaries (selections); the notes of a naturalist in Sussex; mostly his observations of birds, walks, and shooting; relations with other naturalists.

Notes on Sussex Ornithology  London, 1925.

De VERE, Aubrey Thomas (1814-1902)  poet - B250

March 1845 to December 1846

Matthews: Literary diary (extracts); meeting with Wordsworth, Coleridge, Tennyson, Taylor, Carlyle, Gladstone, Dr. Pusey, etc.; family and personal affairs; Irish social conditions; thoughtful and interesting.

A Memoir of Aubrey Thomas De Vere, based on Diaries and Correspondence  London, 1904, pp 67-125.


DOWNEY, Joseph T. - *M2791,E

1845 to 1847

The Cruise of the Portsmouth, 1845-1847: a sailor’s view of the naval conquest of California  edited by Howard Lamar. New Haven, Yale University Library, 1958.


DUERST, Matthias  - born Switzerland, of New Glaurus, Wisconsin - A297,M2792

April to August 1845

Matthews: Travel diary; across Atlantic and overland journey to Wisconsin; daily narrative; quite interesting. Translated.

In  Wisconsin Historical Society Collections  XV, 1900, pp 292-337.


DUNLOP, Alexander Graham (1814-1892) - *M2793,E


The New World Journal of Alexander Graham Dunlop, 1845  edited by David Sinclair and Germaine Warkentin. Edinburgh, P. Harris, 1976.


ELMHIRST, Edward Pennell (1845-1916)  English soldier and hunting man, hunting correspondent of The Field - E

Dates unknown

Fox-Hound, Forest and Prairie  Routledge, 1892, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Elmhirst was the author of the following, which may well also contain diary material:

1. - Our Life in Japan (with Richard Mounteney Jephson), 1869.

2. - The Cream of Leicestershire: eleven seasons’ skimmings, notable runs and incidents of the chase, selected and re-published from The Field  Routledge, 1883.

3. - The Best Season on Record  Routledge, 1884.

4. - The Best of the Fun 1891-1897  Chatto and Windus, 1903.


EWBANK, Thomas (1792-1870) - A297,M2794

Matthews: Travel diary; narrative and daily entries of "whatever interested me, and that, in sooth, with nearly everything, arts, manners, customs", ad infin.; voyage to Brazil; mainly detailed notes on Brazilian life.

Life in Brazil  New York, 1856, 469 pp.

FEILD, Edward [The Rt. Rev.] (1801-1876)  Bishop of Newfoundland - C409

1845, 1846 and 1849

Matthews: Religious diaries; on visitation journeys to missions on the coast of Newfoundland.

The Church in the Colonies  Diocese of Newfoundland, Nos. 10,15 and 25, 1846 to 1850.


FRANKLIN, William Buel - *H739,*M2795,E


March to South Pass: Lieutenant William B.Franklin's Journal of the Kearny Expedition of 1845  edited by Frank N.Schubert. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1979.


GAULDIN, Martin Austin - *H740,E

In  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  LXXXIII.


GILMAN, Gorham Drummer - E


Journal of a Canoe Voyage along the Kauai Palis Made in 1845 by Hon. Gorham D.Gilman  Honolulu, 1908.


GOODNOUGH, Ezra - *M2796,E

In  American Neptune  XXXII.


GOODWIN, Albert  (1842-1932)  English artist - E

Dates unknown

The Diary of Albert Goodwin  privately printed, 1934.


GREENE, Samuel Harrison (1845-1920)  Am,erican Baptist pastor and church leader - E

Dates unknown

The Ministry of Samuel Harrison Greene  by William Wilbur, Washington D.C., 1936, is reported to contain diary material.


HANCOCK, Samuel - E

1845 to 1860

“By wagon train to Oregon in 1845, California Gold Rush, trading with the Indians, etc. ...”

The Narrative of Samuel Hancock, 1845-1860  edited by Arthur smith, New York, McBride and London, Harrap, 1927.


HARRITT, Jesse (b.1818)  born Indiana, of Oregon - A298,M2797

April to October 1845

Matthews: Travel diary; from Missouri River along Oregon Trail to the Dalles; mainly notes on stages and difficulties of journey; some Oregon prices.

1. - In  Oregon Pioneer Association  38th. and 39th. Annual Reunion, (1910-1911), Portland, 1914, pp 506-526.

2. - Partly in  Route of the Meek Cut-off  in  Oregon Historical Quarterly  XXXV, pp 2-6.


HEATH, Joseph Thomas - *M2798,E

1845 to 1849

1. - With an Eagle's Quill : The Journal of Joseph Thomas Heath from 1845 to 1849  place and date of publication unknown.

2. - Joseph Thomas Heath Diary: The journal of Joseph Thomas Heath from 1845 to 1849, a settler in the Oregon Country, at present Fort Steilacoom, Washington  1976.

3. - Memoirs of Nisqually  Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon, 1979.


HENRY, William Seaton (1816-1851) - *M2799,E

Campaign Sketches of the War with Mexico  New York, Harper, 1847. Reprinted, New York, Arno Press, 1973.


HERZ, Henri (1803-188)  Austrian French pianist - E

1845 to 1847 (?)

My Travels in America  State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1963.


HICKS, Elijah  - missionary to Indians - A298,M2800

December 1845 to June 1846

Matthews: Missionary journal; travel through Oklahoma; work and council among Comanches; official journal.

Chronicles of Oklahoma  XIII, 1935, pp 68-99.


HILL, Timothy (1819-1887)  Presbyterian minister and missionary to Missouri - *M2801,E

In  Presbyterian Historical Society Journal  XXV.


HOWELL, John Ewing (1806-1885?)  born West Virginia, of Clark County, Missouri - A298,M2802

April to October 1845

Matthews: Travel diary; from Jackson County, Missouri, to Oregon City; mainly description of route, scenery, etc.

In  Washington Historical Quarterly  I, (1906-1907), pp 139-158.

HUMBLEY, William Wellington Waterloo [Capt.] - D152

1845 to 1846(?)

Matthews: Military career in India; the Sikh campaign; his travels; Indian life and customs.

Journal of a Cavalry Officer  London, 1854.


IVERSON, O.B. (almost certainly Ole Iversen BORSHEIM)(1845-1940)  immigration commissioner - E

Dates unknown

From Prairie to Puget Sound  Norwegian-American Historical Association  XVI, 1950.

01/02/03 - KERN, Edward Meyer (1823-1863)  artist, brother of Benjamin and Richard Kern (qv)


November 1845 to February 1846

Matthews: Travel journal; with Frémont's party in exploration of Mary's or Humboldt River, Carson Lake, Owens River and Lake; notes on topography, scenery, hunting, etc.

