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BASON, Frederick Thomas (1907-1973) - H2140

1921 to March 1st. 1960

The diary and reminiscences of a Cockney bookseller; books and bookmen; opinion and anecdote. Entertaining. Some dated entries. Each of the four volumes is a selection from the whole period of the diary to the year of publication. Fred Bason seems to have personally inscribed, often at great length, nearly every copy sold.

1. - Fred Bason's Diary  edited by Nicholas Bentley. London, Wingate, 1951.

2. - Fred Bason's 2nd. Diary  edited by L.A.G.Strong. London, Wingate, 1952.

3. - Fred Bason's 3rd. Diary  edited by Michael Sadleir. London, Andre Deutsch, 1955.

4. - The Last Bassoon; From the Diaries of Fred Bason  edited by Noel Coward. London, Max Parrish 1960.


BIGELOW, Poultney - E


Japan and Her Colonies: Being Extracts from a Diary Made while Visiting Formosa, Shantung, Korea and Saghalin in the Year 1921  New York, Longmans Green, 1923.


BLUNDEN, Edmund Charles (1896–1974)  poet and university teacher - E


Journal of a sea voyage on the Bonadventure to South America for the sake of his health.  

The Bonadventure: A Random Journal of an Atlantic Holiday  London, Richard Cobden-Sanderson, 1922.


CHILD, Richard Washburn (1881-1935)  American diplomat; ambassador to Italy - E

1921 to 1924 (?)

“He writes here of international affairs and conferences and statesmen of his time as ambassador.”

A Diplomat Looks at Europe  New York, Duffield, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


COLBURN, Frederick - E


A long hunting safari in Kenya and Tanganyika.

The African Diary of a Poor Shot  privately printed, 1923, 234 pp.

Note: James Cummings (2709) has also  The Unbelievable Game Story  privately printed, 1927.


DUNBAR-NELSON, Alice Ruth Moore (1875-1935)  African American poet and journalist - M5586

1921 and 1926 to 1931

Personal diary; personal and sexual relationships with men and women; her work and aspirations.

1. - Give Us This Day: The Diary of Alice Dunbar-Nelson  edited by Gloria T.Hull. New York, W.W.Norton, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Lyons, pp 91-112.


EWART-BIGGS, Christopher (1921-1976)  British diplomat: see EWART-BIGGS, Jane - E


FUTURA Yoshinori - E


“In March 1921 Hirohito, accompanied by a large retinue, set off for a tour of Europe. The event was unprecedented, for it was the first time a crown prince of Japan had visited abroad.”

The Crown Prince’s European Tour  Osaka, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


GEHMAN, Richard Boyd (1821-1972)  American writer

Dates unknown

James Cummings (4642) has  Let My Heart Be Broken: With the Things That Break the Heart of God  McGraw, 1960.


GEORGE, Edwin S. - E


A Journey Around the World  New York, 1922.


GOLDER, Frank Alfred - *M5587,E

In  On the Trail of the Russian Famine  Frank Alfred Golder and Lincoln Hutchinson (qv). Stanford University Press, 1927.


HILL, Roderic Maxwell [Sir] (1894-1954)  Wing Commander, later Air Chief Marshal of the RAF - E

1921? to 1926?

The Baghdad Air Mail  London, Edward Arnold, 1929. Reprinted, Stroud, Nonsuch, 2005.


HOSALI, Nina Moti (1898-1987)  artist and author, founder of the Nature Cure Clinic - E

Possibly from 1921, but probably 1944

“Miss Nina Hosali MBE MSc FRSA took over her mother’s work in North Africa in addition to the London end of the organisation. By 1953, over 100,000 animals were being given shelter or treated at Society for the Protection of Animals in North Africa centres.”

North African Diary  London, SPANA, 1947.


HUTCHINSON, Lincoln - *M5588,E

In  On the Trail of the Russian Famine  Frank Alfred Golder (qv) and Lincoln Hutchinson. Stanford University Press, 1927.


KNIGHT, Errol Lorne (d.1923) - E

1921? to 1923?

Diary of a member of the ill-fated four man and one woman expedition which attempted to colonise Wrangel Island in the Arctic, in the hope of claiming it for Canada

In  The Adventure of Wrangel Island  by Vilhjalmur Stefansson and John Irvine Knight. London Jonathan Cape, 1926, which is based upon the diary.  


KOLB, Ellsworth L. - *H2141,*M5589,E

a) - Date unknown

Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico  Macmillan, 1914.

b) - 1921

River Running 1921  in  Utah Historical Quarterly  1969.


LEWIS, Warren Hamilton (1895-1973)  brother of C.S.Lewis - *H2142,E

From 1921

Brothers and Friends: An Intimate Portrait of C.S.Lewis: The Diaries of Maj. Warren H.Lewis  edited by Clyde S.Kilby and Marjorie L.Mead. New York, Harper and Row, 1984.


LONG, Margaret (b.1873) - *M5590,E

The Shadow of the Arrow  Caldwell, Idaho, The Caxton Printers, 1941, revised and enlarged edition, 1950.


McCORMICK, Anne O’Hare (1880-1954)  foreign correspondent in Europe for the New York Times - E

1921 to 1954

Vatican Journal, 1921-1954  New York, Farrar, Strauss and Cudahy, 1957.


MACKLIN, Alexander Hepburne [Dr.] (1889-1967)  surgeon on Shackleton’s last expedition - E

1921 and 1922 (?)

Shackleton’s Last Voyage: The Story of the Quest  by Commander Frank Wild, from the official journal and private diary kept by Dr. A.H.Macklin, London, Cassell, 1923.


McGILL, Vernon - *H2143,*M5591,E


Diary of a Motor Journey from Chicago to Los Angeles  Los Angeles, 1922.


MACMILLAN, Donald Baxter (1874-1970)  American explorer - E

a) - From 1921?

Four Years in the White North  Boston and New York, The Medici Society of America, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1923 to 1924

“A detailed account of the 1923-24 expedition of the Bowdoin into Baffin Bay and north of Etah by expedition leader and explorer Donald B. MacMillan.”

Etah and Beyond; Or Life Within Twelve Degrees of the Pole  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1927.


MARX, Arthur Julius (1921-2011)  son of Groucho Marx - E

Dates unknown

Not as a Crocodile  New York, Harper and Brothers, 1958, is reported to conatin diary material.


MEYNELL, Everard (1882-1926)  author and journalist, brother of Francis Meynell - E

September 1921 to May 1922

From a Hospital Journal, 1921, 1922  privately printed, London, 1928.

NORTHCLIFFE, Alfred C.W.Harmsworth, first Viscount (1865-1922)  newspaper proprietor - B308

July 1921 to February 1922

Matthews: Travel diary; dictated impressions and opinions during journey round the world, especially in relation to the Empire; journalistic.

My Journey Round the World  London, 1923.


PATTERSON, Eleanor Josephine Medill (Cissy) (1881-1948) American journalist and newspaper editorE

July 1921?

Diary of a Voyage Down the Salmon River  in  volume II of  Pioneer Days in Idaho  Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, two volumes, 1947 and 1951.


PEREIRA, George Edward [Gen.] (1865-1923)

1921 to 1923

Narrative, taken from diaries, of three journeys in China and Tibet. The editor states that "… General Pereira was singularly restrained in the expression of those feelings which every traveller has: it is not possible, therefore, to describe what he felt." Additionally the editor has paraphrased the diaries and converted them to the third person, which makes the text of specialist interest only.

Peking to Lhasa; the narrative of journeys in the Chinese empire made by the late Brigadier-General George Pereira  compiled by Sir Francis Younghusband from notes and diaries supplied by Major-General Sir Cecil Pereira. London, 1925.


PIDGEON, Harry - E

1921 to 1925

Around the World Single-Handed: The Cruise of the Islander  New York, Appleton, 1932.


RANSOM, M.A. (b.1892)  - E


Sea of the Bear; Journal of a Voyage to Alaska and the Arctic, 1921  Annapolis, United States Naval Institute, 1964. Reprinted, New York, Arno, 1980.


REYNOLDS, James [Sir] (1865-1932)  English cotton broker and  politician - E

1921 and 1922

A Tour Round the World: The Diary of James P.Reynolds, Bart., D.S.O.; December 1921 to July 1922  Liverpool, Rockliffe Bros., 1924.


ROWSE, Alfred Leslie (1903-1997)  historian

December 18th. 1921 to July 18th. 1970

Historian's selected diaries; All Souls; his native Cornwall; travels, particularly on academic work in America; his work, reading and writing; gossip and anecdote; ill health; friends and enemies; his homosexuality; love of nature, art and architecture; intolerance, bad temper and  resentment of slights, real and imagined; a gallery of academics, politicians, writers and society figures.

1. - The Diaries of A.L.Rowse  edited by Richard Ollard. London, Allen Lane, 2003.

2. - A Man of Contradictions: A Life of A.L.Rowse  by Richard Ollard. London, Allen Lane, 1999. This contains some diary material concerning the wardenship of All Souls which is omitted from the 2003 book.

Note: Rowse drew upon his diaries in his autobiographical works, among them  A Cornishman at Oxford  London, Jonathan Cape, 1965.

01/02/03 - SLATE, Edith Dell Rohrbough - *G190,*M5592,E

Our Automobile Trip to the West  in  Oregon historical Quarterly  Fall, 1984.


STIDOLPH, R.H.D.  - New Zealand bird watcher - E

1921 to 1971

The Birds Around Us; From a Diary of Bird Observations in New Zealand Over a Period of Fifty Years  Hedley's Bookshop, 1971, 140 pp.


SUTHERLAND, Audrey (b.1921) - E

Dates Unknown

Paddling My Own Canoe  Honolulu, University Press of Hawaii, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


VOGEL, Karl - E

1921 to 1922

A voyage around the world in the second Aloha, built in 1910; detailed but disappointing travelogue.

Aloha around the World  New York, Putnam, 1923.

Note: For other diaries of cruises in the first and second Aloha see entries for A.V. and A.P.A. and Frances Williams.


WAYLAND, John Walter (1872-1962) - *M5593,E

a) - Rambles in Europe  Strasburg, Virginia, Shenandoah Publishing House, 1927.

b) - Marshall Foch Visits Richmond  in  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography  LXIV.


WELSH, Herbert - E


Walking from Philadelphia to New Hampshire.

The New Gentleman of the Road  Philadelphia, Fell, 1921.


WULSIN, Frederick Roelker (b.1891)  American explorer

1921 and 1922

Brief and rather uninteresting quotations from exploration journals in China, accompanied by his wife and Susanne and Henry Emery (qv); expedition to Shansi in 1921; trek through the Alashan Desert in 1922. The author’s photographs are of much more interest than his journal.

In  Vanished Kingdoms; A Woman Explorer in Tibet, China & Mongolia 1921-1925  by Mabel H.Cabot, New York, Aperture and The Peabody Museum at Harvard, 2003. (The woman explorer of the title is Janet January Wulsin whose letters are quoted but who apparently kept no diary).



ASHTON, James - E


“In 1922, the author, an employee, and David Rutherford, the president, of the Phoenix Northern Trading Company, and a crew of six, made an eight month trip from Taxoma, Washington to Cape Nord in the schooner Iskum.”

Ice-Bound: A Trader’s Adventures in the Siberian Arctic  New York, Putnam, 1928, is reported to contain diary material..


ABDULLAH, Ramjoo - E

1922 to 1929

Record of the first seven years of Meher Baba's Avataric mission, kept at his order; first disciples; training; establishment near Arangaon; discourses, incidents and anecdotes.

Ramjoo's Diaries 1922-1929: A Personal Account of Meher Baba's Early Work  Walnut Creek, Sufism Reoriented, 1979.


BEATON, Cecil Walter Hardy (1904-1980)  photographer, designer and writer - H2145,M5594,E

October 4th. 1922 to March 13th. 1974

A panorama of life from youth to age, filled with the famous. Friends, women, society, travel. The war time diaries may be the best. Some indications of polishing for publication.

a) - 1. - Near East Diary  London, Batsford, 1943.

2. - Far East Diary  London, Batsford, 1944. The Chinese and Indian and Burmese sections of this diary are reprinted, together with photographs, in  Chinese Diary and Album  and  Indian Diary and Album  Oxford University Press, 1991.

b) - 1. - The Wandering Years; Diaries 1922-1939  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1961.

2. - The Years Between; Diaries 1939-44  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1965.

3. - The Happy Years; Diaries 1944-48  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1972. American title  Memoirs of the 40's  New York, McGraw Hill, 1972.

4. - The Strenuous Years; Diaries 1948-55  London. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1973.

5. - The Restless Years; Diaries 1955-63  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1976.

6. - The Parting Years; Diaries 1963-74  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1978.

7. - Self Portrait with Friends; The Selected Diaries of Cecil Beaton  edited by Richard Buckle. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1979. A selection from the published diaries.

8. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), p 294; and Aldrich (2), pp 397-398, 412-413 and 428-430.

c)  - 1966

Diary, extracts; living in Hollywood to design sets and costumes for 'My Fair Lady'.

In  Fair Lady  Holt Rinehart Winston, 1969.

d) - Unexpurgated selections from the manuscript diaries reveal much that was glossed or excised on first publication.

1. - The Unexpurgated Beaton: The Cecil Beaton Diaries as He Wrote Them, 1970-1980  edited by Hugo Vickers. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2002.

2. - Beaton in the Sixties: The Cecil Beaton Diaries as They Were Written  edited by Hugo Vickers. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2003.


CAMPBELL, Joseph (1879-1944)  member of the I.R.A.

September 22nd. to November 22nd. 1922

Prison diary; conditions in Mountjoy prison; an attack on the prison; disturbances; a brief hunger strike; fellow prisoners, conversations and rumours; executions.

In  Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology, 1590-1987  edited by Melosina Lenox-Conyngham. Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 1998, pp 244-250. Taken from a manuscript in the library of Trinity College, Dublin.


CARROLL, Gladys Hasty (b.1904)  American novelist - *H2146,*M5595,E

1922 to 1923

Personal diary at college in New England.

To Remember Forever: The Journal of a College Girl, 1922-1923  Boston, Little, Brown, 1963.


CORNEILLE (Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo) (1922-2010)  Dutch artist - E

Dates unknown

Journal of a Painter in Ethiopia  in  Evergreen Review  November-December, 1959.


DEWEY, Meredith (1907-1984?)  Dean of Pembroke College, Cambridge

1922 to 1945

Private diary; fragments from schooldays at Rugby, undergraduate at Pembroke, training for the ministry at Ely, deacon and priest at Wigan; a full account of a bicycle ride to Jerusalem in 1935; naval chaplaincies on HMS Effingham and HMS Revenge from 1940 to 1945. There are some vivid moments in these diary extracts. The manuscripts are in the library of Pembroke College.

In  Meredith Dewey: Diaries, Letters, Writings  edited by A.V.Grimstone, M.C.Lyons and Ursula Lyons. Cambridge, Pembroke College, 1992.


ELDER, Orville - E


A Trip to the Hawaiian Islands with the Press Congress of the World  Washington, Iowa, 1922, is reported to contain diary material.


EMERY, Susanne (later WULSIN)


Brief quotations from a travel diary in Kansu, China, with Frederick Wulsin (qv) and his wife.

In  Vanished Kingdoms; A Woman Explorer in Tibet, China & Mongolia 1921-1925  by Mabel H.Cabot, New York, Aperture and The Peabody Museum at Harvard, 2003. (The woman explorer of the title is Janet January Wulsin whose letters are quoted but who apparently left no diary).

Note: There is also one unimportant quotation, about the political situation, from the 1921 diary of her then husband, Henry Crosby Emery.


ENGLAND, George Allan (1877-1936)  American writer - E


Vikings of the Ice: Being the Log of a Tenderfoot on the Great Newfoundland Seal Hunt  New York, Doubleday, 1924.


GRESS, Edmund Geiger (1872-1934)  American typographer - E


“… mentions of libraries, bibliophiles and of course printing activities.”

A Dash through Europe, with Snapshots by the Way  New York, Oswald Publishing, 1923, is reported to contain diary material.


HAARDT, Georges Marie (1886?-1932)  works manager of the Citroen motor company - E

a) - 1922 to 1923

Across the Sahara By Motor Car: From Touggourt to Timbuctoo  by Georges Marie Haardt and Louis Audouin-Dubreuil, London, T. Fisher Unwin, 1924, is reported to contain diary material

b) - 1924 to 1925

The Black journey; across Central Africa with the Citroën Expedition  by Georges-Marie Haardt and Louis Audouin-Dubreuil, New York, Cosmopolitan Book Corporation, 1927, may also contain diary material.

Note: An Eastern Odyssey: The Third Expedition of Haardt and Audouin-Dubreuil  by Le Fevre, London, Victor Golancz, 1935, is an account of the third Citroen expedition, from Damascus to Peking, during which Haardt died in Hong Kong in 1932.


HAMILTON, Charles William - E


“… very happy summer spent sailing in Scandinavia. Steamer Kristianiafjord sailed on June 24, 1922. The choir from St. Olaf"s College in Northfield, MN is on board, so there is good singing. Christiania (now Oslo); Stavanger; Bodo in the Arctic; North Cape; Trondhjem; Soholt; Laerdalsoren; Bergen; Hardanger Fjord, Stockholm, more.”

A Summer in Northern Lands: The Journal of a Trip to Scandinavia  Boston, 1922.


HENDERSON, Keith (1883-1982)  Scottish artist - E


Palm Groves and Humming Birds: An Artist’s Fortnight in Brazil  London, Ernest Benn, 1924.


HITCHCOCK, Halbert J. - E

1922 to 1923

Trailing the Sun Around the World  New York, Putnam, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


HURNSCOT, Loran (Gay Stuart Taylor) (d.1970) - H2218

1922 to 1958

Personal diary; English woman's unsatisfactory marriage; publishing partnership with her husband; lover, also rather unsatisfactory; religious experience; Ouspensky.

1. - A Prison, A Paradise  New York, Viking, 1959.

2. - Extracts: Blodgett (2), pp 225-241; and Moffat & Painter, pp 335-346.


KRIESEL, Henry (1922-1991)  Canadian writer - E

Dates unknown

Another Country: Writings by and about Henry Kreisel  Edmonton: Newest Press, 1985, is reported to contain diary material.


LEWIS, Clive Staples (1898-1963)  writer and scholar

a) - April 1st. 1922 to March 1st. 1927

Private diary; undergraduate and graduate life in Oxford, before he became a Christian; life with Mrs. Moore and her daughter; household and domestic affairs; studies; job-hunting; friends, gossip, conversations; some good descriptions of people and places.

All My Road Before Me; The Diary of C.S.Lewis 1922-1927  edited by Walter Hooper. London, Harper Collins, 1991.

b) - From 1960?

“Written after his wife’s tragic death as a way of surviving the mad midnight moment, … is C.S. Lewis’s honest reflection on the fundamental issues of life, death, and faith in the midst of loss.”

A Grief Observed  Connecticut, Seabury Press, 1963.


LINDBERGH, Anne Morrow (b.1906) - H2147,M5617

1922 to 1944

Personal diary of Charles Lindbergh's wife, daughter of Dwight Morrow, whose child was kidnapped and killed. The story of her life from late adolescence told in dairies and letters. Aviation; celebrity; life in England; war work.

1. - Bring me a Unicorn; Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1922-1928  New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1972.

2. - Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead; Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1929-1932  New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1973.

3. - Locked Rooms and Open Doors; Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1933-1935  New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1974.

4. - The Flower and the Nettle; Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1936-1939   New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1976.

5. - War Within and Without; Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1939-1944  New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich. 1980.

6. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 108-109, 253-254 and 477-478.


NUTTING, Charles Cleveland (1858-1927)  American Zoologist - E


Fiji-New Zealand Expedition: Narrative and Preliminiary Report of a Scientific Expedition from the University of Iowa to the South Seas  University of iowa, 1924, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Nutting took part in expeditions to the Bahamas and Dry Islands (1893), aboard the Albatross (1902) and Lasysan Island (1911). His reports of some or all of these expeditions, and perhaps others, may also contain diary material.


RASCOE, Burton (1892-1957)  American journalist and literary critic - E

April 1922 to August 1924

Extracts from the “Daybook” which was originally published in the New York Tribune and new York herald tribune.

A Bookman’s Daybook  edited by C.Hartley Grattan. New York, Liveright, 1929.


RUTTENBER, Edward M. - E

From November 18th. 1922

"A journal … consisting of excerpts from the author's columns in the Daily News record and Men's Wear."

The American Male: His Fashions and Foibles  New York, Fairchild, 1948.


SEYMOUR, Helen Wells - *H2148,E

1922 to 1926

Diary of an American in Japan at Doshisha Christian University, Kyoto.

A Japanese Diary  New Haven, Yale University Press, 1956, 171 pp, limited to 500 copies.

STRACHEY, John St. Loe (1860-1927)  editor of 'The Spectator' - B308

October 1922 to July 1924

Matthews: Personal diary; travel in France and England; reflections on everyday incidents, fleeting events and fancies; books, plays, writers, ancient and modern, music, people; a "pinning of butterflies" in daily reflective essayettes.

The River of Life  London, 1924.


STRAVINSKY, Vera (1888-1982)  second wife of Igor Stravinsky - E

1922 to 1971

Dearest Bubushkin: The correspondence of Vera and Igor Stravinsky, 1921-1954, with excerpts from Vera Stravinsky's diaries, 1922-1971  edited by Robert Craft, translated from the Russian by Lucia Davidova. New York, Thames and Hudson


WESTON, Edward (1886-1958)  American photographer - *M5597,E

1. - Daybooks  edited by Nancy Newhall. Rochester, New York, George Eastman House, two volumes, 1961and 1966.

2. - Edward Weston: Photographer: The Flame of Recognition  edited by Nancy Newhall. New York, Aperture, 1965; reissued as  Edward Weston: The Flame of Recognition: His Photographs Accompanied by Excerpts from the Daybooks & Letters  New York, Aperture, 1971.


WIDTSOE, John A. - *H2149,*M5598,E

Journal  offprint from  Utah Historical Quarterly  1955.





Probably Folly Ranch in the Big Horn mountains, Wyoming, bought by Eleanor Donelly in 1919.

The Log of Folly Ranch Summer, 1923  privately printed, 1923.



1923 to 1925

Metis Outpost: Memoirs of the first Schoolmaster at the Metis Settlement of Kelly lake, B.C., 1923-1925  Victoria, British Columbia, 1985.


BACIGALUPA, Andrea (Drew) (1923-2015)  artist - E

Dates unknown

a) - Journal of an Itinerant Artist  Huntigton, Indiana, 1977.

b) - “A collection of essays originally published as a weekly column by the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Sunday arts supplement. Provocative insights into the life of an artist/writer, his family and friends, extensive travels, experiences in World War II. An incisive and personal perspective of life in the 20th century by one of Santa Fe’s most renowned long-time residents of the celebrated art colony.”

Coffeebreak Journal

c) - 2002

Mystical Journey: Campania and Liguria, 2002  self published, spiral bound.

BERESFORD, Russell (1892-1924)  archaeologist - B308

March 1923 to January 1924

Matthews: Travel diary (selection); travel in the Mediterranean lands; archaeological work at Tozear; a delicate and intimate record of a love affair.

The Diary of Russell Beresford  edited by Cecil Roberts. New York, 1937.


BRUES, Beirne (1882-1973) - E


A Diary of a Trip to Southernmost Florida  privately printed, 1924.


COLE, Tom - E

1923 to 1943

Riding the Wildman Plains: The Letters and Diaries of Tom Cole, 1923-1943  Sydney, Australia, Macmillan, 1992.


COMMONS, Marie Andrews - E

1923 to 1930

Diary record of bird ringing on Lake Minnetonka.

The Log of Tanager Hill  Baltimore, Williams and Wilkins, 1938.


CRITCHELL-BULLOCK, James [Capt.] (b.1898) - E


Account of an attempt to live off the land near Hudson's Bay for a year, without supplies.

Snow Man: John Hornby in the Barren Lands  by Malcolm Thomas Waldron, New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1931, is "re-written from diaries and records of Captain James Critchell-Bullock, who accompanied Mr. Hornby


CROSBY, Harry (1898-1929)  American poet in Paris - *M5599,E

1. - Shadows of the Sun  Paris, Black Sun Press, 1928-30.

2. - Shadows of the Sun: The Diaries of Harry Crosby  edited by Edward Germain. Santa Barbara, Black Sparrow Press, 1977.


DICKEY, James Lafayette (1923-1997)  American poet and novelist - E

Dates unknown

Sorties: Journals and Essays  Doubleday, 1971.


DUTTON, Ninette (1923-2007)  Australian artist - E

Dates unknown

“A journal of a year in the life of South Australian enamelist, illustrator, author, mother, and housewife.”

Portrait of a Year  Melbourne, Victoria, Thomas Nelson, 1976.


EDGAR, Helen M. (d.1933) - E

January to March, 1923?

“A Canadian woman's account of her houseboat ascent of the Nile, with particular attention paid to Cairo, Asswan, Edfu, Philae, Luxor, Karnak, Thebes, Dendera, and Abydos.”

Dahabeah Days  Ryerson Press, 1923, 85pp.


FOSTER, Cecil (1890-1930)  Captain of the S.S. Trevassa - E


“It was in the early hours of 4 June 1923 when the Trevessa began taking on water, and sunk with such speed that many of the crew didn't even have a chance to get dressed properly.” “A precise account of the loss of the 5000 ton steamer Trevessa and of the consequent open boat voyage of her passengers and crew, based on a log kept by Foster, her Captain.”

1700 Miles in Open Boats: The Story of the Loss of the S.S. Trevassa in the Indian Ocean and the Voyage of Her Boats to Safety  London, Martin Hopkinson, 1924.


FOTHERGILL, John  - innkeeper - B308,E

a) - 1923 to 1930

The diary of the landlord of 'The Spreadeagle' at Thame. Entertaining stories about his mainly literary and academic customers. Entries are not dated but are 'selected and collated', the book is edited by the author and diary form is transmuted into memoir and anecdote.

An Innkeeper's Diary  London, Chatto and Windus, 1931. Reprinted: Phoenix Library 1934, Penguin Books (No. 181), 1939 and Faber 1987.

b) - Not seen.

My Three Inns  London, Chatto & Windus, 1949.


GERBAULT, Alain Jaques Georges Marie (1893-1941)  French aviator, tennis champion and single-handed sailor - E

a) - 1923

“   crossing of the Atlantic in a small boat was still considered a major and risky undertaking, and Gerbault was not well prepared for the voyage, either in terms of equipment or experience. Although the passage was extremely arduous, and troubled by a number of equipment failures, he made it to New York after 101 days at sea.”

The Flight of the Firecrest  New York, Appleton, 1926.

b) - From 1926?

He continues his voyage around the world.

1. - In Quest of the Sun: The journal of the Firecrest  London, Hodder, 1930.

2. - The Gospel of the Sun  London, Hodder, 1933.


GREGORY, Alyse (1884-1967)  American suffragist and writer - E

1923 to 1948

Cry of a Gull: Journals, 1923-48  Dulverton, Ark Press, 1973.


HUNTER, Fenley - E

a) - 1923

“…journal documenting a trip to Dease Lake in northern British Columbia.”

Frances Lake Yukon  Flushing, Long Island, 1924, 50 copies.

b) - 1923 and 1928

The 1923 journal is reprinted with the addition of “Hunter's journals detail[ing] his quest to survey the Nahanni's centerpiece waterfall and to name it after his 16-year-old daughter, Virginia.”

That Summer on the Nahanni 1928: The journals of Fenley hunter; Frances Lake Yukon, 1923, and A Trip to the Western Arctic, 1928  Ottawa, mcGahern Stewart, 2015.


JOHNSTON, Alnah James [Mrs.] (1896-1987)  American teacher - E

From 1923?

Teaching in China at Yenching University.

The Footprints of the Pheasant in the Snow  Portland, Maine, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.


KENNEDY, Rose Fitzgerald (b.1890)  nother of President Kennedy - *M5600,E

Times to Remember  New York, Doubleday, 1974 and 1995.

KISCH, Frederick Herman [Lieut. Col.] (1888-1943)  Zionist - B308,D171

January 1923 to August 1931

Matthews: Public Diary while chairman of Palestine Zionist Executive; visits Palestine and Syria; negotiations with Balfour, Amery, and commissions of enquiry; Zionist movement and council; Jewish agency; American Zionists; what was taking place in Palestine and elsewhere; his own activities; meetings; progress of settlers.

Palestine Diary  London, 1938.


NOTT, Charles Stanley (1887-1978)  author and publisher - E

a) - From 1923?

Teachings of Gurdjieff - A Pupil's Journal: An Account of Some Years with G.I.Gurdjeff and A.R.Orage in New York and Fontainbleu-Avon  New York, Weiser, 1978.   

b) - Further Teachings of Gurdjieff - Journey Through This World - Including Account of Meetings with G I Gurdjieff, A R Orage and P D Ouspensky  1984, has not been examined but may also contain diary material.


PARKER, Tony (1923-1996)  English oral historian - E

Dates unknown

Lighthouse  London, Hutchinson, 1975, is reported to contain diary material.


PETCHKOFF, Zinovi (Zinovy Alekseyevich Peshkov) [Major] (1884-1966) Russian born French Army OfficerE

1923 and 1924

Diary of service with the French Foreign Legion in Morocco.

The Bugle Sounds: Life in the Foreign Legion  Appleton, 1926.


PETRAKIS, Harry Mark (b.1923)  novelist - E

Dates unknown

Reflections  Lake View Press, 1983, is reported to contain diary material.


SMITH, Belle Hannah - *M5601,E

In  South Dakota Review  XVI.


SOILAND, Albert [Dr.] (1873-1946) radiologist and  founder and first commodore of Newport Harbor yacht ClubE


The Viking Goes to Sea: Being and Account of the Honolulu Race of 1923   Los Angeles, Times-Mirroe Press, 1924.


WILLIS, Winifred (1902-1982)  American writer

July 10th. 1923 to May 24th. 1924

Private diary; an artist's colony in Maine, then to New York; her work; sexual longings; courtship. The printed diary excerpt ends with her marriage but it exists in typescript for the rest of her life.

In  Private Pages; Diaries of American Women 1830's -1970's  edited by Penelope Franklin. New York, Ballantine Books, 1986, pp 275-301.


WOODRUFF, George Catlin  - American tourist - E


Account of a world cruise on the Cunard ship Samaria, from New York to Spain, Algeria, Egypt, India, Sumatra, Java, Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, and Hawaii.

O'er Land and Sea: The Realization of a Life Time Dream  Litchfield, Connecticut, 1924.


ANONYMOUS  (INVERCLYDE, John Alan Burns, fourth Baron) (b.1897)

November 10th. 1924 to March 27th. 1925

The diary of an eastern cruise, with a party of seven, including the owner, in the Steam Yacht Sapphire; places visited; fellow passengers and officers; weather; thoughts; details of a privileged life; an interesting period piece which seems to have been written to give to his friends.

Porpoises and People  London, Halton, Truscott, Smith, printed for private circulation, no date. A beautifully made book. The author in his entry in 'Who's Who' gives the publication date as 1930 but the copy examined is inscribed by him for 1925.




In  With Seaplane and Sledge in the Arctic  by George Binney. London, Hutchinson, 1925.


BARNOUW, Adriaan Jacob (b.1877) - E

1924 to 1961

Monthly Letters on the Culture and History of the Netherlands  Assen, Van Gorcum, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.


BENJAMIN, Walter Bendix Schönflies (1892-1940)  German Jewish philosopher - E

a) - From 1924?

“Perhaps the primary reason for his trip was his affection for Asja Lacis, a Latvian Bolshevik whom he had first met in Capri in 1924 and who would remain an important intellectual and erotic influence on him throughout the twenties and thirties. Asja Lacis resided in Moscow, eking out a living as a journalist, and Benjamin"s diary is, on one level, the account of his masochistic love affair with this elusive--and rather unsympathetic--object of desire. On another level, it is the story of a failed romance with the Russian Revolution; for Benjamin had journeyed to Russia not only to inform himself firsthand about Soviet society, but also to arrive at an eventual decision about joining the Communist Party. Benjamin"s diary paints the dilemma of a writer seduced by the promises of the Revolution yet unwilling to blinker himself to its human and institutional failings.”

Moscow Diary  Harvard University press, 1986.

b) - 1934

Bertolt Brecht and Stalin: A Diary by Walter Benjamin  in  Salmagundi  XVII, Fall, 1971, pp 65-79.


BENTZ, Alice - E

From 1924

James Cummings (1116) has  Travels with Pearl Chase beginning July 5, 1924  “No place, no date, reproduced in facsimile mand bound in library buckram.”


BRASSAÏ, (pseud.) (Gyula Halász) (1899-1984)  Hungarian French photographer - E

After 1924?

Picasso and Co.  London, Thames and Hudson, 1967, is reported to contain diary material.


BRETT, Dorothy Eugénie (1883-1977)  English aristocrat and painter - E

From 1924

“In March of 1924, D. H. Lawrence, Frieda Lawrence and the Honorable Dorothy Brett went to Taos, New Mexico, to absorb the color and romance of what was to them a mysterious and compelling land. Dorothy Brett recreated those days in this fascinating first-hand account, and also writes of when she was the close friend of Aldous Huxley, Lytton Strachey, Katherine Mansfield, and other important literary and artistic figures. But more importantly, she focused on her relationship with Lawrence and the book was specifically addressed to him as if he were to read it, reminding him personally of her long-standing devotion.”

Lawrence and Brett: A Friendship  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1933.




In  With Seaplane and Sledge in the Arctic  by George Binney. London, Hutchinson, 1925.

CHENEY, Russell   see  MATTHIESSEN, Francis Otto


COOPER, Merian C. - E


“The story of the silent film, GRASS. Cooper's film crew follows the migratory Baktyari people as they move from their winter to summer grazing lands.”

Grass  New York, Putnam, 1925, is reported to contain diary material.


FRASER, Saline Hardee - *M5602,E


Account of a mining disaster.

One Long Day That Went on Forever  in  Utah Historical Quarterly  XLVIII, 1980.


FRY, W.A. - E

June to August 1924

A Trip to Europe, June 11 to August 3, 1924  Dunnville, Ontario, 1924?


HALL, Ernest George Fenton (1898-1924)  missionary

May 24th. 1924 to December 5th. 1925

Substantial extracts from the missionary diary of a sometime RAF officer; the voyage from Liverpool to Maranham in Brazil; his work among the ship's officers and crew; the journey, by canoe and overland to the Guajajara Indians; good descriptions and details of travel, lodgings, food; the habits, diet and living conditions of the natives; some notes about companions; missionary work and religious impulses; always cheerful but increasingly ill and exhausted. An interesting and attractive diary.  

The Journals of Ernest George Fenton Hall  London, World Wide Evangelisation Crusade and Heart of Amazonia Mission, no date (1926?).


HEMENWAY, Ruth V. (1894-1974)  medical missionary - E

1924? to 1941?

A Memoir of Revolutionary China  edited by Fred W.Drake, Amherst, University of Massachusetts Press, is reported to contain diary material.


HOWARD, Alice Sturtevant - *M5603,E

In  The Yacht 'Alice'  by Henry Howard. Charles Lauriat, 1926.




Re-written journal of a world cruise.

Around the World on the Laconia  privately printed, 1925?  


LEOPOLD, Aldo  - 'the father of modern ecology' - *H2150,E

a) - Round River: From the Journals of Aldo Leopold  edited by Luna B.Leopold. New York, Oxford University Press, 1953.

b) - Dates unknown

A Sand County Almanac  Oxford University Press, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.


LEWIS, Claude B.  – brother of Sinclair Lewis - E


1. - Treaty Trip: An Abridgement of dr. Claude Lewis’s Journal of an Expedition Made by Him and His Brother, Sinclair lewis, to Northern Sakatchewan and Minitoba  University of Minnesota press, 1959.

2. - Sinclair Lewis and Mantrap: The Saskatchewan Trip  edited by John J.Koblas and Dave Page, Madison, Wisconsin, Main Street Press, 1985.


MATTHIESSEN, Francis Otto (1902-1950)  historian and critic, and  CHENEY, Russell (1881-1945)  painter -  - *M5604,E

a) - Rat & the Devil: Journal Letters of F. O. Matthiessen and Russell Cheney  edited by Louis Hyde. Hamden, Connecticut, Archon Books. 1978. Reprinted, Alyson Publications Inc., 1988.

b) - 1947

Account of a tour of Central Europe.

From the Heart of Europe  New York, Oxford University Press, 1948. This book is also reported to contain a diary by Russell Cheney.


MILLER, H.Earl - *H2151,*M5605,E

a) - See Havlice and Arksey.

b) - 1928 to 1954

Missionary diary in India.

Snake Temple: An Indian Diary  New York, Carlton Press, 1977.

OLIVIER, Edith (1872-1948)  novelist

November 25th. 1924 to April 20th. 1948

Private diary from the death of her sister to the end of her life. Social life in the country, near Salisbury; friends; Beaton, Sassoon, Rex Whistler, etc. and their work; lunches, dinners, weekends; the war; money worries. Edited with a linking narrative.

Edith Olivier; From her Journals 1924-48  by Penelope Middleboe. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1989.


O’NEILL, Eugene Gladstone (1888-1953)  American playwright - E

1924 to 1943

Work Diary 1924-1943  Yale University Press, two volumes, 1981.


RANKIN, William H - E

July 19th. 1924

London to Paris by Air the Imperial Way; Written by William H.Rankin as he rode by aeroplane while in the air ...   New York and Philadelphia, carey craft Press, 1924.


RICHARDS, Eva Louise Alvey - *M5606,E

Arctic Mood: A Narrative of Arctic Adventures  Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, 1949.


RITCHIE, Charles Stewart Almon (1906-1995)  Canadian diplomat - *H2152,E

a) - 1924 to 1927

Private diary; youthful indiscretions; from Halifax to Oxford.

An Appetite for Life: The Education of a Young Diarist 1924-1927  Toronto, Macmillan, 1977.

b) - 1937-1945

Diary of the war years in London as second secretary at the Canadian High Commission.

1. - The Siren Years: A Canadian Diplomat Abroad, 1937-1945  Toronto, Macmillan, 1974. London publication as  The Siren Years: Undiplomatic Diaries, 1937-1945  London, Macmillan, 1974.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 162-163 and 531-532; and Adrich (2), pp 116-117 and 558-559. -

c) - 1946 to 1962

Diplomatic Passport: More Undiplomatic Diaries, 1946-1962  Toronto, Macmillan, 1981.

d) - 1962-1971

Diary selections; Canadian Ambassador to Washington and High Commissioner to London

Storm Signals : More Undiplomatic Diaries  Toronto, Macmillan, 1983.

e) - 1941 to 1973

In  Love's Civil War: Elizabeth Bowen and Charles Ritchie, Letters and Diaries 1941-1973  edited by Victoria Glendinning. Simon and Schuster, 2009.


ROERICH, George (1902-1960)  son of Nicholas Roerich (qv) - E

1924? to 1928?

In  Trails to Inmost Asia; Five Years of Exploration with the Roerich Central Asian Expedition  New Haven, Yale University Press; London, H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1931.


ROERICH, Nicholas  (1874-1947)  Russian painter - *H2153,E

1924 to 1928

Travel diary; India, Sikhim, Pir-Panzal, Ladak, Lamayuru-Hemis, Lewh, Karakorum, Khotan, Takla Makan, Karashahr, Dzungharia, Altai, Mongolia and Tibet.

Altai-Himalya: A Travel Diary  New York, Stokes, and London, Jarrold, 1929.

Note: James Cummings (10512) has  Mongolian Epics  Albuquerque, 1939.


ROGERS, Will (1879-1935)

(Annotation based on extracts)

From 1924

Dated entries, but mainly jokes; possibly not a diary.

1. - In  The Autobiography of Will Rogers  edited by Donald Day. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1949.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 579-585.

ROURKE, Douglas Musgrave - C1020

September 1924 to January 1927

Matthews: Private diary; work as accountant with the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Chipewayan, Lake Athabasca.

The Land of the Frozen Tide  by Louise Rourke. London, 1928, pp 326-352.


TAGORE, Rabindranath (1861-1941)  Indian writer and nationalist - *H2154,E

The Diary of a Westward Voyage  translated by Indu Dutt. New York, Asia Publishing, 1962. Reprinted, Greenwood, 1975.


THOMAS, Lowell (1892-1981) - E


First northern hemisphere aerial circumnavigation.

The First World Flight: Being the personal narratives of Lowell Smith, Erik Nelson, Legh Wade. Leslie Arnold, Henry Ogden, John Harding  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1925, is reported to contain diary material. The author or compiler of the book was Lowell Thomas and it is uncertain as to whom the diary material is ascribed.


TRUMAN, (Mary) Margaret (1924-2008)  singer and writer, daughter of President Truman - E

Dates Unknown

Souvenir, Margaret Truman's Own Story  New York, McGraw-Hill, 1956, is reported to contain diary material.


WHITING, Ethel Robertson (1882-1974)  of Berkeley, California

March 11th. 1924 to April 2nd. 1930

Journal in conversational tone, addressed to a future grandchild; family and social life, particularly her younger daughter's courtship and marriage; reminiscence and family history; the birth of a grand daughter.

In  Private Pages; Diaries of American Women 1830's -1970's  edited by Penelope Franklin. New York, Ballantine Books, 1986, pp 411-448.


YOUNG, Alfred  - US naval officer? - E

(Not seen)

May? to September? 1924

Probably a diary of the shakedown cruise of the USS Trenton in the Mediterranean.

The Cruise of the USS Trenton  privately printed, 1924.


BARRYMORE, John (1882-1942)  American actor - H2155

December 27th. 1925 to January 19th. 1926

Diary of a fishing trip; California and Mexico; photographing whales; dramatic description of a rock climbing incident; theatrical and sometimes sneering. (Dates and annotation based on extract).

1. - In  Goodnight, Sweet Prince: The Life and Times of James Barrymore  by Gene Fowler. New York, Viking Press, 1944?

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 165-171.


BEEBE, Charles William (1877-1962)  American naturalist - *M5607,E

The Arcturus Adventure: An Account of the New York Zoological Society’s First Oceanographic Expedition  New York, Putnam, 1926.

Note (1): Beebe was a prolific author and the works noted below are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Two Bird-Lovers in Mexico  London, A. Constable and Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin, 1905.

2. - Galapagos, World’s End  New York and London, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1924.

3. - High Jungle  New York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1949.

Note (2):  Our Search for a Wilderness: An Account of Two Ornithological Expeditions to Venezuela and to British Guiana  by Mary Blair Beebe and C. William Beebe, New York, Holt, 1910, is also reported to contain diary material.


BESTON, Henry (1888-1968)  American writer and naturalist - E

a) - 1925 to 1926 (?)

“The 20x16 house, dubbed ‘the Fo'castle’ by Beston, was built by Eastham carpenter Harvey Moore in the late spring of 1925. Beston stayed there, on and off, for about two years, leaving the beach occasionally, but was usually on the beach for the many severe storms that struck the Cape in the winter. His house was located two miles south of the Nauset Coast Guard Station, with the Atlantic Ocean near his front door and Nauset Marsh behind him. His only neighbors were the Coast Guardsmen, who patrolled the beach.”

The Outermost House  Doubleday, 1928, often reprinted, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1940’s?

Northern Farm: A Chronicle of Maine  Rinehart, 1948, is also reported to contain diary material.


BISSELL, Alfred - E

1925 to 1926

“Transcript of a diary kept during a trip to Kenya Colony in the winter of 1925-26.”

Hunting in East Africa, 1925-1926  privately printed, 1940, 57pp.




James Cummings has:  Four of the Five-Of-Us in England  no place of publication, 1927.


BUCKLEY, William Francis (1925-2008)  American author and commentator, founder of National Review magazine - E

a) - Dates unknown

Cruising Speed: A Documentary  Putnam, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - From 1973?

United nations Journal: A Delegate’s Odyssey  Putnam, 1974.


BURTON, Richard (Richard Walter Jenkins) (1925-1984)  british actor - E

Dates unknown

Diaries and Notebooks  in  RichardBurton: A Life  by Melvyn Bragg, Little Brown, 1988.


BUTLER, Charles R. - E


“Reprinted from a Series of Travel Letters Written to the Mankato Free Press, … This is a detailed account of the travels of Mr. Butler and his wife on the cruise ship Carinthia. “This is a detailed account of the travels of Mr. Butler and his wife on the cruise ship Carinthia.”

A Cruise Diary  Mankato, 1926, 106pp.


CLAYTON, Gilbert Falkingham Sir - *H2156,E

An Arabian Diary  edited by Robert O.Collins. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1969.


COOK, John Atkins (1857-1937) - E


Pursuing the Whale: A Quarter of Whaling in the Arctic  London, John Murray, 1926, is reported to contain diary material.



October 1925 to August 1926

Notes of a tour rond the world made by Mr and mrs William Cuthberston.

Ten Months Abroad  Constable, 1928.


FAWCETT, Percy Harrison [Lieut. Col.] (1867-1925)  British explorer - E


“Col. Fawcett wrote the manuscript before his disappearance in Brazil in 1925. Here, his younger son, Brian, has arranged, edited, and selected the text from these mss, letters, and other records.”

Lost Trails , Lost Cities  New York, 1953; English title  Exploration Fawcett  London, Hutchinson, 1953; is reported to contain diary material.


FOSTER, Larimore (1905-1925) - *M5608,E

Larry: Thoughts of Youth  New York, Association Press, 1930.


GARNETT, Anne (Mrs. Lee Mitchell) (b.1908)

a) - April 1925 to May 1926

Personal diary of a fourteen year old London girl sent to convalesce in Somerset. Good picture of country life.

Caught from Time; A Country Diary of the 1920's  Padstow, Tabb House, 1986.

b) - From 1926

The continuation of the earlier diary.

Fields of Young Corn  Padstow, Tabb House (not seen).

Note:  People at War  by Michael Moynihan includes a chapter taken from Anne Garnett's Second World War diaries.


GOEBBELS, Joseph Paul (1897-1945) - *H2157

a) - 1925 to 1926

The Early Goebbels Diaries  edited by Alan Bullock and Helmut Heiber. London, 1962.

b) - January 1st. 1939 to July 8th. 1941

Very full and detailed diary of political and war time events; Hitler and his fellow Nazis; persecution of the Jews; invasion of Poland; propaganda; personal life and marital problems; triumphal tone. An interesting and important diary.

1. - The Goebbels Diaries 1939-41  translated and edited by Fred Taylor. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1982. New York, 1983.

2. - Extracts Aldrich (2), pp 41-42.

c) - January 21st. 1942 to December 9th. 1943, some gaps

His work; the progress of the war; his anxieties, internal strains in Germany, reports of Churchill and speculation about the resources of the Allies; his own propaganda successes; Hitler, Goering, etc.

The Goebbels Diaries  translated and edited by Louis P.Lochner. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1948.

d) - February 27th. to April 9th. 1945

The last days of the war; a record of the collapse of Germany; he tries desperately to find reasons for hope, until the end. Unique.

1. - The Goebbels Diaries; The Last Days  edited by Hugh Trevor-Roper. London, Secker and Warburg, 1978. American title:  Final Entries, 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 615-616 and 618.

e) - There are many quotations from diaries not otherwise available in English in  Goebbels  by Ralf Georg Reuth, translated by Krishna Winston, London, Constable, 1993.

f) - 1939 to 1943

Notes, condensed and edited, recording, largely in the reported words of Goebbels himself, the almost daily ministerial ‘conferences’, perhaps more accurately described as lectures, at the Ministry for Propaganda. An uniquely detailed and interesting view of operations in the propaganda war.

The Secret Conferences of Dr. Goebbels: The Nazi Propaganda War, 1939-1943  edited by Willi Boelcke, translated by Ewald Osers, London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, New York, Dutton, 1970.


HAMMARSKJOLD, Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl (1905-1961)  Swedish diplomat, Secretary-General of the United Nations - E

1925 to 1961

“A collection of his diary reflections, the book starts in 1925, when he was 20 years old, and ends the month before his death in 1961. This diary was found in his New York house, after his death, …”

Markings  Knopf, 1964.


HEATH, Frank - E

1925 to 1927

“Mounted on Gypsy Queen, Heath set out in 1925 to see his vast country. The journey lasted more than two years, during which time the two travelers shared a long series of hardships, becoming inseparable companions in the process. In 1927, more than 11,000 miles later, Frank and his Gypsy Queen mare finally rode into Washington DC. The unlikely horse and her cavalryman rider had touched every state in the Union.”

Forty Million Hoofbeats  New York, 1941, is reported to contain diary material.


HEFFERNAN, Leo G. - *H2158,*M5609,E

In  Aerospace Historian  XXV.


HOUGHTON, Adelaide Louise Wellington (b.1867)  wife of the US ambassador to Britain - *M5610,E

1925 to 1929

The London Years: The Diary of Adelaide Wellington Houghton, 1925-1929  privately printed, 1963.


KLITGAARD, Kaj  - merchant mariner - E

Late 1920's?

Purported diary of a tramp steamer's voyage around the world, possibly largely fictional.

Seven Months and Seven Days  New York, Doubleday, 1930.


McCOWEN, Alexander Duncan (Alec) (b.1925)  English actor

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Young Gemini  Atheneum, 1979.

2. - Double Bill  Atheneum, 1980.


MARSTON, Maurice  - organising secretary of the National Book League - E

From 1925?

Sixty Precarious years: A Short History of the National Book League, 1925-1985  National Book League, 1985, 77pp.


MEINERTZHAGEN, Daniel (1925-1944)  son of Richard Meinertzhagen (qv)

Dates unknown

The Life of a Boy: Daniel Meinertzhagen  by Richard Meinertzhagen, London, Oliver and Boyd, 1947, is reported to contain diary material.


OLSEN, Nils Andreas  - of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics - *H2159,*M5611,E

1925 to 1935

Journal of a Tamed Bureaucrat: Nils A.Olsen and the B.A.E., 1925-1935  edited by Richard Lowitt. Ames, Iowa State University, 1980.


PEATTIE, Donald Culross  (1898-1964)  American botanist - E


Bounty of Earth  by Donald Culross Peattie and Louise Redfield Peattie, Appleton, 1926, is reported to contain diary material.


PORTER, Anna - E


“Positively glowing account of a 1925 tour of the Soviet Union, which the author calls ‘the most interesting place at the most interesting time of all history’.”

A Moscow Diary  Chicago, Chales Kerr, 1926.


POWELL, Ilene (1908-1985)  dance teacher, of Bristol

January to March 1925

Extracts from a private diary; social life; dancing, shopping, lunches, teas; dieting; romantic interests; references to her future husband. Slight.

In  The Daily Telegraph  December 2nd. and 3rd. 2004.


SELIGMAN, Herbert J. - E

December 1925 to May 1931

"Notes made by the author in Room 303 (the Intimate Gallery in the Anderson Galleries building) during conversations between Stieglitz and a parade of famous visitors: Burliuk, Duncan Phillips, Marin, O'Keeffe, Duchamp, Chaplin, Strand and others."

Alfred Stieglitz Talking: Notes on Some of His Conversations, 1925-1931  New Haven: Yale University Library, 1966.


SHELDON-WILLIAMS, Inglis (1870-1940) - E

a) - 1925?

A Dawdle in France  London, Black, 1926, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1927?

A Dawdle in Lombardy and Venice  London, Black, 1928, may also contain diary material.


SHERMAN, Jane - *H2160,*M5612,E

Soaring: The Diary and Letters of a Denishawn Dancer in the Far East, 1925-1926  Middletown, Connecticut, Wesleyan University Press, 1976.


STEVENS, Frederick - E

1925 to 1926

The log of Our Round-the-World Trip  privately printed, 1926.


VETT, Carl - E


Dervish Diary: Two Weeks in a Sufi Monastery in Istanbul  Los Angeles, Morgensen, 1953; reprinted, Bridges Publishing, 2007.


WESTGATE, Reginald Isaac Wilfrid (Bill) (1904-1988)  Rhodes Scholar at Balliol - E


"… was born in German East Africa to a family of Canadian missionaries, and spent his youth in Africa, England, Ireland and Canada. In this collection of his letters, excerpts from his unfinished autobiography and reminiscences by his wife, Sheila, the reader shares in the adventures of his formative years, including teaching on a Sioux Indian reservation and going to England for the first time to secure an Oxford fellowship by working on a cattle boat. He also recalls being a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford; entering high society and meeting the Prince of Wales; teaching at Harvard, Radcliffe, Phillips Andover and the Brooks School; and 22 years as headmaster of St. Bernard's School in New York City."

Cattle Boat to Oxford: The Education of R.I.W.Westgate, Edited from His Letters, Diaries and Papers  edited by Sheila Westgate. New York, Walker, 1994.


WILSON, Lois - E

1925 to 1927

Diary of Two Motorcycle Hobos: The Diary of a Young Couple, Bill and Lois Wilson (Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon) as They Found Their World in 1925-27  Ottawa, Gratitude Press, 1998.



ANONYMOUS  - schoolboy - E

Mainly 1926 and 1927

Hilda, Diary of a Schoolboy  edited by Spencer Martindale, London, Neville Spearman, 1958.


BALCHEN, Bernt (1899-1973)  Norwegian-American polar aviation pioneer - E

(Not seen)

From 1926?

Autobiographical works reported to contain diary material.

1. - Come North with Me: An Autobiography  Dutton, 1958.

2. - War Below Zero: The Battle for Greenland  Houghton Mifflin, 1944


BARTLETT, Harley Harris (1886-1960)  American botanist - *M5613,E

a) - The Harley Harris Bartlett Diaries  privately printed, Ann Arbor, 1975, 219 copies.

b) - 1951

Collecting Betula in the Great Lakes Region  in  Asa Gray Bulletin  New Series, I, No. 2, April, 1952.


BLACKBURN, Paul (1926-1971)  American poet - E

Dates unknown

Paul Blackburn – The Journals  edited by Ken Ellis, Los Angeles, Black Sparrow Press, 1975.


BLUE, Yvonne (b.1911)  Chicago schoolgirl

January 1st. 1926 to June 23rd. 1927

Private diary of an intellectually precocious schoolgirl; introspections and thoughts on diary writing; her school work, teachers and crushes; social life and her friend Bobbie; preoccupation with her weight; a good diary.

In  Private Pages; Diaries of American Women 1830's -1970's  edited by Penelope Franklin. New York, Ballantine Books, 1986, pp 65-94.


BOYLSTON, Helen see LANE, Rose Wilder


BUTOR, Michel Marie François (1926-2016)  French writer - E

Dates unknown

Mobile  Simon and Schuster, 1963, is reported to contain diary material.


CHRISTIAN, Edgar Vernon [Lieut. Col.] (1908-1927) - *H2161,C246,E

1926 to 1927

Matthews: A diary of exploration in Northwest Canada; Thelon Game Sanctuary to Hudson's Bay; hunting, trapping, personal.

Unflinching  London, 1937. New York, Funk, 1938. Reprinted as  Death in the Barren Ground  Canada, 1980. Reissued as  Death in a Barren Ground  Ottawa, Oberon, 1980.


COOPER, Viola Irene - E


Windjamming to Fiji  New York, 1929, is reported to contain diary material.


FUERTES, Louis Agassiz (1874-1927)  American bird painter - *M5614,E

a) - 1926 to 1927

In  Artist and Naturalist in Ethiopia  by Louis A.Fuertes and Wilfrid H.Osgood. New York, Doubleday, 1936.

b) - In  The Singular Beauty of Birds: Paintings, Drawings, Letters of Louis Agassiz Fuertes  assembled and edited by Frederick George Marcham. New York, Harper and Row, 1971.



1926 to 1958

Davis Bitton comments: “Story of the author’s partial blindness, 1926-34 and total blindness thereafter … no connection with Utah or Mormonism … written in the form of diary entries … but apparently all at one time, just prior to publication.”

Once I Was Blind  Salt Lake City, Deseet Book Co., 1962.


HICKMAN, Arthur (d.1969) - E

1926 to 1949

Journal; Hickman's friendship with Eric Muspratt.

Arthur and Eric: An Anglo-Australian story from the Journal of Arthur Hickman  edited by B. Grant. Melbourne, Heinemann, 1977.


HORKHEIMER, Max (1895-1973)  German philosopher and sociologist - E

1926 to 1931 and 1950 to 1969

Dawn and Decline: Notes 1926-1931 and 1950-1969  Seabury Press, 1978.


HOWLETT, Charles E. - E

May to december 1926

Account based on a sea diary; passage around Cape Horn in the Finnish four masted barque Fennia; Melbourne to Taltal, Peru, on ballast; from Antofagusta to Delfzijl, Holland, with a cargo of nitrate.

