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True to Type; A Selection from Letters and Diaries of German Soldiers and Civilians collected on the Soviet-German Front  London, Hutchinson, no date (1944?). The first half of the book contains selections from captured diaries presumably edited and printed for propaganda purposes. The extracts, many of which are very short, have been selected to show the Germans in the worst light, or to demonstrate admiration for Russia, but nonetheless have the ring of truth and some are of great interest. None is known to have been printed elsewhere. It is unlikely that many of the writers survived the war.

Extracts from:

ANONYMOUS, Ambulanceman* -1940

ANONYMOUS, Soldier* -1941

ANONYMOUS, Soldier -1941

ANONYMOUS, Officer -1942

ANONYMOUS, Gunner* -1942

ANONYMOUS, Pte. 1st. Class* -1942

BALLACH, Pte. 1st. Class -1941

BERGHOLZ, Pte. Werner -1941

BRITTE, Senior Pte. 1st. Class -1942

CASSINGA, Lieut. Josef -1941

DITTRI, Sgt. Maj. Helmuth A.* -1941

EFFERBERGEN, Cpl. Hans* -1941

FRENZEL, Artillery Sgt. Hans -1942

FUCHS, Kurt -1941

HANSELER, Pte. 1st. Class* -1941

HASE, SS. Overscharfuhrer Hans -1940

HELLER, Lieut. Walter* -1942

HENKES, Lieut. Hermann -1942

HERZER, Cpl. Franz -1942

HEYDEBRECK, Berndt Tessen von* -1941

HEYDENREICH, Senior Pte. 1st. Class -1941

HEYSE, Erich* -1941

HOFFMANN, Capt.* -1942

KESSEL, Capt. Eberhardt von -1942

KLUGE, Sgt. 1st. Class -1941

KNOBLICH, Pte. 1st. Class Wolfgang* -1942

KRAUSE, Sgt. Maj. Erich -1941

LANGE, Pte. Rudolf -probably 1941

LINKE, Lieut. Gerhardt* -1941

REICH, Maj. -1941

RICHTER, Senior Pte. 1st. Class -1941

SAUER, Rifleman Hannes -1940

SCHAFFSTEIN, Cpl.* -1942

SCHMID, Friedrich* -1942

SCHOBERT, Pte. 1st. Class -1941

SCHUSTER, Cpl. Horst -probably 1940

SEBACHER, Pastor* -1941

*These diarists only are noticed separately in the main bibliography.



The Past Times Book of Diaries  Oxford, Past Times, 1998. A single diary entry for each day of the year, selected from the works of nearly one hundred diarists. Some biographical information is given for each of the authors, but there is no index and bibliographical references are restricted to acknowledgement to copyright holders of published diaries. Two diaries are not identified as coming from printed sources and it may be that these do not appear elsewhere:

ANONYMOUS young lady -1867

KNIGHT, John -1912



Plymouth Church Records, 1620-1859  The New England Society in the City of New York, two volumes, 1920, contains some diary-like material pertaining to the history of the Church in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

ADLER, Elkan Nathan


Jewish Travellers in the Middle Ages: 19 Firsthand Accounts  New York, Dover Publications Inc., 1987. First published as  Jewish Travellers  London, George Routledge and Sons, 1930, in the Broadway Travellers series. The texts are selected, translated and abridged from  Ozar Massaoth  a collection of twenty-four Hebrew texts published by Mr. J.D.Eisenstein, New York, 1926.

The accounts of the following exhibit at least some elements of the diary form:

AZULAI, Haim David -1755


CHELO, Isaac -1334

COHEN, Jacob ben Nathaniel ha -1180

JACOB -1238

JARÉ of BERTINORO, Obadiah -1487

JEMSEL the KARAÏTE, Samuel -1641



REUBENI, David -1521

SAMSON, Samuel ben -1210



1. - English Diaries of the XVI, XVII, and XVIII Centuries  Harmondsworth, Allen Lane, Penguin Books, 1941. Pelican Books Series No. A83. An introductory essay is followed by substantial diary extracts, each preceded by a biographical note and comment.

Extracts from:

BUFTON, John -1677

BURNEY, Fanny -1768

BYROM, Elizabeth -1745

CARTWRIGHT, Thomas -1686

COWPER, Mary, Countess -1714

DEE, John -1577


EVELYN, John -1631

EYRE, Adam -1647

FIELDING, Henry -1754

FIENNES, Celia -1685

LAKE, Edward -1677

LOWE, Roger -1663

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

PERCIVAL, John, Earl of Egmont -1701

SWIFT, Jonathan -1710

TEONGE, Henry -1675

TURNER, Thomas -1754

WESLEY, John -1725

2.  -English Diaries of the XIX Century, 1800-1850  Harmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1944. Pelican Books No. A131, 1944. A short introductory essay is followed by substantial diary extracts, each preceded by a biographical note and comment.

Extracts from:

ABBOT, Charles, Lord Colchester -1788

BROWN, Ford Madox -1847

BYRON, Lord -1813

COBBETT, William -1817

FOX, Caroline -1835

FROUDE, Richard Hurrell -1826

GREVILLE, Charles Cavendish Fulke -1814

HAYDON, Benjamin Robert -1808

MACREADY, William Charles -1832

MARTYN, Henry -1802

MOORE, Tom -1818

NEWTON, Benjamin -1816

RAIKES, Thomas -1832

ROBINSON, Henry Crabb -1811

ROSE, George -1800

SCOTT, Sir Walter -1825


SHELLEY, Mary Wollstonecraft -1814

SHORE, Emily -1831

SKINNER, John -1803

VICTORIA, Queen -1832

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798

ALDRICH, Richard J.


1.  -Witness to War: Diaries of the Second World War in Europe and the Middle East  London, Doubleday, 2004. Experience of the war as recorded in their diaries by more than three hundred men, women and children, on both sides. The editor includes succinct and very useful biographical and background notes and sources are meticulously recorded. Diarists are listed below only where their diaries are otherwise unpublished.

ANONYMOUS Italian pilot -1940

ANONYMOUS German internee -1940

ANONYMOUS chronicler of the SOE -1942

BAILLIE, Peter -1944

BARNETT, Benjamin George -1945

BATHURST, Gertrude Elizabeth -1941

BLUNDELL, George -1941

BOTTAI, Giuseppe -1940

CLARKE, Dudley W. -1944

COX, Gladys -1939

DAVIES, John -1940

DOTHIE, Harold, J. -1942

EDE, James Chuter -1942

EDEN, Anthony -1941

EUSTACE, Cecilie -1940

FRIEDMAN, William (Wolfe) Frederick -1943

GODDARD, Veronica -1940

GOODALL, William Motion -1945

GRAY, James -1941

HANKEY, Maurice Pascal Alers -1941

HARRISON, Catherine -1941

HEAP, Edith (later KUPP) -1940

HEINZ, Wolfgang -1943

HOLL, William E. -1939

HOSKIN, Michael -1944

HOYLES, D.M. -1939

HUGILL, John Anthony Crawford -1944

HUTCHINSON, Charles -1941

KAHL, Pieter -1944

KENNEDY, John -1941

LANGHORNE, Geraldine (pseud.) -1939

LAYCOCK, Robert Edward -1941

LEANEY, Alfred R.C.  -1940

LONSDALE, Steve -1941

LOVETT, P.J. -1944

LUND, Otto Marling -1940

MARNHAM, Ralph -1941

MEREDITH, Thomas -1941

MITCHELL, John L. -1943

MOTT, H.P.L. -1939

PEAT, R. -1941

PHIPPS, Kay -1939

REIMERS, D.K. -1944

SECKER, Adrian -1943

STUART-CLARK, Maureen -1945

SMILEY, David -1943

SWEETLAND, James L. -1945

TIRBUTT, C.E.S. -1943

TOMES, L.T. -1942

TURNER, Arthur H. -1940

VALLENTIN, Claude -1942


WATT, F.(?) Harold -1940

WORTH, Kevin (pseud.) -1939


2. -The Faraway War: Personal Diaries of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific  London, Doubleday, 2005. Experience of the war as recorded in their diaries by hundreds of men, women and children, on both sides. The editor includes succinct and very useful biographical and background notes and sources are meticulously recorded. Diarists are listed below only where their diaries are otherwise unpublished.

ANONYMOUS Japanese soldier and prison guard -1942

ARMSTRONG, James -1942

BATES, Hilda -1944

BAYNES, Len -1942

BOWRA, Edward V. -1943


CARTER, Reginald -1941

FAGAN, Tom -1942

FORSYTH, Tom -1942

GREEN, G.R. -1945

GRIMES, Helen May Clarke -1915

HALIFAX, Lord -1942

HODDER, Joseph -1942

HOOPER, Hubert -1944

KAWAGUCHI, Taro -1944

KENNEDY, John -1941


LACEY, Hilda Grace -1942

LEAHY, William Daniel -1945

LEANEY, William M. -1942

LEONARD, Ginger -1941

MATSUMOTO, Tadayoshi -1942

MALLONEE, Richard C. -1942

MILNER, Arthur -1943


MULLENEUX, Hugh -1945


NISHIKAWA, Taiso -1944

NOJIRI, Masako -1945

OBARA, Fukuzo -1945

OGLE, Martin -1941

OKUMA -1944

ROXBURGH, James A. -1941

SABURO, Kawamura -1941

SHIOYA, Yashio -1944

SHU Xiangcheng -1941

SMITH, Robert T. -1941

SOMERVILLE, James Fowndes -1943

STIMSON, Henry Lewis -1941

TADASHI Higa -1943

TAMABAYASHI, Richard F. -1941

TAMURA Yoshikazu -1943

Te VELDE, Atie -1945

VANCURA, Les -1945

WIGHTMAN, Peggy -1945

YAMAMOTO, Kiyoshi -1942


Journals and Narratives of the Third Dutch War  The Navy Records Society, Volume LXXXVI, 1946. Sea journals, all noticed separately in the main bibliography.

Diarists included:

HADDOCK, Richard -1673

LEGGE, George -1673

NARBROUGH, John -1672

SPRAGGE, Sir Edward -1671


Three Early Nineteenth Century Diaries  London, Williams and Norgate, 1952. The history of the Great Reform Act of 1832 is illuminated by three diarists, whose records are printed in parallel.

The Diarists are:

LAW, Edward, 1st. Earl of Ellenborough -1828

Le MARCHANT, Sir Denis -1830

LITTLETON, Edward John, 1st. Baron Hatherton -1819

BAGLEY, John Joseph

Lancashire Diarists; Three Centuries of Lancashire Lives  London and Chichester, Phillimore, 1975. The author illustrates life in Lancashire over the centuries with extracts from letters and autobiography as well as from the diaries noted below. Many of the extracts are very short but the accompanying biographical and background discussions are worthwhile.

Extracts from:

ASSHETON, Nicholas -1617

BLUNDELL, Nicholas -1702

BYROM, Elizabeth -1745

FISHER, William* -1811

KAY, Richard -1737

NEWCOME, Henry -1661

O'NEIL, John -1856

TYLDESLEY, Thomas -1712

WEETON, Ellen -1807

*The short extracts included are the only known printing of this diary which may be seen in typescript in Barrow Public Library.

BARBELLION, W.N.P. (Bruce Frederick Cummings)

Enjoying Life and Other Literary Remains of W.N.P.Barbellion  London, Chatto and Windus, 1919, contains an interesting essay "On Journal Writers", pp 75-87, in which he discusses the compulsive nature of journal writers, with special reference to the exponents of the journal intime. Further reflections on the subject appear in "Amiel and Some Others", pp 113-122.



Diaries from the Age of Sail  New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1974. Three diaries of nineteenth century sailing voyages: to America, China and Australia.

Diarists included:

CLARKE, C.H. -1834

LACEY, Edward -1862

WHITEHEAD, Alexander -1857

BERGER, Josef and Dorothy


1.  -Diary of America: The intimate story of our nation, told by 100 diarists - public figures and plain citizens, natives and visitors - over the five centuries from Columbus, the Pilgrims, and George Washington to Thomas Edison, Will Rogers, and our own time  New York, Simon and Schuster, 1957. Each diary extract is prefaced with a short scene-setting and biographical introduction.

Diarists included:

ANONYMOUS, Aviator -1917

ADAMS, Charles Francis, Jr. -1860

ADAMS, Franklin Pierce -1911

ADAMS, John -1753

ADAMS, John Quincy -1787

ALCOTT, Amos Bronson -1826

ALCOTT Louisa May -1843

ALLEN, James -1770

BARRON, Clarence W. -1891

BELL, James G. -1854

BLACK, William -1744

BLAKE, Dorothy -1935

BOIT, John -1790

BOOTH, John Wilkes -1865

BRADFORD, William and WINSLOW, Edward -1620

BREEN, Patrick -1846

BREWER, William Henry -1860

BROUN, Heywood -1888

BROWN, William R. -1845

BURR, Aaron -1808

CARGILL, James -1758

CARLETON, James Henry -1853

CATLIN, George -not a diary

CHARDON, Francis Auguste -1834

CHESNUT, Mary Boykin -1861

CLARK, Bennett C. -1849

CLEAVER, Joseph -1853

COLTON, Walter -1846

COLUMBUS, Christopher -1492

CRESSWELL, Nicholas -1774

CROCKETT, David -1836

DANA, Richard Henry -1834

DANCKAERTS, Jasper -1679

De BEAUVOIR, Simone -1947

EARLY, John -1807

EDISON, Thomas Alva -1885

FITHIAN, Philip Vickers -1773

FLOYD, John -1831

FONTAINE, William Winstan -1859

FORTEN, Charlotte L. -1854

FREMANTLE, James Arthur Lyon -1863

FULLER, Elizabeth -1790

GREELEY, Horace -1859

GREEN, Ezra (and JONES, John Paul) -1777

GREENHOW, Rose O'Neal -1862

GROH, George -1944

HAMILTON, Alexander -1744

HAMP, Sidford -1872

HARROWER, John -1773

HAVENS, Catherine Elizabeth -1849

HELM, Edith Benham -1918

HITCHCOCK, Ethan Allen -1818

ICKES, Harold L. -1933

HONE, Philip -1828

JERNIGAN, Laura (SPEAR) -1868

JOHNSON, William -1835

KEMBLE, Fanny -1831

KENNY, James -1758

KNIGHT, Amelia Stewart -1853

KNIGHT, Sarah Kemble -1704

KOGAN, David S. -1941

LANZIT, Jacob Saul -1858

LEE, Joyhn Doyle -1846

LEWIS, Meriwether and CLARK, William -1804

MACLAY, William -1789

MACREADY, William Charles -1832

MAGOFFIN, Susan Shelby -1846

MORRIS, Gouverneur -1739

NEWBERRY, Julia -1869

NEWELL, Timothy -1775

PARKMAN, Francis -1841

PEIRCE, Clothier -1868

RANSOM, John L. -1863

REED, James Frazier -1846

REEDER, Andrew H. -1856

ROGERS, Will -1924

RUSSELL, William Howard -1858

SEARS, Joshua -1847

SEWALL, Samuel -1692

SEYMOUR, Silas -1866

SHERIDAN, Clare Consuelo -1920

SHERWOOD, Elmer W. -1918

SMITH, John -1776

STILWELL, Joseph W. -1941

STRONG, George Templeton -1835

THACHER, James -1775

THOREAU, Henry David -1837

TUDOR, John -1732

WARD, Lester Frank -1860

WASHINGTON, George -1748

WELLES, Gideon -1861

WETMORE, Alphonso -1828

WHITE, John -1587

WHITMAN, Walt -1848

WINSLOW, Anna Green -1771

WOOLMAN, John -1757

YOUNG, James Webb -1942


2.  -Small Voices  New York, Paul S.Eriksson, 1966. An anthology of extracts from childhood diaries, mainly of American origin, some of which have not appeared in print elswhere. A few of the extracts are taken from superseded editions of the diaries, and one or two are of doubtful authenticity. There are introductory notes preceding the extracts for each diarist.