1. - In  Report of Explorations across the Great Basin of the Territory of Utah  by James Hervey Simpson. Washington, D.C., 1876, 486 pp. Journal, Appendix Q, pp 477-486.

2. - From Walker Lake to Walker Pass with Frémont's Third Expedition  in  Nevada Historical Society Quarterly  1978.


KINZIE, John Harris (1803?-1865?)  of Chicago - *M2804,E

In  Historical Society of Michigan  XX.


LAFITTE, Jean Baptista (1776?-1823?)  pirate - E

1845 to 1850

Journal  Vantage, 1958.

Note: Vantage Press is an American self-publishing business used, in this instance, by John Andrechyne Laflin and the journal is but is now generally regarded as a forgery by Laflin or an earlier member of his family.


LAUB, George - *H742,*M2805,E

Journal  Salt Lake City, 1949.

LEAR, Edward (1812-1888)  painter and humorist - H796,B250

a) - Between 1845 and 1868

Travel diaries; written up for publication from letters and diaries; travels in central and southern Italy, Albania, Turkey in Europe, and Corsica; notes on topography and travel conditions; accommodation, food and discomforts; his work; descriptions of places, people and scenery; customs and entertainments; illustrated with his own drawings and paintings.

1. - Illustrated Excursions in Italy  London, two volumes, 1846.

2. - Journals of a Landscape Painter in Albania  etc. London, 1851. Reprinted as  Edward Lear in Greece; Journals of a Landscape Painter in Greece and Albania  London, William Kimber, 1965.

3. - Journals of a Landscape Painter in Southern Calabria  etc. London, 1852. Reprinted as Edward Lear in Southern Italy: Journals of a Landscape Painter in Southern Calabria and the Kingdom of Naples  London, William Kimber, 1964.

4. - Journal of a Landscape Painter in Corsica  London, 1870. Reprinted as Edward Lear in Corsica: The Journal of a Landscape Painter  London, 1966.

b) - April 4th. to May 31st. 1864

Painter's diary in Crete; topography; weather; food and lodging; travels on foot; discomforts; the detailed and interesting original diary, not rewritten for publication.

The Cretan Journal  edited by Rowena Fowler. Athens and Dedham, Denise Harvey, 1984. Fine illustrations.

c) - November 22nd. 1873 to January 9th. 1875

Painter's diary in India; travel; sights; topography; illness and medication; food and lodging; finances; Giorgio, his servant; full and detailed descriptions; extracts from the original diary.

Edward Lear's Indian Journal; Watercolours and Extracts from the Diary of Edward Lear (1873-1875)  edited by Ray Murphy. London, Jarrolds, 1953.

d) - April 7th. to 14th. 1858

Travel journal to Petra; very full; excellent.

In  Edward Lear's Journals; A Selection  edited by Herbert van Thal. London, Arthur Barker, 1952, pp 232-255. This is the first appearance in book form of an article in Macmillan's Magazine  April, 1897. There are also selections from the Journals in Greece and Albania, Southern Calabria and Corsica.


LUFKIN, Henry Horace (1845-1935)  Maine farmer - E

Dates unknown

Henry, a Man of Aroostook: Pioneer in Northern Maine  by Milton T.Lufkin, Freeport, Maine, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: The Identity of Henry with Henry Horace Lufkin is not beyond doubt.


LYMAN, Chester Smith [Prof.] (1814-1890)  born at Manchester, Connecticut, of Yale - A298,M2806

October 1845 to June 1850

Matthews: Travel diary; voyage round Cape Horn to the Sandwich Islands, Honolulu, Hawaii; thence to San Francisco and the gold mines; work as missionary, surveyor, gold digger; vivid account of life in the islands and mines, with good account of the debauchery of San Francisco and the gold fevers; an excellent diary.

1. - Around the Horn to the Sandwich Islands and California  edited by F.J.Teggart. New Haven, 1924, 328 pp.

2. - Extracts relating to the Gold Rush in  California Historical Society Quarterly  II, (1923-1924), pp 181-202.


MARKS, David (1805-1845)  American Baptist preacher - E

Dates unknown

“The Author, a Free-will Baptist ,first came to Canada as a boy preacher in 1822. From 1827 to 1830, he made yearly trips to the London District of Upper Canada, holding evangelistic meetings in the streets and churches. His journal gives and interesting account of the Baptists in eastern Ontario in pioneer times.”Memoirs of the Life of David Marks

1. - The Life of David Marks, to the 26th Year of His Age, Including the Particulars of His Conversion, Call to the Ministry, and labours in Itinerant Preaching for nearly Eleven Years  Limerick, Maine, 1831.

2. - Memoirs of the Life of David Marks: Minister of the Gospel  Dover, New Hampshire, 1846, is reported to contain diary material.


MERIWETHER, Anne Kinloch - *M2807,E


A Small Diary of 1845  in  Magazine of Albemarle County History  1975-1976.


des MONTAIGNES, François  - E


“… a Collection of Veracious Memoranda Taken During the Expedition of Exploration in the year 1845, From the western settlements of Missouri to the Mexican Border, and from Bent's Fort on the Arkansas to Fort Gibson, via South Fork of Canadian - North Mexico and North-western Texas.”

The Plains  Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1972.


MONTGOMERY, John Berrien - *H743,*M2808,E

From 1845

The Navy on the Pacific Coast  in  Military Service Institution of the United States Journal  XXX, 1902.


MOORE, Nathaniel Fish - *H744,*M2809


Diary of a Trip from New York to the Falls of St. Anthony in 1845  edited by Stanley Pargellis and Ruth Lapham Butler. University of Chicago Press, 1946, 102 pp.


MUIR, Alexander - E


From Aberdeen to Ottawa In 1845: The Diary of Alexander Muir  edited by George A.MacKenzie. Aberdeen University Press. 1990.


NEWTON, Alonzo [The Rev.] (1822-1891)  of Lima, New York - A298,M2810

January to July 1845

Matthews: Religious journal; kept while the author was attending theological seminary at Lima; study and later religious work, illness, sensibility.

In  The Colchester, Conn., Newton Family  by Claire A.Newton. Naperville, Illinois, 1911, pp 109-114.


PALMER, Joel (1810-1881)  born in Canada, of Laurel, Indiana - A298,M2811

April 1845 to July 1846

Matthews: Travel diary; over Rocky Mountains to the mouth of the Columbia River; travel-book material and narrative written up from notes; observations of Nez Perce Indians and helpful notes for emigrants; Chinook and Nez Perce vocabularies; one of the best journals of the Oregon Trail.