Across Two Oceans in the "Fennia": An Account Based on the Diary of Charles E.Howlett, May to December, 1926  edited by Vaughan Evans. Armidale, New South Wales, 1987, reprinted from  The Great Circle  IX, No. 1, April 1987, 26 pp.


HRDLICKA, Ales - *M5615,E

1926 to 1931

Alaska, Yukon, the Kuskokwim River, Nushagak-The Peninsula; life of Eskimos.

Alaska Diary 1926-1931  Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jaques Cattell, 1943.

Note: James Cummings has also:

1. - Anthropological Survey in Alaska  in Forty-Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology  1928-1929.

2. - The Anthropology of Kodiak Island  Philadelphia, Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, 1944.

3. - The Aleutian and Commander Islands  Philadelphia, Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, 1945.


HSIEH Ping-ying (1906?-2000)  Chinese feminist author and soldier - E

1926 to 1927 and 1937?

War diaries.

In  Girl Rebel: The Autobiography of Hsieh Pingying, with extracts from her new war diaries  translated by Adet and Anor Lin. New York, John Day, 1940.

Note: It is likely, but not confirmed, that the earlier diary, which was first published in Shanghai in 1928, is included in this book.


HUXLEY, Aldous Leonard (1894-1963)  English novelist and philosopher - e


Jesting Pilate: The Diary of a Journey  London, Chatto and Windus, 1926.


JOHNson, George A. - E


The Log of a Circumnavigator: being a series of informal Narratives Descriptive of a trip Around the World  boston, The stratford company, 1927.


LANE, Rose Wilder and BOYLSTON, Helen - *M5616,E

Travels with Zenobia  University of Missouri Press, 1983.


LAVELL, Martha (b.1909)  of Minneapolis, Minnesota

September 26th. 1926 to January 23rd. 1938

Introspective private journal, a 'book of thoughts', partly addressed to an imaginary future husband; her life at college; thoughts on sex and marriage; beginnings in social work.

In  Private Pages; Diaries of American Women 1830's -1970's  edited by Penelope Franklin. New York, Ballantine Books, 1986, pp 189-234.


LUNN, Henry Simpson [Sir] (1859-1939)  English humanitarian, founder of the eponymous travel company - E


Around the World with a Dictaphone: A Record of Men and Movements in 1926  London, Ernest Benn, 1927, is reported to contain diary material.


McWILLIAMS, Roland Fairbairn (1874-1957) - E


Russia in Nineteen Twenty-Six  by Roland and Margaret McWilliams, London, J.M.Dent, 1927, is reported to contain diary material.


MARTIN, Dahris Butterworth (b.1900?)  American writer - E

From 1926?

Among the Faithful  London, 1937 (American title  I Know Tunisia  New York, 1933) is reported to contain diary material.


MORRIS, Constance Lily - E


Account of the American visit of the Queen of Romania.

On Tour with Queen Marie  Robert M.McBride, 1927, 100 copies.


MORSE, Ira Herbert (1875-1960)  - American - E


Account of a seven month safari in Kenya; rhinoceros elephant and buffalo taken for his museum.

In Yankee in Africa  by I.H.Morse and Julie B.Morse (qv) Boston, The Stratford Company, 1936.


MOTLEY, Willard  - black American novelist - *H2162,*M5618,E

Diaries of Willard Motley  edited by Jerome Klinkowitz. Ames, Iowa State University Press, 1979.


MUSE, Will A.  - American newspaper editor - E


The Travelog of a Muse: A Collection of letters from an Iowa Editor Written to the Mason City Globe Gazette on a Vacation Trip Around the Planet  privately printed, Torch Press, 1927.



1926 to 1939

Peterley Harvest: The Private Diary of David Peterley  edited by Richard Pennington, Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, 1963, is fiction by the ‘editor’, with autobiographical elements.


PORTE, R.T. (b.1876) - E

1926 and 1927

Printing Throughout the World, as discovered by R.T.Porte during a cruise round the world leaving Salt lake City September 4th. 1926, and returning April 18th. 1927  Salt Lake City, R.T.Porte & Son, printers, 1929.


ROSENBERG, James Naumburg - *H2163,E

On the Steppes: A Russian Diary  New York, Knopf, 1927.


ROSSITER, Anthony (1926-2000)  English artist - E

Dates Unknown

The Golden Chain  London Hutchinson, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


ROSSMAN, Earl  - member of the Wilkins Arctic expedition - E


Black Sunlight: A Log of the Arctic  Oxford university Press, 1926.


TWEEDY, Owen  - journalist - E

From 1926?

Diaries in the Middle East?

In  Gathering Moss  London, Sidgewick and Jackson, 1967.


VALENTINO, Rudolph (1895-1926)  actor


Chronicle of his last days, purportedly his private diary but certainly not written by him.

The Intimate Journal of Rudolph Valentino  New York, William Faro, 1931.

VYVYAN, Clara Coltman Rogers, Lady  - E

a) - 1926

The Ladies, the Gwich'in, and the Rat: Travels on the Athabasca, Mackenzie, Rat, Porcupine, and Yukon Rivers in 1926  Edmonton, University of Alberta Press, 1998, is reported to contain diary material. The book was first published as  Arctic Adventure  London, Peter Owen, 1961.

b) - Dates Unknown

Down the Rhône on Foot  London, Peter Owen, 1955, is also reported to contain diary material.

Note: Lady Vyvyan was the author of other books which, to judge from their titles, may contain diary material.



From Omaha to Parlez-vous: A Diary of Impressions on a First Adventure Over the Ocean in the Year 1926  


WELLS, Linton (1893-1976)  American journalist and traveller - E


Around the World in Twenty-Eight Days  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1926.

WHITE, Antonia (1899-1980)  writer

1926 to 1979, gaps

Personal diary and writer's notebook; marriage breakdown; affairs; children; analysis; Catholicism; work; guilt; despair; writer's block; friends; money; her novels rediscovered; cancer.

Diaries  edited by Susan Chitty. London, Constable, two volumes, 1991 and 1992.



ADAMS, Almeda C. (b.1865)  blind founder of Cleveland Music School Settlement - E


Seeing Europe through Sightless Eyes  New York, Grafton Press, 1929, has not been examined but is reputed to be a travel diary.


ARGENTO, Dominick (b.1927)  American composer - E

Dates unknown

From a Composer’s Journal  in  The Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe: An Opera in Two Acts by Dominick Argento  University of Minnesota Foundation, 1976.


BANTING, Frederick Grant, Sir (1891-1941)  anadian doctor and scientist, co-discovere of insulin - E

a) - 1927

“A collection of Frederick Banting's drawings, along with excerpts from his diary written during an Eastern Arctic Expedition he made in 1927, accompanied by Group of Seven artist, A.Y. Jackson. Also a short essay by A. J. Casson, entitled ‘The Docotor as anArtist’.”

Northward Journal: A Quaretrly of northern Arts  XIV and XV in one volume, Moonbeam, Ontario, Penumbra Press, 1979, 148 pp.

b) - Dates unknown

In  Sir Frederick Banting  by Lloyd Stevenson, Toronto, Ryerson, 19465.


BARON, Walter - E.F.


“Armchair adventure travel to the Amazon. Edited by H. Howard Taubman. Translated from the German by James B. Jordan. Binding tight; boards clean; dust jacket spine faded otherwise a fine copy. The diary of a seventeen year old German adventurer who joins a gold prospecting expedition led by a Dr. Bahrt and Dr. Swenton, both North Americans, in January 1927. The diary entries describe a beheading, poisonous snakes, the discovery of an ancient ruined city with immense treasures of gold. The author was the only survivor of the expedition. It is unclear in exactly what locale the story takes place.” Hyman Howard Taubman was and American critic and author and the work is almost certainly fiction.

Devil Brother: The Amazing Adventures of a Boy of Sixteen  Minton, 1934.


BORDEN, Courtney Louise Letts (1899-1995)  wife of John Borden (qv) - E

From April 21st. 1927

A very full account of a cruise to Alaska, in some comfort, with her husband.

The Cruise of the Northern Light  Macmillan, 1928 and Stackpole Books, 2004.


BORDEN, John  - American heir to a fortune founded upon condensed milk - E

Log of the Auxiliary Schooner Yacht Northern Light  privately printed, Chicago, 1929, 100 copies.

Note: The book has not been examined but is supposed to be a record of the Alaskan voyage recorded by his wife, Courtney Borden (qv).


DANFORTH, William H. - E


“Danforth was president of the Ralston Purina Company at the time he wrote the letters that make up the book, addressed to the Purina family and his friends.”

Random Ramblings in India  privately printed, St. Louis, 1928.


EASTMAN, George - E

a) - 1927?

Chronicles of an African Trip  privately printed, Rochester, New York, 1927, 87pp.

b) - 1928

Chronicles of a Second African Trip  Rochester, New York, Friends of the University of Rochester Libraries, 1987, 76pp.


ELLIS, Edward Robb  - American journalist - E

1927 to 1995

Extracts from a journalist's diary.

A Diary of the Century: Tales from America's Greatest Diarist  New York, Kodansha, 1995.


FUNK, Eleanor - E


A Nostalgic Diary of a Trip We Took These Twenty-Five Years Ago  privately printed, New York, 1952.


GOLDFELD, Abraham - *H2164,*M5619,E

The Diary of a Housing Manager  Chicago, National Association of Housing Officials, 1938.


HAIG-BROWN, Roderick Langmere (1908-1976)  Canadian writer and conservationist - E

1927 to 1929 and 1932 to 1933

Excerpts from the Diaries of Roderick Haig-Brown, 1927-1929 & 1932-1933  edited by Valerie Haig-Brown, Salem, Oregon, The Beaverdam Press, six volumes, 1992, 164 copies.

HARDY, Florence Emily  - second wife of Thomas Hardy

October 24th. to November 28th. 1927

Diary notes about her husband, Thomas Hardy, in his last active month: he died on the following January 11th.

In  The Life of Thomas Hardy 1840-1928  by Florence Emily Hardy. London, Macmillan, 1962, pp 441-444. Further passages, from October 8th., appear in The Personal Notebooks of Thomas Hardy  edited by Richard H.Taylor. London, The Macmillan Press, 1979, pp 292-294.  


HARRISON, Juanita (b.1891) - *M5620

1927 to 1935

Travel diaries of an adventurous black woman, working her way; Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Russia, China and Japan; settles in Hawaii.

1. - My Great Wide Beautiful World  New York, Macmillan, 1936.

2. - Extracts: Culley, 223-225.


HINDLEY, John (1908-1975?)  Lancashire cotton merchant

June 21st. 1927 to February 20th. 1928

Travel diary; a voyage to the East, on holiday and to learn something of the textile trade abroad; Liverpool to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ceylon and India; travel notes and descriptions with some good incidental detail; notes about the textile trade in the countries visited and a description of a cotton mill at Delhi. Interspersed with letters.

In  Go East Young Man  by V.Cutter. London, Regency Press, 1956.


HUTCHISON, Isobel Wylie (1889-1982)  Scottish Arctic traveller and botanist - E

a) - 1927?

On Greenland’s Closed Shore: The Fairyland of the Arctic  Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1933 to 1934

North to the Rime-Ringed Sun: Being a Record of an Alaska-Canadian Journey Made in 1933-34  London, Blackie, 1934.


IRVINE, Clotilde (Coco) (1914-1975) - E


“Coco, almost 13 when the diary begins, was the daughter of a wealthy lumber baron … living in a mansion in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1927, Coco's biggest concerns included seeing whether "He" (a schoolmate) returns her affections, attending Friday night school dances, being fashionable, and entering adulthood as quickly as possible. An unrepentant attention-seeker, Coco gets into frequent trouble at home and at school …”

Through No Fault of my Own: A Girl’s Diary of life on Summit Avenue in the Jazz Age  university of Minnesota Press, 2011.

Note: James Cummings (6404) has  Coco’s Diary  St. Paul, Minnesota, 1975.


JACKSON, Alexander Young - E


“Record of two journals plus over 100 drawings undertaken on a 1927 boat trip through the eastern arctic.”

The Arctic, 1927  Moonbeam, Ontario, 1982, 88pp.


KENNELL, Ruth Epperson  - secretary, lover of Theodore Dreiser (qv) - E

1927 to 1945

In  Theodore Dreiser and the Soviet Union, 1927-1945: A First-Hand Chronicle  New York, International Publishers, 1969.


KITCHEN, Fred (1891-1969)  farm labourer and writer


Purported diary entries while working as a cowman, incorporated into a narrative; slight.

A Cowman's Diary  in  Brother to the Ox: The Autobiography of a Farm Labourer  London, J.M.Dent, 1940, Chapter IV.

Note: See also  Songs of Sherwood  London, Dent, 1948.


KUZNETSOVA, Galina Nikolaevna (1900-1976) - E

From 1927?

(?) Diary at Villa Jeannette at Grasse where she stayed and had an affair with Ivan Bunin.

Grasse Diary  TriQuarterly, 1973.


LAING, Ronald David (1927-1989)  Scottish psychiatrist - E

Dates Unknown

Conversations with Adam and Natasha  New York, pantheon, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


LANCASTER, Harry  - American Rotatrians - E

May 23rd. to July 15th. 1927

Travel diary; a European tour with a group of American Rotarians. A better than average account.

My Trip Abroad  in American Mercury  February, 1928.


LEAF, Walter [Sir] (1852-1927)  English banker, classical scholar and psychical researcher - E

Dates unknown

Walter Leaf, 1852-1927: Some Chapters of Autobiography, with a Memoir by Charlotte M.Leaf  London, john murray, 1932, is reported to contain diary material.


McLEAN, N.B.  – Canadian official of the Department of Marine and Fisheries - E

1927 and 1928

“… an expedition to Ungava Bay and Hudson Strait to undertake an aerial survey of the strait to study ice conditions and determine how long the annual navigation season might be for ocean-going freighters.”

Report of the Hudson Strait Expedition 1927-28  Ottawa, 1929, is reported to contain diary material.


MANALEE, Ivor (pseud.) (Irma May Patterson MARSHALL) (1911-1930)  Illinois high school girl - E

December 1927 to March 1930

“… Her dates, and beaux, her reading, her enthusiasms for moving pictures, her studies, her writing, her trips to Colorado and her love of the mountains, her marriage, and eventual death from recurrent heart trouble, which was never properly taken care of. Immature, unformed, even commonplace, but nonetheless an honest, even in its poses ,record of a typical high school youngster.”

Postscript to Life  edited by Iva Dozier Patterson, Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton printers, 1938.


MEDRICK, George (b.1893)  Yugoslav American miner and union organiser - H2165,M5621

March 24th. to October 4th. 1927

Extracts from the diary of an immigrant miner and union organiser; travel and his efforts to promote the strike and suppress the acticities of 'scabs'; Serbian and Croatian immigrant societies; talks, meetings, subterfuges and encounters with the coal and iron police; a good and interesting account by a robust character.

Diary of a Strike: George Medrick and the Coal Strike of 1927 in Western Pennsylvania  edited by Ronald L.Filipelli in  Pennsylvania History  XLIII, No. 1976, pp 253-266.


MICHAUX, Henri (1899-1984)  Belgian poet - *H2166,E

a) - 1927 to 1928

Ecuador: A Travel Journal  translated by Robin Magowan. Seattle, University of Washington Press and London, Peter Owen, 1970.

b) - See Havlice.


MORAY, Alastair - *H2167,E

The Diary of a Rum-Runner  London, Philip Allan, 1929.



January 6th. to May 25th. 1927

A Globegadder's Diary: Being extracts from the log-book of one of the 400 globegadders who went around the world by way of Madeira, Gibralter, Algiers, the French Riviera, Italy, Greece, the Holy Land, Egypt, India, Ceylon, Burma, Sumatra, Java, the Federated Malay States, Siam, Borneo, the Philippines, China, Formosa, Korea, Japan, Hawaii, Pacific Coast, Panama, Cuba, and thence back to New York, their starting point  Chicago, Parlette-Paget, 1927.


PAULLIN, Theodore (Ted) - E - 1927-1930

Set Free to Study: A Student’s Experimental College Diary, 1927-1930  edited by Ellen Paullin, in  Wisconsin Magazine of History  LXXV, No.3, Spring, 1992, pp 195-220.




Eastward Whoa!: Being a Diary Dramatized, a Story of the Four Pittsford Brothers’ Trip Eastward by Auto in the Spring of 1927  Chicago, 1928.


RAND, Ayn - E

1927 to 1966

Writer’s notes and philosophical musings.

Journals of Ayn Rand  edited by David Harriman. Marina del Rey, California, The Ayn Rand Institute, 1997.


RITTER, Bruce (1927-1999)  Roman catholic priest, founder of Covenant House, New York, for homeless teenagers. Later involved in scandal.

Dates unknown

Covenant House  Doubleday, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.


SABINE, William Henry Waldo (1903-1994)  English American historian and writer - E

1927? to 1947?

Diary extracts recording paranormal experiences.

In   Second Sight in Daily Life  New York, Coward-McCann, 1949.  


STARK, Freya Madeleine [Dame] (1893-1993)  British travel writer - E

From 1927?

Travel writings listed below, many undoubtedly based on contemporaneous notes:

1. - Baghdad Sketches  Baghdad, 1932.

2. - The Valleys of the Assassins  London, 1934.

3. - The Southern Gates of Arabia  London, 1936.

4. - Seen in the Hadhramaut  London, 1938.

5. - A Winter in Arabia  London, 1940.

6. - Letters from Syria  London, 1943.

7. - East is West  London, 1945.

8. - Traveller's Prelude  London, 1950.

9. - Beyond Euphrates. Autobiography 1928-1933  London, 1951.

10. - The Coast of Incense  London, 1953.

11. - Ionia, A Quest  London, 1954.

12. - The Lycian Shore  London, 1956.

13. - Alexander's Path: From Caria to Cilicia  London, 1958.

14. - Riding to the Tigris  London, 1959.

15. - Dust in the Lion's Paw. Autobiography 1939-46  London, 1961.

16. - Rome on the Euphrates  London, 1966.

17. - The Zodiac Arch  London, 1968.

18. - A Peak in Darien London 1976.

19 - The Journey's Echo: Selected Travel Writings  Ecco, 1988.

WARNER, Sylvia Townsend (1893-1978)  novelist and poet

December 1927 to January 1978

Personal diary; work; friends; domestic life and her love for Valentine Acland; often reflective; good descriptions.

The Diaries of Sylvia Townsend Warner  edited by Claire Harman. London, Chatto and Windus, 1994.



ABBOTT, Elizabeth Twining (Elsie) (d.1964)  headmaster's wife - E

School year 1928 to 1929

Diary of the wife of M.A.Abbott, headmaster of the Lawrenceville School, New Jersey; the events of the school year and reflections upon them.

Days from a Year in School  1930.

Note: The school archivist, who has supplied much of the above information, states that the school has the manuscript of a diary for 1934-1935 and some other notes.


ADAMIC, Louis (1899-1951)  novelist and journalist - E

1928 to 1938

Diary; the immigrant experience.

In  My America 1928-1938  Harper, 1938. Passim.



1928 to 1929 (?)

In  The Cudahy-Massee-Milwaukee Museum African Expedition 1928-1928  Westport, Greenwood Press, 1970, reprinted from  The Year Book of the Public Museum of Milwaukee  1930.


BARTHOLOMEW, Orland  - American mountain skier - *M5622,E

Diary of the first solo winter assault of Mt. Whitney and the Muir Trail area.

In  High Odyssey  by Eugene Rose. Berkeley, Howell-North Books, 1974; reissued, Fresno, California, Panorama West, 1987.


BERGSMAN, Stuart - E

From 1928?

Rainbow Empire: Ethiopia Stretches Out Her Hands  Eerdmans, 1932, is reported to contain diary material.


BOEING, Bertha - E

August 1928

Boeing 80A: A Journal of the First Flight, 10 August, 1928  Fullerton California, Angry Mountain Press, miniature book, 1987, 47pp., 200 copies.


BONNYCASTLE, Richard Henry Gardyn (1903-1968)  Canadian lawyer, fur trader and adventurer - E

1928 to 1931

“… the author’s experience in Northern Canada as an employee of the Hudson's Bay Company.”

A Gentleman Adventurer: The Arctic Diaries of R.H.G.Bonnycastle  edited by Heather Robertson, Toronto, Lester and Orpen, 1984.


BRITTEN (Edward) Benjamin (1913-1976)  composer

November 9th. 1928 to June 16th. 1938

Extracts from his personal (pocket) diaries, most fully given for 1931-1932. School; his musical education; work and compositions; opinions about his teachers; social life.

1. - Journeying Boy: The Diaries of the Young Benjamin Britten, 1928-1938   edited by John Evans. London, Faber, 2009.

2. - Quoted in  Letters from a Life: The Selected Letters and Diaries of Benjamin Britten 1913-1976  Volume I, 1923-1939, edited by Donald Mitchell. London, Faber and Faber, 1991. Passim.


BYRD, Richard Evelyn [Admiral] (1888-1957)  American Antarctic explorer - *M5623,E

a) - 1928 to 1929

Little America: Aerial Exploration in the Antarctic and the Flight to the South Pole  by Richard Evelyn Byrd and Laurence McKinley Gould (qv), London, Putnam, 1931.

Note: James Cummings (2071 and 2072) has  Skyward  Putnams, 1928.

b) - 1932 to 1934

Explorer's diary written up in narrative form but with substantial extracts; preparation of two ships and the voyage to the Antarctic continent; sledge and tractor journey to 'Little America' camp; winter alone at a weather station within ten degrees of the South Pole; exploration and scientific work; aeroplane flights and two major aerial surveys; the ships return to take the party home. There is much incidental detail of organisation, way of life, accidents and emergencies.

Antarctic Discovery: The Story of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition  London, Putnam, 1936.

Note: The section of the book which deals with winter at 'Little America', in the absence of Byrd at the advance weather station, appears to have been written by C.J.V.Murphy who is not otherwise mentioned except in a list of personnel; nothing else is known about him but it is possible that he made use of his own diaries, although there is no direct quotation and the chronology of the account is sometimes vague.

c) - 1933

Diary of a solitary winter in the Antarctic at the advance weather station.

Alone  New York, Putnam, 1938.

Note: This experience is recounted only in brief summary in the previous book.


CARLSON, William Samuel (1905-1994)  American university administrator - E

1928 to 1931 (?)

“… Carlson participated in the University of Michigan Greenland Expedition of 1928–1929 and led the fourth University of Michigan Greenland Expedition in 1930–1931.”

Greenland Lies North  Boston and London, Macmillan, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.


CONOLLY, Cyril Vernon (1903-1974)  author, journalist and critic

1928 to 1937

Private social and literary diary and writer's notebook; irregular entries, often lengthy; social life, friends and literary figures; anecdotes; criticism; conversations; stray thoughts; often outspoken, lively and entertaining.

In  Cyril Connolly: Journal and Memoir  by David Pryce-Jones. London, Collins, 1983, pp 127-274.



1928 to 1942

“The author’s record and recollections of sailing along the New England Coast in one of New England's most famous sailing ships.”

The Log of Cleopatra’s Barge II  privately printed, Boston, 1948.

Note: See also George Crowninshield.


DALY, Mary (1928-2010)  American radical lesbian feminist philosopher and theologian - E

Dates unknown

“A philosophical autobiography …”

Outercourse: The Dazzling Voyage Containing Recollections from My Logbook of a Radical Feminist  Harper, 1992.


DARBINIAN, Reuben (Artasches Tchillingarian) - *H2168,*M5624,E

From 1928

Two Newly Discovered English Language Journals  in  Armenian Review  1980 and 1981.


DATALLER, Roger (pseudonym) (Arthur Archibald Eaglestone) (1892-1980)  miner and student - B309

October 1928 to June 1934

Matthews: Educational diary; his Oxford bursary, and educational, social, personal, and political experiences there; his work in adult education in mining areas, with notes on travel, speakers and social conditions; journalistic but valuable.

1. - A Pitman Looks at Oxford  London, 1933.

2. - Oxford into Coal-Field  London, 1934.

Note: James Cummings (3232) has also  From a Pitman’s Note Book  Cape, 1925.


EDWARD, Prince of Wales (1894-1972)  later Edward VIII, then Duke of Windsor - E

1928 and 1930

Sport and Travel in East Africa: An Account of Two visits, 1928 & 1930, Compiled from the Private Diaries of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales  London, Philip Allan, 1934.


FOOTE, Mary (1872-1968)  American painter - E

From 1928

“From 1928 to the 1950s she lived in Zurich and created and published notes of Carl Jung's seminars until World War II.”

Dream Analysis  Bollingen, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


FRIEND, Donald Stuart Leslie (1914-1989)  Australian artist, diarist and paederast - E

a) - 1929 to 1943

“… his early life as a student, his time spent in Nigeria and his experiences in the army in World War II.”

The Diaries of Donald Friend: Volume I  edited by Anne Gray, Canberra, National library of Australia, 2001.

b) - 1944 to 1949

“covers the final years of World War II, Brisbane, Friend's stint as a war artist, Meriola, Torres Strait Islands and Hill End.” “… art, love, friendship, travel and much more, …”

The Diaries of Donald Friend: Volume II  edited by Paul Hetherington, Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2003.

c) - 1949 to 1966

“… time in Italy, London & Hill End (1949-1952); Italy & London (1952-1953); Hill End (1953-1957); Ceylon (1957-1962) and Padington, Sydney (1962-1966).”

The Diaries of Donald Friend: Volume III  edited by Paul Hetherington, Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2005.

d) - 1967 to 1988

“…time in Bali-Greece, Bali, Melbourne-Sydney…”

The Diaries of Donald Friend: Volume IV  edited by Paul Hetherington, Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2006.

e) - 1929 to 1989 (?)

“… the first single volume edition of Friend's diaries including material from his two ‘lost’ wartime diaries, a deathbed confession and dozens of sketches.”

The Doinald friend Diaries: Chronicles and Confessions of an Australian Artist  edited by Ian Britain, Sydney, Text Publishing, 2010.

f) - 1942 to 1989

The Genius of Donald Friend: Drawings from the Diaries, 1942-1989  Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2000.

g) - 1942

“Donald Friend enlisted in the second AIF in 1942, and served as a gunner.”

Gunner’s Diary  Sydney, Ure Smith, 1943.

h) - From 1943?

“… an illustrated journal based on Friend’s diaries of his experience as an artist during the Second World War and immediately afterwards.”

Painter’s Journal  Sydney, Ure Smith, 1946


GARCIA, Virginia May  - teenaged? American girl - E


The Journal of a Young Girl Abroad; Being the Impressions of an Innocent Abroad and Selected Poems  privately printed, Chicago, 1929.


GREEN, Julian Hartridge (1900-1998)  French novelist and diarist - *H2169,M5625,E

a) - 1928 to 1939

Personal Record  New York, Harper, 1939.

b) - September 17th. 1928 to December 16th. 1957

French Catholic and homosexual writer with American parents. Personal diary; life and work in France; musings; spends the war in America.

Diary 1928-1957  selected by Kurt Wolff, translated by Anne Green. London, Collins and Harvill, 1964.



a) - 1928 to 1929

“Hoare was sent by the Department of the Interior to establish the boundaries of the newly declared Thelon Game Sanctuary, survey the muskoxen population and build a warden's cabin. … with faulty maps through blizzards, vicious cold, rotten ice, slush, freezing water, and finally clouds of mosquitoes and black flies. They slept in the open, in tents, in makeshift lean-toes, in trapper's cabins, while portaging tons of supplies stored at various caches, by sleigh and canoe.”

Journal of a Barrenlander  Ottawa, 1990.

b) - 1928 to 1931

A Thelon Odyssey: Journal of a Barrenlander and Return to the Barrens  edited by Sheila C.Thomson, Ottawa, McGahern Stewart, 2014, reprints the first journal and is the first printing of the second.


HUTCHINSON, John (1884-1972)  English botanist - E

1928 to 1930 (?)

A Botanist in Southern Africa  London, Gawthorn, 1946, is reported to contain diary material.


KAVANAUGH, James (1928?-2009)  American Roman Catholic priest - E

Dates unknown

A Journal for Renewal  New York, Paulist Books, 1967.


KENNAWAY, James (1928-1968)  Scottish novelist - E

Dates unknown

The Kennaway Papers  by James and Susan Kennaway, London, Cape, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


LOW, Ann Marie - *H2170,*M5626,E

1928 to 1937

Personal diary of the depression years on a North Dakota farm.

Dust Bowl Diary  University of Nebraska Press, 1984.


MORGENTHAU, Henry, Jr. (1891-1967)  U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in the F.D. Roosevelt administration - E

a) - 1928 to 1945

Narrative of Morgenthau’s New Deal years based very closely on his diary.

1. - From the Morgenthau Diaries  edited by John Morton Blum. Houghton, three volumes, 1959-1967.

2. - Roosevelt and Morgenthau: A Revision and Condensation of the Morgenthau Diaries  Houghton Mifflin, 1970.

b) - 1934 to 1945

“… excerpted portions of the diaries, documenting the story of how China was lost.” Selected documents from the diaries, prepared by the subcommittee to investigate the administration of the internal security act and other internal security laws, of the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States Senate.

Morgenthau Diary (China)  U.S. Government Printing Office, two volumes, 1965.

c) - 1939? To 1945

“… a further selection from the Morgenthau Diaries, documenting the development and the denouement of what became known as the Morgenthau Plan for the conversion of defeated Germany into a pastoral state.” Prepared by the subcommittee to investigate the administration of the internal security act and other internal security laws, of the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States Senate.

Morgenthau Diary (Germany)  U.S. Government Printing Office, two volumes, 1967.


ORIOLI, Giuseppe (Pino) (1884-1942)  Florentine bookseller and first publisher of ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’E

1928 or later

“A travel diary from the Italian publisher of D H Lawrence, of a journey around Southern Italy with Norman Douglas and Charles Prentice. Includes Paestum, Napoli, Cosenza, Albidona, Genazzano and many more places. Written with a nice, light jovial touch.”

Moving Along, Just a Diary  London, Chatto and Windus, 1934.


PAUL, John Harland (1900-1971) - E

1928 and 1929 (?)

The Carnegie was an electromagnetic survey ship, destroyed by explosion while in harbour in 1929.

The Last Cruise of the Carnegie  Baltimore, The Williams and Wilkins Company, 1932.


PETERSEN, William J. - *H2171,E

Tow-Boating on the Mississippi  South Brunswick, New York, A.S.Barnes, 1979.


PFAFF, William - E


A Series of Letters to the Southern Printer Done into a Christmas Book for 1928  New Orleans, 1928, is reported to contain diary material.


PLAGER, Alyce Barber - E

a) - 1928 and 1933

Travel diaries.

Glimpses of Africa and England  privately printed, St Louis, 1937.

b) - Dates unknown

Prancing Around the World  privately printed, St Louis, 1931.


ROBERTS, Daniel A. - *H2172,*M5627,E

1928 to 1929

A Chicago Political Diary  in  Journal of Illinois State Historical Society  February 1978.


ROBINSON, William Albert - E

1928 to 1931

Circumnavigation in the ‘Svaap’; "This was his equipment: a 10 ton, 32 foot ketch with a Kermath motor and water tanks holding a forty day supply; a sextant, compass, pilot book and charts and a tiny canoe. He had a crew of one. It was his ambition to sail round the world, to touch at every remote island, every little known port, to stay as long as he chose at an anchorage, to see and talk with the world at large."

10,000 Leagues Over the Sea  New York, Harcourt, 1932, (British title  Deepwater and Shoal) editio is reported to contain diary material.


ROTHA, Paul - E

1928 to 1939

Documentary diary: An informal history of the British documentary film, 1928-1939  london, Secker and Warburg, 1973.


SHARPLESS, William - E

June 19th. to October 3rd. 1928

One Hundred Days Away: A tour eastward, roundabout, homeward,taken by William Sharpless, Martha A.Sharpless, Sr., Martha A.Sharpless, Jr., from June 19 to October 3, 1928  Philadelphia, Burbank, 1928.


SHURCLIFF, Sidney Nichols (b.1905?) - E

1928 to 1929

"The record of the Crane Pacific Expedition, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago …"

Jungle Islands: the Illyria in the South Seas  New York, Putnam, 1930.


STANTON, Madeleine Earle - *H2173,*M5628

Madeline E. Stanton  edited by Leonard G. Wilson in  Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences  XXXVI, 1981.


TOWNSEND, William (1909-1973)  artist - E

1928 to 1951

The Townsend Journals  London, Tate Gallery, 1976, 98 pp.



ADAMS, Harry [Lieut.] (b.1879)  of the US Navy - E

(Not seen but reputed to contain diary material)

1928 to 1930

With the expedition during which richard Evelyn Byrd (qv) claimed to have flown over the South Pole.

Beyond the Barrier with Byrd: An Authentic Story of the Byrd Exploring Expedition  New York, Donohue, 1932.


ALLEN, Arthur S. (d.1929)  Captain of the Cutter Direction who was killed in a motor accident after returning to the United States  - E


Voyage and shipwreck.

Under Sail to Greenland: Being an Account of the Voyage of the Cutter ‘Direction’ to Greenland in the Summer of 1929  New York, Marchbanks Press, 1931, 900 copies.


BLANTON, Smiley - *H2174,*M5629,E

Diary of My Analysis with Sigmund Freud  New York, Hawthorn Books, 1971.

CRESSY-MARCKS, Viloet Olivia (1895-1970)  English traveller - E

a) - 1929 to 1930

Up the Amazon and Over the Andes  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1937 to 1938

Journey into China  London, hodder and Stoughton, 1940, is also reported to contain diary material.


COLES, (Martin) Robert (b.1929)  American writer, child psychiatrist and Harvard professor - E

Dates Unknown

a) - Harvard Diary: Reflections on the Sacred and the Secular  New York, Crossroad, 1988.

b) - Harvard Diary II: Essays on the Sacred and the Secular  New York, Crossroad, 1997.


CRANE-GARTZ, Kate (1865-1949)  American socialit and philanthropist - E


Travel Diary, 1929  privately printed, Pasadena


EISENHOWER, Dwight David [Gen.] (1890-1969)  thirty fourth President of the U.S.A.

-  - H2210,M5664,E

a) - 1929 to 1941

Five diaries covering most of the period, augmented by letters, speeches and official reports; European travels; Assistant Secretary of War; special assistant to Chief of Staff, Douglas MacArthur; service under MacArthur in the Philippines.

Eisenhower: The Prewar Diaries and Selected Papers, 1905-1941  edited by James W.Leyerzapf. John Hopkins University Press, 1998.

b) - 1935 to 1937 and 1942 to 1967

Personal diary of record; the Philippines, the war department, north Africa and Italy, Europe, Chief of Staff, Columbia University, two terms as President; full but sporadic entries with some long gaps after 1942; his thinking, and views; opinions of people and events often frankly expressed; meetings, discussions, methods of working; useful for the Second World War and particularly for the presidency. Nothing about his private life. Valuable.

1. - The Eisenhower Diaries  edited by Robert H.Ferrell. New York, W.W.Norton, 1981.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 331-332, 334-335 and 495-496.


EWART-BIGGS, Jane (1929-1992)  British politician, wife of Christopher Ewart-Biggs (qv) - E

Dates unknown

“… account of a British diplomat's various postings to British embassies which the author, Jane Ewart-Biggs, shared with her husband Christopher. With extracts from his diaries, she recalls the pleasures and problems of such postings as war-torn Algiers, Brussels during negotiations for Britain's entry into the EEC, Paris, and finally to Dublin, where Christopher, as British Ambassador, was assassinated by the Provisional IRA in 1976.”

Pay, Pack and Follow  London, Weidenfeld, 1984, is reported to contain material from the author’s diaries.

FREUD, Sigmund (1856-1939)

October 31st. 1929 to August 25th. 1939

Very brief notes, a few words only, made every few days. The published diary contains the full text in facsimile, in German and in translation together with an immense superstructure of notes and commentary. Specialist interest.

The Diary of Sigmund Freud 1929-1939; A Record of the Final Decade  translated and annotated by Michael Molnar, The Freud Museum. London, The Hogarth Press, 1992.

GARNETT, David (b.1892)  author

December 16th. 1929 to November 1st. 1931

Episodic diary of his flying lessons with introductory and linking narrative.

A Rabbit in the Air; Notes from a Diary kept while learning to handle an Aeroplane  London, Chatto and Windus, 1932.


GIBBINGS, Robert (1889-1958)  Irish artist, author, wood engraver and sculptor - E,F


“…. [he was] commissioned to illustrate with wood engravings a book set in Tahiti that would be written by James Norman Hall, the author of Mutiny on the Bounty. Gibbings leapt at the chance and in 1929 he set out for Tahiti.”

Iorana!: A Tahitian Journal  London, Duckworth, 1932, a “semi-fictitious account by Gibbings of his time in Tahiti”. The American edition, with the same title, Houghton Mifflin, 1932, is a bowdlerised version.


GOULD, Laurence McKinley (1896-1995)  American geologist and polar explorer - E

1929 to 1930

a) - “On November 4, 1929 Gould and five companions began a grueling 2½ month, 1500-mile dog-sledge journey into the Queen Maud Mountains, with the primary purpose of providing ground support and possible emergency assistance for Byrd's historic first airplane flight over the South Pole and a secondary purpose of conducting the first geological and glaciological survey of an area that Gould called ‘a veritable paradise for a geologist’.”

Cold: The Record of an Antarctic Sledge Journey  Brewer, 1931.

b) - Diary While at the Rockefeller Mountains  American Geographical Society, 1930.

c) - 1928 to 1930 (?)

Little America: Aerial Exploration in the Antarctic and the Flight to the South Pole  by Richard Evelyn Byrd (qv) and Laurence McKinley Gould, London, Putnam, 1931, may also contain material from Gould’s diaries.


GREEN, John W. - E

a) - 1926?

Travels of a Lawyer: Being an Account of a Visit to the Mediterranean Countries and Elsewhere  Knoxville, Tennessee, 1927, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1929 to 1930

Other Travels of a Lawyer: Being an Account of a Trip Around the World in 1929-1930  Knoxville, Tennessee, 1930, may also contain diary material.


GREENOUGH, William - E

Late 1920’s?

An Account of the Voyage of the S.Y. Iolanda, N.Y.Y.C.: From Gibralter to the Islands of Ceylon, Sumatra, Java and Bali and to Singapore, Siam and Cambodia  privately printed, 1929, 89pp.


HOWE, Quincy - E

1929 to 1934

World Diary: 1929-1934  McBride, 1934.


HUBBARD, Harlan (1900-1988)  American artist and author - E

a) - 1929 to 1944

Harlan Hubbard Journals, 1929-1944  Lexington, University Press of Kentucky, 1987.

b) - 1944 to 1951 (?)

Shantyboat Journal  Lexington, University Press of Kentucky, 1994.

c) - From 1951?

Payne Hollow Journal  Lexington, University Press of Kentucky, 1996.


INCHFAWN, Fay (pseud.) (WARD, Elizabeth Rebecca) (b.1880)  writer and poet

From 1929?

Invalid's diary, largely undated and perhaps retrospective; the long, slow progress and recovery from an unnamed illness, the chief symptom of which seems to be lack of physical energy; husband, doctors, treatments and life around her; some time in a nursing home, which she detests; pleasures of the garden; convalescence; domestic affairs.

The Journal of a Tent-Dweller  London, The Religious Tract society, 1931.


JEFFERS, Una Call - *M5630,E

a) - See Arksey

b) - 1929

Travel diary of a trip to Ireland with her husband and two sons.

Visits to Ireland: Travel-Diaries of Una Jeffers  Forward by Robinson Jeffers, printed by Anderson, Ritchie and Simon, 1954, 300 copies. The book also contains brief notes by Robinson Jeffers on their 1937 and 1948 trips.


JOHNSON, Irving - E

1929 to 1930

The Peking Battles Cape Horn: A true Account of a Voyage Around Cape Horn in the Bark Peking in 1929-30  Sea history Press, 1977.

KIBBEY, William Beckford - *H2175,E


El Alamo Prepares for a Siege  in  Journal of Arizona History  Spring, 1979.


LAITTRE, John de - E


Peking Fortnight 1929: Excerpts from a Journal  Santa Barbara, Noel Young Press, 1971, 31pp.


LIBERTO, Virgil Anthony (1911-1951)  American artist and writer - E

From 1929

“… an authentic West african adventure story. Liberto, at 17, went to Africa in 1929 and wrote the volume in 1934 from notes in his diary.”

JuJu: The narrative of Victor Tassoni  The Naylor Company, 1936.


LOWDEN, Florence - E


A Travel Diary, Egypt, Palestine and Greece, 1929  Chicago, privately printed, 1929, 102 pp.


MACDONALD, J.Wiseman - E


A Vacation in the Scottish Highlands  privately printed Los Angeles, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.


McNEELY, Sylvia (b.1919)  of Iowa - M5631


Child's diary; short entries record family life and friends; death of her grandfather; school, boys, play, and her birthday.

1. - Diry of Sylvia McNeely  New York, Longmans, Green, 1831.

2. - Extracts: Berger (2), pp 112-117.


MARSHALL, Robert - *M5632,E

a) - Exploration of the Koyukuk River, Alaska  in  Frontier: A Magazine of the Northwest  January 1931.

b) - James Cummings (8125) has  Arctic Wilderness  University of California, 1956.


MEIGHEN, John F.D. - *M5633,E

In  Bring Warm Clothes: Letters and Photos from Minnesota’s Past  collected by Peg Meier. Minneapolis, Minneapolis Tribune, 1981.


OWEN, Russell (1889-1952)  American journalist - *M5634,E

Diary of the first Byrd Antarctic Expedition.

South of the Sun  New York, John Day 1934.

PEARCE, Richard - C928

August to December 1929

Matthews: Exploration diary; a journey into the western Arctic region, Cambridge Bay district; kept by the editor of the "Northern Miner".

Marooned in the Arctic  Toronto 1931.


PERHAM, Margery Freda [Dame] (1895–1982) English writer on African affairs and university teacher -


1929 to 1930

Travel diaries in southern Africa by a Rhodes Trust Travelling Fellow.

1. - In  An African Apprenticeship: An Autobiographical Journey  London, Faber, 1974.

2. - East African Journey: Kenya and Tanganyika 1929-30  London, Faber, 1976.


REIMER, John B. - *H2176,E


Diary of séances with photographs of paranormal events.

Diary of a Spiritualist  New York, for private circulation by the author, 1930, 188 pp.


REY, Charles Fernand [Sir] (1877-1968)  Resident Commisioner of the Bechuanaland Protectorate

October 6th. 1929 to June 15th. 1937

Private diary; voyage to South Africa; meets his predecessor; low opinion and scathing criticism of staff and colleagues; energetic reorganisation of the bureaucracy; detestation of missionaries and their interference in relations with the native population; difficulties with Tshekedi Khama, head of the dominant Bangwato tribe; plans for economic, legal and political development of the country; frustrations of dealing with the Dominions Office in London; relations with the Union of South Africa; his position as chief justice; life at Government House in Mafeking; notes on travel, meetings, his wife and her health, schools, mines, agriculture etc.; the shadow of war. A full, frank, detailed and interesting diary, perhaps the best diary record of an African colonial administration. Bechuanaland is the present Botswana.

Monarch of all I Survey: Bechuanaland Diaries 1929-37  edited by Neil Parsons and Michael Crowder. Gaborone, The Botswana Society; New York, Lilian Barber Press; London, James Currey; 1988.


SCOTT, Paul (b.1917?)  American with Down's Syndrome - E

1929? to late 1950's

Journal of daily life, travel and comment.

In  Yesterday Was Tuesday, All Day & All Night: The Story of a Unique Education  edited by May V.Seagoe. Boston, Little Brown, 1964.

STORRS, Monica (1888-1967) - H2177

September 27th. 1929 to October 10th. 1931

The daughter of the Dean of Rochester Cathedral on a Church mission to the Peace River area of Canada. Well written and entertaining; a clear picture of frontier life.

God's Galloping Girl; The Peace River Diaries of Monica Storrs, 1919-1931  edited by W.L.Morton. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 1979.



APPONYI, Henrik (1885-1935)  Viennese diplomat and big-game hunter - E

From 1930

My Big-Game hunting Diaries from India and the Himalayas  London, Selwyn and Blount, 1937.


ARNOLD, Eberhard (1883-1935)  German theologian, founder of the Bruderhof - E

1930 to 1931

Brothers Unite: An Account of the Uniting of Eberhard Arnold and the Rhon Bruderhof with the Hutterian Church: Based on the Diary of His Journey to North America 1930-31 and Letters Written Between 1928 and 1935  Ulster Park, new York, Plough Publishing, 1988.


AUSS, K.  – medical man (?) - E

Early 1930’s?

Perhaps a doctor’s diary.

One Little Gleam


BAILEY, Florence Merriam - E


“This account of our summer in camps and cabins of the canyon and its immediate vicinity pictures the bird life as I found it grouped at different levels and in desert or forest setting, where observing visitors may duplicate my experiences.”

Among the Birds in the Grand Canyon Country  Washington D.C., Government Printing, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.


BAILEY, Truman - E


Polynesian Adventure  Doubleday, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.


BELL, R.L.P. - E

March 6th. to May 27th. 1930

Diary of a South African Journey; Under the Auspices of the Third Empire Mining and Metal Congress  London, Alex Pettigrew, 1931(?), 286 pp.


BOURKE-WHITE, Margaret (1904-1971)  American photographer - E


Eyes On Russia  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1931, is reported to contain diary material.  


BOVET, Louis A.


Moose Hunting in Alaska, Wyoming and Yukon Territory  Philadelphia, Dorrance, 1933, is reported to contain diary material.


BRADSHAW, Marion  - American theologian and philosopher - E

Late 1930's?

Travel in Russia, Japan and elsewhere.

Third Class World: A Roving Philosopher Observes the Common Man  privately printed, Bangor, Maine, 1939.


BRANDT, Herbert (b.1884) - E

From 1930's?

The following are reported to contain diary material:

a) - Texas Bird Adventures in the Chisos Mountains and on the Northern Plains  Cleveland, Ohio, The Bird Research Foundation, 1940.

b) - Alaska Bird Trails: Adventures of an Expedition by Dog Sled to the Delta of the Yukon River at Hooper Bay  Cleveland, Ohio, The Bird Research Centre, 1943.

c) - Arizona and Its Bird Life: A Naturalist's Adventures with the Nesting Birds on the Deserts, Grasslands, Foothills and Mountains of Southeatern Arizona  Cleveland, Ohio, The Bird Research Centre, 1951.


BREMER, Maura Scott (1930-2011) - E

Dates unknown

And Send the Sun Tomorrow: a Journal of My Father’s Last Days  Minneapolis, Winston press, 1979.


BRONER, Esther (1930-2011)  Jewish feminist acrtivist, scholar and author - E

Dates unknown

Mornings and Mourning: A Kadish Journal  Harper, 1994.


BULLARD, Reader William [Sir] (1885-1976)  diplomat

October 31st. 1930 to June 7th. 1934

Private diary as British Consul-General in Moscow and (from July 1931) Leningrad; notes and observations on people and politics in Stalin's Russia; the all pervading OGPU; shortages, famine, corruption and incompetence; the failure of the five year plan and the diastrous effects of collectivisation; shootings and disappearances; memorable characters including Pyotr Andreyevich Kulagin of OGPU and his wife, and Lady Muriel Paget and Miss Dorothea Daunt of the British Subjects in Russia Relief Association; the arrest and show trial of Metroplitan-Vickers' staff in Moscow; attempts to disillusion visitors of their utopian perceptions of Soviet Russia; his work and life in Leningrad; colleagues; some personal and family matters. A clear-eyed and sympathetic, if sometimes despairing, account of the USSR on the eve of the Great Purge and ensuing Terror. Interesting and important.

Inside Stalin's Russia: The Diaries of Reader Bullard, 1930-1934  edited by Julian and Margaret Bullard. Charlbury, Day Books, 2000.




My Diary among the Savage Kayapo Indians of the Amazon  Dietz Press, 1941.



Mid 1910's?

Driving from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Coast Fifty Years Ago: Diary of Edwin H.Carpenter  South Pasadena, Castle Press, 11pp in stapled wrapper, 500 copies.


CARR, Emily (1871-1945)  Canadian artist - H2178,*C217

November 23rd. 1930 to March 7th. 1941

Annotation based on extracts.

Introspective personal diary; her work and thoughts.

1. - Hundreds and Thousands  Toronto, Clarke, Unwin, 1966.

2. - Extracts: Moffat & Painter, pp 372-391.


CHIDECKEL, Maurice (b.1876)  American doctor - *M5635,E

1. - Strictly Private  Boston, 1928.

2. - Leaves from a Doctor's Diary  Nutley, New Jersey, 1940.


CLARK, Harold Benjamin - E


“Diary of hunting experiences recounted in verse.”

We Are in Alaska Now: A Doggerel Diary  privately printed, New York, 1937.


CONVERSE, Mary Parker (1872-1961)  American woman - E


Log of a voyage on the freighter Henry S.Grove.

113 Days on Iron Decks: A Voyage of Re-Discovery  Privately printed, Denver, 1938, 66 leaves reproduced from typescript, comb bound.


COWIE, Donald - E


Tubers and Taradiddle, or the Gardener’s Entertainment  Malvern, 1944, is reported to contain diary material.


DANBY, Hope - E


Charming Peking: a Diary of Seven Days Spent in the Old Chinese Capital  Peking, North China Standard, 1930, 44 pp.


DAVIS, Lavinia Riker (d.1961)  writer of mysteries and children's books - H2179,M5636

January 1930 to January 9th. 1955

Writer's intermittent and episodic journal; observations and conversations; anecdotes; New York; Cape Cod; countryside; reading and writing; dreams and introspection; family affairs.

The Journals of Lavinia Riker Davis  New York, privately printed, 1964.


DEVOE, Alan - *M5637,E

In  Phudd Hill  New York, Messner, 1937.


DENNIS, Wayne - E


A Diary Account of Child Behavior  in  The Hopi Child  Appleton, 1940.


EFFLER, Louis, Robert .A. (b.1888)  American physician - E


A Doctor's Daily Diary  Toledo Ohio, 1942.




“… based on the diary and photographic record of an archaeological trip covering three thousand miles of North Africa.”

From Tripoli top Marrakesh  Springfield, Massachusetts, Pond-Eckberg, 1944.


ELVASTON, George - E


“A light-hearted and amusing tale of two engaging characters, who in the days before the Second World War, spent a summer holiday in a remote village of the French Alps.”

Savoy Episode  by Hugh Merrick, London, Robert Hale, 1946, is reported to contain diary material.


ERWIN, Alice Clementina (1880-1938)  American conservationist - E


“… a collection of Alice Erwin's writings throughout the course of one year …. It covers topics from native berries and spruce trees to meteorites and porcupines.One memorable passage deals with the installation of nets over the fish-rearing ponds at the Oden State Fish Hatchery.”

Nature Talks: A Book of Days  Harbor Springs, Michigan, 1939.


FAY, Charles Edy - E

Late 1930’s?

Marie Celeste  Peabody Museum, 1942, is reported to contain diary material.


FIELD Joanna (pseud.)  English psychologist

1930's, not precisely dated

Annotation based on extracts.

Diary of self analysis.

1. - A Life of One's Own  London, Chatto and Windus, 1934.

2. - Extracts: Moffat & Painter, pp 347-360.


FLYNT, Henry N. - E

Late 1930’s?

On Horseback from Connecticut to Canada  privately printed, Burlington, Vermont. 1938 (?), is reported to contain diary material.


FORAN, W.Robert - E

Early 1930’s?

“… the author's sojourn in S.E. Asia. Travel in British Malaya, through the Straits of Malaca, lighter side of Sing- apore, Johore Bahru, Malacca the Mother of Malaya, in and around Malaca, to Kuala Lumpur, copra and tin belt, Ipoh to Penang. Southern Siam: journey to Bangkok, impressions, a model Kingdom, oriental Venice, birth of a Constitution, the Wats in Bangkok. Dutch East Indies: across Sumatra to Lake Toba, among the savage Bataks, Balige to Fort De Kock, matriarchy among the Menangkabau, Java the Mecca of tourists. Djokja & Solo, ancient and modern Java, Bali, the Garden of Eden, Den Pasar, bulkwark of Hinduism, road to heaven, in the shadow of Gunong Batoer, Northern Bali.”

Malayan Symphony  London, Hutchinson, 1935.


FROMM, Bella (1890-1972)  German Jewish journalist and author - E

1930 to 1939

“… an account of her time as diplomatic correspondent for Berlin newspapers during the Weimar Republic, and of her experiences during the first five years of the Third Reich. Although this book was published as an authentic contemporary diary, and is frequently cited as such, recent research suggests that Fromm wrote it in the U.S. after leaving Germany.”

Blood and Banquets  Harper, 1942.


FROMM, Herbert (1905-1995)  German-Jewish-American composer and organist - E

From 1930’s

The Key of See: Travel Journals of a Composer  Boston, 1967.


GARCIA, Sinikka Gronberg - E

From the 1930’s?

“Sinikka Gronberg Garcia was born in Finnish Karelia and migrated to North America and finally the US. At eight years old, she was forced from her home with the rest of her family by the Russian army. They fled from Helsinki during the bombing of World War II, the continuation war, and lived in Lapland, Germany, Mexico, and finally ended up in the United States. …based on the journals and diaries of the author, provides a snapshot of Europe embroiled in war in the 1930s and 1940s as well as chronicling her interesting and varied life experiences.”

The Finn in Me: The Chronicles of a Karelian Emigrant  North Star Press of St. Cloud, 1992.


GEORGE, Otto [Dr.] - E


“A record of Eskimo life in the 1930"s. ‘Eskimos of the Bering sea, along the coast of the Arctic Ocean, the areas of the Kuskokwim rivershed, and of the lower Yukon.’ Experiences of the last traveling physician for the Dept of Interior’s Indian Service. Based on his diaries, …”

Eskimo Medicine Man  Oregon Historical Society, 1979.


GOULET, Emil Oliver - E


Rugged Years on the Alaska Frontier Philadelphia  Dorrance, 1949, is reported to contrain diary material.


GRAYSON, David  - of Massachusetts - E


The Countryman’s Year  Doubleday, 1936, is reported to contain diary material.


GUNDOLF, Cordelia (1917-2008)  German born Italian scholar - E

Early 1930’s or late 1920’s

“While growing up, Gundolf and her mother spent summers on the Isle of Capri. There she learned to speak both Italian and English; she even wrote a diary in English, …”

Myrtles and Mice: Leaves from the Italian Diary of Cordelia Gundolf  New York, Dutton, 1935.


HAHN, Emily (1905-1997)  American journalist and author - E

From 1930?

“In 1930 she traveled to the Belgian Congo, where she worked for the Red Cross, and lived with a pygmy tribe for two years, before crossing Central Africa alone on foot.”

Congo Solo: Misadventures Two Degrees North  Bobbs, 1933 and McGill-Queen’s University, paperback, 2011, is reported to contain diary material.


HAHN, Lili - E


“A German author s chronicle of the 1930s and the slow descent of ordinary Germans into the Nazi maelstrom.”

White Flags of Surrender  Robert Luce, 1974.


HANSBERRY, Lorraine Vivian (1930-1965)  African-American playwright - E

Dates unknown

To Be Young, Gifted and Black  Prentice, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.


HARBEN, Henry Devenish (1874-1967)  British lawyer and left wing politician - E


“Film writer and businessman, a guest of the Soviet Union, sees the people as being permitted to criticize the administration but not the principles of the system. He justifies the secret police as a necessary preventive to sabotage.”

Diary Written During a Visit to Russia  privately printed, 1930, 101pp.


HARRISON, Walter Munford - E

From 1930’s?

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Yes, I Had a Good Time  Oklahoma city, 1938.

2. - The War Years  Oklahoma City, 1945, 102pp.

HARROLD, Ernest William (1889-1945)  journalist - H2180,C542

1930 to 1945

Matthews: A selection from his column in the  Ottawa Citzen;  journalistic notes on personal, public, and domestic trivia in Canada; imitation of Pepys.

The Diary of Our Own Pepys  Toronto, Ryerson, 1947.


HART, Marion Rice (1891-1990)  American sportswoman and writer - E

Mid 1930’s?

“… sailing across 30,000 miles of ocean in an 80-foot ketch.”

Who Called that Lady a Skipper? The Strange Voyage of a Woman Navigator  New York, Vanguard Press, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.


HARTE, Kit Bret - E


A year on Ischia in the Bay of Naples.

Island in the Sun  By Geoffrey and Kit Bret Harte, London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1937, is reported to contain diary material.


HEDGES, Frank H. - E

Early 1930’s?

