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ABBEY, Edward (1927-1989)  American writer, novelist and environmentalist - E

1951 to 1989

Personal journal (extracts); student days in Edinburgh; travel in Europe, Scandinavia and eastern USA; the American West; wives and lovers; concern for preservation of the southwestern wilderness; arguments and quarrels.

Confessions of a Barbarian: Selections from the Journals of Edward Abbey, 1951-1989  edited by David Petersen. Boston, Little, Brown, 1994.

Note: See also  Vox Clamantis in Deserto: Some Notes from a Secret Journal  Sanata Fe, Rydal Press, 1989 (250 copies) and New York, St. Martin's Press, 1990; and  The Journey Home: Some Words in Defense of the American West  New York, Dutton, 1977.


BOUVIER, Jaqueline Lee (later KENNEDY) (1929-1994) and Caroline Lee (later RADZIWILL) (b.1933)E


The Bouvier sisters' illustrated journal of an European tour.

One Special Summer  New York, Delacorte, 1974. Reprinted, Rizzoli, 2006.


BRAIN, (Walter) Russell (1895-1966)  Briish neurologist

1951 to 1956

Dated records of conversations with Walter de la Mare.

Tea With Walter De La Mare  London, Faber, 1957.  


CROSSMAN, Richard Howard (1907-1974)  politician - H2395

a) - October 30th. 1951 to June 2nd. 1970

The political diaries of the journalist, labour M.P. and minister. Thoughtful, self-confident and argumentative. The diaries were normally dictated weekly at great length. The backbench diaries are politically interesting but the ministerial diaries give a unique and fascinating picture of the life of a cabinet minister and of the functioning of Cabinet Government. Some personal touches anchor the account in the world outside politics.

1. - The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister; Volume I; Minister of Housing 1964-66  London, Hamish Hamilton and Jonathan Cape, 1975.

2. - The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister; Volume II; Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons 1966-68  edited by Janet Morgan. London, Hamish Hamilton and Jonathan Cape, 1976.

3. - The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister; Volume III; Secretary of State for Social Services 1968-70  edited by Janet Morgan. London, Hamish Hamilton and Jonathan Cape, 1977.

4. - The Crossman Diaries; Selections from the Diaries of a Cabinet Minister, 1964-70  edited by Anthony Howard. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1979. An abridgement of the three volumes of Cabinet diaries.

5. - The Backbench Diaries of Richard Crossman  edited by Janet Morgan. London, Hamish Hamilton and Jonathan Cape, 1981.

b) - November 17th. 1944

- A single entry from the diary of his visit to occupied Germany as a psychological warfare officer; reception and conditions at Aachen; interesting observations on the attitude and conduct of the defeated population.

- In  Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  edited by Richard J.Aldrich. London, Doubleday, 2004, pp 582-5849. The diary manuscript is in the Crossman Papers in the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick.

c) - 1946

“… a member of the Anglo-American Committee on Palestine and records his experiences, travels in Europe and Palestine.”

Palestine Mission: A Personal Record  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1946.


CUCA, Marian (Arksey has Marion) (1939-1953)  of New York - M5817

(Annotation based on extracts)

1951 to 1953

Schoolgirl's diary; girl friends; boys; talk of kissing; summer camp.

1. - The Diary of Marian Cuca  New York, privately printed, 1956.

2. - Extracts: Berger (2), pp 86-90.


DALE, Harold - E

1951 and 1952

The West Indian cricket team tours Australia.

Cricket Crusaders  London, Laurie, 1952.


DENNING, Raymond John (1951-1993) - E

Dates unknown

“Prison and other memoirs.”

The Ray Denning Diary  Haynmarket, New South Wales, 1982.


DRIBERG, Thomas Edward Neil (1905-1976)  journalist and M.P.

April 4th. 1951 to All Souls' Day 1952

Personal and political diary; miscellaneous jottings, thoughts and anecdotes; parliamentary and constituency work; religion; his house; visits to the Suez Canal Zone and the Sudan; a general election; often entertaining.

The Best of Both Worlds; A Personal Diary  London, Phoenix House, 1953.


DUNFORD, Katherine - *H2396,E

The Journal of an Ordinary Pilgrim  Philadelphia, Westminster Press, 1954.


FISHER, James - E


“… expedition to study pinkfoot geese in their Iceland nesting colonies. Color frontis & black-and-white drawings by [Peter] Scott (qv) …”

A Thousand Geese  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1954.


GODDARD, John (1924-2013)  American adventurer - E


“… account of a 4,145 mile kayak journey down the Nile River, accompanied by two French explorers.”

Kayaks Down the Nile  Brigham Young University Press, 1979.


GÖRRES (GORRES), Ida Friederike Coudenhove (1901-1971)  lay theologian - E


Broken Lights; Diaries and Letters, 1951-1959  translated by Barbara Waldstein-Wartenberg. Westminster, Maryland, Newman Press, 1964.


GRIFFITH, Margaret D. - *H2397,E

From 1951

Unconventional Europe: A Diary of a Family  Washington, D.C., Peabody, 1956.


JOY, Charles Turner [Adml.] - *H2398,E

Negotiating While Fighting: The Diary of Admiral C.Turner Joy at the Korean Armistice Conference  Hoover Institution Press, 1978.


KAHN, Arthur David  - *M5818,E

A record of conversations with people during a tour of the United States, arguing for peace.

Speak Out! America Wants Peace: A Diary  New York, 1951.



1951 to 1980

“Diary of life on one of the major Texas cattle ranches.”

Lambshead Legacy: The Ranch Diary of Watt R.Matthews  College Station, Twxas, Texas A & M Univerwsity Press, 1991.


PARKS, Gordon (1912-2006)  black American writer and film-maker - E

a) - 1951 to 1988

Widely spaced extracts from a private journal; Paris; New York; South Africa; Russia; travel notes; anecdote; social conscience.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 358-373. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.

b) - Flavio; an Evocative Statement About Love, Pain, Hunger, and Despair-and at Last About Hope  New York W.W. Norton, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.

c) - Hungry Heart: A Memoir  Simon & Schuster, 2005, is also reported to contain diary material.  


RAILSBACK, Howard M. - E

James Cummings (10159) has  Si Draft's Diary  Deere and Company, 1951. This appears to be a promotional item for the John Deere agricultural machinery company but its content is unknown.


ROREM, Ned (b.1923)  American composer - *H2490,*M5819,E

a) - 1951 to 1955

Extracts from a personal journal in France and North Africa; episodic and loosely dated; protégé of Marie-Laure de Noailles; a narcissistic record of social climbing, drinking, music, gossip, and anecdote; homosexual lovers and an affair in Italy.

The Paris Diary of Ned Rorem  New York, George Braziller, 1966. London, Barrie and Rockliff, 1967.

b) - 1955 to 1961

The New York Diary of Ned Rorem  New York, Braziller, 1967.

c) - Dates Unknown

Critical Affairs, A Composer's Journal  New York, Brazillier, 1970.

d) - 1961 to 1972

The Final Diary  New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1974.

e) - 1973 to 1985

The Nantucket Diary of Ned Rorem  San Francisco, North Point Press, 1987.

f) - 1974

Setting the Tone: Essays and a Diary  New York, Coward, McCann, 1983.

g) - Dates Unknown

An Absolute Gift: A New Diary  Simon and Schuster, 1978.

h) - December 1983

Personal diary; notes on first reading the diaries of Jean Cocteau (qv).

Quoted in Rorem's introduction to  Past Tense  the first volume of the Cocteau Diaries, London, Hamish Hamilton, 1987, pp x-xiii.

i) - 1986 to 1999

Lies  Counterpoint Press, 2000.

j) - 1999 to 2005

Facing the Night  Emeryville, California, Shoemaker and Hoard, 2007.


ROUNDS, Frank  - American diplomat - *M5820,E

A Window on Red Square  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1953.

SHUCKBURGH, (Charles Arthur) Evelyn (b.1909)  British diplomat

October 26th. 1951 to December 5th. 1956

Diplomatic and political diary; Private Secretary to Anthony Eden to 1954; then in charge of Middle Eastern Affairs in the Foreign Office; political and social life; some personal notes; Churchill, Eden, Crossman, and many other notable politicians; a good picture of official life in the Foreign Office and of Middle Eastern affairs in the run up to the Suez Crisis; exhaustion and disillusion.

Descent to Suez: Diaries 1951-56  selected for publication by John Charmley. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1986.


SMITH, Harry Allen Wolfgang (1907-1976)  American humorist - E


Smith's London Journal  New York, Doubleday, 1952.


WEINTRAUB, Stanley (b.1929) - E


The author served with the Eighth Army in Korea as Admissions Officer at the United nations Prisoner of War Hospital.

The War in the Wards: Korea's Unknown Battle in a Prisoner-of-War hospital Camp  New York, doubleday, 1964, is reported to contain diary material.


WILSON, Enid J.  - country diary writer, of Keswick

1951 to 1986

Widely space selected entries from a country diary written for the Guardian newspaper; notes on natural history, weather, scenery, past times and country pursuits in the Lake District, mainly around Keswick.

1. - A Lakeland Diary  West Yorkshire, 1983, 325 copies.

2. - Enid J.Wilson's Country Diary  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1988.



ALBERTS, Robert C. - *M5822,E

In  The Shaping of the Point: Pittsburgh's Renaissance Park  University of Pittsburgh Press, 1980.


BENTLEY-Taylor, David (1915-2005)  English missionary - E

From 1952

“For two and a half years, David Bentley-Taylor, with his wife and their youngest child, lived in a large Muslim village in East Java. Through the pages of his diary with its vivid account of day to day experiences, we see a Javanese evangelist labouring with apostolic simplicity and power in the remarkable movement of Muslims turning to Christ.”

The Prisoner Leaps: A Diary of Missionary Life in Java  London, Lutterworth, 1961.


BOMARD, Alain (1924-2005)  French biologist, physician and politician - E


The Voyage of the Heretique: the Story of Dr. Bombard's 65-Day Solitary Atlantic Crossing in a Collapsible Life Raft  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1953.


CASTERET, Norbert (1897 - 1987)  French caver and adventurer - E


Cave exploration in the Pyrenees.

The Descent of Pierre Saint-Martin  London: J M Dent, 1955.

CHEEVER, John (1912-1982)  writer

1952 to 1982

Personal and literary journal with entries undated except by year; drink and sex (bisexual); wife and children; age and illness. A record of self-exploration and re-exploration, anguish and complacency; fine descriptions; a good diary.

John Cheever; The Journals  edited by Robert Gottlieb. London, Jonathan Cape, 1991. Much of this book had appeared earlier in  The New Yorker.


DAVISON, Ann (b.1913?)  sailor - E

May 1952 to January 1953

Account of the voyage of the Felicity Ann by the first woman single-handedly to cross the Atlantic.

My Ship Is So Small  London, Peter Davies, 1956.


DICK, Jane - E


“… Adlai Stevenson,s train trip while campaigning for Presidency of America.”

Whistle-Stopping with Adlai  privately printed, Chicago, 1952.


GINSBERG, Allen (1926-1997)  beat poet - H2400,M5823

a) - 1952 to 1962, gaps

Fragmented personal diary and literary notebook; Mexico, Europe, poems, dreams.

Journals: Early Fifties Early Sixties  edited by Gordon Ball. New York, Grove Press, 1977, 1992.

b) - 1954 to 1958

Personal and literary diary; sexual dilemmas; homosexual experience, dreams and poems; Berkeley, San Francisco, Morocco; the Arctic; Mexico, Paris, Amsterdam, London and New York. The diary, as printed, is compiled from parallel sources.

Journals: Mid-Fifties  edited by Gordon Ball. London, Viking, 1995.

c) - March 19th. 1962 to May 28th. 1963 (one entry November 1961)

Personal and literary diary of a stay in India; drugs, sex, mysticism; his companion Peter Orlovsky; evocative of poverty, smells and filth; impressionistic descriptions; poems and writer's notes.

Indian Journals  San Francisco, Dave Haslewood Books and City Lights Books, 1970; London, Penguin, 1992; New York, Groves Press, 1996.

d) - Airplane Dreams  San Francisco, City Lights, 1969, is described by Ginsberg as scribbles drawn from his journals.


GUITTON, Jean (1901-1999)  French catholic philosopher and theologian - E

1952 to 1955

The Guitton Journals, 1952-1955  Baltimore, 1959 and London, Harvill, 1963.


MAZIERE (MAZIÈRE) Francis (1924-1994)  French explorer - E


The first recorded crossing of the mountain range that forms the Brazilian border with French Guiana and Surinam.

Expedition Tumuc-Humac  New York, Doubleday, 1955.


MITCHELL, Carleton (b.1910)  American yachtsman - *M5824,E

Passage East  New York, Norton, 1953.

PARTON, Margaret  - American newspaper correspondent in India - M5814

January 7th. to November 14th. 1952?

Diary of an American journalist, married to a British journalist; her pregnancy and childbirth; life in India; people and places; contrasts and sympathies; reflections; a good picture, sometimes journalistic; the book is described as a 'distillation' and although day and month are stated, no year is given and entries may often be composite and retrospective.

The Leaf and the Flame  London, The Bodley Head, 1960.


RAITT, Helen - E

1952 to 1953

"The Scripps expedition …., on board the Horizon and Spencer F. Baird, probing the secrets of ocean bottom, waters and air above. Calls in Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti and Marquesas."   

Exploring the Deep Pacific  London, Staples Press, 1957.


RUSS, Martin (b.1931?)  of U.S. Marines - H2401,E

a) - 1952 to 1953

Military diary; training at Camp Pendleton; action in Korea with the 1st. Marine Division; a full, detailed and readable account; perhaps polished for publication.

The Last Parallel: A Marine's War Journal  New York, Rinehart, 1957, 333 pp.

b) - 1966

Combat experience in Vietnam.

Happy Hunting Ground  Atheneum, 1968, is reported to contain diary material.


SCHAUER, David Howard - E

a) - 1952?

"… the Canary Islands, Casablanca, Spain, Algiers, Italy, France, Portugal, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada."

The Swanky Traveler: The Story of My Trip to Europe and the Rotary International Convention  Santa Barbara, California, Schauer Printing, 1953, 150 copies.

b) - 1956?

Further Meanderings of the Swanky Traveler: A condensed account of my recent trip to the Fiji Islands, New Zealand, Australia, and the Hawaiian Islands  Santa Barbara, California, Schauer Printing, 1957.

c) - 1960?

The Swanky Traveler Tours the Orient: Japan, Hong Kong, Manila  Santa Barbara, California, Schauer Printing, 1961.

d) - Date Unknown

The Swanky Traveler Circles the Globe  Santa Barbara, California, Schauer Printing.

03 SCHLESINGER, Arthur Meier Jr. (Arthur Bancroft Schlesinger) (1917-2007)  American historian, intellectual and political speech writer

1952 to 2000

Diary; apparently irregularly kept and often written up some time after the event; a galaxy of politicians, artists and celebrities with many good anecdotes; the diary has been reduced by more than three quarters and as printed centres upon the selection and election of presidential candidates with particular attention to the Kennedy family and its influence; the political aspects major events of national and international importance to America, often from a priveleged viewpoint; his views of successive presidents, their personalities, competence, private behaviour and the scandals associated with them; comparatively little of the detailed machinations of American politics;  countless dinners, parties and conversations, some mentions of his professional life and work but only occasional reference to his private life.

Journals, 1952-2000  edited by Andrew and Stephen Schlesinger. London, Atlantic Books, 2008.


TEALE, Edwin Way (b.1899)  naturalist - H2402

- a)(Annotation based on extracts)

October 15th. and 16th. 1952

Bird watching in Milburn Swamp.

1.  In  Circle of the Seasons  New York, Dodd, Mead, 1953.

2.  Extracts; Dunaway & Evans, pp 324-326.

- b)James Cummings has also:

1. - (12272)  A Walk through the Year  Dodd, 1978.

2. - (12273)  Diary  Henry Thoreau School of Holistic Education, 1983, 400 copies.


TRAININ, Isaac N. [Rabbi] (d.2010) - E

1952 to 1977

From the Pages of My Communal Diary: History of the Dept. of Religious Affairs  New York, Commission on Synagogue Relations, Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, 1977.

WARREN, Clarence Henry (b.1895)  author and broadcaster

September 22nd. 1952 to July 22nd. 1953

Diary of a year in Ehrwald in the Tyrol; life, scenes and people; reserved; written for publication.

Tyrolean Journal  London, Robert Hale, 1954.


WHITE, Morton Gabriel (b.1917) - E

1952 to 1979

Journeys to the Japanese, 1952-1979  Vancouver, University of british Columbia Press, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.



ARLOTT, (Leslie Thomas) John (1914)  writer, broadcaster and cricket correspondent - E

a) - 1953

Test Match Diary 1953: A Personal Day-By-Day Account of the Test Series England-Australia  London, James Barrie, 1953, The Sportsman's Book Club, 1954.

b) - 1954 to 1955

Australian Test Journal: A Diary of the Test Matches Australia v England, 1954-1955  London, Phoenix Sports Books, 1955, The Sportsman's Book Club, 1956.


DONOVAN, Jean (1953-1980)  American lay missionary who was raped and murdered in El Salvador - E

Dates unknown

Salvador Witness: The Life and Calling of Jean Donovan  by Ana Carrigan, Simon and Schuster, 1984, is reported to contain dioary material.


EVANS, Charles - E


“… book for children by the deputy leader of the 1953 expedition. Evans was one of the first pair ever to reach the south summit.”

Eye on Everest: A Sketch Book from the Great Everest Expedition  London, Dobson, 1955, is reported to contain diary material.

HANDLEY, Christopher Sampson (b.1940)

January 1st. to September 15th. 1953

Schoolboy's diary; a twelve year old boy at an English boarding school; trivial but sometimes amusing.

A Schoolboy's Diary: St. Andrews, Eastbourne, 1953  Whitley Bay, Hanover Press, 2001.


HENREY, Madeleine Mathilde (Mrs. Robert Henrey)(1906-2004)  French born writer - E


Madeleine’s Journal  London, Dent, 1953.

Note:  Mrs. Henrey was a prolific author of autobiographical material and it is probable that many of her works include diary material.


HOPE, Mary - *M5825,E

Towards Evening  New York, Sheed and Ward, 1955.


HUNT, Henry Cecil John (1910-1998)  leader of the 1953 British Expedition to Mount Everest - E


Our Everest Adventure: The Pictorial History from Kathmandu to the Summit  Leicester, Brockhampton Press, and New York, Dutton, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.


MERSON, Martin - *M5826,E

Diary of work in the International Information Administration in the McCarthy era.

The Private Diary of a Public Servant  New York, Macmillan, 1955.


NOYCE, Cuthbert Wilfrid Francis (1917-1962)  English mountaineer - E


South Col: One Man’s Adventure on the Ascent of Everest  London, Heinemann, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.


PARDUE, Austin (1899-1981)  fourth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh - E

January and February 1953

Korean Adventure  New York, Morehouse-Goreham Company, 1953.


PETERSON, Roger Tory - E


In  Wild America: The Record of a 30,000 Mile Journey Around the Continent by a Distinguished Naturalist and His British Colleague  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1955.


POLLITT, Harry - *H2403,E

From 1953

Indian Diary  London, Communist Party, 1954.


PRESCOTT, Peter S. - *M5827,E

A Darkeneing Green  Coward, 1974.


RODALE, Jerome Irving (1898-1971)  American author and publisher, advocate of organic farming - E


"Humorous account of experiences with English farmers and experimenters."

An Organic Trip to England  Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Rodale, 1954, is reported to contain diary material.

SCHAFFER, Doris (Dori) (1938-1963)  of California - M5828

December 1st. 1953 to December 24th. 1963

Personal diary, with a few letters and some editorial narrative, of an only child of Jewish parents; growing up; boys; college and studies; religion and idealism; unwitting marriage to a homosexual; divorce and despair; a lover, betrayal, forgiveness, his death in a car crash; suicide.

Dear Deedee; From the Diaries of Dori Schaffer  edited by Anne Schaffer. Seacus, New Jersey, Lyle Stuart, 1978.


SCOTT, Winfield Townley (1910-1968) - *H2404,E

a) - 1953

In  Exiles and Fabrications  New York, Doubleday, 1961.

b) - A Dirty Hand; the literary notebooks of Winfield Townley Scott  Austin, University of Texas Press, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.

c) - Poet in America: Winfield Townley Scott  by Scott Donaldson, Austin & London: University of Texas Press, 1972, is also reported to contain diary material.


SPENCER, (Dora) Margaret Cumpston (b.1916)  Australian biologist - E

a) - From 1953?

Doctor's Wife in New Guinea  Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1959, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - From 1961?

Doctors Wife in Papua Robert Hale, 1964, may also contain diary material.

c) - From 1964?

Doctor's Wife in Rabaul  Robert Hale, 1967, may also contain diary material.  


STAATS, Henry Philip - H2405,E

1953 to 1954

Travel diary; with a professional hunter on an extended hunting and photographic safari in Uganda and Kenya.

African Journal  New Haven, privately printed, 1954.


WHEELER, Hazel - E


The Diary of a Young Wife 1953  Amberley Publishing, 2009.


WOOD, Hugh B. - E

1953 to 1962

Nepal Diary, 1953-1962  Tillamook, Oregon, American Nepal Education Foundation, 1987.


WYSZYNSKI (Wyszyński) Stefan (1901-1981) Polish Cardinal - E

1953? to 1956?

Diary while imprisoned by the Communist regime.

A Freedom Within; The Prison Notes of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1982.



BALL, Amos - E


“This is the story of a European trip by Jaguar through France and Italy during July and August, 1954.”

Travels with a Jaguar  Washington D.C., Jaguar Press, 1954, 500 copies.


BELL, Marilyn (b.1942)  of Oklahoma - M5829

September 7th. 1954 to November 6th. 1955

Early teenage diary; enthusiasm for basketball and playing in the band; a slumber party; a trip to California; the beginnings of rebellion: smoking and skipping classes. The diary is irregularly kept and there are some retrospective summaries of events since the previous entry.

In  Small Voices  edited by Josef and Dorothy Berger. New York, Paul S.Eriksson, 1966, pp 235-241.


BINGLE, Alice - *G204


CAMPBELL, Joseph - E

1954 to 1955

Baksheesh and Brahman: Indian Journal 1954-1955  edited by Robin and Stephen Larsen and Antony Van Couvering. New York, Harper Collins, 1966.


CASSON, Hugh (Maxwell) [Sir] (1910-1999)  architect - H2505

a) - September 14th. to October 16th. 1954

Travel diary; to China by Air, across Russia, with a cultural delegation; travel conditions; hotels; his companions; impressions of China and the Chinese; Peking, Shanghai, Hang Chow; sights and ceremonies; little about the work of the delegation; the return journey.

Red Laquer Days: An Illustrated Journal Describing a Recent Visit to Peking  London, The Lion and Unicorn Press (at the Royal College of Art), 1956. Limited to 200 numbered copies.

b) - January 6th. to December 30th. 1980

His diary for 1980, his fourth year as President of the Royal Academy. Work and people. Commissioned by the publisher.

Diary  London, Macmillan, 1981.


CHILDS, Marquis William (1903-1990)  American journalist - *M5830,E


Journalist's diary of the ending of the European Defence Community Treaty and the Geneva Conference. 

The Ragged Edge: The Diary of a Crisis  New York, Doubleday, 1955.


CONSTANTE, Lena (1909-2005)  Romanian artist and writer - E

1954? to 1962?

Political prisoner's memoir of eight years of prison life, written in diary form but probably entirely retrospective.

The Silent Escape: Three Thousand Days in Romanian Prisons  translated by Franklin Philip, Berkeley, University of California Press, 1995. First pubished as L'évasion Silencieuse, Paris, Éditions La Découverte, 1990.


DANSEREAU, Pierre (1911-2011)  Canadian ecologist - E


Philippine Journal  I and II, in  Asa Gray Bulletin  II, No.3, pp 323-330 and No.4, pp 419-438.


EWING Thomas - E


A Journal: A Trip to India and the Middle East  privately printed, 1954.


HAGERTY, James C.  - Eisenhower's press secretary - *H2406,*M5831,E

1954 to 1955

The Diary of James C.Hagerty: Eisenhower in Mid-Course, 1954-1955  Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1983.


HOOVER, Helen (1910-1974)

1954 to 1971 (?)

“They were a quirky couple, both 44, who had ditched their Chicago careers in 1954 to hunker down in a rustic log cabin on Gunflint Lake as winter arrived on the Minnesota-Canadian border.”

Numbers 2 and 4 of the following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - The Long Shadowed Forest  1963.

2. - The Gift of the Deer  Knopf, 1966.

3. - A Place in the Woods  1969.

4. - The Years of the Forest  Knopf, 1973.


HSI-HUEY Liang - E


Diary and sketch book; an account of life in Berlin kept by a young graduate student while researching his dissertation.

Berlin Before The Wall: A Foreign Student's Diary with Sketches  New York, Routledge, 1990.


LACCOTTET, Philippe (b.1925)  French Swiss poet - E

1954 to 1967

Seedtime: La Semaison: extracts from the Notebooks, 1954-1967  New Direstions, 1977.


MAILER, Norman Kingsley (b.1923)  American novelist

December 1st. 1954 to February 21st. 1955

Extracts from a diary of literary and social reflections usually written after weekends spent smoking marijuana; sex, politics, etc.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 259-265. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


MANN, Erika (1905-1969)  eldest daughter of Thomas Mann (qv) - E

1954 to 1955 (?)

The Last Year of Thomas Mann  Farrar, 1958, is reported to contain diary material.


MARKOPOULOS, Gregory J. - *H2407,E

Notebook jottings of an avant-garde film maker.

Quest for Serenity: Journal of a Film-Maker  New York, Film-Makers' Cinematique, 1965, 80 pp, limited to 1,000 copies.


MORGAN, Sandra

September 25th 1954

A single entry recording a visit to the Temple of Mithras excavation in Queen Victoria Street; singularly uninformative.

Quoted in  The Sunday Telegraph  November 12th, 2017.


MURRAY, Michele - *H2408,E

Creating Oneself from Scratch  in  The Writer on Her Work  New York, Norton, 1980.


POTTER, Stephen Meredith (1900-1969) British author, coined the word ‘gamesmanship’ - E


Account of a lecture tour in America.

Potter on America  London, Hart-Davis, 1950.


SOAL, Samuel George (1889-1975)  British mathematician and psychical researcherE

1954? to 1958?

The Mind Readers: Some Recent Experiments in Telepathy  London, Faber, 1959, is reported to contain diary material.


WILKINS, Mesannie (b.1891?)  American equestrian - E


The travels of an impoverished American woman on horseback from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The Last of the Saddle Tramps  Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Prentice-Hall, 1967, is reported to contain diary material.


YLLA (Camilla KOFFLER) (1911-1955)  wildlife photographer - E

1954? to 1955?

In  Animals in India  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1958.  



de BAER, Oliver Rudston - E


Afghan Interlude  London, Chatto and Windus, 1957.


BAINBURY, Chester (pseud.)  - see LAWRENCE, Charles Wesley


BROCKIE, Keith (b.1955)  Scottish wildlife artist - E

Dates unknown

Keith Brockie’s Wildlife Sketchbook  London, J.M.Dent, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Keith Brockie is the author of at least six other titles which may also contain diary material.


FERDON, Edwin (1913-2002)  American ethynologist - E


One Man’s Log: The Personal Account of a Member of Thor Heyerdahl’s Expedition to Easter Island  London, Allen and Unwin, 1966.


FUCHS, Vivian Ernest [Sir] (1908-1999)  English explorer - E

1955 to 1958 (?)

The Crossing of Antarctica: The Commonwealth Transantarctic Expedition, 1955-1958  London, Cassell, 1958, is reported to contain diary material.


GARDNER, Dorothy Williams - *H2409,*M5832,E


Fun on a Freighter  New York, Vantage, 1957.


HARVEY, Michael G. (b.1940?)  English railway enthusiast

1955 to 1968

Occasional dated notes of train spotting expeditions; the serial numbers of engines seen are given and it appears that the accompanying narrative has been written much later with the help of friends, the original notebooks, photographs, letters and train tickets. Specialist interest.

1. - Diary of a Train-Spotter: Volume 1; 1955-59; Nostalgic recollections of visits to locomotive depots, workshops, railway stations and scrapyards   Wadenhoe, Peterborough, Silver Link Publishing, 1993.

2. - Diary of a Train-Spotter: Volume 2; 1960-68; Nostalgic recollections of visits to locomotive depots, workshops, railway stations and scrapyards   Wadenhoe, Peterborough, Silver Link Publishing, 1996.

3. - The Complete Diary of a Train-Spotter, 1955-1968  Wadenhoe, Peterborough, Silver Link Publishing, 2002.


HARVEY, Nigel - *M5833,E

Amid the Alien Corn: An Intrepid Englishman in the Heart of America  by Hugh Willoughby (pseud.). Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1958.


HESSE, Eva (1936-1970)  German-American sculptress - *M5834,E

In  Art in America  LXXI.


HOWSON, Peter (1919-2009)  Auistralian politician - E

From 1955?

The Howson Diaries  edited by Don Aitkin. Ringwood, Victoria, Viking Press, 1984.  


JESUS, Carolina Maria de (b.1913)  Brazilian slum dweller - H2410,E

a) - 1955 to 1960

Personal diary of life in a Sao Paulo slum with her children; domestic life, conditions and routines; neighbours; filth and rotten food; scavenging; her writing and success; vivid and often poetic.

1. - Beyond All Pity  translated by David St.Clair. New York, Dutton, 1962; also published as  Child of the Dark .

2. - Extracts: Moffat & Painter, pp 288-300; and Rose, pp 422-430.

b) - (Not seen)

1960 to 1961?

Personal diary; the effects of publication of the previous book; fame, interviews, book signing; move to a cinderblock house; disappointment; harassment by beggars; guilt in the face of her friends.

I'm Going to Have a Little House  translated by Robert M.Levine. University of Nebraska Press, 1997.

c) - (Not seen)

The Unedited Diaries of Carolina Maria de Jesus  translated by Nancy Naro and Christina Mehrtens, Rutgers University Press contains unedited diary entries including long excerpts from 1961 and 1962.

Note:  Bitita's Diary: The Childhood memoirs of Carolina Maria de Jesus  M.E.Sharpe, 1992, apparently contains no contemporaneous material.


JOHNSON, Clive W. - E

a) - 1955

1. - “The account of the Johnson's first safari of thirty days, in central and northern Tanganyika during the rainy season, hunting oryx, eland, lion, buffalo, rhino, waterbuck, wildebeest and other plains game, Johnson and his party were terrible shoots and had a somewhat chaotic safari.”

With Memsahib on Safari  privately printed, los Angeles, 1956.

2. - “The memoirs of the author and his wife and their African Big Game Safari in 1955 in the Northern and Central Provinces of Tanganyika, hunting lion, buffalo, rhino, and the plains animals …”

With Memsaab on the Rungwa  privately printed, Los Angeles, 1958.

b) - Year unknown

“Account of a polar bear hunt out of Tromso, Norway, followed by a tourist trip through Moscow and Warsaw.”

With Memsaab in the Arctic  privately printed, Los Angeles, 1961.


LAWRENCE, Charles Wesley  - editor of  the Cleveland Plain Dealer - E


“Account of a journey made by members of the Rowfant Club to attend the annual dinner held by the Sette of Odd Volumes, London, May 24, 1955.”

The London Pilgrimage of Chester Bainbury  Cleveland, Rowfant Club, 1970, 73pp, 215 copies. First published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer as  The Bainbury European Diary


LINDEMANN, Hannes (1922-2015)  German doctor and sailor - E

1955 and 1956

Logs of two solo transatlantic voyages, first in a dug-out canoe and second in a kayak.

Alone at Sea: The Heroic Story of Two Eolo Transatlantic Trips  Random House, 1958.


MORROW, Everett Frederic - *H2411,*M5835,E

From 1955

Diary of Eisenhower's Administrative Officer for Special Projects.

Black Man in the White House: A Diary of the Eisenhower Years by the Administrative Officer for Special Projects, The White House, 1955-1961  New York, Coward-McCann, 1963.


PRICE, (Edward) Reynolds (1933-2011)  American writer, Professor of English at Duke University - E

a) - 1955 to 1997

Learning a Trade: A Craftsman’s Notebooks, 1955-1997  Durham, North Carolina, Duke University Press, 1998.

b) - Dates unknown

Pages from a Journal  The Archive, Volume 89, 1977.


ROSS, Alan - E


Australia 55: A Journal of the M.C.C. Tour  London, Joseph, 1955.



1955 to 1956

An overland trip by land rover to Singapore.

First Overland  London, 1957. Often reprinted.


STUART, Jesse - *M5836,E

The Year of My Rebirth  McGraw, 1956.


WEISS, Paul (1901-2002)  American philosopher - E

1955 to 1987

Philosophy in Process  Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press, eleven volumes, 1966-1989.


WOJNAROWICZ, David (1955-1992)  American artist

From 1971

Diaries of a homosexual artist.

In the Shadow of the American Dream: The Diaries of David Wojnarowicz  edited by Amy Scholder. New York, Grove Press, 1999.

Note: The title  The Waterfront Journals  by this author is "autobiographical fiction".



BARNES, John Fairbank (b.1937)  ordinary seaman

January 24th 1956 to March 10th. 1957

Letter diary addressed to his parents; his daily life and activities in the navy; some interesting detail and a more or less sequential record but stretches the definition of a diary.

Diary of a National Serviceman in the Royal Navy  Bishop Auckland, The Pentland Press, 1994, pp x and 85, card covers.


BEKE, Laszlo (pseud.)  Hungarian student - *H2412,E

October 16th. to November 1st. 1956

Personal diary of the Hungarian uprising by an art student, part organiser of the protest meetings which triggered the revolution; written up from notes after his flight to Canada.

A Student's Diary: Budapest, October 16 - November 1, 1956  Toronto, Macmillan and London, Hutchinson, 1957.


BERGER, Thomas  - American writer

April 17th. to May 22nd. 1956

Travel diary (extracts) in Europe; Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna; wartime memories in Berlin; things seen and people met.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 38-45. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


BLUNT, Wilfrid (1901-1987)  art teacher at Eton - E


An account of a four-month sabbatical leave in Iran and Afghanistan and then Syria, Jordan and Lebanon in the spring of 1956.

A Persian Spring  Barrie, 1957.


BOTTING, Douglas (b.1934)  English traveller and writer - E


Account of a scientific expedition to Socotra while an undergraduate, which is reported to contain diary material.

Island of the Dragon's Blood  London, Hodder & Stoughton, New York, Wilfred Funk, 1958.


BURSTEN, Martin A. - E


“Eyewitness account of 200, 000 Hungarian refugees who escaped into Austria and Yugoslavia following the Hungarian Revolution…”

Escape from Fear  Syracuse, New York, Syracuse University Press, 1958.


CHARNLEY, Jean - *M5837,E

An American Social Worker in Italy  Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 1961.


CLARK, Colin  - brother of Alan Clark (qv) - E

1956? to 1957?

Private diary; third assistant director on the set of The Prince and the Showgirl with Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe, in England; a good picture of the principals and their hangers-on; Arthur Miller, on honeymoon with Monroe; personal life. Entertaining.

The Prince, the Showgirl, and Me: Six Months on the Set With Marilyn and Olivier  St. Martin's Press, 1995.


DAYAN, Moshe (1915-1981)  Israeli soldier and politician - *H2413

Diary of the Sinai Campaign  New York, Harper and Rowe, 1966.


D’ORAZIO, Sante (b.1956)  American photographer - E

Dates unknown

A Private View: Photographs and Diary  Melcher Media, 1998.


GOMBROWICZ, Witold (1904-1969)  polish writer in exile in Argentina - H2414

1953 to 1966

Literary diary; an extended exploration of the relationship between thinking and being; his reading and writing, subjects, criticism and technique; journeys and travels; correspondents, friends and casual acquaintances; his Polish artistic and intellectual inheritance; many dreamlike juxtapositions of minutely detailed description with larger concerns and events; states that his "description of the world is made according to the laws of a poem"; life in Argentina; a year in Berlin; settles in Vence. An interesting and valuable exploration of the elastic possibilities of the diary form.

Diary  edited by Jan Kott, translated by Lillian Vallee. London and New York, Quartet Books, three volumes, 1988, 1989 and 1993.

Note (1): Havlice refers to a short extract for 1956 in  Yale French Studies  39, 1967; and to  Gombrowicz and Frisch: Aspects of the Literary Diary  by Alex Kurczaba. Bonn, Bouvier Verlag, 1980.

Note (2): James Cummings has also:

1. - Diaries  Free Press, 1970. The publication has not been identified.

2. - A Kind of Testament  Philadelphia, Temple University Press, 1973.


HELLER, Andor  - Hungarian news photographer - E


“A message from the freedom fighters of Hungary and the story of their fight against communism …”

No More Comrades  Chicago, Regnery, 1957.


HESTON, Charlton (b.1924)  actor

a) - February 12th. 1956 to December 28th. 1976

Personal diary mainly concerned with films and film making; actors, directors, scripts, speeches and awards; travel; some social and private life; some later comment interpolated.

The Actor's Life; Journals 1956-1976  edited by Hollis Alpert. New York, E.P.Dutton, 1978; London, Allen Lane, 1979.

b) - Beijing Diary: The Personal Story of a Remarkable Theatrical and Political Event - The Production of an All-Chinese Version of the Caine Mutiny Court Martial in Beijing  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1990.


KIESLER, Frederick John (1890-1965)  Romanian-American architect - *M5838,E

Inside the Endless House: Art, People and Architecture  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1966.


LANGLAIS, Charles A. - E

February 2nd. to 13th. 1956

The Cruise of the Whaler Dorado to Scammon lagoon: Being the log Kept by Chas A.Langlais of the Round-Trip from the Harbor of Wilmington, California to Scammon lagoon in Baja California  privately printed, San Francisco, 1956.


LEE, Christopher  - historian

August 13th. 1956 to June 28th. 1959

Sea diary; selected entries recording the experiences of a young Merchant Navy apprentice on a tramp steamer in the entrepôt trade; interesting for life aboard ship and in port. The diary entries, which are supported by substantial and discursive editorial narrative, are said to be taken from surviving notebooks but the few names given have been changed and the author admits to a fictional element: this, together with the diarist's consistently jocular style, may indicate that the diary has been largely re-written as a work of popular history.

Eight Bells and Top Masts: Diaries from a Tramp Steamer  London, Headline, 2001.


LUCE, Margaret  - diplomat's wife

December 1956 to February 1966

Occasional diary; widely spaced entries with linking narrative; records of trips in the Middle East whilst living in Aden or Bahrein; also some good accounts of dinners and formal events with conversation and notable persons; snapshots of diplomatic life.

From Aden to the Gulf: Personal Diaries, 1956-1966  Wilton, Michael Russell (Publishing) Ltd., 1987.


MEE, Margaret Ursula (1909-1988)  English botanical artist - E

1956 to 1988

1. - In Search of the Amazon Forest: Diaries of an English Artist reveal the beauty of Vanishing Rainforests  Woodbridge, Suffolk, Nonesuch Expeditions, 1988.

2. - Margaret Mee’s Amazon: The Diaries of an Artist Explorer  Antique Collectors Club, 2004, may contain additional material.


MICUNOVIC, Veljko  - Yugoslavian diplomat - *H2415,E

1956 to 1958

Diplomatic diary; Tito's ambassador in Moscow.

Moscow Diary  translated by David Floyd. New York, Doubleday, 1980.


MONS, Barbara - E


“Land trip from Istanbul via Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran, Kirman, Quetta and Lahore.”

High Road to Hunza  London, Faber (for The Travel Book Club), 1958, 158pp.


MURPHY, Howard  - American yachtsman - E

June to July 1956?

Probably a record of the 1956 ocean yacht race; San Pedro to Papeete , Tahiti , 3571 nautical miles aboard the Quest in which he came second.

Quest for Tahiti  privately printed, Jefferies Banknote, 1957, 500 copies, is reported to contain diary material.

O'CASEY, Sean (John Casey) (1880-1964)  Irish playwright

December 30th. 1956 to December 31st. 1960

A father's diary of grief at his twenty year old son's death from Leukaemia.

Niall, a Lament  London, Calder Publications, 1991.


OLSEN, John (b.1928)  Australian painter - E

a) - 1956 to 1997

Painter's journal.

Drawn from the Life: The Journals of John Olsen  Sydney, Duffy and Snelgrove, 1997.

b) - 1973?

Journal of work on a mural at Sydney Opera House.

Salute to Five Bells: John Olsen's Opera House Journal  Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1973.


PEARSON, Carol Lynn - *M5839,E

Will I Ever Forget This Day?  Salt Lake City, 1980.


RODMAN, Selden (b.1909) - *H2416,*M5840,E

a) - 1945 to 1946

The Amazing Year, May 1, 1945-April 30, 1946; A Diary in Verse  Scribners, 1947.

b) - 1956

Travel journal; six months in Mexico.

Mexican Journal: The Conquerors Conquered  New York, Devin-Adair, 1958.


SCOTT, Peter Markham [Sir] (b.1909)  artist, naturalist and sailorE

a) - 1956 to 1979

Travel diaries in Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, The Galapagos Islands, Africa, Antarctica and Falkland Islands; his work as a conservationist; social and professional contacts; anecdotes; descriptions of places, birds and animals; some personal references; illustrated with the author's drawings and paintings.

Travel Diaries of a Naturalist  I  edited by Miranda Weston Smith. London, Collins, 1983.

b) - 1957 to 1978

Travel diaries on the same pattern as the first volume; Hawaii, California, Iceland, Norway, Alaska, Florida, The Bahamas, Israel, Romania, Siberia, Spitzbergen, Greenland. Illustrated.

Travel Diaries of a Naturalist  II  edited by Miranda Weston-Smith. London, Collins, 1985.

c) - 1976 to 1981

A further selection from the author's travel diaries in Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand. Illustrated.

Travel Diaries of a Naturalist  III  edited by Miranda Weston-Smith. London, Collins, 1987.

Note: James Cummings has also:

(10998)  Morning Flight  London, 1936.

(10999)  Wild Geese and Eskimos  Country Life, 1949.

(11000)  A Thousand Geese  Collins, 1955: see FISHER, James.

(11001)  Wild Chorus  Scribners, 1939. -


WARREN, Donald and Lora - E

a) - 1956

Travel diary; record of a safari trip in five East African countries.

Safari of Donald and Lora Warren  privately published, 1957(?), 113 pp stapled booklet.

b) - James Cummings (12976) has  Shikar and Around the World  Los Angeles, which may be the same text.


ZOETE, Beryl de (1879-1962)  English ballet dancer and Arthur Waley's mistress  - E


It is reported that  Dance and Magic Drama in Ceylon  London, Faber, 1957, contains diary material.



AGEE, Philip (1935-2008)  American intelligence agent - E

1957? to 1968?

Inside the Company: CIA diary  London, Allen Lane, 1975.


CHARLTON, Warwick (1918-2002) - E


Account of the replication of the voyage of the pilgrim fathers.

The Voyage of the Mayflower II  London, Cassell, 1957.


CLARK, Simon  - joint leader of the Cambridge Andean Expedition - E


The Puma’s Claw  Boston, 1959, is reported to contain diary material.


COON, Carleton Stevens (1904-1981)  American physical anthropologist - E

a) - 1941 to 1943

“First hand account of intelligence operations by an American agent, fluent in Arabic and familiar with North Africa and its people due to his many anthropological expeditions there and his friendships with a wide range of its natives and their leaders.”

A North Africa Story: The Anthropolgist as  OSS Agent, 1941-1943  Ipswich, Massachusetts, Gambit, 1980.

April 1957

Natural Selection in Man: Papers opf the Wenner Gren Supper Conference, University of Michigan, April 12 1957  in  The American Anthropologist  LX, No. 1, Part 2, Memoir No. 86, February, 1958, is reported to contain diary material.


DONOVAN, James Britt (1916-1970)  American lawyer - *M5841,E

Strangers on a Bridge: The Case of Colonel Abel  New York, Atheneum, 1964.


FREDERIKSEN, Thomas - *H2417,E

From 1957

"A unique record of life in the far North, … the compelling story of a man's coming of age in the late fifties and early sixties, acquiring the skills needed to survive in a cold and unyielding land. As he relates how he learned to fish for flounder and cod and hunt for reindeer, whales and seals, he weaves into his narrative tales of his forefathers and legends recollected from more ancient days in Greenland".

Eskimo Diary  translated by Jack Jensen and Val Clery. London, Pelham and Canada, Nelson Canada, 1980, 149 pp, printed caligraphic script.


GAUTHIER, Paul (1914-2002)  French Catholic and humanist theologian - E

From 1957?

“… Paul Gauthier went to Nazareth to imitate our Lord as closely as possible, living as a workman in the same countryside, under similar social conditions, in poverty. Our Lord left Nazareth to preach the Gospel to the poor. Gauthier left his work as a builder's labourer at Nazareth to live and work among the Marxists in the Kibbutzim.”

Nazareth Diary  Derby, New York, 1957.


NISSENSON, Hugh (b.1933)  American actor and screenwriter - E

a) - 1957? to 1987?

The Elephant and My Jewish Problem: selected stories and journals, 1957-1987  New York: Harper & Row, 1988.

b) - 1965 to 1967

"'An American's Experiences on a Border Kubbutz, Summer 1965 - June 1967.' An examination of life on a kibbutz a few miles from the Syrian border before the Six Days' War."

Notes from the Frontier  New York, Dial Press, 1968.


KILBRIDE, Baroness of - E

a) - December 1956 to September 1957

Travel diary; a trip round the world.

Round The World With Three Hairpins: A Diary  privately printed, Glasgow, 1958.

b) - 1959 to 1960

Travel diary; three months in India.

ATCHA! A Diary of India  privately printed, 1961.


MOUNTFORT, Guy (1905-2003)  English advertising exectutive and amateur ornithologist and conservationist - E - 1957

Wil;d Paradise: The Story of the Coto Donana Expeditions  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1958, is reported to contain diary material. -


O’DONNELL, Terence (1924-2001)  American writer - E

1957 to 1971 (?)

Garden of the Brave in War: Recollections of Iran  New haven, Ticknor and Fields, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


PAGE, Patricia Kathleen (1916-2010)  English born Canadian poet - E

1957 to 1960 (?)

Brazilian Journal  Toronto, Lester and orpen, 1987.

Note: James Cummings (9447 &9448) has also  Extracts from a Brazilian Journal  in Canadian Literature  Autumn, 1981 and  Extracts from a Brazilian Journal  Erin, Ontario, 1984.

RICHIE, Douglas (b.1905)

April 2nd. 1957 to January 27th. 1958

Personal diary of the later stages of recovery from a stroke, scattered entries, most of the book is retrospective narrative.

Stroke; A Diary of Recovery  London, Faber and Faber, 1960; second edition, 1974, pp 132-154.


RUTT, Richard - E

1957 to 1958

Korean village life.

Korean Works and Days: Notes from the diary of a Country Priest  Rutland, Vermont, Tuttle, 1964.


SAGAN, Françoise (Françoise Quoirez) (1935-2004) - E

Summer, 1957

"This is the candid diary of Francoise Sagan's nine days in a special clinic undergoing detoxification from morphine."  

Toxique  New York, Dutton, 1964.


SMUUL, Juhan (Jhannes SCHMUUL) (1922-1971) Estonian writer - E

1957 to 1958

Soviet Antarctic Expedition

Antarctica Ahoy!   translated from the Russian by David Skvirsky, Moscow, Foreign Languages Publishing, is reported to contain diary material.



BAKER, Devere  - traveller and ship builder - E


Voyage from Long Beach, California, to Hawaii.

The Raft Lehi IV: 69 Days Adrift on the Pacific  Sun Valley, California, Whitehorn Publishing, 1959.

Note:  The Raft Dog, Tangoroa Aboard the Lehi  by Nola Baker, Bookcraft, 1960, may also contain diary material.


BOLZ, J. Arnold (1918-1991) American nature photographer - E


Account of an expedition retracing the French Canadian voyageurs' route from Grand Portage on Lake Superior through the Quetico-Superior country to Rainy Lake.

Portage into the Past: by Canoe Along the Minnesota-Ontario Boundary Waters  University of Minnesota, 1960.


BROECKHOVEN, Egide (1933-1967)  worker priest in Brussels - E

1958 to 1967 (?)

“Egide Van Broeckhoven worked in a factory in a poor working-class neighborhood in Brussels, where he was brutally killed on the job. His ‘spiritual diary,’ contained in this book and edited from the twenty-six handwritten notebooks he kept during his ten years of factory life, ‘reveals his deep and unceasing search for God through friendship with everyone he knew.’”

A Friend to All Men: The Diary of a Worker Priest  Denville, New Jersey, Dimension Books, 1977.


CALISHER, Hortense (b.1911)  American novelist - *M5843,E

In  Herself  New York, Arbor House, 1972.


DUNN, Paul (b.1945?)  Yorkshire farmer

January 1958 to 1999

A few scattered extracts from the very regular diary of a Yorkshire farmer; farm work; prices.

Quoted in  The Sunday Telegraph  September 19th. 1999 in an article pointing the current financial plight of the farming community.


ERNST, Morris Leopold  - American lawyer - *H2418,*M5844,E

a) - 1958

Touch Wood: A Year's Diary  New York, Atheneum, 1960.

b) - Untitled: The Diary of My 72nd. Year  New York, Robert B.Luce, 1962.


ETHRIDGE, Willie Snow - E


“The story of a journey to Russia by two American women in 1958.”

Russian Duet  New York, simon and Schuster, 1959.


GALBRAITH, John Kenneth [Prof.] (b.1908)  American academic and Ambassador to India


a) - 1958

Journey to Poland and Yugoslavia 1958  Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1958.

b) - December 7th. 1960 to November 26th. 1963

Personal diary of his ambassadorship to India; travel and negotiations; official visitors; relations with Pakistan; the Chinese Indian War; sympathy with India; eminent people; climate and health; a vivid, lively and often entertaining account.

Ambassador's Journal; A Personal Account of the Kennedy Years  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1969.

c) - 1972

China Passage  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1969.


HANFMANN, George Maxim Anossov (1911-1986)  Russian-American archaeologist

1958 to 1976 (?)

Archaeology in Sardis.

Letters from Sardis  Harvard University Press, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


HARNWELL, Gaylord Probasco  - President of the University of Pennsylvania - *H2419,*M5846,E

Russian Diary: An American College President's Informal Report on Life and Higher Education in the Soviet Union  Philadelphia, University of Philadelphia Press, 1960.


HOFFER, Eric - *M5847,E

1. - Working and Thinking on the Waterfront  New York, Harper and Row, 1969.

2. - Before the Sabbath  New York, Harper and Row, 1979.