1. - Journal of Travels  Cincinnati, 1847, 189 pp.; reprinted Cincinnati, 1851 and 1852, and Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon Press, 1983.

2. - Early Western Travels  XXX, edited by R.G.Thwaites. Cleveland, 1906, 311 pp.


PEABODY, Charles - *H745,*M2812,E

October 4th. 1845 to May 19th.1846

Diary while at Cincinnati as district secretary of the American Tract Society.

The Diary of Charles Peabody  edited by William E. and Ophia D.Smith in  Bulletin of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio  XI, 1953, pp 274-292 and XII 1954, pp 119-139.


PITMAN, Levi (1807-1892)  tinker, inventor and tooth puller of Mount Olive, Shenandoah County, VirginiaE

1845? To 1892?

James Cummings has (98958)  Extracts from the Diaries of Levi Pitman  Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1980.


POLK, James Knox (1795-1849)  eleventh President of the United States of America - A299,M2813

August 26th. 1845 to April 2nd. 1849

The diary of his presidency; a detailed and interesting account of his political, social and personal affairs; the Mexican War; the acquisition of Oregon and the conquest of California and the Southwest; cabinet meetings; place seekers; personalities of his colleagues and opponents; a very clear picture of the president's life. Unique.

1. - The Diary of James K.Polk During His Presidency  edited by Milo Milton Quaife. Chicago, A.C.McClurg, four volumes, 1910, for the Chicago Historical Society. Five hundred copies only. Reprinted New York, Kraus, 1970.

2. - Polk; The Diary of a President  edited by Allan Nevins. London, Longmans, Green, 1929, is a generous one volume selection. Reprinted New York, Capricorn Books, 1968.

3. - Discussion: Kagle (2), pp 68-73.


POOR, John A. - *M2814,E

In  Maine Historical Society Collections  1892.


PORTER, Ann Eliza Bacon (1821-1890) of Cooksville, Wisconsin - E

1845 to 1890

Choice Seed in the Wilderness: from the diary of Ann Eliza Bacon Porter, Cooksville, Wisconsin  Rockland, Maine, 1964.   

QUILLINAN, Dorothy (née Wordsworth) (1804-1847)  daughter of the poet - B251

May 1845 to May 1846

Matthews: Travel diary; residence in Portugal; sporadic entries; landscape, inhabitants; rhapsodic descriptions; attack on English prejudices.

Journal of a Few Months' Residence in Portugal  London, two volumes, 1847.


RICHARDSON, James (1806-1851)  English explorer - E

a) - 1845 and 1846

Travels in the great desert of Sahara in the years of 1845 & 1846: Containing a narrative of personal adventures during a tour of nine months through the desert amongst the Touaricks and other tribes of Saharan people; including a description of the cases and cities of Ghat, Ghadames and Mourzuk  two volumes, London, Bentley, 1848. Reissued, London, F.Cass, 1970.

b) - 1850 to 1851

Narrative of a mission to Central Africa: performed in the years 1850-51, under the orders and at the expense of Her Majesty's Government  two volumes, London, Chapman and Hall, 1853. Reissued, London, F.Cass, 1970.

c) - Dates uncertain

Travels in Morocco  edited by his widow. Two volumes, London, Charles J.Skeet, 1860.


RIDLEY, Matthew [Sir]  country gentleman, of Blagdon Hall, Northumberland

April 20th. 1845

A single entry recording the death of his wife (qv).

In  The life and Letters of Cecilia Ridley 1819-1845   edited by Ursula Ridley  London, Hart-Davis, 1958. Reissued, Stocksfield, The Spredden Press, 1990.


ROLLESTON, Elizabeth Mary (1845-1940)  wife of a New Zealand politician - E

Dates unknown

William and Mary Rolleston  by Rosamund Rolleston, Wellington, Reed, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


ROYCE, Charles C. (1845-1923) - E

Dates Unknown

Rambling Notes of a Rambling Tour through Egypt, Palestine and Europe  privately printed.


RUGGLES, John [Major-General] (b.1827) - E

1845 to 1876

Recollections of a Lucknow Veteran, 1845-1876  London, Longmans, 1906, appears to be based, in part, upon contemporaneous notes.


SEELE, Friedrich Hermann (1823-1902)  German immigrant - E

From 1845?

The Diary of Hermann Seele and Seele's Sketches From Texas: Pioneer, Civic and Cultural Leader, German-Texan Writer  translated by Theodore Gish. Austin, Texas, German-Texan Heritage Society 1995.


SMITH, Sidney Lawton (1845-1929)  American designer and engraver - E

Dates unknown

Sidney Lawton Smith, designer, etcher, Engraver, with extracts from His diary and a check List of His Bookplates  Boston, Charles Goodspeed, 1931, 200 copies.


SNYDER, Jacob R. (1812-1878)  born at Philadelphia, of St. Louis and San Francisco - A299,M2817

May to October 1845

Matthews: Travel diary; from Independence, Missouri, to California; routine descriptions.

In  Society of California Pioneers Quarterly  VIII, 1931, pp 224-260.


STEELE, Edward (1832-1900)  of London, in the cloth trade

March 17th. 1845 to October 21st. 1899

Narrative account, based on diary extracts and with much direct quotation; at home with his drunken father; early employment; studies; rises in the trade; love affairs; courtship and marriage; his family; a man of substance. A good picture of the life, with some sustained passages from the diaries.

Edward Steele: The Journal of a Victorian  by Alice Hutchings. London, Charlotte James Publishers, 1983.


STEELE, John (b.1821)  born in Ireland, of Salt Lake City - A299,*M2818

September 1845 to May 1877

Matthews: Mormon diary (preceded and followed by autobiographical notes); with the Nauvoo Legion; defence against mob, journey to Salt Lake, building of city, plague of crickets, work in church, mission to England; a good narrative.

In  Utah Historical Quarterly  VI, 1933, pp 3-28.


STEWART, Mary Ann St.Leger McGinn (1845-1914) - E

Dates Unknown

In  Mary Ann St.Leger McGinn Stewart, 1845-1914, Diaries, Letters, and Poems  edited by Elizabeth Hoisington Stewart. Rochester, New York, 1981.


TETHEROW, Samuel - E


In  Captain Sol. Tetherow, wagon train master: personal narrative of his son, Sam. Tetherow, who crossed the plains to Oregon, in 1845, and personal narrative of Jack McNemee, who was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1848, and whose father built the fourth house in Portland  Portland, Oregon, 1925.