In Far Japan: Glimpses and Sketches  Tokyo, Hokuseido Press, 1936, is reported to contain diary material.


JARMAN, Thomas Leckie (1907-1987) - E


Through Soviet Russia: The Diary of an English Tourist  London, Houghton, 1933.


KAHN, Edgar A. - *H2181,*M5638,E

In  Journal of a Neurosurgeon  Springfield, Illinois, Charles Thomas, 1972.


KARINTHY, Frigyes (1887-1938)  Hungarian playwright, poet and journalist - E


“… Karinthy was suffering from was a brain tumor, not cancerous but hardly benign, though it was only much later after spells of giddiness, fainting fits, friends remarking that his handwriting had altered, and books going blank before his eyes that he consulted a doctor and embarked on a series of examinations that would lead to brain surgery. Karinthy’s description of his descent into illness and his observations of his symptoms, thoughts, and feelings, as well as of his friends and doctors varied responses to his predicament, are exact and engrossing and entirely free of self-pity.”

Journey Round My Skull  London, Faber, 1939, has been described as “an autobiographical novel” but is reported to contain diary material.


KELLNER, Friedrich (1885-1970)  German in secret opposition to the Nazi regime - E

(Annotation based on review)

From 1930’s?

Private diary of a supervisor of legal records; consistent criticism of Nazi philosophy and method; disgust at the spineless devotion of his fellow countrymen, particularly academics, to the cause; complaints against him lead to threats of the concentration camp together with his wife.demonstrates extensive knowledge of the treatment of the Jews, which he execrates; cynical but accurate interpretation of war news.

My Opposition: The Diary of Friedrich Kellner  edited by Robert Scott Kellner, Cambridge University Press, 2018.


KELLY, John Frederick (1888-1947) - E


The Henry Whitfield House, 1639; The Journal of the Restoration of the Old Stone House, Guilford  edited by Evangeline Walker Andrews. Guilford, Connecticut, The Henry Whitfield State Historical Museum, 1939.


KINNICK, Nile Clarke, Jr. (1918-1943)  American football player and naval airman - E

From late 1930's?

A Hero Perished: The Diary and Selected Letters of Nile Kinnick  University of Iowa Press, 1991.


KOEHN, Ilse (1930?-1961)  writer and graphic artist - E

From 1930's?

"…her experiences as a child of part-Jewish parentage growing up in Berlin under the Nazis and in evacuation camps during World War II."

Mischling, Second Degree: My Childhood in Nazi Germany  New York: Greenwillow, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


KOKKO, Yrjö Olavi Samuli (1903-1977)  Finnish veterinarian and writer - E

From 1930?

"A prize winning account of a harsh and beautiful life beyond the Arctic Circle."

The Way of the Four Winds  translated by Naomi Walford, London, Gollancz, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.


La DUE, John - E


A Bible Scholar in Bible Lands  Greenville, Illinois, Tower Press, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.


LAZAREFF, Pierre (1907-1972)  French journalist - E


Deadline: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Last Decade in France  Random House, 1942, is reported to contain diary material.


LEAHY, Michael J. - E

1930 to 1935

“This is the diary of five years spent in hot pursuit, not of honor and glory, but of excitement and riches ….. Leahy and his associates explored the unknown interior of New Guinea, seeking gold and making contact for the first time with the aborigines of the interior mountains and valleys.White man was unknown to these often cannibalistic, always dangerous, aborigines who thought the seekers of yellow in the streams slightly mad, and thus easy prey.”

Explorations into Highland New Guinea, 1930-1935  University of Alabama Press, 1991.


LEINING, Edna  - American school teacher - E

Early 1930’s?

“An adventure in science with a Fourth Grade, bibliography and objective evidence of children’s learning in science.”.

Millions of Years in a Winter  Teachers College of Columbia, 1935, is reported to contain diary material.


LOMBARD, Laurence  - American lawyer - E

August and September 1930

“… a month-long, 12,000-mile journey to Alaska in a de Havilland Gipsy Moth named Flit, a small two-seat biplane with open cockpits and a 90-hp, four-cylinder engine. The pilots were on their summer vacation and wanted to see if they could fly out to Alaska, get in some bear hunting and return.” The co-pilot was Frederick Blodgett, who worked in a bank and had had only five hours flying experience.

Flight to Alaska  Princeton, Dow Jones Books, 1966.


McELROY, Clarence L. (b.1903) - E

Early 1930's?

Seventeen Days in the Mexican Jungle  Greenfield, Indiana, 1933, is reported to contain diary material.


MACNAIR, Harley Fransworth (1891-1947)  American historian of the Far East - E


With the White Cross in China: The Journal of a Famine Relief Worker  Peking, 1939, 600 copies.


MALLET-JORIS, Françoise (Françoise LILAR) (1930-2016)  Belgian writer - E

Dates unknown

“… the author's search for truth, her perception of herself and through herself of the world; for her the essence of life is the pattern that truth imposes upon it; and since she is above all a writer she is primarily concerned with truth in the written word.”

A Letter to Myself  London, W.H.Allen, 1964, is reported to contain diary material.


MENCKEN, Henry Louis (1880-1956)  American journalist, critic and philologist - E

a) - November 5th. 1930 to November 15th. 1948

Personal diary; social life; work; the death of his wife; literary and political figures; hatred of F.D.Roosevelt and American involvement in the war; preoccupation with his health and that of others; daily occupations; reading; financial affairs; comment and opinions on people and events. A generous selection from a good diary which was embargoed for twenty five years after his death.

1. - The Diary of H.L.Mencken  edited by Charles A.Fecher. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1989.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 296-297 and 610.

b) - James Cummings (8484) has  Mencken's Last Campaign  New Republic, 1976.


MERRICK, Elliott (b.1905?) - E


“True North tells the captivating story of… a hunting trip he and his wife, Kay, made with trapper John Michelin in 1930. Covering 300 miles over a harsh winter, they experienced an unexplored realm of nature at its most intense and faced numerous challenges. Merrick accidentally shot himself in the thigh and almost cut off his toe. Freezing cold and hunger were constant. Nonetheless, the group found beauty and even magic in the stark landscape. The couple and the trappers bonded with each other and their environment through such surprisingly daunting tasks as fabricating sunglasses to avoid snow blindness and learning to wash underwear without it freezing.”

True North: A Journey into Unexplored Wilderness  University of Nebraska Press, 1989. First published, New York, Scribners, 1933.


MORTON, Margaret Gray - E


Around the World  privately printed, 1931, is reported to contain diary material.


NANÉ (pseud.)  Mrs Tennant - E


The Diary of a Novice: Big Game Hunting in Tanganyika  privately printed, 1937.


NICOLSON, Harold George [Sir] (1886-1968) - H2182,M5658,E

a) - 1919

- Nicolson attended the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919 as a junior Foreign Office official and

kept a diary upon which much of this book is based.

- Peacemaking 1919  London, Constable, 1933; London, Methuen, 1967.   

b) - January 1st. 1930 to June 2nd. 1962

Diaries of the diplomat, politician, writer and critic, married to V. Sackville-West. Interesting and important for the political and cultural scene during the diary period. Well written and full of good things. The letters are to his wife, with some of her replies.

1. - Diaries and Letters 1930-39; 1939-1945 & 1945-1962  edited by Nigel Nicolson. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, three volumes, 1966, 1967 & 1968.

2. - Diaries and Letters 1930-1964  edited and condensed by Stanley Olson. London, Collins, 1980. This edition contains some entries which do not appear in the three volume edition; the additional material is clearly and helpfully marked.

3. - The Harold Nicolson Diaries, 1907-1963  edited by Nigel Nicolson. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2004. This edition contains diary entries not previously published.

4. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 534-535; and Blythe, pp 34-38.

c) - 1957

Travel diary; a cruise on the Willem Ruys to Java with his wife.

Journey to Java  London, Constable, 1957.


OMANNEY, Francis Downes (b.1903) - E


“…. he joined the ' Discovery II ' expedition in South Georgia as a zoologist, studied whales, went with the rescue-party that found Lincoln Ells- worth, the American airman, on the Ross Barrier, was stranded on a remote beach, and was in the ' Discovery ' when she was nearly trapped in pack-ice.”

South Latitude  London, Logmans Green, 1938. American title  Below the Roaring Forties: An Antarctic Journal.


PEARSON, Thomas Gilbert (1873-1943)  American conservationist - E

1930’s or earlier?

Adventures in Bird Protection  Appleton, 1937, is reported to contain diary material.


PEET, G.L. - E

1930 to 1933

Sketches which originally appeared in the Straits Times.

Malayan Exile (A Journal in the Federal Capital)  Singapore, privately printed, 1935?


PHILBY, H. St.J.B. (b.1885) - E

Early 1930’s?

The Empty Quarter: Being a Description of the Great South Desert of Arabia Known as the Rub al Khali  London, Constable 1933, is reported to contain diary material.


POWERS, John Leslie (b.1863) - E


A Landlubber at Sea: Being an Account of a voyage on the USS Hulbert, from Mare Island to Guantanamo bay, and on the USS Langley, from Guantanamo Bay to Pensacola  privately printed, Ames, Iowa, 1930, 200 copies.


POWYS, John Cowper (1872-1963)  novelist and philosophical writer - E

a) - January 1st. to December 31st. 1930

Private diary; his last lecture tour in America; removal from New York to the Catskill Mountains; starts writing A Glastonbury Romance; daily life with Phyllis Playter and his love for her; his health, dyspepsia, enemas; and her health; his dog; the garden; neighbours; domestic affairs; exuberant 'stream of consciousness' style.

The Diary of John Cowper Powys, 1930  edited by Frederick Davies. London, Greymitre Books, 1987.

b) - 1931

(Not seen)

The Diary of John Cowper Powys, 1931  J.Kwintner Books, 1990.

c) - 1929 to 1939

(Not seen)

Petrushka and the Dancer; Diaries 1929-1939  edited by Morine Krisdottir. Carcanet, 1995.

d) - June 1934 to July 1935

(Not seen)

The Dorset Year: The Diary of John Cowper Powys, June 1934-July 1935  edited by Morine Krisdottir and Roger Peers. Kilmersdon, The Powys Press, 1997.


PURVES-STEWART, James [Sir] (b.1869)   - E

Early 1930’s?

A Physician’s Tour in Soviet Russia  New York, Stokes, 1933.



Early 1930’s?

Diary of an Automobile trip in North Italy and France  Oxford, 1934.


RILEY, Quinton  - Member of the british Arctic Air-Route Expedition (1930-1931) - E

1930? and 1931?

Diary in  Portrait of an Ice Cap  by J.M.Scott. London, Chatto and Windus, 1953.


ROSE de LIMA, Mary [Mother] (b1893) - E


A Mission Tour in the Southwest Pacific, from the diary account of Rev. Mother Mary Rose, S.M.  edited by Charles F.Decker. Boston, Societry for the Propagation of the Faith, 1942. Also published in the same year as  Saving the Solomons .


ROSS, William Graham - E


Bird Notes from the Journal of a Nature Lover  W.B.Conkey, 1938.


ROSSELLI, Carlo (1899-1937)  Italian politician and anti-fascist - E

Mid 1930's?

Spanish civil War?

James Cummings (10626) has  Jourmal of a Militiaman  in  Twice a Year  1939-1940.


RUGH, Arthur Douglas - E


Letters from Palestine  Peiping, Yenching Press, 1936, is reported to contain diary material.


RYNNE, Stephen - E

Dates Unknown

Green Fields: A Journal of Irish Country Life  London, Macmillan, 1938.


SANÉ (pseud) Mrs. TENNENT - E


Safari: The diary of a Novice: Big game Hunting in Tanganyika  privately printed, 1937.  


SANDEMAN, Christopher - E

Late 1930's?

A Forgotten River: A Book of Peruvian Travel and Botanical Notes  London and New York, Oxford University Press, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.

Note:  A Wandere in Inca Land  London, Phoenix House, 1948, may also contain diary material.



Summer, 1930

A family trip to Europe.

Rushing Through Europe  privately printed, St.Louis, 1937.  


SCHNEIDER, Paul (1897-1939) - E


Paul Schneider, the Pastor of Buchenwald; a free translation of the story told by his widow, with many quotations from his diary and letters  by E. H. Robertson. London, SCM Press, 1956.


SCOTT, James Maurice (1906-1986) - E

From 1930?

Diary in Greenland with the Gino Watkins expedition.

In   Portrait on an Ice Cap with Human Figures  London, Chatto & Windus, 1953.



Late 1930's?

Electric Eel Calling: A record of an artist's association with a scientific expedition to study the electric eel at Santa Maria de Belém do Pará, Brazil  New York, Scribners, 1941, is reported to contain diary material.


SHERWOOD, Martyn (b.1899?) - E

Early 1930's?

The Voyage of the Tai-mo-shan  London, Hart-Davis, 1957, is reported to contain diary material.


SIMPSON, George Gaylord (1902-1984) - *H2183,E

a) - Attending Marvels: A Patagonian Journal  New York, Macmillan, 1934; New York, Time, 1965 and 1982; and Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1982.

b) - Dates Unknown

Concession to the Improbable: An Unconventional Autobiography  Yale University Press, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


SMITH, Clifford - E


Log of an Aerial Journey around South America  privately printed, 1938.


SNOW, Edgar - E


Account of a ten month journey through southeast Asia.

Edgar Snow's Journey South of the Clouds  edited by Robert M.Farnsworth, Columbia, University of Missouri Press, 1991, is reported to contain diary material.


SOUTAR, William (1898-1943)  Scottish poet - H2184

May 21st 1930 to October 14th. 1943

Personal diary of a bedridden Scottish poet; reflection and introspection; reading; writing and poems; listening to the wireless; the view from his window; progress of his disease.

Diaries of a Dying Man  edited by Alexander Scott, Edinburgh and London, Chambers, 1954. Reissued, revised by W.R.Aitken, Edinburgh, Canongate, 1991.


STANFORD, Julian Castle (Julius Schloss) - E

From 1930?

Reflections: The Diary of a German-Jew in Hiding  edited byRebecca Fromer. Oakland, California, Institute for the Righteous Acts of the Judah L.Magnes Memorial Museum, 1965.


STARKEY, May Chapman - E


Westward to Europe  Los Angeles, 1937, is reported to contain diary material.


STERN, John A. - E

Early 1930's?

To Hudson's Bay by Paddle and Portage  privately printed, Chicago, 1934, is reported to contain diary material.


SUTTON, Richard Lightburn - E


An Arctic Safari, with Camera and Rifle in the Land of the Midnight Sun  St. Louis, Mosby, 1932.


SVERDRUP, Harald Ulrik (1888-1957)  Norwegian oceanographer - E

Early 1030'S?

Among the Tundra People  San Diego, University of California, 1978, is reported to contain diary bmaterial.


TABORI, Cornelius (b.1908)  journalist - E

From 1930's?

My Occult Diary  London, Rider, 1951. Reprinted, New York, Living Books, 1966.


THESIGER, Wilfred Patrick (1910-2003)  explorer

October 26th. to December 30th. 1930 and October 1st. 1933 to May 23rd. 193

Travel diaries with letters and narrative passages; to Abyssinia for the coronation of Haile Selassie followed by a hunting trip in the Danakil desert; the second diary is an exploration of the Awash river; travel details; the country; tribesmen and their customs; good descriptions.

The Danakil Diary; Journeys through Abyssinia, 1930-34  London, Harper Collins, 1996.


TOMALIN, Ruth (b.1919)  writer

1930 to 1934 and 1980 to 2001

Nature diary of the head gardener's daughter; birds and other wildlife in the woods near Stansted Park in Sussex, then in private ownership; evocative. The later entries are widely spaced and rather wistful notes on the same theme, after the park had been opened to the public.

In  Garden House Diaries: Life on a Country Estate 1930-1945  edited by Ruth Tomalin, pp 38-69 and 132-138.


TRIPPE, Andrew Noel - E


Caribbean Cruise  probably in  Florida Cruise  edited by Norman Alan Hill. Baltimore, king, 1945.


VASTO, Giuseppe Giovanni Luigi Enrico Lanza di Trabia del (1901-1981)  philosopher and disciple of GandhiE

From late 1930's?

Gandhi to Vinoba: The New Pilgrimage  London, Rider, 1956, is reported to contain diary material. -   


WARD, John Dudley Usborne  - British forester - E

From 1930's?

AWoodman's Diary  London, routledge, 1952.


WARNER, Edith (1893?-1951) - E

1930's and 1940's

In  The House at the Otowi Bridge, the Story of Edith Warner and Los Alamos  Albuqerque, New Mexico, University of New Mexico Press, 1960.


WARRICK, F.W.  - psychical researcher - E


Experiments in Psychics: Practical studies in direct writing, supernormal photography and other phenomena, mainly with Mrs. Ada Emma Deane  New York, Dutton, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.


WELLINGTON, Gerald Wellesley, Duke of  - E


Akaba, Sinai, Petra and the Holy Land.

The Diary of a Desert Journey  London, Putnam, 1938.


WERNHER, Hilda - E,F

a) - 1930's, year not given

Purported diary of  her experienceswhen accompanying her newly married daughter to India; life there; her daughter's death; re-marriage of her son-in-law. Originally published as non-fiction but now classified as fiction; atmospheric and undoubtedly based on personal experience but probably not taken from a detailed diary.

My Indian Family: A Story of East and West within a Muslim Home  New York, John Day, 1945.

b) - 1930's

My Indian Son-in-Law  New York, Doubleday, 1949.


WILCOX, Margaret - E

James Cummings (13331) has  My English Journal and Letters  privately printed, Cleveland, 1936.


WILCOX, Owen Nelson (b.1880) - E

James Cummings (13333) has  With the Wilcoxes in England  Cleveland, 1936.


WILLIAMS, Frances - E


Aloha Comes of Age  privately printed, New York, 1932.

Note:  There may be a connection between this book and The Maiden Voyage of the Aloha  by  A.V. and A.P.A. (qv) and  Aloha Around the World  by Karl Vogel (qv).




Letters of William Allen White and a Young Man  edited by Gil Wilson, New York, John Day, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.

WINMILL, Virginia - E


Gone Away with the Winmills: A Biography of Robert Campbell Winmill and Viola Townsend Winmill of Warrenton, Virginia, Covering the Period from 1884 to 1975  by Virginia Winmill Livingstone Armstrong, privately published, Fechy, Switzerland, 1977, is reported to contain diary material. The book is said to be largely concerned with hunting, racing, dog breeding etc.


VILLIERS, Dick and Nancy - E

Probably 1930’s and later

Long Ago And Far Away, and Yet So Close It Could Be Yesterday: a travel diary, letters and Second World War letters of Dick and Nancy Villiers  selected and edited by their daughter Linda Yeatman. Privately printed, 2005.


YEATES, George Kirby  - bird photographer - E


Bird photographer's diaries in the estuaries of the Guadalquiver and the Rhone.

Bird Life in Two Deltas  London, Faber, 1946.



ALBRIGHT, Charles Leonard - E

1931? to 1934?

East Coast Cruise of the U.S. Frigate Constitution: A Philatelic Narrative of the Exhibition Cruise of the Famous Old Fighter in the War with the Barbary States and the Victor over the Guerriere  Richmond, Virginia, Dietz, 1934.


BARBOUR, Mary Bigelow - *M5640,E

Travel diary; Mexico.

Leaves from My Diary  privately printed, Boston, 1932, 100 copies.


BASKERVILLE, Hamilton Meade - E


My Cruise Diary: North cape and Russia Cruise, 1931  Richmond, Virginia, 1932, 200 copies.


BLAIR, Eric Arthur (George ORWELL) (1903-1950)  author

a) - 1931 to 1939

“… Eleven Diaries are presented here, and we know there may be two more from his time in Spain hidden away in tyhe NKVD archives in Moscow. Covering the period 1931-1949, this volume follows Orwell from his early years as a writer up to his last literary notebook. His hop-picking diary covers some of Orwell’s time spent down and out; a wonderful entry from 1931 tells of a communal shave in the Trafalgar Square fountains. The notes from his travels through industrial England, which formed the basis of “The Road to Wigan Pier”, show the development of the gifted young novelist and impassioned social commentator….. This same acute power of observation is evident in his diaries from Morocco, where he also encountered extreme poverty. We catch a glimpse of a different Orwell at home. His domestic diaries chart the progress of his garden and animals… The wartime diaries make fascinating reading, from descriptions of events overseas, to the daily violence closer to home and his astute perspective on the politics of both.”

Orwell Diaries  edited by Peter Davison, London, Harvill Secker, 2009; New York, Liveright, 2012; London, Penguin Classics, 2010.

b) - (Annotation based on extracts)

May 1940 to August 1941, and March to November 1942

War time diary; privileged information from his work at the BBC.

1. - War-Time Diaries  in  Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell Volume 2, London, Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1970, pages 385 - 508.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 321-322 and 343-344.

Note: Many of Orwell’s works draw upon his diaries but it is not thought helpful to list them here.


CARAWAY, Hattie - *H2186,*M5641,E

1931 to 1934

American political diary.

Silent Hattie Speaks: The Personal Journal of senator Hattie Caraway  edited by Diane D.Kincaid. Westport, Connecticut and London, Greenwood Press, 1979.


CASTEEL, John L.  - University of Oregon speech professor - E

1931 to 1942

The Lean Years: John L. Casteel’s Diaries, 1931-1942  edited by Bettly Lawson Walters in  Oregon Historical Quarterly  LXXXIX, 1988, pp 229-301.


CUMMINGS, Edward Estin (E.E.) (1894-1962)  American poet and writer - E


“… sometimes termed a novel, it is better described as a novelistic travelogue, the diary of a trip to Russia in the 1930s during the rise of the Stalinist government. Despite some contempt for what he witnesses, Cummings’s narrator has an effective, occasionally hilarious way of evoking feelings of accord and understanding.”

1. - EIMI: A Journey through Soviet Russia  Sloane, 1937, 1381 copies.

2. - James Cummings (3086) has also  From a Russian Diary  in  Hound and Horn  April-June, 1932.

3. - The Tomb of Lenin  in  Hound and Horn  October-December 1932.




“… journal of his travels throughout the Mediterranean in 1931.”

The Tired Sea  privately printed, Baltimore, 1939, 300 copies.


DAVIES (or DAVIS), R.W.H. - of the Indian civil service - E

March 1st. to June 9th. 1931

Diary of a road journey of 8,612 miles in an Alvis Sports Saloon from Belgaum in India to Kemerton in Gloucestershire through Persia, Iraq, Syria and Turkey; a detailed account of the journey, mileages, expenses, people met, political conditions and current affairs.

A Light Car Odyssey: The diary of a road journey through India, Persia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Europe to England, complete with all details of the route followed, milages from town to town, expenses, lists of equipment and spares carried, with further details in five appendices  Peter Bowen, 1932.  


DAVIS, Gherardi (1858-1941) - E

a) - 1931

How I went to Europe in 1931  New York, privately printed at the Gilliss Press, 1931. The book has not been examined but is believed to contain diary material.

b) - April 1939

James Cummings has:  How I Spent a Few Days in Virginia, April 1939  privately printed at the Plantin Press, 1939, 35 copies.


ICHIKAWA, Haruko (Mrs. Sanki Ichikawa) (b.1896) - E

a) - 1931 to 1932

Travel diary, abridged; tyrans-Siberian route to Paris; England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, northern and central Europe, Switzerland and Italy.

Japanese Lady in Europe  edited by William Plomer. New York, E.P.Dutton, 1937.

b) - Dates unknown

Travel in America, Balkans and Egypt.

Japanese Lady in America  Tokyo, Kenkyusha, 1939.


JACKSON, Henry Alexander Carmichael  - Canadian artist and naturalist - `E

1931 to 1951

“An exhibition catalogue which incorporates portions of the notebooks of this remarkable Canadian naturalist and botanical artist. It is also one person's record of changes, both social and environmental, which occurred in the Montreal and Quebec countryside during the years of the Great Depression, the Second World War, and the period immediately following.”

Mr. Jackson’s Mushrooms  Ottawa, national Gallery of Canada, 1979, 161pp.


JONES, Gareth - E


Experiences in Russia, 1931: A Diary  Pittsburgh, 1932.


KIDO, Koichi (1889-1977)  adviser to Emperor Hirohito of Japan

(Annotation based on extracts)

1931 to 1945

Political diary; very full account of meetings and conversations; during the war, as Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal, he was the principal conduit between the civil administartion and the emperor.

1. - The Diary of Marquis Kido, 1931-45: Selected Translations into English  Frederick, University Publications of America, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 50-52, 87-89, 346-347 and 447-448.


KRYSKILL, William  - restaurateur, of Pittsburgh  - E

From 1931?

The Story of Hyeholde  Philadelphia, Dorrance, 1946.


Le FEVRE, Georges - E

1931 to 1932 (?)

An Eastern Odyssey: The Third Expedition of Haardt and Audouin-Dubreuil  Boston, Little brown, 1935, is reported to contain diary material.


MELVIN, Leslie Edgar - *M5642,E

I Beat the Arctic  in  Alaska Journal  1983.


MORRA di LAVRIANO, Umberto (1897-1981)  Italian journalist - E

1931 to 1940

Conversations with Bernard Berenson  translated by Florence Hammond, Cambridge, Houghton Mifflin, 1965.


O’BRIEN, Harry R. - E

1931 to 1932 (?)

“Two years of diary excerpts, mostly on flower-growing, from The Plain Dirt Gardener, known for his column in Better Homes & Gardens.”

The Diary of a Plain Dirt Gardener  New York, Sears, 1933.


OLDFIELD, Otis (1890-1969)  American artist - E


A Pictorial Journal of a Voyage Aboard the Three Masted Schooner Louise, Last of the Sailing Codfishers Out of San Francisco Bay as Recorded in 1931  San Francisco, Graborn-Hoyem, 1969, 400 copies.


ORWELL, George: See BLAIR, Eric Arthur


POWELL, Dawn  - American novelist

(Annotation based on review)


Private diary; writing, cats, problems with her son; parties, people and criticism.

The Diaries of Dawn Powell 1931-1965  edited by Tim Page. South Royalton, Vermont, Steerforth Press, 1996.


POWELL, Gerrtrude Eliza Clark (1870-1957) - E

1931 to 1934

“Gertrude Powell spent 1931-1934 in France and England and this is her memories of that time. Lawrence Clark Powell (qv) had gone to France and was studying for his doctorate in Dijon when his mother came and joined him. He received his doctorate the following year and then returned to the States. His mother went to England and spent the next couple of years there.”

The Quiet Side of Europe; with a memoir of the author by her son Lawrence Clark Powell  Los Angeles, 1959, 250 copies.


POWERS, Elmer G. - *H2187,*M5643,E

1931 to 1936

Years of Struggle: The Farm Diary of Elmer G.Powers, 1931-1936  edited by Roger Grant and L.Edward Purcell. Iowa State, 1976.



May and June, 1931

A Little journal of London Written in May and June 1931  privately printed, Chicago, 1931.


ROY, Manabendra Nath (Narendra Nath Bhattacharya) (1887-1954)  Bengali Indian revolutionary - E

1931? to 1937?

"Fragments of a prisoner's diary."

India's Message  Calcutta, Renaissance Publishers, 1950.

SETON, Grace Thompson  - writer and geographer - M5639

June 10th. to October 25th. 1931?

Travel diary; by sea to South America and travels there; well cushioned adventures; gushing style but an interesting period piece with some good observation and incidental detail; probably much worked up for publication.

Log of the "Look-See"; A half year in the wilds of Matto Grosso and the Paraguayan Forest, over the Andes to Peru  London, Hurst and Blackett, 1932.


SHELDON, William Gulliver - E

a) - 1931 and 1932

Exploring for Wild Sheep in British Columbia in 1931 and 1932  Clinton, New Jersey, Amwell Press, 1981, may contain diary material.

b) - Dates Unknown

The Wilderness Home of the Giant Panda  Amherst, University of Massachusetts Press, 1975, is reported to contain diary material.


STREAT, (Edward) Raymond [Sir] (1897-1979)  Manchester industrialist

1931 to 1957

Business diary; Director and Secretary of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce; Chairman of the Cotton Board; although mainly concerned with the affairs of the cotton industry, the range of people met, conversations, correspondence, foreign delegations, political observations and negotiations are of some general interest.

1. - Lancashire and Whitehall: The Diary of Sir Raymond Streat  edited by Marguerite Dupree. Manchester University Press, two volumes, 1987.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 33-34, 45-46 and 642-643.


SYLVESTER, Albert James (b.1889)  civil servant - H2188

January 1st. 1931 to February 26th. 1945

Personal and political diary; principal private secretary to Lloyd George; the manuscript was kept in shorthand and has been very substantially cut and edited to present a portrait of Lloyd George in the last years of his life; political and social affairs; politicians and personalities; Chamberlain, Churchill and the second World War; conversations and reminiscences; the complications of Lloyd George's double life with his wife and his mistress, Frances Stevenson (qv); his wife's death in 1941 and his marriage to Frances in 1943, and relations with his children; a vivid and intimate account with much about the diarist's duties, work and friendship for Lloyd George and a few mentions of his personal affairs.

1. - Life with Lloyd George: The Diary of A.J.Sylvester, 1931-45  edited by Colin Cross. London, Macmillan, 1975.  The Real Lloyd George  London, 1947, is also largely based upon the diaries but with many omissions.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 156-157.


VILLIERS, Alan John (1903-1982)  master mariner - E

a) - 1932

1. - Voyage of the Parma: The Great Grain race of 1932  London, Bles, 1933.

2. - Grain Race  New York, Scribners, 1933.

b) - 1935?

Cruise of the Conrad  New York, Scribners, 1937.


WALLACE, Edgar (1875-1932)  English crime writer and novelist - E

November 1931 to February 1932

Diary letters to his wife.

My Hollywood Diary: The Last Work of Edgar Wallace  London, Hutchinson, 1932.


WILKINS, Hubert (1888-1958)  Australian Arctic explorer - E


Preparations for the failed Wilkins-Ellsworth attempt to navigate a submarine beneath the ice at the North Pole.

Under the Morth Pole: The Wilkins-Ellsworth Submarine Expedition  Ernest Benn, 1931, is reported to contain diary material.


YODER, Edward  - Mennonite scholar - E

1931 to 1945

Pilgrimage of a Mind: The Journal of Edward Yoder, 1931-1945  edited by Ida Yoder. Privately printed, 1985.  



ANONYMOUS,  general in the German war ministry - *H2189,E

May 30th. 1932  to January 30th. 1933

Day to day chronicle of Nazi activities and propaganda techniques; secret intrigues.

The Berlin Diaries, May 30, 1932-January 30, 1933  edited by Helmut Klotz. New York, William Morrow, London Jarrolds, 1934. Reprinted New York, AMS Press, 1972.


BARTLETT, Frederic Clay (1873-1953)  American artist - E

Perhaps 1932 and 1933, but possibly 1890’s or both periods

“Autobiographical reminiscences of this Chicago artist's early years as an art student in Paris in the 1890s and later with James McNeill Whistler, with accounts of visits to Venice and Munich and his return to Chicago after the turn of the century. The reminiscences were written in Munich during the winter of 1932 and 1933, while the artist was recuperating from eye surgery.”

Sortofa Kindofa Journal of My Own  privately printed, Chicago, 1965.




“The account of an adventurous sea voyage between Australia and Singapore in 1932.”

North-West by North: A Journal of a Voyage  London, Jonathan Cape, 1937; Virago 1987.


AGATE, James Evershed (1877-1947)  theatre critic - B309,E

a) - June 1932 to June 2nd. 1947

Autobiography in diary form, supplemented by letters and newspaper cuttings. His work and social life in London; dominated by actors and the theatre; miscellaneous thoughts and jottings.

1. - Ego  .......  Ego 9  Nine volumes, London, George G.Harrap, 1935-1948.

2. - A Shorter Ego  London, three volumes, 1948(?).

3. - The Selective Ego  edited by Tim Beaumont. London, Harrap, 1976.

4. - Extracts: Blythe, pp 336-341.

b) - The Amazing Theatre  London, George G. Harrap, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.


BOLITHO, (Henry) Hector (1898-1974)  writer, originally from New Zealand - E

a) - March  to June 1932

Account, based on a diary, of a visit to Palestine while writing the biography of Alfred Mond, accompanied by Henry Melchett and spent mostly on the shores of Galilee and in the King David Hotel at Jerusalem; visits to Zionist settlements; meetings and discussions with Jews and Arabs; sympathy for the Arabs; a visit to Petra.

In  The Angry Neighbours: A Diary of Palestine and Transjordan  London, Arthur Barker, 1957, pp 13-100.

b) - February 10th. to early June 1933

Account, based on a diary, and with some dated entries; in Transjordan living at the palace of Amir (later King) Abdullah at Amman, to write a biography of King Hussein; Prince Talal; King Feisal; Arab character and intrigues; affection for his host; resentment by the English.

1. - In  The Angry Neighbours: A Diary of Palestine and Transjordan  London, Arthur Barker, 1957, pp 103-139.

2. - The diary is given, ostensibly in full and unrevised, in  A Biographer's Notebook  London, Longmans Green, 1950, pp 64-85.

3. - Beside Galilee: A Diary in Palestine  London, Cobden Sanderson, 1933, which has not been examined,  must be founded on the same diary.

c) - September 3rd. 1939 to September 3rd.1945

War diary of a well-connected intelligence officer at the Air Ministry and later editor of the RAF Journal; long and episodic entries, sometimes widely spaced; incidents, anecdotes and conversations, often very entertaining; dinner at Chips Channon (qv)'s house interrupted by a bomb; becomes editor of Coastal Command Intelligence Review; reports and conversations about actions and heroism by the men of Coastal Command; privileged access to commanders and information.

1. - A Penguin in the Eyrie  London, Hutchinson, 1955

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 92-93 and 205-206.

Note: Material from this diary is also used in the author's  War in the Strand: A Notebook of the First Two and a Half Years in London  London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1942;  and  Task for Coastal Command: The authentic and revealing story of the operations against U-Boats and shipping in the South Western Approaches  London, Hutchinson, 1944 (1946?).

d) - Not seen.

Haywire: An American Travel Diary  New York, Longmans & Co., 1939. A new edition as  America Expects – A Travel Diary  London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1940.

e) - Not seen.

A postwar visit of two months to Germany.

A Summer in Germany  London, Oswald Wolff, 1963.

f) - Not seen

Thistledown and Thunder: a Higgledy-Piggledy Diary of New Zealand, the South Seas, Australia, Port Said, Italy, Paris, England, Madeira, Africa, Canada and New York  London, Jonathan Cape, 1928.


BOYD, Julian P. - *M5644,E


The Southampton Meeting  in  New York History  January 1933.


BERNAYS, Robert Hamilton (1902-1945)  politician

October 18th. 1932 to December 1st. 1937

Political diaries of a Liberal M.P.; few personal matters; interspersed with letters.

The Diaries and Letters of Robert Bernays, 1932-1939  edited by Nick Smart. Studies in British History, Volume 40. Lampeter, Edwin Mellen Press, 1996.


BROOKS, (William) Collin (1893-1959)  journalist - E

1932 to 1940

Private diary of a journalist and editor; Financial News; Sunday Dispatch; friendship with Lord Rothermere.

Fleet Street, Press Barons and Politics: The Journals of Collin Brooks, 1932-1940  edited by N.J.Crowson. Cambridg University Press for the Royal Historical Society, Camden Fifth Series, Volume 11, 1999.

BUCHANAN, George (b.1904)  author - B310

May to August 1932

Matthews: Literary diary; literary life and everyday scenes and happenings in London; plays and theatre.

Passage through the Present: Chiefly Notes from a Journal  New York, E.P.Dutton, 1933.


CHEVALIER, Stuart - *M5645,E

A Window on Broadway: A Journal of Occasional Notes on This Present Scene and What May Lie Beyond  Boston, 1936, 300 copies.


DOOLEY, Peter Joseph - E


“Travels included Hawaii, Japan, China, The Philippines, Java, Bali, Malaya, Burma, India, Arabian Sea, Jerusalem, Palestine and Syria, Egypt, Italy.”

A Journey Around the World  St. Louis, 1933.


DUN, T.I. [Major] - E

October 1932

“An account of the reconnaissance mission carried out by a squadron of the XIIth Royal Lancers in armoured Rolls-Royce cars from Cairo across the Libyan Desert to Siwa in October,1932, together with an account of the history, customs, and superstitions of the native inhabitants.”

From Cairo to Siwa  Cairo, Schindler, 1933.

ELWIN, Verrier (b.1902)  writer - D94

1932 to 1935

Matthews: Mostly diary of his life in a Gond village; educational work; village life.

Leaves from the Jungle  London, 1936.


FEDOROV (FYODOROV) Yevgeny Konstantinovich (1910-1981)  Arctic explorer - E

From 1932?

“In 1932-1938, he was a research associate on several polar stations, including the first drifting ice station North Pole-1 (1937-1938). In 1938-1939, Yevgeny Fyodorov headed the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.”

Polar Diaries  Russia, Progress Publishers, 1983.


GRAY, Floyd - E

1932 to 1933

A Weather History from January 1 1932 to December 31 1933  New York, 1963.




On th Trail of the Forgotten Man: A Journal of the Roosevelt Presidential Campaign  Boston, 1933.


HATCH, Olivia Stokes - *H2190,*M5646,E


Travel diary through the length of Africa.

Olivia's African Diary: Cape Town to Cairo, 1932  Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press (?), 1980.


HAWKINS, L.Maurice - E

1932 to 1933

World cruise on the Empress of Britain.

Round the World with an Empress (1932-33): Rough Notes for a Log  privately printed, Bedford, 1933.


HURD, Peter  - American landscape painter - *H2191,*M5647,E

From 1932

My Land is the Southwest: Peter Hurd Letters and Journals  Texas A. & M. University Press, 1983.


JONASON, Robert V. (b.1932?) - E

Dates unknown

Alone in Scandinavia  Stillwater, Minnesota, The Croixside Press, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


KENNEDY, Aubrey Leo (b.1885)  journalist - E

1932 to 1939

The Times and Appeasement: The Journals of A.L.Kennedy, 1932-1939  edited by Gordon Martel. Cambridge University Press for the Royal Historical Society, Camden Fith Series, 2001.


LAMONT, Corliss and Margaret - *H2192,*M5648


Russia Day by Day  New York, Covici, 1933.


MacDONALDJames E.H. - E


The Barbados Journal, 1932  Kapuscasing, Ontario, Penumbra Press, 1989.


MONAHAN, Robert Scott (1907-1994)  of the United states Forestry Service - E

1932 to 1933

Mount Washington Reoccupied: The Experiences of a Scientific Expedition Upon the Highest Mountain in New England, 1932-33  Vermont, Stephen Daye Press, 1933, is reported to contain diary material.


MOYNAHAN, John (1932-2012)  British football sports writer - E

Dates unknown

50 Years at the Game: A Sports Traveller’s Journey  Vantage, 1997, is reported to contain diary material.


MUGGERIDGE, Malcolm (1903-1994)  journalist - H2193

September 16th. 1932 to June 6th. 1962, some long gaps

Personal diary; work in Russia, India, North Africa and Europe; friends and acquaintances; public and private affairs; politics; religion; his wife; editor of Punch; anecdote and introspection; lively and interesting.

1. - Like It Was; The Diaries of Malcolm Muggeridge  selected and edited by John Bright-Holmes. London, Collins, 1981.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 302-303.


NOCK, Albert Jay - *H2194,*M5649,E

a) - From 1932

A Journal of These Days  New York, Morrow, 1934.

b) - May 1934 to October 1935

Journal of Forgotten Days, May, 1934-October, 1935  Hinsdale, Illinois, Henry Regnery, 1948, 145 pp.


PAGET, Lady Muriel Evelyn Vernon (1876-1938)  philanthropist

1932 and 1933

A few brief but interesting and entertaining quotations from her diaries in Russia as the leading light of the British Subjects in Russia Relief Association.

In footnotes to  Inside Stalin's Russia: The Diaries of Reader Bullard, 1930-1934  edited by Julian and Margaret Bullard. Charlbury, Day Books, 2000.

PYM, Barbara Mary Crampton (1913-1980)  novelist

January 15th. 1932 to November 21st. 1979

Personal and literary diary, with some gaps, most full to 1944; Oxford; social life, studies, friends and love affairs; joins the WRNS; Southampton; Naples; after the war the diaries are writer's notebooks with occasional notes about her health and other things.

Quoted at length in  A Very Private Eye; An Autobiography in Diaries and Letters  edited by Hazel Holt and Hilary Pym. New York, E.P. Dutton, 1984.


ROTA, Anthony (1932-2009)  English bookseller - E

Dates Unknown

Life in a London Bookshop: Excerpts from a Lecture  Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ampersand Club, 1989, is reported to contain diary material.  


RUMBOLD, Richard William (1913-1961)  British writer - H2195

July 4th. 1932 to September 1960

Personal diary; Oxford; some notes as a driver in the army before his medical discharge with tuberculosis; manages to join the RAF and is similarly discharged; notes about his plans and ambitions as a writer; friends and acquaintances (James Lees Milne, William Plomer, Harold Nicolson, Raleigh Trevelyan); visits; conversations, projects; psychological problems and sexual difficulties; a journey to Ceylon in 1955; interest in Buddhism; continues to Japan; part time postulant in a Zen monastery; increasing ill health; a visit to Tangier; hashish; a few brief quotations are given for1961 before his death by falling from an hotel window at Palermo.

A Message in Code: The Diary of Richard Rumbold, 1932-60  edited by William Plomer. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1964.


SHIRNOV, Fyodor Efimovich (b.1888)  housing manager for the People's Commissariat of Waterways

1932 to 1938

A few long entries, most of them probably written up retrospectively, preceded by some notes from the year of his birth which appear to be transcribed from his father's diary, and introduced by two notes from 1931; a vivid account of the trials and discomforts of the voyage on the ship Khabarovsk from Vladivostock through the ice to Sredny-Kalymsk; his boat trip down the river Kolyma, visiting settlements; sickness; some detailed and atmospheric accounts of disconnected episodes; recovers from scurvy(?) nursed by his wife; work in a building materials factory.

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 66-97.


SIEGEL, Marcia B. (b.1932)  American dance writer - E

Dates Unknown

Watching the Dance Go By  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


STEVENS, Ingvald Walter (1885-1989)  Norwegian American owner of an island in Namakan Lake - E

From 1932?

In  Fifty Years in the North Country  International Falls, Minnesota, 1984.


TIERNAN, Lynne Carson - *M5650,E

Journal of a Ranch Wife  in  Frontier and Midland  Summer, 1939.


UMBRAL, Francisco (Francisco Pérez Martinez) (1932-2007) Spanish journalist, novelist and biographer - E

Dates unknown

A Mortal Spring  translated by Helen R.Lane, New York, Harcourt, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


UTTLEY, Alison (Alice Jane) (1884-1976)  essayist and children's writer

a) - January 15th. 1932 to December 31st. 1938

A full transcription of a very regular private diary. Her life at Bowdon in Cheshire, with her son during school and university holidays; full and detailed descriptions of scenes, landscapes and wildlife; domestic affairs, cooking, cleaning, shopping; difficulties with servants; mourning her husband, who had drowned himself in 1930, and the gradual lessening of pain; love for her son, John, and pleasure in his returns from boarding school; visits to neighbours and some uneasy relations with them; her writing; dealings with publishers; financial affairs, shortage of money, bills to pay; Hamish, the dog; holidays; anxieties for her son at Cambridge and his career prospects; house hunting; the move to Beaconsfield; approaching war. An excellent diary, deserving of wider circulation.

Alison Uttley's Journals 1932-8: Living in Bowden  transcribed, annotated and indexed by David Brady. A small number of copies of the book have been printed and softbound, Manchester, 1999, but permission for publication has been withheld by the family.

b)    September 25th. and 26th. and October 29th. 1943

Three diary entries; her son, John, a gunner, is reported missing in action at Salerno; her desperate prayers for his life; learns that he is a prisoner of war.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 455-456 and 466. The diary is in the John Rylands Library at the University of Manchester.

c) - January 15th. 1932 to December 31st. 1971

A very much shortened transcription, 1932 being the most full (66 pages of the full transcript are cut to 13 pages); good details of county life in Beaconsfield; her work, literary and business affairs; gardening and local events; difficult relations with Margaret Tempest; criticism of friends and her daughter-in-law; her son, John; troubles with servants and family; learns to drive; a moving record of the death of Hamish, her pet dog; old age and increasing frailty; dreams. An excellent diary, deserving of fuller treatment.

The Private Diaries of Alison Uttley   edited by Denis Judd. Barnsley, Remember When, 2009.


Van PATTEN, Barbara - E

1932 to 1933

Diary of the Honeymoon of Charles and Barbara Van Patten, 1932-1933  New York, Charles A.Van Patten, 1977.

Von HASSELL, Fey (b.1919?)

September 3rd. 1932 to April 15th. 1939

Brief extracts from the personal diary of the daughter of Ulrich Von Hassell (qv) through adolescence in Italy and England; courtship of Detalmo Pirzio-Biroli. The quality of the diary entries heightens regret that the main part of the book, which tells of her imprisonment by the SS and subsequent search for her lost children is written from memory, with the aid of letters.

A Mother's War  edited by David Forbes-Watt. London, John Murray, 1990.


WALKER, Patrick Gordon (1907-1980)  Labour politician

June 28th 1932 to July 7th. 1971

Irregularly kept political diary; Labour politics and local government at Oxford; war work with the B.B.C.; Radio Luxembourg; a vivid and detailed account of the horrors of Belsen Concentration Camp shortly after its liberation, where he went to record interviews; politics and ministerial work in the post-war Labour governments; the Seretse Khama affair; opposition; member of a delegation to the Middle East and later to the West Indies; Gaitskell; Wilson; the loss of his parliamentary seat for Smethwick, and then the by-election for Leyton are not recorded; fact finding tour in south east Asia.; return to the House of Commons; no personal material.

Patrick Gordon Walker: Political Diaries 1932-1971  edited by Robert Pearce. London, The Historian's Press, 1991.



ASTOR, Mary (Lucile Vasconcellos LANGHANKE) (1906-1987)  actress

1933 to 1934

Diary extracts recording her affair with George Kaufman; their sexual encounters and her admiration for his stamina. The diary was produced by her husband in evidence in divorce and custody proceedings but was disallowed and  destroyed by the court as pornography; some passages however were leaked to the press.

In  Hollywood Babylon  by Kenneth Anger. New York, Dell, 1981, pp 193-198.



February 13th. 1933 to September 6th. 1945

Country diary, reprinted from newspaper articles; rural affairs, natural history and farming in Cheshire.

The Country Diary of a Cheshire Man  London, Collins, 1946. A selection reprinted from articles in  The Manchester Guardian


BOYD, Louise Arner (1887-1972)  American Arctic explorer - E

From 1933?

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - The Fjord Region of East Greenland  American Geographical Society, 1935.

2. - The Coast of Northeast Greenland  American Geographical Society, two volumes, 1948.


BYRON, Robert (1905-1941)  British travel writer - E

1933 to 1934

“The book is an account of Byron's ten-month journey to the Middle East in 1933-34, initially in the company of Christopher Sykes. It is in the form of a diary with the first entry ‘Venice, 20 August 1933’ after which Byron travelled by ship to the island of Cyprus and then on to the then countries of Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Persia and Afghanistan. The journey ended in Peshawar, India (now part of Pakistan) on 19 June 1934, from where he returned to England.”

The Road to Oxiana  1937, often reprinted.


CLARK, Edith K.O. (1881-1936)  Wyoming homesteader - H2196,M5651

1933 to 1934

Letter diary; building a log cabin for summers in the Big Horn Mountains; descriptions and pleasure in the work and the scenery; a forest fire and the saving of the cabin; friends and neighbours; the Bar V Ranch on Young's Creek; attractive writing.

1. - In  Annals of Wyoming  39, No.2, October 1967, pp 217-244.

2. - Extracts: Culley, pp 212-221.


DIMITROV, Georgi (d.1949)  Bulgarian communist - E

1933 to 1949

Bureaucrat's diary; prisoner of the Nazi's; to Moscow on release; head of the Comintern in Moscow; meetings and conferences; notes of conversations with Stalin; prime minister of Bulgaria under Soviet occupation from 1945.

1. - The Diary of Georgi Dimitrov, 1933-1949  edited by Ivo Banac. New Haven, Yale University Press, 2003.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 226-227 and 406.



1933 to 1934

Crossing Sfrica in a Missionary Way: Being the Experiences of a Home Secretary in Primitive parts of the Black Continent  Germantown, Pennsylvania, The Mission Offices, 1935.


EADY, Dorothy Louise (Omm Sety) (Om Seti) (1904-1981)  keeper of the Abydos Temple of Set I - E

From 1933?

“… her belief that in a previous life she had been a priestess in ancient Egypt, …”

The Search for Omm Sety: A Story of Eternal Life  by Jonathan Cott, Doubleday, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.


FISHER, Mary Frances Kennedy (1908-1992)  American food writer - E

a) - 1933 to 1941

Stay Me, Oh Comfort Me: Journals and Stories, 1933-1941  New York, Pantheon, 1993.

b) - August 1st. to November 13th. 1938

Private diary of a dutiful American woman in Switzerland, looking after her husband after the recent complicated amputation of a leg; staying with him in hospital; treatment; his pain and depression; her writing ambitions; the nurse and her personality problems; convalescence; the writer's own depression, her sometimes exasperated sympathy and her pleasures in music and scenery; a good diary.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 129-146. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.

c) - Dates Unknown

From the Journals of M.F.K.Fisher  New York, Pantheon, 1999.


FRANCIS, Robert (1901-1987)  American poet and friend of Robert Frost - *M5653,E

a) - Frost: A Time to Talk  University of Massachusetts, 1972.

b) - Travelling in Amherst: A Poet's Journal  Boston, 1986.


FRASER, Ronald (1930-2012)  British historian - E

After 1933

“He chronicled his upbringing in his oral history … in which interviews with the servants at his family's Berkshire country house served as a counterpoint to his own memories

In Search of a Past: The Manor House Amnersfied, 1933-1945  Routledge, 1984, American title  In Search of a Past: The Rearing of and English Gentleman, 1933-45  Scribners, 1984, is reported contain diary material.


GREENE, Lorenzo Johnston (1899-1988)  American educator - E

Dates unknown

Selling Black History for Carter G.Woodson: A Diary, 1930-1933  University of Missouri, 1996.

HINKS, Roger Packman (1903-1963)  art historian

January 1st. 1933 to January 3rd. 1963

Personal diary, notes, and some long retrospective passages. His personal life, work and friends. Musings and plans, interior monologues. The British Museum, Stockholm, the British Council. Substantial extracts with linking narrative.

The Gymnasium of the Mind; The Journals of Roger Hinks 1933-1963  edited by John Goldsmith. London, Michael Russell, 1984.


HONJŌ Shigeru (1876-1945)  Japanese General, aide-de-camp to Emperor Hirohito - E

1933 to 1936

Emperor Hirohito and His Chief Aide-de-Camp: The Honjō Diary, 1933-1936  translated by Mikiso Hane. Tokyo, University of Tokyo Press, 1982.

HORLER, Sydney (b.1888)  author - B310

September 1933 to February 1935

Matthews: Literary diary; anecdotes of the publishing and newspaper worlds, including letters to the press; personal viewpoints on a variety of topics and people, fashions, literary critics, novels; visits to Riviera and Switzerland; an entertaining diary.

1. - Strictly Personal  London, 1934.

2. - More Strictly Personal  London, 1935.


ICKES, Harold LeClair (1874-1952)  lawyer and politician - H2197,M5654

1933 to 1941

Political diary of the Secretary of the Interior in the F.D.Roosevelt administration; the President; colleagues; political and social life; full and frank although severely cut and published soon after the events recorded.

1. - The Secret Diary of Harold Ickes  New York, Simon and Schuster, three volumes, 1953 to 1954. Reprinted Da Capo, 1974.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 585-593; and Dunaway & Evans, pp 394-401.


JOHNSON, Clifford - E


“… narrative [with the help of a secret diary written upon cigarette papers] of four British subjects whose coasting steamer, Nanchang, was over run by pirates in March, 1933. Long negotiations by the British Consul finally led to their release. The story, written in diary form, tells of the starvation and humiliating treatment.”

Pirate Junk: Five months Captivity with Manchurian Bandits  London, Jonathan Cape, 1934.


JONK, Clarence - E


“Hoping to live rent free on a St. Paul lake in hard times, Jonk, a carefree college student and would-be poet, cobbled together his own houseboat from empty oil drums, scrap lumber, and two old Model T engines. Then, evicted by the local authorities, Jonk hauled his rudderless craft through city traffic to the Mississippi and boldly set out from Minneapolis bound for New Orleans in the chill month of October and into the teeth of an early winter.Accompanied at times by his sweetheart, friends, and a dog, Jonk fell overboard, was almost capsized by a blizzard, encountered hostile moonshiners, and fled angry farmers while scrounging for provisions on shore.”

River Journey  Stein, 1964, is reported to contain diary material.


KAMANIN, Nikolai Petrovich (1908-1982)  Soviet aviator - E

a) - February 1934

Concerns the rescue of the crew of the Chelyuskin which had been engaged in an unsuccessful attempt at an Atlantic to Pacific polar crossing.

In  Voyage of the Chelyuskin  translated by Alec Brown. Macmillan, 1935.

b) - 1960 to 1971 (a few entries to 1978)

Kamanin was head of cosmonaut training in the Soviet space program. His diaries for this period were published in Russian in 1995-2001 but are available in English only in fragmented extract and summary on various web sites and specialist journals.


KIRSTEIN, Lincoln (1907-1996)  American ballet master - *M5655,E

For John Martin: Entries from an Early Diary  New York, Dance Perspectives Foundation, 1973.

Note:  By With To & From: A Lincoln Kirstein Reader  edited by Nicholas Jenkins, New York, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1991, is reported to contain diary material as may  Mosaic: Memoirs  New York, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1994.

01/02/03 - KLEMPERER, Victor (1881-1960)  German Jew, philologist and professor of romance languages at Dresden

a) - January 14th. 1933 to December 31st. 1941

Private diary; non-practising Jew with Aryan wife; chronicles the increasing oppression of the Jews; dismissed from his university post with a small pension; builds a house at his wife's instigation; learns to drive, buys a car and briefly enjoys the freedom it gives; writes a history of French literature and his autobiography; notes for study of language of the Third Reich; endless financial worries; inexorable approach of war; his and particularly his wife's health; forbidden to drive; forced to let the house and live in a Jew's House in Dresden; ever decreasing rations; the Star of David; rumours; trying to discern the truth behind war news and propaganda; relief as the option of emigration is closed; eight days in police cells for breaking the blackout regulations; love of his wife and guilt at her sufferings for his race; effects on relations with friends and tradesmen of Nazi hatred of the Jews; hopes and fears. The diary is written in long entries at varying intervals of days, and sometimes weeks. Fearless, objective, moving and very interesting.

I Shall Bear Witness; The Diaries of Victor Klemperer, 1933-1941  abridged and translated from the German edition by Martin Chalmers. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1998.

b) - January 1st. 1942 to June 11th. 1945

Increasing persecution of the Jews; fear of the Gestapo; house searches; rationing; complex and obscure regulations, the breach of which means arrest, questioning, death; the evacuation of Jews to Theresienstadt and to Auschwitz and the dawning certainty of the purpose of the concentration camps; suicides of friends and acquaintances; rumour and speculation about the course of the war; forced removal to another Jews' House; contrasting kindness and hatred by non-Jews; cold and near starvation; endless manipulation and exchange of ration coupons; hauling coal; his papers hidden with a friend; worries about his diary which would mean death if discovered; heroic conduct of Eva, his wife as he is ever more fearful of being seen in the street; financial difficulties and the endless battle to retain title to his house in Dölzschen; forced labour of snow clearing; factory work and his fellow workers; the fate of Jewish workers at the Zeiss-Ikon factory; health of himself and his wife; summoned by the Gestapo on the eve of the bombing of Dresden, which destroys the Gestapo headquarters; escape; removes the star; travels with Eva to Munich; after many adventures overrun by the American advance; careful notes of the changes in attitude of individual Germans; returns to Dresden in the Russian zone and reclaims his house. Ranks high amongst the best and most important diaries in the literature.