Diarists included:

ALCOTT, Louisa May -1843

BARRETT, Richard* -1841


BELL, Marilyn* -1954

BISSELL, Howard T.* -1962

CLEMENS, Samuel Langhorne (Mark Twain) -Not a Diary

CLEMENS, Susy (Mark Twain's daughter) -Not a Diary

CUMMINGS, Bruce Frederick (BARBELLION) -1903

CUCA, Marian -1951

EDWARDS (BURR), Esther -1741

FLEMING, Marjorie -1809


HAVENS, Catherine Elizabeth -1849

HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel -1835

HEIDE, Dirk van der -1940

HESTER, Sallie -1849

JERNEGAN (SPEAR), Laura -1868


LAINER, Gretchen -1884

McNEELY, Sylvia -1929

MORRIS, Walter -1919

MUSSER, Benjamin -1901

NIN, Anaïs -1914

O'BRIEN, Margaret -1947

OLCOTT, Euphemia Mason* -1856

OWEN, Maggie -1908

PAXSON, Mary Scarborough -1880

RICHARDS, Caroline Cowles -1852

ROBBEN, Susan* -1963

ROOSEVELT, Theodore -1868

SHORE, Margaret Emily -1831

SHUTE, Henry Augustus -1868

SPENCER, Harriet (BESSBOROUGH, Henrietta) -1772

THORNE, Samuel -1848

TISHY -1946

TOLSTOY, Tatyana -1878

WHITELY, Opal -1903

WINSLOW, Anna Green -1771

WORTIS, Emily* -1945

*Not known to have been printed elsewhere.

BIEBER, Ralph P.

Marching with the Army of the West, 1846-1848  Glendale, Arthur H.Clark, 1936. Reprinted Philadelphia, Porcupine Press, 1974. The complete diaries of three soldiers of the Army of the West in the Mexican War.

EDWARDS, Marcellus Ball -1846

FERGUSON, Philip Gooch -1847

JOHNSTON, Abraham Robinson -1846



1.  -Centuries of Female Days; English Women's Private Diaries  New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1988. Gloucester, Alan Sutton, 1989. A study of women's diaries from a feminist viewpoint. Much quotation from very many sources but few sustained extracts. Useful biographical information and select bibliography.

2. - The Englishwoman's Diary  London, Fourth Estate, 1992. (First published in the United States as  'Capacious Hold-All'  The University Press of Virginia, 1991). Extracts from diaries are used to illustrate themes as 'Of Friends and Lovers' and 'In Wartime'. There is a short biographical introduction to each diarist but further editorial intervention is confined to notes at the end of each section.

Extracts from:

ASQUITH, Lady Cynthia -1915

BOSCAWEN, Fanny -1748

BRITTAIN, Vera -1913

BURY, Lady Charlotte -1810

CARLYLE, Jane -1855

CLIFFORD, Lady Anne -1616

COWPER, Mary, Countess -1714

CULLWICK, Hannah -1854

FARMBOROUGH, Florence -1914

FREKE, Elizabeth -1671

GASKELL, Elizabeth -1835

GEORGE, Elizabeth -1840

HARDY, Mary -1773

HOBY, Lady Margaret -1599

HURNSCOT, Loran (TAYLOR, Gay Stuart) -1936

JAQUIER, Ivy -1907

KING, Emily Augusta -1877

LAST, Nella -1938

MACNAUGHTAN, Sarah -1914

PEPYS, Emily -1844

RAPER, Elizabeth -1756

SHORE, Emily -1831

STEVENSON, Frances -1914

THRALE, Hester -1757

TRANT, Clarissa -1823

WEBB, Beatrice -1873

WEETON, Ellen -1907

WOODFORDE, Nancy -1792

WOOLF, Virginia -1915

WRIGHT, Myrtle -1940

BLYTHE, Ronald

1. - Each Returning Day; The Pleasure of Diaries  London, Viking, 1989. Re-issued without the illustrations as The Penguin Book of Diaries  London, Penguin Books, 1991. There is a short introduction and the extracts, which are preceded by biographical and explanatory notes, are arranged to illustrate the diarists' responses to physical and emotional circumstance.

Extracts from:

AGATE, James -1932

ALLINGHAM, William -1847

ASQUITH, Lady Cynthia -1915


BECKFORD, William -1787

BENNETT, Arnold. -1896

BLAIKIE, Thomas -1775

BOSWELL, James -1762

BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett -1831

BRUCKSHAW, Pte. Horace -1915

BURNEY, Fanny -1768

BUTLER, Lady Eleanor -1785

BUXTON, Ellen -1860

BYNG, John, 5th. Viscount Torrington -1781

BYRD, William -1709

BYRON, Lord  -1813

CARLYLE, Jane Welch -1855

CARRINGTON, Dora -1917

CHANNON, Sir Henry -1934

CLARK, The Rev. Andrew -1914

CLIFFORD, Lady Anne -1616

CORY, William -1863

CRABBE, George -1780

DARWIN, Charles -1831

DEE, Dr. John -1577


EVELYN, John -1631

HARDY, Thomas -1877

HAYDON, Benjamin Robert -1808

HOPKINS, Gerard Manley -1862

JAMES, Alice -1889

JAQUIER, Ivy -1907

JOHNSON, Samuel -1729

JONES, Thomas -1916

JOSSELIN, The Rev. Ralph -1644

KILVERT, The Rev. Francis -1870

LAKE, Dr. Edward -1677

LEES-MILNE, James -1942

LIVINGSTONE, David -1851

MANNINGHAM, John -1602

MANSFIELD, Katherine -1904

MONKSWELL, Lady -1873

MUNBY, Arthur -1859

MURPHY, Dervla -1963

NICOLSON, Sir Harold -1930

NIN, Anaïs -1914

PARTRIDGE, Frances -1940

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

RUTTY, Dr. John -1753

SASSOON, Siegfried -1915

SMITH, Elizabeth -1840

SPENDER, Sir Stephen -1939

STOVIN, Cornelius -1871

STURT, George -1890

SWIFT, Jonathan -1710

TEONGUE, The Rev. Henry (TEONGE) -1675

THOMAS, Edward -1917

TURNER, Thomas -1754

VAUGHAN, Keith -1939

VICTORIA, Queen -1832

WAUGH, Evelyn -1911

WEBB, Beatrice -1873

WELCH, Denton -1942

WESLEY, The Rev. John -1725

WHEATLEY, Edmund -1813

WHITE, The Rev. Gilbert -1751

WOODFORDE, The Rev. James -1758

WOOLF, Virginia -1915

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798

2.  -Private Words; Letters and Diaries from the Second World War  London, Viking, 1991; Penguin Books, 1993. An interesting collection of letters and quotations from diaries culled from the manuscripts of friends and the archives of the Imperial War Museum, and many, therefore, not printed elsewhere. Loosely strung together in themes with an editorial introduction and commentary.

Principal extracts from:

ANONYMOUS, (Metal Trader)* -1940

ANONYMOUS  London fireman -1940

CRIMP, Pte. Reginald Lewis -1941

CURREY, Lieut. Ralph N.* -1943

GUEST, John -1940

HOLLINGSWORTH, Lieut. Bruce* -1941

HULL, W.E.* -1941

NELL, Sgt.* -1942

PEXTON, Sgt. L.D.* -1940

PROSSER, David* -1941

SCOTT, Flying Officer Michael* -1941

STEPHEN, Gunner Sir James Alexander* -1941

*Believed not to have been printed elsewhere.



One Journal's Life: A Meditation on Journal Keeping  Seattle, Impassio Press, 2002, 54pp. In a dialogue between herself and her diary as personified by extracts from 1964 to 1999, the author explores her motives and development as a diarist, her relationship with the diary and the arguments for its preservation.

BORENSTEIN, Audrey -1964

BRANDER, Michael

1. - The Country Divine  Edinburgh, The Saint Andrew Press, 1981. Brief extracts from the diaries of twelve English and Scottish village priests. The extracts are introduced with an historical and biographical note and are linked with passages of comment and explanation.

Extracts from:

CLEGG, James -1708

COLE, William -1765

JONES, William -1774

JOSSELIN, Ralph -1644

KILVERT, Francis -1870

NEWTON, Benjamin -1816

RIDPATH, George -1755

SAGE, Aeneas, Alexander and Donald -1819

SKINNER, John -1803

STEVENSON, Seth Ellis* -1752

TURNBULL, George -1686

WOODFORDE, James -1758

*The only known printing from this fragmentary diary; the Manuscript is in Wigan Central Public Library.

2. - The Sword and the Pen  London, Leo Cooper, 1989. Extracts from seven military diaries given with historical and biographical notes and linking narrative.

Extracts from:

CAMPBELL, Lieut. Walter -1829

COPPARD, Cpl. George -1914

GODWARD, Pte. Charles* -1842

PESTER, Lieut. John -1802

SCHAUMANN, August -1804

SIMMONS, Lieut. George -1809

VAUGHAN, Lieut. Edwin Campion -1917

*Not printed in book form.

BRETT, Simon

The Faber Book of Diaries  London, Faber and Faber, 1987. The book is arranged in the form of extracts from very many diarists, a few for each day of the year. An entertaining book which may serve to arouse an interest in the diary form or in diarists previously unknown to the reader but the entries are not sufficiently substantial to warrant listing the contributors here.

BRIDE, Thomas Francis


Letters from Victorian Pioneers; being a series of papers on the early occupation of the Colony, the Aborigines, etc., addressed by Victorian Pioneers to His Excellency Charles Joseph la Trobe, Esq. Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony of Victoria  Melbourne, 1898. Re-edited by C.E.Sayers, Melbourne and London, William Heinemann, 1969. Most of the contributions to this book are in the form of letters, some of which are probably based on journals, but only three have retained the diary form to any convincing degree:

GELLIBRAND, Joseph Tice -1836

McMILLAN, Angus -1839

MERCER, George -1838


Essex People, 1750-1900, from their diaries, memoirs and letters  Chelmsford, The Essex County Council, Essex Record Office Publication No. 59, 1972. The book consists mainly of substantial extracts from diaries which have not been published elsewhere and there are good biographical notes on the diarists.

Extracts from:

ASPLIN, Jonas -1826

CROSIER, John -1774

FRY, Elizabeth -1842

HANSON, John -1768

HICKS, Charles -1778

PAGE, Joseph -1799

SAVILL, Joseph and John -1754

WIRE, William -1842

YONGE, The Rev. Denys Nelson -1877

BUNKERS, Suzanne L. and HUFF, Cynthia A.


Inscribing the Daily; Critical Essays on Women's Diaries  Amherst, University of Massachusetts Press, 1996. The book contains "A Theoretical and Critical Introduction" followed by fifteen essays, by various authors, in three sections. Most of the essays display a strongly feminist bias. Very many diarists are mentioned and there are brief quotations from some diaries not printed elsewhere. The main bibliography is cross referenced to this work only for those diarists receiving substantial individual attention, as indicated below the relevant essay.

Section headings and essay titles are:

Part I:  Theorizing Women's Diaries:

i  -"I Write for Myself and Strangers": Private Diaries as Public Documents, by Lynn Z.Bloom.

ii - Rewriting Her Life: Fictionalization and the Use of Fictional Models in Early American Women's Diaries, by Stephen E.Kagle and Lorenza Gramegna.

BELL, Margaret Van Horn Dwight (see DWIGHT) -1810

BURR, Esther Edwards -1741

KNIGHT, Sarah Kemble -1704

LIVINGSTON, Anne Home Shippen -1783

WISTER, Sarah -1777

iii - A Lens of Empathy, by Jean Braham.

LORDE, Audre -1976

MAIRS, Nancy -Not a diary

SARTON, May -1974

iv  -Fragments as Diary: Theoretical Implications of the 'Dreams and Visions' of 'Baby Doe' Tabor, by Judy Noltke Temple.

TABOR, Elizabeth McCourt -1909

v - A Feminist Revision of New Historicism to Give Fuller Readings of Women's Private Writing, by Helen M.Buss.

WEST, Isabel -1900

Part II:  Women's Diaries and the Cultural Matrix:

i - The "Journal de Jeune Fille" in Nineteenth-Century France, by Philippe Lejeune, translated by Martine Breillac.

ii  -Textual Boundaries: Space in Nineteenth-Century Women's Manuscript Diaries, by Cynthia A.Huff.

BROUGHAM, Lady Marianne -1798

ESTCOURT, Marianne -1841

iii  -When Meanings Meet: The Journals of Charlotte Forten Grimke, by Geneva Cobb-Moore.

GRIMKE, Charlotte Forten -1854

iv -Preserving the Moment in the Diary of Margaret Fountaine, by Harriet Blodgett.

FOUNTAINE, Margaret -1878

v - The Diary as Creative Midwife: Interviews with Three Writers, by Trudelle H.Thomas.

Part III:  Women's Diaries and the Act of Writing:

i - The Private Alibi: Literacy and Community in the Diaries of Two Nineteenth Century American Women, by Marilyn Ferris Motz.

JOHNSON, Harriet -1853

KEELER, Lucy -1878

ii  -Ambivalence, Anger, and Silence: The Civil War Diary of Lucy Buck, by Elizabeth R.Baer.

BUCK, Lucy -1861

iii - Diaries and Dysfunctional Families: The Case of Emily Hawley Gillespie and Sarah Gillespie Huftalen, by Suzanne L.Bunkers.

GILLESPIE, Emily Hawley -1858

HUFTALEN, Sarah Gillespie -1873

iv  -Old Virginia and the Night Writer: The Origins of Virginia Woolf's Narrative Meander, by H.Porter Abbott.

WOOLF, Virginia -1915

v - Invented Lives: Textuality and Power in Early Women's Diaries, by Judy Simons.

BURGOYNE, Bruce E. -


The Trenton Commanders: Johann Gottlieb Rall and George Washington, as Noted in Hessian Diaries  1996. A sixteen page publication (not seen) taken from the diaries of Hessian soldiers engaged in the battle of Trenton in December 1776.

CALDER, Isabel M.


Colonial Captivities, Marches and Journeys  edited under the auspices of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America. New York, Macmillan, 1935. Reissued Port Washington, Kennikat Press, 1967. The book is a collection of letters, reports and diaries but the valuable diary of the anonymous British sailor comprises nearly half the book and has not been printed elsewhere.

Diarists included:

ANONYMOUS, British sailor -1745

BROWN, Charlotte -1754

De MONTIGNY, François -1699

SMITH, John -1756

WIGHT, Sgt. -1771

CAMPBELL, Duncan Alexander Dundas


Records of Clan Campbell in the military service of the honourable East India Company, 1600-1858  London, Longmans, 1925, has not been seen but is reported to contain diary material.

CHAN, Gabrielle


War on Our Doorstep: Diaries of Australians at the Frontline in 1942  South Yarra, Hardy Grant Books, 2003.

CLARKE, Patricia and SPENDER, Dale


Life Lines; Australian women's letters and diaries, 1788-1840  St. Leonards, New South Wales, 1992. An examination of the contribution of women to the history of white Australia as illuminated by their letters and diaries. Extracts are used to illustrate fifteen themes ranging from 'Forced Labour' through 'Working Wives and Mothers' to 'Working with Words'. Most of the diary extracts have not appeared elsewhere.

Diarists quoted:

BOURKE, Anne Maria -1831

BROOKS, Christiana -1825

BROUGHTON, Sarah -1837

BUSSELL, Frances Louise and Elizabeth Capel -1833

DOCKER, Sarah -1828

DRYSDALE, Anne -1841

FENTON, Elizabeth -1829

KING, Anna Josepha -1799

MENZIES, Margaret -1839

THOMAS, Mary -1836

COARE, Pam and THOMSON, Alistair


Through the Joy of Learning: Diary of 1,000 Adult Learners  Leicester, The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (England and Wales), 1996. "N.I.A.C. was endeavouring to 'show how adults are learning in the 1990's, by taking a snapshot view of activities in any week' of the Autumn term 1995. Individuals and groups were asked to keep a diary for a week, 'showing your choice of learning and what it's been like for you'." There are printed, in full, twenty eight diaries of named individuals, many of which are of interest beyond the stated objective; brief biographical details are given for the contributors to this section. The second half of the book gives extracts from many other diaries, the diarists being identified by name and occupation, to illustrate the themes of motivation, challenge, learning experience and achievement.