HUGHES (Arksey has HUGHS), Joseph Henry - *M5848,E

In  The Making of a Coast Guard Officer: A Covenant with Honor  New York, Philosophical Library, 1966.


KIRKUP, James (b.1918)  English poet, translator and travel writer - E


Two years in the northern Honshu region of Japan.

These Horned Islands  London, Macmillan, 1962.


1958 to 1972

Diary of a man who, in 1970, moved into the house in which Francis Kilvert (qv) had lodged one hundred years earlier, at Clyro. Extracts are used to counterpoint Kilvert and as a basis for a discussion of the changes in the inhabitants' attitudes and way of life in the countryside which have occurred during the elapsed century.

After Kilvert  by A.L. Le Quesne. London, Oxford University Press, 1978; Readers Union, 1979.


McEVOY, Frank (b.1925)  Irish writer and civil servant

1958 and 1960

Three entries from a private diary; a drunken Patrick Kavanagh comes to Kilkenny to give a lecture; an interview with a gypsy rag picker; a dreary evening with Kate O'Brien.

In  Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology, 1590-1987  edited by Melosina Lenox-Conyngham. Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 1998, pp 258-264.


MARAINI, Fosco (1912-2004)  Italian photographer and mountaineer - E


Karakorum: The Ascent of Gasherbrum IV  London, Hutchinson, 1961.


MYRDAL, Jan (B.1927)  Swedish author and left-wing political writer - E

1958 to 1965

“Written at different times and in different places, these are not jottings, not travel notes; these are reasoned comments during a long journey.”

Gates to Asia: A Diary from a Long Journey  New York, Pantheon, 1971.

Note: Myrdal has written several books of travel notes on Asian countries which may contain diary material.


PAUL, Kate (b.1940)

December 22nd. 1958 to November 24th. 1963

Private diary; art college in Taunton; Royal College of Art, Pop Art, Derek Boshier, David Hockney, etc.; chambermaid in London hotel; teacher training in Birmingham; teaching in London; introspective record of her struggle to come to terms with herself; social and emotional life; inchoate protest and political demonstration; near obsession with her journal and with the journals of Barbellion (qv). A good diary and an interesting record of life on the threshold of the sixties.

Journal  Hay-on-Wye, Carrington Press, 1997.


REYNOLDS, Earle L. (1910-1988)  Quaker, anthropolgist and peace activist - E


With his wife, three children and a Japanese yachtsman, reynolds sailed the Phoenix of  Hiroshima into the American nuclear test zone in the pacific.

The Forbidden Voyage  New York, McKay, 1961, is reported to contain diary material.



BECK, Frances - *H2420,*M5849,E

The Diary of a Widow  Boston, Beacon Press, 1965.


BROSNAN, James Patrick (1929-2014)  American baseball player - E

a) - 1959

“… his 1959 season, a season which found him being traded from St. Louis to Cincinnati around the halfway point, …[the book] garnered some degree of criticism by those who felt Brosnan had violated the ‘sanctity’ of the clubhouse.”

The Long Season  New York, Harper and Brothers, 1960.

b) - 1961

“… Brosnan again kept a diary, a fortuitous circumstance as the Reds would win the National League championship in 1961, before falling to the New York Yankees in the World Series …”

Pennant Race  New York, harper and Brothers, 1962.


COLE, Franklin - E


Diary of a Leader's Travails While Shepherding a Spirited Flock Through the Bible Lands  West Concord, Massachusetts, 1960.


DEAR, John (b.1959)  American Catholic priest, pacifist and vegetarian - E

Dates unknown

“… chronicles John Dear’s early experiments in Gospel nonviolence, from his service to the homeless in Washington, DC; various nonviolent civil disobedience actions against war and injustice; journals and diaries from Central America, the Philippines, death row, the Abbey of Gethsemani and elsewhere; essays on the theological and biblical roots of nonviolence; and a closing journal of peacemaking kept during the First Gulf War in 1991.”

Seeds of Non-Violence  Fortkamp, 1992. Reprinted Wipf and Stock, 2008.


GAJDUSEK, Daniel Carleton (b.1923)  American virologist, paediatrician and Nobel prize winner


a) - June 10th. 1959 to August 15th. 1960

New Guinea Journal  Bethesda, Maryland, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness, 1963.

b) - November 15th. to December 24th. 1963

Journal of a Trip to Shepherd, Bank and Torres Islands and to Espritu Santo in the New Hebrides Bethesda, Maryland, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness, 1965.

c) - June 1st. 1969 to March 3rd. 1970

Journal of Expeditions to the Soviet Union, Africa, the Island of Madagascar … Bethesda, Maryland, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke, 1971.

d) - West New Guinea Journal  Bethesda, Maryland, 1972. (This may be a reprint of the 1959/60 journal with a new index).

e) - 1972

"Journal of medical and population survey … New Hebrides … Solomon … Eastern Caroline islands; daily activities; population's general health, diseases, etc.; occurrences and deaths from 'kuru'."

Alpha Helix Expedition 1972  Bethesda, Maryland, National Institutes of Health, 1985.

f) - January 1st. to December 31st. 1993

"Journal of trips to Finland, Hong Kong, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Australia, China, etc. with periodic returns home; records his lecture on role of amyloidogenesis in Alzheimer's; codon modulating point mutations to produce C.J.D.; neurodegenerative information exchanged with colleagues; kuru; interspersed in daily observations, personal/family notes, frank comments about the N.I.H., etc."

Valokeilaluento and Arctic Saami to Stone Age Awyu Victims of ALS/PD  Bethesda Maryland, National Institutes of Health, 1996. The copy reported, although apparently in printed form, is marked "Draft Manuscript - Not Yet edited. This is one of a few archived copies of a draft transcription … not a published or released volume…"


HALPRIN, Lawrence (1916-2009)  American landscape architect - E

a) - 1959 to 1971

Lawrence Halprin Notebooks, 1959-1971  M.I.T. Press, 1972.

b) - 1960’s to 1970’s

The Sea Ranch is a residential development on a former sheep ranch along the Pacific coast north of San Francisco.

Sea Ranch Diary  Berkeley, Spacemaker Press, , 2002, 64pp.


KENDIG, Diane  - American writer - M5850

December 1959 to September 1978

A few extracts from a private diary; an attempted rape; burned by an exploding gas oven; probably a good diary.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 192-196.


KENNEDY, Bruce Lee - E


Diary of a safari in Kenya and Tanganyika.

Safari Koa Chui  privately printed, Sioux Falls, 43 pp.


KISTIAKOWSKY, George Bogdan (1900-1982)  Ukrainian-American chemistry professor, President Eisenhower's Science Advisor - E

1959? to 1961?

Scientist at the White House: the Private Diary of Eisenhower's Special Assistant for Science and Technology  Harvard University Press, 1977.  


MASLOW, Abraham Harold (1908-1970)  American psychologist - *H2422,E

a) - The Journals of A.H.Maslow  Monterey, Brooks/Cole, two volumes, 1979.

b) - Eupsychian Management: A Journal  Homewood, Illinois, 1974, reprinted as Maslow on Management   John Wiley, 1998.


MILLER, Warren - E

1959 to 1960 (?)

“Includes interviews with Cubans about their lives after the Revolution, and with refugees in Miami.”

The Lost Plantation: The Face of Cuba Today  London, Secker and Warburg, 1961, is reported to contain diary material.


MORRIS, Wright Marion (1910-1998)  American novelist and photographer - E


Love Affair – A Venetian Journal  Harper and Row, 1972.


SHEPPE, Walter - *M5851

In  First Man West: Alexander Mackenzie’s Journal of His Voyage to the Pacific Coast of Canada in 1793  edited by Walter Sheppe. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1962.


SPICER, William Michael Hardy, Baron Spicer (b.1943)  English politician

1959 to 2010

Political diaries; scattered and irregular entries during Heath and Thatcher years until 1989, becoming more full and regular therafter; downfall of Margaret Thatcher; John Major; Maastricht; his part in the leadership battles of William Hague; Ian Duncan Smith; Michael Howard; David Cameron: chairmanship of the 1922 Committee from 2001; a consistent opponent of the European Union. Apart from a very few personal notes and family mentions, the diaries are almost exclusively concerned with his part in internal party quarrels and intrigue, meetings, lunches and dinners, with little reference to the political opposition or events in the outside world, ending with his elevation to the House of Lords. An interesting picture of life inside the ‘Westminster Bubble’.

The Spicer Diaries  London, Biteback, 2012.


WINSLOW, Kathryn - E


Alaska tour, reported to be in diary form.

Alaska Bound  New York, Dodd, Mead, 1960.


WULFF, Robert M.  - American missionary in Thailand - E

Late 1950's?

This record of his work among lepers in Thailand is reported to contain diary material.

Village of the Outcasts  New York, Doubleday, 1967.



ALSOP, Stewart Johonnot Oliver (1914-1974)  American newspaper columnist and political analyst - E

From the late 1960’s?

Account of his battle with leukemia.

Stay of Execution: A Sort of Memoir  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1973.


AUSSICKER, Teddi-Ann - E

Early 1960’s?

My European Diary  privately printed, 1962, 100 copies.



Late 1960’s?

Separation: Journal of a Marriage  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1973.


BASSO, Keith H.  - anthropologist

June 23rd. to July 22nd. 1960

Diary extracts; a summer at Cibecue in the Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona; the trading post; Apaches and their way of life, customs and language; local events.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 26-37. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


BENZIGER, Barbara Field - E

Early 1960’s?

“… Mrs. Benziger's totally unpretentious but quite direct and unclouded view of the pathological depression, with suicidal inclinations and hallucinations, she experienced some years ago. From her first overwhelming sense of dread, to later episodes of panic, increasing sleeplessness and retreat, she began to fall apart ….”

The Prisoner of My Mind  New York, Walker, 1969., is reported to contain diary material.


BEVINGTON, Helen Smith (1906-2001)  American poetess and educator - *H2423,*M5852,E

a) - Along Came the Witch: A Journal in the 1960's  New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976.

b) - The Journey Is Everything: A Journal of the Seventies  Durham, North Carolina, Duke University Press, 1983.

Note:  When Found Make a Verse of  Simon and Schuster, 1961; and  The House Was Quiet and the World Was Calm  Harcourt, 1971, are both reported to contain diary material.


BUCKLEY, Michael  - American architect - E

Early 1960’s?

Mind and Hand and Eye: Architecture at Rice  Houston, Texas, 1967, is reported to contain diary material.


BURBAGE, Luther T. - E


Diary of a World Traveller  New York, 1970.


CARTER, Annetta - E

1960 to 1970 (?)

Log of the Field trip to Baja California  privately printed, Belvedere Scientific Fund, eleven issues, 1960-1970.  

CHICHESTER, Francis (b.1901)  lone yachtsman

April 4th. to July 21st. 1960

Personal log of the winner of the first single handed transatlantic race in Gipsy Moth III; detailed entries, sometimes hour by hour; navigation, wind and weather; boat handling; food, rest and communications.

Alone across the Atlantic  London, George Allen and Unwin, 1961.


CLIFFORD, Arthur - E

Late 1960’s?

In  A child Grows Up  by Candida Clifford Peterson, New York, 1974.


COLE, Jean Mullins (b.1917) - E

Mid 1960's?

Trimaran against the Trades  Wellington, New Zealand, Reed, 1968, is reported to contain diary material.


CONROY, Charles O'Neill [Fr.] (1928-1966)  missionaryin Peru - E

1960? to 1966?

"The material in this book is taken from letters to Father Conroy"s family, together with monthly letters which he wrote for The Monitor, the St,John"s, Newfoundland, diocesan paper."

Peruvian Journal: Letters of a Gringo Priest  Montreal, Palm Publishers, 1966.


CRADDOCK, William J. (1946-2004)  American author - E,F

Mid 1960’s

A novel but “… contains a chain of remarkably fresh impressions of the drug scene ranging from the funny to the horrible, …”

Be Not Content: A Subterranean Journal  Doubleday, 1970.


CULBERTSON, Manie  - American schoolteacher - E

Late 1960’s?

“A crossover teacher is an educator who, to meet a court-ordered integration ratio, is arbitrarily transferred to a school where the student body is of a different race. Manie Culbertson was such a teacher, and in this emotional dairy, she records her thoughts and feelings throughout her semester at Glenview School, to which she was assigned.”

May I Speak? Diary of a Crossover Teacher  Gretna, Louisiana, 1972.


DIBBLE, J.Birney - E


“Dibble spent time as a doctor at the Lutheran Kiomboi Mission Hospital in Tanganyika …”

In This Land of Eve  New York, Abingdon Press, 1965, is reported to contain diary material.


DeHAVEN, Jean - E

Mid 1960’s

“The story of Jean DeHaven and crew and their 5,000 mile muletrain trek from California to Montreal, Canada...a tale of the courage and skill of modern-day cowboys living the out-door life of the past.”

Trail of the Jackasses  by Bob Wakefield, Aberdeen, South Dakota, North Plains Press, 1968, is reported to contain diary material.


DOWNS, Hugh Malcolm (b.1921)  American broadcaster - E


“With Downs as initiator, skipper, navigator, the rest of the crew was composed of a married couple, a retired electronics expert, a professional photographer and ‘H.R.’, the author's teenage son. They set sail from Fort Lauderdale on a cruise course that took them through Nassau and the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti and the Canal Zone, by Panama and Ecuador to the Galapagos and finally across the Pacific to their destination. En route they encountered storms, (at one point Downs was pitched overboard), radio trouble, problems with customs officials, and occasional breakdowns of such mainstays as the mainmast. They even discovered two men, marooned and living off goat meat on a deserted island.”

A Shoal of Stars  New York, Doubleday, 1967.



Early 1960’s?

“Mr. Duffus and wife steam out of San Francisco and manage, when not beset by costume nights, amateur shows and bridge lessons, to visit Hawaii: Yokahama, Nikko and Tokyo, Japan: Hong Kong …”

West of the Date Line  Norton, 1968.


DURANT, Mary: See HARWOOD, Michael - E


ELKINS, Frank C. (d.1966)  American naval pilot - E


“This is Lieutenant Frank Elkins's personal diary of his experience as an A-4 pilot in the Vietnam War. When he was shot down in 1966, the diary was sent directly to his wife, Marilyn. It chronicles the early air war and portrays everyday life aboard an aircraft carrier.”

The Heart of a Man  Norton, 1973.

EVANS, Harold [Sir] (b.1911)  public relations advisor - H2424

January 5th. 1960 to October 27th. 1963

Political diary of the press officer to Harold Macmillan; Kennedy and de Gaulle; Cuban missile crisis; Common Market negotiations, Vassal and Profumo affairs; the Press; a rather formal account from a narrow viewpoint but often enlightening, and interesting on Macmillan. Preceded by a scene setting introduction and commentary.

Downing Street Diary; The Macmillan Years 1957-1963  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1981.


FLUGUM, Charles T. - E


“Mostly from Minnesota and Lake Superior. Mentions the Thunder Bay Ornithologists and Minnesota Ornithologists Union.”

Birding from a Tractor Seat  privately printed, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


FUGARD, Harold Athol Lanigan (b.1932)  South African playwright, actor and novelist - E

1960 to 1977

Notebooks 1960-1977  Knopf, 1984.


GILBERT, James R. - E

From the 1960’s?

“… taking the mass of data he has collected over the past years and rearranging the information by months on a daily basis in his nature notebook so the interactions and sequences of life about us in the greater Minnesota area become more meaningful, more understandable, more challenging.”

Jim Gilbert’s Nature Notebooks: A Guide to many Biological and Physical Events in Nature in the Midwest, Using the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum as the Vantage Point  Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, 1983.


GISOLFI, Anthony - E


On Classic Ground: A family holiday in Italy  New York, Bookman, 1962, is reported to contain diary material.


GLASSER, Howard T. - *M5853,E

& on for a Time in Ullapool: An Excerpt from the Diary of Howard T. Glasser during His Ballad Search in 1960 through Scotland  1960.


GONZALES, Conchita - E


“The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared several times to young girls in Garabandal, Spain in a very remote village.”

Our Lady Come to Garabandal, including Cochita’s Diary  by Joseph A.Pelletier, 1971.


GRAF, Zola Rymer - E


Jotting While Jetting Round the World  Dunkirk, New York, 1962, is reported to contain diary material.


GRAY, Lucy - E


Diary of Hope: Reflections of an Alcoholic’s Wife  Grand rapids, Michigan, Baker Book House, 1970.


GUEVARA, Ernesto (Che) (1928-1967)  Argentine physician and Cuban guerrilla - H2441,E

a) - 1952

“In January 1952 Guevara's older friend, Alberto Granado, a biochemist, and Guevara, decided to take a year off from their medical studies to embark on a trip they had spoken of making for years: traversing South America on a motorcycle, …”

The Motorcycle Diaries: A Journey through South America  Verso, 1996. The veracity of the diary has been questioned but there is little doubt that the book is based upon a contemporaneous record.

b) - (Not examined)

1960 to 1965

Congo diaries.

The African Dream: The Diaries of the Revolutionary War in the Congo  translated from the Spanish by Patrick Camiller. London, Harvill, 2000.

c) - November 7th. 1966 to October 7th. 1967

Guevara's objective was to destabilise Bolivia in the hope of drawing the United States into a 'South American Vietnam' and this is his surprisingly clear sighted record of the political, military and domestic life of his group; daily entries with monthly summaries.

1. - The Complete Bolivian Diaries of Che Guevara and Other Captured Documents  edited by Daniel James. London, Allen and Unwin, 1968. Also printed are the diaries of Braulio, Pombo and Rolando, subordinate members of the group (qv) recording the same events.

2. - Bolivian Diary of Ernesto Che Guevara  the official Cuban version which omits some entries and rephrases others, introduced by Fidel Castro, translated by Carlos P. Hansen and Andrew Sinclair. London, Lorimer, 1968.

3. - The Bolivian Diary of Ernesto Che Guevara  edited by Mary-Alice Waters. New York, Pathfinder, 1994.


HARWOOD, Michael (and DURANT, Mary (?)) - E


“… a New York couple moving to the Country.”

A Country Journal  New York, Dodd Mead, 1974.


HAVENS, Joseph - E

Early 1960’s?

The Journal of a College Student  Wallingford, Pennsylvania, Pendle Hill Publications, 1965, 32 pp stapled pamphlet.


HÉBERT, Jaques: See TRUDEAU, Joseph Philippe Yves.


HILL, Hibbert Mosse (b.1900)  American civil engineer - E

Reflections on Water  Minneapolis, Northern States Power Company, 1967, is reported to contain diary material.


HORNE, Marcel - E

1960’s ?

Annals of a Firebreather  Toronto, Peter martin, 1973, 180 pp, is reported to contain diary material.


HUBER, Kathleen - E

Late 1960’s?

James Cummings has (6230)  Alive in a Box: A Production Journal  1970.


HUMINIK, John  - American spy - E


“The extraordinary true story of a young American scientist’s six years of double life as a spy for Russia and a counterspy for the FBI.”

Double Agent  New York, New American Library, 1967, is reported to contain diary material.


HUMPHREY, William - E

Late 1960’s?

“Delightful tale of a stay in a Welsh Border salmon fishing hotel; the life story and mating behaviour of the salmon - and of the salmon fishers. This story was first published in the USA, in Esquire magazine.”

The Spawning Run  London, Chatto and Windus, 1970.


HUNT, Nigel - E


The World of Nigel Hunt: The Diary of a Mongoloid Youth  New York, 1967.


HYDE, Dayton, O. - E

Late 1960’s?

“… a heartening journal of a year on a ranch. A ranch called Yansi in the vast Oregon wilderness. Includes 100 photographs and a spectacularly fascinating narrative on the four seasons of change.”

Yamsi  New York, Dial Press, 1971.


JIYU-KENNETT, Houn [Roshi] (born Peggy Teresa Nancy Kennett) (1924-1996)  Zen Buddhist priest, Abbess of Shasta Abbey, California - E

From early 1960’s?

a) - “Diary of a Zen Trainee”

The Wild White Goose  Volume I, Mount Shasta, California, Shasta Abbey Press, 1977.

b) - “… the growth of Zen priest into a teacher through the process of testing and trial which six years of the responsibilities of holding office in the monastery, dealing with religious politics, and running my own Temple naturally provided.”

The Wild White Goose  Volume II, Mount Shasta, California, Shasta Abbey Press, 1978.


JOHNSTON, Jill (1929-2010)  American lesbian feminist author and critic - E

a) - 1960 to 1969

“Johnston’s dance writing spans that mythic decade, ‘the sixties’, almost exactly. She had trained in modern dance in the fifties and ‘performed minimally on stage’, also studying art history and literary criticism. After initially publishing some articles in the Dance Observer she became dance critic of the Village Voice in 1959.”

Marmalade Me  New York, Dutton, 1971, revised and expanded, Wesleyan, 1998, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - From 1970?

Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution  Simon and Schuster, 1973, is also reported to contain diary material.


JONES, Stephen - E


“… the author's account of his voyages in dooryards, alleys, bayous, millraces, swamps, sumps, rivers, creeks, canals, lakes bayous and open sewers. About the historic lands of New Orleans, Valley of Swans, Cape May, Yorktown, Jamestown, Mystic, Noank, and Westerly, Rhode Island.”

Drifting  New York, MacMillan, 1971.


KAPPELI, Robert - E

Early 1960’?

“My Indian diary as such is made up of quickly recorded impressions & thoughts, accompanied by drawings & water-colours.”

From and indian Diary  Basle, 1965.


KESTEN, Yehuda  - German-born Israeli newspaper editor - E

Mid 1960's?

Diary of a Heart Patient: twice operated on by Dr. DeBakey, a patient tells of his experience  New York, McGraw-Hill, 1968.


KIDNEY, Dorothy Boone (1919-2001) - E


Wilderness Journal: Life, Living, Contentment in the Allagash Woods of Maine  Portland, Maine, Gannett, 1980.  


KYGER, Joanne (b.1934)  American poet and Zen Buddhist - E

1960 to 1964

The Japan and Indian Journals 1960-1964  Bolinas, California: Tombouctou, 1981. Reissued as  Strange Big Moon. The Japan and Indian Journals 1960-1964  Berkeley, California: North Atlantic Books, 2000.


LASSELL, Margaret - E


“.... turmoil and strife in low-income family life in early 1960s England.”

Wellington Road  Routledge, 1962; Penguin Books, 1966.


LEE, Dorothy V. - E


Galapagos Diary  privately printed, Washington, D.C., 1967.


LEEMON, Thomas A. - E

Late 1960’s?

The Rites of Passage in a Student Culture  New York, Teachers College Press, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


LEWIS, James  - Episcopal priest in West Virginia - E

From 1960’s?

“Celebrating a decade as an Episcopal priest in West Virginia, Lewis has gathered diary-excerpt vignettes and reflections into eight collages that follow the medieval hours of prayer. … most of the book is cloaked in trivial detail and trite commentary.”

West Virginia Pilgrim  New York, The Seabury Press, 1976.


LOVE, Deborah - E


“This evocative journal describes a summer Deborah Love spent on Annaghkeen Island, in Ireland, with her husband, the writer Peter Matthiessen.”

Annaghkeen  New York, Random House, 1970.


LISTER, Richard Percival (1914-2014)  English poet, artist and metallurgist - E


“Haparanda is a Swedish town at the top of the Gulf of Bothnia, and the hard way there is the way Lister took-some two months and 1800 miles of arduous travel across the varied reaches of Lapland.”

The Hard Way to Haparanda: A Journey in Lapland  London, Chapman and Hall, 1965.


LYMAN, Melvin James (1938-1978)  American musician and founder of the Fort Hill Community - E

1958 to 1966 (?)

“… derived from letters he wrote during his formative years, starting in 1958 from his initial attempts to learn and become a musician, through the early 1960s as his life widened and deepened musically and personally.”

Mirror at the End of the Road  Roxbury, Massachusetts, American Avatar, 1971.


McADAMS, George - E

1960’s or 1970’s (?)

A Sort of Journey: Recollections in an RV  Portsmouth.New Hampshire, 1985.

Note: An RV seems to be a recreational vehicle, an American term for a motor home or camper van.


MACLEAN, Ian (1898?-1973) Crofter of Ardnamurchan

January 1st. to December 31st. 1960 and January 1st. to December 31st. 1970

Selected entries from a private diary of a crofter in Sanna, Ardnamurchan, Fife; weather; work on the croft; routine and the small happenings of daily life. The diary entries are interspersed with extensive commentary by the editor, Alasdair Maclean (qv), the diarist's son.

In  Night Falls on Ardnamurchan: The Twilight of a Crofting Family  by Alasdair Maclean. London, Victor Gollancz, 1984, pp 51-142.


MCDOUGALL, Joyce  - psychologist - E


Dialogue with Sammy: A Psycho-Analytical Contribution to the Understanding of Child Psychosis  New York International Universities Press, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.


MOWAT, Farley McGill (1921-2014)  Canadian writer and environmentalist - E

a) - 1960’s?

The Polar Passion: The Quest for the North Pole  Little Brown, 1968, is reported to contain diary material. This is Volume II of his Top of the World  trilogy.

b) - Late 1960’s?

Sibir: My Discovery of Siberia  McClelland and Stewart, 1970, is also rep[orted to contain diary material.


MURRAY, Simon (b.1940)  English businessman and adventurer - E

1960 to 1965

“…. in 1960, Simon Murray traveled alone to Paris, Marseilles, and ultimately Algeria to fulfill the toughest contract of his life: a five-year stint in the Legion. Along the way, he kept a diary.”

LegionnaireMy Five Years in the French Foreign Legion  Times Books, 1979. Also published as  Legionnaire: An Englishman in the French Foreign Legion .


NEFF, Renfreu - E


The Living Theatre: USA  Indianapolis, Bobbs Merrill, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


NEWBY, (George) Eric (1919-2006)  English Travel writer - E


Slowly Down the Ganges  London, Hodder, 1966, is reported to contain diary material.


NICHOLS, Beverly (1898-1983)  English writer - E

Late 1960's?

The Sun in My Eyes: or, How not to go around the world  London, Heinemann, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.  


NICHOLS, Robert - E

Early 1960's?

Dog Sledging in Antarctica  in  Appalachia  December, 1964.


PAINE, Robert - E


Herds of the Tundra: A Portrait of Saami Reindeer Pastoralism  Washington, Smithsonian, 1994, is reported to contain diary material.


PAINTER, Charlotte (b.1926)  American novelist and writer - E


a) - “The intimate journal of a woman’s pregnancy and childbirth.”

Who Made the Lamb  New York, Signet, 1966.

b) - 1. - Confessions from the Malaga Madhouse: A Christmans Diary  Dial Press, 1971.

2. - Extract:  Moffatt & Painter, p97, which the author describes as “an example of a mother’s record of communication between herself and her child…… These entries are from a diary that was rewritten and combined with a somewhat later diary……”




Dearest Pickles: The Story of a Hedgehog Family  translated from the german by Mary Sworder, New York, Taplinger, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


POMEROY, Miggs - E

Early 1960’s?

Motor cars in the desert.

The Great Sahara Mouse-Hunt  Hutchinson, 1962, is reported to contain diary material.


RILEY, Robert - E


A first-hand view of the factory at work, of the aspects of the garment industry, on Seventh Avenue, of Calfornia designers and manufacturers.

The Fashion Makers: A Photographic Record  by Walter Vecchio and Robert Riley, New York, Crown, 1968, is reported to contain diary material.


RIZZI, Marcia Salo - E


Some Pictures from My Life: A Diary  Washington, New Jersey, Time Changes Press, 1972.


ROTHSCHILD, Pauline, Barronne de (1908-1976) - E

Mid 1960's?

A winter trip to the Soviet Union.

The Irrational Journey  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1968, is reported to contain diary material.


RUBIN, Jerry (1938-1994)  American radical activist - E


"Written in Cook County Jail."

We Are Everywhere  New York, Harper and Rowe, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


RUBIN, Theodore Isaac (b.1923)  American psychiatrist and writer - E

a) - Late 1960's?

Emergency Room Diary  New York, Grosset and Dunlap, 1972.

b) - Early 1970's?

West Coast psychiatric hospitals.

Shrink: The Diary of a Psychiatrist  New York, Popular Library, 1974.


SAUNDERS, J.C.  – young man from Southampton, inveterate hitchhiker


Hitchhiker’s diaries written by a very serious young man. Very detailed accounts of more than 2000 journeys with records of the route, weather, lengths of wait for lifts, road clasifications and miles travelled; fascinating accounts of conversations with drivers.

Descriptive account and facsimile of two pages in  The Daily Telegraph  April 7th. 2001 but not otherwise printed.

SELBOURNE, Henry Armand Hugh (b.1906)  doctor

January 14th. 1960 to November 23rd. 1963

Personal diary of a Manchester consultant physician; his domestic and professional life in fascinating detail, medical matters are much discussed but in humane and thoughtful relation to the patients and relatives; his books; worries about his son. One of the best modern diaries.

A Doctor's Life; The Diaries of Hugh Selbourne M.D., 1960-63  edited by David Selbourne. London, Jonathan Cape, 1979.




James Cummings (11149) has  1960 Chile Trip  1961.


SJÖMAN (SJOMAN), Vilgot (1924-2006)  Swedish film director - *H2426,E

a) - L136 Diary with Ingmar Bergman  translated by Alan Blair. Karoma Publishers, 1978.

b) - Diary of making the film "I Am Curious - Yellow".

I Was Curious: Diary of the Making of a Film  translated by Alan Blair. Grove Press, 1968.


SÖDERGREN (SODERGREN), Sigfrid (1920-2000)  Swedish painter - E

Early 1960's?

Sweet Smell of mangoes: An Artist Looks at the French Congo  translated from the Swedish by John Hewish, London, Deutsch, 1968, is reported to contain diary material.

SPARROW, Jane  - social worker - H2427

March 21st. to August 26th. 1960?

Work diary of a student social worker in a rural area, originally kept as a requirement of her studies; cases and discussions; a good picture of her work.

Diary of a Student Social Worker  London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1970.

Note:  Diary of a Delinquent Episode  London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1976, although perhaps to some extent based on notes taken at the time, is a narrative account, written between May and September 1959(?), at the end of five years spent as a residential social worker. There is an overwhelming retrospective element and, although of great interest, the book cannot accurately be described as a diary, or even a journal.


SNAITH, William  - yachtsman - E


a) - "From the log of  the Figaro, with some meditations by her skipper."

Across the Western Ocean  London and Melbourne, Macmillan, 1966.

b) - "Taken, in part, from the log of Figaro III."

On the Wind's Way  New York, Putnam, 1973.


STAENDER, Gil  - see STAENDER, Vivian


STAENDER, Vivian - E

a) - 1960's?

Adventures with Arctic Wildlife  Calswell, Idaho, caxton, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.

b} - Early 1980's?

Our Arctic Year  Anchorage, Alaska, 1984, is reported to contain diary material by this author and by Gil Staender.


STRAHS, James  - American writer - E

Late 1960's?

Seed Journal  New York, Harper, 1973.


SYMONS, Robert D. - E

a) - 1960's?

Hours and the Birds: A Saskatchewan Record  University of Toronto Press, 1967, is reported to contain diary material.


b) - Silton Seasons  Doubleday (Canada), 1975, is also reported to contain diary material.



a) - 1960's


A Japanese Journal  San Francisco, Kayak, 1966.

b) - James Cummings (12196) has  Journals  Voyages, 1973.


TAYLOR, Maude Sawin - E

Early 1960's?

From My Nevada Notebook  Nevada, Westernprint, 1965, is reported to contain diary material.


TELLER, Walter Magnes - E


Cape Cod and the Offshore Islands  Prentice Hall, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


TERRES, John Kenneth (1905-2006)  American naturalist - E


From Laurel Hill to Siler's Bog: The walking adventures of a naturalist  Knopf, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.


THIELICKE, Helmut (1908-1986)  German Protestant theologian - E


a) - Voyage to the far East  translated by John W.Doberstein. Philadelphia, Muhlenberg Press, 1962.

b) - African Diary: My Search for Understanding  Waco, Texas, Word books, 1974.



Late 1960's?

My Battle with Low Blood Sugar  Florida, Exposition, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.


TOBIN, John C. - E

Late 1960's?

The Fall Line: A Skier's Journal  New York, Meredith, 1969.


TODD, Walter Edmond Clyde (1874-1969)  American ornithologist - E


Birds of the Labrador Peninsula and Adjacent Areas  Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1963, is reported to contain diary material.




Country life in Maine.

The Crow Island Journal  New York, Harper and Rowe, 1970.


TRUDEAU, Joseph Philippe Yves Elliott (1919-200)  Canadian lawyer and politician and HÉBERT, Jaques  journalist - E


“… society and politics; descriptive passages of lyrical beauty; and constant laughter as two irrepressible Montrealers administer shock after shock to their bureaucratic and puritanical hosts. Quite incidentally, it is an affectionate dual portrait of each other by two of the most interesting Canadians of the time.”

Two Innocents in Red China  Toronto, Oxford University Press, 1968, is reported to contain diary material.


ULLMAN, James Ramsay (1907-1971)  American mountaineer and writer

Early 1960's?

Where the Bong Tree Grows: The Log of One Man's Journey in the Pacific  Cleveland, World, 1963, is reported to contain diary material.


WALLACE, Clare Marc - E

Early 1960's?

Portrait of a Schizophrenic Nurse  London, Hammond, 1965, is reported to contain diary material.


WALKER, T.Mike - E


Voices from the Bottom of the World: A Policeman's Journal  New York, grove Press, 1970.




"A popularized report of a scientific investigation into extrasensory perception and thought transmission".

Diary into the Unknown  El Monte, California, Understanding Publishing Co., 1961.


WOLF, Christa (b.1929)  East German writer - E

1960 to 2000, one entry on September 27th. in each year

A full and detailed account of the same day in each of forty years.

One Day a Year: 1960-2000  translated from the German by Lowell A. Bangerter. Europa editions, 2007.


WOOD, Flora E. - E

Early 1960's?

In Search of the Way: A Diary  India, Radha Soami Satsang Beas, 1965.


WOODIN, Ann  - of Arizona - E


Adventures of couple and their four sons travelling in a VW bus through northern Africa, Middle East & Far East.

In the Circle of the Sun  New York, Macmillan, 1971.


ZARATTI, Alfonso  - Roman Catholic priest(?) - E

1960's? (dating very uncertain)

The Circle of Love  Rome,  Casamari Abbey, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.

ZHANG Xianlang (b.1936)  Chinese novelist

a) - July 11th. to September 8th. 1960

Personal diary of life in a labour camp in western China. The brief diary entries are given for a few days at a time and are followed by passages of explanation and expansion by the author.

Grass Soup  translated by Martha Avery. London, Secker and Warburg, 1994.

b) - September 1st to December 20th. 1960

Continuation of the labour camp diary in the same format as the previous volume. Entries are a little more full; starvation always threatening. The original diary is more effective than the extended annotation. The overlapping entries for September 1st. 1960 seem to be irreconcilably different but no explanation is given.

My Bodhi Tree  translated by Martha Avery. London, Secker and Warburg, 1996.



BERGER, Josef (1903-1971)  American journalist and speech writer - *M5855,E

In  Poppo  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1962.


COLLINS, Catherine - E


“An account of the 1961 trek around North Africa to the Tibesti mountains in southern Libya with a group of American and British members, including Sir Winston Churchill's son, Randolph and his son, Winston.”

The Great Sahara Mousehunt  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1963.


FAWCETT, Thomas K. - E


Bonanza in Mozambique. The diary of a 1961 big game hunt out of Beria Mozambique by members of the Fawcett family  privately printed, 59pp spiral bound.


GALVAO, Henrique (1895-1970)  Portuguese soldier and politician - E


“Galvão led the Santa Maria hijacking, also known as Operation Dulcinea. The hijackers, characterized by many as terrorists or rebels, seized the ship and took complete command of the vessel under Galvão's leadership. In this process, they isolated the vessel by cutting off all communication, and killed one officer and wounded several others. Galvão used the hijacking to send radio broadcasts from the ship calling attention to his concerns and views on what he characterized as the Portuguese regime of fascism.”

Santa Maria: My Crusade for Portugal  World, 1961.


JOHNSON, F.Kirk [Mrs.] - E


Safari diary with her husband and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart.

African Diary  privately printed, 1961.


KRISHNAMURTI, Jiddu (1895-1986)  spiritual philosopher - E

a) - June 1961 to March 1962

Krishnamurti's Notebook  New York, Harper, 1976.

b) - 1973 to 1975 (intermittent)

Krishnamurti's Journal  New York, Harper, 1982.

c) - 1986?

Krishnamurti to Himself: His Last Journal, 1987  New York, Harper, 1993(?).

d) - Dates unknown

Commentaries on Living: Series One  Harper, 1956.

e) - Dates unknown

Commentaries on Living: Series Two  Harper, 1958.

f) - Dates unknown -  

Commentaries on Living: Series Three  Harper, 1960.


LARKIN, Philip Arthur (1922-1985)  English poet - E

1961 to 1968

Originally published as articles in the Daily Telegraph.

All What Jazz: A Record Diary, 1961-68  London, Faber, 1970.

Note: Larkin’s personal diaries were destroyed, on his instructions, after his death.


LEVY, Robert E. - E

July 1961

Log: Five Days Aboard the Schooner Stephen Taber  Oyster Bay, New York, Binnacle Press, 1962, 600 copies.


MATTHEWS, Thomas Stanley (1901-1991)  American journalist and editor - E


“All the way across the country, from Idlewild Airport in New York to St. Louis, to Denver, the Northwest, the West Coast (San Francisco & Los Angeles especially) & back across the desert and the Indian South-west, Albuquerque, Dallas, & finally Florida... the travels ofT.S. Matthews, former editor of Time Magazine, and his wife, Martha Gellhorn.”

O My America! Notes on a Trip  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1962.


MICHAELS, Leonard (1933-2003)  American writer - E

a) - 1961 to 1995

Time Out Of Mind: The Diaries of Leonard Michaels, 1961-1995  Riverhead books, 1999.

b) - 1976 to 1987

Scattered journal notes of social observation.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 281-287. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.

MURRELL, Hilda (1906-1984)  rose grower

1961 to 1983

Naturalist's diaries; botanising in Mallorca, Shropshire, Anglesey etc.; episodic.

Hilda Murrel's Nature Diaries 1961-1983  edited by Charles Sinker. London, Collins, 1987.


O’DOHERTY, Brian (Patrick IRELAND) (b.1928)  Irish art critic, living in New York - E

1961 to 1967

Object and Idea: An Art critic’s Journal, 1961-1967  Simon and Schuster, 1967.


PROUDFOOT, Merrill  - theologian - *H2428,*M5854,E

Diary of a civil rights protest.

Diary of a Sit-In  Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 1962. Second edition with new introduction and illustrations Urbana, University of Illinois, 1990.


SACKS, Oliver (b.1933)  - British born professor of neurology working in America - E

a) - 1961

Undated extracts from a travel diary; exploring the United States on a motorcycle.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 391-406. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.

b) - 2000

Discursive and eclectic journal of a seven day fern-hunting trip to Oaxaca, Mexico with members of the American Fern Society; conversations with companions; meditations; botanical expeditions; traces of ancient civilisation and the effects of Spanish conquest.

Oaxaca Journal  Washington, D.C., National Geographic Society, 2002.

c) - Account of recovery from a leg injury; doctors seen from the patient's view. Based upon a journal.

A Leg To Stand On  New York, Summit Books, 1984.

d) - Seeing Voices: A Journey into the World of the Deaf  Berkeley, University of California Press, 1989, is reported to conatin diary material.

e) - The Island of the Colorblind; and Cycad Island  New York, Knopf, 1997, is reported to contain diary material.   


SEABORG, Glenn Theodore (1912-1999)  American scientist and co-discovere of Plutonium - *M5856,E

1. - Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Test Ban  with Benjamin S. Loeb. University of California Press, 1981.

2. - James Cummings has:  Journals  University of California Press, three volumes, 1987.

3. - The Plutonium Story: Journals of Professor Glenn T. Seaborg, 1939–1946  Columbus, Ohio, Battelle Press, 1994.

4. - Journal of Glenn T. Seaborg, 1946-1958. Volume 3. January 1, 1949 - December 31, 1949   Berkeley, California: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California, 1990.

5. - Journal of Glenn T. Seaborg, 1946-1958. Volume 4. January 1, 1950 - December 31, 1950   Berkeley, California: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California, 1990.

Note: No copies of items 4 or 5 have been traced.


SOYER, Raphael (1899-1987)  Russian born American artist - *H2429,*M5857,E

a) - 1961 to 1976

Includes thoughts of an American artist about works of art seen on a European tour; conversations with Edward Hopper, Jack Levine, Leonard Baskin and Henry Moore.

Diary of an Artist  Washington, New Republic Books, 1977.

b) - 1961

A Painter's Pilgrimage  New York, Crown, 1962.

c) - 1963 to 1965

Homage to Thomas Eakins  edited by Rebecca L.Soyer. South Brunswick, Yoseloff, 1966.

d) - 1966 to 1967

Self-Revealment: A Memoir  New York, Random House, 1966.


STOTT, George Gordon [Lord] (b.1909)  Scottish Lord Advocate - E

1961 to 1966

Lord Advocate's Diary, 1961-1966  Aberdeen University Press, 1991.


SYLVA, Donald P. de - E


The Alfred C.Glassel, Jr. University of Miami Argosy Expedition to Ecuador  Coral Gables, Florida, University of Miami Press, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


TANNER, Hans (1927-1975) - E

January to July, 1961

Cpounter-Revolutionary Agent: Diary of the events Which Occurred in Cuba nbetween January and july, 1961  London, Foulis, 1962.


TWEEDIE, Irina (1907-1999)

From 1961?

Diary of spiritual training.

The Chasm of Fire: A Woman's Experience of liberation through the Teaching of a Sufi Master  Tisbury, Element Books, 1979. Subsequently published as  Daughter of Fire  Nevada City, New Dolphin, 1986.



ABRAMOWITZ, Jack - *M5858,E

Diary of a Slow Learner Class  Chicago, Follett, 1963.


BISSELL, Howard T. (b.1955)  of New York - M5859

February 14th. to July 10th. 1962

Extracts from a schoolboy's diary, mainly concerned with his attempt to persuade the head teacher to intervene on his behalf to solve his difficulties with his class teacher.

In  Small Voices  by Josef and Dorothy Berger. New York, Paul S.Eriksson, 1966, pp 98-101.


CLAPP, Archie J. (1923-2004)  helicopter pilot - *M5860,E

Helicopter operations in Vietnam.

Shu-Fly Diary  in  U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings  October, 1963, pp 42-53.



1962 to 1969

The Mexican Night: Travel Journal  New directions, 1970.


GIESE, Vincent J. - *H2430,*M5861,E

From 1962

Journal of a Late Vocation  Notre Dame, Indiana, Fides, 1966.


GILROY, Frank Daniel (b.1925)  writer and film director - *M5862,E

About Those Roses: Or, How Not to Do a Play and Succeed  Random House, 1965.


GODWIN, Gail  - American novelist - M5863

a) - November 25th. 1962 to January 7th. 1981

Journal extracts; London and America; introspective and much concerned with her writing.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 75-85.

b) - May 30th. 1982 to September 1st. 1987

Journal extracts headed: "Father", "An Old Mentor", "Dreams and Spleen", "Best Friend", "Reading and Writing", and "Philosophy and Politics".

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 186-195. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


HARRER, Heinrich - E


“An account of a six month expedition that crossed Dutch New Guinea in 1962 from Hollandia on the north coast to Merauke on the south coast, told in diary form …”

I Come from the Stone Age  translated from the German by Edward Fitzgerald, London, Rupert Hart-Davis, 1964.


HORIE, Kenichi (b.1938)  Japanese solo yachtsman - E


Kodoku: Sailing Alone Across the Pacific  Tuttle, 1964, is reported to contain diary material.


HORTON, Douglas (1891-1968)  American protestant clergyman and academic - *M5864,E

1962 to 1964

a) - Vatican Diary 1962: a Protestant Observes the First Session of Vatican Council II  Philadelphia, United Church Press, 1964.   

b) - Vatican Diary, 1963: A Protestant Observes the Second Session of Vatican Council II  Philadelphia, United Church Press, 1964.   

c) - Vatican Diary 1964: A Protestant Observes the Third Session of Vatican Council II  Philadelphia, United Church Press, 1965.

d) - Vatican Diary, 1965; : a Protestant Observes the Fourth Session of Vatican Council II  Philadelphia, United Church Press, 1966.  


KOLLER, Alice - E

1962 to 1963

“The intensely personal journal of one woman"s struggle to survive, from despair and near suicide to the first days of a new life”; a secluded life in Nantucket.

An Unknown Woman: A Journey to Self-Discovery  Henry Holt, 1982.

Note:  The Stations of Solitude  New York, Morrow, 1990, may also contain diary material.


MARX, Robert F. - E


“The dramatic account of the 77 day crossing from Spain to San Salvador in the 42 foot replica of Columbus's ship.”

The Voyage of the Nina II  World Publishing, 1963.


REEVE, F.D. (b.1928) - E

Late summer, 1962

Robert Frost in Russia  Atlantic Monthly, 1964.  


SIFFRE, Michel (b.1939)  French speleologist - E

From July 1962

"Two months cloistered in the abyss of Scarasson without time cues on a glacier."

Beyond Time  New York, NcGraw-Hill, 1964. First published as  Hors du temps. L'expérience du 16 juillet 1962 au fond du gouffre de Scarasson par celui qui l'a vécue  Julliard, 1963.  

STERN, Richard - *H2432



AMMONS, Archie Randolph (1926-2001) American poet - E

December 6th. 1963 to January 10th. 1964

Verse journal.

Tape for the Turn of the Year  Ithaca, Cornell university press, 1965.


BROWN, Robert McAfee (1920-2001)  American theologian - *M5865,E

September to December 1963

Diary of a protestant observer at the Vatican Council; account of the participants and proceedings.

Observer in Rome: A Protestant Report on the Vatican Council  New York, Doubleday, 1964.


CARROLL, Jim (b.1950?)  American poet and rock performer - E

a) - 1963 to 1966

Long, widely spaced entries purporting to be the private diary of a teenager growing up in New York; solvent abuse, drink, drugs, sex in pornographic detail; graphic and humourless account of an amoral existence; tangential connection with basketball. The language, construction and episodic nature of the diary may indicate later composition by an adult.

The Basketball Diaries  U.S.A., Tombouctou Books, 1970. Reissued New York, Penguin Books, 1987 and 1995. Parts have also been printed in magazines.

b) - 1971 to 1973

Forced Entries: The Downtown Diaries, 1971-1973  New York, Penguin, 1987.

CASEY, Mary (1915-1980)  poet

January 2nd. 1963 to December 31st. 1979

Personal diary; Kenya and increasingly in England, in Dorset; farming; her responses to weather and countryside; religious thoughts and introspection; neo-platonism; literary interests; the last years increasingly impressionistic; literary quality.

A Net in Water; A Selection from the Journals of Mary Casey  edited by Judith M. Lang and Louise de Bruin. Bath, The Powys Press (The Powys Society), 1994. 300 copies printed.


JERSTAD, Lute (1937?-1998)  American mountaineer - *M5866,E

In  Everest Diary  by John Dennis McCallum. Chicago, Follett, 1966.

JOHNSON, Claudia Alta Taylor (Lady Bird) (b.1912) - H2433,M5867

November 22nd. 1963 to January 20th. 1969

Transcribed and edited from almost daily tape recordings of the President's Wife, beginning shortly after the Kennedy assassination. Interesting but rather flatly written.

A White House Diary  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1970.


L'HEUREUX, John  - writer and former Jesuit priest - *M5868,E

A Picnic in Babylon: A Jesuit Priest's Journal  New York, Macmillan, 1967.


MOITESSIER, Bernard (1925-1994)  French sailor - E

1963 to 1966 (?)

“… He decided to offer his wife the most wonderful of wedding presents: an Atlantic crossing through the Trade Winds. From Tahiti the Moitessiers had the choice of two classic routes by which to return to Europe; via the Red Sea or via the Cape of Good Hope, but Bernard chose the route which led them through the terrible winds of the south Pacific and the enormous seas of the Roaring Fories, round Cape Horn. It is the most difficult, the most dangerous route, but also the fastest. In their 39 ft ketch, the Moitessiers accomplished an incredible performance; in 126 days at sea, without port of call, the two covered 14, 216 miles from Moorea to Alicante, making Moitessier's wife the first woman to round the Horn in a yacht. ...”

The First Voyage of the Joshua  New York, William Morrow, 1973, is reported to contain diary material. 


MURPHY, Dervla (b.1931)  travel writer

a) - March to July 1963

Travel diary of an Irishwoman; from Teheran to New Delhi on a bicycle; a clear eyed and interesting account.

1. - Full-Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle  London, John Murray, 1965.

2. - Extracts: Blythe, pp 346-349.

b) - From June 1983

Extracts from a diary of travel in Madagascar incorporated in a narrative account.

In  Muddling through Madagascar  London, John Murray, 1985.

c) - March 9th. to August 17th. 1993, April 1st. to May 14th. 1994 and SWeptember 24th. 1994 to January 5th. 1995

Travel diaries in South Africa on a bicycle; people and politics.

South from the Limpopo: Travels through South Africa  London, John Murray, 1997.

Note: James Cummings (8989) has  Leaves from a South Indian Diary  in  Blackwood's Magazine   August, 1974.


NAUMANN, Bernd (1922-1971)  German journalist - E

1963 to 1965 (?)

Journalist’s account of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Ttrial,  “The book is, in effect, a history of the camp as told by eyewitnesses during the trial.”

Auschwitz: A Report on the Proceedings Against Robert Karl Ludwig Mulka and Others Before the Court at Frankfurt  Praeger, 1966.


ROBBEN, Susan (b.1955)  of New York - M5869

February 24th. 1963 to October 8th. 1964

Child's diary; family, friends, entertainments and pranks; a strong personality; a good diary of its kind.

In  Small Voices  by Josef and Dorothy Berger. New York, paul S.Eriksson, 1966, pp 199-203.


ROSSI, Alfred - *M5870,E

Minneapolis Rehearsals: Tyrone Guthrie Directs Hamlet  Berkely, University of California Press, 1970.


ROWE, James Nicholas [Colonel] (d.1989)  of the US Army - E

1963 to 1968

Account of his experiences at a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

Five Years to Freedom  Boston, Little Brown, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


SMITH, Ed - *M5871,E

An American Negro's African diary of Peace Corps teaching service in Ghana; political comment.

Where To, Black Man?  Chicago, Quadrangle, 1967.


TERATOL, Romin - E

1963 and 1967

Travels of two Mayan Indians from Mexico to the United States. Only the first account of the 1963 trip is contemporaneous.