TURNER, [Lieut.] and FRANKLIN, [Lieut.]  - of Corps of Topographical Engineers - A299

Summer 1845

Matthews: Military exploration journals (abstracts); with Colonel Kearny; up Platte River to Laramie, South Pass, Green River, return to Bent's Fort and Fort Leavenworth.

Senate Executive Document  No. 1, 29th. Congress, first session, 1845, pp 214-217.


Van DENBURGH, Elizabeth Douglas (née Turrill) (b.1832) - E

1845 to 1846

Diary; account of preparations for the voyage by the thirteen year old daughter of Joel Turrill to take up his appointment as U.S. Consul-General to Hawaii; preparations for the voyage; her mother, father, uncle, younger brother and sister; rough weather; a suicide; encounters with other ships; the problem of shot jammed in a gun; a shark; a fire; an interlude at Valparaiso; fleas; arrival at Honolulu. The diary is the product of the lively mind of an acute observer, full of unexpected detail and much more interesting and entertaining than the usual ship-board account.

My Voyage in the United States Frigate Congress  New York, Desmond FitzGerald, 1913.


WALKER, William (1800-1874)  born in Wayne County, Michigan, died Kansas City, Missouri, provisional governor of Nebraska Territory - A299,M2819

March 1845 to June 1854

Matthews: Private diary; personal and family life, weather, public work, reading, people and places, social affairs, early life in Nebraska Territory; easy, chatty style, with some literary allusions; a lively and interesting diary.

In  The Provisional Government of Nebraska Territory  edited by W.E.Connelley. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1899, pp 153-406.


WARD, Henry Dana - *H746,*M2820,E

From 1845

Henry Dana Ward: Early Diary Keeper of the Kanawha Valley  in  West Virginia History  XXXVII, 1975.


WARRE, Henry James [Capt.] - *M2821,E

1845 to 1846

Exploration from Montreal to the Pacific coast.

1. - Sketches in North America and the Oregon Territory  London, Dickinson, 1848; Barre, Massachusetts, Imprint Society, 1970.

2. - Overland To Oregon  Ottawa, Public Archives of Canada, 1976.


WATKINS, Harry (1825-1894) - *M2822,E

1845 to 1863

In One Man in His Time: The Adventures of H. Watkins, Strolling Player, 1845-1863, from His Journal   by Maud and Otis Skinner. Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press and London, H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1938.


WAUGH, Alfred S. (d.1856)  artist - E

1845 to 1846

Travels in Search of the Elephant: The Wanderings of Alfred S.Waugh, artist, in Louisiana, Missouri, and Santa Fe, in 1845-1846  edited by John Francis McDermott. St. Louis, Missouri Historical Society, 1951.


WOOD, William (1809-1894)  of New York City, school commissioner - A299,M2823

April to October 1845 and March 1846 to March 1848

Matthews: Travel diaries; journey from Fort Smith to New Orleans and New York; descriptions of scenery, meals, hotels, towns; life in New York City; death of his wife; journey to England and travel there; remarriage, and life in New York City.

In  Autobiography of William Wood  New York, 1895, Volume II, pp 39-79 and 249-298.




In  Chronicles of the Gringos: the U.S. Army in the Mexican War, 1846-1848; Accounts of Eyewitnesses and Combatants  edited by George Winston Smith and Charles Judah. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press, 1968.



In  Niles National Register  LXXI.


ADAMS, J.J. [Lieut.] and DUNBAR, H.C. [Lieut.]  - U.S.Army - A299,M2826

June 1846 to June 1847

Matthews: Military journal; Mexican War; descriptions of people and country; siege and surrender of Vera Cruz. Combination of two diaries with much editorial summarising.

Journal of Twelve Months' Campaign of Gen. Shields's Brigade  edited by W.W.Bishop. St. Louis, 1847, pp 3-46.


ALLRED, Reddick Newton (1822-1905)  Mormon - *M2827,E

To 1903

In  Treasures of Pioneer History  compiled by Kate Carter. Utah, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1956, Volume V, pp 298-392.


BACKUS, Electus - *M2828,E

In  Chronicles of the Gringos: the U.S. Army in the Mexican War, 1846-1848; Accounts of Eyewitnesses and Combatants  edited by George Winston Smith and Charles Judah. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press, 1968.


BANCROFT, Elizabeth Davis (1803-1886)  second wife of George Bancroft (qv) - E

1846 to 1849

Letters from England, 1846-1849  New York, Scribners, 1904, is reported to contain diary material.


BARBOUR, Martha Isabella Hopkins [Mrs.] (1824-1888)  born at Henderson, Kentucky - A300,M2829

July to October 1846

Matthews: Private diary; kept while the author was staying with Mrs. Lucy Jones at Galveston, Texas; pleasant notes of domestic and social life and longings for her husband's safety during the Mexican War.

In  Journals of Philip Norbourne Barbour and His Wife  edited by R. van B.T. Doubleday. New York, 1936, pp 111-166.


BARBOUR, Philip Norbourne [Maj.] (1813-1846)  born at Henderson Kentucky - A300,M2830

March to September 1846

Matthews: Military diary; service in Mexican War to time of his death; general notes on army life; moderate interest.

In  Journals of Philip Norbourne Barbour and His Wife  edited by R. van B.T. Doubleday. New York, 1936, pp 17-108.


BARCLAY, Thomas - E

In  Volunteers: The Mexican War Journals of Private Richard Coulter and Sergeant Thomas Barclay, Company E, Second Pennsylvania Infantry  edited by Allan Peskin. Kent, Ohio, Kent State University Press, 1991.


BARRY, Charles Edward - *M2831,E

In Dear Sarah; New England Ice to the Orient and other incidents from the journals of Captain Charles Edward Barry to his wife  by Norman E.Borden. Freeport, Maine, Bond Wheelwright, 1966.


BEAN, Tarleton Hoffman (1846-1916)  American ichthyologist - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (957) has  A Naturalist’s Adventures  in  The White World: Life and adventures within the arctic circle portrayed by living explorers; collected and arranged for the Arctic club by Rudolf Kersting  New York, 1902. The identity of the diarist is not beyond doubt.


BERESFORD, Charles William de la Poer (Lord Charles Beresford) (1846-1919)  British admiral and member of parliament - E

Dates unknown

The Memoirs of Lord Charles Beresford  London, Methuen, two volumes, 1914, is reported to contain diary material.


BIGLER, Henry William (1815-1900)  born in Harrison County, West Virginia, of Salt Lake City


June 1846 to April 1891

Mormon diary; service with the Mormon Battalion, march to California and service there; work at Sutter's Mill; discovery of gold; prospecting; journeys in Utah and California; a personal, varied and lively journal.

