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ARISHIMA Takeo (1878-1923)  Japanese writer

1891 to 1922

Private diary; schooldays; introspection and troubled religious thoughts; an intense friendship with Morimoto; their planned, but unexecuted double suicide; conversion to Christianity; death of his grandmother; hints of sexual experience; studies in America; attracted by young girls; Europe; return to Japan; socialism; an unhappy marriage; apostasy. Arishima finally committed suicide in 1923 with a married woman whom he had met the year before.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 403-435.


BARRON, Clarence Walker (1855-1928)  American financier - M5279

1891 to 1928

Diary notes of financial gossip, opportunities, personalities, deals and speculations; conversations with many of the great bankers, financiers and industrialists of America; some incidental personal and travel notes.

1. - They Told Barron  and  More They Told Barron  edited by Arthur Pound and Samuel T.Moore. New York, Harper and Brothers, 1930 and 1931.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 525-534.


BAXTER, Arthur Beverly (1891-1964)  Canadian born member of the British parliament, theatre critic - E

Dates unknown

First Nights and Footlights  London, Hutchinson, 1955, is reported to contain diary material.

BOWER, Hamilton [Maj. Gen. Sir] (1858-1940) - D32,E

1891 to 1892

Matthews: Exploration journal; exploring in Tibet; return via China; Tibetan life and customs; hardships.

Diary of a Journey Across Thibet  London, 1894. Reprinted, Obscure Press, 2006.


BULLOCK, Stanley Henry (1866-1934)  English immigrant to America - M5280

November 26th. 1891 to February 8th. 1892

Diary of a cruise by three brothers and a friend on the sloop Minnehaha down the Kissimee River from Narcoossee to Lake Okeechobee and the Gulf of Mexico; navigation and topography; encounters; Indians; of mainly local interest.

1. - Cruise of the Minnehaha  in  Florida Historical Quarterly  L, 1972, pp 385-413.

2. - Journey through the Old Everglades: The Log of the Minnehaha  Tampa, Florida, Trend House, 1973.


CAPPER, Arthur (1865-1961):  See CRAWFORD, Florence - E


CRAWFORD, Florence - *H1904,*M5281,E

1891 to 1892

Diaries of an engaged couple living far apart.

The Private Journals of Florence Crawford and Arthur Capper, 1891-1892  in  Kansas Historical Quarterly  XXX, Spring and Summer, 1964, pp 15-61 and 129-208.


EVANS, Robley Dunglison (1846-1912)  American naval officer - *M5282,E

In  A Sailor’s Log: Recollections of Forty Years of Naval Life  New York, D. Appleton and Co., 1901. Reissued, Annapolis, Naval Institute Press, 1994.

Note: An Admiral’s Log; Being Continued Recollections of Naval Life  New York, London, D. Appleton and Co, 1910, may also contain diary material.


FERGUSSON, Vere Henry (1891-1927)  district commissioner in Sudan - E

Dates unknown

“Biographical account of Captain V.H.Fergusson, district commisioner, who was killed by Nuers tribesmen in southern Sudan in 1927, this is the story of his life and adventures.”

The Story of Fergie Bey, Told by Himself and Some Friends  Macmillan, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.


HAYES, Charles Willard -  E


In  Schwatka’s Last Search: the New York Ledger Expedition through unknown Alaska and British America: including the Journal of Charles Willard Hayes, 1891  by Arland S. Harris. Fairbanks: University of Alaska Press, 1996.

Note: It is unclear whether this also contains diary material by Frederick Schwatka (qv).


HAZELRIGG, Charles - *H1905,E

From 1891

The Diary of Charles Hazelrigg  in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  1947.


JACKSON, Sheldon - *H1906,*M5283,E

a) - 1891

Exploring for Reindeer in Siberia  in  Presbyterian Historical Society Journal  XXXI, 1953.

b) - Dates unknown

Introduction of Domestic Reindeer  U.S. Government Printing, 1900.

c) - Dates unknown

Diary  in  The Alaskan Pathfunder  by John T.Faris, Revell, 1926.


KEELY, Robert (b.1860) - E


In Arctic Seas: The Voyage of the Kite with the Peary Expedition, together with a transcript of the log of the Kite  by Robert N. Keely and G.G. Davis, Philadelphia: R.C. Hartranft, 1892, is reported to contain diary material.


KRISTIANSEN, Soren - *M5284,E

1891 to 1893

Diary of Captain Soren Kristiansen Lake Michigan Schooner Captain 1891-1893  Mid Peninsula Library Cooperative, Iron Mountain, 1981.


MILLER, Fannie de C. - E


Snap Notes of an Eastern Trip from Diary of Fannie de C.Miller  San Francisco, S.Carson, 1892.


MILLER, Webb (1891-1940)  American journalist and war correspondent - E

Dates unknown

“In one year as a journalist Webb Miller covered thirty-three murders and three hangings in Chicago, was kidnapped by an American tycoon and covered the Western Front. Later he broke news of the First World War armistice, witnessed a guillotine execution, befriended Mussolini, interviewed Hitler, rode a Zeppelin across the Atlantic, reported from the front line in the Spanish Civil War and Italy"s invasion of Abyssinia and accompanied Gandhi on the Great Salt March.”

I Found No Peace: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1936.


MUNRO, George Campbell (1866-1963) - *M5285,E

In  American Neptune  VIII.


PAGE, Thomas Nelson - *H1907,*M5286,E

a) - 1891

The Kentucky Journal of Thomas Nelson Page  in  Register of Kentucky Historical Society  1970.

b) - Dates unknown

North African Journal  Miami, 1970. (This may be by a different Thomas N.Page)


PANZRAM, Carl (1891-1930)  American murderer, rapist, arsonist and burglar - E

Dates unknown

Killer: A Journal of Murder  by Thomas E.Gaddis and James O.Long, New York, Macmillan, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


PEABODY, Josephine Preston  - New England poet - *H1908,*M5287,E

From 1891

Diary and Letters of Josephine Preston Peabody  edited by Christina Hopkinson Baker. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1925.


PEARY, Josephine Diebitsch - *H1909,*M5288,E

1891 to August 1892

Exploration diary; accompanied her husband to northwest Greenland; the voyage; establishment of a base at McCormick Bay; boat journeys, hunting and daily life among the Polar Eskimos.

My Arctic Journal: A Year Among the Ice-Fields and Eskimos. With an Account of the Great White Journey Across Greenland by Robert E.Peary  London, Longmans Green and New York, Contemporary Publishing, 1893.


PEERLESS, Henry Heathfield (1866-1930)  timber merchant, of Brighton

1891 to 1920

Travel diaries of annual holidays; lively accounts of holidays and journeys by bicycle, railway, sea and motor car, usually in England but also to Jersey, Ireland, Scotland, Naples and Switzerland, nearly always with his wife, Amelia, sometimes with children and latterly with his brother and sister-in-law in their motor car; detailed notes of travel, accommodation, sights and entertainments with much good comment and observation; there are some mentions of the war, including the death of his eldest son, and of public, family and business affairs. A rare and interesting series of diaries by a cheerful enthusiast, which charts the changing character of the middle class holiday over three decades and is particularly valuable for its descriptions of early motor travel.

A Brief Jolly Change: The Diaries of Henry Peerless, 1891-1920  edited by Edward Fenton. Oxfordshire, Day Books, 2003.


PORTER, Cole Albert (1891-1964)  American composer and song writer - E

Dates unknown

The life that He Led: A Biography of Cole Porter  by George Eells, New york, Putnam, 1967, is reported to contain dioary material.

RICKMAN, Philip (1891-1982)  British artist - E

Dates unknown

Sketches and Notes from a Bird Painter’s Journal  London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1949.


ROCKHILL, William Woodville (1854-1914) - *M5289,E

1891 to 1892

Diary of a Journey through Mongolia and Thibet in 1891 and 1892  Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1894.

ROWAN, William (1891-1957)  English born ornithologist at the University of Alberta - E

Dates Unknown

The Wildlife Journals of William Rown  in  The Beaver  Autumn, 1958, pp 46-53.


SIGERIST, Henry E. (1891-1957)  medical historian - E

Dates Unknown

Henry E.Sigerist: Autobiographical Writings  selected and translated by Nora Sigerist Beeson, Montreal, McGill University press, 1966, is reported to contain diary material.


STEPHEN, Alexander MacGregor (d.1894) - *M5290,E

Hopi journal of Alexander M. Stephen  edited by Elsie Clews Parsons. New York, Columbia University Press, two volumes, 1936. Reprinted New York, AMS Press, 1969; and Mansfield Centre, Connecticut, Martino, 2005.


SULLIVAN, Thomas Russell (1849-1916) - *M5291,E

1891 to 1903

Passages from the Journal of Thomas Russell Sullivan   Boston, and New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1917.


THOMAS, Emma Forsyth - E


Three Months in Europe: A Journal of Travel in England, france, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Belgium  Boston, 1892.


THWAITES, Reuben Gold (1853-1913)  American historian - E

a) - 1972?

“The journal of Reuben Gold Thwaites who canoed down the Fox in 1887 and Gard & Reetz who retraced his journey roughly 80 years later and noted the changes time had wrought..”

In  The Trail of the Serpent: The Fox River Valley, Lore and Legend  by Robert E,Gard (qv) and Elaine Reetz, Madison, Wisconsin House, 1973.

b) - 1891

Discursive account of a cycling tour in southern England; full and interesting descriptions life and customs contrasted with the American way.

Our Cycling Tour in England: from Canterbury to Dartmoor Forest, and back by way of Bath, Oxford and the Thames Valley  Chicago, Mcclurg, 1892.

c) - 1894

On the Storied Ohio: An historical pilgrimage of a thousand miles in a skiff, from Redstone to Cairo; Being a new and revised edition of "Afloat on the Ohio"  Chicago, McClurg, 1903.


UELAND, Brenda (1891-1985)  of Minnesota, journalist - E

Dates unknown

Me  New York, Putnam, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.


WALKER, F.D. [Captain] - E


"… being a description of the small islands, shoals and reefs lying w. n. w. of the Hawaiian group proper, together with a recount of the experiences of the voyage in a 47-ton schooner …"

Log of the Kaalokai  Honolulu, Hawaiian Gazette, 1909.


WOOD, Will - *M5292,E

In  Historical Society of Michigan Chronicle  XX,



BENSON, Stella (1892-1933)  feminist novelist and travel writer - E

Dates unknown

“She began writing a diary at the age of ten and kept it up for all of her life.”

1. - Portarit of Stella Benson  by R.E.Roberts, London, Macmillan, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.

2. - Stella Benson: A Biography  by Joy Grant, London, Macmillan, 1987, may also contain diary material.



Early 1890’s

Daily Journal at Teller Reindeer Station, Port Clarence, Alaska  in  Report on Introduction of Domestic reindeer into Alaska  by Sheldon Jackson, U.S. Government printing, 1897.


BROWN, Josephine Edith - *H1910,*M5293,E

From 1892

Diary of an Iowa Farm Girl  in  Annals of Iowa  1973.


CHURCH, Alonzo (b.1870) - E

March to April, 1892

Account of the James E.Ingraham Everglades Exploration. “Mr. Church's narrative is warm, human, personalized and recaptures more nearly the impressions of the conflict of man against nature when challenging the Everglades in 1892 than normally would be found in any official journal.”

A Dash through the Everglades  in  Tequesta  Historical Association of Southern Florida, 1949.

Note:  See also MOSES, Wallace R.


COOPER, Diana Olivia Winifred Maud, Viscountess Norwich (1892-1986) - E

Dates unknown

Three volumes of autobiography are reported to contain diary material:

1. - The Rainbow comes and Goes  1958.

2. - The Light of Common Day  1959.

3. - Trumpets from the Steep  1960.


DUNMORE, Charles Adolphus Murray, seventh Earl of (1841-1907) - E

1892 to 1893

The Pamirs: Being a Narrative of a Year’s Expedition on Horseback and on Foot through Kashmir, Western Tibet, Chinese Tartary and Russian Central Asia  London, John Murray, two volumes, 1894, is reported to contain diary material.


FAUST, Frederick Schiller (Pseud. Max Brand) (1892-1944)  American author - E

Dates unknown

The Notebooks and Poems of Max Brand  New York, Dodd Mead, 1957, 750 copies.


GOLDMAN, Edward Alphonso - E

1892 to 1906 (?)

Biological Investigations in Mexico  Smithsonian Institution, 1951. This is  Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections  CXV which is reported to contain diary material.


GOLDSMITH, Joel Solomon (1892-1964)  spiritualist - E

Dates unknown

The Spiritual Journey of Joel S.Goldsmith  by  Lorraine Sinkler, Harper Collins, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


GREGORY, Isabella Augusta [Lady] (1852-1932) Irish author and critic - B307,E

a) - 1892 to 1902

Not seen. -

Lady Gregory's Diaries, 1892-1902  edited by James Pethica. Gerrards Cross, Colin Smythe, 1996.

b) - 1916 to 1930

Literary diary arranged thematically by the editor; Coole; The Abbey Theatre; Politics; Persons and Books; The Lane Pictures; Odds and Ends. Good on social life and literary figures, Shaw, Yeats, etc.

1. - Lady Gregory's Journals 1916-1930  edited by Lennox Robinson. London, Putnam, 1946.

2. - Extracts: Lenox-Conyngham, pp 251-257.

c) - 1916 to 1925

2. - Lady Gregory's Journals, Volume I, Books 1 to 29  edited by Daniel J.Murphy. Gerrards Cross, Colin Smythe, 1978.

d) - 1925 to 1932

“…this second volume of the journals of Lady Gregory completes the typed version of her diaries and adds the unedited text of the manuscript diary she kept from November 1930 until two weeks before her death. It describes her continuing efforts to get the Lane Pictures returned to Ireland; the passing of Coole into the hands of the Irish Forestry Department; Abbey Theatre problems …”

Lady Gregory’s Journals, Volume II, Books 30 to 44  edited by Daniel J.Murphy Cary, North Carolina, Oxford University Press, 1987.


HAGGARD, Lilias Margitson Rider (1892-1968)  daughter of Henry Rider Haggard (qv) - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - A Norfolk Notebook  London, Faber, 1946.

2. - A Country Scrap-Book  London, Faber, 1950.


HAIRE (ZIONS), Norman (1892-1952)  Australian sexologist working in London - E

Dates unknown

Rejuvenation: The Work of Steinach, Voronoff, and Others  London, Allen and Unwin, 1924, is reported to contain diary material.

KURTZ, Leonard Paul (b.1892) - E

Dates unknown

Beyond No Man’s Land  Buffalo, New York, Foster & Stewart, 1937, is reported to contain diary material.

LINDSAY, David, 2nd. Earl of Crawford and 10th. Earl of Balcarres (1871-1940)

1892 to 1940

Not seen.

The Crawford Papers. The Journals of David Lindsay  .... during the Years 1892-1940  edited by John Vincent. Manchester, Manchester University Press, 1984.




“Journal of Robert Livermore, a Harvard and MIT educated Bostonian who spent eight years at the gold mines in the San Juan Mountains and subsequently at Cobalt in Canada. His father held a controlling interest in the Smuggler-Union mine near Telluride Colorado.”

Bostonians and Bullion: The Journal of Robert Livermore, 1892-1915  Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1968.


LYNAM, Charles Cotterell (d.1938)  headmaster of the Dragon School - E

a) - 1892 to 1904

“… Left Oxford (where built) in 1892 for the Western Isles of Scotland. Detailed daily log of cruises in Winter, Winter & Easter for most years until 1904. Visits to the Clyde, Crinan, Oban, Kerrera, Canna, Eigg, Skye, Lochcarron, Loch Linnhe, Tobermory etc. Charles Cotterell Lynam (known as the "Skipper") took over as headmaster of the Dragon School in 1886.”

The Log of the Blue Dragon, 1892-1904  London, A.H.Bullen, 1907.

b) - 1909 and 1910

“… detailed log of the boat. Left Stornoway to Handa, round Cape Wrath; Smoo Cave; Summer Cruise in Orkney1909; Easter Cruise Orkney 1910; Summer Cruise 1910 from Stromness, North Orkney Islands to Shetland - around Mainland to Foula, Fair Isle and Lerwick.”

The Log of the Blue Dragon II in Orkney and Shetland, 1909-1910  London, Sidgewick and Jackson, 1911.

c) - 1911 and 1912

To Norway and the North Cape in Blue Dragon II, 1911-1912  London, Sidgewick and Jackson, 1913.

d) - Dates unknown

“The hitherto unpublished Logs, the reminiscences and recollections of friends and relatives and companions have been gathered together along with illustrations and paintings by Lynam.”

Log of Blue Dragon III  J.W.Pitts, 2000.

01/02/03 - McGAVRAN, Mary Theodora - *G170,*M5294,E

A Philadelphia Medical Student of the 1890's  in  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  April, 1984.



a) - From 1892

The Letters and Journals of Paula Modersohn-Becker  translated by J.Diane Radycki. Metuchen, New Jersey, The Scarecrow Press, 1980.

b) - Paula Modersohn-Becker: The Letters and Journals  edited by Gunter Bush and Liselotte von Reinken. New York, Taplinger, 1983.


MOORE, Ealy - *H1912,*M5295,E

From 1892

A Log of the Montana Trail  in  Panhandle-Plains Historical Review  V, 1932.


MOSES, Wallace R. - *M5296,E


The Ingraham Everglades Exploring Expedition, 1892  edited by Watt P.Marchman in  Tequesta VII, Historical Association of Southern Florida, 1947.

Note: See also CHURCH, Alonzo.


MURDOCH, William Gordon Burn (1862-1939)  artist - E

a) - 1892 to 1893

Record of a whaling expedition to the Weddell Sea.

From Edinburgh to the Antarctic: An artist's notes and sketches during the Dundee Antarctic Expedition of 1892-93  London, Longmans Green, 1894.  -

b) - 1905 to 1906

From Edinburgh to India and Burmah  London, Routledge, 1908.

OWEN, Edward Roderic [Maj.] - D232

1892 to 1894

Matthews: Journal; army service in West Africa and in Jebu Campaign and Uganda and Unyoro War.

Roddy Owen  by Mae Bovill. London, 1897.


PETERS, George Henry - E

From December 1892

Impressions of a Journey Round the World (Including India, Burma and Japan)  London, 1897.


PIKE, Richard  - Master of the Kite - E

July 4th. to September 22nd. 1892

Diary of the Peary relief  expedition to west Greenland.

Log of the “Kite”  in  In Arctic Seas  London, Gay and Bird, 1893, pp 235-265.


PORTER, Russell Williams (1871-1949) - E

From 1892?

The Arctic Diary of Russell Williams Porter  edited by Herman Friis. Charlottesville, University Press of Virginia, 1976.


ROBINSON, Wirt Russell (1864-1929)  Colonel in the US Army and amateur ornithologist - E


A Flying Trip to the Tropics: A Record of an Ornithological Visit to the United States of Colombian South America and to the Island of Curacao West Indies in the Year 1892  Cambridge, Riverside Press, 1895.


ROPER, Charlotte

November 4th. 1892 to 1894?

Travel diary of an unaccompanied woman's journey round the world: the West Indies, the Panama Canal (under construction), Mexico, the Hawaian Islands, the United States, Canada, Japan, Canton, Burma, India, Cairo, Jerusalem, the Canary Islands; includes the usual travel details, sights, scenes, history etc. but a very full account, often lively and with much good incident. (Volume one only seen).

Zigzag Travels  London, T.Fisher Unwin, three volumes 1895.


RUSSELL, Frank (1868-1903) - E

1892 to 1894

Closely dated narrative of exploration, clearly founded on a diary, and with some direct quotation.

In  Explorations in the Far North: Being the report of an expedition under thye auspices of the University of iowa during the years 1892, '93 and '94  University of Iowa, 1898.


SACKVILLE-WEST, Victoria Mary (Vita) (Mrs. Harold Nicolson) (1892-1962) - E

Dates unknown

Diary extracts.

1. - In  Portrait of a Marriage  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1973.

2. - In  Vita Sackville-West: Selected Writings  edited by Mary Ann Caws. New York: Palgrave, 2002.

Note: James Cummings has also:

(10777)  Country Notes  Harper, 1940.

(10778)  Country Notes in Wartime  Doubleday, 1941.


SLEMMONS, John W. - *H1913,*M5297,E


Terrace Mound Farm  in  Annals of Iowa  Spring, 1981.

STRONG, Isobel (Mrs. Isobel Field) - B293

1892 to November 1894

Matthews: Literary diary; fragmentary and disconnected; devoted to recording conversations of R.L.Stevenson.

Memories of Vailima  by Isobel Strong and Lloyd Osborne. London, 1902, pp 7-103.

TAYLOR, Annie R. - *H1914,D299

1892 to 1893

Matthews: Diary; her life and work as a missionary in China; details of great hardships; good.

Travel and Adventure  by William Carey. London, 1902.


WEEKS, Edwin Lord (1849-1903)  American artist - E

From July 22nd.1892

In  From the Black Sea through Persia and India  New York, Harper, 1896.

WEST, Algernon Edward [Sir] (1832-1921)  civil servant - B293

July 1892 to June 1898

Politicians and public affairs; political and social life; centres upon Gladstone, but not very revealing.

Private Diaries of the Rt. Hon. Sir Algernon West  edited by Horace G.Hutchinson. London, John Murray, 1922.


WOODROFFE, James [The Rev.]  - curate

August 23rd. 1892 to September 17th. 1895

Working diary (extracts); cases of hardship in Bethnal Green; interesting.

In  Victorian Diaries: The Daily Lives of Victorian Men and Women  edited by Heather Creaton. London, Mitchell Beazley, 2001, pp 116-121.



ANONYMOUS, patient of Paul Diel (1893-1972)  French psychologist - E

Dates unknown

“This intimate account of a successful analysis illustrates the innovative approach of the analyst, Paul Diel. The anonymous author of the journal was a forty-year-old man beset by anxiety and obsessed with his failures, resentments, fantasies, and disappointments. …”

Journal of a Psycholanalysis  Boston, Shambhala, 1987.


ABERDEEN and TEMAIR, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of (1857-1939)  wife of the seventh governor general of Canada - *M5312,K27,E

a) - 1893 to 1898

An important source for Canadian politics.

The Canadian Journal of Lady Aberdeen, 1893-1898  edited by John Saywell. Champlain Society, Volume XXXVIII, 1960, 650 copies.

b) - The Journal of Lady Aberdeen, The Okanagan Valley in the Nineties  edited by R.M.Middleton. Victoria, British Columbia, Morriss, 1986.


ANETHAN, E.Mary, Baroness Albert d’  wife of Baron Albert d’Anethan, Belgian diplomat - E

1893 to 1906

Diary of a diplomat’s wife in Japan.

Fourteen Years of Diplomatic Life in Japan: Leaves from the Diary of Baroness Albert d’Anethan  London, 1912.

Note: Her husband’s dispatches from Japan have been published as  The d’Anethan Dispatches from Japan, 1894-1910: The Observations of Baron Albert d’Anethan, Belgian Minister Plenipotentiary and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps  translated and edited by George Alexander Lensen. Sophia University, 1967.


BEHRMAN, Samuel Nathaniel (1893-1973) - E

Dates unknown

People in a Diary  Little Brown, 1972.


BIDDLE, Nicholas [Brigadier general] (1893-1977) - E

Dates unknown

a) - “Biddle joined the First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry in 1916 at the age of twenty-three, beginning an army career that spanned three decades.”

Military Memoirs  privately printed, Wynnewood Pennsylvania, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - “This book omits most of Biddle's military career … . It also omits most of his service on the Game Commission. Divided into 2 parts; first personal, second diary-style accounts of nine expeditions.”

Personal Memoirs: An autobiography, including a personal history and accounts of various cruises and hunting expeditions  privately printed, Littitz, Pennsylvania, 1975.


BRYUSOV, Valerii Yakovlevich (1873-1924)  Russian symbolist poet - *H1915,E

1893 to 1905

The Diary of Valery Bryusov (1893-1905) with Reminiscences by V.F.Khodasevich and Marina Tsvetaeva  edited and translated by Joan Delaney Grossman. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1980.


BUCKINGHAM and CHANDOS, Alice Anne, Duchess of  - E


Glimpses of Four Continents: Letters Written During a Tour in Australia, New Zealand, & North America  London, John Murray, 1894.


BURCHFIELD, Charles Ephraim (1893-1967)  American painter - E

Dates unknown

Charles Burchfield’s Journals: The Poetry of Place  Albany, State University of New York Press, 1993.


COATSWORTH, Elizabeth Jane (1893-1986) - E

Dates unknown

“…. Coatsworth … was well-traveled and a successful writer before wedding her life to writer-naturalist Henry Beston and settling in Maine. Her travels and writings continued while raising a family at Chimney Farm in Nobleboro. Herein are selections from over 50 years, comprising 94 stories and reflections; many written about the Middle East (early 20th century), Britain, on the Continent and the Mediterranean, and more.”

Personal Geography: Almost an Autobiography  Brattleboro, Vermont, Greene, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.


DEAN, Teresa - E

1893 to 1894

“In taking up my pen to make my excuse my apology for launching this echo of the World s Fair [probably the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago] I feel that I stand between criticism and the readers who have kindly told me that White City Chips as they were originally published gave them pleasure. At the close of the Exposition many letters came asking me to arrange my daily column in book form, as a personal history; …”

White City Chips  Chicago, 1895.


DAWES, Charles Gates (1865-1951)  American financier and diplomat - *H1916,B309,*M5298,E

a) - 1893 to 1913

A Journal of the McKinley Years 1893-1913  edited by Bascom Timmons. Chicago, Lakeside Press, 1950.

b) - 1917 to 1919

A Journal of the Great War  New York, Houghton Mifflin, two volumes, 1921.

c) - January to July 1924

A Journal of Reparations  New York, Macmillan, 1939.

d) - June 1928 to March 1929

Notes as a Vice President, 1928-1929  Boston, Little Brown, 1935.

e) - May 1929 to November 1931

Matthews: Diplomatic diary; his work and social life as American ambassador at Court of St. James; Ramsay Macdonald; negotiations for settlement of European finances.

Journal as Ambassador to Great Britain  New York, 1939.


GARNETT, Olive - E

a) - 1890-1893

Tea and Anarchy! The Bloomsbury Diary of Olive Garnett, 1890-1893  edited by Barry C. Johnson, London, Bartletts Press, 1989.

b) - 1893-1895

Olive & Spepniak: The Bloomsbury Diary of Olive Garnett, 1893-1895  edited by Barry C. Johnson. Birmingham, Bartletts Press, 1993.


GILMAN, James Franklin (1850-1929) - *M5299,E

1. - Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science  Rumford, Rhode Island, 1935.

2. - (Not seen but probably containing diary material)  Painting a Poem: Mary Baker Eddy and James F. Gilman Illustrate Christ and Christmas   Boston, Christian Science, 1998.


GREEN, Ely (b.1893) - E

Dates unknown

“… His father was a member of the white gentry, the son of a former Confederate officer. His mother was a housemaid, the daughter of a former slave. In this small Episcopal community--home to the University of the South--Ely lived his early childhood oblivious to the implications of his illegitimacy and his parentage.”

Too Black, Too White  University of Massachusetts Press, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


HAFEN, LeRoys Reuben (1893-1985) and Ann Woodbury (1893-1970)  American historians (see Anthologies and Collections)

Dates unknown

The Joyous Journey of LeRoy R. and Ann W.Hafen: An Autobiography  Arthur H.Clark, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


HOBHOUSE, Charles Edward Henry (1862-1941)  Liberal politician

February 13th. 1893 to October 7th. 1915

Political diaries; Gladstone; politics and politicians; gossip and anecdote; a visit to India; Lloyd George, Churchill, Asquith; Ireland; suffragette movement; good records of Cabinet discussions before and during the first year of the Great War; his work as a minister; some account of social life but little personal matter.

Inside Asquith's Cabinet; From the Diaries of Charles Hobhouse  edited by Edward David. London, John Murray, 1977.


JACKSON, Frederick George (1860-1938)  explorer - E

a) - 1893

The Great Frozen Land, (Bolshaia Zemelskija Tundra). Narrative of a Winter Journey across the Tundras and a Sojourn among the Samoyads  edited from his journals by Arthur Montefiore, Macmillan, 1895.

b) - 1894 to 1897

Exploration of Franz-Josef Land; notes on zoology, geology, meteorology; hunting polar bear on dogsled and afoot; meeting with Nansen (qv).

A Thousand Days in the Arctic  New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1899.


JAMES, Arthur Curtiss (1867-1941)  mining and railroad speculator: See JAMES, Harriet Parsons


JAMES, Harriet Parsons (Mrs. Arthur Curtiss James) (d.1941) - E

1893 to 1899

a) - Coronet Memories: Log of Schooner Yacht Coronet on Her Off-Shore Cruises from 1893 to 1899  with her husband, Arthur Curtiss James, London, New York and Chicago, Neely, 1899.

b) - James Cummings (6498) has  Cruise of Yacht Coronet to Hawaiian Islands and Japan  New York, 1897. This may be an earlier publication of part of the previous book of which this is from the annotation in the Hawaiian National Bibliography: “The Jameses, accompanied by a group of friends, sailed for the Pacific via Cape Horn, stopped at San Francisco, then proceede to Japan via Hawaii. The purpose of the voyage was to observe an eclipse of the sun from the Pacific …” Another member of the party was Mabel Loomis Todd (qv).


KING, William Lyon Mackenzie (1874-1950)  Canadian politician - E

1893? to 1931?

In  The Mackenzie King Record  by J.W.Pickersgill. University of Toronto Press, four volumes, 1960-1970.

Note: The complete manuscript diaries, with typewritten transcriptions and other original typewritten journals were published on microfiche by the University of Toronto Press in 1973.


KINGSLEY, Mary Henrietta (1862-1900)  English writer and explorer - E

From 1893?

Travels in West Africa  London, Macmillan, 1897. Often reprinted.



1893 to 1898

A.J. Knight Diary, 1893 through 1898  Monroe County Historical Society, 115pp.


KUNIKIDA Doppo (1871-1908)  Japanese teacher

1893 to 1897

Religious and introspective diary; continual self-examination; becomes a war reporter in Korea, his experiences there; a romance; marries in opposition to the girl's mother; she leaves him while carrying their child.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 329-354.


LAWLOR, Patrick Anthony (1893-1979)  New Zealand journalist - E

Dates unknown

a) - Old Wellington Days: An intimate diary ....  Wellington, Whitcombe and Tombs, 1959.

b) - More Wellington Days: A further selection of items from the old Wellington diary of the author, with sundry other revelations about the Wellington of yesterday and today  Christchurch, Whitcombe and Tombs, 1962.


LENERU, Marie (1875-1918)  French woman - *H1917,E

From 1893

Journal of Marie Leneru  translated by William Aspenwall Bradley. London, Macmillan, 1923.


LENSKI, Lois (1893-1974)  American author and illustrator of picture books and children’s literature - e

Dates unknown

Journey Into Childhood: The Autobiography of Lois Lenski  Lippincott, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


LITTLE, Archibald (d.1908)  businessman in China, husband of Alicia Little (qv) - E

Later 1890’s?

a) - “… transcript of a journal kept by the author during a two months journey from Shanghai to Chung-king, the commercial metropolis of Western China. . With commentaries on the Chinese revolution, trade, taxes, our interests in Szechuen, imports, exports. The physiography of the Yang-Tse valley, the river course, gorges, rapids, absence of roads, coal fields, flora, fauna, mineral wealth. Shanghai to Ichang, Hankow, a Yang-tse boat, Shsze, Hupeh plains, flood district and approach to the hills. Ichang and environs, "Feng Shui," ascent of the Golden Peaks, Kwei-chow & weather. . Catholic missions, malt liqauor, silk weaving, Buddhist oracle, opium smoking &c.”

Through the Yang Tse Gorges, or Trade and Travel in Western China  London, Sampson low, 1898.

b) - “… observations on China far removed from Western inf- luence. Omi's summit, through the wilderness & by the Tung River. Up Sai King Shan or Dry Prayer Books Mountain, anc- ancient Lolo land, Thibetan border, round snowy range into Thibet. Ta Chen Lu, Lamas, dogs and ponies. Back in China, Yachow and the Brick-tea district, rafting on the river Ya, from Kiating back to Chu-Nanking. This very lengthy tour in- cludes commentaries on the various Christian Missions, the land, people, flora, fauna, rivers, mountains, opium, cust- oms, native peoples, tradition and a wealth of valuable commentaries.”

Mount Omi and Beyond: A Record of travel on the Tibetan Border  London, Heinemann, 1901.

c) - “Published posthumously in 1910, Archibald Littles memoir of his journey across the Yunnan Province in Southwest China was one of the first comprehensive accounts of the region to be published in English. Little, a skilled linguist, worked as a merchant in China for over fifty years and opened up the Upper Yangtze area to steam-powered commerce. He was well known for his intrepid travels into territories not yet explored by Westerners, and his record of this journey was originally published as a series of letters to the North China Herald. This book also contains Littles account of the building of the French Railway Line to Yunnan-Fu, which provided a trade route from India to the Upper Yangtze region. Across Yunnan was completed and edited by Littles wife after his death…”

Across Yunnan and Tongking  London, Sampson Low, 1910.


LITTLE, Alicia (Mrs. Archibald Little) (1845-1926)  British writer and campaigner for women’s rights and the abolition of foot-binding - D183


Matthews: Diary; details of her life in a farmhouse in the far West of China; domestic, farming, and social affairs.

My Diary in a Chinese Farm  Tokyo, 1898.

Note: See also LITTLE, Archibald


LUCAS, Reginald - E

January 27th. 1893

A single entry recording and anecdote about Edward Saunderson, M.P. (qv).

In  Colonel Saunderson, M.P.: A Memoir  by Reginald Lucas. London, John Murray, 1908.


MANET, Julie (1878-19660  daughter of Berthe Morisot and Eugène Manet

August 24th. 1893 to December 13th. 1899

Private diary; family life; her mother's paintings; visits, sightseeing and exhibitions; orphaned by her mother's death; her guardian, Mallarmé; Renoir; Degas; Paris; comments on the diary of Marie Bashkirtseff; painting and lessons; the Dreyfus case; courtship; the diary ends on her marriage. Readable and interesting for the lives of the Impressionists, with full descriptions, comment and reported conversation.

Growing Up With the Impressionists; The Diary of Julie Manet  translated and edited by Rosalind de Boland Roberts and Jane Roberts. London, Philip Wilson Publishers for Sotheby's Publications, 1987.


MEYEROWITZ, Eva Lewin-Richter (1899-1994) - E


“Exploration of the tribal customs of the Tekyiman-Brong people of Gold Coast (now called Ghana) in 1935 following their successful war against the Ashanti.”

At the Court of an African King  London, faber and Faber, 1962, is reported to contain diary material.


MIRÓ, Joan (1893-1983)  Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramicist, born in Barcelona - E

Dates unknown

1. - In  Joan Miro: Catalan Notebooks: Unpublished Drawings and Writings  New York, Skira, 1977.

2. - In  Joan Miro: Selected Writings and Interviews  edited by Margit Rowell. Boston, G.K.Hall, 1986.


MORLEY, Helena (BRANT Alice Dayrell) (b.1881) - H1918

January 5th. 1893 to December 31st. 1895

Diary of a Brazilian school girl with an English father. A charming straightforward account of her everyday life.

The Diary of Helena Morley  translated by Elizabeth Bishop. London, Gollancz, 1958. Reprinted, London, Virago, 2008. The book was first published in Brazil in 1942.


NANSEN, Fridtjof (1861-1930)  Norwegian explorer - E

a) - 1893 to 1896

Explorer's diary, sometimes in summary and probably with some later polish; a very full account of the voyage of the Fram, with a complement of thirteen men, from Christiania to the Arctic Sea near Kotelnoi; deliberate imprisonment in the ice; the drift north and west; leaves the ship with Johansen in an attempt to reach the North Pole with dog sledges; failure and the epic journey south to Franz Josef Land; meeting with Frederick Jackson (qv); triumphant return to Norway. Some summaries, but much quotation from his journal; very full account of equipment, stores, accommodation and mode of living aboard ship; the characters of his companions, particularly Otto Sverdrup (qv); food, entertainment, hunting of seals and polar bears; behaviour of the ice; weather conditions, temperatures, drift, wildlife. The diary of the sledge journey with Johansen is an unfailingly cheerful and optimistic account of tremendous hardship and privation; the record of the perils and adventures of the last stages of the autumn jouney and life in winter quarters on Franz Josef Land are perhaps unequalled in the literature of exploration.

In  "Farthest North": Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Fram 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Month Sleigh Journey by Dr, Nansen and Lieut Johansen with an Appendix by Otto Sverdrup Captain of the Fram  London, Constable, two volumes, 1897.

b) - 1882

Hunting and Adventure in the Arctic  New York, Duffield, 1925 is reported to contain diary material.

c) - 1913

Through Siberia the Land of the Future  New York, Stokes, 1914.

d) - 1925

Through the Caucasus to the Volga  London, George Allen and Unwin, 1931.

e) - Dates unknown

Sporting Days in Wild Norway: Pages from My Diary  London, Thornton Butterworth, 1925.  

NEELD, Reginald Rundell - D221

1893 to 1894

Matthews: Naval diary; experiences in naval revolution at Rio de Janeiro.

Diary of the Revolution  Portsmouth, 1895.


PALMER, Thomas J. (1847-1917)  newspaper publisher - E

1893 to 1910

Diary extracts taken from the author’s condensation of the original manuscript; removal to Medford, Oklahoma; setting up his press; social affairs; elected president of the school board; politics; an accident; property; appointed postmaster; his wife and daughters; eccentricies of diet; a trip to Washington. A vivid and interesting picture of an energetic life on the frontier.

Thomas J.Palmer, Frontier Publicist  by Jack L.Cross in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  1950, No.4 pp 452-487.


PORTAL, Raymond [Capt.] - E


In  The British Mission to Uganda in 1893; Edited with a Memoir by Rennell Rodd: With the Diary of the Late Captain Raymond Portal……  Westport, Connecticut, Negro Universities Press, 1970.


PRYER, Ada (Mrs. W.L.Pryer)  - wife of a pioneer official of the British North Borneo Chartered Company at Sandakan - E

September 1893 to June 1898 with large gaps

The life of a colonial wife.

1. - Mrs Pryer in Sabah: Diaries and papers from the Late Nineteenth Century  edited by Nicholas Tarling, University of Auckland, Auckland Centre for Asian Studies, 1989, pp 132.

2. - James Cummings (10102) has  A Sandakan Diary of the 1890’s  Sarawak Museum Journal, July 1955. -


READ, Edward Herbert [Sir] (1893-1968)  English poet and critic - E

Dates unknown

The Contrary Experience  an autobiography, London, Faber, 1963, is reported to contain diary material. Reissued with revisions, New York, Horizon, 1974.


RIBBENTROP, Ulrich Friedrich Wilhelm Joachim von (1893-1946)  German Foreign Minister 1938-1945


Dates unknown

The Ribbentrop Memoirs  translated by Oliver Watson, London, Weidenfeld, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.

01/02/03 - RUSSELL, Marion B. - *G171,*M5300,E

In  Oregon historical Quarterly  LXXIX.


SASAMORI Gisuke (1845-1915)  Japanese samurai

From April 18th. 1893

Travel diary; a mission to Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands to investigate the sugar industry; language difficulties; meals; customs; notes of Chinese influence; a leper colony; poverty, disease and dilapidation; anger and exasperation with local officials.

Account and extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 164-183.


SLOANE, Florence Adele - *H1919,*M5301,E

From 1893

Maverick in Mauve: The Diary of a Romantic Age  New York, Doubleday, 1983.


SOMERSET, Henry Charles Somers Augustus (1874-1945)  Englishman - E

From 1893

In the Land of the Muskeg  London, Heineman, 1895.


TAIT, Andrew (1878?-1969)  schoolboy, of Ilford, Essex

April 29th. 1893 to November 5th. 1894

Private diary, often jocular in tone; the removal of his family from London to Ilford, which was then expanding rapidly; out of school activities, but little about school life; interesting notes about his application and interview for a job as a clerk upon leaving school, and of his first experience of working life.

In  Victorian Diaries: The Daily Lives of Victorian Men and Women  edited by Heather Creaton. London, Mitchell Beazley, 2001, pp 122-143.


TRACY, Joseph Prince - E

1893 to 1898

The Diaries of Joseph Prince Tracy, Eureka, California, 1893-1898  edited by Harriet Tracy Delong. Eureka, California, 1990.


TYRELL, James Williams (1863-1945)  Canadian explorer - E


Account of the crossing of Canada from Lake Athabaska to Chesterfield Inlet, largely by Canoe, on an expedition led by his brother, Joseph Burr Tyrell (qv).

Across the Sub-Arctics of Canada: A Journey of 3,200 Miles by Canoe and Snow Shoe through the Hudson Bay Region  Toronto, William Briggs, third, revised and enlarged edition, 1908. First published in 1897.

WILSON, Henry Hughes [Sir] (1864-1922)  Field Marshal - B294

June 1893 to June 1922

Matthews: Military diaries (extracts); objective notes and meditations on military and political affairs; Boer War and First World War; his own conversations with Churchill, Haig, and other eminent soldiers and politicians; historical, political, and military interest.

Life and Diaries of Sir Henry Wilson  by Sir C.E.Caldwell. London, two volumes, 1927. Passim.


WOOD, Anna S.Prouty - *H1920,*M5302,E


Diary  in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  Autumn, 1972.


WOOD, Erskine - *H1921,*M5303,E

1. - Diary of a Fourteen Year Old Boy's Days with Chief Joseph   in  Oregon Historical Society Quarterly  LI, 1950, pp 71-94.

2. - Days with Chief Joseph: Diary and Recollections  Oregon Historical Society Press, 1970.



ATTFIELD, Harvey [Dr.] - E

May 1894 to May 1895

A Private Journal in Egypt  privately printed, 1895.


BAILEY, Alfred Marshall (1894-1978)  American ornithologist - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Birds of Arctic Alaska  Colorado Museum of Natural History, 1948.

2. - Birds of Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska  Colorado Museum of Natural History, 1943.

3. - Field Work of a Museum Naturalist  Denver Museum of Natural History, 1974.

Note: Bailey was the author of some 200 publications, of which some may also contain diary material.


BOYES, Annie - *K32


BRENAN, Edward FitzGerald (Gerald) (1894-1987)  British writer and Hispanist - E

Dates unknown

Thoughts in a Dry Season  Cambridge University Press, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


BREVIG, Tollef Larsen [The Rev.] (b.1857)  Norwegian American missionary and teacher of the Inuit at Teller, Alaska, and known to the Inuit as “Apaurak” - E

From 1894?

In  Apaurak in Alaska  by J.Walter Johnshoy, Dorrance, 1944.


BRUCE, Michael William Selby, Sir (1894-1957)  author and adventurer - E

Dates unknown

Peaks of Hazard  Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, is reported to contain diary material.


BURTON, Richard,W. - E

1894 to 1949

“A diary of fishing and shooting trips throughout India from 1894 to 1949. Adventures hunting maneating tigers and leopards, and smaller game. Fishing mainly for mahseer, but a good deal of opportunist sea angling.”

Tigers of the Raj: Pages from the Shikar Diaries, 1894 to 1949 of Colonel burton, Sp[ortsman and Conservationist  edited by Jaqueline Toovey, Gloucest, Alan Sutton, 1987.

BUTLER, Charles J.  - of Camden, New Jersey - B294

May to August 1894

Matthews: Travel diary; an American tourist's sightseeing in London and through England and Ireland.

A Bachelor's Rambles through the British Isles  Camden, New Jersey, 1895.

Note: Butler visited Great Britain again in 1899 and recorded his experiences in  A Yankee Bachelor Abroad  privately printed, 1901, but although a circumstantial account, with much reported dialogue, the book is not printed in diary form.


CÉLINE (CELINE) Louis-Ferdinand (1894-1961)  French writer - E

Dates Unknown

Voyeur Voyant: A Portrait of Louis-Ferdinand Céline  by Erika Ostrovsky, New York, random House, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


DARLINGTON, Charles J. (1894-1966)  Pennsylvania quaker - E

Dates unknown

Memoirs of Charles J.Darlington  Philadelphia, two volumes, 1966, is reported to contain diary material.


DAVIS, Perry Eugene - E


Life on the Trail: The 1894 Diary of Perry Eugene Davis  in  Colorado Heritage  1981.


DAVIS, Stuart (1894-1964)  American artist - E

Dates unknown.

Stuart Davis: The works and writings of Stuart Davis, with excerpts from hus notebooks and diaries  edited by Diane Kelder. New York, Praeger, 1971, in the Documentary Monographs in Modern Art series.  


DIXON, George W. [Captain]  master of the schooner Rigel - E

August 16th. to September 5th. 1894

Captain's log of the attempt to tow the damaged steamer Miranda to a safe haven; rescue of the crew when the Miranda foundered.

In  The Last Cruise of the Miranda: A Record of Arctic Adventure  by Henry Collins Walsh (qv) pp 135-147.


DOVZHENKO, Alexander Petrovich (1894-1956)  Soviet film producer - E

Dates unknown

Alexander Dovzhenko: The poet as Filmmaker: Selected Writings  MIT Press, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


ELLIOTT, Maud Howe (1854-1948)  American novelist - *M5304,E

a) - 1894 to 1900

Letter diary from Rome.

Roma Beata: Letters from the Eternal City  Boston, Little Brown, 1904.

b) - Three Generations  Boston, Little Brown, 1923 has not been examined but is an history of the Howe family which is reported to contain material from the author's diary.


ENGLISH, James Douglass [Dr.] - *H1922,*M5305,E


Travel diary; three months in Mexico, California, Oregon, British Columbia and Hawaii.

To the West in 1894: Travel Journal of Dr. James Douglas English of Worthington, Indiana  Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society Publications, Volume XXV, No. 3, 1977.


EWING, Charles Edward (d.1927) and Bessie Smith (d.1966)  American missionaries in China - E

1894 to 1913 (?)

“… the work of American missionaries Charles Edward and Bessie Smith Ewing in China between 1894 and 1913 and the events, a number of which they were eyewitnesses to, that were then shaking that ancient land to its very foundations. It was a time of turmoil, of change, of fighting and revolution.”

Death Throes of a Dynasty: Letters and Diaries of Charles and Bessie Ewing, Missionaries to China  Kent State University Press, 1990.


FOOTE, Arthur  - husband of Mary Hallock Foote, popular author - *M5306,E

In  Idaho Yesterdays  XX.


FOX, Ruth May (1853-1967)  Mormon wife and mother - H1923,M5307

December 1894 to November 1895

Diary extracts; her involvement with various women's clubs; political activities; women's suffrage.

1. - I Care Nothing for Politics  in  Utah Historical Quarterly  XLIX, 1981.

2. - In  Women's Voices: An Untold History of the Latter-Day Saints, 1830–1900  compiled and edited by Kenneth W. Godfrey, Audrey M. Godfrey, and Jill Mulvay Derr. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Company, 1982, pp 375-386.


GASQUET, Francis Aidan (1846-1929)  Benedictine monk and historical scholar - E

1894 to 1896

Extracts from an ecclesiastical diary published in response to the the diary of The Rev. Thomas Alexander Lacey (qv); the Papal Inquiry into English Ordinations.

Leaves from My Diary, 1894-1896  London, Burns & Oates, 1911.


GIELGUD, Lewis Evelyn (1894-1953)  English scholar, intelligence officer and humanitarian worker - e

Dates unknown

About It and About: Leaves from a Diary of Travel  London, blackwood, 1928.


GRAHAM, Martha (1894-1991)  American modern dancer and choreographer - E

Dates unknown

“Martha Graham deliberately destroyed most of her early journals, notes and personal letters. Her copious and enigmatic work notes written in a dense pencil script on six by nine inch coil-bound steno pads, were intended for her personal use only. In 1965 however, hounded by Lucy Kroll, Graham finally agreed to have fifty notebooks published. …”

The Notebooks of Martha Graham  New York, Harcourt, 1973.

HODGKIN, Jonathan Edward - *H1924


HOWARD of GLOSSOP, Winifred Mary de Lisle, Baroness (d.1909) - *M5308,E

Journal of a Tour in the United States, Canada and Mexico  London, Sampson Low Marston, 1897.


JACOBSSON, Per (1894-1963)  Swedish economist and managing direstor of the International Monetary Fund - e

Dates unknown

In  A Life for Sound Money: Per Jacobsen: His Biography  Oxford University Press, 1979.


JEANS, Thomas Tendron [Surgeon Rear-Admiral] - E

From 1894?

“Entered the Royal Navy as a surgeon in 1894. He retired as surgeon rear-admiral January 19,1926. He served in the South African war of 1899-1900, in the Orange Free State, and in the Great War 1914-1918, serving on the Dardanelles and on the Suez Canal. He was editor and co-author of Naval Brigades in the South African War, 1899-1900.”

Reminiscences of a Naval Surgeon  London, 1927, is reported to contain diary material.


LARTIGUE, Jaques Henri (1894-1986)  French photographer and painter - E

Dates unknown

Diary of a Century  New York, Viking, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


LEE, Mabel - E

1894 to 1924 (?)

Memories of a Bloomer Girl, 1894-1924  Washington D.C., American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


LOGAN, John A. - E


“Professional tour director & his wife guide group to participate in the festivities surrounding the coronation of Nicholas II…”

In Joyful Russia  New York, Appleton, 1897.


LONDON, Jack (John Griffith Chaney) (1876-1916)  American novelist - *H1925,*M5309,E

a) - 1894

Tramping with Kelly Through Iowa  in  The Palimpsest  1971.

b) - Dates unknown

Jack London on the Road: The Tramp diary & Other Hobo Writings  edited by Richard W.Etulain, Utah State university press, 1979.


LYAUTEY, Hubert Gonzalve [Marshal]  (1854-1934)  French general and colonial administrator - E

1894 to 1896

“In 1894 he was posted to Indochina, serving under Joseph Gallieni. He helped crush the so-called piracy of the Black Flags rebellion along the Chinese border. Then set up the colonial administration in Tonkin, and was then head of the military office of the Government-General in Indochina. By time he left IndoChina in 1897 he was a lieutenant-colonel and had the Legion of Honour.”

Intimate Letters from Tonquin  London, John Lane, 1932, is reported to contain diary material.


NEF, Elinotr Castle (1894-1953)  diarist and letter writer - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Los Angeles Diary  Chicago, The university of Chicago Press, 1952.

2. - Letters and Notes Volume I  Los Angeles, Ward Ritchie, 1953.

3. - In Search of the American Tradition: Notes and Letters  New York, 1959.


PALEOLOGUE, Georges Maurice (1859-1944)  French civil servant and diplomat - H1926,E

a) - October 12th. 1894 to September 15th. 1899

French Civil Servant closely concerned in the Dreyfus case with which the diary, which has been cut and polished by the author, is almost exclusively concerned.

My Secret Diary of the Dreyfus Case  translated by Eric Mosbacher. London, Secker and Warburg, 1957. Published in America as  An Intimate Journal of the Dreyfus Case.

b) - 1904 to 1906

The Turning Point: Three Critical Years 1903-1906  translated by F.A.Holt. London Hutchinson, 1935. New York, 1957.

c) - 1914 to 1917

Diary of the last French Ambassador to Russia; detailed and important.

An Ambassador’s Memoirs  translated by F.A.Holt. London, Hutchinson, three volumes, 1923. Reissued as a single volume, London, Hutchinson, 1973.


POWYS, Mervyn W.  - see TREVOR-BATTYE, Aubyn Bernard Rochfort


R., JimE


A 125 mile round trip up Green River from Woodsonville, Kentucky.

Uncle Jim's Green River Diary: A Camping Out Trip up Green River  compiled by Charles Dowling Williams. Nashville, Dowling Press, 1996.


RAE, Colin - E


Malaboch, Or Notes From My Diary on the Boer Campaign of 1894 Against the Chief Malaboch of Blauuwberg, District Zoutpansberg, South African Republic  London, Sampson Low, Marston, 1898, 248 pp.


REDFEARN, Gertrude Vansant - *M5310,E

Diary of the Trip to Texas  in  Panhandle-Plains Historical Review  1970.



First Winter Expedition to Mount Rainier, 1894  in  Northwest Discovery  July-August, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


TREVOR-BATTYE, Aubyn Bernard Rochfort  - English ornithologist - E

June 2nd. to November 19th. 1894

Diary of an expedition to the Russian Arctic Island of Kolguev; outward voyage on the Saxon; a full and interesting account of life and work on the island his companions and peoples encountered; the journey home after their ship failed them. There is also an abstract of the log of the Saxon from June 22nd. to August 21st., by Mervyn W.Powys, which explains why the ship failed to take the expedition off the island.

Ice-Bound on Kolguev: A Chapter in the Exploration of Arctic Europe to which is added a record of the natural history of the island  London, Constable, 1895.


UP de GRAFF, Fritz W. (1873-1927)  American adventurer - E

1894 to 1901

“… recounts his adventures in Ecuador where he arrives in 1894, the crossing of the Andes to the Napo Valley and his travels of years through the Amazon and its tributaries, where several times he ends up lost and walking through the jungle in painful conditions. He had the courage to climb the Pongo de Manseriche by canoe, contemplated the ruins of the Borja colony (Alto Amazonas) , and lived with several tribes of Jibaro Indians, such as the antipas, the Huambisas and the Aguarunas, whom he describes with admiration for its adaptation to the environment and its ability to survive in a medium as complicated as the Amazon rainforest.”

Head Hunters of the Amazon  New York, 1923, often reprinted, is reported to contain diary material.


WALSH, Henry Collins - E


Diary account of Dr. Cook's ill-fated Arctic expedition on the Miranda which foundered of the coast of Greenland; collision with an iceberg; Eskimos; expeditions ashore; the ship holed on a reef; rescue by the schooner Rigel under Captain eorge Dixon (qv).

In  The Last Cruise of the Miranda: A Record of Arctic Adventure  New York, Transatlantic, 1896, pp 9-134.


WHITNEY, Caspar (1864-1929)  American explorer and journalist - E

1894 to 1895

Narrative of a hunting trip in north west Canada; discursive and written up but based on a contemporaneous record.

Twenty-Eight Hundred Miles after Musk-Oxen and Wood-Bison  New York, Harper Brothers, 1896.


WILDER, Laura Ingalls (1867-1957) - *H1927,*M5311,E


On the Way Home: The Diary of a Trip from South Dakota to Mansfield, Missouri in 1894  New York, Harper and Rowe, 1962.



ANONYMOUS,  Japanese woman (1866-1900) - H1928

1895 to 1900

Annotation based on extracts.

Personal diary of a Japanese woman; her arranged marriage to a widower; her happiness; births and deaths of three children and their parent's grief; ends at her death after the third birth.

1. - In  Kotto  by Lafcadio Hearn. New York, Macmillan, 1902; Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1922.

2. - Extracts: Moffatt & Painter, pp 163-177.

BOURKE, John Gregory - *H1929


BOWERS, Claude Gernade (1878–1958)  American journalist, historian, and diplomat - *M5313,E

a) - Student's diary at Indianapolis High School.

Indianapolis in the Gay Nineties: High School Diaries of Claude G.Bowers  edited by Holman Hamilton and Gayle Thornbrough. Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, 1964.

b) - 1933 to 1939

Account of US Ambassador to Spain based on the private diaries and diplomatic dispatches.

My Mission to Spain: Watching the Rehearsal for World War II  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1954.


BREWER, Wilmon (1895-1998)  American poet and philanthropist - E

Dates unknown

Looking Backwards  an autobiography, Marshall Jones, two volumes, 1985, is reported to contain diary material.


BULL, Henrik Johann (1844-1930)  Norwegian businessman, shipping magnate and whaling entrepreneur -



“… led the first expedition to make a confirmed landing on the Antarctic mainland, at Cape Adare, in January 1895. Bull’s highly readable account of the expedition, published in 1896, reveals both the scientific and the commercial motivations for early Antarctic exploration. His voyage, financed by Svend Foyn, the inventor of the harpoon gun, was mainly for commercial purposes, to investigate reports of right whales in the Ross Sea. Bull, however, insisted on aiming for Antarctica, despite encountering technical problems after the vessel ran aground, and the preference of the ships master for hunting seals to make the trip financially profitable.”

The Cruise of the Antarctic to the South Polar Regions  Cambridge University Press, 2011. First published, 1896.


DALTON, Harry Lee (1895-1990)  American business executive - E

Dates unknown

Early Days: The Life of Henry Lee Dalton  by John L.Sharpe, Edinburgh, Pentland Press, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.


D’ORLEANS, Henri Philippe Marie, Prince (1867-1901) - E

1895 to 1896

From Tonkin to India by the Sources of the Irawadi  Methuen, 1898, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Around Tonkin and Siam: A French Colonialist’s View  1892?, is “partly a travelogue of areas visited: Hanoi, the Red River regions, the Upper Black River to Lai Chau, Luang Prabang and parts of Siam, and partly a political interpretation of the information gathered.”

DREYFUS, Alfred [Capt.] (1859-1935)  French army officer

April 14th. 1895 to September 10th. 1896

Prison diary on Devil's Island after being wrongly condemned for treason; prison conditions; his suffering; feelings of injustice; his wife.

In  Five Years of My Life; The Diary of Captain Alfred Dreyfus  New York, Peebles Press International, 1977, pp 95-193.