In  Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax: Sundries from Zinacantan  edited by Robert M.Laughlin  in  Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology  XXV, 1980.



BORENSTEIN, Audrey  writer, of New Paltz, New York

a) - 1964 to 1989

Undated extracts from a personal diary; literary and religious notes; brief mentions of family and friends.

Gleanings  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 69-84.

b) - 1964 to 1999

Extracts from a personal diary, her 'old compañero'; literary self-exploration; husband, children, religion. The diary extracts are used as if in dialogue with their author.

In  One Journal's Life: A Meditation on Journal Keeping  Seattle, Impassio Press, 2002, 54pp.


BREAKWELL, Ian (1943-2005)  British artist - E

a) - 1964 to 1985

“… idiosyncratic journal, observing fine details of modern society typically overlooked by most people.”

Diary 1964-85  Pluto Press, 1986.

b) - 1968 to 1976

Diary Extracts 1968-76  Nottingham, 1977.


COLEBROOK, Joan (1911?-1991) - *M5872,E

Innocents of the West: Travels Through the Sixties  New York, Basic Books, 1979.


DEMING, Barbara (1917-1984) - M5873

January to February 1964

Prison diary in Albany City jail, Georgia; imprisoned with companions for taking part in a Peace March along a forbidden route; detailed notes of prison life and conditions; guards and other inmates; the effects of a partial hunger strike on herself, and of a complete strike upon her friends; compromise with authority; release.

1. - Prison Notes  Beacon Press and Grossman, 1966.

2. - In  Prisons That Could Not Hold  Spinsters Ink, 1985.

3. - Extracts: Culley, pp 272-278.


GREENE, Bob (b.1946?)  American journalist - H2509,E

a) - 1964

Be True to Your School: A Diary of 1964  New York, Athenaeum, 1987.

b) - June 11th.1983 to June 11th. 1984

Personal diary; a journalist's day-by-day account of his daughter's first year; love and wonder; development, growth and practical matters; the child's effect on the lives of her parents; a diary of limited range, and no doubt written for publication; but well observed and less sentimental than might be expected.

Good Morning Merry Sunshine; A Father's Journal of His Child's First Year  New York, Athenaeum, 1984.


HARRIS, Mark (b.1922)  writer - *M5874,E

Experiences in Sierra Leone as a Peace Corps evaluator.

Twentyone Twice  Little, Brown, 1966.

Note:  Best Father Ever Invented: An Autobiography of Mark Harris  1976, which has not been examined, may contain substantial diary material.


KINKADE, Griebe - E

After 1964?

In  Journal of a Walden Two Commune  Yellow Springs, Ohio, Twin Oaks Community, 1972.


LEAHY, George - E

May 1964?

“The author hunted leopard, wild boar and tiger in the Nagpur region of India…. The story of a successful two-week hunt, told in diary form …”

Shikar for Sher Khan  privately printed, Chicago, 1964?


MITCHELL, Suzanne (pseud.?) - *H2435,*M5875,E

My Own Woman: The Diary of an Analysis  New York, Horizon, 1973.


NAPEAR, Peggy - *H2436,*M5876,E

Mother's diary of the recovery of a brain injured child, born mentally retarded, spastic, deaf, blind and hyperactive.

Brain Child: A Mother's Diary  New York, Harper and Row, 1970.

ROSE, Alec (Richard) [Sir] (b.1908)  lone yachtsman

1964 and 1967 to 1968

Occasional entries from his personal log of solo voyages across the Atlantic and around the world.

In  My Lively Lady  Lymington and London, Nautical Publishing and George G. Harrap, 1968. Passim.


ONSLOW-FORD, Gordon (1912-2003) English painter - E


Painting in the Instant  London, Thames and Hudson, 1965, is reported to contain diary material.


Ó RÍORDÁIN (O'RIORDAIN), Seán (1916-1977)  Irish poet

1962 to 1964

Scattered entries from a journal, translated from the Irish; reflections upon religion, life and death.

In  Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology, 1590-1987  edited by Melosina Lenox-Conyngham. Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 1998, pp 265-267.  


SANTAMARIA, Frances Karlen - H2437,M5877

1964 to 1965

Annotation based upon extracts.

Personal diary of pregnancy, birth and the first months of motherhood in Greece and the United States; thoughtful and sensitive; the ceremony of circumcision.

1. - Joshua Firstborn  New York, Dial Press, 1970.

2. - Extracts: Moffat & Painter, pp 109-115.


WILLIS, William (1897-1968)  American sailor - E


Account of a lone voyage.on a raft, from Peru to Australia.

Whom the Sea Has Taken  New York, Meredith Press, 1966, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: The account of his earlier rafting adventure, in 1954  The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters: A 6700 Mile Voyage Alone Across the Pacific  London: Hutchinson, 1956, may also contain diary material.



BLY, Carol  - American writer - M5878

1965 to June 1981

Diary extracts; a visit to England; notes upon the British National Health Service; life in small town America; a public meeting; strawberry planting; ecological and world political concerns.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 261-268.

CASTLE, Barbara Anne (b.1911)  Labour politician - H2485

a) - January 26th. 1965 to May 28th. 1970

Political diaries; Minister of Overseas Development and of Transport, and Secretary of State for Employment in Harold Wilson's first two administrations; candid, critical and interesting. Preceded by a narrative account from October 1964.

The Castle Diaries 1964-70  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1984.

b) - January 1st. 1974 to April 13th. 1976

Political diaries; Secretary of State for employment under Harold Wilson, removed by James Callaghan; a good account of the machinery and machinations of politics.

The Castle Diaries 1974-76  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1980.


CHOUINARD, Yvon - *M5879,E

In  Treasury of the Sierra Nevada  edited by Robert Leonard Reid. Wilderness Press, 1983.


CURRAN, Robert - E


“The Diary of one season (1965) in the life of a Pro Football Team (New York Jets), how they won, how they lost, how they played.”

The Violence Game  New York, Macmillan, 1966.


DEHONEY, Wayne - E


Travel diary; tour by the president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

African Diary  Nashville, Broadman Press, 1966, 157 pp.


GAVER, Jack (d.1974)  drama critic and Boroadway columnist - E

1965 to 1966

Season In, Season Out: A Diary of the 1965-1966 Broadway Theater by the United Press International Drama Critic  Hawthorn, 1966.


HALL, Pamela  - American teenage girl - *M5880,E

Diary extracts; drugs experiences and consequences.

In  Heads You Lose  New York, Hawthorn Books, 1971.


HUNTER, Neale - E

1965 to 1967 (?)

“… an Australian fluent in Chinese, lived and taught in Shanghai from 1965 to 1967, and has described here the dramatic effects of the Cultural Revolution in China's largest city.”

Shanghai Journal: An Eyewitness Account of the Cultural Revolution  New York, Oxford University Press, 1988, contains “a new introduction by the author, including an account of a six hour session when a spokesman from the Shanghai administration, attacked the book.” First published New York, Praeger, 1969.


KNIGHT, Sophia - E

1965 to 1967

"A stop-press account of what it was like for one young Westerner at least to live through the Cultural Revolution."

Window on Shanghai: Letters from China 1965-67  London: Andre Deutsch, 1967, is reported to contasin diary material.  


McDANIEL, Judith  - American feminist, writer and critic - M5881

May 3rd. 1965 to June 1975

Scattered episodes in her homosexual self-discovery.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 163-176, selected from  Ten Years of Change  in  Coming Out Stories  edited by Julia P.Stanley and Susan J.Wolfe. Persephone, 1980.


MANRY, Robert (1918-1971)  American copy editor and lone yachtsman - E

June to August 1965

Tinkerbelle: The Story of the Smallest BoatEver to Cross the Atlantic Non Stop  Harper, 1966, is reported to contain diary material.

PARKS, David (b.1944) - H2438,M5882

November 21st. 1965 to September 12th. 1967

Black American soldier's diary in Vietnam; basic training; racial problems; the voyage out; military operations; details of casualties and atrocities; injury; return home. Names have been changed and the diary has been substantially expanded, revised and polished.

G.I. Diary  New York, Harper and Row, 1968. Reprintede, Baltimore, Howard University Press, 1984.


PILAT, Oliver Ramsay (1903-1987)  American journalist - *M5883,E

Lindsay's Campaign: A Behind-the-Scenes Diary  Boston, Beacon Press, 1968.


PRICE, Harry S.  – member, representing the concrete industry, of US trade delegation to the Soviet Union E

June 1965

Notes from Moscow to Samarkand  Dayton, Ohio, 1966? 96pp.


SCOTT-MAXWELL, Florida (b.1883)

(Annotation based on extracts)

From 1965?

Undated notes written in old age; reminiscence and introspection. Not really a diary.

1. - The Measure of My Days  Knopf, 1968.

2, - Extracts: Moffat & Painter, pp 297-302.


SULZBERGER, Marina Lada Mavrocordato (d,1976)  Greek wife of C.L.Sulzberger (qv) - *M5884,E

Marina: Letters and Diaries of Marina Sulzberger  edited by C. L. Sulzberger. New York, Crown, 1978.

SZULC, Tad - H2439


Journalist's account of the United States intervention in the civil war in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Diary  New York, Delacorte Press, 1965.



ANDERSON, John Richard lane (b.1911)  yachtsman - E

May and June 1966

“While he and his doughty crew aboard the forty-four foot Griffin did not prove that Eiriksson landed on the Vineyard, they did prove it was possible by plotting a course from England to Iceland (with a stop in the Faeroes), by Greenland and down the North American Coast to Nantucket Sound and the Vineyard. They braved gales, ice, fog, and the author employs part narrative, part log to tell of their voyage.”

Vinland Voyage  London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1967.


BARETTE, Roy (b.1887?)  of Maine - E

From 1966?

A Countryman’s Journal  Rand McNally, 1981.

BIHALY, Andrew (1935?-1968) - M5885

1966 to 1968

The intermittent, stream of consciousness journal of a Hungarian refugee in New York, as a waiter, odd job man and beggar: friends, lovers, sex, drugs and despair. Entries not usually dated.

The Journal of Andrew Bihaly  edited by Anthony Tuttle. London, Michael Joseph, 1975.

BRAULIO  (Israel Reyes Zayas) (d.1967)  Cuban guerrilla, lieutenant - H2440

October 25th. 1966 to August 9th. 1967

Fragmentary diary of guerrilla activities in Bolivia with Che Guevara; partly retrospective.

In  The Complete Bolivian Diaries of Che Guevara and Other Captured Documents  edited by Daniel James. London, Allen and Unwin, 1968, pp 315-322.


De MILLE, Agnes (1905-1993)  American dancer and choreographer - *M5886,E

1. - Russian Journals  in  Dance Perspectives  XLIV, 1970.

2. - Speak to Me, Dance with Me  Little Brown, 1973.


FEINBERG, Abraham L. (Rabbi) - *M5887,E

A trip to North Vietnam with A.J.Muste and others; interview with Ho Chi Minh.

Rabbi Feinberg's Hanoi Diary  Don Mills, Ontario, Longmans, 1968.


FOSSEY, Dian (1932-1985)  American primatologist - E

From 1966?

“… thirteen years with the mountain gorillas of the remote central African rain forests.”

Gorillas in the Mist  Houghton, 1983, is reported to contain diary material.


GREENFIELD, Josh - *M5888,E

Diaries of the father of a severely autistic son.

a) - A Child Called Noah  New York, Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1972.

b) - A Place for Noah  New York, Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1978.

c) - A Client Called Noah  New York, Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1986.


HOAGLAND, Edward - *M5889,E

Notes from the Century Before: A Journal from British Columbia  New York, Random House, 1969.


JOHNSTONE, David (d.1966)  journalist and transatlantic rower - E


“The mystery of the Puffin's Atlantic voyage. This is the story of David Johnstone and John Hoare and their attempt to row the Atlantic.” “On the afternoon of 14th October 1966 the port lookout on Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Chaudière reported an unidentified object three miles off the warship’s port bow. The warship's captain ordered engines to be slowed and Chaudière steamed gently within fifty yards of the white upturned hull of a small plywood rowing boat. Divers reported no signs of life and so the tiny boat was lifted aboard. Among the items retrieved was a notebook written on waterproof paper. It was Johnstone’s journal, and identified the wrecked craft as Puffin.There was no sign of the men.

In  The Penance Way  by Merton Naydler, London, Hutchinson, 1968.


KUNEN, James Simon (b.1948) - E

1966 to 1968

"Experiences at Columbia University from 1966–1968, particularly the April 1968 protests and takeover of the office of the dean of Columbia by student protesters."

The Strawberry Statement; Notes of a College Revolutionary  New York: Random House, 1969.


LING, Ken (pseud.)  - Chinese schoolboy - E

1966 to 1968

“… as much a personal account of love, war, and struggle as it is a chronicle of the first three years … of the Cultural Revolution in Fujian Province.”

The Revenge of Heaven: From Schoolboy to ‘Little General’ in Mao’s Army  Putnam, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


ORTON, Joe (1933-1976)  playwright

December 20th. 1966 to August 1st. 1967

Personal diary. Homosexual affairs; relations with Kenneth Halliwell, by whom he was murdered eight days after the diary ends; holiday in Morocco; frank expression of opinion and sexual behaviour; literary quality; a most interesting and unusual diary.

The Orton Diaries; Including the Correspondence of Edna Welthorpe and Others  edited by John Lahr. London, Methuen, 1986.

Note: There is brief quotation and some comment on his earlier diaries in  Inventing Joe Orton  by Francesca Coppa in  The Daily Telegraph  (Arts and Books Section) August 22nd, 1998.

POMBO  (Harry Villegas Tamayo) (b.1939?)  Cuban guerrilla, captain - H2442

July 14th. 1966 to May 29th. 1967

Guerrilla diary with Che Guevara in Bolivia; political infighting and personality conflicts within the group; journeys, training, plans and activities; level headed and articulate.

In  The Complete Bolivian Diaries of Che Guevara and Other Captured Documents  edited by Daniel James. London, Allen and Unwin, 1968, pp 253-314.


POWELL, Lawrence Clark (b.1906) - E

Transpacific: 1999; Travel Notes from a Foreign Land  privately printed, Tucson, 1988.

ROLANDO  (Eliseo Reyes Rodriguez) (d.1967)  Cuban guerrilla, captain - H2443

August 11th. 1966 to April 20th. 1967

Guerrilla diary with Che Guevara in Bolivia; clear and straight forward account of camp life and military operations.

In  The Complete Bolivian Diaries of Che Guevara and Other Captured Documents  edited by Daniel James. London, Allen and Unwin, 1968, pp 225-251.


RUSSELL, Stephen - *H2444,E

A Man in the Middle: The Journal of a Young Priest in Conflict With Himself  Dayton, Ohio, Pflaum Press, 1969.


SALISBURY, Charlotte Y. - *H2445,*M5890,E

a) - 1966

Travel diary with her husband (Harrison Salisbury (qv), associate editor of the New York Times); through Red China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, India, Sikkim, Mongolia, Siberia and Japan.

Asian Diary  New York, Scribner, 1967.

b) - 1972

Travel diary, with her husband; day to day record of events, people, sights and sounds of China; meeting with Chou En-lai but more concerned with more humble Chinese.

China Diary  New York, Walker, 1973.

c) - Russian Diary  New York, Walker 1974 (Possibly memoirs of life in Moscow during the Cold War years, dates unknown).

d) - Impressions of the new China.

China Diary: After Mao  New York, Walker 1979.

e) - Travel diary with her husband.

Tibetan Diary and Travels Along the Old Silk Route  New York, Walker, 1981.

f) - Long March Diary  New York, Walker, 1986.



Visit to Eastern Africa in 1966  Litchfield, Connecticut.

03 SINYAVSKY, Andrei Donatovich (Abram Tertz) (1925-1997) m mRussian dissident writer - E

From 1966

A collection of fragments from his time in prison; thoughts; conversations; extracts from letters; not a diary.

A Voice from the Chorus  Farrar, 1976.


STERNE, Richard L. - E


John Gielgud Directs Richard Burton in Hamlet: A Journal of Rehearsals  New York, Random House, 1967.


TAYLOR, Kathrine Kressmann - *H2446,*M5891,E

Diary of Florence in Flood  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1967.


WEISS, Joseph J. - *H2447,E

Vietnam: A Doctor's Journal  in  Commentary  May, 1967.



BOARDMAN, Elizabeth J.  - American Quaker and political activist - E


Account of the delivery of medical supplies to North Vietnam.

Phoenix Trip: Notes on a Quaker Mission to Haiphong  Burnsville, North Carolina, Celo Press, 1985.


BOVOSO, Carole  - journalist, poet and painter

January 1st. 1967 to July 22nd. 1979

A loosely dated journal of notes, thoughts and dreams; travel; sex, love and lovers; self-conscious.

In  Private Pages; Diaries of American Women 1830's -1970's  edited by Penelope Franklin. New York, Ballantine Books, 1986, pp 355-379.


BRISCOE, Edward Gans - *H2448,E

Diary of a Short-timer in Vietnam  New York, Vantage Press, 1970.


DAYAN, Yael  - daughter of Moshe Dayan (qv) - E


“The author saw combat in the 1967 war and this is her account.”

Israel Journal, June 1967  New York, McGraw-Hill, 1967.


ELISOFON, Eliot (1911-1973)  American photographer - *M5892,E

Java Diary  New York, Macmillan, 1969


GLUECK, Nelson - *H2449,*M5893,E

Dateline Jerusalem: A Diary  1968


HASKINS, James - *H2450,E

Diary of an ex Wall Street broker, African-American historian teaching retarded nine to eleven year old children at PS 92 in central Harlem.

Diary of a Harlem Schoolteacher  New York, Grove Press, 1969.


JACOBS, Susan - E


“… presents all the scenes behind and in front, in the making of a Broadway play. Story of the stage production Johnny No-Trump from start to finish.” “Johnny No-Trump opened at the Cort Theatre on October 8, 1967 and ran for 5 previews and one regular performance.”

On Stage: The making of a Broadway Play  New York, Knopf, 1972.


JAUNAL, Jack W. [Sgt. Maj.]  - of US Marine Corps

December 12th. 1967 to December 25th. 1968

Military diary with inserted newspaper articles; a marine sergeant's headquarters and active service in Vietnam. A series of expanded accounts of military episodes with invented dialogue and by turns jingoisic and sentimental, nevertheless probably a good picture of the life. The underlying diary, from which some entries are given, consists of brief factual notes of actions, states of readiness, numbers killed and wounded etc.

Vietnam '68: Jack's Journal  San Francisco, Denson Press, 1989.




A Bachelor's Travel Log  New York, Speller, 1968.


KRAMER, Jerry - *M5894,E

Diary of an American Football player.

Instant Replay: The Green Bay Diary of Jerry Kramer  New York, World Books, 1968.


LANSBURY, W.Roger (b.1944)  ‘Corpsman’ of 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines in Vietnam - E

From April 28th 1967

Military diary; medical duties; a sensitive and observant account of operations and interaction with the local population; exhaustion and disillusion.

Notes between Two Worlds: The Diary of Roger Lansbury, 2nd Battalion, Fifth Marines  in  The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  CIX, No.3, July, 1985, pp 257-297.


LOWELL, Robert Traill Spence, IV (1917-1977)  American poet - E

1967 and 1968

“During 1967 and 1968, Lowell experimented with a verse journal.” “…. a massive accumulation of unrhymed sonnets, poems of immeditae, unprepossessing, blunt-edged force, which record not so much the public events of as the reactions which the events provoked in Lowell’s consciousness.”

Notebook 1967-68  Farrar Straus Giroux, 1969.


MENARD, Henry W. (1920-1986) - E


Diary of the Nova Expedition to explore the floor of the southwest Pacific.

In  Anatomy of an Expedition  New York, McGraw-Hill, 1969.


MILTON, John P.  – ecologist and spiritual teacher - *M5895,E

Nameless Valleys, Shining Mountains: The Record of an Expedition into the Vanishing Wilderness of alaska's Brooks Range  New York, Walker 1970.


PIERCY, Marge  - American writer

1967 to 1978

A few scattered notes of her rather alarming ideas about the mental aspects of copulation.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 58-61.


ROOK, Alan  - wine maker - *H2451,E

The difficulties and triumphs of running the world's most northerly vineyard.

The Diary of an English Vineyard  London, Wine and Spirit Publications, 1972, 123 pp.


SCHWABACHER, Ethel Kremer Schwabacher (1903-1984)  American abstract expressionist painter - E

1967 to 1980

Creativity, ageing, approach to death.

Hungry for Light: the Journal of Ethel Schwabacher  edited by Brenda S.Webster and Judith Emlyn Johnson. Bloomington, Indiana, Indiana University Press, 1993.


SEXTON, Anne Harvey - *H2452,E

a) - In  Journal of a Living Experiment: A Documentary History of the First Ten Years of Teachers and Writers Collaborative  edited by Phillip Lopate. New York, Teachers and Writers, 1979.

b) - James Cummings (11130) has  All God's Children Need Radios  Harper, 1982.


SMITH, Michael Townsend (b.1935)  American theatre critic - E

a) - 1967

Theatre Journal; Winter, 1967  Columbia, Unioversity of Missouri Press, 1968.

b) - Dates Unknown

Theatre Trip   Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1969, is reported to contain diary material.


SPOERRI, Daniel - *H2453,E

Cooking diary on the island of Symi; recipes; notes on the island and its inhabitants.

Mythology and Meatballs: A Greek Island Diary/Cookbook  Berkeley, California, Aris Books, 1982. An earlier title, not seen but possibly with some diary material is  Mythological Travels of a Modern Sir John Mandeville; Being an Account of the Magic, Meatballs and other Monkey Business peculiar to the Sojourn of Daniel Spoerri  New York, Something Else Press, 1970.


STRONG, Roy Colin (b.1935)  museum director -  - E

a) - 1967 to 1973

Social diary, irregularly kept and bulked out with letters. His work as Director of the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum; social occasions; royalty, artists and politicians; a paean of self-praise; marriage, his wife and her work; his interest in clothes, his own and other people's; his garden in Herefordshire. Disappointing.

The Roy Strong Diaries 1967-1987  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1997.

b) - 1988 to 2003

“Shaking off the shackles of public life, Roy was free for the first time to reinvent himself, leaving behind the political and cultural machinations of the art world. Left with little to live on, he turned his hand to what came his way, first as a consultant to the Canary Wharf development; then as a television and radio presenter; and finally as a full-time writer of books on the nation's history and civilisation, as well as on garden design and history…… This volume of his diaries is an unmissable record of how a citizen at the close of the second Elizabethan age observed and chronicles his own world, as the last decade of the twentieth century gave way to the first decade of the twenty-first.”

Scenes and Apparitions: Diaries 1988-2003  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2016.


SWISHER, Peter Nash - *H2454,*M5896,E

From 1967

A Vietnam Diary  Richmond, 1975.


TANNER, William R. (pseud.)  - American alcoholic - *M5897,E

In  You Owe Yourself a Drunk: An Ethnography of Urban Nomads  by J.P.Spradley. Boston, Little brown, 1970.


THEODORAKIS, Mikis (b.1925) Greek composer - H2455

April 21st. 1967 to April 1969

Loosely dated journal of resistance to the Greek military junta; imprisonment; much reported dialogue; clipped dramatic style; probably written after his escape to France.

Journals of Resistance  translated from the French by Graham Webb. London, Hart-Davis MacGibbon, 1973.


WARSH, Lewis (b.1944)  writer and poet - E

October 31st to November 4th. 1967

A very detailed record of  five days; a list of trivial activities and social interactions, readings poetry workshops, visits, purchases, food, a party; an interesting and effective account of daily routine.

1. - New York Diary 1967  in  Project Papers  I, No.19, 1988 (The Poetry Project). First published in  Part of My History  Toronto, Coach House Press, 1972, which also includes a brief  California Diary 1969.

2. - James Cummings (12983) has  New York Diary 1967  Minneapolis, 1991. The publication has not been identified but may be Nice To See You: Homage To Ted Berrigan  edited by Anne Waldman, Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1991.  



ABODEELY, Joseph [Lieut.]  - of  2nd. Battalion, 7th. Cavalry, 1st. Air Cavalry Division

March 22nd. to April 12th. 1968

Soldier's Vietnam diary; his part in the relief of Khe Sanh during the Tet Offensive; assaults from helicopter transport; a clear account of military life and operations.

In  The Mammoth Book of War Diaries and Letters  edited by J.E.Lewis. New York, Carroll and Graf, 1998, pp 466-470.


ADLER, Renata (b.1938)  American journalist and writer - E

1968 to 1969

A compendium of film reviews written for The New York Times.

A Year in the Dark: A Year in the Life of a Film Critic, 1968-1969  Random House, 1969.


ANELLO, Bruce F. [Sgt.] (d.1968)  American soldier in Vietnam - *M5898,E

In  Peace Is Our Profession  edited by Jan Barry. East River Anthology, 1981.


BAINBRIDGE, Beryl Margaret (1932-2010)  English novelist

a) - 1968

Extracts from a travel journal in the United States with a man identified only as 'Harold'; fragments of description; thoughts and reflections.

In  Seven  the  Sunday Telegraph Magazine Supplement  May 8th. 2011. It is suggested that the journals, in part, were the inspiration of the author's posthumous novel  The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress  Little Brown, 2011.

b) - 1983

“Beryl Bainbridge sets out to find England by retracing J.B. Priestly's famous English Journey. Using the conventions of great British travel writing, Bainbridge, with the skills of a fine novelist, updates to the present Priestly's classic Depression-era journey to the heart and soul of England.”

English Journey: Or the Road to Milton Keynes  London, Duckworth, 1984.


BENNETT, Joan Frances (b.1949) black American student - M5899

February to April 1968

Diary kept as a college assignment; a girl from South Carolina reflects on relations between the black and white races; college life and friends; thoughts on South Carolina race riots; distrust and disgust at attempted seduction by a black Muslim; the assassination and funeral of Martin Luther King; uneasy participation in a black student university sit-in; introspective, sensitive, thoughtful and interesting.

1. - In  Members of the Class Will Keep Daily Journals: The Barnard College Journals of Tobi Gillian Sanders and Joan Frances Bennett, Spring 1968  New York, Winter House, 1970.

2. - Extracts: Culley, pp 279-289.


BERRIGAN, Daniel Joseph (1921-2016)  American Jesuit priest, anti-war activist and poet - *M5900,E

a) - Mid 60’s

“A Diary Exploring the Course of the Author's Mind and Heart During the Mid-1960s-in Selma and Johannesburg; Into Exile in Cuernavaca, Rio, and Throughout Latin America.”

Consequences of Truth and  New York, Macmillan, 1967.

b) - 1968

“… diary of author's journey to Hanoi as the representative of a coali tion of peace groups to secure the release of three captured American pilots.”

Night Flight to Hanoi: Daniel Berrigan's War Diary with 11 Poems  New York, Macmillan, 1968.

c) - From 1968?

Lights on in the House of the Dead: A Prison Diary  New York, Doubleday, 1974.


BERRIGAN, Philip Francis  - American Catholic priest - *H2456,*M5901,E


Prison diary; American Catholic priest imprisoned for napalming draft files.

Prison Journals of a Priest Revolutionary  New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1970.


BUTLER, Joyce - E

From 1968

“… the joys of living in Maine, raising children and the traditions Maine is famous for, animals, gardening, etc.. - 65 essays from column Joyce Butler wrote, originating in 1968. Chapter titles begin with : the house / mice / the beach / grammy B. / The gardens / George and Gracie / Jessie Brown / thunderstorm / up country / the ritual / neighborhoods / etc....”

Pages from a Journal  Kennebunkport, Maine, Mercer House Books, 1976.


CHEVALIER, Maurice Auguste (1888-1972)  French entertainer - E


Account of his final tour.

I Remember It Well  Macmillan, 1970, is reported to contain diary material.

CROWHURST, Donald (1932-1969)  lone yachtsman

(Annotation based on extracts)

November 2nd. to  December 9th. 1968

Sailor's log on a lone voyage round the world; mishaps; desperation when he realised that he would not achieve his aim; writes 'a false log'; madness; death.

1. - In  The Strange Voyage of Donald Crowhurst  by Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall. London, Hodder and Stoughton.

2. - Extracts: Willard, pp 184-188.


GREEN, Jerry - *H2457,E


Year of the Tiger: Diary of Detroit's World Champions  New York, Coward-McCann, 1969.


HALSELL, Grace (1923-2000)  American journalist - E


“… Ms. Halsell took pills that were used to alleviate pigmentation problems, supplemented by extensive tanning sessions, to cross the color barrier. Further transformed by a wig and dark contact lenses, she moved in 1968 first to Harlem and then to the Deep South, where at the height of the civil rights movement she took a job as a cleaning woman.”

Soul Sister: The Journal of a White Woman Who Turned herself Black  Cleveland, World publishing, 1969.


HASKINS, James - *M5903,E

Diary of a Harlem Schoolteacher  Grove press, 1969.


HOURIET, Robert (b.1937?)  American ‘hippie’ - E


“… he traveled around the country visiting various communes which he described in his book, …”

Getting Back Together  Coward,McCann, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


HUGHES, Eileen Lanouette - *M5904,E

On the Set of Fellini Satyricon: a Behind-the-Scenes Diary  New York, Morrow, 1971.


HULME, Kathryn - E

1968 to 1979

Of Chickens and Plums: Selections from the Kokee Cabin Log-Book (1968-1979) of Kathryn Hulme  Yale University Press, 1982.


KEISTER, C.S. - *M5905,E

The Principal of the Thing: A Diary of a High School Principal  Philadelphia, Dorrance, 1970.


KIRKPATRICK, Ralph (1911-1984)  American harpsichordist - *M5906

From the Diary of a Spring Tour, 1968  in  Prose  I, 1970, pp93-110.


KOHOUT, Pavel - *H2458,E

From the Diary of a Counter-Revolutionary  McGraw-Hill, 1972.


LEARY, Timothy Francis (1920-1996)  American psychologist - e

1968 and 1969 (?)

“Prison diary of the author who escaped from his California prison after serving 7 months for possession of marijuana.”

Jail Notes  Douglas Book Corporation, 1970.


LISKER, Roy  - American writer, of Middletown, Connecticut

August 8th. to 19th. 1968

Film diary of La Belle au Bois for the English version of which he was responsible; description of Ainay-le-Chateau in the Bourbonnais where the film is to be made; the population of alcoholics, shopkeepers and farmers; the film crew; stories of rape and murder in the Congo. Extraordinary.

In  The Diarist's Journal  4, March, 2004, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 6-12.


SANDERS, Tobi Gillian - *M5907

In  Members of the Class Will Keep Daily Journals: The Barnard College Journals of Tobi Gillian Sanders and Joan Frances Bennett, Spring 1968  New York, Winter House, 1970.


NICHOLS, Peter Richard (1827-2019)  English playwright

1968 to 1977

Personal diary with erratic entries, most full from 1969 to 1975. Thelma, his wife, with much about their sexual relationship; son and younger daughter, occasional visits to and eventual death of his severely handicapped elder daughter, a galaxy of actors, actresses, producers, directors and playwrights; writing; rehearsals and productions of his plays; financial success; social life; a house in France and visits there with guests; his use of family and friends as characters in his plays.

Peter Nichols Diaries, 1969-1977  London, Nick Hern Books, 2000.

Note:  Feeling You’re Behind: An Autobiography  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1984, contains substantial loosely dated extracts from earlier diary records incorporated into the narrative covering his childhood and youth in Bristol, army service in the East, acting, teaching, marriage and the genesis of of his career as a playwright.


SHUB, Anatole - *H2459,E


One Hundred Days from Moscow to the Moldau  in  Encounter  XXXI, July 1968.


SIEGEL, Martin - *M5908,E

Amen: The Diary of Rabbi Martin Siegel  edited by Mel Ziegler. New York, Maddick Manuscripts, 1971.


TILLMAN, Seth P. - *H2460,E

Diary of a Trip to Asia: The Peace Corps and the Fulbright Program


VIZINCZEY, Stephen (b.1933)  novelist and critic

June 16th. to 22nd. 1968

Extracts from a diary at Fontainebleau.

In  The Rules of Chaos  London, Macmillan, 1969, pp 216-223.


WIENTHAL, Paul D. (1916-1980)  American philosopher - E


Life in a Japanese Zen monastery.

Zen Diary  New York, Harper, 1970.


WILLIAMS, Geoffrey (b.1943?)  yachtsman - E


Account of preparation for, and winning, the Single-Handed Transatlantic Yacht Race.

Sir Thomas Lipton Wins  London, Peter Davies, 1969.


YEZZO, Dominick - *H2461,*M5909,E

1968 to 1969

Day by day account by an enlisted man in the 1st. Air Cavalry.

A G.I.'s Vietnam Diary, 1968-1969  New York, Franklin Watts, 1974.



ANONYMOUS (1954?-1970?)  fifteen year old girl drug user

September 16th. 1969? to September 21st. 1970?

(Based on) the private diary of a teenage American girl; boys; moving house; father and mother; school, studies and friends; sex and fear of pregnancy; parties and the descent into drug-taking; private struggles and self-disgust; deaths of grandparents; drug-dealing; hospital and therapy; optimism; decides to cease diary keeping three weeks before her death. Possibly fiction.

Go Ask Alice  edited by Beatrice Sparks. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1971.


ALAM, Asadollah - E

1969 to 1977

The Shah and I: The Confidential Diary of Iran's Royal Court, 1969-77  Tauric, 1991.




Countdown to Super Bowl  Random House, 1969.


BEARD, Frank (b.1939)  American golfer - *M5910,E

Pro: Frank Beard on the Golf Tour  World, 1970


BENNETT, Alan (b.1934)  dramatist

a) - 1969 to 1990

Personal diary (extracts); his work; a writer's notes; acute observation and comment on people and events; politics and the media; a trip to Russia; reading, thoughts and reminiscences. There are three sets of extracts, one general from the diaries 1980 to 1990, and two on themes: 'Miss Shepherd and her van', and 'filming and rehearsing'. Excellent, thoughtful and entertaining.

In  Writing Home  London, Faber and Faber, 1994.

b) - 1995

Brief extracts from his private diary; good anecdotes.

In  The Sunday Telegraph  (Review Section) January 14th. 1996.

c) - 1997

Brief extracts from his private diary for 1997; good anecdotes.

In  The Sunday Telegraph  (Review Section) January 4th. and January 11th. 1998.

d) - 1996 to 2004

Further extracts from his personal diary; observant and entertaining but, except in the notes about his illness, unrevealing of his inner life.

In  Untold Stories  London, Faber and Faber 2005. The main diary extracts in this volume previously appeared in annual instalments in  The London Review of Books   but there are also some isolated passages of quotation, particularly those related to his cancer and its treatment which have not appeared elsewhere.

e) - July 14th. to November 1st. 2005

Notes about making the film of his play TheHhistory Boys.

In  The Sunday Telegraph  (Review Section) October 8th. 2006.

f) - 2005 to 2015

Diary extracts, a play and other material.

Keeping On Keeping On  London, Faber, 2016.


BENNETT, Joseph - E

August 1969

A Cambodian Diary  in  The Hudson Review  XXIV, No. 3, Autumn, 1971, pp 388-418.


BOUTON, James (Jim) Alan (b. 1939)  American baseball player - E


Diary of his season with the Seattle Pilots and Houston Astros; a frank account of the tensions and behaviour of the members of a professional sports team.

In  Ball Four: my life and hard times throwing the knuckleball in the Big Leagues  New York, World, 1970. The book has seen several revisions, the last known being  Ball Four : The Final Pitch  Bulldog Publishing, 2001.


BRAUN, Ernest - *M5911,E

Colorado Journal  in  Grand Canyon of the Living Colorado  edited by Roderick Nash. San Francisco, Sierra Club, 1970.


DAVIDOW, Mike  - writer and journalist - *H2462,E

1969 to 1974

Record of life in Moscow.

Moscow Diary  Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1980.


DeBUSSCHERE, David Albert (Dave) (1940-2003)  American basketball player - *M5912,E

1969 to 1970

Diary of a season with the New York Knicks.

The Open Man; A Championship Diary  New York, Random House, 1970.


FAIRFAX, John (1037-2012)  British adventurer and ocean rower - E

a) - 1969?

The first solo crossing of the Atlantic in a rowing boat.

Britannia: Rowing Across the Atlantic  Simon and Schuster, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1971

The first crossing of the Pacific in a rowing boat, with Sylvia Cook.

Oars Across the Pacific  Norton, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


FERLAND, Carol (pseud?) - *M5913,E

Psychotherapy diary.

The Long Journey Home  New York, Alfred Knopf, 1980.


FREEHAN, William Ashley (Bill) (b.1941)  baseball player - *M5902,E


Baseball diary of a season; catcher with Detroit Tigers.

Behind the Mask: An Inside baseball Diary  edited by Steve Gelman and Dick Schaap. New York, Maddick Manuscripts, 1970.


GRIFFIN, John Howard (1920-1980)  American journalist - *M5914,E

a) - The Hermitage Journals  Andrews and McNeel, 1981.

b) - Dates Unknown

James Cummings has also:

1. - (5098)  Black Like Me  Catholic Book Club, 1961.

2. - (5099)  Jaques Maritain  Magi Books, 1974.

3. - (5100)  The Howard Griffin Reader  Houghton, 1968.


HENDERSON, (John) Nicholas [Sir] (b.1919)  diplomat

a) - April 17th. 1969 to July 26th. 1982

Personal and diplomatic diary; long widely spaced entries; Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Washington; politics and politicians; official and social events; a good picture of a diplomat's life.

Mandarin; The Diaries of an Ambassador  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1994.

b) - May 14th. 1978

Diary entry describing a weekend with the Rainiers at Monaco.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 70-75. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


JACKSON, Thomas - *M5915,E

Go Back, You Didn't Say "May I": the Diary of a Young Priest  New York, Seabury Press, 1974.


JAMES, Nancy Esther  - American teacher of creative writing - M5916

November 25th. 1969 to March 4th. 1979

Extracts from a private diary: her mother's death and funeral in 1969; later entries contain reflections about their unsatisfactory relationship.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 222-227.


KIZER, Carolyn (b.1925)  American poetess - *M5917,E


Journal of a trip to Pakistan.

In  Carrying Over  Copper Canyon Press, 1988.


KUMIN, Maxine (b.1925)  American writer and poet - M5918

June 6th. 1969 to June 10th. 1970

Scattered entries from a personal journal and writer's notebook; work; ideas; reading; her daughters.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 21-31.


LEVERTOV, Denise (b.1923)  American poet of Russian and Welsh parentage

August 18th. 1969

Diary entry. A trivial but pretentious note about feathers.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 310-311.


LEVINE, Stephen - *M5919,E

Planet Steward: Journal of a Wildlife Sanctuary  Santa Cruz, Unity Press, 1974.


MEYER, Armin (1914-2006)  American diplomat; ambassador to Japan - E

1969 to 1972 (?)

Assignmen: Tokyo; An Ambassador’s Journal  Indianapolis, Bobbs Merrill, 1974.


NEIDER, Charles (1915?-2001)  writer and scholar of Mark Twain - E

a) - Between 1969 and 1977 (?)

1. - Beyond Cape Horn: Travels in the Antarctic  Sierra Club, 1980, and New York, Random House, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.

2.  - Edge of the World: Ross Island, Antarctica  Doubleday, 1974, may also contain diary material.

b) - From 1990?

Adam’s Burden: An Explorer’s Personal Odyssey through Prostate Cancer  Madison Books, 2001, may also contain diary material.


PALIN, Michael (b.1943)  writer and entertainer

July 18th. 1969 to December 31st. 1979

Personal diary extracted from a much longer record; a full but rather flat, and sometimes disconnected, account of the emergence and growing success of the Monty Python group of comedians; meetings; writing; sketches; filming and performances; travel and tours; financial affairs; relations within the group: John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Graham Garden et al.; successes in the United States; struggles against censorship; making of films including Monty Python's Life of Brian; some references to family matters, parents, wife and children, his father's illness and death, and to political affairs; occasional entertaining incident and anecdote; personally reserved and unrevealing. The introduction quotes two entries from a schoolboy diary of January 1955.

Michael Palin: Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2006.


SPIVACK, Kathleen  - American teacher and writer - M5920

July 1st. to December 1969

Widely spaced episodes; births of children; death of Robert Lowell; desertion by her husband; life afterwards.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 163-167.


STERN, Susan Ellen (Tannenbaum) (1943-1976) of the Seattle Weathermen collective - E

1969 to 1970

With the Weathermen: The Personal Journal of a Revolutionary Woman  New York, Doubleday, 1975.


WITWER, Samuel W. (1908-1998)  "Father of the Illinois Constitution" - E

December 8th. 1969 to September 3rd. 1970

Con Con Diary: Reflections of Samuel W. Witwer; President Sixth Illinois Constitutional Convention December 8, 1969-September 3, 1970  Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs: Wichita State University, 1996.  



1969 to 1970

Sea diary of a recently divorced bankrupt; a leisurely circumnavigation in a 35 foot fibreglass boat with a varying crew.

Log of the Molly Brown  Richmond, Virginia, 1973.


ZIMMERMAN, Paul D. (1938-1993) and SCHAAP, Dick - E


Journalist's account of a baseball season; the New York Mets.

The Year the Mets Lost Last Place  World, 1969.



ANONYMOUS,  two women and a man in sexual relationships - *M5921,E

Journals and autobiographical sketches of three individuals with commentary by the editors. -

In  Face to Face: An Experiment in Intimacy by Gordon Clanton, Chris Downing. New York, Dutton, 1975.


ANONYMOUS  - five student psychologists - E

Early 1970’s?

From a review in Social Work, XX, No4, July, 1975: “The authors’ purpose is to expand the reader’s awareness of the world of mental illness through the contrasting perspectives of hospital, student, and patient. Students in a university psychology course established “counselor-companion” relationships with selected patients at Bethlehem State mental hospital. Five encounters are related in detail through the use of entries from patients’ charts, complete diaries kept by the students, and verbatim interviews with the patient nine months after the termination of the relationship.”

In  The Bethlehem Diaries: Student-Mental Patient  by Stuart Golann, Jay M.Pomerantz, and Jeffrey Baker, San Francisco, Canfield Press, 1974.


ASHBERY, John (b.1927)  American poet - E


The Vermont Notebook  Black Sparrow Press, 1975, is reported to contain diary material.


BAER, Rosemary  - wife of a juror on the Tate-LaBianca murder trial - E

1970 to 1971

Reflections on the Manson Trial: Journal of a Pseudo-Juror  Waco, Texas, 1972.


BARR, Jennifer - E


“… the narrative and journal excerpts of a [rape] victim…”

Within a Dark Wood: The Personal Story of a Rape Victim  New York, Doubleday, 1979.

03`BATTEN, Leo et al. - E

Early 1970’s?

“… in essence, six 'years' of bird activity and behaviour as recorded, month by month, by six experienced bird watchers and ornithologists. The result is a fascinating compilation of fact, anecdote and general observation as seen and noted by the authors… The diarists are: Leo Batten, Research Officer at the British Trust for Ornithology; Dr Jim Flegg, Director of the BTO; Jeremy Sorensen, RSPB Warden of the Ouse Washes; Donald Watson, bird artist and past-President of the Scottish Ornithologists' Club; Mike J. Wareing, farmer; Malcolm Wright, Warden of the Calf of Man Bird Observatory.”

Birdwatchers’ Year  Berkhamsted, T. ands A.D.Poyser, 1973.


BAUER, Hanna - *M5922,E

I Came To My Island: A Journey Through the Experience of Change  Seattle, Straub, 1973.




“Belfrage journeyed to India and stayed at the ashram of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.”

Flowers of Emptiness: Reflections on an Ashram  New York, Dial Press, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


BERGER, William  - actor - H2463,E

1970 to 1971

Prison diary in an Italian insane asylum near Naples, awaiting trial for possession of drugs; the diary is dominated by the death of his wife, Carol Lobravico, also in prison, under mysterious circumstances; the diarist was eventually acquitted for lack of evidence.

House of Angels: Love Notes from the Asylum  edited by Timothy Wilson. New York Viking; London, Michael Joseph, 1973.


BERTON, Pierre Francis de Marigny (1920-2004)  Canadian writer - E

Early 1970’s?

“By raft down the Yukon with his wife and six children, the author of The Impossible Railway retraces the great wilderness route of the 1898 gold rush to the ghost town of Dawson that was his own childhood home.”

Drifting Home  Knopf, 1974.


BETTS, Donni - E


A Shared Journey; The Birth of a Child  Millbrae, California, Celestial Arts, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.




“A journal of every day workings of a romantic gay relationship.”

Jack and Jim: A Personal Journal of the 70’s  Bolinas, California, Equanimity Press, 1982.



Early 1970’s?

"North of the sixtieth parallel, east of Great Slave Lake and west of Hudson's Bay is a vast sweep of pure, unspoiled land. It is the least accessible region in North America, a wilderness that has been seen by few and traversed by fewer still, and is inhabited by no one. Peter Browning and a companion decided to journey through this beautiful serene area by canoe, picking a route only once before traveled by white men. They started at break-up in the Spring and traveled 600 miles of lakes, rivers and long portages before reaching their destination at Great Slave Lake the following Fall. During their rugged trip, they faced storms, back-wrenching labor, hunger, and a gradually changing attitude toward the world and each other.”

The Last Wilderness  San Francisco, chronicle books, 1975, is reported to contain diary material.


CHEVALIER, Georges (William BLOOM) (b.1948)  British teacher and psychologist - E


Diary of  two year's spiritual retreat among the Saharan Berbers in the Atlas Mountains.

The Sacred Magician: A Ceremonial Diary  London, Hart-Davis, 1976.


CHESSHIRE, Howard J. - E


Drug abuse.

Shenanigan: A Swallow of the System  Shenandoah, Iowa, Smoke Signal Press, 1975, is reported to contain diary material.


CLARKE, James H. - E

Early 1970’s?

L’Arche Journal: A Family’s Experience in Jean Vanier’s Community  Toronto, Griffin House, 1973.


COONS, William R. - *M5923,E

Prison diary.

Attica Diary  New York, Stein and Day, 1972.


CRAPANZANO, Vincent  - American anthropologist - E


“As a young, inexperienced anthropologist, Crapanzano spent a summer with a Navajo man he calls Forster Bennett. In his fifties, Bennett was raised during the early reservation years, fought in the South Pacific in the Second World War, and, like many, carried a deep but not always openly expressed resentment toward whites.”

The Fifth World of Foster Bennett: A Portrait of a Navajo  Viking, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.


CULBERTSON, Manie  - Louisiana schoolteacher - *H2464,*M5924,E

Diary of a white schoolteacher transferred to an all black school.

May I Speak? Diary of a Crossover Teacher  edited by Sue Eakin. Gretna, Pelican Publishing, 1972.


DONLAN, Joan  - fifteen year old girl - E


I Never Saw the Sun Rise: The Private Diary of a Fifteen-Year-Old Recovering from Drugs and Alcohol  Minneapolis, 1979.


EATON, Evelyn Sybil Mary (1902-1983)  Canadian writer - E

Late 1970’s?

“Although Evelyn Eaton walked principally the Native Indian path, this book reflects her belief in the strength and beauty of all religious traditions. This is the personal account of her triumph over cancer through Native American healing rituals. Of white and Native American ancestry, Eaton was a Metis Medicine Woman.”

The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel  Theosophical Publishing, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


ENSLIN, Theodore Vernon (1925-2011)  American poet - E


“A journal of July in Maine. The poet of place at work in the backcountry.”

The July Book  Berkeley, 1976.


FENN, Charles - *H2465,E

Survival journal; marooned on an equatorial island after shipwreck.

Journal of a Voyage to Nowhere  New York, W.W.Norton, 1971.


FENNARIO, David (b.1947)  Canadian playwright - E


St Antoine Days  in  Northern Journey  1973, is reported to contain diary material.


FLEGG, Jim  - see BATTEN, Leo - E


FLINK, Nan - E

Spring, 1970

James Cummings (4249) has  Oceans Journal, Spring 1970  Felton, California, 1974.


FULLER, Jan (pseud.)  American divorcee - E

Early 1970’s?

“… a three-month period after the divorce became final …”

Space: The Scrapbook of My Divorce  New York, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


GASKIN, Stephen (b.1935)  American hippie - E


".. a caravan of sixty vehicles that crossed the United States to settle … south-west of Nashville … forming a community called 'The Farm' …"

The Caravan  New York, Random house, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.




“A year's diary entries (actually an amalgam of the many years she lived in Igloolik and Repulse Bay), written by an American-born Canadian living a semi-reclusive life in the Northwest Territories, and which reflect a vanishing Arctic way of life.” “… odd jobs, summer camp cook, substitute teacher, postmistress, & baker…”

Georgia: An Arctic Diary  Edmonton, 1982.


GLANCY, (Helen) Diane (b.1941)  American poet - E


“Like poets of legend, Diane Glancy has spent much of her life on the road. For years she supported her family by driving throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas teaching poetry in the schools. Claiming Breath is an account of one of those years, what Glancy calls a winter count of sorts, a calendar, a diary of personal matters … and a final acceptance of the broken past. … It s a year that covers more than a year.”

Claiming Breath  Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1992.


GOLDEN, Jeffrey  - American student - *M5925,E


Diary of a white American Harvard drop-out working on a black cooperative farm in Georgia.

Watermelon Summer  Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1971.


GOWEN, Keith  - bookseller - E


“Twelve years ago, out of a life long interest in English watercolours and literature, he opened an art gallery and bookshop in Hay-on-Wye under the name of Arvona Gallery. In this book, he has recorded some of the more humourous and bizarre moments in the form of a six month diary.”

Where Can I Find Mrs. Gaskell?: Diary of a Hay-on-Wye Bookseller  Llandysul, Dyfed, Gome Press, 1985, 67pp.


GREEN, Gerald (1922-2006)  American writer - E


The Stones of Zion: A Novelist’s Journal in Israel  Hawthorn, 1971.


GREEN, Kate (b.1950?)  American writer, masseuse and Tarot reader - M5926

June 4th. to 30th. 1970

Diary of (mixed race) pregnancy; abortion; cool descriptions, emotional turmoil and rational control; resumption of relations with the father. Polished writing with surreal elements. Interesting.

1. - In  Believing Everything: An Anthology of New Writing  edited by Mary Logue and Laurence Sutin. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Holy Cow Press, 1980.

2. - A shorter version in  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 127-134.




“… the story of a young man [aged sixteen] who comes into his own during a summer on the Pacific Coast Trail. With only his hourse for company, Hawk Greenway tasted the freedom and wildness of the high mountains, weathered the loneliness of solitary campfires, and witnessed important changes within and around him.”

The Trail North: A Solo Journey on the Pacific Coast  Covelo, California, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.

HAGAR, Paula (b.1955?)  - American woman

August 20th. 1970 to December 15th. 2002

Diary extracts within an article concerned with the reasons for keeping a diary; self analysis.