1. - To the Bitter End: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer, 1942-1945  abridged and translated from the German edition by Martin Chalmers. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1999.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 282-283, 483 and 488-489.

c) - June 17th. 1945 to October 29th. 1959

Immediate restoration of his respected position in society; euphoria and doubt; recipient of many requests, justified and otherwise, for exculpation from crimes under the Nazi regime; shortages of food and power; illness and debility of himself and Eva; academic ambition revives; seeks political influence; Eva cares for her garden, sets about enlarging the house, despairs at the permanent loss of her music and pictures; her growing ill health and estrangement from her husband as he increasingly travels on academic and political business and she is obliged to accompany him to Greifswald; her death in 1951, and his guilt; professor of Romance Languages at Greifswald, Halle and then Berlin; a touching, sometimes comic love affair with Hadwig Kirchner, a twenty five year old student and devout Catholic; civil marriage; publication and success of his book on the language of the Third Reich; anxiety at the similar use of language of the East German Communists, who he supports with increasing doubt; his delight in the use of a car and chauffeur; endless work, lectures, articles, academic and political meetings and manoeuvres, but increasing recognition of his lack of real achievement despite respect, honours and material success; torn between guilt and love in his marriage; foreign travel; old friends and relatives; heart trouble; a secret religious marriage ceremony; illness, frailty, disillusion; Hadwig's devotion and his love; considers a political recantation but desists from fears of the effect on Hadwig's widow's pension; approaching death.

The Lesser Evil: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer, 1945-59  abridged and translated from the German edition by Martin Chalmers. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2003.

d) - The Language of the Third Reich: LTI: Lingua Tertii Imperii: A Philologist’s Notebook  translated by Martin Brady, Athlone Press, 2000, Bloomsbury, 2013, is a study of how the language of Nazi propaganda influenced the German people. The book draws heavily on Klemperer’s diary with some direct quotation, particularly from 1933, of material that does not appear in the published diary.

e) - November 1918 to January 1920

Contemporary reports of the revolution in Munich, written under the pseudonym ‘Antibavaricus’ for the Leipzig newspaper Leipziger Neueste Nachrichten of which only approximately one third were printed at the time, supplemented by memoirs drawing largely on Klemperer’s diary. The material is very dense and benefits from a concluding historical essay by Wolfram Wette which would serve better as an introduction. There is also a useful chronology of Klemperer’s life.

Victor Klemperer: Munich 1919: Diary of a Revolution  translated by Jessica Spengler, foreword by Christopher Clark, Cambridge, Polity Press, 2017.


LANDRETH, Earl - *M5656

Washington Diaries  Vantage, 1964.


LORANT, Stefan - *H2198,E

Prison diary of the Budapest born editor of Münchner Illustrierte Presse.

I Was Hitler's Prisoner: Leaves from a Prison Diary  translated from the German by James Cleugh. New York, Putnam, 1935. Many times reprinted.


MAIER, Ruth (1920-1942)  Austrian Jewish refugee in Norway

May 1933 to October 1934, November 1935 to July 1937, September to December 1938, April to July 1940 and January 1941 to November 1942

Private diary; school days in Vienna; life with her grandmother, widowed mother and younger sister; feelings and emotions; close observation and good descriptions of strangers and small events; school, play and holidays; early preoccupation with sex, which is a continuing theme of the diaries; politics; Latin lessons with Herr Williger with sexual overtones; Anschluss; forced removal to the Jewish quarter in the centre of Vienna; Munich; her sister leaves for England; her eighteenth birthday conicides with Kristallnacht; there is no diary for the first part of her life as a refugee in Norway with the Strom family, friends of her late father, and the gap is filled with letters to her sister in England; she arrives on a three month permit and with a visa for England and the reasons for her continued stay in Norway are not entirely clear; life in Lillestrom, school in Oslo; unhappy at school; dreams of America; her mother and grandmother reach England; complicated relations with her host family, with sexual overtones; her reading; the invasion of Norway puts an end to her hopes of reaching England or America; women’s labour service where she meets fellow worker Gunvor Hofmo, the love of her life although she remains sexually ambiguous, perhaps the cause of  the nervous breakdown which leads to  a stay in hospital; growing interest in dreams and analysis; her painting; poems; back in Lillestrom with the Strom family; work as an artist’s model; correspondence with England no longer possible; America enters the war; registration of Jews in Norway; moves into a room of her own in a women’s hostel. The diary ceases about two weeks before her arrest and deportation to Auschwitz where she was gassed on arrival.

Ruth Maier’s Diary  London, Harvill Secker, 2009. First published as  Ruth Maier’ Dagbok  Oslo, 2007.


MARKOV, Mikhail - E

1933? to 1934?

In  The Voyage of the Chelyuskin  by members of the expedition, translated by Alec Brown, New york, macmillan, 1935.


MARTIN, Anna - *M5657,E

In  Around and About Alaska  Vantage, 1959.


NESBITT, Victoria Henrietta Kugler (b.1874)  F.D.Roosevelt's housekeeper - E

1933? to 1945?

White House Diary  New York, Doubleday, 1948.


OWEN, Ruth Bryan - *H2199,E


Travel diary.

Leaves from a Greenland Diary  New York, Dodd, Mead, 1937.




Cuban Revolution.

Cuban Sideshow  Havana, Cuban Press, 1935, is reported to contain diary material.

POWNALL, Henry Royds [Sir] (1887-1961)  soldier - H2200

January 1933 to September 2nd. 1945

Military diary; Committee of Imperial Defence; the War Office; Chief of Staff at the B.E.F.; Ireland and then General Staff; the Far East, Ceylon and Persia; Chief of Staff, South East Asia Command. Army politics; frustrations; opinions of other soldiers.

1. - Chief of Staff; The Diaries of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Pownall, 1933-1940 & 1940-1944  edited by Brian Bond. London, Leo Cooper, two volumes, 1972 & 1974.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 147-148 and 395.


RITTER, Christiane  - Austrian painter


With her husband on Spitzbergen.

A Woman in the Polar Night  London, Allen and Unwin, 1954.


ROLAND, Betty (1903-1996)  Australian writer  - E

April 1933 to August 1934

Diary in Moscow as a journalist on the Moscow Daily News with her lover, Guido Baracchi.

Caviar for Breakfast  Melbourne: Quartet Books, 1979. Revised and expanded edition Sydney, Collins, 1989.  


SMART, Elizabeth (1913-1986)  Canadian writer - E

a) - March 6th. 1933 to May 24th. 1940

Personal and literary journals of the author of By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept, selected and edited to emphasise her literary development; travels to England, in Europe, Canada, United States, Australia, Ceylon, Mexico; social life, family and friends of a priveleged woman; her relationship with George Barker.

Necessary Secrets; The Journals of Elizabeth Smart  edited by Alice van Wart. London, Grafton Books, 1991.

b) - Not seen.

On the Side of the Angels; Journals of Elizabeth Smart, Volume II  edited by Alice van Wart. London, Harper Collins, 1994.

c) - Autobiographies  edited by Christina Burridge, Vancouver, William Hoffer, Tanks, 1987, is a compilation containing diary material discovered after her death.  


STAHLENBERG, Elizabeth von (b. 1914?) - F

January 1st. 1933 to July 31st. 1948

Personal diary of a middle class German woman married to an official in Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry; relations with her husband; friends; her child; party affairs; increasingly close views of Hitler; her husband's arrest and execution.

Nazi Lady; The Diaries of Elizabeth von Stahlenberg, 1933-1948  London, Blond and Briggs, 1978. There is no introduction and no satisfactory provenance is given for this diary which appears to be authentic in spite of its occasional theatricality and evidence of later polish.

Note: The bibliographer was mistaken in his opinion: the diary is fiction by Gillian Freeman.


TOMALIN, Thomas E. (1880-1954)  head gardener at Stansted Park in Sussex

1933 to 1939

A diary of garden work written for publication and to inform and instruct the reader.

In  Garden House Diaries: Life on a Country Estate 1930-1945  edited by Ruth Tomalin, pp 2-36. The diary is taken from his column  The Week's Work  in  The Gardener's Chronicle.




Diary letters.

Moscow Excursion  New York, Reynal and Hitchcock, 1934.


VINING, Donald (1917-1998) - E

1933 to 1982

1. - A Gay Diary, 1933-1946  New York, Pepys Press, 1979.

2. - A Gay Diary, 1946-1954  New York, Pepys Press, 1980.

3. - A Gay Diary, 1954-1967  New York, Pepys Press, 1981.

4. - A Gay Diary, 1967-1975  New York, Pepys Press, 1983.

5. - A Gay Diary, 1975-1982  New York, Pepys Press, 1993.


WORTHINGTON, Marjorie Muir (1900-1976)  American writer married to William Seabrook

-  - *M5659,E

In  The Strange World of Willie Seabrook  New York, Harper, 1966.




In  Social Work Today  IV.


ARCHER, Laird (1892-1981) - H2201

1934 to 1941

Journal of the American organiser of the Near Eastern Fund; Greece and surrounding countries; international affairs; bombing of Corfu and Piraeus; brutality and suffering in wartime.

1. - Balkan Journal: An Unofficial Observer in Greece  New York, W.W.Norton, 1944.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 174-175, 201-203 and 209.


BATES, Doreen (1907?-1994)  English civil servant - E

1934 to 1970’s(?)

(Annotation based upon extracts in the Daily Telegraph Magazine of October 22nd. 2016.)

Private diary; wartime affair with a married colleague, ‘E’ (William Evans), in London; desire for children;  war news; E’s nervous pessimism; war news; outings; failure to conceive; success; birth of twins.

Diary of a Wartime Affair: The True Story of a Surprisingly Modern Romance  London, Viking, 2016.


BATTEN, Jean Gardner (1909-1902)  New Zealand aviatrice - E


“In May 1934, Batten successfully flew solo from England to Australia in the Gipsy Moth. Her trip of 14 days and 22 hours beat the existing England-to-Australia record of English aviator Amy Johnson by over four days.”

Solo Flight  Australia, Jackson and O’Sullivan, 1934, contains a facsimile of Jean Batten’s log written while she was in the air.


BECHTOLD, Fritz  - German mountaineer - E


Account of the German expedition to Nanga Parbat which ended in disaster.

1. - Nanga Parbat Adventure  London, John Murray, 1935.

2. - The German Himalayan Expedition to Nanga Parbat, 1934  in  The Himalayan Journal  VII, 1935.


BERRY, Wendell Erdman (b.1934)  American novelist, farmer and environmental activist - E

Dates unknown

A Continuous harmony: Essays Cultural and Agricultural  New York, Harcourt Brace, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


BOWMAN, Warren Larned - E

1934 and 1935

Log of a sailing trip.

The Cruise of The Zarark   privately printed, 1982.


CHANNON, Henry [Sir] (1897-1958)  politician - H2202

February 12th. 1934 to November 18th. 1953

Personal and political diary; social life and personalities, gossip; the Abdication; his son. Not an attractive personality but detailed, entertaining and informative. One of the best diaries of its kind.

1. - Chips; The Diaries of Sir Henry Channon  edited by Robert Rhodes James. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1967; reprinted in paperback with a new introduction, London, Weidenfeld, 1993.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), p 114; and Blythe, pp 285-290.


CHIANG Yee (1903-1977)  Chinese artist - E

From 1934?

The Silent Traveller: A Chinese Artist in Lakeland  London, Country Life, 1937, reprinted Mercat, 2004, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Other books in the Silent Traveller series, which may also contain diary material, are:

1. - The Silent Traveller in London  London, Country Life, 1938, reprinted Signal, 2001.

2. - The Silent Traveller in the Yorkshire Dales  London, Methuen, 1941.

3. - The Silent Traveller in Oxford  London, Methuen, 1944, reprinted Signal, 2003.

4. - The Silent Traveller in Edinburgh  London, Methuen, 1948, reprinted Mercat, 2003.

5. - The Silent Traveller in New York  London, Methuen, 1950.

6. - The Silent Traveller in Dublin  London, Methuen, 1953.

7. - The Silent Traveller in Paris  New York, Norton, 1956.

8. - The Silent Traveller in Boston  New York, Norton, 1959.

9. - The Silent Traveller in San Francisco  New York, Norton, 1963.

10. - The Silent Traveller in Japan  New York, Norton, 1972.


CLAPPER, Raymond (1892-1944)  American journalist - E

1939 to 1944

Watching the World, 1934-1944  McGraw, 1944, is reported to contain diary material.


CROFT, Andrew - E


Diary  in  Sledge: The British Trans-Greenland Expedition, 1934  by Lindsay Martin. London, Cassell, 1935.


ETNIER, Elizabeth - E

1934 to 1936

“Diary/journal narrative of sailing along the Maine coast from autumn of 1934 through autumn of 1936.”

On Gilbert Head – Maine Days  Boston, Little Brown, 1937.


FLEMING, (Robert) Peter (1907-1971)  soldier and traveller, elder brother of Ian Fleming - E


“… Fleming travelled through regions which remain some of the most remote and least-visited in Asia and which, soon after his journey, became closed entirely to westerners. From Moscow, through the Caucasus to the Caspian, on to Samarkand and Tashkent, skirting the edge of Outer Mongolia to Vladivostok and winding his way down to Peking, Fleming tells of people encountered, places explored and of ways of life that have since been lost through revolution, war and the passage of time. Along the way he kept a diary that he never intended to publish and that lay forgotten.”

A Forgotten Journey  Rupert Hart-Davis, 1952. Reprinted as  To Peking: A Forgotten Journey from Moscow to Manchuria  Tauris, 2009.


FRELIKH, Oleg Nikolaevich (b.1987?)  of Moscow, actor

1934 to 1939

Dream diary; dreams relating to his murder of a lover in 1917, and perhaps to the tensions arising from living under the Soviet regime with the knowledge of his noble ancestry.

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 382-394.


GOBLE, Marion Moore - E


“… travelers who have crossed the Arctic Circle on the good ship Kungsholm and thereby attained the sixty-sixth degree.”

North of 66: This Year of Our Lord, 1934 It Happened Again  privately printed, Chicago, Lakeside Press, 1935.


GZOWSKI, Peter John (1934-2002)  Canadian broadcaster - E

Dates unknown

1. - The Private Voice: A Journal of Reflections  McClelland and Stewart, 1988.

2. - James Cummings has (5201)  The Morningside Papers  McClelland and Stewart, 1985. ‘Morningside’ was the title of his C.B.C. radio programme. There are four more titles in the Morningside Papers series which may contain diary material.


HAMMOND, Susan S. - E

1934 to 1960

“The story of six summer cruises in the Mediterranean sea and of a transatlantic voyage between 1934 & 1960.”

Landfalls Remembered  New York, A.S.Barnes, 1963.


HARRISON, J.B. [Lieut.] - E


Closely dated account, clearly based on a diary.

A Visit to Nun Kun, 1934  in  The Himalayan Journal  VII, 1935.


KENNEDY, Malcolm Duncan [Capt.] (1895-1984)  intelligence officer and expert on Japanese affairs

1934 to 1946

Private diary, largely devoted to international affairs, particularly Japanese, his informants and his opinions; dinners, meetings, converstaions; little about his work at Bletchley Park apart from his comings and goings; a few mentions of family; some information from secret sources, but very guarded; the progress of the war; interesting on the ending of the Japanese war; horrified by the atomic bomb. This annotation is based on the transcript noted below.

1. - From Broadway House to Bletchley Park: The Diary of Captain Malcolm Kennedy, 1934-46  edited by John Ferris in  Intelligence and National Security  Volume 4, No. 3. July 1989.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 37-38 and 94-95.

Note: The diaries are among the Kennedy Papers in the Library of Sheffield University and run from 1917 to 1946. A transcript is available on the Sheffield University Website, although the entry for February 25th. 1941, which is given by Aldrich, does not match the transcript.


KILLEARN, Miles Wedderburn Lampson [Sir], Baron (1880-1964)  diplomat - H2203

January 7th. 1934 to March 9th. 1936

Personal and diplomatic diary of the British High Commissioner for Egypt and the Sudan; Ambassador to Egypt; life in Cairo before and during the war; Farouk, Churchill, Alexander, Montgomery, and a galaxy of notables; social, diplomatic, political and military affairs; relations with the Foreign Office; full entries selected from the two million words of the original which was dictated and typed up by a secretary; historically interesting and important.

The Killearn Diaries, 1934-1946: The diplomatic and personal record of Lord Killearn (Sir Miles Lampson) High Commissioner and Ambassador, Egypt  edited by Trefor E.Evans. London, Sidgwick and Jackson, 1972.


KNAUTH, Anna Dixwell - E

1934 to 1956

"The diaries of a woman, who's father was a marine painter and sailor; ship logs from cruises of the Venturer in the Caribbean 1934-1935, Nassau 1938, Beaufort to San Salvador 1939; diaries from Jaman in 1954, India in 1956 and Scandinavia 1958."

Ship Logs and Travel Diaries of Anna Dixwell Knauth 1934-1956  1957?


JUNG, Carl Gustav (1875-1961)  Swiss psychiatrist - E

1934 to 1939

Nietsche’s Zarathustra: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1934-1939  Princeton, two volumes, 1988, is reported to contain diary material.


LEE, Laurence Edward Allan (Laurie) (1914-1997)  English poet and novelist - E

1934 and 1935

As I walked Out One Summer Morning  Atheneum, 1969.


LIGHT, Richard Upjohn and WILSON, Robert F. - *H2204,E

1934 to 1935

Journal of a Seaplane Cruise Around the World  privately printed, 1937.



Matthews: Journal written during a trip to Hudson's Bay with Patrick Ashley Cooper, governor of the company.

Trading into Hudson's Bay  Winnipeg, 1934.


MITCHISON, Naomi Margaret (née Haldane) (1897-1999) Socialist political writer, novelist and poet


a) - February 23rd. to April 10th. 1934

Political diary of a visit to Austrian Social Democrats.

Naomi Mitchison's Vienna Diary  New York, H.Smith and R.Haas, 1934.

b) - September 1st. 1939 to August 12th. 1945

Personal diary begun at the request of Mass-Observation; her life at Carradale in Kintyre; war news; husband, children; farming and the life of the community; visits to London; committees; political thought. A good diary.

1. - Among You Taking Notes… The Wartime Diary of Naomi Mitchison 1939-1945  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Victor Gollancz, 1985.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 300-302.


NEEDLEMAN, Jacob (b.1934)  American philosopher - E

Dates Unknown

The Heart of Philosophy  Knopf, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


NIEDHAUK, Charlotte - E

Charlotte's Story: A Florida Keys Diary 1934 &1935  Islamorada Florida, 1973. Reissued,  Sugarloaf Shores, Florida, Laurel and Herbert, 1999.   


PRICE, Morgan Philips - *M4945


In  American After Sixty Years  London, George Allen and Unwin, 1936.

Note: See also PRICE, W.E.


POTYOMKIN, Leonid Alekseyevich (b.1914)  mining engineer

October 4th. 1934 to August 1936

Student's diary at the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute; a serious young man dedicated to self improvement; his studies; Komsomol meetings; vague sexual longings and an unsuccessful attempt to engage the affections of a fellow student; memories of childhood; hints of a nervous breakdown, perhaps related to his very high opinion of himself and his abilities; military training; a visit to Leningrad; his Marxist studies and leadership ambitions. The chronology of the diary is not always clear and at least two entries seem to be slightly different accounts of the same event: a most interesting record.

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 250-290.


RYMILL, John - E

1934 to 1937

Southern lights: The Official Account of the British Graham land Expedition, 1934-1937  London, Chatto and Windus, 1938.


SANGSTER, R.A.K.  – mountaineer - E

May 1st. to July 17th. 1934

Diary notes of the German expedition to Nanga Parbat, which ended in disaster.

Diary Jottings Nanga Parbat, 1934  in  The Himalayan Journal  VII, 1935.




"… diary of a safari in Kigoma District is particularly recommended to those who want a real feel for the district officer's world."

In  British Tanganyika: an essay and documents on district administration  by Robert Heussler. Durham, North Carolina,  Duke University Press, 1971.


SENESH, Hannah (1921-1944)  Hungarian Jewess - H2206

September 7th. 1934 to January 11th. 1944

Diary of a serious child in Budapest from the age of thirteen; school; a trip to Italy; emigrated to Palestine in 1939; Zionism; training for the parachute mission to Hungary from which she did not return. The text of the diary is supported by letters and memoirs.

1. - Hannah Senesh; Her Life and Diary  translated by Marta Cohn. London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1971. First published, in Hebrew, in Israel, 1945.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 172, 386 and 393-394; Holliday, pp 311-333; and Moffat & Painter, pp 67-74.

SENKEVICH, Tatyana (pseud.?) - *H2207,E

A Soviet Girl’s Diary  in  Thirteen Who Fled   edited by Louis Fischer. New York, Harper and Brothers, 1949, pp 111-130.


SHACKLETON, Edward Shackleton, Baron (1911-1994)  British geographer and politician, son of Sir Ernest Shackleton (qv) - E


Arctic Journeys  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1937.


SHIRER, William (Lawrence) (1904-1993)  American journalist and historian - *H2208,*M5661

a) - January 11th. 1934 to December 13th 1940

Journalist's diary, mainly in Berlin; Hitler's rise to power; the author turns from newspaperman to broadcast journalist in 1937; good details of broadcast news gathering and communication; Goebbels, Göring and others; conversations with fellow journalists and ordinary Germans; approaching war; strong views on appeasers and appeasement; censorship and attempts to circumvent it; a few visits to war zones, and to his wife and child in Switzerland; occasional personal notes; returns to the United States when censorship becomes insupportable. A good diary.

1. - Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent  New York, Alfred Knopf, London, Hamish Hamilton, 1941. Baltimore, The John Hopkins University Press, 2002.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 60-61 and 124-126.

b) - 1. - End of a Berlin Diary  New York, Knopf, 1947.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 631-633.


STUDHALTER, Richard A. - E


In  Chronicles of the Yaqui Expedition  Lubbock, West Texas Museum Association, 1972.


WAGNER, Charles J. - E


In  Chronicles of the Yaqui Expedition  Lubbock, West Texas Museum Association, 1972.


WHITE, Terence Hanbury (1906-1964)  author - H2434,E

a) - March 1934 to March 1935

"… White, while residing in the countryside of Britain and Scotland, began keeping a diary to record the unique delights and constant surprises which a city dweller happens upon when he leaves the world behind." (J.Moulder and M.Schaeffer).

England Have My Bones  Macmillan, 1936.

b) - Dates unknown

"… chronicles a concentrated duel between the author and a great hawk. It is the journal of an intense clash of wills - during the bird's training - in which the pride and endurance of the wild raptor are worn down by the insistent willpower of the falconer." (J.Moulder and M.Schaeffer).

c) - September 17th. to December 16th. 1963

Diary of a lecture tour in the United States; travel; hotels; an interested and observant tourist, minded by his eighteen year old secretary.

America At Last; The American Journal of T.H.White  introduced by David Garnett. New York, Putnam, 1965.

WILSON, Robert F.:  see LIGHT, Richard Upjohn


WORTIS, Joseph (1906-1995) - E


Fragments of an Analysis with Freud: A First Hand Account  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1954.


WYNDHAM, Joan (1921-2007)

a) - December 1934 to September 30th. 1938

Schoolgirl's diary (extracts); at first fragmentary and always vaguely dated; Convent school; spends a school holiday at Versailles with a French family; leaves school and goes to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; life with her mother, Iris Wyndham (qv); social life and fellow students; men; brief attacks of love; the Munich Crisis.

In  Dawn Chorus  London, Virago, 2004.

Note: The family history which begins the book illuminates some obscurities in the later diaries.

b) - August 22nd. 1939 to May 13th. 1941

Adolescent diary in wartime Chelsea living with her mother; Bohemian friends and father; sexual education; love; her Catholicism; the Blitz; joins the WAAF. Brilliant, lively, evocative and often very entertaining.

1. - Love Lessons; A Wartime Diary  London, Heinemann, 1985.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 147-148 and 197-199; and Holliday, pp 273-309.

c) - April 6th. 1941 to September 23rd. 1945

Wartime journal in the WAAF, largely reconstructed from letters home; Preston; promotion; London; Inverness; friends and lovers; parties and work; uninhibited and entertaining but perhaps lacking the spontaneity of the earlier diary.

Love is Blue; A Wartime Diary  London, Heinemann, 1986.

d) - 1945 to 1990, long gaps.

Autobiography ('the boring bits omitted') and diaries; travel; affaires and marriages; daughters; social life; parties; catering; bohemian episodes; cancer.

Anything Once  London, Sinclair-Stevenson, 1992.


YURKA, Blanche (1877-1974)  American actress - *M5662,E

Bohemian Girl; Blanche Yurka’s Theatrical Life  Athens, Ohio University Press, 1970.



BLEI, Norbert (1935-2013)  American writer - E

Dates unknown

Door Steps  Peoria, Illinois, 1983, is reported to contain diary material.


BRAUN, Eva Anna Paula (1912-1945)  Hitler’s mistress - E

February to May, 1935

James Cummings (5866) has  Diary  in  Hitler: Legend, Myth and Reality  Harper, 1973.

Note: Fictional diaries have been published, attributed to both Hitler and Eva Braun. This diary fragment is thought to be genuine.


BROWN, Kathan (b.1935)  American printmaker, founder of Crown Point Press - E

Dates unknown

Voyage to the Cities of the Dawn  Oakland, California, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: The identity of the diarist with this Kathan Brown is not beyond doubt.

BULMAN, John (d.1938)  novelist - B310

May 1935 to July 1938

Matthews: Literary diary; the travel, reading, artistic, and religious thought and emotions of a young man; his last four years; writing; struggle against tuberculosis; village life in the Tyrol.

Four Years  London, 1939.


BURTON, Montague Maurice, Sir (1885-1952)  founder of the eponymous clothes shop chain - E


“Diary of the business tycoon's round the world trip in the Canadian Pacific ship Empress of Britain, written for his daughter, Barbara.”

Globe Girdling  London, two volumes, 1936.


CHAPLIN W.W. (b.1895) - E

1935? to 1936?

Blood and Ink: An Italo-Ethiopian War Diary  New York, telegraph Press, 1936.


CHISTYAKOV, Ivan (d.1941)  Russian prison guard

1935 to 1936

(Annotation based on a review)

Diary of the commander of a platoon of armed guards on the construction of the Baikal-Amur railway. Conditions of extreme cold; callous indifference in the face of unpreventable horrors of the conditions and behaviour of the prisoners whom he sees as being of more concern to the authorities than the guards; escape attempts; anger; desolation; despair and thoughts of suicide.

The Diary of  Gulag Prison Guard  translated by Arch Tait, Granta, 2016.


CITRINE, Walter McLennan Citrine, first Baron (1887-1983)  trades unionist - H2259,E

a) - 1935

Trades unionist's sympathetic diary account of a visit to the USSR; industrial observations.

1. - I Search for Truth in Russia  London, Routledge, 1936.

2. - I Search for Truth in Russia  revised edition, London, Routledge, 1938.

b) - January 21st. to February 8th. 1940

Diplomatic diary in Finland.

1. - My Finnish Diary  London, 1940.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 77, 81-82.

c) - November 7th. 1940 to February 22nd. 1941

Diary of a trip to America as Fraternal Delegate from the British Trades Union Congress to the 60th. Annual Convention of the American Federation of Labor. A good account; speeches; personalities; travel; American working conditions; a dramatic transatlantic flight in a flying boat.

My American Diary  London, Routledge, 1941.


CRILE, Grace McBride - *M5663,E

Skyways to a Jungle Laboratory; An African Adventure  New York, W. W. Norton, 1936.


DAWSON, Percy Millard - *H2209,E

From 1935

Soviet Samples: Diaries of an American Physiologist  Ann Arbor, Michigan, Edwards Brothers, 1938.


DOENITZ, Karl (1891-1980)  German admiral - E

From 1935?

Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days  World, 1959; Da Capo, 1997; is reported to contain diary material.


DORSEY, John M.  – American psychiatrist - E

1935 to 1937

An American Psychiatrist in Vienna, and His Sigmund Freud  Detroit, Center for Health education, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.


GILCHRIST, Ellen (b.1935)  American novelist - E

Dates unknown

Falling through Space: The Journals of Ellen Gilchrist  Little Brown, 1987.


HARRISON, Francis Burton (1873-1957) - *M5665,E

Origins of the Philippine Republic: Extracts from the Diaries and Records of Francis Burton Harrison  by Michael P. Onorato. Tangier, Powderhouse Press, 1951. Reissued, Ithaca, New York, Southeast Asia Program, Dept. of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1974.


HEADLAM, Cuthbert Morley [Sir] (1876-1964)  English Conservative politician - E

1935 to 1951

Political diary; member of parliament from 1940 to 1951.

1. - Parliament and Politics in the Age of Churchill and Attlee: The Headlam Diaries, 1935-1951  edited by Stuart Ball. Cambridge University Press for the Royal Historical Society, Camden Fifth Series, Volume14, 2000.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 139-140 and 620-621; and Aldrich (2), pp 594-595.


HEDIN, Sven Anders(1865-1952)  Swedish geographer - E

a) - (Annotation based on extracts)


Diary of a Nazi sympathiser; meeting with Himmler. Some sections are of doubtful authenticity.

1. - Sven Hedin's German Diary, 1935-1942  Dublin, Euphorion, 1951.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 93-95.

b) - Hedin was a prolific author of accounts of his expeditions, many of which may contain diary material not recorded here. James Cummings has also (5674)  Trans-Himalaya  Macmillan, two volumes, 1909, and (5675)  With the German Armies in the West  London, John Lane, 1915.



1935 to 1939 (?)

With Trotsky in Exile: From Prinkipo to Coyoacan  Harvard university Press, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


HITLER, Eva: See BRAUN, Eva Anna Paula - E


HOGUE, Charles Leonard (1935-1992)  American entomologist - E

Dates unknown

The Armies of the Ant  World, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


HURJA, Emil - E


“A group of letters written on a round-the-world tour that grew out of membership in the Phillippine Inaugural party of the U.S. Congress, as published in the Daily Alaska Empire, Juneau.

Westward Ho – Fare Paid: The Story of a Round-the World Holiday  Juneau, Alaska, 1936.

HUTCHINSON, Arthur Stuart Menteth (b.1879)  novelist - B310

February to July 1935

Matthews: Public diary; "a record of triviality, a chronicle of small beer"; reactions to normal occasions; reflections on local, domestic, and public affairs; literary flavour and interests.

A Year that the Locust  London 1935.


JOHNSON, Herbert F. - E


In  Carnauba Expedition: The Story of a Scientific Adventure by Airplane to Study the carnauba palm at Its Source in the Interior of Brazil  privately printed, Racine, Wisconsin, 1936, 1000 copies.


JARMAN, Ethel  - Australian tourist - E


Travel diary; Dutch East Indies, Malaya, Siam, French Indo China, China, Korea, Japan and Manchuria.

Eastern Glimpses: Being the Diary of an Australian Woman on Tour in the Far East  Adelaide, 1935, 128 pp.


KNIGHT, George Richard Wilson (1897-1985)  English literary critic and academic - E


Six days’ voyage on an ocean liner from Montreal to Southhampton.

Atlantic Crossing: An Autobiographical Design  London: J.M. Dent, 1936, is reported to contain diary material.


LEWIS, Opal Mae (1935-2017) - E

Dates unknown

A Vagabond’s Diary  California, University of Laverne Press, 1987.

Note: The identity of the author with this Opal Lewis has not been confirmed.

MacFIE, John William Scott - D193

1935 to 1936

Matthews: Record of his service with British Ambulance Unit in Abyssinian War.

An Ethiopian Diary  Liverpool, 1936.


MacVEAGH, Lincoln - *H2211,E

From 1935

Ambassador MacVeagh Reports: Greece, 1933-1947  edited by John O.Iatrides. Princeton University Press, 1980.


McPHERSON, Frances Ogden West  - wife of Douglas McPHERSON, a Chicago lawyer - E

January to May 1935

“Account of a South Pacific, India & Mediterranean cruise, touching at Jamaica, Panama, the Galapagos Islands, Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, New Guinea, Bali, Java, Ceylon, Bombay, Benares, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Cairo, Greece, & various ports in Italy.”

A Family Journey: Stella Polaris, January to May 1935: Diaries Unedited and Unimportant  privately printed, Lakeside Press, Chicago, 1935.

Note: It is probable that Douglas McPherson is part author with his wife.


MAILLART, Ella K. (1904-1997) Swiss athlete, actress and traveller

1935 to 1936

Travel narrative; with Peter Fleming from Peking to Kashmir. The account must almost certainly be based on or distilled from a contemporaneous record but no trace of the underlying diary is discernible.

Forbidden Journey  London, Heinemann, 1937.

Note: Peter Fleming's  News from Tartary  London, Cape, 1936, is his account of the journey.


MANCHESTER, Raymond Earl (b.1884)  - Dean of Men at Kent State University - E

1935 to 1940

Weekly letters to his students with advice, reflections and anecdotes with some contemporaneous material. Not really a diary.

The Saturday Letters  Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, F.W.Orth, 1940.

Note: The series of letters apparently continued until at least 1956 when the Kent State University Press printed an edition of all the letters to that year, two to a page on comb-bound loose sheets.


MAURER, Hans-Jörg (1891-1959)  German veterinarian and newspaper editor - E

October 1935 to June 1937

Excerpts from the journal of a disillusioned Nazi.

A Dissident Nazi: Hans Jörg Maurer’s Würtzburg Diary  in  The Wisconsin Magazine of History  L, No. 4, Summer, 1967, pp 347-391.


MORSE, Julia (Julie) Burke


Account of a safari to the Ngorongoro Crater; eland, bushbuck and lion; rainstorms.

In Yankee in Africa  by I.H.Morse (qv) and Julie B.Morse Boston, The Stratford Company, 1936.


NABOKOV, Dmitri (b.1934?)  singer, writer, mountaineer and racing driver, son of Vladimir Nabakov

1935 to 1987

Autobiographical notes in diary form, from one year old; recollection and invention; some entries may have their basis in a contemporary record, but probably not.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 299-323. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


NAESS, Erling Dekke (1901-1993)  Norwegian shipowner - E


Antarctic Journey  London, 1936, is reported to contain diary material.

Note:  Autobiography of a Shipping Man  Colchester, Seatrade Publications, 1977, may also contain diary material.


NELSON, John Byron (1912-2006)  American professional golf player - E

1935 to 1947

“The personal diary of golf legend Byron Nelson 1935-1947, including the year of his record eleven straight tournament victories.”

The Little Black Book  Arlington, Texas, Summit Publishing, 1995.


NOSSITER, Harold - E

From June 1935

A voyage round the world in the Schooner Sirius.

a) - Northward Ho! Being the Log of a 35 Ton Schooner from Sydney to Plymouth  London, Witherby, 1937.

b) - Southward Ho! Being the Log of the 35 Ton Schooner Sirius from England to Australia  London, Witherby, 1937.


PAVESE, Cesare (1908-1950)  Italian poet and novelist - *H2212,E

a) - 1935 to 1950

The Burning Brand: Diaries 1935-1950  translated by A.E.Murch. New York, Walker, 1961; English title  This Business of Living  London, Peter Owen, 1961.

b) - Dissertation: see Havlice.


QUAIN, Eric P - E


"An account of a trip from Rio and Sao Paulo to Uruguay across Argentina to Santiago and up the west coast of Chile to Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia."

Touring South America: A Diary  New York, Putnam, 1936.


ROBINSON, Dorothy Atkinson (b.1892)  American magazine editor - *M5666,E

a) - (Annotation based on extracts)

From 1935?

Notes about home, husband and children.

1. - Diary of a Suburban Housewife  by Dorothy Blake (pseud.). New York, Morrow, 1936.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 593-596.

b) - December 7th. 1941 to December 1st. 1942

It's All in the Family: A Diary of an American Housewife  by Dorothy Blake (pseud.). New York, Morrow, 1943.


ROSHOLT, Malcolm - E


To the Edsin Gol: A Wisconsinite's Journey in Inner Mongolia, 1935  in  The Wisconsin Magazine of History  LX, Spring, 1977, pp 197-227.


SEBASTIAN, Mihail (1907-1945) - E

1935 to 1944

Private diary of a Jewish intellectual in Bucharest; experiences increasing anti-semitism, oppression and alienation; music, books and details of everyday existence.

1. - Journal, 1935-1944  translated from the Romanian by Patrick Camiller. (Ivan R.Dee, 2000(?)); London, Heinemann, 2001.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 187-188, 224 and 237-238.


SHAPORINA, Lyubov Vasilievna (b.1879?)  of Leningrad

March 1935 to October 1939

Journal of the terror; arrests and deportations; solace in her puppet theatre; mourning for her dead daughter; discursive and reminiscent.

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 332-381.


TROTSKY, Leon (Lev Davidovitch Bronstein) (1879-1940)  Russian revolutionary - *H2213,E


Trotsky's Diary in Exile 1935  translated by Elena Zarudnaya. Cambridge, Harvard University Press and London, Faber, 1958.

Note: See also HEIJENOORT, Jean.


WALLACE, Henry Agard (1888-1965)  American editor and public official - *M5667,E

a) - See Arksey.

b) - 1942 to 1946

Diary; Vice President of the USA to 1944, then Secretary for Commerce.

1. - The Price of Vision: The Diary of Henry A.Wallace, 1942-1946  edited by John Blum. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1973.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 459-460.


WOODLEY, Winifred (pseud.) - *H2214,*M5668,E

Two and Three Make One: The Story of a Family  New York, Crown, 1956.



ARCHBOLD, Richard (1907-1976)  American zoologist and anthropologist - E

1936 to 1937

“The second Archbold expedition to New Guinea took place from February 1936 to January 1937 in southern New Guinea, chiefly at and near Daru, along the Fly and Palmer Rivers and in the Wassi Kussa area. The expedition used radio as well as a Fairchild 91 amphibian flying boat; however, the loss of the plane at anchor at Port Moresby during a tropical storm limited the amount of work done.”

New Guinea E xpedition, Fly River Area, 1936-1937  McBride, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.


ARZHILOVSKY, Andrei Stepanovich (1885-1937)  peasant farmer of the Tyumen region of the U.S.S.R.

October 28th. 1936 to July 27th. 1937

Private diary; his work as a factory accountant; writing; getting wood for the stove, and duties at home; his children and their education; a grumbling and slatternly wife; winter, cold and food; shortages and queues; injured in a fall; dreams; criticism and reflections on the Soviet system; recollections of court appearances and imprisonment. An articulate and very interesting diary. Arzilovsky was shot in September 1937 and passages in the diary which had been underlined by the NKVD are printed in italics.

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 110-165.


BADER, Arno - E

1936 to 1937

From a China Journal (1936-1937)  in  The American Scholar  spring, 1939.


BARBOUR, Teddy (pseud.) - E,F


Purported diary of one of the children in One Man’s Family, an American soap opera sponsored by Standard Brands, Tender Leaf Tea, humorous and probably entirely fictional.

Diary  Standard Brands, 1937.


BRINLEY, Gordon (pseud.?) - E


“… a vivid and entertaining record of a summer spent among the rich beauties of Charlevoix County in Quebec.”

Away to Quebec: A Gay Journey to the Province  Toronto, 1937.


CARR, Brownell (pseud.) (Lionel Tompkins?) - E


Vist of an American to the Soviet Union.

Black Bread and Cabbage Soup  Cincinnati, Powell and White, 1936.


CASSAP, W.H. [Rev.]

From September 11th. to October 9th. 1936

Winnipeg to London via the Hudson Bay  London, SPCK, 1936.


CHIANG Kai-shek (1887-1975)  leader of the republic of China - E


“On December 12, Zhang and several other Nationalist generals headed by Yang Hucheng of Shaanxi kidnapped Chiang for two weeks in what is known as the Xi'an Incident. They forced Chiang into making a ‘Second United Front’ with the Communists against Japan.”

China at the Crossroads: An Account of the Fortnight in Sian When the Fate of China Hung in the Balance  London, Faber, 1937.


CILIBERTI, Charles - *M5669,E

Backstairs Mission in Moscow  New York, Booktab Press, 1947.

COLT, John (pseud?) - B310

September to September, year not given

School diary; a fairly recent diary of life at Harrow; the notes of a healthy and well-adjusted boy; social life, studies, and sports in public school; home life in holidays.

Young Colt's Diary  edited by Charles Terrot. London, 1936.


COLT, Margaret  - wealthy American woman - E

February 24th. to April 1st. 1936

"An account of a six weeks hunting holiday in North Cork".

A Hunting Holiday in the County Cork  privately printed, New York, 1936.  


CUSTER, Howard N.  – office worker of Johnstown - M5670

March 17th. and 18th. 1936

A detailed account of the second Johnstown flood as seen from the diarist's office on the twelfth floor; the waters rise; gradual realisation of the seriousness of the situation; rescue of passengers from a stranded streetcar; fears for the stability of Quemahoning dam; an overnight poker game; failure of telephones and emergency lighting; amusement at the capsize of a boat carrying journalists; the waters recede.

In  A Document on the Second Johnstown Flood  by Dale H.Custer, in  Pennsylvania History  XXX, No. 3, July, 1963, pp 347-354.  


DAVIES, Joseph Edward - *M5671,E

Mission to Moscow  Simon and Schuster, 1941.


DUGDALE, Blanche Elizabeth Campbell Balfour (1880-1948) - H2215

January 1st. 1936 to August 3rd. 1947

Niece of Arthur Balfour and friend of Chaim Weizmann, her diaries, as printed here, are almost solely concerned with Zionist affairs.

1. - Baffy; The Diaries of Blanche Dugdale, 1936-1947  edited by N.A.Rose. London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1973.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 580 and 644-645.


DUNHAM, Katherine - *M5672,E

Journey to Accompong  New York, Holt, 1946.


DURRELL, Lawrence George (1912-1990) English novelist and poet - E

1936 to 1937

Life in Corfu, written in diary form but much worked up.

Prospero's Cell  London, Faber and Faber, 1945.


FALCONER, Bolivar lang [Dr.] (1870-1953) - E


“Dr. Falconer was the first paying passenger to fly around the world by air. This book consists of his observations during that journey as well as information from notes and memory of previous travel.”

Flying Around the World  Boston, Stratford, 1937.

FITZGERALD, F. Scott (1896-1940)  novelist and short story writer - H2216


Undated note of his impoverished way of life in Hendersonville, North Carolina; not part of a connected diary.

1. - In  The Notebooks  New Directions, 1945.

2. - In  The Notebooks of F.Scott Fitzgerald  edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli. New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich/Bruccoli Clark, 1978, item 1598, pp 260-261.

3. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 340-341 (this is also the full text).


GASCOYNE, David (1916-2001)  poet - H2217,E

a) - September 22nd. 1936 to June 8th. 1937

Personal diary; literary scraps; introspective musing; friends; work; money; depression.

1. - Journal 1936-1937  London, Enitharmon Press, 1980.

2. - Journal 1937-1939  London, Enitharmon Press, 1978.

b) - 1936 to 1942

Collected Journals, 1936-42  London, Skoob Books, 1991.


GAST, Ross H. - E


Traveling Hawaiian Byways with Pen and Camera: Extracts from My 1936 Logbook  Julian, California, 1982.


GORNUNG, Lev Vladimirovich (1902-1993)  of Moscow, poet

July 14th. to 23rd. 1936

Diary of a visit to Peski to see, and to photograph Anna Akhmatova; mostly about her.

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 98-109.


HALSEY, Margaret - *M5673,E

The American wife of a professor in England, Paris, Norway and Sweden.

With Malice Toward Some  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1938.

Note:  Margaret Halsey's  This Demi-Paradise: A Westchester Diary  Simon and Schuster, 1960, is the fictional diary of Helen Fitzgibbons, a suburban housewife.


HARRISON, George Bagshawe (1894-1991)  Professor of English at Queen’s University and the University of Michigan; Shakespearian expert


The Day Before Yesterday: Being a Journal of the Year 1936  london, Cobden-Sanderson, 1938.

Note: Harrison was the author of  An Elizabethan Journal , A Second Elizabethan Journal , A Jacobean Journal  and  A Second Jacobean Journal  in which “… Harrison searches through primary historical evidence and weaves it into an engaging narrative in the form of multiple journals.”


HEIM, Arnold - E


The Throne of the Gods; ASn Account of the First Swiss Expedition to the Himalayas  London, Macmillan, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.


HODGSON, Agnes  - Australian nurse in Spain - E

From 1936?

“… Agnes Hodgson, who travelled from Sydney to Barcelona in 1936 to nurse the wounded in the Spanish Civil War …”

The last Mile to Huesca  New south Wales university Press, 1988.


KANTOROWICZ, Alfred (1899-1979)  German Jewish lawyer and journalist - E


James Cummings (6794) has  Diary Kept during His first few Months in Spain  Cresset, 1937.

KELLER, Helen Adams (1880-1968) - H2219,M5674

November 4th. 1936 to April 14th. 1937

The deaf and blind American travels to Scotland after the death of her teacher; London; Paris; the return voyage; Forest Hills; Philadelphia; Kansas City; Honolulu en route for Japan. A courageous woman and an interesting record.

Helen Keller's Journal  London, Michael Joseph, 1938.


KORFMACHER, Ronald C. (1936-1973) - E

Dates unknown

Journey to a Far Country: The Parish Papers of Ronald C. Korfmacher  edited by J.Elmo Agrimson.  Bismarck, North Dakota: Tumbleweed Press, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


KOSMODEMYANSKAYA, Zoya (1923-1941)  Moscow schoolgirl

(Annotation based on extracts)

May to August 1936

Personal diary of a summer in the country near Moscow, with her grandparents; some interesting glimpses of the way of life.

1. - In  The Story of Zoya and Shura  by L.Kosmodemyanskaya. Moscow, 1945.

2. - Extracts: Berger (2), pp 102-108.

KOSTERINA, Nina Alekseevna (1921-1941) - H2220

June 20th. 1936 to November 14th. 1941

The personal diary of a Russian girl growing up during the Stalin terror and the beginning of the war; school; party work; first love; her father's arrest. The diary ends when she leaves home to join the partisans, a month before she was killed.

The Diary of Nina Kosterina  translated by Mirra Ginsburg. New York, Crown, 1968; London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1972. The diary was first published in the Soviet monthly Novy Mir in 1962 and in book form, in Russian, in 1964.


LORD, Daniel A  -American Jesuit Father - E


“The diary includes an audience with Pope Pius XI, observations on Italian fascism, and visits to the main western European countries.”

My European Diary  St. Louis, The Queen’s Work, 1936.


LOCHNER, Louis P. - *H2221,E


Diary of the Hindenberg's Maiden Flight  in  Wisconsin Magazine of History  1965-1966.


METZGER, Deena (b.1936)  Jewish American feminist writer - E

Dates unknown

‘Tree’ in the title apparently refers to the tattoo which the author used to disguise her mastectomy scar which appears in nher naked photograph. It is not certain that the diary refers to the experience.

Tree  in  The Woman Who Slept with Men to Take the War Out of Them; and Tree  Culver sity, California, Peace Press, 1981, reprinted Wingbow Press, 1983, is reported to contain diary material.


PEARS, Peter (b.1910)  tenor, companion of Benjamin Britten

1936 and 1955 to 1978, long gaps

Twelve travel diaries; America, India, the Far East, Russia, Europe; music and musicians, people and incidents; Benjamin Britten; good travel details and descriptions.

The Travel Diaries of Peter Pears, 1936-1978  edited by Philip Reed. Woodbridge, The Boydell Press with the Britten-Pears Library, 1995.


PODLUBNY, Stepan Filippovich (b.1914)  Ukrainian, student at the Medical Institute, Moscow, informer for the State Security

January 1st. 1936 to January 11th. 1938 gap for 1937

Private diary; social life in Moscow; a visit to the Ukraine; relations with women; a swimming accident; secret guilt; his mother's arrest and imprisonment, and a good account of his attempts to send her a parcel; abandons his studies; much factual detail about his daily life; irregular entries, often extended and with reflection and recollection which create an atmosphere of mystery, and sometimes despair. The manuscript diary extends from 1931 to 1994(?)

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 291-331.


RECK-MALLECZEWEN, Fritz (Friedrich) Percyval (d.1945) - *H2222,E

May 1936 to October 1944

Personal diary of a Prussian aristocrat and opponent of Nazism; a series of meditations on incidents and memories; ends at his arrest, which was succeeded by his death in Dachau.

1. - Diary of a Man in Despair  New York, Macmillan, 1970. Duck Editions, paperback, 2000.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 247-248 and 362-363.


REID, Edgar Cameron (b.1902) - E


Account of a canoe trip on the fraser River, British Columbia.

Fast Flows the Fraser  New York, Comet Press, 1958, 45 pp.


ROACH, Peter - E


Voyage in a Barquentine  London, Hart-Davis, 1952. No. 32 in the Mariners Library Series.  


ROBESON, Eslanda Goode (1896-1965)  wife of Paul Robeson - M5675

May to August 1936

Travel diary of a black woman with her nine year old son; from London to South Africa on the Winchester Castle; reflections on the slave trade; observations of mining and social organisation and conditions in South Africa; the land journey north; Kenya, Congo etc. to Alexandria and home to England; acute and interesting notes of racial attitudes; comparisons with the deep south; illness; hotels; her pleasure in getting to know African women; detailed and interesting.

1. - African Journey  New York, John Day, 1945.

2. - Extracts: Culley, pp 226-247.


SHTANGE, Galina Vladimirovna (b.1885)  of Moscow

May 2nd. 1936 to March 28th. 1938

Diary of a member of the women's movement with Wives of the Commanders in the Transportation Field of the People's Commissariat of Communications and Transportation; her daily life; her husband in prison; worries about her children; the struggle to reconcile her work and domestic life; long entries with some reflection and much good detail.

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 166-217.


SOLBERG, Delores (b.1936) - E

Dates Unknown

We All Live on Earth: A Sketchbook  Ames, iowa State university Press, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


TWEEDSMUIR, John Norman Stuart Buchan, 2nd. Baron (1911-1966)  son of the novelist and 15th. Governor  General of Canada - E


"A personal diary of a year spend at a Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post on Baffin Island in 1936."

Hudson's Bay Trader  London, 1951.


TILLICH, Paul (1886-1965) - *H2223,*M5676,E


My Travel Diary: 1936: Between Two Worlds  edited by Jerald C.Brauer, translated by Maria Pelikan. London, S.C.M. Press, New York, Harper and Row, 1970.

Note: See also Hannah Tillich.


TIMBRES, Harry Garland (d.1937)  American Quaker physician, working in Russia - E

June 16th. to September 16th. 1936

Diary letters Russia; life in Moscow while applying for a permanent visa; offer of work at the anti-malaria organisation at Marbumstroy; bureaucracy and delay; moves to Marbumstroy;  arranges for his wife, Rebecca (qv), and daughters to join him. Much good detail about the life and people of Moscow.

In  We Didn't Ask Utopia: A Quaker Family in Soviet Russia  New York, Prentice-Hall, 1939, pp 3-72.


TIMBRES, Rebecca Janney  - Quaker, wife of Dr. Harry Timbres (qv) - E

September 8th. 1936 to May 1937

Diary; journey to Russia with her children; delay at Helsinki where her husband was unable to meet her; Leningrad and Moscow; railway travel; conversations with Russians; bureaucracy and officialdom; a drunk; to Marbumstroy; accommodation; a description of her first day in a Russian school by the diarist's twelve year old daughter; medical laboratory work for her husband, much concerned with malaria; a trip to Kazan; a union meeting; an apartment is allocated at last; their luggage arrives; a bath house; diet; a stolen letter; power cuts; some fellow Americans; short of money; Christmas; medical work; a doctor accused of fraud; social life; her husband's illness, delirium, typhus, hospital, his burial. A very, sensitive, detailed and interesting record of life in close contact with the local population in the Soviet Union under Stalin, perhaps a unique account by a foreigner.

In  We Didn't Ask Utopia: A Quaker Family in Soviet Russia  New York, Prentice-Hall, 1939, pp 75-283.


WEBER, Julia - *M5677,E

My Country School Diary: An Adventure in Creative Teaching  New York, Harper, 1946. Reprinted New York, Dell, 1970.


WILLIAMS, W.S. - *M5678,E

In  Annals of Iowa  1976.


WILLIAMSON, Henry (1895-1977)  author - B310

January to December 1936

Matthews: Private diary; a year in the life of an author; incidents of the literary world; most of time spent in the country; interest in fishing; visit to Germany; account of conditions under Hitler regime; meeting with Frank Buchman of Oxford Group; nature talks for B.B.C.; account of friendship with T.E.Lawrence.

Goodbye, West Country  London, 1937, 399 pp.

Note: See also  The Story of a Norfolk Farm  London, Faber, 1941.



AGUIRRE, José Antonio (1904-1960)  Basque politician - E

From 1937?

Escape Via Berlin: Eluding Franco in Hitler's Europe  New York, Macmillan, 1944. Reprinted, University of Nevada Press, 1991.


ANASTAS, Peter (b.1937)  American writer, teacher and social worker - E

Dates unknown

Glooskap’s Children: Encounters with the Penobscot Indians of Maine  Beacon, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


ANAYA, Rudolfo Alphonso (b.1937)  Mexican-American novelist - E

Dates unknown

A Chicano in China  University of New Mexico, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.  


BAILEY, Ruth (1902-1946)  daughter of John Cann Bailey (qv)

August 26th. 1937 to May 13th. 1946

Private diary; writing A Dialogue on Modern Poetry; war work as a V.A.D. and as a temporary civil servant at the Ministry of Fuel and Power; social life in London; air raids and fire watching; illness and death of her mother; health; some religious thoughts; reading; visits to Norfolk; entries are often brief and irregular but full of telling incident and observation; a good picture of London life in wartime.

In  Letters and Diaries of Ruth Bailey  edited for private circulation by Jane Bailey, 1952. Her letters from Japan, China and Indo-China, on tour with her mother in 1936 and 1937 also have much of the character of a diary.


BAND, Claire and William -

From 1937?

“Just ahead of the Japanese invasion, the authors fled Yenching University where the husband, a physicist, had taught; they were sheltered for two years by Chinese communists until making their way to Chiang Kai-shek's territory; here they ‘put down bluntly the comparisons and contrasts between the two Chinas’.”

Two Years with the Chinese Communists  New Haven, Yale University Press, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.


BERLE, Adolf Augustus - *M5679,E

In  Navigating the Rapids  New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1973.


de BISSCHOP, Eric (1891-1958)  French seafarer - E

a) - 1937

Voyage from Honolulu to Cape Town in a Polynesian double canoe.

The Voyage of the Kaimiloa  London, G.Bell, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - From 1956?

“… he built a Polynesian raft in order to cross the eastern Pacific Ocean from Tahiti to Chile (contrary to Thor Heyerdahl's crossing); the Tahiti-Nui left Papeete with a crew of five on November 8th, 1956. He had recruited two experienced sailors from Tahiti for this challenge: Michel and Alain Brun. When near the Juan Fernández Islands (Chile) in May 1957, the raft was in a very poor state and they asked for a tow, but it was damaged during the operation and had to be abandoned, although they were able to keep all the equipment aboard.”

Tahiti Nui  London, Collins, 1959.




The Spanish Cockpit: An eye-witness account of the political and social conflicts of the Spanish Civil War  London,  Faber and Faber, 1937. Reprinted, University of Michigan. 1963.   


BOYD, Lizzie Edmunds

1937 and 1938

A Travel Carol; Being the Diary-Record of Two Tours: 1937: the Northern Wonderlands and Russia. 1938: The Mediterranian Ports of Call, Egypt and the Holy Land  Richmond: Dietz Press, 1938.


CIANO, Galeazzo (1903-1944) Mussolini's son in law - H2224,E

a) - 1937 to 1938

Political diary; Italian foreign minister; the Spanish Civil War; Anschluss; Anglo-Italian Agreement; Munich.

Ciano's Hidden Diary, 1937-1938  translated by Andreas Mayor. New York, E.P.Dutton, 1953.

b) - January 1st. 1939 to December 23rd. 1943

Political diary. Interesting and useful on personality of Mussolini and relations between Italy and Germany.

1. - Ciano's Diary, 1939-1943  edited by Malcolm Muggeridge. London, Heinemann, 1947. This is a revised and anglicised edition of  The Ciano Diaries, 1939-1943  edited by Hugh Gibson. New York, Doubleday, 1946.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 24-25, 26-27, and 383.

3. - Additional extracts from the Italian  Diario 1937-1943  Milan, Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli, 1980, translated by Manuela Williams, in  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 76, 248-249.

c) - 1937 to 1943

Diary 1937-1943  is a complete and unabridged edition of the whole diary. New York, Enigma, 2002.

Note:  Ciano's Diplomatic Papers  edited by Malcolm Muggeridge, London, Odhams Press, 1948, is a record of 200 conversations held during the years 1936 to 1942 with Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Goering, Ribbentrop, Chamberlain, Eden, Sumner Welles, Schuschnigg, Lord Perth, Francois-Poncet, and many other diplomatic and political figures.