COXE, William


-Account of the Russian Discoveries Between Asia and America, to which are added the Conquest of Siberia and the History of the Transactions and Commerce between Russia and China  London, third edition, revised, 1787. There are many short and interesting accounts of early voyages north and east of Kamchatka, mainly in search of sea otters, which are probably abstracted from logs or diaries but are not substantial enough to warrant individual mention. The authors of more substantial accounts, some of which overlap are:

-GLOTTOF, Stephen -1762

-KORELIN -1762

-KOROVIN -1762


-OTCHEREDIN, Aphanassei -1765

-SOLOVIOV, Ivan -1766

-WASYUTINIKOI, Peter and LAFAROF, Maxim -1760

Note: William Coxe also appears as a diarist in the main bibliography.

COXON, Anthony P.M.


Between the Sheets; Sexual Diaries and Gay Men's Sex in the Era of AIDS  London, Cassell, 1996. A study of male homosexual behaviour in the United Kingdom with particular reference to the effect of the threat of AIDS. A descriptive and statistical analysis supported by information culled from the sex diaries of nearly six hundred men between 1987 and 1993. Short extracts are given from the diaries of unnamed contributors: mostly mechanical details of sexual activity, but occasionally containing background material of some interest.

CREATON, Heather


Victorian Diaries: The Daily Lives of Victorian Men and Women  London, Mitchell Beazley, 2001. An anthology of selections from Victorian Diaries, of which only one has been printed before. Brief biographical information is given for each diarist and, although and many of the diaries have necessarily been severely cut, there is much of interest, particularly the rare working class diary of of Arthur Peck and those of Peter King and the nurses at St. Thomas' Hospital.

CARTER, Miss M.L. -1897

COOPER, Miss E.M. -1896

CUST, Maria -1856

DONALDSON, Andrew and Agnes -1880

HARLEY, John Pritt -1858

HÉKÉKYAN BEY, Joseph -1862

HERITAGE, Miss E.M. -1896

KING, Peter -1885

KNIGHT, Miss E. -1896

PEARCE, Amy -1873

PECK, Arthur -1860

PEGLER, George -1850

TAIT, Andrew -1893

TOBIN, Miss M.A. -1896

WILSON, Violet M. -1896

WOODROFFE, James -1892

WYON, Leonard -1853



An Account of the Private Armed Ship America of Salem  in  Historical Collections of the Essex Institute  XXXVII. Extracts from the logs of fourth and fifth ships of this name, owned by the Crowninshield family, in 1804, and 1812 to 1815.

CHEVER, James -1814



ROPES, Joseph



A Day at a Time: The Diary Literature of American Women from 1764 to the Present  New York, at the City University of New York, The Feminist Press, 1985. A collection designed to introduce and stimulate interest in the diaries of American women and "to creatre a mosaic of American women's history and to suggest changes in the form, content and function of the diary as a verbal construct". The introduction discusses the writing, reading, editing, form, content and construction of diaries; and there are short background and biographical introductions to each diary extract. The book concludes with thirty pages of bibliography.

Diarists included:


ANDREWS, Eliza Frances -1864

ASHE, Elizabeth -1917

BAILEY, Abigail Abbot -1767

BENNETT, Joan Frances -1968

BRANDRETH, Helen Ward -1876

CLARK, Edith K.O. -1933

DEMING, Barbara -1964

DRINKER, Elizabeth Sandwith -1758

DWIGHT, Margaret van Horn -1810

FULLER, Elizabeth -1790

GILES, Nell -1943

HARDY, Fannie (ECKSTORM) -1889

HARRISON, Juanita -1927

HOLYOKE, Mary Vial -1760

HORNER, Joyce Mary -1975

JACKSON, Rebecca Cox -1843

KNIGHT, Amelia Stewart -1853

LEWIS, Abigail -1948

LIVINGSTON, Nancy Shippen -1783

MACLANE, Mary -1901

NICHOLS, Sarah Peirce -1833

NUÑEZ (NUNEZ), Bonita Wa Wa Calachaw -1970

PREUS, Carolina Keyser -1844

RICKETSON, Annie Holmes -1871

ROBESON, Eslande Goode -1936

SMITH, Barbara -1979

STEWART, Helen Marnie -1853

WOODWARD, Mary Dodge -1884

DOBBS, Brian

'Dear Diary....'  Some studies in self-interest  London, Hamish Hamilton, 1974. A study and discussion of diaries and diarists starting from the proposition that the value of a diary lies in the quality of the diarist as a witness. Three diarists are studied in depth and very many others in less detail. There is much quotation and essential bibliographical information. The introduction contains some interesting quotations from diary notes recorded as marginalia in other manuscripts by Irish Scribes.

Diarists treated at length:

BOSWELL, James -1762

EVELYN, John -1631

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

DOYLE, Susan Badger


Journeys to the Land of Gold: Emigrant Diaries from the Bozeman Trail, 1863-1866  Montana Historical Society, two volumes, 2000. Diaries and reminiscences with extensive background material.

Diarists listed (extracted from the list of contents, the book has not been seen):

Volume I:

BRUNDAGE, T.J. -1864

CARD, Cicero -1863

FLORY, Abraham Polk -1864

HACKNEY, John S. -1864

OWENS, Richard -1864

LEE, C.M. -1865

RYAN, Bejamin Williams -1864

SAWYERS, James A. -1865

SMITH, Lewis H. -1865

TOMLINSON, John J. and Margaret -1864

VORHEES, Abram H. -1864

WORD, Samuel -1863

Volume II:

BAILEY, Theodore A. -1866

BLYTHE, Samuel Finley -1866

BURGESS, Perry A. -1866

CREIGH, Thomas Alfred -1866

DAILEY, Benjamin -1866

FLETCHER, Ellen Gordon -1866

FOX, George W. -1866

LOCKEY, Richard -1866

MILES, Thomas O. -1866

SAWYERS, James A. -1866

THOMAS, William K. -1866

WILSON,Davis -1866

D'OYLEY, Elizabeth

English Diaries with a preface by George Gordon. London, Edward Arnold, 1930, reprinted 1933 and 1934. The diarists are allowed to speak for themselves, with only short biographical introductions. Spellings have been modernised.

Extracts from:

BOSWELL, James -1762

BURNEY, Fanny -1768

BYROM, Elizabeth -1745

EVELYN, John -1631

MACHYN, Henry -1550

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

PEPYS, Samuel, Jr. (pseud.) -1914

SCOTT, Robert Falcon -1910

SCOTT, Sir Walter -1825

TEONGE, Henry -1625

WOOD, Anthony A' -1657

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798

WRIOTHESLEY, Charles -1521

DRESHER, Olivia and MUÑOZ, Victor


Darkness and Light: Private Writing as Art; An Anthology of Contemporary Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks  San Jose, toExcel, 2000. This anthology from the works of invited contributors aims to demonstrate the potential aesthetic worth of the diary form irrespective of its historical, therapeutic or voyeuristic attractions. The diary extracts, some of great interest, are supported by essays on journal writing by Kimble James Greenwood and Victor Muñoz.

Diarists included:

ASMUSSON, C.F. -1989

BENTLEY, Sean -1987

BORENSTEIN, Audrey -1964

DOLAN, Kathleen Hunt -1977

DRESHER, Olivia -1988

GALE, Kate -1990

GAUTHIER, Guy -1971

GREENWOOD, Kimble James -1984

HAIDER, S.Afzal -1983

LACONTE, Marie E. -1986

LUNO, Bianco -1980

LUOMA, Ja -1984

SICKELS, Noëlle -1970

SONNENFELD, Sandi -1987

DUNAWAY, Philip and EVANS, Mel

A Treasury of the World's Great Diaries with an Introduction by Louis Untermeyer. New York, Doubleday, 1957. Extracts are grouped to illustrate, perhaps rather whimsically, fourteen themes with titles like 'In Youth is the Beginning' and 'A New World to Venture In'. There is a brief, and mainly  factual, introduction to each diarist; the extracts then follow without further comment.

Extracts from:

ADAMS, John Quincy -1787

ALCOTT, Louisa May -1843

AMIEL, Henri-Frederic -1847

AUDUBON, John -1820


BARRYMORE, John -1925


BEATTY, John -1861

BENNETT, Arnold -1896

BEYLE, Marie Henri (STENDHAL) -1801

BOSWELL, James -1762

BROWN, Augustus C. -1864

BURNEY, Fanny -1768

BYRON, Lord -1813

CARROLL, Lewis -1853

CHESNUT, Mary Boykin -1861

CROCKETT, Davy -1836

DAVIS, Charles E. -1861

DAWSON, Sarah, Morgan -1862

DUFFIELD, George C. -1866

EDISON, Thomas Alva -1885

ELY, Edward -1850

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo -1820

EVELYN, John -1631

FIENNES, Celia -1685

FITZGERALD, F. Scott -1936

FLEMING, Marjory -1809

FRANK, Anne -1942

GAG, Wanda -1914

GONCOURT, Edmond and Jules de -1851

GORDON, Andrew -1849

GREVILLE, Charles Cavendish Fulke -1814

GUEST, Lady Charlotte Elizabeth -1833

HACHIYA, Michiko -1945

HALLIDAY, John -1855

HAY, John Milton -1861

HEARNE, Thomas -1705

HOLMES, Oliver Wendell, Jr. -1861

HONE, Philip -1828

ICKES, Harold, L. -1933

INGE, William Ralph -1911

JAMES, Henry -1878


JONES, John Beauchamp -1861

KAFKA, Franz -1910


KILVERT, Francis -1870

KNIGHT, Sarah Kemble -1704

LAGERLÖF, Selma -1873

LEVIN, Harry -1948

LOTI, Pierre -1889

LUNT, Dolly Sumner (BURGE) -1847

MAISSE, Andre Hurault de -1597

MANSFIELD, Katherine -1904

MARQUETTE, Jaques -1673

MELVILLE, Herman -1849

MERTON, Thomas -1939

NANSEN, Odd -1944

NEWBERRY, Julia -1869

NIJINSKY, Vaslav -1918

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

SAND, George -1834

SCOTT, Kathleen, Lady (KENNET) -1911

SCOTT, Robert Falcon -1910

SCOTT, Sir Walter -1825

SEARS, Captain Joshua -1857

SEWALL, Samuel -1673

STEINBECK, John -1940

SWIFT, Jonathan -1710

TEALE, Edwin Way -1952

TEMPLE, Edmund -1825

THOREAU, Henry David -1837

TOLSTOY, Countess -1860

TURNER, Thomas -1754

TWAIN, Mark -1855

UPSON, Theodore -1858

Van ALSTYNE, Lawrence -1862

VICTORIA, Queen -1832

WARD, Lester Frank -1860

WASHINGTON, George -1748

WELLES, Gideon -1861

WESLEY, John -1725

WOOLF, Virginia -1915

WOOLMAN, John -1757

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798

DUNN, James Churchill


The War the Infantry Knew, 1914-1919: A Chronicle of Service in France and Belgium with the Second Battalion His Majesty's Twenty-Third Foot, The Royal Welch Fusiliers: founded on personal records, recollections and reflections, assembled, edited and partly written by One of their Medical Officers  privately published, P.S.King Ltd., 1938. New edition London, Jane's Publishing, 1987. cardinal paperback, 1989. A full chronicle of the war as seen by the officers and men of The Second Battalion of the Royal Welch Fusiliers. The framework of the book which is presented as a scrupulously dated narrative, is the diary of Captain J.C.Dunn (qv). Many other contributors are named and their contributions are identified in footnotes, but it is not possible to say with certainty which are taken from diaries and which from memoir and recollection. Both Robert Graves and Siegfried Sasson served with The Royal Welch Fusiliers, as did Private Frank Richards, the author of  Old Soldiers Never Die.

DYSON, Ketaki Kushari


A Various Universe: A Study of the Journals and Memoirs of British Men and Women in the Indian Subcontinent, 1765-1856  Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978. A useful and interesting study of the diary literature of Britons in India with substantial discussion and some quotoation of many individual diarists. Many of the works of the authors mentioned have not been seen but it is clear that some of them barely qualify as diaries, they are nevertheless included in the main bibliography until it has been possible to evaluate them more fully.

Diarists included in the survey:


ACLAND, The Rev. Charles -Not a Diary

ARCHER, Edward Caulfield -1830

BROUGHTON, Thomas Duer -1809

BURTON, Sir Richard Francis -Not a Diary

EDEN, Emily -1837

EDWARDES, Sir Herbert Benjamin -1848

ELWOOD, Anne Katherine -1825

FAY, Eliza -1779

FENTON, Bessie Sinclair -1826

FORBES, James -1765

FORSTER, George -1782

FRASER, James Baillie -1815

GRAHAM (CALLCOTT), Maria -1809

HASTINGS, Francis Rawdon -1794

HEBER, Reginald -1805

HICKEY, William -Not a Diary

HODGES, William -1780

HOOKER, Sir Joseph Dalton -1848

HUGGINS, William -Not a Diary

JAQUEMONT, Victor -1823

KINDERSLEY, Jemima -1764

KNIGHTON, William -Not a Diary

MARTYN, Henry -1802

MUNDY, Godfrey Charles -1825

NUGENT, Maria, Lady -1801

PARKS (PARKES), Fanny -1822

POSTANS, Marianne -Not a Diary

POTTINGER, Sir Henry -1810

ROBERTS, Emma -1839

SHERWOOD, Mary Martha -1803

SKINNER, Thomas -1829

SLEEMAN, Sir William Henry -1849

VALENTIA, George Annesley, Viscount -1802

VIGNE, Godfrey Thomas -1835

WALLACE-DUNLOP, Madeleine and Rosalind -1856

WILLIAMSON, Thomas -Not a Diary

EMERSON, Amelia Forbes


Naushon Data  privately printed, 1963, 1984 and 2003. Naushon is a private island off Woods Hole, Massachusetts, once owned by the Forbes family. The book contains chiefly diaries and personal correspondence of the daughters of Edward Coffin Jones: Emma Chambers (1847-1920) invalid in Litchfield, Conn., and New York, New York, Amelia Hickling Jones (1849-1935) civic leader, of New Bedford, and Sarah Coffin (Jones) Forbes (1852-1891) wife of John Malcolm Forbes, of Milton, Massachusetts, relating to daily events, social life, and family affairs. The authors are not mentioned in the main bibliography. The book is a supplement to the author’s  Early History of Naushon Island  privately printed, 1935, which probably also contains extracts from diaries.

EVANS, Elizabeth


Weathering the Storm: Women of the American Revolution  New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1975. A discussion of the lives and status of women in America at the time of the Revolution illustrated by contemporary diaries and journals. The editor does not make clear whether she has worked from published or manuscript sources, nor the extent of any abridgements. There is extensive editorial 'scene setting' but the diaries and extracts are allowed to stand on their own.

Diarists included:

ALMY, Mary Gould -1778

CLIFFORD, Anna Rawle -1781

DRINKER, Elizabeth Sandwith -1758

FERGUSON, Jane Young -Not a Diary

GALLOWAY, Grace Crowdon -1778

GANNETT, Deborah Sampson -Not a Diary

HARRISON, Jemima Condict -1772

MORRIS, Margaret Hill -1776

WALKER, Martha I'ans -Not a Diary

WASHINGTON, Elizabeth Foote -1779

WISTER, Sarah -1777

FISHER, Ruth Anna

Extracts from the Records of the African Companies  Washington, Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, 1930?, has not been seen, but is reported to contain diary material.



Private Chronicles; A Study of English Diaries  London, Oxford University Press, 1974. A study of the 'diary as literature' which elaborates the concepts of 'the book of the self' and 'imprint' and points to the idea of 'serial autobiography' as the most developed form of diary, that of Anaïs Nin being its apotheosis. Closely argued and often challenging; a valuable book. Many other diarists are mentioned in passing.