Rereading My Journals  in  The Diarist's Journal  2, February, 2002, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 63-65.


HAKE, Lois M. - *M5927,E

Diary of a Battered Housewife  Independence, Feminist Publications, 1977.


HAILEY, Kendall (b.1961?) - E

From mid 1970’s?

The Day I Became an Autodidact and the Advice, Adventures and Acrimonies That Befell Me Thereafter  New York, Delta, 1989, is reported to contain diary material.


HANNA, Robert  - American architect - E


Sketches of Nebraska  University of Nebraska Press, 1984.


HARP, Carl (d.1981)  American murderer and rapist - E


“… the day-to-day struggle of a man trying to maintain his humanity under the most violent conditions of life to be found anywhere on this continent: San Quentin & Walla Walla.”

Love and Rage: Entries in a Prison Diary  Pulp Press, Vancouver, 1981.




“… the government and people of the United States are turning their backs on the wretched of the earth. This is being done with the best will int he world, which is a critical part of the problem. It is precisely this complicating factor of an unwittingly cruel innocence that is one of the reasons for this book.”

The Vast Majority: A Journey to the World’s Poor  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


HARRIS, James T. - E


The Peregrine falcon in Greenland: Observing an Endangered Species  University of Missouri Press, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.


HARRISON, Michelle [Dr.] - e


“… based on diaries Dr. Michelle Harrison kept throughout her months of residency in [obstetrics and gynaecology] … draws us into the serious and thrilling work of delivering new life into the world ... and into Dr. Harrison's own struggle to reconcile the often startling difference between patient care and hospital convenience. She writes about her patients, for whom she never had quite enough time; about her colleagues, with whom she did not always agree; about the excitement of learning new procedures; about the pressures that never let up.”

A Woman in Residence  Random House, 1982.


HAWKINS, Frances Pockman - E

Early 1970’s?

“… insightful and moving journal of a skilled and resourceful teacher chronicles one semester of a special class of six deaf preschool children. Because the children were deaf and without speech, the author learned to understand the logic of their actions, their silent language. … tells how she planned each weekly session, what materials she used, and what surprising educational adventures happened.”

The logic of Action: Young Children at Work  New York, Pantheon, 1974.


HECKMAN, Hazel - E


“Anderson Island in Puget Sound - its natureal life, recorded in the cycle of the seasons.”

Island Year  University of Washington Press, 1972


HERRON, Matt, Jeannine, Matthew and Melissa - E

1970 to 1971

"In 1970, Jeannine and Matt, with their children, Matthew, age 13, and Melissa, age 11, sailed Aquarius, their thirty-foot sloop, from New Orleans to West Africa. For a year and a half, the Herrons visited countries from Mauritania to Ghana, including a 300-mile inland trip up the Gambia River. It was an experiment in alternative education for the children who read more than 100 books, learned to type, studied French, math, marine biology and navigation, while absorbing geography and African culture. Matthew and Melissa were encouraged to keep a journal of their thoughts and experiences. This activity underscored Jeannine's view of writing as a powerful educational tool, and led to the book The Voyage of Aquarius, a fascinating account of their travels authored by all four members of the family." (Taken from a biography of Jennine Herron on the website of Talking Fingers, Inc.).

In  The Voyage of the Aquarius  Dutton, 1974.


HOOPER, Frances - E


“It was a pilgrimage to Sweden, to Gosta Berling's Varmland. These pages are for you who already know this enchanted province and for you who are sure to want to knowe it and would love it as we do. This is a travel book only of sorts.”

A Pilgrimage to Gosta Berling’s Varmland  Kenilworth, Illinois, Chihuahua Books, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.


JACOBSON, Steve  - American sports journalist - E

Early 1970’s?

“A classic portrait of baseball's most unique fraternity.”

The Pitching Staff  New York, Crowell, 1975, is reported to contain diary material.


JANOVY, John  - American specialist in parasitology - E

a) - Late 1970’s?

“…. [Janovy] and his students into the sandhills, marshes, grasslands, canyons, lakes, and streams of Keith County in western Nebraska. The biologist explores the web of interrelationships among land, animals, and human beings. Even termites, snails, and barn swallows earn respect and assume significance in the overall scheme of things.”

Keith County Journal  St. Martin’s Press, 1978.

b) - Early 1980’s?

Back in Keith County  Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1984, may also be in journal form.


JONES, W.Paul  - professor of theology - E


“A seminary professor realizes he has never ‘experienced’ God, never sensed His presence, never prayed with ardor. He goes to a remote Trappist monastery in the mountains of Colorado to live & pray with the Monks to discover whether God lives in his heart.”

The Province Beyond the River: The Diary of a Protestant at a Trappist Monastery  New York, Paulist Press, 1981. Paperback edition, Nashville, 1986.


K., Ernie (KURTZ, Ernest)  alcoholic - E

Late 1970’s?

Nnety Meetings, Ninety Days: A Journal of Experience, Strength and hope in Twelve Step Recovery  Minneapolis, 1984.


KIRK, John T. - *M5928,E

In  The Impecunious House Restorer: Personal Vision and Historic Accuracy  New York, Knopf, 1984.


KRAFT, Barbara - E


"A journal full of drama, sensuality, dreams, fantasies and reflections on readings by a friend of Anais Nin; notes on Nin's depression, hospitalisation and teachings."

The Restless Spirit: Journal of a Gemini  Millbrae, California: Les Femmes, 1976.


KRIPPNER, Stanley  - American professor of psychology - E


Song of the Siren: A Parapsychological Odyssey  Harper, 1975, is reported to contain diary material.


KROETSCH, Robert (b.1927)  Canadian novelist and poet - E

The Crow Journals  Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1980.


KUZNETSOV, Edward - *H2466,E

Secret prison diary of the leader of a Jewish group attempting to escape from Russia, sentenced to fifteen years for trying to hijack an aeroplane from Leningrad to Sweden in 1970.

Prison Diaries  translated by Howard Spier. New York, Stein and Day, 1975.


LEMON, Betty - E


Cabin Comments: A Journal of Life in Jackson Hole  Jackson, Wyomong, Teton Bookshop, 1980.


LESLIE, Clare Walker  - artist and naturalist - E


Notes from a Naturalist’s Sketchbook  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


LEVENSON, Randal  - American photographer - E


“For ten years, the photographer traveled with sideshow performers, lured by their camaraderie and the endless variety of life on the road.”

In Search of the Monkey Girl  New York, Aperture, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


LOPATE, Phillip - E

Early 1970’s?

“A high spirirted personal account of teaching writing, theater & videotape.”

Being With Children  Doubleday, 1975.


LOZOWICK, Lee (Lee Khepa Baul) (1943-2010)  American spiritual teacher - E


The Cheating Buddha  Tabor, New Jersey, Hohm Press, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


LUKES, Roy - E


Out on a Limb: A Journal of Wisconsin Birding  Baileys Harbour, Wisconsin, Pine Street Press, 1979.


LYONS, Nick - E


Locked Jaws: The tragical-historical-comical journal of a dieter in quest of a youthful figure  New York, Crown, 1979.


McGUIRE, Thomas - E

Early 1970’s

“Account of the author's canoe voyage in the early 1970's with a veteran canoeist from Johnson's Crossing to the mouth of the Yukon River.”

99 Days on the Yukon: An Account of What Was Seen and Heard in the Company of Charles A.Wolf, Gentleman Canoist  Anchorage, Alaska Northwest Publishing, 1977.


MARSH, Janet - E


Janet Marsh’s Nature Diary  London, Michael Joseph, 1979.


MASLOW, Jonathan Evan - E


The Owl Papers  New York, Dutton, 1983, is reported to contain diary material.


MERAS, Phyllis - E


First Spring: A Martha's Vinyard Journal  Riverside, Connecticut, Chatham press, 1972.



Late 1970’s?

Biting the Hand That Feeds Me: Days of Binging, Purging and Recovery  Arena Press, 1986.


MILLS, Andy - E


Andy and Rainbow: Journals of a Relationship  Monte Rio, California, Earthstewards Publications, 1982.


MIURA, Yuichiro (b.1932)  Japanese alpinist - E

- 1970

The Man Who Skied Down Everest    Harper and Rowe, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


MOORHOUSE, Geoffrey (1931-2009)  English journalist and author - E


“… life aboard a small, modern deep-sea fishing boat. Demonstrates the integral place fishermen yet hold in seafaring towns and magnifies the inherent dangers of this occupation.”

The Boat and the Town  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Moorhouse wrote many books based on his travels which may also contain diary material. -


NANCE, John - E

From the second edition: “The universal dream of doing the work you love and earning a living at it forms the heart of this current edition of a book that has become a favorite of many potters. This fresh account of The Mud-Pie Dilemma, written by John Nance, updates by 25 years the classic story of Tom and Elaine Coleman and their struggles to create a successful, loving marriage and family while master potter Tom seeks to realize his extraordinary potential as a ceramic artist. For more than three decades, studio potters Tom and Elaine Coleman have sustained themselves and raised a family through their work in clay. It has involved major changes in geography, and in ways, styles and means of living and working. Despite the difficulties and occasional setbacks, the Colemans have found it to be a personally and creatively gratifying career. Author John Nance, who met the Colemans 25 years ago when he documented their work in the first edition, brings their story up to date in this latest edition.”

The Mud Pie Dilemma: A Master Potter’s Struggle to Make Art and Ends Meet  Forest Grove, Oregon, Timber Press, 1978. Second edition: American Ceramic Society, 2003.


NEAL, John  - American sailor - E

a) - Early 1970’s?

Log of the Mahina  Seattle, 1976.

b) - Dates unknown

Mahina Tiare: Pacific Passages  Friday Harbour, Washington, Pacific International, 1994, may also contain diary material.


NEYER, Dix  - American woman - E


Account of mental illness.

Wander, Wander: A Woman's Journey into Herself  Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Prentice-Hall, 1977.


NOMACHI  Kazuyoshi (b.1946)  Japanese photographer - E

Mid 1970's?

Sahara  Newton Abbot, Westbridge, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


NUÑEZ (NUNEZ), Bonita Wa Wa Calachaw (1888-1972)  American Indian


1. - In  Spirit Woman: The Diaries and Paintings of Bonita Wa Wa Calachaw Nuñez  edited by Stan Steiner. San Francisco, Harper and Row, 1980.

2. - Extracts: Culley, pp 290-291.


NYGAARD, Anita - E


Earthclock: A Narrative Calendar of Nature’s Seasons  Stackpole, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.


O'CONNOR, Ulick (b.1929)  Irish writer - E

1970 to 1981

The Ulick O'Connor Diaries, 1970-1981  London, John Murray, 2001.


OSHO (RAJNEESH, Chandra Mohan Jain) (RAJNEESH, Acharya) (RAJNEESH, Bhagwan Shree) (1931-1990)  Indian mystic and spiritual teacher

From 1970's?

The Darshan Diary Series:

1. - A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

2. - Above All Don't Wobble

3. - Be Realistic, Plan for a Miracle

4. - Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast

5. - Beloved of My Heart

6. - Blessed Are the Ignorant

7. - Dance Your Way to God

8. - Don't Bite My Finger Look Where I'm Pointing

9. - Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself

10. - Don't Look Before You Leap

11. - Don't Just Do Something, Sit There

12. - Far Beyond the Stars

13. - For Madmen Only (Price of Admission Your Mind)

14. - Get Out of Your Own Way

15. - God Is Not For Sale

16. - God's Got a Thing About You

17. - Hallelujah!

18. - Hammer on the Rock

19. - Just Around the Corner

20. - Let Go!

21. - Nothing to Lose But Your Head

22. - Only Losers Can Win in This Game

23. - The 99 Names of Nothingness

24. - The Buddha Disease

25. - The Cypress in the Courtyard

26. - The Further Shore

27. - The Great Nothing

28. - The Madman's Guide to Enlightenment

29. - The No Book (No Buddha, No Teaching, No Discipline

30 - The Open Door

31. - The Passion for the Impossible

32. - The Rainbow Bridge

33. - The Sacred Yes

34. - The Shadow of the Bamboo

35. - The Sun Behind the Sun Behind the Sun

36. - The Tongue Tip Taste of Tao

37. - The Zero Experience

38. - This is It

39 - Turn On Tune In and Drop the Lot

40. - Snap Your Fingers, Slap Your Face and Wake Up!  

41. - What Is, Is, What Ain't Ain't

42. - Won't You Join the Dance

43. - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

44. - Zorba The Buddha

All published Poona, India, Rajneesh or Osho Foundation. None has been examined and the content is unknown.


OTERO, Robert - E

Early 1970’s?

“The author's personal and intimate meeting and friendship and his photo-journal of Picasso in his last years.”

Forever Picasso: An Intimate Look at His Last Years  New York, Abrams, 1974.


PARRISH, John A.  – American doctor - E


Journal of a Plague Year  London, Deutsh, 1973. American title  12, 20 & 5, A Doctor’s Year in Vietnam  New York, Dutton, 1972.


RAINBOW, Rena  - See MILLS, Andy - E


RANDALL, Margaret Randall (b.1936)  American socialist poetess - *M5929,E

1970 to 1972

Daily life in Cuba.

In  Part of the Solution: Portrait of a Revolutionary  New York, New Directions, 1973.


REED, David (pseud.) - E

Early 1970’s?

Husband cares for his wife during a mental breakdown.

Anna  New York, Basic Books, 1976.


RENNERT, Maggie - E

Early 1970’s?

Shelanu: An Israel Journal  Prentice-Hall, 1979.


REYNOLDS, David K. - E


Endangered Hope: Experiences in Psychiatric Aftercare Facilities  Berkeley, University of California press, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


RIPLEY, Francis Joseph (1912-1998)  Roman catholic Priest - E

a) - 1970’s?

The Diary of a Small Town Priest  Dublin, 1981.

b) - 1970’s?

Another Diary of a Small Town Priest  1987.


ROMERO, Myrtle White - E


Housewife By The Rio Grande: A Collection of Southwestern Essays  Espanola, New Mexico: Las Trampas, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


ROUJA, Sandra Taylor (b.1939) - E

a) - 1970 to 1984

"The Short Stories and Nature Prose Pieces are drawn from the author's Bermudian and French journals to weave a unique kind of magic into the illusive world of Nature, Dreams, and Memories."

The St.George's Dream: Taken from the Bermudian and French Journals, 1970-1984  Bermuda, 1988.

b) - Dates Unknown

Notes from Sandra Taylor Rouja's Bermuda Cottage Diary  Bermuda, Island press, 1983.


SAVOY, Gene - E

Project X: The Search ofr the Secxrets of Immortality  Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.


SCHUH, Nita - *M5931,E

After Winter, Spring: A Candid Glimpse at Grief and Hope  Logos International, 1978.


SEIDENSTICKER, Edward George (1921-2007)  scholar and translator of Japanese literature


"For almost a decade, the author of this diary shuttled between the real world of contemporary America-or Hawaii, or Tokyo-and the sheltered but no less substantial world of a medieval romance, for he was translating 'The Tale of Genji'."

Genji Days  Kodansha, 1977.




I Never Died, Said He  in  Reflections on the Legacy  Los Angeles, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America, 1984. First published, Los Angeles, 1970.


SHERRARD, Jain Nyborg (b.1940) - E


Mother, Warrior, Pilgrim: A Personal Chronicle  Kansas City, Andrews and McMeel, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


SHIELDS, Mary Lou - E


Surviving My Mother's Madness  New York, Seaview Books, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.   


SICKELS, Noëlle  - American historical novelist

1970 to 1989

A few widely spaced extracts from a private diary; the end of a relationship; her mother's death; a chance encounter with Emil White in the Henry Miller Memorial Library; her growing son; a suicide; isolation amongst a group of women friends.

From Journals: 1970-1989  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 57-68.


SIEMON, Jeffrey Glenn (Jeff) (b.1950)  professional American football player - E


In  Will the Vikings Ever Win the Super Bowl  by Jim Klobuchar. New York, Harper and Rowe, 1977.


SMITH, Dick (1920-1977) - E


Condor Journal  Santa Barbara, California, Capra Press, 1978.


SOLLY, Richard - E


Days and Nights  in  Phoenix  Summer, 1974.


SORENSEN, Jeremy  - see BATTEN, Leo - E


SPELLMAN, Cathy Cash - E


Notes to My Daughters  New York, Crown, 1981, is reportedto contain diary material.


STURNER, William - E


Love Loops: A Divorced Father's Personal Journey  Libra, 1983.


STONE, Robert H. - E


Two Years in Limbo: A Diary  privately printed, 1981.


SWAIM, Frank - E


"… chronicles Dr. Swaim's year in Vietnam through entries from his logbook."

One Year and Eternity  New York, Vantage, 1978.


TALBOT, John Michael (b.1954)  American Roman Catholic singer and guitarist - E


Changes: A Spiritual Journal  New York, Crossroads, 1984.


TARKOVSKY, Andrey (1970-1986)  Russian film maker - E

1970 to 1986

Personal and professional diary; the increasing difficulties of film making in the Soviet Union; exile.

Time Within Time: The Diaries, 1970-1986  London, Faber and Faber, 1994.


TEMME, Mark E. - E


James Cummings  (12282) has  Journal  in  Minsterl Poet  Dorranmce, 1979.


THOMAS, Arline - E

Bird Ambulance  New York, Scribner, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.


TRYCK, Keith - E

Late 1970's?

Yukon Passage: Rafting 2,000 Miles to the Bering Sea  New York, Times, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


WALKER, Theodore J. - E


The Story of an Alaskan lake, Based on the Experiences of Dr. Theodore J.Walker  New York, world, 1971, is reported to contain diary material.




Birdwatching in the Seventies  London, Macmillan, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


WATSON, Donald  - see BATTEN, Leo - E


WAREING, Mike J.  - see BATTEN, Leo - E


WAUGH, Harry (1904-2001)  wine merchant - *H2467,E

a) - Diary of a Winetaster  New York, Quadrangle Books, 1972.

b) - January 1982 to June 1986

Diary notes of wine tasting trips in Europe and the United States; mainly details of wines tasted.

Harry Waugh's Wine Diary 1982-1986  London, Christopher Helm, 1987.

Note: Harry Waugh's obituary states that there were ten volumes of wine diaries published between 1972 and 1987.


WEAVER Giles (pseud.) (maintained by some to be J.D.Salinger) - E

September 1970

A bizarre account an unfulfilled life; fantasies; sexual longings and activity; self analysis; mundane activities; a rant about psychology; letters. This may well be fiction but has the aura of reality.

An Untitled contemporary Diary  in Phoenix  Winter, 1970.

Note: The succeeding issue of  Phoenix  has a letter from Giles Weaver entitled  Further Notes from the Underground.  


WIER, Delight Bobilya - E

Early 1970's?

Diary of the Farmer's Wife  Des Moines, Wallace-Homestead, 1976.


WILLWERTH, James - *H2468,E

Eye in the Last Storm: A Reporter's Journal of One Year in Southeast Asia  New York, Grossman, 1972.


WILSON, Timothy - E


This book about the case of William Berger (qv) and Carol Lobravico imprisoned in Italy for drug possession, is reported to contain diary material by the editor.

House of the Angels: Love Notes from the Asylum  edited by Timothy Wilson London: Michael Joseph, 1973.


WITKIN, Irving - *H2469,E


Diary of a Teacher  New York, United Federation of Teachers, 1970?


WOODCOCK, George - E

Early 1970's

"Describes the trip made theough the South Sea islands of Samoa, Tonga, the Gilbert and Ellice Islands, New Caladonia, New Hebrides, the Solomons, and Fiji while on a trip in the early 1970's to make a documentary on the traditional culture of the area.

South Sea Journey  Ontario, Don Mills, 1976.


WRIGHT, Billie  - American woman - E


"Wright and her husband choose to live in the manner of the Nunamiut Eskimos, inhabiting an isolated cabin they built near the Arctic Circle; this account describes one year of their survival in the wilderness."

Four Seasons North  New York, Harper, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


WRIGHT, James Arlington (1927-1980)  American poet - E

Late 1970's?

A Secret Field: Selections Form the Final Journals of James Wright  edited by Anne Wright. Durango, Colorado, Logbridge-Rhodes, 1985, 15pp.


WRIGHT, Malcolm  - see BATTEN, Leo - E


WYSOCKI, Sharon  - prison guard - M5933

July 5th. to October 27th. 1970(?)

Work diary as guard in a men's prison to gain experience for her planned career as an inmate counsellor; the interview; training; prisoners and work; sexual harassment by her male colleagues; caught sleeping on duty; resignation.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 43-51.


YANOVSKY, Basile [Dr.] - E


Daily record in New York City veneral disease clinics.

The Dark Fields of Venus: From a Doctor's Logbook  New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1973.



ABZUG, Bella  - Member of Congress from New York - *H2470

Bella! Ms. Abzug Goes to Washington  edited by Mel Ziegler. New York, Saturday Review Press, 1972.


CARR, Jess - *H2471,E

Birth of a Book  Commonwealth Press, 1974.


CLARK, Ossie (1942-1996)  British fashion designer - E

1971? To 1996? gap for 1976 to 1978

Private diary; conversations; sex; character assassinations; bitterness; regret.

The Ossie Clark Diaries  edited by Henrietta Rous, London, Bloomsbury, 1998.


FRANK, Peter - E

1971 to 1977

The Travelogues 1971-1977  College Park, Maryland, Sun and Moon Press, 1982.


GAUTHIER, Guy  - French Canadian poet and playwright, living in New York

a) - June 8th. 1971 to February 2nd. 1976

Private diary with entries dated and timed; his writing; literature, religion, astrology; a kaleidoscope of observation and comment; reminiscence; love and desire; detailed accounts of sexual activities with both men and women; masturbation; drink; marijuana; hygiene and bodily functions; uncongenial office work.

1. - Water and Earth: A Journal (1971-76)  Seattle, Impassio Press, 2002.

2. - Extracts from 1972 in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 85-110.

b) - September 3rd. to 19th. 2001

Diary extracts; stream of consciousness, occasionally drunken notes, dated and timed, written at all hours; dreams; the attack on the twin towers; mental refuge in the world of Thoreau; chaotic thought.

In  The Diarist's Journal  1, October 2002, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 48-51.


HANFF, Helene (1916-1997)  American writer, author of 84, Charing Cross Road - E


“… Hanff did finally visit Charing Cross Road and the empty but still-standing shop in the summer of 1971, a trip recorded in her 1973 book …”

The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street  Lippincott, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


KOZINTSEV, Grigori Mikhailovich (1905-1973)  Soviet Russian theatre and film director - E


Journal during the making of his film King Lear.

King Lear: The Space of Tragedy  Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1977.  


KUZNETSOV, Edward  - Russian Jew - E

1971 to 1972

Diary in prison in Russia, written up from notes.

Prison Diaries  New York: Stein and Day, 1975.


LARREA, Jean-Jaques - *M5934,E

The Diary of a Paper Boy  New York, Putnam, 1972.


LOOMIS, Vivienne (1959-1973)  American adolescent girl - *M5935,E

Diary extracts.

In  Vivienne: The Life and Suicide of an Adolescent Girl  by John E.Mack and Holly Hickler. Boston, Little Brown, 1981.


McLEOD, Merikay (b.1946) - *M5936,EDiary of her sex discrimination case against a business operated by the Seventh Day-Adventist church.Betrayal: The Shattering Sex Discrimination Case of Silver vs. Pacific Press Publishing Association   Loma Linda, California, Mars Hill Publications, 1985.


MITTERRAND, François Maurice Adrien Marie (1916-1996) - E

1971 to 1978

The Wheat and the Chaff: The Personal Diaries of the President of France 1971-1978  translated by Richard Woodward et al., London, Weidenfeld, 1982.

Note: This translation omits approximately half of the material in the French original.

NEWTON, Ellen (b.1896)  Australian writer and broadcaster

April 1971? to December 1977?

Private diary of life in a series of nursing homes, suffering from angina; conditions, staff and fellow inmates; a clear eyed, objective and often humorous account of the neglect and horrors, and occasional happy interludes, of a kindly meant imprisonment.

This Bed My Centre  Australia, McPhee Gribble, 1979; London, Virago, 1980.


RAINER, Yvonne (b.1934)  American film maker and choreographer - *M5937,E

Dance in India.

1. - From an Indian Journal  in  The Drama Review  XV, No. 2, Theatre in Asia, Spring, 1971, pp 132-138.

2. - In  Yvonne Rainer: Work 1961-73  Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and New York University Press, l974.


RUBIN, Michael - *M5938,E

In The Middle of Things: An Experience With Primal Theory  New York, G. P. Putnams Sons,  1973.


SHAW, Sarah (b.1952)  secretary - E

1971, a few entries for 1973 and one for 1974

Private diary of an innocent nineteen year old secretary working in the Schools Broadcasting Council section of the BBC. The working routine; colleagues and superiors; office life; friends, entertainments and after work activities; stays in a hostel during the week; home at weekends to a father whom she apparently detests and her more sympathetic step-mother; medical problems; becomes attracted to Frank, an Irish lift man who is three times her age and married to an invalid wife; vivid descriptions of increasingly risky sexual activity in the lift; moves into a bedsit and escapes the attentions of another resident; the affair is finally consummated after the diary ends, in most unromantic circumstances. An unusual diary with much good detail of her work and life outside, dominated by the affair with Frank. The few entries for 1973 and 1974 record the illness of her father and the end of the affair.

Portland Place: Secret Diary of a BBC Secretary  London, Constable, 2016 (first published  by Lulu Enterprises, 2015.  


RUIZ, David Villar - E


"A personal account of the author's participation in la marcha de la Reconquista in the summer of 1971. La marcha de la Reconquista, organized by the Brown Berets, began in Calexico on Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 1971, and concluded 100 days later on August 13, 1971, in Sacramento. Ruiz joined the march on May 27 and stayed through its completion."

A Soul in Exile: A Chicano Lost in Occupied Land  Vantage Press, 1981.


SEXTON, Anne (1928-1974)  professor and poet

November 6th. 1971 to January 1st. 1972

Diary consisting of a series of descriptive, impressionistic prose-poems.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 149-159. Selected from  All God's Children Need Radios  1972.


SMITH, Fredrick W. - H2472,M5940,E

From March 1971

Diary of self-exploration while enduring a fast.

Journal of a Fast  New York, Schocken Books, 1971.


STATLER, Oliver Hadley (1915-2002)  American writer on Japan - E

From 1971?

"Japanese Pilgrimage is Oliver Statler's account of walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage, a thousand mile trek around the fourth largest island in Japan following the path of an ancient Buddhist master. It is a fascinating story of a spiritual journey that shows the many sides of Japan." The book has not been seen but the author completed the pilgrimage more than once and the account may be a composite.

In  Japanese Pilgrimage  New York, Morrow, 1983.


STEINBERG, David (b.1944)  American writer on sex - *M5941,E

Father Journal  Albion, California, Times Change Press. 1977.


STEWART, John Young (Jackie) [Sir] (b.1939)  Scottish racing driver - E


Farter!  London, Kimber, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.

TURNER, Ivan (b.1938)  Herefordshire farm worker

February 4th. 1971 to July 15th. 1987

Diary preceded by autobiography; work on Netherwood Farm; his archaeological interests; love of nature; occasionally personal and reminiscent.

Riding on a Plough  Worcester, Square One Publications, 1994, pp 111-221.


TYNAN, Kenneth Peacock (1927-1980)  English theatre critic and author

January 11th. 1971 to January 29th. 1980

Personal diary; the national theatre and Laurence Olivier; other theatrical matters and personalities, actors and actresses, his work, gossip, quarrels and socialising; conversations; careful record of his own witticisms; dinners, parties and holidays; projects and the unreliability of financial backers; his wife; other women, sex and sado-masochism; in America from 1976; Hollywood; financial worries; smoking and emphysema.

The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan  edited by John Lahr. London, Bloomsbury, 2001.


WESKER, Arnold (b.1932)  playwright - *H2473,E

a) - 1971

Journal entries  for his play "The Journalists".

Journal of 'The Journalists'  in  Theatre Quarterly  VII, No. 26, 1977.

Note: See also  Journey into Journalism  Writers and Readers, 1977.

b) - Dates unknown

"Wesker has kept a diary since 1966. From it he extracted those entries which charted the writing, the marketing, the rehearsal, and final Broadway performance of his play Shylock in which the lead actor, Zero Mostel, died after giving one performance. The company had to rehearse again using the understudy."

The Birth of Shylock and the Death of Zero Mostel  London, Quartet, 1997.

c) - Dates unknown

Distinctions  London, Jonathan Cape, 1985, is reported to contain diary material.

d) - Dates unknown

Six Sundays in January (Stories, TV Play 'Menace', diary for Stockholm), 1971.


WILLIAMS, C.K.  - academic

1971 to 1972

Undated extracts from a writer's notebook; thoughts on writers and writing.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 425-439. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


WILSON, John Victor Hyde - E

July 21st. to August 8th. 1971

H.B.C., Trek July 31 to August 8, 1971, Victor Wilson's Journal  in  Okanagan Historical Society Annual Report  XXXVI, 1972, pp 29-37.

Note: Okanagan is in British Columbia and H.B.C. is thought to be Hudson Bay Company.



1971? to 1972?

Journal record of the making of the film The Godfather, upon which the author was an assistant. Doubt has been expressed about the accuracy of the account.

The Godfather Journal  Basic Books, 1976.



AIKEN, George David  - U.S. Senator from Vermont - *H2474,*M5942,E

January 1972 to January 1975

Aitken: Senate Diary, January 1972 - January 1975  Brattleboro, Vermont, Stephen Green Press, 1976.


BALLIETT, Whitney Lyon (1926-2007)  jazz critic and book reviewer for the New Yorker - *H2475,E

a) - 1972 to 1975

New York Notes: A Journal of Jazz in the Seventies  New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1976.

b) - 1975 to 1980

Night Creature: A Journal of Jazz, 1975-1980  Oxford University Press, 1981.

c) - 1981 to 1990

Goodbyes and Other Messages: A Journal of Jazz, 1981-1990  Oxford University Press, 1991.

d) - 1954 to 2000

Collected Works: A Journal of Jazz, 1954-2000  St. Martin’s Press, 2000.


BONINGTON, Christian John Storey (Chris) (b.1934)  British mountaineer - E


Everest Southwest Face  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1973; American title  The Ultimate Challenge: The Hardest Way up the Highest Mountain in the World  Stein and Day, 1973; is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Bonington was the author of many mountaineering books not noted here, which may also contain diary material.


BRAUDY, Susan  - American author and journalist - *M5943,E

a) - Between Marriage and Divorce  Morow, 1975.

b) - In Ms  II, 1974.


BREMER, Arthur H. - *H2476,*M5944,E

An Assassin's Diary  New York, Harper's Magazine Press, 1973.


CLARK, Alan Kenneth McKenzie (1928-1999)  historian and M.P.

a) - February 7th. 1972 to November 3rd. 1982

Private diary; life at Saltwood Castle and other houses; money troubles; relations with his father and mother; his wife and children; motor cars; gambling; holidays; friends; hesitant entry into politics; politics and politicians; the Falklands. Frank, entertaining and less exibitionistic than the later diaries which were published in his lifetime.

Diaries: Into Politics  edited by Ion Trewin. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2000.

b) - May 15th. 1983 to February 5th. 1991

Personal and political diary, conceited in tone but often amusing and informative; the Thatcher Administration from a minister's viewpoint, critical but, sometimes reluctantly, admiring; his cars; his home at Saltwood Castle; wife and family; sexual peccadilloes; frank opinions of colleagues and friends; work and politics.

Diaries  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1993.

c) - February 7th. 1991 to August 1st. 1999

Personal diary; leaves the House of Commons and is immediately dissatisfied; return as member for Kensington and Chelsea; fantasises about his political future; hopes of honours; similar in content to the earlier diaries, but perhaps more muted in tone; hypochondria; bouts of depression; the unrecognised onset of a brain tumour; faces death. The book ends with Jane Clark's diary (qv) of his last illness and death.

The Last Diaries: In and Out of the Wilderness  edited by Ion Trewin. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2002.


COOPER, Jilly (b.1937)  journalist and novelist

February 27th. 1972 to October 1st. 1982

Diary of her life in Putney, centred on dog-walking on Barnes and Putney Commons; dogs, characters, anecdotes, husband, children, nanny; nature notes. Very entertaining; however the author states in the introduction that although the book is based on a diary, many of the main characters are fictitious, it therefore seems probable that the diary has been substantially worked up and probably embroidered for publication.  

The Common Years  London, Eyre Methuen, 1984.


CUOMO, Mario Matthew - *H2477,*M5945,E

a) - Forest Hills Diary: The Crisis of Low-Income Housing  New York, Random House, 1974.

b) - Diaries of Mario M.Cuomo: The Campaign for Governor  New York, Random House, 1984.


DECK, Arthur C. (1908-1981)  executive editor of the Salt Lake Tribune - E


Twenty two newspaper editors to spend three weeks in China.

China Diary  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Tribune, 1972.


GARD, Robert E and REETZ, Elaine (?)


“The journal of Reuben Gold Thwaites who canoed down the Fox in 1887 and Gard & Reetz who retraced his journey roughly 80 years later and noted the changes time had wrought..”

In  The Trail of the Serpent: The Fox River Valley, Lore and Legend  by Robert E,Gard and Elaine Reetz, Madison, Wisconsin House, 1973.


HAINING, James - E

1972 to 1979

“Diaristic writings dating from 1972 to 1979, interspersed with poetry and illustrations.”

A Quincy History  Quincy, Illinois, Salt Lick Press, 1981.


HALL, Peter [Sir] (b.1930) - H2478

March 27th. 1972 to January 29th. 1980

The diary of Hall's first eight years as Director of the National Theatre. Mainly concerned with theatrical matters and the associated politics and people with some mentions of his children and oblique references to his marital problems; interesting on industrial relations at the time.

Peter Hall's Diaries; The Story of a Dramatic Battle  edited by John Goodwin. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1983.


HUNTER, Ian (Ian Hunter Patterson) (b.1939)  British singer-songwwriter lead singer of Mott the Hoople

a) - 1972

“… his journal of a chaotic five-week American tour …”

Diary of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star  Panther, 1974.

b) - Dates unknown

James Cummings (6304) has also  Reflections of a Rock Star  New York, Flash Books, 1976.


KAMATA, Satoshi (b.1938)  Japanese journalist - H2479

September 12th. 1972 to May 5th. 1973

Journalistic diary as a contract worker in the Toyota factory at Nagoya; life in the dormitory and on the production line; monotonous work under relentless pressure; discipline; fellow workers; an interesting, but perhaps tendentious account.

Japan in the Passing Lane: An Insider's Account of Life in a Japanese Auto Factory  edited and translated by Tatsuro Akimoto. New York, Pantheon Books, 1982.


KITMAN, Susan (Suzy) - *M5946,E

In  Ms  I, 1972.


LYNCH, Mary Ann  - photographer and magazine editor - M5947

December 22nd. 1972

Diary note: a drunken man fetches milk for her baby at an airport.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 276-277.

MABEY, David (b.1947)  writer, of Wenhaston, Suffolk

December 25th. 1972 to December 31st. 1973

Diary of country life in Suffolk; mainly cooking and eating; details of meals, preparation and consumption, with friends and relations. No doubt conceived and written for publication but an attractive diary, if limited in scope.

Breadlines; A Journal of Food and Events  London, Allen Lane, 1975.


MARIN, Peter - *M5948,E

In  Men Without Masks:  Writings from the Journals of Modern Men  by Michael Rubin, Addison-Wesley, 1980.

Note: In A Man's Time  by Peter Marin, Simon and Schuster, 1974, is a novel in diary form about marriage and sexual adventure.


MINTY, Judith  - American writer and teacher - M5949

a) - September 19th. 1972

A single journal entry dealing with her thirteen year old son's anxiety crisis.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 215-217. Selections from "Son", first printed anonymously in  Uptaught  by Ken Macrorie. New York, Haydon book Co., 1970.

b) - 1977 to 1980

Widely spaced entries; introspective notes about loneliness, health and sex.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 118-121.


PHILLIPS, Harvey E. - E


The Carmen Chronicle: The Making of an Opera  New York, stein and Day, 1973, is reported to contain diary material.


READ, Jenny (1945-1976)  sculptor - *M5950,E

Jenny Read in Pursuit of Art and Life: The Journals and Letters of a Young Sculptor: San Francisco 1970-1976  edited by Kathleen Doyle. Burnsville, North Carolina, Antioch University with Cello Press, 1982.


ROBERTSON, Dougal (d.1991) - E

June and July 1972

Account of survival on a liferaft in the Pacific of a family of five. Not seen but probably entirely retrospective.

Survive the Savage Sea  Praeger, 1973.


ROBERTSON, Mary Elsie  - American novelist - M5930

August 23rd. 1972(?) to April 24th. 1973(?)

Diary notes of her psychiatric analysis; a dream and disagreement over its interpretation; anxiety about the cost of treatment; her children.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 122-126.


SEEGER, Pete (b.1919)  folk singer - *M5951,E

The Compleat Folksinger  Simon and Schuster, 1972.


STRUDWICK, Peter  - disabled athlete - E


Come Run with Me  Exposition Press, 1976.

01/02/03 - VINING, Elizabeth Gray (1902-199)  American novelist - *M5952,E

1972 to 1973

Diary of her seventieth year.

Being Seventy: The Measure of a Year  New York, Viking, 1978.

Note: Two other titles may be based on diary material:  Windows for the Crown Prince  Lippincott, 1952, which describes her post war experiences as English tutor to the Emperor of Japan, and  Quiet Pilgrimage  Lippincott, 1970.


WHITEHURST, George William - *M5953,E

Diary of a Congressman  Norfolk, Virginia, Donning, 1983.

WAUGH, Auberon Alexander (b.1939)  columnist

1972 to 1985

A satirist's journal of comment on the news and events of the day. Claimed as fiction there is nevertheless a core of reference to real people and events; social and political comment, ribaldry, indignation and satire; mingled fact and fiction; often entertaining and occasionally thought-provoking.

1. - Four Crowded Years; The Diaries of Auberon Waugh 1972-1976  London, Private Eye and Andre Deutsch, 1976.

2. - A Turbulent Decade; The Diaries of Auberon Waugh 1976-1985  London, Private Eye and Andre Deutsch, 1985.


WHITLAM, Margaret Elaine (b.1919) wife of the Australian prime minister - *H2480,E

Personal diary.

My Day  London, Collins, 1974.



AMATO, Antony (pseud.) and EDWARDS, Katherine (pseud.) - M5954

1973 to 1975

Diaries of illicit lovers with explicit sexual detail. Probably fiction.

Affair  New York, G.P.Putnam's Sons, 1978.


COLEMAN, John Royston - *H2481,*M5955,E

Blue-Collar Journal: A College President's Sabbatical  Lippincott, 1974.


COX, Kathleen - *M5956,E

Journal of the Unconscious  Haydenville, Massachusetts, 1981.

Note:  Journal of the Unconscious  by Kathleen Lawless Cox, Morning Star Press, 1981, may be a fuller version of the same diary.


D'ARCY, Paula (b.1947)  American woman - *M5957,E

Pregnancy, childbirth; accidental death of husband and daughter.

Song for Sarah: A Young Mother's Journey Through Grief and Beyond  revised edition. Shaw, 2001. First published Wheaton, Illinois, Shaw, 1979.


DJERASSI, Norma Lundholm - *H2482,*M5958,E

Glimpses of China from a Galloping Horse (A Woman's Journal)  New York, Pergamon Press, 1974.


DREW, Elizabeth Brenner (b.1935)  American journalist - *H2483,*M5959

a) - 1973 to 1974

Political diary of the Watergate scandal.

Washington Journal: The Events of 1973-4  New York, Random House, 1975.

Note: Havlice and Arksey refer to diary notes for May 1973 published in  Atlantic  August 1973.

b) - 1984?

James Cummings (3593) has  A Political Journal  in  New Yorker  April 2, 1984.


GALEANO, Eduardo Hughes (1940-2015)  Uruguayan journalist - E

From 1973?

“In this fascinating journal and eloquent history, Eduardo Galeano movingly records the lives of struggles of the Latin American people, under two decades of unimaginable violence and extreme repression.”

Days and Nights of love and War  Monthly Review, 1983.


GENOVES, Santiago (1923-2013)  Spanish-Mexican anthropologist - E


The Acali Experiment: Five Men and Six Women on a Raft Across the Atlantic for 101 Days  Times Books, 1980.


HADFIELD, Vic  - American ice hockey player - E


Reports of a short tour with Team Canada and a return to New York for the play-offs. Written with a collaborator.

Vic Hadfield's Diary from Moscow to the Play-offs  with Tim Moriarty. New York, Doubleday, 1974.


HALE, Joanne (Jody) - *M5960,E

January 22nd. to February 1st. 1973

Shipyard Journal: Jan 22-Feb. 1, 1973  in Log of Mystic Seaport  XXV, 1973, from p 52.


HEMSCHEMEYER, Judith  - American poet - M5961

June 10th. 1973

A single entry recalling details of her mother's death.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 218-219.


HEYWARD, Carter [Rev. Dr.]  American Episcopal lesbian priest - E

From 1973?

A Priest Forever: One Woman’s Controversial Ordination in the Episcopal Church  Cleveland, Ohio, Pilgrim Press, 1999, originally published, New York, Harper, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.


JONES, James Ramon (1921-1977)  American novelist - E


“… a personal and personalized journal of his trip to Vietnam at the time of the so-called cease-fire as the American Military Assistance Command moved out.”

Viet Journal  New York, Doubleday, 1974.


KAUFMAN, Barry Neil  - American teacher - E

From 1973?

“… the extraordinary journal of Barry and Suzi Kaufman's successful effort to reach their ‘unreachable’  child … a beautiful boy who sometimes seemed deaf and blind, who sat staring silently for hours, rocking endlessly …”

Son-Rise  New York, Harper, 1976. Enlarged as  Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues  Kramer, 1994.


MAGNUSON, Jermaine - *M5962,E

China Diary: Senator and Mrs. Magnuson's Journey to the People's Republic of China  44 pp stapled booklet. No place or date.


MITCHELL, Judith Paige (1932-2010)  American writer and television producer - E

From 1973?

“A motorcycle accident in June, 1973, paralyzed George Zygmaniak, aged twenty-six, from the neck down. The indications were that the paralysis would be permanent. George begged his brother, Lester, to kill him, saying he would kill himself if he could. Lester shot and killed his brother in his hospital bed.”

Act of Love: The Killing of George Zygmanik  Alfred A.Knopf, 1976, is reported to contain diary material.


MOORE, Roger (b.1927)  English actor - E

1973 to 1974

“… a fascinating and often very amusing account of the shooting of ‘Live and Let Die’ - his debut film as James Bond.”

Roger Moore’s James Bond Diary  Fawcett, 1973.


MURRAY, Michele (1934?-1974)  American Catholic writer - M5963

September 17th. 1973 to March 12th. 1974

Selections from the diary of her last fight against cancer; hatred of her body; hopes of remission; operations, drugs, pain; objective and without self-pity; a brave and moving account of the approach to death.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 97-105.


NUDEL, Ida  - Jewish economist from Moscow

October 24th. to 26th. 1973

Diary of her experience of preventive arrest by the K.G.B.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 278-280.


RENNERT, Maggie - *M5964,E

Journal of a two year stay at Beer-Sheba.

Shelanu: An Israel Journal  Englewood Cliffs, Prentice Hall, 1979.


RICHARDSON, Simon (1953? To 1977) - E


Account of a voyage in Baroque with W.H.Tilman.

In  The Quest of Simon Richardson  a biography by Dorothy Richardson, London, Gollancz, 1986.

Note: The 24 year old Richardson and the 74 year old Tilman disappeared with the rest of the crew when sailing from Rio de Janeiro to Port Stanley in the En Avant in 1977.


ROCHE, Paul  - poet

September 14th. to October 17th. 1973

Diary of travel and conversation with Duncan Grant on holiday in Turkey; much concerned with the sexual convolutions of the Bloomsbury group. It is not clear to what extent this is a contemporary record but it is likely to have been greatly expanded and written up at a later date incorporating conversations which took place at other times.

With Duncan Grant in Turkey  Honeyglen Publishing, 1982.


SCHULBERG, Budd (b.1914)  American writer - E


In  Swan Watch  New York, Delacorte, 1975.


WEBER, Nancy - *M5965,E


Two women swap lives, their names, friends, lovers etc. for a month; the unpleasant results.

The Life Swap  New York, Dial Press, 1974.


WHARTON, Margaret  - GI Bride

1973 to 1992

Excerpts from travel diaries of holidays in England with her American husband. The excerpts are arranged regionally, not chronologically; usual travel details with a few personal notes and reflections.

Back to Britain: The Holiday Journals of a G.I. Bride  Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1995.


ZIMMERMAN, Paul Lionel (1932-2007)  sports writer - E


Not seen, but reported to contain diary material concerning an American football coach:  The Last Year of Weeb Ewbank  Farrar, 1974.



ANONYMOUS (1960?-1977)  American schoolboy

July 2nd. 1974 and January 7th. 1975 to January 22nd. 1977

Private diary; home, school; friends; girls; drink and drugs; Ouija, witchcraft and Satanism; a love affair with an addicted girl; self-disgust, desperation and despair; suicide.

Jay's Journal  edited by Beatrice Sparks. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1979.


ARBLE, Meade - *M5966,E

Diary of a year's underground work in a Pennsylvania coal mine.

The Long Tunnel: A Coal Miner's Journal  New York, Atheneum, 1976.


ARTHUR, Elizabeth - E

From 1974

“Inspired by a distaste for the materialism of city living and a faith in the idea of wilderness, in 1974 Liz Arthur and her first husband, Bob Gathercole, went to live on an island in a remote Canadian lake. Island Sojourn is their story, as Liz remembers it.”

Island Sojourn: A Memoir  Harper, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


BANES, Sally - E


Meredith Monk and the Making of Chacon: Notes from a Journal  in  Dance Chronicle  I, No. 1, 1977, pp 46-62.


BLASHFORD-SNELL, John N. [Maj.] (b.1936)  British soldier and explorer

October 4th. 1974 to January 20th. 1975

Exploration diary of the Zaire (Congo) River expedition; the progress of a large and well equipped party; dangers and difficulties; scientific work; a matter of fact account. Interpolated are substantial extracts from the diaries of H.M.Stanley (qv).

In the Steps of Stanley  London, Hutchinson, 1975.

BOYLE, Jimmy (b.1944)  of Glasgow

September 28th. 1974 to November 1st. 1982

Prison diary of a convicted murderer in Barlinnie Prison; experience of prison reform in the 'Special Unit'; prison life; warders, staff and visitors; fellow prisoners; his rehabilitation; marriage; return to the old penal system for two years; release.

The Pain of Confinement, Prison Diaries  Edinburgh, Canongate, 1984.


CASSERLY, John J. - *H2484,*M5967,E

The Ford White House: The Diary of a Speechwriter  University of Colorado Press, 1977.


CLARK, Raymond (Ossie) (1942-1996)  clothes designer

January 10th. 1974 to August 5th. 1996 (three year gap from 1976 to 1978)

Private diary (selected) of decline; drink, drugs, work and parties; homosexual affairs, violence, the end of his marriage to Celia Birtwell; the fight for custody of his children; celebrities, Hockney, Marianne Faithfull, etc.; critical success, financial failure; exotic holidays; the pleasure of work; constant removals; eviction; deaths of friends; his own addictions and ill heath; trouble with the police; bailiffs; Diego Cogolato, who kills him.

The Ossie Clark Diaries  edited by Lady Henrietta Rous. London, Bloomsbury, 1998.


CORBETT, William (1942-2018)  American poet - E

1974 to 1975

“…Columbus Square Journal in particular places the reader in an interrogative position in relation to the narrativizing subjectivity the text projects.” (Paul Eaton).

Columbus Square Journal  Lenox, Massachusetts, Angel Hair, 1976, 100 copies.

DeBAKEY, Michael Ellis (1908-2008)  Lebanese-American surgeon - E


- 1974?

A Surgeon’s Diary of a Visit to China  Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix Newspapers, 1974, 70pp.


De VRIES, Rachel  - American nurse, writer and poet - M5968

a) - September 22nd. to October 2nd. 1974

Notes of three experiences of native domestic life in Kenya.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 242-245.

b) - June 14th. 1980

A single entry in which her care for a dying woman recalls her nursing of a dying child eleven years earlier; some technical language.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 37-39.


DONOUGHUE, Bernard (Lord Donoughue of Ashton) (b.1934)  author, academic, political advisor and politician

February 16th. 1974 to April 5th. 1976

Political diary of the head of the Downing Street Policy Unit and member of Harold Wilson's 'kitchen cabinet'; the work of the policy unit and relations with permanent civil servants; close relations with Joseph Haines, Wilson's press secretary; detailed observation of and comment on Wilson's working methods, relations with colleagues, speeches, drinking, paranoia and terrified subservience to Marcia Williams (later Baroness Falkender); notes of cabinet meetings, the views of ministers and relations with each other; halting progress towards Wilson's retirement. A fascinating picture of a government obsessed with trivia and internal rivalries at a time of great national economic difficulty. A few anodyne personal notes.  

Downing Street Diary: With Harold Wilson in No. 10  London, Jonathan Cape, 2005.


ELLIS, Marc H. (b.1952)  Professor of American and Jewish studies - *M5969,E

Diary; spiritual journey among the poor and destitute of New York.

A Year at the Catholic Worker  Paulist Press, 1978. Reprinted, Texas A&M University Press, 2002.


HOEKINGA, Mark T. [Dr.] - *H2486,E

In  U.S. News and World Report  September 19th. 1976.


HERZ, Martin Florian (1917-1983)  American diplomat - E

From 1974?

215 Days in the Life of an American Ambassador: Diary Notes from Sofia, Bulgaria  Georgetown university press, 1981.



1974 to1975 (?)

“The author was arrested, tortured and imprisoned without trial by the Spanish political police in 1974 accused of murder. Her prison journal is the basis of this book.”

From a Spanish Prison  New York, Random House, 1976.


HUXLEY, Elspeth (1907-1997) - H2487

a) - April 2nd. 1974 to March 28th. 1975

A year in the Wiltshire village of Oaksey; village life, present and stories of the past; domestic and social life, gardening; village history. A pleasant record.

Gallipot Eyes; A Wiltshire Diary  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1976. Also Readers Union Book Clubs, 1976.

b) - 1963

With Forks and Hope: An African Notebook  London, Chatto and Windus, 1964, is reported to contain diary material.


KLEIN, Henry - *H2488,E

1974 to 1976

Through Ferrengi Eyes: The Diary of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia, 1974-1976  Exposition Press, 1979.


KLOBUCHAR, James John (b.1928)  American journalist, author, and travel guide - E


"Account of climbing and backpacking in the Grand Tetons and Beartooth Pass between Montana and Wyoming."

