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An outline of the scope of the bibliography is given below and the following links provide samples of its content:


Table of Contents and Introduction


From the Bibliography of Bibliographies

From the Bibliography of Anthologies, Studies and Collections

Page of Diaries from 1709

Page of Diaries from 1967


The third, revised and enlarged, edition of An Annotated Bibliography of diaries Printed in English was published early in 2002 and is now the most comprehensive source of reference in the field. There are approximately 9,500 thousand diarists listed, representing perhaps twelve thousand published diaries.

The listing follows the now accepted convention by which diarists are ordered alphabetically within the year in which their first diary begins. Approximately three quarters of the diarists recorded have their diaries fully described or as a minimum are given title, place and date of publication. Thanks to the generosity of The University of California Press, the work of William Matthews is quoted where it has not yet been possible to re-examine the diaries involved.

The entries in this Bibliography are fully cross referenced to the other major works in the field and it therefore effectively forms a dated index to them.

The listings now extend to more than half a million words in 1,296 pages, and include the introduction, a guide, a bibliography of bibliographies and of anthologies, collections and studies of diaries, and also the alphabetical index. The remaining seven volumes contain the Bibliography proper.

Although it has not been possible to attempt a complete publishing history of every diary mentioned, major editions are covered and recent reprints are noted when they have been encountered. Annotations follow the pattern exhibited in the on line edition.

There are some limitations upon the coverage of the Bibliography, particularly for American diaries after 1861, including the large number of Civil War diaries, which are more fully dealt with in more specialised works. Diaries published after the mid 1980's are included but have, as yet, been less systematically collected than earlier material and there are certainly omissions, particularly from the English Speaking Commonwealth, and from serial publications generally.

There is a full alphabetical index of diarists but no attempt has been made to provide a subject index.


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