FOWLER, John [Lieut. Gen. Sir] (1864-1939)  of Royal Engineers - E


Military diary of his exploits in Chitral during which he was mentioned in despatches and earned the D.S.O.

Extracts from the Diary of John S. Fowler R.E. Chitral 1895  Dublin, privately printed, 1897.


GONZALES, Narciso Gener (1858-1903)  newspaper editor - E

Between 1895 and 1898

“… collects his reporting on the Cuban war of independence.”

In Darkest Cuba: Two Months’ Service Under Gomez along the Trocha from the Caribbean to the Bahama Channel  Columbia, South Carolina, 1922.


GRAVES, Robert von Ranke (1895-1985)  English poet and novelist - E

Dates unknown

But It Still Goes On: An Accumulation  London, Jonathan Cape, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.


HERZL, Theodor (1860-1904)  Austrian founder of the Zionist movement - *H1930,E

1895 to 1904

1. - Theodor Herzl: Excerpts from His Diaries  New York, Scopus Publishing, 1941.

2. - The Diaries of Theodor Herzl  translated and edited by Marvin Lowenthal. New York, Dial Press, 1959.

3. - The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl  edited by Raphael Patai, translated by Harry Zohn. New York, Herzl Press and Thomas Yoseloff, five volumes, 1960.


ISHERWOOD, Kathleen  - mother of Christopher Isherwood (qv) - E

1895 to 1915 (?)

“… the winsome and lively daughter of a successful wine merchant and the reticent, artistically gifted soldier-son of a country squire. They met in 1895 outside a music rehearsal in an army camp and married in 1903 after Christopher’s father returned from the Boer War. Frank was killed in an assault near Ypres in 1915; Kathleen remained a widow for the rest of her life. Their story is told through letters and Kathleen’s diary, with connecting commentary by Isherwood.”

In  Kathleen and Frank: The Autobiography of a Family  by Christopher Isherwood, Simon and Schuster, 1971.

JACOB, Violet Augusta Mary Fredericka (1863-1946)  novelist and poet

1897 to 1899 (letters from 1895)

Letters and diaries from India where her husband was stationed; scenes and people; daily life; painting; gossip; interested in the native life and customs. Illustrated with her own watercolours. Told in letters to her mother to 1897 when the diary proper begins.

Diaries and Letters from India 1895-1900  edited by Carol Anderson. Edinburgh, Canongate, 1990.

JOHN XXIII (Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli) (1881-1963)  Pope - H1931

1895 to 1963

A jumble of notes and reflections with some consecutive diary entries, mainly concerned with spiritual matters. Impressive.

Journal of a Soul  translated by Dorothy White. London, Geoffrey Chapman, 1965. First published in Italian as Giovanni XXIII Il Giornale Dell'Anima, 1964.

KNIGHT, Edward Frederick (1852-1925)  English barrister, soldier, journalist and writer - E


Madagascar in Wartime: The Times Special Correspondent's Experiences among the Hovas during the French Invasion of 1895  London: Longmans Green, 1896.

Note: Other books which have not been examined but may include diary material include  Where Three Empires Meet: Anarrative of Recent Travel in Kashmir, Western Tibet, Gilgit and Adjoining Countries  London: Longmans Green. 1895;  With the Royal Tour. A Narrative of the Recent Tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York Through Greater Britain  London: Longmans Green, 1902; and  The Cruise of the Alerte  London: Longmans Green, 1892 (often reprinted).


LANGE, Dorothea (1895-1965)  American photographer - E

Dates Unknown

Dorothea Lange: A Photographer's Life  by Milton Meltzer, New York, Farrar, 1978, is rep[orted to contain diary material.


LOHER, George T. - E


The Wonderful Ride: Being the True Journal of George T.Loher Who in 1895 Cycled from Coast to Coast on His Yellow Fellow Wheel  Harper and Row, 1978.

LYTTON, Edith Bulwer-Lytton, Lady (1841-1936) - H1932

October 1895 to August 27th. 1899

Life as a lady-in waiting to Queen Victoria.

Lady Lytton's Court Diary, 1895-1899  edited by Mary Lutyens. London, Rupert Hart Davis, 1961.



1895 to 1900

Better to Dwell: A Peddler’s Diary, 1895-1900  edited by Mary Coleman, Westville, Florida, New Hope Press, 1995.


MACE, Rebecca Elizabeth Howell (1833-1917)  Mormon wife - M5314

March 1895 to May 1896

Diary extracts; church and social life in Kanab, Utah.

In  Women's Voices: An Untold History of the Latter-day Saints, 1830–1900  compiled and edited by Kenneth W. Godfrey, Audrey M. Godfrey, and Jill Mulvay Derr. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Company, 1982, pp 388-393.


MADAN, Geoffrey Spencer 1895-1947)  Bodley's Librarian and collector and creator of aphorisms - E

Dates Unknown

Commonplace book.

Geoffrey Madan's Notebooks: A Selection  edited by J.A.Gere and John Sparrow. Oxford University Press, 1981. A limited typescript selection was circulated privately in 1949.


OBAN, Alexis - E


Tour of His Eminence Cardinal Francesco Satolli  United States Catholic Historical Society, 1955.


PEARSON, Henry John (1850-1913)  ornithologist - E

a) - 1895 (and 1896?)

Ornithological and exploration notes in diary form.

In  “Beyond Petsora Eastward” Two Summer Voyages  to Novaya Zemlya and the Islands of Barents Sea  by Henry J.Pearson and H.W.Feilden. London, R.H.Porter, 1899.

b) - 1899, 1901 and 1903

Ornithologist’s diaries in Lapland, the first two confined to coastal districts; birds, topography, weather; a visit to the Triphona Monastery; the third trip ventures further inland.

In  Three Summers among the Birds of Russian Lapland  London, R.H.Porter, 1904.


ROBERTS, Robert - E

August 21st. 1895 to August 19th. 1896

Twelve months travel to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and Canada.

Diary of a Voyage to Australia, New Zealand and Other Lands  Caringbah, New South Wales, 1971, Sutherland Christadelphian Ecclesia, facsimile of the 1896 edition, 202 pp.


ROOKE, Thomas  - studio assistant to Burne-Jones - E

1895 to 1898

Burne-Jones Talking: His Conversations, 1895-1898 preserved by his studio assistant, Thomas Rooke  edited by Mary Lago. Columbia, University of Missouri Press, 1981.  


SIEGEL, Fritzi Jokl (1895-1974)  Austrian American soprano - E

Dates Unknown

In Praise of Fritzi  by Jack Siegel, Horizon Press, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


SPRUNGER, David - *M5315,E

In  Courtship and Marriage  by Milton F. Sprunger in  Mennonite Life  XIII, 1976.


STORM, Hans Otto (1895-1941) - E

Dates Unknown

Of Good Family: Stories and Observations about Spanish America  collected and edited by David Greenwood, New York, Swallow Press, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.


SVERDRUP, Otto (1854-1930)  Norwegian explorer and Captain of the Fram - E

a) - March 14th. 1895 to August 21st, 1896

An account of the drift of the Fram, locked in arctic ice, after the departure of Fridtjof Nansen (qv) on his sledge journey; winter in the ice; the break-out; rendezvous with Nansen at Tromsö. The report is clearly based on a diary and journals and contains some direct quotation.

Report of Captain Otto Sverdrup  in the second volume of  "Farthest North": Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Fram 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Month Sleigh Journey by Dr, Nansen and Lieut Johansen with an Appendix by Otto Sverdrup Captain of the Fram  London, Constable, two volumes, 1897.

b) - 1898-1902

(Not seen)

Narrative account as leader of the second Fram expedition, with the object of advancing towards the North Pole, through Smith Sound or to circumnavigate Greenland; life at winter quarters, animal life, hunting and sledge journeys.

New Land: Four Years in the Arctic Regions  translated from Norwegian by Ethel Harriet Hearn. London, Longmans, Green and Co., two volumes 1904.


SYKES, Emma Walmisley - E

Trading Post Honeymoon: The 1895 Diary of Emma Walmisley Sykes  edited by Susan Lowell and Diane Boyer in  Journal of Arizona History  XXX, No.4, Winter, 1989, pp 417-444.


TISDALE, G. [Lieut.] of the US Navy - E

August 1895 to 1898

In  Three Years Behind the Guns: The True Chronicles of a "Diddy-Box"  New York, century, 1908.


TYNDALL, Henry Stuart [Lieut. Col.] (d.1942)  British Indian Army Officer

1895 to 1915

Diary, irregular and often in summary; the Malakand campaign; military and social life in India; travel; sport.  

High Noon of Empire: The Diary of Lieutenant colonel Henry Tyndall 1895-1915  edited by B.A.James. Barnsley, Pen and Sword, 2007.


WARKWORTH, Algernon George, Earl Percy, Lord - E


Notes from a Diary in Asiatic Turkey  London, Edward Arnold in London, 1898. Reprinted Boston, Adamant Media Corporation, 2002.  



July 13th. to August 3rd. 1895

Illustrated holiday journal.

A Victorian Lady on Holiday in Robin Hood's Bay 13 July - 3 August 1895: Lady Mary Wentworth-Fitzwilliam's Journal  Marine Arts Publications, 1997.




Journal of a Few Months' Residence in Portugal: And Glimpses of the South of Spain  Longmans, 1895.



ALLEN, Dorothy Halford [Lady] (1896-1959) - E

Dates unknown

Sunlight and Shadow  Oxford, 1960, is reported to contain diary material.


AMERY, Leopold Stennet (1873-1955) - H1933,*C18

December 17th. 1896 to July 26th. 1945

Political diary. The early years are rather thin and bulked out with extracts from letters. Important.

1. - The Leo Amery Diaries; Volume I: 1896-1929  edited by John Barnes and David Nicholson. London, Hutchinson, 1980.

2. - The Empire at Bay; The Leo Amery Diaries 1929-1945  edited by John Barnes and David Nicholson. London, Hutchinson, 1988.

3. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 59-61, 224-225, 326-327 and 487.


ANDREWS, Ellen Miriam Gibson - *M5316,E


Hudson Diary, 1896-1900  edited by Willis Miller. Hudswon, Wisconsin, 1968.


BARCELONA, Santiago [Dr.] (1863-1937)  - see Villa, Simeon A. - e


BEECHER, Willard C. - *M5317

In  Pacific Northwest Quarterly  LXIV.

BEECHING, Henry Charles [The Rev.] (1859-1919)  Dean of Norwich and author - B294

May 1896 to February 1897

Matthews: Literary diary; largely notes of his reading and literary criticism, with some notes on antiquarian and social matters, and travel; reprinted from  Cornhill Magazine.

Pages from a Private Diary  London 1898.


BENNETT, (Enoch) Arnold (1867-1931)  man of letters - H1934,B294

a) - April 1896 to December 1928

Personal and literary diary; his novels; friends and social life; criticism; travel; the war.

1. - The Journals of Arnold Bennett  edited by Newman Flower. London, Cassell, three volumes, 1932-1933.

2. - The Journal of Arnold Bennett  New York, The Literary Guild, 1933 one volume reprint of the Viking Press three volume edition of 1932-1933 is based on the Newman Flower edition but with omissions and with significant additional material, particularly that relating to his visit to America in 1911.

b) - January 1st. to December 12th. 1929

Diary of a year in England, France and Italy written with an eye to publication; scenes and anecdotes; the character of this diary is markedly more extrovert than the others.

Journal 1929  London, Cassell, 1930 (published in America as  Journal of Things New and Old  New York, 1930).

c)  - Arnold Bennett, The Journals  edited by Frank Swinnerton. London, Penguin Books, 1954, is a reduction of these four volumes.

d) - April 1st. to May 25th. 1910

Diary of a visit to Florence, delightful. Illustrated with his drawings.

Florentine Journal  edited by Dorothy Cheston Bennett. London, Chatto and Windus, 1967, 95 pp, the full text.

e)  - Not examined:  Journal Volume 6  edited by Dorothy Cheston Bennett. London, 1971.

f) - Arnold Bennett, The Journals  London, Penguin Books, Lives and Letters, 1971, is an expansion of c) to incorporate material from d) and e).

g) - The Evening Standard Years: Books and Persons 1926-1931  edited by Andrew Mylett, Archon Books, 1974, contains Bennett’s collected book reviews for the newspaper.  

h) - Extracts: Blythe, pp 230-234; Dunaway & Evans, pp 484-499; and Willard, pp 135-143.


BEVINGTON, S.B. [Col.] - E

October to December 1896

Journal of an Italian Tour  London, Shaw, 1897.


BUTCHER, Thomas - *M5318,E

Touring the Southeast Kansas Area in 1896  in  Kansas historical Quarterly  1969.


CHITTENDEN, Hiram Martin - *H1935,*M5319,E

H.M.Chittenden: A Western Epic; Being a Selection from His Unpublished Journals, Diaries and Reports  edited by Bruce Le Roy. Tacoma, Washington State Historical Society, 1961, 1,000 copies.


CLARKE, Jessica (née CADBURY) (1865-1956)  clergyman's wife, of Corby

1896 to 1922

Memoir based on the diary of the wife of the Rev. T.G.Clarke, Rector of Corby; few traces of the original diary remain and the memoir is of local interest only. There are a few direct quotations, of little value, from her husband's diary.

Extracts from the Diary of Jessica Clarke, Wife of the Revd. T.G.Clarke, Rector of Corby 1896-1922  an unpaginated stapled booklet, sold in aid of St. John the Baptist Church, Corby, 1999.


CONWAY, (William) Martin, Baron Conway of Allington (1856–1937)  art historian and mountaineer - E

a) - 1896

Exploration journal in Spizbergen.

The First Crossing of Spitsbergen; being an account of an inland journey of exploration and survey, with descriptions of several mountain ascents, of boat expeditions in Ice Fjord, of a voyage to North-East-land, the Seven Islands, down Hinloopen Strait, nearly to Wiches Land, and into most of the fjords of Spitsbergen, and of an almost complete circumnavigation of the main island  London, J.M. Dent; New York, Scribner, 1897.

b) - Alps from End to End  London, Constable, 1900, is reported to contain diary material.


COOPER, E.M. [Miss]  - nurse at St. Thomas' Hospital

December 28th. 1896

Nurse's ward diary for one day in a male medical ward.

In  Victorian Diaries: The Daily Lives of Victorian Men and Women  edited by Heather Creaton. London, Mitchell Beazley, 2001, pp 111-113.

CRAWFORD, Isabel Alice Hartley (1865-1961)  missionary to Kiowa Indians - E

a) - April 9th. 1896 to February 1903, some later entries to August 25th. 1906

Kiowa: The History of a Blanket Indian Mission  New York, Revell, 1915. Reprinted, University of Nebraska Press, 1998.

b) - Dates Unknown

In  Joyful Journey  Philadelphia, Judson, 1951.

c) - Dates Unknown

A Jolly Journal  New York, Revell, 1932.


FLAVELL, George F. - E


“An Account of an 1896 River Voyage from Green River, Wyoming to Yuma, Arizona through the Grand Canyon.”

The Log of the Panthon  Boulder, Pruett Publishing, 1987, 109 pp.


FLINT, Grover - E


Marching with Gomez: A War Correspondent’s Field Note-Book Kept During Four Months with the Cuban Army  Boston, 1898.


FRAENKEL, Michael (1896-1957)  author - E

a) - 1940 to 1944

Land of the Quetzal: Excerpts from the Journal: The Mexican Years, 1940-1944  New York, Alicat Bookshop, 1946, 36 pp,750 copies.

b) - Dates unknown

The Day Face and the Night Face  New York, Irving Stettner, 1947. “Fraenkel was one of the self-exiled American expatriates who moved to France following WWI. There he met Henry Miller, and Walter Lowenfels, with whom he founded Carrefour Press, a voice for the short lived "anonymous" movement based on the idea of total anonymity in the arts.”


GARDINER, Andrew - E


Two Months Abroad and What I Saw  privately printed, 1896.


GREENE, Ruth Altman (b.1896)  wife of a medical missionary in China - E

Dates Unknown

Hsiang-Ya Journal  Hamden, Connecticut, Archon, 1977.


HAGUE, James D. - *M5320,E

At This High Altitude One Gets Weary Very Soon  in  Huntington Library Quarterly  Summer, 1981.


HERITAGE, E.M. [Miss]  - nurse at St. Thomas' Hospital

November 14th. 1896

Nurse's ward diary for one day in a female surgical ward.

In  Victorian Diaries: The Daily Lives of Victorian Men and Women  edited by Heather Creaton. London, Mitchell Beazley, 2001, pp 109-111.


HICHBORN, William - E

June 29th. to July 1896

A day by day record of the visit of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston to the Honorable Artillery Company of London; Atlantic crossing in the Servia; welcome by Queen Victoria; parade at Aldershot; sightseeing in Europe; Paris, Cologne, Weisbaden, Brussels, Antwerp.

Trip of The Ancients: A Memoir of Events, Personal Experiences and Impressions  Malden, Massachusetts, George E. Dunbar, 1897.


HOPPIN, Benjamin - *H1936,*M5321,E


A Diary Kept with the Peary Expedition  New Haven, privately printed, 1897.


KNIGHT, E [Miss]  - nurse at St. Thomas' Hospital

October 24th. 1896

Nurse's ward diary for one day in a children's ward.

In  Victorian Diaries: The Daily Lives of Victorian Men and Women  edited by Heather Creaton. London, Mitchell Beazley, 2001, p 108.

LACEY, Thomas Alexander [The Rev.] (1853-1931)  theologian - B295


Matthews: Ecclesiastical diary; a visit to Rome concerning the papal enquiry into English ordinations.

A Roman Diary  London, 1910


LACHAMBRE, Henri (1846 - 1904) French balloon manufacturer - E

1896? and 1897?

Andree's Balloon Expedition in Search of the North Pole  New York: Stokes, 1898, is reported to contain diary material.


LANE, Horace Greeley - *M5322

In  Washington Heritage  II.


LAPHAM, Fannie Crosley - *M5323

Arksey: In  Cowlitz County Historical Quarterly  IX.


LEOPOLD, F.Werner (1896-1984)  German born American speech development specialist - E

From 1930?

A study of his daughter Hildegarde’s bilingual language development, in English and German, based on his diary notes.

Speech Development of a Bilingual Child  four volumes, 1939, 1947 and 1949 and New York, four volumes, AMS Press, 1970.


LEWIS, Samuel L. (Sufi Sam) (Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti) (1896-1971)  American mystic and horticultural scientist, founder of the Sufi Ruhaniat International - E

Dates unknown

Sufi Visions and Initiation: Meetings with Remarkable Beings  Novato, California, Sufi Islamia/Prophesy Publications, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.


LODGE, Eleanor Constance (1896-1936)  Historian, Principal of Westfield College - E

Dates unknown

Her autobiography  Terms and Vacations  Oxford University Press, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.


LUNT, Dudley Cammett (b.1896) - E

Dates unknown

“An account of a year spent in the natural history of Taylors Gut,a remote inlet off Delaware bay.”

Taylors Gut in the Delaware State  Indianapolis, Knopf, 1968.


NOLAND, James F. - *M5324,E

In  Sea Chest  XVII. Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society.


PETERS, Carl F. - E

1896? To 1902?

Exploration and researches in Africa.

Eldorado of the Ancients  London, 1902 and Bulawayo, Books of Rhodesia, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


PLESS, Daisy, Princess of (née Mary Theresa Olivia Cornwallis-West) (b.1873?) - D243

a) - May 7th. 1896 to June 15th. 1914

Personal diary of the Englishwoman who became a German Princess. The court and aristocracies of Germany and England. Clothes; dancing; palaces and castles. A lively and interesting record of a vanished world.

From My Private Diary  edited by Major Desmond Chapman-Huston. London, John Murray, 1931. Published in America (New York, Dutton) as  Better Left Unsaid.

Note: James Cummings (3157) has also  What I Left Unsaid  New York, Dutton, 1936.

b) - April 6th. 1905 to November 27th. 1918

Autobiography, largely based on her diaries, with letters and some extracts from the diaries themselves.

Daisy Princess of Pless, by Herself edited by Major Desmond Chapman-Huston. London, John Murray , 1928.

c) - The Private Diaries of Daisy Princess of Pless, 1873-1914  edited by D.Chapman-Huston. London, John Murray, Albemarle Library Edition, 1950, is a selection from both the earlier books.


RAPHAELSON, Samson (1896-1983)  American playwright and screenwriter - E

Dates unknown

The human nature of Playwriting  New York, Macmillan, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.


SEARS, William Henry [General] (b.1858) - E

From 1876

Working for the Moore and Powers Cattle Company in Colorado.

Notes From a Cowboy's Diary  privately printed, Lawrence, Kansas.


SHERWOOD, Robert Emmet (1896-1955)  American playwright - E

Dates Unknown

The Worlds of Robert E.Sherwood: Mirror of His Times, 1896-1939  by John Mason Brown, is reported to contain diary material.


STRINDBERG, August (1849-1912) - *H1937,E


Personal diary; his third marriage to a Norwegian actress thirty years his junior; divorce; obsession near to madness.

From an Occult Diary: Marriage with Harriet Bosse  edited by Torsten Eklund, translated by Mary Sandbach. London, Secker and Warburg, New York, Hill and Wang, 1965.

TAIT, Frederick Guthrie (1870-1900)  soldier and sportsman - B295

January 1896 to October 1899

Matthews: Sporting diary; a detailed record of his activities as a golfer, with descriptions of play and courses, etc.

A Record of Frederick Guthrie Tait  by J.L.Low. London, 1900.


TAYLOR, Charles Maus (b.1849)  American artist and photographer - E

a) - 1896

Vacation Days in Hawaii and Japan  Philadelphia, Jacobs, 1898.

b) - 1900?

Touring Alaska and the Yellowstone  Philadelphia, Jacobs, 1901.


TILLICH, Hannah (1896?-1988)  wife of Paul Tillich (qv) - E

From Place to Place: Travels with Paul Tillich, Travels without Paul Tillich  New York, Stein and Day, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.


TOBIN, M.A. [Miss]  - nurse at St. Thomas' Hospital

October 8th. 1896

Nurse's ward diary for one day in a female surgical ward.

In  Victorian Diaries: The Daily Lives of Victorian Men and Women  edited by Heather Creaton. London, Mitchell Beazley, 2001, p 109.


VILLA, Simeon A. (d.1945) - E

From 1896?


In  Aguinaldo's Odyssey: As Told in the Diaries of Col. Simeon Villa and Dr. Santiago Barcelona  Manila, Publications of the Bureau of Public Libraries, No. 22, 1963.


WILSON, Violet M.  - nurse at St. Thomas' Hospital

October 8th. 1896

Nurse's ward diary for one day in a children's ward.

In  Victorian Diaries: The Daily Lives of Victorian Men and Women  edited by Heather Creaton. London, Mitchell Beazley, 2001, p 106.



ABRUZZI, Luigi Amadeo di Savoia, Duke of  (1873-1933)  Italian nobleman, mountaineer and explorer


a) - 1897

Accounts and diaries of the duke's expedition to climb Mount St. Elias in Alaska.

1. - In  The Ascent of Mount St. Elias  New York, Stokes, 1900. The book was actually written by Filippo de Filippi, a member of the expedition, who used his own and other diaries and journals as well of those of the Duke himself.

2. - In  A Most Hostile Mountain: Re-Creating the Duke of Abruzzi's Historic Expedition on Mount St. Elias  by Jonathan Waterman (qv). New York, Holt, 1997, passim.

b) - 1899 to 1900

Accounts and diaries of an expedition towards the North Pole.

In  On the Polar Star in the Arctic Sea  London, Hutchinson, two volumes, 1903.

c) - 1906

Accounts and diaries of an exploration on the borders of  the Congo and Uganda.

In  Ruwenzori: An Account of the expedition of H.R.H. Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy  London, Constable, 1909. The book is again written by Filippo de Filippi using his own journals and those of other members of the expedition as well as the Duke’s diaries.


ADNEY, (Edwin) Tappan (1868-1950)  American journalist - E

1897 and 1898

Correspondent for Harper's Weekly in the Klondike.

In  The Klondike Stampede  New York and London, Harper, 1900.


ALLEY, Rewi (1897-1987)  New Zealand born writer, potter and member of the Chinese Communist PartyE

Dates unknown

Chinese Hinterland in the Leap Forward  Peking, New World Press, 1961, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Rewi Alley was the author of very many books which may possibly contain diary material.


AMUNDSEN, Roald Engelbregt Gravning (1872-1928)  Norwegian polar explorer - E

a) - 1897 to 1898

Diary as member of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition; an icebound winter.

Roald Amundsen's Belgica Diary: The First Scientific Expedition to the Antarctic  edited by Hugo Decleir. Bluntisham Books/ Erskine Press, 1993.

b) - 1903 to 1907

The North-West Passage: Being the record of a Voyage of Exploration in the Ship Gjøa, 1903-1907  Dutton, two volumes, 1908.

c) - 1910 to 1912

The South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the Fram, 1910-1912  translated by A.G.Chater. New York, two volumes, 1913.

d) - 1925

Our Polar Flight: The Amundsen-Ellsworth Polar Flight  New York, Dodd, 1925.

ANDREE, Salomon August (1854-1897)

July 11th. to October 1897

The surviving records of an ill-fated Swedish expedition which attempted to reach the North Pole by balloon. A moving record of courage in the face of the disastrous consequences of mischance and incompetence.

A full transcript of the diary and also of the note books kept by Nils Strindberg is contained in The Andree Diaries; Being the diaries and records of S.A.Andree, Nils Strindberg and Knut Fraenkel written during their balloon expedition to the North Pole in 1897 and discovered on White Island in 1930, together with a complete record of the expedition and discovery  Authorised translation from the Official Swedish edition by Edward Adams-Ray. London, John Lane the Bodley Head, 1931.


ADAMS, Sophia - *K27


BANFIELD, Edmund James - E

From 1897

1. - “Life on a tropical island [Dunk Island] off the coast of North Queensland from 1897.”

My Tropic Isle  London, T.Fisher Unwin, 1913.

2. - In  A Different Drummer: The Story of E.J.Banfield, the Beachcomber of Dunk Island  by Michael Noonan, University of Queensland Press, 1984.


BANON, Edward Magawly (1867-1944) - *M5327,E

The Diary of Edward Magawly Banon, Klondike, British Yukon, 1897  compiled by Mrs. Edward Magawly Banon. Privately printed, Newport, Rhode Island, 1948.


BARR, Stringfellow (1897-1982)  American historian - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (842) has  Leaves from an Asian Diary  in  The Rare Action  Rutgers, 1970. The publication has not been traced.


BARTINE, Mary Oakley - *M5328,E

The Diary of Mary Oakley Bartine   edited by Martha Roach, in  Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries  XLVI, 1984, pp 84-90.


BASI, Wilhelm (1869-1951) - *M5329,E

Wilhelm Basi Diary on 1898 Yukon Rescue  Finnish American Historical Society of the West, Pioneer Series, VI, No.4, 1971.

BEATTY, David Beatty, 1st. Earl (1871-1936)  Admiral of the Fleet

September 12th. 1897 to August 7th. 1898 and June 9th. to July 13th. 1900

Diaries of actions on the Nile and during the Boxer Rebellion, China.

In  The Life and Letters of David Beatty, Admiral of the Fleet  by Rear-Admiral W.S. Chalmers. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1951, pp  24-27 and 50-69.


BEER, Edwin John (1879-1986)  chemist, mineralogist, developer of viscose rayon - E

From 1897?

“Beer joined C F Cross's Viscose Spinning Syndicate at Kew in 1897. He became the chief works chemist, housed in a mews near Kew Gardens railway station and played a key role in the conversion of viscose from a chemical curiosity to a valuable commercial material.”

The Beginning of Rayon  Paignton, Devon, Phoebe Beer, 1962. A corrigenda and supplement of 36pp. was published by Phoebe Beer in 1968.


BENSON, Arthur Christopher (1862-1925) essayist, novelist and scholar - B295

1897 to 1925

Personal diary; university and social life; work and friends.

1. - The Diary of Arthur Christopher Benson  arranged for publication by Percy Lubbock. London, Hutchinson, 1926. This selection from the four million words of the manuscript was made before the diaries were locked away for fifty years.

2. - On the Edge of Paradise; A.C.Benson; The Diarist  by David Newsome. University of Chicago Press, 1980. A biography based upon a re-examination of the diaries following the expiry of the embargo, contains further quotation, but no extended passages.

3. - Edwardian Excursions: From the Diaries of A.C.Benson 1898-1904  edited by David Newsome. London, John Murray, 1981. Twelve episodes, themselves almost unabridged.

Note: The Gate of Death: A Diary  London, Smith Elder, 1906, which purports to be a reflective and thoughtful diary of convalescence after a near fatal fall from a ladder, followed by pneumonia and a heart attack, is fiction; as also is  The Altar Fire  London, Smith Elder, 1907, which again is written in diary form.  


BOGAN, Louise (1897-1970)  American poet - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Journey Around My Room: The Autobiography of Louise Bogan  Viking, 1980.

2. - From the Notebooks of Louise Bogan  in  Antaeus  Autumn, 1977.


CARTER, M.L. [Miss]  - nurse at St. Thomas' Hospital

January 28th. 1897

Nurse's ward diary for one day in a female surgical ward.

In  Victorian Diaries: The Daily Lives of Victorian Men and Women  edited by Heather Creaton. London, Mitchell Beazley, 2001, pp 113-114.


COHEN, Morris Raphael (1880-1947)  - *M5330,E

In  Portrait of a Philosopher: Morris R. Cohen in Life and Letters  by Leonora Cohen Rosenfield. New York, Harcourt, Brace & World, 1962.


EMORY, Kenneth Pike (1897-1992)  American anthropologist - E

Dates unknown

Kenneti: South Sea Adventures of Kenneth Emory  University of Hawaii, 1988, is reported to contain diary material.


GUTTERSEN, Granville (1897-1918) - E

Dates unknown

Granville: Tales and Tail Spins from a Flyer’s Diary  New York, Abingdon Press, 1919.


HARRISON, Thomas Skelton - *H1939,*M5331,E

1897 to 1899

The Homely Diary of a Diplomat in the East, 1897-1899  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1917.




KERBLE, Hugo L.  - Landsman aboard the USS Baltimore - E

1897? to 1900?

The USS Baltimore sailed for the Hawaiian Islands in 1897, to Hong Kong, in 1808, destroyed the Spanish Fleet in Manila Bay, remained on Asiatic convoy duties and sailed home via the Suez Canal in 1900.

James Cummings (6910) has  My Cruise Around the World on the American Cruiser Baltimore, and the Incidents of the Battle of Manila Bay  Merrll, 1901. No other copy has been traced.


KINGSFORD-SMITH, Charles Edward [Sir] (1897-1935) - E

Dates Unknown

My Flying Life: An authentic biography prepared under the personal supervision of and from the diaries and papers of the late Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith  London, Melrose, 1937.


KLEE, Paul (1879-1940)  Swiss artist - *H1940,E

a) - 1897 to 1918

The Diaries of Paul Klee, 1898-1918  edited by Felix Klee. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1964. London, Peter Owen, 1965.

b) - 1914

Diary of a Trip to Tunisia  in  Tunisian Watercolors and Drawings  by Auguste Macke. New York, Abrams, 1969.

c) - Paul Klee: His Life and Work in Documents  New York, Braziller, 1962, is reported to contain diary material.


MEINERTZHAGEN, Dan (1875-1898)  naturalist and artist, brother of Richard Meinertzhagen (qv) - E


Diary of a bird-nesting trip to Lapland; some good incidental detail; Meinerzhagen’s diary ceases at the end of June and is continued by R.P.Hornby who had just celebrated his twenty-first birthday and is a rather more lively diarist than his companion.

Bird Life in an Arctic Spring: The Diaries of Dan Meinertzhagen and R,P.Hornby  London, Country Life, 1899.


MOSIER, Charles (188I?-1960?) - *M5332,E

In  North


NICHOLS, Lora Webb - *M5333E

In  Wyoming  XI.


NICK, Peter - E


Alaska gold rush diary.

In   GOLD! . . . No Gold  by Juliane Nick Dexter. Escondido, California, Omni Publishers, 1976. The diary is included in the autobiography of his daughter's childhood.


NICOLL, Catherine Robertson - E

1897? to 1893?

Under the Bay Tree  London, Headley Bros. is reported to contain diary material.


NORTH, Helen Marshall - E

Before 1897

Leaves from a Metaphysician’s Diary: A Summer Idyll  in  Metaphysical Magazine  V, No.2, p7.


PATTERSON, Carl (1873-1942) - *M5334,E

In  Carl Patterson: A Biography and Extracts of Writings  1949.



The following are reported to contain diary material: -

a) - 1897 to 1925

Wenham Lake Shooting Record and the Farm Bag, 1897 to 1925  privately printed, 1926, 100 copies, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1936, also 100 copies.

b) - Dates unknown

A Sportsman’s Scrapbook  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1928.

c) - Dates unknown

A Sportsman’s Second Scrapbook  Boston, houghton Mifflin, 1933.


POSEY, Alexander Lawrence - *H1941,*M5335,E

a) - The Journal of Alexander Posey  in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  Winter, 1967/8.

b) - Journal of Creek Enrollment Field Party, 1905  in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  Spring, 1968.


POTWIN, Julia Hedges - E

1897 and 1898

Fourteen Months Abroad  privately printed, Cleveland, 1911.

ROGER, James Cruikshank (1820-1899)  antiquarian - B295

May to June 1897

Matthews: Travel diary; tour in Perthshire and Inverness-shire; full details concerning matters of antiquarian interest.

Journal of a Summer Tour  London, privately printed, 1898.


ROMIG, Emily Craig (b.1871) - *M5336,E

1. - The Life and Travels of a Pioneer Woman in Alaska  privately printed, Colorado Springs, 1945.

2. - A Pioneer Woman in Alaska  Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton, 1948.


SHAPE, William (1867-1960) - E

From 1897?

Faith of Fools: A journal of the Klondike Gold Rush  Pullman, Washington State University, 1998.


SHAW, Milton M. - E

May 30th. to June 5th. 1897

The extraordinary and strangely compelling record of a railway tour by a party of Pennsylvania Railroad conductors and their wives, often recorded to the minute and replete with references to his companions, personnel and engine numbers; events, scenery, entertainments.

Nine Thousand Miles on a Pullman Train: An account of a tour of railroad conductors from Philadelphia to the Pacific Coast and return  Philadelphia, 1898.

SLATE, Ruth (1884-1953)  clerk in the City of London

July 21st. 1897 to December 5th. 1909 and a few entries for 1916

Substantial extracts from her personal diary from the age of thirteen, when she left school; growing up; religion; personal problems; her friendship with Eva Slawson (qv); reading, self-improvement; feminism; women's suffrage.

Dear Girl; The Diaries and Letters of Two Working Women 1897-1917  edited by Tierl Thompson. London, The Women's Press, paperback, 1987.


SLAYDEN, Ellen Maury - *H1942,*M5337,E

1897 to 1919

Frank and witty account of life in Washington by the wife of a Texas Congressman.

Washington Wife; Journal of Ellen Maury Slaydon from 1897-1919  edited by Walter Prescott Webb. New York, Harper and Rowe, 1962.


STEVENSON, Paul Eve (1868-1910) - E

May 11th. to September 19th. 1897?

Brooklyn to San Francisco on the Hosea Higgins.

By Way of Cape Horn: Four Months in a Yankee Clipper  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1898.

Note: A Deep-Water Voyage  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1897? is an account of an earlier voyage to Calcutta and may also be in diary form.

STRINDBERG, Nils (1872-1897):  see ANDREE, S.A.


TUTTLE, Francis - E

1897? to 1898?

In  Report of the Cruise of the U. S. Revenue Cutter Bear and the Overland Expedition for the Relief of the Whalers in the Arctic Ocean from November 27 1897 to September 13 1898  U.S. Government Printing, 1899.


WELLS, Edmond Hazard  - American journalist - *H1943,*M5338,E

Magnificance and Misery: A Firsthand Account of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush  edited by Randall M.Dodd. New York, Doubleday, 1984.


WILLEY, Basil (1897-1978)  Cambridge professor of English literature - E

Dates unknown

Spots of Time: A Retrospect of the Years 1897  London, Norton, 1965, is reported to contain diary material: the second volume of Willey's autobiography  Cambridge and Other Memories, 1920-1953  London, Chatto and Windus, 1968, may also do so.


WOLFF, Charlotte (1897-1996)  German lesbian psychologist - E

On the Way to Myself: Communications to a Friend  London: Methuen, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.




In  Oregon Historical Quarterly  LXVI.


AUSTIN, Basil - E


The Diary of a Ninety-Eighter  Mount Pleasant, Michigan , John Cumming, 1968.


BERGER, Meyer (1898-1959)  American journalist - E

Dates unknown

1. - The Eight Million: A Journal of a New York Correspondent  Simon and Schuster, 1942.

2. - Meyer Berger’s New York  Random House, 1960, is a collection of berger’s About New York columns from The New York Times.


BIRCHALL, Lindaraja (1880-1956)  eighteen year old Englishwoman


Private diary of the eighteen year old daughter of Dearman Birchall (qv) for the year after her father's death; life at Bowden Hall, Gloucestershire with her sister; social life; riding; an accident to a friend; a visit to the doctor. Of little interest.

In The Diary of a Victorian Squire: Extracts from the Diaries and Letters of Dearman & Emily Birchall  chosen and introduced by David Verey. Gloucester, Alan Sutton, 1983, pp 231-238.


BOWE, John - E


With the Thirteenth Minnesota Infantry in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War.

With The Thirteenth Minnesota  Minneapolis, A.B.Farnham, 1905.


BROWN, James Douglas (b.1898)  economist and Princeton University administrator - E

Dates unknown

The Commonplace Book of an Academic Dean  Princeton University, Industrial relations Section, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


BRIGGS, Thomas H. - E

1898 to 1899

'We were all mustered in Uncle Sam’s Army': The Journal of Thomas H. Briggs in the Philippines, 1898-1899  edited by Steven J. Bucklin in  South Dakota History  XXXIV, No. 3, Fall 2004.


BRUNTON, Paul (pseud.) (Raphael HURST) (1898-1981)  British theosophist and spiritualist - E

Dates unknown

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton  Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundations, twelve volumes, 1984-1988.


CASTNER, Joseph C. (1869-1946) - E


Lieutenant Castner's Alaskan Exploration, 1898: A Journey of Hardship and Suffering  edited by Lyman L.Woodman, Anchorage, Alaska, 1984, Cook Inlet Historical Society, is reported to contain diary material.


CERF, Bennett (1898-1971)  publisher, co-founder of Random House - E

Dates Unknown

At Random: The Reminiscences of Bennett Cerf  New York, Random House, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


CONGER, Horace Samuel (1863-1941) - E

1898 to 1899

In Search of Gold: The Alaska Journals of Horace S. Conger, 1898-1899  edited by Carolyn Jean Holeski, and Marlene Conger  Holeski. Anchorage, Alaska, Alaska Geographic Society, 1983.


COOK, Frederick Albert (1865-1940)  American explorer and physician - E

1898 to 1899

An account of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition of 1897-99 led by Adrien de Gerlache in the Belgica; the ship was ice-bound during the winter.

Through the First Antarctic Night, 1898-1899  New York, Doubleday, 1900, is reported to contain diary material.


COX, Samuel FitzGibbon [Lieut.] (b.1870)  British soldier

January 3rd. to September 17th. 1898

Military diary of the Omdurman campaign; military duties, marches, parades, sickness; shooting of game and crocodiles. The diary is extensively quoted in support and amplification of the diary of Private George Teigh (qv).

In  Omdurman Diaries, 1898: Eyewitness Accounts of the Legendary Campaign  edited by John Meredith. London, Leo Cooper, 1998.


CROSS, R. - *M5340,E

The Voyage of the Oregon from San Francisco to Santiago in 1898  privately printed, Boston, 1908.

Note: James Cummings also has:  The Voyage of the Oregon  Little Brown, 1917.


CURTIN, Walter Russell - *M5341,E

Yukon Voyage: Unofficial Log of the Steamer Yukoner  Caldwell, Idaho, The Caxton Printers, 1938.


CURTIS, Asahel (1874-1941)  American photographer - *M5342,E

In  Alaska Journal  XIII.


DARBYSHIRE, Douglas E. - E

April to June 1898

Shipboard experiences of the Surgeon-in-Charge of forty six young single women emigrating to Australia to be employed in domestic service.

In Time for Lunch: The Personal Diary and The Official Journal of Douglas E.Darbyshire, Surgeon-in Charge of the Young Women Emigrants Sailing in the S.S. Cornwall from England to Australia, 1898  Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1991, 108 pp.

DAVIS, Mary Lee - C312


Matthews: Reminiscences of her experiences and observations at Dawson and elsewhere in the Yukon and Klondyke during 1898, etc.; Canadian woman pioneer; extracts from diary.

Sourdough Gold  Boston, 1933.


DOLWIG, Jacob (b.1853?) - E


From Hungary to North Dakota  in  North Dakota Historical Quarterly  April, 1929.


DYSART, Zella - E


Summer Sojourn to the Grand Canyon: The 1898 Diary of Zella Dysart  edited by Mona Lange McCroskey. Holly Bear Press, 1996, 108 pp.


EDWARDS, Frank E [Lieut]  - American soldier - E


The ’98 Campaign of the 6th Massachusetts U.S.V.  Little Brown, 1899, is reported to contain diary material.


EINSTEIN, Alfred (1880-1952)  German American musicologist - *M5343,E

The Autobiography and Early Diary  in  Musical Quarterly  July, 1980.

FITZROY, Almeric William [Sir] (1851-1935)  Clerk of the Privy Council - B295,D102

August 1898 to May 1922

Matthews: Public diary; from his appointment as clerk of the Privy Council to his retirement; public, political, and cabinet affairs; Boer War and First World War; some personal matters.

Memoirs  London, two volumes, 1925. Passim.


GARLAND, Hamlin (1860-1940)  American novelist - *H1944,*M5344,E

a) - Hamlin Garland's Diaries  edited by Donald Pizer. San Marino, Huntington Library, 1968.

b) - 1884-1999

Record of a literary life, based on diaries.

Roadside Meetings  Macmillan, 1930.

c)  - 1900-1912

Record of a literary life, based on diaries.

Companions on the Trail  Macmillan, 1931.

d)  - 1913-1927

Record of a literary life, based on diaries.

My Friendly Contemporaries  Macmillan, 1932.

e)  - From 1927?

Record of a literary life, based on diaries.

Afternoon Neighbors  Macmillan, 1934.


GILLIS, Charles J.


A Summer Vacation in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Russia  privately printed, New York, 1898.


GODDARD, Robert Hutchings (1882-1945)  American physicist - *M5345,E

In  The Papers of Robert H. Goddard, including the reports to the Smithsonian Institution and the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation  edited by Esther C. Goddard. New York, McGraw-Hill, three volumes, 1970.


GOODALE, I.Preston - *M5346,E

In  Danvers Historical Society Collections  XXV.


GOODE, William Athelstane Meredith [Sir] (1875-1944)  journalist and financial sdviser - E


With Sampson Through the War: Being an Account of the Naval Operations of the North Atlantic Squadron During the Spanish American War  Doubleday, 1899, is reported to contain diary material.


GRINNELL, Joseph (1877-1939) - *M5347,E

Gold hunting in Alaska as Told by Joseph Grinnell  edited by Elizabeth Grinnell. Chicago, David C. Cook Publishing. 1901. Reprinted, Anchorage, Alaska, Alaska Northwest, 1983.


GRAY, Patrick Walworth (1898-1917) - E

Dates unknown

“From Rugby Gray secured a scholarship at Trinity College Oxford. but went instead to Woolwich from whence he emerged as a gunner subaltern in November 1916. Opting for the Field Artillery ("you are nearer the front"), he got to France in May 1917 and was posted to 155th Army F.A. Bde. On the night of May 8th 1917 he was badly wounded by a shell & died next evening in the CCS. Contains his letters from Woolwich & the Front, various condolences &c”

Patrick Walworth Gray: The Record of a Boy’s Life Ended in the Great War  by his father, Albert Gray, privately printed, 1918.


HARTWICK, Edwaed E. [Major] - E

From 1898?

In  A Biographical Sketch of major Edward E.Hartwick, Together with a Compilation of Major Hartwick’s Letters and Diaries Written During the Spanish-American and World Wars  by Gordon K.Miller, Detroit, 1921.




“When Mary Hitchcock heard about the discovery of gold in the Klondike in 1898, she left her privileged city life for the wilds of Alaska, planning to stake her own claims. She persuaded her friend Edith Van Buren to accompany her, … describes in diary form the people she met and her impressions of rural Alaska and Dawson City. Invaluable for its detailed descriptions of manners, food, and personalities, …”

Two Women in the Klondike  Putnam, 1899.


HOBSON, Richmond Pearson  - in command of the Merrimac - E


“… sinking of the USS Merrimac, a US Navy collier, in Santiago during the Spanish-American War; …”

The Sinking of the Merrimac  Century, 1899. Reissued with a new introduction and notes by Richard W.Turk, Annapolis, Naval Institute Press, 1987.


HUISH, Orson Pratt - *M5348,E

Journal of a Commercial Photography Tour  in  Utah Historical Quarterly  Summer, 1966.


JARVIS, Joseph Russell - *H1945,*M5349,E

The Cape Nome Gold Rush  in  Journal of the West  1970.


JOHNSON, William R. (1880) - *H1946,*M5350,E

1898 to1902

“At the end of his sophomore year, when the Spanish American War was beginning, he lied about his age and volunteered for military duty. He was mustered into service as a private in Company E of the 158th Indiana Infantry on May 10 at Indianapolis. He eventually arrived at the Philippine Islands in 1899.”

Three Years in the Orient  in  Indiana Magazine of History  LXIII, No. 4, December, 1967.


JONES, Harry W. - E


“A personal account of life on the battleship Texas in the Spanish-American War.”

A Chaplain’s Experience Ashore and Afloat  New York, Sherwood, 1901.


KIRBY, Albert - *M5351,E

Without Purse or Scrip  in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  Winter, 1982-1983.


KJELLMAN, William - E


Eaton Station Log Book  in  9th Annual Report of Introduction of Domestic Rein Deer into Alaska  US Government Printing, 1900.


KNOWLES, John Harris [Rev.] (1892-1908)

April to May 1898  

A Flight in Spring: In the Car Lucania from New York to the Pacific Coast and Back, during April and May, 1898  New York: Little, 1898.


LANCASTER, William (Bill) Newton (1898-1933)  aviator who was acquitted of murder in the USA - E

Dates Unknown

Verdict on a Lost Flyer: The Story of Bill Lancaster  by Ralph Barker, London, Harrap, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.


LASCELLES, Alan Frederick (Tommy) [Sir] (1887-1981)

a) - January 1st. 1898 to November 29th. 1920

Private diary; schoolboy; undergraduate; man about town; stockbroker; aide-de-camp to the Governor of Bombay; society and country house life; a gallery of friends; an interesting, entertaining and well written account of a vanished world; he kept no diary through the war but the omission is supplied by letters.

End of an Era; Letters and Journals of Sir Alan Lascelles 1887-1920  edited by Duff Hart-Davis. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1986.

b) - The volume entitled  In Royal Service; Letters and Journals of Sir Alan Lascelles from 1920 to 1936  edited by Duff Hart-Davis, London, Hamish Hamilton, 1989, is composed almost entirely of letters but provides a most interesting account of his service as Assistant Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales until 1929.

c) - June 2nd. 1942 to April 8th. 1946

Private diary as assistant private secretary and (from 1943) private secretary to George VI; a most interesting account of relations between the King, his courtiers, politicians and military men by a man privy to all the secrets of the war; his official and social life with some notes of family affairs; the Royal Family; colleagues; much about Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, with retrospective notes and reflections upon his personality and the events surrounding the abdication; meetings with, and anecdotes about, Churchill and many other prominent men and women. Excellent.

King's Counsellor: Abdication and War, The Diaries of Sir Alan Lascelles edited by Duff Hart-Davis. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2006.  

LÉAUTAUD (LEAUTAUD), Paul (1872-1956)  journalist - H1947

September 10th. 1898 to December 31st. 1907

Personal diary of Parisian journalist and drama critic; work; relationships with women. Surprisingly interesting.

Journal of a Man of Letters, 1898-1907  translated by Geoffrey Sainsbury. London, Chatto and Windus, 1960. A severely abridged version of Journal Litteraire published in France, two volumes, 1952(?).


LEE, Norman - E


“The Legend of Norman Lee is derived from his journal, from his letters and from the men who accompanied him when he attempted to drive his cattle from the Chilcotin northward to the gold fields of the Klondike. It was a long drive - over 1500 miles - and the outcome little more than a gamble, but throughout the discouraging weeks of mud, cold and bad luck he kept his sense of humor. He also kept a diary, and on his return to ‘civilisation’ he rewrote and illustrated his story from the water-soaked pages of the original. This manuscript was completed about the turn of the century and it lay unpublished and unknown until 1960.”

Klondike Cattle Drive: The Journal of Norman Lee  Vancouver, Mitchell Press, 1960.

Note: James Cummings (7428) has  Journal of Norman Lee  Vancouver, 1959, 100 copies.


LONGDEN, Charles E. - *H1948,*M5352,E

Carromatos and Quinine: Private Longden and the Medical Corps of 1898  edited by, James B.Agnew in  Military Review  LIX, July, 1979, pp 11-21.


McADAM, Ebenezer - E

1898 to 1899

From Duck lake to Dawson City: The Diary of Eben McAdam’s Journey to the Klondike, 1898-1899  Saskatoon, 1977.


MAHLER, Alma (née Schindler) (1879?-1964)  wife of the composer, Gustav Mahler

1898 To 1902

Private diary; uninhibited social life; parties, balls and concerts; mother and step-father; art and artists; her music and ambition; romantic longings; her sexual desires for Gustav Klimt, Zemlinsky and Mahler and her relations with Mahler before the wedding. The open and attractive diary of a mercurial personality from adolescence to full blooded womanhood which brings vividly to life the atmosphere of fin-de-siècle Vienna.

Alma Mahler-Werfel: Diaries1898-1902  selected and translated by Antony Beaumont, from the German edition transcribed and edited by Antony Beaumont and Susanne Rode-Breymann. London, Faber and Faber, 1998.


MABBOTT, Thomas Olive (1898-1968) - E

Dates Unknown

Mabbott as Poe Scholar: The Early Years  by Maureen Cobb Mabbott, Baltimore, Edgar Allen Poe Society, Enoch Pratt Free Library, University of Baltimore, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


MARSH, Marvin Sanford - *M5353,E

An Iowan in the Klondike Gold Rush  San Diego, Corral of the Westerners, 1979.


McCURDY, Frank Allen (1877?-1912) - E


In  Two Rough Riders; Letters from F. Allen McCurdy and J. Kirk McCurdy, who volunteered and fought with the Rough Riders during the Spanish American war of 1898, to their father J.M. McCurdy  privately printed, New York, 1902.


MEIKLEJOHN, Ronald Forbes [Lieut.] (b.1876)  British soldier

January 4th. to September 12th. 1898

Military diary of the Omdurman campaign; military details; food; dysentery; some good personal touches; surprise at being recognised by Kitchener. The diary is quoted in support and amplification of the diary of Private George Teigh (qv).

In  Omdurman Diaries, 1898: Eyewitness Accounts of the Legendary Campaign  edited by John Meredith. London, Leo Cooper, 1998.


MINTO, Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 4th. Earl of (1845-1914)  Governor General of Canada - E

1898 to 1904

In  Lord Minto’s Canadian Papers: A Selection of the Public and Private Papers of the Fourth earl of Minto, 1894-1904  The Publications of the Champlain Society, two volumes, LI, 2013 and LIII, 2013.


MONCADO, Hilario Camino, Del Prado (1898-1956)  Filipino mystic and political activist - E

Dates unknown

World Travel memories and America, the Phillippines and the Orient  Washington D.C., 1932, is reported to contain diary material.


OTTO, Madeline Bird (1898-1960) - E

Dates unknown

Madeline Bird Otto: A Memorial with Historicakl Data of the Bird, Bourne, Sparkes and Otto Families  by Arnold Clarence Otto. Privately printed, 1964, 500 copies.


PAGET, Walburga Ehrengarde Helena, Lady (née Countess von Hohenthal) (1839-1929) diarist and friend of Queen Victoria - E

1898 to 1908

In My Tower  London, Hutchinson, two volumes, 1924.


PENNELL, Elizabeth Robins and PENNELL, Joseph - *M5354,E

The Whistler Journal  Lippincott, 1921.


PHILLIPS, Clare M.Stroud Boyntan (1858-1945) - E


Klondike Tenderfoot: From the Diaries of Clare M.Stroud Boyntan Phillips, 1898-1902  New York, 1993.


RAMSTEDT, Gustav J. - E

1898 to 1912

Even Journeys Eastward 1898-1912; Among the Cheremis, Kalmyks, Mongols and in Turkestan and to Afghanistan  edited and translated from the Swedish by John Krueger.  Bloomington, Indiana, Mongolia Society, Occasional paper No. 9.


RAMSDEN, Frederick W. - E

May to July 1898

Diary at Santiago, from May 18th. 1898, the day before the arrival of the Spanish Fleet to July 18th., the day after the Americans took possession of the City  McClure’s Magazine, October, 1989.


REID, Whitelaw (1837-1912)  American politician and newspaper editor - *M5355,E

September to December 1898

Making Peace with Spain: The Diary of Whitelaw Reid, September-December, 1898  edited by H. Wayne Morgan. Austin, University of Texas Press, 1965.

Note: A Radical View: The "Agate" Dispatches of Whitelaw Reid, 1861-1865  edited by James G. Smart, Memphis, Memphis State University Press, two volumes, 1976, is also reported to contain diary material.

RICKETTS, Charles S. (1866-1931)  painter, sculptor and writer - B296

1898 to July 1928

Matthews: Painter's diary (extracts); his work as an artist; critical notes on painters and painting; friendship with Shannon; his reading and critical views, with notes on writers and the theatre; enthusiastic and interesting.

Self Portrait  edited by Cecil Lewis. London, 1939. Passim.


RILKE, Rainer Maria (1875-1926)  Austrian poet - E

a) - April 15th. 1898 to December 22nd. 1900

Poet's diaries in Florence, Schmargendorf and Worpswede; poems, reflections, stray thoughts; descriptions of, and reactions to scenes, places, works of art; anecdotes and literary notes; women.

Diaries of a Young Poet  translated and annotated by Edward Snow and Michael Winkler. New York and London, W.W.Norton, 1997.

b) - Dates unknown

The Journal of My Other Self  translated by John Linton. Norton, 1930.


ROBERTS, William Ransom - *H1949,*M5356,E

Under Fire in Cuba  in  American Heritage  1977.


ROBERTSON, William Norrie [Dr.] (1855-1934) - E

1898 and 1899

Goldrush memoir.

Yukon Memories: Sourdough Tells of Chaos and Changes in the Klondike Vale  Toronto, Hunter-Rose, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.

RUSSELL, Charles - D266


Private diary of a Cockney working as a rivetter in Beira; filth, disease and shortage of food; continual falling out with his bosses; a vivid picture unselfconsciously presented and often very entertaining; a strong and self-reliant character.

1. - The Work  edited by B.Eastwood. London, 1912.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (2), pp 234-240.


SAKARIASSEN, Carl Johann (b.1875?)  Norwegian reindeer herdsman - E

February 2nd. 1898 to 1899

Diary; the transportation of reindeer for use as draft animals for the relief of Klondike gold miners; collapse of the mission, by now unnecessary; setting up of Eaton Station for winter mail services in Alaska, using the surviving animals; gold mining.

In  The Yukon Relief Expedition and the Journal of Carl Johan Sakariassen  edited by V.R.Rausch and D.L.Baldwin. Fairbanks, Alaska: University of Alaska Press, 2002.


SARGENT, Alice Applegate  - wife of Colonel Herbert H.Sargent - E

1898 to 1899 and 1909 to 1910

Cuba, two voyages to the Philippines.

Extracts in  Following the Flag: Diary of a Soldier's Wife  Kansas City, Missouri, Barnett.


SCOTT, James Foster - *M5357,E

In  Sourdough Gold  Boston, 1933.



From 1898?

Hunting diaries.

Hunting in the Land of Hiawatha, or The hunting Trips of an Editor  Chicago, Donohue, 1904.


SKINNER, George [Cpl.] (b.1867)  British soldier of the Medical Staff Corps

January 7th. to September 23rd. 1898

Military diary of the Omdurman campaign; a few extracts are quoted in support and amplification of the diary of Private George Teigh (qv).

In  Omdurman Diaries, 1898: Eyewitness Accounts of the Legendary Campaign  edited by John Meredith. London, Leo Cooper, 1998.


SMITH, John - *H1950,*M5358,E


Record of a Trip to Dawson  in  British Columbia Historical Quarterly  XVI, 1952.


SMITH, Richard Gordon (1858-1918)

December 24th. 1898 to March 17th. 1907

Personal diary of an English gentleman, estranged from his wife in England, in Japan; excellent and interesting detailed descriptions of life in Japan; close interest in Japanese people, customs, culture and natural history; his health, domestic and social life and occupations; delightful illustrations.

The Japanese Diaries of Richard Gordon Smith  edited by Victoria Manthorpe. London, Viking, 1986. Published in America as  Travels in the Land of the Gods  New York, Prentice Hall, 1986.