Where the Wind Blows Bittersweet  Wayzata, Minnesota, 1975.  


KNÖBL, Kuno (b.1936)


Account of an attempted Pacific crossing in a Chinese junk.

Tai Ki; To the Point of No Return  Boston: Little Brown, 1976.


MALLOY, Ione  - American school teacher - E


“A thoughtful and sensitive portrait of a neighborhood and community whose problems and aspirations in many ways resemble those of millions of other Americans.”

Southie Won’t Go: A Teacher’s Diary of the Desegregation of South Boston High School  University of Illinois Press, 1986.


MORAVIA, Alberto (1907-1990)  Italian novelist and journalist - E

1963 to 1971

Thirty-eight travel sketches in sub-Saharan Africa.

Which Tribe Do You Belong To?  London, Secker and Warburg, 1974.


NOUWEN, Henri Josef Machiel - *M5970

a) - June 2nd. to December 25th. 1974

Diary of religious self-exploration during seven months in the Trappist Monastery of the Genesee in New York State; cut and edited.

The Genesee Diary; Report from a Trappist Monastery  New York Doubleday, 1976; Image Books, paperback, 1981.

b) - Six months in Bolivia and Peru.

Gracias: A Latin American Journal  San Francisco, Harper and Row, 1983.


OAKLEY, Barry  - Australian novelist and critic - E

1974 to 1997

Private diary; literary events and much name dropping; parties and hangovers; his wife, mother of their six children leaves him for one of her sons' friends; she returns.

Minitudes: Diaries 1974-1977  Melbourne, The Text Publishing Company, 2000.


POLIKOFF, Judy - *M5971,E

About the rehabilitation of a brain damaged child.

Every Loving Gift  as told to Michele Sherman. New York, Putnam, 1983.


RAJ, Kakkadan Nandanath - *H2489,E


Hanoi Diary  Bombay, Oxford University Press, 1975.


SARTON, May (b.1912)  American poet and novelist - *H2491,*M5939,E

a) - Journal of a Solitude  New York, W.W.Norton, 1973. As  Dreaming Deep: The Journal of a Solitude  London, The Women's Press, 1985

b) - The House by the Sea: A Journal  New York, W.W.Norton, 1977.

c) - December 28th. 1978 to November 30th. 1979

Personal diary; grief at the senile decay of a friend; a mastectomy; love of life, work and nature; hospital bills and money worries; a filmed interview; domestic affairs; written for publication but not too obviously so.

Recovering: A Journal  New York, W.W.Norton, 1980. London, The Women's Press, 1997.

d) - At Seventy: A Journal  New York, W.W.Norton, 1984.

e) - After the Stroke: A Journal  New York, W.W.Norton, 1988. London, The Women's Press, 1988.

f) - May 3rd. 1990 to May 3rd. 1991

Personal diary; irregularly kept because of illness, but written for publication; friends; age and medical problems and treatment; reflections on American and world events

Endgame: A Journal of the Seventy Ninth Year  New York, W.W.Norton, 1992. London, The Women's Press, 1992.

g) - May 25th. 1991 to June 24th. 1992

Personal diary; life and literature; everyday existence and reminiscence; friends and literary figures; written for publication.

Encore; A Journal of the Eightieth Year  London, The Women's Press, 1993. New York, W.W.Norton, 1993.

h) - At Eighty-Two: A Journal  New York, W.W.Norton, 1996.

i) - Various dates unknown.

The book is arranged thematically.

In  Among The Usual Days: A Portrait: Unpublished Poems, Letters, Journals and Photographs  edited by Susan Sherman. New York, W.W.Norton, 1993.

i) - Extract and discussion in Bunkers & Huff, pp 56-71.


THOMPSON, Danny (b.1947)  baseball player - *M5972,E

E-6, The Diary of a Major League Shortstop  Minneapolis, Dillon Press, 1985.


TRUITT, Anne (1921-2004)  American minimalist sculptor - H2492,M5973

a) - June 1974 to June 1975 and June 1978 to September 1980

Introspective diary of an artist attempting to reconcile her art and her life; reminiscences of her childhood; life in an artist's colony, 1974.

1. - Daybook: The Journal of an Artist  New York, 1982.

2. - Extracts: Rose, pp 774-784.

b) - Dates unknown

Turn: The Journal of an Artist  New York, Viking, 1986.

c) - Dates unknown

Prospect: The Journal of an Artist  Scribner, 1996. -


UPTON, Joe - *M5974,E

Alaska Blues: A Fisherman's Journal  Anchorage, Alaska Northwest Publishing, 1977.


WEIDENFELD, Sheila Rabb (b.1943)  White House press secretary to Betty Ford - *M5975,E

First Lady's Lady: With the Fords at the White House  New York, Putnam, 1979.



ABBE, William Parker  - American schoolmaster - E

1975 to 1976

Student activities; not seen, but catalogued by the school library under 'humor'.

Day by Day: A Diary of Sketches, St. Paul's School, 1975-1976  Concord, New Hampshire, St. Paul's School, 1976.


BARBER, Frederick Hugh  - hunter and artist - E

1875 and 1877 to 1878

“These two journals are complementary and throw much new light on the decade 1871-80 in Southern Rhodesia, a period about which very little has hitherto been published. Frederick Barber was a colonial hunter and the second artist of any competence to paint the Victoria Falls on the spot. Richard Frewen [qv] was an aristocratic English traveller and would-be explorer, who stirred up much trouble in Matabeleland and was responsible for worsening British-Matabele relations.”

Zambezia and Matabeleland in the Seventies: The Narrative of Frederick Hugh Barber (1875 and 1877-8) and The Journal of Richard Frewen (1877-8)  London, Chatto and Windus, 1960.


BURROUGHS, William Seward (1914-1977)  American writer, artist and drug addict - E

a) - 1975

“A remarkable record of [a] period of retreat at Chogyam Trungpa’s center in Vermont. After his own introduction to establish place, setting and his own state of mind on entering, it is a composite of dreams, images, and memories

The Retreat Diaries  New York, The City Moon, 1976; also in  The Burroughs File  City Lights, 1984.

b) - November 1996 to July 1997

“This final collection of writings by Burroughs was transcribed from mostly hand-written journal entries that were often difficult to decipher. Burroughs chronicles his thoughts about his approaching mortality …”

Last Words: The Final Journals of William S.Burroughs  Grove Press, 2000.



From 1975?

“Newly widowed, a Jew, emigateing from Russia, she was given a choice of destination; Israel or Canada.”

From Russia With Luggage  Toronto, annick Press, 1980.


CHILES, Webb (b.1941)  lone yachtsman - E

1975 to 1976 (?)

Storm Passage  Times Books, 1977.


CLEVELAND, Harlan (1918-2008)  American diplomat and educator - E


“Journal of the author's third trip to China, visiting Peking, Ta Ching, Shanghai, Nanking, Yangchow, and Wusih.”

China Diary  Washington, Georgetown University, 1976.


FLETCHER, David Jeffrey (b.1954)  medical student - *M5976,E

Medical student's diary at Rush Medical College, Illinois.

Med School Mayhem  Chicago, F.Fergeson, 1980.


HAGERTY, Cornelius, J. [Rev.] - E

Early 1970’s?

Diary of My European Trip  Huntington, Indiana, 1976.


HERSEY, Jean - *M5977,E

Lost her husband after fifty years.

A Widow's Pilgrimage  New York, Continuum, 1979.


HONGXUE (d.1975)  young Chinese girl - E

February 27th. to September 7th. 1975

Diary; in hospital as a result of self-harm inflicted to provide escape from her sexually abusive father; keeps a fly as a pet; witnesses, but misunderstands, her friend in the act of coitus; tragic consequences for the friend and her lover; remorse; elaborate, but ultimately successful attempt at suicide.  An extraordinary and valuable account of the last months of an innocent victim of the culture and politics of China at the time, which has every appearance of being a genuine diary.

In  The Good Women of China  by Xinran, translated by Esther Tyldesley. London, Chatto and Windus, 2002, pp 16-32.


HORNER, Joyce Mary (1903-1980)  academic, poet and novelist - H2493,M5978

March 11th. 1975 to 1977

Journal of the reluctant inhabitant of an American nursing home, crippled with arthritis; good pen portraits of her fellow inmates and the staff; routine and organisation of the home; visitors and correspondence; nostalgia for the England of her youth; politics, music and literature; thoughts of death; her slow decline; poems.

1. - That Time of Year: A Chronicle of Life in a Nursing Home  University of Massachusetts Press, 1982.

2. - Extracts: Culley, 292-304.


KNOWLES, John Hilton (1926-1979) physician and president of the Rockefeller Foundation - E


China Diary  Rockefeller Foundation, 1976.


LEE, Laurel (1945-2004)  American actress and writer - *M5979,E

a) - Diary of a pregnant woman with Hodgkin's disease.

Walking Through the Fire: A Hospital Journal  New York, E.P.Dutton, 1977.

b) - Two years in remission from Hodgkin's disease.

Signs of Spring  New York, E.P.Dutton, 1980.

c) - The two journals published together as  Laurel Lee's Journal: Combining Walking Through the Fire and Signs of Spring  New York, Christian Herald Books, 1980.

d) - “Shared thoughts about both the adventures and misadventures of marriage.”

Mourning into Dancing  New York, Dutton, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.

e) - “The author's journey of spiritual self-awareness through the discord of San Francisco's Haight- Ashbury to the logic and purity of Christianity.”

Godspeed: Hitchhiking Home  San Francisco, Harper and Row, 1988, is also reported to contain diary material.


MATTHEWS, Ellen - *H2494,E

Concerns the settlement of Vietnamese refugees in the United States.

Culture Clash  Chicago, Intercultural Press, 1982.


MARTIN, Earl S.  – with the Mennonite Central Committee in Vietnam - E


“The journal of an American who stayed t o witness Vietnam's postwar transition.”

Reaching the Other Side  New York, Crown, 1978.


MARTIN, Paul Joseph James (1903-1992)  Canadian politician - E

1975 to 1979

London Diaries of Canada’s High Commissioner 1975-79  University of Ottawa Press, 1988.


MOYNIHAN, Daniel Patrick (1927-2003)  American politician and sociologist  - E

1975 to 1976

Account of his time as United states Ambassador to the United Nations.

A Dangerous Place  Little Brown, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


PARKER, Carol Mont  - American pianist - *M5980

1975 to 1976

Pianist's diary of preparation for her New York debut.

1. - In  The Piano Quarterly  1976.

2. - Extracts in  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 32-36.


NARAYAN, Jayaprakash (1902-1979)  Indian politician - *H2495,E

Prison Diary  University of Washington Press, 1977.


ONLEY, Toni (1928-2004)  Manx painter, living in Canada - E


1. - Onley’s Arctic: Doiaries and Paintings of the High Arctic  Douglas and McIntyre, 1989.

2. - James Cummings (9368) has  Arctic Journal  in  The Beaver  April/May, 1987.


May 13th. 1975 to May 30th. 1982

Personal diary of a Unilever executive who retires in 1976; his life and occupations; death of his mother, illness of his wife; a strong religious thread runs through this diary to which the editor, his widow, gives no introduction, background or epilogue.

Dutch Diary  translated by Agnes Ritter. Lewes, The Book Guild, 1995.


ROBINSON, Eric (b.1924)  American academic

From February 7th. 1975

Diary of the  last months of his wife, Joan, who died of ovarian cancer at the age of 43.

One Dark Mile: A Widower’s Story  University of Massachusetts, 1990.


ROSSER, Phyllis - *M5981,E

In  Ms  IV, 1976.


WEINGARTEN, Violet - *M5982,E

Journal of a two year battle with cancer.

Intimations of Mortality  New York, Knopf, 1977.



AAKER, Linda - E


A Woman's Odyssey; Journals 1976-1992  Denton, University of North Texas, 1994.


BEESON, Trevor Randall [Rev.] (b.1926)  Canon of Westminster and later Dean of Winchester -

a) - April 22nd. 1976 to January 15th. 1987

Diary of a Canon of Westmionster Abbey, latterly also Rector of St.Margaret's Westminster abd Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons; a lively record of cathedral life, church politics and financial affairs; meetings; some comment on events in the wider world; personalities; his duties and the impossibility of satisfactorily combining his three offices; very little about his family and silent on his personal and religious life.

Window on Westminster: A Canon's Diary 1976-1987  London, SCM Press, 1998.

b) - January 17th. 1987 to February 29th. 1996

Dean's diary of cathedral life at Winchester; the fabric of the building; church politics; some differences of opinion on church matters; dominated by money and fund raising. Few mentions of family, personal or religious life.

A Dean's Diary: Winchester 1987-1996  London, SCM Press, 1997.


BISHOP, John Melville (b.1946)  American documentary film maker and Naomi Hawes - E


The story of the authors' discoveries and experiences living in the tiny Nepalese village of Melemchi, a Sherpa village fifty miles on foot from the nearest road, where they went to study the shy and elegant langur monkey and found a harmonious symbiosis of man, animal, forest, and mountainside. A beautiful story of adventure, beauty, hardship and quiet reflection.

An Ever-Changing Place: A Year Among the Snow Monkeys and Sherpas in the Himalayas  New York, simon and Schuster, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


CAMPEN, Richard N. - *M5983,E

Sanibel and Captiva, Enchanting Islands  Chagrin Falls, Ohio, West Summit Press, 1977. Revised edition, 1982.


COPPOLA, Eleanor (b.1936)  film director's wife - M5984

a) - (Annotation based on extracts)


Diary of the making of a documentary about the making of 'Apocalypse Now', and of course much about the film itself, in the Philippines; her husband and children; work and living conditions; actors and acting; sets and technicalities; a good picture of life on film location.

1. - Notes on the Making of 'Apocalypse Now'  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1979; London Faber and Faber, 1979.

2. - Extracts: Rose, pp 173-186.

b) - October 18th 1979 to June 16th. 1981

Scattered diary notes of thoughts and miscellaneous impressions, mostly at home in the Napa Valley.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 92-96.


FINNEY, Ben Rudolph (1933-2017)  American anthropologist - E


“… the reconstruction and voyage of an ancient double hulled Polynesian Canoe with a full crew from Hawaii to Tahiti and return, a distance of almost 6,000 miles... to demonstrate that the ancients without navigational instruments voyaged intentionally across vast distances in the Pacific.”

Hokule’a: The Way to Tahiti  Dodd Mead, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.


FISHER, Sarah - e

1976 to 1977

“Daily life in an Amish community in Iowa from 1976-1977 as recorded in Sarah Fisher's Diary …”

Sarah’s seasons: An Amish Diary and Conversation  Chicago, University of Iowa Press, 1997.


HUNT, Nan (b.1929?)  America writer - M5985

October 1st. 1976 to January 15th. 1977

Selections from a private journal; narcissism; sex; extended passages about a Japanese friend and of reminiscences about Anaïs Nin (qv).

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 142-148.


KOHORN, Ralph Steven von (b.1919) - E

a) - 1976?

Columbia Cruises South: Circumnavigating the South Island of New Zealand  Whatamongo Bay, New Zealand: Cape Catley, 1977.

b) - 1977?

Columbia Cruises North: Circumnavigating the North Island of New Zealand  Whatamongo Bay, New Zealand: Cape Catley, 1979. -


LILLARD, Paula Polk - *M5986,E

Montessori teacher's diary.

Children Learning: A Teacher's Classroom Diary  New York, Schocken Books, 1980.


LORDE, Audre (1934-1992)  poet, academic and black lesbian feminist

1976 to December 15th. 1986, gaps.

Travel notes in Russia in 1976. Later: extracts from diaries of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer; recurrence and medical tests and consultations; her response to approaching death; remission; thoughts, musings and introspection; her obsession with colour and sexual identity.

1. - In  The Audre Lorde Compendium; Essays, Speeches and Journals  London, Pandora, 1996. The collection first appeared as separate publications:  The Cancer Journals  Aunt Lute Books, 1980;  Sister Outsider  The Crossing Press Feminist Series, 1984; and  A Burst of Light  Sheba Feminist Publishers, 1988.

2. - Extract and discussion in Bunkers & Huff, pp 58-71.


MARKS, Rick - E


“True account of how 14 members of the Los Angeles Police Department ran a 4,000- mile, 21-day 'Relay of Goodwill' race from L.A. to Montreal, as part of the 1976 U.S. Bicentennial celebration.”

More Than a Run  Los Angeles, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


MORAFF, Barbara  - potter and writer - M5987

1976 to 1979

Looseley dated notes about her work as a potter, mostly about glazes.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 52-54.


MORGAN, Kay  - psychiatric nurse

February 1976 and March 1979

A ward picnic; reminiscences of the horrors of a ward for old men.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 40-42.


PENNINGTON, M.Basil - *M5988,E

a) - O Holy Mountain! Journal of a Retreat on Mount Athos  New York, Doubleday, 1978.

b) - Dates unknown

Monastic Journey to India  New York, Seabury Press, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: Pennington is the author of very many books which may also contain diary material.

RADJI, Parviz Camran (b.1936)  diplomat - H2497

June 16th. 1976 to January 26th. 1979

The diary of the Iranian Ambassador to London. Begun as an intended aid to his successors the diary chronicles the events leading to the overthrow of the Shah in the context of the London Embassy.

In the Service of the Peacock Throne; The Diaries of the Shah's Last Ambassador to London  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1983.


RANDALL, Frances Saunders (1924-1984)  “Guardian Angel of Mount McKinley” - E

1976 to 1983

Letters home from Kahiltna Glacier Base Camp on Mt. McKinley.

Denali Diary: Letters from McKinley  Seatlle, 1987.


ROBSON, Deborah  - American writer and weaver - M5989

April 17th. and May 6th. 1976

Diary records of dying, spinning, weaving; looking after an injured cat; making a dulcimer; at Puget Sound.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 316-319.


ROTH, Geneen  - student of eating disorders in women - M5990

November 1976 to December 1978

Journal notes of unhappiness at Big Sur; anxieties about her body; failure in medical studies; bulimic tendencies; therapy.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 182-187.


STINSON, Robert - *M5991,E

The Long Dying of Baby Andrew  Boston, Little Brown, 1983.


UNDERWOOD, Barbara  - member of the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon - E

From 1976?

Concerns her time as a 'Moonie' and her mother's successful attempt to free her.

Hostage to Heaven  Potter, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.

WARHOL, Andy (1928-1987)  painter and celebrity

November 24th. 1976 to February 17th. 1987

Daily diary dictated over the telephone to an amanuensis (the editor of the diaries). Parties, drugs, sex (mostly gossip), fellow celebrities, health, work. A restless existence, mainly in America; theatres, restaurants; he seems hardly ever to be alone, or wish to be. Observant, critical, an eye for significant detail. A life reflected in his comments on friends and acquaintances and his relations with them but also lived on another level which is occasionally glimpsed in his notes on business and artistic affairs. Fascinating.

The Andy Warhol Diaries  edited by Pat Hackett. New York, Warner Books, 1989. London, Simon and Schuster, 1989.


WICKWARE, Potter - E


Crazy Money: Nine months as a Welder on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline  New York, Random House, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.



ALCOSSER, Sandra  - American poet - M5992

October 31st. 1977 to May 7th. 1978

Diary of an itinerant teacher in Montana; good atmospheric account of country life and people.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 299-306.


ARVIO, Sarah (b.1955)  American writer - M5993

September 1st. 1977 to January 1st. 1978

Extracts from a travel diary: Milan, Bari, Ivangrad, Paris, Hamburg; impressions, food and body functions; the diarist sometimes speaks of 'we', without further delineating her companion.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 246-251.


BERKOWITZ, David Richard (Richard David FALCO) (Son of Sam) (b.1953)  American serial murderer


From 1977?

1. - Son of Sam: Based on the Authorized Transcription of the tapes, Official Documents and Diaries of David Berkowitz  by Lawrence D.Klausner, McGraw Hill, 1981.

2. - Son of Hope: The Prison Journals of David Berkowitz  Morning Star Communications, 2006.


BORGE, Tomás (b.1930)  a founder of the Sandinista National Liberation Front - E

Memoir of Carlos Fonseca, his fellow student activist and co-founder of the FSLN written in prison in 1977, which is reported to contain diary material.

Carlos Now the Dawn's No Fond Illusion  Exeter, Katabasis, 1995.


CARTER, James Earl (Jimmy) (b.1924)  39th. President of the United States - E

1977 to 1981 (?)

1. - White House Diary  New York, Farrar, 2010.

2. - In  Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President  New York, 1982.


CARTER, (Eleanor) Rosalynn Smith (b.1927)  wife of President James Earl (Jimmy) Carter (qv) - E

1977 to 1981 (?)

First Lady from the Plains  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


CHESLER, Phyllis - *M5994,E

With Child: A Diary of Motherhood  New York, Thomas Y.Crowell, 1979.




Europe Revisited: A Student Chronicle of 1977  Minneapolis, 1977.


COHEN, Leonard (b.1934)  Canadian poet and singer - E


Death of a Lady's Man  Viking, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.


COLAVIN-BRIDGES, Florinda  - American single mother and journal writer - M5995

July 7th. 1977 to January 10th. 1979

Three passages from a private diary; mainly retrospective accounts of her husband and their sexual relations; his leaving for another woman; divorce; her decision not to have an abortion; alone with her children; her sexual longings.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 209-214.


COLE, Catherine  - youing American woman - E

Summer 1977

In  One Summer in Israel  by Patti O'Conner and Catherine Cole. Chicago, Academy Press, 1978.


COOKE, Mabel Frances Hamilton (1902-1989)

May 1977 to December 17th. 1988

Personal diary, in London with her son and daughter-in-law until 1986 when she moved to a "home for the elderly" in Alton, Hampshire. Pleasant notes of the small happenings of daily life, visits, journeys; friends, grandchildren; memories; an operation on her eyes; a fall; increasing infirmity; life in the "home"; good notes on the other residents; visitors; decline.

Mabel on Borrowed Time  edited from her journal and conversations 1977-1989 by Gentian and Michael Hodges. Edinburgh, The Pentland Press, 1993. (First published privately by the editors in 1990).


DERRICOTTE, Toi  - Black American teacher - M5996

July 1977 to December 1978

Diary notes of her anger at a racist remark by a garage mechanic and at her friends' submission to the racist policies of the proprietor of a New Jersey tennis club.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 281-285.


DINE, Carol  - American poet - M5997

a) - November 1977 to March 1978

Episodic account of sexual activity, in some detail; notes of an ambiguous relationship with her psychiatrist.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 177-181.

b) - May 1980

Self-consciously literary account of a radiation treatment for breast cancer.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 115-117.


DOLAN, Kathleen Hunt  - American writer

1977 to 1989

Undated extracts from a diary have been selected, possibly revised and augmented, and concatenated in themes; in the kitchen; despair of buses; darkness and light. Technically interesting.

Journal Essay: Fragments from The Alchemical Heart  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 29-55.


EIDUS, Janice  - American writer - M5998

June 23rd. 1977 to May 7th. 1978

Diary extracts of a Bronx woman in the alien culture of Baltimore.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 269-275.


FISHER, Carrie Frances (1956-2016)  American actress and writer - E


Diary kept during the filming of Star Wars in which she played Princess Leia, supplemented by recollections.

The Princess Diarist  Bantam Press, 2016.


FIXX, James Fuller (1932-1984)  American author of The Complete Book of Running - E

From 1977?

“… the story of what happened after the publication of The Complete Book of Running when he experienced the ‘Great American Fame Machine’, becoming richer and more celebrated than he could have imagined.”

Jackpot  Random House, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.




“… a member of the crew of the replica of HMS Beagle, describes a voyage …  to re-enact Darwin's famous voyage to Brazil, Tierra del Fuego and the Galapagos Islands.”

Voyage in the Beagle  London, Chatto and Windus, 1978.


HARING, Keith (1958-1990)  American artist

April 29th. 1977 to September 22nd. 1989, gap

Personal diary; the development of his art; travels; friends and social life; homosexual relationships; AIDS.

Keith Haring Journals  introduced by Robert Farris Thomson. London, Fourth Estate, 1996.


HOGAN, Linda  - American writer - M5999

May 3rd. 1977 to June 1978

Selected diary entries of the daughter of a Chickasaw Indian and a white woman; a visit to the Vapor Cave followed by semi-mystical clarification of racial identity and her acceptance of the dominant Indian component.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 291-298.


HODGES, Mabel - E

1977 to 1989

Mabel on Borrowed Time: Edited from Her Journal and Conversations 1977-1989  Pentland Press, 1990.


HODGKINSON, Frank (1919-2001)  Australian artist and printmaker - E


“150 pages of art and handwritten diary of the author/artist's 500 mile journey by dug-out canoe along the world's most artistic waterway, and one of its last frontiers, the Sepik River of Papua New Guinea. Covering an eight-day trip, Hodgkinson includes abstract-expressionist paintings he created on the trip. The diary includes drawings of the indigenous people, plants, animals and many carvings of the area.

Sepik Diary  Northbridge, Australia, 1984.


JAMES, Naomi Christine [Dame] (b.1949)  New Zealand born single-handed sailor - E

1977 to 1978

At One with the Sea: Alone Around the World  London, Hutchinson, 1979.

JENKINS, Roy Harris (b.1920)  President of the European Commission

January 4th. 1977 to December 19th. 1980

Political diary; his work; colleagues; daily activities and engagements; a kaleidoscope of travel, people, discussions and speeches.

European Diary, 1977-1981  London, Collins, 1989.


KAHN, Ely Jacques (1916-1994)  American writer with The New Yorker - *M6000,E

a) - About the New Yorker and Me: A Sentimental Journal  New York, Putnam, 1979.

b) - Year of Change: More About the New Yorker and Me  New York, Viking 1988.

c) - James Cummings (6769) has also  A Reporter Here and There  Random house, 1961.


KNIGHT, Arthur Winfield - *M6001,E

In  Under the Sign of Pisces: Anais Nin and Her Circle  IX, Columbus, The Ohio State University Libraries.

Note: This newsletter devoted to the life and work of Anais Nin appeared between 1970 and 1981.


LIFSHIN, Lyn  - American writer and teacher of journal writing - M6002

a) - April 1st. to 8th. 1977

Impressionist diary of seven days; sex; surreal literary conceits.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 188-191.

b) - October 1978 to October 31st 1981

Scattered diary entries about the genesis and compilation of the book in which it is printed.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 329-333.


LUNDSTROM, Connie Joyce (1938-2011)  co-founder of the Lowell Lundstrom Ministries and Celebration Church - E

August 1977

Connie’s Prison Diary: The Lundstroms’ Midwest Prison Tour, August 22nd. to 31st. 1977  Sisseton, South Dakota, 1977.


MORPURGO, Michael (b.1943)  English author, poet and writer for children, founder of “Farms for City Children” at Parsonage Farm - E


Diary and chrocle of the farming year on Parsonage Farm, near Dartmoor, with poems by Ted Hughes.

All Round the Year  London, John Murray, 1979.


NORTON, Edward C. - *M6003,E

In  Nieman Reports  XXXII, The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University, 1978.


PASTAN, Linda  - American poet and teacher - M6004

September 26th. 1977 to June 16th. 1979

Three entries from her diary; purchase of land on Nantucket Island; the house in imagination; moving to Nantucket, now anxious that the house has been built too close to the sea.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 312-315.


PLAGENS, Peter (b.1941)  American painter - *M6005,E

In  Art in America  66, No 3.


POWERS, John (b.1948) - E

The boston Celtics diary, 1977-1978  New York, Harper and Rowe, 1979.


RIDGWAY, John (b.1938)  British yachtsman - E

1977? and 1978?

Perhaps an account of his part in the Whitbread Round the World race in English Rose VI.

Round the World with Ridgway  Holt, 1978, is reported to contain diary material.

SHANNON, Elizabeth  - ambassador's wife - M6006

May 4th. 1977 to June 7th. 1981

Pedestrian account of official, social and some private life as wife of the American Ambassador in Dublin.

Up in the Park; The Diary of the Wife of the American Ambassador to Ireland 1977-1981  Dublin, Gill and Macmillan, 1983.


SMITH, Irene (b.1935) - E

From 1977?

Diary of a Small Business  New York, Scribner, 1982.

TOYNBEE, (Theodore) Philip (1916-1981)  poet, novelist, journalist and critic

August 1st. 1977 to June 1981

Journal, written for publication; his life, thoughts, musings; ideas, a search for meaning in his life; his work; religion; and the cancer that killed him.

1. - Part of a Journey; An Autobiographical Journal 1977-1979  London, Collins, 1981.

2. - End of a Journey; An Autobiographical Journal 1979-81  edited by John Bullimore. London, Bloomsbury, 1988.


UJPAN, Ignacio Bizarro - E

a) - 1977 to 1983

Campesino: The Diary of a Guatemalan Indian  University of Arizona, 1985.

b) - Dates unknown

Ignacio: The Diary of a Maya Indian of Guatemala  University of Pennsylvania, 1992.

Note: These have not been examined and may be fiction. -


WILLIAMSON, Chilton (b.1947)  magazine editor - E

1977 to 1978?

Winter on Block Island, Rhode Island.

Saltbound: A Block Island Winter  New York Methuen, 1980.


ZEIGER, Lila L.  - American poet - M6007

July 15th. to August 11th. 1977

Very detailed journal of her time as a resident fellow at the MacDowell Colony for the Arts.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 197-206.



ANONYMOUS,  student music teacher - *M6008,E

The Diary of a Student Teacher  in  Music Educators Journal  LXV, February, 1979 pp 58- 61.


ABBOTT, Dorothy - *M6009,E

Nothing's Changed: Diary of a Mastectomy  New York, Frederick Fell, 1981.


BANANA, Anna - *M6010,E

In  About Vile  Vancouver, Banana Productions, 1983.


BLUM, Arlene - *M6011,E


The ascent of Annapurna by thirteen women; two climbers died. It is known that the author kept a diary of the climb, but not to what extent it is printed in the title below.

Annapurna: A Woman's Place: The Dramatic Story of the First Women's Ascent of One of the World's Highest Peaks  San Francisco, Sierra Club Books, 1980.


BRANDYS, Kazimierz (b.1916)  Polish novelist - H2498

October 1978 to November 1981

Journal and reminiscences written approximately at monthly intervals; vivid and literary evocation of life in Warsaw and in the country, "a complex, multi-layered portrait of a society existing on a thin line between exhilarating hope for freedom and impending political catastrophe"; memories of the war and fascist and communist regimes; his present preoccupations with health, writing difficulties and the problems of daily life.

A Warsaw Diary 1978-1981  translated from the Polish by Richard Lourie. New York, Random House, 1984. The book is a selection from the Polish two volume edition of the journals.


CHESI, Gert (b.1940)  Austrian photographer and writer - E


Voodoo: Africa's Secret Power  translated by Ernest Klambauer, Cape Town, Struik, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


COHEN, William S.  - United States Senator from Maine - *M6012,E

Roll Call: One Year in the United States Senate  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1981.


DI SPOLDO, Nick - *M6013,E

In  Confrontation  XV, 1978.


FISK, Erma J. - *M6014,E

Five months alone in an Arizona canyon documenting birds for the Nature Conservancy; by a seventy three year old woman.

The Peacocks of Baboquivari  New York, Norton, 1983.


GAUHARI, Farooka  - Afghan academic

April 26th. 1978 to December 3rd. 1980

Diary account, re-written and probably very much expanded, of her attempts to discover the fate of her husband who disappeared in the communist coup in Afghanistan; her children and wider family; political events; regulations and oppressions; sufferings and struggles of the people; the decision to leave the country. Interesting and evocative; often emotional with much re-created dialogue.

Searching for Saleem: An Afghan Woman's Odyssey  Linoln andLondon,University of Nebraska Press, 1996.


GREELEY, Andrew M. - E


The making of the Popes, 1978: The Politics of Intrigue in the Vatican  Kansas City, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.


HAMPL, Patricia  - American writer - M6015

July to September 1978 to 1980

Concatenated descriptive notes from a lake shore diary (Lake Superior); no dated entries.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 320-325.


HERMAN, Michelle (b.1955)  American writer - M6016

July 23rd. to August 2nd. 1978

Three journal entries: Camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains; at Greenville, South Carolina; return to New York; contrasts.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 237-241.


HOLDREN, Susan (1959-1980) American woman with Leukemia - *M6017

In  Why God gave Me Pain  By Shirley Holdren and Susan Holdren. Chicago, Loyola University, 1984.


HUTTON, Eric (Richard) Bond (b.1962)

From 1978

(Annotation based on extracts and upon the diarist's own commentary)

Selections (dealing mainly with his literary interests) from a private diary begun in 1969, and assuming the role of a journal intime in 1978, dealing with his literary interests; his dislike of critics and 'academics for academicism's sake'; his admiration of Bashkirtseff (qv) and Barbellion (qv); his defence of the latter. Entries are selected, edited and sometimes concatenated with other material. The author states that he is keeping a full personal diary which he hopes eventually to publish.

As  Adversaria  in  Write Justified  Spring, Summer and Autumn 1988, Winter 1988-1989 and Summer 1989.


JACKSON, Carl Willis (1923-1981)  librarian and sailor - E


The Log of the Carla Mia: Being an Account of a Single-Handed Passage Across the Atlantic in a Thirty-Foot Ketch in the Summer of Nineteen Seventy-Eight  Bloomington, Indiana, Raintree Press, 1980, 250 copies.


KING, Larry L. - E


"A candid, hilarious and sometimes hysterical out-of-scholl account of the joys, sorrows, confusions, and small murders attendant to the making of the smash Broadway musical, The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas."

The Whorehouse Papers  New York, Viking, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


KINNICUTT, Susan (d.1979)  American writer - M6018

January 1st. to March 10th. 1978

Private diary; a bulimic friend and a married lover; melancholy reflections.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 106-114.


LEE, Andrea  - African-American novelist - *M6019,E

1978 to 1979

A year in Russia.

Russian Journal  New York, Random House, 1981.


LYDALL, Jean  - anthropologist - E


“Jean Lydall is an ethnographer, filmmaker and scholar who along with her husband Ivo Strecker, has studied, filmed and written about the Hamar in southern Ethiopia for 44 years.” This is the work journal of the making of a film.

The Hamar of Southern Ethiopia  Volume I, Germany, Klaus Renner Verlag, 1979.


McCARTHY, Thomas (b.1954)  poet - E


Diary kept while attending Iowa Writing Programme.

Walking into America: Journal 1978  in  North Store Review  Fall/Winter, 1992, pp 132-151.

McMENEMY, Lawrie (b.1936) - H2499

July 18th. 1978 to May 14th. 1979

Sporting diary, presumably written for publication but nevertheless of some interest.

The Diary of a Season; Lawrie McMenemy's Account of the 1978-9 Season as Manager of Southampton Football Club  edited by Brian Scovell. London, Barker, 1979.


MOORE, Joanne Ronan - E

From 1978

Account based on a daily journal. “The South Nahanni River of Canada's Northwest Territories has captivated canoeists and mountain adventurers for decades. Imagine flying 4,000 pounds of supplies into the Nahanni River Valley with plans to build a cabin on the shores of the legendary river and live there for a year - on your honeymoon. That is what John and Joanne Moore did.The author tells how they transported their provisions into the remote area and built their cabin on the South Nahanni River, an area cut off from the outside world by mountain ranges, its only highway the wild river that carves its way through cliffs a thousand feet high. Here the Moores lived for a year, and traveled by canoe, foot, snowshoe and ski in the isolated land they came to love.”

Nahanni Trailhead: A Year in the Northern Wilderness  Ottawa, 1980.


NAIPAUL, Vidiadhar Surajprasad (b.1932)  novelist

(Annotation based on extracts)


Travel diary; a trip on the Congo steamer Major Vangu; conditions on board; river and landscape; fellow passengers; conversations; food; the water closets.

1. - A Congo Diary  Hollywood, Sylvester and Orphanos, 1980, limited to 330 copies.

2. - Extracts in  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 324-331. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


O’NEAL, Hank (b.1940)  American music producer and author - E

1978 to 1981(?)

Life is Painful, Nasty and Short… In My Case It Has Only Been Painful and Nasty: Djuna Barnes, 1978-1981: An Informal Memoir  New York, Paragon, 1990, is reported to contain diary material.


PRICE, Eugenia - *H2500

The Diary of a Novel: The Story of Writing Margaret's Story  New York, Lippincott and Crowell, 1980.


ROSE-NEIL, Sidney - E


"Based on the diaries of the author on a trip with his nine associates, members of the British Acupuncture Association, guests of the Academy of Traditional Medicine, Peking."

An Acupuncturist Visits China  London, British Acupuncture Association, 1979.


RUSS, Martin - *M6020,E

Showdown Semester: Advice from a Writing Professor  New York, Crown Publishing, 1980.


RYAN, Margaret  - American writer and teacher - M6021

July 3rd. 1978 to January 29th. 1979

Selections from a personal diary of the first six months of pregnancy; effects on life and career; mixed feelings.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 135-141.


SHEPHERD, Laurie - *M6022,E

A Dreamer's Log Cabin: A Woman's Walden  Dembner Books, 1981.

TAYLOR, Eva Haraszti (b.1923?)  Hungarian historian

April 19th. 1978 to December 18th. 1985

Diary of A.J.P. Taylor's third wife; her life with him; his opinions; his illness.

A Life with Alan  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1987.


ULLMAN, Leslie  - American poet and teacher - M6023

June to November 1978

Monthly selections from a private journal; wins a poetry prize; parts from her lover; thoughts about sex.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 70-74.


WEIN, Bibi (b.1943)  American script-writer - M6024

March 13th. to May 8th. 1978

Extract from a private diary, kept as therapy for depression; obtains a writing contract; anxieties about the passing years, unsatisfactory sex-life and longing for a baby; the contract not renewed.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 62-69.


WEDEL, Ruth - E


The Only Way to Go - Europe '78  Chicago, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.


WILLIS, Bob - H2501,E

a) - 1978

Cricket player's diary of a season with Warwickshire and the Test Match series against Pakistan and New Zealand.

Diary of a Cricket Season  London, Pelham Books, 1979.

b) - October 13th. 1982 to March 1st. 1983

Sporting diary of the captain of the England cricket team on a tour of Australia and New Zealand; analysis of games; responsibilities and life on the field and behind the scenes; fellow players and social activities.

The Captain's Diary: England in Australia and New Zealand 1982-83  in conjunction with Alan Lee. London, Willow Books, 1983.

c) - 1983 to 1984

The Captain's Diary: England in Fiji, New Zealand and Pakistan, 1983-1984  in conjunction with Alan Lee. London, Padwick, 1984.



ADAMS, Tate - E


Diary of a Vintage: The Work Cycle of the Year 1979 at Winns Coonawarra Estate in South Australia  Melbourne, Lyre Bird Press, 1981, 42 pp, 26 wood engravings, limited to 375 copies.


ARNOLD, Alan - *M6025,E

Journal of filming "The Empire Strikes Back".

Once Upon a Galaxy  New York, Ballantine, 1980.


AUCHINCLOSS, Adele Burden (1931-1991)  artist and environmentalist, with Louis Auchincloss and othersE


Alaska Journal 1979  West Palm Beach, Florida, 1979?


AUCHINCLOSS, Louis (1917-2010)  of New York, writer and lawyer: See AUCHINCLOSS, Adele Burden.


AUSTIN, Nancy - *M6026,E

March 28th. to April 4th. 1979

Diary of day-by-day reactions to the nuclear crisis at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania.

Diary of Three Mile Island Incident, 3/28/79-4/4/79  in  Social Education  XLIII No.6, October 1979, pp 458-59.


KLINE, Peter - *H2502,E

Diary of a Play Production  Richards Rosen, 1980.


KNEALE, John  - Canadian diplomat - E


In  Queen's Quarterly  Spring, 1984.

LAINGEN, L. Bruce  - American diplomat

November 8th. 1979 to January 21st. 1981

Diary notes and letter diaries of the Head of Mission in Tehran when the American Embassy was seized by Islamic Revolutionaries; his life as a hostage in captivity; his staff; musings and retrospections; thoughts of his wife and family, and his country; his morale; occasional wry humour; release.

Yellow Ribbon; The Secret Journal of Bruce Laingen  New York, Brassey's, 1992


LEE, Robert - *M6027,E

China Journal: Glimpses of a Nation in Transition  San Francisco, East/West Publishing, 1980.


LONGACRE, Doris Janzen - *M6028,E

Brief extract quoted in  Living More With Less  Herald Press, 1980.


McALPINE, Don (1922?-1981)  retired American postal worker - E

From 1979

Log of a voyage in a 25 foot fibreglass sailing boat, White Knuckles down the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation to the Gulf of Mexico. The author was drowned whilst preparing to sail round the world in another boat.

White Knuckles Log  Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1986.


MACLEAN, Alasdair  - poet

September 20th. 1979 to April 25th. 1980

A discursive journal of life on the family croft at Sanna, Ardnamurchan, Fife after his parents deaths while editing the diaries of his father, Ian Maclean (qv) and writing the book in which those diaries and this journal are printed.

In  Night falls on Ardnamurchan: The Twilight of a Crofting Family  London, Gollancz, 1984, pp 154-203.


MARSHALL, Bob - H2503,M6029,E

1979 to 1980

Diary of a baseball fanatic.

Diary of a Yankee-Hater  New York, Watts, 1981.

O'HALLORAN, Maura 'Soshin' (1955-1983)  Buddhist

November 18th. 1979 to June 25th. 1982

Journal of an Irish woman during training in Zen at Toshoji Temple, Tokyo, and Kannonji Temple in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Temple life, priests, fellow students; thoughts and experiences. A level-headed and most interesting account.

Pure Heart; Enlightened Mind; The Zen Journal and Letters of an Irish Woman in Japan  Boston, C.E. Tuttle, 1994. London, Thorsons, 1995.


PERKINS, Robert F.  - author and film maker - E


Solo canoe journey across northern Labrador.

Against Straight Lines: Alone in Labrador  Little, Brown, 1983, is reported to contain diary material.




Exit House: Choosing Suicide as an Alternative  New York, Seaview, 1980, is reported to contain diary material.


ROSEN, Charles Elliot (Charley) (b.1941)  American writer and basketball coach - E

1979 to 1980

The basketball season at Bard College.

Players and Pretenders: The basketball team that couldn't shoot straight  New York, holt, 1981.


SAGAN, Miriam (b.1954)  American writer - M6030

October 1979

Retrospective 'journal'; dramatic account of a mass protest at the building of Seabrook atomic power station.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 286-288.


SAURO, Joan  - Roman Catholic nun - *M6031,E

Inner Marathon: The Diary of a Jogging Nun  New Jersey, Paulist Press, 1982.


SCHWARZ, Vera - *M6032,E

Long Road Home: A China Journal  New Haven, Yale University Press, 1984.


SMITH, Barbara (b.1946)  black feminist lesbian - M6033

February 1st. to June 26th. 1979

Diary extracts relating to a spate of murders of young black women in Boston; a dream; rage, fear and racial-sexual politics.

In  A Day at a Time: The Diary Literature of American Women from 1764 to the Present  edited by Margo Culley. New York, The Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 1985, pp 305-309.


SMITH, Dwight R. - *M6034,E

Four and a half months in a cabin in the Colorado Rockies.

Above Timberline: A Wildlife Biologist's Rocky Mountain Journal  edited by Alan Anderson, Jr. New York, Alfred A.Knopf, 1980.


VARDAMAN, James M. (b.1921?)  American ornithologist - E


Record of an obsessive's attempt tp spot 700 different North American birds in one year; he achievd 698.

Call Collect, Ask for Birdman: The Record Breaking Attempt to Sight 700 Species of North American Birds in One Year  New York, St. Martin's Press, 1980.


WALKER, Thomas W. - *M6035,E

In  Nicaragua in Revolution  New York, Praeger, 1982.



ANTIN, Eleanor - *M6036,E

Being Antinova  Astro Artz, 1983, 87 pp.


BAUER, Emily (pseud.) - E


“Malcolm, Chicago bureau chief for the New York Times, confronts the right-to-die issue in this anguished account of the three-year-long financial and emotional destruction of a family and the battle waged against ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) by wife and mother Emily Bauer (a pseudonym), in her early 40s and a practicing psychotherapist. Her diary, kept until a self-willed death, and interviews with family members, friends and medical staff reveal that the formally independent, headstrong woman, rendered physically helpless, incapable of speech and progressively dependent on others, remained determined to control her own destiny.”

In  This Far and No More  by Andrew H.Malcolm, New York, Times Books, 1987.


BENTLEY, Toni (b.1958)  ballet dancer - ENovember 1st. 1980 to February 15th. 1981

Winter Season: A Dancer's Journal  New York, Random House, 1982.


BLISS, Eugene [Dr.] - E

From 1980?

“This is the story of Andrea Biaggi [pseud.] and the psychiatrist who discovered the demons within her one by one. The story of the search that led back to the dark secret of the unspeakable sexual violation that had given birth to her sickness.”

Prism: Andrea’s Real World  Stein and Day, 1985, is reported to contain diary material.


BLOOM, William (pseud. Georges Chevalier) (b.1948)  education consultant - E


“… a two-year spiritual retreat living amongst the Saharan Berbers in the High Atlas mountains. His diary of this period was published as The Sacred Magician.” “A record kept by a modern white magician of his performance of the most famous western magic ritual, the six-month-long ceremony for contacting your Holy Guardian Angel as detailed in The Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage.”

The Sacred magician: A Ceremonial Diary  Gothic Image Publications, 1992.


BROOKS, Anne M. - *M6037,E

The Grieving Time: A Year's Account of Recovery from Loss  New York, Dial Press, 1985.


BUNKERS, Suzanne L.  - American university teacher of literature and creative writing with a special interest in diaries

August 10th. to 22nd. 1980 and June 16th. 22nd. 1984

Diaries of two trips to Luxembourg in search of family history; disconcerted to find the proprietors of her lodgings on the first trip had been Nazi collaborators; the death of a kitten; the second trip to search the archives, again provokes reflections upon the war and its echoes.

In  The Diarist's Journal  4, March, 2004, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 44-53.


BURDICK, Carol - E

Early 1980’s?

“The sensitive and introspective observations of a poet as she seeks comfort and sustenance at her family farmhouse, where natural beauty and the orderly progression of the seasons help her cope with a recent divorce, her aging parents’ suffering, and the problems of adolescent children. The isolation of the farmhouse provides her with time to ponder the new life she plans to create for herself; and her journal… unfolds the meticulous records of one woman’s bewildering richness of experience.”

Woman Alone: A Farmhouse Journal  Middlebury, Vermont, 1989.


CHECHIK, Diane C. (b.1937?) - E

Early 1980's?

Journey to Justice: A Woman's True Story of breast Cancer and medical Malpractice  edited by by Eleanor S.Anderson, Madison, Wisconsin, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.


CHRISMAN, Katharine - E


Dreaming in the Dust: Restoring an Old House  Houghton Mifflin, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.


COLIN, Ann - E

From 1980’s

Willie: Raising and loving a Child with Attention deficit Disorder  Viking, 1997, is reported to contain diary material.


CROFT, Philip - E


Coastal British Columbia.

Nature Diary of a Quiet Pedestrian  Madeira Park, British Columbia, Canada Harbour, 1987.


DICKEY, Page  -  American gardening writer - E

Late 1980’s?

Duck Hill Journal: a year in a Country Garden  Houghton, 1991.


DOHNAL, Karal - E

Early 1980’s?

Solo canoe journey down the Yukopn to the Bering Sea.

Yukon Solo  Binford, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


ESENTHER, Keith  - Jesuit - E


A Taste of Peru: A Jesuit Journal  Loyola University, 1987.


FEINBERG, Ellen O. - E


“… an account of her 500-mile-long journey on foot on the Camino de Santiago, the thousand-year-old pilgrimage road that stretches from the French Pyrenees across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela--a vivid, personal memoir of a life-changing adventure, of chance encounters, unforeseen dangers, and unexpected pleasures.”

Following the Milky Way: A Pilgrimage across Spain  Iowa Stae, 1989.

FERRIS, Chris - E

1980 to 1985

Badgers, owls, foxes etc.

The Darkness is Light Enough: The Field Journal of a Night Naturalist  London, Michael Joseph, 1986.


FURTMAN, Michael - E


A season for wilderness: The Journal of a Summer in Canoe Country  Minocqua, Wisconsin, North word Press, 1989.




“The author is one of those musky addicts. In 1980 he had saved enough money to take the entire fishing season (200 days) off, from May through November, and move his wife and young daughter to a spot in Wisconsin surrounded by musky lakes. This book is his daily diary. He never caught Moby Musky (as he called it), but never gave up, either.”

Time on the Water: One Man’s Quest for the Ultimate Musky  Minneapolis, 1982.


HARDEN, Mike - E


“152 page collection of author's columns appearing previously published by the Columbus Dispatch. Over 75 vinguettes from every region of the country told in simple and correct language. Few of contents include: Warm Puppy Thoughts; Killer Bee; Losers No More; The Immigrant's Story; The Class of 2000; Aunt Gracie; Out on a Limb, etc. …”

Heartland Journal  Wing and Prayer, 1988.


HASSELSTROM, Linda M. (b.1943) - E


“The author describes her experiences during the course of a year on her family's South Dakota ranch.”

Windbreaks: A Woman rancher on the Northern Plains  Berkeley, California, Barn Owl Books, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.


HEADSTROM, Richard - E


Memories from a Naturalist's Notebook: A Year of Favourite Observations in the World of Nature  New York, Prentice Hall, 1986.


HEINZ, Judith A. - E


“… novel? memoir? … written as a diary and tells the story of a waitress turned paralegal turned waitress turned roamer of the US.”

Diary of Whacked Out Bitch, or How to Change the Universe Starting With Yourself  Circle Pines, Minnesota, Wind Bag Books, 1992.


HENES, Donna - *M6038,E

Dressing Our Wounds in Warm Clothes  Los Angeles, Astro Artz, 1982, 70 pp.


HOWARD, Gordon - E


James Cummings (6174) has  South American Sabbatical  200 copies.


HUNTINGTON, Lee Pennock - E


Hill Song: A Country Journal  Woodstock, Vermont, 1985.


ISAACS, Harold Robert - *M6039,E

Re-Encounters in China: Notes of a Journey in a Time Capsule  New York, Sharpe, 1985.


IRVINE, Lucy (b.1956)  British adventurerer - E


“In 1980, Irvine responded to an advert placed by writer Gerald Kingsland and they became self-imposed castaways for a year on the isolated and uninhabited island of Tuin, in the Torres Strait between New Guinea and Australia.”

Castaway  Random House, 1983.


ISRAELOFF, Roberta - E

Early 1980’s?

“Explores the vast differences between author’s expectations and the reality of becoming a mother.”