The diary exists in several versions in different locations (see  Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies  by Davis Bitton. Brigham Young University Press, 1977) and this has complicated the publishing history.

1. - Chronicle of the West: The Conquest of California, Discovery of Gold, and Mormon Settlement, as Reflected in Henry William Bigler's Diaries  by Erwin F.Budde. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1962.

2. - Extracts, mainly from 1846 to 1850 in  Utah Historical Quarterly  V, 1932, pp 35-64, 87-112 and 134-160.

3. - Extracts from 1847 and 1848, in California, in  Overland Monthly  September 1887.

4. - Brief extracts concerning the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in  The California Gold Discovery  edited by R.W.Paul, Georgetown, Talisman Press, 1966; and  Heart Throbs of the West  No. 7, 1946.

5. - The journal from October 1849 to January 1850 of the pack journey from Provo, Utah to southern California in  Journals of Forty-Niners  by LeRoy R. and Ann W.Hafen. Glendale, Arthur C.Clark, 1954, pp 142-180. Reprinted University of Nebraska Press, Bison Books, 1998.


BLISS, Robert S. (b.1805)  of Salt Lake City - *H749,A300,*M2833,E

August 1846 to January 1848

Matthews: Military diary; with the Mormon Battalion in march from Kansas to California, return to Missouri River, and back again to Utah; notes of army movements, scenery, Indians and their customs, religious and personal affairs; a very readable diary, with some linguistic interest.

1. - In  Utah Historical Quarterly  IV, 1931, pp 67-96 and 110-128.

2. - In  Utah Historical Quarterly  1959.


BOND, William Cranch and George - *M2834,e

Diary of the Two Bonds  in  Harvard Library Bulletin  October, 1967 and January and April, 1968.


BREEN, Patrick (1792?-1868)  born in Ireland, of the Donner Party - H750,A300,M2835

November 10th. 1846 to March 1st. 1847

Personal diary; snowbound in Sierra Nevada with the Donner Party; detailed weather notes; dwindling food stocks and lack of firewood; hints of jealousy and suspicion amongst the stranded party; deaths; hopes in God; brief, unemotional entries. This diary is the only daily record of the experiences of the company.

1. - Shortened versions in  California Star  May 22nd. 1847 and  Nashville Whig  September 4th. 1847.

2. - In  Academy of Pacific Coast History Publications  I, edited by F.J.Taggart, 1910, pp 271-284.

3. - Frequently reprinted, for instance in  What I saw in California  by Edwin Bryant (qv), New York, 1848, pp 256-260 and Santa Ana, California, 1936, pp 232-237.

4. - Printed from the original manuscript in  Overland in 1846: Diaries and Letters of the California Oregon-Trail  edited by Dale Morgan. Georgetown, California, Talisman Press, 1963, pp 310-322. Reprinted Lincoln and London, University of Nebraska Press, paperback, 1993.

5. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 306-314.


BRUNNER, Thomas (1821 -1874)  New Zealand surveyor and explorer

December 1846 to June 1848

Exploration diary; a journey through the unknown interior of South island, New Zealand, with two aborigines and their wives; hardship and hunger; encounters with the natives, their customs and way of life; becomes used to walking barefoot; weather; topography; lively and interesting.

1. - The Great Journey: An Expedition to Explore the Interior of the Middle Island, New Zealand, 1846-8  Christchurch, New Zealand, Pegasus Press, 1952. First published, Nelson, The Examiner Office, Charles Elliott, 1848.

2. - In  Journal of the Royal Geographic Society  XX, 1850, pp 344-378.

3. - Expedition to the Middle of the Middle Island  in  Early Travellers in New Zealand  by Nancy N.Taylor, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1959.

4. - In  New Zealand Explorers: Great Journeys of Discovery  by Philip Temple, Christchurch, Whitcoulls, 1985.

01/02/03 - BRYANT, Edwin - *H751,A300,M2836,E

a) - April 1846 to August 1847

Matthews: Travel diary; tour of the emigrant route to California, through Rockies and the desert, in California, and return overland; colourful journalistic descriptions and comments; clever observations, analyses; an excellent literary diary.

1. - What I Saw in California  New York, 1848. Reprinted, edited by Marguerite E.Wilbur, Santa Ana, California, 1936, 481 pp.; again reprinted Minneapolis, 1967.

2. - In  West from Fort Bridger  Utah State University, 1994.

3. - Discussion: Kagle (3), pp 4-5.

b) - July to August 1846

In  Utah Historical Quarterly  1951.


BURNHAM, Daniel Hudson (1846-1912) American architect and urban designer -

Dates unknown

Daniel H.Burnham; Architect, Planner of Cities  by Charles Moore, Houghton, two volumes, 1921, is reported to contain diary material.


CARRIGER, Nicholas (1816-1885)  born in Tennessee - H752,M2837

April 27th. to September 26th. 1846

Emigrant diary; brief notes; distances travelled; accidents; deaths; Indians; the earliest record of travel by the Old Fort Kearny Road.

In  Overland in 1846: Diaries and Letters of the California Oregon-Trail  edited by Dale Morgan. Georgetown, California, Talisman Press, 1963, pp 150-158. Reprinted Lincoln and London, University of Nebraska Press, paperback, 1993.


CHAVASSE, Francis James [Rt. Rev.] (1846-1928)  Bishop of Liverpool - E

Dates Unknown

Francis james Chavasse, Bishop of Liverpool  by J.B.Lancelot, Oxford, Blackwell, 1929, is reported to contain diary material.


CLAYTON, William (1814-1879)  born in Lancashire, of Salt Lake City, historian and Mormon high priestA301

February 1846 to October 1847

Matthews: Official Mormon journal; substantial daily entries, recording the journey of the original company of Mormon pioneers from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the valley of the Great Salt Lake; very good, simple narrative of the great migration, with many intimate minutiae, descriptions of scenery, natural history, daily activities of the company, mob violence, factionalism, and personalities.

1. - William Clayton's Journal  Salt Lake City, 1921, 376 pp.

2. - Much of it is combined with Orson Pratt's (qv) journal in a serial article  The Pioneers of 1847  in  Historical Record  Salt Lake City, X, 1890.


COGSWELL, Ben - *M2838,E

In  Flatboating on the Great Thoroughfare  in  Bulletin of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio  V, No.2, June, 1947.

COLLINSON, Samuel (1812-1890)  of Nottingham, stockbroker and poet - B251

June 1846 to August 1870

Matthews: Private diary; personal life and Nottingham activities; lectures; volunteers; reading; public affairs; shrewd observations.