DORIAN, Emil - *H2225,E

1937 to 1944

Diary of a Romanian Jew under the Antonescu pro-Nazi regime.

1. - The Quality of Witness: A Romanian Diary, 1937-1944  edited by Marguerite Dorian, translated by Mara Soceanu Vamos. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1982.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 23 and 242-243.


EARHART, Amelia (1897-1937)  American pioneer aviator - E


Last Flight  arranged by George palmer Putnam, New York, Harcourt, 1937, is reported to contain diary material.


FROLOV, Ignat Danilovich  - collective farmer from the Moscow region of the U.S.S.R.

January 1st. to December 31st. 1937

Weather and farming diary with a few more personal notes; the activities of the collective farm are always recorded impersonally. The brief diary entries are interleaved, by the editors, with substantial extracts from the newspaper 'Izvestiya'.

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 10-65.


FULDA, Eldeltraud - E

From 1937?

“A modern Bernadette tells her story in diary form- looking back over some 13 years of illness from the ‘incurable’ Addison's disease to the ten years of recovery since she went to Lourdes in the hope of the miracle which was substantiated there. Over and above its official recognition by the many doctors who reviewed her case, and finally by the Catholic Church in 1960, it leaves little room for doubt or disbelief or even the suspicions of hysteria so often attached to spontaneous cures.”

And I Shall Be Healed  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1961.


GILBERG, Aage [Dr.] (1912-2002)  Danish physician - E

1938 to 1939 (?)

“Biography of this Danish physician who went ‘to live with an isolated group of Polar Eskimos in Thule, Greenland, the northernmost human settlement in the world’.”

Eskimo Doctor  New York, Norton, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.


HALE, Betty May - *M5680,E

My Trip to Europe  privately printed, San Francisco, 1938, 200 copies.


HARVEY, Oliver, Baron Tasburgh (1893-1968)  diplomat - H2226

February 23rd. 1937 to August 7th. 1945

Harvey was private secretary to Halifax and Eden; in France during the German invasion; a valuable, and readable, account of foreign and political affairs by a man close to the centres of power. Spontaneous.

1. - The Diplomatic Diaries of Oliver Harvey, 1937-1940  edited by John Harvey. London, Collins, 1970.

2. - The War Diaries of Oliver Harvey  edited by John Harvey. London, Collins, 1978.

3. - In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 326-327. These four entries from June 21st. to 25th. 1942, concerning Cabinet panic over the retreat into Egypt, are taken from the manuscript in the British Museum.

4. - In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 75-76 and 222-223. These five entries from October 16th. and 17th. 1941 and August 9th., 10th. And 15th. 1942 concerning the collapse of the Konoye government in Japan and Ghandi's internment, are taken from the manuscript in the British Museum.


HINO, Ashihei (1907-1960)  Japanese novelist - E

From 1937?

Wheat and Soldiers  Farrar, 1939, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: War and Soldier[s]  Hino's narrative series on the Sino-Japanese War, and which has not been seen, comprises  Mud [or Soil] and Soldier[s] , Flower and Soldier[s] , Wheat [or Barley] and Soldier[s] and Sea and Soldier[s] . It is understood that the books, although usually described as fiction, are soundly based on personal experience and may well have elements of the diary form.


HOFER, David (1877-1941)  Hutterite Brethren preacher in Bernard, Manitoba - E


“… a trip to Europe to aid Hutterites who were being expelled by the Nazis from the Rhön Bruderhof in Western Germany; Hofer and Waldner also took the occasion to revisit their old Hutterite homesteads in central Europe.”

Hutterites Revisit European Homesteads: Excerpts from the Travel Diary of David Hofer  translated and edited by Robert Friedmann in  Mennonite Quarterly Review  XXXIII, October, 1959, pp 305-322 and 346.

HORE-BELISHA, Isaac Leslie, Baron (1893-1957)  politician

1937 to January 1940, a few quotations outside these dates

Private, factual record of his time as Secretary for War; little personal material but useful.

Extensively quoted in  The Private Papers of Hore-Belisha  by R.J.Minney. London, Collins, 1960.



1937 to 1942

District Officer in the Solomon Islands; Tulagi, Ysabel, Malaita and Guadalcanal.

The Happy Isles: A Diary of the Solomons  London, Heinemann, 1965.


IRONSIDE, Edmund, Field Marshal Lord (1880-1959) - H2227

May 13th. 1937 to August 18th. 1940

Important and interesting diaries of the man who became Chief of the Imperial General Staff at the outbreak of war. Thoughtful.

1. - The Ironside Diaries, 1937-1940  edited by Roderick Macleod and Denis Kelly. London, Constable, 1962. Published in America as  Time Unguarded; The Ironside Diaries, 1937-1940  New York, David McKay, 1962.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 89-90 and 112.


KARLEN, Arno Chanoch (1937-2010)  American poet, psychoanalyst and popular science writer - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (6802) has  The Guardian  in  New American Review  1970.


KIDDER, Mary B. - E

1937 to 1939

No Limits But the Sky: The Journal of an Archaeologist's Wife in Peru  Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1942.  


KLEREKOPER, Fred G. [Rev.]  - E

April 1937

Dogsled Trip from Barrow to Demarcation Point, April 1937: Diary of Fred G. Klerekoper  North Slope Borough Commission on History and Culture, June 1977.

LUCAS, Frank Laurence (b.1894)  critic - B311

December 1937 to December 1938

Matthews: Public diary; a day-by-day journal of the psychological terror of approaching war; public affairs and public sentiment; how England attuned itself to the coming war.

Journal under the Terror  London, 1939.


MEASURES, David Guy (1937-2011)  English painter and naturalist - E

Dates unknown

Closely Observed Creatures  in  Second Nature  edited by Richard Mabey, London, Jonathan Cape, 1984.


MELTZER, David (1937-2016)  American poet and musician - E

Dates unknown

Journal of the Birth  Berkeley, 1967.


MUELLER, Hans Alexander (1888-1963)  German born American painter, designer and wood-engraverE


Woodcuts of New York: Pages from a Diary  New York, J.J.Augustin, 1938.


PAPANIN, Ivan Dmitrievich - *H2228,E

From 1937

Life on an Ice Floe  London, Hutchinson and New York, Julian Messner, 1939.


RABE, John (1882-1949)  German employee of the Siemens electrical firm in China

September 21st. 1937 to April 13th. 1938 and April 24th. to June 7th. 1945

Excerpts from a personal diary, interspersed with other documents; the Japanese bombing and capture of Nanking; his organisation of the International Safety Zone using his authority as a German Nazi, by virtue of the Hitler pact with Japan; shelter and protection of his servants and large numbers of Chinese refugees from Japanese atrocity; descriptions of horrors; relations with the Japanese and his fellow Germans; a calm and measured account by a brave, humane and resourceful man; the return to Germany. At the end of the second World War the diaries describe the horrors of the Russian entry into Berlin and reflect on the parallels with his Chinese experience; ends with his denazification in the English Zone and continued employment by Siemens.

The Good German of Nanking: The Diaries of John Rabe  edited by Erwin Wickert, translated from the German by John E.Woods. New York, Alfred A.Knopf, 1998. London, Little Brown, 1999.


REED, Ione - E

1937 to 1974

To a Daffodil: Life on an Oregon Flower Farm, 1937-1934  Elmira, Oregon, 1993.


ROTHSCHILD, Edmund Leopold de (b.1916)

1937 to 1939

Travel diary of a trip round the world; narrative compiled from letters and diary entries.

Window on the World  London, Peter Davies, 1949, passim.


SANDERSON, Ezra Dwight (1878-1944)  American sociologist - *H2229,*M5682,E

The Sanderson Family and International Relations  in  Studies in East European Thought  XXI, No. 1,  February, 1980, pp 31-38.


SCHNITZER, Ewald W. - *M5683,E

Selected Adventures of My First Fifty Years  Idyllwild, California, Strawberry Valley Press, 1974.


SCOTT-ELLIS, (Esyllt) Priscilla (1916-1983)

October 18th. 1937 to May 31st. 1939

Personal diary; the daughter of Lord Howard de Walden and Seaford, nursing in Spain on the Nationalist side in the Civil War; social life in Andalusia; training in Jerez; the Battle of Teruel; Aragon, Ebro and Catalonia; Madrid; her work, with graphic descriptions of wounds and operations; her friend, Consuelo; doctors and fellow nurses; travel conditions; witnesses military activities; social life and disapproval by her superiors; periodic exhaustion. Very regular, full and lively; an excellent diary.

The Chances of Death; A Diary of the Spanish Civil War  edited by Raymond Carr. Norwich, Michael Russell, 1995.


SELIGMAN, Adrian Charles Cuthbert (1909-2003) - E

September 1936 to 1938

Narrative of a cicumnnavigation in the 250-ton French fishing barquentine, Cap Pilar, with his seventeen year old wife and a largely amateur crew.

The Voyage of the Cap Pilar  London Hodder and Stoughton, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.   


SMEDLEY, Agnes (1892-1950)  American journalist - *M5684,E

In  China Fights Back: An American Woman with the Eight Route Army  New York, Vanguard and London, Gollancz, 1938. Reprinted, Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 2004.


TISA, John - *M5685,E

In  Recalling the Good Fight: An Autobiography of the Spanish Civil War  Bergin & Garvey, 1985.


TOMKINS, Warwick M. - E


Fifty South to Fifty South: The Story of a Voyage west around cape Horn in the Schooner Wander Bird  New York, Norton, 1938; reprinted Woodbridge, Connecticut, Ox Bow, 2000, is reported to contain diary material.


WESCOTT, Glenway (1901-1987)  homosexual American writer - E

1937 to 1955

Continual Lessons: The Journals of Glenway Wescott 1937-1977  edited by Robert Phelps and Jerry Rosco. New York, Farrar, 1990.


WEST, Rebecca (Cicely Isabel Fifield) (1892-1983) English writer - E


Six weeks of travel in Yugoslavia.

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon  London, Viking, two volumes, 1941, is reported to contain diary material.




a) - 1938 to 1945

Berlin Underground, 1938-1945  translated by Burrows Mussey. New York, Holt, 1947.

b) - 1945 to 1948

Battleground Berlin: Diaries 1945-1948  Paragon House, 1990.


ARNOLD [Mrs.] (pseud.) (b.1858?)  of Ilford in Essex

September 28th. to October 1st. 1938

Mass-Observation diary of an elderly lady living alone; the Munich crisis; opinions expressed by her landlord and her hairdresser; relief at continued peace tempered by sympathy for Czechoslovakia.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 33-34.


ASHFORD, Pam (pseud.) (b.1902?)  secretary in a Glasgow coal shipping firm

a) - September 24th. to October 16th. 1938

Mass-Observation diary; the Munich crisis; her reactions and those of friends and colleagues; details of her work which involves dealings with German firms; a good diary which appears to deserve fuller publication.

Ascribed to 'Miss FRENCH' in  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 29-33.

b) - August 29th. 1939 to October 28th. 1940

Mass-Observation diary; practical preparations for war; living with her optimistic mother and her brother; reported opinions and comments of colleagues in the office (often amusing, and sometimes taken down verbatim in shorthand); hoarding of provisions and other necessities; takes evening classes in German; joins the Soroptimists;  the 'exciting novelty' of an air raid;  a good diary by a cultivated and sceptical woman. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of four other diarists.

In  We Are at War: The Remarkable Diaries of Five Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2005.

c) - November 4th. 1940 to May 8th. 1945

Further extracts from one of the best Mass-Observation diaries; includes a fascinating account of her time as 'Secretary to the Port Representative of the United states War Shipping Aministration'; some gaps, usually at times of changes of employment. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of three other diarists.

In  Private Battles: How the War Almost Defeated Us  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2006.


AUDEN, Wystan Hugh (1907-1923)  English-American poet - E

a) - 1938?

“… in three parts: a series of poems by Auden describing his and Isherwood's journey to China in 1938; a ‘Travel-Diary’ by Isherwood about their travels in China and their observations of the Sino-Japanese War; and a sonnet sequence with reflections on the contemporary world and their experiences in China.”

Journey to War  by W.H.Auden and Christopher Isherwood (qv), Random House, 1939.

b) - Dates unknown

“Auden described this work as the closest he would ever come to writing an autobiography. It was, he wrote, ‘a map of my planet’.”

A Certain World: A Commonplace Book  New York, Viking, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


BAKER, Silvia  - British artist

(Annotation based on extracts)

a) - 1938-1944

Travel diary; widowed and trying to escape the war; Tangier, Jamaica, Hollywood, Bali, Singapore, Calcutta, where she describes having her appendix removed and later meets her London hairdresser, transmogrified into a commando; on to Kashmir; returns to london in 1944.   

1. - Alone and Loitering: Pages from an Artist's Travel Diary, 1938-1944  London, The Travel Book Club, 1944.

2. - Aldrich (2), pp 28-30.

b) - A record of travels to Tahiti, Barbados, Cyprus, Spain and elsewhere, with reminiscences of her childhood and student days.

Journey to Yesterday  London, Peter Davies, 1950.


BARCINAS, Jesus C. - E

December 1938 to June 1939

Merizo Village Journal  in  Guam and Its People: A study of Culture Change and Colonial Education  by Laura Thompson, Studies of the pacific, No. 8, American Council, Institute of Pacific Relations, February, 1942, pp 247-283.


BEARDMORE, George (1908-1979)  writer

(Annotation based on extracts)

1938 to 1946

Wartime diary in London, mainly working as a rates collector for Wembley Council; very good social observation and detail.

1. - Civilians at War: Journals 1938-1946  London, John Murray, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 59-60, 56-57 and 450-452.


BOSANQUET, Mary (b.1918?) - E

1938 to 1939

Narrative of travel on horseback; Vancouver; over the Selkirk mountains to Calgary, Winnipeg, the Great Lakes, Montreal and  New York.

Canada Ride: Across Canada on Horseback  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1944. Reprinted as  Saddlebags for Suitcases  Long Riders' Guild Press, 2001.

Note: Journey into a Picture  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1947, records travels in Italy and may  contain similar diary material.   


BRADLEY, Kenneth [Sir] (b.1904)  colonial administrator - H2230

May 4th. to December 15th. 1938

Personal diary; tours of a District Commisioner in Northern Rhodesia; the country and scenery, wildlife, people; long entries with much description and reported conversation.

First published in  Blackwood's Magazine  1939; in book form,  The Diary of a District Officer  London, Harrap 1943, Nelson, 1947, and Macmillan, 1966.



July to September, 1938

Across Canada with Two Cameras  Axminster, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.


BROMLEY [Miss] (pseud.) ( b.1920?)  typist and accounting machine operator with London County Council

September 1938

Mass-Observation diary; a long entry by a pacifist London County Council employee during the Munich crisis; the reactions of her family; anxious amusement at the preparations made in County Hall.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 37-39.


CADOGAN, Alexander [Sir] (1884-1968)H2231

January 1st. 1938 to August 16th. 1945

Political diary and diary letters to his wife. Cadogan was Permanent Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Diplomacy; Foreign Office and Cabinet politics; with Churchill on wartime journeys; important and readable.

1. - The Diaries of Sir Alexander Cadogan O.M., 1938-1945  edited by David Dilks. London, Cassell, 1971.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 25-26, 180-181, 311-312 and 597; and Aldrich (2), pp 34-35 and 583-584.

CHUKOVSKAYA, Lydia Korneevna (b.1907)  Russian writer

November 10th. 1938 to November 9th. 1941

Diary record of her friendship with the poet Anna Akhmatova; life and literature in Leningrad under Stalin; later revision.

The Akhmatova Journals; Volume I; 1938-41  London, Harvill, 1994. A revised and extended version of the Moscow edition of 1989.


De GEER, Vilhelm - *H2232,E

Diary of an Alien: A Roving Miscellany  privately printed for the author, Edinburgh and London, Oliver and Boyd, 1959.


DERLETH, August William (1909-1971)  writer, of Wisconsin - *M5686,E

a) - Village Year: A Sac Prairie Journal  New York, Coward McCann, 1941.

b) - Village Daybook: A Sac Prairie Journal  Chicago, Pellegrini, 1947.

c) - Countryman's Journal  Duell, 1963.

d) - Walden Pond: Homage to Thoreau  Iowa City, Prairie Press, 1968, is also reported to contain diary material.


De ROUSSY de SALES, Raoul Jean J.F.  - French journalist - *H2233,E

From 1938

The Making of Yesterday: The Diaries of Raoul de Roussy de Sales  New York, Reynal and Hitchcock, 1947.


EVANS, Ivor H.N. (1886-1957)  anthropologist and ethnographer - E


Bornean Diaries, 1938-1942  edited by A.V.M.Horton. Phillips, Borneo Research Council, 2002. Volume VI of the Borneo research Council Monograph Series.


FOLLETT, Muriel - E


“… a year on a Vermont farm chronicles a host of day-to-day happenings that faithfully reflect the life of a farm family during 1938. Mrs. Follett describes local doings and social events at the Townshend Grange, school PTA, and church, the annual county fair, and deer-hunting season, along with all the work on the farm from season to season.”

New England Year: A Journal of Vermont Farm Life  Stephen Day, 1940.


GALLWEY, W.Timothy (b.1938)  author of the inner game books - E

Dates unknown

The Inner Game of Golf  Random House, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


HAMILTON [Mrs.]  housewife of Marlow, Buckinghamshire

September 25th. to 30th. 1938

Mass-Observation diary; the Munich crisis; conversations with husband and neighbours; air raid precautions; reluctance to house her sister and family who want to leave Croydon.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 42-45.


JAMESON, Margaret Storm (1891-1986)  English journalist and novelist - E

1938 to 1943

Journal disguised and presented as the work the fictional Mary Hervey Russell.

The Journal of Mary Hervey Russell  London, Macmillan, 1945.


KENNAN, George Frost (1904-2005)  American diplomat and political scientist - E

a) - 1938 to 1940


From Prague, After Munich: Diplomatic Papers, 1938-1940  Princeton University Press, 1968.

b) - Dates unknown

Sketches from a Life  Pantheon, 1989, is reported to contain diary material.


KURTZ, Wilbur G. (1882-1967) - *H2234,*M5687,E

1938 to 1939

Technical Advisor: The Making of Gone With the Wind: The Hollywood Journals of Wilbur Kurtz  edited by Richard B. Harwell  in  Atlanta Historical Journal  Summer, 1978.


LAST, Nellie (Nella) (1889-1968)  housewife, of Barrow-in-Furness

a) - September 30th. and October 1st. 1938

Two entries recording her distress during the Munich crisis and ambivalent feelings about the outcome.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 40-42.

b) - September 3rd. 1939 to December 30th. 1943 and May 4th. to August 15th. 1945

War diary from the Mass Observation Archive. Full and detailed entries of town life in war time; husband a joiner and shopfitter; two sons; family, friends, neighbours; daily life; voluntary work; food; war news and air raids; reported conversations; her thoughts, hopes and fears; sensitive and articulate; an excellent diary.

1. - Nella Last's War; A Mother's Diary 1939-45  edited by Richard Broad and Suzie Fleming. Bristol, Falling Wall Press, 1981. London, Sphere Books, paperback, 1983. As  Nella Last's War: The Second World War Diaries of Housewife, 49  London, Profile Books, paperback, 2006.

Note: The gap between 1943 and 1945 is occasioned by the loss of the manuscript from the archive. The editors, most helpfully, print one page of the diary as it was written, providing a useful and instructive comparison with the edited version.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (from Blodgett(2)), pp 90-91, 171, (from Broad and Fleming) 401-402 and 444; Blodgett (2), pp 387-408; Wing, passim; and Purcell, passim.

3. - Study: Hinton, chapter 2.

c) - December 30th. 1945

A single entry; food; a visit; a trip to Coniston water, thinking of the New Year and reflecting that peace has taken away the sense of meaning and purpose that the war had given.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 263-264.

d) - August 15th. 1945 to December 3rd. 1948

The diary continued in peacetime; domestic routine; neighbours, and friends and family; introspection and reminiscence; her husband and in-laws. Excellent.

Nella Last's Peace: The Post-War Diaries of Housewife, 49  edited by Patricia and Robert Malcomson. London, Profile Books, paperback, 2008.

Note: This edition prints little more than one tenth of the manuscript diary for the period and it would be interesting and instructive to have at least a sample of the unedited work. The manuscript diaries continue until February 1966 and it is to be hoped that there will be further publication of this unique record.

e) - January 1st. 1950 to 1953

The diary continues on the same pattern but edited to highlight its 'literary and intellectual strengths'; much concerning her husband's retirement and mental health; her own health; a visit from her son from Australia and to her other son in London; diet and cooking; neighbours; politics, the atom bomb and Korean War; the Women's Voluntary Service; a neighbour's daughter contracts polio; films and radio; drives to the Lake District. A valuable, perhaps, unique picture of the times.

Nella Last in the 1950's: Further Diaries of Housewife, 49  edited by Patricia and Robert Malcolmson. London, Profile Books, paperback, 2010.

Note: This edition prints approximately one tenth of the diary from January 1950 to July 1952 but only a few selected entries for the 1953 and the latter part of 1952. There is no explanation for the omission of 1949 from the series. The drastic cutting of the diary, forced upon the editors by its great length, together with the apparent quality of the record makes desirable the future publication of at least part of it in full.


LENNHOF, Eugene (1891-1944)  Austrian journalist - E


The Last Five Hours of Austria  New York, Stokes, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.


LINDBERGH, Charles Augustus (1902-1974)  American pioneer aviator - H2235,*M5681

March 11th. 1938 to June 15th. 1945

Personal and wartime diary; Europe; United States; Pacific; his views; family life; work for Henry Ford and the U.S. Government; active service; personalities, politicians, diplomats; a very full and detailed record.

1. - The Wartime Journals  New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1970.

2. - Aldrich (2), pp 68-69, 438-439, 456-457 and 467.


LÓPEZ (LOPEZ), Francisco Pérez (b.1916)  Spanish guerrilla

March 1938 to February 1941

Civil war narrative of a platoon leader in the International Brigade in Spain; of Spanish birth but raised in France, he joins the International Brigade in Barcelona, apparently to avoid military service in France; reconnaissance operations on the Ebro; the battle of the Ebro; wounded; recovers and is captured; nearly two years in captivity; labouring; escape to the mountains; murders a priest; under the nom de guerre 'el Mexicano' forms a guerrilla band and makes for the Pyrenees; his comrades killed or frozen to death, he escapes into France.  Although titled a diary the book is in fact an undated narrative purportedly written up from contemporaneous notes made on a pad of cigarette papers and is a record of bloodthirsty brutality which is probably intended to present the author as hero; it is nevertheless an interesting and valuable account.

Dark and Bloody Ground: A Guerilla Diary of the Spanish Civil War  Boston, Little Brown, 1972.


LOTHAR, Ernst (pseud.) - E,F

1938 to 1940

“Here is a novel based on the diary, of an anti-Nazi Viennese girl who fled Austria after the Anschluss. Begun in Paris on April 10, 1938 and ending there on August 13, 1940. The twenty-four year old writer (whose real name cannot be revealed) fell in love with, and married a French journalist, who was wounded during the flanking of the Maginot line. He died at Neuilly, in the American Hospital, where his wife was a nurse. Two months after the occupation of Paris, she shot a Gestapo agent who came to arrest her fasther. She was court-martialed, and sentenced to be shot. This story, expanded and fictionalized describes not only the personal fate of the author, but of the fate of France from the Sudeten crisis to the collapse of the Army of the Republic. Ernst Lothar, a former Viennese officisl, is an anti-Nazi exile and was for more than a year a close friend and confidant of the author of the diary.”

A Woman Is Witness: A Paris Diary  translated by Burrows Mussey, New York, Book League of America, 1941.


LUCK, Sidney Ivor - E

April to July, 1938

“Journal of a visit (22 April-22 July) with a British expedition to Omsk to observe the total eclipse of the sun, by a volunteer observer who spoke Russian fluently. Very interesting and fair in his observations and comments.”

Observation in Russia  London, Macmillan, 1938.


LUKE, Harry (Charles) [Sir] (b.1884)  Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Fiji and High Commissioner for the Western Pacific - E

(Not seen)

1938 to 1942

Diary of experiences.

From a South Seas Diary 1938-1942  London, Nicholson and Watson, 1945.


MACNEICE, Louis (1907-1963)  Irish poet - E

a) - August to December 1938

A poem; “… this is a record of the author's emotional and intellectual experience during those months; the trivia of everyday life set against the events of the world outside, the settlement in Munich and slow defeat in Spain.”

Autumn Journal  London, Faber and Faber, 1939.

b) - Dates unknown

The Strings Are False: An Unfinished Autobiography  London, Faber and Faber, 1966, is reported to contain diary material.


MIYAMOTO, Kazuo [Dr.] (1897-1988)  Japanese American Nisei (second generation immigrant)  - E

1937 to 1939?

“…Miyamoto enrolled at Tokyo's Jikeikai Medical College where he earned a PhD in allergy and during his free time, he traveled as much as he could. "In my travels over the weekends, I would record my impressions of the places visited," said Miyamoto. In the midst of the Second Sino-Japanese war, Miyamoto was able to accompany a friend's father who was a Diet (parliamentary) member on a two-month trip to China. During these two months, he recorded his observations for future publication. "I was able to see, first hand, how the people suffered," Miyamoto recalled as "the Chinese just didn't evacuate from the war zone." Although it was difficult to publish the book because of the shortage of paper during the war, Miyamoto was able to obtain enough paper to print 700 issues of Glimpses of Formosa and China under Japanese Occupation 1937-1939 through a friend at Heibonsha (a Tokyo publishing house). As Miyamoto recalled "I had to convince him that the book would be of service to Japan when I distributed it on the mainland and Hawaii." However, this publication would have far reaching consequences as it would become the justification for his internment. With the outbreak of World War II, his friends, to whom he had distributed the publication, burned the book for fear of being implicated with Japan's war efforts.”

A Nisei Discovers Japan  Tokyo, Japan Times Press, 1957.

Note (i): It is uncertain whether this title is in fact the text  of the book referred to in the annotation although the period covered appears to be the same.

Note (ii): Miyamoto also wrote an historical novel  Hawaii, End of the Rainbow  Tuttle, 1964, based on seventeen years of his journal entries.


PAQUIN, Grete  - of Göttingen - *H2236

(Annotation based on extracts)

1938 to 1945

Wartime civilian diary of an humane and anti-Nazi German woman; her small holding; her intention to hide her diaries, following upon an interview with the Gestapo; sympathy with the sailors on both Hood and Bismarck; reluctant sacrifice of her skis for the Russian front; the injury and death of a mouse in her cellar.

1. - Diary, 1938-1945  in  Two Women and a War  Philadelphia, Muhlenberg Press, 1953.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 179, 222-223, 284-285 and 385.


PEARSON, Edward Hesketh Gibbons (1887-1964)  British actor, director and writer - E


Skye High: The Record of a Tour through Scotland in the Wake of Samuel Johnson and James Boswell  Oxford, 1938, is reported to contain diary material.


PRINGLE [Miss] (pseud.) (b.1914?)  teacher from Liverpool

September 26th. and 28th. 1938

Mass-Observation dairy; the Munich crisis; an illuminating account of the reactions of school staff, children and members of the general public to the process of gas mask fitting.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 35-37.


RECKITT, Basil N. (b.1905)  artillery officer

1938 to 1944

The personal account of an artillery officer, serving in the British anti-aircraft defence, based on contemporary notes; a few interesting sidelights but the account is really a memoir, with some reliance on other sources, and with very little direct quotation from the author's diary.

Diary of Anti-Aircraft Defence, 1938-1944  Ilfracombe, Arthur H. Stockwell, 1990.


SMITH, May (1924?-2004) Elementary school teacher of Swadlincote, Derbyshire

December 21st. 1938 to January 1946

Private diary. Life at home with her parents; her school, work and colleagues; war rumours and news; sport, entertainments and friends; complications of being courted by two men; occasional gentle self-mockery; love of clothes; shortage of money; engagement and marriage; the birth of her first child. A diary valuable for its artless detailing of daily life.

These Wonderful Rumours! A Young Schoolteacher’s Wartime Diaries 1939-1945  edited by Duncan Marlor. London, Virago, 2012.


SOWERBY, John (pseud.) (James McGregor?)  cyclist and mental patient - B311

April to October 1938

Matthews: Travel diaries; various cycling tours in England.

I Got on My Bicycle  London, Frederick Muller, 1939.


STAVSKY, Vladimir Petrovich (V.P.KIRPICNIKOV) (1900-1943)  general secretary of the Union of Soviet Writers and editor of 'Novy Mir'

January 1st. 1938 to April 17th. 1939

Diary notes, sometimes drunken, of a dedicated communist; anxieties and suspicions about maintaining his position in the ever shifting structure of politics and power; his writing and propaganda; descriptions of landscape and nature.

In  Intimacy and Terror; Soviet Diaries of the 1930's  edited by Véronique Garros, Natalia Korenevskaya and Thomas Lahusen, translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995, pp 218-249.


TEW, Helen (née Graham) (1912-2004)  English yachtswoman - E


To Norway in Mary Helen  London, 1939.


TREDREY, Frank D. (1908-1988) - E


Pilot's Summer: An R.A.F. Diary  London, Duckworth, 1939. Reissued as  Pilot's Summer: A Central Flyiong School Diary  London, Tyger, 2000.


Van HESSEN, Edith (later VELMANS) (b.1925)  Dutch Jewish girl

February 1940 to July 1942 and November 1944 to June 1945 (an isolated entry for 19th. September 1938)

Private diary extracts with narrative links; school at the Hague; her brother Guus leaves for America; a good account of the the German invasion; and Dutch surrender; family and social life under increasing persecution of the Jewish population. In July 1942 her parents sent her to Breda, under a false identity, in the care of Mr. and Mrs. Zur Kleinsmiede and the diary ceases and gives place to narrative and letters. The diary resumes on the liberation of Holland; peace; coming to terms with the deaths of her father, and, in concentration camps, of her mother and her brother Jules; return to the Hague.

1. - In  Edith's Book  London, Viking, 1998

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 585-587 and 607-608.

Von HASSELL, Ulrich (1881-1944)  German diplomat - H2237

September 17th. 1938 to July 13th. 1944

Personal diary; chronicles his close involvement with the movement against Hitler inside Germany, he was arrested and executed after the von Stauffenburg assassination attempt. Excellent.

The Von Hassell Diaries, 1938-1944; The Story of the Forces against Hitler inside Germany as Recorded by Ambassador Ulrich Von Hassell, a Leader of the Movement  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1948.


WHITE, Elwyn Brooks (1899-1985)  American essayist and literary stylist; author of 'Charlotte's Web' - E

a) - 1938 to 1943

"From 1938 to 1943 he wrote and edited a column called 'One Man's Meat' for Harper's magazine. These collected essays, featuring White's rural experiences, were published in 1942."

One Man's Meat  Harper, 1942, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - Dates unknown

Essays of E.B.White  Harper, 1977, is also reported to contain diary material.


WILSON, Hugh Robert (1885-1946)  American diplomat - *M5688,E

In  A Career Diplomat, the Third Chapter: The Third Reich  edited by Hugh R,Wilson, Jr. New york, Vantage Press, 1961. Reprinted Westport, Greenwood Press, 1973.


WOLFE, Thomas Clayton (1900-1938)  American novelist - H2238,*M5689,E

a) - From 1926

"…. complete publication of the contents of a series of 35 pocket notebooks that Wolfe … carried intermittently from 1926, when he was just beginning his first novel, "Look Homeward, Angel" (1929), until just before his death. Together with the supplementary materials provided by the editors, the notebooks provide as close a look as possible at the creative process that transformed Wolfe's experience into fiction, as well as intimate glimpses of his personal life."

The Notebooks of Thomas Wolfe  edited by Richard S.Kennedy and Paschal Reeves. The University of North Carolina Press, two volumes, 1970.

b) - June 20th. to July 2nd. 1938

Travel diary of a motor car trip in the Pacific Northwest with two nespapermen; California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon.

A Western Journal: A Daily Log of the Great Parks Trip, June 20-July 2, 1938  University of Pittsburgh Press, 1951.



ANONYMOUS, woman from Birmingham

September 1st. to 3rd. 1939

Mass-Observation diary of a single woman, in her thirties, working in the family's fish and chip shop; a good and well observed account of herself, her family and the neighbourhood on the verge of war; anticlimax of the expected declaration.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 46-50.


ANONYMOUS, seventeen year old schoolgirl from Romford

September 1st. to 3rd. 1939

Mass-Observation diary; a pupil teacher records the reactions of staff and pupils to the imminent threat of war; anxiety for her older sister in Denmark; her mother's fears; an air raid warning; refugee friends.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 50-54.


ALANBROOKE, Alan Francis Brooke, 1st. Viscount (1883-1963)  Field Marshal

a) - October 19th. 1939 to June 25th. 1946

Military and political diary of the wartime Chief of Imperial General Staff; a day to day record of disagreement and decision on the conduct of the war; journeys, meetings and conferences; frank opinions of Churchill and others; important for the history of the war. The diary entries are extensively quoted with a linking and expository narrative by the editor.

1. - The Turn of the Tide 1939-1943; A Study Based on the Diaries and Autobiographical Notes of Field Marshal The Viscount Alanbrooke  by Arthur Bryant. London, Collins, 1957.

2. - Triumph in the West; Based on the Diaries and Autobiographical Notes of Field Marshal The Viscount Alanbrooke  by Arthur Bryant. London, Collins, 1959.

b) - September 28th. 1939 to August 31st. 1945

The full text of the diary between these dates reveals more fully the tensions between Britain and America and the author's exasperation with Churchill; much critical evaluation of military men and politicians; a valuable record; very little personal material.

1. - War Diaries, 1939-1945  edited by Alex Danchev and Daniel Todman. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2001.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 352 and 541-542; and Aldrich (2), pp 394-395 and 638-639.


ARMITAGE, Betty (b.1881?)  widow, one time cook and theatrical dresser, living in Norfolk

September 3rd. 1939 to September 1945

Extracts diary of the wartime in Norfolk; the diary is more full for the earlier years of the war. War news; friends and neighbours; the small events of village life; the pub; cooking; gardening, pets; the lady of the manor, Mrs. Wentworth, and her visitors; the bombing of Norwich; American airmen.

Betty's Wartime Diary, 1939-1945  edited by Nicholas Webley. London, Thorogood Publishing, 2002.

Note: The editor, a journalist, is coy about the provenance of the diary, conceals the name of the village in which it was written, and makes much of the fact that the manuscript has largely disintegrated and some other matters. Although the text is generally convincing but there must remain some doubt as to the extent of editorial intervention.   -


ARNOLD, Henry H. (Hap) [Gen.] (1886-1950)  Chief of the US Army Air Corps

(Not seen)


Military diary.

1. - American Airpower Comes of Age: General Henry H. 'Hap' Arnold's World War II Diaries  edited by John W.Huston. Maxwell, Air University Press, two volumes, 2002.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 238-239, 277 and 574-575.


BALEY, Stephen (BALINSKI, Stanislaw) (1899-1984)  Polish poet and journalist

(Annotation based on extract)

1941 and 1942

Diary notes of the bombing of Warsaw in 1939 and of London in 1941.

1. - Two Septembers 1939 and 1940: A Diary of Events  London, Allen and Unwin, 1941.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 44-45.


BARLONE, Daniel [Maj.]  - French infantry officer - H2239

August 23rd. 1939 to October 1st. 1940

Military diary of an officer in the French 2nd. North African Division; called up by the army; France during the phoney war; the fall of France; to London via Algeria; joins the Free French; very full and interesting daily entries.

1. - A French Officer's Diary (23 August 1939 - 1 October 1940)  translated by L.V.Cass. Cambridge, The University Press, 1942.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 46-47 and 95-96.


BAUMAN, Janina (1926-2009) - E

1939 to 1945

“Using her teenage diaries, the author tells of the horrors of the siege and surrender of Warsaw in 1939, the food shortages, raids and beatings, and the Nazi Aktion in 1942, when her family was hounded from shelter to shelter. In 1943 they escaped the ghetto but faced years in hiding.”

Winter in the Morning: A Young Girl’s Life in the Warsaw Ghetto and Beyond  Free press Association, 1986 and Virago, 2006.


BEASLEY, Ina (1898-1994)  Sudan Government Education Service superintendant of girls’ education - E

1939 to 1050 (?)

“… an authentic & sensitive record of the work of a British woman educationalist in the Sudan in the 1940s & forms an unrivalled source for the development of girls’ education in an African country before the wind of change blew through the continent. As Controller.Dr. Beasley undertook many gruelling tours of inspection, venturing to the remotest parts of the country.”

In  Before the Wind Changed: People, Places and Education in the Sudan  Oxford university Press, 1992.


BENZIGER, Marieli G. - E

1939 to 1945 (?)

“… Pope Pius XII's Children War Relief: Details the work of the Catholic Church against the Nazi's during World War II.”

Echoes Across the Alps  Altadena, California, Benziger Sisters, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


BERG, Mary (Miriam Wattenberg) (b.1924)  Polish girl with American citizenship - H2240

October 10th. 1939 to March 15th. 1944

Personal diary; a Polish-American girl from Lodz; overrun by the German advance; interned with her parents and sister in the Warsaw Ghetto; the horrors described; release in exchange for German prisoners; France; return to America. The diary has in part been written up from brief notes, perhaps with further intervention from the first editor. The fate of the manuscript is unknown and nothing is known of the author’s later life in America.  

1. - Warsaw Ghetto: A Diary  edited by S.L.Schneiderman. New York, L.B.Fischer, 1945.

2. - Extracts: Holliday, pp 209-248.

3. - The Diary of Mary Berg: Growing Up in the Warsaw Ghetto  edited by Mary Berg and Susan Lee Pentlin. London, Oneworld Publications, 2006.



1939 to 1949

“Extracts from the author's diaries ‘in a particular, unchronological, order from which you may be able to find out something about the inception of Truths and Errors in the experience of one individual’.

Journal 1939-1949  London, Gollancz, 1950.'


BLUNT, Maggie Joy (pseud., but possibly Janet Camden LUCY) (1911?-1986) unmarried freelance writer and publicity officer, near Slough

a) - December 1939 to October 1940

Personal diary, written for Mass Observation; the unreality of war at home at Burnham Beeches; distrust of news; financial affairs; lack of success with her writing; rumours of spies; politicians; war news; volunteer at a first aid post; her brother in Suez; increasing air raids; visits to London; friends. A good varied but rather passionless account. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of four other diarists.

In  We Are at War: The Remarkable Diaries of Five Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2005.

b) - October 1940 to May 1945

Personal diary, written for Mass Observation; the diary continues on a similar pattern. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of three other diarists.

In  Private Battles: How the War Almost Defeated Us  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2006.

c) - May 1945 to March 1948

Personal diary, written for Mass Observation; good details of life in the post war years, domestic, financial, economic and political; friends and relations. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of four other diarists.

In  Our Hidden Lives: The Everyday Diaries of a Forgotten Britain: 1945-1948  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2004.

Extracts: Wing, passim.


BOCK, Fedor von (1880-1945)  German field marshal

(Annotation based on extracts)

1939 to 1945

Veiled mockery of Hitler in report of a miltary conference.

1. - Generalfeldmarshal von Bock: The War Diary 1939-1945  edited by K.Gerbet, translated by D.Johnston. Atglen, Schiffer, 1996.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 62-63.  


BORDEN, Mary (1886-1968)  author, wife of Major-General Sir Edward Spears (qv), British Minister in Syria from 1942-1944 - E

1939 to 1945

Narrative account of her work with the Hadfield-Spears Mobile Hospital Unit in Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Italy and France.

Journey Down a Blind Alley  London, Hutchinson, 1946.


BROWN, Basil John Wait (188-1977)  farmer, archaeologist astronomer and author - E


Diary of the Excavations at Sutton Hoo  in  Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology  by Rupert bruce-Mitford. Harper, 1974.




Our South American Trip  privately printed, 1940.


BREYTENBACH, Breyten (b.1939)  South African painter and poet - E

Dates unknown

“… the first part of a triptych about South Africa. An account made during a three-month vist there after thirteen years in exile.”

A Season in Paradise  New York, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


BRIDGES, Alice (1900)  of Birmingham

From 1939

Mass Observation Diary.

Summary and brief quotations in  Domestic Soldiers  by Jennifer Purcell. London, Constable, 2010. Passim.


BROWN, Richard Finn (b.1902)  draughtsman, of Ipswich

September 15th. 1939 to June 8th. 1946

Civilian war diary; world news with personal comment and local, social and family matters; ARP warden and member of the Home Guard; air raids; rationing; anxieties for the safety of his wife and children; good full entries at intervals of a few days, less regularly as the war progresses.

Mr. Brown's War: A Diary of the Second World War  edited by Helen D.Millgate. Thrupp, Sutton Publishing, 1998.


BURTON (formerly JENKINS), Richard (1925-1984)  Welsh actor

1939, 1940, 1960, 1965 to 1972, 1975, 1980 and 1983

An irregular personal diary; schoolboy in Wales; brief notes, mainly social life in 1960; a much fuller diary from 1965 when married to Elizabeth Taylor; some brief interpolations by her; work, social life, children and step-children; his siblings; endless travel between houses and their yacht; Switzerland, Italy, America and elsewhere; drink and sobriety; voracious reading; two more marriages after parting from Elizabeth Taylor; work. The diaries are a kaleidoscope of people, places and revealing insights into the lives and personalities of celebrities, theatricals and their work and provide an interesting, if intermittent self-portrait of a talented and generous but troubled man and his relationships with women and alcohol.

The Richard Burton Diaries  edited by Chris Williams. New Haven and london, Yale University Press, 2012.


CASEY, Richard Gardiner, Baron Casey (1890-1976)  Australian diplomat - E

a) - 1939 to 1946

Account, based upon diaries written in Washington, DC, the Middle East, and India.

 Personal Experience, 1939-1946  New York, David McKay; London Constable, 1962.

b) - 1951 to 1960

Australian Foreign Minister: The Diaries of R.G.Casey, 1951-60  London, Collins, 1972.


CASSINGTON, John (pseud.) (CORDERO, H.G.)  Englishman, a metal trader - E

August 1939 to February 1941

(Annotation based on extract for February 23rd. to March 11th. 1940, and information from the author's son)

Account of a business trip, by air to Paris; life in the city under German threat; contrast with London.

1. - A Metal-Man's War-Time Diary, August 1939 - February 1941  edited by John Cassington. Eynsham, Quin Press, 1941. H.G.Cordero was actually the foreign editor of a metal-trade journal.

2. - In  Private Words; Letters and Diaries from the Second World War  edited by Ronald Blythe. London, Penguin Books, 1993, pp 57-60.

3. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp145-146.




Notes from a Cruise Diary: Being a Series of Thirteen Articles Written by J.T.Clarke, C.B.E. for the Ottawa Journal during a Cruise Round the World in S.S. Carinthia  1939.


CLEGG, Howard  - Canadian apple farmer and volunteer - C257

1939 to 1940

Matthews: Day-by-day narrative of service in England with Canadian troops during second World War; Canadian Light Infantry; national habits and characters and their interaction.

1. - A Canuck in England  London, 1943.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 102-103 and 140-141.


COBB, Ivo Geekie (as Dr. Anthony Weymouth) (1887-1953)  doctor, writer and broadcaster - B311

a) - September 1939 to February 1941

Matthews: War diaries; the life of a doctor and B.B.C. talks editor in war-time; meetings with Ian Hay, Mme. Tabouis, Low, Masaryk, Shaw, Cammaerts, etc.; personal notes of his work; the events of the second world war as they happened in London; public and social life; an honest record of events and how people lived; a good diary.

1. - A Psychologist's War-Time Diary  London, 1940.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 65-67 and 69-70.

3. - Plague Year  London 1942.

b) - Not seen.

1. - Journal of the War Years 1939-1945 and One Year Later  London, Littlebury, 1948.

2 - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 97-98 and 149-151.


COCKETT, Olivia - E

1941 to 1942

A Mass Observation diary.

Love and War in London: A Woman's Diary, 1939-1942  edited by Robert Malcolmson. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2005 and Stroud, The History Press, 2008.


COLLINGWOOD, Robin George (1889-1943) - E


The First Mate’s Log of a Voyage to Greece in the Schooner Yacht Fleur De Lys in 1939  Oxford University Press, 1940.


COLLINS, Judith Marjorie (Judy) (b.1939)  American singer and songwriter - E

Dates unknown

“Using the format of a journal, the popular folk singer/songwriter candidly discusses her childhood, her training as a classical pianist, marriage and motherhood, her folk music career, political activism and 1960s protests, and other personal topics.”

Trust Your Heart: An Autobiography  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1987.


COLVILLE, John [Sir] (b.1915)  civil servant

September 1939 to September 1941, December 1943 to August 1945 and sporadically to June 1953

Colville was Churchill's Private Secretary during the war, interrupted by service in the R.A.F, and three quarters of the diary are devoted to 1939-1941 and 1943-1945. The diary of a man with a privileged view of the conduct of the war, and of home affairs; personalities; politics; gossip; some more social and personal material. The diarist was later Private Secretary to Princess Elizabeth and again to Churchill in his second government. Interesting and valuable.

1. - The Fringes of Power; Downing Street Diaries 1939-1955  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1985.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 108 and 624; and Aldrich (2), pp 30-31 and 52-53.


COOPER, Gladys Bolon

1939 to 1947

James Cummings (13827) has  Diary of Gladys Bolon Cooper: Volume I (1939-1947)  privately printed 2001.


COX, Gladys  - middle-aged housewife in West Hampstead

September 3rd. 1939

A single diary entry, possibly later embellished; hears the declaration of war on the wireless; the first air raid warning.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, p 39. The diary is in the the Imperial War Museum.


CROS, Janet Tessier du - E

1939? to 1945?

Divided Loyalties  London, Hamilton, 1962, is reported to contain diary material.


CZERNIAKOW, Adam (1880-1942) - *H2241

1939 to 1942

Secret diary of the chairman of the Warsaw Judenrat.

1. - The Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniako: Prelude to Doom  edited by Raul Hilberg, Stanislaw Staron and Josef Kermisz. New York, Stein and Day, 1979. Paperback edition 1982.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 291-292.


DEKOBRA, Maurice (Ernest Maurice TESSIER) (1885-1973)  French writer and film maker - *M5690,E

1939 to 1946

French journalist’s account of his time in America; discursive.

Seven Years Among the Free Men  translated from the French by W.B.Wells. London, T.Werner Laurie, 1948.


DOWNES, Prentice G. (1909-1959)  American school teacher, traveller and author - E

a) - 1936

Prentice Downes Eastern Arctic Journal, 1936  edited by R.H.Cockburn in  Arctic XXXVI, No.3, 1983, pp 232-250.

b) - 1938

To Great Slave and Great Bear  in  Arctic, five issues, 1985-1986.

c) - 1939

1. - In  After-Images of Rupert’s Land from the Journals of Ernest Oberholtzer (192) and P.G.Downes (1939)  in  Rupert’s Land: A Cultural Tapestry  edited by Richard C.Davis, Waterloo, Ontario, Wilfred Laurier University Press, 1988, pp 295-297.

2. - Sleeping Island: A Journey to the Edge of the Barrens  New York, Coward-McCann, (second edition, Natural Heritage, 2006) may also contain diary material.

d) - 1940

North of Reindeer: The 1940 Trip Journal of of Prentice G.Downes  in  The Beaver  Spring 1983, pp 36-43.

e) - 1936 to 1947

“… 1936 and 1937 trips in northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and of his 1938 journey to Great Bear and Great Slave lakes. … the Sleeping Island journal of 1939; the 1940 account of Downes’ attempt to canoe to Kasba Lake on the Kazan River; and the journal of his final canoe voyage, in 1947, from Amisk Lake to Lac La Ronge.”

Distant Summers: P.G.Downes’ Journals of travels in Northern Canada, 1936-1937  edited by R.H.Coburn, Ottawa, MvGahern Stewart, two volumes, 2012.


DUNCAN, Ronald Frederick Henry (1914-1982)  poet and playwright - H2242,E

a) - 1939 to 1942

Country diary; a poet with no farming experience sets up a co-operative farm in North Devon.

Journal of a Husbandman  London, Faber and Faber, 1942.

b) - Duncan later wrote a column about farming and country life in Devon titled Jan’s Journal, for the Evening Standard, which has not been seen but may contain some diary material. Compilations were later published as:

1. - Jan’s Journal  London, William Campion, 1949.

2. - The Blue Fox  London.Museum Press, 1951.

3. - Jan at the Blue Fox  London, Museum Press, 1952.


DYKES, Vivian [Brigadier] (1898-1943)  British soldier - E

(Annotation based on extracts)

1939? To 1942

Military diary.

1. - Establishing the Anglo-American Alliance: The Second World War Diaries of Brigadier Vivian Dykes  edited by A.Danchev. London, Brassey's, 1990.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 182-183. (Inspection of the battlefield at Bardia, with Colonel Donovan).


EADE, Charles Stanley (b.1903)  newsapaper editor

From 1939

Extracts from private diary accounts of lunches with Winston Churchill; detailed record of conversations.

In  The Sunday Telegraph  (Review Section) February 15th. and 22nd. 1998.


ELTON, Godfrey, first Baron (1892-1973)  British historian and member of the House of Lords - E

From 1939?

“Musings and comment by a well-known broadcaster of the time.”

Notebook in Wartime  London, Collins, 1941, is reported to contain diary material.

ETZDORF, Rudiger von - *H2243




“The author, of the Firestone Tire Corporation, was a guest of the Japan Foreign Trade Federation for 10 weeks in 1939.”

Journey to Japan  privately printed, Cincinnati, 1940.


FJELLBU, Arne (1890-1962)  Norwegian bishop - E

1939 to 1945

Memories from the War Years  translated by L.A.Vigness. Minneapolis, Augusburg, 1947.


FOLCHER, Gustave (1909-1993)  French peasant, gardener, of Aigues-Vives, Gard

August 20th. 1939 to May 12th. 1945

Private diary; drafted as a private soldier; vivid account of train journeys, marches, and training near the eastern front line; actions; retreat; taken prisoner; farm work near Magdeburg; refuses the offer of civilian status; his life, work and the progress of the war; longings for wine and home; witnesses the bombing of Stendal station; the tables are turned and prisoners become occupiers; return home. An interesting account, written up from brief notes in 1943 to 1945, during his captivity; later entries, often summaries, seem to have been written shortly after the events recorded .

1. - Marching to Captivity: The War Diaries of a French Peasant, 1939-45  edited by Rémy Casals and Christopher Hill, translated by Christopher Hill. London, Brassey's, 1996. The diaries were first published in French as  Les carnets de guerre de Gustave Folcher, paysan Languedocien 1939-1945, Paris, Maspero, 1981.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 479-481 and 611-612.


FOXELL, Maurice [The Rev.] (1888-1981)  Rector of St.James, Garlickhythe

September 1st. 1939 to May 8th. 1945 and October 3rd. 1963

Extracts from a personal diary; wartime in the City of London and at home in Surrey; bomb damage, particularly to his church; travel to and from London; food shortages; flying bombs; war news.

A Diary of the Second World War  in  The British Diarist  Volume 1, Issue 2, August 2003.


GISSING, Vera (née DIAMANT) (b.1928)  refugee from Czechoslovakia

June 1939 to July 1945, one or two later entries

Memoir with letters and some diary quotations; quotations from a diary; school in Wales; thoughts of her sister and parents; news of her parents deaths.

In  Pearls of Childhood  London, Robson Books, 1988.


GOULLART, Peter (d.1978)  Russian born traveller and explorer - E

1939 to 1949 (?)

“An account of the author’s explorations and experiences in Tibet, journeying to the Tibetan province of Khan as a businessman for a Chinese industrial cooperative. Learning of a secret Tibetan tribe, the Black Lolos or Princes of the Black Bone, Goullart sets out trying to document these people and their culture.”

Princes of the Black Bone: Life on the Tibetan Borderlands  London, John Murray, 1959 (American title  Land of the Lamas: Adventures in Secret Tibet  Dutton, 1959) is reported to contain diary material.

Note:  River of the White Lily: Life in Sarawak  London, Jon Murray, 1965, may also contain diary material.


GRANT, Irene  (b.1885?)  of Newcastle

From 1939

Mass Observation Diary.

Summary and brief quotations in  Domestic Soldiers  by Jennifer Purcell. London, Constable, 2010. Passim.


GREEN, Muriel (pseud.) (b.1921?)  shop-girl in an east coast village

August 30th. 1939 to December 31st. 1940 and May 4th. to 27th. 1945

Extracts from the Mass Observation diary (initially written jointly with her elder sister) of a girl working in the family garage and sweetshop in a Norfolk village; the life of the village at the onset of war; air raid precautions; complaints about evacuees, and their dislike of country life; exploding mines off the coast; domestic duties; shortages; a visit to Cambridge; two wrecked aircraft; war news; her mother and sister; lively and interesting. The later entries give an account of the VE day celebrations at the hostel for war workers in Somerset, where she and her sister are working; her anxieties for a future no longer dictated by the demands of war.

1. - In  Wartime Women  edited by D.Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1990, pp 55-62, 79-92 and 240-247.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 57-58 and 75.


GUIBAUT, André (1903-1966)  French explorer and diplomat - E

1939 to 1940

Tibetan Venture in the Country of the Ngolo-Setas: Second Guibaut-Liotard Expedition  London, John Murray, 1947, is reported to contain diary material.


HAECKER, Theodor - *H2244,E

From 1939

Journal in the Night  London and New York, Pantheon, 1950.


HAGGLOF, Gunnar (b.1915)  Swedish diplomat

September 1st. 1939 to January 1st. 1940

Diplomatic and political diary; notes of events as they affected Sweden at the onset of war; appointed to the Swedish government; a mission to Berlin.

1. - In  Diplomat: Memoirs of a Swedish Envoy  London, The Bodley Head, 1972, pp110-121.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 51-52.


HALDER, Franz (1884-1971)  German general - H2245

1939 to 1942

Military diary of Hitler's Chief of General Staff; notes of operations; reports and orders; difficulties between services; Hitler's insistence on absolute and minute control.

1. - The Halder Diaries: The Private War Journals of Col. Gen. Franz Halder  edited by Arnold Lissance and Trevor N.Dupuy. Boulder, Colorado, Westview Press, 1976.

Note: It appears that this text was first published in eight volumes in Nuremburg by Office Chief  of Counsel for War Crimes of the US Military government of Germany, then, edited by Arnold Lissance, in seven volumes of the Infantry Journal , Washington 1950.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 142-143, 227-228 and 267-268.

3. - Halder War Diaries 1939-42  edited by Burdick and Jacobsen. Presidio, 1988.


HEALY, Thomas Edward - E

After 1939?

Tourist Under fire: The Journal of a Wartime Traveller  New York, Holt, 1945.


HENDRY, James Findlay (b.1912)  member of 'The New Apocalypse' group of writers

November 24th. and 29th. 1939

Two entries from his journal as a soldier; discursive; some notes on routine and fellow soldiers.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 36-41.


HERZOG, Eugen J.  – German soldier - E

1939 to 1946

“… his thoughts, experiences, and innermost feelings from the beginning of his conscripted military service in 1939 through 1946, when he returned home after being released from a French POW labor camp.”

WWII Diary of a German Soldier  AuthorHouse, 2006.


HEY, Kathleen (b.1906)  Yorkshire shop assistant - E

1939 to 1945 (?)

“… chronicling the ups and downs of running a grocery shop in a Yorkshire town during the rationing years of the Second World War.”

The View from the Corner Shop: The Diary of a Yorkshire Shop Assistant in Wartime  Simon and Schuster, 2016.


HEYST, Axel  - Swedish journalist in London

(Annotation based on extracts)


Journalist's diary; analysis of German attitudes to war.

1. - There Shall be No Victory: Diary of a European  London, Gollancz, 1947.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 67-68.


HODSON, James Lansdale (b.1891)  author and journalist - D145

1939? to 1949

Notes of people and events; anecdotes; acute observation; a writer's notebook (not all volumes seen).

1. - Through the Dark Night  1941

2. - Towards the Morning  1941.

3. - Before Daybreak  1942.

4. - War in the Sun  1942

5. - Home Front  1944.

6. - And Yet I Like America  1945.

7. - The Sea and the Land  1945

8. - The Way Things Are  1947

9. - Thunder in the Heavens: Being some account of what I have seen and what people have said to me in England and elsewhere between April 3rd. 1947 and March 29th. 1949  London, Wingate, 1950.


HOEMBERG, Elizabeth Kandal Montague (1909-1994)  Canadian historian and writer - E

From 1939?