Diarists subject to substantial discussion:


BOSWELL, James -1762

BYRON, Lord -1813

HAYDON, Benjamin Robert -1808

JAMES, Alice -1889

JAQUIER, Ivy -1907

JONES, William -1774

KAY, Richard -1737

KILVERT, Francis -1870

MANSFIELD, Katherine -1904

NIN, Anaïs -1914

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

RYDER, Dudley -1715

SCOTT, Sir Walter -1825

WINDHAM, William -1769

FRANKLIN, Penelope


Private Pages; Diaries of American Women, 1830's-1970's  New York, Ballantine Books, 1986. Substantial excerpts from the diaries of thirteen American girls and women, most of which are not printed elsewhere. A brief introduction examines the appeal of the diary form and the editor's motives and concludes that "These private pages can give us, their readers, permission to be human." Each excerpt is prefaced by a short introduction and concluded by an afterword.

Diarists included:

BARROWS, Marie -1876

BLUE, Yvonne -1926

BOVOSO, Carole -1967

COOPER, Annie Burnham -1881

LAVELL, Martha -1926

LOGAN, Deborah Norris -1832

PEET, Azalia Emma -1913

SEIXAS, Eleanor Cohen -1865

SHAW, Martha -1890

TAYLOR, Marion -1915

TOMIBE, Kate -1943

WHITING, Ethel Robertson -1924

WILLIS, Winifred -1923


1.  -Scottish Diaries and Memoirs 1550-1746  with an introduction by R.S.Rait. Stirling, Eneas Mackay, 1928. Extracts from diaries and memoirs, aimed at the general reader and given with biographical sketches of the authors and some historical background; there is little bibliographical information.

Extracts from:

BAILLIE, Lady Grizel (Memoirs) -1692

BAILLIE, Robert -1637

BANNATYNE, Richard -1570

BIRREL, Robert -1532

BRYSSON, George (Memoirs)

BURNET, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury (Memoirs)

CARLYLE, Alexander (Memoirs)

CLERK, Sir John, of Penicuik -1696

DARIEN SCHEME (Anonymous, Pennycook & Macdowall) -1698

ELCHO, David, Lord (Memoir)

ERSKINE, John, of Carnock -1683

GUTHRIE, Henry, Bishop of Dunkeld (Memoir)

HUME, Sir Patrick, 1st. Earl of Marchmont (Memoir)

KEITH, James Francis Edward (Memoir)

KIRKTON, James (Memoir)

KNOX, John (Memoir)

LAUDER, Sir John, Lord Fountainhall -1665

LAW, Robert (Memoir)

MELVILLE, Sir James of Halhill (Memoir)

MELVILLE, The Rev. James -1571

MOYSIE, David -1577

NICOLL, John -1650

RUSSELL, James (Memoir)

(The Lyon in Mourning - a few brief extracts)

TURNER, Sir James (Memoir)

URE, James, of Shargarton (Memoir)

VEITCH, William (Memoir)

WALLACE, James (Memoir)

WEMYSS, David, 2nd. Earl of -1634

WODROW, The Rev. Robert -1701

2.  -Scottish Diaries and Memoirs 1746-1843  with an introduction by J.D.Mackie. Stirling, Eneas Mackay, 1942. Because of the much larger amount of available material compared with the earlier volume, consideration is confined to writers 'who gave sidelights on the social, economic, and political state of Scotland during the vital hundred years which saw the passing of the old order and the birth of a new age...' Most of the writers included are not, unfortunately, diarists.

Extracts from:

BARNARD, Lady Anne (Memoirs) -1794

BEGG, James (Memoirs)

CALDERWOOD, Margaret -1756

CAMPBELL, George Douglas, 8th. Duke of Argyll (Memoirs)

CARLYLE, Alexander (Memoirs)

COCKBURN, Henry Thomas, Lord Cockburn -1831

FLETCHER, Mrs. (Memoirs)

FORBES, The Rt. Rev. Robert -1762

GILLIES, Robert Pearse (Memoirs)

GORDON, Pryse Lockhart (Memoirs)

GRANT, Elizabeth (Memoirs)

GUTHRIE, Thomas (Memoirs)

MILL, The Rev. John -1738

MURE, Elizabeth (Memoirs)

RAMSAY, John (Memoirs)

RIDPATH, The Rev. George -1755

ROBERTSON, George (Memoirs)

RUSSELL, James (Memoirs)

SAGE, The Rev. Donald -1819

SOMERVILLE, Thomas (Memoirs)

GARD, Robin


The Observant Traveller: Diaries of Travel in England Wales and Scotland in the County Record Offices of England and Wales  London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, for the Association of County Archivists, 1989. There are characteristic extracts (on pp 1-101) from one hundred and thirty seven diaries, few of which have been printed elsewhere. Many of the diaries appear to be of great interest but the brief nature of the extracts has precluded mention of the authors in the main bibliography. The book is intended to provide a guide to the nature of the material in County Archives, and includes a comprehensive listing of the manuscripts and their locations. (See also the annotation in the Bibliography of Bibliographies section).



1. - Our Hidden Lives: The Everyday Diaries of a Forgotten Britain, 1945-1948  London, Ebury Press, 2004. Extracts from the diaries of five British people, taken from the Mass Observation archives and printed in parallel.

The diarists, all pseudonymous, are:

BLUNT, Maggie Joy -1939

BRUSH, Herbert -1945

CHARLES, B. -1945

RUTHERFORD, Edie -1945

TAYLOR, George -1945

2.  -We Are at War: The Remarkable Diaries of Five Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times  London, Ebury Press, 2005. Extracts from the diaries of five British people, between August 1939 and October 1940, again taken from the Mass Observation archives and printed in parallel.

The diarists, all pseudonymous, are:

ASHFORD, Pam -1938

BLUNT, Maggie Joy -1939

POTTER, Eileen -1939

RICE, Tilly -1939

TOMLIN, Christopher -1939

3. - Private Battles: How the War Almost Defeated Us  London, Ebury Press, 2006. Extracts from the diaries of four British people, between November 1940 and May 1945, again taken from the Mass Observation archives and printed in parallel

The diarists are:

ASHFORD, Pam (pseud.) -1938

BLUNT, Maggie Joy (pseud.) -1939

SOMEREN, Ernest Van -1940

STEBBING, Edward -1939

GARROS, Véronique, KORENEVSKAYA, Natalia and LAHUSEN, Thomas


Intimacy and Terror: Soviet Diaries of the 1930s  translated by Carol A.Flath. New York, The New Press, 1995. The collection is designed to illuminate the ordinary lives of Russians living under the Stalin terror and many of the diaries, none of which have appeared before in English, are vivid accounts of great interest, some of them of literary significance. In their useful general introduction the editors say that they "…believe that the essence of a diary is the space of tension between different - often heterogeneous - times, between the personal, the intimate, sometimes the bodily, and the social" but the brief introductions to each diary, and the end notes could usefully have been expanded to help the reader disentangle the many textual complexities.

Diarist included:

-ARZHILOVSKY, Andrei Stepanovich -1936

-FRELIKH, Oleg Nikolaevich -1934

-FROLOV, Ignat Danilovich -1937

-GORNUNG, Lev Vladimirovich -1936

-PODLUBNY, Stepan Filippovich -1936

-POTYOMKIN, Leonid Alekseyevich -1934

-SHAPORINA, Lyubov Vasilievna -1935

-SHIRNOV, Fyodor Efimovich -1932

-SHTANGE, Galina Vladimirovna -1936

-STAVSKY, Vladimir Petrovich -1938



-Guns, Kites and Horses: Three Diaries from the Western Front  London, Radcliffe Press, 2003. The First World War Diaries of three brothers.

-GIFFARD, Edmund Hamilton -1915

-GIFFARD, Jack -1914

-GIFFARD, Walter Ernest -1917


GILDEA, Robert


-Marianne in Chains: Everyday Life in the French Heartland Under the German Occupation   London, Macmillan, 2002, contains fragmentary quotation from diaries but no useful sustained passages.  -

GODFREY, Kenneth W., GODFREY, Audrey M. and DERR, Jill Mulvaney


Women's Voices: An Untold History of the Latter-Day Saints, 1830-1900  Salta Lake city, Deseret book Company, 1982. Extracts from the diaries, letters and autobiographies of Mormon women, selected to illustrate 'the feminine aspects of Mormon history'.

Diarists included:

BAKER, Jean Rio Griffiths -1851

FOX, Ruth May -1894

LYMAN, Eliza Marie Partridge -1846

MACE, Ruth May -1895

RICHARDS, Mary Haskin Parker -1846

SESSIONS, Patty Bartlett -1847

SMITH, Julina Lambson -1886

SNOW, Eliza Roxcy -1842

TANNER, Mary Jane Mount -1876

WELLS, Emmeline B. -1874

WILLIAMS, Nancy Abigail Clement -1889

GOODALL, Felicity


Voices from the Home Front  Newton Abbot, David and Charles, 2004. A compilation of letters, diaries, memoirs, interviews and some published sources, mainly taken from the collections of The Imperial War Museum. There are extracts from many diaries, some of which appear to be of more than passing interest. Unfortunately the format of the book makes it impossible to make any useful references to individual diarists.

GREENE, Douglas G.


Diaries of the Popish Plot  Delmar, New York, Scholars' Facsimiles and Reprints, 1977. Contains an introduction, five diaries and Titus Oates' "A True Narrative of the Horrid Plot and Conspiracy of the Popish Party, 1679", notes and index.

Diarists included:

-DANGERFIELD, Thomas -1684

-JOYNE, John -1679

-SOUTHWELL, Sir Robert -1678

-TONGE, Israel -1678

-WARCUP, Edward -1676

GRIGSON, Geoffrey

The English Year from Diaries and Letters  London, Oxford University Press, 1967. A pleasant celebration of the English countryside and weather, with extracts from diaries and letters for each day of the year.

Diaries included:

ALLINGHAM, William -1847

CLARE, John -1824

COBBETT, William -1817

HARDY, Thomas -1863

HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel -1837

HAYES, Richard -1762

HOPKINS, Gerard Manley -1862

JEFFERIES, Richard -1877

STURT, George -1890

WHITE, Gilbert -1751

WOODFORDE, James -1758

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798


Recording Angels; The Secret World of Women's Diaries  London, Harrap, 1988. A large number of short extracts from diaries linked by passages of commentary and exposition. An interesting and useful book but most of the diarists are not quoted at sufficient length for it to be useful to list them here.



Overland Routes to the Goldfields, 1859, from contemporary diaries  Glendale, Arthur H.Clark, 1942. Reprinted Philadelphia, Porcupine Press, 1974. This is Volume XI in the  Southwest Historical Series  and contains diaries of the Arkansas River route, Platte River route, St. Joseph to Fort Kearney, Texas to Pike's Peak, and the Leavenworth and Pike's Peak express route.

Diarists included:

GASS, A.M. -1859


PEASE, Edwin R. -1859

POST, Charles C. -1859

RICHARDSON, Albert D. -1859

HAFEN, LeRoy R. and Ann W.


1. - Journals of Forty-Niners; Salt Lake to Los Angeles  Glendale, Arthur H.Clark, 1954. Reprinted University of Nebraska Press, Bison Books, paperback, 1998. A collection of wagon and pack train journals and reminiscences from 1849.

Diarists included:

BIGLER, Henry W. -1846

CANNON, George Q. -1849

EGAN, Howard -1847

FARRER, William -1849

PRATT, Addison -1849

RICH, Charles C. -1849

YOUNG, Sheldon -1849


2.  -Handcarts to Zion: The Story of a Unique Western Migration, 1856-1860, with contemporary journals, accounts, reports; and rosters of members of the ten Handcart Companies  Glendale, Arthur H.Clark, 1960. Reprinted Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, Bison Book paperback, 1992. There are some fragmentary diary notes in addition to the more substantial records noted below.

Diarist included:


BERMINGHAM, Twiss -1856

GALLOWAY, A. -1856

WALTERS, Archer -1856

HAKLUYT, Richard


The Principal Voyages Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, Made by Sea or Over-land to the Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth at any time within the compasse of these 1600 Yeeres  Glasgow, James MacLehose and Sons, twelve volumes, 1903 to 1905. This is the text of the 1598-1600 edition which was in three volumes, foolscap folio. Although the Hakluyt Society is not mentioned, some sets were taken and bound by the Society to form the first twelve volumes of their Extra Series. Of the very many accounts printed in this book, there are listed here the authors of all those which appear to be based upon some contemporaneous record, with the exception of a few very brief narratives of voyages to destinations that are covered more fully by other writers.

Volume I:

PLANO CARPINI, John de -1246

RUBRUQUIS, William de -1253

Volume II:

ANONYMOUS (probably Robert BEST) -1557

BURROUGH, Steven   -1556

CHANCELLOR, Richard -1553

JENKINSON, Anthony -1557

KILLINGWORTH, George   -1555

WILLOUGHBY, Hugh -1553

Volume III:

BOWES, Jerome -1584

BURROUGH, Christopher -1579

CHAPMAN, Laurence -1568

CHEINIE, Richard -1563

HORSEY, Jerome -1584

PLUMTREE, Lionel -1568

RANDOLPHE, Thomas -1568

SMITH, Hugh -1580

SOUTHAM, Thomas and SPARKE -1566

Volume IV:

MARBECK, Roger -1596


Volume V:

ANONYMOUS, Frenchman? -1522

ANONYMOUS, member of the suite of William Hareborne -1583

ALDERSEY, Laurence -1581

AUSTELL, Henry -1585

BODENHAM, Roger -1550

FITCH, Ralph -1583

FREDERICK, Caesar -1563

LOCKE, John -1553


SANDERS, Thomas -1583

Volume VI:

ANONYMOUS, Englishman with Drake at Cadiz -1587


ANONYMOUS, English sailor -1554

BARKER, Edmund -1591

ELDRED, John -1583

EVESHAM, John -1586


HOGAN, Edmund -1577

RUTTER, William -1562

THOMAS, James -1552

TOWERSON, William -1555

WELSH, James -1588

WINKFIELD, Antonie -1589

WRAG, Richard -1593

WREN, Walter -1566

Volume VII:

ANONYMOUS, secretary(?) to Martin Frobisher -1577

ANONYMOUS, English sailor -1590

DOWNTON, Nicholas -1593

ELLIS, Thomas -1578

FLICKE, Robert -1591

HALL, Christopher -1576

JOHNSON, Richard, and others -1593

LINSCHOTEN, John Huighen van -1589

RAINOLDS, Richard -1591

SETTLE, Dionise -1577

WHITE, Thomas -1592 -

WIARS, Thomas -1578

WRIGHT, Edward -1589

Volume VIII:

ANONYMOUS, Englishman -1585

BARLOWE, Edward -1584

CARTIER, Jaques -1534

HAIE(S) (HAY) (HAYES), Edward -1583

LANE, Ralph -1585


LEIGH, Charles -1597

VERRAZZANO (VERRAZANO), Giovanni da -1524

WHITE, John -1587

Volume IX:

ANONYMOUS, Spanish explorer -1539

ANONYMOUS, Spanish explorer -1582

ANONYMOUS, English sailor -1578

ALARCHON, Fernando -1540

CHILTON, John -1568

CORONADO, Francis Vasquez de -1540

GOURGUES, Dominique de -1567

GUALLE, Francisco de -1582

HORTOP, Job -1568


NIÇA (NICA) (NIZA), Marco -1539

PHILIPS, Miles -1567

TOMSON, Robert -1553

Volume X:

ANONYMOUS, Englishman with Drake -1585

ANONYMOUS, English sailor -1591

ANONYMOUS, English sailor -1596

ANONYMOUS, English sailor -1595

ANONYMOUS, English sailor -1595

ANONYMOUS, English sailor -1576

DUDLEY, Robert -1594

HAWKINS, John -1564

KEYMIS, Laurence -1596

KING, William -1592

MAY, Henry -1591

PARKER, William -1596

RALEIGH, Walter -1595

SHERLEY, Anthony -1596

TWITT, John -1591

Volume XI:

ANONYMOUS,  English sailor with James Lancaster -1594

CLIFFE, Edward -1577

FLETCHER, Francis -1577

GRIGS, Thomas -1580

JANE, John -1591

MAGOTHS, William -1589

MASHAM, Thomas -1596

PRETTY, Francis -1586

SARRACOLL, John -1586

SILVA, Nunez da -1577

WARD, Luke -1582

Volume XII:

This volume contains no diaries.

