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The Diary Research Website is an aid to finding diaries which have been printed, it is not a source of diary texts, nor does it directly contain detailed bibliographic information. In some cases the list of names of published diarists, which is taken from the index to An Annotated Bibliography of Diaries Printed in English may provide all the information needed.

Where this is not the case, access to the full text of the bibliography, which extends to over 1,200 pages,  may be required.  The text is no longer available on Google Books, nor as a cdrom, but may be purchased as a download from this site at modest cost.

The amount of information given for individual diarists varies from full publishing details, dates covered and summary of content, to a minimum of the diarist's name and information about where a full description may be found. The sample pages given on this site should provide an adequate impression of what researchers may expect to find.  


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