“… she married Albert Hoemberg in Toronto. German nationals were unwelcome in Canada at the outbreak of the Second World War after Hitler's annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland, so the couple moved to Germany in December 1938. … the couple wrote their diaries and corresponded frankly about the progress of the war. These documents were hidden from the Nazis under the doghouse in the garden of their home in the Roxel village of Münster.”

Thy People, My People  London, Dent, 1950.


HOLL, William E  - ARP warden in London

September 3rd. 1939

A single diary entry report the indignation of air raid wardens at the public's flippant attitude to the first air raid warning.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, p 38. The diary manuscript is in the British Library.


HOYLES, D.M. [Miss]  - headmistress of a London junior school

September 4th. 1939

A single entry describing the treatment of children's headlice after evacuation of the school to Weymouth.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 42-43. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.

01/02/03 - ISHERWOOD, Christopher William Bradshaw (1904-1986)  author - *M5700,E

a) - January 19th. 1939 to August 26th. 1960, gaps

Personal diary from his arrival in America, where he settled in California; the war and his pacifism; writing for Hollywood; his work; criticism; friends, writers and artists; homosexual relationships; Hindu spirituality; thoughts, anecdotes, conversations, writer's notes; long entries but often episodic.

Diaries: Volume One: 1939-1960  edited by Katherine Bucknell. London, Methuen, 1966.

b) - 1960 to 1969

Diaries: Volume Two: 1960-1969  London, Chatto and Windus, 2010.

Note: See also  The Condor and the Cow  Random House, 1949 and  My Guru and His Disciple  Farrar, 1980. Journey to War  by W.H.Auden (qv) and Isherwood, Random House, 1939, is “in three parts: a series of poems by Auden describing his and Isherwood's journey to China in 1938 ; a ‘Travel-Diary’ by Isherwood about their travels in China and their observations of the Sino-Japanese War; and a sonnet sequence with reflections on the contemporary world and their experiences in China.”


JESSON, Henry - E

1939 to 1940

“Letters written by Mr. Jesson to Mr. Rollins, Director of the Rollins Studio of Acting, from September 1939 to September 1940.”

And Beacons Burn Again  New York, Appleton, 1940.


JUBELIN, André [rear Admiral] (1906-1986)  French naval aviator - E

From 1939?

“World War II with the French Navy, the Free French Navy (after leaving his post in Indo-China to join the British forces in Malaya) and as a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force.”

The Flying Sailor  London, Hurst and Blackett, 1953, is reported to contain diary material.


KAPLAN, Chaim Aron (1880-1942/43)  schoolmaster - H2246

September 1st. 1939 to August 4th. 1942

The diary records the Nazi occupation of Warsaw and the destruction of the Jewish community, very full daily and sometimes almost hourly entries. Kaplan and his wife are believed to have died in Treblinka in the winter of 1942-43.

1. - Scroll of Agony; The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A.Kaplan  translated and edited by Abraham L.Katsh. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1966.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 167-168 and 322-323.


KENNEDY, Joseph Patrick (1888-1969)  U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom

(Annotation based on extracts)

August 27th. and September 3rd. 1939, June 17th. 1943 and November 1944

Diary notes; a motoring incident when taking Lord Halifax home from Downing Street; telephone conversation with Chamberlain after his broadcast on declaration of war; Beaverbrook tells him of frictions between Churchill and Roosevelt and makes dismissive remarks about Madame Chang Kai-Shek. Roosevelt's declining health and powers.

1. - In  Hostage to Fortune: The Letters of Joseph P.Kennedy  edited by Amanda Smith. New York, Viking Penguin, 2001.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 32-33 and 40-41 and 428-430; and Aldrich (2), pp 485-486.


KLUKOWSKI, Zygmunt [Dr.]  - Polish physician

(Annotation based on extracts)

1939 to 1944

Secret diary of the superintendent of Zamosc hospital in Eastern Poland; German atrocities; chaos as the Russian army approaches; a remarkable record.

1. - Diary from the Years of Occupation  Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1993.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 358-361 and 506-507.

Note: See also  Red Shadows: A Physician's Memoirs of the Soviet Occupation of Eastern Poland, 1944-1956  Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1997.


KNEF, Hildegard Frieda Albertine (1925-2002)  was a German actress, singer and writer - E

From 1939?

The Gift Horse: Report on a Life  McGraw, 1971, is an autobiography reported to contain diary material.


KNOKE, Heinz (1923-1993)  German fighter pilot - E


Autobiography based on diaries.

I Flew for the Fuhrer  London: Evans Brothers, 1953.


KOELZ, Walter Norman (1895-1989)  American anthropologist - E

1939 to 1941

Persian Diary, 1939-1941  Ann Arbor: Museum of Anthropology University of Michigan, 1983.

Note (1): James Cummings (7127) has also  Persian Diary  in  Asa Gray Bulletin  Spring 1957.

Note (2): The website of the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology states that "The diaries of the Koelz expedition to Tibet have been lost; however, excerpts from the period December 7, 1932 to September 11, 1933 have been published in the Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review."


KORCZAK, Janusz (Henryk Goldszmit) (1877-1942) Polish-Jewish children's author and paediatrician


1939 to 1942

In the Warsaw Ghetto.

Ghetto Diary  New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003.


KORWIN-RHODES, Marta  - concert pianist - E


The Mask of Warriors; The Siege of Warsaw, September 1939  New York: Libra, 1964, is reported to contain diary material.


KULSKI, Julian Eugeniusz (b.1929?) - E

From 1939

Journal of the young protestant son of the mayor of Warsaw, written some time after the events recorded.

Dying, We Live: The Personal Chronicle of a Young Freedom Fighter in Warsaw  New York, Holt, 1979.


LAHOUSEN, Erwin von [Generalmajor] (1897-1955)  Abwehr official - E

From 1939?

In  Hitler's Spies and Saboteurs  by Charles Wighton. New York, Holt, 1958.


LANDAU, Rom (b.1899)  Polish author - B311,E

a) - February to October 1939

Matthews:  Private diary; private life and country life in Sussex before the war; trivialities (alleged to be important), social, natural, domestic; reflections; pleasant holiday in France.

Of No Importance  London, 1940.

b) - Dates Unknown

James Cummings has:

1. - (7254)  The Wing  London, faber, 1945.

2. - (7255)  Moroccan Journal  Hale, 1952.


LANGHORNE, Geraldine (pseud.) (b.1890)  divorced schoolmistress in London

August 25th. to 29th. 1939

Mass-Observation diary; threatened mental breakdown occasioned by the fear of war.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 28-29. The diary is in the Mass-Observation Archive.


LASKIER, Frank  - sailor in the British Merchant Service - E

From 1939?

“A fact-based novel of the British Merchant Marine.”

Log Book  London, G.Allen & Unwin, 1942, is reported to contain diary material.


LINDGREN, Astrid Anna Emilia (née Ericsson) (1907-2002)  Swedish writer - E

1939 to 1945

A World Gone Mad: The Diaries of Astrid Lindgren, 1939-45  Pushkin Press, 2016.


LITTLE, Norman (1899-1994)  Assistant Attorney General in the Roosevelt administration - E

1939 to 1944 (?)

My Roosevelt Years  University of Washington Press, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.



1939 to 1945

History of the Royal Canadian Medium regiment R.C.A.  privately printed, 1946?, pp 111, is reported to contain diary material.


LONG, Breckinridge (1881-1958)  US assistant Secretary of State - H2247

1939 to 1944

Political diary; full entries.

1. - War Diary of Breckinridge Long: Selections from the Years 1939-1944  edited by Fred L.Israel. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1966.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 273-275.


LONGSTREET, Stephen (1907-2002)  American author - E

a) - 1939

“When if ever will an ordinary mortal be able to journey peaceful around the world again? Here is the highly amusing and nostalgic record of a keen young novelist"s adventures on the last deluxe liner that made the trip.”

Last Man Around the World  New York, Random House, 1941.

b) - 1941 and 1942

“I make no claim to have written here anything but a personal book about the people and what they said and the land and the sound and the sky of my native soil at war. What I love and what I hate I have said here. What I think and what I desire for it, is also hinted, but mostly I went just to see and hear.”

The Last Man Comes Home: American Travel Journals, 1941-1942  New York, Random House, 1942.


McKINLEY, Charles Frederick (1913-2004) - E

Late 1939?

“… experiences both aboard ship and on dry land, where his adventures included a visit to Lord Kenyon at his home in Shropshire. Amid the light-hearted descriptions of English country life is a telling detail: The Dowager Lady Kenyon must rush through lunch because she is to distribute gas masks to local residents.”

A Voyage to the British Isles: Being the Journal of Charles McKinley, Gent.  privately printed, Kokosing Press, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 1940, 94pp.


MALAQUAIS, Jean (Vladimir Malacki) (1908-1998)  writer and political activist     - H2248

From 1939

Tells of the fall of France; by an anti-war artist slowly transformed into a fighting patriot; full entries, often ironical in tone, perhaps written up.

1. - Jean Malaquais' War Diary  New York, Doubleday Doran, 1944.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 19, 80-81 and 87-88.


MELLNIK, Stephen Michael (1907-1994)  Ukraine born American Army officer - E

1939 to 1945

“Gen. Mellnik and thousands of other U.S. and Allied forces were captured on the tiny island of Corregidor when the Philippines were surrendered in May 1942. He was held in various Japanese prison camps until April 1943, when he and nine others escaped from the Davao penal colony in the southern Philippines.”

Philippine War Diary 1939-1945  Van Nostrand, 1969; revised edition, 1981.


MERTON, (Louis) Thomas (1915-1968)  Trappist monk - H2249,M5691

a) - October 1st. 1939 to November 1st. 1941

Personal, religious and spiritual diary (selected entries); graduate student at Columbia University after his conversion to Catholicism; teaching at St. Bonaventure University; a trip to Cuba; his call to the life of a Trappist Monk; literary, lively and well observed.

A Secular Journal  New York, Farrar, Strauss and Cudahy, 1959; London, Catholic Book Club, 1959.

b) - (Dates and annotation based on extracts)

December 10th. 1946 to December 1950

Personal diary of life in the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani; his final vows; work and observances; lively and evocative.

1. - The Sign of Jonas  New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1953.

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 209-217.

c) - October 15th. to December 8th. 1968

Personal, travel and religious diaries of a Trappist Monk en route from America to a conference in Bangkok; Calcutta, New Delhi, the Himalayas, Madras, Ceylon, Bangkok where he met an accidental death; interest in Asian religions; thoughtful, interesting and well observed.

The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton  edited by Naomi Burton, Brother Patrick Hart and James Laughlin. London, Sheldon Press, 1974; New York, New Directions, 1973.

d) - Extracts from a journal in Alaska (year not given), taken from  Thomas Merton in Alaska  New Directions, 1988, appear in  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 272-280. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.

e) - Not seen:  The Journals of Thomas Merton  edited by Patrick Hart and others, San Francisco, Harper, seven volumes, 1995 to 1999.

I - 1939-1941  Run to the Mountain: The Story of a Vocation

II - 1941-1952  Entering the Silence: Becoming a Monk and a Writer

III - 1952-1960  A Search for Solitude: Pursuing the Monk’s True Life

IV - 1960-1963  Turning toward the World: The Pivotal Years

V - 1963-1965  Dancing in the Water of Life

VI - 1965-1967  Learning to Love: Exploring Solitude and Freedom

VII - 1967-1968  The Other Side of the Mountain: The End of the Journey

f) - A selection is  The Intimate Merton: His Life from His Journals  edited by Patrick Hart and Jonathan Montaldo. Lion, 2000.

g) - Dates unknown

Conjectures of Guilty Bystander  Doubleday, 1966, is reported to contain diary material.


MILBURN, Clara (1883-1961)  housewife - H2250

August 1939 to May 12th. 1945

The wartime diary of a middle class housewife living with her husband six miles from Coventry. Her son was a German prisoner for most of the war. There is much about the events of the war and her anxiety for her son but the diary is mainly valuable for the picture it gives of ordinary domestic life in England at the time.

1. - Mrs. Milburn's Diaries; An Englishwoman's Day-to-Day Reflections, 1939-45  edited by Peter Donnelly. London, Harrap, 1979.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 169-171.


MILES, Constance (d.1962)  housewife of Shere, in Surrey - E

1939 to 1943

“She writes of the impact of evacuees, of food shortages and the creative uses of what food there was, and the fears of the local populace, who wonder how they will cope. She tells of refugees from central Europe billeted in village houses and, later in the war, of the influx of American servicemen. She travels frequently to London, mourning the destruction of familiar landmarks and recording the devastation of the Blitz, but still finds time for tea in the Strand.”

Mrs Miles’s Diary: The Wartime Journal of a Housewife on the Home Front  edited by S.V.Partington, Simon and Schuster, 2013.

MILLIN, Sarah Gertrude Liebson (1889-1968) - H2251

September 1st. 1939 to October 14th. 1946

Diary of the events of the war. Dull.

1. - World Blackout  London, Faber & Faber 1944

2. - The Reeling Earth  London, Faber & Faber 1945    -

3. - The Pit of the Abyss  London, Faber & Faber, 1946

4. - The Sound of the Trumpet  London, Faber & Faber, 1947

5. - Fire out of Heaven  London, Faber & Faber, 1948

6. - The Seven Thunders  London, Faber & Faber, 1948.


MOORE, Katherine (b.1898)  novelist

January 11th. 1939 to August 15th. 1945

Personal diary of war-time life in Kent; husband, children and their affairs; visits; war news; air raids; her pacifism.

1. - A Family Life 1939-45  London, W.H.Allen, 1989.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 530-531.


MORGAN, Gwenda (1908-1991)  wood engraver of Petworth, Sussex

1939 to 1946

A full transcription of the wartime diary of her work as a land girl; a detailed account of work on the farm; news of the war and its local manifestations; a few family and social notes; the death of her father.

The Diary of a Land Girl 1939-1945  Risbury, Whittington Press, 2002, 300 copies.


MOTT, H.P.L. [Miss]  maiden lady living in Teddington

January 29th. to March 19th. 1939

Five entries from a private diary recording her horror and disgust at the actions of Hitler and his acolytes and the spineless attitude of Chamberlain.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 21-22. Thirteen volumes of the manuscript diary are held by the Imperial War Museum.


MURDOCH, Iris [Dame] (1919-1999)  Irish born british novelist - E

(Not seen)

August 1939

Diary; account of a group of Oxford undergraduates, the Magpie Players, touring in the Cotswolds.

In  Iris Murdoch: A Writer at War: Letters and Diaries 1939-45  edited by Peter J.Conradi. London, Short Books, 2010.


MURIE, Adolph (1899-1974)  naturalist - E

From 1939?

Grizzlies of Mount McKinley   Washington, D.C., 1981  is reported to contain diary material.

Note:  The Wolves of Mount McKinley  Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1985, may also contain diary material.


MUSTO, Walter (1879-1952)  civil servant, of East Molesey

January 1st. 1939 to May 8th. 1945

Civilian war diary of a childless civil servant; the local effects of the war; his garden and greenhouse; gardening in the nude; friends, neighbours and relations; his work in the Crown Agent's Office necessitating much travel, mainly by rail; fire watching; the death of his dog; the illness and death of his much loved wife; mourning; his nephew killed; makes, and learns to use a handloom; retirement; invites an old woman friend to live with him and keep house, conscientiously explaining that he feels unable to marry again; alters his will. An excellent, slightly pooterish, diary by a strong and interesting character; much good social description and comment.

1. - The War and Uncle Walter – The Diary of an Eccentric  edited by A. McCulloch. Doubleday, 2003.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 155-156, 177 and 546-548.


NEILSON, Francis (born BUTTERS) (1867-1961)  actor, playwright, director, member of the British parliament and author, naturalised American - E

1939 to 1945

The Tragedy of Europe: A Day by Day Commentary on the Second World War  Appleton, Wisconsin, C.C.Nelson, five volumes, 1940-1946.

Note: James Cummings (9078) has  A Journal to Rosalind  Huebsch, 1920, which may be by this Francis Neilson, who was living in the united States at the time.


NEUMANN, Peter  - German soldier, member of the S.S. - E

1939 to 1945

Purported diary of an S.S. man from training to capture by the Russians. There is some doubt about the diary's authenticity despite its apparent historical accuracy.

Other Men's Graves: The Diary of an SS Man  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1958, first published in French as  SS!  in 1956. American title  The Black March: The Personal Story of an SS Man  1959, reprinted, Bantam 1960 and 1967.


NEWLIN, Dika (1923-2006)  composer and musicologist - *M5692,E

1938 to 1976

Diary of a student under Schoenberg.

Schoenberg Remembered: Diaries and Recollections (1938-76)  New York, Pendragon Press, 1980.


NICOL, A.A.  – British soldier from Scotland

August 31st. 1939 to January 1946

Military narrative, firmly based on a diary and with very substantial direct quotation, particularly in the North African and second European sections; call-up as a driver-mechanic; with the British Expeditionary Force in France; evacuation from St. Nazaire; the voyage to North Africa; the desert war; a slight wound; Italy; home; Normandy and across the Rhine. The narrative is often lively and colourful in contrast with the earlier diary entries, which are informative but pedestrian: later entries are fuller, with good descriptions of actions, places and people with wry humour and much about army life and his fellow soldiers; there is much insight but little introspection and no deeply personal matter, an important record.

My Moving Tent: The Diary of a Desert Rat  Durham, The Pentland Press, 1994.


NORTH, John S. - E

1939 to 1940

A cruise from Bermuda, through Panama and the Pacific islands to California.

The last Great Adventure: The daily Log kept by John S.North Aboard the Yacht Idle Hour December27, 1939 to June 24, 1940  Brunswick, Maine, privately printed, 1941.


OLDFIELD, J.E. [Major]  Canadian soldier - E

1939 to 1945 (?)

The Westminsters’ War Diary: An Unofficial history of the Westminster Regiment (Motor) in World War II  New Westminster, British Columbia, Mitchell Press, 1964.


PALMER, John - E

1939 to 1945

Luck on My Side: The Diaries and Recollections of a Young Wartime Sailor 1939-1945 Including HMS Amethyst on th Yellow River  Cooper, 2002.


PANTER-DOWNES, Mollie Patricia (1906-1997)  London correspondent of the New Yorker magazine

1939 and 1943

Scattered entry from her diary for the New Yorker describing life in England.

1. - In  Mollie Panter-Downes: London War Notes  edited by William Shawn. New York, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 1971.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 31-42, 54, 72-73 and 402-403; and Aldrich (2), pp 115-116.


PASSEL, Charles F.  - of the United States Antarctic Service - E

1939 to 1941 (?)

Aboard the North Star from Boston; daily routine and life at West Base Unit.

Ice: The Antarctic Diary of Charles F.Passel  edited by Tim Baughman. Texas Technical University Press, 1995.


PHILLIPS, Janine (b.1929) - H2252

May 16th. 1939 to May 20th. 1940

A ten year old Polish girl living not far from Warsaw. Innocent and often entertaining. The diary was translated by its author and has perhaps been slightly embellished in the process.

1. - My Secret Diary  London, Shepheard-Walwyn, 1982.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 54-56; and Holliday, pp 1-19.


PHIPPS, Kay  - student nurse

September 2nd. and 19th. 1939

Two entries from a private diary; account of a German woman trying to return home; preparations against gas attack.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 37 and 48-49. From a manuscript in the Imperial War Museum.


PÖPPEL (POPPEL), Martin (b.1922?)  German soldier

1939 to 1946

Narrative account of the military service of a German paratrooper, at least part of which seems to be taken from an authentic diary. Training; service in Holland, Narvik, Crete, Russia, Sicily, Italy, Normandy; captured on the Rhine and prisoner of war in England.

1. - Heaven and Hell; The War Diary of a German Paratrooper  translated from the German by Louise Wilmot. Tunbridge Wells, Spellmount, and New York, Hippocrene Books, 1988.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 220-221.


POTTER, Eileen (pseud.) (1898?-1974)  evacuation officer in west London

August 24th. 1939 to August 5th. 1940 four month gap

Mass Observation diary; her duties as evacuation marshal at East Acton; finds the process more upsetting than do the children; a keen ear for amusing detail; her folk dancing club; strong supporter of the war against faint hearts; dislike of Chamberlain; full of social and professional incident, excellent. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of four other diarists.

In  We Are at War: The Remarkable Diaries of Five Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2005.


POULENC, Francis Jean Marcel (1899-1963)  French composer - E


Diary of My Songs [Journal de Mes Mélodies]  with a translation by Winifred Radford, London, Gollancz, 1985.


PRÜLLER (PRULLER), Wilhelm  - Austrian soldier - H2253

1939 to 1945

Military diary of an ordinary German soldier and committed Nazi and anti-semite; invasion of Poland; taken prisoner but liberated after five days by Russian troops; fighting in France, the Balkans and the Eastern Front. The diary has been written up and expanded from contemporary notes.

1. - Diary of a German Soldier  edited by H.C. Robbins Landon. London, Faber and Faber, New York, Coward-McCann, 1963.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 32-34, 52 and 228-229.


PYLE, Ernest Taylor (1900-1945)  American journalist - E

1939? and 1940?

Ernie Pyle in England  New York, McBride, 1941, is reported to contain diary material.


QUIMBY, George - E

George Quimby Remembers: Hudson Bay, 1939  in  The Beaver  LXVIII, No. 4, 1988, pp 17-28.


R., J.A.

1939? to 1945?

Memoirs of an Army Surgeon  Blackwood, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.


RANFURLY, Hermione, Countess of (b.1914?)

August 31st. 1939 to August 1945

Personal diary; newly wed, against orders she followed her husband to war, mainly spent in Cairo, Jerusalem and Baghdad; her work; military personalities, Alexander, Wavell, Montgomery; husband, friends and daily life; the war and its conduct from an unusual standpoint; Whitaker, her husband's servant; outspoken, lively and interesting.

1. - To War with Whitaker; The Wartime Diaries of the Countess of Ranfurly  London, Heinemann, 1994.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 213-214, 333-334 and 542-543.


RICE, Joan (née BAWDEN) (b.1919)

September 20th. 1939 to December 15th. 1942

Private diary; leaves work at Shell to enrol as a WAAF; training at Hendon; the phoney war; social life with pilots and fellow WAAF's; guarded mentions of her family; bombing raids and aftermaths; deaths of acquaintances; a gap in the diary where the record of her first serious love affair has been excised; to Medmenham for training in photographic interpretation; dislike of colleagues; posted to Cairo; the voyage out, in some comfort, via South Africa; more social life in Egypt; a brief evacuation to Palestine; meets her future husband, Hugh Rice (qv). A good self portrait of self-confident young woman, her thoughts and feelings, ambitions and love affairs, parties and dancing. The diaries have been dictated from the manuscript by the author and subsequently edited by her, with some assistance.

Sand in My Shoes: Wartime diaries of a WAAF  London, HarperCollins, 2006.


RICE, Tilly (pseud.) (b.1903?)  mother of two in North Cornwall, evacuee from Surrey

September 2nd. 1939 to October 24th. 1940

Mass observation diary; irregular diary begun in rather formal style even when writing about her husband; pregnant mother of two, evacuated by choice to Port Isaac; a happy return to Surrey after the birth of her daughter; the superiority of London beer; tensions with her husband under strain of work; the writing becomes more relaxed as time goes on with more anecdote; her children; particularly her eldest son's enthusiasm for the war; escapes a machine gun attack by a German aircraft while out for a walk; routine of air raids; returns to Port Isaac. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of four other diarists.

In  We Are at War: The Remarkable Diaries of Five Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2005.


ROBERTS, James Henry (1894-1969)  Australian soldier - E

1939? To 1945?

Jim’s Story with the 37th Battalion – A.I.F.  Spectrum, Melbourne, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


ROBERTS, Tom (b.1900)  Australian soldier - E

1939? To 1945?

Tom Roberts’ War Diaries ... Will We be Disappointed After?  Edited by Pat Roberts. Richmond, South Australia, 1995.


ROBINS, Fred C. (1908-1967)  American soldier - E

1939? To 1945?

Overseas Diary; arranged for publication with summary of events in the China/Burma/India theater of operations  by Ruby M.Robins. Gainesville, Rumaro Press, 1990.


ROUBICZEK, Paul (1898-1969)  Czech philosopher at Cambridge -

(Annotation based on extracts)


Philosopher's diary; moral dilemma of a philosopher of pacifist leanings faced with the imperative of force; careful working out of his thoughts about the war.

1. - Across the Abyss: Diary Entries for the Year 1939-1940  translated by George Bird. Cambridge University Press, 1982.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 70-72 and 78-80.


RUSH, Claude  - Police inspector of Felixtowe, Suffolk

September 1st. 1939 to August 1944

A few scattered and brief notes from a diary of official actions in wartime Felixtowe; preparations for evacuation, air raid precautions etc.

In  Felixtowe at War: A Military History  by Phil Hadwen, John Smith, Peter White and Neil Wylie. Felixtowe, Neil Wylie, 2001, passim. Also quoted are extracts from the Log Book of Felixtowe Central Senior School which has some characteristics of a diary.


RUSSELL, Maud Julia Augusta Nelke (18921982)  British socialite and patron of the arts, of German Jewish extraction

1938 to 1945

(Annotation based on extracts)

Private diary. Her life at Mottisfont Abbey and London; house parties; a gallery of artists, writers, diplomats and politicians; death of her husband in 1942; intense friendships with Ian Fleming and Boris Anrep; lunches and dinners; an unpaid job in the Admiralty; war news. Much good detail of everyday life.

A Constant Heart: The War Diaries of Maud Russell, 1938-1945  edited by Emily Russell, The Dovecote Press, 2017.


RUSSELL, William (b.1915)  American diplomat - E

1939 to 1940

Berlin Embassy  New York, Dutton, 1941.


SAINT-EXUPÉRY Antoine Jean-Baptiste Marie Roger de (1900-1944)  French writer and aviator - E

Wartime Writings, 1939-1944  New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.


SARTRE, Jean-Paul (1905-1980)  French author and existentialist philosopher

November 1939 to March 1940

The four surviving notebooks (of fourteen) written during his service as an army meteorologist; a very full account of his daily occupations; fellow soldiers; war news; literary analysis and philosophy; reminiscences and reflections. Excellent.

1. - War Diaries: Notebooks from a Phoney War, November 1939-March 1940  translated by Quintin Hoare. London, Verso Editions, 1984. First published in French as Les Carnets de la Drôle de Guerre, Gallimard, 1983.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 73-75 and 86-87.


SCHWARTZ, Delmore (1913-1966)  American poet and short-story writer - E

Portrait of Delmore: The Journals and Notes of Delmore Schwartz, 1939 - 1959  edited by Elizabeth Pollet. New York, Farrar, 1986.


SENGER und ETTERLIN, Frido von [General] (1891-1963)  German soldier - E

1939? to 1945?

Neither Hope Nor Fear  London, Macdonald, 1963, is reported to contain diary material.

SERUMGAARD, Arthur Kirker - E

1939? to 1945?

The Log of the Old Sarge  Helena, Montana, 1950.


SIERAKOWIAK, Dawid (1925?-1943) - E

1939 to 1943

Personal diary of a young Pole who died in the Lodz ghetto; work; studies; news; conditions in the ghetto; diminishing rations; friction with his father who took food for himself; his sister Nadzia; the fear of deportation; his beloved mother taken by the Nazis; his father's decay and death; a calm and courageous account of horrors.

The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak: Five Notebooks from the Lodz Ghetto  edited by Alan Adelson, translated by Kamil Turowski. London, Bloomsbury, 1997.


SPENDER, Stephen (Harold) [Sir] (1909-1995)  poet and critic

a) - 1939 to 1983, gaps.

Intermittent personal diaries including Germany, 1945, Moscow, 1960 and Washington, 1965; literary and social affairs; friends; Auden, Eliot, Moore, etc.; work, opinion and comment; arresting descriptions.

1. - Journals 1939-1983  edited by John Goldsmith. London, Faber and Faber, 1985.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 623-624; and Blythe, pp 341-345.

3. - Extracts from the journal for September 3rd. to November 16th. 1939 were first printed in  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947.

b) - September 13th. to October 31st. 1944

Private diary; interesting and entertaining notes of friends, social life and conversations; Julian Huxley, E.M.Forster, Edith Sitwell. This diary does not appear in the Goldsmith edition.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 414-424. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.

c) - May 19th. to June 11th. 1981

Diary of a trip to China with David Hockney; sightseeing and local colour; disappointing.

China Diary   London, Thames and Hudson, 1982.

d) - James Cummings has also:

1. - (11719)  European Witness  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1946.

2. - (11721)  Learning Laughter  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1952.

3. - (11722)  Pages from a Journal  in  Sewanee Review  Autumn, 1955.

4. - (11723)  The Thirties and After: Poetry, Politics, People 1933-1970  London, Macmillan, 1978.


STEBBING, Edward (1921?-2003)  soldier and medical technician

a) - August 30th. 1939 to June 3rd. 1945 and August 12th. to 27th. 1950

Classic wartime Mass Observation diary (see also annotation (b)), published by the author from a typed transcript of a fair copy of a duplicate of the original, "omitting only a few passages which were of little interest". A very full but impersonal account of experiences, conversations, travel, rationing, bombing and war news and rumour; guarded references to his family and very few personal details of even close friends and colleagues. The author was conscripted but later discharged from the army on grounds of ill health. There are also some extracts from letters of a Dutch girl from 1946 to 1948. The second diary is of a visit as part of a Quaker group, to Bad Pyrmont in Germany, and relays some interesting detail about his hosts' wartime experiences.    -

Diary of a Decade, 1939-50  Lewes, The Book Guild, 1998.

b) - November 8th. 1940 to May 8th. 1945

Mass Observation diary of a seriousminded young man; experiences as a soldier until his discharge in 1941; finds army life dispiriting; reports of the views of his fellow recruits; finds work at a hospital in Potters Bar; records his thoughts and those of his workmates and landlady on the war and its progress. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of three other diarists.

In  Private Battles: How the War Almost Defeated Us  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2006.


STOVER, Elisha Terrill - *H2254,E

From 1939

The Saga of Smokey Stover  edited by Clark G.Reynolds. Tradd Street Press, 1978.


STREET, Arthur George (b.1892)  farmer and author

September 1st. 1939 to September 3rd. 1942

Occasional diary of farming and country life in wartime; long entries, discursive and literary; written for publication but a good picture of farming life at the time, with much practical detail.

1. - Hitler's Whistle  London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1943.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 195-196.


SWING, Raymond Gram (1887-1968)  American journalist - E

From 1939?

"A public diary of broadcasts and speeches, together with a new discussion of a post-war world, by America"s foremost news analyst, in addition to much other hitherto unpublished material..."

Preview of History  New York, Doubleday, 1943.


TANNER, Natalie (pseud.) (b. 1902)

From 1939

Mass Observation Diary.

Summary and brief quotations in  Domestic Soldiers  by Jennifer Purcell. London, Constable, 2010. Passim.


TAYLOR [Mrs.]  - wife to Edmond Taylor (qv) - E

August 23rd. to 30th. and later, 1939

Extracts from a diary in France prior to the outbreak of war; arranges to move out of Paris; dinners with journalists; fear; evacuation; returning courage; the first weeks of war.

In  The Strategy of Terror: Europe's Inner Front  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1940.


TAYLOR, Edmond (b.1908) - journalist in France - E

Late 1939 to early 1940

Substantial extracts from his diary in France before and after the outbreak of war; life in Paris; news; reflections; the reactions and behaviour of the civilian population under threat; conversation, opinion, speculation and analysis. Supplemented by extracts from his wife's (qv) diary.

In  The Strategy of Terror: Europe's Inner Front  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1940.


THOMAS, Charles W. (1903-1973) - E

From 1939?

"Campaigns in the Arctic Regions."

Ice Is Where You Find It  Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1951, is reported to contain diary material.


TIMOLEON (pseud.) (DARLING, William Young [Sir] (b.1885))  businessman

1939 to 1944

Journal; discursive entries dated only the the day of the week; London and Edinburgh, and the journeys between them; observations on the civil effects of the war; literature and diary-keeping.

King's Cross to Waverley: A discursive diary telling of persons and policies, opinions and occurrences in days of war  Glasgow, William Hodge, 1944.

Note: The diarist does not reveal that, among other occupations, he was Lord Provost of Edinburgh from 1941 to 1944 and he refers to the Lord Provost as a third person. It is possible that the diary as well as being highly selective is partly fiction. Darling the author of  Private Papers of a Bankrupt Bookseller  and  Hades! The Ladies!  both of which are fiction with elements of the diary form.


TOMALIN, Elspeth (1892-1963)  wife of the head gardener at Stansted Park in Sussex

1939 to 1945

Extracts from a wartime diary at Stansted Park, perhaps irregularly kept; bombing raids; a graphic account of the crash of a German bomber; the Women's Institute; her sons at war; rationing; war news; troop and aircraft movements; domestic details; flying bombs. A particular good and varied account of wartime civilian life in the south of England.

In  Garden House Diaries: Life on a Country Estate 1930-1945  edited by Ruth Tomalin, pp 71-120.


TOMLIN, Christopher (pseud.) (b.1911?)  self employed writing paper salesman from Lancashire

September 1st. 1939 to October 28th. 1940

Mass Observation diary; a Catholic, living at home with his parents, father on the dole, but helps in the business; the effects of the war on sales and prices; arguments with his father; shortage of money; endless speculation about the future course of the war; father has his dole stopped; worries about debt; sells his typewriter; his brother safely back from Belgium; registers for military service and hopes to be called up soon; often Pooterish in tone but with much good detail, rumour and reported opinion. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of four other diarists.

In  We Are at War: The Remarkable Diaries of Five Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2005.


TORY, Avraham - E

1939? to 1945?

Surviving the Holocaust: The Kovno Ghetto Diary  Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University press, 1990.


TURNBULL, Agnes Sligh - *H2255,*M5693,E


Dear Me  New York, Macmillan, 1941.



From 1939?

Wartime Plymouth.

It Came to Our Door: Plymouth in the World War  Plymouth, Underhill, 1945, is reported to contain diary material.


VANDENBERG, Arthur Hendrick (1884-1951)  republican senator - *M5694,E

From 1939

In  The Private papers of Senator Vandenberg  edited by Arthur H.Vandenberg Jr. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1952.



From 1939?

Gaston's War: A True Story of Resistance in World War II  by Allan J.Mayer, Novato, California, Presidio, 1988, is reported to contain diary material.


VAUGHAN, Keith (1912-1977)  artist - H2256

August 25th. 1939 to 4th. November 1977

Homosexual painter; frank and introspective; conscientious objector; interpreter in camp for German prisoners; work, travel; health; ends with his suicide while facing death from cancer. Widely spaced entries, often long. Excellent.

1. - Journals and Drawings, 1939-1965  London, A.Ross, 1966.

2. - Journals 1939-1977  introduced by Alan Ross. London, John Murray, 1989. This book repeats the selection printed in 1966 and adds material for the period 1967 to 1977.

3. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 34-35, 199-200 and 243-244; Blythe, pp 199-203.


VERNEY, John - E

1939? to 1945?

Going to the Wars: A Journey in Various Directions  London, Collins, 1955, is reported to contain diary material.


WAIT, J.Russell - E


Observations Made on a Trip to Japan  Tokyo, The Japan Foreign Trade Federation, 1939?


WARD, Orlando - *M5695,E

1939 to 1941

In  George Marshall and Orlando Ward 1939-1941 edited by Russell A Gugeler in  Parameters: Journal of the US Army War College  No. 13, March 1983. pp. 28-42.


WEIDMAN, Jerome (1913-1998)  American playwright and novelist - E

Account of a trip round the world.

Letter of Credit  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1940, is reported to contain diary material.


WEISSOVA-HOSKOVA, Helga (b.1927)  of Prague


Undated extracts from the diary of a twelve year old girl in the youth barracks at Terezín, separated from her parents; typhoid; sympathy for the old and sick; half-comprehending the fate of Poles in transit; horrors seen from the window.

1. - In  Terezín  edited by Frantisek Ehrmann, Otto Heitlinger and Rudolf Iltis. Prague, Council of Jewish Communities in the Czech Lands, 1965, pp 106-109.

2. - In  Children's Wartime Diaries: Secret Writings from the Holocaust and World War II  edited by Laurel Holliday. London, Piatkus, 1995, pp 73-78.


WILDER, Thornton Niven (1897-1975)  American dramatist and novelist - *M5696,E

a) - 1939 to 1961

Writer's notebook.

The Journals of Thornton Wilder 1939-1961  edited by Donald Gallup. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1985.

b) - See Arksey.


WORTH, Kevin (pseud.) (b.1924?)

August 30th. 1939

A single entry from a Mass-Observation diary; an argument; a visit; speculation about the calming effect of open country upon statesmen.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 35. From a diary in the Mass-Observation Archive.



(Annotation based on extracts)

1939? to 1945?

Diary in the Warsaw Ghetto in late 1942 and early 1943; a full and detailed account.

1. - A Warsaw Diary, 1939-1945  London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1969. Originally published in Yiddish in serial form, New York, Forward.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 387-389.




May 10th. to June 17th. 1940

Military diary. The fall of France, a rather pedestrian account.

1. - The Diary of a Staff Officer (Air Intelligence Liaison Officer) at Advanced Headquarters North B.A.F.F. 1940  London, Methuen, 1941.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 108-109.


ANONYMOUS, middle-aged woman living on Jersey

June 14th. 1940 to September 2nd. 1941

Extracts from a diary of the German occupation.

In  The British Diarist  Volume 2, Issue 4, March 2005, pp 266-270. The diary is in The imperial War Museum.

ANONYMOUS,  German ambulanceman

13th. to 31st. May 1940

Looting and gluttony in Belgium.

In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 5-6.


ANONYMOUS,  Italian pilot

June 12th. 1940 and May 8th. to 22nd. 1941

Pilot's diary; a night attack by a single RAF aeroplane on his base in Eritrea; his flight and capture by British forces; complaint of treatment in captivity.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 119-121 and 216-218. The diary, translated by British Military Intelligence, is in the Public Record Office.


ANONYMOUS,  German internee

July 3rd. to 15th. 1940

Letter diary; disgusting conditions for the internees on the voyage from Liverpool to Canada; brutality of the escorting soldiers; disembarkation; robbery by British and Canadian soldiers; in camp with Nazi sympathisers. An interesting and important account.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 132-137. The diary was intercepted in the post by Home Office censors and is in the Public Record Office.


ANONYMOUS,  London fireman in the Auxiliary Fire Service - D22

1940 to 1941

Intermittent diary of a London fireman; a good picture of the life and work; injury; recollection and anecdote; some personal matters; shows signs of having been written up.

1. - The Bells Go Down: The Diary of a London A.F.S. Man  London, Methuen, 1942.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 84-85 and 91-92; and Blythe (2), p 262.


ANONYMOUS,  man, of Clifton, Bristol

November 1940?

An undated diary entry recording one night of the Bristol blitz; an oddly detached record of  isolated incidents, including the fact that he and a neighbour had stood, unaware, on the spot where two women had been buried alive by a bomb blast.

From a Cliftonian's Diary  in  Bristol Siren Nights: Diaries and Stories of the Blitzes   edited by S.P.Shipley. Bristol, Rankin Brothers, 1944; reissued Bristol, Redcliffe,1989, pp 30-31.


BARKER, Melvern J. - E


“A graphic diary of men toiling and laughing as they face the hazards of the sea while fishing aboard a dragger off Martha's Vineyard.”

Southeast of Noman’s: A Trip Dragging Aboard the Southern Cross


BARTER, Leslie  - despatch rider

May 29th. 1940

Description of his wounding and wound; prisoner of war; escapes massacre. It is not clear when the account was written, the author can have been in no condition to keep a diary at the time.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 115-116. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


BARTLETT, Basil [Captain, Sir]

May 1940

“Sir Basil Bartlett is an actor, journalist and playwright; his play The Jersey Lily had a successful run of several months in London last summer. On the outbreak of war he joined the Army and became Field Security Officer of a Division in the B.E.F. in Flanders. The main duties of such an officer were liaison, ‘to see that relations between the French and the British were cordial’; he was also responsible for thwarting enemy attempts at espionage, sabotage and propaganda within the divisional area.”

My First War: An Army Officer’s Journal for May 1940: Through Belgium to Dunkirk  London, Chatto and Windus, 1941.


BAUDOUIN, Paul  - French politician - E

March 1940 to January 1942

The Private Diaries (March1940 – January 1941 of paul Baudouin, Under-Secretary of State and Secretary to the War Cabinet in M. Paul Reynaud's Administration, April-May 1940, and Foreign Minister under Marshal Petain, June 1940-January 1941  translated by Sir Charles Petrie. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1948.


BILAINKIN, George (1903-1981)  journalist - H2257

1940 and 1945

Journalistic but much of interest.

1. - Diary of a Diplomatic Correspondent  London, Allen and Unwin, 1942. In 1940 the diarist was diplomatic correspondent for Allied Newspapers in London.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 123-124; and Aldrich (2), pp 598-599 (Aldrich names the diarist 'Bilaikin' in both volumes).

3. - Second Diary of a Diplomatic Correspondent  London, Sampson Low, Marston, 1947. In 1945 the diarist was sent by the Daily Mail on a special mission to Paris, Berlin, Prague and Belgrade.


BOND, James H. - E


“A big game hunting story, the classification of game animals, and an emphasis on the need for better game managment.”

From Out of the Yukon  Portland, Oregon, Binfords and Mort, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.


BRAGDEN, Stanley - E

Late 1940's?

a) - James Cummings (1602) has  Darwin Holiday  Melbourne, 1948.

b) - James Cummings (1603) has  Tasmanian Journey  Melbourne, 1949.


BRINNIN, John Malcolm (b.1916) - *M5697,E

In   Sextet: T.S. Eliot & Truman Capote & Others  New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1981.


BROPHY, John (1899-1965)  author and critic - E

Late 1940’s?

“… a fresh and distinctive journal, covering twelve months of his private & professional life. Amongst other things, the Theatre is a recurring theme and this book provides interesting views, both on and off stage , of the suthor's friends - Sir Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Michael Redgrave and Phyllis Calvert. John Brophy had been chief critic of fiction to Time and Tide, The BBC and the Daily Telegraph. The book is diverse in its riches and delights in both the major and the minor experiences of life. Amongst other illustrations are two by Mervyn Peake.”

The Mind’s Eye: A Twelvemonth Journal  London, Arthur Barker, 1949.


BROWN, Cecil (d.1987)  American War Correspondent

(Annotation based on extracts)

1940 to 1941

Journalist's diary; the flight from Cairo to Sigapore via Calcutta and Rangoon; an army exercise in the Malayan Jungle; a remarkable account on board the Repulse when it was sunk by Japanese aircraft; his rescue; the prevalence of fifth columnists in the malayan peninsula.   

1. - Suez to Singapore  New York, Halcyon House, 1942.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 56-58, 65-66, 110-113 and 136-138.


BOTTAI, Giuseppe (b.1895)  Italian soldier and politician

August 10th. 1940

A single entry reporting a meeting of the Council of Ministers in Rome; Mussolini reports on the invasion of British Somaliland; time to push into Cyrenaica; criticism of detailed military preparations but optimistic of overall capability; definition of the bourgeoisie as the enemy. After the meeting a conversation with a pessimistic Galeazzo Ciano (qv).

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 143-144. The entry, translated by Manuela Williams, is taken from the Italian  Diario 1935-1944  Milan, Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli, 1989.


BRODIE, M.E.  – Headmaster of Stokes Croft Endowed School, Bristol

November 24th. 1940

A diary entry recording the destruction of  his school and the attached almshouses; providential escape of the old people.

From a Headmaster's Diary  in  Bristol Siren Nights: Diaries and Stories of the Blitzes   edited by S.P.Shipley. Bristol, Rankin Brothers, 1944; reissued Bristol, Redcliffe,1989, pp 20-21.


BRUCKBERGER, Raymond Leopold (1907-1998)  French Dominican priest and member of the wartime resistance - *M5698,E

1940 to 1951

“The journals of a colorful figure of World War II, a man who served in the French Commandos, the Resistance, chaplain to the French Foreign Legion in the Sahara, working to produce films, editor of a periodical, much more, as well as relating some of his life in America after the war.”

One Sky to Share: The French and American Journals of Raymond leopold Bruckberger  translated by Dorothy Carr Howell. New York, P.J.Kenedy, 1952.


BRUSSELMANS, Anne  - AngloDutch heroine of the Belgian resistance - H2258

May 9th. 1940 to September 9th. 1944

Belgian resistance worker helped with escape routes for Allied airmen; narrow escapes; full and circumstantial entries with historic present and reported dialogue, possibly as a result of later expansion.

1. - Rendez-vous 127: The Diary of Mme. Brusselmans, M.B.E., September 1940 - September 1944  London, Benn, 1954.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 350-352 and 555-557.


BUERSCHAPER, Peter (b.1940)  Canadian artist - E

Dates unknown

“A record of one man's adventures in the arctic, using a daily diary, colour paintings & his sketches, he captures the mood of the arctic.”

Arctic Journey: Paintings, Sketches and Reminiscences of a Vanishing World  Toronto, Pagurian Press, 1977.


CARTER, Annie Burnham - E


In An Herb Garden  New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1947, is reported to contain diary material.


COHEN, Stephen Behrens [Capt.] (1911?-1943)  British Army Officer who died of malaria in India - E

From 1940?

In  Let Stephen Speak: A memoir of captain Stephen Behrens Cohen  by Hannah F.Cohen. London, Sylvan Press, 1947.


COLEMAN, M [Mrs.]  of Coldharbour Road, Bristol

November 1940?

An undated purported diary entry by a warden's wife; cooking supper is interrupted; her self, children and neighbour shelter under the stairs; her husband, and air raid warden goes to his post; bombs nearby; her fears for her husband; the all clear.

A Warden's Wife  in  Bristol Siren Nights: Diaries and Stories of the Blitzes   edited by S.P.Shipley. Bristol, Rankin Brothers, 1944; reissued Bristol, Redcliffe,1989, pp 28-30.


COOPER, David  - soldier

September 1940 to December 28th. 1943

Extracts from a military diary; entry into the army and initial training; a searchlight station; his painting and drawing; camouflage school; aptitude test and posting to the Pay Corps; commissioned; ceases his diary on transfer to the Photographic Interpretation Section of the Intelligence Corps. Much detail about the characters of his fellow soldiers; a lighthearted view of the deficiencies of the army's procedures and organisation; a good and lively account of army life.

Extracts from David Cooper's Diary, September 1940 to December 1943  edited by J.C.London, privately printed, no date. A 27 pp stapled booklet, illustrated with the author's drawings and paintings of army life.


COOPER, Douglas - E

June, 1940 (?)

“… the events of the tragic month of June 1940, …”

The Road to Bordeax  Harper, 1941, is reported to contain diary material.


COTTERELL, Anthony (1917-1944)  British war reporter

1940 to 1944

The diary material has survived in various forms and consists of handwritten early drafts, typed revisions and finished accounts. Basic and officer training; recruited to the Army bureau of Current Affairs within the War Office; North Sea voyage; parachute training; with the RAMC; D-Day landings and tank warfare; preparing for Arnhem, which led to his death in German captivity. The period of training was incongenial to this reluctant soldier and the diary of the time, although well observed and interesting is sometimes sneering in tone but the later accounts reveal the diarist as strong minded and courageous man and a gifted reporter. There is very little about his private life.

This is War! The Diaries and Journalism of Anthony Cotterell, 1940-1944  edited by Jennie Gray, Stroud, History Press, 2013.


CRAWFORD (pseud.) [Mrs.]  - middle class widow from London

October 2nd. to November 13th. 1940

Extracts from a Mass-Observation diary; a very detailed account of her driving test on volunteering to be an ambulance driver; a similarly detailed account of her work for a mobile canteen.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 96-109.



From the 1940’s?

Adventure Into the Unconscious  London, Christopher Johnson, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.


DAREL, Sylva - E

From the 1940’s?

“Autobiography of Sylva Darel, who as a child with her family were exiled from Russia to Siberia, her father was a Bourgeois, she later escaped and went back to Moscow to study, then was eventually discovered and sent back to Siberian exile, …”

A Sparrow in the Snow  Stein and Day, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


DAVIES, John  - teacher at Liverpool

April 23rd. 1940

A single entry from a short diary; notes and comments on the budget.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 103-104. The diary is in the the Imperial War Museum.


DAVIES, Robertson William (1913-1995)  Canadian journalist - E

From 1940

The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies  Viking, 1990, is reported to contain diary material.


DOAK, Wade (b.1940)  New Zealand diver - E

Dates unknown

Dolphin, Dolphin  Sheridan House, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


DORRIS, Donald Hugh [Lt]  American naval officer - E


“History of the USS Vincennes (CA 44) navy cruiser in WW II. Sunk at the Battle of Savo Island in the slot August 1942.”

Log of the Vincennes  Louisville, 1947, is reported to contain diary material.


DUNSANY, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron (1878-1957)  Anglo-Irish writer - E

1940 to 1945 (?)

The Year: A Meditative Descriptive Poem of the Irish Countryside and of Irish Neutrality During the War  London, Jarrolds, 1946, is reported to contain diary material.


EUSTACE, Cecilie [Mrs.]  cub scout leader at Chiswick

October 27th. and December 8th. 1940

Two entries from a diary; her reactions to air raids;  material loss, death and bereavement of members of the pack.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 163 and 173-174. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


FAGNANI, M [Miss]  - of Colston Street, Bristol

November 1940 to April 1941

Extracts from a private diary, recording bombing attacks on Bristol; good, matter of fact descriptions of her experiences during the bombing and the calm courage of wardens and firemen; an attractive diary.

On Christmas Steps  in  Bristol Siren Nights: Diaries and Stories of the Blitzes   edited by S.P.Shipley. Bristol, Rankin Brothers, 1944; reissued Bristol, Redcliffe,1989, pp 22-24.

Note: Two other pieces by Miss Fagnani are included later in the book, described as 'stories of the blitz', which are probably extracted from the diary.


FALLA, Diana (b.1928?)  schoolgirl evacuee from Guernsey, at Rochdale

(Annotation based on extract)

July 2nd. 1940

A single entry recording her sorrow at news of the occupation of Guernsey, where her parents remained; the events of the day.

1. - In  No Cause for Panic: Channel Islands Refugees, 1940-1945  by B.A.Read. Seaflower, 1995.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 131-132.


FARLEIGH, John (Frederick William Charles Farleigh) (1900-1965)  English wood engraver - E

1940 to 1946 (?)

It Never Dies: A Collection of Notes and Essays 1940-1946  London, Sylvan Press, 1946, is reported to contain diary material.


FULTON, John F. - E


Notes on a Recent Trip to England  in  The American Oxonian  April, 1941, pp 72-92.


GACH, Gene - E

1940 to 1941

In the Army Now  Dodd Mead, 1942.



Early 1940’s?

“Chronicle by a mother-to-be of what happens & how in the 9 months prior to and including the Delivery Room.”

New York, Stephen Daye, 1943.


GARNEAU, Hector de Saint-Denys (1912-1943)  French Canadian poet - E


The Journal of Saint-Denys-Garneau  Toronto, McClelland, 1962.


GLADKOV, Alexander - E


Meetings with Pasternak: A Memoir  Harcourt, 1973.


GODDARD, Veronica  - London teenager

September 13th. 1940

Diary; description of one night of the Blitz; damage and destruction.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 151-153. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


GOLDWATER, Barry Morris (1909-1998)  American politician - E


“… one of the first people to run the Colorado River recreationally through Grand Canyon participating as an oarsman on Norman Nevills’ second commercial river trip. Goldwater joined them in Green River, Utah, and rowed his own boat down to Lake Mead.”

1. - A Journey Down the Green and Colorado Rivers, 1940  Phoenix, 1940, 300 numbered copies.

2. - Delightful Journey  Arizona Historical Foundation, 1970. This volume is described as “the daily journal Goldwater had maintained on the Grand Canyon journey, including his photographs”. It is not known whether the text differs from that of the earlier book.



Diary for 1940  Christchurch, New Zealand, Nag's Head Press, 1986, 225 copies.  


GRAVES, Charles Patrick Ranke (1899-1971)  reporter, socialite and novelist - B312

November 1940 to August 1941

War diary; social life in London; gossip, journalism and the Home Guard; the Blitz; personal but with a  journalist's instinct for the telling detail.

1. - Off the Record  London, Hutchinson, 1941.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 230-231, 240-241 and 279.

GROULT, Benoîte and Flora - *H2260,E

1940 to 1945

Diary in Duo: Paris 1940-45  New York, Appleton-Century, 1965.


GROW, Robert Walker (1895-1985)  American army officer - E

Late 1940’s?

“… court-martialed in 1951 during the Cold War on charges of failing to safeguard classified information. At the time, he was the senior U.S. military attache in Moscow, and portions of his diary came into Soviet knowledge …”

The Diary of General Grow as Exposed by Major Richard Squires  Hour Publishers, 1952.


GUEST, John (b.1911)  junior artillery officer - H2261

May 16th. 1940 to October 11th. 1945

Wartime letter journal in England, Africa and Italy, to Christopher Hassall. Lengthy entries, at intervals. People, places, military affairs; literary quality.

1. - Broken Images; A Journal  London, Longmans, Green, 1949. Reprinted, London, Leo Cooper, 1970.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 285-286 and 295-296; and Blythe (2), pp 215-216.


HADLEY, Peter - E


Third class to Dunkirk: A Worm’s Eye View of the B.E.F., 1940  London, Hollis and Carter, 1944, is reported to contain diary material.


HAGEN, Victor Wolfgang von (1908-1985)  American explorer, historian and anthropologist - E

Early 1940’s

Jungle in the Clouds: A Naturalist’s Explorations in the Republic of Honduras  London, Robert Hale, 1945, is reported to contain diary material.


HALDEN, Margaret - E

Early 1940’s?

First Year Out: The Diary of a Special School Teacher  London and New York, Nelson, 1943.


HALL, Leonard - E

a) - Late 1940’s?

Possum Trot Farm: An Ozark Journal  St. Louis, Caledonia Press, 1949.

b) - 1950’s

“An account of Possum Trot Farm, located in Missouri, and during the 1950's the bellwether for naturalists, conservationists and progressive farmers, drawing some 2,000 visitors each year.”

Country Year: A Journal of the Seasons at Possum Trot Farm  


HANSON, Herbert J. (1875-1958)  prominent member of The Cruising Association - E

Late 1940’s

“Hanson's sailing journey in the Ianthe around the French West Coast in the late 1940's …”

Ianthe Cruises  London, McGibbon and Kee, 1950.


HARES, William A.  - ARP warden in Bristol

November 1940 to April 1941

Diary entries, all written in the present tense, recording the six major blitzes and another air raid on Bristol; very detailed descriptions of the bombing, particularly of incendiaries; a very dramatic account of the first raid is followed by increasingly matter of fact descriptions of later ones; much dousing of incendiary bombs, with increasing skill; brief mentions of his family; nothing about casualties and little about defensive measures.

1. - A Broadmead Diary  in  Bristol Siren Nights: Diaries and Stories of the Blitzes   edited by S.P.Shipley. Bristol, Rankin Brothers, 1944; reissued Bristol, Redcliffe,1989, pp 9-19.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 192-193.


HARKNESS, Ruth Elizabeth (1900-1947)  American fashion designer and socialite - E

Early 1940’s?

Travel in Peru.

Pangoan Diary  New York, creative Age, 1942.


HARRIS, Leslie (1921?-1943)  railway clerk and RAF observer

September 11th. 1940 to December 29th. 1941, and January 16th. 1942

Private diary, very regularly kept from his wedding day to Monica, twelve years his senior; his work at Alverstone station on the Isle of Wight; visits to his mother; notes of air raids and damage; his stamp collection; birth of a son in December 1940; joins the RAF; training in Scotland; leave; the voyage to South Africa to complete his training, and life there; letters sent and received; constant expressions of love for his wife and son, and longing for home. The diary ends just before his return from South Africa but letters to his wife record something of the interval between then and his death in a bombing raid on Cologne. The interesting and unusual record of an uncomplicated young man.

From Railway to Runway: Wartime diary of an RAF Observer  edited by Les Harris. Bognor Regis, Woodfield Publishing, 2000.


HEAP, Edith (later KUPP)  WAAF at Debden

November 1st. and 11th. 1940

Two diary entries recording her engagement Denis Wissler (qv), Hurricane pilot and heir to the Marmite fortune, and his death in action.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 166-167. The diary is in the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds.


HEIDE, Dirk van der - H2262,M5699,F

May to September 1940

Purported diary of a Dutch boy's wartime experiences and evacuation to America.