A few extracts in  Transactions of the Thoroton Society  XLVII, 1943, pp 53-61.

01/02/03 - COLTON, Walter [The Rev.] (1797-1851)  U.S.N., Alcalde of Monterey, California - A301,*M2790

July 1846 to June 1849

Matthews: Travel journal; embellished with sketches, recollections, etc.; realistic and lively account of work and conditions of the gold fields; notes on social life and military affairs in California and his administration of Monterey; rather formalised and historical, but valuable.

1. - Three Years in California  New York, A.S.Barnes and Co., 1850, 456 pp. and Stanford, 1949.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 319-321.

3. - Discussion: Kagle (3), pp 5-7.

Note: James Cummings has also:

1. - Ship and Shore  New York, 1835.

2. - Deck and Port  New York, 1850.

3. - The California Diary  Biobooks, 1948.

4. - Glances into California  Glen Dawson, 1955.


COOLEY, Elizabeth Ann - *H754,E


From Virginia to Missouri  in  Missouri Historical Review  January, 1966.


CORAY, (later KIMBALL) Melissa Burton (1828)  Mormon - E

1846 to 1848

Melissa’s Journey with the Mormon Battalion: The Western Odyssey of Melissa Burton Coray: 1846-1848  Salt Lake City, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, 1994, is reported to contain diary material.


CORNISH, John Hamilton - *H755,*M2839,E

From 1846

Diary of John Hamilton Cornish  in  South Carolina Historical Magazine  April and July,  1963.


COUCH, Darius Nash (1822-1897)  American soldier, businessman and naturalist - E

1846 to 1847 (?)

Lt. Darius Couch in the Mexican War  Taunton, Massachusetts, 1872, is reported to contain diary material.


COULTER, Richard (1827?-1908) - *M2840,E

1. - The Westmorland Guards in the War with Mexico  in  Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine  June, 1941.

2. - In  Volunteers: The Mexican War Journals of Private Richard Coulter and Sergeant Thomas Barclay, Company E, Second Pennsylvania Infantry  edited by Allan Peskin. Kent, Ohio, Kent State University Press, 1991.


CRAVEN, Tunis Augustus - *H756,*M2841,E

1846 to 1849

1. - A Naval Campaign in the Californias, 1846-1849: The Journal of Lieutenant Tunis Augustus Macdonough Craven, U.S.N. United States Sloop of War, Dale  edited by John Haskell Kemble. San Francisco, Book Club of California, 1973, 400 copies.

2. - See Havlice and Arksey.


CURTIS, Samuel Ryan - E

1846 to 1847

Mexico Under Fire: Being the Diary of Samuel Ryan Curtis, 3rd. Ohio Volunteer Regiment, During the American Military Occupation of Northern Mexico, 1846-1847  edited by Joseph E.Chance. Texas Christian University Press, 1994.

DRUMMOND-HAY, John Hay [Sir] (1816-1893)  diplomatist - D88


Matthews: At the Moroccan court; his career as a diplomat; Egypt, Turkey and Morocco; local customs, personalities, events.

Journal of an Expedition  Cambridge, 1848.


Du PONT, Samuel Francis (1803-1865) - *H757,E

1. - Extracts from Private Journal-Letters of Captain S. F. DuPont, while in command of the Cyane during the war with Mexico, 1846-1848  privately printed, Wilmington, 1885.

2. - Samuel Francis Du Pont: A Selection from his Civil War Letters  edited by John D. Hayes. Ithaca, New York, Cornell University Press for the Eleutherian Mills Historical Library, three volumes, 1969.


DUVALL, Marius (1818-1891) - H758,*M2842,E

1846 to 1847

Sea diary aboard the Portsmouth; descriptions of Frémont, Stockton, Sutter, General Vallejo, etc.; supplies for Frémont; Berryesa and Haro killings; "battle" of Santa Clara.

A Navy Surgeon in California, 1846-1847: The Journal of Marius Duvall  edited by Fred Blackburn Rogers. San Francisco, John Howell, 1957, 114 pp, 600 copies.


DUVALL, Robert Carson - *M2843,E

Extracts from the Log of the US Frigate Savannah  in  California Historical Society Quarterly  July, 1924.


EDWARDS, Marcellus Ball [Pte.] (b.1828)  of Saline County, Missouri - A301,M2844

June 1846 to April 1847

Military journal of a volunteer; with the Missouri Volunteers on Kearny's march from Fort Leavenworth to New Mexico, and Doniphan's expedition against the Indians of New Mexico; full and detailed entries with some literary pretensions, with occasional narrative passages; marches, military movements, camp life, rations, court martials, comments on officers; Mexicans; Indians and their way of life; hunting; a full and vivid description of a battle at Chihuahua; a lively and interesting account by an intelligent and discriminating participant.

Marching with the Army of the West  edited by Ralph P.Bieber, Glendale, California, 1936, pp 107-280. Reprinted Philadelphia, Porcupine Press, 1974.


ELWES, Henry John (1846-1922)  English botanist, collector and traveller - E

Dates unknown

“Mainly sport in India around the turn of the century. Extensive sections on hunting in and natural history in Chile, North America, Central Asia, the Alps, boar in Belgium, punt-gunning in Brittany, Scottish and Norwegianstalking, and plant-hunting all over the world.”

Memoirs of Travel, Sport and Natural History  London, Benn, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.


EMORY, William Hemsley [Lieut. Col.] (1811-1887)  of Corps of Topographical Engineers


August 1846 to January 1847

Matthews: Military exploration journal; military reconnaissance with advanced guard of the Army of the West; from Bent's Fort to San Diego, including part of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila rivers; topography, scenery, scientific details.

1. - In  House Executive Document  No. 7, 30th. Congress, first session, 1848, pp 15-126. Republished as  Notes of Travel in California  New York, Philadelphia, 1849, pp 1-275.

2. - Section relating to journey to Santa Fe in  Niles Register  LXXI, 1846, pp 138, 154 and 174.


EVANS, Joseph - E


Around Cape Horn with Col. Stevenson’s Regiment in 1846  in  Quarterly of the Society of California Pioneers  December, 1930.


FOOTE, Sarah  - of Wellington, Ohio - A301,M2846

April to May 1846

Matthews: Travel diary; wagon journey from Wellington, Ohio, to Winnebago County, Wisconsin; girl in her teens with her family; pleasant full notes of an unexciting journey.

1. - In  Wisconsin Historical Society Proceedings  1911, pp 188-200; reprinted from private edition, 1905.