Coming to Terms  Knopf, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


JENSEN, Bernard (1908-2001)  American chiropractor, entrepreneur and author - E


“… the very personal diary of Dr. Jensen's physical and spiritual experiences as he made his way through China unto (sic) Tibet, …”

In Search of Shangri-La  New York, Avery, 1989.


JONES, Tristan (Arthur) (1929-1995)  british sailor - E


“… across central Europe by river and canal to the Black Sea.”

The Improbable voyage of the Yacht Outward Leg Into, Through, and Out of the Heart of Europe  Bodley head, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.

Note: “Starting in 1977, [Jones] wrote sixteen books and many articles about sailing and his adventures, including several memoirs. His writing, while highly entertaining, often mixes fact and fiction. In his memoirs, he invented a fictional childhood and youth.”



Early 1980’s?

“A 275 acre, hill farm in northern Vemont, a flock of sheep, making maple syrup, cutting wood and timber - all by the author, also a naturalist, a trained scientist and a user of the world.”

Wintering  Little Brown, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


KLEIN, Isabelle H. - E


Natural history journal?

Letter From Sawdust  Cleveland, Ohio, 1988, is reported to contain diary material.


LANK, David M. - E

Early 1980's?

Surely the Gods Live Here: An Incredible Journey to the Himalayas and Sikkim  Toronto, Brownstone Press, 1982, 500 copies.


LEE, Jennifer - E

1980’s ?

Tarnished Angel: Surviving in the dark Curve of Drugs, Violence, Sex and Fame: A Memoir  New York, Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1991, is reported to contain diary material.


LAPINSKI, Susan and HINDS, Michael DeCourcy - *M6040,E

In a Family Way: A Husband and Wife's Diary of Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year of Parenthood  Boston, Little Brown, 1982.


LARSEN, Wanwadee  - Thai wife in America - E


Confessions of a Mail Order Bride: American Life through Thai Eyes  Far Hills, New Jersey, Horizon Press, 1989, is reported to contain diary material.




“Keenly observed and well-written, this dramatic account is written by a USAF pilot who is able to draw startling parallels between the human spirit and these struggling raptors.”

Learning to Fly: A season with the Peregrine Falcon  Algonquin Books, 1989.


LOFTUS, Simon  -  wine merchant - E


“… Loftus immerses us first in the village's colorful history, then takes us behind the shuttered windows of this sleepy village of five hundred inhabitants to hear the butcher, the bookbinder, the merchants, and the vignerons themselves speak poignantly of the changes the wine trade has brought.”

Puligny-Montrachet: Journal of a Village in Burgundy  New York, Alfred Knopf, 1993.


LUNO, Bianco  - American

1980 to 1990

Loosely dated notes, thoughts and reminiscences; childhood; parents; women; his apartment.

Triple Lenses (From Philosophical Notebooks: 1980-1990)  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 275-303.


MACIORA, Joseph C.V. - *M6041,E


An Adventure in Poland  New Britain, Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut, 1986.


MAINS, Karen Burton - E

1980 and 1981

“The author made a traveling survey in 1980 of all the refugee camps of the world. This is a report of what she saw.but also some glimpses into her own life in USA 1981.”

The Fragile Curtain  Elgin, Illinois, David C.Cook, 1981.


MANNING, Harvey (1925-2006)  writer of hiking guides - E


“… autobiography and manifesto fleshing out his journal of a hike along the shore of Puget Sound over a two-year span.”

Walking the Beach to Bellingham  Seattle, Madrona, 1986.


MANZKE, Susan Marie (b.1950) - E

a) - 1980 to 1983 (?)

“Susan Manzke began writing her weekly column in 1980, soon after the birth of Russell, her third child. Her personal stories range from farm filth to kite flying, from tractor troubles to truck towing, and from refrigerator Valentines to Halloween costumes.”

Words in My Pocket: Early days on Sunnybrook Farm  Pulaski, Wisconsin, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1984 to 1985

“… book two in Susan Manzke"s collections of columns. Stories of life on Sunnybook Farm, Seymour, were and are seen weekly in the Wisconsin State Farmer newspaper. This collection includes stories about 18 month old Rachel writing on the walls, remodeling projects, farm breakdowns and many other assorted stories.”

Words in My Pocket 1984-1985: More Stories from Sunnybrook Farm  2012, may contain diary material.

c) - 1986 to 1987

“… we are again on Sunnybook Farm with the Manzke Family. These two years of columns again come from Susan Manzke's weekly column that runs in the Wisconsin State Farmer Newspaper. The years are tough ones for farmers, but with humor Susan reminds us of the good times and the tough times in Wisconsin.”

Route 2, Box 12: Words in My Pocket, Book 3, 1986-1987  2013, may also contain diary material.


MARSHBURN, Thomas Henry (b.1960)  American physician and astronaut - E

Early 1980’s?

“… personal journal account of his adventures during the six months of living out of his backpack home, his inward peaks and valleys as well as the physical ones.”

Six Moon Trail: Canada to mexico Along the Pacific Coast  Pasadena, California Robert Leishman, 1986.


MILLINGTON, Richard  - bird watcher

January 8th. 1980 to January 1st. 1981

An ornithologist's notes of birds observed; places and descriptions; illustrated by the author.

A Twitcher's Diary: The Birdwatching Year of Richard Millington  Poole, Blandford Press, 1981.


MOERAN, Brian  - social anthropologist - E

Early 1980’s?

Based on diaries during four years in the Japanese countryside.

Okubo Diary: Portrait of a Japanese Valley  Stanford University Press, 1985.


MORRISON, Ken - E - Early 1980’s?

Mountain Lake Almanac: Around the Year with a Naturalist  Englewood, Florida, 1984.


MYERS, Darlene  - American ballet dancer and teacher - M6042


Diary notes of two incidents from the last months of her mother's life.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 220-221.


NORMAN, Anne - E


A Third World Diary  in  Lincoln Review  IV, No. 3, Winter, 1983.


OWENS, Virginia Stem  - American writer - E


“This book is about the author’s account of watching the world die and be reborn in the desolate Wind River mountains of Wyoming. By attuning her mind to the enormous cadence of autumn and winter, she contemplates the balance of life and death, the world's and her own.”

Wind River Winter  Grand rapids, Michigan, Zondervan, 1987.


PAUL, Sherman (1921?-1995)  American literary scholar - E


The Lost America: Rereading Robert Creeley, Edward Dorn and Robert Duncan  Louisiana State University Press, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


PEABODY, Barbara  - American artist - E

Early 1980’s?

Chronicles her son’s battle with AIDS.

The Screaming Room: A Mother’s Journal of Her Son’s Struggle with Aids  San Diego, Oak Tree, 1986.


PEPIN, Yvonne  - American Artist - E

a) - Early 1980’s?

Cabin Journal  Shameless Hussy Press, 1983.

b) - Mid 1980’s?

Three Summers  Shameless Hussy Press, 1986.


PERRY, Frances Mary (1907-1993) English gardener, administrator, writer and broadcaster - E

Early 1980's?

Australian Sketches: The Journals & Letters of Frances Perry  edited by A. de Q. Robin. Carlton, Victoria, Australia, 1984.  


PICHASKE, David - *M6043,E

April 10th. 1980 to April 19th. 1981

The Jubilee Diary April 10th. 1980 - April 19th. 1981  Peoria, Illinois, Ellis Press, 1982.



Late 1980’s?

Johannesburg to Cairo.

African Diary: The Day-by-Day Account of an Incredible Adventure  QRP Books, 1990.


PYNE, Stephen J.


Journal of his work as a member of a forest fire crew at the north rim of the Grand Canyon; the journal is described as a 'distillation' and appears to be compiled from entries from several years.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 374-382. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


RAMSEY, James - E

Late 1980’s?

Living alone for 266 days in Northwest Alaska.

Winter Watch  Anchorage, 1989.


REYNOLDS, Richard - E


“.... the disturbing, real-life tale of two ruthless killers who convert to their own perverted brand of Islam and kill in the name of Allah. As self-proclaimed Moslem assassins, Suzan and Michael Carson were Allah’s Death Angels, roaming the California highways during the 1980’s and murdering witches ....”

Cry for War   San Francisco, Squibob Press, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.

ROBERTS, Rachel (1926-1980)  actress

July 21st. to November 25th. 1980

Personal diary of alcoholic disintegration ending in suicide; preceded by a journal of autobiographical reminiscence.

No Bells on Sunday; The Journals of Rachel Roberts  edited by Alexander Walker. London, Michael Joseph, 1984, pp 197-235.


ROLLINS, Henry (Hanry Lawrence Garfield) (b.1961)  American singer, comedian, author and activist


a) - From 1980's?

Eye Scream  Los Angeles, 1968, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - From 1989

Based on, or including, travel and other journals.

1. - Black Coffee Blues  Los Angeles, 1992; London, Virgin, 2005.

2. - Do I Come Here Often?  Los Angeles, 1998; London, Virgin, 2005.

3. - Smile, You're Traveling  Los Angeles, 200; London, Virgin, 2005.


ROSSI, Nancy (b.1949) - E

1980? to 1981

The loss of her husband.

From This day Forward  Times Books, 1983, is reported to contain diary material.


RUCKER, John - E



Melancholy Bay: An Odyssey  Charlotte, North Carolina, East Woods Press, is reported to contain diary material.


RUTLEDGE, Carol Brunner - E


Dying and Living on the Kansas Prairie: A Diary  University Press of Kansas, 1994.


SAROYAN, Aram (b.1943)  poet and writer, son of William Saroyan (qv) - E

1980? to 1981?

Last Rites: The Death of William Saroyan  New York, Morrow, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


SCHWARCZ, Vera (b. 1947)  Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University - E


"The author describes her sixteen-month visit to Communist China, shares firsthand accounts of the Cultural Revolution, and assess the complex structures of modern Chinese society."

Long Road Home: A China Journal  Yale, 1984.


SCHWIND, Wanda - E


Random Thoughts: a Nursing Home Journal  New York, Vantage, 1989.


SHEHADEH, Raja (b.1951) - Palestinian lawyer and peace activist - E

a) - 1980

The Third Way: A Journal of Life in the West Bank  London, Quartet Books, 1982. This book appears to have been published in paperback as  Samed: Journal of a West Bank Palestinian  New York, Franklin Watts, 1984.  

b) - September 1990 to August 1991

The Sealed Room: Selections from the Diary of a Palestinian Living Under Israeli Occupation September 1990 - August 1991  London, Quartet Books, 1992.

c) - March 28th. to April 28th. 2002

Diary; a full and articulate account of his experiences in Ramallah under Israeli occupation.

When the Bulbul Stopped Singing: A Diary of Ramallah Under Siege  London, Profile, 2003. published in America as   When the Birds Stopped Singing: Life in Ramallah Under Siege .

d) - December 13th 2009 to May 6th 2012

Episodic diary of thought, memory and everyday life in Ramallah.

Occupation Diaries  London, Profile Books, 2012.

Note: Palestinian Walks: Forays into a Vanishing Landscape  2008, contains accounts of six walks taken between 1978 and 2006.


SHULMAN, Alix Kates  - feminist writer


Undated jottings from a writer's notebook.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 55-57.


SICKMANN, Rocky [Sgt.]  - U.S. Marines - *H2506,*M6044,E


Personal diary of a Marine Sergeant held hostage by the Iranians following their seizure of the American Embassy in Tehran.

Iranian Hostage: A Personal Diary of 444 Days in Captivity  edited by Erin Leslie Antrim. Topeka, Crawford Press, 1982.


SIMETI, Mary Taylor - E


On Persephone's Island: A Sicilian Journal  New York, Knopf, 1986.


SIMPSON,  Elizabeth Léonie - E


Recovery from tubercular meningitis.

Notes on an Emergency: A Journal of Recovery  New York, Norton, 1982.


SOLOMON, Barbara Probst (b.1928)  American writer - E


Horse-trading and Ecstasy: Essays  San Francisco, North Point Press, 1989, is reported to contain diary material.


STARKMAN, Elaine  - American Jewish poet and teacher - M5932

April 27th. to July 1st. 1980(?)

Diary extracts about her aged mother-in-law who had come to live with the family.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 228-233. First published in  Broomstick  magazine.


STARKELL, Don (b.1932)  Canadian adventurer and writer - E

a) - 1980 to 1982

By canoe from Winnipeg Belem.

Paddle to the Amazon  edited by Charles Wilkins, Toronto, McLelland, 1987.

b) - 1990

By canoe through the Northwest Passage.

Paddle to the Arctic  Toronto, McLelland, 1995.




My Little Journey, why a middle-aged mother leaft home and walked Maine's Route 1 all alone  Washington, D.C., Review & Herald, 1985, is reported to contain diary material.


TAYLOR, Alan John Percival (1906-1990)  British historian - E

Early 1980's?

An Old Man's Diary  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1984.


TREMBLAY, Helene  - traveller, author and philosopher - E

Late 1980's

The following are reported to contain diary material:

1. - Families of the World: Family Life at the Close of the Twentieth Century: Volume 1: The Americas and the Caribbean  New York, Farrar, 1988.

2. - Families of the World: Family Life at the Close of the Twentieth Century: Volume 2: East Asia, Southeast, and the Pacific  New York, Farrar, 1988.


WALLACE, Ishmael - *M6045,E

In  Better Than School: One Family's Declaration of Independence  Larson, 1983.


WALLACE, Nancy - *M6046,E

In  Better Than School: One Family's Declaration of Independence  Larson, 1983.


WARREN, Michael (b.1938)  English ornithologist and wildlife artist - E

Shorelines   London, Hodder, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


WEAVER, Dusk - E


Sunburst: A People, A Path, A Purpose: The Story of the Most Provocative Communal Group in America Today  San Diego, Slawson, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


WEST, Richard (b.1930) English journalist - E


Travel in England.

An English Journey  London, Chatto and Windus, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.


ZWINGER, Susan (b.1947)  poet and naturalist - E


Stalking the Ice Dragon: An Alaskan Journey  University of Arizona Press, 1991.

Note: The author has written several travel books which may well contain diary material.


BAKER, Janet [Dame] (b.1933)  professional singer

September 15th. 1981 to July 17th. 1982

The diary of the last few months of her operatic career. Written for publication; a reserved and factual account but not without interest.

Full Circle; An Autobiographical Journal  London, Julia MacRae, 1982.


BROWN, Rita Mae (b.1944)  American writer

February 11th. 1981

A long journal entry about snakes, occasioned by finding a black snake in the garden shed.

In  Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  edited by Lyn Lifshin. New York, Harper and Row, 1982, pp 307-309.


GOOCH, Graham  - cricketer - E


My Cricket Diary '81: The West Indies, Australia, India  written with Alan Lee. Padwick, 1982.


GOOD, Maurice - E


Every Inch a Lear: A Rehearsal Journal of king Lear with Peter Ustinov and the Stratford Festival Company Directed by Robin Phillips  Victoria, British Columbia, 1982.


KNOX, Oliver Arbuthnot (1923-2002)  advertising executive and writer - E


From Rome to San Marino: A Walk in the Steps of Garibaldi  London, Collins, 1982, is reported to contain diary material.


Le GUIN, Ursula K.

June and July 1981

Loosely dated extracts from a travel diary "written in the right front seat of a diesel VW on the way east from Oregon to Georgia … and from Georgia to California …"; impressionistic free verse form.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 251-258. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.

LONGFORD, Frank Pakenham, Earl of (b.1905) - H2507

January 1st. to December 31st. 1981

Diary of a year commissioned by the publisher; Roman Catholic religion; Socialist politics and politicians; the House of Lords; prison visiting; thoughts and observations; a good view of his public life but guarded and reticent about everything else.

Diary of a Year  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1982.


MUR, Jan (possibly the collective pen name of more than one person)  - Polish Solidarity activist(s) - E

1981 to 1982

Journal of arrests and internment at Strzebielinek, near Gdansk.

A Prisoner of Martial Law; Poland 1981-1982  New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1984.


PASQUINI, Claude - E


“During the winter and spring of the year 1981, the author hiked more than 1300km all over Crete. Alone and unheeded and with barely any money in his pockets, he experienced the island the rough way. He slept under the open sky, in caves, chapels, and graveyards and ate whatever the island or its inhabitants offered him. Off the beaten tracks of mass tourism, he had set out to wherever the winds would take him.”

Challenging Crete  Efstathiadis Luxembourg, 1992


REAGAN, Ronald Wilson (1911-2004)  fortieth President of the United States of America

January 26th. 1981 to January 20th. 1989

Private diary of his two terms as President; a full record of the relentless pressures of office; cabinet and staff meetings; meetings and phone calls with heads of state and foreign dignitaries; diplomatic and military affairs; relations with domestic politicians and the problems of legislation and use of the veto; budgetary problems; the assassination attempt; security concerns; Lebanon, Iran-Contra affair and East-West relations; Vice President Bush and other prominent Americans; notes on Thatcher, Kohl, Mitterand, Gorbachev and many others; some relaxation at Camp David and Rancho del Cielo; horse riding, woodcutting and cinema; his love for and dependence on the presence of his wife; some family discord; much about his health, with details of operations etc.; religion and sympathy for the disabled and unfortunate; perhaps some signs of flagging capacity in the last year. An interesting and important diary by a remarkable man. Approximately one third of the diary is given in full, with summaries of the omitted portions; there are a few suppressions on both state and personal grounds.

The Reagan Diaries  edited by Douglas Brinkley. New York, HarperCollins, 2007.



BARKER, Nicholas John (1933-1997)  Captain of Endurance, the Royal Navy ice-patrol ship for the Antarctic


“The outbreak of the Falklands War found the Antarctic patrol vessel HMS Endurance alone, lightly armed, and stuck with a highly visible red and white peacetime paint scheme. Tense days followed as Endurance dodged from island to island, evading Argentine patrols and waiting for the arrival of British reinforcements. Endurance eventually aided in numerous operations against the Argentine forces, and a major Argentine surrender eventually took place aboard the vessel.”

In  Beyond Endurance: An Epic of Whitehall and the South Atlantic Conflict  passim, London, Leo Cooper, 1997.


BROWN, Anne Jennings (d.2014?)  Englishwoman - E


“… a tall and elegant English lady, in her fifties, visiting the Tibetan community for the very first time. She came up to Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) and decided to help the school and live with us. She became part of our artistic family.”

Living Tibet: The Diary, Paintings, Drawings, Maps and Photographs of Anne Jennings Brown  Quicksilver Publications, 2011.


BUXTON, Maria (d.1982?) - E


“Maria Buxton saw the Falklands and South Georgia as they were before the Argentine invasion when she took passage in the ice patrol ship H.M.S. Endurance to visit the Antarctic and later her daughter Cindy in South Georgia. Her day-to-day account of the voyage, illustrated with pictures taken by herself, …”

Antarctic Diary  Lavenham, Terence Dalton, 1983.

Note: BARKER, Nicholas John (qv) mentions Maria Buxton.


CALLAHAN, Steven (b.1952)  American author, sailor and naval architect - E


“… Callahan escaped into a six-person Avon inflatable life raft, measuring about six feet across. He stood off in the raft, but managed to get back aboard several times to dive below and retrieve a piece of cushion, a sleeping bag, and an emergency kit containing, among other things, some food, navigation charts, a short spear gun, flares, torch, solar stills for producing drinking water and a copy of Sea Survival, …”

Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea  Houghton, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.


GREEN, Rosemary - E

From 1982

“Making no excuses for her weight, this ‘last honest fat person in America’' began a diary in 1982 to record her pain, valiant dieting attempts and frequent relapses. Her story chronicles the daily life and eating habits of a person suffering from ‘morbid obesity.’' Green adamantly insists that obesity is a disease like alcoholism or diabetes, and that the only effective remedy is to change one’s eating patterns forever-one day at a time. The author punches holes in fad diets, rejects the ‘big is beautiful’ philosophy, deplores ‘fat discrimination’ and dismisses the excuses obese people make about their weight.”

Diary of a Fat Housewife  Time Warner, 1995.


HOWES, (Margaret) Lou (b.1924?) American newspaper reporter - E

(Not seen)

From 1982?

Diary extracts combined with the journal of her daughter, Kim Howes Zabbia (qv); the ravages of Alzheimer's disease.

In  Painted Diaries  Fairview Press, 1996.


HUSSEY, Gemma (b.1938)  Irish politician

(Annotation based on extracts)

December 1982 to January 1987

Politician's diary; some good incidental detail.

1. - In  At the Cutting Edge  Dublin, Gill and Macmillan, 1990.

2. - Extracts: Lenox-Conyngham, pp 268-273.  


JOLLY, Rick [Surgeon Commander] (b.1946?)  commander of the Royal Marines Medical Squadron

March 5th. to July 11th. 1982

Military and medical diary; surgeon commander's daily record in the Falklands War; organisation and the voyage out in Canberra; the field hospital at Ajax Bay, East Falkland; notes on actions, wounds and operations, colleagues and menr; the Argentinian surrender; Port Stanley; the return home. A good, interesting and atmospheric account firmly based on a contemporaneous record but greatly expanded for publication.

The Red and Green Life Machine: A Diary of the Falklands Field Hospital  London, Century Publishing, 1983.


LI, Bess Spero (b.1961?)  American student in China - E

From 1982

“In 1982 the author, then a 21-year-old student in Boston, went to China ‘to find out the real story, how this place really works (as much as a foreigner can understand).’ Her exuberant diary records impressions of countryside and people as she wended her way to Beijing, where for two years she studied Chinese language and culture. She is lavish with informative opinions and comparisons, contrasting Western and Eastern differences in mores, politics and economics. In Beijing she fell in love with, and eventually married, Ruo-xin Li, a Chinese biologist. Among the colorful experiences noted in the diary are those springing from the couple's romantic adventure and their efforts to bridge cultural and familial gaps. Married in 1985, the author and her husband lived for a year with his parents in Beijing before settling in Princeton, N.J.”

Beijing Diary: An East West Love Story  Chicago, Bonus Books, 1989.


McKAY, John W. - E

Summer 1982

Arctic Adventure: A Kazan River Journal  Toronto, Betelgeuse, 1983, 189 pp.


O’LEARY, John  - presidential candidate - E


The Running Game: The Campaign Journals of John O’Leary, America’s First Announced Candidate for President 1984  New York, New York Zoetrope, 1983.


POWELL, Anthony Dymoke (1905-2000)  novelist

a) - February 22nd. 1982 to December 31st. 1986

Social and literary journal; a network of literary friends; relationships; social and literary news, gossip and events; reminiscences.

Journals 1982-1986  London, Heinemann, 1995.

b) - January 2nd. 1987 to December 31st. 1989

The journal continued on the same pattern; comments on re-reading his novel sequence 'A Dance to the Music of Time'.

Journals 1987-1989  London, Heinemann, 1996.

c) - 1990 to 1992

More of the same, but entertaining and much of interest.

Journals 1990-1992  London, Heinemann, 1997.


TITTENSOR, John  - Australian writer - E


"The author, a gifted Australian writer, lost both of his young children in a fire, and this chronicles his first year of grief."

Year One  Penguin Books, 1984.


YERMIYA, Dov  - Israeli soldier - *H2508,E

June 5th. to July 1st. 1982

Military diary; the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

My War Diary: Israel in Lebanon  London, Pluto Press, 1983.  My War Diary: Lebanon, June 5 - July 1, 1982  New York, Southend Press, 1984.


ZABBIA, Kim Howes  - American high school art teacher - E

(Not seen)

1982 to 1983

Diary, combined with the diary of her mother, Margaret Lou Howes (qv); her mother's Alzheimer's disease; the impact on her own life and art.

In  Painted Diaries  Fairview Press, 1996.



CAPLAN, Gerald - E


Journal: People to People: Law/Mediation Delegation to the People’s Republic of China, July 28 – August 17, 1983  privately printed, 1983.


HAIDER, S.Afzal (b.1932?)  electrical engineer, psychologist, sociologist and writer, of Evanston, Illinois

September 7th. 1983

A father's diary of his child's first day at kindergarten and a visit to his wife's grave.

Incomplete Conversations  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 223-237.


HULL, John M. (b.1935)  blind theologian

June 1st. 1983 to August 22nd. 1986 and March 12th. to August 25th. 1991

Diary extracts recording his adjustment to the total loss of sight; wife, children, friends and strangers, and their reactions and attitudes; practical difficulties surmounted; changed perceptions. Full and detailed entries of great interest.

On Sight and Insight: A Journey into the World of Blindness  Oxford, Oneworld Publications, 1997. This is a revised and enlarged edition of  Touching the Rock: An Experience of Blindness  London, SPCK, 1990.


KELLY, Terina  - Irish nurse - E

1983 -

Terina: Diary of a Hostage in Ethiopia  Dublin: Wolfhound Press, 1984.


KNOWLER, Donald (b.1947) - E


The Falconer of Central Park  New York, Karz-Cohl, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.


MILLER, Arthur Asher (1915-2005)  American playwright - E


“In 1983 Arthur Miller was invited to direct Death of a Salesman at the Beijing People's Theatre, with Chinese actors. This was an entirely new experience for Miller and for the Chinese company, most of whom had never even heard of 'life insurance' or 'installment payments'. Miller had forty-eight days of rehearsals in which to direct his play and, while there, he kept a diary. This book tells the fascinating story of Miller's time in China and the paradoxes of directing a tragedy about American capitalism in a Communist country.”

Salesman in Beijing  London, Methuen, 1984. -

O'BRIEN, Niall [Fr.]

May 1983 to July 1984

Extracts, with narrative exposition, from the diary of an Irish priest on Negros in the Philippines, falsely imprisoned with two other priests and six lay leaders for murder; arrest, house arrest, imprisonment and trial; politics, accusers and fellow accused; the Church; prison conditions.

Seeds of Injustice; Reflections on the Murder Frame-up of the Negros Nine in the Philippines  Dublin, The O'Brien Press, paperback, 1985.


STEWARD, Patrick J.  - of Anchorage, Alaska - E

1983 and 1984

Two hunting trips to Mongolia.

Mongolia Hunter  Santa Fe, New Mexico, Shikar, 1986.



ADAMS, Richard (b.1920)  novelist - E

a) - 1984?

Nature diary; a day-to-day record of his observations; London, the Lake District, Anglesey, Denmark and Australia.

A Nature Diary  illustrated by John Lawrence. London, Viking, 1985.

b) - Voyage through the Antarctic  written with Ronald Lockley, Knopf, 1983, is reported to contain diary material.


ANDERSON, Sparky - E

Bless You, Boys: Diary of the Detroit Tigers’ 1984 Season  Chicago, Contemporary Books, 1984.


BAIRSTOW, David  - cricketer


Purported sporting diary as captain of the Yorkshire cricket team; descriptions of matches; notes on players. Possibly ghost-written.

A Yorkshire Diary: Year of Crisis  with Derek Hodgson. London, Sidwick & Jackson, 1984.


BARKER, Lucius J. - E


Our Time Has Come: A Delegate's Diary of Jesse Jackson's 1984 Presidential Campaign  Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1988.


BARR, Steve - E


“… story of the runners who carried the Olympic torch across the U.S. in 1984.”

The Flame: An Unlikely patriot Finds a Country to Love  New York, Morrow, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.

BAYNE, Charles (1965-1990)

January 31st. 1984 to June 13th. 1990

Personal diary; pre-University work in Zaire; breaks his neck in a swimming accident; adjustment to the resulting paralysis; anger and frustration; life as a student at Cambridge; a brave, honest and surprisingly cheerful account. Also the journal of a journey in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe from August 14th. to September 13th. 1989.

A Travelling Man; The Diaries and other Writings of Charles Bayne edited by Richard Bayne. Privately printed, 1992, 171 pp.


GOLDING, William (Gerald) (b.1911)  novelist


Travel journal in undated narrative form but retaining some characteristics of a diary; a trip on the Nile with his wife, guide and crew in a motor cruiser.

An Egyptian Journal  London, Faber and Faber, 1985.


GRANT, Richard E. (b.1957)  - actor - E

With Nails: The Film Diaries of Richard E.Grant  London, Picador, 1996.


GRAY, Simon James Holliday (1936-2008)  English playwright - E

a) - (Not seen)


Diary during the staging of his recent play, 'The Common Pursuit'.

An Unnatural Pursuit and Other Pieces   London, Faber and Faber, 1985; New York, St. Martin's, 1986.

b) - (Not seen)

How's That for Telling 'em, Fat Lady?  London, Faber and Faber, 1988.

c) - From December 2001

Intermittent, discursive, entertaining and largely undated diary entries, written for publication; set piece recollections of past life; friends; mysterious about his well-to-do life-style despite lack of money; health; London and Suffolk; Harold Pinter; smoking.

The Smoking Diaries  London, Granta, 2004.

d) - Diary during his final illness.

Coda  London, Faber, 2008.


GREENBURG, Dan (b.1936)  American writer and humourist - E

From 1984?

“Greenburg never wanted to be a parent until his second wife, Suzanne, changed his mind. With pungent wit and genuine emotion, he delivers almost a step-by-step account of the events leading up to the birth of his son and the rejoicing when Zack was finally at home, making himself the beloved center of life to his parents.”

Confessions of a Pregnant Father  Macmillan, 1986.


GREENWOOD, Kimble James (b.1954?)  of Washington State

February 8th. to August 1st. 1984

Extracts from a private diary; 'philosophising' interior monologue; assessment of a potential wife.

Costumed as in War  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 143-163.


HANUSE, Elena J. (b.1931?)  American grandmother - E

1984 to 1985

One Step at a Time: My 18 Moth Walk Across America  New York, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.


HARRISON, Fraser (b.1944)  writer

May 1984(?) to May 1985(?)

Diary of one year in his children's lives, boy and girl, aged three and five; observant and loving account of daily incidents of life in Suffolk; games, accidents, school, behaviour and misbehaviour, growth and development; the author's wife, the children's mother, is deliberately almost excluded from the record; written for publication.

A Father's Diary  London, Fontana Paperbacks, 1985.


LEVIN, Sis - E

1984 to 1985 (?)

Beirut Diary: A Husband Held Hostage and a Wife determined to Set Him Free  Downers Grove, Illinois, 1989.


LUOMA, Ja  - American woman

1984 to 1990

Extracts from three private diaries which are at least partly concurrent; the break up of her partnership with a dominant man with whom she has had six children; leaves the children and her property; required to pay maintenance for the children she no longer sees; a new life living in a trailer park and working at an oyster hatchery.

Selections from Three Journals  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 173 to 221.


ROTH, M.Patricia - E

1984? to 1985?

Account of the trial of the libel case brought by General Westmoreland against CBS.

The Juror and the General  New York, Morrow, 1986.


SHER, Antony [Sir] (b.1949)  South African born British actor - E


Concerns his title role in Shakespeare's Richard II.

Year of the King: An actor's diary and sketchbook  London, Chatto and Windus, 1985.



ABOU-SAIF, Laila  - Egyptian-American woman - E

1985? To 1986?

Journal in the Middle East, with interviews and reflections; Yasser Arafat and other politicians, intellectuals and diplomats and ordinary people.

Middle East Journal: A Woman's Journey into the Heart of the Arab World  New York, Scribners, 1990. Reprinted Vantage press, 2002.


BERRY, Wendy  - housekeepr at Highgrove, for the Prince of Wales

1985 to 1992

“The housekeeper of Prince Charles and Diana for seven years chronicles the slow disintegration of their fairy tale marriage, …”

The Housekeeper’s Diary: Charles and Diana Before the Breakup  Barricade Books, 1995.


BLACKMORE, Charles - E


“… fifty years after T. E. Lawrence was killed in a motor bicycle accident in Dorset, Captain Charles Blackmore and three others of the Royal Green Jackets Regiment set out to retrace Lawrence"s exploits in the Arab Revolt during the First World War. … What the young men discovered about Lawrence and the legend was matched only by what they discovered about themselves. Blackmore insisted on living as Lawrence did: as a true Bedouin. But it did not take long for the romantic images to vanish. Extreme heat, cold, virtually no food and little water, an inability to communicate with the Arabs and a growing realisation of their lack of preparation, all combined to turn their thoughts and fears to conspiracy.”

In the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia  London, Harrap, 1986.


BOORMAN, John (b.1933)  English filmmaker - E


“The Emerald Forest is a 1985 British adventure drama film set in the Brazilian Rainforest that was directed by John Boorman.”

Money Into Light: A Filmmaker’s Diary  London, Faber, 1985. American title  The Emerald Forest Diary: A Filmmaker’s Odyssey  Farrar, 1985.

BUTLER, Sandra  - writer, and ROSENBLUM, Barbara (d.1988)  - sociologist

February 19th. 1985 to February 14th. 1991

The interwoven journals of a lesbian couple from the diagnosis of Barbara's breast cancer; reactions to the disease; medical details and treatments; friends; retrospection; everyday life and work; Barbara's death; afterwards; Sandra's cancer.

Cancer in Two Voices  U.S.A., Spinster's Book Co., 1991. London, The Women's Press, 1994.




“In May 1985 Aqua Star, a custom-built steel cutter, set out from Toronto for Churchill, Manitoba, on the west shore of Hudson Bay. No sailing vessel had ventured beyond Hudson Strait since the 19th century; it was a sparsely inhabited area of harsh terrain with ice-and fog-bound coasts. On board were the owner-skipper Leslie Sike and wife Carolann, both in their 40s; also Gay Currie, a young woman with sailing experience, and David Farr, a photographer. Chopra, who covered the voyage for Canadian Yachting and had access to the personal journals and ship's log, here re-creates the adventure in a gripping narrative of derring-do and of discord.”

In  Something Worth Doing: The Sub-Arctic voyage of Aqua Star  by Judith Chopra, Norton, 1995.


EHRHART, William - E


Going Back: An Ex-Marine Returns to Vietnam  McFarland, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.



1985 to 1988

A writer's impressionistic private diary; at home in Wyoming and elsewhere; hints of past illness; her love of horse riding; a head injury; deaths of an old love and a horse; her writing; dreams; friends; a lover.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 109-128. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


FANFANI, Mariapia  - vice-president of the International Red Cross – Red Crescent - E


“… organized the Ship of Peace which left Italy carrying supplies, tools and water to drought-plagued Africa in 1985. This journal parallels the ship’s log of the often hazardous journey. At each port of call there is so much evidence of suffering that Fanfani writes in her diary, ‘Misery is a monotonous spectacle’.”

Hayat: On the Side of Life  Simon and Schuster, 1987.'



1985 to 1991

“From 1985 to 1991 the author, a devoted wife, mother and religious social worker was regularly visited by Jesus. In this surprising journal, she records Jesus’ reassuring presence and shares the daily dialogues they had in which he answers questions relevant to us all.”

The Little Notebook: The Journal of a Contemporary Woman’s Encounters With Jesus  New York, Harper, 1995.


GOSWAMI, Satsvarupa Das (b.1939)  born Steve? of New York, Roman Catholic, parents; initiating guru of the Hare Krishna movement - E

a) - Journal and Poems January-June, 1985: Book One  Washington, D.C.: Gita-Nagari Press, 1985.

b) - Journal and Poems July-December 1985: Book Two  Washington, D.C.: Gita-Nagari Press, 1986.

c) - Journal and Poems, January-June 1986: Book Three  Washington, D.C.: Gita-Nagari Press, 1986.

Note: Satsvarupa Das Goswami is a prolific author and many of his works not listed here probably contain diary material.


LEE, Shelton Jackson (Spike) (b.1957)  American film director - E

1985 to 1986 (?)

Spike Lee’s Gotta Have It: Inside Guerilla Filmmaking  Simon and Schuster, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.

MILLER, Inette (b.1946)  journalist

October 14th. 1985 to December 5th. 1986

Journalist's diary of an adulterous affair; her thoughts and feelings; her husband, children, lover; breakdown; psychiatric hospital; female solidarity; egocentric and self-regarding.

Burning Bridges; The Diary of a Mid-Life Affair  New York, Putnam, 1987. Wellingborough, Grapevine, 1989.


NIGHTINGALE, Benedict  - British theatre critic

September 1985(?) to June 1986(?)

British theatre critic's journal in New York while working for the New York Times, dated only by month; long, discursive entries discussing the theatre on Broadway; plays, actors, authors, directors, etc.; the critic's work and function and relations with his subjects. Nothing about his private life.

Fifth Row Center: A Critic's Year On and Off Broadway  New York, Times Books, 1986; London, André Deutsch, 1987.


OATES, Joyce Carol (b.1938)  American novelist

January 1985 to January 1988

Extracts from a journal; reflections on literature and writing; her own work; journal keeping; the life of the artist; a few more mundane notes.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 332-351. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.

ROSENBLUM, Barbara:  see BUTLER, Sandra


SUTTON, Pamela M. - E


Ethiopian Journal, 1985  Newport beach, California, 1986.


WYATT, Wooodrow Lyle (Baron Wyatt of Weeford) (1918-1997)  journalist, politician, chairman of the Horserace Totalisator Board

a) - October 19th. 1985 to December 31st. 1988

Social, political and personal diary written for publication in order to provide financial support for his widow; race meetings and his work for the 'Tote'; political affairs and weekly conversations with Mrs. Thatcher; speeches in the House of Lords; journalism, particularly his articles for 'The News of the World'; friends and acquaintances, notably Rupert Murdoch and Arnold Weinstock; lunches and dinners, conversations and the wines drunk; his wife and daughter; gossip and anecdote; lively and interesting with some revealing sidelights on the politics of the time.

The Journals of Woodrow Wyatt: Volume One  edited by Sarah Curtis. London, Macmillan, 1998.

b) - January 1st. 1988 to April 9th. 1992

The diary continues in the same vein; the fall of Maragaret Thatcher and the rise of John Major.

The Journals of Woodrow Wyatt: Volume Two  edited by Sarah Curtis. London, Macmillan, 1999.

c) - 1992 to 1997

From Major to Blair; diagnosed with cancer; continues to within three months of his death.

The Journals of Woodrow Wyatt: Volume Three  edited by Sarah Curtis. London, Macmillan, 2000.



BARRY, John - E


“A detailed account of the ill-fated 1986 British Expedition up K2, attempting the North-West Ridge and the Abruzzi Spur, and where eventually, thirteen climbers lost their lives.”

K2, Savage Mountain, Savage Summer  Oxford Illustrated Press, 1987.


BRATHWAITE, Edward Kamau (b.1930)  Barbadian poet and academic - E


“In May of 1986 Edward Kamau Brathwaite learned that his wife, Doris, was dying of cancer and had only a short time to live. Responding as a poet, he began “helplessly & spasmodically” to record her passage in a diary. Zea Mexican is a collection of excerpts from this diary and other notes from this period of the Brathwaites’ lives, … Zea Mexican is a tribute to Doris Brathwaite and an exploration of the creative potency of love. (The title comes from the name Brathwaite gave Doris, who was originally from Guyana of part Amerindian descent.)”

Zea Mexican Diary  University of Wisconsin Press, 1993.


DOHANEY, Myrtis Theresa (Jean)  Canadian writer and teacher - E

From 1986?

“One Friday, Walter Dohaney, novelist M.T. (Jean) Dohaney’s husband, went out as usual to play hockey with his friends. She never saw him alive again. Without warning, Jean was plunged into the most painful and disorienting experience of her life. Faced with a tumult of emotions and sudden responsibilities, she turned to her writing for solace and began a journal.”

When Things Get Back to Normal  Nova Scotia, 1989.


GATTING, Mike  - cricketer - E

1986 to 1987

Triumph in Australia: Mike Gatting's 1986-87 Cricket Diary  London, Queen Anne Press, 1987.


HILLMAN, Michael Craig  - American specialist in Persian literature

October 1st. to November 15th. 1986 and December 11th. To 30th. 1989

Scholar's diary in Durham in 1986 and Tehran in 1989; good descriptions of academic work; trips and social life; friends; interesting on conditions in Tehran.

From Durham to Tehran  Bethesda, Maryland, Iranbooks, 1991.


KNIGHT, Judy Zebra (Judith Darlene Hampton) (b.1946)  proprietor of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment - E

May 17th. and 18th. 1986

"An edited transcript of Ramtha's sessions… which focused on the necessity to establish self-sufficiency…" Ramtha was a Lemurian warrior who fought the Atlanteans 35,000 years ago but now channels his thoughts through the author.

Ramtha Intensive: Change the Days to Come  Eastsound, Washington, Sovereignty, 1987.


LACONTE, Marie E.  – American woman in Saudi Arabia

September 1986 to October 1989

Personal diary of an American woman working in a hospital in Saudi Arabia; customs and the cultural divide; Christianity and Islam; a visit to Egypt.

Suspended  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 251-266.


LLEWELLYN, Kate (Katherine Jill Sky Brinkworth) (b.1936)  Australian poet - E


“… a diary of one year of one woman's life in the Blue Mountains with experiences, philosophy and fantasies.”

The Water Lily: A Blue Mountains Journal  Hawthorn, Victoria, 1987.

Note: The Australian Poetry Library website has this: “… to Leura, in the Blue Mountains, where she wrote a trilogy of autobiographical novels: The Waterlily (1987), Dear You (1988) and The Mountain (1989), commonly referred to as the ‘Blue Mountains trilogy’. She has also written an autobiographical account of her early life, The Dressmaker’s Daughter (2008), and a gardening memoir, Playing with Water (2005), which includes poems alongside recipes, letters and diary entries.


STEGER, Will - E

a) - 1986

"A first-person account of the 1986 dogsled expedition to the North Pole, the first to reach the North Pole without resupply since Robert E. Peary in 1909."

North to the Pole  New york, Times Books, 1987, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - 1990

"In March 1990, Will Steger completed what no man had ever before attempted: the crossing of Antarctica - 3700 miles - on foot. Lured by the challenge and the beauty of Earth's last great wilderness, and determined to focus the world's attention on the frozen continent now that its ecological future hangs in the balance, Steger and his International Trans-Antartica Team had performed an extraordinary feat of endurance."

Crossing Antarctica  London, Bantam Press, 1992, may also contain diary material.


STONE, Roger D.  - American ecologist - E

1986 to 1988

"Roger Stone - conservationist, chronicler of the natural world, and eager sailor - set off in the summer of 1986 from Camden, Maine, in a 38-foot cutter called Sanderling, heading south. In April 1988, he and his crew completed the adventurous 8,000 mile cruise that took them all the way to Rio. Their plan and their accomplishment: to assess, from a valuable and neglected perspective, the environmental crisis afflicting the entire Atlantic coast of North and South America; to report on how that coast has changed in the five hundred years since the first Europeans arrived; and to evaluate its prospects for the future."

The Voyage of the Sanderling  New York, Knopf, 1990.


TROYES, Pierre, Chevalier de (d.1688) - E

Journal  in  The Battle for James Bay 1686  by Walter Andrew Kenyon. Toronto, Macmillan, 1971.

WIGHTON, Suzy (b.1959)  Scottish nurse

September 10th. 1986 to April 16th. 1987 and June 6th. to October 1st. 1988

Personal diary of a nursing volunteer in a Palestinian refugee camp at Beirut; camp and hospital life; bombardment by the Amal Militia; colleagues and inmates; death, wounds and suffering; her sympathies and reactions; a detailed and vivid record. The second diary records the horrors of the final destruction of the camp by a rival group.

One Day at a Time; Diaries from a Palestinian Camp  London, Hutchinson, 1990.


WESKER, Dusty  - wife of Arnold Wesker (qv) - E


"Dusty Wesker's fame as a fine and extravagant cook spread from having cooked for family, friends, and visitors world-wide. Although not a work written by the playwright it … [is] - a diary of a year in a playwright's life accompanied by all the recipes of the meals his wife had cooked for that year's visitors."

The Dusty Wesker Cook Book  London, Chatto and Windus, 1987.


WEST, Peter (b.1920)  sports commentator - E

1986 to 1987

Clean Sweep: A Personal Diary of the 1986/7 England Cricket Tour of Australia, from the Ashes Tests to the One-Day internationals  London, W.H.Allen, 1987.



BENTLEY, Sean  American poet and technical editor

September 1987 to October 1990

Selected journal entries; descriptive meditations; poetic.

Lake Sutherland and Seattle 1987-1989  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 165-172.


BOWLES, Paul Frederick (1910-1999)  American writer and composer, resident of Tangier

a) - August 19th. 1987 to May 7th. 1988

Private diary in Tangier; the incidents of daily life and the locality; visitors; an unwelcome biographer; Ramadan; much about Mohammed Mrabet, whose tales he later translated, including the account of a violent assault on a guest.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 57-69. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.

b) - 1987 to 1989 -

Two Years Beside the Strait: Tangier Journal, 1987-1989  London, Peter Owen, 1990.


CLINTON, William Jefferson (Bill) (b.1946)  Governor of Arkansas, later forty second President of the United States

January 13th.1987 to February 9th. 1988

Scattered dated notes of, and for, political speeches; anecdotes; the decision to run for president. Mainly of interest because it is the author's response to a request for a diary for publication.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 70-75. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


COLE, Peggy (b.1935)  Suffolk countrywoman

January 1st. to December 31st. 1987

Personal diary of life in a Suffolk village; her garden and gardening notes; wine and jam making; the Women's Institute; her broadcasting and journalism; a lecture tour in America; full daily entries detailing her activities. Written for publication but a good picture of a rather unusual life.

Diary of a Country Woman  Bungay, Morrow and Company, 1991.


CURRIE, Edwina  - British politician and novelist

August 31st. 1987 to April 6th. 1992

Political diary, selections. with much personal material; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health in Margaret Thatcher's Government; work, speeches, meetings; opinions of fellow politicians; life in London and in her Derbyshire constituency; ambivalent relations with her husband and daughters; a secret love affair with 'B'; resignation following her mishandling of a health scare about salmonella in eggs; financial affairs; development of her writing career; 'B' is identified as John Major; hopes of return to Government in John Major's administration are unfulfilled; increasingly attracted to European politics; a house in France. A good diary.

Diaries, 1987-1992  London, Little Brown, 2002.


de NAVACELLE, Thierry  - film producer and actor - E


Diary of the filming of “Radio Days”.

Woody Allen on Location  New York, William Morrow, 1987.


CZAJKOWSKI, Chris  - woman in British Colombia - E

Late 1980's

"In the late 1980s, Chris Czajkowski left her truck at the end of a logging road 300 kilometres north of Vancouver and hiked for two days on unmarked wilderness trails to the site of what would become her home. This is her account of building three log cabins, an eco-tourism business and a life beside an unnamed lake 5,000 feet high in the Coast Range mountains".

Diary of a Wilderness Dweller  Victoria, British Columbia, Orca Book Publishers, 1996; reprinted, Harbour Publishing, 2005.


EARLY, Gerald

1987 and 1988

Five scattered and lengthy journal entries; introspective and discursive; Jesse Jackson; civil rights; Mike Tyson; the Gershwin brothers; an academic conference; Harlem.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 96-108. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


EYRE, Richard  - theatre director

1987 to 1997

Diary of his years as director of the National Theatre; plays and players; personalities and celebrities; gossip; quarrels; good anecdote and acid comment.

National Service: Diary of a Decade  London, Bloomsbury, 2003.


GALLAGHER, Tess  - American poet

April 5th. to June 26th. 1987

Travel diary of a European tour to promote her husband's books; Paris, Rome, London, etc.; editors, friends, meals, a visit to a casino; her own work.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 165-175. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.



April 25th. to July 4th. 1987

Journal in France; social and domestic affairs; discussion of the Barbie trial; the renewal of the lease of her flat.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 176-185. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989. James Cummings (4536) has also  Paris Notebooks: Essays and Reviews  Macmillan of Canada, 1986.


HALL, Donald  - poet


Monthly journal of work, reading and reminiscence.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 199-207. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


HAZEN, Robert M. (b.1948)  experimental mineralogist - E


The Breakthrough: The Race for the Superconductor  New York, Summit, 1988, is reported to contain diary material.


KEELEY, Edmund  - American novelist

December 15th. to 25th. 1987(?)

Travel diary in Bangkok and Aranyaprathet on the Cambodian border, researching for a novel about the fall of Phnom Penh; people, food, things seen; a journey in a volunteer agency minibus; the border; refugee histories.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 236-250. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


LEFEVER, Dr. Robert  - physician in private general practice (in the London area?)

January 1st. to July 5th. 1987? (Year not given)

This diary is in effect a series of dated essays (one every few days) on subjects relating to the practice or to the diarist's family and private life; case studies of addicts and inadequates; his patients and their problems; clinical matters; his views on the Welfare State; an interesting social document.

The Diary of a Private Doctor  London, Promis Books, 1988.


MILOSZ, Czeslaw (b.1911)  Polish-American writer

1987 to 1988

Scattered journal entries; Paris and Berkeley; reflection and reminiscence; life, art and literature.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 288-298. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


O'BRIEN, (Josephine) Edna (b.1930)  Irish writer


Scattered diary entries; an aeroplane flight; Paris; a Norfolk weekend; Mexico; London; social life and observation.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 352-357. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.


OLESEN, Dave  - pilot and guide living on Great Slave Lake - E

After 1987

1. - Cold Nights: Fast Trails: Reflections of a Modern Dog Musher  Northword Press, 1989, is reported to contain diary material.

2. - Kinds of Winter: Four Solo Journeys by Dogteam in Canada’s Northwest Territories  Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2014, may also contain diary material.


SONNENFELD, Sandi (b.1963)  graduate student of creative writing at Washington University

a) - September 10th. 1987 to June 2nd. 1988

Private diary of a girl of Jewish family from the East Coast; life in Seattle; the writing course; her ballet teacher; regrets and anxieties about her abandoned dancing career; extreme consciousness of her body; a visit to a girl friend in Santa Cruz where she is sexually assaulted by the girl's lover; relations with two men; composes a ballet piece about the rape of a girl, to be danced by her alone to a spoken text; her ballet teacher; reflections on friends and family; her writing and ambitions; her ineffective psychiatrist; the performance. A good diary.

This Is How I Speak: The Diary of a Young Woman  Seattle, Impassio Press, 2002.

b) - October 27th. 1987 to May 31st. 1988

Private diary, a shorter version of a) above which concentrates on the genesis, creation and rehearsal of the ballet piece; includes material not printed in the fuller diary.

Ways of Being: A Process Journal  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 3-27.




Diary of the transformation of a novel into a play.

Staging Steinbeck: Dramatising The Grapes of Wrath  Cassell, 1988.



ASHDOWN, Jeremy John Durham (Paddy) (b.1941)  British politician, leader of the Liberal Democrats

a) - July 28th. 1988 to May 2nd. 1997

Political diaries; the difficulties of maintaining cohesion in a small minority party; colleagues, friends and the duties of leadership; journalists and the press; a few personal and family notes, particularly relating to the revelation of a past adultery; his interest in Balkan affairs and visits to Sarajevo etc.; increasingly dominated by negotiations with Tony Blair, leader of the Labour party with a view to gaining a share in future government, to be institutionalised by the introduction of proportional representation in general elections; the difficulty of carrying his party with him in this; the 1997 election; his hopes dashed by the size of the Labour majority. A revealing record of leadership in the disinterested pursuit of power.