HALE, John


Settlers: Being Extracts from the Journals and Letters of Early Colonists in Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand  London, Faber and Faber, 1950 (not seen).



ANTAEUS; Journals, Notebooks & Diaries  No. 61. U.S.A., The Ecco Press, 1988; London, Collins Harvill, 1989. "The first paperback edition of Antaeus, celebrates the journal as a prose genre." Reissued, with an introduction, as  Our Private Lives: Journals, Notebooks and Diaries  Hopewell, New Jersey, The Ecco Press, 1989. The diaries and extracts are preceded by an article on diary writing, by Gail Godwin. Contributions were solicited from the authors and may have been extracted from existing diaries, kept for the occasion, or written retrospectively as memoir or fiction; the editor has made no comment upon the likely provenance in individual cases, but dates are given only for those writers who appear in the main bibliography and whose works are probably a genuine diaries.

Writers included:

BASS, Rick

BASSO, Keith H. -1960

BERGER, Thomas -1956

BLOUNT, Roy, Jr.

BOWLES, Paul -1987

CLINTON, Bill -1987



DURRELL, Lawrence (this not a diary) -1936

EARLY, Gerald -1988

EHRLICH, Gretel -1985

FISHER, M.F.K.1938 -1938

FROST, Robert

GALLAGHER, Tess -1987

GALLANT, Mavis -1987

GODWIN, Gail -1962


HALL, Donald -1987


HENDERSON, Nicholas -1969


KEELEY, Edmund -1987

Le GUIN, Ursula K. -1981

MAILER, Norman -1954


MERTON, Thomas -1939

MICHAELS, Leonard -1976

MILOSZ, Czeslaw -1987

NABOKOV, Dmitri -1935

NAIPAUL, V.S. -1987

OATES, Joyce Carol -1985

O'BRIEN, Edna -1987

PARKS, Gordon -1951

PYNE, Stephen J. -1980

RICHLER, Mordecai -1988

SACKS, Oliver -1961

SIMIC, Charles

SPENDER, Stephen -1939

WILLIAMS, C.K. -1971

HAMPSTEN, Elizabeth


To All Inquiring Friends: Letters, Diaries and Essays in North Dakota, 1880-1910  Grand Forks, North Dakota, University of Dakota Department of English, 1979; second edition, 1980. This is an A4 Paperback, pp vi and 326. Diarists included are:

CARPENTER, Julia Gage -1882

ENGSTAD, John E. -1885

ROBERTS, May Bethia -1884

WANNER, Louisa -1903

WILLIAMS, William H. -1911

HARE, Augustus J.C.

The Gurneys of Earlham  London, George Allen, two volumes, 1895, second edition 1897. The family history of John and Catherine Gurney, Norfolk Quakers, and their children, containing many scattered extracts from diaries, some very short: those of Rachel, Richenda and Hannah are not noticed elsewhere.

Extracts from:

Rachel (1778-1827)

Elizabeth (Fry) (1780-1845) -1797

Richenda (Cunningham) (1782-1855)

Hannah (Buxton) (1783-1872)

Louisa (Hoare) (1784-1836) -1796

Joseph John (1788-1847) -1808

HART, A.Tindal

The Eighteenth Century Country Parson (Circa 1689 to 1830)  Shrewsbury, Wilding and Son, 1955. This is a companion volume to  The Nineteenth Century Country Parson  and chapter IV is entitled 'The Scholar, The Diarist and The Letter Writer'. Quotations from diaries are very brief and taken from published sources. Diarists most fully discussed are:

COLE, William -1765

JONES, William -1774

ROGERS, Benjamin -1727

SKINNER, John -1803

HART, A.Tindal and CARPENTER, Edward

The Nineteenth Century Country Parson (Circa 1832-1900)  Shrewsbury, Wilding and Son, 1954. A discussion of the life, work and social position of the Victorian clergyman, with pen portraits and anecdotes. The second half of the book is devoted to extracts from memoirs and diaries, none of which is known to have been printed elsewhere.

Diaries included:

HART, The Rev. Robert -1882

HOLDICH, The Rev. John H. -1861

POWELL, The Rev. George -1846

SEYMOUR, The Rev. Richard -1832

WARNER, The Rev. James Lee -1874

HASSAM, Andrew

No Privacy for Writing: Shipnoarrd Diaries, 1852-79  Melbourne University Press, 1991. Shipboard diaries of emigrants sailing to Australia.

ALBON, Elizabeth



Industrial Britain under the Regency; The Diaries of Escher, Bodmer, May and de Gallois 1814-18  London, Frank Cass, 1968. New York, Augustus M. Kelley 1968. The writings of May and de Gallois are reports, not diaries. There is a good introduction and notes. Bodmer's diary and Escher's letter diary are given in extenso.

Diaries included:

BODMER, Johann Georg -1816

ESCHER, Johann (Hans) Caspar -1814



Nine Wartime Lives: Mass-Observation and the Making of the Modern Self  Oxford University Press, 2010. This volume is an "experiment in historiography" which examines the  "apparent contrast between wartime citizenship and contemporary individualism", using mass observation diaries as the source material. Unusually, only Lilian Rogers is pseudonymous and there is background material which is useful for those diarists which have been published elsewhere. Each diarist is the subject of a separate chapter but direct quotation is minimal and chronologically confusing, some have been referred to in other studies but only those published separately or in anthologies are referenced in thew main bibliography.

Diarists included:

ARGENT, Denis -1941


GLOVER, Gertrude


LAST, Nella -1938

ROGERS, Lilian (pseud.)

SOMEREN, Ernest van -1940

WALTON, Bertha

WALTON, Matthew



Children's Wartime Diaries: Secret Writings from the Holocaust and World War II  London, Piatkus, 1995. An anthology of extracts from the writings, not all of them diaries, of twenty-three children aged from ten to eighteen, mostly from published sources. The introduction discusses the motives of the writers and the lessons to be learned fom them. Each extract is preceded by brief biographical details. Sources are listed separately and there is a short bibliography of children's diaries which have not been included in the selection.

Diarists included:

ANONYMOUS, brother and sister -1944

BERG, Mary -1939

FISHKIN, Sarah -1941

FLINKER, Moshe -1942

GALNIK, Werner -not a diary

HESHELE, Janina -1941

HEYMAN, Eva -1944



LAZERSON, Tamarah -1942


PERRY, Colin -1940

PHILLIPS, Janine -1939

ROLNIKAS, Macha -1941

RUBINOWICZ, Dawid -1940

RUDASHEVSKI, Yitskhok -1941

SENESH, Hannah -1934

SHTENKLER, Ephraim -not a diary

Van der HEIDE, Dirk -1940

VERESOVA, Charlotte -1942


WYNDHAM, Joan -1939

HOLMES, Kenneth L. (and David C.Duniway for Volume V)


Covered Wagon Women: Diaries and Letters from the Western Trails, 1840-1890  Glendale, California and Spokane, Washington, Arthur H.Clarke, eleven volumes, 1983-1993. A collection of women's accounts, the majority in diary form, of the westward emigration, most of which are either not published elswhere or not easily accessible; many have been re-edited from the original manuscripts. There is a general introduction to each volume and the diaries are individually prefaced by such biographical and background material as is available. The final volume contains the series index, the series bibliography and a revised edition of the large folding map of the western emigrant trails published by the Oregon-California Trails Association, 1993. A paperback edition, with additional introductory material to each volume, has been published by the University of Nebraska Press.

Diarists in Volume I, 1840-1849:

BELKNAP, Keturah -1839

HESTER, Sallie -1849

SESSIONS, Patty -1847

SMITH, Elizabeth Dixon -1847

Diarists in Volume II, 1850:

DAVIS, Sarah -1850

FRINK, Margaret A. -1850

GOODRIDGE, Sophia Lois -1850

MORRIS, Anna Maria -1850

PARSONS, Lucena -1850

Diarists in Volume III, 1851:

BAKER, Jean Rio -1851

BUCKINGHAM, Harriet Talcott -1851

CRANSTON, Susan Amelia -1851

HADLEY, Amelia -1851

WILLIAMS, Lucia Loraine Bigelow -1851

WOOD, Elizabeth -1851

ZIEBER, Eugenia -1851

Diarists in Volume IV, 1852, The California Trail:

CUMMINGS, Mariett Foster -1852

McAULEY, Eliza Ann -1852

PRATT, Sarah -1852

SAWYER, Francis -1852

Diarists in Volume V, 1852, The Oregon Trail:

ADAMS, Cecilia and BLANK, Parthenia -1852

COON, Polly -1852

READ, Martha S. -1852

SCOTT, Abigail Jane -1852

Diarists in Volume VI, 1853-1854:

BURRELL, Mary -1854

HINES, Celinda -1853

KING, Hannah Tapfield -1853

KNIGHT, Amelia -1853

MYRICK, Elizabeth -1854

PERKINS, Sarah (Sally) -1853

TAYLOR, Rachel -1853

Diarists in Volume VII, 1854-1860:

AUSTIN, Elizabeth -1854

GOODELL (GODELL) (GODDELL), Anna Marie -1854

GRISWOLD, Harriet Booth -1859

HUNDLEY, Margaret Ellenor (Ellen) -1856

MOORE, Martha Missouri -1860

MOUSLEY, Sarah Maria -1857

SUTTON, Sarah -1854

Diarists in Volume VIII, 1862-1865:

COOK, Louisa -1862

EPPERSON, Lucretia Lawson -1864

HITCHCOCK, Harriet -1864

LIGHTNER, Mary Elizabeth -1863

LOUGHARY, Harriet A. -1864

RINGO, Mary -1864

TOOTLE, Ellen -1862

Diarists in Volume IX, 1864-1868:

BLACK, Mary Louisa -1865

BUNYARD, Harriet -1869

CLARK, Caroline Hopkins -1866

PORTER, Elizabeth Lee -1864


SHIPLEY, Clarissa Elvira -1864

Diarists in Volume X, 1875-1883:

ALLEN, Lucy Clark -1881

BENTON, Virginia Belle -1881

COLLINS, Sarah J. -1883

IDE, Lucy -1878

RIDDLE, Mary -1878

SURFUS, Mary Matilda -1883

TOWELL, Emily -1881

WRIGHT, Laura -1879

Diarists in Volume XI, 1879-1903:

BOWER, Mary E. -1881

CARPENTER, Nellie -1879

COLVIN, Ada -1879

HAMPTON, Mrs. -1888

HANSBERRY, Anna -1903

SPRINGER, Viola -1885



English Family Life, 1576-1716; An Anthology from Diaries  Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1988. An examination of Courtship and Marriage, Married life and Widowhood, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infancy, Adolescence and Departure from Home, Parents' Old Age and Deaths and Other Kinsfolk in the diarists' own words. There is a short introduction to each section as well as the general introduction which discusses the diary as historical source. Wherever possible the editor has taken his material from the manuscript diaries rather than their printed versions and the book therefore contains much useful and interesting material not to be found elsewhere. There is an excellent Biographical and Bibliographical Appendix which, inter alia, details the present whereabouts of the manuscripts and assesses the reliability of the printed editions.

Extracts from:

ARCHER, Isaac* -1668

ASSHETON, Nicholas -1617

AUSTEN, Katherine* -1665

BARLOW, Edward -1659

BLUNDELL, Nicholas -1702

CALVERLY, Sir Walter -1692

CARNSEW, William -1576

CLIFFORD, Lady Anne -1616

COE, William* -1693

COOPER, Anthony Ashley, 1st. Earl of Shaftesbury -1645

DEE, John -1577

DELAVAL, Lady Elizabeth -1662

EGERTON, Elizabeth, Countess of Bridgewater* -1660

EVELYN, John -1631

EYRE, Adam -1647

FREKE, Elizabeth -1671

GREENE, John -1635

HARROLD, Edmund -1712

HEYWOOD, Oliver -1666

HOBY, Lady Margaret -1599

ISHAM, Thomas -1671

JACKSON, James -1650

JEAKE, Samuel -1652

JOLLY, Thomas -1671

JOSSELIN, Ralph -1644

LOWE, Roger -1673

MORRIS, Claver -1709

NEWCOME, Henry -1661

NEWDIGATE, Sir Richard -1680

OGLANDER, Sir John -1595

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

PLEDGER, Elias* -1691

RICH, Mary, Countess of Warwick -1666

RICHARDS, John -1698

ROGERS, Richard -1586

RYDER, Dudley -1715

SLINGSBY, Sir Henry -1638

THORNTON, Mrs. Alice -1654

WALLINGTON, Nehemiah* -1622

WHEATCROFT, Leonard -1675

WINTHROP, Adam -1595

WOODFORDE, Mary -1684

WOODFORDE, Samuel* -1663

*These diaries are either inaccessible or not printed elsewhere, but many of the others also include new material.

KAGLE, Steven E.


A three volume survey of American Diary Literature in the  Twayne's United States Authors Series.  Professor Kagle has selected what he considers to be the best American diaries in subject groups, for instance Spirtual Journals, Travel Diaries, War Diaries, etc. There is a general introduction to each subject group and the work of individual diarists is then summarised, and discussed with brief quotation. Prefaces and introductory chapters deal more generally with questions of the nature and qualities of the diary form considered as literature, and the development of the American diary tradition.


1. - American Diary Literature, 1620-1799  Boston, Twayne Publishers, 1979.

Diarists included:

ADAMS, John -1753

ALLEN, James -1770

ASBURY, Francis -1771

ATKINS, Josiah -1781

BEEBE, Lewis -1776

BLACK, William -1744

BRAINERD, David -1740

BYRD, William -1709

DOW, Lorenzo -1794

FISHER, Samuel Rowland -1779

FITHIAN, Philip Vickers -1773

HAMILTON, Alexander -1744

HERBERT, Charles -1780

KNIGHT, Sarah Kemble -1704

LIVINGSTON, Anne Home -1783

MATHER, Cotton -1681

MORGAN, John -1764

MORRIS, Gouverneur -1789

MORRIS, Margaret -1776

SEWALL, Samuel -1673

SMITH, John -1741

THACHER, James -1775

WALDO, Albigence -1777

WIGGLESWORTH, Michael -1653

WINTHROP, John -1630

WISTER, Sally -1777

WOOLMAN, John -1757


2.  -Early Nineteenth-Century American Diary Literature  Boston, Twayne Publishers, 1986. This volume contains some very brief notices of diarists not listed below of which two not otherwise recorded are printed in:  Memoirs of Catherine Seely and Deborah S.Roberts  New York, D.Goodwin, 1843; and  Memorandas and Correspondence of Mildred Ratcliff  Philadelphia, Friends Bookstore, 1890.

Diarists included:

ADAMS, John Quincy -1787

ALCOTT, Amos Bronson -1826

AUDUBON, John J. -1820

BELL, Margaret Van Horn Dwight -1810

DAVIS, Samuel Cole -1808

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo -1820

FRÉMONT, John Charles -1838

GALLATIN, James -1813

HONE, Philip -1828

IRVING, Washington -1803

LEWIS, Meriwether and CLARK, William -1803

OSBORN, Charles -1809

PARKMAN, Francis -1841

PIKE, Zebulon -1805

POLK, James K. -1845

SCHOOLCRAFT, Henry Rowe -1818


3. - Late Nineteenth-Century American Diary Literature  Boston, Twayne Publishers, 1988.