1. - My Sister and I: The Diary of a Dutch Boy Refugee  London, Faber and New York, Harcourt Brace, 1941.

2. - Extracts: Berger (2), pp 16-22; Holliday, pp 33-53.

Note: The diary is now known to have been a forgery, for purposes of anti-Nazi propaganda, in which the English publisher collaborated; Dirk van der Heide never existed. (Source:  Counterfeit Spies  by Nigel West).


HEINRICH, Bernd (b.1940)  p[rofessor of biology at the university of Vermont - E

Dates unknown

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - One man’s Owl  Princeton university Press, 1987.

2. - Ravens in Winter  Summit, 1989.


HEPPENSTALL, Rayner (1911-1981)  novelist, critic and poet

a) - December 15th. 1940 to January 17th. 1941

Private diary; army training (artillery) in Ireland; very full entries describing army routine and living conditions, fellow soldiers, leisure activities; thoughts of his wife, daughter and friends; thoughtful, observant and often entertaining; excellent.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 93-112.

b) - 1969 to 1981

Personal diary. Introspective, much reminiscence; good descriptions; obsessed with books, crime and death; health; his wife.

The Master Eccentric; The Journals of Rayner Heppenstall, 1969-81  edited by Jonathan Goodman. London, Alison and Busby, 1986.


HERLING, Gustav (1919-2000)  Polish writer - E

1940 to 1942

Account of imprisonment in a Soviet labour camp, reported to contain diary material.

A World Apart  translated by Joseph Marek (Andrzej Ciolkosv). Oxford University Press, 1987.  


HERRING, Robert (b.1903)  poet and publisher

a) - Winter 1940 (days of the week are given)

Personal diary in London through ten days of the blitz; an atmospheric account of life and work, air-raids, bomb damage, casualties.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 80-93.

b) - December 13th. 1940 to January 1941

Bomb damage in Sheffield; the New Year in London; more air raids; return to Sheffield.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 116-133.


HIGGS, Dorothy Pickard - H2263,D142

1940 to 1945

Experiences in Guernsey during second World War, written for her sister in England; German occupation; food; farming; morale; the occupying Germans cut off; liberation.

1. - Guernsey Diary 1940-1945  London, Linden Lewis, 1947, 64 pp. Reprinted as  Life in Guernsey Under the Nazis  St. Peter Port, Toucan Press, 1979.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 619-620.


HINDMARCH, Gladys Maria (b.1940)  writer, of British Columbia - E

"A narrative of two pregnancies and one birth."

A Birth Account  Vancouver, New Star, 1976.


HODGSON, Vere - H2264

June 25th. 1940 to May 8th. 1945

Personal diary of the war; work at shelter for homeless women; people and friends; the minutiae of daily life; excellent.

1. - Few Eggs and No Oranges; A Diary showing how Unimportant People in London and Birmingham lived through the War Years, 1940-1945; written in the Notting Hill area of London  London, Dennis Dobson, 1976.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 275-276 and 560-561.

IONESCO, Eugene (b.1912)  playwright - *H2265

a) - Dates unknown

In  Encounter  XXXI, September, 1968.

b) - From 1960?

Miscellaneous jottings; thoughts; recollections; literary quality; surreal effect. Not a journal in the sense of having a connected chronological scheme.

Fragments of a Journal  translated by Jean Stewart. New York, Paragon House, 1990.

c) - Dates unknown

“Diary jottings mingle with searing memories of his authoritarian father, metaphysical musings with thoughts on anti-Semitism, his wartime experiences, Soviet death camps, and the sham of bourgeois revolutionaries . There is also the occasional light-hearted fantasy, played out with children who might be his own; the germ of the idea for Rhinoceros and various passages of self-probing.”

Present Past, Past Present: A Personal Memoir  New York, Grove Press, 1971.

d) - Selections from the Journals  in  Yale French Studies  XXIX, 1962, pp 3-9.


JACK, Robert [Rev.] - E


“… Lutheran minister on a remote Icelandic island in the1940’s.”

Arctic Living: The Story of Grimsey  Toronto, Ryerson, 1955.


JAMES, Walter  - Australian wine writer - E


Barrel and Book: A Winemaker’s Diary  Melbourne, Georgian House, 1949.


JEZER, Martin (Marty) (1940-2005)  American activist - E

Dates unknown

Stuttering: A Life Bouns Up In Words  Basic Books, 1997.


JOHNSTON, Denis  - B.B.C. Correspondent - E

1940 to 1945?

“… the vivid, highly personal story of Denis Johnston’s experiences as a BBC correspondent during World War II, when he covered the retreat of the British Eighth Army in Egypt, Montgomery’s great desert campaigns, the bloody fighting in Italy, the invasion of Germany, and the final Allied drive to victoy.”

Nine Rivers from Jordan: The Chronicle of a Journey and a Search  London, Verschoyle, 1953; Boston, Little Brown, 1955, is reported to contain diary material.


JOHNSTONE, Alexander (Sandy) [Air Vice Marshal] - E


“Sandy Johnstone commanded the 602nd (City of Glasgow) Squadron stationed at Westhampnett. He kept a detailed diary of the squadron’s activities.”

Enemy in the Sky: My 1940 Diary  SanRafael, California, Presidio, 1976.


KALMANOVITCH, Zelig Hirsch (1885-1944)  Litvak Jewish philologist - E

From 1940?

A Diary of the Nazi Ghetto in Vilna  Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1953.

Note: This title has not been traced but may probably be be taken from an article in the Journal of the Yiddish Scientific Institute  1953.


KANTOR, Alfred (1923-2003)  Czechoslovakian artist and concentration camp survivor - E

From 1940?

The Book of Alfred Kantor  McGraw, 1971, is reported to contain diary material but is probably a retrospective account.


KELSEY, Marion  - Canadian in wartime England -

(Annotation based on extracts)

1940 to 1944

Land girl's diary; came to England to be nearer to her soldier husband; accommodation; tractor driving; ploughing; rations.

1. - Victory Harvest: Diary of a Canadian in the Women's Land Army, 1940-1944  McGill-Queen's University Press, 1997.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 306-307 and 310-311.


KENNEDY, Margaret (1896-1967) - E

May to September, 1940

Where Stands a Winged Sentry  New Haven: Yale University Press, 1941.


KERSTEN, Felix (1898-1960)  personal masseur to Heinrich Himmler. - E

The Kersten Memoirs, 1940-1945  New York, Fertig, 1994, is reported to contain diary material.


KING, Cecil Harmsworth (b.1901) - H2266

January 3rd. 1940 to September 2nd. 1945 and July 12th. 1965 to December 12th. 1974

Businessman, newspaper publisher, from Director of the Daily Mirror in 1929 to Chairman of the International Publishing Corporation in 1963. The diaries are essentially about politics and politicians, much gossip, but an unusual, and often privileged viewpoint and a general air of breezy discontent .

1. - With Malice Toward None; A War Diary  edited by William Armstrong. London, Sidgwick and Jackson, 1970.

2. - In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 117. This entry for June 6th. 1940, recording a conversation with Lloyd George, is taken from the The Boston University Special Collections and apparently does not appear in the in the published war diary.  

3. - The Cecil King Diary, 1965-1970  London, Jonathan Cape, 1972. Excellent on the decline of the Labour Government.

4. - The Cecil King Diary, 1970-1974  London, Jonathan Cape, 1975.


KNOPH, Sverre  - purser of the troopship Bergensfjord - E

December 19th. 1940 to December 31st. 1941

Purser's diary, beginning while the ship was being fitted out at Liverpool.

One Year Aboard the Troopship Bergensfjord  in  Norway’s New Saga of the Sea; The Story of Her Merchant Marine in World War II  by Lise Lindbaek et al., translated from the Norwegian by Nora O. Solum. New York\\; Exposition Press, 1969.


KONSTANTINOVA, Ina (1934-1944)  Russian partisan heroine

(Annotation based on extracts)

July 29th. 1940 to June 23rd. 1942

Personal diary, latterly combined with letters; war news; determination to fight for her country; leaves home secretly to join the partisans; some notes of operations.

1. - In  The Girl from Kashin: Soviet Women in Resistance in World War II  edited and translated by Jean Cottam. Manhattan, Kansas, MA/AH Publishing, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Holliday, pp 249-260.


LARSEN, H.A.  of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - E

1940 to 1942 and 1944

Reports and Other Papers Relating to the Two Voyages of the R.C.M. Police Schooner "St. Roch" through the North West Passage from (1) Vancouver, B.C., to Sydney, N.S., (1940-42), (2) Dartmouth, N.S., to Vancouver, B.C., (1944) Under the Command of Regimental Number 10407, Staff/Sergeant H.A. Larsen (now Sub-Inspector)  Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 1945.


LAWRENCE, David (1888-1973)  American journalist - H2267,M5701

May 1940 to May 1942

Journalist's diary compiled from his newspaper column and letters circulated to his intimates; political record of American involvement in the war; congressional and public views and argument; supporter of Roosevelt.

1. - Diary of a Washington Correspondent  New York, H.C.Kinsey, 1942.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 188-189.


LEANEY, Alfred R.C. (b.1909)  British army padre, later Professor of Theology at Nottingham

January 1940

A single entry reflecting upon the application and effects of military justice.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 82-83. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


LEE, Raymond Eliot [Gen.] (1886-1958) - H2268,M5702

June 3rd. 1940 to November 29th. 1941

The journal of the United States Military Attache and Head of Intelligence in London. Anglophile and critical of Ambassador Kennedy, an important and highly placed American source. Attractively written; social detail; gossip; British leaders; descriptions of the Blitz; excellent. Also contains letters to his wife.

1. - The London Observer; The Journal of General Raymond E. Lee 1940-1941  edited by James Leutze. London, Hutchinson, 1972.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 154-155 and 168-169; Aldrich (2), pp 49-50 and 79-80.


LEIGHTON, Alexander H. - E


Gregorio the Hand-Trembler: A Psychobiological Personality Study of a Navaho Indian  in  Papers of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology  XL, No. 1, 1949.


Le RUEZ, Nan -

1940 to 1945

Personal diary of the Occupation in Jersey.

1. - Jersey Occupation Diary: Nan Le Ruez, Her Story of the German Occupation 1940-45  St. Helier, Jersey, Seaflower Books, 1994.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 283-284


LESKE, Gottfried (pseud.) - F,E

1940 to 1941?

Purported diary of a member of a German bomber crew. Probably fiction published in America for british propaganda purposes.

I Was a Nazi Flier  New York, Dial Press, 1941.


LEWIS, Lorna

September 3rd. 1940

A single journal entry recording events of the war and reflecting on a recent lecture tour in England.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 66-71.


LOOMIS, Charles P. - *H2269,*M5703,E


A Farmhand's Diary  in  Mennonite Quarterly Review  1979.


LUND, Otto Marling [Gen. Sir] (1891-1956)  soldier

May 16th. 1940

A single diary entry describing a visit to the French with Churchill; the flight; Daladier, Gamelin Reynaud; a very interesting, and entertaining account.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 109-111. The diary is in the Churchill Archives Centre.


MAYFIELD, Guy (d.1976)  R.A.F. Chaplain at Duxford - E

(Annotation based on newspaper report of publication)

1940 to 1941

Chaplain’s diary; horrors of war; conversations with pilots; Douglas Bader.

Life and Death in the Battle of Britain  Imperial War Museum, 2018.


MACKENZIE, (Edward Motague) Compton (1883-1972)  Scottish writer - E


All Over the Place: Fifty Thousand Miles by Sea, Air, Road and Rail  London, Chatto, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.


MANNINGHAM, William (b.1923?)  merchant navy galley boy and prisoner of war - E

(Not seen)

July 1940 to 1945?

Prisoner’s diary; captured by the German Raider Vir when his ship Gracefield was sunk en route for Sierra Leone; the voyage to Germany; Milag Nord prison camp; conditions and treatment aboard ship and in camp; monotony; pastimes; liberation.

Wartime Log for British Prisoners: Milag Nord: A Diary of Captivity  Ely, Melrose Books, 2005, 80pp. soft covers.


MANSEL, John (1909-1974)  prisoner of war - H2270

May 21st. 1940 to May 6th. 1945

Remarkable and vivid record of life and secret work, forging documents for escapers, as a German prisoner. Schloss Spangenberg, Thorn, Elbersdorf, Eichstätt, Steinburg; camp routine, conditions, fellow prisoners, guards, escapes; very good, full entries.

1. - The Mansel Diaries; The Diaries of Captain John Mansel, Prisoner-of-War - and Camp Forger - in Germany 1940-45  edited by E.C.G.Beckwith. Privately printed, 1977.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 196-197.


MARIE, Adele [Sister] - E


To You from Hawaii  Albany, New York, Fort Orange Press, 1950, is reported to contain diary material.


MARTIN, John Miller [Sir] (b.1904)  private secretary to Winston Churchill

May 1940 to June 1945

Brief and discreet personal diary entries, supplemented by extracts from letters; notes of where each day was spent and people met with no reference to confidential matters; some more personal material.

Downing Street: The War Years  London, Bloomsbury, 1991.


MASEFIELD, John Edward (1878-1967)  English poet - E


“The Flanders Campaign and the rescue of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk 10 May - 3 June 1940. Very shortly after the miraculous rescue of the bulk of the BEF, the Poet Laureate John Masefield wrote his account and impressions of the historic events, but its publication was suppressed.”

The Twenty-Five Days  London, Heinemann, 1972; Barnsley, Pen and Sword, 2004, is reported to contain diary material.


MATHIESON, Freddie (b.1920)  - Australian Army transport driver

(Annotation based on extracts)

1940 to 1945

Driver's diary; from snow in Damascus to Ceylon; convoy turns in time to avoid imprisonment in Java; a problem delivering bombs to the USAAF near Darwin.

1. - Motor Transport at War: The Diary of NX18655 Dvr. Mathieson, F.G., 1940-45 Ex 2nd. Division AASC  privately printed, 1992.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 129-130, 159-160 and 379-380.


MATTESON, Robert Eliot (1914-1994)  American government official, arms control expert, academic, canoist and explorer - E

a) - 1940 to 1946

A Search for Adventure: Part 2, the War Years, 1940-1946  Hayward Country Print Shop, 1980, has not been seen but is listed here as probably containing diary material. The title suggests that there was an earlier publication in the series but no trace has been found.

b) - 1958 to 1971 and 1973 to 1976

A Search for Adventure: log of the Matteson Family Canoe trips across Canada and Alaska to the Bering Sea 1958-1971 and across Wisconsin from Lake Superior and lake Michigan to Mississippi 1973-1976  Eagle River, Wisconsin, 1982.

c) - 1960 to 1983

A Search for Adventure: Accounts of trips 1960 to 1983  Eagle River, Wisconsin, 1983.

d) - 1970’s?

The Origin and Early History of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute  Ashland, Wisconsin, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


MAYR, Richard - *H2271,E

From 1940

Richard Mayr, Adventurer for God: Diary and Letters  translated and edited by Lilian Stevenson from a memoir by his father, Kaspar Mayr. London and Redhill, Lutterworth Press, 1947, 149 pp.


MEAD, Margaret (1901-1978)  American cultural anthropologist - E

a) - 1925 to 1975 (?)

Letters from the Field, 1925-1975  Harper Collins, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1931 to 1932 (?)

“Thanks to Margaret Mead’s ethnographic work in 1931-32, the Mountain Arapesh of the East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea, have become one of the standard exemplars of human culture. In particular, thanks to Mead’s book, Sex and Temperament…”

Diary of Events in Alitoa  in  Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History  XL, Part 3, 1947.


MERSEY, Charles Clive Bigham, second Viscount (1872-1956)

September 1st. 1940 to December 14th. 1951

Personal diary; irregular entries; gossip and anecdote; social and some family affairs; politics and the House of Lords; business; his reading; pleasant.

In  Journal and Memories  London, John Murray, 1952, pp 1-133.

Note: James Cummings (8524) has  A Picture of Life  London, John Murray, 1941.


MIDDLESTADT, Ida Mae (1940-1977) - E

Dates unknown

Bright Side: The best of Ida Mae Middlestat  Monticello, Minnesota, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


MONNIER, Adrienne (1892-1955)  French bookseller, writer and publisher - E

 -  1940

“Her 1940 journal, written as Paris fell to the Germans and originally published in 1976, is a rich tapestry of essays, reviews, and personal recollections. She goes to lunch with Colette, visits T. S. Eliot, befriends Joyce, argues with Breton, takes walks with Gide, publishes her elegant reviews, and reflects on the ballet, opera, Steinberg drawings, Marlon Brando and Alec Guinness movies, and the country of her birth.”

The Very Rich Hours  New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1976, and Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, Bison Books, 1996.


MOODY, Joseph [Dr.] (1919-1996)  - E  - 1940’s

“Dr. Moody spent a number of years in the eastern Arctic with a medical practice covering 600,000 square miles.”

Arctic Doctor: An Account of Strange Adventures Among the Eskimos  London, Odhams, Beacon Books, 1955, is reported to contain diary material. -


MOORE, John - E


Letters from a GI University  in  Indiana Quarterly for Bookmen  April, 1946, is reported to contain diary material.


MOORE, William L.  – American mental patient - E

From 1940’s?

“The author was insane and was at a mental asylum (State hospital), His motives in writing this book were to convince the outside world of his sanity and thus facilitate his release. The last chapter was written after his discharge from the institution.”

The Mind in Chains: The Autobiography of a Schizophrenic  New York, Exposition Press, 1955, is reported to contain diary material.


MORAN, Charles Wilson [Sir], Lord (1882-1977) - H2272

a) - July 22nd. to September 6th. 1916

Private diary (extracts?) of a medical officer in the battle of the Somme; concentrates upon the effects of the stresses of war upon officers and men.  

In  The Anatomy of Courage  London, Constable, 1945. Reissued in paperback, London, Robinson, 2007. The book also contains many undated extracts from th author's wartime diaries.

b) - May 24th. 1940 to March 28th. 1960

The personal diary of Churchill's doctor. When first published the book caused great controversy about the propriety of the doctor's disclosure of matters concerning his patient. The diary with its supporting narrative is, however, a well observed and written record of great interest and importance.

Winston Churchill; The Struggle for Survival, 1940-1965; Taken from the Diaries of Lord Moran  London, Constable, 1966.

MOUCHOTTE, René (d.1943)  Free French airman - H2273

June 17th. 1940 to July 9th. 1943

Military diary; escapes from Oran to England after French surrender; life in a fighter squadron; criticisms of operational inefficiency; love of France; exhaustion.

1. - The Mouchotte Diaries, 1940-1943  edited by Andre Dezarrois, translated by Philip John Stead. London, Staples Press, 1956.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 256-257 and 308-309; and Willard, pp 169-176.


MYERS, Bessy  - British Red Cross ambulance driver - E


Captured behind the lines at the fall of France; sent to the military hospital at Soissons; imprisoned on the evidence of her diary; Colette and Schiaparelli fellow prsoners; release.

Captured: My Experience as an Ambulance Driver and as a prisoner of the Nazis  George G.Harrap, 1941; Appleton, 1942.


NAEVE, Lowell (1917-2014)  American artist and farmer - E


Prison experiences of a conscientious objector, reported to contain diary material.

A Field of Broken Stones  Glen Gardner, New Jersey, Libertarian Press, 1950.


NAKANO, Takeo Ujo  Japanese internee in Canada - E


“This narrative of a Japanese Canadian's relocation in a camp north of Lake Superior is based on dairies Nakano kept during the 1940s, translated and extended with the help of his daughter born after the war,”

Within the Barbed Wire Fence: A Japanese Man’s Account of His Internment in Canada  Torinto, University of Toronto Press, 1980. Second edition, Toronto, James Lorimer, 2012.


NORMAN, Charles - E

From 1940

Thirty nine poems by a soldier; ‘England’; ‘Reveille’; ‘Route March’; ‘Targets’; ‘Bivouac at Night’; etc. A diary only in the loosest sense.

A Soldier’s Diary New York, Scribner’s, 1944.

NIXON, Barbara (b.1917?)

1940 to 1941

Diary of a full time air raid warden. Few dated entries, much later writing and narrative and expansion. The original diary is completely absorbed by later work and the whole book is in the past tense. Nonetheless a most interesting account retaining an impression of immediacy.

Raiders Overhead; A Diary of the London Blitz  revised and enlarged edition, London, Scolar Press 1980. First published, London, Gulliver, 1943.


ODETS, Clifford (1906-1963)  American dramatist - E


The Time Is Ripe: The 1940 Journal of Clifford Odets  New York, Grove Press, 1988.


OFFENBERG, Jean Henri Marie (1916-1942)  Belgian fighter pilot - H2274

1940 to 1942

Belgian spitfire pilot with the R.A.F.; eyewitness accounts of air battles, sometimes elaborately dramatised and written in the third person; atmospheric and valuable.

1. - Lonely Warrior: The Journal of a Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot  edited by Victor Houart. London, Souvenir Press, 1956. Often reprinted.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 231-232 and 238-239.


OSMONT, Marie-Louise - E

1940 to 1944

Diary of occupation by both Axis and Allied troops.

The Normandy Diary of Marie-Louise Osmont  translated by George L.Newman. New York, Random House, 1994, 118 pp.


OTTO (later PHILLIPS), Penelope Ellison  (1915-2007)  British girl in France - E

June 4th. to 26th. 1940

Diary of an ambulance driver during the fall of France.

Diary of Penelope Otto: France June 4th to 26th 1940  typescript, 1940.


PARKHURST, Hardy [Maj.] (b.1914)

June 2nd. to 12th. 1940 and March 31st. 1941 to March 29th. 1946

Military diary with the Second Battalion of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers; training in England and Scotland; North Africa; Italy, Salerno and the battle of Cassino; Greece; daily life and military operations; the course of the war; love of nature; longings for home, his wife and son; the frustrations of repeatedly deferred demobilisation.

1. - Diary of a Soldier  Durham, The Pentland Press, 1993.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 487-488 and 516-518.

01/02/03 - PARTRIDGE, Frances (1900-2004)  member of the Bloomsbury Group

1940 to 1970

Personal diary; husband, son, friends and their relations with each other; her writing; widowhood and death of her son; adversity; self examination; travel; Bloomsbury always in the background.

1. - A Pacifist's War  1940-1945. London, Hogarth Press, 1978.

2. - Everything to Lose  1945-1960. London, Gollancz, 1985.

3. - Hanging On  1960-1963. London, Collins, 1990.

4. - Other People  1963-1966. London, Harper Collins, 1993.

5. - Good Company  1967-1970. London, Harper Collins, 1994.

6. - Life Regained  1970-1971. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1998.

7. - Ups and Downs  1972-1975. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2001.

8. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 126-127, 153, 258-259 and 458-459; Aldrich (2), pp 605 and 621-622; and Blythe, pp 195-199.


PEEL, Albert (1887-1949) - E


Journal 1940: France, Canada, the United States and Bombed Britain  London, Allen and Unwin, 1941.


PEREZ, Eugene [Fr.] - E

From 1940?

The Roman Catholic Mission at Drysdale River during World War II; Aboriginal interest.

Kalumburu War Diary  edited by Rosemary Pratt and John Millington. Perth, Artlook Books, 1981.


PERRY, Colin A. (b.1922?)  Londoner - H2275

June 17th. to November 5th. 1940

A very full personal diary; his first job; excited observation of air attacks; the blitz; war news; touches Churchill's sleeve; death and destruction seen at first hand; hatred of the enemy and determination on revenge.

1. - Boy in the Blitz  London, Leo Cooper, 1972. Corgi paperback, 1974.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 158-159 and 159-160; and Holliday, pp 367-393.


PEXTON, L.D. [Sgt.] (b.1906)

May 12th. to September 18th. 1940

Prisoner of war diary; captured in Belgium; journey to Germany; farm work.

1. - In  Private Words; Letters and Diaries from the Second World War  edited by Ronald Blythe. London, Penguin Books, 1993, pp 92-102.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), p 113; and Lewis, pp 366-373. The diary is in The Imperial War Museum.


PLATT, Joseph (Jock) Ellison (1900-1973)  British army Methodist chaplain - H2276

October 26th. 1940 to April 13th. 1945

Prison diary; captured at Dunkirk; a very full account of life and routine in Colditz for the whole period; preoccupation with food, cigarettes and Red Cross parcels; escapes, morale, religious services, entertainments, German baiting; homosexuality and occasional drunkenness deplored; problems with orderlies; relations with prisoners of other nationalities; progress of the war. The diary was subject to German censorship and, despite obvious suppressions, is remarkably frank and the editor suggests that some of the censor's stamps may have been forged. The original diary, which was itself a fair copy written up from notes, has been reduced to about one sixth of its original length by the omission lectures, sermons, rumours and secondhand accounts, and almost the whole of 1943.

1. - Padre in Colditz: The Diary of J.Ellison Platt  edited by Margaret Duggan. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1978.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 340-341.

RANKIN, Kenneth (b.1909?)  Scottish chartered accountant and soldier

July 31st. 1940 to September 29th. 1941

Military diary of an Artillery Officer in North Africa; cheerful, detailed, full and matter-of-fact; military operations; enemy activities; comment, often wry; fellow officers and men; daily life; the siege of Tobruk.

Top-Hats in Tobruk  edited by Edward Rhee. Odiham, Kenneth Rankin, 1983.


REEDER, Frank A. (Smoky)  - Australian soldier - E

1940? to 1941?

The Diary of a Rat: An account of the activities of portion of 7 Division Supply column, Australian Army Service Corps, Imperial Forces, up to and including the Siege of Tobruk  Canberra, Roebuck, 1977.


REID, Vera  - WVS worker in London

Christmas 1940(?)

A single diary entry recording the organisation of air raid shelters.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 175-176. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.

Note: There is some doubt as to whether this describes the Christmas of 1940 or that of the previous year.


REYNOLDS, Quentin James  - American journalist - *H2277,E


Diary in London during the blitz.

A London Diary  New York, Random House, 1941.


RICH [Mr.]  - of Long Ashton, Bristol

November 24th. 1940

A modest record of the courage of others during the Bristol blitz. The account appears to be retrospective and does not obviously come from a continuing diary.

From a Bedminster Warden  in  Bristol Siren Nights: Diaries and Stories of the Blitzes   edited by S.P.Shipley. Bristol, Rankin Brothers, 1944; reissued Bristol, Redcliffe,1989, pp 27-28.


RIDDELL, Emily [Mrs.] (b.1891?)  Kent housewife

October 7th. 1940

A single diary entry recording her attempts to buy an air raid shelter.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 159. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


ROBBINS, Alfred Gordon (1883-1944)  journalist and publisher

September 20th. 1940 to August 8th. 1941

Business war diary by the chairman of Benn Brothers, publishers of trade papers; a weekly record of air raids and their consequences for Fleet Street and the surrounding area; Benn Brothers' business at Bouverie House; staff morale; communication problems; bomb damage to printers' works; paper stocks; publishing deadlines; the air raid shelter and cooperation with neighbouring businesses; temporary evacuation of the offices; a blackout infringement. A very good picture of a small segment of London life in extreme circumstances.

Fleet Street Blitzkrieg Diary  London, Ernest Benn, 1944, 64 pp.


RODGER, George (1908-1995)  British photojournalist - E

From 1940

"When I left England at the heightof the 1940 London Blitz, bound for the free French Cameroons, I began a diary for my own interest, the notes for this book were taken from that diary. My long journey, which took me across the Africa into the mountains of Abyssinia and the deserts of Libya, Iraq and Iran, was the outcome of a roving assignment given me by Life Magazine."

Desert Journey  Cresset, 1944.  


ROGERS, Bristow (pseud.) - E


Bristow Rogers American Negro: A Psychoanalytical Case History  presented by  Else P. Hillpern, Edmund P. Hillpern and Irving A. Spaulding, New York, Hermitage House, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.


ROGERS, J.Speed - E

The Crane Flies (Tipulidae) of the George Reserve  Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology, Miscellaneous Publications, No. 53, 1942, is reported to contain diary material.


ROMMEL, Erwin Johannes Eugen [Field Marshal] (1891-1944)  German soldier

1940 to 1944

Military diary, with letters and other papers; operations in France; the North African campaign; the invasion of 1944; military details and strategy; fellow officers; Hitler; disagreement and disillusion, some personal matters. Valuable.

In  The Rommel Papers  edited by B.H.Liddell Hart. London, Collins, 1953, passim.

Note:  Infantry Attacks  Infantry Journal, Washington D.C., 1944 (occasionally reprinted), contains material probably taken from his diaries from 1914 to 1918 of his experiences in 1914, of trench warfare in the Argonne and High Vosges and later in Romania and the Carpathian Mountains.


ROWLANDS, John J. (b.1892) - E


Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods  New York, Norton, 1947, is reported to contain diary material.


ROY, Jules (1907-2000)  French Algerian writer - E


War service in bombers with the Royal Air Force.

Return from Hell  translated by Mervyn Savill. William Kimber, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.


ROYDE-SMITH, Naomi Gwladys (Mrs. Ernest Milton)  - writer - B312,E

a) - August to September 1940

Matthews: Public Diary; rumours about the war; effects on civil life in London and Winchester; the war from the civilian's viewpoint.

1. - Outside Information  London, 1941.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 164-165.

b) - January to March 1930

"A transatlantic criss-cross between Roger Hinks (qv) in London and Naomi Royde-Smith (Mrs. Ernest Milton) in New York, Boston, Philadelphia during the months of January, February, March in the year 1930."

Pictures and People  New York, Harper, 1931, is reported to contain diary material.


RINGELBLUM, Emmanuel - *H2278,E

Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto: The Journal of Emmanuel Ringelblum  edited and translated by Jacob Sloan. New York, McGraw Hill, 1958.


RUBINOWICZ, Dawid (1927-1942) - H2279

March 1940 to June 1st. 1942

Diary of a Jewish boy in rural Poland; persecution; the German attack on Russia; forced removal to the ghetto at Bieliny; murders and outrages; his father taken to a forced labour camp. The diary breaks off suddenly and the author probably died in Treblinka.

1. - The Diary of Dawid Rubinowicz  translated by Derek Bowman. Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1981.

2. - Extracts: Holliday, pp 80-91.


RUSTAD, Orwin A. - E

From 1940's?

"Detailed records of bird, mammal, wildflower and weather observations in southeastern Minnesota over a fifty year period…"

A Journal of Natural Events in Southeastern Minnesota: 50 years recording natural events  Faribault, Minnesota, River Bend nature Centre, 1997.  


RYNDERS, Henry - E

1940? to 1945?

In  War Memories of Two Dutch Doctors  by Peter Voute. Santa Fe, Lightning Tree, 1982.




"Harrowing experience of nurses & evacuees en route to Australia just prior to official outbreak of war with Japan."

Prison Life on a Pacific Raider: The Adventures of Betsy Sandbach and Geraldine Edge, Nurse Escorts to the First Five Hundred Children Evacuated to Australia  London, Hodder, 1941.


SAUNDERS, Richard M.  - ornithologist? - E


"This is a bird watching journal organized by moths of the year by a Toronto area bird-watchers and pertains mostly to Southern Ontario birds."

Flashing Wings  Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, 1947.


SCHIMANSKI, Stefan  - writer

May 10th. and 15th. 1940

Two entries from a writer's journal recording the attack on Holland and its surrender; reflections on the war and its effects on individuals.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 42-46.


SEEMAN, Elizabeth Brickell - E


"A journal about two people who gave up city life for the the rugged, but breathtakingly beautiful, wilderness of the great smoky mountains."  

In the Arms of the Mountain  New York, Crown, 1961


SEIDLER, Harry (1923)  anti-Nazi refugee, later Australian architect

(Annotation based on extracts)

May 1940 to October 1941

Internment diary; shock at his arrest in Cambridge; detailed account of his treatment; arrival in Canada; robbed by guards; horror at sharing the camp with German prisoners of war; release.

1. - Internment: The Diaries of Harry Seidler, May 1940 – October1941  translated by J.Winternitz. Sydney, Allen and Unwin, 1986.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 105-108, 137-139 and 253-255.


SHEARD, Lauri Edwin (1922-1942)


Diary of experiences on the Mountford Expedition in central Australia.

An Australian Youth among Desert Aborigines: journal of an expeditionamong the aborigines of central Australia  Adelaide, Libraries Board of south Australia, 1964.


SHERROD, Robert Lee (b.1909) - E


On to Westward: War in the Central Pacific  New York, Duell, 1945, is reported to contain diary material.


SHINN, Roger L. [Capt.] of 60th. Armored Infantry Battalion - E


In  Wars and Rumors of Wars  Nashville, Abingdon Press, 1972.


SINEL, Leslie Philip - *H2280,E

June 1940 to June 1945

The German Occupation of Jersey: A Complete Diary of Events from June 1940 to June 1945  Jersey, Channel Islands, The Evening Post, 1946. Re-issued London, Howard Baker, 1969 and Jersey, La Haule, (limited to 750 copies) 1984.


SLESSOR, Kenneth Born (1901-1971)  Australian poet and journalist

1940 to 1944

Diaries of an Official War Correspondent with the Australian Imperial Force; United Kingdom; Greece; Palestine; Syria Libya; Egypt and New Guinea.

1. - The War Diaries of Kenneth Slessor, Official Australian Correspondent, 1940-1944  edited by Clement Semmler. University of Queensland Press, 1985.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 203-204 and 261.


SMITH, Ashley  - R.A.F. Officeron Mediterranean troop ships - E


Greece: moments of Grace  London, Eyre, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.


SMITH, Mary  - of Elham, Kent - E


"A comprehensive account of south-east Kent during the battle of Britain, centering on Hawkinge airfield and the Elham valley."  

Harvest of Messerschmitts: The Chronicle of a Village At War - 1940  based on the diary of Mary Smith of Elham. Frederick Warne, 1981.


SOMEREN, Ernest Van (1903?-1984)  expert in welding processes

November 4th. 1940 to May 8th. 1945

Mass Observation diary; an interesting account of life in wartime by a conscientious objector in what was probably a reserved occupation; much good detail of his occupations, work, wife and children; mild eccentricities, such as practising his recorder playing on the train and punishing his son by shutting him in the greenhouse; bicycling; entertainments; films, concerts and exhibitions; a good diary. Extracts from the diary are interleaved with those of three other diarists.

1. - In  Private Battles: How the War Almost Defeated Us  edited by Simon Garfield. London, Ebury Press, 2006.

2. - Study: Hinton, chapter 7.


SOMERHAUSEN, Anne S. - *H2281

(Annotation based on extracts)

1940 to 1945

Private diary, her husband a prisoner of war; struggle to feed herself and children; sale of possesssions; her husband's safe return.

1. - Written in Darkness: A Belgian Woman's Record of the Occupation, 1940-1945  New York, Alfred A.Knopf, 1946.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 344-345 and 645-646.


STARK, Flora (d.1942)

June 10th. to September 2nd. 1940

Personal diary in Italy; arrest and imprisonment; conditions and fellow prisoners; surveillance and release. An excellent diary. Flora Stark was Freya Stark's mother.

1. - An Italian Diary  with a Foreword by Freya Stark. London, John Murray, 1945, reprinted 1950, 51 pp.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 127-130.


STEVEN, Walter T. - E

From 1940?

In  In This Sign  (A history of the Protestant Chaplains and the Canadian Army Chaplain Service) Toronto, Ryerson, 1948.


SUIGO, Carlo  - Italian priest in China - E

Mid 1940's?

In the Land of Mao Tse-Tung  translated by Muriel Curry, edited by Clifford Witting, London, Allen and Unwin, 1953, is reported to contain diary material. -


SZECHTER, Szymon - E

From 1940's?

The following are reported to contain diary material:

a) - Monuments are Not Loved  by Nina Karsov and Szymon Szechter, London, Hodder, 1970.

b) - In the Name of Tomorrow: Life Underground in Poland  by Nina Karsov and Szymon Szechter, New York, Schocken, 1971.


STEINBECK, John (1902-1968)  novelist - H2282,M5821,E

a) - 1938 to January 1941

A dull and repetitive journal record of the writing of The Grapes of Wrath; doubts and difficulties; the writing is finished in October 1938 but there are some later entries.

Working Days: The Journals of The Grapes of Wrath  edited by Robert DeMott. New York, Viking, 1989.

a) - (Annotation based on extracts)

March and April 1940

Literary account of a fishing, scientific and recreational voyage in the Sea of Cortez, off California.

1. - The Log from the Sea of Cortez  New York, The Viking Press, 1951.

2. - Extracts: Dunaway & Evans, pp 316-323.

b) - 1943

Compilation his despatches as a war correspondent in England, North Africa and Italy.

1. - Once There Was a War  New York, Viking, 1958.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 435-436 and 469-471.

c) - 1948?

An account of the author's journey to the Soviet Union with the photographer Robert Capa.

A Russian Journal  New York, Viking, 1948.

d) - January 29th. to November 1st. 1951

A journal, addressed to his editor, written in parallel with East of Eden. Personal and public record interwoven with the process of writing the novel. Fascinating.

Journal of a Novel; The East of Eden Letters  London, Heinemann, 1970.


TALBOTT, Nelson - E


Hunting, shooting and fishing in Alaska, Hudson Bay, Canadian Rockies, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Dakota, etc.

In  The Cabin  privately printed, 1946.


TURNER, Arthur H. (b.1909)  naval rating

April 13th. To 30th. 1940

Naval diary; second battle of Narvik; Scapa , Greenock; clear description of action.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 98-101. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


TWEMLOW, Fan (Frances?) (1847-1955?)  Englishwoman resident in France, interned by the Germans

December 5th. 1940 to April 30th. and December 6th. 1941

Internment diary of an Englishwoman at Besançon and Vittel with her sister; detailed and interesting account of her arrest and uncomfortable transport to the camp; first days there; cold; starvation rations;  guards; smuggling; her fellow internees filth; removal to Vittel.  The dated entries are from her time at  Besançon and upon her final release. The intervening time is recorded in narrative form, perhaps later, and even the dated entries may have been subject to later revision. The diary is illustrated with the diarist’s drawings. The editor has introduced much background and personal material from other sources.

In  Frontstalag 142: The Internment Diary of an Enlish Lady  by Katherine Lack, Chalford, Amberley Publishing, 2010.


VASSILTCHIKOV, Marie (Missie) (1917-1978)

January 1st. 1940 to September 17th. 1945

Personal diary of a White Russian Princess; work for the German Foreign Office in Berlin; social life; friends and parties; Allied bombing; fire and destruction; increasing hardships of life in the city; deaths of friends; her friends involved in the Hitler assassination attempt; escape from Berlin; nursing in Austria; flight before the Russian Armies; a humane and attractive personality. One of the best non-combatant diaries of any war.

1. - The Berlin Diaries 1940-1945 of Marie 'Missie' Vassiltchikov  London, Chatto and Windus, 1985 (at least four impressions). New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1987. Reprinted, Folio Society, 1991 (at least three impressions).

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 463-464, 474-475 and 538-539; and Rose, pp 785-794.


VELMANS, Edith (b.1925)  Dutch Jewish girl - E

From 1940

Narrative, including and based on her diary; in hiding with a protestant family.

Edith's Book  London, Viking, 1998. Published in America as  Edith's Story  Soho Press, 1999.


VIETOR, John A. (b.1914) - E


Time Out: American Airmen at Stalag Luft I  New York, Smith, 1951, reprinted Fallbrook, California, Aero Publishers, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


WARD, Beatrice Lamberton (1900-1969)  American typographer - E

"Bombed but Unbeaten": Excerpts from the War Commentary of Beatrice L.Warde  New York, 1941, is reported to contain diary material.


WARDROP, J.R. (Jake) [Sgt.] (d.1946) - E

November 1940 to January 1944

Military diary; tanks in the desert war; compiled from diary letters sent home.

Wardrop of the Fifth: The Diary of Sgt. J.R.Wardrop (Jake) of 5th. Royal Tank Regiment, Nov 1940-Jan 1944  edited by Jack Garnett. Privately printed, 1968, 94 pp, printed typescript.


WARSAW GHETTO (members of) - E

The Uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto. November 1940 to May 1943  by Irving Werstein, Norton, 1968, is reported to draw upon the journals of survivors.


WATT, F.(?) Harold [Sgt.]  - soldier with the Royal Engineers in France

June 1940

Military diary, written up while prisoner of war; graphic account of his near escape from capture.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 121-123. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.

WELLINGS, Joseph H. (b.1903)  of US Navy

(Annotation based on extract)

1940 to 1941

Diary; interesting account by the assistant US naval attaché of the new year celebrations on HMS Hood at Scapa Flow.

1. - On His Majesty's Service: Rear Admiral Joseph H. Wellings US Navy  edited by J.B.Hattendorf. Newport, US Naval War College Press, 1983.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 177-178.


WENT, Vic (b.1918)  army pay officer

a) - August 3rd. 1940 to February 9th. 1941

Private diary of war service; the outward voyage in The Empress of Britain, round the Cape to Suez and his service in Jerusalem; a very full account of his daily experiences on the voyage and at Jerusalem; colleagues; war news and local events; work; parties; financial affairs; health; a calm and matter-of-fact record.

Diary of a Wartime Cruise  by Vic Went and Reg Stacey. Braunton, Devon, Merlin Books, 1988, pp 138, card covers. (Stacey appears as an officer in the pay office in the later part of the diary, but none of the diary is by him, although he may have been its editor).

b) - From 1941

Homeward Bound - the End of a Wartime Cruise  the book was announced at the end of the first volume but it is not known whether it was ever printed.


WERTH, Alexander (1901-1969)  Russian born British journalist

a) - (Annotation based on extracts)


Journalist's diary in France; written with an eye to publication but good on ordinary French people.

1. - The Last Days of Paris: A Journalist's Diary  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1940.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 118-119.

b) - 1941 to 1942

Moscow War Diary  Knopf, 1942.

c) - (Annotation based on extracts)


Journalist's diary; a bombing attack on Russian convoy, PQ16.

1. - The Year of Stalingrad  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1946.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 314-316.


WEYGAND, Maxime (1867-1965)  French military commander - E

From 1940?

Recalled to Service  translated by E.W.Dickes, London, Heinemann, 1952, is reported to contain diary material.


WHITE, Dorothy - E

Late 1940's?

"A record of the author's experiences reading books to her young children."

Books Before Five  Oxford University Press, 1954. -


WISSLER, Denis H. (d.1940)  Hurricane pilot and heir to the Marmite fortune

August 1st. to October 7th. 1940

Pilot's diary; patrols and actions; meets and falls in love with Edith Heap (qv).

In  The Mammoth Book of War Diaries and Letters  edited by J.E.Lewis. New York, Carroll and Graf, 1998, pp 377-381. The diary is in The Imperial War Museum.


WOLFF-MONCKEBERG, Mathilde (1879-1958)  of Hamburg - H2283,E

1940 to 1945

Letter diary of an anti-Nazi, addressed to her children, who had left Germany, but never sent; daily life in wartime Hamburg with much good detail; air raids and war news.

1. - On the Other Side: To My Children: From Germany, 1940 -1945  translated and edited by Ruth Evans. New York, Mayflower Books, London, Peter Owen, 1979.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 443-444 and 489-490.


ZAVATTINI, Cesare (1902-1989)  film maker - E

From 1940?

Sequences from a Cinematic Life  translated by William Weaver. Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


ANONYMOUS,  German infantryman

June 26th. to September 23rd. 1941

On the Russian front; tank attack; impressions of Russia and Russians.

In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 19-22.


ANONYMOUS,  member(s) of Police Battalion 322 at Bialowieza Prison Assembly Camp in Poland

June 3rd. to September 1st. 1941

Excerpts from the battalion log; movement to Warsaw; inspections; accommodation; treatment of Jews and numbers shot. The log is also given in facsimile.

1. - In  'The Good Old Days': The Holocaust as Seen by its Perpetrators and Bystanders  edited by E.Klee, W.Dressen and V.Riess and translated by Deborah Burnstone. New York, Konecky and Konecky, 1991, pp 8-22.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 241-242.


ANONYMOUS,  lady air raid warden, of Bedminster, Bristol

April 11th. 1941

Retrospective account, written in the third person of being buried alive in her air raid shelter with a woman and two children, one of whom died before being dug out. It is probable that this is not from a continuing diary.

Three Saved by a Whistle  in  Bristol Siren Nights: Diaries and Stories of the Blitzes   edited by S.P.Shipley. Bristol, Rankin Brothers, 1944; reissued Bristol, Redcliffe,1989, pp 24-25.


ABKHAZI, Peggy [Princess] (Peggy Pemberton Carter) (d.1994)  gardener, of Victoria, British Columbia

1941 to 1945

Journal at Shanghai while interned by the Japanese.

A Curious Cage: A Shanghai Journal 1941-1945  Victoria, British Columbia, Sono Nis Press, 1981. A new edition from the same publisher, containing later biographical matter, 2002.


ABRIKOSSOW, Dmitri I. - *H2284,E

1. - Havlice refers to excerpts edited by G.A.Lensen in  Russian Review  July 1966.

2. - Not examined, but possibly relevant is  Revelations of a Russian Diplomat: The Memoirs of Dmitri I. Abrikossow  edited by George Alexander Lensen. Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1964.


ACHESON, Dean (Gooderham) (1893-1971) American politician

1941- 1945 and 1947-1952

A very full and often day by day account of his work in the State Department during the Second World War and after; Korea; relations with Great Britain and the rest of the world; atomic energy and internal affairs; US politics; a galaxy of politicians and others. This is a valuable and important record for the history of the time but, although it may in part be founded on a diary, none is cited and the book is clearly a compilation from notes, letters, memoranda and minutes, amplified by memory.

Present at the Creation: My Years in the State Department  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1970.


ALLAN, Sheila (b.1924)  civilian prisoner of war

December 8th. 1941 to November 24th. 1945 and February 12th. to 19th. 1992

Prison diary of a seventeen year old girl in Changi, Singapore; prison conditions and fellow prisoners; hunger and disease; activities and social life; the Japanese; her step mother; her father's illness and death; release; nursing; Australia; a later diary of a visit to her father's grave. A good diary.

1. - Diary of a Girl in Changi 1941-45  Kenthurst, New South Wales, Kangaroo Press, 1994, card covers, pp 168.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich, pp 128, 138-139, 154-155, 348-349 and 448-449.


ALLISON, Eugene - E

1941 to 1945

“Account of his imprisonment in the Phillipines . Begins before the Japanese attack and continues to the end of the war. Very candid account of the treatment by the Japanese.”

My Diary, World war II, 1941-1945  Privately printed (mimeograph of typescript), 1977.


ARGENT, Denis - E

1941 to 1942

A Mass Observation Diary.

1. - A Soldier in Bedfordshire 1941-1942: The Diary of Private Denis Argent, Royal Engineers  edited by Patricia and Robert Malcomson. Bedfordshire Historical Record Society, 2009.

2. - Study: Hinton, chapter 8.


ASHTON-WARNER, Sylvia (b.1908)  New Zealand school teacher and writer - H2285

1941 to 1942

Annotation based on extracts.

Personal diary; her husband; Maori school children; thoughts on her work and her marriage; long ruminative entries.

1. - Myself  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1967.  (Teacher  New York, Simon and Schuster,1967 and  Spinster  (publisher and date unknown) are also said to be based on diaries).

2. - Extracts: Moffat & Painter, pp 206-217.


BANNING, Margaret Frances Culkin (1891-1982)  American novelist - E

a) - 1941

Salud! A South American Journal  New York, Harper Brothers, 1941.

b) - Summer 1942

Letters from England, Summer, 1942  is reported to contain diary material.


BARTON, Cornelius W. (Neal) (b.1910)  American soldier in 53rd. Medical Battalion - H2285a

May 5th. to December 19th. 1941

Military diary, largely retrospective; training; brief service in Ireland; return to U.S.A.; promotion.

In  American Diaries of World War II  edited by Donald Vining. New York, Pepys Press, 1982, pp 3-27.


BATHURST, Gertrude Elizabeth (neé RANSOME) [Mrs.] (b.1881)  of Streatham

December 1st. and 5th. 1941

Two diary entries, mainly about food rations.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 271-272. The diary is in the Lambeth Borough Archives, Minet Library.


BAUME, Eric  - New Zealand journalist

(Annotation based on extracts)


Journalist's diary; London bombing; Rudolf Hess; censorship.

1. - I've Lived Another Year: A Journalist's Diary of the Year 1941  London, Harrap, 1942.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 194-195 and 218-219.


BENN, Anthony Neil Wedgewood (Tony) (b.1925)  politician; disclaimed title of second Viscount Stansgate

a) - January 11th. 1941 to November 17th. 1960

The earlier personal and political diaries set the scene for the main series.

1. - Years of Hope; Diaries, Papers and Letters 1940-1962  edited by Ruth Winstone. London, Hutchinson, 1994.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 513-514.

b) - January 18th. 1963 to December 8th. 1990

Political diary. Labour party politics in and out of power; colleagues and opponents; constituency affairs; ministerial office; much self justification; little personal matter; not as good as Crossman but a full and interesting diary and a good picture of political life; sometimes entertaining.

1. - Out of the Wilderness; Diaries 1963-67  London, Hutchinson, 1987.

2. - Office Without Power; Diaries 1968-72  London, Hutchinson, 1988.

3. - Against the Tide; Diaries 1973-76  London, Hutchinson, 1989.

4. - Conflicts of Interest; Diaries 1977-80  London, Hutchinson, 1990.

5. - The End of an Era; Diaries 1980-90  London, Hutchinson, 1992.

c) - The Benn Diaries  selected and abridged by R.Stone. London, Hutchinson, 1998.

d) - January 4th. 1991 to May 14th. 2001

Political diary, but with more personal material than in the earlier volumes; out of sympathy with 'New Labour'; family; illness and death of his wife, Caroline; decides to leave the House of Commons after fifty years.

Free at Last! Diaries 1991-2001  edited by Ruth Winstone. London, Hutchinson, 2002.

e) - 2001 to 2007

Political diary, out of the House of Commons but still active; mourns his wife; interviews Saddam Hussein; his son becomes a cabinet minister.

More Time for Politics: Diaries 2001-2007  edited by Ruth Winstone. London, Hutchinson, 2007. -


BIRNN, Roland R. [Lieut.] (d.1942) - *H2286,*M5719,E

A War Diary  in  The Air Power Historian  III, No. 4, October, 1956.


BLUNDELL, George [Commander]  - of the Royal Navy

September 25th. to 27th. 1941 and August 2nd. to 15th. 1942

Naval diary of the second in command of HMS Nelson on two Malta convoys; damage control after a torpedo attack; the sinking of HMS Eagle; excellent.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 249-252 and 336-339. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


BOKUN, Branko (b.1920)  Dalamation refugee in Italy - E

1941 to 1946

Spy in the Vatican, 1941-45  Praeger, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


BOND, Charles R. (b.1915)  - American fighter pilot - *H2287,*M5705

Fighter pilot's diary of air battles against the Japanese over China and Burma; training and living conditions; shot down, bales out, survives with burns.

1. - A Flying Tiger's Diary  by Charles R.Bond, Jr. and Terry Anderson. College Station, Texas A. and M. University Press, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 191-192.


BRERETON, Lewis Hyde [Lieut. Gen.] (1890-1967)  of US Army Air Force - H2288,M5706

October 3rd. 1941 to May 8th. 1945

Military diary; day by day record from field notes of a U.S. Air Force officer in the Philippines, India, North Africa and Europe; technical matters; military personalities; the record appears to have been subject to later detailed elaboration, and possibly occasional revision.

1. - The Brereton Diaries: The War in the Air in the Pacific, Middle East and Europe, 3 October 1941 - 8 May 1945  New York, Morrow, 1946.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 82-84 and 184-185


BRIGGS, Amy (pseud.)  - nurse from Leeds

October 16th. to November 9th. 1941 and May 8th. and 9th. 1945

Mass-Observation diary; domestic duties; her two daughters, one of them unwell; war news and opinions; much about her unhappy marriage to a soldier; air raid warnings and difficulties in getting to her work at a first aid post; tired, unhappy and short of money. The later entries deal with the confused celebration of VE day; her husband, invalided out of the army, has not spoken to her for three weeks; she devotes her time mainly to her daughters, has apparently taken a lover and begins piano lessons.

In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 135-143 and 227-229.

BUTLER, Arthur Stanley George (b.1888)  architect and author

(Annotation based on extracts)

January and February 1941

Personal diary; recording bomb damage in Chelsea; fire-watch on the roof of St.Paul's when it was bombed; literary quality.

1. - Recording Ruin  London, Constable, 1942.

2. - Extracts: Willard, pp 177-182.


CARR, Roland T. - E

From 1941?

Aboard the USS Haste; corvette on convoy duty.

To Sea in Haste  Washington, D.C., Acropolis, 1975.

CARTER, Reginald (b.1903)  civil servant in Rangoon

December 7th. to 10th. 1941 and February 22nd. and 23rd. 1942

Entries from a private diary; his leave cancelled; air raid precautions; hears of the sinking of Repulse and Prince of Wales; leaves Rangoon as the Japanese approach.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 101-102 and 156-157. The diary is in the India Office Collections at the British Library.


CASH, Gwen (née Goldsmid) (1891-1983  )  Englishwoman journalist, settled in Canada - E


Account of Vancouver Island life while working in a hotel and awaiting a possible attack from Japan.

1,000,000 Miles from Ottawa  Macmillan, 1942.


CATES, Tressa R. - *H2289,E

Diary of a Philippines internee.

The Drainpipe Diary  1957. Also published in paperback as  Infamous Santo Tomas  1981(?).


CHANING-PEARCE, Melville (b.1886) - E

May 1st. to September 30th. 1941

Midnight Hour: A Journal from 1st May to 30th September 1941 by Nicodemus  London, Faber, 1942.


COWARD, Noel (1899-1973) - H2290,M5708

April 19th. 1941 to December 31st. 1969

Entertaining diary of private and theatrical life.

1. - Middle East Diary  London, Heinemann, 1944. Extracts from his diary between July and October 1943, when Coward toured the Middle East entertaining the troops.

2. - The Noel Coward Diaries  edited by Graham Payn and Sheridan Morley. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1982.

3. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 425, 434-435 and (from Middle East Diary) 452-453.


CRIMP, Reginald Lewis [Pte.] - H2291

1941 to 1943

Military diary; the desert war in North Africa; full descriptions of conditions and actions.

1. - The Diary of a Desert Rat  edited by A.Bowlby. London, Leo Cooper, 1971.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 268270 and 353-354; and Blythe (2), pp 191-195.


CROUTER (Arksey has COULTER), Natalie (née STARK) (1898-1979)  civilian internee in the Philippines - *H2292,*M5707

1941 to 1945

Internment diary; detained by the Japanese at Camp Holmes, Northern Luzon, Philippines; a very full record which was taken from her by the security services at the war's end and which took her three years to recover fom officialdom.

1. - Forbidden Diary: A Record of Wartime Internment, 1941-1945  edited by Lynn Z.Bloom. New York, Burt Franklin, 1980.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 413-415, 545-546 and 557-558.


CUKIER, Julian (d.1943) and six others in the Lodz Ghetto

(Annotation based on extracts)

1941 to 1944

Group diary; a detailed record of life and events in the Lodz Ghetto.

1. - The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto 1941-1944  edited by L. Dobrszycki. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 184-185, 236-237 and 501.


DEDIJER, Vladimir (1914-1990)  Yugoslav Partisan

April 6th. 1941 to November 7th. 1944

Military, public and personal diaries recording his activities and those of the Yugoslavian Partisan Army; a very full and detailed record of heroic enterprise, sometimes from hour to hour, subsequently expanded and with much interpolated material; a vivid account and an important source.

1. - The War Diaries of Vladimir Dedijer  Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Press, three volumes, 1990. This is a translation of the fourth edition, 1980.

2. - With Tito through the War: Partisan Diary 1941-1944  London, Alexander Hamilton, 1951.

3. - Extracts: (from With Tito …) Aldrich (1), pp 417-418, 428 and 445, and (from The War Diaries …) 430-431 and 437-438.


DHONAU, Rachel - E

1941 to 1942

A Mass Observation diary.

Wartime Norfolk: The Diary of Rachel Dhonau, 1941-1942  edited by Robert Malcolmson and Peter Searby. Norfolk Record society, 2004.

DITTRI, Helmuth A. [Sgt. Maj.]  - of 21st. Tank Division

June 20th. to August 7th. 1941

Military diary; crossing the Russian border; description of battle; admiration for the Russians.

In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 14-17.


DOUBLE, James C. (b.1922)  RAF pilot, from Ipswich

1941 to 1946

War diary; a memoir firmly based on diaries and logs; voyage to Canada; flying training in the USA; home; advanced training; staff pilot, flying Oxfords and Ansons; converts to single engined aircraft; Thunderbolts in Egypt; India; flying operations in Burma.