STARR, Walter Augustus (b.1877) - E

1898 to 1900

My Adventures in the Klondike and Alaska 1898-1900, written for my grandchildren in 1960  privately printed, 1960, is reported to contain diary material.


STEVENSON-HAMILTON, James (1867-1957) - E

1898 to 1899

The Barotseland Journal of James Stevenson-Hamilton  edited by J.P.R.Wallis. London, Chatto and Windus, 1953.

STEWART, J. [Lieut.] - D291


Matthews: Diary; service on an expedition against the Mendes in Sierra Leone rebellion.

Sierra Leone Studies  XVII, 1932.


TEIGH, George (1874-1956)  private soldier

January 2nd. to September 16th. 1898

Military diary of the Omdurman campaign; a full and regular account of his military duties, marches, parades and off-duty activities with much good incidental detail; the Battle of Omdurman. The diary is supported and amplified by extracts from the diaries of S.F.Cox, R.F.Meiklejohn and G.Skinner, (qv).

In  Omdurman Diaries, 1898: Eyewitness Accounts of the Legendary Campaign  edited by John Meredith. London, Leo Cooper, 1998.


THAYER, George  - Am,erican private soldier - E

From May 1898

In  History of Company K, First Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, during the Spanish-American War  Hartford, Connecticut, 1899.  


TILESTON, Eleanor Boies (1886-1912) - *M5359,E

Eleanor Boies Tileston  edited by Mary Wilder Tileston. Privately printed, Norwood, Massachusetts, 1915.


TREVELYAN, Charles Philips [Sir] - E


Letters from North America and the Pacific, 1898  London, Chatto and Windus, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.


TSUDA Umeko (1864-1929)  Japanese woman

1898 to 1899 and 1917

Travel diary of a westernised Japanese woman in America and England. The 1917 diary is a fragment written in hospital.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 304-312.


VANDERLIP, Washingtom Baker - E

From 1898

In Search of a Siberian Klondike  New York, Century, 1903, may be based upon a contemporaneous record but is not obviously so.


WEST, Herbert Faulkner (1898-1974)  Special Collections Librarian at Dartmouth College - E

Dates unknown

Notes from a Bookman  Iowa City, Westholm, 1968, 399 copies, is reported to contain diary material.


WHISTLER, Lashmer Gordon [Sir] (Bolo) (1898-1963)  British army officer - E

Dates unknown

In  Bolo Whistler: The life of General Sir Lashmer Whistler: A study in Leadership   by John Smyth. London, Muller, 1967.


WHITE, Arthur Silva - E

March and April 1898

Loosely dated travel narrative apparently based on a diary but much written up.

From Sphinx to Oracle: Through the Libyan Desert to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon  London, Hurst and Blackett, 1899.


WILLARD, Frederick - E

From 1898?

Daily Journal of Eaton Reindeer Station  US Government Printing, 1902.


WOOD, Thomas and others  - of the US Navy - E


In  Log of the U.S. Gunboat Gloucester, Commanded by Lt. Commander Richard Wainwright, and the Official Reports of the Principal Events of the Cruise of the U.S. Gunboat Gloucester during the Late War with Spain  Annapolis, U.S. Naval Institute, 1899.


ZEDLITZ-TRUTZSCHLER, Robert (1837-1914)  Kaiser Wilhelm II's Hofmarschal - E

1898? to 1910?

Twelve Years at the Imperial German Court   London, Nisbet, 1924. Reissued, 1951.



ANONYMOUS,  South African farmer's daughter, 'Freda', later Mrs. LIPWORTH (b.1885?)

September 25th. 1899 to March 1901

Fourteen year old girl's diary of the Boer War; at school in Pretoria at the outbreak of war; at home in Bronkhorstspruit; war news and rumour; capture of Winston Churchill reported; unruly behaviour of the Uitlander Korps; removal to a farm near Balmoral, and then to Rhenosterkop; reported depradations by the Irish Brigade; chaos and destruction. There are dated entries, sometimes written up retrospectively and partly compiled into narrative form. (See also James Alexander Kay)

In  Music of the Guns: Based on Two Journals of the Boer War  by Henry John May. London, Jarrolds, 1970, passim.


ABERCROMBIE, W.R. [Capt.]  of 2nd. U.S. Infantry - E


Alaska 1899: Copper River Exploring Expedition  Washington, Government Printing Office, 1900.


ANDERSON, J.G.C. [Professor] (1870-1952)  scholar of Oxford


A Journey of Exploration in Pontus  Studia Pontica I  Brussels, 1903.


ASHE, E.Oliver - E


Besieged by the Boers: A Diary of Life and Events in Kimberley during the Siege, by E.Oliver Ashe, Surgeon to the Kimberley Hospital  New York, Doubleday, 1900.


BAILLIE, F.D. [Major] - E

1899 to 1900

Mafeking: A Diary of the Siege  London, Constable, 1900.


BALL, Amos Entheus (b.1858) - E

1899? to 1902 (?)

Tenderfoot to Sourdough: The true adventures of Amos Entheus Ball in the Klondike Gold Rush as told in his own words  by Hazel T,Procter, New Holland, Pennsylvania, 1975, 94 pp., is reported to contain diary material.


BAYNES, Arthur Hamilton (1854-1942)  Bishop of Natal and Maritzburg - E


My Diocese during the War: Extracts from the Diary of the Right Rev. Arthur Hamilton Baynes D.D. Bishop of Natal  London, George Bell, 1900.

BEAN, Warren G. - *H1951


BIRCH, John G. - E

1899 to 1900

“This is a diary of the author's travels in China ends abruptly on June 22nd 1900, two days later he was killed when the raft on which he & his companion, Capt. Watts-Jones, were descending the Hwang-Ho [Yangtze], was destroyed in rapids. … The author was interested in the opening up of China via railway concessions, has a great deal of interest to report on all aspects of life, trade, politics & mission work in the areas he visited. With a look at superstitions & secret societies, &c.”

Travels in North and Central China  London, Hurst, 1902.


BOSSE, George - E

Diary of a Colonial Scout, 1899-1900  in  Theoria  June, 1964.


BROWN, John Clifford - *M5361,E

From 1899

Diary of a Soldier in the Philippines  Portland Maine, Lakeside Press, 1901, 50 copies.


CARSON, Carrie McKinley - *H1952,*M5362,E

A Summer at Lake Okoboji  in  Palimpsest  May/June 1976.


CURTIS, Lionel - E

From 1899?

“… volunteer in the British Army during the Boer War.”

With Milner in South Africa  Oxford, Blackwell, 1951.


CURZON, George Nathaniel, first Marquess Curzon of Kedleston (1859-1925)  Viceroy of India - E

1899-1905 (?)

Leaves from a Viceroy’s Note-Book and Other Papers  London, macmillan, 1926, is reported to contain diary material.


DUGGAN, Janie Pritchard - E

1899 to 1911

Child of the Sea: A Chronicle of Porto Rico  Philadelphia, The Judson Press, 1920.


FREMANTLE, Francis E. - E

1899 to 1890 (?)

“Experiences of a civil surgeon employed in the RAMC. During twelve months' army service the author worked at No. 1 General Hospital in Wynberg, made two homeward voyages aboard hospital ships Avoca and Spartan tending casualties, and served in the Field Hospital and Bearer Company attached to the 19th Brigade operating in the Orange Free State and Transvaal. Fremantle was summoned to give evidence before the Hospitals Commission Of Inquiry before leaving South Africa in Oct. 1900.”

Impressions of a Doctor in Khaki  London, John Murray, 1901, is reported to contain diary material.


FULLER John Frederick Charles [Maj. Gen.] (b.1878) - E

1899 to 1902

The Last of the Gentlemen's Wars: A Subaltern's Journal of the War in South Africa 1899-1902  London, Faber and Faber, 1937.


GILLESPIE, Anna Eliza Cook - *M5363,E


Coxville, Nebraska, to Fay, Oklahoma by Wagon (1899): The Journal of Anna Gillespie  in  Nebraska History  LXV, 1984, pp 345-365.


GRIFFIN, Bernard William (1899-1956)  English Cardinal, Archbishop of Westminster - E

Dates unknown

In  Archbishop Bernard: Professor, Prelate and Provost  by Robert H.Murray, London, S.P.C.K., 1931.


HADLEY, Martha E. - *M5364,E

The Alaskan Diary of a Pioneer Quaker Missionary  privately printed, Mount Dora, Florida, 1969.


HARRIMAN, Edward Henry (1848-1909)  American railroad magnate - E


James Cummings (5441) has  Harriman Alaska Expedition  Doubleday, two volumes, 1901, but does not specifically mention Harrriman as the diarist. Twelve volumes of the expedition record were published but all but the first two were highly technical. John BURROUGHS (1837-1921) (qv), naturalist and writer, was the expedition’s scribe and may be the source of the diary material.


HAYES, Webb C. - *M5365,E

In  Uncommon Valor: The Exciting Story of the Army  edited by James M. Merrill. Chicago, Rand McNally, 1964.


HOLLOWAY, Joseph (1861-1944)  Dublin architect and playgoer - H1953

a) - 1899 to 1926

Selections from a personal diary of about twenty five million words; plays and players; comment and criticism; conversations.

1. - Joseph Holloway's Abbey Theatre: Selections from His Unpublished Journal Impressions of a Dublin Playgoer  edited by Robert Hogan and Michael J.O'Neill. Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press, 1967.

2. - Extracts: Lenox-Conyngham, pp 231-238.

b) - 1932 to 1944

“… mined from the journal and cover part of the later history of the Abbey Theatre, etc. Wonderfully gossipy and readable. He was architect to the Abbey, and saw and knew everybody in Dublin literary and theatrical circles.”

Joseph Holloway’s Irish Theatre  edited by Robert Hogan and Michael J.O’Neill, Dixon, California, Proscenium Press, three volumes1968 to 1970.

HORNEY, Karen (née Danielsen) (1885-1952)  became a psychoanalyst and emigrated to America in 1932H1954

June 7th. 1899 to June 29th. 1911

Personal and private diary from the age of thirteen; at school in Hamburg; gradual sexual awakening and growth to maturity; reading; studies, thoughts and introspection; medical studies; Berlin; marriage; analysis; motherhood.

The Adolescent Diaries of Karen Horney  edited by Marianne Horney Eckhardt. New York, Basic Books, 1980.


INDER, W.S. (d.1902) - E

1899 to 1902

"Inder was employed in military hospitals until June 1900 when he returned home on the Aurania. He went back to South Africa and joined the staff of the Imperial Military Railways with whom he was serving when he died of pneumonia at Bloemfontein in January 1902."

On Active Service with the S.J.A.B., South African War, 1899-1902: A Diary of Life and Events in the War Hospitals at Wynberg, Nourse Deep, Johannesburg and Other Places  Kendal, Atkinson and Pollitt, 1903.


JACKSON, Murray Cosby  - of the Royal Hampshire Regiment - E

1899 to 1902

“A soldier's account of his life in the Mounted Infantry in the Boer War.”

A Soldier’s Diary: South Africa 1899-1902  Winchester, Royal Hampshire Regiment Trustees, 1999. First published, London, 1913.


JOSEPHSON, Matthew (1899-1978)  American journalist - E

Dates unknown

Matthew Josephson; Bourgeois Bohemian  by David Shi, Yale University press, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


KAY, James Alexander [Dr.] (1849-1914)  Pretoria physician

October 20th. 1899 to October 1901 (a few scattered notes from 1895 to 1899)

Boer War journal and letters; escape from Pretoria with his family; his reports of the siege of Ladysmith; relief; becomes 'accredited correspondent' on Lord Roberts' staff, for the Plymouth 'Western Morning News'; return to Pretoria; remains of destruction and looting by the Boers; war news and politics; notes on hospitals, disease, shortages etc. Letters, diaries and his newspaper reports are partly compiled into narrative form. (See also Anonymous - 'Freda')

In  Music of the Guns: Based on Two Journals of the Boer War  by Henry John May. London, Jarrolds, 1970, passim.


KOTOKU Shusui (1871-1911)  Japanese socialist

August to December 1899 and 1905 to 1906

Private diary; finances, drinking, shame; the later diary is set in America; lecturing; Seattle, San Francisco; the earthquake.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 436-446.


LACEY, Edwin M. - *H1955,*M5366,E

The Cuban Journal of Edwin M.Lacey  in  Journal of Illinois State Historical Society  1963.


Le GALLIENNE, Eva (1899-1991)  British-American actress - E

Dates unknown

With a Quiet Heart, an Autobiography  Viking, 1953, is reported to contain diary material.

LLOYD, Eyre [Capt.] (d. 1901)

(Annotation based on extracts)

November 12th. 1899 to October 29th. 1901

Military diary; troop movements, skirmishes, casualties, battles and intervals of waiting dispassionately described; occasionally impatient.

1. - Privately printed 1905.

2. - Extracts: Ponsonby (1), pp 418-420.


MACKINDER, Halford John, Sir (1861-1946)  English geographer, academic and politician - E


The First Ascent of Mount Kenya  Ohio University, 1991.


MACKINNON, Willam Henry, Sir (1852-1929)  British soldier, commander of the City Imperial Volunteers in the Boer War - E

1899? to 1900

“… this record of the City Imperial Volunteers concentrates on the role played by its infantry section in South Africa. … the C.I.V. sailed for South Africa in the first weeks of the 20th Century; marched from the Orange River to the Vaal, and saw its first action at Doorn Kop, where it helped defeat the Boers in a skirmish. Marching round Pretoria, the unit formed part of General Ian Hamilton’s force in the two-day action at Diamond Hill, where it sustained its first fatalities from Boer shellfire. The C.I.V. occupied the Boer town of Heibronm, but were compelled to evacuate it when it was surrounded by forces led by the famous Boer Commando General Christiaan De Wet. The final actions of the C.I.V. in the war were a fruitless pursuit of the elusive De Wet by Kitchener.”

The Journal of the C.I.V. in South Africa  London, John Murray, 1901


MAIR, Charles (1838-1927)  Canadian poet and journalist - E


Through the Mackenzie Basin: A Narrative of the Athabasca and Peace River Treaty Expedition of 1899  London, Simpkin Marshall, 1903, is reported to contain diary material.


MASAOKA SHIKI (1867-1902)  Japanese poet

a) - May 9th. to 11th. 1899

Poetic diary while bedridden with spinal tuberculosis; counterpoint of his illness and the life of a pot of peonies; a short diary of great beauty.

The Verse Record of My Peonies  in  Japanese Poetic Diaries  edited by Earl Miner. Berkeley and Los Angeles, University of California Press, 1969, pp 201-203.

b) - January to June 1901 and May to September 1902

Sickbed diaries published in Japan as 'A Drop of Ink' and 'My Six Foot Sickbed'.

Accounts and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 355-376.


MOORE, Frank L. - *H1956,E

Fossil Hunting in the Big Horn Basin  in  Annals of Wyoming  April, 1964.


MUSIL, Robert (1880-1942)  Austrain novelist - E

1899 to 1941

Diaries 1899-1941  translated by P.Payne, edited by Mark Mirsky. New York, Basic Books, 1998.


OLESHA, Yury Karlovich (1899-1960)  Russian novelist - E

Dates unknown

No Day Without a Line: From Notebooks by Yury Olesha  Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1979. Northwestern University Press, 1998.


PLAATJE, Solomon Tshekisho (1876?-1932)  South African nationalist - *H1957,E

1. - The Boer War Diary of Solomon T.Plaatje: An African at Mafeking  edited by John L.Comaroff. Johannesburg, Macmillan, 1973. London, Cardinal, paperback, 1976.

2. - Mafeking Diary: A Black Man's View of a White Man's War  1990.

RAWLINSON of TRENT, Henry Seymour [Gen.], Lord (1864-1925) - B296

December 1899 to August 1924

Matthews: Military diaries (selection from over sixty volumes); covers his whole army career: Egypt, India, Boer War, Canada, but mostly First World War; details of military life, work, campaigns, and personal and social life; brisk and business-like.

Soldier, Artist, and Sportsman  edited by Sir F. Maurice. London, 1928.


PONGE, Francis Jean Gaston Alfred (1899-1988)  French poet and essayist - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Things  New York, grossman, 1971.

2. - The Making of the “Pre”  University of Missouri, 1979.


REITZ, Deneys (1882-1944) - E

1899? to 1944?

Commando: A Boer War Journal  London, Faber, 1968.


ROSS, Edward - E

October 1899 to May 1900

Edward Ross: Diary of the Siege of Mafeking; October 1899 to May 1900  edited by Brian P.Willan. Cape Town, Van Riebeeck Society, Second Series, Volume 11, 1980.



1899 to 1900

The Cambridge University Expedition to Parts of the Malay Peninsula, 1899-1900  in  Journal of the Malayan branch of the Royal Asiatic Society  December, 1935.

SMITH, Julia - D282

1899 to 1900

Matthews: Diary; her travels in Ceylon, India, Burma; social work.

Leaves from a Journal  London, 1901.


STEEVENS, George Warrington (1869-1900)  British journalist - E

a) - December 1897 to February 1898

Egypt in 1898  New York, Dodd, 1898.

b) - 1899 to 1900

From Capetown to Ladysmith: An unfinished record of the South African War  edited by Vernon Blackburn. New York, Dodd, 1900.


TESLA, Nikola (1856-1943)  physicist and electrical engineer - E

1899 to 1900

"Tesla kept a diary of his experiments in the Colorado Springs lab where he spent nearly nine months. It consists of 500 pages of handwritten notes and nearly 200 drawings, recorded chronologically between June 1, 1899 and January 7, 1900, as the work occurred, containing explanations of his experiments. He was developing a system for wireless telegraphy, telephony and the transmission of power, experimented with high-voltage electricity and the possibility of wireless transmitting and distributing large amounts of electrical energy over long distances" (Quoted from Crystalinks.com).

Colorado Springs Notes  Beograd, tesla Museum, 1978.


TUCKER, Frederick (b.1875)  British soldier of 1st. Rifle Brigade - H1958

October 9th. 1899 to august 29th. 1902

Military diary of a private soldier reproduced with commentary and illustrations; the outward voyage to South Africa; battles of Colenso, Vaal Krantz, Pieter's Hill; siege of Ladysmith; guerrilla warfare; the last stages; home; A simple account with some good details of the life of a private soldier in wartime; descriptions of routine and actions.

Private Tucker's Boer War Diary: The Transvaal War of 1899, 1900, 1901 & 1902 with the Natal Field Forces  compiled by Pamela Todd and David Fordham. London, Elm Tree Books, 1980.


USSHER, (Percival) Arland (1899-1980)  Anglo-Irish academic - E

Dates Unknown

a) - From a Dark Lantern: A Journal  Dalkey, Cuala Press, 1978, 350 copies.

b) - The Juggler: Selections from a Journal by Arland Ussher, Being the Second Series of From a Dark Lantern  Mountrath, Dolmen Press, 1982.


VANDERBILT, William Kissam (18781944) - E

a) - 1899 to 1908

Log of My Motor 1899-1908: Record of Delightful Days Spent in Touring the Continent  privately printed, 1912.

b)  - 1917?

A Trip through Italy, Sicily, Tunisia, Algeria and Southern France  privately printed, New York, 1918.

c) - 1924

Across the Atlantic with Ara, Summer 1924  New York, Brentano's, 1925.

d) - 1926

To Galápagos on the Ara, 1926: The events of a pleasure-cruise to the Galápagos islands and a classification of a few rare aquatic findings, including two specimens of a new species of shark never caught before and here described for the first time  privately printed, Mount Vernon, New York, 1927.

e) - 1927?

Fifteen Thousand Miles Cruise with Ara  privately printed, 1938.

f) - 1928 to 1929 -

Taking One’s Own Ship Around the World: a journal descriptive of scenes and incidents, together with observations from the log book, recorded on the voyage around the world, October 25, 1928 to May 16, 1929, of the yacht Ara, commanded by the author, William K. Vanderbilt  privately printed, New York, 1929.

g) - 1931 to 1932

West Made East with the Loss of a Day; a chronicle of the first circumnavigation of the globe under the United States naval reserve yacht pennant, July 7, 1931 to March 4, 1932; an account of the adventures in navigation, diversions, picturesque scenes, the everyday life of remote places, and the taking of specimens for the Vanderbilt marine museum, by William K. Vanderbilt, in command, motor ship Alva  privately printed, New York, 1933.


WALKER, Alexander Barclay (b.1865) - E

April to October 1899

Diary; sails from St. Johns, Newfoundland; stormy weather; seal and Walrus hunting; meetings with and descriptions of esquimaux and their way of life; ice; hunting expeditions; narwhal; flensing a whale; polar bears; the company of other whalers; whaling; trading for skins; to Dundee. A vivid account packed with incident.

The Cruise of the Esquimaux, Steam Whaler, to Davis Straits and Baffin Bay, April-October 1899: Notes from the Diary of A.Barclay Walker  Liverpool, 1900.


WESTGATE, Thomas Buchanan Reginald (1872-1951)  Canadian missionary - E

From 1899?

T.B.R.Westgate: A Canadian Missionary on Three Continents  Boston education Resources Group, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.


WILSON, Julia Virginia Phelps [Mrs.] - E

Leaves from My Diary, containing incidents connected with a sea voyage taken May 20, 1899, from New York to Naples  privately printed, Norwalk, Connecticut,  1900.

YPRES, John Denton Pinkstone FRENCH [Sir], 1st. Earl of (1852-1925)  Field Marshal - B296

October 1899 to June 1912 and August 1914 to June 1917

Matthews: Military diaries; his service in Boer War; military details, strategy and headquarters during First World War; with notes on political aspects of the war.

Some War Diaries, Addresses, and Correspondence  edited by the Hon. G.French. London, 1937.



ANONYMOUS (pseud. B.L.WEALE)  - British diplomat? - E


Account of the Boxer rebellion.

Indiscreet Letters from Peking: Being the notes of an eye-witnrss which set forth in some detail from day to day the real story of the siege and sack of the distressed capital in 1900, the year of great tribulation  Hurst and Blackett, 1910?


A.V. and A.P.A.


The book has not been seen but this is taken from  Aloha Around the World  by Karl Vogel (qv) New York, Putnam, 1923: "... in 1899 the first Aloha was built … she was a splendid little vessel of 306 tons, 130 ft. long, 27ft. beam, and with auxiliary steam power. On her maiden voyage in 1900, we made a winter crossing of the North Atlantic and cruised for five months in the Mediterranean." This introduction was written by Commodore Arthur Curtiss James, the ship's owner. The identities of A.V. and A.P.A. have not been ascertained.

James Cummings  (1) has  The Maiden Cruise of the Aloha  New York, William Martin, 1900, but no other copy has been located.

Note: There is almost certainly a connection with Aloha Comes of Age  by Frances Williams (qv.), privately printed, New York, 1932.


ALLEN, Roland [The Rev.] - D4


Matthews: Diary; a chaplain's account of the siege of Pekin; Christian behaviour.

The Siege of the Peking Legations: Being the diary of the Rev. Roland Allen, chaplain to the Right Rev. C.P.Scott, Lord Bishop in North China; for five years acting chaplain to Her Britannic Majesty's Legation in Peking  London, Smith Elder, 1901.


BAINBRIDGE, William (Arksey has Williams) E. [Mrs.] - *H1959,*M5367,E

Diary of an Iowan Under Fire in Peking  in  Annals of Iowa  1963.


BARHYDT. Theodore Wells - E


Shore Lines of the Orient: Jottings of a Family Trip Around the Globe: The First One Ever Made. Without Changing Steamships  privately printed, Burlington, Iowa, 1910.


BISIKER, William


“These notes, besides describing a journey made during the summer of 1900 across Central Iceland from the north-east to the south-west, give an account of further travels by land in the west, and by sea along the coast and into the fjords of the north-west, north and east coasts.”

Across Iceland  London, Edward Arnold, 1902.


BORLAND, Hal (1900-1978)  American journalist and nature writer

Dates unknown

Accounts of country living, reported to contain diary material.

1. - This Hill, This Valley   Simon and Schuster, 1957.

2. - Book of Days  Knopf, 1976

3. - Hal Borland's Twelve Moons of the Year  Knopf, 1979.


BROWN, Grace - E


“Travel by rail from Chicago to Mexico for a holiday.”

The Tour of the 400 to Mexico  Chicago, 1907, is reported to contain diary material.


CHILDERS, Robert Erskine (1870-1922)  Irish writer - E


“Erskine Childers served in the Anglo-Boer War with the CIV artillery battery (Honourable Artillery Company) ; this is his personal diary of service in the Orange Free State and Transvaal.”

In the Ranks of the C.I.V.  London, macmillan, 1901.


COGLETON, Sarah Robb - E


In  Glimpses of Many Lands  privately printed, Chicago, R. R. Donnelley, 1915.


COLAKOVIC, Rodoljub (1900-1983)  Serbian and Yugoslav politician - E

Dates Unknown

Winning Freedom  Prager, 1962, is reported to contain diary material.


COLTMAN, Robert (1862-1931)  surgeon in Peking and  Robert (b.1884?)  his sixteen year old son - E

June 1st. to August 13th. 1900

Diaries of a surgeon and his son, separately and in collaboration, of the Siege of the Legations.

In  Beleaguered in Peking: The Boxer's War Against the Foreigner  Philadelphia, Davis, 1901.


CRABB, J.A.  – Gold Coast colonial officer

May 1st. to 26th. 1900

Diary extracts; reports of Ashanti aggression and intentions; counter measures.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 51-53.



Early 20th Century?

“The author's diary as she settles onto her property above Niagara Falls, and plans her Edwardian Dream House. The author rattles on about the books she is reading at the time, including, Coventry Patmore, Agnes Repplier, George Bernard Shaw, Henrik Ibsen, George Russell and many others.”

Whirlpool Heights: The Dream House on Niagara River  London, Allen and Unwin, 1915.


CRAWFORD, Laura Macpherson - E


Dear Family, The travel Letters and Reminiscences of Laura Macpherson Crawford  privately printed, Claremont, California, 1946, is reported to contain diary material.


CROCKETT, Ingram - E


A celebration of a year in the Kentucky countryside, dated by month; changing seasons; no personal material.

A Year Book of Kentucky Woods and Fields  Buffalo, Moulton, 1901.



Early 1900’s?

James Cummings (3184) has  A Souvenir of My cruise Around the World  San Francisco, 1911?


DOBZHANSKY, Theodosius Grigorovych (1900-1975)  Ukrainian-American geneticist - E

Dates unknown

The Rovong Naturalist: Travel Letters of Theodosius Dobzhansky  edited by Bentley Glass, American Philosophical Society, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


DOOLITTLE, Gilbert M. (1846-1918)  apiarist - E


A year's work in an out-apiary; or, An average of 114 1/2 pounds of honey per colony in a poor season, and how it was done  Madina, Ohio, 1908, is reported to contain diary material.


EATON, Margaret (d.1947) - E

From the early 1900’s?

“Margaret Eaton and her husband Ira were well known to Santa Barbarans in the early part of this century as operators of the Pelican Bay Camp on Santa Cruz Island. Beginning humbly with small-scale commercial fishing, seal hunting and passenger charters, the Eatons gradually developed a unique resort that came to be popular among writers, film companies and people from all over the country. Working from her diary and her memories, Mrs. Eaton wrote this extraordinary story of her life over a period of many years, until her death in 1947.”

Diary of a Sea Captain’s Wife: Tales of Santa Cruz Island  Santa Barbara, 1980.


EBERHARDT, Isabelle (1877-1904)

January 1st. 1900 to January 31st. 1904, entries widely spaced

An alcohol and drug addicted woman; Sardinia, Geneva, North Africa, Marseilles and North Africa again; her African travels ineffectually disguised as an Arab man; husband, sex, lack of money; a desperate existence.

The Passionate Nomad; The Diary of Isabelle Eberhardt  translated by Nina de Voogd, edited by Rana Kabbani. London, Virago, 1987, paperback.

Note: See also  The Destiny of Isabelle Eberhardt  by Cecily Mackworth. London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1951.


FELL, Thomas Edward (d.1922)  Inspector of Customs, Preventive Service, Gold Coast

a) - January 31st. to May 21st. 1900

Diary extracts; his life, duties and travel; informed by a native that the flesh of white men is too sweet; declines the offer of a wife; a woman treated by a witch doctor; fever; orders to and negotiatoions with the natives; a most interesting diary with much good incidental detail.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 34-50.

b) - March 1st. 1914 to June 26th. 1915

Diary extracts as provincial commissioner; financial and administrative matters with many mentions of other officers whose diaries appear in the collection; a death from appendicitis; three day bank holiday ordered to celebrate the commencement of the First World War; many entertaining asides; hands over to L.H.Wheatley (qv).

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 161-179.




Six Weeks’ Trip through India: Being Notes by the Way  Colombo, 1902.


FRANK, Hans Michael (1900-1946)  Hitler’s lawyer, Governor of Poland, war criminal - E

Dates unknown

Hans Frank’s Diary  Warsaw, 1961, is reduced from the 11,000 pages of original typescript.

FREMANTLE, John Morton [Maj.] (1876-1936) - D108

1900 and 1904 to 1913

Matthews: Diary; army service in Boer War; work as political officer in Northern Nigeria; administration; sport; lively.

Two African Journals  London, 1938.


FULTON, John Henry Westropp - E

Early 1900’s?

With Ski in Norway and Lapland  London, 1911, is reported to contain diary material.


GARRETT, Kenneth [Captain] - E


115 pages of excerpts from the diary in  The Holy Innocents: The History of a Historic church and Country Parish  by Ellen Davies-Rodgers, Memphis, 1966.

GOSCHEN, William Edward [Sir] (1847-1924) - H1960

July 31st. 1900 to December 30th.1914

Diplomatic diary; ambassador at Copenhagan, Vienna, and from 1908 to 1914, Berlin. Some personal material. Interesting and important.

The Diary of Edward Goschen, 1900-1914  edited by Christopher H.D.Howard. London, the Royal Historical Society, Camden Fourth Series Volume 25, 1980.


GRAHAM, Harry - E

July to October, 1900

“… the journal of a ten thousand mile tour through the ‘Great North West’ July 19th - October 13th, 1900.”

Across Canada to the Klondyke  New York, Methuen, 1984.


HALL, Sarah - E

Early 1900’s?

Daily Doings of a Voyage Round the World  privately printed, 1905.



Early 1900’s?

1. - Lonewood Corner: A Countryman’s Horizons  London, Smith Elder, 1907?

2. - Idlehurst: A Journal Kept in the Country  London, Smith Elder, 1908.


HARPER, Francis - E

Early 20th century

“Based on the photographs and notebooks of Francis Harper, a naturalist who with his family spent a great deal of time in the swamp in the early decades of the century.”

Okefinokee Album  University of Georgia Press, 1981.



Early 1900’s?

James Cummings (5443) has  A Year’s Sojurn in the Middle West  Hartford, Connecticut.


HARRIS, Harve (d.1965) - E

Early 1900’s?

Southwest Pioneers: The Story of Harve and Naomi Harris, Lea County Homesteaders  Amarillo, Texas, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


HARWOOD, Nahum - E

Early 1900’s?

A Trip Around the World  privately printed, Leominstewr, Massachusetts, 1906, 163pp.


HAY, Mary - E

Early 1900’s

“… life on board the full-rigged three-masted barque Ladye Doris during voyages round Cape Horn to the Pacific and Australia. The author, who sailed with her father, the ship's captain, kept a journal of these voyages, which gives a fascinating narrative of events on board a sailing ship during a period of six years in the early 1900s.”

I Saw a Ship A’Sailing  National Maritime Museum, 1981.


HENDLEY, Charles M. - E

Early twentieth century?

Trifles of Travel  privately printed, Washington, D.C., 1924.


HETHERINGTON, Frank Arnold (1878-1939)  tea planter

August 15th. 1900 to May 12th. 1909, gap 1903-1906

Journey to India; learning the business; life and work of a planter in Assam; colleagues, sport and social life; his superior, Dunlop; home leave; a second tour; some good set pieces, such as the transport and installation of a boiler; marriage in Calcutta; birth of his daughter; invalided home. An honest, straightforward, interesting and unpretentious account.

The Diary of a Tea Planter  edited by H.A. Hetherington. Lewes, The Book Guild, 1994.


HIGHTON, Hugh Percy - E


Shooting Trips in Europe and Algeria: Being a record of sport in the Alps, Pyrenees, Norway, Sweden, Corsica, and Algeria  Witherby, 1921.




Gibraltar, Italy, Switzerland, Paris, and London.

Three Weeks in Europe: The Vacation of a Busy Man  Chicago, Herbert S. Stone, 1904.

Note:  Higinbotham was also the author of  Three Weeks in Holland and Belgium  Three Weeks in the British Isles  and  Three Weeks in France  Chicago, Reilly and Britton, 1908, 1911 and 1913, which may contain diary material.


HOOKER, Mary (Polly Condit Smith (?)) - E


“… one of the best first-hand accounts of the siege of the Legations in Peking during the Boxer uprising. The author was visiting friends who were diplomats with the American Legation, and her description of life is both light-hearted and tragic as morale fluctuated prior to their eventual rescue.”

Behind the Scenes in Peking  London, John Murray, 1910.



Early 1900’s

“The author tells of his experiences in the early 1900s mining days, living and working in the Mogollon Mountains of southern New Mexico.”

Early Days in the mogollons: Tales from the Bloated Goat  El Paso, Texas Western Press, 1958, is reported to contain diary material.


HORN, Edward C. - E

Early 1900’s?

Around the World: A Narrative of a Tour of the Earth, Setting Forth the Experiences of One Who Recently Made the Trip Alone, with Historical and Descriptive Data  Cincinnati, Jennings and Pye, 1904.


HOTCHKIS, Katharine Bixby (1899-1979) - E

Early twentieth century

“… account of a trip on horseback with her father Fred H. Bixby - a prominent California ranchero and horseman - and siblings from their Rancho Los Alamitos to Los Angeles and back.”

A Trip with Father  California hiostorical Society, 1971, 44pp, 500 copies.


HOWE, Henry R. - *M5368,E

In  Sea Chest  XVII. Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society.


HURCOMB, W.E.  – English antique dealer - E

First quarter of the twentieth century?

Life and Diary of W.E.Hurcomb  two volumes.


HYLAND, Richard Frank (1900-1981)  American rugby union player - E

Dates unknown

Diary of a Line Smasher: Adventures of a College Football Player  Chicago, McClurg, 1932.


INGLIS, John - E


Girdling the Globe  Erie, Pennsylvania, The Horn Printing, 1910, is reported to contain diary material.

JESSON, Edward R. - *H1961


JONES, Henry Festing (1851-1928)  biographer of Samuel Butler - E


Castellinaria and Other Sicilian Diversions  London, 1911, is reported to contain diary material.


KLOSS, C.Boden - E

From 1900

In the Andamans and Nicobars; the Narrative of a Cruise in the Schooner Terrapin, with notes of the islands, their fauna, ethnology, etc.  London, John Murray, 1903, is reported to contain diary material.


KREHBIEL (Arksey has KREHBEIL), Christian E. (1869-1948)  Mennonite - *M5369,E


Passion Play at Oberammergau-1900: Notes from the Diary of a Mennonite Student   in  Mennonite Life  XXXV, 1980, pp 4-9.


LADD, Anna M.Hager - E


Our Mediterranean Cruise by Steamer New England in 1900  Chicago, Donnelley, 1902.


LANGLEY, Samuel Pierpoint (1834-1906)  aeronautical pioneer - E

Early 1900's?

Langley Memoir on Mechanical Flight  edited by Charles Manly, Washington, Smithsonian Institute, 1911, is reported to contain diary material.


Le SUEUR. Meridel (1900-1996)  American writer - E

Dates unknown

Journal Excerpts  in  The Lamp in the Spine  III, Summer/Fall, 1974.


LINDLEY, Elizabeth - E

Before 1911

The Diary of a Book-Agent  New York, Broadway Publishing, 1911.


LINDSEY, N.Allen - E


“About 30 people left Marblehead, Mass for Bermuda, St. Croix, Antigua, Martinique, Barbados and arrived home to New York…”

Cruising in the Madiana: The Record of a Winter Trip to the Tropics  privately printed, Boston, 1901, 300 copies.


LLOYD, J.Barclay  - Lance-Corporal in the Cyclist Section of the City Imperial Volunteers - E


The second Boer War; “… simply a collection of records written on the spot, and at the time when the events related happened and the impressions received were obtained ; the relation of the setting forth of these impressions have been guided by no careful afterthought, nor by any collation of facts or inferences subsequently gathered. Had such been possible…”

One Thousand Miles with the C.I.V.  London, Methuen, 1901.


LOFTIS, Zenas Sanford (1881-1909)  American medical missionary in Batang - E

Early 1900’s

A Message from Batang: The diary of Z.S.Loftis, Missionary to Tibetans  Revell, 1911.


LOUDON, W.J.  – Toronto professor of mechanics - E


“This book is not strictly a record of scientific investigation; being based upon a collection of observations made by myself, during the past ten summers, on the habits of the small-mouthed bass.”

The Small Mouthed Bass  Toronto, 1910, pp viii and 103, is reported to contain diary material.



Early 1900’s

“… the 'picnic party' was in fact a large and well-organised hunting and exploration safari, with a small flotilla of boats, which ascended the Nile south of Khartoum and crossed into uncharted parts of Southern Sudan and Abyssinia. Detailed and fascinating account of an old-time safari in the early part of the 20th century, the events, people and places encountered.”

In  A Picnic Party in Wildest Africa; Being a Sketch of a Winter’s Trip to Some of the Unknown Waters of the Upper Nile  by  W.L.C.Bulpett. London, Edward Arnold, 1907.



Early 1900’s?

“An account of the hatching & growth of an eaglet in the eriee of a Golden Eagle from the author's own observations.”

The Home Life of a Golden Eagle  revised edition, Witherby and Co., 1910, 48pp.


MATURIN, Edith (Sylvia) (Money) Cecil Porch (Mrs. Fred Maturin) (b.1865?) British woman - E

Early 1900’s?

a) - Diary documenting travels through South Africa.

Petticoat Pilgrims on Trek  London, George Bell and Sons, 1909.

b) - Adventures beyond the Zambesi of the O’Flaherty, the Insular Miss, the Soldier Man and the Rebel Woman  London, George Bell and Sons, 1913, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Mrs. Maturin’s books have been published with many variations of the author’s name and there remains some doubt about her marital history and perhaps the strict veracity of some of her writings.


MEIGS, Margaret (d.1958) - E

Early 1900’s?

“In the course of reading her family’s letters and her mother’s early diaries, [Mary Meigs.Margaret’s daughterm] no longer saw her parents as Mother and Father but as Margaret and Edward, young and vulnerable: Margaret who flirted, Edward who waited ten years to propose marriage. Meigs saw aspects of them that made them and their parents more fully real to her than they had been in life. She has woven the diaries and letters together with a narrative that integrates her discoveries with her memories as a daughter and granddaughter.”

In  The Box Closet: Finding Family  University of Toronto Press, 1987.


MIKKELSON, Ejnar (1880-1971)  Danish polar explorer - E

1909 to 1912

“The author lead an expedition to the north-west coast of Greenland where the earlier Danish expedition of 1906-08 had succeeded in mapping and exploring the area but resulted in the loss of three lives and the diaries and journals. The author recovered these…”

Lost in the Arctic: Being the Story of the Alabama Expedition, 1909-1912  London, William Heinemann, 1913.


MILLER, Loye Holmes (1874-1970)  American zoologist and palaeontologist - E


Journal of First Trip of university of California to John Day Beds of Eastern Oregon, 1899  Museum of Natural History, University of Oregon, 1972.


NATSUME Soseki (1867-1916)  Japanese writer

1900 to 1901

Travel diary of a journey to England and his stay there; a gloomy and despondent account dominated by his dislike of westerners and his inability to come to terms with an alien culture.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 213-224.


McCLURE, Mary Lyle  - young American - E


European travel.

Two in Vagabondia: An Interlude  by Mary Lyle McClure and Mary Louise Sims, is reported to contain diary material.




Scented Islands and Coral Gardens: Torres Straits, German New Guinea and the Dutch East Indies  London, John Murray, 1912, is reported to contain diary material.


MORDEN, Florence H. - E

20th. Century?

Florence was the first wife of the noted explorer William Morden who led several expeditions in Asia and Africa sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History in NY. Florence was his frequent companion and kept a personal notebook to chronicle her impressions of their travels.

From the Field Notebook of Florence H.Morden  privately printed. New Hampshire, 1940.


NICHOLS, Stewart Burton (1900-1925) - E

Dates Unknown

The Preparation of Stewart Burton Nichols, His Life and Letters, 1900-1925  by Martha S.Nichols, New York, Grafton Press, 1928, is reported to contain diary material.

OLIPHANT, Nigel - D229


Matthews: Diary; work in Chinese postal service; the siege of Pekin; Chinese life.

A Diary of the Siege of the Legations  London, 1901.


OLIVIERI [Lieutenant]  - officer in command of Italian marines in Peking - E

August 9th. to December 22nd. 1900

Diary extracts during the Siege of the Legations; near starvation; buried in rubble from the explosion of a mine; relief.

In  My Chinese Note Book  by Susan Mary Keppel, Lady Townley (qv), London and New York, 1904, pp 83-85.


OTTER-BARRY, Robert Bruère - E


In Mongolia with H.G.C.Perry-Ayscough (qv). “Captain Otter-Barry visited Mongolia before the outbreak of the Chinese revolution and travelled from China across the Gobi Desert to Urga, and on to Kyakhta.”

In  With the Russians in Mongolia  London, John Lane, 1914


PAGE, Gertrude Eliza (1872-1922)  English novelist in Rhodesia - E,F


Undated diary purporting to record life on a farm, addressed to her brother in England. Probably fiction but no doubt drawing on real experiences.

Jill’s Rhodesian Philosophy or; The Dam Farm  London, Hurst and Blackett, 1910.


PATTEE, Richard - E

Early 1900’s?

“…. About the workings of the New England Milk Producers’ Association”.

My Personal Word  Baltimore, The Lord Baltimore Press, 1927, 1000 numbered copies, is reported to contain diary material.


PINE-COFFIN, John Edward  - British soldier - E

From February 16th. 1900

Military diary in the Boer War.

One Man's Boer War  edited by Susan Pine-Coffin. Bideford, Edward Gaskell and Lazarus Press, 1999.

PERROT, Raymond de - E


The Golden Road - The Fascinating Diary of a Protestant Officer in Morocco  Marshall, Morgan and Scott, 1926.


PERRY-AYSCOUGH, Henry George Charles - E


In Mongolia with Robert Bruère Otter-Barry(qv). “Mr. Ayscough-Perry's journey took place after China had become a republic and shows an autonomous Mongolia under Russian protection. The book includes the diary of their journeys, and, in an appendix, a detailed itinerary with distances, landmarks etc.”

In  With the Russians in Mongolia  London, John Lane, 1914


PETTIGREW, Andrew Alexander (1875-1936)  head gardener at Hewell Grange, near Redditch, England -


1900? To 1915?

Notes on Hewell gardens and the Planted Hill  privately printed, Cambridge, 1932.



Early 1900’s?

James Cummings (9919) has  262 Miles on a Lark in Japan  New York, 1906.  

POTTER, Blanche (d.1942) - E

Early 20th. century

“Autobiography of an important contributor to Women’s welfare in New York through the first part of the 20th century. She was a philanthropist and involved herself in Bellevue Hospitals Training school for Nurses, and the Home for Aged, Indigent respectable females.”

Recollections of a Little Life  privately printed, 1927, 50 copies, is reported to contain diary material.


POWELL, Francis E - E

Early 1900’s?

With eastern Merchandise: A Landsman’s Log of Life on Board a Cargo boat to Malaya, China, Japan etc.  London, Thomas Murby, 1913.


RANSOME, Jessie - D251


Matthews: Journal; the experiences of a missionary in siege of Pekin.

The Story of the Siege Hospital in Peking  London, 1901.



“Early 20th century cruising in France and Spain from the UK on Winnie, an engineless 32-foot converted Quay Punt, yawl rigged, built in 1895.”

Spanish Waters  Boston, Charles Lauriat, 1924.


ROBINS, Elizabeth (1862-1952)  American actress, playwright, novelist and suffragette - E

a) - 1900

Travel to the Alaska Gold Rush camps in search of her brother, Raymond; adventures.

The Alaska-Klondike Diary of Elizabeth Robins, 1900  edited by Victoria messner and Joanne Gates. Fairbanks, University of Alaska Press, 1999.

b) - 1900

The Magnetc North  Heinemann, 1904, is an account of her Alaskan experience which may draw upon her diary.

c) - Dates unknown

Raymond and I  Macmillan, 1956, is reported to conatin diary material, possibly also from the 1900 diary.


ROGERS, Emma Winner (b.1860?)

Early 1900's

Journal of a Country Woman  New York, 1912, is reported to contain diary material.


ROSE, Elizabeth A. - E


Lizzie's Own Journal: La Vie Heureuse  edited by Robert Rose Carson, New York, Vantage, 1983.


SCHMOE, Floyd W. (1895-2001)  Quaker, pacifist and author of Seattle - E

Early 1900's

Living on Mount Rainier.

A Year in Paradise  New York, Harper, 1959. Reprinted, Mountainee, 1999.


SCHWAB, Gustav Henry (b.1851) - E


An Archæological Cruise in the Levant; a diary of a trip to the ancient art-centres of Greece, Asia Minor, the Aegean islands and Sicily  privately printed, New York, 1904.


SCOTT-James, Rolfe Arnold (b.1878) - E


An Englishman in Ireland. Impressions of a Journey in a Canoe by River, Lough and Canal  London, Dent, 1910, is reported to contain diary material.


SCULL,Edward Marshall (b.1880) - E

Hunting in the Arctic and Alaska  Philadelphia, Winston, 1914, is reported to contain diary material.


SELOUS, Edmund  - naturalist - B296,E

February 1900 to May 1913

Matthews: Naturalist's diary (written up); detailed observations of bird and animal life; natural history.

Realities of Bird Life  London, 1927.

Note:  Bird Watching  London, Dent, 1901, is also reported to contain diary material.


SHARP, G.E. [Capt.] - E


Fly-Leaves from a Fisherman's Diary  London, Edward Arnold, 1910.


SINGER, Daniel Jasper (1875-1924) - E


In  Big Game Fields of America, North and South  New York, Doran, 1914.


SLOAN, Margaret (1874-1960) - E


The Shattered Dream: A Southern Bride at the Turn of the Century: The Day Book of Margaret Sloan  University of South Carolina Press, 1990.


SMITH, William Spooner (1821-1916) - E


Travel Notes of an Octogenarian  Boston, 1914.

SOMERS, Percival - B296

January 1st. 1900(?) to January 1st. of the following year

A diary of country life; hunting, shooting, fishing; social life; country people and pastimes. Often snobbish and patronising but an interesting record of some literary merit.

Pages from a Country Diary  London, Edward Arnold, 1904.


STERN, Clara (1877-1948)  developmental psychologist; wife of William Stern - E

1900? to 1910?

Extracts from a diary record of her children's early development.

In  Psychology of Early Childhood up to the Sixth Year of Age, supplemented by extracts from the unpublished diaries of Clara Stern  by William Stern, translated by Anna Barwell. London, Allen and Unwin, New York, Holt, 1930.


STRATTON, Alfred William (1866-1902) - E

From 1900

In Letters from India… with a memoir by his wife Anna Booth Stratton….  London, Constable, 1908.


SULLIVAN, Mary Kellogg - E


In  A Woman Who Went to Alaska  Boston, Earle, 1902.



Early 1900's?

Jammu and Kashmir.

A Happy Holiday with Pen and Pencil  New Delhi, Sagar, 1970. First published, London, Smith Elder, 1907.


TOWNSEND, Charles Wendell - E

Between 1900? and 1920?

The following are reported to contain diary material:

a) - Along the Labrador Coast  Boston, Dana Estes, 1907.

b) - A Labrador Spring  Boston, Dana estes, 1910.

c) - In Audubon's Labrador  Boston and New york, Houghton Mifflin, 1918. -




Tutoring Sinclair Lewis: A Personal Account  edited by Martin Bucco in  South Dakota Review  XXVI, No.2, 1988, pp 35-56, is reported to contain diary material.  

VAUGHAN, Iris  - daughter of a magistrate at Maraisburg, South Africa

From 1900?

Purported childhood diary; undated entries; naive and entertaining about parents, school, journeys, the Boer War; moves to Adelaide and Fort Beaufort; gas light; anecdotes; ends before her thirteenth birthday. The diary is claimed to be genuine but the provenance is hazy and the organisation and language seem at the least to point to substantial intervention by an adult editor.

The Diary of Iris Vaughan  South Africa, Central News Agency, 1958 (Reprinted 1959 and 1962); and Cape Town, Timmins, 1969. The diary first appeared in  Outspan.


VAUGHAN, Ruben V. ('Doc') - E

After 1900

Deep sea fishing in the Popeye; Catalina Island off the southern coast of California.

Doc's Catalina Diary  Los Angeles, 1956.

Note:  The Print of Myr Remembrance: An Autobiography  Hollywood, 1955, may also contain diary material.


WALTER, James Conway - E

Early 1900's?

Stray Leaves on Travel, Sport, Animals and Kindred Subjects  London, Kegan Paul, 1910, is reported to contain diary material.


WARBURTON, Frederick R. - E


Masonic Home Boy  Vantage, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


WELCH, Beatrice (b.1882)  London shop girl

January 13th. to March 1900

Personal diary, written for her sister; her work as clerk and shop assistant at Robinsin and Cleaver; friends and dormitory accommodation; visits home; Queen Victoria comes through Regent Street.

Extracts in  Playing the Detective: The Case of the Diary of Miss B.Welch  in  The British Diarist  Volume 2, Issue 8, 2005. The article first appeared in  The Heslopian  Issue 2, 2004, Information Services of the University of Birmingham. The manuscript is in the University of Birmingham Special Collections.


WELLS, George B. - E

November 1900 to 1902

"… he kept a diary which is one of the most important sources of information about the Balzer-Manly engine." Specialist interest. A few entries in this diary were written by Charles M.Manly, assistant to Samuel P. Langley (qv) upon whose instructions the diary had been kept. There are also two quotations from Langley's own diary.

In  Langley's Aero Engine of 1903  Smithsonian, 1971. This is No.6 in the  Smithsonian Annals of Flight  series.


WEST, Isabel

1900 to 1906

Diary of a doctor's wife near Peace River; tensions with missionaries.

Account and extracts in  Inscribing the Daily; Critical Essays on Women's Diaries  edited by Suzanne L.Bunkers and Cynthia A.Huff. Amherst, University of Massachusetts Press, 1996, pp 86-103.


WHITE, Gilbert [Rt. Rev.] (1859-1933)  successivel Bishop of Carpentaria and Willochra - E

1900 to 1917

Some direct quotation from his diary.

In  Thirty Years in Tropical Australia  London, Sydney and New York, 1918.

Note:  Round About the Torres Straits: A Record of Australian Church Missions  London, S.P.C.K., 1917, may also contain diary material.


WILLIAM (Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst) Crown Prince of Germany (1882-1951) - E


From My Hunting Day-Book  London, Hodder, 1914?


WILLIAMS, Daniel Roderick - *M5370,E

The Odyssey of the Phillipine Commission  McClurg, 1913.


WILLIAMS, Rebecca Yancey (1899-1976) - E

Dates unknown

Carry Me Back  New York, Dutton, 1942, is reported to contain diary material.


WILSON, Edward Adrian (1872-1912)  physician and explorer - H1962

a) - July 1900 to September 7th. 1904

Exploration diary; kept for his wife and family and written up weeks or months after the event, from his field diaries which have not survived. Voyage to New Zealand; with Scott to Antarctica as junior surgeon and zoologist.

Diary of the Discovery Expedition to the Antarctic Regions 1901-1904  edited by Ann Savours. London, Blandford Press, 1966.

b) - June 1st. 1910 to February 27th. 1912

Exploration diary, on Scott's expedition to the South Pole; preparations; Cape Town, Australia, New Zealand, the journey south; winter quarters. The diary up to the end of October 1911 was written up from his field diaries; from November 1st. the diaries are his record of the final journey to the Pole and the struggle to return, which were found with his body.

Diary of the Terra Nova Expedition to the Antarctic 1910-1912  edited by H.G.R. King. London, Blandford Press, 1972.

c) - June 27th. to August 1st. 1911

His report of the winter journey to Cape Crozier is clearly based on diary entries.

In  Scott's Last Expedition  London, Smith Elder, 1913, Volume two, pp 1-77.

d) - From 1889

Some extracts from earlier diaries are to be found in  Edward Wilson of the Antarctic, Naturalist and Friend  by George Seaver, London, John Murray, 1933 and in  Edward Wilson: Nature-Lover  by George Seaver. London, John Murray, 1937. Passim.


WINTER, James - E

May to July 1900

Log book of the Chief Engineer of the Dolphin.

New York to Alaska: Voyage of Steamer Dolphin May to July, 1900: A Day to Day Personal Narrative  Middletown, New York, Whitlocke Press, 1943.


WOOD, J.N.Price [Capt.] - E


Travel and Sport in Turkestan  London, Chapman and Hall, 1910, is reported to contain diary material.


WOODWARD, Morgan S. - E


"Contains an interesting account of Woodward's visit to the Pompeii excavations and museum."

His Last Log  Chicago, Donnelley, 1903.


YOUNGER, Maud (1870-1936)  American suffragist - *M5371,E

The Diary of an Amateur Waitress  in  McClure's Magazine March and April, 1908,  pp 543-552 and 665-677.





Diary of a Prospecting Trip 1901  in  Umpqua Trapper  XV, No. 4, 1980. Umpuqua Trapper is a publication of the Douglas County historical Society, Oregon.


ARMITAGE, Albert Borlase (1864-1943)  ship's officer and polar explorer

August 6th. 1901 to September 10th. 1904

Narrative, by the navigator and second in command, of the 1901 antarctic expedition, the 'Discovery Expedition', led by R.F.Scott (qv); there are some traces of an underlying diary but the account contains much summary and generally lacks immediacy; there are some hints of tensions between Scott and the author.

Two Years in the Antarctic: Being a Narrative of the British National Antarctic Expedition  London, Edward Arnold, 1905.

Note: In 2004 the surviving portion of Armitage's manuscript diary was sold by the family and is now understood to be in private hands. Newspaper reports of its contents at the time of the sale indicate that relations between Scott and Armitage deteriorated during the expedition, perhaps as a result of disagreement over Armitage's plans forf penetrating further south than Scott had been able to do. The later portions of the diary appear to have been destroyed by Armitage after Scott's death in 1912.    

BEDFORD, Mary Russell, Duchess of (1865-1937) - H1963

1901 to 1937 (also travel note from 1895)

Personal diary of an interesting aristocrat; the quoted entries are mainly concerned with her flying activities, instructors and flights to India and South Africa; also bird watching and her hospital at Woburn.

Extensively quoted in  The Flying Duchess; The Diaries and Letters of Mary, Duchess of Bedford  edited by John, Duke of Bedford. London, Macdonald, 1968.


BELL, Adrian (1901-1980)  English farmer and writer, compiler of the first Times crossword - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - A Countryman’s Notebook  Ipswich, Boydell Press, 1975.

2. - The Green Bond  Ipswich, Boydell Press, 1976.

Note: Bell wrote more than twentycountryside books, of which others may well contain diary material.


BLAGDEN, Sam P.: see BOIT, John


BOIT, John and BLAGDEN, Sam P. - E

From 1901

Thirty Thousand Miles in The Wanderer: Extracts from the Log Kept at various Times by John Boit and Sam P.Blagden, Jr.  edited by C.L.F.Robinson, New York, R.H.Russell, 1903.


CAVE, Viscountess - E

From 1901?

Travel diaries, with her husband; East Africa, South Africa and U.S.A.

Three Journeys  London, Thornton Butterworth, 1928.

CHAMBERS, John Whiteclay - *H1964,*M5373,E

From 1901

Under Steam for the Gold Rush  in  American West  1974.


CHAMBERS, Whittaker (Jay Vivian) (David) (1901-1961)  American writer and sometime communist and spy - E

Dates Unknown

Cold Friday  edited by Duncan Norton-Taylor, New York, Random house, 1964, is reported to contain diary material.


CHAPMAN, Chanler Armstrong (b.1901) - E

Dates Unknown

James Cummings (2820) has  The Last Cruise of the Shanghai, Being the Story of the Teakwood Boat over the Viking Trail  by F.De Witt Wells, New York, Minton, 1925, but nature of the diary and the identity of the diarist are both uncertain.


FIFE, William J. - *M5374,E

In  Treasures of Pioneer History  by Kate B.Carter. Salt Lake, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, six volumes, 1952-1957.


GREENSHIELD, Edgar William Tyler [Rev.] (b.1877)  English missionary - E

1901 to 1913 (?)

“… the Arctic became a cherished goal … word was given that a man was needed to assist Rev E J Peck on Blacklead Island, Greenland with the Baffin Land Inuit people. He sailed out that year, in 1901, leaving from the North of Scotland. In total, Greenshield was active within the Arctic region from 1901-1913 making 10 voyages to the region.”

In  Perils of the Polar Pack, or, The Adventures of the Reverend E.W.T.Greenshield KT.O.N., of Blacklead Island Baffin Land  by A.L.Fleming, Toronto, Missionary Society of the Church of England, 1932.