Diarists included:

ADAMS, Charles Francis -1820

ANDREWS, Eliza Frances -1864

BEATTY, John -1861

BRYANT, Edwin -1846

BURROUGHS, John -1854

CARPENTER, Helen McCowen -1857

CHESNUT, Mary Boykin -1851

COLTON, Walter -1846

DALLAS, George Mifflin -1837

DANA, Richard Henry, Jr. -1834

DAWSON, Sarah Ida Fowler Morgan -1862

FISHER, Sidney George -1834

FORTEN, Charlotte L. -1854

HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel -1837

HIGGINSON, Thomas Wentworth -1849

HOLMES, Sarah Catherine Stone -1861

JAMES, Alice -1889

McGUIRE, Judith W. -1861

MORAN, Benjamin -1857

RANSOM, John L. -1863

SANFORD, Mollie Dorsey -1857

SMITH, Benjamin T. -1861

STRONG, George Templeton -1835

THOREAU, Henry David -1837

WELLES, Gideon -1861

WOODS, Daniel B. -1849

KEENE, Donald


1.  -Travelers of a Hundred Ages: The Japanese as Revealed Through 1,000 Years of Diaries  New York, Henry Holt, 1989. The book contains discussions and accounts, with occasional quotation, of more than seventy diaries from the tenth to the nineteenth centuries and the introduction discusses the peculiarities of the Japanese diary form. Most of the diaries discussed are not otherwise known in English, but there is a bibliography of Japanese editions and of available English translations. The diaries are grouped in six sections by date and there are brief mentions of many diarists not included below.

Diarists included:

Heian Diaries:

ANONYMOUS (daughter of Fujiwara Takasue) -1009

ANONYMOUS (mother of Michitsuna) -954

ANONYMOUS (the mother of Jojin, the Ajari) -1071

DAIBU, Lady -1174

ENNIN -838







ZOKI (the Master of the Hut) -991

Diaries of the Kamakura Period:

ANONYMOUS (Buddhist priest) -1223


ABUTSU -1240


BEN no NAISHI -1246






NIJO, Lady -1271

SHUNJO (Utsonomiya Asanari) -1225

Diaries of the Muromachi Period:



GEN'YO -1596

GYOE -1465









SOCHO -1501

SOGI -1468

SOKYU -1350


Diaries of the Early Tokugawa Period:





Basho's Diaries:

BASHO, Matsuo -1684

Diaries of the Later Tokugawa Period:










TAKEJO -1720




2. - Modern Japanese Diaries: The Japanese at Home and Abroad as Revealed Through Their Diaries  New York, Henry Holt, 1995. The book discusses the diaries of twenty five Japanese men and five women written, roughly, between 1860 and 1920, few of which are otherwise known in English. There is a separate chapter for each diarist, which contains biographical and background information, an account of the diary with extracts, notes and bibliography. The diarists are grouped within seven categories, which are repeated below.

Diarists included:

Early Missions to Foreign Countries:

FUCHIBE Tokuzo -1862

FUKUZAWA Yukichi -1862

ICHIKAWA Wataru -1862

KIMURA Yoshitaki -1859

KUME Kunitake -1871

MURAGAKI Norimasa -1859

NARUSHIMA Ryuhoku -1872

SHIBATA Takenaka -1865

SHIBUSAWA Eiichi -1867

Travelers in Asia:

MATSUURA Takeshiro -1856

SASAMORI Gisuke -1893

TAKEZOE Shin'ichiro -1876

Writers Abroad:


NATSUME Soseki -1900

NIIJIMA Jo -1864

Diaries by Politicians:

KIDO Takayoshi -1868

UEKI Emori -1873

Diaries by Women:

HIGUCHI Ichiyo -1887

KAWAI Koume -1849

MORI Mineko -1904

SHIMOMURA Toku -1912

TSUDA Umeko -1898

Poets and Novelists:

ISHIKAWA Takuboku -1902

KUNIKIDA Doppo -1893


The Early Twentieth Century:

ARISHIMA Takeo -1891

KINOSHITA Mokutaro -1901

KOTOKU Shusai -1899

NAGAI, Kafu -1903

TOKUTOMI Roka -1914

KING, Jonathan


Gallipoli Diaries: The Anzacs' Own Story Day by Day  East Roseville, New South Wales, Kangaroo Press, 2003.

The Western Front Diaries: The Anzacs Own Story, Battle by Battle  Pymble, New South Wales, Simon and Schuster, 2008.



Sea Saga; Being the Naval Diaries of Four Generations of the King-Hall Family  London, Victor Gollancz, 1935.

Diarists included:

HALL, James -1805

HALL, William King -1829

KING-HALL, George -1888

KING-HALL, Stephen -1909

KIPLING, Rudyard


The Irish Guards in the Great War  London, Macmillan, two volumes, 1923; and Staplehurst, Spellmount, two volumes, 1997. The book is "edited and compiled from [the soldiers's] diaries and papers" but there is no quotation directly ascribed to individuals. Kipling's only son, John, served in the Irish Guards and was killed in 1915.

KLEE, Ernst, DRESSEN, Willi and RIESS, Volker


"The Good Old Days"; The Holocaust as Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders  foreword by Hugh Trevor-Roper, translated by Deborah Burnstone. New York, Konecky and Konecky, 1991(?). A collection of diaries, letters and reports by the executioners and sympathetic observers of the Holocaust. Many of the reports have some characteristics of the diary form but are not noticed here. Diarists included in the main bibliography are:

ANONYMOUS, member(s) of Police Battalion 322 -1941

JÄGER (JAGER), Karl -1941

LANDAU, Felix -1941

KREMER, Johannes Paul -1942



Siege in the Hills of Hebron: The Battle of the Etzion Bloc  New York, Yoseloff, 1958, has not been examined but is reported to contain diary material.

KORN, Alfons L.


The Victorian Visitors: An Account of the Hawaiian Kingdom, 1861-1866, Including the Journal Letters of Sophia Cracroft, Extracts from the Journals of Lady Franklin, and Diaries and Letters of Queen Emma of Hawaii  Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press, 1958.

Diarists included:

CRACROFT, Sophia -1861

EMMA, Queen of Hawaii -1865

FRANKLIN, Lady Jane -1861

TENNYSON, Lady Emily -1850

VICTORIA, Queen -1832

KOURY, Michael J.


Diaries of the Little Big Horn  by Michael J.Koury. Old Army Press, 1970.



Notices and Voyages of the famed Quebec Mission to the Pacific Northwest: Being the Correspondence, Notices, Etc. of Fathers Blanchet and Demers, Together with Those of Fathers Bolduc and Langlois  Oregon Historical Society, 1956.

LEE, Ida

Early Explorers in Australia: from the Log-Books and Journals including the Diary of Allan Cunningham, Botanist, from March 1st. 1817, to November 19th. 1818  London, Methuen, 1925. Most of the extracts from log books and journals are much concerned with botany and topography and are very brief, or so paraphrased that it would not be useful to list them here. There is one journal given more fully:

CUNNINGHAM, Allan -1817



Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology, 1590-1987  Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 1998. Extracts from Irish diaries, some of which have not been printed elsewhere. The introduction contains a quotation from the 1832 diary of  the Rev. Traill, rector of Schull and J.M.Synge's grandfather, for which no source notes are given.

Diarists included:


BELLINGHAM, Thomas -1688

BENN-WALSH, Sir John -1823

CASEY, John Sarsfield -1867

CAMPBELL, Joseph -1922

CLONMELL, John Scott, 1st. Earl of -1774

CORK, Richard Boyle, 1st. Earl of -1611

COWPER, Hattie -1877

CUMMINS, Nicolas Marshall -1810

DAUNT, William Joseph O'Neill -1842

FARRELL, Richard -1798

FITZGERALD, John -1793

FORTESCUE, Marianne -1798

FREKE, Elizabeth -1671

GODDARD, Lucy -1774

GREGORY, Lady -1892

HOLLOWAY, Joseph -1899

HUNT, Sir Vere -1798

HUSSEY, Gemma -1982

LEADBEATER, Mary -1791

LEITRIM, William Clements, 3rd. Earl of -1857

McEVOY, Frank -1958

MÜNCHHAUSEN, Ludolf von -1590

NICHOLSON, Asenath -1844

Ó RÍORDÁN, Seán -1962

O'SULLIVAN, Humphrey -1827

PONSONBY, Frances and Emily -1837

RICHARDS, Elizabeth -1798

RODEN, Anne, Dowager Countess of -1797

SCOTT, John -1704

SEWELL, William -1844

SMITH, Elizabeth -1840

STEPHENS, James -1916

STEVENS, John -1689

TENNENT, John -1786

TONE, Theobald Wolfe -1789

WESLEY, John -1725

WESTROPP, Thomas Johnson -1875



The Mammoth Book of War Diaries and Letters: Life on the Battlefied in the Words of the Ordinary Soldier, 1775-1991  London, Robinson Publishing, 1998. Extracts are given from very many diaries and letters written in conflicts from the American War of Independence to the first Gulf War. Some of the extracts are taken from diaries which have been published only on the internet. Diarists are only named below when their work has not been printed elsewhere:

ANONYMOUS, Iraqi soldier -1991

ABODEELEY, Joseph -1968

BOTTOMLEY, Charles Robert -1918

CURRY, Frank -1942

GOODBAR, Montague S. -1915

GREEN, John -1942

HUGHES, G.E. -1944

JUNKIN, Bingham Findley -1864

PART, Thomas Reginald -1916


SHULER, Michael -1862

WILLIAMSON, Sidney -1916

WISSLER, Denis H. -1940



Ariadne's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals  New York, Harper and Row, 1982. The compiler "has been teaching workshops on journal writing for many years" and some of the previously unpublished diaries in this collection have apparently come to her notice in the course of her work: this may account for the slightly self-conscious feel of some of the contributions. Also, very many of the contributors are professional writers who seem to have been permitted great latitude in matters of selection, self-editing and rewriting. Nevertheless many good diaries are included and the book is refreshingly lacking in polemical feminism, although selections tend to be of very small and tightly focused parts, often widely spaced, from much longer works. Diaries are grouped under the headings of Work, Self, Love and Friendship, Family, Being Somewhere Else, Society, and Nature.

Diarists included:

ALCOSSER, Sandra -1977

ARVIO, Sarah -1977

BLY, Carol -1075

BROWN, Rita Mae -1981

COLAVIN-BRIDGES, Florinda -1977

COPPOLA, Eleanor -1976


De VRIES, Rachel -1974

DINE, Carol -1977

EIDUS, Janice -1977

GLUCKMAN, Janet -1950

GODWIN, Gail -1962

GREEN, Kate -1970

HAMPL, Patricia -1978

HEMSCHEMEYER, Judith -1973

HERMAN, Michelle -1978

HOGAN, Linda -1977

HUNT, Nan -1976

JAMES, Nancy Esther -1969

KENDIG, Diane -1959

KINNICUTT, Susan -1978

KUMIN, Maxine -1969

LEVERTOV, Denise -1969

LIFSHIN, Lyn -1977

LYNCH, Mary Ann -1972

McDANIEL, Judith -1965

MINTY, Judith -1972

MORAFF, Barbara -1976

MORGAN, Kay -1976

MURRAY, Michele -1973

MYERS, Darlene -1980

NUDEL, Ida -1973

PARKER, Carol Mont -1975

PASTON, Linda -1977

PIERCY, Marge -1967

PLATH, Sylvia -1950

ROBERTSON, Mary Elsie -1972

ROBSON, Deborah -1976

ROTH, Geneen -1976

RYAN, Margaret -1978

SAGAN, Miriam -1979

SEXTON, Anne -1971

SHULMAN, Alix Kates -1980

SPIVACK, Kathleen -1969

STARKMAN, Elaine -1980

ULLMAN, Leslie -1978

WEIN, Bibi -1978

WYSOCKI, Sharon -1970

ZEIGER, L.L. -1977


Some Sources for Northwest History: Minnesota Farmer’s Diaries  in  Minnesota History  September, 1937, contains references and brief quotations from the diaries of:


DAWLEY, Allen W.

DREW, Edward B.


JACKSON, Mitchell, Y -1852



Minnesota Farmers' Diaries  St. Paul, 1939, has not been seen but is reported to contain only:

BROWN, William R. -1845

JACKSON, Mitchell Y -1852


France Observed in the Seventeenth Century by British Travellers  Stocksfield, Oriel Press, 1985. There are quotations from the otherwise unpublished diaries of Sir Thomas Abdy, John Covel, John Downes, Richard Lassels, Robert Montagu and Thomas Wentworth, in addition to those from published sources.



A Hunting Pageant  Hindhead, Saiga Publishing, no date, is an history of the New Forest Hounds and contains extracts from fox hunting diaries daries between 1789 and 1980. Many of the diaries are pseudonymous and taken from published sources and none is listed elsewhere.

LUCHETTI, Cathy (with Carol Olwell)


Women of the West  St.George, Utah, Antelope Island Press, 1982. A study of the personal experience of women in the American western migration and settlement through their diaries, letters and memoirs. The book is illustrated with very interesting photographs.

Diarists included:

BELKNAP, Keturah Penton -1839

COLT, Miriam Davis -1856

OGDEN, Anna Harder -1888

STEWART, Helen Wiser -1884

WALKER, Mary Richardson -1833

LYONS, Mary E.


Keeping Secrets: The Girlhood Diaries of Seven Women Writers  New York, Henry Holt, 1995. A survey, apparently addressed to a young adult readership, which combines brief quotations from the diaries with an extensive editorial narrative. The title is misleading in that many of the diaries examined begin in the authors' adult years and most of them continue well beyond girlhood. There is useful bibliographical information.

Diarists included:

ALCOTT, Louisa May -1843

CHOPIN, Kate -1867

DUNBAR-NELSON, Alice -1921

FORTEN (GRIMKE), Charlotte -1854

FOSTER, Sarah Jane -1865

GILMAN, Charlotte Perkins -1876

WELLS, Ida B. -1886

MALLON, Thomas


A Book of One's Own: People and Their Diaries  New York, Ticknor & Fields, 1984. Paperback Editions: Quality Paperback Book Club, 1985; Penguin Editions, 1986; Hungry Mind Press, 1995. A celebration of the diary: comment on and quotation from hundreds of diarists, categorised as Chroniclers, Travelers, Pilgrims, Creators, Apologists, Confessors and Prisoners. The quotations and commentary are woven into a continuous exposition which is informative and entertaining. A valuable introduction to the form in all its manifestations with a useful "reader's bibliography".

MARHAM, Clements R.


The Voyages of Sir James Lancaster, Kt, to the East Indies, with Abstracts of Journals of Voyages to the East Indies, during the Seventeenth Century, Preserved in the India Office, and the Voyage of Captain John Knight (1606) to Seek the North-West Passage   London, The Hakluyt Society, 1877. There is also a calendar of seventeenth century ships' journals preserved in the India Office.

There are many very brief abstracts of diaries by writers not mentioned below:

ANONYMOUS, English sailor with James Lancaster -1594

BARKER, Edmund -1591

MAY, Henry -1591

MARKMAN, Marsha, BOE, Jonathan and COREY, Susan; California Lutheran University


The American Journey: United States History Through Letters and Diaries  Malden, Massachusetts, Brandywine Press, two volumes (Volume I revised), 2006. An higher education textbook. The publisher states that extracts are given for the following diarists:

Volume I (to 1877):


BARROW, Bennett

BLACK, Mary Louisa

BYRD, William


COE, Hamlin

GREENMAN, Jeremiah


KNIGHT, Sarah Kemble

KOHN, Abraham

LEE, Henry and Mary




TOWNE, Laura M.


Volume II (since 1865)


BLAKE, Dorothy


BOWERMAN, Guy Emerson, Jr.

CANFIELD, Elizabeth Haas

CHESNUTT, Charles W.

CLAWSON, Augusta H.

DREW, Elizabeth

GOTTFRIED, Johanna von

ICKES, Harold L.

KIKUCHI, Charles -1941

LAVELL, Martha

LOW, Ann Marie

McINTIRE, Richard O.