The Ashdown Diaries: Volume I: 1988-1997  London, Allen lane, 2000.

b) - May 3rd. 1997 to August 9th. 1999

Political diaries; a very full account of his attempt, with Tony Blair, to bring the Labour and liberal democrat parties together; failure to achieve the essential precondition of a change in the electoral system to proportional representation; the Jenkins Commission; a good picture of the political process, relations with Blair and other politicians with frank judgements and comment; proportional representation and the devolved Scottish Parliament; his detailed involvement in the war in Kosovo; the final decision to step down as the leader of his party.

The Ashdown Diaries: Volume II: 1997-1999  London, Allen Lane, 2001.


DERRIDA, Jaques (Jackie Élie) (1930-2004)  Algerian-French philosopher - E

December 1988 to February 1989

Biodegradables: Seven Diary Fragments  in  Critical Inquiry  XV, No.4, Summer, 1989, pp 812-873.


DRESHER, Olivia  - writer, librarian and publisher, of Seattle

1988 to 1990

Undated fragments extracted from a diary.

Fragments and Aphorisms  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 111-141.


KIRKWOOD, James (1925-1989)  American playwright - E


Account of the production of Legends! which closed on tour, before reaching Broadway.

Diary of a Mad Playwright  New York, Dutton, 1989.


RICHLER, Mordecai (1931-2001)  Canadian novelist - E

a) - Dates unknown

Home Sweet Home, My Canadian Album  Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, 1984, is reported to contain diary material.

b) - April 4th. to 8th. 1988

Personal diary; correspondence received; his work; the problem of books and the removal, with his wife, from Montreal to a lakeside cottage; the local bar; mocking notes about Quebec separatism.

In  Antaeus: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  No. 61, Autumn, 1988, edited by Daniel Halpern. New York, The Ecco Press, 1988, pp 383-390. Reissued as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989.



ASMUSSON, C.F. (b.1937)  American woman

January 21st. 1989 to May 26th. 1990

Selected journal entries, mainly ruminations upon the hazards and difficulties of verbal communication.

Apprehension's Chopsticks  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 239-249.


CHAPLIN, Judith (1939-1993)  political adviser to John Major

1989 to 1992

Private political diaries; extracts selected for her devastating private criticism of John Major as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister; accuses him of ruthless political ambition allied to lack of conviction, personal insecurity, spite, and intellectual and administrative incapacity.

In  The Sunday Telegraph  Review section, September 19th. and 26th. 1999.


GRUMBACH, Doris Isaac (b.1918)  American novelist - E

1989 to 1990

“Started on the eve of the author's seventieth birthday, this year-long jour nal records the process of slowly slipping into old age, including coming t o terms with losses and with powerful memories.”

Coming Into the End Zone: A memoir  New York, Norton, 1991.


JARMAN, Derek (1942-1994)  painter and film maker

a) - January 1st. 1989 to September 3rd. 1990

Personal diary at Prospect Cottage, Dungeness, whither he retreated on being diagnosed HIV positive. Gardening; the sea; weather; friends; films and film making; homosexuals and his homosexuality. Musings and retrospection; his battle with AIDS.

Modern Nature: The Journals of Derek Jarman  London, Century, 1991.

b) - May 1991 to February 1994

Personal diary; friends, acquaintances; opinions; his companion HB; the progress of his disease and approach to death.

Smiling in Slow Motion  edited by Keith Collins. London, Century, 2000.


KENNEDY, Adrienne (née Hawkins) (b.1931)  African-American playwright - E


In   The Deadly Triplets: A Theatre Mystery and Journal  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1990.


KOPELNITSKY, Raimonda (b.1978?)  Russian Jewish girl, American immigrant - E

1989 to 1993?

Diary; leaves the Ukraine after Chernobyl; life in America. The orle of the editor is uncertain.

No Words to Say Goodbye  edited by Kelli Pryor. Hyperion, 1994.




White Silk and Black Tar: A Journal of the Alaska Oil Spill  Minneapolis, Bergamot, 1990.



1989? to 1990?

Impresario's diary of a season with Pavilion Opera; entries are dated by day of the month, but not year, and the diary may be a composite from several years. A good, and often entertaining account of the work of a small opera company performing mainly in country houses in Britain and exotic locations abroad; singers, rehearsals, performances, administration, travel; some personal matters.

Figaro Here, Figaro There; Pavilion Opera: An Impresario's Diary  London, John Murray, 1991.


TWEIT, Susan J. - E


Pieces of Light: A Year on Colorado's Front Range  Roberts Rinehart, 1990, is reported to contain diary material.



BERENDZEN, Richard E. (b.1938)  American scientist - E


“In 1990, Berendzen resigned as president of American University after a woman who received indecent calls complained to police, who traced the calls to his office. Berendzen received no fine or community service requirements for two misdemeanor charges. His jail terms were suspended with the requirement that he get psychiatric treatment …”

Is My Armor Straight? A Year in the Life of a University President  Adler, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.


BRANDRETH, Gyles Daubeny (b.1948)  author, journalist, theatrical producer and politician

a) - May 1st. 1990 to May 3rd. 1997

Political diaries with a few mentions (memorably the acid comments of his wife) of family and personal matters; candidate; election; backbencher; parliamentary private secretary; government whip; defeat. Often rather lightweight, but much good anecdote and entertaining comment and description of fellow politicians and other public figures; some insights; an unique and interesting account of his time as a whip in the disastrous Conservative administration of John Major.

Breaking the Code: Westminster Diaries, May 1990 - May 1997  London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1999.

Note: Some extracts from Brandreth's diary from May 13th. to August 27th. 1971, containing entertaining accounts of his part in Lord Longford's 'Pornography Commission', including a trip to Copenhagen, were published in  The Sunday Telegraph  May 7th. 2000.

b) - Dates unknown

Something Sensational to Read in the Train: The Diary of a Lifetime  London, John Murray, 2009.


BREHM, Edward Ward  - American businessman - E


“… chronicles a brief journey to the mission fields of East Africa. It is a passionate story of self discovery and personal change told through the journals, photographs, and poetry of an American businessman.”

Life Through a Different Lens: Reflections and Lessons from the Horn of Africa  Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1993.




“Driving 15,000 miles from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in a record-breaking twenty-three and a half days, Tim Cahill's Road Fever is a hilarious account of a preposterous journey, a breathtaking tour of North and South America, as well as a veritable how-to for pulling off cheeky scams to get ahead. All in the spirit of getting his name written into the record books.”

Road Fever  Random House, 1991.


CONRAD, Jim (b.1947)  American naturalist - E


On the Road to Tetlama: Mexican Adventures of a Wandering Naturalist  New York, Walker, 1991.


COX, Brian (b.1946)  actor

January 22nd. 1990 to March 10th. 1991

Actor's diary of rehearsal and tour with the Royal National Theatre; Richard III and King Lear; planning and rehearsal details of technical interest; some personal matters; travel and production on the world tour, including Tokyo, Hamburg, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Cork, Cairo, Prague, Bucharest, Leipzig, Dresden and Edinburgh.

The Lear Diaries: The Story of the Royal National Theatre's productions of Shakespeare's Richard III and King Lear  London, Methuen, 1992.


CRISP, Quentin (b.1909?)  author

1990 to 1994

A loosely dated personal journal in New York, by the expatriate author of 'The Naked Civil Servant'; social and personal affairs, homosexuality; anecdotes and conversations; entertaining.

Resident Alien; The New York Diaries  edited by Donald Carroll. London, Harper Collins, 1996.


DONOHUE, Timothy E.  - alcoholic - E

1990 to 1994

“A first-hand account of one man’s struggle with homelessness and alcoholism, this diary records a world full of physical degradation and despair that is not without unpredictable moments of striking beauty.”

In The Open: Diary of a Homeless Alcoholic  University of Chicago, 1996.


GALE, Kate  - American writer

September 7th. to 16th. 1990

Personal diary, purportedly written (the editors suggest as parody) as an aid to self-discipline; her writing, dieting and teaching schedules, planned and broken; husband, daughter, friends, housework and exercise.

"I Will Die in California on a Windy Day" (From a Los Angeles Journal)  in  Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  edited by Olivia Dresher and Victor Muñoz. San Jose, toExcel, 2000, pp 267-274.


GRIGGS, Claudine - E


“… an intimate look at the compelling journey from male to female. Griggs provides us with an inside perspective on one of the most private and complicated transformations possible. She recounts her sex change process in compelling detail, from the emotional decision to pursue the surgery, to the procedure itself, to the long and painful recovery process.”

Journal of a Sex Change: Passage through Trinidad  Bloomsbury Academic, 2005. First published as  Passage through Trinidad  McFarland, 1996.


HUNTER, Latoya (b.1978?) - E


“… a twelve-year-old girl whose family had moved to this country from Jamaica some years earlier, began her first year of junior high school in the Bronx. She also began keeping a diary. What made the diary unusual was that it had been specially commissioned by a book editor … records her experience with freshness, sincerity, a wealth of anecdote and detail, and a precocious insight into her own character and the characters of her family and friends. … although, in one of her final entries, Latoya confesses that she was sometimes constrained by the knowledge that her diary would be read by others, she appears strikingly uninhibited.”

The Diary of Latoya Hunter: My First Year in Junior High  Vintage, 1992.


JEROME, John (1932-2002)  American writer - E


The Writing Trade: A Year in the Life  Viking, 1992.


KRASEMANN, Stephen J. -  photographer


Photographer's diary of a year within the Arctic Circle, possibly a composite of notes from more than one year; descriptions of journeys, weather, scenery, and natural history; lavishly illustrated.

Diary of an Arctic Year  London, Robert Hale, 1991.


LAMONT, Anne - E

Early 1990's?

Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year  New York, Fawcett Columbine, 1994.


MERROW, Susan (b.1947)  president of the Sierra Club - E

1990 to 1991

“At its most elemental level, this is a global history of the effort to save the world"s ecosystems during a single, profoundly troubled year. It is also the personal saga of a New England wife and mother whose deep commitment to the environmental movement brought her to the presidency of the Sierra Club. Finally, it is a frank dissection of a powerful organiazation, capable of writing federal law, affecting national economic policy, and influencing millions of grassroots voters. The book chronicles the year immediatedly following Earth Day Twenty (April 22, 1990) and details the environmental traumas, including the Gulf War, that devastated the Earth during those twelve months and describes how both the nation"s leaders and its citizen activists responded to these challenges.”

One for the Earth: Journal of a Sierra Club President  Sagamore, 1992.


NYALA, Hannah - E


Recently escaped from an abusive marriage, her children abducted by their father, Hannah Nyala turns for physical and spiritual survival to self-taught tracking in the Mojave Desert and eventually joins a National Park Service search-and-rescue team. But overshadowing Nyala's experience as an increasingly capable tracker is the fact that she herself is a tracked woman.”

Point Last Seen: A Woman Tracker’s Story  Beacon Press, 1997. Is reported to contain diary material.


WALKER, Alice (b.1944)  American writer, much concerned with race and gender - E

Early 1990's?

Warrior Marks: Female genital Mutilation and the sexual Blinding of Women  London, Cape, 1993, is reported to contain diary material.


WURLIRZER, Rudolph (b.1937)  American writer - E


This is taken from Wurlitzer's website: "The record of a personal odyssey through Southeast Asia, an external and internal journey through grief and the painful realities of a decadent age. Wurlitzer — novelist, screenwriter and Buddhist practitioner — travels with his wife, photographer Lynn Davis, on a photo assignment to the sacred sites of Thailand, Burma and Cambodia. Heavy Westernization, sex clubs, aging hippies and expatriates, and political dissidents provide a vivid contrast to the peace that Wurlitzer and Davis seek, still reeling from the death of their son in a car accident. As Davis searches with her camera for a thread of meaning among the artifacts and relics of a more enlightened age, Wurlitzer grasps at the wisdom of Buddhist teachings in an effort to assuage his grief. His journal chronicles the survival of age-old truths in a world gone mad."

Hard Travel to Sacred Places  Boston and New York, Shambhala, 1991.



ANONYMOUS,  Iraqi soldier

January 17th. to February 26th. 1991

Diary of a soldier in the Gulf War at Amghara, north of Kuwait City. His thoughts and feelings about the war; his worries about his family at home; self doubt; his religious feelings and appeals to God; inaction; latterly hysterical in tone.

A Diary of an Iraqi Soldier  Documentary studies on the Iraqi Aggression on Kuwait, No. 2. edited by Dr. Youssef Abdul-Moati, Almansoria, Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait, 1992. pp 24 plus Arabic text.


ANONYMOUS,  Lieutenant in the Iraqi Army

January 15th. to Februaray 17th. 1991

Diary of a soldier in the Gulf War, defending an airfield at As-Salman in Al-Matna province; his worries about his family at home; appeals to God; impotence in the face of unceasing air attacks; lack of news; worsening but unspecified illness.  

In  The Mammoth Book of War Diaries and Letters  edited by J.E.Lewis. New York, Carroll and Graf, 1998, pp 486-492. The diary was discovered by J.Godelfrein and translated from the French by S.Blackstone and D.Webb, this text has been posted on the internet by Mississippi State University.


DONAHER, Noeline Vera  - Australian woman television celebrity

October 1991 to December 1992

Irregular diary of the making and broadcast of a television fly-on-the-wall documentary of her home at Sylvania Waters, her family and social life; entries are often dated but the whole book may well have been written retrospectively; initial selection for the programme; personalities and work methods of the television people; horror at the results; the family under stress as they become famous, and the effects on her husband, children and step-children; the pressures of newspaper publicity; attempts to obtain redress for unfair and uninformed criticism; hurt at public reaction.

The Sylvania Waters Diary: The Inside Story of the Controversial BBC TV Series  London, Orion Books, 1993.


FILIPOVIĆ (FILIPOVIC), Zlata (b.1981)  Bosnian girl in Sarajevo

September 2nd. 1991 to October 17th. 1993

Diary of a young girl during the siege of Sarajevo by the Serbs; parents, relations and friends; hunger and shortages; school; her piano; war news; bombardment, deaths and injuries; hopes for peace; frustrations. A good account of the personal and public effects of the war.

Zlata's Diary  translated by Chrisina Pribichevich-Zorić. London, Viking, 1994. Published in French as  Le Journal de Zlata, 1993. Originally published in Croat by UNICEF.


GOODCHILD, Dorisann (b.1906?)


A disordered compilation of musings, anecdote, quotation, and current and earlier diary entries, largely inspired by buildings and nature; printed as a hand-written text with myriad small drawings; whimsical, sentimental and of little value.

Diary Days in the 86th. Year of Great Aunt Tit-Bit  published by the author, 1992.


LOXTERKAMP, David [Dr.]  of Belfast, Maine - E

Mid 1990’s?

“Unstinting and insightful, a year in the life of a rural . family practitioner in Belfast, Maine.”

A Measure of My Days: The Journal of a Family Doctor  Hanover, University press of New England, 1997.


MERRILL, Christopher (b.1957)  American poet and journalist - E

1992 to 1996

“At once a travelogue, a book of war reportage, and a biography of the imagination under siege, this beautifully written and personal narrative takes the reader along on the author’s journeys to all the provinces and republics of the former Yugoslavia•Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and Vojvodinaâ as well as to Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and Turkey. His journeys provide the narrative structure for an exploration of the roles and responsibility of intellectuals caught up in a decisive historical moment, many of whom either helped to incite the war or else bore eloquent witness to its carnage.”

Only the Nails Remain: Scenes from the Balkan Wars  Rowman and Littlefield, 1999.


MOSEDALE, John (1926?-2010)  American television journalist - E - 1991

The First Year: A Retirement Journal  New York, Crown, 1993. -




Gulf War.

Vipers in the Storm: Diary of a fighter pilot  Atlanta, Turner, 1997.


SEGRAVE, Elisa (b.1949)  English woman

September 1st. 1991 to May 27th. 1992 and May 3rd. 1994

Personal diary of a woman with two children, separated from her husband, from the discovery of a lump in her breast to the completion of her treatment; doctors, hospitals, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy; friends, children, family and social life; the social effects of her illness. A full and often entertaining account, well written by a strong woman. There are no obvious grounds for believing that the diary is other than a contemporaneous record but the publishers insert this caveat: "Although some names and details have been changed to protect privacy, this diary is otherwise based on real events that occurred between September 1991 and May 1992."

The Diary of a Breast  London, Faber and Faber, 1995.


WEBB, Veronica (b.1965)  American model, journalist and actress - e


About her part in the film 'Jungle Fever'.

Jungle Fever Diary  in  Elle, May, 1991.



BREEDEN, Stanley (b.1938) - E


Visions of a Rainforest: A Year in Australia's Tropical Rainforest  Berkeley, California, Ten Speed Press, 1993.



1992 to 1993 (?)

“Originally written as a column for a Croatian newspaper, Sarajevo vividly describes a life in which unspeakable horrors are daily occurrences.”

Sarajevo: A War Journal  New York, Fromm, 1993.


HEMPLEMAN-ADAMS, David Kim (b.1956)  British industrialist and adventurer - E


A Race Against Time: The british North Geomagnetic Pole Expedition, 1992  Worcester, 1993, is reported to contain diary material.



ARMSTRONG, Rahmed (b.1969?)  of New York, murderer


Five entries from a crime diary written in the "gangsta rap" idiom, recording four murders; very brief, factual notes.

Quoted in foreign news report  The Daily Telegraph  June 8th. 1995.


MORGAN, Piers (b.1965)  British journalist and newspaper editor

a) - December 10th. 1994 to October 20th. 2004

Newspaper editor's diary; Rupert Murdoch; appointment as editor of  the News of the World; resigns to edit the Daily Mirror; his dismissal following the publication of fake photographs purporting to record military abuse of Iraqi prisoners. Relations with his employers and staff; meetings with politicians, sportsmen and other celebrities; newspaper rivalries, particularly with the Sun; quarrels and deceptions; rudeness and drunken behaviour; frequent delight at the scandals and misfortunes reported in his papers; less so about his own involvement in an insider trading investigation; interesting on the technicalities of newspaper production. A detailed, extraordinary and fascinating picture of the moral universe of politicians, journalists and others in the public eye, notably Princess Diana, Rupert Murdoch, Mr and Mrs. Blair and others; some family and more personal notes are much more reticent. The diary has been compiled for publication from contemporary notes, e-mails and other documents and this may have affected the reliability of the account. The entries for February 20th. 2001 and February 26th. 2002 are identical in wording, differing only in paragraphing.

The Insider: The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade  London, Ebury Press, 2005.

b) - August 5th. 2004 to November 9th.2006

His life as a 'celebrity' following the loss of regular employment; his work for television, particularly as a judge on an American television talent show; frequent references to his dismissal from the Daily Mirror; a galaxy of sportsmen, actors and 'personalities', many of whom are admired and others despised, few are of much consequence; much drinking; some mentions of his ex-wife, children and more about his relationship with Celia Walden. This diary seems to be soundly based on a contemporaneous record, in contrast to the earlier book, and again provides a fascinating picture of the life and of the writer, full of incident and interesting detail but no longer close to the sources of power and influence.  

Don't You Know Who I Am? Insider Diaries of Fame, Power and Naked Ambition  London, Ebury Press, 2007.

c) - October 23rd. 2006 to November 5th. 2008

More of his life as a 'celebrity', particularly in connection with American television appearances, notably in 'Celebrity Apprentice', which he wins; this third volume continues the pattern of the second but becomes rather formulaic and repetitive; often entertaining but less interesting.

God Bless America: Misadventures of a Big Mouth Brit  London,Ebury Press, 2009.


PRAAG, Judith van  - theatre designer

January 11th. 1993 to January 21st. 1994

Mother's diary mourning the loss of Ariane Eira, her still-born daughter; the birth trauma; the aching loss; adjustment of relations with friends and acquaintances; her husband; the therapeutic value of creative work; decision to leave Holland for America; an honest and moving account included in a book .

In  Creative Acts of Healing: after a baby dies  Seattle, Paseo Press, 1999.


SULEIMAN, Susan Rubin (b.1940?)  Hungarian born American academic - E


"Emerging from this eloquent, often suspenseful diary is the portrait of an intellectual who recaptures her past and comes into contact with the vital, troubling world of contemporary Eastern Europe."

Budapest Diary: In Search of the Mother Book  University of Nebraska Press, 1996.



CAMPBELL, Alastair (b.1957)  Labour party spin doctor and British Government Communications Director

a) - July 27th. 1994 to August 29th. 2003

Diary extracts, carefully selected and edited to minimise embarrassment to the writer, the Labour Party and close associates; the entries are, in the main, selected to focus upon Tony Blair and his relationships with colleagues, staff, family and foreign politicians, most prominently his wife, Cherie, Gordon Brown, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Campbell himself; the party in opposition and preparation for power; the overwhelming nature of the election victory; the peace process in Northern Ireland; death of Princess Diana; the Millennium Dome; the 2001 election; the terrorist attack on America; the war on terror; Saddam Hussein, Iraq and the subsequent inquest into the genesis of the intelligence dossier on weapons of mass destruction; the death of Dr. Kelly; the Hutton Enquiry; his resignation; many revealing incidents of character and behaviour of prominent people; his hatred of the media, the manipulation of which is his main occupation; difficult relations with the mother of his children; relentless pressure to respond instantly to every event; the ever present mobile telephone. A very full and often fascinating account of his work, written with a view to eventual publication by a master technician.

The Blair Years: Extracts from the Alastair Campbell Diaries  edited by Alastair Campbell and Richard Scott. London, Hutchinson, 2007.

b) - 1994 to 2003

Diary extracts relating to the Northern Ireland Peace Procees, newly edited and with additonal material and commentary.

The Irish Diaries (1994-2003)  Lilliput Press, paperback, 2013.

c) - May 12th. 1994 to May 1st. 1997

Diaries, purportedly unexpurgated, from the death of John Smith to the election of the Labour Government under Tony Blair; a very full account of the strategy and tactics involved in the creation and promotion of 'New Labour', particularly in relation to the media; more detail about the tensions between the senior figures in the party, particularly Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Prescott and Cook; envy, jealousy, briefing and counter-briefing; the diarist gives the impression that expediency on the road to power was the guiding principle of most of the participants; some personal notes of his troubled family life; occasional illuminating vignettes, as of a dinner with Blair and Princess Diana; relentless and exhausting  pressure, particularly during the election campaign. A detailed but often flat and pedestrian account with great technical interest and probably of historical value.

The Alastair Campbell Diaries: Volume I: Prelude to Power, 1994-1997  edited by Alastair Campbell and Bill Hagerty. London, Hutchinson, 2010.

d) - May 2nd. 1997 to April 29th. 1999

Diaries of the first two years of the Labour government; the claim to be the unexpurgated version is not emphasised and it seems likely that there are some omissions on security grounds and possibly from legal considerations. The record is dominated by Northern Ireland and latterly Kosovo leavened by scandals and tensions among ministers and others close to the centre of power. An astonishingly full and detailed account of his daily work and scarce leisure moments which sheds much light upon the processes of government and its dependence upon the impression of competence and dynamism created by skilful news management. A flatly written but unrivalled account, important both for the events described and, particularly for the mechanisms of power, diplomacy and decision making, but leaving mysterious the creation and development of policy.

The Alastair Campbell Diaries: Volume II: Power and the People, 1997-1999  edited by Alastair Campbell and Bill Hagerty. London, Hutchinson, 2011.

e) - May 1st. 1999 to September 11th. 2001

The diaries continue on the same pattern but not dominated to the same extent by Kosovo and Northern Ireland; occasional hints of exhaustion and disillusion; endless personal problems between Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson and Blair’s inability to confront the problem; many other difficult personal relationships; party indiscipline; obsession with football; difficulties with his partner, Fiona Millar; endless travel, meetings, phone calls. An astonishingly detailed account of the mechanics of government and news management; ends on the terrorist attack on New York.  

The Alastair Campbell Diaries: Volume III: Power and Responsibility, 1999-2001  edited by Alastair Campbell and Bill Hagerty. London Hutchinson, 2011.

f) - July 4th. to 15th. 2003

Extracts from his private diary submitted in evidence to the Hutton enquiry into the death of Dr. Kelly; a revealing account of conversations with Tony Blair, Geoff Hoon and others; a rare insight into the machinery of government.

Published, inter alia, in  The Daily Telegraph  September 23rd. 2003.

g) - September 11th. 2001 to August 29th. 2003

An intimate view of the progress to war in Afghanistan and Iraq; relations between Blair, Bush and other world leaders with details of meetings and conversations; relations with the secret services; increasing difficulties between Blair and Brown; friction at home, further complicated by his partner, Fiona Millar’s close but difficult association with Cherie Blair; Carole Caplin; hatred of the BBC and most newspapers, despite his dependence upon them; the Hutton Enquiry and the death of Dr David Kelly; exhaustion and perhaps disillusion; leaves Downing Street. Many misprints have escaped attention and the claim that the diaries are unexpurgated is not made for this volume, which is again of greatest value for its detailed account of the mechanics of politics.

The Alastair Campbell Diaries: Volume IV: The Burden of Power, Countdown to Iraq  edited by Alastair Campbell and Bill Hagerty. London Hutchinson, 2012.

h) - August 30th. 2003 to May 5th. 2005

The diaries continue with the relationship between Tony Blair and George Brown ever present; indecision about his future career in the light of many offers; tensions with Fiona Miller are little reduced; his obsession with physical exercise by running is reinforced by the addition of cycling and swimming; pride in the sporting and academic achievements of his boys; his needy daughter; depression; speaking engagements and journalism; becomes media consultant for the Lions New Zealand rugby tour; charity work; constant media and political contacts; the shadow of Iraq always present; fails to persuade Blair to dismiss Brown; returns to Downing Street for the election campaign where he succeeds in disguising the Blair-Brown enmity. The diaries are very full and detailed but remain flatly written and are of diminishing importance for political history and reticent about his personal and financial affairs.

The Alastair Campbell Diaries: Volume V: Outside, Inside  edited by Alastair Campbell and Bill Hagerty, London, Biteback Publishing, 2016.

i) - 2005 to 2007

The Alastair Campbell Diaries: Volume VI: From Blair to Brown  Biteback Publishing, 2017.


KLAUS, Carl H. [professor] (b.1932?)  of Iowa; diarist essayist and gardener

(Annotations based on extracts)

a) - December 1994 to March 1995

Diary of winter; the weather; his vegetable garden; meals; his wife; reminiscence.

Weathering Winter  University of Iowa Press, 1997.

b) - 1995

A very full, day by day account of his work in the vegetable garden; weather; some personal notes and reminiscences; impending retirement from academic work; neighbours; his family; last days of his cat.

My Vegetable Love  Houghton Mifflin, 1996.

c) - 1997

Diary record of events before and after retirement from academic life; reactions and adjustments of his own life and of colleagues; his wife; a trip to the Rockies.

Taking Retirement  Beacon Press, 1999.

d) - 2002

Diary in the form of letters to his dead wife; a very moving account of her stroke and subsequent death; shock and grief; legal and financial matter soon obtrude; the beginnings of adjustment.

Letters to Kate   University of Iowa Press, 2006.


MULLIN, Christopher John (b.1947)  British Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament

a) - May 12th. 1994 to July 27th. 1999

Political diary on the back benches; chairmanship of the Home Affairs Select Committee. This volume was published after the later diaries and is a useful and often entertaining precursor to them but the editor's advice to omit "much pessimism and agonising" may have sacrificed the essential diarist to popular taste.

A Walk-On Part: Diaries 1994-1999  edited by Ruth Winstone. London, Profile, 2011.

b) - July 28th. 1999 to May 9th. 2005

Political diary of a junior minister and member of the parliamentary committee; his determined attempts to resist the efforts of his political colleagues, superiors and civil servants to rule his life, with some success; a low but affectionate opinion of most of his constituents; rumour and counter rumour, often concerened with the rivalry between the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer; some frank opinions of the character and capacity of colleagues and ministers; a pervading sense of his own inadequacy in office and as a holder of some unfashionable views, particularly in relation to Iraq; some success as a junior minister at the Foreign Office temporarily fuels his ambition, which is disappointed; good accounts of official foreign travel and meetings; some political courage. A useful picture of the life of a small cog in the political machine. A good tempered and sometimes entertaining account of his professional life with a few personal matters and mentions of his wife, children and elderly parents; the death of his father.

A View from the Foothills: The Diaries of Chris Mullin  edited by Ruth Winstone. London, Profile, 2009.

c) - May 10th. 2005 to May 11th. 2010

Political diary on the same pattern as the preceding volume; life on the back benches; some wistful reflections on his time in office; reactions to the publication of his diaries; the continued rivalry of Blair and Brown, and its unsatisfactory resolution; many good vignettes of ministers and colleagues; a pervading sense of weary despair at his lack of influence; the expenses scandal and banking crisis; continuing interest in African affairs; the decision to leave parliament at the next election, increasing detachment, a hint of later regret that he may have forfeited the opportunity of being elected Speaker; some mentions of family affairs, holidays, his wife and daughters, the decline and death of his mother. A valuable account, often entertaining, which sheds little light on great affairs but uniquely illuminates the back bench life.  

Decline and Fall: Diaries 2005-2010  edited by Ruth Winstone. London, Profile, 2010.


NOVELLI, Norma  - British journalist - E


The record of telephone conversations with Lyle Menendez, accused of parricide, who was later convicted.

The Private Diary of Lyle Menendez  Dove Books, 1995.



BJERREGAARD, Britt  - Danish woman, European Union Environment Commissioner

July 11th. 1995

Single entry from an outspoken diary recording tensions, bad manners and incompetence at the most senior political and administrative levels of the European Union.

An account and one entry were reported in  The Daily Telegraph  October 25th. 1995. The book was printed in Danish with the title Kommissaerens Dagbog. A report on the following day stated that the whole print run was being pulped but that review copies had already been sent out.


CATT, Michael John (b.1971)  rugby player

June 14th. and 15th. 1995

Quotations from two diary entries forecasting (incorrectly) the outcome of a rugby game against New Zealand in the 1995 World Cup. To what extent, if any, the rest of the book relies upon a diary is not made clear.

In  Landing on My Feet: My Story  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 2007, p64.

CORK, Dominic (b.1952?)  cricketer

April 3rd. 1995 to March 31st. 1996

Cricketer's diary; his games for Derbyshire and in Test Matches; England, South Africa, India and Pakistan; some comments on fellow cricketers and a few personal and travel notes. Written for publication and possibly ghosted.

Uncorked! The Diary of a Cricket Year  with David Norrie. London, Richard Cohen Books, 1996.


GUINNESS, Alec [Sir] (1914-2000)  actor


Diary of a year; travel; visits; friends; reminiscences; the trials of age; trivialities; reflections on national and international affairs; pleasant.

My Name Escapes Me: The Diary of a Retiring Actor  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1996.

Note: There is also some earlier diary-like material in  A Commonplace Book  London Hamish Hamilton, 2001.




Diary record of the last illness and death of the writer Kingsley Amis, by his biographer and drinking companion.

In  The Sunday Times  March 17th. and 24th. 1996.


JORDAN, Neil  - film director

(Annotation based on extracts)

1995 to 1996

Professional diary of the making of a cinema film about Michael Collins, sometime leader of the Irish Republican Army.

In  Michael Collins - Film Diary and Screenplay  London, Vintage, 1996.

KHAN, Claire (1977?-1995)  schoolgirl

June 3rd. to July 5th. 1995

Diary of a schoolgirl dying of Cushing's Disease; her brave attempts to come to terms with her illness.

Extracts quoted in  The Daily Telegraph  September 20th. 1995.


MELCHER, Charles (b.1965)  American founder of Melcher Media - E


Concerns an American television show The Real World in which “of seven strangers... picked to live in a house...(work together) and have their lives taped... to find out what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real...”

The Real World Diaries  Melcher Medium, 1996.

Note: It is uncertain to what extent, if any, this is actually Melcher’s diary.


POLYCARPOU, Peter  - actor

November 4th 1995 to May 28th. 1996

Actor's diary during the making of 'Evita', a film about Eva Peron; some notes about his part in the film and Madonna, a popular singer, who played the part of Eva Peron.

In  The Daily Telegraph  (Arts and Books Supplement), December 14th. 1996.



CHAPMAN, Kit  - English hotelier

September 7th. 1996 to September 25th. 1997

The proprietor's episodic diary of a year at the Castle Hotel, Taunton, inspired by the diary of John Fothergill (qv); foibles and vanities of customers; staff and management problems; the loss of the hotel's Michelin star; food, drink and anecdote; entertaining.

An Innkeeper's Diary  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1999.


CONDON, Sean  - Australian; self-styled author, dilettante and buffoon - E


Drive Thru America  Lonely Planet, 1998, is described as a non-fiction novel and probably contains some authentic diary material.

Note: See also  Sean & David’s Long Drive  Lonely Planet, 1996 and  My Dam Life  Lonely Planet, 2003.


GILBERT, Martin John (b.1936)  hoistorian - E

June 1996

Diary of a two weeks journey through Europe visiting major sites of the Holocaust with a student group.

Holocaust Journey: Travelling in Search of the Past  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1997.


HERRICK, George Gardner

a) - 1996

Diary of summer visits to Roque Island, Maine; gardening, croquet, bird watching, weather, wood cutting, planting, sailing, bathing, family, friends, meals; his reading. A straight-forward, factual, account of poetic effect.

A Season on Roque Island, 1996  Ipswich, Massachusetts, privately printed, 1996, 33pp.

b) - 1999

Diary of summer visits to Roque Island; similar to the earlier diary but a little more of personal and family matters.

A Season on Roque Island, 1999  Ipswich, Massachusetts, privately printed, 2000, 27pp.


JOHNSON, Jessica Leigh (b.1981?)  American schoolgirl from North Carolina

July 25th. to August 1st. 1996

Travel diary; the flight to Rome with a party of schoolgirls and a teacher; Rome, Florence Assisi, Paris by night train, London; sights, hotels, food; some rather worrying contacts with the local populations. An attractive diary by a wide eyed and observant American girl.

In  The Diarist's Journal  4, March, 2004, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 31-35.


McCRUM, Robert  - writer, and LYALL, Sarah  - journalist - E

From August 1st. 1996(?)

The diaries of husband and wife during his recovery from a stroke at the age of 42.

In  My Year Off: Rediscovering Life After a Stroke  London, Picador, 1998.




Onna Rashiku (Like a Woman): The Diary of a Language Learner in Japan  Albany, State University of New York Press, 1998.



December 1996 to March 1997

Diary; account of the controversial slaughter of bison in the Yellowstone National Park to avert the risk of brucellosis transmission outside the park; the starving condition of the bison in a hard winter; official views and protests.

In  Audubon  May-June, 1997.



BLUNKETT, David (b.1947)  British politician

May 1997 to November 2005

Political diary, dictated at weekly or longer intervals, edited by the author with the addition of extended retrospective glosses. Secretary of State for Education, Home Secretrary and, later, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in the Labour Government under Tony Blair; public life, work and colleagues; endless pressures; frustration with civil servants and criticism of their work; low expectations of the media; surprisingly little on the effect of his blindness upon his life and work; obsessive promotion of the proposal for national identity cards; mutual hatred of a colleague, John Prescott; some mentions of his sons and his health but little else about his private life; the scandals leading to his resignation as Home Secretary and again as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. The diary notes are often disorganised and undisciplined and the glosses are mainly self-exculpatory but there are valuable insights into the life of a minister in modern government.

The Blunkett Tapes: My Life in the Bear Pit  London, Bloomsbury, 2006.


BULL, Deborah  - ballet dancer

May 1st. 1997 to May 1st. 1998

Dancer's diary of work, travel and art-politics, during the Royal Ballet's exile from Covent Garden during rebuilding; some more personal matter, thoughts and opinions; written for publication; good of its kind.

Dancing Away; A Covent Garden Diary  London, Methuen, 1998.


INGLIS, Joe  - newly qualified veterinary surgeon

January 1st. to December 31st. 1977 and August 9th. and 16th. 1998

Very full private and professional diary with entries timed as well as dated; his professional work in Devon, with details of operations performed; clients and colleagues; development of his 'grassboard' invention; experiences of filming by the BBC for a television series; friends and social life; his girlfriend; work on a projected novel; locum work; move to Cheltenham with his girlfriend; a television interview; engagement to marry. The two isolated entries record the wedding and a grassboard championship meeting.

It Really Does Happen to a Vet  London, Sidgewick and Jackson, 1999.


JONES, Janet (Lady Richard)  wife of labour politician Lord Richard - E

From 1997?

“Married to Lord Richard who became Leader of the House of Lords in Tony Blair's first cabinet, Janet Jones gives a unique insight into life at the centre of the New Labour government.
Janet Jones tells of the manoeuvring that characterised Labour's first year in power. She takes the reader through the Lord Chancellor's residence and into the cabinet room and goes on to describe the shock of her husband being unceremoniously sacked from the cabinet in Tony Blair's first reshuffle.”

Labour of Love: The Political Diary of a Cabinet Minister’s Wife  London, Politico, 1999.


KUPELIAN, Vartan  - American journalist


Record of a golf tour; Tiger Woods.

Stalking the Tiger: a Writer's Diary  Chelsea, Michigan: Sleeping Bear Press, 1997.


SIMON, Alvah - E


North to the Night: A Year in the Arctic Ice  Mcgraw-Hill, 1998.


WATERMAN, Jonathan - E


Not seen, but probably a diary of his failed attempt to emulate the feat of the Duke of Abruzzi (qv) who climbed Mount st. Elias, Alaska in 1897.

In  A Most Hostile Mountain: Re-Creating the Duke of Abruzzi's Historic Expedition on Mount St. Elias  New York, Holt, 1997.



COHEN, Richard

August 1998

Diary of a week in Kuala Lumpur competing in the Commonwealth Fencing Championship.

In  The Daily Telegraph  (Weekend Section) September 26th. 1998.


FIELDING, Helen  - author

June 3rd. to 12th. 1998

Diary of part of a publicity tour of America by the author of the fictional 'Bridget Jones's Diary'; entertaining self-parody.

In  The Daily Telegraph  (Weekend Supplement), June 20th. 1998.


PRICE, Lance  - journalist and news manager

June 8th. 1998 to June 11th. 2001

Work diary, with a few mentions of his private life; deputy to Alastair Campbell, advising Tony Blair and others on news management; later Director of Communications for the Labour Party; a very interesting insight into the techniques of the spin doctor and complicity of the media; the private behaviour of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alastair Campbell and many others; attitudes and interactions of ministers; manipulation of people; the methods by which political speeches are written; preparations for the general election; low opinion of the opposition; unconsciously revealing of the moral vacuum in which all this takes place; some emphasis on his homosexuality and that of others.   

The Spin Doctor's Diary: Inside Number 10 with New Labour  London, Hodder and Stoughton, 2005.


SMITH, Daniel R. - E


In  Along the Pacific Crest Trail  by Bart Smith. Englewood, Westcliffe, 1998.


SPOONER, Christopher  - of Aldeburgh, Suffolk

July 18th. to 25th. 1998

Diary of a sponsored bicycle ride in the Arctic Circle; scenery, mosquitoes, food, an accident; a good brief account.

In  The Aldeburgh Gazette  No.181, August 14th. 1998.


WINFREY, Oprah Gail (b.1954)  American "Talk Show" hostess


Making of the film 'Beloved'.

Journey to Beloved  Boston, Hyperion, 1998.



ARTHUR, Louise (d.2000)  Englishwoman

February 1st. to November 3rd. 1999

Personal diary, originally posted on her website, combined with commentary and background by her husband; a moving and courageous record of her approach to death from cancer of the brain; her love of life, husband and child; wider family; pleasures, recollections and reflections; pain; physical symptoms of gradual decline; doctors and treatments; stays in a hospice.

Shadow in Tiger Country; One Last Year of Love  London, HarperCollins, 2000.


ASLET, Clive - E

(Not seen)

1999 to 2000

Country diary by the editor of Country Life following his removal from London to Northamptonshire.

A Horse in the Country: A Diary of a Year in the Heart of England  London, Fourth Estate, 2001.


CLARK, Jane  - wife of Alan Clark

August 2nd. to September 7th. 1999

Personal diary, caring for her husband (qv) in his last illness; her love; the decline, with brief intervals of hope; unsparing detail of practical matters in the sick room; her sons and their reactions to their father's condition; drugs and treatment; death from a brain tumour; the funeral.

In  The Last Diaries: In and Out of the Wilderness  edited by Ion Trewin. London, Weidenfeld and nicolson, 2002, pp 367-386.


McNEILL, Jacki  - editor of the Aldeburgh Gazette, of Aldeburgh, Suffolk

March 1999 to October 4th. 2002

Scattered diary entries written from the perspective of the author's dogs; the dogs' lives and relationship; nature notes; local affairs and controversies; editorial work for the Aldeburgh Gazette, in which the diaries were first published.

The Press Pack Diaries  Aldeburgh, Benhall Publications, 2002.


MOHLKE, Matthew G. (b.1975?) - E

May to August 1999

Day to day record of a canoe trip down the Mississippi.

Floating Down the Country: A 79 day adventure down the Mississippi from its source at Lake Itaska to New Orleans  Lone Oak Press, Red Wing, Minnesota, 2001.



AZRAEL, Judith  - American author


A collection of undated notes about a trip to the Greek islands, possibly assembled from the records of several years.

In  The Diarist's Journal  4, March, 2004, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 56-60.


HOLMES, Kimberley D. - E

Twenty first century

Its My life and I’ll Cry if I Want Too: The Diary of a Bipolar Woman  Dog Ear Publishing, 2017.


JONES, Elizabeth Ann (Liz) (b.1958)  British journalist

2000 to 2005

Episodic and very personal confessional and exhibitionistic diary; courtship and marriage. Written for publication and often entertaining but much detail is of doubtful veracity.

Liz Jone’s Diary... how one single girl got married  London, Quadrille, 2005.


MA YAN (b.1988?)  Chinese muslim schoolgirl

September 2nd. to December 28th. 2000 and July 3rd. to December 13th. 2001

Schoolgirl's diary in Ningxia province of Inner Mongolia; her ambition and determination to study; the extreme poverty of her parents and extended family; the struggle to pay for her schooling; her hopes and fears; domestic tasks; father and brothers; love and gratitude to her mother. The diary paints a vivid, detailed and interesting picture of peasant life, family and school, which is supplemented by the editor's background notes.

The Diary of Ma Yan: The Daily Life of a Chinese Schoolgirl  edited by Pierre Haski, translated from the French by Lisa Appignanesi and from the Mandarin by He Yanping. London, Virago, 2004. The diary was first published in French, Paris, 2002.


NASSAR, Alison Jones - E

From 2000?

“… an American expatriate living with her Palestinian husband and their young children in occupied Bethlehem during the incursions of the Israeli army following the uprising known as the Al Aqsa Intifada. Alison describes the daily existence of innocent Palestinian civilians … a life of curfews, checkpoints, and closures which produce relentless humiliation and fear. Her email journal reveals her attempt to find reason for hope …”

IMM Mathilda: A Bethlehem Mother’s Diary  Kirk House Publishers, 2003.


WATT, Andrew  - American poet and teacher

June 7th. to 12th. 2000

Travel diary with a tour group on the Camino Santiago in Spain; a stop in Madrid before the walk begins; Thyssen and Prado galleries; the walk (apparently cut short by an injury); companions. A very full account by a serious young man; rather flat.

In  The Diarist's Journal  4, March, 2004, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 36-43.




ARCHER, Jeffrey  - politician, novelist and perjurer

a) - July 19th. to August 9th. 2001

Prison diary; very full entries, dated and timed, recording his experiences in Belmarsh Prison following his conviction for perjury; prison conditions and routine, particularly food and exercise; fellow prisoners, their crimes and backgrounds; prison officers; communication with lawyers and family; complaints about the conduct of his trial. A disappointingly pedestrian account but interesting for the personality of the author.

A Prison Diary by FF8282: Volume One – Belmarsh: Hell  London. Macmillan, 2002.

b) - August 9th. to October 15th. 2001

Prison diary of the same style and general content as the previous volume, in Wayland Prison, Norfolk; difficulties encountered as the result of false accusations concerning the affairs of a charity with which he had been concerned; buys an emerald from Colombia through the agency of a fellow prisoner as a Christmas present for his wife; bids unsuccessfully for a painting by Botero by the same means; becomes adept at securing the protection and material assistance of his fellow prisoners.

A Prison Diary: Volume Two – Wayland: Purgatory  London, Macmillan, 2003.

c) - October 15th. 2001 to October 18th. 2002, and July 21st. 2003

Prison diary continued on the same pattern but with increasing humility; the relative freedom and comfort of a D-category (resettlement) prison; press intrusion, including inducements to fellow prisoners to provide 'stories'; the progress of his appeal against sentence, and its ultimate failure; work in the prison hospital; some useful and interesting observations about the prevalence of drug taking amongst the prisoners; much critical observation of the working of the prison service, particularly in its higher reaches; progressive increase in freedom is brought to an end by a detour from a home visit to take lunch with his member of parliament which is (wrongly) adjudged to infringe the conditions of his licence and results in a transfer to the appalling conditions of Lincoln Prison; apart from a single entry recording his final release the diary ends on his transfer from Lincoln to Hollesley Bay, an open prison in Suffolk.

A Prison Diary: Volume Three - North Sea Camp: Heaven  London, Macmillan, 2004.

Note: These diaries appear to have been condensed from an enormous record, probably by the author himself, and the variations and minor inconsistencies apparent in the overlapping entries between books throw some light upon the editorial process.


CUMMINGS, James (b.1937)  American bookseller and diary collector

September 11th. to 17th. 2001

Selected entries from a personal diary within an article about his interesting diaries; his thoughts and reactions following the terrorist attack on the World trade Center and the Pentagon.

The Recorded Life  in  The Diarist's Journal  Issue, 1, October, 2002.


ROSE, Hollie  - editor and proprietress of The Diarist's Journal

a) - From February 1st. 2001

Narrative account of a trip to Ireland.

In  The Diarist's Journal  4, March, 2004, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 13-23.

b) - October 10th. 2001 to October 15th. 2004

Editor's diary; personal notes on the genesis and production of The Diarist's Journal; hopes and fears, troubles and successes. The entries for October 2004 record the death of her mother and the consequent devastating effect upon her ability to continue production of the magazine, compounded by the unsympathetic reactions of a disappointed subscriber.

In  The Diarist's Journal  four issues, 2002 to 2004 and a single sheet titled  Editor's Journal Extra  which was sent to subscribers  in October 2004.



BAKER, Andy  - American from Texas

August 15th. to September 17th. 2000

Diary of a trip to Europe with his companion, Greeley; Holland, Germany, Austria, France; full but irregular entries; people, conversations, meals; much about Greeleybthe; ambiguity of the relationship. Interesting.

In  The Diarist's Journal  4, March, 2004, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 64-72.


BRYSON, William McGuire (Bill) (b. 1951)  American author

September 28th. to October 5th. 2002

Travel diary of a visit to Kenya under the auspices of CARE International; visits a Nairobi slum; views fossil skulls in the the national Museum; the Great Rift Valley; train to Mombasa; the lost city of Gedi; flight from Malindi to visit the Somali refugee camp at Dadaab; return flight to Nairobi, arriving during a rainstorm; drive to Kisumu to see the results of a financing scheme for small traders; a new well and a model farm at Ogongo Tir. Jocular in style but a good record of the trip and the work of the charity, in whose aid the book was published.

Bill Bryson's African Diary  London, Doubleday, 2002.


PHELAN, Sarah  - American journalist

May 15th. to June 7th. 2002

Diary about keeping a diary; conversations with Raymond Zager (qv). Written for publication. -

Forced Entries  in  The Diarist's Journal  2, February 2003, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 24-27, reprinted from  MetroSantaCruz  June 12th. 2002.


TIERNEY, Pattie  - American writer

September 10th. 2002

A day in Edinburgh; learns how to cook a salmon in a dishwasher.

In  The Diarist's Journal  4, March, 2004, Middlefield, Connecticut, p 62.



SHUMICKY, Lisa  - librarian from New York

March 24th. to 28th.

Diary extracts recording the progress and associated thoughts and musings, while writing about the diaries of Anaïs Nin (qv) for The Diarist's Journal.

Anaïs Nin: An Unprofessional Study  in   The Diarist's Journal  3, October, 2003, Middlefield, Connecticut, pp 12-15.




September 1st. 2004 to March 1st. 2006

Diary of the building of an 'eco-house' in Clapham, London; a layman's account but with much constructional detail; very little personal matter; written for publication.

Diary of an Eco-Builder  Dartington, Green Books, 2006. First published in the Property section of the Independent.


CHALLEN, Georgina (Sally) (b.1954?)  Englishwoman

August 2004 to August 2009

A few brief entries about her husband's behaviour and her reactions put in evidence at her trial for his murder by bludgeoning with a claw hammer.

In  The Daily Telegraph  Friday, June 17th., 2011.


O'MAHONEY, Chelsea (b.1989?)  fourteen year old London girl

October 3rd. 2004

A single entry from the diary of a fourteen year old girl, member of a street gang, which records her disapproval of an unprovoked attack upon an elderly man, even though she had laughed about it afterwards. The diarist was later convicted of taking part in the gratuitous and brutal manslaughter of another man.

Quoted in the  Daily Telegraph  January 24th. 2006.



COLE, Lily (b.1988)  English schoolgirl and fashion model

January 2005

Diary of a busy four days in Paris, modelling during the Paris Couture Week; Dior, Gaultier, Lacroix; some good backstage views of the life; food and entertainment; sights and schoolwork. A delightful and instructive short account.

In  The Telegraph Magazine  April 16th. 2005 pp 30 and 32.


FOSTER, Alethea (b.1944?)

August 11th. To October 3rd. 2005

A few entries from the private diary of a woman on trial for stabbing her husband's mistress, partly written during a trip to India; reflections on her weight loss; feelings of shock and betrayal; return to England; sets out for cambridge to confront the woman.

Quoted in a report of the trial in  The Daily Telegraph  April 29th. 2006.


VOISEY, Peter (b.1970?)

December 27th. 2005

A brief single entry, apparently expressing relief after the event, on the day on which he had abducted and raped a six year old girl.

Quoted in  The Daily Telegraph  October 21st. 2006.




August 13th. to September 13th. 2007

Journalist's diary as a trainee baggage handler at Heathrow; corruption and abuses in the job application and working practices.

In  The Sunday Telegraph  September 16th. 2007.


MAYER, Robert [Dr.] (1960?-2008)  general practitioner, of London

January 18th. 2007 to February 15th. 2008

Diary extracts recording his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer; relations with other doctors and experience of drugs trials; reflections on the organisation and functioning of the National Health Service; approaching death. A brave, detached and objective account of the progress and treatment of a fatal illness with little mention of more personal matters.