KINESHITA Mokutaro (1885-1945)  doctor, poet and writer

July 13th. 1901 to August 2nd. 1906 and from January 1st. 1909

Private diary; thoughts, impressions, friends, literature, introspection; later travel in America and Europe.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 470-487.

LASHLY, William (1867-1940)  naval stoker and Antarctic explorer - H1965

August 17th. 1901 to December 15th. 1903 and October 24th. 1911 to February 19th. 1912

Substantial extracts from exploration diaries, with linking editorial narrative; with Scott on the Discovery Expedition and again with Scott in the motor party and last supporting party in the attempt to reach the Pole; return with Crean and the ailing Lieut. Evans; entries are generally short and factual but clear, concise and informative; an excellent, understated account of heroic enterprise.

Under Scott's Command: Lashly's Antarctic Diaries  edited by A.R. Ellis. London, Gollancz, 1969. Part of the diary was printed for private circulation in the late 1930's.


Le GUIN, Magnolia Wynn (1869-1947) - E

1901 to 1913

A Home Concealed Woman: The Diaries of Magnolia Wynn Le Guin, 1901-1913  edited by Charles le Guin, Athens, University of Georgia Press, 1990.


LUBBOCK, Alfred Basil (1876-1944) British sailor and historian - E

a) - 1901?

Round the Horn Before the Mast  London, John Murray, 1902.

b) - 1922?

The Log of the Cutty Sark  Glasgow, Brown son and Ferguson, 1924.


MACLANE, Mary (1881-1919)  of Butte, Montana - *M5375,E

a) - (Annotation based upon extracts)


Wild, emotional and introspective personal diary; distances herself from family but embraces her highland Scottish heritage; thoughts on sex and marriage; adoration of a teacher; celebrates her Lesbianism.

1. - The Story of Mary MacLane  Chicago, Herbert S.Stone, 1902. Jonathan Cape, 1981.

2. - Extracts: Culley, 187-203.

b) - I, Mary MacLane: A Diary of Human Days  New York, Frederick A.Stokes, 1917.


MacDONALD, Thoreau (1901-1989)  Canadian artist and illustrator - E

Dates Unknown

Thoreau MacDonald's Notebooks  Moonbeam, Ontario, Penumbra Press, 1980, 250 copies, is reported to contain diary material.


MAHONEY, Mary - *H1966,*M5376,E


End of an Era: The Travel Journal of Mary Mahoney  in  Nebraska History  September 1966.


MARLATT, Charles Lster (1863-1954)  American entomologist

An Entomologist’s Quest: The Story of the San Jose Scale. The Diary of a Trip Round the World  Washington D.C., The monumental printing company, 1953, is reported to contain diary material. The title refers to the San Jose Scale insect: Marlett introduced the ladybug insect into the United States to control this pest.


MOORE, Austin Leigh (b.1901) - E

Dates unknown

Knight Errant in Africa: A Journal  Denver, big mountain press, 1955.


MUSSER, Benjamin (1889-1951) - M5377

October 1901 to January 1902

Schoolboy's diary in Philadelphia; home life, school, pranks and entertainments; occasional literary pretensions; good observation and well written. Musser later became a poet.

1. - Diary of a Twelve-Year-Old  Caldwell, Idaho, 1932, 88 pp.

2. - Extracts: Berger (2), pp 118-127.


OGILVIE, Christopher Tinsley - *M5378,E

A Preacher's Diary  edited by Craig Ogilvie, in  Independence County Chronicle  VIII, No. 1, 1966, pp 18-26.


PARTCH, Harry (1901-1974)  American composer - E

Dates unknown

Bitter Music: Collected Journals, Essays, Introductions and Librettos  Baltimore, University of Illinois Press, 1991.


PINNOCK, James - E

1901 to 1904

Wander-Years Round the World  London, Unwin, 1904, is reported to contain diary material.


POPE, Joseph (1854-1926) - E


The Tour of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York through the Dominion of Canada in the Year 1901  Ottawa, Dawson, 1903.


PREBLE, Edward, A.  – of US Department of Agriculture - E

1901 and later?

A Biological Investigation of the Athabasca-Mackenzie Region  XXVIII  in the  North American Fauna  Series, Washington, Government Printing, 1908 is reported to contain diary material.

PRICE, Harry (1877-1965)  petty officer - H1967

February 27th to November/December 1901

A sailor's diary of the Empire Cruise of the Duke and Duchess of York. Printed in facsimile with the diarist's illustrations. Disappointing. -

The Royal Tour, 1901, or the Cruise of H.M.S. Ophir  Exeter, Webb and Bower, 1980.


RIVETT-CARNAC, Charles (1901-1980)  Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - E

Dates unknown

Pursuit in the Wilderness  Boston, Little Brown, 1965, is an autobiography reported to sontain diary material.


RUSSELL, George William Erskine (1853-1919)  politician and journalist - F

A Londoner's Log Book, 1901-1902  London, Smith Elder, 1902, has been reported to contain diary material but is undoubtedly largely fiction, reprinted from the Cornhill Magazine.


SCOTT, Joseph Freeman (1901?-1920)  US Navy midshipman - E

Dates unknown

A Memorial of His Home and School Life  privately printed, Concord, New Hampshire, 1920, is reported to contain diary material.  


SCOTT, Robert Falcon (1868-1912)  explorer - H2002,B299

a) - 1901 to 1904

Narrative by the leader of the famous antarctic exploration, clearly founded on extensive diaries and with much direct quotation. The contrast between these self-edited diaries and those of the later expedition published after his death, is instructive.

In  The Voyage of the Discovery  London, Smith Elder, 1905.

b) - November 26th. 1910  to March 29th. 1912

The famed Antarctic diary of Scott's fatal expedition to the South Pole. A very full journal of technical, geographical and personal interest. Clarity and understatement compel admiration.

1. - Scott's Last Expedition  arranged by Leonard Huxley. London, Smith Elder, two volumes, 1913, many times reprinted. The journals of Captain Scott, which have often been reprinted, are contained in Volume I, Volume II consists of 'the reports of the journeys and the scientific work undertaken by Dr. E.A.Wilson and the surviving members of the expedition'.

2. - Extracts: D'Oyley, pp 225-237; and Dunaway & Evans, pp 431-435.

Note: Havlice refers to the microfilm facsimile of the diary.


STIRLING, Arthur (1880-1902)

April 6th. 1901 to June 6th. 1902

Purported diary of a young poet in New York; the writing of his blank verse tragedy, "The Captive"; unsuccessful attempts to find a publisher; resolves to kill himself on June 6th. 1902 unless the book is accepted. Probably fiction.

The Journal of Arthur Stirling ("The Valley of the Shadow")  revised and condensed with an Introductory Sketch. London, Heinemann, 1903.


STRAIGHT, Willard Dickerman (1880-1918)  American banker, publisher, jopurnalist and diplomat - E

From 1901

Extracts, paraphrase and summary of an extensive diary.

In  Willard Straight  by Herbert David Croly. New York, Macmillan, 1924.

Note (1): See also his mother, Emma Dickerman STRAIGHT.

Note (2): The diaries have been published on microfilm as  The Willard Straight Papers at Cornell University, 1857-1925  Photo Science of Cornell University, 1973.


TOMLINSON, Ambrose Jessup - *H1968,*M5409,E

From 1901

Diary of A.J.Tomlinson  New York, Church of God, World Headquarters, three volumes, 1949.


TWIFORD, Ormond H. - *M5379,E

In  Arkansas Historical Quarterly  XXI, 1962, pp 44-74.


WAIT, Mabel Lila - E

1901 to 1902

"These diaries of Mabel Lila Wait of the Brick Chapel area just south of Canton are a wonderful look at the daily life of a farm woman in northern New York at the turn of the century."

Dear Home: The 1901 and 1902 Diary of Mabel Lila Wait  edited by Susan Ward. Syracuse University Press for the Friends of the Owen D.Young Library, 1996.

WALLACE, Donald Mackenzie [Sir] (1841-1919) - C1205


Matthews: Official diary of the tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York; public occasions, speeches, celebrities.

The Web of Empire  London, 1902.


WICKERSHAM, James (1857-1939)  US District Judge for Alaska - *M5380,E

a) - In  Old Yukon; Tales-Trails-and Trials  Washington, D.C., Washington Law Book Co., 1938.

b) - January 1st. 1900 to February 13th. 1908

James Wickersham, U.S. District Judge of Alaska: Transcripts of Diaries 1-13, January 1, 1900-February 13, 1908  by Mary Anne Slemmons. Juneau, Alaska State Library, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, 2000.


WYETH, Newell Convers (1882-1945)  American artist and illustrator - E

1901? to 1945?

In  The Wyeths: The Intimate Correspondence of N.C. Wyeth, 1901-1945  edited by Betsy James Wyeth. Boston, Gambit, 1971.


YESCALIS, Josephine Koncavage (1886-1956)  Lithuanian immigrant to America - M5381

1901 to 1944

Brief and factual notes of important personal events, usually in retrospect; births and deaths of children; miscarriages; death of her husband; death of a thirteen year old son, shot by his friend; two sons in the Second World War; a son-in-law killed. This family chronicle, as printed within an article, has few characteristics of the diary form; the editor's description and quoted extracts indicate that the document is a single volume covering more than forty years.

A Lithuanian Grandmother: Triumph of Spirit over Circumstance  edited by Joseph W.Duffy in  Lituanus: Lithuanian Quarterly Journal of Arts and Sciences  XXIX, No. 3, Fall, 1983.     



ALDRICH, Richard - E

1902 to 1923

Concert Life in New York. 1902-1923  New York, Putnam, 1941, is reported to contain diary material.


ABBOTT, Mamie Goulet (1882-1977) - E

1902 to 1924

Journal and reminiscences; restoration of the  Santa Ines mission from near ruin.

Santa Ines Hermosa: The Journal of the Padre's Niece  Santa Barbara, Sunwise Press, 1951.


BALSAN, François (1902-1972)  French industrialist, explorer and writer - E

Dates unknown

“Part One: From Johannesburg to the Atlantic. Part Two: With the Bushmen; Part Three: Among the Swamps; Part Four: On Towards the Indian Ocean.”

Capricorn Road  translated from the French by Pamela Search, London, Arco Publications, 1954.


BEAR, Fred (1902-1988)  American bow hunter - E

Dates unknown

“It has been my good fortune over the years to enjoy many great hunts in almost all parts of the world. I kept a diary on each hunt and from these dog-eared, rain-soaked pages evolved the chapters of this book.”

Fred Bear’s Field Notes  Doubleday, 1976.


BOYLE, Kay (1902-1992)  American writer and political activist - E

Dates unknown

The Long Walk at San Francisco State  Grove Press, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


BRUCE, William Spiers - E

1902 to 1904

The Log of the Scotia Expedition 1902-4  edited by Peter Speak. Edinburgh University Press, 1992.


CATHER, Willa (Wilella) Seibert (1873-1947)  American novelist - E


Willa Cather in Europe: Her Own story of the First Journey  New York, Knopf, 1956.


COVEY, Arthur  - District Commissioner at Quitta, Gold Coast

July 30th. to October 27th. 1902

Diary extracts; trade; rivalry with the neighbouring Germans; the 'stooling' of a new chief.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 54-62.


DOAK, Charles - E

1902 to 1906

A Manufacturer’s Apprenticeship: The Journals of Charles Doak, 1902-1906  in  Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  January, 1985.


DREISER, Theodore Herman Albert (1871-1945)  American writer - *H1969,*M5382,E

a) - 1902 to 1906

American Diaries, 1902-1926  edited by Thomas P.Riggio. Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1982.

b) - 1927 to 1928

"Dreiser …. visited the Soviet Union during the winter of 1927-28 at the invitation of the fledgling Soviet government to report on celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the Russian Revolution. He kept a diary recording his reactions as well as personal conversations with important figures such as actor/director Konstantin Stanislavsky and poet Vladimir Mayakovsky."

Dreiser's Russian Diary  Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvamia Press, 1996.

Note: See also Ruth Kennell.

c) - Dates unknown

Notes on Life  edited by Marguerite Tjader and John J.McAleer, University of Alabama Press, 1974 and 2002, is reported to contain diary material.


FIELDING, Fidelia A.Hoscott (1827-1908)  the last native speaker of the Mohegan Pequot language

-  - *M5383

In  Native Tribes and Dialects of Connecticut, a Mohegan-Pequot Diary  by Frank Gouldsmith Speck, Washington, 1928. This is an offprint from the  43rd. Annual Report of the  Bureau of American Ethnology


GRANJON, Henry - E


Along the Rio Grande: A Pastoral Visit to Southern New mexico in 1902  University of New Mexico Press, 1986.


GREY, Abby Weed (1902-1983)  founder of the Gery Art Gallery of New York University - E

Dates unknown

The picture is the Window, The Window is the Picture  New York University press, 1983, is reported to contain iary material.


HALFORD, Francis John [Dr.] (1902-1953)  doctor in Hawaii - E

Dates unknown

9 Doctors and God  University of Hawaii, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.


HARPER, Samuel Northrup (1882-1943)  of the University of Chicago - E

1902 to 1941 (?)

The Russia I Believe In: The Memoirs of Samuel N.Harper, 1902-1941  University of Chicago Press, 1945, is reported to contain diary material.


IRVINE, Andrew Comyn (Sandy) (1902-1924)  English mountaineer - E

Dates unknown

“The story of Irvine's brief life told largely in his own words from his diaries, written during expeditions to Spitsbergen and to Everest.”

Irvine Diaries: Andrew Irvine and the Enigma of Everest  Gastons-West Col, 1924.


ISHIKAWA Takuboku (1886-1912)  Japanese writer and teacher

(Annotation based on Keene)

1902 to 1912

Private diary, that for April to June 1909 being written in roman letters; friends and literature; marriage; sex and prostitutes.

1. - Romaji Diary and Sad Toys  translated by Stanford Goldstein and Seishi Shinoda. Tokyo, Tuttle, 1985.

2. - Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 377 -399. See also  Modern Japanese Literature  by Donald Keene. New York, Grove Press, 1956.


KANE, Wanden Mathews (b.1902)  first female mayor in Colorado - E

Dates unknown

What Am I Doing Here?  Palmer Lake, Colorado, Filter Press, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.


LEENHARDT, Maurice (1878-1954)  French pastor and ethnologist - E

From 1902?

“… Maurice Leenhardt was named pastor in 1902 in New Caledonia where he founded the “Dö nèvâ” mission in the valley of Houailou. Going beyond his role of pastor, he applied himself to understanding the mentality of these people… When he arrived in New Caledonia, Maurice Leenhardt was welcomed by these words from the mayor of Nouméa: What have you come to do here? In ten years there will be no more Kanaks. He applied himself to the fight against this slow genocide; he combatted the alcoholism that slowly ravaged the Kanak people.”

Do Kamo: Person and Myth in the Melanesian World  University of Chicago Press, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.


LEMMON, Amos  - farmer in Indiana - E

1902 to 1937

“Although most of the pages are filled with notations converning bovine behaviour, careful gleaning yields a sizable harvest of information … insights into work habits, customs, economics, family life and general conditions in the Hossier state…”

Amos Lemmon’s Farm Journals, 1902-1937  by Gerald O.Haffner in  Indiana Magazine of History  LXXXIII, No. 3, September 1987, pp 267-277.


MacEWAN, (John Walter) Grant (1902-2000)  Canadian farmer, academic and politician - E

Dates Unknown

Grant MacEwan's Journals  Edmonton, Alberta, Lone Pine, 1986.


NICOLL, Michael John (1880-1925)  English naturalist - E

1902 to 1906

Narrative accounts, clearly based on diaries, of three voyages of a naturalist with the Earl of Crawford on his yacht Valhalla.

Three Voyages of a Naturalist, being an account of many little-known islands in three oceans visited by the Valhalla R.Y.S  London, Witherby, 1908.  


NIEDIECK, Paul  - German big-game hunter and explorer - E

a) - From 1902?

Record of big-game hunting (not seen but probably containing diary material); Portuguese East Africa, Sudan, White Nile; injured by an elephant.

With Rifle in Five Continents  London, Rowland Ward, 1908.

b) - Cruises in the Bering Sea  London, 1909, is reported to contain diary material.


PARRISH, James Cresson - E


Some Account of the Travels of Myself and My Son in the Summer of Nineteen Hundred and Two  New York, The de Vinne Press, 1903, 250 copies.


RUDMOSE-BROWN, Robert Neal (1879-1957)  academic botanist and polar explorer - E

1902 to 1904

“[the expedition] … completed a full programme of exploration and scientific work. Its achievements included the establishment of a manned meteorological station, the first in Antarctic territory, and the discovery of new land to the east of the Weddell Sea.”

In  The Voyage of the Scotia: The Story of Scotland’s Forgotten Polar Heroes  TWilliam blackwood edition of 1906. Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, 1978, facsimile of the William Blackwood edition of 1906.


RUSSELL, Thomas Wentworth [Sir] (Russell Pasha) (1879-1954)  police officer in the Egyptian serviceE

1902 to 1946(?)

Egyptian Service, 1902-1946  London, John Murray 1949, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: James Cummings (9535) has Thomas Pasha Diary  Kimber 1966.  


SILVER, Henry Drayton - *H1970,E

1. - Diary of a One-horse Enterpriser  in  New York History  1952.

2. - Making a Living in Rochester  in  Rochester History  October, 1953.


SMITH, E.Quincy  - connected with the insurance business - E

From 1902?

Travel diaries; Jamaica, Mexico, California, Italy; the aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake and trips connected with 'the great storm', a bond sale and the St.Louis convention.

Travels at Home and Abroad  New York, Neale, three volumes, 1911.


STOKES, Adrian (1902-1972)  British painter and critic - E

Dates Unknown

The Thread of Ariadne  London, Kegan Paul, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


WEST, (Mary) Jessamyn (1902-1984) quaker and writer - E

Dates unknown

a) - Double Discovery; A Journey  Harcourt, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - "An outgrowth of he author's journal when she was spending part of her time at home in Napa, California, and part of it in Hollywood …"

To See the Dream  Harcourt, 1957.

c) - Hide and Seek: A Continuing Journey  Harcourt, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


WIENCKE, Gustav Albert  - Lutheran missionary - E

1902? to 1904?

Travels in Persian Kurdistan  in  Lutheran Quarterly  November, 1959.


WRIGHT, Orville (1871-1948) and Wilbur 1867-1912)  pioneer aviators

From 1902?

The Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright: Including the Chanute-Wright Letters and the Papers of Octave Chanute  edited Marvin W.McFarland, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1953 and 2001, contains diary material.


YORKE, Louisa Matilda (née SCOTT) (d.1951)

January 22nd. to February 15th. 1902

Extracts from a private diary recording incidents in her courtship by Philip Yorke of Erddig as his second wife; awed by impending responsibilities. There are brief, loosely dated quotations from the diary from 1899 and after her marriage, the latter mainly concerned with servant troubles.

In  The Servants' Hall: A Domestic History of Erddig  by Merlin Waterson. London, Routledge, 1980, pp 88-93 (dated section pp 89-90). Published in America as  The Servants' Hall A Downstairs History of a British Country House  New York, Pantheon Books, 1980.



BAKER, Ida Constance (Lesley Moore) (LM) - E

From 1903?

“Constance was Ida’s middle name and constant she was: as Katherine’s confidante, doormat, devotee, housekeeper, and ultimately nurse.  Katherine called her ‘LM’, ‘Jones’, ‘the faithful one’, ‘the mountain’, ‘the slave’, ‘Albatross’.”

Katherine Mansfield: The Memories of LM  New York, Taplinger, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


BARBELLION, Wilhelm Nero Pilate (Bruce Frederick CUMMINGS) (1889-1919)  biologist


a) - January 3rd. 1903 to October 21st. 1917

Personal diary; boyhood in Devon; interest in natural history; London; his work at the Natural History Museum; literary and musical interests; the war from the standpoint of a civilian too ill to fight; sexual experience; marriage and fatherhood; introspective and intensely self aware; almost a scientific study of himself; increasingly concerned with his illness and impending death from multiple sclerosis. Written, at least latterly, and edited, with an eye to publication as his own memorial, the diary was much admired on its first appearance and with its mingled pride and self-disgust it remains a unique self-portrait of an interesting, if ultimately unsympathetic, man.

The Journal of a Disappointed Man  London, Chatto and Windus, 1919. This volume ends with the false announcement of the diarist's death. Many times reprinted.

b) - March 21st. 1918 to June 3rd. 1919

Personal diary of the dying man, edited by his brothers after his death. The progress of his illness; musing and retrospection. A calm and less polished counterpoint to the earlier work with occasional hints that he is not quite so self-secure as he has led the world to believe.

A Last Diary  London, Chatto and Windus, 1920.

c) - 1. - The Journal of a Disappointed Man & A Last Diary  London, Hogarth Press, 1984. Both diaries in one paperback volume. This edition incorporates some minor corrections to the first diary, made by Barbellion himself, which also appear in the Chatto and Windus, St.Martin's Library edition of 1923, and the Phoenix Library edition of 1931. A different set of corrections, by H.R.Cummings, is incorporated in the Penguin edition of 1948 and the Alan Sutton edition of 1984 and 1991.

2. - Extracts: Berger (2), pp 204-207; Blythe, pp 141-147; Dunaway & Evans, pp 342-349; Fothergill; and Ponsonby (1), 432-443.

d) - Further extracts from the diary, in four "Journal Essays" appear in  Enjoying Life and Other Literary Remains  London, Chatto and Windus, 1919, pp 3-72. (See also the entry under Barbellion in Anthologies, Collections and Studies).

e) - Memorable quotations from the diaries, together with much useful biographical, bibliographical and background information are to be found in  The Quotable Barbellion  by Eric Bond Hutton. Gerrards Cross, Alderbourne Books, 1999, 75 pp stapled booklet. Expanded edition Gerrards Cross, Alderbourne Books, 2000, 91 pp paperback.


CARR, Frank George Griffith (1903-1991)  director of the Greenwich national maritime Museum - E

Dates Unknown

A Yachtsman's Log  London, Dickson and Thompson, 1935.


CASEMENT, Roger David (1864-1916)  British consular official and Irish patriot - H1971

a) - February 14th. 1903 to January 8th. 1904

Private diary while in the Congo to investigate reports of enslavement and torture of natives employed on rubber plantations; notes of homosexual activities.

In  The Black Diaries: An Account of Roger Casement's Life and Times with a Collection of His Diaries and Public Writings  edited by Peter Singleton-Gates and Maurice Girodias. New York, Grove Press; London; nd Paris, Olympia Press, 1959.

b) - January 13th. to December 31st. 1910

Private diary in Peru while investigating atrocities against American Indians in the rubber plantations of the Putumayo region; notes, often very detailed, of his travels, investigations, conversations and homosexual activities; the voyage home.

1. - In  The Black Diaries: An Account of Roger Casement's Life and Times with a Collection of His Diaries and Public Writings  edited by Peter Singleton-Gates and Maurice Girodias. New York, Grove Press; London; and Paris, Olympia Press, 1959.

2. - In  Roger Casement's Diaries: 1910: The Black and the White  edited by Roger Sawyer. London, Pimlico Books, paperback, 1997, pp 41-130. This is a corrected text.

c) - September 23rd. to December 6th. 1910

A very full and interesting diary account (abridged) of observations and conversations beginning on his arrival at the Peruvian Amazon Company's main agency. This second diary for part of the period covered by the 'Black Diary' greatly expands on that more private record and omits references to his sexual behaviour.

In  Roger Casement's Diaries: 1910: The Black and the White  edited by Roger Sawyer. London, Pimlico Books, paperback, 1997, pp 135-263.

d) - 1911

Cash book described as a diary (not seen).

In  The Black Diaries: An Account of Roger Casement's Life and Times with a Collection of His Diaries and Public Writings  edited by Peter Singleton-Gates and Maurice Girodias. Paris, Olympia Press, 1959 (this text does not appear in the London or New York editions).

e) - November 7th. 1914 to March 17th. 1916

Diary (extracts) interspersed with letters and reports, whilst in Berlin while trying to recruit German prisoners of war for an 'Irish Brigade' to participate in a rebellion against the British in Ireland; much concerned with accounts of meetings between his manservant, Christensen (who in fact betrayed his master) and the British Minister in Oslo; meetings, plot and counter-plot.

In  Sir Roger Casement's Diaries: His Mission to Germany and the Findlay Affair  edited by Charles E.Curry. Munich, Arche Publishing Co., 1922.

f) - March 27th. to April 6th. 1916

(Not seen)

Detailed notes of interviews with the authorities in Berlin in prospect of his last voyage to Ireland.

Reportedly published in various American and Irish newspapers in 1922.

Note: Casement had been knighted for his work in Peru but was arrested, tried for treason, stripped of his knighthood and hanged in 1916. There was some sympathy for Casement and the 'Black Diaries' were shown by the British Government to influential people who might otherwise have supported a petition for reprieve. There have been accusations that the homosexual diaries are forgeries perpetrated by the British authorites and Roger Sawyer's book addresses these accusations. The Berlin diary is edited by a friend and admirer of Casement but appears to be genuine, if selective. There is an extensive literature discussing the diaries and their provenance, and quoting from them, which falls outside the scope of this bibliography.

CHATTERTON, Eyre [The Rt. Rev.] (1863-1950) - D55

1903 to 1926

Matthews: Work in Nagpur diocese; missionary activities; education; celebrities; and service with Indian Corps, First World War, France and Mesopotamia.

India Through a Bishop's Diary  London, 1935.


CH'I-CH'AO, Liang (1873-1929) - *M5384,E

In  Idaho Yesterdays  V.


COMER, George - *M5385,E

1903 to 1905

An Arctic Whaling Diary: The Journal of Captain George Comer in Hudson Bay, 1903-1905  edited by W.Gillies Ross. University of Toronto Press, 1984.

DUNN, Robert - *H1972,E


Account of an attempt to climb Mount McKinley, with Frederick Cook.

The Shameless Diary of an Explorer  New York, The Outing Publishing Co., 1907.


EDWARDS, William Seymour (1856-1915) - E

a) - August to October 1903

Diary letters from the Yukon.

In To the Yukon  Cincinnati, Clarke, 1904.

b) - November to December 1905

Diary notes and letters; Mexico and Cuba.

On the Mexican Highlands  Cincinnati, Jennings and Graham, 1906.

c) - Dates Unknown

Diary (?) letters to his father while on honeymoon in Scandinavia and Russia.

Through Scandinavia to Moscow  Cincinnati, Clarke, 1906.


ELSON, George - E


Account of his part in the Labrador expedition with Leonidas Hubbard (qv) and Dillon Wallace (qv) in which Hubbard died.

In  A Woman’s Way through Unknown Labrador: an Account of the Exploration of the Nascaupee and George Rivers  by Mina Hubbard (qv), London, John Murray, 1908; and Saint Johns, Newfoundland, Breakwater, 1981.


FREWEN, Oswald Moreton (1887-1958) - E

1903? To 1910

“Frewen … moved to Britannia at Dartmouth in 1903, and joined his first ship HMS Hannibal in 1904. These memoirs, written from his diaries takes his naval career up to 1910. Frewen was something of a rebel in the navy, and there is enough spice in his comments on service life to suggest that he could be something of a thorn in the flesh of their Lordships.”

Sailor’s Soliloquy  London, Hutchinson, 1961.


GEORGE, Thomas Bladen (b.1826) - *M5386.E

Diary of My Itinerary of Sixty Days Across the Water  St. Augustine, Florida, The Record Co., 1904.


GINGRICH, Arnold (1903-1976)

Dates Unknown

A Thousand Mornings of Music: The journal of an obsession with the violin  New York, Crown, 1970.


GREGORIE, Anne King - *M5387,E

In  Anne King Gregorie  by Flora Belle Surles. Privately printed, Columbia, South Carolina, 1968.


GRISSELLL, Hartwell de la Garde (1839-1907)  Papal chamberlain - E


Sede Vacante: Being a Diary Written during the Conclave of 1903, with Additional mNotes on the Accession and coronation Of Pius X  James Parker, 1903.


HANSBERRY, Anna (b.1850)

October 1st. to 13th. 1903

Letter diary written from contemporary notes in 1905; a journey by covered wagon from Mohawk to Douglas, Oregon, over the Cascade Mountains, with her family; perils of the road; scenery etc.

In  Covered Wagon Women: Diaries and Letters from the Western Trails  Volume XI, edited by Kenneth L.Holmes. Glendale, California, Arthur H.Clarke, 1993, pp 163-175.


HORGAN, Paul (1903-1995)  American author - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Encounters with Stravinsky: A Personal Record  Farrar, 1972.

2. - Approaches to Writing  Farrar, 1973.


HUBBARD, Leonidas (1872-1903)  American journalist and adventurer - E


Diary of a disastrous canoe expedition in Labrador, during which he died, in the company of Dillon Wallace (qv) and George Elson (qv).

In  A Woman’s Way Through Unknown Labrador  by Mina Hubbard (qv), his widow, in  A Woman’s Way through Unknown Labrador: an Account of the Exploration of the Nascaupee and George Rivers  London, John Murray, 1908; and Saint Johns, Newfoundland, Breakwater, 1981.


HUTCHINSON, William  - probably one of the “Barr Colonists” - E

From 1903?

“… Reverend Isaac Barr secured a huge land tract between the present-day Alberta-Saskatchewan border and Maidstone (Saskatchewan). In March 1903 he brought approximately 2000 colonists from England. Arriving April 17 in Saskatoon, they spent 2 weeks bickering and reorganizing before embarking on an easy 270 km wagon trip to the colony. …”

Eye Witness to Courage  in  Saskatchewan History  XX, Autumn, 1967, pp 81-107.

JONES, Henry Festing (1851-1928)  editor - B297

April to May 1903

Matthews: Travel diary; undertaken for the purpose of depositing the MSS of three books by Samuel Butler at Varallo Sesia, Acireale, and Trapani; reminiscences of Butler by Italians quoted; some of Butler's own notes on Italy.

Diary of a Tour Through North Italy to Sicily  Cambridge, 1904.


JOYCE, Stanislaus  - younger brother of James Joyce - *H1973,E

The Dublin Diary of Stanislaus Joyce  edited by George Harris Healey. London, Faber and Faber, and Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 1962.


KAJIMA, Ume (1903-1982)  Japanese businesswoman, president of Kajima Construction - E

Dates unknown

Michi Haruka: Milestones on My pathway  Tokyo, Kajima Institute, 1963, is reported to contain diary material.


KNICKERBOCKER, Frances Wentworth Cutler - *M5388,E

1903 to 1904

The Minister’s Daughter: A Time-Exposure Photograph of the Years 1903-04  edited by Charles H. Knickerbocker. Philadelphia, Dorrance, 1974.


LANNING, J.Frank - E

November 1903 to January 1904

My Trip to South Africa  Richmond, Virginia, 1905.


LAURENCE, M  - Carmellite nun - E

June 1903

Detailed and interesting diary of a visit by a group of Carmellite nuns to the mission school of “St Mary” in the Quapaw nation.

A Trip to Quapaw in 1903  in  Chronicles of Oklahoma  Summer, 1953, pp 142-167.


LEITCH, John Strickland - *H1974,E

Diary of My Journey to and Stay in the Peace River District in the Year 1903  in  British Columbia Historical Quarterly  January, 1950.


LEOPOLD, zu Loewenstein, Prince (b.1903) - E

Dates unknown

“The author's wife Diana died in 1967 after a marriage of twenty years … the grieving companion has carefully noted the progress of the disease, in this case cancer - the gradual loss of faculties, the abrupt oases of hope and contentment, the recurring awareness, for both, of what lies ahead.”

In  A Time to Love – A Time to Die  London, W,H.Allen, 1970.


LOCKLEY, Ronald Mathias (1903-2000)  Welsh naturalist and ornithologist - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (7647, 7648 & 7649) has:

1. - Diary  Readers Union, 1950.

2. - Puffins  London, Dent, 1953.

3. - Birds and Islands  London, Witherby, 1991.

Note: Lockley was the author of more than sixty books and it is probable that many of them contain diary material.

McCORMICK, J.Hanna - C729

April to May 1903

Matthews: Journal; on trail with the Barr colonists from Saskatoon to Lloydminster.

Used in  Lloydminster  London, 1923.


MARTIN, Sarah Parks - E

1903 to 1915

“Accounts of the author's travels through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific …”

Diary Notes and Club papers: Upon the Travels of sarah parks martin from 1903 to 1915  Boston, George Ellis, 1916.


MAXWELL, Donald - E


“… a most remarkable enterprise, - that of sailing in a flat- bottomed boat from Brunnadern, in Switzerland, to Teddington, on the Thames, a distance of some eight hundred miles.”

The Log of the Griffin: The Story of a Cruise from the Alps to the Thames  Lone, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1905, is reported to contain diary material.


MOORE, Ernie - E


A Trip to the Beach in 1903  in  Sherman County: For the Record  Spring, 1991.


MOORE, Lesley (LM)  - See Ida Constance BAKER


MOORE, Merrill (1903-1957)  American psychiatrist and poet - E

Dates unknown

a) - The Verse-diary of a Psychiatrist  Baltimore, Contemporary poetry, 1954.

b) - A Doctor’s Book of Hours, Including Some dimensions of the Emotions  Springfield, Illinois, Charles Thomas, 1955.   


MOSELEY, Sydney Alexander (1888-1961)  journalist - H1975

May 1903 to January 1960

Private diary; childhood; career at home and abroad; writer, editor and critic; early television involvement; politics. Loud and opinionated but quirky, observant and entertaining; a good diary.

The Private Diaries of Sydney Moseley  London, Max Parrish, 1960.


NAGAI Kafu (1879-1959)

a) - September 1903 to March 1908

Selections from a travel diary; Washington, Seattle, St. Louis; college at Kalamazoo; a love affair with a Washington prostitute; banking in New York and then in France.

b) - November 1908 to 1909

Monthly entries recording his retrospective thoughts of America and his re-adjustment to life in Japan, with criticism of the latter.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 488-506.


PATON, Alan Stewart (1903-1988)  South African Author and anti-apartheid activist - E

Dates unknown

“… memoir … his life and work … centres around his grief at the loss of his wife in 1967.”

Kontakion for You Departed  London, Jonathan Cape, 1969, is reported to contain diary material. American title  For You Departed  Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1969.


PLOMER, William (1903-1973)  English author - E

Dates unknown, perhaps 1950’s

Marginalia  David Godine, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


PRINGLE, Elizabeth Waties Allston (1845-1921) - *M5389,E

A Woman Rice Planter  Columbia, University of South Carolina Press in cooperation with the Institute for Southern Studies and the South Caroliniana Society of the University of South Carolina, 1992. There have been many earlier editions of this work which was first published as  A Woman Rice Planter  by Patience Pennington (pseud.)  New York, The Macmillan Company, 1913.

Note:  Chronicles of Chicora Wood  New York, C. Scribner’s sons, 1922 and Atlanta, Cherokee, 1976, is also reported to contain diary material.




In  A Bibliography of The Village Press 1903-1938: Including an Account of the Genesis of the Press by Frederick W.Goudy, and a Portion of the 1903 Diary of Will Ransom, Co-founder  Newcastle, Delaware, Oak Knoll Books, reprinted 1981.


SIMENON, Georges Joseph Christian (1903-1989)  Belgian writer - E

Dates Unknown

When I Was Old  New York, Harcourt, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


SNOW, Francis Huntington - *H1976,*M5391,E

The Diaries of F.H.Snow  in  Kansas History  1978.


THOMAS, George (b.1903?)  young londoner afflicted with muscular dystrophy - E

a) - Dates Unknown

The diary of a young man in whose family four out of seven, himself included, are crippled by progressive muscular dystrophy.

A Tenement in Soho, or Two Flights Up  London, Cape, 1931.

b) - Dates Unknown

My Mind a Kingdom  London, Cape, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.


TOWNLEY, Susan Mary Keppel, Lady (1868-1953) - E

March 29th. to April 30th. 1903?

A voyage up the Yangtse River; through the gorges and rapids; a good account. Descriptions of the voyage out and life in Shanghai and Peking are not in diary form but appear to be taken from a contemporaneous record.

In  My Chinese Note Book  London and New York, 1904.


WALLACE, Dillon  - New York lawyer - E

a) - 1903 to 1904

Account, much written up but in large part based on a diary, of the disastrous Leonidas Hubbard (qv) canoe expedition during which Hubbard died.

The Lure of the Labrador Wild: The Story of the Exploring Expedition Conducted by Leonidas Hubbard  Toronto, Revell, 1905.

b) - 1905

Account of Wallace's successful expedition to achieve the objectives of the earlier failure. This took place simultaneously with the expedition Mina Hubbard, Leonidas’ widow, undertaken in part to clear her husband’s reputation which she felt had been damaged by Wallace’s account.

The Long Labrador Trail  New York, Outing, 1907.

Note: See also Leonidas Hubbard, Mina Hubbard and George Elson.


WANNER, Louisa (b.1882)  hotel chambermaid - H1977

December 23rd. 1903 to March 13th. 1904 and May 18th. to 21st. 1904

Private diary; her work as a chamber maid and waitress; courtship; Will comes to her bed. A naïve and touching record.

Louisa Winner's Diary as Hotel Chamber Maid in Tintah Minnesota  in  To All Inquiring Friends  Grand Forks, University of North Dakota, 1980, pp 275-283.


WAUGH, William Francis - E

1903 to 1904

Diary of a leisurely river voyage from Chicago to New Orleans; small events of the voyage; hunting; provisions; a northerner's view of life in the south.

The Houseboat Book: The Log of a Cruise from Chicago to New Orleans  Chicago, Clinic, 1904.


WHITELEY, Opal (b.1897?) - M5400

From 1903 (?)

Supposedly the diary of a six year old child in Oregon. An undated stream of impression, fantasy, description and feeling. Her everyday life, family and community.

1. - The Journal of an Understanding Heart  New York, Putnam, 1920. (Also published as a series of articles in  Atlantic Monthly  in the same year).

2. - Included in Opal Whiteley, The Unsolved Mystery; Together with Opal Whiteley's Diary 'The Journal of an Understanding Heart'  by E.S.Bradburne. London, Putnam, 1962. This edition is the full text as originally published together with an extended discussion of Opal Whiteley's antecedents and of the provenance of the diary and the arguments for its being genuine.

3. - The Singing Creek Where the Willows Grow; The Rediscovered Diary of Opal Whiteley  presented by Benjamin Hoff. London, Hutchinson, 1987. Again the full text, with further discussion of the author's antecedents and subsequent history.

4. - Extracts: Berger (2), pp 29-50.


WILLIS, Bailey (1857-1949)  American geologist - E


Account of an expedition to Northern China for the Carnegie Institution.

Friendly China: Two Thousand Miles Afoot Among the Chinese  Stanford university Press, 1949.


YASHCHENKO, Aleksandr Leonidovich - E


Australian Journey 1903: The Travel Diary of Aleksandr Leonidovich Yashchenko  translated by Peter Tilley. Parkville, University of Melbourne, 2001. This is No. 28 in the Russians in Australia Series.




The Diary of an Exiled Nun  St. Louis, 1910.


ANONYMOUS,  Japanese naval officer - E


“Serving aboard the destroyer Akasuki of the Imperial Japanese Navy, the diarist found himself bound for Port Arthur where their naval intelligence informed them that although the Russians were good fighters, they were ill-prepared for war and their ships no match for their opponents.

1. - Before Port Arthur in a Destroyer: The Personal Diary of a Japanese Naval Officer  Dutton, 1907.

2. - In  In Action with the Japanese Navy: Two Personal Accounts of the War at sea During the Russo-Japanese War, 1904  Leonaur, 2017.


BARING, Maurice (1874-1945)  English man of letters - E

From 1904?

“Coverage of war in Manchuria 1904-5 and life in Tsarist Russia before 1914.”

What I saw in Russia  London, Thomas Nelson, 1914, is reported to contain diary material.


BARROW, Katherine Mary  - missionary’s wife - E

From 1904?

Three Years in Tristan Da Cunha  London, 1910, is reported to contain diary material.


BLACK, Anna, Robinson - E


The Hoosier Girl Abroad: A Diary of Seventy-Seven Days Attending the World’s Fourth Sunday School Convention in Jerusalem, in 1904  Terre Haute, Indiana, 1904.


BREEN, A.E.  - Roman Catholic priest - E

1904 to 1905

Diary; with the Archaeological and Biblical School of the Dominican Fathers in Jerusalem; impressions and descriptions of Jerusalem and Palestine.

A Diary of My Life in the Holy Land  Rochester, New York, John P.Smith, 1906.


BROWN, Audrey Alexandra (1904-1998)  Canadian poet - E

Dates unknown

The Log of a Lame Duck  Macmillan of Canada, 1938.


CARTER, Violet Bonham (1887-1969)  eldest daughter of H.H.Asquith

a) - October 17th. 1904 to December 25th. 1913

Personal, social and travel diaries, interspersed with letters; in France with her brother; out into society; life in Downing Street; courtship; after her fiancé's death in a motor accident in 1909 the diary is addressed to him; politics and politicians; travel in North America and the Sudan; long entries, occasionally retrospective; a good picture of her section of British society before the Great War.

Lantern Slides: The Diaries and Letters of Violet Bonham Carter, 1904-1914  edited by Mark Bonham Carter and Mark Pottle. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1996.

b) - 1915, 1921, 1923, 1940 and 1942 to 1945

Intermittent diaries, combined with letters and editorial narrative; news of death of Rupert Brooke; social and political life; politicians; war news and public affairs.

Champion Redoubtable: The Diaries and Letters of Violet Bonham Carter, 1914-1945  edited by Mark Pottle. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1998.

c) - Daring to Hope: The Diaries and Letters of Violet Bonham Carter, 1946-1969  edited by Mark Pottle. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2000.


CHURCHER, Madeleine Amy - E


Indian Impressions, or The Diary of our Indian Trip  Banbury, 1982, 84pp., 100 copies.


COURTAULD, Augustine (1904-1959)  British yachtsman and Arctic explorer - e

1930 to 1931 (?)

“Courtauld joined the Watkins/BAARE expedition and volunteered to conduct meteorological observations at Icecap Station, a purpose-built post atop the Greenland ice cap, 8,600 feet … above sea level and 112 miles …. west of the expedition's main base. Courtauld volunteered and served as a solo observer at this post for a five-month tour of duty during the height of the 1930–1931 winter.”

Portrait of an Ice Cap  by J.M.Scott, London, Chatto, 1953, is reported to contain diary material.


DARLING, Malcolm Lyall (1880-1969)  Indian civil servant - E

a) - 1904 to 1908

Apprentice to Power: India 1904-1908  Hogarth Press, 1965, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1930’s?

Wisdom and Waste in the Punjab Village  Oxford University Press, 1934, is also reported to contain diary material.


DAUNCEY, Mrs. Campbell  - Englishwoman in the Philippines - E

November 1904 to August 1905

Diary letters home from a young Englishwoman whose husband was on business there.

An Englishwoman in the Philippines  London, John Murray, 1906.


DORRANCE, Ward Allison (1904-1996) - E

Dates unknown

“Float trips down various Ozark streams.”

Three Ozark Streams: Log of the Moccasin and Wilma  Richmond, Missouri, 1937, is reported to contain diary material.


FARELL, James Thomas (1904-1979)  American novelist - E

Dates unknown

1. - My Baseball Diary  A.S.Barnes, 1957; Southern Illinois University Press, 1998.

2. - On Irish Themes  University of Pennsylvania, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.

GRENFELL, Francis (1880-1915)  soldier - B297

1904 to 1915

Matthews: Military diary (extracts); military service in India and in France during the First World War; excellent picture of a young officer.

Francis and Riversdale Grenfell  by John Buchan. London, 1920. Passim.


GREW, Joseph Clark (1880-1965)  American diplomat - *M5390,E

a) - In  Turbulent Era: A Diplomatic Record of Forty Years, 1904-1945  edited by Walter Johnson. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, two volumes, 1952.

b) - Ten Years in Japan: A Contemporary Record Drawn from the Diaries and Private and Official Papers of Joseph C. Grew, United States Ambassador to Japan, 1932-1942  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1944. Reissued, Westport, Connecticut, Greenwood Press, 1973.


GRIMSHAW, Beatrice - E

From 1904

“Beatrice Grimshaw was born in Ireland. She was an adventurer at heart since childhood and an independent soul who longed to travel to far away places. Until 1903 she had been a freelance journalist, a tour organiser and an emigration promoter but her dream was to go to the South Pacific islands. Embarking from San Francisco in 1904, she sailed first to Tahiti, followed by a four month voyage through the South Pacific and an additional two months on the island of Niue. During this trip, she visited Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Rarotonga and some of the Cook islands. She returned to London and published In the Strange South Seas in 1907. …. her adventures …. the customs and lifestyles of the native populations as well as giving an exhaustive picture of the region’s fauna and wildlife. … also accounts of cannibalism, head-hunting, poisoning and tribal magic.”

In The Strange South Seas  London, Hutchinson, 1907.


KING, Paul Henry (b.1853) - E


In  Voyaging to China in 1855 and 1904: a contrast in travel  London: Heath, Cranton, 1936.

Note: See also Alexander Williamson.


KRONENBERGER  Louis (1904-1980)

Dates unknwon

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral; A Commonplace Book  New York: Viking Press, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


LIEBLING, Abbott Joseph (1904-1963)  American journalist - E

Dates unknown

Mink and Red Herring: The Wayward Pressman’s Casebook  New York, Doubleday, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.

McCONNELL, Primrose  - Essex farmer and author of The Agricultural Notebook

September 30th. 1904? to September 22nd. 1905?

Farming diary on a five hundred acre farm in Essex; long, weekly entries for his first year on the farm; very full details of agriculture and husbandry, which are now historically interesting.

The Diary of a Working Farmer: Being the True History of a Year's Farming in Essex  London, The cable Printing and Publishing Co., 1906. The diary was first published in weekly episodes in  Farm Life .


MACKENZIE, Jean Kenyon (1874-1936) - E

1904? to 1913?

Diary letters of a member of the Werst Africa Mission.

Black Sheep: Adventures in West Africa  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1916.


MANSFIELD, Katherine (1888-1923)  author - *H1979,B303,E

a) - January 1st. 1904 to November 1922

Personal and literary diary; much concerned with her work; social and domestic life; her illness; notes and observations.

1. - Journal of Katherine Mansfield  edited by J.Middleton Murry. London, Constable, 1927; New York, Alfred A.Knopf, 1927. Covers the period 1910 to 1922.

2. - Journal of Katherine Mansfield  edited by J.Middleton Murry. London, Constable, 1954. The definitive edition containing material omitted from the 1927 version.

3. - Extracts: (taken from the 1927 edition) Blythe, pp 135-140; Dunaway & Evans, pp 419-422; and Willy.

4. - Extracts: (taken from the 1954 edition) in  Letters and Journals of Katherine Mansfield; A Selection  London, Allen Lane, 1977; Fothergill; Moffat & Painter, pp 325-334; and Simons, pp 149-168.

b) - 1907

Not a diary but “… a journal, with commentary, of a camping trip KM made from Hawkes Bay to the Ureweras in 1907. In those days it was not a journey for the faint-hearted! Fascinating to feel her interest and enthusiasm for the people she met and the places she visited and to get a glimpse of how connected she was to the landscape, fauna and flora. Some of her encounters on this trip sparked ideas for later stories.”

The Urewera Notebook  Oxford University Press, 1978; first published by Otago University Press, 1915.

c) - The Katherine Mansfield Notebooks  edited by Margaret Scott, University of Lincoln University Press, two volumes, 1997, “…publish Katherine Mansfield’s private notebooks in their entirety for the first time. Passages include diary entries, letters, unfinished works, poems, published stories in embryo form, recipes and shopping lists.These annotated volumes offer an enhanced appreciation of Katherine Mansfield’s work, and new insights into her life and relationships. Volume One covers Katherine Mansfield’s childhood and adolescence, and Volume Two her adult life.”


MILES, A.Graham - E


"A true story of a two weeks' fishing trip out of Fulton Market, New York, from Spetember 5th to September 18th, 1904, including the storm of September 15th, during which thirteen vessels were sunk in New York Bay, twenty or more barges went ashore in and about New York, and many vessels were wrecked at sea."

A Fisherman’s Breeze: The Log of the Ruth M.Martin  New York, Brentano’s. 1924.


MITFORD (FREEMAN-MITFORD),  Nancy (1904-1973)  English novelist and journalist - E

Dates Unknown

The Water Beetle  London, Hamish hamilton, 1962, is reported to contain diary material.


MORI Mineko (1848-1916)  mother of MORI OGAI

From April 17th. 1904

Factual diary, chiefly of interest for references to her son.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 313-320.


NICHOLS, Francis H. (d.1904) - E


Lamasery Life  in  Bulletin of the American Geographical Society  XLVII, No.2, 1915, pp 100-114.

Note (1): James Cummings (9154) has  Diary  in  American Geographical Society Bulletin  June, 1905.

Note (2): - A footnote to the above cited article refers to "Short or extended accounts of  Nichols' journeys… published in the  Bulletin  as follows: XXVI, 1904, pp 384(?), 575, 637, 719: XXXVII, 1905, pp 332-356, p64 (obituary)."


PREYRE, (b.1904)  French mystic - E

Dates unknown

The freedom of Doubt: Reflections of a Natural Sceptic  New York, Pantheon, 1953, is reported to contain diary material.


PUNIN,  - Nikolay Nikolayevich (188-1953)  Russian scholar and writer, common law husband of Anna Akhmatova - E

1904 to 1953

The Diaries of Nikolay Punin  edited by Sidney monas and Jennifer Greene Krupala. Austin, University of Texas, 1999.


RATCLIFFE, Francis Noble (1904-1970)  Australian zoologist - E

Dates unknown

Flying Fox and Drifting Sand  Angus and Robertson, 1947, is reported to contain diary material.


SCIDMORE, Eliza Ruhamah - E


As the Hague Ordains; Journal of a Russian Prisoner's Wife in Japan  New York, Holt, 1907.




“A journalist's account of the naval side of the Russo-Japanese War from the Japanese point of view.”

1. - With Togo: Seven Months’ Active Service Under his Command  London, Hurst and Blackett, 1905

2. - In  In Action with the Japanese Navy: Two Personal Accounts of the War at Sea During the Russo-Japanese War, 1904  Leonaur, 2017.


SHELDON, Charles (1867-1928) - E

a) - 1904 and 1905

The Wilderness of Upper Yukon: A hunter's explorations for wild sheep in sub-arctic mountains  New York, Scribners, 1911.

b) - 1904, 1905, 1906 and 1909

Wilderness of the North Pacific Coast Islands: A hunter's experiences while searching for wapiti, bears, and caribou on the larger coast islands of British Columbia and Alaska  New York, Scribners, 1912.

c) - 1907

The Wilderness of Denali: Explorations of a hunter-naturalist in northern Alaska  edited by C.H.Merriam and E.W.Nelson, New York Scribners, 1930.

d) - Dates Unknown

1. - The Wilderness of Desert Bighorns and Seri Indians: A historical classic of the Southwest: The Southwestern Journals of Charles Sheldon  Phoenix, Arizona Bighorn Sheep Society, 1979.

2. - The Wilderness of the Southwest: Charles Sheldon's quest for desert bighorn sheep and adventures with the Havasupai and Seri Indians  edited by Neil B.Carmony and David E.Brown. Salt Lake City, University of Utah Press, 1993.


SINGH, Bhwani, Raj Rana Bahadur of Jhalawar  - Indian ruler - E

April 16th. to November 10thj.1904

Travel diary; Bombay to Marseilles; Spain, Portugal; Paris London; Scotland, Ireland; Holland, Germany, Denmark Austria, Switzerland; Italy, Greece, Egypt and home. The standpoint of the diarist makes this of more interest than the usual account of a European tour.

Travel Pictures: The Record of a European Tour  London, Longmans, 1912. -  

SIDGWICK, Frank (1879-1939)  publisher

May 25th. 1904 to March 23rd. 1905

Diary of the foundation by A.H. Bullen of the Shakespeare Head Press at Stratford on Avon; a pleasant account of the work of setting up the press; premises, equipment, type, employees, finance, advertising, production and sales.

Frank Sidgwick's Diary and other material relating to A.H. Bullen and the Shakespeare Head Press  Oxford, Basil Blackwell for the Shakespeare Head Press, 1975, pp 15-55. Limited to 1,000 copies.


SKINNER, Burrhus Frederic (1904-1990)  American psychologist and social philosopher - E

Dates Unknown

Notebooks  edited by Robert Epstein, Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


TREE, Viola (1884-1938)  English actress, singer and author - E

From 1904?

Castles in the Air: A Story of My Singing Days  New York, Doran, 1926, is reported to contain diary material.


ULRICH, Mabel S. - *M5392,E

1904 to 1932

Men Are Queer That Way: Extracts from the Diary of an Apostate Woman Physician  in  Scribner's Magazine  XCIII, June, 1933, pp 365-369. Reprinted as  A Doctor's Diary, 1904-1932  in the "Lost Women" department of  Ms. Magazine  July, 1972, pp 11-12 and 14.


VILLIERS, Frederic (1851-1922)  British war artist and correspondent - E


Port Arthur: Three Months with the Besiegers: A Diurnal of Occurrents  London and New York, Longmans Green, 1905.



ALLEN, Peter [Sir] (1905-1993) and Consuelo (d.1991)  Industrialist and his second wife - E

Dates unknown

World travel.

The Curve of Earth’s Shoulder  London, Allen and Unwin, 1966.




The Land Far Off: The Narrative of a Tour through Palestinme and Egypt  London, Alfred Holness, 1905.


CULMER, Henry Lavenner Adolphus - *H1980,*M5393,E


The Natural Bridges of White Canyon  in  Utah Historical Quarterly  1972.


DODDS, Ruth (1890-1976)  of Gateshead

August 19th. 1905 to November 28th. 1974, gap November 1931 to June 1937

Selections from a private diary, sometimes irregularly kept, intended to record only ‘happy hours’, a resolution not always kept. Schooldays; social life; the looming war; war work and news; becomes active in the Labour Party; joins the Society of Friends; the General Strike; leaves the family printing business after a quarrel with her brother; edits Gateshead Labour News; local politics; clothes, theatre; reading, trips and holidays; friends and relations, particularly her father and sisters; the Second World War; pacifism; leaves the Labour Party; age, deaths and decline; a good record of a busy life.  

A Pilgrimage of Grace: The Diaries of Ruth Dodds (1905-1974) edited by Maureen Callcott, Tyne and Wear, Bewick Press, 1995. -


FROST, Lesley  - daughter of Robert Frost - *H1981,E

Facsimile childhood journal.

New Hampshire's Child: The Derry Journals of Lesley Frost  Albany, State University of New York, Press 1969.


GORDON, George Byron (1870-1927)  Canadian-American archaeologist - E

1905 and 1907

“… hired by the University of Pennsylvania where he led two expeditions to Alaska in 1905 and 1907.”

In the Alaskan Wilderness  John Winston, 1917.


HARARI, Manya (1905-1969)  British translator and publisher - E

Dates unknown

Memoirs, 1906-1969  London, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


HELLMAN, Lillian Florence (1905-1984)  American dramatist - E

Dates unknown

“… a detailed unsparing self-scrutiny and a passionate account of her experience - whether in New York, New Orleans and Hollywood or Spain during the Spanish Civil War, or in Moscow and Leningrad during the Second World War.”

An Unfinished Woman: A Memoir  Boston, Little Brown, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.


HOWE, Edgar Watson (1853-1937)  American journalist - H1982,E

October 1905 to March 1906

Journalist's travel diary; Hawaii, Japan, China, the Philippines, Ceylon, India, Egypt, Palestine, Europe.

1. - The diary first appeared as a series of letters in  The Atchison Daily Globe  Kansas. A volume entitled  Travel Letters from New Zealand, Australia and Africa  Topeka, K.S.Crane, 1913? May be a second orienting of these letters.

2. - Daily Notes of a Trip Round the World  Topeka K.S.Crane, , two volumes, 1907.

3. - Daily Notes of a Trip Round the World  New York, Minton Balch, 1927.


HUBBARD, Mina Adeline Benson (qv) (1870-1956)  Canadian explorer, widow of Leonidas Hubbard (qv)E


“In 43 days of travelling, the Hubbard expedition confirmed that the Nascaupee, Seal Lake and Lake Michikamau were in the same drainage basin, and that the Northwest River and the Nascaupee were in fact the same. In addition, Hubbard made extensive notes on the topography, geology, flora and fauna of this unknown wilderness. She named the source of the George River, Lake Hubbard after her husband.” “This book is the result of a determination on my part to complete my husband's unfinished work, and having done this to set before the public a plain statement, not only of my own journey, but of his as well. For this reason I have included in the book the greater part of Mr Hubbard's diary, which he kept during his journey, and which it will be seen is published exactly as he wrote it, and also George Elson's account of the last few days together, and his own subsequent efforts.”

In  A Woman’s Way through Unknown Labrador: an Account of the exploration of the Nascaupee and George Rivers  London, John Murray, 1908.


HUGHES, Howard Robard (1905-1976)  wealthy, eccentric and reclusive American businessman - E

Dates unknown

Hughes: The Private Diaries, Memos and Letters; The Definitive Biography of the First American Billionaire  by Richard Hack, New Millennium Press, 2001.

Note: The book has not been seen but reviewers have staed that there is in fact very little, if any, diary material.