STEM, Susan



Omdurman Diaries, 1898: Eyewitness Accounts of the Legendary Campaign  London, Leo Cooper, 1998. The British Army in the Omdurman campaign as seen through the eyes of four diarists who are allowed to speak for themselves with minimal editorial intervention.

The diarists, of whom Teigh is the principal, are:

COX, Samuel FitzGibbon -1898

MEIKLEJOHN, Ronald Forbes -1898

SKINNER, George -1898

TEIGH, George -1898



Travels in the American Colonies  Edited under the auspices of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America. New York, Macmillan, 1916. Reprinted New York, Antiquarian Press, 1961, 750 copies. Some very interesting diaries and journals, some of which have not appeared elsewhere.

Diaries included:

ANONYMOUS (Moravian) -1753

ANONYMOUS (Ranger) -1739

BERKENHOUT, Dr. John -1778

BONNEFOY, Antoine -1741

CHICKEN, Col. George -1725

D'ARTAGUIETTE, Diron -1722


FITCH, Capt. Tobias -1725

FLEMING, Col. William -1779

GORDON, Adam, Lord -1764

GORDON, Capt. Harry -1766

HAMBURGH, Mr. -Not a Diary

HECKEWELDER, Christian -1780

POTTER, Cuthbert -1690

REICHEL, Johann Friedrich -1780

STEVENS, Capt. Phineas -1749

TAITT, David -1772



Japanese Poetic Diaries  Berkeley and Los Angeles, California, University of California Press, 1969. The interesting and useful introduction analyses the differences between Japanese and Anglo-American approaches to diary writing, and particularly the special relationship between poetry and diary in Japanese literature. Four diaries are examined in detail and printed at length.

Diaries included:

BASHO, Matsuo -1684



SHIKI, Masaoka -1897

MITCHELL, Rosamund Jocelyn


The Spring Voyage: The Jerusalem Pilgrimage in 1458  London, John Murray, 1964. A narrative account of a pilgrimage from Venice to Jerusalem, and the return, in 1458, based upon the accounts of six diarists. There is much of interest but the contributions of individuals are not sufficiently distinguished to enable separate entries in the main bibliography, with the exception of William Wey, whose itinerary has also been published separately.

The six diarists:

ANONYMOUS, Dutch pilgrim

BUTIGELLA, Giovanni Matteo




WEY, William -1458

MOFFAT, Mary Jane and PAINTER, Charlotte


Revelations: Diaries of Women  New York, Random House, 1974; Viking Books, paperback, 1975. The introduction enlarges upon the hypothesis that in their diaries women illustrate the inner conflict between 'love' and 'work' and that the resolution of this conflict releases the 'power' of their individual natures. There follow substantial illustrative extracts from thirty two diarists, each preceded by a few paragraphs of introduction, and the book is concluded by an afterword which crystallises the hypothesis as a theory of 'psychic bisexuality'.

Diarists included:

ANONYMOUS (Japanese Woman) -1895

ALCOTT, Louisa May -1843

ASHTON-WARNER, Sylvia -1941


BENEDICT, Ruth -1912

CARR, Emily -1930

CHESNUT, Mary Boykin -1861

DOSTOEVSKY, Anna -1867

ELIOT, George -1855

FIELD, Joanna -1930

FLEMING, Marjory -1809

FRANK, Anne -1942

HURNSCOT, Loran -1922

JAMES, Alice -1889

JESUS, Caroline Maria de -1955

KEMBLE, Frances Anne -1831

KOLLWITZ, Kathe -1909

LAGERLÖF, Selma -1873

MANSFIELD, Katherine -1904

MARTIN, Martha -1920

NIN, Anaïs -1914

PAINTER, Charlotte -1960

PTASCHKINA, Nelly, -1918

SAND, George -1834

SANTAMARIA, Frances Karlen -1964

SCOTT, Evelyn -1913

SCOTT-MAXWELL, Florida  -1965


SENESH, Hannah -1934

TOLSTOY, Sophie -1860

WOOLF, Virginia -1915

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798



Overland in 1846: Diaries and Letters of the California-Oregon Trail  Georgetown, California, Talisman Press, two volumes (continuously paginated), 1963. Reprinted Lincoln and London, University of Nebraska Press, two volumes, paperback, 1993. A study of the personal experiences of Western Emigrants in 1846, based upon their letters and diaries. The diaries are all printed in Volume I. As well as the documentation for  many less eventful journeys, there are primary sources for the history of the catastrophic Donner party which was snowbound in the Sierra Nevada during the winter of 1846-1847.

Diarists included:

BREEN, Patrick -1846

CARRIGER, Nicholas -1846

HOLT, Thomas -1846

McKINSTRY, George -1846

MATHERS, James -1846

MILLER, Hiram and REED, James Frazier -1846

PRINGLE, Virgil -1846

TAYLOR, William E. -1846

Diarists of the Donner Relief:

FALLON, William (Mr. Fellun) -1847

REED, James Frazier -1846

RITCHIE, M.D. -1847

TUCKER, Reasin P. -1847

MORSE, Hosea Balloo

Chronicles of the East India Company Trading to China, 1635-1834  Harvard, five volumes, 1926, is effectively a corporate diary.

MYRES, Sandra L.

Ho for California! Women's Overland Diaries from the Huntington Library  San Marino, California, Huntington Library, 1980. The full texts of the diaries of five American women on the Western Migration. There is a brief general introduction and more specific introductions to each route, including biographical information on the diarists. Useful bibliography.

Diarists included:

BAILEY, Mary Stuart -1852

BUNYARD, Harriet -1869

CARPENTER, Helen -1857

McDOUGAL, Jane -1849

SHRODE, Maria -1870



A Quilt of Words: Women's Diaries, Letters & Original Accounts of Life in the Southwest, 1860-1960  Boulder, Colorado, Johnson Books, paperback, 1990. Women's experiences in the South West of North America in the century from 1860, as illustrated by their memoirs and letters. Although a few of the accounts may be based on contemporary records there is only one diary, that of:

STRIGHT, Mary Lodisa -1882


Portrait of a Marriage  London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1973. Scattered quotations from the diaries of Harold Nicolson, Vita Sackville-West and her mother, Lady Sackville.


English Diaries and Journals  London, Collins, 1943. This volume comes from the 'Britain in Pictures' series. A brief but useful general survey of English diarists and diary writing in which many of the best known diaries are mentioned. Forty seven pages and many illustrations.



1.  -Extracts from Journals Relating to the Visit to New Zealand in May-July 1772 of the French Ships Mascarin and Marquis De Castries Under the Command of Marion du Fresne  Wellington, New Zealand, Alexander Turnbull Library, 1985 (not seen). This is the second volume of the Early Accounts of Maori Life series and is reported to contain accounts by:

CROZET, Julien

De MANNEVILLETTE, Jean Baptiste Nicolas Denis

De MONTESSON, Paul Chevillard

Du CLESMEUR, Ambroise Bernard Marie le Jar


ROUX, Jean

2. -Extracts from New Zealand Journals Written on Ships Under the Command of D'Entrecasteaux and Duperrey 1793 and 1824  Wellington, New Zealand, Alexander Turnbull Library, 1986 (not seen). This is the third and fourth volumes in one of the Early Accounts of Maori Life series.

OMORI, Annie Sheply, and KOCHI DOI


Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan  London, Constable, 1921. Three 'diaries' from the early eleventh century Japanese Court. Diary notes, reminiscences and poems. The diary of Izumi Shikibu was excluded from the first edition of the main bibliography on the grounds that it is a romantic narrative founded upon the story of her love-affairs. A reassessment of the nature of early Japanese diaries has reversed that decision.

The Diaries of:

ANONYMOUS, Daughter of Takasue -1009





1. -English Diaries; A review of English Diaries from the sixteenth to the twentieth century with an introduction on diary writing  London, Methuen, 1923. This is the first substantial study of the diary as a genre and remains an interesting and valuable book, particularly because the chosen diaries are evaluated qua diaries and not by reference to their illustration of, or support for any other thesis or sectional interest. There is a discussion and extracts from the diaries, some very brief, of all the diarists listed below. The second edition of the book, also dated 1923, contains only minor corrections of the first edition; there is no additional material.

Extracts from or discussions of:

ABBOT, Charles, Lord Colchester -1788

ASHMOLE, Elias -1633

ASTON, Sir John -1639

AYSHCOMBE, William -1608

BAKER, John -1750


BEE, Jacob -1681

BERRY, Miss -1783

BRERETON, Sir William -1634

BROWNE, Mrs. Charlotte -1754

BROWNE, Mary -1821

BUFTON, John -1677

BURNEY, Fanny -1768

BURRELL, Timothy -1683

BURY, Lady Charlotte -1810

BUTLER, Lady Eleanor -1785

BYROM, Elizabeth -1745

BYROM, John -1723

BYRON, Lord -1813

CALVERLEY, Sir Walter -1692

CARTWRIGHT, Thomas -1686

CLINTON, Henry Fynes -1819

COBBETT, William -1817

COCKBURN, Sir George -1815

COKE, Lady Mary -1756

CONINGSBY, Sir Thomas -1591

CORY, William -1863

COWPER, Mary, Countess -1714

CREEVEY, Thomas -1809

DAWSON, John -1761

DEE, Dr. John -1577

De la PRYME, Abraham -1692

DENISON, J.E., Viscount Ossington -1857

D'EWES, Sir Simmonds -1622

DODDINGTON, George Bubb (Lord Melcombe) -1749

DOWSING, William -1643

DUFF, Sir Mountstuart Grant -1851

DUGARD, T. -1632

DYOTT, General -1781


ELIOT, George -1855

EVELYN, John -1631

EYRE, Adam -1647

FIELDING, Henry -1754

FIENNES, Celia -1685

FOX, Caroline -1835

FROUDE, Richard Hurrell -1826

FRY, Elizabeth -1797

GALE, Walter -1750


GOODALL, William -1843

GORDON, General -1884

GORDON-LENNOX, Lord Bernard -1914

GRAHAM, Sir G. -1854

GRAY, Thomas -1739

GREEN, Thomas -1796

GREVILLE, Charles -1814

GREVILLE, Henry -1832

GREY, Thomas -1826

GYLL, Thomas -1748

HANNINGTON, James -1863

HARRIS, James, Earl of Malmesbury -1767

HASTINGS, The Marquis of -1794

HAYDON, B.R. -1808

HEYWOOD, Oliver -1666

HOBSON, John -1725

HOLLAND, Lady Elizabeth -1791

HOWARD, George, Earl of Carlisle -1843

HUNTER, Joseph -1806

JACKSON, Sir George -1801

KEMBLE, Fanny -1831

LAKE, Dr. Edward -1677

LLOYD, Capt. Eyre -1899

LUTTRELL, Narcissus -1678

MACAULAY, Lord -1838

MACHYN, Henry -1550

MALCOLM, Lady -1816

MANNERS, John, Earl of Rutland -1639

MANNING, H.E. -1844

MANNINGHAM, John -1602

MARCHANT, Thomas -1714

MARTYN, Henry -1802

MATTHEWS, Henry -1817

MOORE, Giles -1655

MORE, John -1694

NEWCOME, Henry -1661

NUGENT, Lady -1801

OLIVER, Peter -1741

PEASE, Edward -1838

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

PERCIVAL, Viscount, Earl of Egmont -1701

PONSONBY, Col. A. -1849

POWYS, Mrs. -1756

RAIKES, Thomas -1832

ROBINSON, Henry Crabb -1811

ROOKE, Sir George -1700

ROSE, George -1800

ROUS, John -1625

RUGGE, T. (not printed)

RUTTY, John -1753

SENIOR, Nassau -1848

SHELLEY, Frances, Lady -1813

SHELLEY, Mary -1814

SLINGSBY, Sir Henry -1638

STAPLEY, Richard -1682


SWABEY, Lieutenant -1811

SYMONDS, John Addington -1860

TEONGE, Henry -1675

THOMLINSON, John -1715

THORESBY, Ralph -1677

TURNER, Thomas -1754

VICTORIA, Queen -1832

WALSINGHAM, Sir Francis -1570

WESLEY, John -1725

WEST, Arthur Graeme -1915

WILBERFORCE, Samuel -1830

WINDHAM, Lieut. Gen. Sir Charles -1854

WINDHAM, William -1769

2.  -More English Diaries; Further reviews of diaries from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century with an introduction on diary reading  London, Methuen, 1927. In addition to those listed below there are references to many other diaries in the introduction, a few of which remain unprinted.

Extracts from:

BISSHOP, Katherine (Lady Pechell)* -1808

BLUNT, Wilfrid Scawen -1870

BROWN, Ford Madox -1847

CLEGG, James -1708

CLIFFORD, Lady Anne -1616

COOPER, Anthony Ashley, 1st. Earl of Shaftesbury -1645

COOPER, Anthony Ashley, 7th. Earl of Shaftesbury -1825

CRESSWELL, Nicholas -1774

FOX, Henry Edward, 4th. Lord Holland -1818

HALL, J.Vine -1810

HAWKER, Col. Peter -1802

HOLLIS, Thomas* -1759

HOBY, Margaret, Lady -1599

ISHAM, Sir John -1626

ISHAM, Sir Justinian -1704

ISHAM, Sir Thomas -1671

JENKINS, Miss -1834

JONES, William -1774

KERSHAW, William* -1814

MACREADY, William Charles -1832

MARSDEN, John* -1795

MORDAUNT, Viscountess -1656

MYDLETON, Joseph* -1774

NEWDIGATE, Sir Richard -1680

POWELL, Walter -1603

RERESBY, Sir John -1654

RUMNEY, Thomas -1805

RUSSELL, Charles -1898

SHORE, Emily -1831

TEEDON, Samuel -1791

WARD, Thomas Asline -1800

WHITE, Henry -1780

WINTHROP, Adam -1595

WOOD, Anthony -1657

WOODFORDE, James -1758

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798

WYOT, Philip -1586

*Not known to have been printed elsewhere.

3. - Scottish and Irish Diaries from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century London, Methuen, 1927. A survey and discussion on the same pattern as his previous books but with much less emphasis on otherwise unpublished material. Interesting as always but lacking the fresh enthusiasm, which was particularly evident in the author's first book on the subject.

Extracts from Scottish diaries:

BRODIE, Alexander -1652

BRODIE, James -1680

CAMERON, Jane -1829

CAMERON, Samuel* -1860

CARLYLE, Jane Welsh -1855

CHALMERS, Anne -1830

COCKBURN, Lord -1831

CUNNINGHAM, William -1673

FLEMING, Marjorie -1809

HOPE, Sir Thomas -1633

MELVILLE, James -1571

RIDPATH, George -1755

SCOTT, Sir Walter -1825

STRATHMORE, Patrick, 1st. Earl of -1684

WARISTON, Archibald Johnston, Lord -1632

Extracts from Irish diaries:

CORK, Richard Boyle, 1st. Earl of -1611

CROKER, John Wilson -1810

DAVIES, Rowland -1689

DENNY, Lady Arabella* -1751

FITZGERALD, John -1793

FREKE, Elizabeth -1671

MITCHEL, John -1848

MOORE, Thomas -1818

O'CONNELL, Daniel -1795

SCOTT, John -1704

SWIFT, Jonathan -1710

TONE, Wolfe -1789

WARWICK, Mary Rich, Countess of -1666

*Not known to have been printed elsewhere.

4. - British Diarists  London, Ernest Benn, 1930. Benn's Sixpenny Library, No. 70. A survey and discussion of British Diaries and Diarists with comment and biographical details. Chapter Headings are: Introductory; Historical Diarists; Religious Diarists; Travel and Sport; Social and Literary Diaries; Military and Professional Diaries; Domestic Diaries; Diaries of Women and Children; The Best Diarists. The book concludes with a short bibliography.

5. - The Little Torch; Quotations from diaries of the past for every day of the year  London, Routledge, 1938. The definition of a diary is stretched further than is allowed even in this bibliography but there are short extracts from very many diaries, a few of which may not have appeared elsewhere. The book is entertaining but would have been of greater value had more bibliographical and biographical information been given.