'Never a doddle'  Ipswich, published by the author in aid of St. Elizabeth Hospice, no date, 58 pp.


DUKE, Neville [Squadron Leader] (1922-2007) fighter pilot

January 2nd. 1941 to December 20th. 1944

Personal diary of a fighter pilot; training; home service; the Western Desert; Italy; operational details; his fellows; accidents and parties; factual and unreflective. Combined with editorial narrative and combat reports.

The War Diaries of Neville Duke  edited by Norman Franks. London, Grub Street, 1995.


EDEN, (Robert) Anthony (1st. Earl of Avon) (1897-1977)  British politician

a) - May 20th. 1941, May 12th. 1942 and September 10th. 1943

Private diary; three occasions of annoyance with Churchill.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 219-220, 313-314 and 454-455. The (fragmentary) diary is in Birmingham University Library.

b) - Dates unknown

1. - The Eden Memoirs  three volumes, London, Cassell, 1960, 1962 and 1965, are reported to contain diary material.

2. - Anthony Eden  by Robert Rhodes James, London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1986, makes extensive use of Eden’s papers.b


May 12th. to October 10th. 1941

Military diary; fighting the Russians in the Ukraine; initial optimism soon fades.

In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 7-10.


EHLERS, Reginald Gordon Morris - *H2293,*M5709,E

Diary of the Ship's Surgeon  Boston, Meador Publishing, 1944.


FISHKIN, Sarah (1924?-1945?)  Polish Jewish girl from Rubzewitz

June 22nd. to October 26th. 1941

Extracts from a despairing personal diary; the town taken by the Germans; brutality towards the Jews; forced labour; the diary ends before her transportation to Camp Dwortz, where she later died.

In  Children's Wartime Diaries: Secret Writings from the Holocaust and world War II  edited by Laurel Holliday. London, Piatkus, 1995, pp 335-341.


GEREN, Paul Francis  - Baptist missionary and professor of economics - *H2294,*M5710,E

Wartime Burma.

Burma Diary  New York, Harper and Brothers, 1943, 58 pp.


GILROY, Maxwell L. - E

Pacific war.

Soldier of Misfortune  Portland, Oregon, 1945, is reported to contain diary material.


GOVER, LeRoy  - American pilot in the Royal Air Force - E

From 1941

“… the story of American WW2 pilot LeRoy Gover, woven together from his letters and diaries. Gover lacked the qualifications to guarantee him a place in the U.S. Army Air Corps Wings, so instead he flew spitfires for the R.A.F.”

Spitfires, Thunderbolts and Warm Beer: An American fighter Pilot Over Europe  by  Philip D.Caine, Brasseys, 1995


GRADY, Ronan Calistus (1921-1992) (Ducrot Pepys)  cadet at the U.S. Military Academy - E,F

1941 to 1943

“The diary is one of the classics of American humor, which owes its low profile largely to being a sort of inside joke: anyone who has ever been a Cadet at West Point or even, as in my case, at one of the other service academies, will recognize this stuff all too well, and the Foreword is all too accurate in saying that ‘cadets have laughed 'til the tears came over Grady's diary of Ducrot Pepys, because not only was it funny, but amazingly, it was true’.”

The Collected Works of Ducrot Pepys  Newburgh, New York, 1943,


GRAFTON, Samuel (1907?-1997?)  American journalist


Selections from his column in the New York Post.

1. - An American Diary  New York, Doubleday, Doran, 1943.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 32-33 and 46.


GRAY, James [Sgt.]

September 1st. 1941

A single entry from an artilleryman's diary, describing a bombing raid on Newcastle upon Tyne.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, p 191 and 245-246. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


GREENE, Graham (1904-1991)  novelist - H2295

a) - December 9th. 1941 to January 3rd. 1943

Writer's diary of a voyage in convoy from Liverpool to South Africa; notes of characters and incidents; conversations.

1. - Included in  In Search of a Character; Two African Journals  London, The Bodley Head, 1961. Penguin Books, 1968. The diary was first published in  The Mind  1946.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 276-277.

b) - January 1st. to March 8th. 1959.

Writer's diary; research in the Belgian Congo for his novel 'The Heart of the Matter'; observations, conversations and anecdotes; medical details; a good insight into the mind and eye of a writer at work.

Included in  In Search of a Character; Two African Journals  London, The Bodley Head, 1961. Penguin Books, 1968.

c) - 1965 to 1989

Vaguely dated selection from a diary of dreams; odd and interesting.

A Diary of Dreams  edited by Yvonne Cloetta. London, Reinhardt Books, 1992. As  A World of My Own, A Dream Diary  London, Penguin Books, 1993.


HANKEY, Maurice Pascal Alers (1877-1963)  member of the British War Cabinet

a) - April 30th. to May 2nd. 1941

Three entries from a private diary; in concert with Robert Menzies (qv) and John Simon in attempting to persuade Churchill to moderate his dicatatorial style.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 210-211. The diary is in the Churchill Archives Centre at Churchill College, Cambridge.

b) - Dates unknown:

1. - In  Hankey: Man of Secrets  by Stephen Roskill, London, Collins, three volumes, 1970, 1972 and 1974.

2. - In  The Supreme Command  London, George Allen, two volumes, 1961.

HANSELER, [Pte. 1st. Class]

June 21st. 1941 to January 2nd. 1942

Military diary of an unenthusiastic German soldier on the Russian front.

In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 17-18.


HARRISON, Catherine  - of Catford

July 27th. 1941

A single entry, written in her sister's diary, recording two problems encountered in the course of her work at the Citizen's Advice Bureau: a bizarre electrical problem, and an errant wife.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 234-235. The diary (of H.E.Harrison) is in the Imperial War Museum.


HERIOT, Guy  - British colonial civil servant in Malaya

(Not seen)

From 1941

1. - Changi Interlude: Leaves from the Diary of a Third Class Internee  Lewes, W.E.Baxter, 1943.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 39-41.


HESHELE, Janina (b.1929?)  Polish jewish girl from Lvov

(Annotation based on extracts)

1941 to 1943

Claimed to be excerpted from the private diary of the capture of Lvov by the Germans; in hiding with her mother; capture and incarceration at Janowska; descriptions of horrors. It is probable that the excerpts are in fact from a retrospective memoir by the author, who survived the war.

1. - Excerpts from Janina Heshele's Diary of Lvov  translated and edited by Ariel Eisenberg from a Hebrew Translation of the original Polish edition (of which even the title is unknown), in  The lost Generation: Children in the Holocaust  New York, Pilgrim Press, 1982.

2. - Extracts: Holliday, pp 67-72.

HEYDEBRECK, Berndt Tessen, von

August 28th. to October 22nd. 1941

Military diary; troop train across Poland, Minsk, Smolensk; Russian attacks; the prospect of winter; shortage of food; occasionally sensitive; telling observations.

In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 26-28.

HEYSE, Erich  - chief of a concentration camp in the Crimea

September 19th. to December 4th. 1941

Diary record of looting and killing Jews; no doubt edited by the Russians for propaganda purposes, the total lack of humanity in this account is hard to accept.

In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 24-25.


HITLER, Adolf (1889-1945) - E

1941 to 1944

“The private thoughts and plans of Adolf Hitler in his own words, as taken down by a discreet team of shorthand writers from 1941 to 1944.”

Hitler’s Secret Conversations, 1941-1944  New York, Farrar, 1953.l

HILLESUM, Esther (Etty) (1914-1943) - H2296

March 9th. 1941 to August 24th. 1943

Personal and spiritual diary of a Dutch Jewess; her lover; the war in the background; work for the Jewish Council under the Nazis; Westerbork Camp. Etty Hillesum died in Auschwitz as did most of her immediate family. A remarkable diary compounded of reality and almost mystical experience.

Etty; A Diary 1941-43  translated by Arnold J. Pomerans. London, Jonathan Cape, 1983. Published in America as  An Interrupted Life; The Diaries of Etty Hillesum 1941-1943  New York, Pantheon, 1983; and in Holland as Het verstoorde leven, Dageboek van Etty Hillesum, 1941-1943 De Haan/Unieboek, 1981.


HIND, R. Renton (b.1885)  of the Philippines

(Annotation based on extracts)

December 1941 to February 1945

A rather wordy and pedestrian diary; moving camp; detection and punishment of the camp bootlegger.

1. - Spirits Unbroken: The Story of Three Years in a Civilian Internment Camp under the Japanese, at Baguio and at Old Bilbid Prison in the Philippines, from December 1941 to February 1945  San Francisco, John Howell, 1946.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 178-180 and 261-263.


September 1941

Account of a railway journey to the North of England by a newly commissioned officer. Slight.

In  Private Words; Letters and Diaries from the Second World War  edited by Ronald Blythe. London, Penguin Books, 1993, pp 53-55.

HULL, W.E.  - of Paddington, chief air raid warden


Two extracts from the diary of his work in the Blitz; incendiaries and parachute mines.

In  Private Words; Letters and Diaries from the Second World War  edited by Ronald Blythe. London, Penguin Books, 1993, pp 254-257.


HUTCHINSON, Charles [Able Seaman]  - British sailor

February 24th. and April 26th. and 27th. 1941

Three lively and well observed entries from a diary of service on the anti-aircraft cruiser HMS Carlisle ; trouble on shore leave in Alexandria; evacuation of troops from Greece to Crete, including two Greek girls and a small boy.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, p 191 and 207-209. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.

INBER, Vera Mikhailovna (1893-1972)  Russian poet - H2296

August 22nd. 1941 to June 7th. 1944

Personal diary of the siege of Leningrad; bombardment; starvation; death; amongst it all some pleasures and happiness; war news; evocative and atmospheric.

Leningrad Diary  translated by Serge M. Wolff and Rachel Grieve. London, Hutchinson, 1971. The diary first appeared in Russian in 1948.


IND, Allison [Lt. Col.]  - of the U.S. Army - E

1941 to 1942

“… a personal and vivid account of the Philippine Command of the USAAF in action defending the Bataan Peninsula against the attacking Japanese forces between May 1941 and May 1942.”

Bataan, The Judgement Seat  New York, Macmillan, 1944.


INGERSOLL, Rlph McAllister (1900-1985)  American journalist and publisher - E


“… the journalist, whose legendary work for the PM newspaper had made him probably the most admired (and tenacious) journalist in America, set off for Moscow, by way of Hawaii, Manila, and China. After leaving Moscow, he visited the Caucasian front, Cairo, and London.”

Action on All Fronts: A Personal Account of this War  New York, Harper, 1942.


JACKSON, Calvin G. [Col.]  American army doctor, Japanese prisoner - E

1941 to 1945

Doctor’s diary of the Bataan death march.

Diary of Col. Calvin G.Jackson  Ohio northern University, 1992.


JACOB, Harold Alaric (1909-1995)  English journalist and writer - e

1941 to 1943 (?)

A Traveller’s War: A Journey to the Wars in Africa, India and Russia  London, Collins, 1944, is reported to contain diary material.


JÄGER (JAGER) Karl (d.1959)  Commander of the Security Police and the SD Einsatzkommando 3


A spine chilling dated list of places with the numbers of Jews and others executed in his area, totalling 137,346.

1. - In  'The Good Old Days': The Holocaust as Seen by its Perpetrators and Bystanders  edited by E.Klee, W.Dressen and V.Riess and translated by Deborah Burnstone. New York, Konecky and Konecky, 1991, pp 46-54.


JORDAN, George Racey [Major] - E

From 1941?

“The Inside Story of Soviet Lend-lease Operations - From Washington to Great Falls to Moscow told in startling detail.”

From Major Jordan’s Diaries  New York, Harcourt Brace, 1952.


KENNEDY, John Noble (1893-1970) [Gen.]  British Director of Military Operations

a) - January 26th. and December 5th. 1941

Two entries from a private diary; the difficulties of wartime diary keeping and problems for future historians; a discussion of the military situation with Churchill.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 185-186 and 272-273. The diary is in the the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, Kings College, London.

b) - December 13th. 1941

Another entry; Churchill and others under stress; gloomy about prospects in the Far East.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 113-114. The diary is in the the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, Kings College, London.

Note: Kennedy's memoirs  The Business of War  London, 1957, are based upon material from this diary.


KERN, Ernst  - German soldier - E

1941 to 1945

Military diary; German soldier in the Wehrmacht's First Mountain Division on the eastern front.

War Diary 1941-45  New York, Vantage Press, 1993, 152 pp.


KIKUCHI, Charles  - Japanese American - H2298,M5711,E

December 7th. 1941 to September 1942

Diary of the graduate son of Japanese immigrant parents; moved from California to a government relocation centre on the outbreak of war; Gila River and Tanforan camps; camp life and its effects on Japanese culture.

1. - The Kikuchi Diary: Chronicle from an American Concentration Camp  edited by John Modell. Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1973. Paperback edition, 1993.

2. - Extracts: Markman.


KOGAN, David S. (1929-1951)  American Jew - *H2299,*M5712,

1941 to 1951

Private diary.

1. - Diary  edited by Meyer Levin. New York, Beechhurst Press, 1955.

2. - Extracts: Berger (1), pp 609-617.


LABRADOR, Juan [Fr.]  Spanish priest in the Philippines

(Annotation based on extracts)

December 7th. 1941 to May 7th. 1945

War diary; scares and imaginary fifth-columnists in the Philippines; brutality of the Japanese; massacre of civilians by Japanese facing defeat.

1. - A Diary of the Japanese Occupation: December 7, 1941 - May 7, 1945  Manila, Santo Tomas University Press, 1989.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 117-119, 170-171, 345-346, 430 and 528-529.


LANDAU, Felix (b.1910)  SS Officer from Vienna, in Eastern Poland

July 3rd. to August 8th. 1941

Private diary of an inhuman bully; freuquent shooting of Jews and Poles as if it were a normal part of life; writes to his wife and sends presents to his children while consumed by desire for Trude, a woman met during his previous posting; complaints about his workload; a chilling and dispassionate account of his part in the shooting of twenty three men and women after they had been made to dig their own grave; he is amused when the bodies are later found and mistaken for murdered Ukrainians whose reburial he has to attend; outbursts of fury; occasional sentimentality.

1. - In  'The Good Old Days': The Holocaust as Seen by its Perpetrators and Bystanders  edited by E.Klee, W.Dressen and V.Riess. Old Saybrook, Konecky and Konecky, 1988, pp 87-106.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 233-234.


LAYCOCK, Robert Edward [Lieutenant-Colonel] (1907-1968)  British soldier

November 10th. to 19th. 1941

Retrospective account of a night attack by commandos on Rommel's headquarters.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 261-264. The diary (in the handwriting of Hermione Ranfurly (qv)) is in the Public Record Office.



December 7th. 1941

A record of short wave radio broadcasts on the night of America's entry into the war.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 144-150.


LEONARD, Ginger (b.1924?)  schoolgirl of Hickam Field, Hawaii

December 7th. 1941

A single entry (slightly shortened) from a schoolgirl's diary; a close eyewitness account of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; dramatic and interesting.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 95-96. The diary is in private hands but a large part has been posted on the internet where it is noted that the extract quoted by Aldrich is a typewritten insert in the manuscript diary. The entry written on the day was much shorter and it is not known when the longer account was written although it is likely to have been not much later.


LeSUEUR, Laurence (Larry) Edward (1909-2003)  American journalist and war correspondent - E

1941 to 1942

A year in Russia.

Twelve Months That Changed The World  New York, Knopf, 1943, is reported to contain diary material.


LEWIS, Thomas Price M.  – British schoolmaster in Changi gaol

(Annotation based on extracts)

1941 to 1945

Prison diary of an internee in Changi gaol; starvation, disease, deaths, rats, brutality, rumours; his reading.

1. - Changi – The Lost Years: A Malayan Diary  Kuala Lumpur, Malayan Historical Society, 1984.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 431-433 and 465-466.

LINKE, Gerhardt [Lieut.] - staff officer, 185th. Infantry Regiment

November 11th. 1941 to February 17th. 1942

Military diary; military details; attempt to encircle Moscow; defeated by the Russians, the winter, material shortage and deteriorating morale; retreat; exhaustion; illness. A measured and interesting account.

In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 33-44.


LONSDALE, Steve [Private] (1905-1968)  British army dental technician

February 15th. 1941

A retrospective diary entry describing unpleasant conditions aboard the troopship Orbita from Durban to Port Tufay.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 189-190. The diary has been published on the Internet, from whence this entry is transcribed.


MALTHE-BRUUN, Kim (1923-1945)  Danish seaman - *H2300

(Annotation based on extracts)

May 18th. 1941 to April 4th. 1945

Letters and diary addressed to his mother and his sweetheart; observations in port in Scandinavia and northern Europe; leaves the sea and joins the resistance; arrest and imprisonment; sentenced to death.

1. - Heroic Heart: The Diary and Letters of Kim Malthe-Bruun 1941-45  edited by Vibeke Malth-Bruun, translated by Gerry Bothmer. New York, Random House, 1955.

2. - Extracts: Holliday, pp 343-365.


MARNHAM, Ralph [Lt. Col.] (1901-1984)  surgeon, RAMC

October 13th. and November 21st. to December 10th.1941

Private diary; Jerusalem to Tobruk; his work there; a good, and often amusing account of personalities and conditions.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 255-256 and 265-266. The diary is in the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College, London.


MARTIN, Albert (b.1920?)  soldier

January 4th. 1941 to September 4th. 1942

Soldier's diary in the North African Desert campaign; brief notes of operations and personal discomforts; quotations used in a narrative account of the author's experiences.

In  Hellfire Tonight; The Diary of a Desert Rat  Lewes, The Book Guild, 1996, pp 53-159. Passim.


MENZIES, Robert Gordon (1894-1978) prime minister of Australia

(Annotation based on extracts)


Political diary; five months in Britain; London in the blitz; scathing about Churchill, British politicians and military leadership.

1. - Dark and Hurrying Days: Menzies' 1941 Diary  Edited by A.W.Martin and P.Hardy. Canberra, National Library of Australia, 1993.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 204-205 and 206-207


MEREDITH, Thomas  - lowly MI5 operator

December 10th. 1941

A single entry recording his part in the theft of the Spanish Ambassador's briefcase at Cardiff.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 277-278. The diary is in private hands.


MILNER, R.E.  – living near Bristol

April 11th. 1941

A single entry, possibly from a continuing diary, describing a bomb hit on the road outside his house; damage caused and actions taken; his brother dying in the damaged house.

An Incident in the Country  in  Bristol Siren Nights: Diaries and Stories of the Blitzes   edited by S.P.Shipley. Bristol, Rankin Brothers, 1944; reissued Bristol, Redcliffe,1989, pp 32-33.


MITCHELL, Helen (b.1894) - E

From 1941

Mass Observation Diary.

Summary and brief quotations in  Domestic Soldiers  by Jennifer Purcell. London, Constable, 2010. Passim.


MORELL, Theodor Gilbert (1886-1948) - H2301

August 7th. 1941 to April 23rd. 1945

Medical diary of Hitler's personal doctor; details of symptoms and drugs given; some psychological insight; most interesting.

1. - Adolf Hitler; The Medical Diaries; The Private Diaries of Dr. Theo. Morell  edited by David Irving. London Sidgwick and Jackson, 1983. Published in America as  The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor  New York, Macmillan, 1983.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 438-439 and 570-571.


MUROV, Maxim Pavlovitch  - Russian army surgeon

August 1941 to 1943

Purported diary of a surgeon in the Russian Army fighting the Germans; the horrors of war; savagery of the Nazis; heroism of Russian men and women. The diary has few firm dates and is in narrative form with much dialogue and editorial intervention. It is probably fiction, written and published for propaganda purposes. Illustrated with photographs.

Red Surgeon  by George Borodin. London, Museum Press, 1944.


MURRELL, Eric (d.1982)  cipher-sergeant

(Annotation based on extracts)

1941 to 1945

Jungle warfare and leisure in Kabaw Valley, Burma; admiration for Sikh and Ghurka troops; a Yorkshire pudding.

1. - For Your Tomorrow: A Cipher-Sergeant's Diary, 1941-1945  Plush, Plush Publishing, 1999.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 401-403.


NEWTH, Melville C. [Canon] (1914?-2004)  headmaster of St. Andrew's Cathedral School, Sydney, AustraliaE

1941? to 1979?

In  "Serving a Great Cause": A Pictorial Review of St. Andrew's Cathedral School, Covering the History of a Unique School with Excerpts from the Headmaster's Diary   Granville, New South Wales, 1980.


OGLE, Martin  - school teacher and volunteer soldier at Penang

December 8th. to 16th. 1941

Diary record of Japanese air attacks on Penang; the reactions of the populace; breakdown of civil life; leaves Penang by sea for Singapore; shame at abandoning those who he had taught to trust the British.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 105-108. The diary is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.


PAYNE, Pierre Stephen Robert (b.1911) - D237

a) - December 16th. 1941 to April 9th. 1944

The very full diary of an academic in China. Detailed descriptions of places, people and events. Sometimes contemplative and discursive. Literary quality. Excellent.

Chungking Diary  London, Heinemann, 1945. American title  Forever China  (?)

b) - 1944 to 1946

The diary continued. Not seen. Includes accounts of interviews with Chinese communist leaders.

Journey to Red China  London, 1947. American title  China Awakes  (?)

c) - 1941 to 1946

A shortened, one volume, version, "all that the author wishes to preserve", is  Chinese Diaries 1941-1946  New York, Weybright and Talley, 1970. The introduction to this book discloses matters of personal history which do not appear in the published diaries.


PEAT, R.  – of Hull

May 7th. and 8th. 1941

An harrowing account of death and destruction seen while administering first aid during an air raid on Hull.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, p 214-216. The diary is in the Imperial War Museum.


PEPYS, Ducrot (pseud.) – See GRADY, Ronan Calistus

PEYTON, Frank - E

From 1941?

A Surgeon’s Diary: Experiences in World war II: North Africa, Sicily, Italy, 15th. Evacuation Hospital  Crawfordsville, indiana, 1987.


PICKER, Henry  - Hitler’s diarist - E

1941? And 1942?

In  Hitler Close-Up  New York, Macmillan, 1973.

PITMAN, Stuart [Maj.] - D243

1941 to 1942

Matthews: Contains his diary; activities of his regiment and himself in desert warfare of second World War.

Second Royal Gloucestershire Hussars  1950.


POLIAKOV, Alexander F. (1908?-1942)


Russians Don’t Surrender: The First Eyewitness Account of the Russian Army in Action  New York, Dutton, 1942, is reported to contain diary material.


PREDDY, George (1919-1944)  American fighter pilot - E

1941? to 1944

1. - In  Wings God Gave my Soul  by Joseph W.Noah. Annandale, Virginia, 1974.

2. - In  George Preddy, Top Mustang Ace  by Joe Noah and Samuel L.Sox. Motorbooks International, 1991.

PROSSER, David  - news cameraman


Extracts from a journal; Palestine and Tobruk; very full entries; wry observations; what the camera did not see.

In  Private Words; Letters and Diaries from the Second World War  edited by Ronald Blythe. London, Penguin Books, 1993, pp 53-55.


PRUSZYNSKI, Xavier  - Polish journalist - E


With a Polish political delegation in Moscow.

Russian Year: The Notebook of an Amateur Diplomat  Roy, New York, 1944.


RICKOVER, Ruth Masters (1903-1972)  wife of US Admiral Rickover - E


“Travels in Southeast Asia on the eve of Pearl harbour”.

Peppers, Rice and Elephants: A Southeast Asian Journey from Celebes to Siam  Annapolis, Naval Institute Press, 1975.


ROLNIKAS, Macha (b.1927?)  Jewish girl from Vilna

From June 1941

Undated extracts from a personal diary, probably expanded later; Nazi atrocities witnessed from the ghetto at Vilnius; separation from her mother and siblings, destined for a labour camp. At Stutthof concentration camp; illness; sleeping with a corpse; forced to extract gold teeth from the dead; the death march from Stutthof before the Russian advance; saved by the Red Army.

In  Children's Wartime Diaries: Secret Writings from the Holocaust and World War II  by Laurel Holliday. London, Piatkus, 1995, pp 185-199. This is an English translation of extracts from Je Devais Le Raconter, Paris, Les Editeurs Français Réunis, 1966.


ROXBURGH, James A. [Cpl.]  - of the Australian Imperial Force at Singapore

December 25th. and 26th. 1941 and January 12th. 1942

Two entries from a private diary at Singapore; Christmas celebrations; disciplinary problems; witnesses two air battles.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 122-123 and 134-136. The diary is in the Australian War Memorial.


RUDASHEVSKI, Yitskhok (Yitzhak) (1927-1943)  of Vilna - E

(Annotation based upon extracts)

June 1941 to April 1943

Personal diary of a jewish boy; Vilna overrun by the Germans and the Red Army flees; humiliation of the Jews; good details of daily life; fear; goes temporarily into hiding in a warehouse with many others; life in the ghetto; school, clubs, family; transportation. A good diary.

1. - The Diary of the Vilna Ghetto: June 1941 – April 1943  translated by Percy Matenko. Israel, Beit Lohamei Haghetaot – Ghetto Fighter's House, 1973.

2. - The End of the World Will Soon Be Here  Holt, 1995.

3. - Extracts: Holliday, pp 137-183.


RYAN, Raymond  of the Pay Corps, Australian Imperial Force

(Annotation based on extracts)

1941 to 1945

Military and prisoner of war diary; captured on Crete, with his brother; Stalag VIIIB.

1. - In  POW's Fraternal:  Diaries of S/Sgt Raymond Ryan – Poems of  Pte Laurence (Bouff) Ryan  edited by S.M.Ryan. Perth, Hawthorn, 1990.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 224-226 and 281-282.


SABURO, Kawamura [General] (d.1947)  Japanese soldier

December 3rd. to 10th. 1941 and April 1st. to 9th. 1942

Military diary; the advance from Thailand into Malaya; to the Philippines; elation at the fall of Bataan.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 92-94 and 176-177. The diary is in the Public Record Office. Saburo was hanged in 1947 for his part in the slaughter of the Chinese population when he was Governor of Singapore.


SALOMON, Charlotte (1917-1943)  German-Jewish artist born in Berlin, gassed in Auschwitz - E

1941 to 1943

A series of gouaches with accompanying text; autobiography, sometimes fantastical, with some elements of a diary.

1. - Charlotte: A Diary in Pictures  translated by Ralph Manheim. New York: Harcourt, 1963.

2. - Charlotte, Life or Theater? An Autobiographical Play  translated from the German by Leila Vennewitz. New York: Viking Press, 1981.   


SAMUELSON, Hyman [Capt.] (b.1919)  American engineer with 96th. Engineers Battalion (Colored)

(Annotation based on extracts)

October 1941 to 1944

Diary (combined with letters to his wife); white southern Jewish officer with African American troops in New Guinea; his engineering work; segregation; much about, and sympathy for the troops; military bureaucracy; morale; tropical disease; relations between officers and nurses; love for his wife.

1. - Love, War, and the 96th. Engineers (Colored): The World War II New Guinea Diaries of Captain Hyman Samuelson  edited by Gwendolyn Midlo Hall. Urbana and Chicago, University of Illinois Press, 2001.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 71-72, 210-212 and 254-255.


SANSOM, William (1926-1976)  writer


Loosely dated and discursive diary notes of his experiences as a London fireman.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 133-143.

SCHOLL, Hans (1918-1943) and Sophie (1921-1943)  German students

1941 to 1942

Very few entries quoted from the diaries of brother and sister executed in 1943 for opposition to Hitler. Mostly philosophical and religious musings.

At the Heart of the White Rose; Letters and Diaries of Hans and Sophie Scholl  edited by Inge Jens, translated by J.Maxwell Brownjohn. New York, Harper and Rowe, 1987. Passim.


SCOTT, Michael [Flying Officer] (1916?-1941)

January 1st. to May 18th. 1941

Diary of flying training. He was killed on his first operational flight.

1. - In  Private Words; Letters and Diaries from the Second World War  edited by Ronald Blythe. London, Penguin Books, 1993, pp 299-305. The diary is in The Imperial War Museum.

2. - Extracts: Lewis, pp 381-383.


SEBACHER, [Pastor] (d.1941)

June 11th. to December 5th. 1941

Diary of a German military chaplain in the Ukraine; dislike of his congregation; doubts about the rightness and outcome of the war; a weak man.

1. - In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 11-14.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 264-265.


SENHOUSE, Roger Pocklington n(1900-1970) publisher and bibliophile

From 1941

A few quotations from a private diary; character and behaviour of George Orwell.

In  George Orwell  by Gordon Bowker. London: Little, Brown, 2003.


SHARPE, George - E

Brothers Beyond Blood: A Battalion Surgeon in the South Pacific  Austin, texas, Diamond Books, is reported to contain diary material.


SHARPLESS, Edith  - American Quaker - E

An American Friend in Tokyo, 1941-1943  in  Quaker History  Spring, 1994, is reported to contain diary material.


SHU Xiangcheng (1921-1999)  civilian in Hong Kong

December 8th. 1941

A single, but lengthy diary entry; the slow realisation that Hong Kong was really under attack by the Japanese; pessimism about the capacity of the defenders to hold out.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 102-104. The diary is in Hong Kong University Library.


SMITH, Cornelius C. Jr. - *M5713,E

...A Hell of a Christmas  in  Naval Institute Proceedings  December, 1968.


SMITH, Robert T.  – American pilot with the 'Flying Tigers'

December 23rd. 1941

Pilot's diary; an entry recording the interception of a Japanese bombing raid on Rangoon and the ensuing air battle.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 121-122. The diary is in private hands but has been posted in facsimile on the internet.


STANDLEY, William Harrison [Admiral] (1872-1963)  of the US Navy - E

1941 to 1943

"Admiral Ageton collaborated with Admiral Standley ... in preparing and expanding the narrative into its present form from the notes and diaries which Admiral Standley recorded."

Admiral Ambassador to Russia  by William H.Standley and Arthur A.Ageton. Chicago, Regnery, 1955.


STEIN, Leo  - brother of Gertrude Stein - *H2302,*M5714,E

Journey into the Self; Being the Letters, Papers and Journals of Leo Stein  edited by Edmund Fuller. New York, Crown, 1950.

STEPHEN, James Alexander [Gunner Sir] (b.1908)

April 2nd and May 1st. 1941

Two extracts from a personal and military diary. Excellent and interesting. The diarist was declared insane in 1945.

In  Private Words; Letters and Diaries from the Second World War  edited by Ronald Blythe. London, Penguin Books, 1993, pp 290-293.

01/02/03 - STILWELL, Joseph Warren [Gen.] (1883-1946) - H2303,M5715

a) - December 7th. 1941 to October 27th. 1944

Military diary combined with reflective passages and letters to his wife; command of the Chinese-American armies in Burma from which he was eventually recalled; prickly and bitter 'tough-guy' account; dislike of Chiang K'ai-shek and Mountbatten; military difficulties, sickness and disease. The record of 'an outstanding American soldier, wasted on an all but impossible job… for which, temperamentally, he was unsuited'.

1. - The Stilwell Papers  edited by Theodore H.White. New York, W.Sloane Associates, 1948, London, Macdonald & Co., 1949. The British edition has a second introduction.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 269-270, 318-319,470 and 617-618; and Berger (1), pp 598-602.

b) - (Not seen, annotation based on a single entry)


Gossip about the behaviour of atomic scientists; gloating over the destruction of Yokohama; hatred of the Japanese.

1. - In  Seven Stars: The Okinawa Battle Diaries of Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr., and Joseph Stilwell  edited by Nicolas Sarantakes. College Station, Texas A&M University Press, 2004.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 617-618.


STIMSON, Henry Lewis (1867-1950)  US Secretary of War

November 25th. and 27th. 1941, August 10th. and September 4th. And 5th.1945

Diary; White House discussions on means of ensuring that in the event of war, Japan would be seen as the aggressor; the role of the Emperor in the event of Japanese surrender; Russia and control of the atomic bomb.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 84-86, 603-605 and 620-621. The diary is in Yale University Library.

Note:  On Active Service in Peace and War  New York, Harper, two volumes, 1948, and  Prelude to Invasion  Public Affairs, 1944, are reported to contain diary material.


TAMBAYASHI, Richard F. (d.1999)  boy scout in Honoloulou

December 7th. to 10th. 1941

Boy scout's diary notes of the Japanese attack; his neighbours killed; his house destroyed by fire; cleans up the school and moves to a new home with his family.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 100-101. The diary is in the Hawaii War Record Depository, University of Hawaii at Manoa.


TAKASHIMA, Shizuye (b.1930?)  Japanese Canadian internee - E

1941 to 1945

A Child in Prison Camp  Tundra Books, montreal, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.

THISTLE, R. [Lieut.] - *H2304


TIPPER, Kathleen - E

1941 to 1945

A Mass Observation diary.

A Woman in Wartime London: The Diary of Kathleen Tipper, 1941-1945  edited by Patricia and Robert Malcomson. London Record Society, 2006.


TOLISCHUS, Otto  - New York Times reporter in Tokyo

(Annotation based on extracts)

From February 1941

Journalist's diary; acute observations of the Japanese political scene; report of meeting between Matsuoka and Stalin to sign the neutrality pact; attempted assassination of Baron Hiranuma; increasing distrust of foreigners.

1. - Tokyo Record  New York, Reynal and Hitchcock, 1943.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 36-36, 44-45, 53-54 and 61-63.


TROWBRIDGE (pseud.) [Mrs.]  middle-aged, middle class housewife, of Bradford

October 1st. to 30th. 1941

Extracts from a Mass-Observation diary; a soldier lodger; criticism of bureaucracy and inefficiency of rationing and billeting authorities; contempt equally for army officers and Germans; her son, rejected by Air Force and Navy is 'doomed' to the Army; her voluntary work; shortages; black market eggs; outspoken views on the mismanagement of almost everything.

1. - In  Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  edited by Dorothy Sheridan. London, Heinemann, 1970, pp 144-156.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 259-260.


TSATSOS, Jeanne (Ioanna TSATSOU) - E

1941 to 1944

The Sword's Edge: A Journal of the Occupation of Greece, 1941-1944  Nashville, Vanderbilt Unversity Press, 1969.


UGAKI, Matome [Admiral] (1890 -1945)  Chief of Staff to Admiral Yamamoto, later commander of 5th. Air Fleet

October 1941 to August 1945, two gaps

Naval diary; very dense accounts of his naval battles and air attack operations; accounts of battles in which he was not directly involved; some political comments and a few personal observations but little reflection; retrospective account of his survival after being shot down by American fighters; Kamikaze attacks.

1. - Fading Victory: The Diary of Admiral Matome Ugaki, 1941-1945  translated by Masataka Chihaya, edited by Donald M.Goldstein and Katherine V.Dillon. Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1991.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 73-74, 297-298, 483-484, and 567-568.


VAUGHAN, Elizabeth (née Head)  (1905-1957) - M5717

December 8th. 1941 to March 12th. 1945

Diary of the wartime experiences of an American woman in the Philippines with her children; her husband away and unable to rejoin her; retreat before the Japanese and eventual internment; camp conditions, internees and guards; care of the children; news of her husband's death; shortage of food; liberation. Good and evocative descriptions.

1. - The Ordeal of Elizabeth Vaughan; A Wartime Diary of the Philippines  edited by Carol M. Petillo. Athens, Georgia, University of Georgia Press, 1985.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 209-210, 255-256, 279-280, 303-304 and 315-316.


VERREAULT, Georges (Blacky) (1920-1966)  French Canadian soldier

(Annotation based on extracts)

1941 to 1945

Diary of a soldier and prisoner of war; defence of Hong Kong; taken prisoner; his treatment in Japan; a very forthright and interesting diary by a strong character.

1. - Diary of a Prisoner of War in Japan, 1941-1945  Quebec, Vero, 1996.

2. - Aldrich (2), pp 86-87, 119-121 and 452-453.


WALKER, Fred L.[Maj. Gen.]  - American soldier - *H2305,E

Military diary in Italy

From Texas to Rome: A General's Journal  Dallas, Taylor Publishing, 1969.


WALTHER, Phyllis

1941 to 1942

Mass Observation Diary.

Dorset in Wartime: The Diary of Phyllis Walther, 1941-1942  Dorset Record Society, 2009.


WHEELER, Robert Eric [Sir] (1890-1976)  archaeologist

a) - 1941

Military and personal diary of the wartime voyage from Liverpool to Suez, round the Cape, on the troopship Empress of Russia; foul conditions on board; submarine alarms; occupations and entertainments of officers and troops; shore leave in Durban; a brief love affair; visits to native kraals; Aden; Suez.

1. - A slightly modified version in  Twenty-Four Hours' Leave  privately printed, 1944.

2. - Quoted in  Mortimer Wheeler; Adventurer in Archaeology  by Jacquetta Hawkes. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1982.

b) - October 1942 to January 1943

Military diary; the battle of El Alamein; a raid before entering Tripoli.

1. - In  Twenty-Four Hours' Leave  privately printed, 1944.

2. - In  Still Digging  London, 1955.

3. - Quoted in  Mortimer Wheeler; Adventurer in Archaeology  by Jacquetta Hawkes. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1982.


WOODWARD, Jack K.  – of the Royal Australian Air Force

(Annotation based on extracts)

From 1941

Diary; the coming Japanese invasion is common knowledge among the Chinese in Malaya; fifth columnists; disbelief of the military command.

1. - Three Times Lucky  Brisbane, Boolarong Publications, 1991.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich, pp 80-82.


WRIGHT-NOOTH, George  - police officer and Japanese prisoner near Hong Kong

(Annotation based on extracts)

1941? to 1945?

Prison diary at Fort Stanley.

1. - Prisoner of the Turnip Heads: The Fall of Hong Kong and Imprisonment by the Japanese  London, Cassell, 1994.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 516-517.


ZAGER, Raymond Lee (b.1933?)  American diarist and diary collector

a) - June 3rd. 1941

A brief entry recording the return of his mother from a visit, the death of a relative and a baseball result.

Quoted in Forced Entries  in  The Diarist's Journal  2, February 2003, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 24-27, reprinted from  MetroSantaCruz  June 12th. 2002.

b) - Not dated

Fragments of his diary are quoted in his book  Window of Self, A Diary is Forever: Instructions, techniques and history for the diary writer  Corralitos, California, The Diary Library of Corralitos, 2003. -



ANONYMOUS,  Japanese soldier

April 13th. To 30th. 1942

Japanese soldier's pocket diary; guard duties at a POW camp at Bandoeng on Java; puzzled by the fact that neither prisoners nor their wives appeared to feel shame at their situation; execution of escapees; worship of the Emperor on his birthday; prisoners, by virtue of their situation, have no right to complain of maltreatment.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 181-184. The diary was captured at Guadalcanal in 1943, translated by the Combat Intelligence Center South Pacific Force, and is now in the US Navy Historical Center, Washington DC.


ANONYMOUS, Gunner  - German soldier

October 24th. to December 17th. 1942

Military diary; a graphic account of terror, cold and exhaustion under russian attack at Stalingrad; unwavering faith in the Fuhrer.

1. - In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 71-73.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 372-373.

ANONYMOUS, [Pte. 1st. Class]  - German soldier

November 22 to December 18th. 1942

Personal diary of an infantryman at Stalingrad; frostbite; starvation; dysentery; longing for home.

In  True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?), pp 76-78.


ANONYMOUS,  chronicler of the Special Operations Executive

April 21st. to May 17th. 1942

SOE war diary; discussion of plans to assassinate Mussoline and Farinacci.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 304-306. The diary is in the Public record Office.


ANONYMOUS  - Inmate(s) of Santo Tomas Internment Camp - E

1942 to 1945

James Cummings has  Santo Tomas Internment Camp 1942-1945  by Frederic Harper Stevens, New York, Stratford, 1946, but does not identify the diarist(s).


ANONYMOUS,  Japanese soldier - E


“… diary of a Japanese soldier and memoirs of the American sailor who found him alive, but dying, on Guadalcanal.”

Guadalcanal Twice Told  Vantage press, 1978.


APPLEBY, John Tate,  American engineer - E


“… account of his time in the UK in World War 2 - as a Civil Engineer in the US Army Air Force - mainly in Suffolk and East Anglia, building massive airfields for the USAAF. He tells how he fell for the rural beauty, architecture, history and people of the county.”

Suffolk Summer  Ipswich, 1948, is reported to contain diary material.


ARMSTRONG, James (Bluey) [Pte.] (1919-1944)  Australian prisoner of war

July 12th. And 13th. 1942

The diarist, imprisoned on Ambon Island, witnesses a brutal assault by the Japanese upon a group of Dutch prisoners, one of whom dies the next day.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 215-216. The diary is in the Australian War Memorial.


ARNEIL, Stan [Sgt.]  Australian soldier in Singapore

(Annotation based on extracts)

1942? To 1945?

Diary; lack of direction of troops at Singapore, before and after surrender. The diary conrinues to record his captivity, including work on the Thai-Burma railway.

1. - One Man's War  Melbourne. Alternative Publishing Co-operative, 1980.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 155-156.


ATCHERLEY, Harold Winter [Capt. Sir] (b.1918)  Japanese prisoner of war at Singapore

May 1942 to April 1943 and December 1943 to September 1945

Prisoner of war diary of an intelligence officer in Changi. From April to December 1943 the account is a brief narrative of forced labour on the Burma-Siam railway when he was unable to keep a diary. A very good and objective account of the life; personal relations, friendships and frictions; starvation, sickness and death among his companions; behaviour of inmates and of Japanese and Korean guards; his own health and hunger; reading, music and gardening under appalling conditions; cooking, menus and recipes; money and prices; longing for letters; release. There is no recorded information or curiosity about the course of the war, which is explained at the close of the diary by the disclosure that clandestine radios had been in use throughout. Illustrations by Ronald Searle, a fellow prisoner.

Prisoner of Japan: A Personal War Diary  Cirencester, Memoirs Publishing, 2012.


ATWOOD, George H. - E

1942 to 1944

“… account of the construction of Alcan Highway project and the Canol Project between 1942 and 1944., critical links to Alaska during the war effort in the Aleutian campaign.”

Along the Alcan  New York, Pageant Press, 1960.


BABSON, Sydney Gorham (d.2010)  American paediatrician - E


Tahiti Holiday and Others  Binfords, 1943, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: “In 1977, he retired and set a course to take one world-trip a year and to write about each one—nearly 20 booklets resulted.”


BACON, Ursula (née BLOMBERG)  teenage Jewish girl in Shanghai

(Annotation based on extracts)


A loosely dated memoir, claimed to be based on a diary but clearly much revised and expanded in adult life. The extracts concern the behaviour of her language pupils, three sisters, concubines of General Yi.

1. - Shanghai Diary: A Young Girl's Journey from Hitler's Hate to War-Torn China  Milwaukee, Milestone Books, 2002.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich, pp 225-227 and 271-272.


BARKER, Robert - E

1942 to 1945 (?)

Philippine Diary: A Journal of Life as a Japanese Prisoner of War  Chicago, Robert A.Barker Foundation, 1990.


BARNARD, John Tolson - E

From 1942

The Endless Years: A Personal Record of the Experiences of a British Officer as a Prisoner of War in Japanese Hands from the Fall of Singapore to His Liberation, Written During His Captivity  London, Chantry, 1950.


BATEMAN, George C. [Pte.]  – British soldier, optician and prisoner of war

(Annotation based on extracts)

1942 to 1944

Prisoner's diary; from Tobruk to Italy; Moodburg in Germany; a visit to the dentist; bombed by the Americans at Brunswick.

1. - Diary of a Temporary Soldier  privately printed, 1988.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 328-329, 471-472 and 552-553.


BAYNES, Len [Sgt.]  British soldier in Malaya

February 14th. 1942

A diary entry describing his unit's surrender to the Japanese, and his shame.

In  The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2005, pp 153-154. The diary is in the Liddle Collection of the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds.


BERWICK, Clyde J. (b.1921)  Australian army engineer in Singapore

(Annotation based on extracts)

1942? To 1945?

Prisoner of war diary; trouble with a japanese artillery spotter plane; joyful return to Changi for Christmas 1943 after a year working on the Thai-Burma railway.

1. - The War Diary of Clyde J.Berwick  privately printed, 1994.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 144-145 and 371-372.


BIELIK, Casimir (b.1921?)  of the U.S. Navy - H2305a,M5718

August 25th. 1942 to April 26th. 1943, a few notes for 1944

Sailor's diary of an uneventful war, much of it spent in various ports in Trinidad and South America; duties, drinking, girls, horseplay; brief but evocative entries.

In  American Diaries of World War II  edited by Donald Vining. New York, Pepys Press, 1982, pp 180-195.

BICKERSTETH, Anthony Charles [Major]  British soldier - E

Dates Unknown

ODTAA: Being Extracts from the Diary of an Officer Who Served with the 4/10th. Gurkha Rifles in Manipur and Burma  Aberdeen University Press, 1953. The abbreviated title expands to  One Damned Thing After Another .


BILLANY, Dan in collaboration with DOWIE, David - E

1942 to 1943 (?)

“Captured in Africa in June 1942, sent to POW camp in Italy, released in September 1943, they were not heard from after December 1943 and it is assumed they were recaptured and lost their lives trying to escape. This book was written during their time in Italy.”

The Cage  London, Longmans, 1949, is reported to contain diary material.

BLOOM, Elfrieden (Freddy)H2306

March 4th. 1942 to August 21st. 1945

The diary, in captivity, of an American Journalist, married nine days before her incarceration in the civilian women's prison at Changi after the fall of Singapore. Written for her husband, a good picture of camp life.

1. - Dear Philip; A Diary of Captivity, Changi 1942-45  London, The Bodley Head, 1980.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 171-173, 264-265 and 304-305.


BOLTON, Angela (née Noblet) (b.1918)  nurse

1942 to 1945

Nursing in war time India; a narrative, based on diaries with some direct quotation; malaria, dysentery, work, social life.

1. - The Maturing Sun; An Army Nurse in India, 1942-45  London, Imperial War Museum, 1986. Headline, paperback, 1988.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 188-189, 216-217 and 354-355.


BRALY, William C. (b.1888)  Japanese prisoner of war - E

From 1942?

The hard Way Home  Washington, Infantry Journal Press, 1947, is reported to contain diary material.


BROWN, James Ambrose  - South African NCO - E

(Annotation based on extracts)


Soldier's diary; a full and varied diary of the desert war; concerned more with humanity than strategy or tactics.

1. - One Man's War: A Soldier's Diary  Cape Town, Howard Timmins, 1980, 185 pp.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 323-325, 327-328, 330-331, 339-340 and 366.

2. - Retreat to Victoria: A Springbok's Diary in North Africa: Gazala to El Alamein 1942  South Africans at War Series  VII, Johannesburg, Ashanti, 1991.


BROWNING, John Gaitha (1913?-1992)  American war artist

(Annotation based on extracts)

Personal, interesting and reflective diary of his wartime experiences in the South Pacific.

1. - An Artist at War: The Journal of John Gaitha Browning  edited by Oleta Stewart Toliver. Denton, University of North Texas Press, 1994.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 282-283, 386-387,461-462 and 475-476.


BRUCE, David Kirkpatrick Este [Col.] (1898-1977)  of OSS, the American wartime intelligence service

a) - (Not seen)

1942 to 1944

1. - OSS Against the Reich: The World War II Diaries of David K.E.Bruce  edited by N.D.Lankford. Kent, Ohio State University Press, 1991.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 551-552  (The French resistance takes control of Chartres).

b) - June 6th. and 7th. And August 19th. 1944

Military diary; detailed account of his observations of the Utah Beach landing and covering naval bombardment; goes ashore with General Donovan who, when risking capture, discovers the loss of his suicide pills and explains that as senior officer he will shoot the author first if it becomes necessary;

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 525-526 and 527-529. The diary is in the Virginia Historical Institute, Richmond.


BRUMMER, Francis H. (b.1922?)  of the U.S. Navy - H2306a,M5720

January 21st. 1942 to November 11th. 1945, gaps

Sailor's diary (extracts); brief, factual entries a good account of the perils of a Russian convoy by a signalman in the USS Ironclad; notes of other voyages to Africa, India, etc; stillbirth of his daughter.

In  American Diaries of World War II  edited by Donald Vining. New York, Pepys Press, 1982, pp 133-143.


BULLARD, W.Lance [Petty Officer]  diver, of the Royal Australian Navy

(Annotation based on extracts)


Aftermath of an attack by a japanese midget submarine in Sydney Harbour.

1. - In  War on Our Doorstep: Diaries of Australians at the Frontline in 1942  edited by Gabrielle Chan. South Yarra, Hardy Grant Books, 2003.

2.  - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 206-208.


BUNKER, Paul D. [Col.] (d.1943)  American artillery officer - M5721

(Annotation based on extracts)

1942? To 1943

Private diary; defence of Corregidor Island in the Philippines; taken prisoner; Manila; a forced march; captivity on Formosa.

1. - Bunker's War: The World War II Diary of Col. Paul D. Bunker  edited by Keith A.Barlow. Novato, Presidio, 1996.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 180-181, 201-203, 233-234 and 245-246.

3. - Extracts from January to March 1942 in  Uncommon Valor: The Exciting Story of the Army  by James M.Merrill. Rand McNally, 1964, pp 369-371. -


BUTCHER, Harry Cecil [Capt.] (1901-1985)  Naval Aide to General Eisenhower - M5722

July 8th. 1942 to July 12th. 1945

A very full diary account of Eisenhower during the European campaign; military and political matters; important persons; social affairs; anecdote; the progress of the war; admiration for Eisenhower.

1. - Three Years With Eisenhower: The Personal Diary of Captain Harry C.Butcher, USNR, Naval Aide to General Eisenhower, 1942 to 1945  London, Heinemannn, 1946.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 349-350, 407-408, 420-421 and 535-536.


CANETTI, Elias (1905-1994)  novelist - E

1942 to 1972 (?)

The Human Province  New York, Seabury Press, 1978; London, Andre Deutsch, 1985, is reported to conatin diary material.


CAPA, Robert (Endre Friedmann) (1913-1954)  hungarian war photographer - E

From 1942

“… a dashing young man who liked nothing so much as a heated game of poker, a good bottle of scotch, and the company of a pretty girl hopped a merchant ship to England. He was Robert Capa, the brilliant and daring photojournalist, and Collier’s magazine had put him on assignment to photograph the war raging in Europe. In these pages, Capa recounts his terrifying journey through the darkest battles of World War II and shares his memories of the men and women of the Allied forces who befriended, amused, and captivated him along the way.”

Slightly Out of Focus  Holt, 1947, is reported to contain diary material.


CHURCH-BLISS, Kathleen and WHITEMAN, Elsie  - factory workers

(Annotation based on extracts)

February 1942 to November 1944

Joint diary of two middle-aged, middle class women; give up their tea shop and train as lathe operators to work at a light engineering factory in Croydon; work and relaxation; fellow workers and superiors. Rare and interesting.

1. - Working for Victory: Diary of Life in a Second World War Factory  edited by S.Bruely. Stroud, Alan Sutton, 2001.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (1), pp 379-380 and 448-449.


COALE, Griffith Baily - E


“… the author … was in the U.S. Navy shortly before America entered World War II.”

North Atlantic Patrol: The Log of a Seagoing Artist  New York, Farrar, 1942, 48pp.


CODMAN, Charles Russell (1893-1956)  American author, wine expert and aide de camp to General PattonE

From 1942?

Drive  Little Brown, 1957, is reported to contain diary material.


COFFIN, Howard Macy - E


Malta Story: Based on the Diary and Experiences of Flying Officer Howard Macy Coffin, R.A.F.  Dutton, 1943.


COLEMAN, John S. (b.1902)  Japanese prisoner - E

1942? to 1945?

Bataan and Beyond: Memories of an American P.O.W.  College Station, Texas A.&M. University, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


CURLEWIS, Adrian [Capt.] (b.1901)  Australian soldier

May 1st. 1942 to August 20th. 1945

Prisoner's diary, maintained in difficult circumstances; the fall of Singapore; Changi prison; conditions, duties, activities, sports and pastimes; food and decreasing rations; rumours; working parties in Singapore; camp and railway work in Thailand; brutality, diarrhoea, malaria; starvation; deaths; marches; work; return to Changi; slow and painful recovery from his ordeal on the railway. Curlewis was a lawyer in private life and his diary is precisely written, with good clear descriptions, and unsparing about both the Japanese and his fellow prisoners.

In  Of Love and War: The Letters and Diaries of Captain Adrian Curlewis and His Family, 1939-1945  by Philippa Poole. London, Century, 1983, passim.


CURRY, Frank  - of the Royal Canadian Navy

January 19th. to February 12th. 1942

Diary of an Asdic operator on HMCS Kamsach a corvette on convoy escort in the North Atlantic; storms and fear of submarines; brief respite in Ireland before the return convoy; a good diary by a reluctant sailor.

In  The Mammoth Book of War Diaries and Letters  edited by J.E.Lewis. New York, Carroll and Graf, 1998, pp 385-389. The diary has been posted on the internet.



DANIELS, Jonathan (1902-1981)  Administrative Assistant and Press Secretary to President Franklin D. Roosevelt  - *M5723,E

1942 to 1945

In  White House Witness, 1942-1945  New York, Doubleday, 1975.


DAVEY, Ray - E

From 1942?

Memoir; the Western Desert; prisoner of war in Italy and Germany.

Don't Fence Me In  Belfast, The Belfast News Letter, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.


De MAUNY, Erik  - army intelligence officer

a) - February 6th. to July 19th. 1942

Scattered diary notes; behind the lines in North Africa; literature, thoughts and depression.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 151-160.

b) - October 17th. 1944 to January 9th. 1945

Slightly more cheerful diary notes in Italy, following the German retreat.

In  Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece. London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947, pp 248-254.


DODDS, R.Denis - E

From 1942?

James Cummings (3495) has  Flying Officer R.Denis Dodds: His Diary  privately printed, 1945.


DONAHUE, Ralph J. - E

From 1942?

Ready on the Right: A True Story of a Naturalist Seabee on the Islands of Kodiak, Unalask, Adak and Others  Kansas City, Missouri, 1946, is reported to contain diary material.


DOTHIE, Harold J. [Flight Lieut.]  Canadian in the RAF

April 19th. 1942

A single entry; the hazards of diary keeping; doubts about his engagement to a Canadian girl.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 303-304. The diary is in the Canadian National Archives.

DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, David [Squadron Leader Lord] (d.1943)

April to August 1942

a) - Squadron diary of 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron in Malta, written in collaboration with Flt. Lt. Bill Douglas.

b) - Personal diary.

Used with narrative and letters in  The Air Battle for Malta; The Diaries of a Spitfire Pilot  by James Douglas-Hamilton. Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing, 1981 and Shrewsbury, Airlife Publishing, 1990. Passim. The personal diary first appeared in  Blackwood's Magazine  April and May, 1944.

DOWIE, David: see BILLANY, Dan

DUNLOP, (Ernest) Edward [Sir] (Weary) (1907-1993)  Australian surgeon

April 19th. 1942 to August 16th. 1945

Personal diary as senior medical officer in prison camps in Java and on the Burma-Thailand Railway; camp life; prisoners and gaolers; work and ill-treatment; injury and disease; the unending struggle for life and dignity against barbarous cruelty, near starvation and a malignant climate; medical details; an unsentimental and heroic account.

The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop  Australia, Thomas Nelson, 1986; Wheathampstead, Lennard Publishing, 1987; London, Viking 1989. Many impressions.


DUSTING, Louis George [Cpl.] (b.1912)  RAAF aircraft fitter

(Annotation based on extracts)

1942 to 1943

Diary; descriptions of Japanese air attacks at Port Moresby.

1. - The 1942-1943  Diary of a Corporal Fitter IIE of No. 30 Beaufighter Squadron in New Guinea  edited by George Turnbull Dick. Glenbrook, Adam Press, 1995.

2. - Extracts: Aldrich (2), pp 236-237 and 260-261.


EDE, James Chuter (1882-1965)  British politician

February 15th. and 18th. and December 31st. 1942

Political diary (extracts); discussion of Churchill's leadership; conclusion of no obvious successor; admission of Churchill's qualities. Interesting.

In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 290-291 and 380-382. The diary is in the British Library.


EDGE, George [Capt.] (1905-1998)  in the merchant service

August 10th. to September 14th. 1942

Sea diary of 35 days in command of No. 2 lifeboat with fifteen survivors in the Atlantic, following the torpedoing of the Blue Funnel Line cargo-liner Medon.

Diary of 35 Days Spent in a Lifeboat  Privately printed, date unknown. An account of the diary with quotations is given in Edge's obituary in  The Daily Telegraph  January 26th. 1988.