KEELER, Nicholas Edwin (b.1851) - E


A Trip to Alaska and the Klondike in the Summer of 1905  Cincinnati: Ebbert & Richardson, 1906, is reported to contain diary material.


KOESTLER, Arthur  (1905-1983)  British Jewish-Hungarian author - E

Dates unknown

These are all reported to contain diary material:

1. - The Trail of the Dinosaur  Macmillan, 1955.

2. - Dialogue with Death  Macmillan, 1942.

3. - Promise And Fulfilment - Palestine 1917-1949  London, Macmillan, 1949.


LEAPHART, C.W. - *M5394,E

Wheelmen in Yellowstone, 1905  in  Montana: The Magazine of Western History  XXI, No. 4, pp 46-53.

01/02/03 - McCLAY, Pauline Oelo - *G176,*M5395,E

My Trip to the Fair  in  Oregon Historical Quarterly  Spring, 1979.


MARGOLIN, Arnold Davdovich (1877-1956)  Ukrainian Jewish diplomat and lawyer - E

1905 to 1945

From a Political Diary: Russia, The Ukraine and America, 1905-1945  Columbia University, 1945.


MINTO, Mary Caroline Grey, 4th. Countess of (1858-1940)  Wife of the Viceroy of India - E

1905 to 1910 (?)

In  India Minto and Morley 1905-1910, Compiled from the Correspondence between the Viceroy and the Secretary of State, with Extracts from Her indian Journal  by M.Minto. London, Macmillan, 1934.


PELL, Stuyvesant Morris (1905-1943)  American ornithologist - E

Dates Unknown

Scribblings of an Outdoor Boy: Being the reminiscences of Stuyvesant Morris Pell up to the year 1943 when, having reached the age of 38 years, he come to a great adventure with life  privately printed, Princeton University Press, 1945, is reported to contain diary material.


POLITOVSKY, Eugène Sigismondovitch (1874-1905)  Russian naval engineer on the battleship Kniaz SuvaroffE

August 28th. 1904 to May 10th. 1905

Diary letters to his wife; a very detailed and interesting record, sometimes hour to hour.

From Libau to Tsushima: A Narrative of the Voyage of Admiral Rojdestvensky’s Fleet to Eastern Seas, Including a Detailed Account of the Dogger Bank Incident  New York, Dutton, 1906.  


RAE, M.J. - E


James Cummings (10155) has  Diary of a Happy Year  privately printed, South Kensington, 1906.


REID, Bill  - Harvard football coach - E


Big-Time Football at Harvard, 1905: The Diary of Coach Bill Reid  edited by Ronald A.Smith. Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1994.

SAGIRASHVILI, David A. - *H1983

Dissertation: see Havlice.


SCOFIELD, Annie W. - *M5396,E

My First Trip Abroad  Stamford, Connecticut, R.H.Cunningham, 1906.


SEMENOFF, Vladimir Ivanovich [Captain] (1867-1910)  Russian sailor - E

a) - 1905

- The Battle of Tsu-Shima, Between the Japanese and Russian Fleets, Fought on 27th of May 1905  London, John Murray, 1909, may contain diary material.

b) - Rasplata, (The Reckoning) by Commander Wladimir Semenoff: His Diary during the Blockade of Port Arthur and the Voyage of Admiral Rojestvensky’s fleet  London, John Murray, 1909.

c) - The Price of Blood, the Sequel to "Rasplata" and "The Battle of Tsushima" by Captain Vladimir Semenoff  translated by Leonard Lewery and Major F.R. Godfrey. London, John Murray, 1910.


SHELDON, Carrie Brooks - E


Diary of a European tour.

A Summer Across the Sea  privately printed, Minneapolis, 1905.


SMITH, Emily Birnie - E

November 1905 to June 1906

Diary of Emily Birnie Smith, Southampton to Yosemite, November, 1905 through June, 1906  1986.


SMITH, James Robert Dunlop [Sir] (1858-1921) - E

1905 to 1910

In  Servant of India: A Study of imperial Rule from 1905 to 1910 as Told through the Correspondence and diaries of Sir James Dunlop Smith  edited by Martin Gilbert. London, Longmans, 1966.


SNYDER, Estelle Ryan - E

June 1905

"Prepared for a delightful trip, Mrs. Snyder left Chicago June 1, 1905, to join the National Editorial Association at St. Louis, for a tour of the 'Golden West'. This is the story of her marvelous journey."

The Land of Promise and Golden Opportunity  privately printed, Chicago, 1905.


SQUIRES, W.Austin (1905-1978) - E

Dates Unknown

A Naturalist in New Brunswick  St. John, New Brunswick Museum, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


STANWOOD, Cordelia (1865-1958)  Maine ornithologist - E

From 1905?

Ornithologist's field notebooks; possibly other diary material.

In  Beyond the Spring: Cordelia Stanwood of Birdsacre  by Chandler S. Richmond. Lamoine, Maine: Latona Press, 1978. New and revised edition: Ellsworth, Maine: Latona Press, 1989.


TABURNO, Ieronim Pavlovich  - of St. Petersburg, special correspondent of Novoe Vremia - E

February 13th. to March 1st. 1905

A detailed and dramatic journalistic account of military actions and the Russian defeat at Mukden during the Russo-Japanese War.

Diary of Events Near Mukden  in  The Truth About the War  translated by Victoria von Kreuter. Kansas City, Franklin Hudson, 1905, pp25-44.


WAXHAM, Ethel (b.1882)  American teacher - E

1905 to 1910

Teacher's journal in Wyoming and Wisconsin; courtship.

Lady's Choice: Ethel Waxham's Journals and Letters, 1905-1910  Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press, 1993.


WEBB, Charles Clayton (Todd) (1905-2000)  American photographer - E

Dates unknown

Looking Back: Memoirs and Photographs   Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press, 1991, is reported to contain diary material.


WHARTON, Edith (1862-1937)  American novelist

1905 to 1934, long gaps

Personal diaries; irregular; brief notes of social engagements; extended literary journal of a love affair in 1907/8; occasional notes in later years.

In  Diaries and Journals of Literary Women from Fanny Burney to Virginia Woolf  by Judy Simons. London, Macmillan, 1990, pp 128-148.

Note: James Cummings (13170) has  Edith Wharton Abroad  St. Martins, 1995.


WITTS, Frances  - great granddaughter of The Rev Francis Witts (qv) - E


The Diary of a Cortswold Foxhunting Lady, 1905-1910  edited by Susan Boone. Amberley Publishing, 2008.



BACK, Mary Cooper (1906-1991)  artist and naturalist of Dubois, Wyoming - E

Dates unknown

Seven Half-Miles from Home: Notes of a Wind River naturalist  Boulder, Colorado, 1985, is reported to contain diary material.


BELLOWS, William (1873-1942)  Quaker, of Gloucester

1906, 1925, 1926 and 1927

Diary like accounts of a visit to Tolstoy in 1906 and of mountain climbs in the Alps from 1925.

In  A Genius for Friendship: William Bellows of Gloucester, 1873 to 1942  by Grace Bellows. York, William Sessions, 1982.


BERNIER, Joseph Elizear (1852-1934) - E

a) - 1906 to 1909?

Report on the Dominion of Canada Government expedition to the Arctic Islands and Hudso Strait on Board the D.G.S. Arctic  Ottawa, 1910, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - Dates unknown

“Bernier, …. went to sea age 12, later turned to Arctic exploration; and he made, in the service of the Canadian government, no less than twelve voyages of exploration to Arctic archipelago. He was in no small measure responsible for asserting Canada's claim to the Arctic islands, and in awaking the Canadian government and public to their importance.”

In  Master mariner and Arctic explorer: A Narrative of 60 Years at Sea from the Logs and Yarns of Captain J.E.Bernier  Ottawa, 1939.


BICKNELL, Ernest Percy (1862-1935)  of the American Red Cross - E

The following are reported to contain diary material:

a) - From 1906?

Pioneering with the Red Cross: Recollections of an Old Red Crosser  Macmillan, 1935.

b) - 1914 to 1915

In War’s Wake  Washington, D.C., 1935.

c) - 1917 to 1922

With the Red Cross in Europe  Washington, D.C., 1938.


BINGHAM, Hiram (1875-1956)  American explorer and politician - *H1984,E

a) - 1906 to 1907

The Journal of an Expedition Across Venezuela and Columbia 1906-1907: An Exploration of the Route of Bolivar's Celebrated March of 1819 and of the Battle-fields of Boyaca and Caraboba  New Haven, Yale Publishing Association, 1909.

b) - Dates unknown

Portrait of an Explorer: Hiram Bingham, Discoverer of Machu Pichu  by  Alfred M.Bingham, Iowa State University, 1989, is reported to contain diary material.


CALDERON, George (d.1915) - E


“A visit to Tahiti in 1906. The book was published posthumously; the author was killed at Gallipoli in 1915.”

Tahiti  London, grant Richards, 1921, is reported to contain diary material.


COLEMAN, Sara(h) Lindsay(or Lindsey)  - second wife of O.Henry (William Sydney Porter) - E,F

From 1906?

“Porter married again in 1907 to childhood sweetheart Sarah (Sallie) Lindsey Coleman, whom he met again after revisiting his native state of North Carolina. Sarah Lindsey Coleman was herself a writer and wrote a romanticized and fictionalized version of their correspondence and courtship in her novella Wind of Destiny.”

Wind of Destiny  Doubleday, 1916, 125 copies, is reported to contain diary material.


CUDAHY, Patrick - E


Experiences of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cudahy on a Journey to the Oldest historical Parts of the World During the First Four months of 1906  privately printed, Milwaukee, 1907, is reported to contain diary material.


DODD, M.D.Ashley

January 1st. to December 31st. 1906(?)

Nature diary; lyrical descriptions of landscape, sea and sky for every day of the year.

The Days of the Year  London, Elkin Mathews, 1907.


DUNN, Robert Steed (1877-1955) - *M5397,E

The Shameless Diary of an Explorer  New York, Outing Publishing, 1907; reissued in paperback as  The  Shameless Diary of an Explorer: A Story of Failure on Mt. McKinley  New York, Modern Library, 2001.


DURIEUX, Marcel - E

1906 to 1914 (?)

“The ‘Ordinary Heroes’ of this journal are the members of the Charles Durieux family who homesteaded near Stettler, Alberta. In 1906, Marcel the younger of the three sons wrote about the family’s experiences in seeking opportunity in Canada …”

Ordinary Heroes: The Journal of a French Settler in Alberta  Edmonton, University of Alberta, 1980.


GREEN, Alice Agnes (1878-1972)  school teacher in Alaska - E

1906 to 1918

“In 1907, Green left a comfortable family life in New Orleans to answer the “call to serve” in the Episcopal mission boarding schools for Native children at Anvik and Nenana, where she occupied the position of government teacher. … Green kept a personal journal … in which she reflected on her professional duties and her domestic life in Alaska.”

In  The Teacher and the Superintendent: Native Schooling in the Alaskan Interior, 1904-1918  compiled and annotated by George E Boulter II and Barbara Grigor-Taylor, Athabasca University press, 2015.


HARDY, Lileen (Lilian?) - *H1985,E

The Diary of a Free Kindergarten  Edinburgh(?), Gay and Hancock, 1912; London, 1917.

HEWINS, William Albert Samuel (1865-1931)  scholar and M.P. - B298

1906 to 1923

Matthews: Public diary (extracts); set in history memoirs; notes on Conservative politics, and public affairs; imperial matters.

The Apologia of an Imperialist  London, two volumes, 1930. Passim.


HIGHAMS, E.E.  - petty officer in the Royal Navy - E

1906 to 1909

Across a Continent in a Man-of-War: being the log of commission of HMS Pelorus 1906-1909 with a full account of her cruise of 2000 miles up the Amazon  London, Westminster Press, 1909.

Note: A posting on the Rootsweb website lists the following titles in this series, many of which may contain diary material by other authors who have not come to individual notice:

HMS ARGONAUT, China Station, 1900-1904.

HMS ASTRAEA, China Station, 1899-1903.

HMS ARETHUSA, went Round the World, 1899-1903.

HMS AMPHION, Pacific Station, 1901-1904.

HMS ARCHER, Australian Station, 1900-1904.

HMS ARCHER & KARRAKATTA, Australian Station, 1900-1904.

HMS BONAVENTURE, Pacific and China Stations, 1903-1906.

HMS BULWARK, Flag Ship, Mediterranean Station, 1902-1905.

HMS CARNARVON, Mediterranean Station, 1905-1907.

HMS CUMBERLAND, Mediterranean Station, 1904-1906.

HMS CAESAR, Mediterranean Station, 1900-1903.

HMS CRESCENT, Cape Station, 1904-1907.

HMS DIANA, Mediterranean Station, 1904-1606

HMS ECLIPSE, China Station, 1901-1904.

HMS FOX, East Indies Station, 1901-1904.

HMS FLORA, Pacific Station, 1902-1905.

HMS GLORY, China Station, 1900-1904.

HMS GRAFTON, Pacific Station, 1902-1905.

HMS GOLIATH, China Station, 1900-1903.

HMS HYACINTH, Flag Ship, East Indies Station, 1903-1906.

HMS IMPLACABLE, Mediterranean Station, 1902-1905.

HMS KARRAKATTA, Passage Home from Australia, 1904.

HMS LANCASTER, Mediterranean Station, 1904-1906.

HMS NAIAD, East Indies and Mediterranean Stations, 1901-1904.

HMS PERSEUS, East Indies Station, 1901-1904.

HMS PANDORA, Mediterranean Station, 1901-1904.

HMS PHAETON, Pacific Station, 1900-1903

HMS PELORUS, Cape Station, 1904-1906.

HMS PELORUS, Cape Station and Amazon journey. 1906-1909. (full title above)

HMS RUSSEL, Mediterranean Station and Atlantic Fleet, 1906-1908.

HMS ROYAL ARTHUR, Flag Ship, Australian Station, 1900-1904.

HMS RETRIBUTION, North America and West Indies Stations, 1902-1904.

HMS RAMILLIES, Mediterranean Station, 1900-1903.

HMS RENOWN, Mediterranean Station and Voyage to India, 1900-1904.

HMS REPULSE, Mediterranean Station, 1902-1904.

HMS SUTLEJ, China Station, 1904-1906.

HMS SCYLLA, New Foundland Fisheries, 1905-1906.

HMS TALBOT, China Station, containing an account of the Battle of Chemulpho, as seen by the Ship's Company, 1901-1904.

HMS VICTORIOUS, Mediterranean Station, 1899-1903.


HOLDEN, Arthur  - father of Edith Holden (qv) - E

Dates unknown

Diary notes of séances with communications from Emma Holden, his late wife and mother of Edith.

Messages from the Unseen: The Edwardian Afterlife Diary of Emma Holden  Psychic Book Club, 2013. First published in 1913.


HOLDEN, Edith Blackwell (1871-1920)  English artist and teacher - E


1. - The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady  1977.

2. - The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady  1989.


HOLMES, Bettie Fleischmann - E


The Log of the Laura in Polar Seas: A Hunting Cruise from Tromso, Norway to Spitsbergen, the Polar Ice off East Greenland and the Island of Jan Mayen in the Summer of 1906  Cambridge, 1907.


HONSINGER (later Fisher), Welthy (1879-1980)  teacher, intellectual, activist and feminist - E

From 1906?

“In 1906, Welthy become the headmistress of the Baldwin Memorial School in Nanchang. While there, she encouraged her girls to develop into new, modern Chinese women, often against the wishes of their traditional parents.”

Beyond the Moon Gate; Being a Diary of Ten Years in the Interior of the Middle Kingdom  New York, Abingdon Press, 1924.


HUBERTUS, zu Loewenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg, Prince (1906-1984)  German historian and opponent of Hitler - E

Dates unknown

Conquest of the Past: An Autobiography  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.


HUSCHART, Frank Michael - E


Doing Over: A Tour Eastward Around the World, January to August, 1906  Cincinnati, Robert Clarke, 1907.


KING, Cardenio Flournoy, Jr. - *H1986,E

July to August 1906

Travel diary of a young American on a trip to Europe with his father; England, France, Italy, Greece, Istanbul.

A Boy's Vacation Abroad: An American Boy's Diary of His First Trip to Europe  Boston, C.M.Clark, 1906.


LAGUNA, Frederica de (b.1906) - E

Dates Unknown

Voyage to Greenland: A Personal Initiation into Anthropology  New York, Norton, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


MANNERHEIM, Carl Gustaf Emil (1867-1951) Finnish military leader and statesman - E

1906 to 1908

“With a small caravan, including a Cossack guide, Chinese interpreter, and Uyghur cook, Mannerheim first trekked to Khotan in search of British and Japanese spies. Upon returning to Kashgar, he headed north into the Tian Shan range, surveying passes and gauging the attitudes of Kalmyk, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz tribes towards the Han Chinese. Mannerheim arrived in the provincial capital of Urumqi, and then headed east to Turpan, Hami, and Dunhuang in Gansu province. He followed the Great Wall of China through the Hexi Corridor, and investigated a mysterious tribe known as Yugurs. From Lanzhou, the provincial capital, Mannerheim headed south into Tibetan territory and to the lamasery of Labrang, where he was stoned by xenophobic monks…”

Across Asia from West to East in 1906-1908  Oosterhout, Anthropological publications, two volumes, 1969.


MIDDLETON, George William [Dr.] - *M5398,E

Diary of a Trip to Rome  Salt Lake City, Deseret News, 1908.


PARSONS, Ernest Bryham  - American watercolourist - E


Life in Paris; study at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts.

Pot-Pourri Parisien  London, Argus Printing Company, 1912.


PARSONS, Reginald Bemis (1906-1989) - E

Dates unknown

Selections from the Journal of Reginald B. Parsons  New York, Vantage, 1984, 145 pp.

Note: The identity of Reginald B.Parsons with Reginald Bemis Parsons is speculative.

PAULI, Frederick G. - C927


Matthews: Journal of a gold-seeking trip from Quebec to Lake Chibogamoo; his adventures, travel conditions.

Chibogamoo  New York, 1907.



1906 to 1907

Immigrant's diary in Saskatchewan.

The Rowbottom Diaries  edited by S.W.Jackman in  Saskatchewan History  XXI, No.1.


SEARLES, J.Foster - E


A Summer Cruise in Florida  in  The Cruiser  Volume II, 1907.


SLOAN, John (1871-1951)  American artist - *M5399,E

John Sloan’s New York Scene: From the Diaries, Notes, and Correspondence, 1906-1913  edited by Bruce St. John. New York, Harper & Row, 1965.


STEFÁNSSON, Vilhjálmur (1879-1962)  Canadian Arctic explorer - E

a) - From 1906?

Hunters of the Great North  New York, Harcourt, 1922.

b) - From 1908

My Life with the Eskimo  New York, Macmillan, 1913.


STEWART, Elihu (1844-1935) - E


Down the Mackenzie and up the Yukon in 1906  London and New York, John Lane, 1913, is reported to contain diary material.


TAYLOR, Bertie Harry Waters [Col.]  Acting District Commissioner in the Gold Coast

April 29th. to May 12th. 1906

Diary extracts; a tour of duty in the Northwestern District of the Gold Coast; assessments of the capacities of chiefs and kings; punishments, encouragements and substitutions; palavers.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 62-69.

TRELOAR, William Purdie [Sir] (1843-1923) - B298

November 9th. 1906 to November 8th. 1907

A rather dry and formal diary of his official and social activities as Lord Mayor of London.

A Lord Mayor's Diary 1906-7  London, John Murray, 1920. The book also contains the official diary of Micajah Perry, Lord Mayor 1738-9 (qv).


VOLK, Ernest (1845-1919)  German American archaeologist - E

1906 to 1910

Archaeologist's journal, extracts for 1906 and 1907, and then in full; observations in sand pits, sewer excavations, river dredgings and building works in the Delaware Valley; geology and stone-age implements and workings; pottery; human remains; no personal material except frequent references to his ill-health. Specialist interest only.

In  The Archaeology of the Delaware Valley  Peabody Museum. 1911, pp129-231. This is Volume V of the  Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology Papers  series.


WHYTE, John (1887-1952) - *M5401,E

In  John Whyte: His Life and Thought, as Shown in a Selection of His Unpublished Writings  edited by William R. Gaede and Daniel Coogan. Brooklyn, Brooklyn College Press, 1954.


WILLOX, Bailie D.  - British bowls player - E

July and August 1906

"… describes in great detail and in the engagingly worded prose of a century ago the tour undertaken by the first British bowls team to visit Canada."

With the British Bowlers in Canada, 1906  Glasgow, Gilfillan, 1907?


WOLLASTON, Alexander Frederick Richmond (1875-1930)  naturalist and explorer - E

From 1906?

Diaries including expeditions to Ruwenzori mountains in 1906, New Guinea in 1912-1913 and, as doctor and naturalist, Everest in 1921.

In  Letters and Diaries of A.F.R.Wollaston  edited by Mary Wollaston. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1933.



BIRKETT, (William) Norman, Lord Birkett of Ulverston (1883- 1962)  lawyer and judge

a) - April 1st. to 6th. 1907

Three entries from a private diary trying to reconcile his love and desire for a girl with his intention of entering the Methodist Ministry.

In  Norman Birkett: The Life of Lord Birkett of Ulverston  by H.Montgomery Hyde. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1964, p 28.

b) - January 1st. 1942 to January 10th. 1952

Extracts from a private diary when a high court judge; yearning for a return to the bar; notes of cases and comments on his performance as a judge; the Court of criminal Appeal; dissatisfaction; an account of the Nuremberg Trials where he was Alternate British Judge; his opinions on the conduct of the trial; counsel and fellow judges; notes of the defendants behaviour; illness; declines peerage; Lord justice of Appeal.

In  Norman Birkett: The Life of Lord Birkett of Ulverston  by H.Montgomery Hyde. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1964, pp 477-546.

BRAUN, Otto (1897-1918)  German poet and soldier - H1987

January 13th. 1907 to April 27th. 1918

Diary of a prodigy from the age of nine; parents; reading and art; health and introspection and reflection; politics, love of his country, the war. He was killed two days after the last entry.

The Diary of Otto Braun with selections from his Letters and Poems  edited by Julie Vogelstein. London, Heinemann, 1924. New York, Knopf, 1924.


CARTER, James (1831-1925)  of Newfoundland - E


Voyage round the world.

In the Wake of the Setting Sun  London, Hurst and blackett, 1909.

Note:  Six Months in Europe and the Orient: Descriptive Letters Written to a Friend  Montreal, Witness Press, may also contain diary material.


CHAPMAN, F.Sopencer (1907-1971) - E

Dates Unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

a) - Northern Lights  Oxford, 1933.

b) - Watkin's Last Expedition  Chatto, 1934.

c) - The Jungle Is Neutral  Norton, 1949.

d) - Memoirs of a Mountaineer  Chatto, 1951.

e) - Lightest Africa  Chatto, 1955.


CHAR, René (1907-1988) - E

Dates Unknown

Leaves of Hypnos  translated by Cid Corman, New York, Grossman, 1973, is reported to contain diary material. -

COLLISSON, William Alexander Houston [The Rev.] (1865-1920)  clergyman and composer - B298

October 1907(?) to February 1908(?)

Matthews: Travel diary; a tour in Ireland, with comments on Irish church; services; organ recitals.

Dr. Collison in and on Ireland  London, 1908 (?).


CORLETT, William Thomas (1854-1948) - E


The American Tropics: Notes from the Log of a Winter Cruise  Cleveland, 1908.


EISELEY, Loren C. (1907-1977) - E

Dates Unknown

The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eiseley  edited by Kenneth Heuer, Boston, Little brown, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.


ENTERS, Angna (Anita) (1907-1989)  American dancer, arist and writer - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - First Person Plural  New York, Stackpole, 1937.

2. - Silly Girl: A Portrait of Personal Remembrance  Cambridge, Houghton Mifflin, 1944.

3. - Artist’s Life  New York, Coward McCann, 1955.

4. - The Living and Antiquities  in  Twice a Year  fall-winter, 1941.

5. - Image, Form and Formula  in  Twice a Year  fall-winter, 1946-1947.


EVARTS, Jean - *M5402,E

In  The Diary of Jean Evarts  by Charles Francis Stocking. Freeport, Illinois, The Standard Publishing Company, 1912.


FERGUSON, Otis (1907-1943)  American writer - E

Dates unknown

The Film Criticism of Otis Ferguson  Philadelphia, Temple University press, 1971.


FAIRBANK, John King (1907-1991)  American historian of China - E

Dates unknown

Chinabound: A Fifty Year Memoir  Harper Collins,1982, is reported to contain diary material.


FINNEY, Frederick Norton - E

1907 to 1908

Letters from Across the Sea: 1907-1908  Lippincott, 1909, is reported to contain diary material.


GRANT, Martin Lawrence (1907-1968)  American botanist - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (4971) has  Botanical Journals  Cedar Falls, 1986.


HOCHBERG, Fritz von (1868-1921) - E

From 1907

An Eastern Voyage: A Journal of the Travels of Count Fritz Hochberg through the British Empire in the East and Japan  London, Dent, New York, Dutton, two volumes 1910.


HOLT, Richard Durning [Sir] (1868-1949)  ship owner and politician - E

From 1907?

(Not seen)

Odyssey of an Edwardian Liberal: The Political Diary of Richard Durning Holt  edited by David J.Dutton. Record Society for Lancashire and Cheshire, Volume 129, 1989.


JAQUIER, Ivy - H1988

January 4th. 1907 to December 23rd. 1926

Daughter of an English mother and a French father, from Lyons. School life and art studies; visits to England; marriage; child; servants; mainly a record of her thoughts and interior life; tiresome.

1. - The Diary of Ivy Jaquier, 1907-1926  London, Gollancz, 1960.

2. - Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 342-350; Blythe, pp 246-249; Fothergill; and Willard, pp 122-128.


JONES, William H.S.  – sailor - E

1907 to 1909

“… voyaging around Horn, to West Coasts Americas, across Pacific Ocean to Australia.”

The Cape Horn Breed: My Experiences as an Apprentice in Sail in the Full Rigged Ship British Isles  Criterion, 1956, is reported to contain diary material.


KELLY, Frederick Septimus (Cleg) (1881-1916)  Australian musician and composer - E

a) - 1907 to 1915

Selections from a diary diary; travel, in England and Australia; Olympic rowing; music; wartime service in the Royal Navy. A factual account.

Race Against Time: The Diaries of F.S.Kelly  edited by Therese Radic. Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2004.

b) - April 23rd. 1915

A brief diary extract recording the burial of Rupert Brooke.

In  Edward Marsh: Patron of the Arts  by Christopher Hassall. London, Longmans, 1959, p 328.


KEYNES, Geoffrey [Sir] (1887-1982)  surgeon, bibliophile, younger brother of Maynard Keynes

September 17th. 1907

Extracts from a climbing diary; account of the climbing of Glyder Fawr under the tutelage of George Leigh Mallory.

In  The Gates of Memory  Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1981, pp 91-93.


LONDON, Charmian Kitteridge (1871-1955)  second wife of Jack London (qv) - E

a) - 1907 to 1908

Life with Jack London on a cruise to Hawaii and Australia.

The Log of the Snark  New York, Macmillan, 1915.

b) - 1907 to 1915

With Jack London on Hawaii.

Our Hawaii  New York, Macmillan, 1917.

c) - 1918

There are brief extracts from her diaries in connection with an affair with Houdini in  Houdini!  By Kenneth Silverman, Harper Collins, 1997.

d) - Dates unknown

Jack London  Mills and Boon, two volumes, 1921, is Charmian’s biography of her late husband and may contain diary material.


McARTHUR, Peter Gilchrist (1866-1924)  Ontario farmer and journalist - E

After 1908?

Selections of his articles from the Toronto Globe and the London Farmer’s Advocate and Home Magazine.

1. - In Pastures Green  London and Toronto, Dent and Sons, 1916; reissued, Canada, J.M.Dent, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.

2. - The Red Cow and Her Friends  Toronto, J.M.Dent, 1919, may also contain diary material.


MACKINTOSH, Aeneas Lionel Acton (1879-1916)  British merchant navy officer and Antarctic explorer -


Shackleton’s Lieutenant: The Nimrod Diary of L.A.Mackintosh: British Antarctice expedition, 1907-09  Auckland, New Zealand, Polar Publications, 1990.


McKENNA, Stephen (18881967)  English novelist - B298

a) - January 1907 to June 1909

Matthews: Literary diary (selections); kept in London and Paris; reflective notes on life, religion, and literature.

Journals and Letters of Stephen McKenna  edited by E.R.Dodds. London, 1936, pp 93-134.

b) - From 1909?

In  While I Remember  New York, George H.Doran, 1921, is reported to contain diary material.

c) - 1920’s

“…relates his literate and literary trip from London to Barbados, Trinidad, Kingston, Nassau, the Bahamas, and Havana in the 1920s.2

By Intervention of Providence  Boston, Little Brown, 1923.


MADEIRA, Percy Child (b.1862) - E

1907 to 1908

Account of a hunting trip, clearly based on a contemporaneous record.

Hunting in British east Africa  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1909.


MASON, David T. - E

1907 to 1950

Forests of the Future: The Story of Sustained Yield as Told in the Diaries and Papers of David T.Mason 1907-1950  edited by Rodney C.Loehr. St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society, 1952.


MASON, Jimmy (d.1945)  English hermit - E

1907 to 1945 (?)

“Jimmy Mason lived as a hermit in Great Canfield for 35 years before his death in 1942. This book based on his diaries, describes the rural Essex life of the turn of the century and tries to examine what led to his becoming a hermit.”

In  A Hermit Disclosed  by Raleigh Trevelyan, London, Longmans, 1960.


MATHER, Amasa Stone (1884-1920) - E

1907 to 1908

Extracts from the Letters, Diary and Notebooks of Amasa Stone Mather: June 1907 to December 1908  privately printed, Arthur Clark, two volumes, 1910, 150 copies.


MATSON, Howard G. [The Rev.] (1907-1993) - E

Dates unknown

A Walk to the Village – with Bill, Kelsey and Chloe: An Anecdotal Journal  Carmel, California, Nybro Press, 1981.


du MAURIER, Daphne (Lady Browning) (1907-1989)  English author - E

Dates unknown

The Rebecca Notebook and Other Memories  London, Victor Gollancz, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.

MAWSON, Douglas [Sir] (1882-1958)  Australian scientist and explorer

a) - 1907 to 1909, 1911 to 1914 and 1929 to 1931

Personal diaries of Antarctic exploration; British Antarctic Expedition, Australasian Antarctic Expedition and British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition; work, colleagues, conditions, hardships; detailed, frank and interesting.

Mawson's Antarctic Diaries  edited by Fred Jacka and Eleanor Jacka. London, Unwin Hyman, 1988.

b) - 1911 to 1914

“The object of this book is to present a connected narrative of the [Australasian] expedition from a popular and general point of view.”

The Home of the Blizzard  Lippincott, two volumes, 1914.

c) - 1929 to 1930

The Antarctic Cruise of the Discovery 1929-1930  in  Geographical Review  XX, 1930, pp 535-554.


MONAHAN, Elmer Perry (1874-1964) - *M5403,E

Diary of a scientific expedition.

In  Idaho Yesterdays  XIV.


MORRIS, Edmund Montague - E

1907 to 1910

The Diaries of Edmund Montague Morris: Western Journeys 1907-1910  Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum, 1985.


MURCHIE, Guy (1907-1997)  Chicago Tribune photographer, staff artist and reporter - E

Dates unknown

Men on the Horizon  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1932, is reported to contain diary material.

NAIRN, Philip Sidney (1883-1914) of Bromley, Kent - B298

January to September 1907

Matthews: Travel diary; travel notes and life in Germany and Kelantan (N. Malay Peninsula).

Poems, Letters, and Memories  London, privately printed, 1916, pp 28-54.


OLIVIER, Laurence Kerr (1907-1989)  English actor - E

Dates unknown

The Oliviers  a biography by Felix Barker, London, Hamish Hamilton, 1953, is reported to contain diary material.


PRICE, Edward Valentine - E

February 23rd. to May 14th. 1907

Rail to San Francisco; by sea to Honolulu; sight seeing there; on to Yokohama; Kobe; Osaka; Kyoto; Tokyo; Nikko; good and detailed descritions; the ship on which it was planned to return is grounded on the outward voyage; tentative plan to return on the Trans-Siberian Railway rendered unnecessary by reflotation of the ship; return to chicagpo via salt lake City. A better than average travelogue.

Thirty Days in the land of the Mikado  privately printed, 1908.


PROKOFIEV, Sergey Sergeyevich (1891-1953)  Russian composer - E

a) - 1907 to 1914

Youthful diaries of an egotistical musician.

Sergey Prokofiev: Diaries 1907-1914, Prodigious Youth  translated by Anthony Phillips. London, Faber and Faber, 2006.

b) - 1927

Soviet Diary 1927  London, Faber and Faber, 1991.


RATHENAU, Walther (1867-1922) German industrialist and politician - E

1907 to 1922

Walther Rathenau: Industrialist, Banker, Intellectual and Politician: Notes and Diaries, 1907-1922  Oxford, clarendon press, 1985.


READ, B.Mountray [Capt.] (b.1874)   assistant district commissioner in the Gold coast

February 16th. to 18th. 1907

Three diary entries relating a tour disrupted by an epidemic of meningitis in the population.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 69-71.


ROSKOLENKO, Harry (1907-1980)  American poet - E

Dates Unknown

"A candid account of a carefree writer's year-long odyssey round-the-world. ... In place of love he found erotic, amoral substitutions. ... A full, earthy book, disquietingly honest on contemporary matters."

Baedeker of a Bachelor: The Exotic Adventures and Bizarre Journeys of a Carefree Man  New York, Padell, 1952.


SCOTT, Quincy (1882-1965)  American cartoonist - E


"The book is based on the original manuscript of the Scott's 1907 2,000 mile trek from St. Paul, Minnesota to Seattle, Washington."

Horseback Honeymoon: The Vanishing Old West of 1907 Through the Eyes of Two Young Artists in Love  New York, 1975.


SETON, - Ernest Thompson (1860-1946) - E

a) - 1907

The Arctic Prairies: A Canoe Journey of 2,000 Miles in Search of the Caribou; Being an Account of a Voyage to the Region north od Aylmer Lake  New York, Scribner, 1911.  

b) - Dates Unknown

Trail of an Artist Naturalist: The Autobiography of Ernest Thompson Seton  New York, Scribner, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.

c) - Dates Unknown

By a Thousand Fires: Nature Notes and Extracts from the life and Unpublished Journals of Ernest Thompson Seton  by Julia M.Seton. New york, Doubleday, 1967.


SLACK, Henry A. - E

a) - From 1907

Pine Hills Bird Notes  privately printed.

b) - James Cummings (11378) has  Bird Notes from Farview  privately printed, New York, 1901.


SOANE, Ely Bannister (1881-1923) - E

1907 to 1909

To Mesopotamia and Kurdistan in Disguise: Narrative of a journey from Constantinople through Kurdistan to Baghdad, 1907-1909, with historical and ethnographical notices of the various Kurdish tribes and of the Chaldaeans of Kurdistan  London, John Murray, 1912.


STARK, Gilbert Little (1885-1908) - E

1907 to 1908

Letters of Gilbert Little Stark, July 23, 1907 - March 12, 1908  privately printed, Riverside Press, 1908, is reported to contain diary material.

Note:  James Cummings (11806) has  Diary  privately printed, Riverside Press, 1907, but no such publication has been traced and this is probably the book given above, with an erroneous date.


STEPHENS, Edwin William (b.1849) - E

1907 to 1908

Around the World: A Narrative in Letter Form of of a Trip Around the World  Columbia Missouri, 1909.


STOPES, Marie Charlotte Carmichael (1880-1958)  scientist and sex reformer - D293,E

1907 to 1909

Travel diary in Japan; studies of coal mines and fossils; notes on people and places.

A Journal from Japan  London, Blackie, 1910.

Note:  Marie Stopes: Her Work and Play  a biography by Aylmer Ward; London, Peter Davies, 1933; is reported to contain diary material.


TARG, William (b.1907) - E

Dates Unknown

Indecent Pleasures: The Life and Colorful Times of William Targ  New York, Macmillan, 1975, is reported to contain diary material.


TRUXAW, Joseph - E


Diary at St. Patrick's Seminary at Menlo Park, California.

Diary of a Seminarian  privately printed, 574pp.

Note: James Cummings (12584) has this but no other copy has been traced.


WALBROOK, Henry Mackinnon - E

1907 to 1910

Reviews of plays, reprinted from the Pall Mall Gazette.

Nights at the Play  London, 1911.


WESTELL, W.Percival - E


Country Rambles: Being a Field Naturalist's and Country Lover's Note Book for a Year  London, Drane, 1908.

WHITE, Dorothy Vernon (b.1807) - B298

October 3rd. 1907 to August 5th. 1913

Dorothy was the second wife of William Hale White (Mark Rutherford) and this is her diary of courtship and marriage until his death. Domestic life at Groombridge; friends and literature.

The Groombridge Diary  London, Oxford University Press, 1924.


WILSON, Arnold Talbot [Sir] (b.1888)  soldier - *H1989,B310,E

a) - 1907 to 1914

South West Persia: A Political Officer's Diary 1907-1914  London, 1941.

b) - August 1933 to August 1939

Matthews: Political diary; parliamentary affairs and his work as an M.P.; political events and commentaries; impressions of the social and public scene; travel in Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

1. - Walks and Talks  London, 1934

2. - Walks and Talks Abroad  London, 1937

3. - Thoughts and Talks  Right Book Club, 1938.

4. - More Thoughts and Talks  London, 1939


YOUNGER, Maud - *H1990,E


The Diary of an Amateur Waitress  in  McClure's Magazine  XXVII, 1907.


ALEXANDER, Boyd (1873-1910)  African traveller and ornithologist - D3

1908 to 1910

Matthews: Travel diary; expedition to the Cameroons; exploration, anthropology, topography and natural history.

Boyd Alexander's Last Journey  London, 1912.


ANDREWS, Roy Chapman (1884-1960)  explorer for the American Museum of Natural History - E

a)  - From 1908?

Whale Hunting with Gun and Camera: A Naturalist’s Account of the Modern Shore-Whaling Industry, of Whales and Their Habits, and of Hunting Experiences in Various Parts of the World  New York, Appleton, 1916.

b) - 1916 and 1917

Across Mongolian Plains: A naturalist’s Account of China’s “Great Northwest”  New York, Appleton, 1921.


BORUP, George (d.1912) - E

1908 to 1909

Account of Peary's North Pole Expedition by the youngest member; with one of the support parties during the first stage of the march; a sledge journey along the northern coast of Greenland.

Tenderfoot with Peary  New York, Stokes, 1911.  


CHARCOT, Jean Baptiste - *H1991,E

1908 to 1910

The Voyage of the 'Why Not?' in the Antarctic: The Journal of the Second French South Polar Expedition 1908-1910  translated by Philip Walsh. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1911. Re-issued as  The Voyage of the 'Pourquoi Pas?'  Canberra, Australian National University Press, 1978.


DUNCAN, Sinclair Thomson - *M5404,E

From Shetland to British Columbia, Alaska and the United States: Being a Journal of Travels, with a Narrative of Return Journey After Three years' Exploration  Lerwick, Charles J.Duncan, 1911.


DZHERZHINSKY, Felix Edmundovich (1877-1926) - *H1992

Prison Diary and Letters  translated from the Russian by John Gibbons. Moscow, Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1959.


ELWELL, Alcott Farrar - *M5405,E

Alcott Elwell: His Diary  in  Annals of Wyoming  October, 1966.


FERRI, Dina (1908-1930)  Italian shepherdess and poet - E

Dates unknown

“Thoughts and poems.”

Notebook of Nothingness: Fragments of the Lyrical Diary of a Sienese Shepherdess  Boston, 1933.


FOWLIE, Wallace (1908-1998)  American writer and academic - E

Dates unknown

Journal of rehearsals: A Memoir  Duke University Press, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


GAG, Wanda (1893-1946)  American artist and author - H2029,M5406

October 12th. 1908 to September 1917

Personal diary, adolescence and womanhood, edited by the author; full, introspective entries; thoughts and feelings, her fatherless family, and friends; life and school at New Ulm, Minnesota; anxieties as the eldest of eight siblings; art school; her studies and artistic and emotional development; first love when she meets Adolf Dehn at Minneapolis School of Art.

1. - Growing Pains  New York, Coward-McCann, 1940. Reprinted, with a new introduction, St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 130-138.


HARPER, Henry Howard - E


“… author’s travels by land and water from Tampico to Tuxpam, with good description of the people, agriculture and customs.”

A Journey in Southeastern Mexico  privately printed, Boston, 1910.


HILL, John Ensign - *H1993,*M5407,E

From 1908

Diaries and Biographical Material  Logan, Utah, J.P.Smith, 1962.


HUTTON, J.Arthur - E

1908 to 1933

Our Fishing Diary: Hampton Bishop, 1908-1933  Altricham, Sherratt and Hughes, 1942.


KINGSLEY, Rose Georgina (b.1845) - E

Six weeks travel down the Rhone from Lyons, written up from diary letters and other notes; much architectural commentary.

In the Rhône Country  London, Allen, 1910.


McCORMICK, John A.  – American photographer - E

September 9th to 25th 1908

“Early photographic record of Inner Passage from Washington to Alaska. Text is photographer's diary of that excursion, one result of which was the founding of Victoria's Butchart Gardens.”

The Cruise of the Calcite  Everett, Washington, 1973.


OSBORNE, Thomas Mott (1859-1926)  American prison administrator, reformer and industrialist - E

a) - 1908?

Diary letters of European travel in a motor car nick-named ‘The Green Dragon’.

Adventures of a Green Dragon  privately printed, Auburn, New York, 1908.

b) - “Narrative of personal experience during a week of voluntary confinement in the state prison at Auburn, NewYork.”

Within Prison Walls  Appleton, 1916, is reported to contain diary material.


OWEN, Maggie (Mrs. Maggie Jeanne (Melody) Wadelton) (b.1896)  of Roscommon, Ireland - E

a) - From January 24th. 1908

Childhood diary; fights; her love for Edward, an English boy; a spirited and entertaining fragment.

In  Small Voices  edited by Josef and Dorothy Berger. New York, Paul S.Erikkson, 1966, pp 62-66, taken from  The Book of Maggie Owen by Maggie Owen Wadelton. New York, 1941.

b) - Dates unknown

Maggie No Doubt  Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1943 and  Gay, Wild and Free  Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1949, are both reported to contain diary material.


PALMER, Howard (1883-1944)  Massachusetts lawyer, businessman and mountaineer - E

1908 to 1912

Mountaineering and Exploration in the Selkirks: A Record of Pioneer Work among the Canadian Alps, 1908-1912   New York, Putnam, 1914.


PEASE, Joseph Albert, first Baron Gainsford (1860-1943)  British politician

April 14th. 1908 to November 24th. 1910

Political diary; Quaker, Liberal chief whip and confidant of Asquith; advice on honours; fund raising; the legislative programme; a variable but often full and detailed account; conversations and personalities; valuable for Liberal politics; no reference to his private life.

A Liberal Chronicle: Journals and Papers of J.A.Pease, 1st. Lord Gainsford, 1908 to 1910  edited by Cameron Hazlehurst and Christine Woodland. London, the Historian's Press, 1994.


PEARY, Robert Edwin [Rear Admiral] (1856-1920) - E

1905, 1908 and 1909(?)

James Cummings has:

1. Nearest the Pole  Doubleday, 1907.

2. The North Pole: Its Discovery in 1909  Stokes, 1910.

3. Northward over “The Great Ice” Stokes, 1914.

Note: There has been much controversy over the quality of Peary’s record keeping but it is probable that his writings contain at least some contemporaneous material.


PERKINS, Edith Forbes - *H1994,*M5408,E

1908 to 1925

Diaries of the widow of railroad president Charles Elliott Perkins.

Letters and Journal of Edith Forbes Perkins  Cambridge, Massachusetts, privately printed, four volumes, 1931.


RICKARD, Thomas A. (1864-1953) mining engineer, writer and editor  - E

a) - September, 1902?

Survey of mining operations in Colorado.

Across the San Juan Mountains  New York and London, The Engineering and Mining Journal, 1903. -

a) - October 1905

Narrative of a journey from New York to Mexico; minimg operations at El Oro, Pachuca and Guanajuato; descriptions and technicalities.

Journeys of Observation  San Francisco, Dewey Publishing, 1907.

b) - Summer, 1908

Through the Yukon and Alaska  San Francisco, Mining and Scientific Press, 1909.


RIDDELL, George Allardice Riddell, Baron (1865-1934)  newspaper proprietor - B299,E

a) - October 1908 to July 1914

Newspaper man's diary of political events, personalities, conversations and gossip.

More Pages from My Diary, 1908-1914  London, Country Life Ltd., 1934.

b) - July 1914 to November 1918

War diary of the chairman of the 'News of the World'; extensive political contacts; events; personalities; the political direction of the war; much about Lloyd George.

Lord Riddell's War Diary 1914-1918  London, Ivor Nicholson and Watson, 1933.

c) - 1918 to 1923

Lord Riddell's Intimate Diary of the Peace Conference and After 1918-1923  London, Gollancz, 1933.

d) - 1908 to 1923

A selection from the three volumes re-edited from the manuscript and including previously unpublished material.

The Riddell Diaries, 1908-1923  edited by J.M.McEwen. London, The Athlone Press, 1986.

ROGERS, John Godfrey [Sir] (1850-1922) - C1011

1908 and 1910

Matthews: Adventures on two holidays; travels, hunting, fishing; partly in journal form.

Sport in Vancouver and Newfoundland  London, 1912.


WHITNEY, Harry (1873-1936) - E

July 17th. 1908 to September 28th. 1909

Loosely dated narrative, probably based on a diary.

Hunting with the Eskimos: The unique record of a sportsman's year among the northernmost tribe - the big game hunting, the native life, and the battle for existence through the long Arctic night   London, T.Fisher Unwin, 1910.

01/02/03 - WIER, Jeanne Elizabeth (1870-1950)  American historian - *G177,*M5410,E

In  Nevada Historical Quarterly  IV, 1961.


WOOLF, Leonard Sidney (1880-1969) - H1995

August 28th. 1908 to May 20th. 1911

Official diary of his work as assistant government agent of the Hambantota district of Ceylon; a full and detailed account of his duties in a district much concerned in the production of salt; agriculture, live-stock, commerce; opium; court work and enquiries; some notes of leisure pursuits.  

Diaries in Ceylon, 1908-1911: Records of a Colonial Administrator  London, Hogarth Press, 1963; first published in  by  the Ceylon Historical Journal, 1962.


YEATS, William Butler (1865-1939) - *H1996,E

a) - From 1908

Memoirs: Autobiography - First Draft Journal  edited by Denis Donoghue. New York, Macmillan, 1972.

b) - James Cummings has also:

1. - (13744)  The Death of Synge  Cuala Press, 1928.

2. - (13745)  Dramatis Personae  Macmillan, 1936.

3. - (13746)  Pages from a Diary Written in 1930  Cuala Press, 1944.

4. - (13747)  Diary  Macmillan, 1963.

5. - (13749)  The Making of Yeats 'A Vision'  Southern Illinois University, two volumes, 1987.



ALGREN, Nelson (1909-1981) - E

Dates unknown

Notes from a Sea Diary: Hemingway All the Way  New York, Putnam, 1965.


ANGLE, Helen M.Blonel (b.1871) - *M5411,E

The Log or Diary of Our Automobile Voyage through Maine and the White Mountains  Stamford, Connecticut, R. H. Cunningham, 1910.


BOOTH, Margaret - E


“A description of a voyage from London to Lima, via the Amazon River from Pará (at the mouth of the Amazon) to Iquitos (c. 2200 miles up river) made by Mr. & Mrs. G.M. Booth.”

An Amazon Andes Tour  privately printed, London, Edward Arnold, 1910.


BOREL, Ysabel  - Frenchwoman - E

Dates unknown

Ysabel Borel, 1909-1952  translated and published by Dame Leslie Whateley, 1955(?), is reported to contain diary material.

Note: The publisher was a notable figure in the international Girl Guide Organisation and the book, which has not been seen, may be concerned with this subject.


BUTTERFIELD, Lyman Henry (1909-1982)  historian, editor of The Adams Papers - E

Dates unknown

1. - Butterfield in Holland  privately printed, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1961.

2. - L.H.Butterfield’s Journal of a Mission to the U.S.S.R.  Massachusetts Historical Society, 1989.

CAMPBELL, Helen - D48

1909 to 1912

Matthews: The experiences of a soldier's wife in India and Burma; and later at Bushire and Baghdad; simple.

An Eastern Diary  Tenby, 1922.


CULPIN, Ethel - E

From 1907

Casualty 1900s, broadcast in the U.S. as London Hospital, is a British hospital drama spin-off of BBC One drama Casualty. It places the viewer in the Receiving Room of the London Hospital, in London's East End. The drama is shot with the pace and action of its modern-day counterpart A&E (ER in U.S.). Every case and character is based on real cases, characters and events taken from the hospital records, nurses’ Ward Diaries, and memoirs.”

James Cummings (3079) has  Diary of Ethel Culpin  Townsville, 1987. The publication has not been traced but may be the diary of Ethell Bennett who married Dr Millais Culpin who both appear in the drama.


DAVIS, Clara Biddle  - American woman

January 9th. to March 6th. 1909

Travel diary, mostly by sea to Mediterranean ports, with her husband, Seymour; life on board ship; a full account of events and sights day-by-day; travelling companions and people; a good and interesting account of an unusual tour.

A Winter Journey to the Western Islands, Madeira, Gibraltar, Italy, Egypt, the Holy Land, Turkey, Greece  Philadelphia, Wagstaff, 1909, pp 145.


ELGIE, Joseph Henry - E


The Night Skies of a Year, Being the Journal of a Star Gazer  London, 1910.


FISH, Harvey J. [Mrs.] - *M5412,E

In  Westchester County Historical Bulletin  XXV.


FLYNN, Errol Leslie Thomson (1909-1959)  American actor - E

Dates unknown

My Wicked, Wicked Ways  Putnams, 1959, is reported to contain diary material.




James Cummings (4737) has  The Trip of L.S.Gillette & Daughter Marian to South America, 1909


HANTZSCH, Bernhard Adolph (1875-1911)  German ornithologist and Arctic researcher - E

1909 to 1911

“He set off in 1909, and encountered disaster when his ship, the Janthina Agatha, hit ice in Cumberland Sound and sank, losing most of its cargo. Hantzsch and the entire crew found refuge on Blacklead Island. With the assistance of some Inuit, he hauled a boat to Nettilling Lake, reaching it June of the following year. They reached Kokdjuak River at the end of August, and Foxe Channel at the end of September, becoming the first European to cross Baffin Island.”

My Life Among the Eskimos: Baffinland Journeys in the Years 1909 to 1911  University of Saskatchewan, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


HENSON, Matthew Alexander (1866-1955)  black American explorer - E

In  A Negro Explorer at the North Pole  New York, Frederick A. Stokes, 1912, and often reprinted, is reported to contain diary material.


JUNKIN, Paul Sheridan (b.1867) - E


A Cruise Around the World: A Series of Letters Written by Paul S.Junkin and Published in The Advertizer Gazette of Creston, Iowa  Creston, 1910.

Note: Charles Monroe JUNKIN (1855-1915), Sheridan’s brother appears to have been the suthor of  Encircling the Earth on The Cleveland: Notes on a Cruise Round the World  Fairfield, Iowa, 1912, and Cruise of The Morning Star  Fairfield, Iowa, 1911, either of which which may be an account of the same voyage.


KING-HALL, Stephen (b.1893)  Commander R.N. - B299,E

a) - 1909 to 1917

Sea diaries (excerpts); life and education at Dartmouth; sea training; midshipman; engineering work, gunnery tests; coronation of George V; private affairs and social life; his service and engagements during the First World War including a full account of the Battle of Jutland as an officer in H.M.S. Southampton. Interspersed with letters.

In  Sea-Saga  edited by L.King-Hall. London, Victor Gollancz, 1935, pp 335-506.

b) - 1914 to 1918

A North Sea Diary 1914-1918  London, Newnes, no date.


KOLLWITZ, Käthe Schmidt (1867-1945)  German artist, painter and lithographer - H1997

September 9th. 1909 to May 1943

Personal diary; her work; husband and family; younger son killed in the First World War; her husband's illness and death; thoughts and reminiscences; widely spaced entries.

1. - The Diary and Letters of Kaethe Kollwitz  edited by Hans Kollwitz, translated by Richard and Clara Winston. Chicago, Henry Regnery, 1955.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 499-500; and Moffat & Painter, pp 237-252.


LANPHERE, Hortense M. (1909-2004)? - E

Dates unknown

“Records the work done by Lanphere & others towards the preservation of a unique ecosystem on the northwestern California coast.”

Bedlam on the Slew  Arcata, California, 1990.


McCREADY, William (1909-1982) book collector - E

Dates unknown

In  William McCready of Whiteabbey, 1909-1982, Diarist and Book Collector  Belfast, Linen Hall Library, 1983.


NEWBIGIN, James Edward Lesslie (1909-1998)  Church of Scotland missionary - E

Dates Unknown

A South india Diary  London, SCM Press, 1951, revised edition, 1960.

PALMER, William Scott (Mary Emily Dowson) - *H1998


PERRET, Frank Alvord (1867-1943)  volcanologist - E

1909 to 1911

The Lava Fountains of Kilauea  in  The American Journal of Science  XXXV, February 1913.


PERRY, Helen Sophia - E

1909 to 1910

The Journal of Helen Sophia Perry  edited by Lawrence Kent Sweeney  in  Nova Scotia Historical Quarterly  IV, No 4, December, 1974, pp 345-353.


PERRY, Richard (b.1909) - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - A naturalist on Lindisfarne  Lindsay Drummond, 1946.

2. - Watching the Birds  Taplinger, 1975.

POWYS, Llewellyn (1884-1939)  essayist and journalist - B299

1909 to 1912

Matthews: Personal diary (quotations); kept during his stay at a tuberculosis sanatorium in Switzerland; with later travel in Africa; a gay and lively record.

In - The Welsh Ambassadors  by Louis Marlow. London, 1939, pp 335-506.

PRICE, Hamlyn [Mrs.] - D248


Matthews: Diary; travels in Northern Ceylon; with her husband on tours of inspection; economy, schools, missions.

A Diary of Three Tours  London, 1909.


SHACKLETON, Ernest [Sir] (1874-1922)  Antarctic explorer - E

From 1909

The extensive literature surrounding Shackleton's various expeditions has not been fully examined but diary material is reported to be found in:

1. - Heart of the Antarctic: being the story of the British Anrarctic expedition 1907-1909  London, Heinemann, 1910.

2. - South: The story of Shackleton's 1914-1917 expedition  London, 1920.

3. - The Endurance  by Caroline Alexander. London, Bloomsbury, 1998.  


SHUNK, Caroline Saxe (b.1862)  American army officer's wife - E

February 1909 to January 1910

Diary letters; voyage out to the Philippines; a full and interesting account of life with the army of occupation; constant fear of disease; homeward bound.

An Army Woman in the Philippines: Extracts from the Letters of an Army Offiver's Wife, Describing Her Personal Experiences in the Philippine Islands  Kansas City, Missouri, Franklin Hudson, 1914.


STONE, Julius Frederick (b.1855) - *M5413,E

Canyon Country: The Romance of a Drop of Water and a Grain of Sand  New York and London, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1932.

SWAN, William Carter (1891-1918)  Sussex farm apprentice

January 1st. 1909 to December 23rd. 1910

Farming diary; apprentice to Mr. Venn of Dialpost Farm, Sussex; a very clear and detailed record of work on the farm; his bicycle; a few personal notes; the weather.

The Diary of a Farm Apprentice  edited by E.E. Swan. Gloucester, Alan Sutton, card covers, 1984.


TABOR, Elizabeth McCourt (Baby Doe) (1854-1935)  of Leadville, Colorado

From 1909?

Diary fragments: dreams and visions; 'the product of a disintegrating mind'.

Account, discussion and quotation by Julie Nolte Temple in  Inscribing the Daily: Critical Essays on Women's Diaries  edited by Suzanne L.Bunkers and Cynthia A.Huff. Amherst, University of Massachusetts Press, 1996, pp 73-85.


TENNNANT, Winifred Margaret Coombe (1874-1956)  British suffragist, Liberal and spiritualist - E

1909 to 1924

Between Two Worlds: The Diary of Winifred Coombe Tennant 1909-1924  National Library of Wales, 2011.


TOLMACHOFF, I.P. (Innokentiǐ Pavlovich TOLMACHEV) - E


Siberian Passage: An Explorer's Search into the Russian Arctic  New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.


THOMAS, (Philip) Edward (1878-1917)  poet - H2100,E

a) - 1908?

"… impressions of a year's wanderings afoot as the seasons change through Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Cornwall …" Impressionistic and undated, not really a diary.

The South Country  London, Dent, 1909.

Note: A earlier volume  The Heart of England  London, Dent, 1906, is on a similar pattern.

b) - August, 1912?

Ten days walking the Icknield way from Thetford to Bishopstone; landscape and the road in unremitting but often poetic detail; some encounters with people; occasionally inns and innkeepers; a few fantasies; few details of refreshment or accommodation. Undated but clearly based upon a contemporaneous record.