In  The Sunday Telegraph  November 9th. 2008.



BUSTAMENTE, Alyssa (b.1994?)  of St. Martins, Missouri


Diary entry of a fifteen year old girl recording her enjoyment of the murder of Elizabeth Olten, her nine year old neighbour.

Quoted in The Daily Telegraph  February 8th. 2012.


JOHNSON, Rachel  - English journalist

June 2009 to June 2010

Diary of the editor of The Lady, written for publication. Her appointment in the hope of achieving modernisation and increased circulation; relations, some difficult, with staff, contributors and the proprietorial family; much name-dropping of "celebrities"; lunches; some mentions of her husband and children and her brother, the Mayor of London; the trials and perils of a documentary television programme about her and the magazine; readers' reactions. A detailed but selective account of her life in the job, often humorous and sometimes illuminating.

A Diary of The Lady: My First year as Editor   London, Fig Tree, 2010.



KURKOV, Andrey (b.1961)  Ukrainian writer

November 2013 to April 2014

Life in Kiev during the pro-European protests, annexation of Crimea by Russia and separatist uprisings in eastern Ukraine; his private, family and professional life; a holiday in Crimea; a wide-ranging, detailed and interesting account.

Ukraine Diaries: Dispatches from Kiev  translated by Sam Taylor, London, Harvill Secker, 2014.



BYTHELL, Shaun  - bookseller of Wigtown

February 2014 to February 2015

Diary of the owner of the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland, perhaps written with publication in mind and edited accordingly; daily statistics of customers, orders and takings; much about his eccentric part-time shop assistant; behaviour of customers and his responses; the Wigtown Book Festival; detestation of Amazon; book buying; social life; maintenance of the shop. Much of interest, a galaxy of entertaingcharacters and anecdote.

The Diary of a Bookseller  London, Profile Books, 2017.


WALSH, Katrina (Mrs) (b.1960?)

2014 and 2015

Seven diary extracts recording feelings of exhilaration when helping her friend to plan the murder of another woman, given in evidence at the trial of the two women for the murder.

Quoted in The Daily Telegraph  July 6th. 2016.



RENSTEN, John  - urban forager - E


Diary of foraging, month by month, in London. Perhaps a compilation.

The Edible City: A year of Wild Food  Boxtree, 2016.


SHULMAN, Alexander  - writer and editor Vogue - E

2015 and 2016 (?)

“What a year for Vogue! Alexandra Shulman reveals the emotional and logistical minefield of producing the 100th anniversary issue… narrowly-contained domestic chaos hovers: spontaneous combustion in the kitchen, a temperamental boiler and having to send bin day reminders all the way from Milan fashion week. For anyone who wants to know what the life of a fashion magazine editor is really like, or for any woman who loves her job, this is a rich, honest and sharply observed account of a year lived at the centre of British fashion and culture.”

Inside Vogue: A Diaryof My 100th Year  Fig Tree, 2016.



PELLING, Rowan Dorothy (b.1968) journalist, editrice of the Erotic Review

October 2016 to April 2017

Dated notes in diary form of her appointment as editor of The Amorist and events up to the eve of its launch; staff; contributors; salesmanship; the sudden death of Alexander Chancellor; sex toys and their reviewer.

In  The Daily Telegraph  April 22nd, 2017.



ANONYMOUS  - Susan - E

James Cummings (12119) has  Diary  Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1970.



James Cummings (7991) has  The Mazin Diary  Print, 1940, which may refer to  Print: A Quarterly Journal of the Graphic Arts  which first appeared in June 1940.



James Cummings (304) has  Journal of a Soldier of the Seventy First Regiment  Edinburgh, two volumes, 1828. This may be the journal of Captain POCOCKE (qv).



James Cummings (314) has  Diary  in  A History of the Rise, Progress, and Present Condition of the Bethlehem Female Seminary  by William Cornelius Reichel, Lippincott, 1858.



James Cummings (339) has  A Campaign Journal  in  William Churchill Houston, 1746-1788  by Thoams Allen Glenn, privately printed, Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1903, 96 pp.



James Cummings (338) has  Journal of a Steamboat Voyage from St. Louis to Fort Union  in  Volume III of   The American Fur Trade of the Far West: A history of the pioneer trading posts and early fur companies of the Missouri valley and the Rocky mountains and the overland commerce with Santa Fe  by Hiram Martin Chittenden.  New York, Francis P. Harper, 1902.



James Cummings (336) has  Berkeleyans Abroad  Berkeley, California, 1899?



The Boy-Hunter of Chicoutimie  in  Recollections of Curious Characters and Pleasant Places  by Charles Lanman, Edinburgh, David Douglas, 1881, is reported to contain diary material.



James Cummings (336) has  A New York Boy’s Travels Around the World  Dodd, 1874.



“History of the band of Congregational ministers who worked in the Iowa Territory to establish the Congregational Church and a college, which ultimately became Grinnell College.”

The Iowa Band  Boston, 1870, is reported to contain diary material.



Leaves from the Journal of a Lady Near Port Gibson, Mississippi  in  Recollections of Henry Watkins Allen  by Sarah Dorsey, New York, 1866.



Child Life in Italy: A Story of Six Years Abroad  Boston, 1866, is reported to contain diary material.



James Cummings (381) has  Travel Journal  in  Old New England Inns  by Mary Caroline Crawford. Boston, L.C.Page, 1924.



Gone West, by A Soldier Doctor  New York, Alfred Knopf, 1919, is reported to contain diary material.



In the Mountains  New York, Doubleday, 1920, is reported to contain diary material.



The White Sulphur Springs  by William MacCorkle, Neale, 1916, is reported to contain diary material.



The Journal of a Recluse  translated from the French by Mary Fisher, Crowell, 1909, may be fiction.



James Cummings (343) has  The Diary of a Bride  Crowell, 1905.



The Poet’s Diary  edited by “Lamia”, London, Macmillan, 1904.


ANONYMOUS  - Housewife in Fairbanks - E

What! No Igloos? The Diary of a Fairbanks Housewife  Fairbanks, Alaska, 1955.



Leaves from the Diary of a Lunatic  Melbourne, Ruskin Press, 1937.



James Cummings (403) has  Occasional Notes  privately printed, Harold Kirk, 1934.



James Cummings (400) has  A Spiritual Pilgrimage Towards the Threshold of the Catholic Church  Longmans, 1931.



James Cummings (459) has  The Path to Peace  Hutchinson, 1923?



James Cummings (452) has  A World Within a World: X-7 Reporting: Telepathic Transmissions from Russia on the Practice of Solar Light Radiations  Jersey, 1981.



James Cummings (1186) has  Bethlehem Diary  by Floyd I.Brewer, Town of Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1971.



James Cummings (6368) has  Journals of the General Assembly of Indian Territory  Indiana Historical Bureau, 1950.


ACTON, Dorothy - E


Diary of a Diplomat's Wife  in  Dublin Review  July, 1922.


ARMSTRONG, George W. [Rev.] - E

Before 1859

A Memoirs of the Late Rev. George Armstrong, with Extracts from His Journals and Correspondence  by Robert Henderson, Austin, Texas, Steck Company, 1958. First published in 1895?


ATKINSON, Herbert - E

Cock Fighting and Game Fowl: From the Note books of Herbert Atkinson of Ewelme  Bath, George Bayntun, 1938.


AVARY, Myrta Lockett (1857-1946) - E

James Cummings (598) has  Dixie After the War  Doubleday, 1906, but it is not clear that she is the author of any diary material quoted in the book.


BABIN, Elmer J. - E

Experiences in Worldwide Travel  Vantage press, 1981, is reported to contain diary material.



James Cummings (664) has  Diary  in  This Way to the Big Show: The Life of Dexter Fellows  New York, Viking, 1936.


BAILEY, Moses - E

Reminiscences of a Christian Life  by Hannah Johnston Bailey, Portland, Maine, Hoyt, Fogg and Donham, 1885, is reported to contain diary material.


BAKER, Anthony - E

James Cummings (6785) has  Memoires d’un Voyageur Qui Se Repose  privately printed, London, 1850, four parts in one volume, only four copies known.


BAKER, Caroline - E

In  A Century of Hardware and Steel: Being the Story of Baker & Hamilton, a Business Institution Which has Helped to Write the History of California and the Pacific Coast  by David Warren Ryder, San Francisco, Historical Publications, 1949.


BAKER, George - E

James Cummings (685) has  Diary  Stinehour Press, 1981.



Journal of Survey of International Booundary Line  in  Collections of the State Historical Society of North Dakota  IV, 1914, pp 219-234.



James Cummings (750) has  China Diary  privately printed, 1958.


BARBOUR, Robert William - E

James Cummings (685) has  Letters, Poems and Pensees  Glasgow, 1893.


BARKER, Alice - E

James Cummings (685) has  Diary of Alice and Captain E.G.Barker  privately printed, 1951.


BARKER, Mary - E

James Cummings (801) has  Diary  London, SPCK, 1931. The book has not been traced but may be a diary of Cicely Mary Barker (1895-1973) who is best known for her ‘Flower Fairy’ books but was also associated with the Society for the promotion of Christian Knowledge.


BARNARD, Frank E. - E

James Cummings (814) has  Extracts from the Journal of Frank E.Barnard  in  Monthly Journal of the American Unitarian Society  February, 1863.


BARRETT, Fred W. - E

From a Diary  privately printed, Springfield, Ohio, 1934.


BARTON, Parthena - E

James Cummings (886) has  Experiences of a practical Christian Life in the Form of a Journal  Utica, new York, 1877.


BARTON, William G. - E

Songs and Saunterings of a Poet and Naturalist  Salem, Massachusetts, 1892, is reported to contain diary material.


BAXTER, Dow V. - E

James Cummings (933) has  On and Off Alaskan Trails  privately printed, 1937.



James Cummings (944) has  The Settler’s Calendar  in  Prairie Schooner  summer, 1967.


BEARDSWORTH, Susanna Mary - E

Susanna Mary Beardsworth: The White dove of Peace: Life, Conversion, Mysticism  by Pascal P.Parente, St. Meinrade, Indiana, Grail publications, 1950, is reported to contain diary material.



James Cummings (1067) has  The Benedicts Abroad  edited by Clare Benedict, London, Ellis, 1930.


BLACK, Don J. - E

James Cummings (944) has  The Students, My Friends  Springville, Utah, 1974.

Note: Black also wrote  The Students, My Friends Part Two: A Personal Journal of Experiences with Young People  Springville, Utah, Art City Publishing, 1979.


BLACK, Elizabeth  - second wife of Hugo Lafayette Black - E

Dates unknown

In  Mr. Justice and Mrs. Black: The Memoirs of Hugo L. and Elizabeth Black  New York, Random House, 1986.


BLACKMAN, George - E

James Cummings (1292) has  Diary of George Blackman, 1938  Putney, Vermont 1967.


BLAKE, Martin - E

My Silver Jubilee Trip  Buffalo, New York, 1937.



James Cummings (1284) has  Memories of a Child’s Early California Days  by Sarah Blanchard and containing her father’s journal, Ward Ritchie, 1961.


BOBKOWSKI, Andrzej - E

From the Diary of a Model Airplane Maker  in  Explorations in Freedom: Prose, Narrative, and Poetry from Kultura  compiled by Leopold Tyrmand, New York, Free Press, 1970.



James Cummings (1284) has  Where the Centuries Meet  in  New Hungarian Quarterly  Winter, 1964.


BOTEIN, Bernard  - American Judge - E

? Late 1940's to early 1950's?

Trial Judge: the candid, behind-the-bench story of Justice Bernard Botein  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1952; reprinted New York Da Capo, 1974, is reported to contain diary material.



James Cummings (1502) has  House Occupied  in  Tricolor  May, June, July-August and September, 1945.


BOURNONVILLE, August (1805-1879) Danish a ballet master and choreographer - E

From 1820's?

My Theatre Life  Wesleyan University Press, 1979, is reported to contain diary material.


BOWDITCH, Henry Ingersoll (1808-1892)  American physician, son of Nathaniel bowditch (qv) - E

From 1830's?

Life and Correspondence of Henry Ingersoll Bowditch  by Vincent Yardley Bowditch, Houghton Mifflin, two volumes, 1902, is a biography with collected diaries and letters.


BOWMAN, John - E

James Cummings (1538) has  Notes Along the Way  privately printed, Pittsburgh, 1939, 150 copies.



James Cummings (1553) has  Diary of W.D.B.Boyd  in  Up To Now   Altona, Manitoba, 1967.



James Cummings (1690) has  Morgan Brierly: A Memoir with a Selection from His Writings  Rochdale, James Clegg, The Aldine Press, 1900. “A selection by his daughter from the voluminous writings on widely varied subjects from journeys through France, Italy and Egypt to the Holy Land…”


BRIGGS, Charles - E

James Cummings (1692) has  Journal of a Trip to the Azores  Berkeley, 1960.


BRIGGS, Elmore - E

James Cummings (1693) has  Diary  in  Clark County History, 1961  Washington, Fort Vancouver Historical Society, 1961.


BREYFOGLE, William (d.1958) - E

James Cummings (1685) has  Speak to the Earth  Macmillan, 1961.


BROWN, Mrs - E

James Cummings (1776) has  Birket Foster, R.W.  by H.M.Cundall, London, A. and C.Black, 1906.


BROWN, George - E

James Cummings (1793) has  George Brown of Gates Mills  Gates Mills, Ohio, Gates Mills Historical Society, 1969.


BROWN, Margaret H. - E

James Cummings (1809) has  Mrs Wang’s Diary  Shanghai, Christian Literature Society, 1936.


BROWN, Mary - E

James Cummings (1812) has  Mary Brown’s Diary  in  Ozark Diary  by Minnie Sellens, privately printed, Willow Springs, Missouri, 1984.


BRUCE, A.Cathcart - E

James Cummings (1844) has  The Diary of a Week End at Luxor  Typescript, March 1920.


BRUMLEY, Blanche - E

Diary of a Kiawah Pioneer, Kiawah Island, Charleston, South Carolina  Charleston, South Carolina, Kiawah Island Co, facsimile of a handwritten diary, 63 pp spiral bound.


BUCHER, Cyril A. - E

Description and travel in Queensland, Australia

Waltzing with Lizzie  compiled by Honour C.Burcher from notes and diaries of Cril A.Burcher. Brisbane, W.R.Smith, 1974, viii and 128 pp.



James Cummings (1893) has  A Day at a Time: Winisk River Journal  Minneapolis, 1988.



James Cummings has:

1. - (1919)  The Bulloch Family  Daughters of Utah Pioneers, January 1975.

2. - (1920)  Diary of David Bulloch  also Daughters of Utah Pioneers, January 1975.


BURKE, John [Dr.] - E

James Cummings (1955) has  Extracts of Diary of Doctor John Burke  but this is apparently a hand-written transcription and the diary has probably not been printed.



James Cummings (1957) has  Diary  in  Life and Letter of Jacob Burkhard: Missionary to India  by Mary yoder Burkhard, Goshen, Indiana, 1936.


BURTON, James - E

James Cummings (2005) has  Diary of James Burton  in  Lincoln Collector: The Story of Olver R.Barrett’s Great Private Collection  Harcourt, 1949.



Dates unknown

Memories of George Meredith O.M.  London, Constable and New York, Scribner’s, 1919, is reported to contain diary material.


BUTLER, John [Rev.] - E

Earliest New Zealand: The Journals and Correspondence of the Rev. John Butler  New Zealand, Masterton, 1927.



James Cummings (2049) has  Diary  in  Samuel Butler and His Family Relations  by Mrs. R.A.Garnett, London, Dent, 1926.


BUSH, Harold M. - E

The Diary of an Enlisted Man  Columbus, Ohio, Edward T.Miller, 1908.


BUTLER, Mrs. - E

James Cummings (2035) has  As Seen in a Diary  in  The Unhurried Years  by Pierce Butler, Louisiana State University, 1948.


CABOT, Thomas - E

James Cummings (2095) has  Extracts from the Diary of Thomas Cabot  privately printed, Charles Goodspeed, two volumes, 1927.


CARON, Francis - E

Majorca: The Diary of a Painter  London, Cassell, 1939.


CAREY, Henry - E

James Cummings (2201) has  Log  privately printed, Yale University, 1949.



James Cummings (2219) has  The Shadow on the Dial  Abingdon, 1917.


CHADBOURNE, Marjorie - E

James Cummings (2338) has  Red Letter Days  privately printed, New York, 1925.  


CHASE, Benjamin  - American boy sailor - E

Nineteenth century boy sailor's diary on merchantman and coastal schooner.

A Boy's Journal  edited by Harriet Chase. Littleton, New Hampshire, 1955, 59 pp.


CHILDS, John - E

James Cummings (2462) has  Diary  Richmond, Virginia, 1852.


CHILDS, William McBride (1869-1939). - E

James Cummings (2464) has  Holidays in Tents  Dent, 1921.


CLARK, Benjamin - E

James Cummings (2534) has  Journal  Boston, 1947.


CLARK, Francis - E

James Cummings (2542) has  Diary  Williston Press, 1930.


CLARK, Jim - E

The Diary of Jim Clark, A Conscientious Objector  in  The Journal of Modoc County Hisorical Society  XVI  Letters, Diaries and Memoirs  Volume I, 1994.


CLEVELAND, Charles [Rev.] - E

James Cummings (2609) has  Ninetieth Birthday Gathering of Rev. Charles Cleveland  Boston, 1862.


CLEWS, Charlie [Mrs.] - E

James Cummings (2616) has  Pangman and Amulet’s Past  Pangman (formerly West Calder), Saskatchewan.


CLINEDINST, Catherine - E

James Cummings (2623) has  With My Own Two Eyes  Pasadena, California, 1957.


CLIVE, Hannah - E

James Cummings (2627) has  Granny’s Diary and Other Sketches  by Sybil Cust, Simpkin Marshall, 1923.


COMAFORD, Nannie (probably Bertha Deatta Hukee (Lust)) (b.1898) - E

James Cummings (2784) has  One Year at Simpson Church in Monticello  privately printed, Minneapolis, 1981.


COMAFORD, Ralph  - Minneapolis lawyer - E

James Cummings (2785) has  The Log of a United States Marine  privately printed, Minneapolis, 1982.


CONNER, Mary - E

James Cummings (2812) has  Mary Conner of Adams County, Mississippi  Redwood, Mississippi, 1982, 1000 copies.



James Cummings (2826) has The Constables: First Family of the Adirondacks  by
Edith Pilcher. "The story of five generations of Constables who made history in New York's North Country. Included are an Irish surgeon who fought in the French and Indian War; a chief proprietor of the Macomb Purchase, the builder of Constable Hall; four brothers who ranged the Adirondacks between the 1830s and  1880s from the Fulton Chain to the Saranacs, prior to noted surveyors Benedict, Emmons or Colvin; the first women campers in the central Adirondacks, predecessors of Lady Amelia Murray". The dating and authorship of diary material is unknown.


COSTLEY, Robert - E

James Cummings (2918) has  My Tour with the Free Southern “Circus”  Bobbs, 19169.


COURTNEY, Leonard (possibly Leonard Henry Courtney, first Baron Courtney of Penwith (1832-1918) - E

James Cummings (2926) has  Journal  Macmillan 1920, the publication ahs not been traced.


CRAIG, Josephine - E

James Cummings (2971) has  Farthest Westing: A Philippine Footnote  Dorrance, 1940.



James Cummings (2990) has  White Mountain Album  in  Appalachia  June, 1941.



In  Adventure II, Flatboats Round the Bend, and Journey II, Footsteps of the Past  Kingsport, Tennessee, Sullivan County Historical Society, 1979.



James Cummings (3014) has  Diary  Thomas Constable, 1853.


CROSS, Roy - E

James Cummings (3044) has  From a Chemist’s Diary  Kansas City, Missouri, Cross Laboratories, 1943.


CUMMINS, Margaret - E

James Cummings (3094) has  Leaves from My Port Folio  St. Louis, 1860.


CUMMINGS, Florence Amelia

James Cummings (3088) has  Yesterday  Boston, Marshall Jones, 1936.


DAMON, Edward Carver - E

James Cummings (3179) has  Diary  1988. This probably refers to  Clothier of the Assabet: The Mill and Town of Edward Carver Damon  by Renee Garrelick, privately printed, 1988, and described as “History of Concord, Massachusetts mill owner and his time, the 19th century.”


DANA, George - E

James Cummings (3185) has  Twent-Five Days to the Choctaw Nation  Chronicles of Oklahoma, 1987.


DAVIS, Mary - E

James Cummings (3273) has  The Turning Point  Dallas, 1955.


DAY, Byral Hays - E

James Cummings (3304) has  A Humboldter’s Odyssey  Eureka, California, 1939. Day seems to have been associated with the Humboldt Standard newspaper.


DAY, Timothy - E

James Cummings (3304) has  A Boy’s Journal  Philadelphia, 1931.


DELANO, Elbertine - E

James Cummings (3348) has  Diary of Elbertine Delano  in  Patches and Patterns Extended  1994 and 1995.


De LONG, James - E

James Cummings (3359) has  Diary  Baltimore, 1977.


DENNETT, Joseph - E

James Cummings (3371) has  Selections from the Diary of Joseph Dennett  in  Wenham Great Pond  by John C.Phillips, Salem, Massachusetts, Peabody Museum, 1938, 400 copies.


DEUEL, John Vanderveer - E

James Cummings (33404) has  White Cayuca: The Log of an Adventurous Voyage to Devil’s Island, the valley of Creeping Death, the Isles of Buried Treasure, the Bedbug Islands and the Land of Savage Mystery  Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1934.



James Cummings (3438) has  The Sisters: A memoir of Elizabeth H., Abbie A. and Sarah F. Dickerman  American Tract Society, 1859.


DICKSON, Mollie - E

Mollie Dickson’s Schoolgirl Journal  in  The Marlin Compound: Letters of a Singular Family  Austin, University of Texas Press, 1968.


DILL, Herman - E

James Cummings (3457) has  Journal of Lighthouse Station at Billingsgate Island  in  Famous New England Lighthouses  by Edward Snow, Boston, 1945.



James Cummings (3470) has  Edward Disconson’s Diary  Catholic Record Society, 1972.


DOBSON, Andrew, E  - African American writer - E

James Cummings (3487) has  Uncle Joe’s Journal  Indianapolis, 1937.


DOW, Ann - E

James Cummings (3568) has  Diary  Pasadena, 1948.



James Cummings (3602) has  Diary of a Country Banker  Vantage, 1960.



James Cummings (3637) has  Three Weeks Vacation in the Northwest  1925?



James Cummings (3625) has  Queenie’s Diary  Pensacola Beach, Florida, 1995. A review states that “It's the true story of a beautiful young newlywed in the prime of her life who was stricken with cancer, was in remission and was hospitalized for a routine cause. Unfortunately, the highly incompetent and inattentive residents at the hospital killed her.”


DUNBAR, Earl - E

James Cummings (3649) has  Diary  privately printed, 1939.


DUNCAN, Jermain - E

James Cummings (3660) has  A Summer Motor Trip Abroad  New York, 1956.



James Cummings (3673) has  Travels in Nebraska  Nebraska State Historical Society, 1898.


DUNLOP, Jack [Dr.] - E

James Cummings (3677) has  Extracts from Dr. Jack Dunlop’s Journal  privately printed, London, 1953.


DURSTON, Marshall - E

James Cummings (3704) has  The Durston Diary  in  Cranberry Lake from Wilderness to Adironack Park  edited by Albert Fowler, Syracuse. Adirondack Museum and Syracuse University Press, 1968.


DYER, Heman - E

James Cummings (3725) has  Records of an Active Life  New York, 1886.


EADES, Peter - E

James Cummings (3730) has  Pioneer Printer in Maine  Bangor, 1902.


EASTMAN, Doris Sarah - E

Long Ago, Far Away: Burma Diaries of Doris Sarah Eastman  edited by Sylvia M.Morris. Minerva, 1994.


EISSLER, Henry - E

Our Legacy  Bakersfield, California, 1958.


ELLSWORTH Lincoln (possibly 1880-1951) - E

James Cummings (3882) has  Ellsworth’s Own Diary  in  Natural History  May, 1936.



James Cummings (3887) has  Hudson House Journal  Hudson’s Bay Record Society, 1952.


EMERY, Joseph - E

James Cummings (3917) has  Thirty-Five Years Among the Poor  Cincinnati, 1887.



James Cummings (3948) has  Journal of Erland Erlandson  Hudson’s Bay Record Society, 1963.



“Travels in China and French Indo-China.”

Maiden Voyage; Travel Letters of a Girl Who Ran Away Blackwood, 1930.


EWING, William - E

James Cummings (4030) has  Indian treaty Journal  privately printed, Lombard Illinois, 1933.


FARR, Elizabeth - E

James Cummings (4077) has  Diary of a Schizophrenic  Pilgrimage, 1980.



James Cummings (4093) has  My African Notebook  Louisville, 1936?


FELT, Abigail Adams  - “Mrs. Abigail Adams Felt was President John Adams and Abigail Adams niece.” -


James Cummings (4108) has  mamorial of Mrs Abigail Adams Felt  Boston, 1860, 92 pp.


FERGUSON, Anna Fitch [Mrs.] - E

Bits of Philosophy from the Letters and Journals of Anna Fitch Ferguson  privately printed, Concord, Massachusetts, 1933.



James Cummings (4124) has  Through the Way with a Y Man


FISCHER, Edward - E

James Cummings (4175) has  Fiji Revisited  New York, 1981.


FISHER, Susan - E

James Cummings (4194) has  Diary  Dukes County historical Society, 1965.


FLETCHER, Eleanor - E

James Cummings (4237) has  Hoofmakers on Erie  1951?


FORBES, Waldo Emerson - E

James Cummings (4290) has  Letters and Journals of Waldo Forbes  Dorrance, 1977.


FORD, Jerome - E

James Cummings (4292) has  Diary  privately printed, San Francisco, 1948. The diarist may be Jerome Bursley Ford (1821-1889), first supervisor of the California Lumber Manufacturing Company.


FOSTER, John  - theologian? - e

James Cummings (4331) has  Journal  London, two volumes, 1846. This probably  The Life and Correspondence of John Foster  edited by J.E.Ryland


FOX, Richard A.

James Cummings (4369) has  The People on Other Planets  Los Anmgeles, 1930.



James Cummings (4418) has  History of Weston, Idaho  Utah State, 1972. This title, also appeared credited to Jay D.Schvaneveldt, privately printed, Hyum, Utah, 2011, 702 pp.


FRUGÉ, August - E

James Cummings (4466) has  River Journal  in  Sierra Club Bulletin  June, 1954.


FULLER, Dorothy Mason - E

James Cummings (4481) has  Of Loving and Growing  privately printed, 1980, 100 copies.



James Cummings (4488) has  Sunset at Midnight: An Autobiography  by Arthur Grey Fullerton, Portland, Oregon, 1969, 1000 copies.


GALLAGHER, Joseph Astley - E

The Story of a Beautiful Childhood: Compiled from the Journals of Joseph Astley Gallagher  by Katherine E.Conway, Boston, 1909.


GARDNER, Robert - E

Impulse to Preserve: Reflections of a Filmmaker  New York, Other Press, 2006, is reported to contain diary material.


GAY, Robert Malcolm

James Cummings (46280) has  The Eight Forty-Five: Extracts from the Diary of john Skinner, a Commuter  Boston, Atlantic Monthly Press, 1925.


GAYE, Rosa - E

James Cummings (4630) has  Vagabundulae Adversaria of “All Abroad”  privately printed, London, 1887.


GERRARD, Elizabeth - E

James Cummings (4667) has  Travels with My husband: Journeys in Asia and Africa  Headingley, Manitoba, 1986.


GIBBONS, Thomas - E

James Cummings (4681) has  Tales That Were Told  New York, 1892.



In  Leaves from an Invalid's Journal, and Poems  Providence, G.H.Whitney, 1858.


GORDON, Arthur - E

James Cummings (4885) has  Diary  privately printed, Edinburgh, two volumes, 1879.


GOULD, Annah Maud - E

A Tempestuous Voyage: The Diary of Annah Maud Gould’s Trip Aboard the Ship Berlin  Bowie, Maryland, 1987.


GRAY, John - E

James Cummings (4984) has  Family Journal  Kitscoty, Alberta, 1965, a disbound photostat copy of the first edition.


GRAY, Laurabel - E

James Cummings (4985) has  Our Own Sam Pepys, Tufts College  privately printed (possibly Indianapolis, A.B.Earlham College, 1936.


GREEN, Calvin - E

James Cummings (5006) has  Calvin Green’s Diary  in  Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society  April, 1951.


GREEN, George F. - E

James Cummings (5006) has  Diary of George Green  Rochester, Minnesota, Pro Memoria, 1966.


GREEN, Robert - E

James Cummings (5020) has  Verger Green’s Diary  in  Memorials of St Paul’s Cathedral  by William Sinclair, London, Chapman and Hall, 1909.


GREENE, Sarah - e

James Cummings (5042) has  Diary  privately printed, Procidence, 1929.


GREENE, Stephen - E

James Cummings (5043) has  Diary  privately printed, 1903.



James Cummings (5047) has  Hppy Times: The Journal of James R,Greenfield  Call Number, 1961.



James Cummings (5127) has  Notes from the Diary of an Amateur Tourist  Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania, 1905.


HALL, Edmund A. - E

The Edmund Hall Diaries  in  The Journal of Modoc County Hisorical Society  XVI  Letters, Diaries and Memoirs  Volume I, 1994.


HALL, Marcia - E

James Cummings (5276) has  Diary  New York, 1875? The title has not been traced.


HALL, Samuel - E

James Cummings (5272) has  Diaries  London, 1879. The title has not been traced.


HAMILTON, Margaret - E

“Posthumously-published collection of the author's columns, reflecting on the history and life in rural Renfrew County, eastern Ontario.”

Countryside Musings  Renfrew, Ontario, 1977, is reported to contain diary material.



Looking Backwards: Or, Fragments from a Checkered Life  Smithtown Branch, New York, 1922, is reported to contain diary material.


HARE, Martin (pseud.) - E

Purported diary of the life of an Irish girl in a Parisian pension, perhaps fiction.

The Diary of a Pensionnaire  London, Heinemann, 1935.


HARRIS, Frederick Morgan - E

Frederick Morgan Harris: A Little of His Life and Some of His Letters  Lakeside Press, 1929, is reported to contain diary material.


HARRIS, Samuel - E

Dates unknown

James Cummings (5465) has  in  Days of Dust and Destiny, the Heritage of Fred and Nancy Harris and Their Children  Mildred Gray, 1991.


HART, Seth [Dr.] - E

James Cummings (5491) has  From the Journal of Dr. Seth Hart  Marietta, Ohio, 1982, 3 issues, but does not specify the periodical.


HARWARD, William Eugene - E

James Cummings (5508) has  Journal  in  Life of William Eugene Harward  by Frank E.Clark, Portland, Maine, Fogg and Donham, 1879.



James Cummings (5540) has  (compiled by)  Letters from the Tribe  Lombard Illinois, 1979.


HAYWARD, William - E

James Cummings (5621) has  A Boston Cowboy in Kansas  in  Kansas History  Autumn, 1983.


HAZARD, Rowland - E

James Cummings (5626) has  Diary  privately printed, Peace Dale, Rhode Island, 1929.



James Cummings (5629) has  Days Forever Flown  privately printed, New York, 1892.


HEARD, Harriet - E

James Cummings (5646) has  Diary  privately printed, Boston, 1942.


HEISKELL, Charles - E

James Cummings (5688) has  Journal Exerpts  Imprint of Stanford libraries Association, October, 1978.



An Autobiography of the Life and Religious Experiences of James Henderson, a Minister in the Religious Society of Friends  Ohio Yearly Meeting, 1944, is reported to contain diary material.



James Cummings (5724) has  A Conquest of Europe  Pittsburgh? No date.


HENTSCHEL, Godfried - E

James Cummings (5739) has  Journal  Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1983.


HIGGINS, Orrin - E

James Cummings (5802) has  Journal  Mystic, Connecticut, 1962.


HILL, Gabriel - E

James Cummings (5819) has  Day Book  Telegraph Press, 1958.



James Cummings (5846) has  A long Trip at Home  Hinckley, Maine, 1926, 115 copies.


HODSON, Ebenezer - E

James Cummings (5995) has  Diaries  Minneapolis, 1963.


HOARE, Rachel - E

James Cummings (5971) has  Journal  in  Christian Experience: A memoir of Mrs. Hoare  London, 1852.



James Cummings (6012) has  Purely Personal  Van Nuys, California, 1972, 50 copies.


HORN, Erwin - E

James Cummings (6126) has  The St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers  Greystone, 1940.


HOWARD, John - E

James Cummings (6177) has  Diary  in a pamphlet supplement to  The great Migration: The Atlantic Crossing by Sailing-Ship 1770-1860  by Edwin C.Guillet, university of Toronto press, 1967.


HOWE, R.L. - E

James Cummings (6195) has  Ecstasy  Basil Blackwell, 1937.


HUGLIN, Jennie - E

James Cummings (6257) has  Diary of a Disaster  Houghton, 1973. The title has not been traced.


HULL, Henry - E

In  Memoir of the Life and Religious Labours of Henry Hull, A Minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends, Late of Stanford in the State of New York  Philadelphia, 1873.


HUME, Alfred - E

James Cummings (6270) has  Diary  in a biography by Alfred Tennyson, Arthur Humphreys, 1922. The publication has not been traced.


HUMESTON, Spencer - E

James Cummings (6274) has  Notes from the Diary of Spencer Humeston  Tekonsha, Michigan, mimeographed sheets. This may refer to Spencer Day Humeston (1825-1908) who was born in New York and died in Clarendon, Calhoun County, Michigan.


HUNING, Ernestine - E

James Cummings (6282) has  Ernestine Huning’s Diary  University of Kansa, 1986. The publication has not been traced.


HUNT, Millicent - E

James Cummings (6294) has  A Puritan Wife on the Frontier  in  Mississippi Valley Historical Review  XXVII, No. 1, June, 1940, pp 67-84.



James Cummings (6327) has  Superficial Glimpses of Travel  Philadelphia, 1888.


HYDE, Mabel - E

James Cummings (6354) has  A Coaching Trip, London to Edinborough  privately printed, Providence, Rhode Island, 1931.


IRELAND, Tom and Molly - E

James Cummings (6400) has  Mostly Mules  San Cristobal, New Mexico, 1974.


ITO, Yacco - E

James Cummings (6431) has  Such a Friendly Country  Schwyz, Switzerland, 1966.


JENSEN, Elizabeth - E

James Cummings (6567) has  Archie and Elizabeth Jensen Family Journal  Winslow, Arizona, 1988.


JENSEN, Gertie - E

James Cummings (6568) has  Diary of Love  Randall, 1980.


JERROLD, Douglas - E

James Cummings (6578) has  Our Honeyman  Macmillan, 1910.



James Cummings (6594) has  Resa Med Jenny Lind  Uppsala, 1986. The title translates as  Travel with Jenny Lind  but it is not clear that the text is in English.


JOHNSTON, Arthur - E

James Cummings (6653) has  Arthur Johnston, His Book: Journal of a Boat Trip  in  The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine  September-December, 1943.



James Cummings (6621) has  Notes from a Journal  in  Early Travellers in New Zealand  by Nancy M.Taylor, Oxford university Press, 1959.


JONES, Chester - E

The Writings and Diary of Chester Jones  Psyche Monograph VIII, Kegan Paul, 1936.


JONES, William Rowland - E

Diary of a Misfit Priest  London, Allen and Unwin, 1960.


JOSIAH, Franklin

James Cummings (6728) has  Letters Home  privately printed, New York, 1942.


KELLOGG, Elijah (1813-1901) - E

Journal  Boston, Lee and Shepard, 1904. Kellogg was a writer of stories for children, many published by Lee and Shepard, but no title has been traced which seems likely to contain his journal.


KEMPER, Frederick (possibly Frederick Thomas Kemper 1816-1881) - E

James Cummings (6869) has  Journal  ?1882 but this title has not been traced.



Life and Natural History Notes  privately printed, Edinburgh, 1913, 75 copies.


KENNY, May - E

James Cummings (6902) has  Well Trodden Paths: A Diary  Atlanta, Georgia, Autocrat, 1896.  


KINNA, Peter - E

James Cummings (7012) has  Orderly Book  privately printed, Princeton, 1931.  


KIRK, Elisha - E

Dates unknown

Excerpts from Journal  in  Friends' Miscellany  edited by John and Isaac Comly. Philadelphia: J. Richards, 1835.


KIRK, Henry - E

Dates unknown

Sixty Days To and In Yellowstone Park  in  Annals of Wyoming  Spring, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.  


KIRK, R. - E

James Cummings (7032) has  Journal  in  Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London  XII, 1842.  


KLEES, Frederic - E

James Cummings (7055) has  The Round of the Year: An Almanac   Macmillan, 1963. The book is believed to be concerned with seasonal customs of the Pennsylvania Dutch community.


James Cummings (7058) has  The Pastor's Narrative  Longmans, 1879.  


KNIGHT, Walter Brayton - E

Dates unknown

The Travel Diary of Walter Brayton Knight  edited by Walter Knight Sturges, 1977, 93pp.

03 KNYAZE, Georgi - E

James Cummings (7119) has  Diary  Moscow, 1983.


LACOSTA, Walter - E

James Cummings (7202) has  Walter's Diary  Toronto, four volumes, 1980.


LAMMERT, Warren - E

James Cummings (7241) has  A Spring Diary of Waterfowl Migration in St. Charles County   privately printed, 1986.


LAMONT, Lansing  - American journalist - E

Day of Trinity  New York, Atheneum, 1986, is reported to contain diary material.


LANDAU, Ludwig - E

James Cummings (7253) has  From the Diary of Ludwig Landau  Orion, 1959.


LANG, Arthur - E

James Cummings (7269) has  Journal  Perth, Ontario, 1984.


LARSEN, Gladys - E

Lizbeth Jane’s Own Diary: The Private Life of a Little Girl  New York, Exposition Press, 1965.


LAWRENCE, Edward - E

James Cummings (7356) has  Diary  Revell, 1900.


LEACH, James - E

James Cummings (7370) has  The Log of the Yacht Pilgrim  Boston, 1884.



James Cummings (7372) has  Mother’s Diary  Portland, Oregon, Keystone Press, 1920.


LEAVITT, Elethier Bunker - E

James Cummings (7389) has  The silent Side of the River; The History, Diary and Family of Elethier Bunker Leavitt  Murray, Utah, 1991.


LEE, John - E

James Cummings (7412) has  The True Diary of a Soldier .


LESTER, Thomas - E

James Cummings (7497) has  Journal  in a volume compiled by Thomas Hall, Morningside Bookshop, 1971, 1000 copies, which is probably  Medicine on the Santa Fe Trail.



James Cummings (7502) has  Diary of North Africa  1943.


LIND, Carl - E

James Cummings (7578) has  Extracts from the Diary  Governemnt Printing, 1906.



James Cummings (7619) has  History of Company E  1919.


LONG, Henry - E

James Cummings (7676) has  Diary  Simpkin, 1925, which must refer to  Records and Letters of the Family of the Longs of Longville, Jamaica and Hampton lodge, Surrey  London, Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent, two volumes, 1925.


LONG, O.F. - E

James Cummings (7682) has  Journal  privately printed, Bryant, Texas, 1978.


LUND, Ed. - E

James Cummings (7805) has  Black Sand and Gold  Portland, Oregon, 1967.


M., H.B.E

James Cummings (7858) has  Rambling Notes from Old England  Providence, 1882.


McARTHUR, Robert - E

James Cummings (8277) has  Four Creeks: A Mountain Journal  Austin, Texas, 1981.


McDOWELL, James - E

James Cummings (8348) has  College Diary  Torch Press, 1938.


M’FARLAND, Helen - E

James Cummings (8551) has  Letters and Journals  privately printed, Edinburgh, 1914.



My Canadian Diary  Montreal 1948.


MACKRABLE, Alexander - E

James Cummings (7922) has  Diary  Dutton, 1900? but the publication has not been identified.


MAGNUSON, Richard (d.2016) - E

James Cummings (7981) has  Coeur d’Alene Diary: The First Ten Years of Hardrock Mining in North Idaho  Metropolitan Press, 1968. The book tells of silver mining in the late 1890’s and is said to make much use of contemporary newspaper articles but the book has not been seen and it is unclear whether there is any diary material from Magnuson himself.



James Cummings (8031) has  Sheer Anecdotage: Leaves from a Reporter’s Diary  Allied Publishers Private Ltd., 1983.


MARSTON, Henry - E

James Cummings (8131) has  Passages from the Journal of Henry Marston  in  Hound & Horn  [A Harvard Miscellany]  September 1927.  Two Passages from the Journal of Henry marston the Menace of Exploitation of the Commonplace  was published by The Laboratory Press, Pittsburgh, 1929.


MARTIN [Lieutenant] - E

James Cummings (8136) has  Diary  Declan X.Mcmullen, 1947. The title has not been identified but may possibly be  Four Stars of Hell  “An account of the part airborne infantry - the 501st Parachute Regiment - played in the European theater in World War II.” Which was published by McMullen in 1947.


MAYNARD, David - E

James Cummings (8263) has  Diary  Lippincott, 1972, but the publication has not been traced.


MEADE, John - E

James Cummings (8429) has  Thomas Had Two Wives  privately printed and not for sale, Victoria, British Columbia.


MENDE, Elsie Porter [Mrs.] - E

James Cummings (8486) has  An American Soldier and Diplomat  New York, Stokes, 1927.


METFORD, William - E

James Cummings (8538) has  Reform in the West of England  in  Journal of Friends’ Historical Society  1953.



James Cummings (8541) has  Diary  Temple, Texas, 1965.


MICKA, Mary - E

James Cummings (8560) has  See You In The Morning  St. Paul, 1986.


MILBANK, Jeremiah et al. - E

James Cummings (8575) has  At Sea with AHTO  New York, 1937, 50 copies.


MILBURN, James - E

James Cummings (8578) has  Milburn’s Journal  John Potter, 1894.


MILE, Charles - E

James Cummings (8568) has  A Soul’s Pilgrimage  George Jacobs, 1899.


MILLER, Frank B. - E

James Cummings (8595) has A Diary Comes to Life  privately printed, 1952.


MILLS, Mary - E

James Cummings (8626) has  Memoirs  Richmond, Indiana, 1968.


MINET, James   - E

James Cummings (8643) has  Diary  Frome, 50 copies.


MORGAN, Emily - E

James Cummings (8816) has  Diary  privately printed, South Byfield, Massachusetts, 1944.


MORHOUS, Federic (sic)    - E

James Cummings (8833) has  The Log of the Washita  New York, De Vinne Press, 1897.



James Cummings (8851) has  Four Years  1917.


MORRIS, James - E

James Cummings (8854) has  Journal  typescript.


MORRIS, John - E

James Cummings (8855) has  My Diary  miniature volume, 1882?


MOSS, George - E

 - James Cummings (8906) has  Diary  R.R.Donnelley, 1905.


MPUGAE - James Cummings (8932) has Diary  University of Illinois Press, 1959.

Note:  Beyond the Mountains of the Moon: The Lives of Four Africans  by Edward H.Winter, Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1959, is probably the book referred to: “The life histories presented here were collected in the course of anthropological field work in Uganda during the years 1950- 1952. The four people--two men, Kihara and Mpuga, and two women, Lubangi and Kike, the wives of Mpuga--with whose lives we are concerned, are members of a group known as the Amba who live behind a great range of mountains on the western borders of Uganda.”


MUDD, Mildred - E - James Cummings (8933) has  The Wanderings M.E.M and H.S.M  Ward Eitchie 1952. -


von MULLER, F. - E

  James Cummings (8957) has  Goethe’s World as Seen in Letters and Memoirs  edited by Berthold Biermann. New Directions, 1949.


MURPHY, Patrick - E

James Cummings (8991) has  Diaries  Times Books, 1982.



Winter Leaves, or The Musings of an Aged Aspirant  Bombay, Times of India Press, 1930, is reported to contain diary material.


NEAL, Captain - E

James Cummings (9054) has  Journal  New York, 1962.


NEILSON, Francis - E

James Cummings (9078) has  A Journal to Rosalind  Huebsch, 1920.

Note: See also Francis NEILSON in the main bibliography (1939).


NELSON, Joseph - E

James Cummings (9090) has  Journal  


NEPVEU, Louis - E

James Cummings (9093) has  Journal  Ann Arbor, 1983.  



James Cummings (9133) has  Show with Iron  Marfa, Texas, 1983.  



Stories from a Bird Watcher's Log  Bradford, Clegg, 1952.


NICHOLS, George - E

James Cummings (9155) has  Diary  Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1967.  


NORD, Marie - E

James Cummings (9226)  has  Fort Worth Journal  in  Sing Heavenly Muse  XI, 1985.


O’CONNOR, Corrmac

James Cummings (9306)  has  Round the World with Charlie - E



James Cummings (9372)  has  Diary  Allen, Towne and Heathe, 1948.



James Cummings (9406)  has  O’Sullivan’s Narrative  Thomas Nelson, 1938.



James Cummings (9409)  has  Ole Oterholt’s Third Diary  Northfield, Minnesota,1959. Privately mimeographed. Presentation inscription to Theodore Jorgenson from O.M.Norlie who translated and indexed the work.

Note: A book with the title  Ole Olson’s Oterholt’s Third Diary 1837-1871 has been advertised for sale. From the inscription it would appear to be the volume referred to above but the title, if accurately given, casts some doubt upon the diary’s authenticity.  


PAINE, Charles - E

James Cummings (9456)  has  Diary  1923.


PALMER, Samuel - E

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PARKE, Henry - E

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PARKER, Horatio

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PATTISON, Ferdinand - E

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PAZ, Nestor - E

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PEABODY, Robert Edwin - E

James Cummings (9594)  has The Log of the Grand Turks  Houghton, 1926.

Note: No reference to a diary by Robert Peabody has been traced in this book, there are, however quotations from the eighteenth century diary of the Rev. William Bentley (qv). There are also extracts from  letters and from ship’s logs.


PERRET, Robert - E

Diary of a Journey to Newfoundland  translated by Aspi Balsara. St. John's, Memorial University, Centre for Newfoundland Studies, 2005.


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To Saratoga and Back  in  New England Quarterly  December, 1937.

PLUMMER, Jessie - E

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POOLE, George - E

Journal  London, 1890.  


PORTER, Elizabeth - E

James Cummings (9936)  A Diary of Long Ago  Houghton 1891.


PRICE, Richard L. - E

James Cummings (10055)  has  Journal  in  Pacific Historian  August, 1960.



Grandma’s Album Quilt  Portland, Maine, 1936, by Helen Albee Prince, is reported to contain diary material.


RANSOM, Mercy - E

Some remarks by Way of a Diary, Written by Mercy Ransom During a Long Confinement by Lameness  1816.



James Cummings (10199)  has  Diary  Hastings, Minnesota, 1986.  


REED, Phillip Nathan - E


Phillip: In Search of Meaning; from the Letters and Journals of Phillip Nathan Reed. Daneville, Illinois, 1972.


REED, W.L. - E

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RICE, Mary - E

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RICHMOND, Florence - E

James Cummings (10345)  has  Her Wedding Journey  Knickerbocker, 1905?  


RIX, Kathleen - E

Extracts from the Rix Diary: Somerleyton in Grandfather’s Day  Somerleyton cum Ashby Newssheet, 1962.


ROBERTS, Fannie - E

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ROBINSON, Charles - E

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ROGERS, Timothy - E

James Cummings (10542) has  Autobiography


ROOT, Joel - E

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RUDE, Lorraine - E

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RUSSELL, David - E

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RUSSELL, Texie Horton Barlow - E

Diary of Memories  Lenoir, North Carolina, 1978.


SAUNDERS, William - E

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SABRE (pseud.) - E

James Cummings (10774) has  Tour in Arizona  in  Journal of the West  July, 1962.  


SABINE, Anna  - probably the wife of Wallace Clement Sabine, American physicist - E

In  Wallace Clement Sabine; a study in achievement  by William Dana Orcutt. Privately printed, Plimpton Press, 1933.



James Cummings (10822) has  Log  in  Man with a Mission  by Elizabeth Hinkley.


SCHINDEL, Jeremiah - E

James Cummings (10921) has  Diary  Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1944.



James Cummings (10968) has  Journal  University of Kansas, 1955. This may refer to  The Barren Ground Caribou of Keewatin  University of Kansas Museum of Natural History Miscellaneous Publication No. 6., 1955.



Dates unknown

The Price of Freedom: A Diary of a Person on a Trek  edited by John F.Nau in  Southern Quarterly  IX, No. 4, July, 1971,  pp 417-426.


SEBERGER, Eleanor Prentice - E

James Cummings (11040) has   Family on a Farm: The Good Life  Nebraska, Superior Press, 1974.


SHAPIRO, Harry L. - E

The Heritage of the Bounty: The story of Pitcairn through Six Generations  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1936, is reported to contain diary material.


James Cummings (11165) has  Seychelles Diary  Bombay, 1944.


SHELTON, Albert - E

James Cummings (11165) has Diary  Doran, 1923. The title has not been traced but the author may have been Albert Leroy Shelton (1875-1922) who was a medical; missionary in Tibet.  



James Cummings (11218) has  Leaves of Absence  in  Carleton Miscellany  Winter, 1960.


SHERMAN, Martha  - wife of James Sherman (1796-1862)  Congregationalist minister at the Surrey Chapel, Blackfriars, London. - E

The Pastor's Wife: A memoir of Mrs. Martha Sherman  by James Sherman. New York, American Tract Society, 1850.


SIEMENS, W.J. [Dr.] - E

Wo De Hombe  Port Orchard, Washington, 1972, is reported to contain diary material.



James Cummings (11369) has  Over Southern Seas  1929?  


SILVER, William - E

James Cummings (11305) has  Diary  New Richmond, Wisconsin.  


SLOCUM, Harriet - E

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03 SMITH, Emma - E

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SMITH, Lizzie - E

 James Cummings (11584) has  Historical Sketch of West Plum Creek  in  Colorado Magazine  July, 1951.


SMITH, Sidney - E

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SMITH, Sydney - E

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SMITH, William R. - E

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James Cummings (11672) has  Diary  privately printed, 1929.


SPENCER, Bertram - E

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SPENDLOVE, Rose (probably Mrs. P.A.Thomas) - E

James Cummings (11726) has  Kindly Despatch Miss Gadsby  in  North  XVII, No.1, January-February, 1970. Ottawa, Queen's Printer, 1970. References to publication by the North American Association of Venezuela  have also been found.  


SQUIRES, Francis - E

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STANFORD, Edward - E

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James Cummings (12097) has  Diary of Memoranda  1913.  



James Cummings (12151) has