2. - In  Journal of American History  XV, 1921, pp 25-36.


FORBUSH, Mary Josephine Faxon - *M2847,E

In  Our Own Day  by Elsie Mitchell. Boston, 1976.


FORD, Ann Jeannette Tooker - *M2848,E

In  Long Island Forum  1973.


FOX, George Henry [Dr.] (1846-1937)  American dermatologist - E

Dates unknown

Reminiscences  New York, Medical Life Press, 1926, is reported to contain diary material.


FURBER, George C. [Pte.]  - of Germanstown, Pennsylvania, lawyer - A301,M2849

May 1846 to May 1847

Matthews: Military journal; with the Tennessee Cavalry Regiment in the Mexican War; camp life, social affairs, duties, hardships; description of Texas and Mexico; manners, customs, religion of Mexicans; military operations; written up for publication as a historical work.

The Twelve Months' Volunteer  Cincinnati, 1850, 640 pp.


FYNN, Henry Francis Jr. (1846-1915)

Dates unknown

Diaries and Despatches: The Life and Writing of Henry Francis Fynn (1803-1861) and Henry Francis Fynn Junior (1846-1915)  by Julie Pridmore, in Kleio  XXXVI, No. 1, 2004.


GADSBY, John (1809-1893) - E

1846 to 1853

My Wanderings: Being Travels in the East in 1846-47, 1850-51, 1852-53  London, 1859. Revised edition, 1875.


GAINES, John Pollard - *H760,*M2850,E


Diary  in  Texana  1963.


GERDEMANN, Hermann Philipp Wilhelm - *M2851,E

1. - In  Finding the Grain  edited by Norbert Krapf. Jasper, Indiana. Dubois County Historical Society and Herald Printing, 1977.

2. - In  Finding the Grain: pioneer German journals and letters from Dubois County, Indiana  edited by Norbert Krapf. Revised and expanded edition: Indianapolis, Max Kade German-American Center, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis and Indiana German Heritage Society with Dubois County Historical Society, 1996.


GIBSON, George Rutledge [Lieut.] (1810?-1885)  born in Montgomery County, Virginia


June 1846 to April 1847

Matthews: Military journal; in the Mexican War, under Kearny and Doniphan; march from Fort Leavenworth to New Mexico; Santa Fe, El Paso del Norte, Chihuahua; Battle of Sacramento; army life; descriptions of people, places, customs; good observations in Mexico.

Journal of a Soldier under Kearny and Doniphan  edited by Ralph P.Bieber. Glendale, California, 1935, 363 pp.


GLASGOW, Edward James and William Henry - E

1846 to 1848

Brothers on the Santa Fe and Chihuahua Trails  University press of Colorado, 1993.

GRACE, John [The Rev.] (1800-1865)  of Brighton - B251

June to December 1846

Matthews: Clerical diary (extracts); life of Baptist minister at Brighton and Eastbourne; most of the material drawn from personal recollections and correspondence; quotations from diary merely bald accounts of sermons, preaching tours, etc.

Recollections of John Grace  London, 1893.


GREGORY, Augustus Charles [Sir] (1819-1905)  English born Austrailian explorer - E

From 1846?

Journals of Australian Explorations  Adelaide, Libraries Board of South Australia, 1969. This is a facsimile of the Brisbane, 1884 edition.


GRIFFIN, John Strother - *H761,*M2853,E

1846 to 1847

A complete diary of General Kearny's march from Santa Fe to San Diego with the Army of the West; battle of San Pasqual.

A Doctor Comes to California: The Diary of John S.Griffin, Assistant Surgeon with Kearny's Dragoons, 1846-1847  edited by George Walcott Ames. San Francisco, California Historical Society, 1943, 97 pp.


HAMMOND, William Gardiner - *M2854,E

Remembrance of Amherst - An Undergraduate Diary, 1846-1848  New York, Columbia University Press, 1946.


HOLLAND, James K. - *H762,*M2855,E

From 1846

Diary of a Texan Volunteer in the Mexican War  in  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  1926.


HOLLINGSWORTH, John McHenry [Lieut.] (1823-1889)  U.S. Army, born at Baltimore - A302,M2856

September 1846 to August 1849

Matthews: Military and travel diary; voyage of the Susan Drew from New York to California with soldiers; a very good picture of tension among soldiers on the long voyage; service in California; military and social life and adventures in mining country; interspersed with letters and newspaper clippings; a highly interesting and lively diary.

1. - In  California Historical Quarterly  I, 1923, pp 207-270.

2. - The Journal of Lieutenant John McHenry Hollingsworth  San Francisco, 1923, 61 pp.


HOLT, Thomas (1815?-1896)  born in Lancaster, England (?) - H763,M2857

December 4th. 1846 to January 21st. 1847

Diary record of an expedition to relieve stranded immigrants on the Applegate Cutoff; an Indian atrocity; snow; food and rescue for the immigrants; money matters.

In  Overland in 1846: Diaries and Letters of the California Oregon-Trail  edited by Dale Morgan. Georgetown, California, Talisman Press, 1963, pp 191-198. Reprinted Lincoln and London, University of Nebraska Press, paperback, 1993. First published in the  Oregon Spectator  March 4th. 1847.


HUGHES, John Taylor (1817-1862)  soldier - A302,M2858

August 1846 to May 1847

Matthews: Military journal; Doniphan's expedition, in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico; notes on topography, dealings with Indians, camp life, etc.; some interesting Southern locutions.

1. - In  Doniphan's Expedition and the Conquest of New Mexico  by William E. Connelley, Topeka, 1907, pp 59-111.

2. - Hughes used the diary for the notes in his  Doniphan's Expedition  Cincinnati, 1847.


HUSSEY, John - E

1846 to 1850 (?)

California’s Day-Book  in  California Historical Society Quarterly  June, 1946.

HUXLEY, Thomas Henry (1825-1895)  biologist - B251

December 10th. 1846 to October 1850

Personal diary of the assistant surgeon and naturalist on HMS Rattlesnake of the voyage to Australia, a stay there, and cruises in Australian waters and the South Pacific; his work; conditions on board; natives; social life; reading; meeting and courtship of Henrietta Heathorn (qv) in Australia. An interesting account.

T.H.Huxley's Diary of the Voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake  edited by Julian Huxley. London, Chatto and Windus, 1935.


JOHNSTON, Abraham [Capt.] (1815?-1846)  born at Upper Piqua, Ohio, of 1st. Dragoons


a) - June 30th. to August 18th. 1846

Military journal; the march with Kearny's Army of the West from Fort Leavenworth to Santa Fe; initial delays and problems caused by inexperienced troops and inefficient organisation; military details, topography, spies; full entries with descriptions, and some general notes and incidental detail.