The Icknield Way  London, Constable, 1913. Reissued, London, Wildwood House, 1980.

b) - January 1st. to April 8th. 1917

Military diary of an artillery officer, a poet on the battlefield.

1. - The Diary of Edward Thomas; 1 January - 8 April 1917  Andoversford, Gloucestershire, The Whittington Press, 1977, limited to 575 copies. As an object this is a most beautiful book. The diary was first printed in  The Anglo-Welsh Review  Autumn 1971.

2. - Extracts: Blythe, pp 183-188.

TRAHERNE, Patrick (1885-1917)  schoolmaster - B299

September 1909 to April 1917

Matthews: Teacher's diary; details of his teaching at English public schools; class work; social and personal life; sports; critical views of educational methods and teachers and discipline; his holiday travels; his work as a novelist.

A Schoolmaster's Diary  edited by S.P.B.Mais. London, 1918.


WEIL, Simone (1909-1943)  French philosopher - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Gravity and Grace  New York, Putnam, 1952,

2. - The Notebooks of Simone Weil  New York, Putnam, 1956.

3. - First and Last Notebooks  London and New York, Oxford University Press, 1970.

4. - Formative Writings, 1929-1941  University of Massachusetts Press, 1987.



ANONYMOUS  - Japanese schoolgirls - E

After 1910?

“Diary in English by school girls in Japan, assembled by their teacher.”

Tama: The Diary of a Japanese School Girl  assembled (sic) by Florence Wells. New York, Women’s Press, 1919.


ALSUP, Reba Rushing  - of Calvert, Texas - E

After 1910

"This book contains the diary of a young girl while living in Calvert, Texas in the teens and twenties plus the time during world war II and a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. 1976-1977."

Calvert Diary  Waco, texas, Texian Press, 1983.


ASHURST, Henry Fountain - *H1999,*M5414,E

From 1910

Arizona Senator's diary beginning just before it became a state.

1. - A Many-Colored Toga: The Diary of Henry Fountain Ashurst  edited by George F.Sparks. Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1962.

2. - Three years of the Diary of Henry Fountain Ashurst  edited by George Sparks, in  Arizona Quarterly Journal of History  Summer, 1961.


BALANO, Dorothea Moulton - *H2000,E

1910 to 1913

Married life on a Maine windjammer.

The Log of The Skipper's Wife  edited by James W.Balano. Amden, Maine, Down East Books, 1979.


BANCROFT, Frederic (1860-1945)  American historian - M5415

1910 to 1914

Diary extracts of meetings with Henry Adams; his appearance manners and eccentricities; ailments; opinions and conversation.  

In  Chats with Henry Adams  by Jacob E.Cooke in  American Heritage  VII, No. 1, 1955.


BARRINGTON, Emilie Isabel Wilson (Mrs. Russell Barrington) - E


Through Greece and Dalmatia: A Diary of impressions Recorded by Pen and Picture  London, Adam and Charles Black, 1912.


BULGAKOV, Valentin F.  - secretary to Leo Tolstoy

January17th. to November 7th. 1910

Private diary of the last year of Tolstoy's life by his secretary and disciple; domestic life at Yasnaya Polyana; conversations; visitors; correspondence; family crises and arguments; wife and daughter; Chertkov; manoeuvrings for control of the literary estate; Tolstoy's health, his flight from home, and death. An interesting and detailed, if partisan account.

The Last Year of Leo Tolstoy  translated by Ann Dunnigan, introduced by George Steiner. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1971. New York, Dial Press.


CAMERON, Charlotte (d.1946)  Englishwoman - E

From 1910?

Mexico in Revolution  London, Seeley Service, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


CARPENTER, Geoffrey Douglas Hale - E

1910 to 1914 (?)

A Naturalist on Lake Victoria: With an Account of Sleeping Sickness…  London, Unwin, 1920, is reported to contain diary material.

CARR, William Guy (b.1895)  sailor - B299

December 1910 to February 1932 with wide gaps

Matthews: Naval diary; account of naval career; running away to sea; apprentice to a shipping company; sailing ships; America and the Far East; journeys to all parts of the world; the Royal Navy; the First World War; mine-sweeping; anti-submarine work; in British submarines.

Hell's Angels of the Deep  London, 1932, 288 pp.


CHERRY-GARRARD, Apsley George Benet (1886-1959)  Polar explorer

1910 to 1913

Extracts from an exploration diary with Scott's expedition, combined with narrative and extracts from the diaries of other members of the expedition, some implied criticism of Scott.

1. - The Worst Journey in the World  London, Constable, two volumes, 1922. Many later editions.

-   - Note: There are quotations from the diaries of Scott (qv), Wilson (qv), Priestley, Bowers (possibly from letters), Lashly (qv), and Atkinson.

2. - The diary from June to August 1911 is quoted in E.A Wilson's report of the winter journey to Cape Crozier, to add a more personal aspect to the formal report.

In  Scott's Last Expedition  London, Smith Elder, 1913, Volume II, pp 1-77. Passim.


DEBENHAM, Frank (1883-1965)  geographer

December 5th. 1910 to January 26th. 1913

Exploration diary; geologist and cartographer with the R.F.Scott (qv) Antarctic expedition; private notes of the autumn journey, winter at Cape Evans, spring expedition, second winter at Cape Evans, the journey up Mount Erebus and last days at the base hut.

The Quiet land: The Diaries of Frank Debenham, Member of the British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913  edited by June Debenham Back, Bluntisham, Bluntisham Books and the Erskine Press, 1992.


DOERING, Alma E. (1878-1959)  of the Congo Inland Mission - E

Around 1910?

Ups and Downs in Africa: A Thrilling Account of a Survey Trip by Misses Alma E.Doering and Daisy Forel through Unevangelised tribes in the Belgian Congo  Germantown, Pennsylvania, is reported to contain diary material.


ELMORE, Hetty Jameson: See JAMESON Eloise


FLAHERTY, Robert Joseph (1884-1951)  American writer and film maker - *M5416,E

In  The World of Robert Flaherty   by Richard Griffith. New York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1953.

GRAN, Tryggve (1889-1980)  Norwegian explorer

November 29th. 1910 to February 12th. 1913

Exploration diary with Scott's last expedition; colleagues; work; the Antarctic routine; weather; his opinions and feelings about the rival Norwegian expedition; an excellent diary, a little more free than most accounts, perhaps because written in a language that no other member of the expedition could read.

The Norwegian with Scott; Tryggve Gran's Antarctic Diary  edited by Geoffrey Hattersley-Smith, translated by Ellen Johanne McGhie. National Maritime Museum, H.M.S.O., 1984.


HARRIS, Albert Wadsworth - E


“… latter-day overland describing a five-month journey in a Conestoga wagon from Los Angeles to Wisconsin in 1910. The author, a Chicago banker, was one of the first 20th century recreators of the Old West, and this narrative is interesting for the trip itself and as an evocation of the pioneer experience.”

The Cruise of the Schooner  privately printed, Chicago, 1911.


HASKELL, Mary Elizabeth (1873-1964) - *G178,E

Dates unknown

In  Beloved Prophet: The Love Letters of Kahlil Gibran and Mary Haskell and Her private Journal  edited by Virginia Hilu, New York, knopf, 1972.


HICKS, Edward Lee [The Rt. Rev.] (1843-1919)  Bishop of Lincoln - E

1910 to 1919

Bishop's diary; his work in the diocese and elsewhere; scandals and immoralities amongst the country parsons and their flocks in Lincolnshire.

The Diaries of Edward Lee Hicks, Bishop of Lincoln, 1910-1919  edited by Graham Neville. Boydell Press for Lincoln Record Society, Volume LXXXII, 1993.




“… the record of a pleasant journey, during which I saw much and learned much which was of interest to me, and may also be of interest to my readers.”

To the River Plate and Back: The Narrative of a Scientific Mission to South America, with Observations upon Things Seen and Suggested  New York, Putnam, 1913.


HOSIE, Alexander [Sir] (1853-1925) - E

1910 to 1911

On the Trail of the Opium Poppy  London, George Phillip, two volumes, 1914, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Other works by Hosie, which may contain diary material are:

1. - 1904

- Mr Hosie’s Journey to Tibet, 1904: A Report by Mr. A.Hosie, His Majesty’s Consul at Chengtu, on a Journey from Chengtu to the Eastern Frontier of Tibet  London, Stationery Office, 2001.

2. - 1882 to 1884

- Three Years in Western China: A Narrative of Three Journeys in Ssu-ch’uan, Kuei-chow, and Yun-nan  London, G.Phillip, 1897.



Late 1910’s?

“The world's second largest island, at the time of writing was administered by thirty Army officers.”

Patrolling in Papua  New York, Henry Holt, 1923, is reported to contain diary material.


JAMESON, Eloise, Hetty Joy, TODD, Bernice Jameson, and ELMORE, Hetty Jameson - E

1910 to 1911

A family trip round the world.

All Eight Went: From the Diaries of Eloise Jameson, Hetty Joy Jameson, Bernice Jameson Todd, Hetty Jameson Elmore  privately printed, Santa monica, 1977.


KAFKA, Franz (1883-1924)  Czech novelist -  - H2001

1910 to July 22nd. 1923

Literary diaries and notebooks; his interior life, thoughts and musing; minute descriptions; life and dreams; unsatisfactory love life; work; the war; miscellaneous notes and literary set pieces; not always dated; literary value.

1. - The Diaries of Franz Kafka  edited by Max Brod. New York, Schocken Books, two volumes, 1948 & 1949. London, Secker and Warburg, 1948 & 1949. One volume edition, Peregrine Books, paperback,1964.

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 147-156.

3. - I Am Memory Come Alive: Autobiographical Writings  New York, Schocken Books, 1974, is reported to contain diary material.


KIPNIS, Samuel - E

From 1910?

Includes observations in pre-revolutionary Russia, the revolution, Stalin, Hitler.

a) - Partial Autobiography and Diaries  Miami, 1963?

b) - Scrap Book and Diary: Part 2  1963?


LAMBORN, Emma Taylor - E


Reminiscences of My First Year in Europe  Biddle Press, 1911, is reported to contain diary material.


LLOYD, Tom (b.1860?)  miner - E,F


The climbing of Mount McKinley. The book has not been seen and the scope of Tom Lloyd’s journal therein is not known: however, he was not part of the final ascent to the summit and his account of this is fiction.

In  The Sourdough Expedition: The Story of the Pioneer Alaskans Who Climbed Mount McKinley in 1910  Alaska Northwest Publishing company, 1985.


MacDONALD, Alexander [Rt. Rev.] (1858-1941)  Bishop of Victoria, British Columbia - E

From 1910?

Stray Leaves, or Traces of Travel  New York, Christian Press, 1914.

MANN, Etta Donnan - E

1910 to 1914

Four Years in the Governor’s Mansion of Virginia: 1910-1914  Dietz Press, 1937.


MARQUISS, Ollie Hatie (1880-1917)  American student nurse - *M5417,E

1910 to 1913

Diary of a student nurse at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Diary of a Student Nurse: The Diary of Ollie Marquiss, 1910-1913  edited by Philip Mulkey Hunt. Hunt, Marquis, Mulkey Family Association, 1978, 102 pp.


OLSON, Charles (1910-1970)  American poet - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - The Logo fthe Wonorato  Chicago, Adams Press, 1969.

2. - Charles Olson and Ezra Pound: An Encounter at St Elizabeths  New York, Grossman, 1975.


PATTON, George Smith [Gen.] (1885-1945)  American soldier; "Old Blood and Guts"  - *M5418,E

In  The Patton Papers  by Martin Blumenson. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, two volumes, 1974.

Note:  War as I Knew It  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1947, is also reported to contain diary material.


PEARS, Charles (1873-1958)  British painter, illustrator and artist - E

July and August 1910?

Travel diary of a sailing trip.

From the Thames to the Seine  London, Chatto and Windus, 1910.

Note: The following titles may also contain diary material:

1 - From the Thames to the Netherlands: A Voyage in the Waterways & Down the Belgian Coast  London, Chatto and Windus, 1914.

2 - South Coast Cruising – from the Thames to Penzance  London, Edward Arnold, 1931.Yachting and the Sunshine Coast  Southern railway company, 1932.

3. - Going Foreign  London, Edward Arnold, 1933.


PEASE, Abraham Per Lee - E

Before 1910

Winter Wanderings: Being an Account of Travels in Abyssinia Samoa Java Japan The Philippines and Other Interesting Countries  New York, Cochrane Publishing, 1910, is reported to contain diary material. -


PHILIPS, Herbert - E


Tour through France and over the Eastern Pyreneeswith a Pilgrimage to the de Guerin Country (Cahuzac & Andillac, Taken from the Daily Journal of the Author  privately printed, Manchester, 1913.


PRENTICE, Sartell [Rev.] (1867-1937) - E


James Cummings (10026) has  Through Egypt, Sinai, Syria & the Balkans in 1910


RAU, Phil and Nellie - E


Dated observations of wasp behaviour.

In  Wasp Studies Afield  Princeton University Press, 1918.



After 1910?

James Cummings (10460) has  Pioneer Automobiling   1972.


ROBINSON, Ione (1910-1989)  American artist - E

After 1910

A Wall to Paint On  New York, Dutton, 1946, is reported to contain diary material.


RUBIN, Charles R.  - merchant mariner - E

From 1910's?

The Log of Rubin the Sailor  New York, International Publishers, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


SAVORY, Henry - E

1910 to 1921

A Man Deep in Mendip: Caving Diaries of Harry Savory 1910-1991  edited by J.Savory. Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1989.


SNYDER, Marcia Penfield - E


An European tour; England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.  

Eight Lands in Eight Weeks: A Package of Diary Letters to Beloved Stay-at-Homes  New York, Broadway, 1911.


STANDLEY, Emma Bartlett - E


What I Saw in Foreign Lands of Interest and Beauty Galesburg, Illinois, 1913, is reported to contain diary material.


STAROKADOMSKIY, Leonid Mikhailovich (1875-1962) - E

1910 to 1915

Charting the Northern Russian Sea Route: The Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition, 1910-1915  translated and edited by William Barr, Montreal, Arctic Institute of North America, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.


TAYLOR, Thomas Griffith (1880-1963)  geographer - E

1910? to 1913?

The Terra Nova expedition (?).

With Scott: The Silver Lining  New York, Dodd Mead, 1916, is reported to contain diary material.


TODD, Bernice Jameson: See JAMESON Eloise


TREMBLAY, Alfred  - French-Canadian prospector - E

1910? to 1913?

In  The Cruise of the Minnie Maud: Arctic Seas and Hudson Bay, 1910-11 and 1912-13  Quebec, Arctic exchange, 1921.


WARD, Richard Heron (1910-1969)   - E

Dates unknown

a Drug-Taker's Notes  London, Gollancz, 1957, is reported to contain diary material. -


WILKES, Alphaeus Paget (1871-1934)  English evangelical missionary to Japan - E

1910 to 1912

Diary; the journey out, through Russia; a flood; work and travels in Japan; a visit to Korea; converts.

Missionary Joys in Japan, or, Leaves from My Journal  New York, Doran, 1913.


WILLIAMS, Earl Trumbull - *H2003,E


Diary of a Trip Abroad in the Summer of 1910  Yale, 1910.


YARDLEY, Elizabeth - E


A Motor Tour Through France and England  New York, Pott, 1911.



ADAMS, Franklin Pierce (b.1881)  journalist - E

(Annotation based on extracts)

1911 to 1934

Diary items in pale imitation of the Pepysian style, originally published in newspaper columns.

1. - In  Diary of Our Own Samuel Pepys  New York, Simon and Schuster, two volumes, 1935.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp571-579.


ARNOLD, Ralph (1875-1961)  American petroleum geologist - E

1911 to 1916 (?)

The First Big Oil Hunt in Venezuela, 1911-1916  Vantage, 1960, is reported to contain diary material.


BLATCHLEY, Willis Stanley (1859-1940)  American naturalist - *M5419,E

In Days Agone: Notes on Fauna and Flora of Sub-Troica1 Florida in the Days When Most of its Area Was a PrimevalWilderness  Indianapolis, Nature Publishing Company, l932.

Note:  Boulder Reveries  Indianapolis, 1906, and  My Nature Book  Indianapolis, 1931, are also reported to contain diary material.


BRAITHWAITE, William John (1875-1938) - e

1911 to 1912

Lloyd George's Ambulance Wagon, Being the Memoirs of William J.Braithwaite, 1911-1912  edited by Henry N.Bunbury, London, Methuen, 1957, is reported to contain diary material.


BROWN, Mark Henry (Hilly) [Wing Commander] (1911-1941)  Canadian airman with the R.A.F. - E

Dates unknown

In  Wings of the Morning  a biography by his sister, Jean Segall. Toronto, macmillan, 1945.


CAMPBELL, Victor L.A. [Commander]

a) - January 25th. 1911 to January 18th. 1913

Exploration narrative, with many of the characteristics of a diary; with the Northern party of Scott's Antarctic expedition.

In  Scott's Last Expedition  London, Smith Elder, 1913, Volume II, pp 79-182.

b) - “… he and his 6 men were not collected as arranged at the end of the summer leaving them marooned with no hut and little food. Campbell not only kept all the men alive in a snow cave through the winter, but in October 1912 led the team over 230 miles of sea ice back to the base at Cape Evans.”

The Wicked Mate: The Antarctic Diary of Victor Campbell. An account of the Northern Party on Captain Scott’s last expedition from the original manuscript in the Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland  edited by H.G.R.King, Bluntisham, 1988.


COBBOLD, Evelyn [Lady] and ALEXANDER, Frances Gordon  - E

February 23rd. to March 14th. 1911?

Travel diary in the Libyan Desert. Dated entries but the year is not given. Scenes, people, customs.

Wayfarers in the Libyan Desert  London, Arthur L. Humphreys, 1912, 128 pp, photographic illustrations.

Note: The book was published in England as by Evelyn Cobbold name and in America as by Frances Alexander.



August 20th. to 28th. 1911

The diarist was on Safari with Stewart Edward White and these are his notes of  an excursion to acquire more donkeys to replace those that had died; "… Cuninghame's notes of his expedition…. give a very good idea of the vicissitudes of African travel, the reliability of African information, and the uncertainty of African plans."

The Rediscovered Country  Garden City, NewYork, Doubleday, 1915, pp 105-112.


DOS PASSOS, John Roderigo (1896-1970)  American novelist - M5420

a) - 1911 to 1918

Diary fragments: school in Connecticut; reading and literary criticism; Harvard; travels in Europe; the diary of his time as driver in France and Italy with the Norton-Harges Ambulance Corps is more full and better sustained; return to America to join the Medical Corps and back to France after the armistice; reading, writing and politics.

In  The Fourteenth Chronicle: Letters and Diaries of John Dos Passos  edited by Townsend Luddington. Boston, 1973; London, Andre Deutsch, 1974, pp 8-237. Passim.

b) - 1942 to 1945 (?)

“This collection is reprinted from the author's Life magazine articles about WW II fighting and events in the Pacific.”

Tour of Duty  New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1946.


DOUGLAS, George Mellis (1875-1963)  Canadian explorer - E

1911 to 1912

“… one of the most efficient and wellinformed explorers of the Mackenzie District, particularly the northerly reaches of Great Bear Lake and the Coppermine River as far as the arctic coast, during the early years of the twentieth century …”

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Lands Forlorn: A Story of an Expedition to Hearne’s Coppermine River  Putnam, 1914.

2. - Coppermine: The Far North of George M.Douglas  by Enid Mallory, Peterborough, Ontario, 1989.


EAGLE, John H. - E

1911 and 1913

“… based on his diary and recounting his trips to Africa in 1911 and 1913. On his first trip, he hunted in British East Africa in the Guaso Nyero region for lion, roan antelope, topi, sable antelope, rhino, buffalo, and a variety of other game. Near Lake Natron , he bagged oryx and cheetah. On his second trek, he hunted in northwestern Rhodesia. Near Kolomo, he took elephant and kudu, then shifted toward the Karue River after hippo, buffalo, sitatunga, and numerous other species of game.”

Adventure of an Amateur Hunter in Africa  privately printed, Boston, 1915.


EBY, Gordon C. - E

1911 to 1913

The Gordon C.Eby Diaries, 1911-13: Chronicle of a Mennonite Farmer  edited by James M.Nyce, Ontario, Multicultural History Society of Ontario, 1982.


EIFERT, Virginia Louise Snider (1911-1966) - E

Dates Unknown

Essays on Nature  Springfield, Illinois State Museum, 1967, is reported to contain diary material.


ELMHIRST, Willie - *H2004,E

From 1911

A Freshman's Diary  Oxford, Blackwell, 1969.


ELTING, John (1911-1941) - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (3890) has  Diary  in  John Elting, 1911-1941  by Victor Elting (qv), privately printed, Lakeside Press, 1942.


FRANKFURTER, Felix (1882-1965)  American judge - H2005,M5421

October 20th. 1911 to March 9th. 1948. Scattered entries.

Legal and political matters. Specialist interest.

From the Diaries of Felix Frankfurter; With a Biographical Essay and Notes  by Joseph Lash. New York, Norton, 1975.


GAUSS, Christian Frederick - *M5422,E

From 1911

The Papers of Christian Gauss: Including The Diary of a Dean, Literary Essays, European Journals and Correspondence with Edmund Wilson and Scott Fitzgerald  New York, Random House, 1957.


GOODMAN, Paul (1911-1972)  American novelist, psychotherapist and social critic - E

Dates unknown

Five Years: Thoughts During a Useless Time  New York, Brussel, 1966, is reported to contain diary material.


HALL, Sharlot Mabridth  - territorial historian of Arizona - H2006,M5423,E


Travel diary of an intrepid woman, the first to hold public office in Arizona; a seventy five day trek by wagon and on horseback; from Flagstaff to the Little Colorado, Lee's Ferry, and across the Colorado to Kaibab Plateau; nearly a thousand miles of rough canyon country; descriptions of the country, people, resources, and notes of its history.

Sharlot Hall on the Arizona Strip: A Diary of a Journey Through Northern Arizona in 1911  edited by C.Gregory Crampton. Flagstaff, Northland Press, 1975, 97 pp. Reprinted in paperback, 1988.


HÉMON, Louis (1880-1913)  French born Canadian writer - E

From 1911?

The Journal of Louis Hemon  translated by William A.Bradley. Macmillan, 1924.


HOWARD, Lawrence C. - *H2007,*M5424,E

1911 to 1912

Record of a voyage from New York to San Francisco aboard the four masted barque Edward Sewall; the log of Mr. Stewart, the first mate is also drawn upon.

Log of the Edward Sewall, 1911-1912  privately printed, 1958.


INGE, William Ralph [The Very Rev.] (1860-1954)  Dean of St. Paul's - H2008

April 18th. 1911 to October 31st. 1934

Personal diary of 'the Gloomy Dean', but often far from gloomy; clerical and social life; his work as Dean of St.Paul's, colleagues, Cathedral and City affairs; church politics; family and friends; entertaining anecdotes. A good diary

1. - Diary of a Dean; St. Paul's, 1911-1934  London, Hutchinson, no date, (1949). New York, Macmillan, 1950.

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 500-504; and Waite, pp 256-265.

3. - In  Dean Inge  a biography by Adam Fox, London, John Murray, 1960.


INGHAM, Ernest Graham [Rev.] (1851-1926)  Anglican clergyman, official of the Church missionary SocietyE


“… story of a trip undertaken Bishop Ingham and his wife and lasting eight months ‘on the frontiers of Christendom.’ Specifically, it is a journey that took in Europe and Asia aboard the trans-Siberian railway, Japan, China, India, Ceylon and the middle east and Holy land.”

From Japan to Jerusalem  London, Church Missionary Society, 1911.


JEWETT, A.C.  – American electrical engineer in Afghanistan - E

1911 to 1919

“He was employed by Habibullah Khan, the Amir of Afghanistan, to take charge of installing a hydroelectric plan, and it was during this stay that the first attempts toward modernization were made in Afghanistan. Although he came for only a year, it was eight years before his work was completed. Electrical apparatus had to be hauled over rough mountain passes. The work elephants’ harnesses had to be made by hand. Labor was not skilled and whenever crops were harvested, his deliveries of supplies stopped! Written in a lively, readable style, Jewett’s letters and journal notes tell the story of the land of the Afghans.

An American Engineer in Afghanistan  University of Minnesota, 1948.

KENNET, Kathleen Bruce [Lady] (Lady SCOTT) (1878-1947)  sculptor - H2009,D167

February 6th. 1911 to December 14th. 1946

Personal diary of the wife of Captain R.F.Scott (qv) and the earlier portions are written as if addressed to him. Her husband's death; work; suitors; second marriage; children; politics; interesting.

1. - Self-Portrait of an Artist; From the Diaries and Memoirs of Lady Kennet, Kathleen, Lady Scott  London, John Murray, 1949. The diary is preceded by a short autobiography.

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 436-439.


LAWRENCE, Thomas Edward (1888-1935)  'Lawrence of Arabia'

a) - July 12th. to August 12th. 1911

Travel diary at the end of a season's excavation at Carchemish (the diarist was working for British intelligence observing the German construction of the Baghdad Railway); the journey, on foot from Tell Ahmar in northern Syria; the Euphrates valley; castles and antiquities; Turks and Arabs; hospitality, food, water; footsore; toothache; dysentry compels his return to England.

The Diary Kept by T.E.Lawrence while Travelling in Arabia During 1911  introduced by Robin Bidwell. Reading, Garnet Publishing, 1993, pp 1-37. The book also contains letters and some of Lawrence's photographs.

Note: The diary was first published in 1937 by the Corvinus fine-art press in 203 copies, and also appeared in  Oriental Assembly.

b) - August to December 1922

An account of life in the Royal Air Force, in part written up from daily notes.

The Mint: A Day-Book of the R.A.F. Depot between August and December 1922 with Later Notes  by 352087 A/c Ross. London, Jonathan Cape, 1955.

Note:  The Seven Pillars of Wisdom  1926, and the abridged edition  Revolt in the Desert  1927, no doubt rely to some extent upon diary material.

LOWNDES, Marie Adelaide Belloc (1846-1947)  novelist - H2010

December 1st. 1911 to August 9th. 1946. Scattered entries.

Literary and social life in London; politics; humourless lecturing tone.

Letters and Diaries of Marie Belloc Lowndes, 1911-1947  edited by Susan Lowndes. London, Chatto and Windus, 1971.


MACKWORTH, Cecily (1911-2006)  Welsh author and explorer - E

Dates unknown

“The British journalist describes her life, her travels around the world, and her friendship with figures such as Henry Miller, Dylan Thomas, and Nathalie Sarraute.”

Ends of the World  Manchester, Carcanet, 1987.


MARDEN, Philip Sanford (1874-1963) - E


“Based on his steamer voyage on the upper Nile, Philip Marden provides the average traveler a guide to Egypt, including a history of ancient Egypt and the ancient Egyptian religion.” Based on the author’s journal but probably much amplified.

Egyptian Days  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1912.


MEREDITH, John Hale - E

1911 to 1914

South of Zero: The Journal of john hale Meredith with the Clark Jamison Antarctic Expedition of 1911-1914  New York, Harper, 1931; Literary Guild, 1932.


O’SHAUGHNESSY, Edith Louise Coues (1876-1939)  American diplomat’s wife - E

a) - 1911 to 1914

Diary letters (?) to her mother from Mexico City.

1. - A Diplomat's Wife in Mexico: letters from the American Embassy at Mexico City, covering the dramatic period between October 8th, 1913, and the breaking off of diplomatic relations on April 23rd, 1914  New York and London : Harper and Brothers, 1916.

2.  - Diplomatic Days  New York : Harper & Brothers; 1917

b) - 1917/18?

My Lorraine Journal  New York, Harper, 1918.


PROROKOV, Boris (1911-1972)  Russian ‘People’s Artist’ - E

Dates unknown

In  Boris Prorokov: My Life and Times: Excerpts from Diaries and Memoirs  Moscow, Raduga, 1983.


RADHA, Sivananda, Swami (Sylvia Hellman) (1911-1995)  German yogini emigrant to canad; founder of the Yasodhara Ashram in British Columbia - E

Dates unknown

Radha; Diary of a Woman’s Search  Timeless Books, 1981.


REITH, John Charles Walsham Reith, 1st. Baron (1889-1971)  first general manager of the B.B.C.

1911 to 1971

Personal diary; egocentric and rancorous, always concerned for his own position; an enormously detailed continuous record of his life and work, unsparing of himself and others; agonies of anger and despair. Important and interesting for the history of broadcasting but also as an honest, and perhaps, paradoxically, unconscious, self portrait of a great man and his flaws.

1. - The Reith Diaries  edited by Charles Stuart. London, Collins, 1975. The diary is edited in themes with the emphasis on his public life.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 66-68.

3. - The diary is used extensively, with more emphasis on the private man, in  The Expense of Glory: A Life of John Reith  by Ian McIntyre. London, Harper Collins, 1993.

4. - Into the Wind  London, Hodder, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.


RICHMOND, William E. - E

November 15th. 1911 to August 15th. and August 19th. to November 14th. 1912

A detailed account of life aboard and ashore from the USS California during a cruise to the Hawaian Islands, Philipine Islands, China and Japan. A brief account of  life and action on shore during the civil war in Nicaragua.

Nine Months on a Cruise and Experiences in Nicaragua  San Diego, USS California, 1912.


ROSS, Alexander Howard (1881-1964)  assistant district commissioner in the Gold Coast

a) - July 28th. 1911 to January 4th. 1912

Brief extracts from his official diary.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 158-161.

b) - March 15th. to October 9th. 1916

Extracts from his diary as acting provincial commissioner in succession to L.H.Wheatley (qv); brief notes but few gaps, thus giving a good impression of the work; prepares to hand over to P.A.H.Pott (qv).

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 181-186.


SANDFORD, Frank Weston (1862-1948)  founder of the Shiloh, later Kindom, Community of apocalyptic Christians - E


"Sandford… was the religious leader of the utopian Shiloh Colony in coastal Maine. Sandford was convicted of manslaughter while running the community and spent a few years in jail. This book is his story of sailing around the world in the sailboat Coronet with his community members; the voyage ended poorly for the crew, with multiple deaths and scurvy."

The Golden Light upon the Two Americas  Amherst, New Hampshire, Kindom Press, 1974.


SAVAGE-LANDOR, Arnold Henry Savage (1865-1924)  English painter and explorer - E

Travel narratives based on contemporaneous records and with very occasional direct quotation:

a) - 1889? to 1890

Alone with the Hairy Ainu, or, 3,800 Miles on a Pack Saddle in Yezo and a Cruise to the Kurile Islands  London, John Murray, 1893.

b) - 1890 to 1891

1. - Corea or Cho-Sen: The Land of Morning Calm  London, Heinemann, 1895.

2. - Very briefly in  China and the Allies  London, Heinemann, two volumes, 1901.

c) - 1897?

1. - In the Forbidden Land: An Account of a Journey into Tibet, Capture by the Tibetan Lamas and Soldiers, Imprisonment, Torture and Ultimate Release  London, Heinemann, two volumes, 1898.

2. - Tibet and Nepal  London, Black, 1905.

d) - 1900

Boxer Rebellion.

China and the Allies  London, Heinemann, two volumes, 1901.

e) - 1901

India to Russia.

Across Coveted Lands  London, two volumes, 1902. Adamant Media, 2001.

f) - 1904


Gems of the East  London, 1904.

g) - 1905?

Across Widest Africa  London, Hurst and Blackett, 1907.

h) - 1910?

In  Across Unknown South America  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1913.

Note: See also  Everywhere, Memoirs of an Explorer  London, T.Fisher Unwin, 1924.

SCOTT, Charles Prestwich (1846-1932)  editor of 'The Manchester Guardian' - H2011

February 2nd. 1911 to December 7th. 1928

Political diaries; politicians; the political events of the time. Interspersed with letters.

The Political Diaries of C.P. Scott 1911-1928  edited by Trevor Wilson. London, Collins, 1970.


SPENCER, Walter Baldwin [Sir] (1860-1929)  British-Australian biologist and anthropologist - E

a) - 1911

Expedition in the Northern Territories.

Across Australia  Macmillan, two volumes, 1912, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1929

Spencer's Last Journey: Being the Journal of an Expedition to Tierra Del Fuego  Oxford, 1931.


TOMLINSON, Henry Major (1873-1978)  British writer and journalist - E

The following are reported to contain Diary Material:

a) - 1911?

The Sea and the Jungle: Being the Narrative of the voyage of the tramp steamer Capella from Swansea to Santa Maria de Belem do Grao Para in the Brazils  London, Duckworth, 1912.

b) - 1923

Tidemarks: Some Records of a Journey to the Beaches of the Moluccas and the forest of malay in 1923  London, Cassell, 1924.

c) - 1944?

The Turn of the Tide  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1945.


VINCENT, James (1884-1944)  game-keeper, of Norfolk

Jamuary 1st. to December 30th. 1911

Diary of ornithological observations on the White Slea Lodge Estate at Hickling, probably kept at the instigation of his employer, later illustrated by G.E. Lodge.

A Season of Birds: A Norfolk Diary, 1911  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1980.


WAUGH, Evelyn (1903-1966)  novelist - H2012

a) - September 1911 to Easter 1965, many gaps.

School; Oxford; a life of pleasure; marriage; divorce; literary success; war. Work, family, friends, houses. Has everything that makes a diary worth reading. Frank, serious and funny. Splendid.

1. - The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh  edited by Michael Davie. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1976.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 361-362, 520-522 and 578; Aldrich (2), pp 611-612; and Blythe, pp 204-207.

b) - 1929

Undated narrative of a Mediterranean cruise; a journal only in the loosest sense. He does not mention the fact that this was his honeymoon.

Labels; A Mediterranean Journal  London, Duckworth, 1930. Reissued London, Methuen, 1991.

c) - 1959

Narrative of a trip to Kenya, Tanganyika and Rhodesia.

A Tourist in Africa  London, Chapman and Hall, 1960.

d) - James Cummings (13021) has  Private Diaries  in  Esquire  September, 1973.


WHITE, Stewart Edward (1873-1946)  American writer - E

July 7th. to November 19th. 1911

Very detailed diary of a safari in German East Africa between Natron and Victoria Nyanza with R.J.Cuninghame (qv); camps; stalking and shooting; topography; logistics; shortage of transport; incidents; threatens to have two of a chief's wives confiscated; an ivory poacher; doctoring; natives and their customs; an elephant hunt in Nairobi; the butchering of an elephant. An interesting and atmospheric account.

The Rediscovered Country  Garden City, NewYork, Doubleday, 1915.


WILLIAMS, William H. (b.1862)  taxidermist - H2013

June 26th. to July 16th. 1911

Diary of a hunting trip with three friends to Sweetwater Lake; lengthy entries with some jocularity; shooting and fishing; birds seen and killed.

Diary of a Taxidermist's Field Trip  in  To All Inquiring Friends  Grand Forks, University of North Dakota, 1980, pp 284-292.




Cape horn in a steel-masted barque.

Square Rigger Round the Horn: The Making of a Sailor  Camden, Maine, 1972.



ANONYMOUS,  factory girl - M5425

September 11th. and 12th. 1912

Two diary entries describing the work and working conditions of women and children in a tomato canning factory; the authenticity of the diary is not established.

In  A Day at a Time: The Diary Literature of American Women from 1764 to the Present  edited by Margo Culley. New York, The Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 1985, pp 204-207. First printed in  Life and Labour  Womens, Trade Union League, November 1912.


BATTEN, John Mullin - E


“The Grand Tour to most important European cities in the time prior to World War I.”

To and From Rome  privately printed, Downington, Pennsylvania, 1913.


BENEDICT, Ruth Fulton (1887-1948)  anthropologist - H2014,M5426

From 1912

Annotation based on extracts.

Personal journal, irregularly kept and often retrospective; marriage; her work, thoughts and musings; increasingly philosophical.

1. - In  An Anthropologist at Work, Writings of Ruth Benedict  by Margaret Mead. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1951.

2. - Extracts: Moffat & Painter, pp 148-162.


BINNS, Florence - E


An Innocent Abroad: An Iowan Tours Europe in 1912  in  Annals of Iowa  Summer, 1964.


BOOTH, John Nicholls (1912-2009) nightclub magician and Unitarian minister - E

Dates unknown

“The fabulous Travel adventures of John Nicholls Booth, a Minister in the Unitarian Church and Professional Magician extraordinary, chasing bandits in Malaya, doing Magic Tricks for the Emperor to be of Japan, hunting Leapords on elephant back with a Maharajah in India, in Indian investigating the mythical Indian Rope Trick, piloting a sailing brigatine in the South China Seas, in Tibet to photograph the holy peak Chomo Lhari, …”

Fabulous Destinations  Macmillan, 1950, is reported to contain diary material.


BRANHAM, L.B. - *H2015,*M5427,E

In  Indiana History Bulletin  L.


Janet Zaph Briggs (1912-1974)  American metallurgist, expert on molybdenum - E

Dates unknown

In  The Amazing J.Z.Briggs  by Robert Q.Barr. Greenwich, Connecticut, Climax Molybdenum Company.


BRIGHAM, William Tufts (1841-1926) - E


Report of a Journey Around the World to Study Matters Relating to Museums  Honolulu, Bishop museum press, 1913.


BRYAN, Mary Baird - *M5428,E

In  The Memoirs of William Jennings Bryan  Winston, 1925.


CHAMBERLAIN, Brenda (1912-1971) - E

Dates Unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

a) - Tide-Race  London, Hodder, 1962.

b) - A Rope of Vines  London, Hodder, 1965.

CLARKE, Tom (b.1884)  journalist - B300

a) - 1912 to 1922

Journalist's diary edited to provide a portrait of Lord Northcliffe, the newspaper proprietor.

My Northcliffe Diary  London, Victor Gollancz, 1931.

b) - 1926 to 1933

Journalist's diary edited to concentrate on Lloyd George; people, events and newspaper business reflecting on or connected with him.

My Lloyd George Diary  London, Methuen, 1939.


DAVIS, M.P.  - missionary in India - E

1912 to 1950

Missionary and his wife in India.

A Long Honeymoon Among Lepers, Outcastes and Aborigines  Cincinnati, 1960, is reported to contain diary material.


DAWSON, Geoffrey (1874-1944)  editor of the London Times - E

From 1912?

Geoffrey Dawson and Our Times  by Geoffrey Wrench Dawson and John Evelyn, London, Hutchinson, 1955, is reported to contain diary material.


ELLIS, (Henry) Havelock (1859-1939)  English physician specialising in the study of human sexuality - E

From 1912

“… like loose pages from a journal …”

1. - Impressions and Comments  Houghton Mifflin, 1920.

2. - Impressions and Comments: Second Series; 1914-1920  Houghton Mifflin, 1923.

3. - Impressions and Comments: Third (and Final) Series, 1920-1923  Houghton Mifflin, 1924.


FORSTER, Edward Morgan (1879-1970)  English novelist - E

a) - 1912 to 1913 and 1921

“… an account … of two visits to India in 1912-1913 and 1921, during which he worked as the private secretary to Tukojirao III, the Maharaja of the state of Dewas Senior.”

The Hill of Devi  Harcourt, 1953. See also  A Passage to India  Edward Arnold and harcourt Brace, 1924.

b) - 1925 to 1968

“Forster made entries in this commonplace book from 1925 through 1968, 18 months before his death. The book brings tegether quotations from his reading, musings on his life and times, and random odds and ends.”

Commonplace Book  Stanford university Press, 1985.


HALDANE, Richard Burdon, first Viscount Haldane (1856-1928) - E


“… the unsuccessful attempt of the Haldane Mission, an effort to quell the friction between Britain and Germany arising because of their naval arms race. The mission was a failure when the Germans attempt to link a ‘naval holiday’ with a British promise to remain neutral if Germany should attack France.”

James Cummings (5242) has  Diary of Lord Haldane’s Visit to Berlin  Greenwood, two volumes, 1970. The volume has not been identified with certainty but may be  Human Experience: A Study of Its Structure  London, Greenwood Press, 1970.


HAMMAM YAJI  - slave trader - E

1912 to 1927

The diary chronicles the daily activities of "an infamous slave trader who had terrorised the populations of the Northern Cameroons and bedevilled the colonial administrations of three nations".

The Diary of Hamman Yaji: The Chronicle of a West African Muslim Ruler  edited by James H.Vaughan and Anthony H.M.Kirk-Greene. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1995.


HANDA, Rajendra Lal (b.1912) - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (5345) has  Leaves from a Diary  India Publishing House, 1968.


HOLLEY, Mack H. (1912?-2000)  Utah county Sheriff - E

Dates unknown

From the Journal of Sheriff mack Holley  privately printed, Utah, 1986.


HOUSE, Edward Mandell (‘Colonel’) (1858-1938)  American politician and diplomat - *M5429,E

From 1912

In  The Intimate Papers of Colonel House  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, four volumes, 1926-1928.


HURLEY, James Francis (Frank) (1885-1962)  Australian photographer and adventurer - E

a) - From 1912

“… diaries kept by Australian-born photographer and film maker Frank Hurley about his work on the Mawson and Shackleton Antarctic Expeditions, his two expeditions to Papua in the 1920s, and his experiences during the First and Second World Wars. While Hurley is best known today as a photographer and film maker, there is another source, so far little known to the public, which also gives us a startling sense of the presence of the past: his voluminous manuscript diaries, …”

The Diaries of Frank Hurley, 1912-1941  edited by Robert Dixon and Christopher Lee, London, Anthem Press, 2011.

b) - 1917 to 1918 and from 1941?

“Hurley's major war photographs were taken at the Third Battle of Ypres, also known as Passchendaele, in 1917. His stark images vividly capture the appalling conditions, the waste of life and the sense of doom and destruction. He also photographed the Australian Light Horse in Palestine the following year and more than twenty years later followed the North African campaigns of Sidi Barrani, Bardia, Tobruk and El Alamein with his camera.”

Hurley at War: The Photography and Diaries of Frank Hurley in Two World Wars  Sydney, 1986; Fairfax Library, 2007.

c) - The following are also reported to contain diary material:

1. - Argonauts of the South  Putnams, 1925.

2. - Pearls and Savages  Putnams, 1925.


HYDE, C.F. (1863-1951)  brewer - E

1912 to 1951

The history of a brewery, based on pocket diaries but with little direct quotation.

The History of the Welcome Brewery Oldham  Stoneclough, Manchester, Neil Richardson, 2004(?), 32 pp A4.


JENKINSON, Anthony Banks [Sir] (1912-1989)  English journalist, publisher and businessman - E

Dates unknown

“… travel biography of Canada, Hollywood, New York etc.”

Where Seldom a Gun Is Heard  London, Arthur Barker, 1937.


JOHNSTON, Abraham J.  – Scottish surgeon - E

a) - 1912

Travel diary (or based on); on the Clytemnestra from Liverpool to Japan and on to Java.

The Surgeon's Log, Impressions of the Far East  New York, E.P.Dutton, 1926.

b) - 1914 to 1915

Military diary (or based on one); with the Serbs in the Balkans; ministering to the wounded; a typhus epidemic.

My Balkan Log  London, Chapman and Hall, 1921.


KAMBOURIS, Haralambos K. - *H2016,*M5430,E

From 1912

Oregon Experiences  in  Oregon Historical Quarterly  Spring, 1981.


KNIGHT, John (b.1900)  English schoolboy

April 16th., May 7th. and August 7th. and 29th.

Boy's diary; news of the Ttianic sinking; walks; playing with Meccano and trainset; horse riding; a trip by motor car; news of floods at Norwich, Amundsen and Scott at the South Pole; botanical interests.

In  The Past Times Book of Diaries  Oxford, Past Times, 1998, pp 89, 105, 178 & 193.


KOHN, August  - of Charleston - E


Account of a Charleston couple's tour of Europe, reprinted from the Sunday News.

Diary of a European Trip  Charleston, South Carolina, Daggett Printing, 1913.


LINDSAY, Nicholas Vachel (1879-1931)  American poet - E

May to September 1912

“I took a walk last summer from my home town, Springfield, Illinois, across Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas, up and down Colorado and into New Mexico … trading his poems for food and lodging.”

Adventures While preaching the gospel of Beauty  Mitchell Kennerly, 1914.


McLEAN, Ethel L.  – American woman - E


Travel diary of a trip to Japan; by rail across America; Honolulu; Yokohama; Kyoto; Tokyo; Fujiyama; home via Honolulu; hears of the sinking of the Titanic while at sea.

A Gentle Jehu in Japan  New York, Dodd Mead, 1912.


MacLEAN, J.P. - E


Personal Narrative  in  Renaissance of the Clan MacClean  Columbus, Ohio, 1913, is reported to be a diary.


MACRAE, Kenneth Alexander (1883-1964)  Presbyterian minister - H2017

April 25th. 1912 to October 27th. 1963

Religious diary in the Highlands and the Hebrides; preaching, prayer, temptation; his congregation; some mentions of local and national events; a visit to Australia at the age of sixty nine.

Diary of Kenneth A. Macrae; A Record of Fifty Years in the Christian Ministry  edited with additional biographical material by Iain H.Murray. Edinburgh, Banner of Truth Trust, 1980.

01/02/03 - MOORE, Alice - *G180,*M5431

The Last Eden  in  Annals of Wyoming  April, 1969.



Europe 1912-1913  Tuttle, 1913, is reported to contain diary material.


MURPHY, Robert Cushman (1887-1973)  American ornithologist - *M5432,E

1912 to 1913

Logbook for Grace; Whaling Brig Daisy, 1912-1913  New York, Macmillan, 1947.

Note: James Cummings (8993) has also  Oceanic Birds of South America  New York, Macmillan, two volumes, 1936.


MUSSER, Elise Furer (1877-1967) - *M5433,E

Utah's Peace Advocate, The "Mormona": Elise Furer Musser  in  Utah Historical Quarterly  XLVI, 1978.


NEESER, Robert Wilden (b.1884) - E

January 5th. to  April 28th. 1912?

Diary aboard the USS Kansas. "This book records the observations and impressions formed by a civilian during a winter's cruise with the atlantic Fleet. It is a journal of what the fleet does in times of peace …"

A Landsman's Log  New haven, Yale University Press, 1913.

PATERSON, William Paterson [Prof.] (1860-1939)  Scottish divine

February 27th. 1912 to May 25th. 1920

Personal diary of the Dean of Faculty of Divinity, Edinburgh; a world tour; teaching and preaching; the war, two sons killed, and war news; university administration.

The Diaries of William Paterson Paterson  edited by C.L.Rawlins. Edinburgh, Faith and Life Books, 1987.


PAYNE, John Howard (1912-1989)  American actor - E

Dates unknown

America’s First Hamlet: Portrait of John Howard Payne  by Grace Overmyer, New York University Press, 1957, is reported to contain diary material.



1912 to 1913

A Solomons Sojourn: J.E.Philp’s Log of the Makira  edited by R.A.Herr with E.A.Road. Hobart, Tasmanian Historical research Association, 1978.


PINSENT, David Hume - E

1912 to 1914

A portrait of Wittgenstein's early academic career extracted from the diaries of a friend and fellow student.

A Portrait of Wittgenstein as a Young Man: From the Diary of David Hume Pinsent 1912-1914  edited by G.H. von Wright. Blackwell, 1990.


PLUMMER, Henry Merrihew (b.1865) - *M5434,E

October 1912 to June 1913

Diary of a cruise with his son and cat aboard a catboat from Massachusetts to Florida and back.

The Boy, Me, and the Cat: The Cruise of The Mascot, 192-1913  privately printed, Sharon, Massachusetts, 1914. Reprinted, Rye, New Hampshire, Chandler, 1961 and 1974; and Stackpole Books, 2003.


POWELL, Charles Austin (b.1887)  American doctor in China - E

From 1912?

"A true narrative of facts and experiences based on daily records... kept in diary form covering a period of a little more than a decade immediately following the overthrow of the monarchy and the institution of the republic of China."

Bound Feet  Boston, Warren press, 1938.


POWELL, Sydney Walter - *H2018,E

Twelve months in Tahiti.

A South Sea Diary  London, Gollancz, 1942, Travel Bookclub 1943, and Penguin, 1945.


REEVE, J.Stanley (b.1878) - E

a) - 1912 to 1921

Radnor Reminiscences: A Foxhunting Journal  Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1921.

b) - Dates unknown

Fox Hunting Recollections: A Journal of the Radnor hounds and Other Packs  Philadelphia and London, Lippincott, 1928.

c) - Dates unknown

“Rhubarb”: The Diary of a Gentleman’s Hunter  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1908, is written as if by the horse but no doubt  refers to real events.

d) - See also  Red Coats in Chester County  New York, Derrydale, 1940.


REYNOLDS, Albert - *M5435,E

The Diary of Albert Reynolds  in  Montana: the Magazine of Western History  Winter, 1985.


ROGERS, Dale Evans (Frances Octavia Smith) (Lucille Wood Smith) (1912-2001)  writer, actress and singer-songwriter, third wife of singing cowboy Roy Rogers - E

Dates unknown

My Spiritual Diary  New York, Revell, 1955.


ROOT, Joseph Cullen (1844-1913) - E

May to October, 1912

Daily Notes of travel in Europe  1914?, 265 copies.


SHIMOMURA Toku (1888-1963)  Japanese emigrant to the United States

1912 to 1963

A few fragments of the very long private diary of a Japanese woman; the voyage to America for an arranged marriage at Seattle; the couple's hardships, illnesses and exhaustion; her work as a midwife; sent to an internment camp in Idaho and her experiences there; return to Seattle.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 321-326.


SINTZENICH, Arthur H.C. - *H2019,*M5440,E

From 1912

The Sintzenich Diaries  in  Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress  XXXVII, 1980.


SMITH, Harry Worcester - E

1912 to 1913

A Sporting Tour through Ireland, Wales and France in the Years 1912-1913  Columbia, South Carolina, two volumes, 1925.


SMOOT, Reed (1862-1941)  first Mormon senator - *M5436,E

a) - Senator Reed Smoot and the Mexican Revolutions  by A.F.Cardon in  Utah Historical Quarterly  XXXI, 1963, from p 151.

b) - In the World: The Diaries of Reed Smoot  edited by S.Harvard. Salt Lake City, Signature Books, 1995.


SPEARS, Raymond Smiley (b.1876) - E

Summer, 1912

A Trip on the Great Lakes  Columbus, Ohio, Harding, 1913.


SPENS, Archibald B. - E


A Winter in India: Light Impressions of Its Cities, Peoples and Customs  London, Stanley Paul, 1913; New York, Dodd Mead, 1914.


THOMAS, Margaret - E

1912 and 1913

Around the World in 1912 and 1913: Diary of Margaret Thomas  privately printed, Boston, 1961.


THRING, C.H.M. [Mrs.] (Anne CAVERLY) (d.1913) - E

May 1912 to January 1913

Travel diary, preceded by extracts from letters from September 1911, of part of a world tour; North America, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia; the diary begins on leaving Australia; Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Shanghai, Rangoon and Mandalay, India; ill health; the diary ends shortly before herv death at Agra.

The Trials and Pleasures of an Uncompleted Tour  London, Simpkin, 1914.


UNWIN, Stanley [Sir] (1884-1968)  publisher - E

1912 to 1913

Travel; eighteen months journey through Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South Sea Islands and Japan.

Two Young Men See the World  London.Allen and Unwin, 1934, is reported to contain diary material.



December 25th. 1912 to June 8th. 1913 and May 1st. 1915 to March 30th. 1919

Diary of Wilford Wheelwright  compiled by Fern Harrop. Ogden, Utah, 1981.


WOOLLEY, Charles Leonard [Sir] (1880-1960)  English archaeologist - E

From 1912?

Account of archaeological explorations in the Middle East; T.E.Lawrence at Carchemish.

Dead Towns and Living Men: Being Pages From an Antiquary's Notebook  London, Oxford University Press, 1920, is reported to contain diary material. Revised and enlarged edition, London, Lutterworth, 1954.



AMOSOFF, Nikolai (1913-2002)  Ukrainian heart surgeon - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - The Open Heart  Simon and Schuster, 1966.

2. - PPG-2266: A Surgeon’s War  Regnery, 1975.

3. - Against All the Odds: A Book of Joy and Sorrow with diary and Digressions  translated by Alexander Kafirov. Kiev, Dnipro, 1990.


ANDERSON, Robin (b.1913) - E

Dates unknown

The Quiet Grave  Aylesford, Kent, St. Albert’s Press, 1966.


BAILEY, Frederick Marshman (1882-1967)  British intelligence officer - E


“Bailey recounts his fifteen-hundred mile journey in a part of northern Assam and southern Tibet, up to then totally unsurveyed. The trek solved the mystery the Tsangpo Gorges and made a number of important natural history finds.”

No Passport to Tibet  London, Rupert Hart Davis, 1957, is reported to contain diary material.


BERKELEY, Harold Maurice (b.1878)  acting provincial commissioner in the Gold Coast

December 14th. 1913 to February 10th. 1914

Extracts from an official diary; an avaricious chief; a curious court case between a Roman catholic convert and his pagan wife; tentative plans for a native defence force.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 310-312.



From 1913?

“Account of the difficulties encountered by the North Pacific Sea Products Co., which operated in Aleutian waters beginning in 1913; description of the whales and industry of whaling, with notes on the Islands and native Aleuts.”

The Whalers of Akutan: An Account of Modern Whaling in the Aleutian Islands  New Haven, Yale University Press, 1926, is reported to contain diary material.


BLOMFIELD, James Jervis (1879-1951)  English born Canadian artist - E


“The story of the author’s trip to Montana as a guest of the publisher to fish for trout and hunt elk as well as upland birds.”

Rod, Gun and Palette in the High Rockies: Being a Record of an Artist’s Impression of the land of the Red Gods  Chicago, W.E.Wroe, 1914.


BRITTAIN, Vera Mary (1893-1970)  writer, pacifist and feminist - H2020

a) - January 1st. 1913 to May 27th. 1917

Personal diary; at home in Buxton; her daily life and ambitions; meets Roland Leighton; Oxford; the war; her developing love for Leighton who goes to war; his leave; his mother at Lowestoft; he returns to the front and is killed; nursing in England and Malta. This is a sensitive, finely written and very moving record; one of the best diaries.

Chronicle of Youth  edited by Alan Bishop with Terry Smart. London, Gollancz, 1981. The diary was also heavily drawn upon for the earlier part of Testament of Youth  London, 1933. Often reprinted.

b) - January 1st. 1932 to August 9th. 1939, gaps.

Marriage, children; becomes a successful author; politics and personalities; travel; friendship with and death of Winifred Holtby; pacifism.

Chronicle of Friendship  edited by Alan Bishop. London, Gollancz, 1986.

c) - August 24th. 1939 to October 1945

Public and political wartime diary as a prominent pacifist; reflections; concern for her family; work and writing; some details of personal and daily life.

1. - Wartime Chronicle  edited by Alan Bishop and Y. Aleksandra Bennett. London, Gollancz, 1989.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 47-48 and 160-161.

d) - Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 158-176; and Rose, pp 78-86 (from  Testament of Youth).


CHALLONER [Capt.]  acting district commissioner in the Gold Coast

December 3rd. 1913 to February 12th. 1914

Diary extracts; his official duties; a native carrier sentenced to five months hard labour for stealing whsky.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 254-255.


COPELAND, Estella McNutt - *H2021,*M5437,E


Overland by Auto in 1913: Diary of a Family Tour from California to Indiana  in  Indiana Historical Society Publications  XXVI, No. 2, 1981.


COSTELLO, Harry Todd - E

1913 to 1914

“Josiah Royce’s graduate seminar in comparative methodology exerted one of the great teaching and intellectual influences of its time. Edited from photostatic copies of the original notebooks by Grover Smith, the text offers a condensed account of a great course in an era when great ideas were being formulated.”

Josiah Joyce’s Seminar, 1913-1914: As Recorded in the Notebooks of Harry T.Costello  Rutgers University Press, 1963.


DANIELS, Josephus (1862-1948)  American secretary oof the navy - *M5438,E

1913 to 1921

The Cabinet Diaries of Josephus Daniels, 1913-1921  edited by E. David Cronon. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1963.


DIETZ, Nettie Fowler - E


A White Woman in a Black Man’s Country: Three Thousand Miles Up the Nile to Rejaf  privately printed, Omaha, 1914, 300 copies; reprinted, 1926.


ELLIOTT, L.Louise - E


Six Weeks on Horseback through Yellowstone Park  Rapid City, South Dakota, 1913.

FOSTER, George Eulas [Sir] (1847-1931) - C426

February 1913 to September 1929

Matthews: Public diaries; tours in Australia, France, England; the battlefields; peace conferences; League of Nations meetings in Geneva.

Memoirs of Sir George Foster  by W.Stewart Wallace. Toronto, 1933.


FOSTER, Muriel Constance (1885-1963)  English artist and fishing enthusiast - E

a) - 1913 to 1928

Days on Sea Loch and River  London, Michael Joseph, 1959.

b) - 1913 to 1949

Illustrated fishing diaries.

Muriel Foster's Fishing Diary  London, Michael Joseph, 1980.


GIBBONS, Herbert Adam (1880-1934)  American journalist - E


Paris Reborn: A Study in Civic Psychology  New York, Century, 1915, is reported to contain diary material.


GORDON, Helen Cameron (1867-1949) - E


A Woman in the Sahara  London, Heinemann, 1914.

