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The names of diarists appearing under the periodicals listed below are given only for significant diary texts not published elsewhere. Full entries for these diaries will be found in the main bibliography.

The British Diarist

A quarterly magazine "noting, reviewing, writing articles about and selling books by diarists who were born in the British Isles, including Ireland". Ticehurst, East Sussex. Editor: Paul B.Minet.

Volume I, Issue 1: May 2003.

HARCOURT, Lewis -1880

Volume I, Issue 2: August 2003.

FOXELL, Maurice -1939

HAILSTONE, John -1728

PRING, John -1915

TURNOR, Dora -1872

Volume I, Issue 3: November 2003:

Wheatley, Dennis Yates -1918

Volume I, Issue 4:

Volume II, Issue 5:

Volume II, Issue 6:

Volume II, Issue 7:

Volume II, Issue 8: March 2005.

ANONYMOUS, middle-aged woman on Jersey -1940

The magazine ceased publication with Issue 8. The two volumes were also published in bound sets with annual indexes, which were also available separately.

The Diarist's Journal (1988 to 1999)

A newspaper of which more than fifty issues appeared in the U.S.A., edited by E.Gildea, and later by J.Peebles, format and content presently unknown.

The Diarist's Journal (2002 to 2004)

A four monthly magazine for readers and writers of diaries and journals, issues are themed. Middlefield, Connecticut. Editor Hollie Rose. The editor's introduction to each issue takes the form of entries from her diary.

ROSE, Hollie -2001

Issue 1: October 2002. Theme: September 2001.

The main content is a selection of diary entries from many ordinary Americans covering the days before the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the attacks, and the aftermath. Some of these diaries are of considerable interest irrespective of the events recorded but only one diarist is noted in the main bibliography:

CUMMINGS, James -2001

Issue 2: February 2003. Theme: Personal views of the diary form.

HAGAR, Paula -1970

PHELAN, Sarah -2002

Issue 3: October 2003. Theme: Fictional diaries and diaries written for publication.

SHUMICKY, Lisa -2003

Note: This issue contains, inter alia, an interesting report of the conviction and imprisonment of one Brian Dalton for recording in his diary the imaginary kidnap and torture of three make-believe children.

Issue 4: March 2004. Theme: European travel.

AZRAEL, Judith -2000

BAKER, Andy -2002

BUNKERS, Susanne -1980

JOHNSON, Jessica Leigh -1996

LISKER, Roy -1968

ROSE, Hollie -2001

WATT, Andrew -2000

TIERNEY, Pattie -2002

The magazine ceased publication with Issue 4.

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An Annotated Bibliography of Diaries Printed in English