In  Marching with the Army of the West  edited by Ralph P.Bieber. Glendale, California, 1936, pp 73-104. Reprinted Philadelphia, Porcupine Press, 1974.

b) - September to December 1846

Military journal of the march from Santa Fe to Southern California. This is the continuation of the earlier journal.

In  House Executive Document  No. 41, 30th. Congress, first session, 1848, pp 567-614.


JONES, Nathaniel Vary (1822-1863)  of Salt Lake City - A302,M2861

July 1846 to August 1847

Matthews: Military journal (extracts); with Mormon Battalion on march to California by Santa Fe Trail; later member of guard for Frémont, from California to Missouri; rather bald details of army life and movements.

1. - In   Utah Historical Quarterly  IV, 1931, pp 3-23.

2. - Journey from Fort Leavenworth to California and Return  in  Heartthrobs of the West  VII, 1946.

01/02/03 - KANE, Paul (1810-1871)  painter, of York, Canada - A302,*C633,*M2862

May 1846 to October 1848

Matthews: Painter's diary; travels of a painter among the Indians; from Toronto to Vancouver and back; adventures, Indian life and character; a good diary, but written up in touristic style.

1. - Wanderings of an Artist among the Indians of North America  London, 1859, 455 pp. Edited by L.J.Burpee, Toronto, 1925, 329 pp. Reprinted, Rutland, Vermont, Charles E. Tuttle, 1968.

2. - In  Paul Kane's Frontier: Including Wonderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North American  edited with Biographical Introduction and a Catalogue Raisonne by J. Russell Harper. University of Toronto Press, 1971.  


KENLY, John Reese [Capt.] (b.1822)  of Baltimore, Maryland, and Eagle Artillery Company


June 1846 to July 1848

Matthews: Military diary; presented as memoirs, but the author says they are taken from notes, letters, and diary, mostly made and written as the events occurred.

Memoirs of a Maryland Volunteer  Philadelphia, 1873, 521 pp.


KIRKHAM, Ralph W. - E

From 1846?

Battles around Mexico City; daily life.

The Mexican War Journals and Letters of Ralph W.Kirkham  edited by Robert Ryal Miller. Texas A. & M. University Press, 1991.


KREITZER, John - *M2864,E

In  Chronicles of the Gringos: the U.S. Army in the Mexican War, 1846-1848; Accounts of Eyewitnesses and Combatants  edited by George Winston Smith and Charles Judah. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press, 1968.


LANE, Henry S. - *H764,*M2865,E

From 1846

The Mexican War Journal of Henry Lane  in  Indiana Magazine of History  December, 1957.


LANMAN, Charles (1819-1895)  born at Monroe, Michigan, traveller and writer - A303,M2866

a) - June to August 1846

Matthews: Travel diary; canoe voyage up Mississippi and around Lake Superior; St. Louis, Sault Ste. Marie, Prairie du Chien, St. Peter's River, Crow Wing Lake, Winnipeg; literary touristic descriptions.

A Summer in the Wilderness  New York, 1847, 208 pp.

b) - May to August 1847

Matthews: Travel diary; tour across New York, Catskills and Adirondacks, to Lake Champlain, Montreal, Quebec, Saguenay River; fishing and sealing on St. Lawrence; Labrador, New Brunswick, St. John's River, Penobscot River; literary travel notes.

A Tour to the River Saguenay  Philadelphia, 1848, 231 pp.


LARCOM, Lucy [Miss] (1824-1893)  of Beverly, Massachusetts - A303,M2867

April 1846 to September 1891

Matthews: Private diaries; journey from Massachusetts to Illinois; difficulties of travel; work as teacher in Norton, Massachusetts; romantic jottings, nature worship, reading, poets, history, visits, and journeys, reflections and philosophisings; an interesting and intelligent diary.

In  Lucy Larcom: Life, Letters, and Diary  edited by Daniel D.Addison. Boston, 1894, pp 21-272. Passim. Reprinted Detroit, Gale Research, 1970, and Freeport, New York, Books for Libraries, 1971.


LATTIE, Alexander - *H765,*M2868,E


Alexander Lattie's Fort George Journal, 1846  in  Oregon Historical Quarterly  September, 1963.


LAWRENCE, Amos (1786-1852)  of Groton, Massachusetts - A303

February 1846 to December 1852

Matthews: Private diary (extracts); notes on the pious life of a prominent Massachusetts citizen; dulled by editorial interpolations; extracts from letters.

Extracts from the Diary and Correspondence of the Late Amos Lawrence  edited by William Lawrence. Boston, New York, 1855, 369 pp.

01/02/03 - LEE, John Doyle (1812-1877)  born in Randolph County, Illinois, of Utah - *H766,A303,*M2869,E

a) - August to November 1846

Mormon Battalion Diary  i n  New Mexico Historical Review  XLII, July and October  1967, pp 176-199 and 281-325 .

b) - November 1846 to July 1847

Matthews: Mormon diary; record of personal missions for Brigham Young; life at winter quarters; emigration to Utah; Harmony.

In  Journals of John D.Lee 1846-47 and 1849  edited by Charles Kelly. Privately printed, Salt Lake City, 1938, 244 pp. Reprinted, Salt lake city, University of Utah Press, 1984.

c) - 1848 to 1876 with gaps

1. - A Mormon Chronicle: The Diaries of John D.Lee  edited by Robert Glass Cleland and Juanita Brooks. San Marino, The Huntington Library, two volumes 1955.  

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 358-372 (from 1859 and 1875).

d) - May to July 1859

Matthews: Mormon diary (fragment); "underground" after the Mountain Meadows Massacre, for which he was executed in 1877.

In  Journals of John D.Lee 1846-47 and 1849  edited by Charles Kelly. Privately printed Salt Lake City, 1938, 244 pp.

e) - 1848 to 1866

- Extracts in Folk Ways of the Mormons  in  Western Folklore  XXI, 1962.

f) - 1850 to 1851

Journal of the Iron County Mission  in   Utah Historical Quarterly  April, July and October  1952.

Note: James Cummings (7417) has also  Journals  privately printed, Salt Lake City, 1923, 250 copies.


LIENHARD, Johann  Heinrich (1822-1903)  Swiss immiogrant to the United States -  H767,*M2870,E


1. - A Pioneer at Sutter's Fort  Los Angeles, 1941.

2. - From St. Louis to Sutter's Fort  University of Oklahoma, 1961.

3. - The J