GURNEY, Isabel (1851-1932)  later Lady Talbot de Malahide - B300

Summer of 1913

Matthews: Domestic diary; social and domestic affairs at Malahide Castle.

Isabel  by Samuel Gurney. Norwich, 1935, pp 133-138.


GYTE, Maria (1857-1934) of Sheldon, Derbyshire

October 7th. 1913 to November 22nd. 1920

Personal diary of the wife of a farmer and publican; farming and local affairs; her family; the church; the war; anxieties for her younger son, his conscription and army training; grief at his death at Passchendaele. The author was crippled by rheumatoid arthritis and her immobility was perhaps the spur which prompted this detailed and regular record of ordinary events in the life of the village, the public house, the farm and her family: a rare, perhaps unique picture of a rural community and its daily concerns in the shadow of the Great War.

The Diaries of Maria Gyte of Sheldon, Derbyshire, 1913-1920  edited by Gerald Phizackerley. Cromford, Scarthin Books, 1999.


HARPER, Walter - E


In  The Ascent of Denali (Mount McKinley): A Narrative of the First complete Ascent of the Highest Peak in North America   by Hudson Stuck (qv), New York, Scribner, 1914.


HUBBARD, Gilbert Ernest (b.1885) - E

November 1913 to 1914

Extracts from the diary of the secretary to the frontier commission.

From the Gulf to Ararat; An Expedition through Mesoptamia and Kurdistan  London, Blackwood, 1916. Name: Hubbard G. E. (Gilbert Ernest), b. 1885. Reprinted, New Delhi, Asian Educational Services, 2003.


HUNT, Harrison J. - E

1913 to 1917 (?)

“Hunt was surgeon on Donald B. Macmillan's Crocker Land Expedition to map the unexplored region between Axel Heiberg and the Parry Islands in the Canadian Arctic ...”

North to the Horizon  Camden, Maine, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


IRVINE, Richard Abercrombie [Maj.]  acting chief commissioner Northern Territories in the Gold Coast

November 1st. to 15th. 1913

Full notes of his official duties; speeches etc.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 239-241.


JENNESS, Diamond (1886-1969)  pioneer of Canadian anthropology - E

1913 to 1916

“In 1913 a young ethnologist from New Zealand boarded a ship for the Arctic, beginning a personal journey that was to make Diamond Jenness one of the twentieth century"s foremost authorities on Alaskan Eskimos. Jenness had been asked to join the Stefansson expedition, and his official duties were to collect ethnographic details on the Eskimos, their culture, technology, religion, and social organization.”

Diary of Diamond Jenness, 1913-1916  Canadian Museum of History, 1991, is said to be the best edition but the diary is quoted from or is the basis of:

1. - Dawn in Arctic Alaska  University of Minnesota Press, 1957.

2. - The People of the Twilight: Two Years among the Eskimos above the Arctic Circle  University of Chicago Press, 1928.

3. - Arctic Diaries  in  The Beaver  Summer, 1983.


JOSTEN, Josef (1913-1985)  Czechoslovakian journalist - E

Dates unknown

Oh My Country  London, Latimer house, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.


KILIAN, Bernhard - E

1913 to 1914

The Voyage of the Schooner Polar Bear: whaling and trading in the North Pacific and Arctic, 1913-1914  New Bedford Whaling Museum, 1983.


KOCH, Herbert F. - *M5439,E

The Flood of 1913  in  Cincinnati Historical Society Bulletin  XXV, April, 1967, pp 136-149.


KORTWRIGHT, Hugh Albert [Capt.] (b.1870)  district commissioner in the Gold Coast

October 1st. to 28th. 1918

Extracts from his official diary; notes of progress on the building of his house.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 190-191.


LAWRENCE, William van Duzer (1842-1947)  American businessman - E


Diary, kept at the age of seventy, to give his grandchildren a pictureof his daily life; business and charitable affairs; health; recreation; reflections; his family; a European trip; intimations of mortality. The earlier part of this autobiography often appears to have been based on contemporaneous records.

A Diary and Reminiscences Portraying the Life and Times of the Author  Poughkeepsie, New York, 1922.


LEITH, Charles Kenneth (1875-1956) - E

1913 to 1914(?)

A Summer and Winter on Hudson Bay  Madison, Wisconsin, 1914, is reported to contain diary material.


LIVINGSTONE, Thomas Cairns (1882-1964)  Clerk, of Glasgow

January 1st. 1913 to December 31st 1918, April 23rd and 24th. 1933 and February 27th. 1950

Private diary; brief entries; the health of his wife, son and himself; domestic chores; visits and daily occupations; hopes (realised) of avoiding military service; much war news culled from newspapers; copious wry and entertaining illustrations by the author. Of some interest as the record of wartime life in a Glasgow tenement; the last entry records the death of his wife.

Tommy's War: A First World War Diary, 1913-18  edited by Ronnie Scott. London, Harper Press, 2008.


MARSH, Edward Howard [Sir] (1872-1953)  civil servant and patron of the arts

From 1913?

Extracts, summaries and quotations from pocket and engagement diaries, letter diaries and sundry journals, used to illuminate his social and intellectual life; national events; anecdotes; some Churchill interest, but no indiscretions.

In  Edward Marsh: Patron of the Arts  by Christopher Hassall. London, Longmans, 1959, passim.

Note: The author of this biography does not make clear the extent of the source material, and does not always identify what is taken from diaries rather than letters and other sources.


MORGENTHAU, Henry Sr. (1856-1946)  American lawyer, businessman and U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian Genocide  - E

1913 to 1916

United States Diplomacy on the Bosphorus: The Diaries of Ambassdor Morgenthau 1913-1916  compiled by Ara Sarafian, London, Taderon Press (Gomidas Institute),


NASH, Sidney Dawson [Capt.] (b.1874)  acting provincial commissioner in the Gold Coast

October 6th. 1913 to January 16th. 1914, October 9th. 1914 to March 6th. 1915, April 5th. to May 6th. 1916 and April 1st to September 25th. 1917

Extracts from an official diary, as district commissioner; notes on marriage customs, fetishes, lepers; the nature and organisation of tribal society; land tenure; the pledging of children as security for debt. An unusually enquiring and thoughtful record. In 1914, as acting provincial commissioner, notes on the proper handling of native chiefs; the Mahommedan population and the war on Turkey; witnesses the killing of a leopard with a knife; an execution. In 1916 he makes a tour along the French frontier; description of funeral ceremonies. In 1917, recruiting; closure of the French border; accuses the provincial medical officer of lying about the condition of recruits.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 323-333, 248-252, 286- 288 and 317-319.


PALMER, Robert Stafford Arthur (1888-1916)  lawyer and soldier, grandson of Lord Salisbury - E

a) - 1911 to 1912

Diary letters from a five month tour in India.

A Little Tour in India  London, Edward Arnold, 1913.

b) - January 2nd. to January 20th. 1916

Diary letters on the march from Amarah to the relief of Kut. Partridge shooting; confusion; attack; an ‘interesting but not exciting battle to watch’; detailed account of operations against the Turks; his first sight of a dead man; casualties. He was killed on the day following the last entry in the battle of Umm-Al-Hannah.

In  The Life of Robert Palmer, 1888-1916  by The Lady Laura Ridding (Palmer’s aunt). London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1921.

Note: The biography contains many letters with diary-like characteristics from Palmer’s schooldays onward, particularly from his sailing to India prior to the campaign in Iraq.


PARSONS, Elsie Clews (1874-1941)  American anthropolgist, feminist and social critic

a) - August 15th. 1913 to August 1914

Polemical journal, attributed by the author (who pretends to be the editor) to a fictional 'Cynthia'; encounters and discussions with and about men; sex, abortion, divorce, etc. The journal remained unpublished until 1994 and takes the form of a series of short essays, notes and anecdotes; entries are erratically dated and it is difficult to determine to what extent they are records of actual events and conversations.

The Journal of a Feminist  edited by Margaret C.Jones. Bristol, Thoemmes Press, 1994.

b) - 1920 to 1921 (not seen)

A Pueblo Indian Journal  Menasha, Wisconsin: American Anthropological Association, 1925, No. 32.


PEET, Azalia Emma (1887-1973)  of West Webster, New York

April 6th. 1913 to October 4th. 1916

Religious diary; her mother's death and father's remarriage; a close female friendship; the search for her vocation; goes as a missionary to Japan.

In  Private Pages; Diaries of American Women 1830's -1970's  edited by Penelope Franklin. New York, Ballantine Books, 1986, pp 237-271.


PHILBRICK, Arthur James (b.1866)  district commissioner in the Gold Coast

a) - November 18th. 1913 to December 31st. 1914

Extracts from an official diary; full entries give a good picture of the work; much concerned with a fraud case concerning an Ashanti gold mine; roads, court cases, inspections, palavers, the cocoa trade; arrest of Germans on outbreak of war.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 201-210.

b) - September 7th. to December 29th. 1916 and January 31st. to March 16th. 1917

Diary extracts as provincial commissioner; duties and inspections; the price of cocoa; attendance at the gold mine; the office safe ruined by burglars.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 215-217 and 228-229.

c) - November 1st. 1917 to December 14th. 1919

Diary extracts; official duties as acting chief commissioner; sickness and death amongst colleagues; the development of railway and roads.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 135-139.


RANKIN, Hattie Love - E

1913 to 1949

“When Hattie went to China in 1913, she entered a world as remote from her own United States as the dark ages. It was a world where women were still sold into marriage where men lived with concubines and worshiped idols, a land of lovabel people whose smiling faces would soon reflect a sorrow none of them, not even the American doctor, could foretell.”

I Saw It Happen to China  Mount pleasant Press, Baton Rouge, 1960.


RYAN, William [Dr.] (b.18780  acting district commissioner in the Gold Coast

November 15th. 1913 to January 12th. 1914

Extracts from a diary; illness, death and burial of Captain Swire and the resulting enquiry into the outbreak of yellow fever; disobedience by a chief.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 276-277.


SCWEIZER, Albert (1875-1965) - E

From 1913?

On the Edge of the Primeval Forest  Black, 1922, is reported to contain diary material.


SCOTT, Evelyn (1893-1963)


Annotation based on extracts.

A young woman's diary of elopement from America to Rio de Janeiro with a married man; their love and poverty; pregnancy and childbirth.

1. - Escapade  New York, Thomas Seltzer, 1923.

2. - Extracts; Moffat & Painter, pp 98-108.

SITWELL, Constance (b.1888)

1913, 1920 and 1922 to 1925

Compiled by the author from her private diaries. Slight; of some interest on the Sitwells.

Bounteous Days  London, Cecil Woolf, 1976, 73 pp. A compilation from earlier diaries was privately printed under the title  Frolic Youth.


SIDGWICK, Arthur Hugh (1882-1917) - E


The Promenade Ticket: A Lay record ogf Concert-Going  London, Edward Arnold, 1914.

SLAWSON, Eva (1882-1916)  legal secretary in Walthamstow

February 25th. 1913 to September 19th. 1915

Substantial extracts from her personal diary; her friendship with Ruth Slate (qv); domestic affairs; men; 'the sex question'; friendship; feminism; women's suffrage; the war; a good diary.

Dear Girl; The Diaries and Letters of Two Working Women 1897-1917  edited by Tierl Thompson. London, The Women's Press, paperback, 1987.


STICKEL, Fred G. (1887-1969)  secretary of the Morris Canal Investigation Committee  - M5441

July 1st to 3rd. 1913

Journal of an inspection of the Morris Canal; observations on the state of the canal, the location of bridges and towpaths, and the activities of the people on its banks.

In  New Jersey History  LXXXIX, 1971, pp 93-114. This is a full transcription.


STILES, Pauline - E

October 1913 to August 1914

Rome, Paris, London; war; return to America. Good observation and lively detail, excellent.

New Footprints in Old Places  San Francisco, Paul Elder, 1917.


TEEL, Grace H. (b.1900?)  American girl - E


Thirteen year old american girl's diary of five months in Europe.

A Young Girl in Europe  privately printed, Washington D.C., 1983, 50 copies.


Van HOOK, Weller - E


"The musings joined together here were written down, for the most part, on a pilgrimage in nineteen hundred and thirteen to shrines and holy spots in Europe and Asia."

Voyages  Chicago, Rajput, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


VEATCH, Arthur Clifford - E

From July 1913

Letters describing a journey through the Andes from Quito to Bogotá; detailed account of the country, topography, geology, climate and other matters.

Quito to Bogotá  New York, Doran, 1917.


WALKER-LEIGH, Arthur Henry Chamberlain (b.1871)  district commissioner in the Gold Coast

November 10th. 1913 to April 13th. 1914

Diary; terse but interesting notes of his work; runs the hospital while the medical officer is ill; assistat an amputation; to hasten building work he has nails made from an old pick-axe and others dredged from a river.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 301-303.


WEIBEL, Johann Eugen - E


My Voyage to Europe and the Holy Land in 1913  Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1915, is reported to contain diary material.


WHYTE, Robert F. [Dr.]  - acting district commissioner in the Gold Coast

November 25th. 1913 to Januray 23rd. 1914

Three entries from an official diary; of negligible interest.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 340-341.


ANONYMOUS,  soldier - B300

August 1914 to May 1917

Matthews: War diary; matter-of-fact notes on fighting and his daily experiences of trench warfare on Western Front; later flying.

In Spite of All Rejoicing  London, 1929.


ANONYMOUS,  cavalry officer - E

August 31st. to September 2nd. 1914

Military diary; the fighting at Nery.

In  From Mons to Ypres with General French  New York, Dodd, 1916, pp 93-97.


ANONYMOUS,  German - E


Notebook of a German Mortally Wounded at Gozee, August 23, 1914  in Volume II of  Reports on the Violations of the Rights of Nations and of the Laws and Customs of War in Belgium  London.


ANONYMOUS,  American woman - E

From 1914?

“… experiences of an American woman serving overseas … romances and exotic life …” The authenticity of this diary is in doubt.

One Woman’s War  New York, Macaaulay, 1930.


ADAM, H.Pearl  - British writer - E

1914 to 1919

Paris in wartime; political situation; daily life.

Paris Sees It Through: A Diary 1914-1919  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1919.

ADDISON, Christopher Addison [The Rt. Hon.], Baron (1869-1951)  Minister of Health - B300

June 1914 to January 1919

Matthews: Political diary; dictated; personal and cabinet affairs during First World War; his work in cabinet and parliament; health; munitions; industry; valuable.

Four and a Half Years  London, two volumes, 1934.


ALLEN, William Charles (1857-1938) - *M5442,E

A Quaker Diary in the Orient  San Jose, California, Press of Wright-Eley, 1915.

ANDERSON, M.H. [Maj.] (1873-1915) of 33rd. Q.V.O. - B300

November 1914 to April 1915

Matthews: War diary; sailing from India; service with Light Cavalry in Mesopotamia; killed on reconnaissance.

With the 33rd. Q.V.O.  edited by E.S.J.Anderson. Privately printed, 1915.


ARMSTRONG, Nevill Alexander Drummond [Major] - E

1914, 1925 and 1926

“Major Armstrong gives detailed, first-hand accounts of expeditions to the Macmillan country of the Upper Yukon in 1914, 1925 and 1926. Part One: an introduction to the country of the Macmillan, five hundred miles from civilization, with observations on the big game that abound, their habits and some adventures. Also a description of the fur-bearing animals and the life of the trapper. Part Two: The record of a successful trip in 1914, with some thrilling encounters and the details of the 'bag.' Part Three: Prospecting and hunting in the territory round the Macmillan, 1925. Part Four: Further stalks, and many kills, in the Upper Yukon, 1926.”

After Big Game in the Upper Yukon  London, John Long, 1937.


ASQUITH, Margaret Emma Alice (Margot) (née TENNANT) (1864-1945) second wife of H.H.Asquith

July 24th. 1914 to December 14th. 1916

Personal political diary of the prime minister’s wife; conversations with very many politicians; the conduct of the war; party politics; observations on character and conduct of others but little insight into her own; her children and step-children; much apparently verbatim conversation, particularly with her husband; glimpses of social life and domestic arrangements; much about Lloyd George who replaced her husband. The diary was written up retrospectively from contemporaneous notes


BALFOUR, Charles James - *H2022,E

From 1914

In  Army Quarterly  CIII, 1972.


BALFOUR, Duncan - *H2023,E

From 1914

In  Army Quarterly  CIII, 1972.


BARNARD, Charles Inman  - American journalist in Paris - E


Paris War Days: Diary of an American  London, T Werner Laurie, 1914.


BARRETT, Keith J. [Capt.] (d.1917)  Australian soldier - E

October 1914 to February 1917

“The diary presents an accurate and faithful record of the events experienced by thousands of men during four and a half years of war, and of the manner in which they faced the daily difficulty with courage and intelligence.”

The Diary of an Australian Soldier  Melbourne, The Lothian Publishing Company, 1921.


BARTLETT, Robert [Captain] - E


“On January 4, 1914, the Karluk was stuck in ice when the ominous sound of the ship’s stern being ripped open by pack ice was heard by all on board. It sounded like the firing of a cannon. Bartlett immediately ordered supplies be unloaded on the ice. The Karluk began to break up on January 10, and all on board were ordered to abandon ship. When everyone was safely on the ice, the captain himself went back to his cabin and, all alone, put Chopin’s Funeral March on his Victrola. As the water rose in the cabin, he whispered Goodbye, left the sinking vessel to the mournful sound of Chopin’s music and hurried out on the ice. It was to be the beginning of one of the greatest feats of valour in world history.” The Karluk was flagship of Vilhjalmar Stefasson’s Canadian Arctic expedition.

The Last Voyage of the Karluk  Small Maynard, 1915.

BEAN, Charles Edwin Woodrow (1879-1968)  Australian journalist

October 21st. 1914 to December 31st. 1915

Personal diary of a war correspondent at Gallipoli; detailed observation and comment, often critical; the Australian viewpoint; daily existence and suffering of the soldiers; military operations and strategy from landing to withdrawal.

Gallipoli Correspondent; The Frontline Diary of C.E.W.Bean  selected and annotated by Kevin Fewster. Sydney, London, Boston, George Allen and Unwin, 1983.

BELL, Douglas Herbert (b.1890)  soldier - B300

August 1914 to May 1917

Matthews: War diary; a good daily record of military life in the trenches; Western Front; work at clearing stations, flying, and odd jobs.

A Soldier's Diary of the Great War  London, Faber, 1929.


BELMONT, Ferdinand [Capt.] - E

1914 to 1915

A Crusader of France: The Letters of Captain Ferdinad Belmont of the Chasseurs Alpins  London, Andrew Melrose, 1917, is reported to contain diary material.


BERRYMAN, John Allyn McAlpin (1914-1972)  American poet - E

a) - Dates unknown

“A thinly-veiled autobiographical novel, Recovery follows Dr. Alan Severance through his emotional journey of Freudian group analysis where he confesses his humiliations, defeats, and delusions in an attempt to purge himself and achieve normality.”

Recovery  Farrar Strauss Giroux, 1973, is reported to contain diary material from the author.

b) - Dates unknown

In  The Life of John Berryman  by John Haffendon, Routledge, 1982.

BERTIE OF THAME, Francis Leveson, Viscount (1844-1919)  diplomat - B301

July 26th. 1914 to July 19th. 1919

Private diary of the Ambassador at Paris during the war; an impersonal but important record of his mission.

The Diary of Lord Bertie of Thame 1914-1918  edited by Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox. London, Hodder and Stoughton, two volumes, 1924. -



a) - 1914 to 1918

Wartime diaries and letters of the Bickersteth family, principally of Julian and Burgon Bickersteth.

The Bickersteth Diaries 1914-1918  edited by John Bickersteth. London, Leo Cooper, 1998.

b) - (Not seen)

1939 to 1942

1. - The Bickersteth Family World War II Diary: Dear Grandmother, 1939-1942  edited by N.Smart. Lampeter, Mellen, 2000.

2. - Extracts: An extract from the diary of Evelin (or Evelyn) JACKSON, taken from this book, is given in Aldrich (1), pp 176-177.

b) - (Not seen)

1942 to 1945

The Bickersteth Family World War II Diary: Dear Grandmother, 1942-1945  edited by N.Smart. Lampeter, Mellen, 2000.


BINDING, Rudolf  - German soldier - E

From 1914?

“The author took the field with one of the Jungdeutschland divisions in October 1914. In August of 1916, he was appointed A.D.C. on the Staff of one of the new divisions then being formed. He did not take part in the retreat at the end of the War as he was in a hospital at home in conseqence of a serious illness.”

Fatalist at War  Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1919, is reported to contain diary material.


BLOCH, Marc Léopold Benjamin (1886-1944)  French historian - E

1914 to 1915

Memoirs of War, 1914-15  Cornell University Press, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


BLÜCHER (BLUCHER), Evelyn, Princess - E

1914 to 1918

An English Wife in Berlin  London, 1920.


BURCKHARDT, Rudy (1914-1999)  Swiss-American film maker - E

Dates unknown

Mobile Homes  Calis, Vermont, Z Press, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.


BONHAM, John - E

From 1914?

James Cummings (1424) has  Diaries  in  From Rideau to the Rhine and Back: The Sixth Field Company and Battalion Canadian Engineers in the Great War  by K.Weatherbe, Toronto, Hunter-Rose, 1928.

BORTON, Arthur Close (1851-1927) - H2024

August 4th. 1914 to December 31st. 1918

The retired Colonel Borton chronicles the wartime activities of his family, principally his two sons, and the effects of the war on life in the country. Letters and telegrams from his children are included.

My Warrior Sons; The Borton Family Diary, 1914-1918  edited by Guy Slater. London, Peter Davies, 1973.


BOYLE, David Hugh (b.1883)  district commissioner in the Gold Coast

November 3rd. to December 31st. 1914 and August 10th. to October 28th. 1916

Extracts from an official diary; brief notes of his duties, inspections etc. The 1916 diary entries are rather more relaxed and expansive.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 191-194 and 195-199.


BRANCH, H.C.  - district commissioner in the Gold Coast

June 4th. 1914 to May 11th. 1915

Extracts from an official diary; sanitation; explains the implications of the European war to a native chief; a volunteer offers to visit Togoland to spy on the Germans.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 255-257.


BRECKENRIDGE, Thomas William (1871-1917)  acting provincial commissioner in the Gold Coast

December 15th. 1914 to May 14th. 1915

Official diary, extracts, in succession to H.T.C.Wheeler (qv); routine.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 313-314.

BROWN, William Sorley [Lieut.] (b.1889)  critic - B301

September 1914 to April 1916

Matthews: War diary; his training in Scotland and service at Gallipoli, Lemnos, Egypt, Palestine; his own doings and thoughts and works; hospital reminiscences; notes on soldier poets; a good diary.

My War Diary  Galashiels, 1941.


de BUNSEN, Berta Mary (1869-1954)  wife of Sir maurice de Bunsen, British ambassador in Vienna at the outbreak of war - E

June to August 1914

The Vienna Diary of Berta de Bunsen 28 June to 17 August 1914  edited by C.H.D.Howard in  Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research  LI, No. 128, 1978

BURGOYNE, Gerald Achilles (1874-1936)  officer, Royal Irish Rifles

November 30th. 1914 to May 10th. 1915

Military diary. Vivid descriptions of life in the trenches and behind the lines south of Ypres; criticism of organisation and fellow officers; criticism and sympathy for his men; sent home wounded and exhausted; an honest and straightforward record of the man and events which has been drawn upon by Jennifer Johnston for the novel 'How Many Miles to Babylon'.

The Burgoyne Diaries  edited by Claudia Davison. London, Thomas Harmsworth, 1985.


C., Feldwebel  - German soldier - E

1914 to 1918 (?)

The Diary of a German Soldier, by Feldwebel C-----, First sergeant, 88th. Infantry, 12st. Division, 18th. Army Corps  Knopf, 1919.


CANDLER, Edmund (1874-1926)  English Journalist - E

From 1914?

The Long Road to Baghdad  London, Cassell, two volumes, 1919, is reported to contain diary material.


CAPART, Gustav P. - E

1914 to 1918 (?)

A Blue Devil of France: Epic Figurtes and stories of the Great War, 1914-1918  New York, 1918, is reported to contain diary material.


CAREY, Bernard - E

From 1914?

Leaves from the Diary of a Catholic Chaplain in th Great War  Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, 1920.


CASTINE  - The Castine, Maine, Woman's Club - E

1914? to 1939?

Extracts from the minutes of the Castine, Maine, Woman's Club; reported to contain diary material.

The Ladies of Castine  edited by Miriam Anne Bourne. New York, Arbor House, 1986.


CHARTERIS, John [Brigadier-General] (1877-1946)  - E

1914? to 1918?

At G.H.Q.  London, Cassell, 1931, is reported to contain diary material.


CHATTERTON, E.Keble (1878-1944) - E

Dates Uncertain

The following are reported to contain diary material:

a) - The Big Blockade  London, Hurst and Blackett, 1932.

b) - Danger Zone: The Story of the Queenstown Command  London, Rich and Cowan, 1934.     

CLARK, Andrew [The Rev.] (1856-1922) - B301

August 2nd. 1914 to December 18th. 1919

The war diary of the village of Great Leighs in Essex. News and gossip, a vivid picture of village life in war time.

1. - Echoes of the Great War; The Diary of the Reverend Andrew Clark, 1914-1919  edited by James Munson. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1985.

2. - Extracts: Blythe, pp 171-175.

CLINT, Mabel Brown (b.1874) - C261

1914 to 1919

Matthews: Memories of a Canadian nursing sister; hospitals in London, on Western Front, and at Lemnos; interesting details of her work; partly diary.

Our Bit  Montreal, 1934.


COLEMAN, Frederic Abernethy (b.1876)  American author with the British Expeditionary Force in France and Flanders - E

a) - August to December 1914

American volunteer, one of twenty-five members of the Royal Automobile Club who put themselves and their vehicles at the disposal of the British Army; with the cavalry in France and Flanders. Only part of the narrative is claimed to be taken from a diary but the whole is clearly based on a contemporaneous record.

From Mons to Ypres with General French  New York, Dodd, 1916.

b) - January to May 1915

Second Ypres; the account continues.

With the Cavalry in 1915  London, Sampson Low, 1916.


CONGREVE, William La Touche (1891-1916)  brevet Major - B301

July 1914 to January 1916

War diary; junior staff officer; Ireland, Neuve Chapelle, St. Eloi, Ypres; his work and fellow officers; military details; good descriptions of operations, he chose to be in the front line whenever the opprtunity arose; often critical and outspoken.

1. - In  The Congreves  by Leslie H.Thornton. London, 1930, pp 210-310.

2. - Armageddon Road, A VC's Diary 1914-1916  edited by Terry Norman. London, William Kimber, 1982.


COOK, Arthur Henry - *H2025,E

From 1914

A Soldier's War  Taunton, Goodman and Son, 1958.

COPPARD, George [Cpl.] (1898-1984)

(Annotation based on extracts)

1914 to 1918

Military diary of a machine gunner on the Western Front. Appears to be largely retrospective or written up.

1. - With a Machine Gun to Cambrai  H.M.S.O., 1969.

2. - Extracts: Brander (2), pp 110-132.


CORDAY, Michel  - French writer and civil servant - *H2026,E

1914 to 1918

The Paris Front: An Unpublished Diary, 1914-1918  New York, E.P.Dutton, 1934.


COURTNEY, Catherine (Kate) (née Potter) (1847-1929)

July 30th. 1914 to July 1st. 1919

Private diary of the feminist humanitarian sister of Beatrice Webb, married to Lord Courtney; political affairs and war news; the House of Lords; feminist interests; her work for peace and sympathy with pacificism; her sisters and their families; a wide range of political acquaintance; social affairs; her husband's work for electoral reform; anxieties for his health; his death; some mentions of personal and domestic affairs.

Extracts from a Diary during the War  printed for private circulation, 1927.


CREIGHTON, Oswin [Rev.] (1883-1918) English clergyman and army chaplain - E

a) - 1900 to 1918

Diary letters and extracts from letters compiled as if from a diary; school; Oxford; teaching at boy's school in Smyrna; reading for Orders at Farnham; parochial work; mission to Canada; Army life; Gallipoli; illness; France, where he was killed by shellfire; his faith. A thoughtful, descriptive and interesting account which deserves to be better known.

Letters of Oswin Creighton, C.F., 1883-1918  edited by Louise Creighton. London, Longmans Green, 1920.

b) - January 27th. to August 9th. 1915

Military diary of an army chaplain; England, his duties and the adjustment to military life; the voyage out; Egypt, a tented camp and getting to know the men; Mudros; Cape Helles; full accounts of actions; casualties; funerals; a serious throat infection; hospital ship to Alexandria. A good account by an humane and sympathetic observer of war.

With the Twenty-Ninth Division in Gallipoli: A Chaplain's Experience  London, Longmans Green, 1916.



1914 to 1915

Massacre of the Innocents: The Crofton Diaries, Ypres 1914-1915  edited by Gavin Roynon. Stroud, Sutton Publishing, 2004.


CROWLEY, Aleister (Edward Alexander) (1875-1947)  English occultist - E

a) - 1914 to 1920

The Magical Record of the Beast 666: The Diaries of Aleister Crowley, 1914-1920  London, Duckworth, 1972.

b) - 1923

“… these deeply introspective diaries start with Crowley's arrival in Tunis following his expulsion by Mussolini from his abbey of Thelema in Cefalu in Sicily. In addition to more mundane matters they record his continuing investigations into the Kabbalah, the I Ching, and sex magick, as well as his exploration of local magical practices.”

The Magical Diaries of Aleister Crowley: Tunisia, 1923  New York 1979. Paperback edition 1996.


DELOACH, William Green (1880-1967)  Texas farmer - *M5443,E

1914 to 1964

Diary; daily entries on weather, farming, family, community, finances, etc.

Plains Farmer: The Diary of William G. DeLoach, 1914-1964 edited by Janet M. Neugebauer. College Station, Texas A & M University Press, 1991.


De CROY, Marie, Princess - E

From 1914?

“… the author’s recollections of life in occupied Belgium during the First World War when she hid Allied prisoners of war from the Germans and assisted nurse Edith Cavell in helping them escape to Britain.”

War Memories  London, Macmillan, 1932, is reported to contain diary material.


DESAGNEUX, Henri [Lieut.]  of French 2nd. Infantry Regiment  - *H2027,E

(Annotation based on extracts)

1914 to 1918

French soldier's diary; mobilized as a reserve lieutenant in the Railway Transport Service; gaphic account of life in the trenches with demoralized and mutinous men; the nightmare of Verdun; incompetent leadership.

1. - A French Soldier's War Diary 1914-1918  Morley, Emfield Press, 1975.

2. - Extracts: Lewis, pp 301-312.


DIXON, Thomas Benjamin (1886-1960) - E

1914 to 1915

The Enemy Fought Splendidly: Being the 1914-1915 Diary of the battle of the Falklands and Its Aftermath  Poole, Dorset, 1983.

DON, Archibald William (1890-1916)  artist - B302

August 1914 to September 1916

Matthews: War diary; medical service in France and Salonika; sensitive reflections on war.

Archibald Don: A Memoir  by Charles Sayle. London, 1918, pp 85-169.


DRÖEGE (DROEGE), Annie (née DRUMMOND) (1874-1940)  housewife in Germany

1914 to 1917

Diary of an Englishwoman in Germany; her husband, son of a German father and English mother with an inherited German estate, is interned in Ruhleben. Regular entries detail increasing shortages and price increases; restriction of movement; rumours; friends; servants; the responsibility of managing the estate; news of her husband and visits to him; hopes of return to England together. Interesting for its unusual perspective but reticent in personal matters.

The diary ends on February 6th 1917 when she and her husband return to England but, in the edition cited, it has been speculatively continued until the war’s end.

Diary of Annie’s War  Guildford, Grosvenor House Publishing, 2014.


DRUMONT, Edouard [Madame] - E

From 1914?

A French Mother in War Time: Being the Journal of Madame Edouard Drumont  Edward Arnold, 1916.


DUFF, John Wright  - Classics Professor at Newcastle University

1914 and 1916

A few brief quotations concerning the employment of Christina Keith as his assistant at Newcastle University.

In  War Classics: The Remarkable Memoir of Scottish Scholar Christina Keith on the Western Front  edited by Flora Johnston, Brimscombe, The History Press, 2014.

Note (i) - The diaries of John Wright Duff are held in the Robinson library of Newcastle University.

Note (ii) - The 1918-1919 memoir of Christina Keith (1889-1963) recounts her experiences as a lecturer to the troops in France at the war’s end and includes an account of a visit to the battlefields four months after the Armistice, which may be based upon a contemporaneous diary.


DuPONT, Marcel - E

1914 to 1915

In The Field: The Impressions of an Officer of Light Cavalry  Lippincott, 1916.


DYCK, Peter J.  - mennonite - E

1914 to 1924

Troubles and Triumphs, 1914-1924: Excerpts from the Diary of Peter J.Dyck; Ladekopp, Molotschna Colony, Ukraine  privately printed, Springstein, Manitoba, 1981.


EDMONDS, Charles - E

1914 to 1917

“The author recounts his experiences in the battle of Poperinghe & Ypres between 1914 & 1917. From enjoying the summer delphiniums in his garden in 1914, to the muddy battle fields of the Somme.” This may be a a retrospective account.

A Subaltern’s War  London, Peter Davies, 1929.



1914, 1918 to 1920, 1923 to 1924

Diary of an upper middle class, German-born Austrian woman in Vienna; family life; outbreak of war; the armistice; in the interval her doctor husband has died, one son is lost in Russia, another son, Ernst, blinded, and another, Karl, deranged as the result of a head wound; her son in law has lost his legs while her daughter is tubercular; life in her Vienna flat with the invalids, a grandson, elderly aunt and a maid; the blockade; near starvation and its effects on the town country, and the diarist's morals; friends with a farm; prices; the struggle to maintain the value of her investments; a new born grand-daughter; deaths of the aunt and daughter; the effects of hyper-inflation; Karl's fiancée transfers her affections to the musical Ernst; Karl murders his brother-in-law and wounds his mother; lodgers, currency stabilisation and genteel poverty. The major part of the diary is the record for 1918 to 1920 and appears to be based upon near contemporaneous records; entries are dated but probably greatly amplified in retrospect.

1. - Blockade: The Diary of an Austrian Middle-Class Woman, 1914-1924   London, Constable, 1932.

2. - A few extracts concerning inflation in  When money Dies  by Adam Fergusson. William Kimber, 1975. Reprinted, London, Old Street Publishing, 2010.


FARMBOROUGH, Florence (1887-1978)  nurse - H2028

August 1914 to April 1918

Diary of an Englishwoman in Russia; surgical nurse; detailed descriptions of conditions, lives of the people and the effects of the revolution.

1. - Nurse at the Russian Front; A Diary, 1914-18  London, Constable, 1974; American title  With the Amies of the Tsar  Constable, 1975.

2. - Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 369-386

FORBES, Ian [Maj.]  - of Royal Scots Fusiliers - B302

October 1914 to February 1915

Matthews: War diary; with Royal Scots Fusiliers in France; landing at Zeebrugge; returned sick to England.

Extracts from Diaries and Letters  privately printed, 1915.


FORSTNER, Georg Gunther, Freiherr von  -German submarine commander - E

1914 to 1916 (?)

The Journal of Submarine Commander Von Forstner  Houghton, 1917.


FOYE, Eva N. - *M5444,E

In  Sierra  LXVI.


FOUCAULT, de [Marquise] - E

1914 to 1918

“… author, who gave refuge to WWI soldiers in her large chateau in Picardy and kept a diary about it; …”

A Chateau at the Front  Houghton Mifflin, 1931.


FRASER, Donald  - Canadian soldier - E

1914 to 1918

“… first hand account of the horrors of day-to-day trench life in the First World War. Fraser served with the 31st Battallion, raised in Calgary.”

The Journal of Private Fraser  Victoria, British Columbia, 1985.


FRASER, William  - Scottish soldier - E

1914 to 1918 (?)

“… a graphic account by the Hon. William Fraser, Gordon Highlanders, of his service in the First World War. Several times wounded, he went to Flanders in 1914 with the 2nd Battalion and commanded successively a platoon, a company, a Territorial battalion and a Regular battalion, …”

In Good Company: The First World War Letters and Diaries of The Hon. William Fraser – Gordon Highlanders  Michael Russell, 1990.


FRASER, George C. - *M5445,E

The Journal of George C.Fraser  in  Princeton University Library Chronicle  Spring, 1974.


GIBBS, Arthur Hamilton (1888-1964)  English-American novelist - E

1914 to 1918 (?)

Gun Fodder: The Diary of Four Years of War  Boston, Little Brown, 1919.

GIBSON, Hugh Simons (1883-1954)  diplomat - H2030,M5446

July 4th. to December 31st. 1914

Diplomatic diary of the Secretary to the American Legation in Brussels. German occupation, visit to London; detailed and interesting. There is also an extract from his journal for 1915 about the last days of Edith Cavell.

A Diplomatic Diary  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1917. The book was published in America under the title  A Journal from Our Legation in Belgium  New York, Doubleday, Page, 1917.


GIFFARD, Jack [Lieut.] (1884-1956)  of the Royal horse Artillery

August 14th. to September 17th. 1914

Military diary; the retreat from Mons; wounded; repatriation. A short diary but full and objective entries.

In  Guns, Kites and Horses: Three Diaries from the Western Front  edited by Sydney Giffard. London, Radcliffe Press, 2003, pp 41-62.


GIPPIUS, Zinaida Nikolaevna (1869-1945)  Russian poet - E

1914 to 1919 (dating uncertain)

Between Paris and St. Petersburg: Selected Diaries of Zinaida Gippius  translated and edited by Temira Pachmuss. Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1975.


GIRAUDOUX, (Hippolyte) Jean [Lieut.] (1882-1944)  French soldier, writer and diplomat - E

From August 1914

Campaigns and Intervals  translated by Elizabeth S.Sergeant. boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1918.


GLASPELL, Kate Eldridge - *H2031,E


Diary of a Trip Abroad in 1914  Dorrance, 1942.

GORDON-LENNOX, Bernard Charles [Lord] (d.1914)  soldier - B302

August 12th. to November 1914

War diary; arrival in France; state of military organisation; trench warfare; descriptions of action.

Account and brief extracts in  English Diaries  by Arthur Ponsonby. London, Methuen, 1923, pp 424-428.


GOUGH, Hubert de la Poer [General, Sir] (1870-1963)  British army officer - E

From 1914?

The Fifth Army  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1931, was ghost-written byBernard Newman but is reported to contain diary material.


GRAVES, Sandham - E

1914 to 1918

“… WW I memoirs in three parts: Canada's Fighting Men, 1914-17; Wings in the Royal Flying Corps, 1917-18; and Mediterranean Days in the Tenth Crusade. Graves served in the Canadian Corps 1914-17, and in the Royal Flying Corps 1917-18. Originally published by the author as a series of newspaper columns in the Victoria Daily Colonist.”

The Lost Diary  Victoria, British Columbia, 1941.


GREEN, Horace (b.1885)  American author and publisher - E


“On staff of the New York Evening Post, 1911-1914. Went to Europe as correspondent for New York Evening Post at outbreak of World War. Taken prisoner at the front, sent to interior of Germany. Released and made his way back into Antwerp. Present at bombardment and capture of city.”

The Log of a Noncombatant  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1915, is reported to contain diary material.


GRIMSHAW, R.W.W. (Roly) (1879-1932)  British officer of the 34th. Poona Horse

August 2nd. 1914 to June 2nd. 1915

Military diary; from England at the outbreak of war to join his regiment in Egypt; to France; hardships of men and horses in the European winter; fighting as infantry at Ypres; the horrors of trench warfare, particularly for unacclimatised Indian troops; wounded and returns to England to convalesce. Long and detailed entries with vivid descriptions; critical of the staff and sympathetic towards the men.

In  Indian Cavalry Officer 1914-15: Captain Roly Grimshaw  edited by Col. J.Wakefield and Lt. Col. J.M.Weippert. Tunbridge Wells, Costello, 1986, pp 14-79.

Note: Extracts from Grimshhaw's diaries were also included in the regimental history of the Poona Horse, published in 1931.


GUARD, William - E


The Soul of Paris: Two months in the French capital during the War of 1914  Sun Printing, 1914.

GUINNESS, Walter Edward, 1st. Lord Moyne (1880-1944)

July 1914 to November 1918

Retrospective military diary compiled after the war from some contemporary notes, letters to his wife, and from memory. Entries are dated and often detailed. Training camp in Suffolk; Gallipoli, Egypt, the Western Front; regimental officer, then brigade and divisional staff officer; opinions and criticisms; good and interesting military details, latterly from an unusual standpoint.

Staff Officer; The Diaries of Walter Guinness (First Lord Moyne), 1914-1918  edited by Brian Bond and Simon Robbins. London, Leo Cooper, 1987.

HAGGARD, Henry Rider [Sir] (1856-1925)  author - H2032

a) - July 14th. 1914 to March 26th. 1925

Personal diary, official work in Canada and many other parts of the Empire; the Great War from a civilian viewpoint; friends and social life; Kipling; illness.

The Private Diaries of Sir H. Rider Haggard, 1914-1925  edited by D.S.Higgins. London, Cassell, 1980.

b) - 1898

A Farmer’s Year: Being His Commonplace Book for 1898  London, Longman’s, 1899.


HALLIFAX, Oswald [Lieut.] (b.1888)  submariner

July 29th. 1914 to September 18th. 1915

Submariner's diary; substantial quotation in a narrative account; service in HMS E7; difficulties with his commanding officer and relief at his replacement; patrol in the North Sea; to the Dardanelles; suffers severe burns while setting fire to a ship at Rodosto; refitting at Malta from where he is sent home to recuperate; hears of the destruction of E7.

In  Destination Dardanelles  by Michael Wilson. London, Leo Cooper, 1988. Passim.


HAMILTON, Genesta (née Heath, then Farquhar and Long) (b.1899)  Englishwoman

1914 to 1981

Extracts from the private diaries, with linking narrative and memoir, of a rich and privileged Englishwoman; life in England; the Great War; Kenya; social life; three marriages; house building; farming; endless travels; the Spanish Civil War; Germany; Russia; in England for the second World War; the Himalayas; settles in England.

A Stone's Throw: Travels from Africa in Six Decades  London, Hutchinson, 1986.


HAMILTON, Robert [Capt.]

December 24th. and 25th. 1914

Diary extracts recording the unofficial forty-eight hour armistice between the opposing troops at St. Yvon and attributing the event to the initiative of his servant, Pte. Gregory.

In  The Daily Telegraphy  December 26th. 2007.


HANBURY-WILLIAMS, John [Major-General, Sir] (1859-1946) Chief of the British Military Mission to RussiaE

August 1914 to April 1917

Diary in Russia; much about Tsar Nicholas II; military matters; the revolution; a straightforward and interesting account with much good incidental detail.

The Emperor Nicholas II as I Knew Him  London, Humphries, 1922.


HANSSEN, Hans Peter - *H2034,E

Diary of a Dying Empire  edited by Ralph Lutz. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1955. Reprinted Port Washington, Kennikat Press, 1973.


HARPER, Charles Henry [Sir] (b.1876)  provincial commissioner in the Gold Coast

January 1st. to March 31st. 1914

Diary extracts; tours of duty, mainly by bicycle; a good picture of the work of a provincial commissioner.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 73-92.


HARVEY, Harold - E

From 1914?

A Soldier’s Sketches Under Fire  Toronto.


HATTINGBERG, Magda von (Magda Graesser) (1883-1959)  Austrain pianist and writer - E

From 1914?

Rilke and Benvenuta: A Book of Thanks  Norton, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.




“..in the spring of 1914, an oppertunity of visiting the country unexpectedly presented itself. Miss Czaplicka, the well known Polish anthropologist of Oxford University, was about to travel down the river from Krasnoyarsk to Golchika in order to study the native tribes along the banks, and I gladly accepted the offer to join her expedition....”

A Summer on the Yenesi  London, Edward Arnold, 1915.


HAWKINGS, Frank  - soldier - *H2035,E

1914 to 1919

From Ypres to Cambrai: The Diary of an Infantryman, 1914-1919  edited by Arthur Taylor. Morley, Elmfield Press, 1973.


HENDERSON, John Brooks (1870-1923)  American diplomat and educator - E


A scientific expedition to western Cuba and the Colorado reefs.

The Cruise of the Thomas Barrera  Putnams, 1916.


HENDRICKS, Cecilia Hennel - `E

1914 to 1921 (?)

“Through a woman’s correspondence the book presents an insider’s account of establishing a homestead and running a honey business in the early 20th century.”

Letters from Honeyhill: a Woman’s View of Homesteading, 1914-1921  Boulder, Colorado, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.


HENROZ [Lieutenant] - E


James Cummings (5718) has  “included in”  Brave Belgians  Putnams, 1918.


HERBERT, Aubrey Nigel Molyneaux [The Hon.] (1880-1923)  M.P., traveller, diplomat and intelligence officer. - B302,E

a) - August 1914 to May 1916

Matthews: War diary (extracts); with Irish guards in France; intelligence officer at Salonika; war experiences there and with the Turks.

Mons, Anzac, and Kut  London, 1930. Passim.

b) - Not seen.

Ben Kendim: A Record of Eastern Travel  edited by Desmond MacCarthy. London, Hutchinson 1924.

HEWLETT, Maurice Henry (1861-1923)  novelist and poet

April 1914

Letter diary from Greece. Good descriptions.

In  The Letters of Maurice Hewlett; to which is added a Diary in Greece, 1914  edited by Laurence Binyon. London, Methuen, 1926, pp 251-290.


HIRST, Lloyd  - British naval officer - E

From 1914?

“Hirst was an Officer on HMS Glasgow the only ship to fight in, and survive both the Naval engagements at Coronel & the Falklands.”

Coronel and After  London, Peter Davies, 1934, is reported to contain diary material.


HOFFMAN, Conrad - E

From 1914?

In the Prison Camps of Germany  Association Press, 1920, is reported to contain diary material.


HOFFMANN, Carl Adolf Maximilian (1869-1927)  German military strategist - E

1914 to 1917 (?)

In Volume I of  War Diaries and Other Papers  London, Martin Secker, two volumes, 1929.

HOME, Archibald Fraser [Brigadier Gen. Sir] (1874-1953)

August 12th. 1914 to November 11th. 1918

Military diary of a Cavalry Officer on the Western Front; Mons, Messines, Cambrai; the work and difficulties of a staff officer; comments on the course of the war and his fellow officers; sympathy for the men and horses; an unvarnished, temperate, effective and immediate account, untouched by later revision.

The Diary of a World War I Cavalry Officer  edited by Diana Briscoe. Tunbridge Wells, Costello, 1985.

HOUGHTON, Mary - B302

July to September 1914

Matthews: War diary; a tour in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland; caught on Continent by beginning of war; her adventures in evading internment.

In the Enemy's Country  London, 1915.


HULME, Thomas Ernest - *H2036,E

From 1914

Diary from the Trenches  in  Further Speculations  University of Minnesota Press, 1955.


IGNATOW, David (1914-1997)  American poet - E

Dates unknown

The Notebooks of David Ignatow  edited by Ralph J.Mills, Chicago, Swallow Press, 1973Ohio University Press; and Ohio University press, 1985; is reported to contain diary material.

JACK, James Lochhead (1880-1962)  soldier - H2037

July 28th. 1914 to November 11th. 1918

Military diary; trench warfare; interesting but reserved. -

General Jack's Diary 1914-1918; The Trench Diary of Brigadier-General J.L.Jack D.S.O.  edited by John Terraine. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1964.


JAMES, Winifred Lewellin (Mrs. Henry De Jan) (1876-1941)  Australian woman in Panama - *M5447,E

A Woman in the Wilderness  London, Chapman & Hall, 1915.


JANIS, Elsie (1889-1956)  American singer, songwriter and actress “the sweetheart of the American Expeditionary Force” - E


“In April, 1914, I made my first appearance in England at the Palace Theater, London. The British public opened its arms to me, and I crept in with a joyous heart. I made many dear friends and was thoroughly happy.In August the great blow fell upon the world. Suddenly England was at war.”

The Big Show: My Six Months with the American Expedtionary Forces  Cosmopolitan, 1919.


JEFFREYS, George Darell - *H2038,E


Fifteen Rounds a Minute  London, Macmillan, 1976.


JEFFRIES, Jouett - *H2039,E


Diary of a pro-German American woman in Germany.

War Diary of an American Woman to the Proclamation of the Holy War, 1914  New York, The Fatherland Corporation, 1915.

JEPHSON, Harriet Julia [Lady] - B302

August to September 1914

Matthews: War diary; her experiences when caught in Germany at the outbreak of the war; German reactions to their early victories.

A Wartime Journal  London, 1915.


JOHNSTON, Alexander Colin [Brigadier General] (1884-1952)  Britishe army officer

August 13th. 1914 to September 16th. 1917

Military diary on the Western Front; signal officer; promotion; staff officer; the Somme; Flanders; Messines and Third Ypres; some criticism of superiors. A very clear and full account of trench warfare, tactics and operations by an humane but courageous, realistic and well informed soldier; graphic but unemotional descriptions of horrors; very little personal matter. An important and valuable diary which ends after he is seriously wounded shortly after promotion to brigadier.  

The Great War Diaries of Brigadier Alexander Johnston, 1914-1917  edited by Edwin Astill. Barnsley, Pen and Sword, 2007.


JONES, Elsie Llewella (Queenie) - E

1914 to 1915

“The story of Queenie Jones, her life at Redbank Plains and Ipswich Girls' Grammar School during World War 1, as told through her diary.”

Quueenie’s Diary: A Schoolgirl’s life, 1914-1915  edited by Margaret Cook, Bellbird Park, Queensland, Agneau Press, 2005.


JOYCE, Ernest Edward Mills (1876?-1940)  Antarctic explorer with Shackleton

December 15th. 1914 to January 10th. 1917

Exploration diary; second in command of the Ross Sea party of Shackleton’s trans-Antarctic expedition; the voyage south in Aurora; landing at Cape Evans; three journeys preparing to lay the depots in anticipation of Shackleton’s party; trapped at Hut Point for the winter; return to Cape Evans to find that Aurora had been driven out to sea and failed to return; resulting shortage of vital stores; successful laying of the further depots despite worn and inadequate equipment; tension with Captain A.A.Mackintosh, the party leader; death of the Rev. A.P.Spencer-Smith; incapacity of Mackintosh and V.G.Hayward; another hard winter at Hut Point; Mackintosh and Hayward attempt the journey to Cape Evans, despite advice, and die in a blizzard; return to Cape Evans; the ship returns with Shackleton. An unfailingly cheerful account of unimaginable hardship.

The South Polar Trail  London, Duckworth, 1929.

Note:  The Lost Men; The Harrowing Story of Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party  (not seen) by Kelly Tyler-Lewis is said to draw upon the original manuscript diary to reveal some distortions in the printed version. The diary also features in  South: The Story of Shackleton's 1914-1917 Expedition  London, 1920.


JUNGER, Ernst [Lieut.] (1895-1998)  of 73rd. Hanoverian Fusilier Regiment

a) - 1914-1918

Narrative, based on a diary, and with some direct quotation, of a German patriot. Detailed descriptions of life in the trenches; wounds, his own and others; death and destruction; his opinions of the enemy; comrades; the glory of war.

The Storm of Steel  translated by Basil Creighton. London, Chatto and Windus, 1929. Reprinted, Zimmermann & Zimmermann, New York, 1985, without ISBN or Library of Congress reference. Reissued London, Constable, 1994. New translation, with the author's introduction to the first English edition omitted, by Michael Hofman, London, Allen Lane, 2003.

Note: There are quotations from later diaries in  Ernst Junger and Germany: Into the Abyss, 1914-1945  by Thomas Nevin. London, Constable, 1997 (not examined).

b) - (Annotation based on extracts)


Diary in Paris; learns from a friend of atrocities against jews of the Lodz Ghetto; expresses horror.

1. - The First Paris Diary and The Second Paris Diary  in  German Writings before and after 1945  edited by J.Peters. Continuum, 2002.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 461-462.


KEYES, Roger John Brownlow, first Baron [Admiral] (1872-1945)  british naval officer - E

From 1914?

1. - In  The Keyes Papers  edited by P.G.Halpern, Navy Records Society  CXVII, 1972; CXXI, 1980 and CXXII, 1981, passim.

2. - In  The Naval Memoirs of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes: The Narrow Seas to the Dardanelles, 1910-1915  London, Butterworth, 1934.


KIRKPATRICK, Katharine Williams - E


Diary of a trip on horseback which through the mountains of North Carolina with husband, from Johnson City, Tennessee, where they had had their horses shipped. Following their tour of the North Carolina mountains, they returned to Birmingham, Alabama on horseback.

Mountain Journey  privately printed, Birmingham, Alabama, 1948, 300 copies.


KITT, Edith - E

Motoring in Arizona in 1914  in  Journal of Arizona History  Spring, 1914.

KLEIN, Felix  - priest - H2040

August 3rd. to December 31st. 1914

Diary of the Chaplain to the American Military Hospital at Neuilly-sur-Seine. Good descriptions of his work at the hospital, the wounded, their wounds, their courage and their visitors. Rather high flown style.

Diary of a French Army Chaplain  Translated from La Guerre vue d'une Ambulance  by M.Harriet M.Capes. London, Andrew Melrose, 1915.


KNAGGS Albert [Able Seaman] (d.1916)  of the Royal Australian Navy

May 1st.(?) 1915

A single diary entry recording his capture and treatment by the Germans and Turks after the sinking of submarine AE2 in the Sea of Marmara.

In  Destination Dardanelles  by Michael Wilson. London, Leo Cooper, 1988, p134.


KOX, Alfred William Fortescue [Major-General Sir] (1870-1964)  British military attaché in Russia - E

1914 to 1917

With the Russian Army, 1914-1917, being chiefly extracts from the diary of a military attaché  London, Hutchinson, two volumes, 1921.


LAIDLAW, James Maxwell (b.1887) - E

1914? to 1918?

For King and Country  Australia, J.G.Rogers, 1985.


LANGSTAFF, John Brett - E


Oxford, 1914  New York, Vantage, 1965, is reported to contain diary material.

LAWRENCE, Rosamond [Lady] (née Napier) - D176

April 1914 to April 27th. 1918

Life in India as the wife of Sir Henry Lawrence of the civil administration. Social life; Indian affairs; echoes of the war in Europe; interesting detail from the latter days of the Indian Empire. Written up from a diary but retaining many dated entries.

Indian Embers  Oxford, George Ronald, 1949.

LEE, Georgina Lydia (née Davis) (1869-1965)  upper-middle class Londoner

July 30th. 1914 to November 11th. 1919

Wartime diary written for her infant son; full war news; zeppelin and air raids; her war work with Belgian refugees; news of her extended family; husband a solicitor; friends; visits to Wales; servants; shortages; long entries with much interesting domestic and social detail.

Home Fires Burning: The Great War Diaries of Georgina Lee  edited by Gavin Roynon. Stroud, Sutton Publishing, 2006.


Le GRANGE, Clementine de Chaumont-Quitry, Baronne de - E

1914? to 1918?

Open House in Flanders, 1914-1918: Chateau de la Motte au Bois  New York, Stokes, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.


LETHBRIDGE, Alan Bourchier - E


The New Russia: From the White Sea to the Siberian Steppe  London, Mills and Boon, 1915.


LINTIER, Paul  - French soldier - E

August to September 1914

My Seventy Five: Journal of a French Gunner  London, Peter Davies, 1929.

LLOYD GEORGE, Frances Louise Stevenson (1888-1972) - H2041

September 21st. 1914 to July 2nd. 1936

Secretary, mistress and wife of Lloyd George. Interesting but more about him than her.

1. - Lloyd George; A Diary by Frances Stevenson  edited by A.J.P. Taylor. London, Hutchinson, 1971.

2. - Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 211-224.

LONGLEY, Cecil W. - B302

August 1914 to February 1916

Matthews: War diary; work as a signaller in England and France; daily life in the trenches; sport and rest periods.

Battery Flashes  by "Wagger". London, 1916.


McCRAE, John [Lt. Col.]  Canadian doctor, poet and soldier - E

1914 to 1918 (?)

In Flanders Filds and Other Poems, With an Essay in Character  Toronto, William Briggs, 1919, is reported to contain diary material.

MACDONAGH, Michael (1860-1946)  author and journalist - B303

August 1914 to November 1918

Matthews: War diary; a 'Times' journalist's recording of news and happenings in London during the First World War, with notes on the reactions of himself and other Londoners.

In London during the Great War: The Diary of a Journalist  London, 1935.


MACKAY, Helen (1876-1961) - E

July 26th. 1914 to July 26th. 1916

Diary in France.

Journal of Small Things  New York, Duffield, 1917.



1914 to 1927

War on the Home Front : The Farm Diaries of Daniel MacMillan, 1914-1927  edited by Bill Parenteau and Stephen Dutcher. Fredericton, New Brunswick, Goose Lane Editions, 2006, this is Volume 7 of the New Brunswick Military Heritage Project Series.

MACNAUGHTAN, Sarah Broom (d.1916)  author - B303

September 1914 to April 1916

War diary; running a soup kitchen in Belgium; medical work; tales of atrocities; writing; lecturing in England; ambulance work in Russia, and Persia. Good detail.

1. - A Woman's Diary of the War  London, Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1915.

2. - My War Experiences in Two Continents  edited by Mrs. Lionel Salmon. London, John Murray, 1919, is an extended version of the diary.

3. - Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 353-368  


MALINOWSKI, Bronislaw (1884-1942)  Polish anthropolgist - H2042

September 20th. 1914 to March 4th. 1915 and October 28th. 1917 to July 18th. 1918

Personal diary in Southern New Guinea and the Trobriand Islands of the Polish born pioneer of social anthropology; the natives and his relations with them; observations of customs; photography; his own homesickness and isolation; sexual longings and thoughts of two women, one of whom he later married; boat trips, language, conversations, dreams, illnesses; the war in Europe in the background.

A Diary in the Strict Sense of the Term  translated by Norman Guterman. New York, Harcourt Books, London, Routledge and Kegan Paul. Reissued with a second introduction, London, The Athlone Press, 1989.


MALLET, Christian  - French soldier - E

1914 to 1915

Impressions and Experiences of a French Trooper, 1914-1915  New York, Dutton, 1916.


MARITAIN, Raïssa  - wife of Jaques Maritain - H2043

1914 to 1960

Religious diary of Jaques Maritain's wife; widely spaced entries, sometimes undated; much interior monologue.

Raïssa's Journal  presented by Jaques Maritain. Albany, New York, Magi Books, 1974, translated from the French.


MARTIN, Edward Sandford (1856-1939)  American journalist and editor - E

1914 to 1917 (?)

“… a collection of essays that first appeared in the original "Life" magazine during the three years following August, 1914.”

The Diary of a Nation: The War and How We Got Into It  Doubleday, 1917, is reported to contain diary material.


MARYE, George Thomas (1849-1933)  American ambassador to Russia, 1914-1916 - E

“.., journals… containing observations on the Romanov family, Rasputin and the Russian upper classes.”

Russia Observed: Nearing the End in Imperial Russia  London, Selwyn and Blount, 1929.


MAXWELL, John [Sir] (b.1875)  provincial commissioner in the Gold Coast

January 17th. 1914 to December 8th. 1915 and August 11th. to December 1st. 1917

Diary extracts; inspections; buildings, sanitation, prisons, school, etc.; a meat shortage; office work; a Chief in need of money.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 108-114 and 116-118.


von MEISTER, Leila Trapmann (1871-1957) wife of Wilhelm von Meister, a German diplomat - E

1914 to 1918 (?)

Gathered Yesterdays  London, Geoffrey Bles, 1963, is reported to contain diary material.


MELLON, Matthew Taylor (1897-1992) - E

a) - 1914

From the diary of sixteen year old Matthew Mellon.

The Grand Tour of the W.L.Mellon Family Through Europe During the Eventful Summer of 1914  privately printed, 1972.

b) - 1917 to 1918

War Log  privately printed, 1975.


MILLS, Frederick Cecil (1892-1964)   - E


“… 22-year old Mills' first job was to join the hobo work force undercover and investigate its connections with the IWW.” The Industrial Workers of the World is an international labour union whose tactics are described as “revolutionary industrial unionism”.

In the Floating Army: F.C.Mills on Itinerant Life in California, 1914  Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1992, is reported to contain diary material.


MONELLI, Paolo (1891-1984)  Italian journalist, writer and Italian - E

From 1914?

“… originally published as Le Scarpe al Sole, Bologna, 1921. "Tales of the Alpini fighting against the Austrians in the Alps" … Monelli saw action at Valsugana, Ortigara, and Caporetto, before being taken prisoner and held at the Festung Hohensalzburg. The original Italian title is taken from a slang phrase of the Alpini "mettere le scarpe al sole" - to put your boot-soles in the sun - meaning to die in battle. The Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani describes it as "one of the most intense accounts of the war of the period, in which the experience of war is evoked in all its tragically alienating force.”

Toes Up: A Chronicle of gay and Doleful Adventures of Alpini and Mules and Wine  London, Duckworth, 1930.


MOORE, Benjamin Burges - *H2044,E


From Moscow to the Persian Gulf  Putnam, 1915.


MORRISON, Anna Daly - *H2045,*M5448,E

Those Were the Days: Diary of Ann Morrison  Boise, Idaho, EM-Kayan Press, 1951.

MÜLLER (MULLER), Georg Alexander von [Adml.] - *H2046,E

1914 to 1918

The Kaiser and His Court: The Diaries, Note Books and Letters of Admiral Georg Alexander von Müller, Chief of the Naval Cabinet, 1914-1918  edited by Walter Görlitz. London, MacDonald, 1961. New York, Harcourt Brace and World, 1964.


MUEHLON, Wilhelm  - director of Krupp's of Essen

August 5th. to November 14th. 1914

War diary of a German armamemt manufacturer; horror on the outbreak of war; despair and shame at his country's behaviour; well informed criticism of press reports; sympathetic but unblinkered views on England and her allies. Very full entries surveying the course of the war in its early months and disentangling truth and propaganda.

Dr. Muehlon's Diary: Notes written early in the War by Dr. Wilhelm Muehlon, Es-Director of Krupp's  London, Cassell, 1918. First published as  Die Veerheerung Europas: Aufzeichnungen aus den ersten Kriegsmonaten  Zürich, Orell Füszli, May, 1918.


MURRAY, Joseph  - Durham miner in the RNVR - *H2047,E

a) - Gallipoli as I Saw It  London: William Kimber, 1965.

b) - Call to Arms: From Gallipoli to the Western Front  London, Kimber, 1980.


NEEDHAM, E.J.  british soldier - E


Retreat from Mons, the Aisne, 1st. Ypres.

The First Three Months: The Impressions of an Amateur Infantry Subaltern  Aldershot, Gale and Polden, 1936, is reported to contain diary material.


NEILL, Alexander Sutherland (1883-1973)  Scottish educator, founder of Summerhill School - E

a) - 1914

A Dominie’s Log  Herbert Jenkins, 1915 and Random House, 1986.

b) - Dates unknown

Neill! Neill! Orange Peel!  Hart, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


NIN, Anaïs (1903-1977)  writer - H2048,*M5449

a) - 1914 to 1931

Personal diaries from childhood; Spain; America; desertion by her father; student; engagement and marriage; return to Europe; her work.

1. - The Early Diary of Anaïs Nin  edited by Rupert Pole. New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, four volumes, 1978-1985. Volume titles are: Linotte (1914-1920),  Volume 2 (1920-1923),  Journal of a Wife (1923-1927) and  The Early Diary: 1927-1931.

2. - Extracts: Berger (2), pp 3-11 (at the age of 11, taken from  Birth  edited by Tuki Kupferberg and Sylvia Topp, Issue No. 2, New York, 1959, pp 6-10)

b) - 1931 to 1974

Personal diary of a magnetic personality obsessed with relationships and interactions of her family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances with herself and with each other; literary ambition largely unfulfilled, her diary is the extraordinary monument of her life's work. Psychology; introspection; writing; Europe and America.

1. - The Diary of Anaïs Nin  edited by Gunther Stuhlmann. New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, seven volumes, 1966-1980. (London, Peter Owen). The enormous mass of the manuscript has necessarily been severely cut and there are practically no references to her husband or family in this edition.

2. - Henry and June; from the Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin  edited by Rupert Pole. New York, Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich, 1986. This volume covers the period in 1931-1932, with very little duplication, of the first part of Volume I of the Stuhlmann edition, her sexual awakening and the most intense phase of her affair with Henry Miller and his wife, June.

3. - Incest; From A Journal of Love; The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin  edited by Rupert Pole. London, Peter Owen, 1993. The diary from 1932 to 1934 records her incestuous relationship with her father, and simultaneous relationships with her husband and others during the period covered by the second part of Volume I of the Stuhlmann edition.

4. - Fire; From a Journal of Love; The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin 1934-1937  edited by Rupert Pole. London, Peter Owen, 1996. France and America, husband and lovers.

5. - Nearer the Moon; From a Journal of Love; The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin 1937-1939  London, Peter Owen, 2003.

6. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 63-64; Blythe, pp 255-260; Fothergill; Moffat & Painter, pp 86-97; and Rose, pp 614-629.

Note: See also  A Photographic Supplement to the Diary  Harvest Books, 1974.


NOYES, Frederick Walter - E

From 1914?

Stretcher-Bearers… at the Double!  Toronto, is reported to contain diary material.


OAKLEY, Philip Douglas [Dr.] (b.1883)  acting district commissioner in the Gold Coast

May 25th. to September 10th. 1914 and January 2nd. to March 28th. 1915

Diary extracts; minor disasters; a palaver; inspections; reparartions from French ruled neighbours; tells a chief, who claims to have brought rain, not to be silly. In 1915, more of his work; meets the Chief Commissioner; sentences a murderer to death; the murderer attempts to escape; a tour; problems of water supply; heavy rain damages new building; suspicion of German influence; annoyances.  

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 303-306 and 282-286.


PALMER, Frederick (1873-1958)  American journalist - E

1914 to 1915

The experiences of a war correspondent. Episodic; no dates are given but detailed descriptions and accounts of conversations and events are evidence of a contemporaneous record although not necessarily given in sequence.

My Year of the Great War  New York, Dodd Mead, 1915.

Note: Palmer was the author of  Going to War in Greece  1897,  In the Klondike  1898,  With Kuroki in Manchuria  1904,  My Second year of the War  1917, and an autobiography  With My Own Eyes  1933, which possibly contain diary material.


PANTAZZI, Ethel Greening  -  wife of Commander Basil Pantazzi - E

1909 to 1919

A good account of life in Roumania; the German occupation.

Roumania in Light and Shadow  London, Unwin, 1921.


PARES, Bernard [Sir] (1867-1949)  English historian, official observer to the Russian army - E

1914 to 1915

Day by Day with the Russian Army, 1914-1915  London, Constable, 1915.


PARKER, Alfred Chevallier [Col.] (1874-1935)

December 21st. 1914 to December 1st. 1917

Diary of an intelligence officer 'Parker Pasha' in the Near East during the Arab Revolt; military, political and intelligence matters; T.E.Lawrence.

The Diaries of Parker Pasha; War in the desert 1914-18 told from the secret diaries of Colonel Alfred Chevallier Parker, nephew of Lord Kitchener, Governor of Sinai, and military intelligence chief in the Arab Revolt  by H.V.F.Winstone. London, Quartet Books, 1983. Passim.

PENNYMAN, J.B.W. [Lieut.] - B303

August to October 1914

Matthews: War diary; life as a machine gun officer in the Scottish Borderers on Western Front in the First World War.

Diary of Lieut. J.B.Pennyman  London, 1915.

PEPYS, Samuel, Jr. (pseud.) (R.A.Bennett and R.M.Freeman)

July 1914 to December 1918

A collaborative diary of wartime life in London, written in the style of Samuel Pepys; there is a framework of real events and much of the personal detail rings true although there is some obvious contrivance and exaggeration and it is not known to what extent people mentioned were real or invented. The diary was intended to amuse, and probably to be taken as fiction, any historical value it may have is therefore incidental.

1. - A Diary of the Great Warr;  A Second Diary of the Great Warr  and  A Last Diary of the Great Warr  London, John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1916, 1917 and 1919.

2. - Extracts; D'Oyley, pp 238-253.

PILDITCH, P.H. [Maj.]  - of 47th. London Division - B303

1914 to 1918

Matthews: War diary; service throughout the war; very full diary; illustrated.

The War Diary of an Artillery Officer  (649 pages mimeographed).


PLEWMAN, William Rothwell (b.1880)  Canadian journalist - E

1914 to 1918

Extracts from the writer’s column in the Toronto Daily Star compiled in diary form.

My Diary of the Great War  Toronto, Ontario Press, 1918.


POOLE, G.Arthur Evered (b.1873)  acting district commissioner in the Gold Coast

a) - March 30th. 1914 to October 11th. 1914

Extracts from an official diary; detailed accounts of his duties; the failure of a market scheme; shortage of small coin; inspections and exhortations; sanitation; rain.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 278-282.

b) - January 2nd. to November 29th. 1918

Extracts fom his official diary as district political officer; notes upon bread making and the castration of cattle; a kidnapping by natives in the French terrtories; contempt for the brutal over-reaction of the French in destroying villages for fear of unrest; attempts to teach and indoctrinate the native population; the influenza epidemic reaches his district; a sarcastic note when the Chief Commissioner succumbs.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 345-355.


POUTIATINE, Olga, Countess (1891-1940)? - E

From 1914?

“The Countess served with the Anglo-Russian hospital during the first World War and was an instructive witness to political and social developments.”

War and revolution: Excerpts from the Letters and Diaries of the Countess Olga Poutiatine  Tallahassee, Florida, Diplomatic Press, 1971.



1914 to 1918

A Canadian Soldier's Diary: A Personal Series of Sketches, World War I, 1914-1918  Burlington, Ontario, CDM Business services, 1977(?), card covers, unpaginated.


RAKE, Eustice Olpherts (b.1886)  acting district commissioner in the Gold Coast

May 24th. 1914 to February 28th. 1915(?), January 20th. to July 10th. 1916, May 27th. 1916 to April 15th. 1917(?) and February 17th. to May25th. 1919

Diary extracts; gun licences; an insane prisoner; currency problems. In 1916: report of a tour; an attempted murder by poisoned arrows; mediation between chiefs; a discourteous official. A more lively and circumstantial account than is found in most of these official diaries. There is some overlap in date, but with no duplication of text, between the first and second sets of extracts, and the year of the final entry is implausibly given as 1916. Acts as an amateur pathologist in an outbreak of cattle disease; how to make shea butter; a tour; a swarm of locusts. In 1919 he reflects upon the native character and suggests that, to ameliorate the shortage of women, wives should be redistributed.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 342-344, 260-261, 289-296 and 298-300.


RAYMOND, William Lee - *H2049,E

From 1914

An Occasional Diary by X  Boston and New York, Twentieth Century Publishing, 1924.


RHINE, Louisa Ella Weckesser (1891-1983)  American parapsychologist - *M5450,E

In  Something Hidden  Jefferson, North Carolina, McFarland, 1983.


RIOU, (Edmond) Gaston (1883-1958)  French writer and politician - E

1914 to 1916

Prison diary of a French ambulance driver captured by the Germans and held until exchanged.

Diary of a French Private  London, george Allen, 1916. Published in america as  Casemate 17: Pages from the Diary of a French Private Imprisoned in Germany  New York, century, 1917.


ROE, Edward  - private soldier - E

1914 to 1919

Diary of an Old Contemptible: From Mons to Baghdad, 1914-1919; Private Edward Roe, East Lancashire Regiment  Pen and Sword, 2005.


RORIE, David [Cpl.]  officer commanding 1/2nd. Highland Field Ambulance - E

From 1914?

A Medico's Luck in the War  Aberdeen, 1929, is reported to contain diary material.


RUESS, Everett (b.1914) - E

Dates Unknown

Wilderness Journals of Everett Ruess  Salt lake City, Gibbs Smith, 1998.


RUTZEBECK, Hjalmar (1889-1980)  Danish immigrant - E

February 14th. 1914 to May 19th. 1917

Diary; account of meeting his future wife in Los Angeles; his journey north to Alaska; imprisoned for theft; job hunting; prospecting; imprisoned again; settles; builds a cabin; marries. In the author's preface he insists that it is a true account and the long and circumstantial entries are dated and referred to as a diary but some doubt must remain as to the contemporaneity of the record.

Alaska Man's Luck: A Romance of Fact  New York, Boni and Liveright, 1920. See also  Alaska Man's Luck and Other Works  edited by Robert O.Hahn, Santa Barbara, Capra Press, 1988.


SANDERS, Otto Liman Von [General] (1855-1929)  German officer commanding armies of the Ottoman Empire - E

Five Years in Turkey  United states Naval institute, 1927, is reported to contain diary material.

SANDHURST, William Mansfield, Viscount (1855-1921)  soldier - B303

August 1914 to September 1921

Diary of the war with his, and other people's, reactions to events. Only occasionally personal but lightened with some gossip and anecdote.

From Day to Day  London, Edward Arnold, two volumes, 1928 & 1929.


SCHAICK, John van (b.1873) - E

From 1914?

Love that Never Failed: Memories of the World War  Boston, Universalist, 1933, is reported to contain diary material.


SEEGER, Alan (d.1916)  American poet - M5451

September 27th. 1914 to September 24th. 1915

Military diary (interspersed with letters and newspaper articles); a young American poet serving in the French Foreign Legion in France; life in the trenches and behind the lines; disappointing.

Letters and Diary of Alan Seeger  New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1917. Passim.



Official diary.

How the War Began in 1914: being the diary of the Russian Foreign Office from the 3rd to the 20th (old style) of July, 1914  translated from the Russian by Major W. Cyprian Bridge. London : G. Allen & Unwin, 1925.


SCRIMGEOUR, Alexander (1897-1916)  midshipman

July 30th. 1914 to December31st. 1915

Personal and professional diaries of the life and duties of a young naval officer in wartime; North Sea patrols in HMSS Crescent and Alsatian; social and family life; much interesting and outspoken comment on his fellow officers, supriors and seamen; affairs of the heart; transfer to HMS Invincible where he perished at Jutland where only six of the crew of 1,031 survived the explosion of the ship's magzines. A very good picture of the private and service life of a confident, privileged and articulate young man in the Edwardian navy, supplemented by letters.

Scrimgeour's Small Scribbling Diary, 1914-1916: The Truly Astonishing Wartime Diary and Letters of an Edwardian Gentleman, Naval Officer, Boy and Son  compiled by Richard Hallam and Mark Beynon. London, Conway, 2008.


SHARP, William Graves (1859-1922)  American diplomat - E

1914 to 1919

The War Memoirs of William Graves Sharp, Am,erican Ambassador to France, 1914-1919  edited by Warrington Dawson, London, constable, 1931, is reported to contain diary material.



1914 to 1918

Echo of the Guns: Reflections of an Artillery Officer, 1914-18  London, Hale, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.


SINCLAIR, May (Mary Amelia St.Clair) (1863-1946)  English novelist - E

September 25th. to October 13th. 1914

Diary with the field Ambulance at the siege of Antwerp; Ghent, Bruges, Ostend, Dunkirk; a good, atmospheric account.

A Journal of Impressions in Belgium  New York, Macmillan, London, Hutchinson,1915.


SMITH, Harry L. [Dr.] (b.1887) - E

From 1914?

Memoirs of an Ambulance Company Officer  Rochester, Minnesota, Doomsday Press, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.   


SOTHEBY, Lionel Frederick Southwell (1895-1915)  junior officer in the first battalion of the Black Watch

December 30th. 1914 to August 29th. 1915

Military diary supplemented by letters; a full account of his life in support and in the trenches with much interesting detail; descriptions of training exercises, bombardments, reconnaissances; the appalling condition of the trenches; patriotism and love of his school; frequent claims of enjoyment in the most difficult and horrifying circumstances; minute descriptions of hideous wounds and the deaths of soldiers, and friends which are repeated even in letters to his mother; photography (none of his pictures have survived); avid collection of souvenirs from dead Germans. The diary is important for its wealth of small detail and interesting also for the psychology of the writer.

Lionel Sotheby's Great War: Diaries and Letters from the Western Front  edited by Donald C.Richter. Athens, Ohio University Press, 1997.


SOUTTAR, Henry Sessions (1865-1964)  British surgeon - E


Narrative account of three months at the Belgian field hospital at Antwerp, probably based on a contemporaneous record.

A Surgeon in Belgium  London, Arnold, 1915.


SPEARS, Edward Louis [Maj.-Gen. Sir] (1886-1974)  British army officer and Member of Parliament - E

a) - 1914

Liaison, 1914: A Narrative of the Great Retreat  London, Heinemann, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1939 to 1940

Assignment to Catastrophe  London, Heinemann, two volumes, 1954, is also reported to contain diary material.


STARLING, Edmund William - *M5452,E

In  Starling of the White House: The Story of the Man Whose Secret Service Detail Guarded Five Presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Franklin D. Roosevelt  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1946.


STARR, Dillwyn Parrish (d.1916)  American volunteer - E

October 27th. 1914 to November (?) 1915

Military diary and letters.

In  The War Story of Dillwyn Parrish Starr  by his father. Putnam, for private circulation, 1917.


STEPHEN, Adrian Consett  - Australian artillery officer - E

From 1914?

An Australian in the R.F.A.: Being the Letters and Diary of Adrian Consett Stephens, M.C. Lieut. R.F.A.  Sydney, Penfold, 1918.


STEPHENS, Daniel Owen (1893-1937) - E

a) - From 1914?

With the Quakers in France  London, Daniel, 1921, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - Dates Unknown

Flow of Horizons  New York, John Day, 1936, is also reported to contain diary material.


STUMPF, Richard - *H2050,E

1914 to 1918

Private diaries of a German seaman on the battleship Helgoland.

1. - War, Mutiny and Revolution in the German Navy: The World War I Diary of Seaman Richard Stumpf  edited by Daniel Horn. New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1967.

2. - Reprinted as  The Private War of Seaman Stumpf: The Unique Diaries of a Young German in the Great War  London, Frewin, 1969.


TALBOT, Cecil Ponsonby [Vice-Admiral Sir] (b.1884)


A few brief quotation from a naval diary.

In  Destination Dardanelles  by Michael Wilson. London, Leo Cooper, 1988.


TOKUTOMI, Roka (1868-1927)  Japanese writer and social critic

From May 5th. 1914

Private diary; hatred of his brother; explosions of anger and violence against his brother and others; full account of sexual relations with his wife; the tempation to rape a servant while his wife was in hospital, and his subsequent brutal treatment of the girl; an idle life; his plans for work; a few detached references to the war in Europe.

Account and brief extracts in  Modern Japanese Diaries  by Donald Keene. New York, Henry Holt, 1995, pp 447-469.


TOLAND, Edward Dale (1886-1964)  American Red Cross volunteer and schoolmaster - E

a) - August 22nd. 1914 to February 1915

Diary of an American Red Cross volunteer; steerage to Liverpool; Majestic Hotel Hospital, Paris; later with the Harjes Ambulance Corps at Riquebourg  and Montdidier; learns to control his horror and revulsion at the sight and smell of the wounded; very detailed description of wounds and the condition of the wounded; contrast between British efficiency and French mismanagement of wounded trains; operations; tetanus; deaths and agonies; heartrending scenes; tales from the front; a nurse suspected of spying; to Riquebourg; the aftermath of the Battle of the Marne; his first experience of shellfire; tensions between French and German wounded; disorganisation; spy hysteria; a day at the artillery lines. A gruesome catalogue of horrors by a humane observer of interesting character.

The Aftermath of Battle: With the Red Cross in France  New York, Macmillan, 1916.

b) - 1920 to 1945

Obsessional diary of a master at St. Paul's Boarding School in New England; a sustained attack in dated but widely spaced entries upon the character and competence of the headmaster, the Reverend Samuel Smith Drury; description and comment upon school affairs, teaching and administration; anecdote and criticism of colleagues and pupils; after Drury's death the focus changes to his successor, Norman Nash who is more favourably observed; increasing focus on war news and politics; anecdote and criticism of political figures, notably Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt; scandalous stories about John Winant, ambassador to England, and many other politicians; some mentions of his wife and children but little hint of feeling, even the death of his son at Iwo Jima is presented as the death of a hero rather than a personal loss. The extraordinary compilation of an anti-clerical Republican, which presents the public and professional man, well connected and apparently of independent means, with a galaxy of friends and acquaintances, a teacher at the same school for more than twenty-five years but which gives no insight into his private life. Often dull and of specialist interest, but unique.

The Diary of E.D.Toland 1920-1945  privately printed, probably in 1947, with an addendum to Appendix 1, dated February 1948, loosely inserted, 300 copies, 834pp. Much of the content is controversial and probably libellous and if the author's instructions, as stated in his foreword, were adhered to, all copies of the the book remained in storage until distributed by his executors in 1970, there is no copy in the Library of Congress nor in the the library catalogue of St. Paul's School.


TOWNSEND, Sidney John (d.1915) - E

August 1st. 1914 to May 9th. 1915

In Memoriam Sidney John Townsend: The Diary of S.J.Townsend Aug. 1, 1914 to May 9, 1915  London, 1915.


T'SERCLAES, Baroness (Mrs. Knocker) (b.1885)  and  CHISHOLM, Mairi - E

1914 to 1915

The diaries, combined and much re-worked of two nurses in Belgium; a dramatic account of their work under fire and in great danger; horrific descriptions; a romance. All dates have been suppressed and it is hard to tell how much of the original diaries has survived the editorial process.

The Cellar-House of Pervyse: a tale of uncommon things from the journals and letters of the Baroness T'Serclaes and Mairi Chisholm.



From 1914?

James Cummings (12714) has  World War I Experiences of an Ambulance Driver.


VILLARS, Jean Marcel Eugène Bérault  - French airman - E

From 1914?

Notes of a Lost Pilot  Hamden Connecticut, Archon Books, is reported to contain diary material.


VOLK, Katherine Magdalene  - American nurse - E

From 1914?

Military nursing in Budapeste.

Buddies in Budapest  Los Angeles, Kellaway-Ide, 1936, is reported to contain diary material.

WADDINGTON, Mary King (d.1923)  widow of French ambassador to England - H2051,B304

August 1st. 1914 to February 28th. 1916

Diary of life in France during the first half of the war; Paris and the country; international acquaintance; family, travel and domestic details; an interesting record.

My War Diary  London, John Murray, 1918. New York 1918.

Note: Matthews refers to a book of this title but with a publication, New York, 1917 and with the diary extending only to December 1915; it may, therefore, have appeared in two versions.


WASHBURN, Stanley  - journalist, special war correspondent of the 'Times' with the Russian Armies - E

1914 and 1815

A compilation of newspaper articles with some diary-like notes.

1. - Field Notes from the Russian Front  London, Melrose, 1915.

2. - The Russian Campaign, April to August, 1915, Being the second volume of "Field notes from the Russian Front"  New York, Scribners, 1915.


WATSON, Jeanette Grace - E

1914 to 1918

"Our Sentry Go"  Chicago, Seymour, 1924, is reported to contain diary material.


WHEELER, Henry Thompson Camden [Capt.] acting provincial commissioner in the Gold Coast

February 9th. to March 11th. 1914, March 22nd. to April 13th. 1914, May 7th. to July 16th. 1914 and April 1st. to 22nd. 1915

Extracts from an official diary as district commissioner; building work; deaths of natives while hunting rats and rabbits, described with heavy humour; runaway wives; progress in building a new residence. As acting provincial commissioner, the topographical survey; rain; doubtful cases of robbery. In 1915, an execution.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 341-342, 334-335, 312-313 and 252-253.


WHITE, Daniel Dimitri Fedotoff (1889-1950)  White Russian naval officer - E

1914? to 1921?

Survival through War and Revolution in Russia  Philadelphia and London, University of Pennsylvania Press and Oxford University Press, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.


WHITLOCK, Brand  - American writer, lawyer, politician and diplomat - *H2052,*M5453,E

Whitlock was wartime minister and ambassador to Belgium.

The Letters and Journals of Brand Whitlock  New York, Appleton, two volumes, 1936.


WILLCOCKS, James [General, Sir] (1857-1926)  commander of the Indian Corps in France to May 1915


September 1914 to September 1915

Narrative, based on a diary and supporting documents, of his time in command of the Indian Corps in France; actions of the Corps and individuals; deep respect and affection for the Indians and their British officers; the account of events subsequent to his being relieved of command may shed some light upon the differences with Haig that precipitated it.

With the Indians in France  London, Constable, 1920.


WOOD, Eric Fisher (1889-1962) - *M5454,E

1. - The Note-Book of an Attaché: Seven Months in the War Zone  New York, The Century, 1915.

2. - The Note-Book of an Intelligence Officer  New York, The Century, 1917.


WOOLWORTH, Frank Whitfield (1852-1919)  American retailer - E


Diary letters of a civilian travelling in Europe at the outbreak of war.

War! War! War!: Letters from Southern France and Switzerland Written in 1914  David I.Nelke, 1917.


WORTLEY, Rothesay Nicholas Montagu Stuart [Major]  English airman - E

1914? to 1918?

Letters from a Flying Officer  London, Oxford University Press, 1928, is reported to contain diary material.


WRENCH, John Evelyn Leslie [Sir] (1882-1966)  founder of the English-Speaking Union - E

1914 to 1920

Struggle, 1914-1920  London, Ivor Nicholson and Watson, 1935, is reported to contain diary material


YOUNG, Mary Sophie - *H2053,*M5455,E

August to September 1914

Mary S.Young's Journal of Botanical Explorations in Trans-Pecos Texas, August-September, 1914  in  Southwestern Historical Quarterly  January and April, 1962.



ANONYMOUS,  Englishman - *H2054,E

The Russian Diary of an Englishman, Petrograd, 1915-1917  New York, Robert M.McBride, 1919.


ANONYMOUS,  British airman - F

From 1915?

War diary of a Flying Corps pilot; undated entries, identified only by the day of the week; descriptions of patrols, air battles and photographic work, often very detailed; notes of off duty activities, games, drinking; sorrow and anger at deaths of friends and novices sent into combat. The diary is printed from an edited typescript version of the original and there are hints that the photography, which resulted in some excellent pictures of air battles, was not officially sanctioned: this may partly account for the general absence of names and places. The diary ceases on the author's death, possibly in 1916.

Death in the Air: The War Diary and Photographs of a Flying Corps Pilot  London, William Heinemann, 1933. Reissued, London, Greenhill Books, 1985.

Note: It is now known that Wesley D.Archer, who had been in the R.F.C. but taken no part in action , used photographs of models to illustrate a largely fictional text. (Source:  War Books  London, Greenhill Books, 1989).


ANONYMOUS  - British Red Cross nurse in Belgium - E

From 1915?

“Her diary describes in graphic detail the horrors of working on the front in a war-torn Belgium. Right in the firing line in the second battle at Ypres, she states, 'Our hospital soon became a shambles.our theatre a slaughter house. We started working that day, April 23rd, and we never stopped for about two weeks. Operations continued day and night with two tables occupied all the time..'. However despite everything she maintained her sense of humour and desired to find the beauty in things, rejoicing at finding primroses springing up amidst the ruins and revelling in cantering on convalescent Blue Cross Horses on the sand dunes in the bright spring sunshine. She also refused to let heavy shelling by the Germans spoil her Christmas, or her game of hide-and-seek. While she hid amongst the ambulance cars with the other nurses, the drivers searched for them waving mistletoe!”

A War Nurse’s Diary; Sketches from a Belgian Field Hospital  New York, macmillan, 1918.




Diary of H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, January to May 1915  London, George Waterstone, printed by permission of the Admiralty for private circulation to officers and men, 1919.


ANONYMOUS,  missionary in Urmi in Persia, near the Turkish border - E


Diary during the Turco-Kurdish occupation.

Diary of a Missionary  in  The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-16  London, 1916.




“250 Harvard men, their relatives and friends sailed on the Finland steamer from New York to San Francisco via the Panama Canal in the summer of 1915. This log is a lighthearted description of their journey.”

The Log of the SS Finland  The Log Committee, 1915.


ALBERT I (1875-1934)  King of the Belgians - *H2055,E

The War Diaries of Albert I, King of the Belgians  edited by Gen. R. van Overstraeten. London, Kimber, 1954.


ALLEN, Jerome - *M5456,E

In  United States Naval Institute Proceedings  LXVIII.


ARCHER, William (1856-1924)  writer and drama critic

1915 to 1924

Selections from a diary of dreams.

In  On Dreams  edited by Theodore Besterman. London, Methuen, 1935, pp 135-214.

ASQUITH, Cynthia Mary Evelyn [Lady] (1887-1960) - H2056

April 15th. 1915 to September 28th. 1918

Cynthia Charteris, daughter of the eleventh Earl of Wemyss, married to Herbert Asquith, second son of the prime minister. Herbert goes to war and Cynthia stays, mainly in London but without a permanent home, with two small children, one handicapped. Knew almost everyone that mattered; brilliant; sensitive; frank and observant; beautifully written. One of the best diaries.

1. - Lady Cynthia Asquith; Diaries, 1915-1918  London, Hutchinson, 1968.

2. - Extracts: Blodgett (2) pp 326-341; Blythe, pp 180-183.


ASTLEY, Arthur (1874?-1935)  English ornithologist - E

1915 to 1926

Originally written as a series of articles for the Parents Review.

From a Bird Lover’s Diary  London, Sheldon Press, 1928.


ATHERTON, Gertrude Franklin Horne (1857-1948)  American novelist - E


Life in the War Zone  New York Times, 1916, 24pp, is reported to contain diary material.


ATTERBURY, John Lucas (b.1877)  acting district commissioner in the Gold Coast

July 25th. 1915 to June 5th. 1916 and April 3rd. 1919

Scattered diary extracts; his duties; court work, interviews, palavers; a motor accident; his wife arrives from England.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 92-102.


BACHMANN, Gustav (1860-1943)  German admiral, Chief of Admiralty Staff, February to September 1915


February 2nd. 1915

A single diary entry recording his reluctance to accept the post of Chief of Admiralty Staff, and recommending the appointment of Grand Admiral von Tirpitz (qv) to supreme naval command.

In  My Memoirs  by Grand Admiral von Tirpitz, New York, Dodd Mead, 1919, Volume II, pp120-121.


BAENSCH, John [Pte.] (1892?-1916) Australian soldier - E

1915 to 1916

Military diary; the diarist died of wounds at Pozieres, France, on August 8th. 1916.

War Diary, 1915-1916  Victoria, Geelong Historical Society, 1993, 30 pp.


BARTLETT, H.E.  - acting provincial commissioner in the Gold Coast

December 21st. 1915 to June 11th. 1916

Four entries from a diary; reports of discontents and drains.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 114-116.


BOYD, William  - Professor of pathology, University of Manitoba - E

March 7th. to August 15th. 1915

Letter diary; the crossing from England to France and journey to the front; horror at the condition of the wounded; graphic descriptions of injuries; pleasure in readingand countryside; a stretcher party under fire; fear; incharge of an hospital for infectious disease; a case of anthrax; a zeppelin attack; description of Ypres; an observation post; news and rumours; gas; a second visit to Ypres to view the destruction;  visit to an aerodrome; a dinner party in a dug-out interrupted by shellfire; surprised by melancholy at the prospect of leaving France. Among the best accounts of war.

With a Field Ambulance at Ypres; Being Letters Written March 7 - August 15, 1915  Toronto, Musson, 1916.


BRITTEN, S.V. [Sgt]  The Royal Highlanders of Canada

(Annotation based on extracts)

April 17th. to 26th. 1915

Military diary at Ypres; a good descritopn of the chaos of war; witnesses the first gas attack, but seems not to realise it.

1. - In  1914-1918: Voices and Images of the Great War  by Lyn Macdonald. Lonod, Michael Joseph, 1988.

2. - Extracts: Lewis, pp 262-263.


BROPHY, John Bernard (Don) (1893-1916)  Canadian airman - E

December 8th. 1915 to November 12th. 1916

The voyage to England; training at Castle Bromwich, near Birmingham and Salisbury; flight to France; operations on the western front; the Somme. A full and vivid diary of great interest.

In  A Rattle of Pebbles: The First World War Diaries of Two Canadian Airmen  edited by Brereton Greenhous. Directorate of History, Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Ottawa, 1987.

Note: See also PRICE, Harold Warnica.


BROWNE, John Gilbert [Brigadier] (1878-1968)  commander of the Iraq Levies - E

1915 to 1932

“Browne was the officer commanding the Iraq Levies from 1925-33. Here he provides an account of the Iraq Levies with details on dates; miltary names and locations; and strategies.”

The Iraq Levies, 1915-1932  London, The Royal united Service Institution, 1932, is reported to contain diary material.


BRUCKSHAW, Horace (1891-1917) Royal Marine - H2057

January 27th. 1915 to November 12th. 1916

Diary of a private soldier at Gallipoli and then the Western Front. Good humoured, detailed and factual account. Excellent.

1. - The Diaries of Private Horace Bruckshaw, 1915-1916  edited by Martin Middlebrook. London, Scolar Press, 1979.

2. - Extracts: Blythe, pp 175-180, Lewis, pp 265-268.


BRYAN, Julien Hequembough  - American volunteer ambulance driver in France - E

From 1915?

“… a personal story derived from diary notes he made on active service. Although he freely admits to the reader that he volunteered to see the war and experience some excitement predictably his actual experiences of the battlefield and the suffering of French soldiers and civilians alike made a profound impression upon him. Bryan provides the reader with a clear and interesting view of the life of an American volunteer driver and his impressions of war in the trenches with the French Army on the Western Front.”

Ambulance 464 Encore Des Blesses: The Experiences of an America Volunteer with the French Army During the first World war  Macmillan, 1918.


BUGENTAL, James Frederick Thomas (1915-2008)  American psychologist: proponent of the Existential-Humanistic Therapy movement

Dates unknown

Intimate journeys: Stories from Life-Changing Therapy  Jossy-Bass, 1990, is reported to contain diary material.


CALVERT, Amelia Smith (b.18767) and Philip Powell (b.1871) - E


“Our primary concern in Costa Rica was a study of the dragonflies with reference to their seasonal distribution, which necessitated visits to the same localities at different times throughout the year. What we here set forth are chiefly our more incidental observations recorded in our diary.”

A Year of Costa Rican Natural History  New York, Macmillan, 1917.


CASTELLAIN, Alfred Louis (b.1870)  district commissioner in the Gold Coast

August 6th. 1915 to November 5th. 1916 and May 1st. to June 7th. 1919

Extracts from an official diary in succession to T.W.Breckenridge (qv); cases of domestic violence; heavy rain and resulting destruction; assaults and disturbances. Some good detail. The 1919 diary, as chief political officer; his work; exhortations; criticisms of G.A.E.Poole (qv); the diary, written in a rather querulous tone, ends with the writer confined to his residence because the swelling from an insect bite prevents him from putting his helmet on.  

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 314-317.


COOLIDGE, Helen - *M5457,E

In  A War Diary in Paris, 1914-1917  Cambridge, Massachusetts, Riverside Press, 1931.


COOLIDGE, John Gardner - *H2058,*M5458,E

In  A War Diary in Paris, 1914-1917  Cambridge, Massachusetts, Riverside Press, 1931.


COOPER, (Alfred) Duff (later 1st. Viscount NORWICH) (1890-1954)  politician and diplomat

1915 to 1939 and 1944 to 1951

Private diary begun in competition with Cynthia Asquith (qv); a fascinating and frank account of his wartime social life; parties, drinking, gambling and the pursuit of women; courtship of Lady Diana Manners; his not very onerous duties at the Foreign Office, from which he is released for military service in 1917; deaths of friends; marriage against the wishes of Diana's family; begins a political career, financed by his wife's theatrical earnings, in 1924; member of parliament; Secretary of State for War; First Lord of the Admiralty; resigns over Munich agreement; British Representative to the French Committee of National Liberation in Algiers from 1944 (the diary exists only in typescript for 1944, 1945 and the first part of 1947 and although historically valuable and interesting, is less personal and indiscreet); British Amabassador in Paris; a little less drinking, much less gambling, continuing pursuit of women. A good diary.

The Duff Cooper Diaries, 1915-1951  edited by John Julius Norwich. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2005.

Note: The diaries have been drawn upon in  Duff Cooper: The Authorised Biography  by John Charmley, London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1986;  Diana Cooper: The Biography of Lady Diana Cooper  by Philip Ziegler, London, Hamish Hamilton, 1981; and  Paris After the Liberation: 1944-1949  by Anthony Beevor and Artemis Cooper, London, Hamish Hamilton, 1994. Entries dealing with The Abdication have appeared in  The Sunday Telegraph.


CREWDSON, Dorothea Mary Lynette (1886-1919)  English Red Cross V.A.D. nurse in France

June 1915 to March 1919

Private diary; nursing at Le Tréport, Wimereux and Étaples; friends and fellow nurses; doctors and orderlies; patients and their injuries and illness; off-duty recreations; meetings with her younger brother who served in France and was wounded; rumours of impending battles; advances and retreats; bombing raids towards the close and many German patients at the war’s end; the ‘flu epidemic; a battlefield tour in 1919. A very full account of the life and organisation, discipline, accommodation, food, sleep, letter writing, characters of friends, colleagues and superiors but no great depth or insight. The diary is copiously illustrated with delightful drawings but is almost silent during the rare home leaves. The diarist died after an operation for peritonitis in March 1919.

Dorothea’s War: The Diary of a First World War Nurse  edited by Richard Crewdson, London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2013.


CROMER, Ruby, Lady (1886-1961)

March 3rd. 1915 to November1916

Private diary of the second daughter of Lord Minto, in India with her husband Rowland Errington, son of Lord Cromer on the staff of Lord Hardinge; the outward voyage; Bombay, Viceregal Lodge at Delhi; Simla; shooting in Kashmir; Lahore etc.; war news; her husband's health; a very good picture of social and official life in India; well observed, sympathetic and descriptive of places and people; dinners, ceremonies, relaxations, thoughts of her children at home; the building of New Delhi and conversation with Lutyens; the journey home; a good diary. There are a few brief extracts from a 1914 diary.

Ruby Cromer, 1886-1961: Letters and 2nd. Indian Journal  Bishop Wilton, Wilton 65, 1995.


CUSHING, Harvey Williams  - American neurosurgeon - *H2059,*M5459,E

1915 to 1918

Extracts from a surgeon's war diary.

1. - From a Surgeon's Journal, 1915-1918  Boston, Little Brown, 1936.

2. - In  Harvey Cushing, A Biography  by John Fulton. Springfield, Charles Thomas, 1946. Reissued, New York, Arno, 1980.


DASENT,  Edward Guy (b.1892)  acting district commissioner in the Gold Coast

July 24th. 1915 to April 16th. 1916, August 23rd. 1917 to November 11th. 1918 and February 23rd. to April 5th. 1919

Extracts from an official diary; food shortages; lack of money for road repairs; a labourer taken by a crocodile; gin smuggling. In 1917-1918, he makes recruiting speeches; a boy is reported killed by a lion and Spanish flu reaches the colony. The 1919 diary is in succession to A.R.Holliday and he notes the changes since he was last in the post; a plague of mosquitoes. The slightly carping tone of these diaries may account for the fact that the diarist was never confirmed as district commissioner.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 257-259, 296-298 and 274-276.

DEARDEN, Harold [Dr.] (b.1883)  R.A.M.C.

(Annotation based on extracts)

1915? to 1918

Personal diary; medical work and surgery in France in base hospitals and at the front; sometimes poetic and philosophical. There are no dates but the book is clearly very closely based on a contemporaneous record.

1. - Medicine and Duty  London, Heinemann, 1928.

2. - Extracts: Willard, pp 129-134.


DENHAM, H.M. - *H2060,E

1915 to 1916

Diary of the midshipman commander of a steam picket boat at the Suvla Bay landings.

Dardanelles: A Midshipman's Diary, 1915-1916  London, John Murray, 1981, 200 pp.

DIXON, Agnes Margaret (Powell) - B304

October 1915 to June 1916

Matthews: War diary; her First World War service in canteens on Western Front.

The Canteeners  London, 1917.


DOUDNEY, Charles Edmund [The Rev.] (1871-1915)

(Annotation based on newspaper review)

May to October 1915

Military diary of an army chaplain who also acted as an X-ray operator and anaesthetist.

The Best of Good Fellows: the Diaries and Memoirs of the Rev. Charles Doudney M.A. C.F.  compiled by Jonathan Horne. London, Jonathan Horne Publications, 1997(?).


DOYLE, Luke Cantwell  - American volunteer ambulance driver in Alsace - M5460

December 1st and 2nd. 1915

Diary extracts recording two mountain journeys, carrying wounded men, in severe weather.

In  History of the American Field Service in France, "Friends of France", 1914-1917, Told by Its Members  Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1920, Volume I, pp 309-312.


DUFF, David [Dr.] (b.1883)  acting district commissioner in the Gold Coast

March 22nd. to October 25th. 1915

A few diary extracts noting hospital and administrative work.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, p 259.


DRAKE, Thomas [Captain] (b.1863) - E

1915 to 1916

The Log of the Lone Sea Rover: Being the Story of the 8,000 Mile Voyage Alone of Capt. Thomas Drake  by Capt. W.L.White, 1917.


DUNN, James Churchill [Capt.] (1871-1955)  medical officer of the Second Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers

November 7th. 1915 to May 22nd. 1918

Military diary, much rewritten and incorporating other material (see entry in Anthologies, Studies and Collections) in a closely dated narrative of the war as seen by the Second Battalion of The Royal Welch Fusiliers; the Somme, Hindenburg Line, Ypres; a very full and unemotional account of war in the trenches; discipline, tactics, attack and defence, the hazards of friendly artillery fire; gas and tanks; food, hygiene and the effects of weather; the civilian population; personalities of officers and men; bravery and cowardice; death and injury; the difficulties of integrating new volunteers and conscripts with the ever diminishing regular troops; some criticism of staff and command, and of politicians; training and occasional relaxation behind the lines; reticent about his own activites and with very little about his medical duties.

In  The War the Infantry Knew, 1914-1919: A Chronicle of Service in France and Belgium with the Second Battalion His Majesty's Twenty-Third Foot, The Royal Welch Fusiliers: founded on personal records, recollections and reflections, assembled, edited and partly written by One of their Medical Officers


DWINGER, Edwin Erich (1898-1981)  German writer - E

1915 to 1916

German soldier in Russian captivity.

Prisoner of War: A Siberian Diary  New York, Knopf, 1930.


EVANS, David - E

1915 to 1918

James Cummings (3989) has  My Mormon Mission, 1915-1918  1977.


FALLIS, George Oliver [Rev.] (1885-1952)  Canadian Methodist minister - E

From 1915?

“Autobiography including his war experience.”

A Padre’s Pilgrimage  Toronto, Ryerson, 1953, 166pp. is reported to contain diary material.

01/02/03 - FLORENCE, Lella Secor (1887-1966) - *G182*M5461

1915 to 1922

Lella Secor: A Diary in Letters, 1915-1922  edited by Barbara Moench Florence. New York, B. Franklin, 1978.


FROTHINGHAM, Helen Losanitch - E

1915 to 1920

Mission for Serbia: Letters from America and Canada, 1915-1920  New York, Walker, 1970.


GALATTI, Stephen  - American ambulance volunteer in Alsace - M5462

December 31st. 1915

A single entry describingthe rescue of a snow-bound ambulance; possibly taken from a letter.

In  History of the American Field Service in France, "Friends of France", 1914-1917, Told by Its Members  Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1920, Volume I, pp 312-313.


GARRETT, Garet (1878-1954)  American journalist - *M5463,E

Remembrance of the Times  in  American Scholar  Summer, 1967.


GENET, Edmond Charles Clinton (1896-1917) - *M5464,E

An American for Lafayette: The Diaries of E.C.C. Genet, Lafayette Escadrille  edited by Walt Brown, Jr. Charlottesville, University Press of Virginia, 1981.


GERARD, James Watson (1867-1951)  American ambassador to Germany - *M5465,E

In  Face to Face with Kaiserism  New York, George H. Doran, 1918.


GIFFARD, Edmund Hamilton [Major] (1887-1918)  artillery officer

November 4th. 1915 to November 8th. 1918

Military diary; a terse but regular record, omitting periods of leave; actions, weather, deaths and wounds; the last entry before his death notes rumours of the impending armistice.

In  Guns, Kites and Horses: Three Diaries from the Western Front  edited by Sydney Giffard. London, Radcliffe Press, 2003, pp 63-195.

GILLAM, John Graham [Maj. Gen.] - B304

March 1915 to January 1916

Matthews: War diary; detailed notes of his experiences; journey; landing at Gallipoli and subsequent fighting; with A.S.C.; military details and eye-witness accounts of the scene.

Gallipoli Diary  London, 1918.


GLUBB, John Bagot [Sir] (Glubb Pasha) (1897-1986)  British soldier - *H2061,E

Into Battle: A Soldier's Diary of the First World War  London, Cassell, 1978.


GOLLINGS, Elling William (1878-1932)  American artist - *M5466,E

In  Bill Gollings, The Man and His Art  by James T. Forrest. Flagstaff, Arizona, Northland Press, 1979.


GOODBAR, Montague S. [Pte] (d.1917)  4th.Battalion Cameron Highlanders

March 10th. to 25th. 1915

Military diary; trench warfare; an aborted attack; wounded in the leg; treatment; joy at being sent back to England.

In  The Mammoth Book of War Diaries and Letters  edited by J.E.Lewis. New York, Carroll and Graf, 1998, pp 259-261. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


GRIMES, Helen May Clarke (1905-1987)  of Mystic, Connecticut - E

a) - 1915 to 1926

(Not seen)

An Account of My Life: The Childhood Journals of Helen May Clarke of Mystic, Connecticut, 1915-1926  Mystic River Historical Society; 1997.

b) - December 7th. 1941

A single entry extracted from a lifelong diary; the diarist is living in Rhode Island and gives an almost minute by minute account of radio news of Pearl Harbor and the consequent declarations of war on Japan together with  notes of the scheduled programmes and advertisements, achieving an almost surreal effect.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 97-100. The diary is in the Rhode Island Historical Society's manuscript collection.


GROW, Malcolm Cummings (1887-1960)  American army surgeon - e

From 1915?

“In August, 1915 Dr. Grow met Dr. Edward Egbert, Chief Surgeon of the American Red Cross Hospital in Kiev, in Washington, D.C. Dr. Egbert convinced Grow to travel with him to Saint Petersburg, Russia, to assist in the Russian war effort. Dr. Grow was commissioned Lt.Colonel in the Imperial Russian Medical Corps and served as regimental surgeon in the First Division of the First Siberian Army Corps in Galicia. …”

Surgeon Grow: An American in the Russian Fighting  Stokes, 1918, is reported to contain diary material.


HAGAN, James Suggett - E

1915 to 1916 (?)

One Man’s Gallipoli: A Personal Diary of the Gallipoli Campaign  Barrhead, Alberta, 1988?, 1000 copies.

HAMILTON, Ian Standish Monteith [Gen. Sir] (1853-1947) - B304

a) - March to October 1915

Very detailed record of Gallipoli landings and campaign in which he commanded the Anglo-French army until recalled.

Gallipoli Diary  London, two volumes, 1920. A one volume edition was published later.

b) - 1904 to 1905 (?)

A Staff Officer’s Scrap Book During the Russo-Japanese War  London, Edward Arnold, two volumes, 1907, is reported to contain diary material.

HAMILTON, Ralph Gerard Alexander [The Hon.] (1883-1918) - B304

January 1915 to March 1918

Very detailed war diary of the Master of Belhaven, an artillery officer in France. A straightforward and interesting account of three years of life under the shell fire which ultimately killed him.

The War Diary of the Master of Belhaven  London, John Murray, 1924. Reprinted, Barnsley, Wharncliffe Publishing, 1990.

HITCHCOCK, Francis Clere [Capt.]  - of Leinster Regiment - B304

May 1915 to December 1918

Matthews: War diary; life in trenches in France; Somme; Ypres; lively anecdotes of his daily life and fighting; descriptions and anecdotes.

Stand to  London, 1937.


HOBART, Edward Herbert [Capt.]  provincial commissioner in the Gold Coast

May 16th. 1915 to August 25th. 1916

Extracts from and official diary; routine.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 253-254.


HUNCKE, Herbert Edwin (1915-1996)  American write and poet - E

Dates unknown

Huncke’s Journal  New York, Poet’s Press, 1975, 78 pp.


KAZIN, Alfred (1915-1998)  American writer and literary critic - E

Dates unknown

a) - Lifetime Burning in Every Moment: From the Journals of Alfred Kazin  New York, Harper, 1996.

b) - In  American Literary History  Summer, 1990.

Note(1):  Alfred Kazin’s America: Critical and Personal Writings  edited by Ted Solotaroff, New York: HarperCollins, 2003, may contain diary material.

Note(2): James Cummings(6820) has  From an Italian Journal  Harcourt, 1953. This publication has not been traced.


KENNARD, Dorothy Katherine Barclay, Lady - E

1915 to 1917

A Roumanian Diary, 1915, 1916, 1917  New York: Dodd, Mead, 1917.


LAMOND, Claude Henry Pitt (b.1978)  district commissioner in the Gold Coast

October 19th. to November 10th. 1915

A few diary extracts about planning, surveying and construction matters.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 103-104.


LAWRENCE, Cyril [Sgt.] (1889-1981)  Australian soldier - E

a) - 1915

The Gallipoli Diary of Sergeant Lawrence of the Australian Engineers - 1st. A.I.F. 1915  edited by Sir Ronald East. Melbourne University Press, 1981.

b) - From 1916?

Sergeant Lawrence Goes to France  edited by Peter Yule. Melbourne University Press, 1987.


LIDDELL, R.Scotland  - British member of the Polish Red Cross - E


“British member of the Polish Red Cross Volunteers describes the Russian retreat eastward from Warsaw in 1915.”

On the Russian Front  London, Simpkin Marshall, 1916.


LOCKHART, Robert Hamilton Bruce (1887-1970)  diplomat and writer - H2062

a) - 1915 to 1938

Moscow, journalism, society, gossip, scandal, politicians. The varied, uninhibited, and often acute, personal diary of an interesting man with a vast acquaintance from Trotsky to Churchill.

The Diaries of Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart, Volume One, 1915-1938  London, Macmillan, 1973.

b) - 1939 to 1965, few entries after 1949

Director-General of the Political Warfare Executive; his work; social life and friendships; politicians; the war; anecdote; financial difficulties; old age.

The Diaries of Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart, Volume Two 1939-1965  edited by Kenneth Young. London, Macmillan, 1980.


MORRELL, Ottoline Violet Anne [Lady] (1873-1938)  English society hostess - E  

1915 to 1918

Ottoline at Garsington: Memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrell  edited by Robert Gathorne Hardy, London, Faber and Faber, 1964, is reported to contain diary material.


MUSSOLINI, Benito Amilcare Andrea (1883-1945)  Italian Fascist - E

1915 to 1917

Military diary.

My Diary 1915-1917  Small, Maynard, 1925.

Note: Claims have been made for some later diary manuscripts which have subsequently proved to be forgeries.


NEVILL, Wilfrid Percy (Billie) [Capt.] (1894-1916)  infantry officer

July 25th. 1915

The sole entry in a projected military diary, mainly a list of equipment and belongings packed and ready for embarkation for France.

In  Billie: The Nevill Letters, 1914-1916  by Ruth Elwin Harris. London, Julia MacRae, 1991, pp 29-30.


NEWSOM, Lysias Everette (b.1859) - *M5467,E

Diary of a Southern Tour in Midwinter  privately printed, Indianapolis, 1916.


NICOLAS, René - *H2063,E

Campaign Diary of a French Officer  translated by Katharine Babbitt. New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1917.


NIEBUHR, Karl Paul Reinhold (1892-1971)  evangelical pastor - E

a) - 1915? to 1928?

A compilation of entries from his diary as a pastor of Bethel Evangelical Church  in Detroit.

Leaves from the Notebook of a Tamed Cynic  Chicago, Willett, Clark and Colby, 1929; often reprinted.

b) - Remembering Reinhold Niebuhr: Letters of Reinhold and Ursula M. Niebuhr  edited by Ursula M.Niebuhr, HarperCollins, 1991, is reported to contain diary material.


NOICE, Harold (b.1895) - E

From 1915

"A diary of two years in the north polar regions. Includes his service in the Canadian Arctic Expedition with Stefansson, 1915-1917, and of sledge journeys following the voyage of the Polar Bear."

With Stefansson in the Arctic  New York, Dodd Mead, 1924.



Rupert Brooke's Death and Burial: Based on the Log of the French Hospital Ship Duguay-Trouin  translated from the French of J. Perdriel-Vaissieres by Vincent O'Sullivan. Printed at Yale University Press for W.A.Bradley, 1917, 300 copies.   


POTT, Philip Alfred Holiday  - acting provincial commissioner in the Gold Coast

October 7th. to October 29th. 1913, January 14th. to May 25th. 1915, October 10th. to December 20th. 1916 and April 23rd. 1918 to July 15th. 1919

Extracts from his official diary as district commissioner mainly concerned with a case of gold stealing. The 1915 diary is in succession to A.J.Philbrick (qv); a quarrel over land leads to threatened insurrection; other duties. The 1916 diary is in succession to A.H.Ross; mostly routine. The 1918-1919 extracts are more widely spaced and varied but ocontinue the brief and factual pattern.

In  Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  by Thora Williamson, edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000, pp 226-228, 210-212, 186-189 and 219-223.



PRING, John Norman [Lieut.] (1884-1972)  British soldier

September 24th. to October 14th. 1915

Extracts from a military diary; an account of the first British gas attack at the battle of Loos.

Account and extracts in  The First British Gas Attack: A Diary of the Battle of Loos  by Anthony Richards in  The British Diarist  Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2003.


PUTNAM, Tracy Jackson (b.1894?)  American ambulance volunteer in Belgium and France - M5468,E

May 16th. to June 18th. and September 15th. to December 30th. 1915

Diary extracts; his life and work; some interesting notes about british troops.

In  History of the American Field Service in France, "Friends of France", 1914-1917, Told by Its Members  Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1920, Volume I, pp 101-107 and 291-302.

Note: James Cummings has  Diary  Harvard, 1916, of which no other copy has been traced.


RAVENSCROFT, Pelham Donovan [Capt.] (1891-1975)  of Kings Royal Rifle Corps

November 18th. 1915 to January 9th. 1919

Military diary of a Lewis Gun Officer; brief, but very regular, factual entries record his military activities; actions, wounds, deaths and routine