PURCELL, Jennifer


Domestic Soldiers: Six Women's Lives in the Second World War  London, Constable, 2010. This study is based on Mass Observation diaries and reports. There is much quotation and summary from the diaries, two of which have been printed more fully elsewhere, but it is fragmented and scattered; there is some interesting background but no comprehensive study of the diary texts is possible.

Diarists mentioned are, with the exception of Nella Last, pseudonymous:

BRIDGES, Alice -1939

GRANT, Irene -1939

LAST, Nella -1938

MITCHELL, Helen -1941

RUTHERFORD, Edie -1945

TANNER, Natalie -1939

PUTNAM, George Granville


Salem Vessels and Their Voyages  Essex Institute, four volumes, 1924 to 1930, is reported to contain diary materia.

REES, Arthur J.

Old Sussex and Her Diarists  London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1929. A rambling discussion of life in Sussex as depicted by diarists of the county. There are substantial extracts taken from the early volumes of the Sussex Archaeological Collections with linking narratives and further contemporary material.

Extracts from:

BURRELL, Timothy -1683

GALE, Walter -1750

MOORE, The Rev. Giles -1655

STAPLEY, Richard -1682

ROBERTSON, Constance Noyes

Oneida Community: An Autobiography, 1851-1876  Syracuse University Press, 1970.

ROSE, Phyllis

The Penguin Book of Women's Lives  London, Viking, 1994. First published in America as The Norton Book of Women's Lives  1993. An anthology of autobiographical writing by women in the twentieth century.

Contains excerpts from diaries:

BRITTAIN, Vera -1913

COPPOLA, Eleanor -1976

DURAS, Marguerite -1945

FRANK, Anne -1942

JESUS, Carolina Maria de -1955

NIN, Anaïs -1914

PLATH, Sylvia -1950

TOLSTOY, Sophia -1860

TRUITT, Anne -1974


WOOLF, Virginia -1915

SCHIMANSKI, Stefan and TREECE, Henry


Leaves in the Storm: A Book of Diaries  London, Lindsay Drummond, 1947. "… a collection of thirty four excerpts from the diaries of contemporary writers from September 1939 to the middle of 1945, … these excerpts have been linked together by a running commentary so that the book … presents a memorable record of the years of war as seen through the eyes of our poets." A full list of the contributors is given below, but dates appear only against those which are considered to qualify as diary excerpts, rather than later memoirs or contemporaneous essays, and only these are noticed in the main bibliography.

Writers included:

BAIN, Bruce -1944

CASTLE, Phyllis

CLEWES, Howard

De MAUNY, Erik -1942



HENDRY, J.F. -1939

HEPPENSTALL, Rayner -1940

HERRING, Robert -1940

HOLDEN, Inez -1944

LEDWARD, Patricia

LEHMKUHL, Dik -1941

LESLIE, Desmond -1942


LEWIS, Lorna -1940

MACKWORTH, Cecily -1911




ROOK, Alan

ROSS, Alan

SANSOM, William -1941

SCHIMANSKI, Stefan -1940



SPENDER, Stephen -1939

STEIN, Gertrude


TREECE, Henry -1945

WALLER, John -1945



Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey  New York, Schocken Books, 1982. An examination of ninety six diaries and memoirs between 1843 and 1866 of women on the Western Trail to Oregon and California, which attempts to isolate the motives, behaviour and special concerns peculiar to women in embarking on and enduring the perils and hardships of the journey. There are very many brief extracts from diaries in the text with useful bibliographical information on printed and manuscript sources, and three diaries, two of which are not printed elsewhere, are given abridged but describing the whole journey.

Diarists included at length:

GOULD, Jane Holbrook (later TOURTILLOT) -1862

KNIGHT, Amelia Stewart -1853

RUDD, Amelia Allen -1852

SEARS, Clara Endicott


Gleanings from Old Shaker Journals  Harvard, Fruitlands Museum, 1916 and 1944. An account of the Shaker community at Harvard largely taken from narratives, journals and diaries from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. A good and interesting picture of the life. There are some diary entries of named individuals but only one substantial enough to be included in the main bibliography.




Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-45  London, Heinemann, 1990. An anthology of writings by women, taken from the Mass-Observation archive, which is intended to illustrate the lives and attitudes of women in Britain during the war and, by extension the more permanent changes to the place of woman in society. Among the documents extracts from the following diarists are given (with the exception of Nella Last, all are pseudonyms):

ANONYMOUS, woman from Birmingham -1939

ANONYMOUS, schoolgirl from Romford -1939

ANONYMOUS, ATS clerk -1945

ANONYMOUS, teacher from Thornaby-on-Tees -1945

ARKWRIGHT, Joan -1943

ARNOLD (Mrs.) -1938

BRIGGS, Amy -1941

BROMLEY (Miss) -1938

CRAWFORD, Mrs. -1940

FRENCH (Miss) – see ASHFORD, Pam -1938

GREEN, Muriel -1939

HAMILTON (Mrs.) -1938

JOHNS, Beryl -1945

LAST, Nella -1938

PRINGLE (Miss) -1938

TROWBRIDGE (Mrs.) -1941



Bristol Siren Nights: Diaries and Stories of the Blitzes  Bristol, Rankin Brothers, 1944. Reissued Bristol, Redcliffe Press, 1989. Part I of this compilation contains extracts from ten diaries of Bristolians during the Blitzes. The diaries were submitted for publication in response to public advertisement by the clergyman compiler and many of them seem to have been twice edited, by their authors and by the compiler, this sometimes makes it difficult to judge whether the text comes from a genuine diary or is mere reminiscence; all but two have been given the benefit of the doubt. Part II of the book contains 'stories of the blitz' and it is possible that a few of these are also extracted from diary records. The diarists are:

ANONYMOUS, lady warden -1941

ANONYMOUS, of Clifton -1940

BRODIE, M.E. -1940

COLEMAN, M. (Mrs.) -1940

FAGNANI, M. (Miss) -1940

HARES, W.A. -1940

LANGRAN, N.H. – anecdote, not a diary

MILNER, R.E. -1941

RICH (Mr.) -1940

TAYLOR, A.E. (Mrs.) – her daughter's letter, not a diary


Diaries and Journals of Literary Women from Fanny Burney to Virginia Woolf  London, Macmillan, 1990. Full and interesting examination and discussion of the diaries of eight women writers, which  "offer a further insight into the extent of their alienation from popular images of female propriety and, by demonstrating their interest in areas not normally considered to be a female province, show how women's writing for publication was most carefully stage-managed so as to stay within accepted limits".

Diarists studied:

ALCOTT, Louisa May -1843

BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett -1831

BURNEY, Fanny -1768

MANSFIELD, Katherine -1904

SHELLEY, Mary -1814

WHARTON, Edith* -1905

WOOLF, Virginia -1915

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798

*Not printed elsewhere.

TAYLOR, Irene and Alan


The Assassin's Cloak: An Anthology of the Worlds Greatest Diarists  Edinburgh, Canongate, 2000. A very large and entertaining compilation of diary entries, several for each day of the year; approximately 170 diarists are represented, all taken from published sources, and it would not be useful to list them all here.

TAYLOR, Nancy M.


Early Travellers in New Zealand  Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1959. Accounts of mid nineteenth century travel and exploration in New Zealand of which most are taken from diaries or journals printed elsewhere, occasionally from separate sources for the same diarist, with some summary and abridgement. Substantial biographical information is given as an introduction for each diarist.

ABRAHAM, Charles


BRUNNER, Thomas -1846

COLENSO, William -1841

HEAPHY, Charles


MEADE, Herbert

SELWYN, George Augustus

SMITH, Percy

St. JOHN, Lieutenant-Colonel -Not a diary

THOMSON, John Turnbull

TEMPLE, Philip


New Zealand Explorers: Great Journeys of Discovery  Christchurch, Whitcoulls, 1985. Accounts of seven travellers in New Zealand.

BARRINGTON, George (A.J.) -1863

BRUNNER, Thomas -1846

COLENSO, William -1841

CHALMERS, Nathaniel


DOUGLAS, Charles

GREEN, William Spotswood -1882



Garden House Diaries: Life on a Country Estate 1930-1945  Eastbourne, Quercus Press, 2003. Extracts from the diaries of three members of the Tomalin family, who were closely associated with the gardens of Stansted Park near Chichester.

TOMALIN, Elspeth -1939

TOMALIN, Ruth -1930

TOMALIN, Thomas E. -1933

VINING, Donald


American Diaries of World War II  New York, The Pepys Press, 1982. A collection of private diaries, twenty three men and one woman, of members of the American armed forces in the Second World War, most of which have not been printed elsewhere. Many of the diaries have been shortened or abridged. The selection is made to illustrate human experience, not for their importance for the history of the war, and there is a brief biographical introduction to each diary.

Diarists on Land:

BARTON, Cornelius W. (Neal) -1941

CHRISTENSON, Keith -1944

ELLIS, Edward Robb -1945

LOVELL, Frank -1943

McCAUGHEY, Anne -1943

PETR, Otto V. -1943

SAIS, Desiderio J. -1944

SIEGEL, Max B. -1943

Diarists at Sea:

ASKIN, William D. -1945

BIELIK, Casimir -1942

BRUMMER, Francis H. -1942

FAHEY, James J. -1942

GOLDMAN, Paul -1944

McNAMARA, Joseph -1842

RHINEHART, Walter L. -1944

Diarists in the Air:

BOOKE, Kenneth E. -1943

EDWARDS, Ralph G. -1944

LEWIS, Carroll A., Jr. -1944

SCHLOSS, Harry -1942

SULLIVAN, William J. -1944

Diarists, Prisoners of War:

EPSTEIN, Bernard -1945

HARKOVICH, Mike -1944

MAZZA, Michael -1944

MESECHER, Thearl -1943

WAITE, Vincent

English Diaries and Journals  Exeter, A. Wheaton & Company, 1952, the fourth book in The English Inheritance Series and intended as a school text book. There is an introductory discussion and the diary extracts, which have been selected to display a variety of occupations, are preceded in each case by a short biographical note.

Extracts from:

BOSWELL, James -1762

BURNEY, Fanny -1768

DARWIN, Charles -1831

DAVY, Humphry -1799


EVELYN, John -1631

FIELDING, Henry -1754

GORDON, General -1884

GROSSMITH, George & Weedon (Fiction)

HAYDON, Benjamin Robert -1808

INGE, William Ralph -1911

KILVERT, Francis -1870

MACREADY, William Charles -1832

MORRIS, Dr. Claver -1709

PARK, Mungo -1795

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

TEONGE, Henry -1675

TOMKINSON, William -1809

VICTORIA, Queen -1832

WOODFORDE, The Rev. James -1758

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798

WILLARD, Barbara

'I...'; An Anthology of Diarists  London, Chatto & Windus, 1972. Extracts from twenty two diaries (two of them fictional) preceded by short biographical notes.

Extracts from:

ARMSTRONG, Benjamin -1850

BENNETT, Arnold -1896

BURNEY, Fanny -1768

BUTLER, A.S.G. -1941

COBBETT, William -1817

CROWHURST, Donald -1968

DEARDEN, Harold -1915

DELAFIELD, E.M. (Fiction)

De MAISSE -1597

EVELYN, John -1631

FLEMING, Marjory -1809

GROSSMITH George & Weedon (Fiction)

HARE, Augustus -1855

JAQUIER, Ivy -1907

KILVERT, The Rev. Francis -1870

MACARTNEY, Lord -1793

MANTELL, Gideon -1819

MOUCHOTTE, Rene -1940

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

TURNER, Thomas -1754

WOOLF, Virginia -1915

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798



Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa, 1900-1919  edited by Anthony Kirk-Greene. London, The Radcliffe Press, 2000. This is a collection of a large number of extracts, a few substantial, diaries which colonial officers of The Colony, Ashanti and Northern Territories of the Gold Coast in West Africa were required to keep, transcribed from the  national archives at Accra. The diaries which, although official in the sense that they were a requirement of office, were intended to be informal in style, were read by superiors but retained on station for the information of succeeding officers. The extracts printed have been selected, edited and reselected by the compiler and her subsequent editor from a very large mass of original material and there is little indication of the extent and character of omissions from individual diaries, some of which are of great interest.   

Diarists included:

ARMITAGE, Cecil Hamilton -1917

ATTERBURY, John Lucas -1915

BARTLETT, H.E. -1915

BERKELEY, Harold Maurice -1913

BOYLE, David Hugh -1914

BRANCH, H.C. -1914

BRECKENRIDGE, Thomas William -1915

CARDINALL, Alan Wolsey -1918

CASTELLAIN, Alfred Louis -1915


COVEY, Arthur -1902

CRABB, J.A. -1900

CUTFIELD, Arthur John -1916

DASENT, Edward Guy -1915

DOWDALL, Arthur Merville -1918

DUFF, David -1915

DUNCAN-JOHNSTONE, Angus Colin -1917

FELL, Thomas Edward -1900

FULLER, Francis Charles -1916

GILBERT, William Eric -1919

HANSON, W. -1916

HARPER, Charles Henry -1914

HEATHCOTE, Gilbert Cockshott -1917

HOBART, Edward Herbert -1915

HOLLIDAY, Arthur Robert -1918

IRVINE, Richard Abercrombie -1913

KORTWRIGHT, Hugh Albert -1913

LAMOND, Claude Henry Pitt -1915

McFARLAND, E.M. -1916

MAXWELL, John -1914

NASH, Sidney Dawson -1913

NORRIS, Alexander Woodburn -1916

OAKLEY, Philip Douglas -1914

PHILBRICK, Arthur James -1914

POOLE, G.Arthur Evered -1914

POTT, Phillip Alfred Holiday -1915

RAKE, Eustice Olpherts -1914READ, B.Mountray -1907

ROSS, Alexander Howard -1911

RYAN, William Arthur -1913

SKENE, Charles Edward -1916

TAYLOR, Bertie Harry Waters -1906

THOMAS, H.W. -1915

WALKER-LEIGH, Arthur Henry Chamberlain -1913

WHEATLEY, Leonard Havelock -1915

WHEELER, Henry Thompson Camden -1914

WHITTALL, Percival Frederick -1919

WHYTE, Robert F. -1913

WOOD, Leslie William -1917

WRIGHT, George William Fosdike -1917

Note:  The Imperial Bureaucrat: The Colonial Administrative Service in the Gold Coast, 1920-1939  by Henrika Kucklick, Stanford, California, Stanford University Press, 1979, is said to rely heavily upon later diaries from the same archive.   

WILLY, Margaret


1.  -English Diarists: Evelyn and Pepys  London, Longman's Green, for the British Council and the National Book League, 1963. 'Writers and their Work' Series, No. 162. A pamphlet discussing the diaries of:

EVELYN, John -1631

PEPYS, Samuel -1660

2. - Three Women Diarists  London, Longman's Green, for the British Council and the National Book League, 1964. 'Writers and their Work' Series, No. 173. A forty four page pamphlet of critical comparison. There is a short select bibliography of women diarists.

Extracts from:

FIENNES, Celia -1685

MANSFIELD, Katherine -1904

WORDSWORTH, Dorothy -1798

-WING, Sandra Koa


Mass Observation: Britain in the Second World War  Folio Society, 2007. Reissued as  Our Longest Days: A People's History of the Second World War  London, Profile Books, 2008. Selections from Mass Observation diaries, printed in parallel to illustrate the social history of the Second World War at home. Several of these diarists have been published elsewhere but most, possibly all, of the material here has not been used previously.

Diarists are pseudonymous, with the exceptions of England, Last and Novy, but where published elsewhere the historic pseudonyms have been repeated:


BLUNT, Maggie Joy -1939

BRUSH, Herbert




GREEN, Jenny

GREEN, Muriel

LAST, Nella -1938


NOVY, Henry

REDMOND, Kenneth


TOMLIN, Christopher

Bibliography of Anthologies


An Annotated Bibliography of Diaries Printed in English